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Ar Christmas wedding is rather au
unusual thing. At 'Christmas-tido
everybody's mind is set on something
other than weddings, and to have- one
then seems almost like an interruption
of the just mirth which reigns the
world over," writes Muriel Falkland in
the Housekeeper. The writer goes on
to describe how tho idea of a Christ
mas wedding was prettily carried out
in favor of one of a group of twelve
girl friends who had planned to have,
distinctive celebrations of this great
est event of their lives.
"The ceremony was a home one, of
course) and' as Katherine has a host
of brothers and sisters and another
host of young nephews and nieces,
there was every reason for as genial
a time as the occasion and the season
"It must be a real Christmas wed
ding, all white and scarlet, and with
plenty of evergreen," was Elizabeth's
first impulse, and we all agreed with
her. katherine was fully in union
with our idea, and wo found nothing
but help all along the line, since she
was tho last of a large family, each
of whom wished to help celebrate her
nuptials as joyously as possible.
Our first move, when we arrived to
get things in order, was to cover every
floor in the. house with crash.
This gavo the white background we
had wished and afforded besides a
splendid facility for tho luxurious ever
green trimming which we had planned
to make the spirit of Christmas gen
erally felt. Every picture and every
doorway and window frame was out
lined with evergreen, tho spicy odors
filling the house, ero we were half
through. Holly wo used only to
wreathe the chandeliers and bank the
window sills and mantel pieces. Long
garlands of evergreen were hung in
festoons along tho upper side of the
wall from the ceiling, twined around
the balustrade and put In loops and
circles wherever wall space offered.
At each window a beautiful holly
wreath, tied with floating streamers of
scarlet ribbon, was hung, and pn the
end of each of the chandeliers hung a
great ball of poinsctta, mingled with a
few feathery green ferns and tied with
This was in the halls and chambers.
In the drawing room, where the cer
emony would be performed, a beauti
ful archway of ferns and polnsetta was
erected by the florists under Eliza
beth's direction, and from tho middle
of. the arch a cluster of bells, also of
scarlet, was" hung in position like a
chime. Baskets of scarlet, with ferns
trailing from them, hung in the door-
wayd between the drawing room and
dining room and were set on tho little
tables and cabinets which filled the
In the dining room the table was
laid for the guests and bridal party un
der a great cluster of scarlet which
hung from the chandelier, and on the
table were arranged several clusters
of lights, in sliver candlesticks, shaded
with scarlet and wreathed with holly
and tho pure white frost berries, which
looked like pellets of glistening snow.
Each plate wa3 encircled by holly and
at each chair a branch of it was tied
with scarlet ribbon. The centerpiece
on the table was a mound of holly
from which a broad red ribbon was
carried to each plate, ending in a
small bunch which hung down over
the edge of the table.
Tho wedding was planned to occur
at half past seven, and just at a quar
ter past the chimes of the church at
tho corner began their hour of music,
so that we had this sweet accompani
ment to the ceremony.
Promptly at half-past seven we
emerged from the room upstairs
where we had been dressing, sinco the
early five o'clock dinner, and we could
see for ourselves as we went slowly
down the broad stairway that the
scene was a beautiful one. First in
the procession walked the four small
est nephews and nieces of the bride,
two by two, tho girls wearing frocks
of white with scarlet ribbon in their
hair and carrying baskets of holly,
the boys in red, each with a branch
of evergreen. Then went Katherine,
dressed in white gleaming satin, with
a bunch of mistletoe fastening her
veil, and a white vellum prayer book
in her hand. Then wo girls, six of
us, walked, two by two, each dressed
in white, but wearing crowns of frost
ed holly and carrying a great armful
of polnsetta blossoms from which long
streamers of scarlet ribbon hung to
the edge of our gowns.
