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Protectlvelnd Detective Assn
1 dny ; Mr. J. X. Wright, of Denton,
i two limne: Mr. It. P. Ilncei of
! Dallas TexiK. onu : Wm. II Mor-
' ris, of Denton. IVxne two horses;
N. ItOtfal, 'mcrl Xnnn&or fnnMr. Ifiilin, ofCinlneMille, ono hornc,
IiiAIhr Terrllorjr. 'nml thicT captured ; Dr. H. C. try,
f Santa Joe. Texas, one horae; Mi.
W.ron nil Conummln.tlousto Protective' Atnliew l..liitM-k, Kcllcm, Jcxm,
' uml l)ctoIve Association, Atoka, 'ojie mule; Mr. Num. Lcroe, Terrell,
Inkn Territory. ; lex nmH,..se.
a,.. I -iv. Vol.. ir. iKi. ' lirniiiliiij: t-ntlle the fee trill he
..,....,' .7 ". . .!.. , S 1 Iter head mi unv mitnlivr itmler
luunoirxriivo mm i.bl-.. . ; , , n.i lots over Hint nilllil
BOCIHUOll Ul l i':n tiivuvM n in until '
olllee for tlio Indian 'Icnitory here
on December 1, IN.Sa, and appoint-
ur. i. 7 "". ' ""T,." or (Inn. 'Ihu rewind for cattle
. maimer, nun .ui. r
. r Dalits, nccrettirv.
S nntocUtion sines that time
To our Friends and l'ntrnns: Oft
en in the opciiintx "I" the .seasons, we
lttikn flitfhltfTltt It fit I ! ttiul rklftltl '
patrons to take advautn-ie of the
newspapers to send greeting to our
i eustomeis, not aloii ndvei Using onr
business, but with interesting read
ing matter, styles, what to wear and
Iimw to wear it, o that mc shall all
become better acquainted as to wear.
, Wc cannot shake you all by the hand,
,(M, 1 but we can always gicet you one and
Our iiiim
u number
. . .. . . . I I I IV C Vltll
lino iivrr ww. ui ri-iii iici iiu.iii , itmi I 11 I,. ..I. ....... 1 ...,..l
01, lots of U0 and upwards. 2 ets , m.M (jis eflnW,,,w,
'""T'''rl:, I )f years; we have always studied
S. O'Brien,. , " T ,,,..V patrons, and, as
I. lie brancb . " ... . m... ' Mar as we know, have always given
... T . ,. , rt .satisfaction. We are continually
I ho Association l on n firm ilnnn-l ... j....1m. 1 '
rial mud-, ai.d is mi institution be. ' I' - w - -"
-- T - - - --
coming more popular ami favorably
known every day.
None but responsible, sober men
... ..........I ,.- 1 1 ........... 1...
a . r ., . . ! ... IHU nmiivi, in i iiiiiiif, rw lis livciiui
cave no part of the com try im.ee,. l(jU AM(K.inlm) ',,,, ( ( , , w
in uiHH -7 " -- " ,,.,.,,,..... I. ulllllnv.l n.fMt.1. in,., "'. '."
less he come, wall iecommuided by I1'" "i?!..1?,.
mi. v. iiniriiiinii, is
has been
jliHflotly employed in securing pood
ut4 re)onftibtc agents throughout
tne Territory and so fur have suc
ceeded, much to their satisfaction.
Their mui.i object by so doiim is to
of all stock ill their
New Store. Save Money. New Stoi
One Block from depot, 111
AVo llavo Just Opened the Largest Stock of
I t
th proteclloii
brand. 1
The Protective and Detective As
ocintion has now been two years and
a half in exigence and under the ju
dicious inan.igeinent ot its otllcers
has eurmouiiled all iu dilflcultics,
and lias come to ihu (rout with n
record that it may well be proud of.
