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The Muskogee cimeter. (Muskogee, Indian Territory, Okla.) 1901-19??, October 27, 1904, Image 6

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Cheek to be Made Out by Guardian
Indian Agent Must Know That In.
dlan Gets Value RecivedRullng
Docs Not Apply to All Indians
MUSKOGEE: Tho Indian agont
for tho five civilized tribes has been
notified or an Important ehango In tho
rulo lu selling land through tho
agency. Tlio now rulo Is that in cases
whoro, in tho opinion of tho Indian
agent, tho allottee Belling hio land
Is not compeTt to handlo tho money
received from tho sale, tho money
must bo deposited In tho Unive.l
States treasury, and will bo subject to
tho check of tho guardian of tho in
competent or minor, as tho caso may
bo, not to oxceod tho amount or ?10
per month, and tlio ngout will have
to know that tho Indian Is gcttli:
raJuo received for each check. Tho
term incompotont refers to Indiana
whoso knowledge of business affairs
Is limited. The new order also states
that thoso wiiobo land has already
'been sold but tho deal not yet re
turned from tho department approved,
whall bo BUbject to tho now ruling.
Tho order does not apply to the In
dians who are educated and perfoccly
ftblo to handlo their interests, but is
a measure- Intended to protect tho lull
blood who has aa littlo idea of tho
yaluo of money as a child.
Tho folly of tho policy of tho de
partment In throwing all tho safe
guards urotind tho uymuer or salo of
the Indian's laud and then leaving
,hlm to his own frco will 'with all tho
money in his hand proved to bo tho
very worst possible thing for tho In
dlnn, and it is to correct this thnt tho
ruling was made.
Tlio purchaser of tho land will have
to put up tho entlro sum of money
Just tho samo as heretofore.
Texas Commissioner Says Farmers
Know When to Sell Cotton
AUSTIN, TEX.: Colonel B. S.
Potoro, in tho name of tho Texas Cot
ton Raisers' nssoca'.ion, h-3 written
a letter to W. J. Clay, commissioner
of insurance, agriculture, etc., asking
that official to writo an open letter to
tho cotton raisers of Texas advls'ns?
them to hold their cotton until tho
niarkot pays at least ten cents per
pound for the fleoy staplo. Tho
letter is identical with the one read
at tho recent meeting of tho southern
agricultural commissioners, at which
tlmo It was stated that the csmmi:
sionor ofGco-gia had complied with
Lho roquost and published a letter to
tho farmers of that state telling them
to hold their cotton for ten cento or
Commissioner Clay has f.'led tiro let
ter, but will not comply with tho re
quest mado thcrleii, believing that tho
fai'ir rs of Texas aro intelligent
enough to know when the market will
g've them satisfactory prlcBs. Ill
does not care to adviso tho farmers
to hold tho!r cotton, thoreby predict
ing tint the market will go to a cer
tain price, or that In tho event it
should fall, and he doos not claim to
know whether it will rise or fall, then,
to f'rrners would b'ame him for ad
vslng them to hold, when they could
sell for a littlo moro than nlno conts,
or bettor than tho fallen prlco. There
fore the Texas commissioner wl 1 ro;
Issuo a lotter of advice to tho farm
ers or make publ'c oxpross'on of his
opulcn of tho cotton market, though
ho hopes for h'ghor prices.
Sold After Two Years
SHAWNE13: Au issuo of $30,0CO
bonds voted two years sinco for the
purpose of building a city hall, but
never sold up to this time, have been
disposed of to a Chicago firm, through
Mr. Edwards of Oklahoma City. Tho
plans for the elty hall Include a- coun
cil chimbsr, offices for clerk, water
commissioner and other officials, and
also a fire station in tho roar, with a
ja 1 In the basement and room for tlio
police court. Tho now building is to
bebuKt as soon us t'ro contract can be
let, and tho ontiro ?H0,000 wi.l bo used
for Its construction and furnishing.
GUTMIMS: Tho Oklahoma livo
stock sanitary commission has i:s
campaign inaugurated to fiaht tho
mango mites in tho only infected d s
I. let of Okluhoaia, par s of t'-o coun
ties cf Beiver and Woodward. Tho
.Infected district is uidcr special quar
antine, and no cattle aro allowed to
coma within Its boundaries from tho
north and west, and tho authorities
c-xpoct to make tho final lliht this
winter. Tho Infected dl trict in
cludes Boveral townships of tlio cattle
country propor.
