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The Muskogee cimeter. [volume] (Muskogee, Indian Territory, Okla.) 1901-19??, July 14, 1904, Image 6

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Glorious Race Furnished Inspiration for Poet's
Song of the Strenuous Steeds.
The West against the ICn.st contending,
Has sent her champion to the fray,
On hlltho High JJall our eyes uro bond
In g
The sluggard liolds the right of way.
Whorc'H Jrlsh I,ad, the Now York won
der, Whose deeds have set the turf on lire?
Ills lioof heats ring lllcu rumbling thun
der Ills Titan heart will never tire!
Which horse will win the Derby laurel?
Will Woodson snatch the Croesus prize?
Will Highball coiuiuer In the quarrel,
Or English Lad the world surprise?
Itapld Water, too, may loom as master
J3lg brother to the boisterous breeze,
m. 2K
"How the frenzied crowd is shout
ing, as English Lad bends to the
Hlltho Highball's stride seems surely
Than surging foam from wind swept
Tls Derby Day, our glorious season.
When summer swoons upon the land,
To back the bangtails is no treason,
To pick the winner from the stand.
Fach Jockey grimly eys his neighbor,
And trails him at his saddle belt,
And urges on the steeds thnt labor
With the lho and fury of the Celt!
Over tlftv thousand here assemble
To see the maddening, bruising chase;
Shy, piquant maids will pout and tremble,
"Mrave Highball will win the race."
UUtho Highball looms so spruce and
Moharlb stout may snatch the prize;
Fort Hunter looms a keen contender
Rich laughter gleams In Heauty's eyes.
What ringing cheers saluto the Master,
JJtlltho whirlwind of the pampered Fast;
Staunch Highball neighs and spurns dis
aster, And looms a supple, splendid beast.
A crafty Jockey guides his chances
Fuller Impassive hi his seat,
Tho pompous palfrey proudly prances
And caracoles with dainty feet.
Comes Kngllsh Lad, tho West's defender,
Tho stubborn sluggard takes his ease.
Requital's son looms spruce und slen
der Rig brother to tho boisterous breeze.
Old Time, they pay, Is fast and Meeting;
Time Limps a laggard in ids train! ,
What llerco delight when steeds aro mint
ing And grappling on the wind swept plain!
They're at the post all grouped together:
They'ro Jookc Tug for the friendly rail;
With heartu as buoyant as a feather,
Llliu cluuilleis of (.Srerlun tale.
They hearken to the bugle blowing;
Its aerial challenge through tho air,
Keen silvery stanzas thinly (lowing
Llko haunting strains from Siren's lair.
"They're off they'ro off," tho rallblrds
"All ranged together In a lino!"
Supreme delight to neo them (lying
As stately squadron o'er tho brine.
Each gallant thoroughbred la straining
With foam decked mouth and tossing
crest; , ,
And dauntless Highball's grimly gaining,
Physician Declares Women Need
More Exercise.
"It is safo to say," declared a phy
sician, "that one-half of tho women
aro simply starving for fresh air, and
if they would throw away their pill
bottles and headache powdors and ox
orc'so freely in tho open air for at
least two hours dally thoy would feel
like now women at tho end of a year.
Nature cannot be cheated, nor can
ffS-fT'l M'lKm
ftc -.r.uus.timr vbsni i
w . i ,y in.r""rrt .
And Woodson nobly stands the test!
How rich the sweep, how grand the
That rises llko grey ocean's swell,
They spurn the turf with lordly pleas
ure, Exulting llko clear chiming boll.
They rise and fall like billows swelling,
And surge and shoulder In tho light,
Full fifty thousand men are yelling
And cheering at tho glorloin sight!
How tho frenzied crowd Is shouting,
As English Lad bends to tho chase;
Lithe Illy lasses (lushed and pouting
Show lustrlous eyes, shy roscleaf face.
Blithe Highball gallops surely faster,
Than whimpering wind or rippling rain,
Rapid Water seems to spurn disaster.
Stout Woodson nobly stands the strain,
Far back English Lad Is hiding.
The stubborn sluggard bides his time;
ITin jockey nurecs, calmly guiding,
His hoof beats ring llko silvery rhyme.
Relentless as lithe leopard leaping,
Highball comes bounding thro' tho
Resistless as llerce cyclone sweeping,
Ho glides as splendid as a song.
"Come on you hound," the tipsters yell
ing, "Wake up and do your song nnd
The rnllblrds with alarm are swelling
"You brute, move up and take a chance.
But English Lad still keeps his distance,
Blithe Highball holds the right of way;
H'e seems to spurn the turf resistance,
And woouson trails him in me iray.
They're In the stretch and madly strain
ing, Tho panting steeds set sail for home;
And gallant Highball's grimly gaining,
All dappled grey with decking foam.
Tho jockeys nurse the steeds that labor,
And trail them at their sudtllo belt.
And grimly oye their strenuous neighbor
With tho Jlro and fury of the Celt!
The pace was swift, the struggle bruis
ing, As they thunder down tho sloping way,
With foam flecked mouth like hounds a
crulslng Staunch Highball leads the strenuous
Their hoof beats drown tho rumbling
Relentless as llerco Cyclops might.
Thero Is no time to break or blunder
Since Death's in ambush for a fight.