On January the Hist of this year
the Association, in its paper "The
Kstrny Itecord of Texas," had a list
taken from i's hooks of nit the slock
branded, stolen or strayed, and all
recovered, and it shows a percentage
of ,ovcr ninely-tive terovered, this
extending buck to the dale when the
Association was in its infancy, when
the protection waa not what it is to
day, aril as it extends so will the
protection be greater. Anyone ol
tioiiud judgii-cnt can see that the As
sociation I'as surmounted its dillicul
ties. They havu now over three
hundred v.mkiu agents in Texas
and nearly lilty liere, and hope soon
to be able to ivporl u hundrid, and
it is thoroughly ndvcilic(? through
out he adjoining stales, consequent
ly they havu not in one cae out of
live to pay the reward of
$100 for diploic and conviction of a
thief, foe the reason that a thief will
not ngw-handlu a Iioiho branded with
the letter, C it invariably gives him
nwuy, ir'cuuuol dispose of it, con
sequently' he does nut want 'it, unlesa,
he thinks :fie can get rid of St, and
inc consequences are ueiore lie can,
gel very Ur tlieiu are hundreds ol
iliscriptioii of that horse printed of
fering $100 reward lor .the capltiYc
and conviction of the thief, and sent
out oveillm Staled and. 'lVrriltiiie.s,
into the lia'nds of all theii agenlM
and .llit! lit!'i(;iil bheiill's. The lltii-f,
iiuUsrt he-Uury green, knows this,
and if he d(oes not he will learn bel
ter I lie next. lime.
Tlio AssiM'intion was chartered by
t c statu of Texas November 0O1I1,
1J8I, and' the trtiiU- 111:11 U, Irilur C
on le.t jaw, craned f rum I lie United
Slates fSovcmlv-'r -0,h of the same
year. lis olvjecl is to place slock
in a position lll'.UUiieVti.s havu no u.ie
for it.
Tliu Association issues a cerlillcate
for -very animal bramled and ivis
teied. Kvery ccrlilicatu is iaoied
from Ihe general ottice or the branch
otlii'u of Sinte or Territory, where
impiessiou of the seal of the Associ
ation nliixeil thereon, a duplicate of
which is H'Coidi'd in the books kept
for thai piupou.
WNen r.u agent brands any stock
lie taken a ibsciiption of the animal,
giving a U'ceipt. lo the onncr lor the
fee chaiged for branding and regis
tering thu same. Ibis dist-riptinn with
the naiue and pustotliee tuldiess of
the ownor is t'urwaided l the gener
al or branch olllee by the ag ut.
'Ihe coililiieMn after being mad'
out is forwarded hv mail to the own
er of the animal so hiamlcd and leg-
isterod. Should in, one have
nit lhal 1 1 icy immediately notify ihi
ollli-e, giviuvc tli number of tin
county. In nil
the officers of his
instances agents will be required to
give the Association a bond in the
sum of 8200 with approved security.
The size of thu Association's
brand, the letter 0, is 1 inches in
height, two inches from top of arm ,
o.' I ar lo bottom of C, and one inch ,
in width. 1
Audit are instructed to be sure
and put a twist on thu nose or car so
as to make a plain and lasting brand,
and when that ia thu casu 110 thief
can get away with such' an animal,
fur thu biunil will stop him .every
Atoka, I. T., Feb. 10, 1884.
Kditor Hiundixo Inox :
Dkah Sin: The great nim of the
Protective and Detective Association
is to arrange a complete network of
L'uarils r.rouud all stock taken under
its protection so as to render such
stock iis(;(ss to thieves. This wc
do by liiving the owner of a C horse
a ccrlilicatu (which is a title to his
horse although the horse is in our
brand.) A thief may ste:d the horse
but he cannot get thu title, and the
V brand is now so well advertised
Unit no sensible man wants to buy
such a horcu without the .title. This
is what we. mean by saying that our
aim is lo render such stock worthless
to thieves. Our modu of proceeding
has bueu prulty fully explained in
another article, but all know that we
hav to depend largely on agents fr
the detail work throughout tliu coun
try. We try to u.-o diullion iu ap
pointing such agents and we gener
ally etgoo'd ones, I ut wu meet and
have to overcome the same dillleiil
ties that other enterprises do in the
selection ot help. Hut wc especial
ly have cause to be careful for the
errors or misconduct of any of our
agents recoils on the Asociatiou
with very injurious etl'ecl, and we
cannot ntford to support any unwor
thy agent, knowingly. Our aim, as
stated above, may never lie tullvaiid
in all particulars attained, yet the
more earnestly and zealously all en-'
,ngcd wink and watcl ,'lie more near-1
ly we will succeed, rmcouraged 1 y '
very gratifying results thus far wu 1
expect to go on until we ge gel a
nil-Hie bvuiu in.ijn mining uui
the latest styles and novelties iu the
We are not so situated as the small
stores, who only go to market once a
a year, but have lue advantage ot
Our buyer,
looking tip novelties for our custo
Iu staple and fancy dry goods, wc
import our own goods, thereby sav
ing the middle-man's profit. '
1 in navinu connection direct Willi
manufacturers of tliu country, wu
can save one-third ot the price
which you pay other houses. In
clothing, we manufacture all our own
stock, thereby saving at least one
fourth. Out garments are all custom-made.