From tho foot of tho stairs to tho
sides of the archway two other nieces,
also dressed in white and scarlet,
stretched lines of glistening white
satin ribbon, in which small bunches
of holly were knotted at intervals, and
through this enclosed pathway the
bride walked to the improvised altar,
leaning on her brother's arm. Dur
ing the ceremony the sound of nn
organ playing the sweet old Christmas
hymn, "Adesto Fidolos," penetrated
the room, and continued while tho sol
emn words of tho marriage servico
were spoken, making a most beautiful
accompaniment for tho scene.
When it was over there was a mer
ry clash of bells, apparently coming
from the very air about us, and when
wo looked in astonishment to see tho
reason, wo found that an older boy
had begged and borrowed all tho bolls
ho could, of every kind, and had set
them going In tho various rooms of
the house, as soon as tho ceremony
was finished and the merry congratua
tions had begun.
The newly wedded pair did not in
tend to leave the city that night, so
the gayest of Christmas wedding par
ties was in full progress within a few
moments after tho marriage words
Supper was served first, and tho
merriment enhanced by tho fact that
in the bunches of holly composing tho
centerpiece, which tho bridesmaids
drew to our plates at tho conclusion
of the meal, wo found each an ex
quisite little locket showing a branch
of holly, with green enameled gold
leaves and bits of coral for berries,
as souvenirs from our bride.
Dancing came next, to the music of
a stringed orchestra stationed some
where out of Bight, and through the
drawing room, halls and dining room
we whirled, counting the moments
only by our flying footsteps.
It was half-past eleven before we
stopped, and then only at a signal
from the band. This was no less than
a march or rather, the Christmas
hymn played in march time, and stop
ping our waltz suddenly, we wondered
what It meant, until Katherine and
her husband, taking the lead, beckoned
us to follow in procession. Wonder
ing a little, we did so, and found our
selves led through the hall across to
the library doors, which had boon re
ligiously closed all evening, rather to
our surprise, since wo needed the
extra dancing place. Katherine flung
open the doors and a moment of
amazed silence ensued. There in the
middle of the room stood a magnifi
cent Christmas tree, hung from roo'
to top with glittering emblems of the
season and aglow with myriads o
tapers fastened to its branches. Ai
a signal from Kathcrlne's brother, the
electric lights lit the hall and dining
room went out and wo found ourselves
with nothing to detract from the ra
diant splendor of tho symbolic tree.
After the distribution of tho many
pretty gifts, tho brido and bridegroom
led the way to the dining roonj
where a bountiful supper was served
including all tho favorite Christmas
goodies. Thus was brought to a close
one of the plcasantest and prettiest
weddings that any of tho assembled
guests had ever seen.
Burning the Yule-Log.
The ancient Christmas ceremony o'
the burning of tho Yule-log is ono tha
has been transmitted to us from ou
Scandinavian ancestors, who, at thcii
feast of Juul, at tho winter solstice
used to kindle large bonfires in bono
of their god to set on fire.
i j; Christmas Stockings jkjj
Ilansr up tho Christmas stockings,
Leave not a dear ono out,
And wako on Christmas morning
With ringing song and shout.
For in tho silent midnight
Shall Santa Claus appear,
And crown with gifts of gladness
Tho love-tlmo of tho yeur.
Hang tip tho baby's stocking;
The cunning little elf
Is still too very tiny
To do it for herself.
And hang tho mother's stocking
Oh, very pluin in sight;
Some ono must think for mother.
Or she'll forget it quite.
Hang father's sturdy stocking
Right here between the boys';
And give him books and papers,
As he gives tho children toys,
Let Santa Claus bo careful
About tho politics;
For father bus a conscience
Thut to tho right side sticks.
Hang up tho old folks' stockings,
Hang up the little girl's;
Dear grandma with her silver hair,
Sweet Flossy with her curls,
Will both be very happy
When dawns, in roseate cheer,
The Merry Christmas morning,
Tho love-time of the year.
Ethel Bridges in Royal Neighbor.
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