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TTie Muskogee Cimeter.
Volume 6.
Muskogee, Indian Territory, Thursday October 2jf J 904.
Number 3.
Mr. Aycrs Statement.
Editor vfimes:
In Thursday's issue of your paper
it is stated that I objected to sale of
svhool property for the reason that
it was an injustice to the negro ehild
icn. Now, this was not the reason
w:.y t'"e protest was made, nor was it
fo stated to Mr. Den:dict, the sslool
board's reprcsentathe, and thoo in
attendance at sale. I am not dispos
ed to criticize the school board for
their action. They no doubt acted in
good faith, and as they believe fr
the best interests of the schools. But
it surely was not good business judg-
club lo create dissention in the re
publican party, and make votes for
the democrats in the new state. They
protend to believe that if we are an
nexed to Oklahoma that we will have
mixed schools. Now, this pretention
is a lie on its face, as they do not have
mixed schools in Oklahoma, and
should we be annexed as one state
there is no precident established that,
the new state should part from any
of the laws that now govern the ter
ritory. All that the colored people
ask is equal and like accommoda
tions, and the majority of them are
as much opposed to mixed schools as
ment to sell the lots belonging to tlie ' the factious editor of the Democrat,
sclool board. In the fiist place the
ground upon which the old "Dunbar"
school house is located, is one 'of the
who came from Ohio where there
are mixed schools, and where the
democrats are in Favor f K, and talk.
best sites in tne city for a high school and vote that way because they have
building, and in less than five years a negro following. We don't believe
we will have to pay three times t':o
amount wo received to obta'n a loca
tion for our high school and then not
get so desirable a location. Second,
The building on this ground could
have been moved to some place In
the Third ward used for the negro
children. This would have relieved
the crowded cond.tion of the present
"Dunbar" and prolded ample room
for this class of children for several
years to come. Block SO, which was
sold for $2,&00, cannot be leplaccd
for $5,000 five years from this time,
and if we grow in proportion in the
next five years as we have in the
past, a school house in thnt part of
the city will be an absolute necessity.
As to debts and pressing obligations
of V:q school board which was given
as tiiC reason by them for the sacri
fice of this valuable property it Is
well understood they have no lojal
right to borrow money or issue debt
certificates, yjt I beleive that if this
matter had been presented to the peo
ple and the alternative of losing this
property or laising the amount re
quired, there are patriotic men in
our city who would have secured the
money upon the personal guarantee of
the board, reinforced by resolutions
of the City Council.
Now, this being my opinion in this
matter, Mr. Editor, as a citizen and
tax payer of this city, I protest
against the sale of this property and
intend, if there be any legal way of
doing so, prevent the school board
from passing ti lo to same. If there
is no such remedy, then I think wo
are very unfortunate and those who
are to come af?er us will not call us
"b'essed" for having sit idly by and
allowed this, their heritage, to piss
from them. Thanking you for tho
mivilego of making this statomont
am, Yours, etc.,
The Democrat, a paper published
in Muskogeo, is giving more attention
to the mixed school question than to
the ljgfLional election. They make a
straw man. and then proceed to tear
him down. There is no danger of
mixed schools in this territory. Tho
colored people are not clamoring for
it, and hence the white people have
nothing to fight. A few sap headed
political misfits are attempting to
Start tho mixed school question as a
in crossing a bridge until you get to
it, and we have not got to the bridge
named mixed schools as yet, and
hence there is nothing to be gained
by discussing tne question. There
are a few people in the democrat ilk
who desire to create dissention and
trouble between the two races, and
have picked up this hoby to do tht
work. The colored people of the ter
ritory hope that the sensible people
will not be mis-lead by the damn
fools, and that no attention will be
paid these trouble breeders, and that
we can all join hands to ask the gov
ernment for more schools down here;
and we can be a unit on the pleasure
that each and every race herds to its-self.
Do Your Banking Business With
The Territorial Bank & Trust Co.
Oldest and Strongest Bank in the Indian Temitory.
Interest Paid on Deposits. "1
Fidelity Bonds Writton. 1
Farm Loans a Specialty
Second and Broadway. - - - MUSKOGEE, IND. TER.
The Canadian Valley Trust J
Hns a number of applicants who dealt
to rout houses. Owners of three, fomr,
five, nud six room houses can soouro do
birablo tonauts by listing their property
with us.
Canadian Valley Trust Co.
There has been recently organized
Estate & Investment Co., of which
in Muskogee the Afro-American Real
Hon. J. W. P. Sftwner is president;
Prof. F. J. Gordon, vice president;
L. F. Fue, treasurer; H. R. Pearson,
general manager; and W. H. Twine,
This company will engage in the!
buying and selling of real estate in
Muskogee, and In the Creek nation,
and In the Indian Territory. Tho
stock holders of the company are men 'I
of well known business ability; some
of them at the present time are en
gaged in business in Oklahoma and
Missouri and Indian Territory. For
tho present their place of business
will be at 211 South Second street,
Muskogee, Ind. Ter.
Official Statement of the Condition of the
United States Depository.
Muskogee Iridian Territory.
At close of businoss Friday, January 22, 1904.
It is reported that the president of
the Baptist college and the coal driver
had a mix up on Tuesday evening a
regular sparing match, in which tho
president of tho college came out
second best, and tho coal driver af
ter administering his clubbing to the
president, took leg-ball, and they say
ho' made time equal to that of tho
Katy Flyer.
Quite a number of citizens have
signed a call for a meeting of tho re
publican club on the 29th inst. And
right on tho heels of this come the
offlcial call of the president, which is
published In this issue. It seems that
there are a great many hands being
played for the big plum known as tho
postmastorship, and may tho best
man win.
Loans and Discounts $110,936.13
Overdrafts (Cotton) 23,198.69
Bonds and Premiums 106.080,49
Furniture and Fixtures 5,046.26
Cash and Exchange 68,125.35
Iho above statomont is correct.
Capital $200,000.00
Surplus and Profit 16,978.26
Circulation 50,000.00
Deposits 345,142.28
Reserved for Taxes 1 ,266.38
D. N. FINK, Cashier.
Business intrupted to our care reoeive prompt attention.
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
of ALii JDEsoiarioasrs:
Shirts, Hats. Underwear, Suit Cases,
W. E. ivlcCLURE,
Muskogee, - - - - Ind. Ter'v.

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