Who won tho race, who snatched the
'Twas Highball Illched the Croesus
Ills hoof beats ring llko rumbling thun
der, "Vain, English Lad, your desperate
straining, for dauntless Highball's van
quished Time."
The Eastern champions roused the
world's surprise.
Vain. English Lad, your desperato strain
ing For dauntless Highball's vanquished Time
And Woodson at his heels was gaining
Their names will live In rippling rhyme.
James E. Klnsella.
Registry Division. Chicago Postofflco.
Impaired forces bo restored by swal
lowing medicine every timo warning
paiu and Illness overtakes tho offend
er. A busy woman may bo compelled
to neglect somo duty or pleasure for a
timo in order to obtain the outdoor
exorcise, but under tho circumstances
it will be oxcusable, and in the long
run slio will malco up for it bocause
of increased bodily vigor."
If wo share tho burdens of others
wo llghtoa our own. Lord Avebury,
Soft Answer Just in Time.
Mrs. P (petulantly) "You never
kiss mo now."
Mr. F "The Idea of a woman of
-your ago wanting to be kissed 1 One
would think you wero a girl of 18."
Mrs. F "What do you know about
jjirls of 18?"
Mr. F "Why, my dear, weren't you
18 once yourself?" -Stray Stories.
The Restive Auto..
"See tho red automobilo standing In
front of that house, pop?"
"Yes, I seo it, my son." -"What
makes it jump so, pop?"
"It is restive, my bpy."
"What makes it restive, pop?"
"Oh, I suppose it sees somo peoplo
crossing tho street a block or two
Matrimonial Joys.
Wife I met Mr. Meeker this morn
ing. You remember he was your rival
for my hand.
Husband Yes; I hato that man.
Wife But you shouldn't hato him
just because he used to admire me.
Husband Oh, that isn't the reason.
I hato him because he didn't marry
Nothing New to Her.
Mrs. Upjohn (just back from foreign
tour) But I was going to tell you
about the scarabaeaus I got in Egypt.
Mrs. Gaswell Oh, I used to be trou
bled with that when we lived In Penn
sylvania. Quinine will knock it out
every time.
Another Fish Story.
"So you wero out in St. Louis?" said
tho postmaster. "Did you see tho big
"To bo sure," drawled tho village
fabricator; then after a pause, "but it
wasn't one inch bigger than tho pike I
caught in Hurly's mill pond last sum
mer." The Flight of Time.
Tho governess had been reading the
story of tho discovery of America to
iter 4 year old charge. Closing the
book she said : "Just think, Mabel, all
this happened moro than 400 years
"Gwacious!" exclaimed tho little
miss, "alnt't it s'pwizln' how timo do
Critical Judgment.
"Was tho pianist really good?"
"Oh! yes indeed! His hair wa3
nearly a foot loug."
Choice Selection.
"I learn that tho Van Ruxtons allow
their chickens to diet on their neigh
bors' flowers. Do thoy keep it a se
cret?" "Woll, I should think not. If you
dino with them tho suavo Mr. Van
Ruxton will ask if you prefer violet-fed
fowl or 'chicken do roses.' "
Far Sighted.
"Know young Fillers, tho dentlit?
He's going to elope with Miss .Tra
vers." "Tho deuce! When?"
"In a few weeks."
"In a few weeks? Why doesn't ho
take her now?"
"Well, you sec, he is doing a little
expensive work on her teeth and ho
wants to collect tho bill from her fa
ther first." Kansas City Journal.
Whyness of the Wherefore.
"I suppose," said the scanty haired
man, "you havo never given marriage
a thought."
"Oh, yes I have," replied tho bach
elor. "Then why aro you still single?"
asked the other.
"Becauso I gave marriage a
thought," answorod the advocate of
single blessedness.
Easy to Believe.
"Ho has seen better days." fTj"
Long Ones.
"Dr. Sawem is to read a paper before
the Ohio Medical Association today,
isn't he?"
"What is tho title ofjt?"
"I don't know exactly, but tho words
look llko Russian war news." Cleve
land Leader.
Retaining the Valuables.
A "Is it true that your cashier has
eloped with your daughter and a largo
sum of money?"
B It Is quite truo; but ho is an
honest fellow, and means to ropay me.
Ho has already returned mo my
Yea, Verily!
"Many a man," remarked tho phil
osopher, "who travels on the right
road manages to reach tho wrong
"How's that?" queried tho man.
"They aro headed tho wrong way,"
explained tho philosophy dispenser.
"I am strongly inclined to think that
your husband has appendicitis," said
the physician.
"That's just liko him," answered
Mrs. Cumrox. "He always waits till
anything is pretty near gone out of
style boforo ho decides to get It."
The Way He Put It.
He Is It true that you said young
Chumply was a fool?
She Oh, no! What I said was that
It was a good thing ho didn't havo any
money, because If he had ho and It
would soon bo parted. Browning's
A Broad Assertion.
"I wear no man's collar!" ho ex
claimed with vehemence.
Which Is a statement that tho patron
of tho average laundry cannot reason
ably mako until ho has examlnod the
mark to see whether there havo been
any exchanges. Now Orleans Times
Brave to Rashness.
"Oh, Georgo," sighed tho romantic
girl, "I wish you wero liko tho old timo
knights; I wish you'd something bravo
to show your love for mo."
Gracious!" cried her fiance,
haven't I agreed to marry you, and mo
only" getting $20 a week?"--Philadelphia
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