Remember, satisfaction,
or no sale.
Iu Carpets, Mattings, Oil Cloths,
Itugs, Mats, Crumb Cloths, Shades.
Curtains, etc., etc., wc have the. fin
est assortment in Northern Texas.
Ourstoru aoom has the best light
and ventilation in the city. Think
of the immense space it covers- 30,
000 square feet.
In custom-made Hoots and Shoes
wu stand second to none. This de
partment is one of our specialties.
Watkkman, Stau & Co.
tiling pretty and useful in this
V ..,,.. I ..nnlilf 10 .
WU.. .Jl.u.ll.,, , vr w
Hosier)- lJennrtmcut.
Styles changing so rapidly, it is
almost impossible for us to give a
description of styles in hosiery. Hut
on our counters mav be found every
Children's better quality, lu, 20
and g.r eent:.
Children's extra quality, :J0, 5
and 10 cents.
Children's fancy, best quality, 40
cents ami upwards.
Alisis' main, taticv ami emoro-
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Trunks, Valioes, Carpets,
. Curtains, &e., &e. in Denison.
-: Everything New and Nice. :-
ve uo Htnctivu uami JiusMrJna, so can undersell nouses mar cio a urctuc nusinwi
Be Sure to cull if vott want to SAVE MOXJ5Y.
We Are Agents for Buttrick's Paper Patterns. "SI '
: I
:-: One Block from Depot, 111 Main Street, John Ourand Buildings. :-:
Henry T. Walker,
hiuwiko, OlMl
All poods liouulit of tne will be engraved
free ol charge. l'inu watch repairing a
specialty. iin:er ny mail iiroiuptly luted
Call on me when von comu to l)enl.on
Change of Base.
Change of Prices
dctcd :it nil price? from 15 cents -
I Jmlius' hose, we call cspcci.'ll nt
I teution to, botli iu white and color
j cd, iysle throat, balbriggan and em-
bussed huso, at prices ranini; from
j In cents to 'ji'J. We have always an
elegant line exposed on our show
I line. If you don't see what you
1 want ask for it.
I Vlll 1IMV 'l 1IMI1III O Hr., tt V, VIIV ft
I latest and prettiest to be found. All ! j$
.sizes, stvles and (iiialilio.s.
Wati:i:.man, Stau & Co.
Atoka Meat Market!!
We Handle
MR. A. U. SMITH (our butcher) is
well known in tliis country
as one of the best.
L1'jln Hardware, Iron and Steel, CutJ
lery Stoves, Plows, j
Guns, &e. by
Lsp? and Soidriok
Iinpnriaiit ltusiiiuss Notice.
To the .Jobbiii'' Trade of North-
WIiolcNile ami Itctail Dealer in
here mav be one, mid hi-u.'d I y thu !kimhI, teliable a-ient in each and e-irn Texas ami the Indian Territory:
'ivriilcui mill Secretary ami has the ''" seith-iiifiit of the Indian Terri- j "w melliod ol iiiloriiung
torv. who will watch over the stock
in the C brand as if ii was hid own.
To tin end wti invite the coUpeia
tiou of all good cili.ens ami resi
dent of the country.
D ? i Kntm, Manager.
von that wo
low, at the
"('epcratUe Printing.
"It l nporU thai tin- t'o-immitor (Irnpfiil
Imilxiiit to nmki u ilei'iMou In r.'wui-il lo tlmt
rliiiM if lU'wuiiaoorn known mk 'p.uciu iut
lrtrn.' 'IiiMiIkm. or VD-oiM'rmlw,' ilmi
will iUHTM.uillyoMin.-n ari;i airnlTo" Io.mI
pillMTH, of liiu miMUit rlri'illrt'lnii Hint Ini't
ire tullv prepared to
couiuieucemeul of the
Kail, tliu hirgc-st and be.it assortment
of Dry (!nod, Clothintj, Hoots and
Shoos etc., in Northern Toxas. Wc
have employed the. well known and
popular 'Merchant's Pet," h. L.
Stowe, who will call on you shortly
with a complete line of samples iu
Dry Goods, Clothing, lloot.s and
Mioos, .Notions, etc.; ami we guar-'
antce to you that any orders extend-1
cd to him shall have our personal
and prompt attention. We are fullv I
. - 1
to mcel ail competttiou
Sperling G:cds,
Fishing Tackle, Etc., Etc.
1 Keep a Full Line of
Colt's repeating Rifle.