K. H. Huhn of Alva, territorial cat
tlo Inspector, has tho special quaran
tine district In oliargo, an. I wl 1 man
ago tho winter campaign ng.lnst tho
mites. Ho says It will bo an interest
ing campaign, and ho will havo tho aid
of tho sheilffs of both counties. Ac-
hair gets thick nad long, .lust as
soon as cattle can get to pasture in
tho spring, howover, tho hair and
mites shod off and tho m't03 soon
die on tho grass. There Is always'
enough left to keep tho breed going,
and ono or two pairs can keep a whola
state forco of inspectors busy before
a season onds.
All tho cattle in the quarantine dis
trict, woro dippod lu a solution, pro
scribed by tho government, during t'o
summer months just passed, and the
inspectors hope tint the pastures may
show up clean during tho winter, bin.
a watchful oye will bo kept. If tho
pastures show no mites du Ing the
winter tho quarantine) will be raised in
the spring. Cattlemen, as u rule,
protest ngalnst the summer dipping,
bellovlng their cittlo uot Infected
corning 10 wann ono pair or tlio mites ' after tho mites shed off with tho
mu'tiply in one season to a mil ion ' hair. Tho dinning process, however.
and a half of tho posts. Their lives la supposed to got what low strag-
aro short. They Increase nnd multi
ply during tho cold months after tho
gllng mites thero may be lelt on the
Only Two Vacant "Shackc" In Town
MUSKOGEE: Eng-lnors making
pinto and maps of tho. city ami a cen
sus of tho houses, (or tho purpose of
putting in $100,000 worth of water
water main extensions, havo dis
covered tho fact that thcr are but
two vacant houses in tha entlro cliy,
and these are two "shacks" chat aro
almost untenantable. This is con
sidered remarkable In a town of 12,
J0d0 pcoplo
A. J. Wilson Will Facs a Murder
Chargo at South McAlester
son was arrested at Amarlllo, Tex.
charged with tho assassination o'
Lon O'Kolly in this city last Augu't
OlKelly was killed as ho was drawing
a bucket of water fiom a woll claimed
by Wilsou, and just after he had been
warned to remain away from the volt
Adopt Resolutions In Council to Hav
Lot 8ala Invstigited
MUSKOGEE: Tho Creeks are dc
tormined to havo tho alloged fraudp
In connection with tho salo of tow
lots in tho Creek nation probed to the
very bottom. This was evidence
by tho adoption of a roolulion I
both houses of tho Creek comic' 1,
over tho veto of Chief Porter, re
questing tho secretary of the inteita;
to appoint persons not officially con
nected w.'th tho United States gov
urnment or with tho Creek nitlcn to
mako such an Investigation.
Tho resolution alleges that favcrs
havo been shown certain persons lr
tho salo of town lots, especially 1
tho towns of Muskogee, Okmulgee ard
Sapulpa, and that theso persons have
boen allowod to purchase lots at
much less than thoir actuul value,
while other lots in adjoining blockr
havo been appraised to les favored
persons at values far too high.
Japanese Firm Establishes Depot ai
Oklahoma City
City has been selected as one of tVe
thrco points In the United States bv
tho houso of MlUul, Toklo, Japan, fcr
ff general distributing depot for the
middle states for tho goods roel"o
hero from that country. Tho house
of Mitsui has branch houses in every
couutry on the globe, and empos
moro than 50,000 people, with a eal
t'l'zatlon of moro than ?8 001 00
This company proposes to bvy the
whole cotton product of Oklahoma
and Indian Territory and sh'p It to
Japan. M. "Waragi is tho represent--t'.vo
of the Japanese company win
has porfected arrangements here. A'l
tho Japaneso goods destined for the
middle states will be shipped ho.o
and distributed.
Odd Fellows Select Place of Meeting
Next Year at Perry
ENID: Tho grand lod'O of to I
O. O. F. of Oklahoma complatod i
labors and adjourned. Tho mct'n
next year will be hrld at Perry. Grand
lodge officers Installed for the ers'i
lng year are as follows: G. D. Moss,
grand master, Kingfisher; J. A. B.
Itob?rt"on, deputy grand master,
Chandler; J. S. Romlno, grand war
den, Butte; H. L. Strough, grand sec
rotary, Guthrie; William ltisch, grand
treasurer, Perkins; V. H. Wllhour,
grnd represents tlve, Byron.
The Rebekahs o'ected the followi-g
officers: Mrs. Edith M. Ro'-ertson
president, Nowkirk; Mrs. Ida C. B ck
vice president, El Rrm; Mrs. Enra
A. Wllhour warden, Byron; Mrs. Cora
S. Brown, secretary, Waukomls; Mrs.
Anna B. Yoakoy, treasurer, Enid.
Had Expected a Quiet Weddlivj
ENID: The honor of being mar
ried bolero thq several grand bodes
of Odd Fellows was accorded B. 1
Elliott and Mies May Dawson cf Got--bo.
They arrived In Enid in tlr
evening and were met nt tho train v
uniformed cavM'ers, 100 strong, a"d
e c rted to tho Elks' home, whor
the different grand bodies had ar
sembled, and were married by Pat
Grand Master Quick beforo 40 spec
tators. They received several hnn '
some presents from tho members. T'r
publ'city of tho evot wan a comp'of
surprise to both bride and groom, win
had expected a qu'et wedding.
New Insurance Rate
AKDMORE: Notice has been re
ceived by all Insurance agencies h
the Indian Territory of a uew Insur
anco rate on residence property,
which was agreed on by the com
pletes on September 27. This no:
rate amounts to an average reducti-n
of thirty-five cents on the hundre'.
anJ comes as a very welcome chang
from the old rate, which was r:grd
rd as being very high.
Ordinary.... 7 Middling &A
Oood Ordinary 8K Good Middling- 10 J i
Low Middling Middling fair-.. 10Ji'
Ordinary ... 7 Middling W
Good Ordinary 8 Good Middling 9)5
Low Middling.. 0 Middling fair.- W,i
No. 2 red.
No. 2 hard ,
S I 13 11 1
10S 1 10
No. 2 mixed .. AV4. is
No. 2 wbitu 48)H 4?
No. a... . . CO C0i
No. 5 red ..,
No. n rod-..
No. 2 hard..
No. 2... .....
No. 2 white
No. 2 yollow
No. 2
No. a white..
I 10
1 in
1 10
1 21
I 15
1 15
Live Stock
St ecrK bcst.-.- ....................
" 'fair to good -.
Wcptcrn fed steers .....
HtockcrK and feeders.-.- .
t'on t li c rn el oc re -
Wcfitorn cowo .......... . ...
Natiro cows .... . . ...,
Nntivo heifers. .... . ...,
Calves .... ............
.1 3 25 16 40
. 4 5 2-
- 4-
. 2 2S
. swa
. 1 50
. 160
. 2 CO
. 150
. 2 50
4 7.V
4 25
8 75
4 ro
3 25
Hrnvy .. .
Pnckoru ............
Pigs and lighta.
Nntivn lnmb-i ,
Native Bhoop..
Nativw owea...
..J S V! 3
. 5 10 3 0v
- 4 80.0 S 'JO
-?5 0(Wt ." 2..
. .123 3?
. a - o V)
Beovca... .................... ..
Cows and hoifors .....................
Stockers ur.d fcedore
Toxnn .........
Westerns . ......
Mixed nnd butchers ......
Good to cholco heavy
Rough heavy ... .. . ..
Bulk of galea......... ....... .....
Pheep.. ....
..5 5 75 G
2 50t1 5
. .j- 4
. 4 60 5 PJ
, 3 60 G i
...34 00S o &
. r :o r. 5(i
. 4 70 S IS
- 4 90 fi 40
. 5 C CO
..J 8 7&? 4 :o
. 3 50 5 S5
StcerEtop........ . .
Cowb ton .......... . .
Cal ves t op ,
,. 3 7A
. 2 PA
.. 2 25
.. 1 SO
. 3.0
. 2 33
..J 3 25
. 5 - 5 1
Creeks Want President to Extend
Clemency Beforo Dissolution
MUSKOGKE: The Crcelc council,
sitting at OlcmuKoe, passed a resolu
tion praying that the president extcud
clemency to Creok citizens "Who are
serving terms In prison tor any of
fense, beforo tribal relations are dis
solved. Tt Is tho desire among many of the
leading Indians in the Creok nation
that Clwok prisoners be released in
190G or their terms shortened so that
thoy may be given an opportunity to
tart all over again under tho new
conditions that will then exist. The
ndvoratfts of this plan say that be
fore the advent of the whit man
thre were very few criminals among
the Indians in the territory. They ar
kiia that many of tha crimes .and of.
fflnses committed by Indians in re
cant yaars have bpen tho result of the
Introduction of liquor and firearms by
white men, who are lu a sense re
sponsible for the Infractions of the

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