All Kinds of
Ileforc their removal to their new and enlarged
salesroom, Corner of
Main Street and Houston Avenue
Nos. 94, 96 and 98, Near Union Depot.
Wo Kpccially Call Attention to our
Complete Line of Cooking and Heating Stoves
to nutm'tiil imlillciitlon. Ill i in. I tii'iMiat'iMl
m ' . . . .. .. . "- 1-- .-" '
tor bo iioiutf m iint iiiu ii.ipors iM'imt ;,.". i. i ....:.. m.: i ..!..... Ti-:..: M.ii ...1 TJ..ti.. ,n..
trill ijii ..w , ..i.vi.... . v .-i- ' iLUIJtlll III' J.1U1LL1V U11LL X I ULLillLl V .1JU11U
m .. ...:..i t.. i .... i ' J
..lll.rbl .HI J. II. !.(.. lit .It.. ..lMn.1 ..n.l .I.....
Ill llllll. Itlll'll Mill1 I'lllll.'l " V- PKMI 111 III' UUII'i. II1 III17II
iiiiiiiiiv Hutu .nit I .ui,. liv thu utilm m Oiniioiiiiiliinl ciiiiiii-vinili
k branded and rouiMcrcd with ' "'". wlm prim tin nitnr tmifnt imnu., u
, : .: . ,i . t .1 HUni'lOlU ovlilrllffl tliill flirh impuiN uro lint
Association btolen it is import-1 Mr-t.M.titiimr. uu.i in ui-iM.ni.liuv timt utout
divltliil tot'ioliulo till ni.'h 1 1 out tli.Hiu.tM n
mH-oiiitoI.iJ-, m.itiii-. I'luM t, iiroittmiit lnunii Ii
ere I pulilUttion lmil In llii imiiihIi, nml Ii tiu
,....... ...... ....i i I... i nil ma ooi lino it iifi .iiiot t ;ww wiiiii kik-
..uuiue ui in hi-m-ii iiiiiii:ii. nv , p,.n,; nm, tin, ivumlumv t..i of I'u V.v.
releieticu t i the bonk- in our olllee mUvei. wnuM ! itithIv ntr.-m.-i.ious:
... , .. , . h ul nilllil thou Hlloiil to inilillsh tin. wliolo n
We M'lt by the lllimour ot Hu- oertlll ilu-lr inHr:t: hes in tin. i-ml. the pns n.twr-
ct.te the desc.ipiion of llm animal. X.S llul xho P' ""' b-memly ifut-
The luee unuioilmtcly n.iMlles ; Tim foregoing item, which has an-' Surrlal Imiuctliunlr; to lSrcisimffier.
.....1 .1... ..111. .1... . I . ' -A.. ...,..( .. .............. .......... ... .1.11.1. ...I l ' "
Ul"l IIIU Ulll.ri llll IMC'lllllll '"..nil Ml n tlillllll I 1111111-! IMIIMI-ill'll .1. j
Which f will Sell Very Cheaj). thus Saving
Moving such Heavy Hoods. We
Headquarters for
Us the KxpeiiM of
are also
ton. (iivo us a trial-order and re
member that we sell only to good
parties and give von the same "terms
as any other joobing hou-.e. Out;
rule is: All gomls sold on their mor
it.s and no misrepresentation.
Very respectfully yours,";
Watj:jma.v, Stai: Si Co., .'
John Deere Plows and Cultivators
Write for Prices.
! . FW ik kW W iMM L 1
tliecouiilrv, uhiuu iu iNmlpiii.li or; S'iIuV. O., U a.ioti.e,- evId-iM.. of fie. e nave mways on nam me niu- VM;ilt5 UUrH
the Molon Mod:. A sin,, H,lur re vu.lictlv. llri-Niiimk hM.BM.V A.l. V
M,rd of S100 is ollVred by A-. I ""' .SC'ft; )w ''t makes ot Luungs,, cont; .,,, forn ,.,,;,.
eintionfor tl Mure and convic I K.1.,! 7 of tmi IWL- ' ' lK,uUo,Vr' r'"! V,,,,f.u-5 "'''V " .7 ,
,:,;, :; r ' l "ssr; Dr!!Lz sn" veiu,s.u;,ci,et. Mctau js;.: ..r'T
i hi iliil v i r "in niiiin n.srii i - ----- ........ ....,.....,
til ( I I I I I 1.1 III I II'IIL' J
IVtirl Huttoiis of ovory
Mitchell WQSons. Earbed and Sir.ooth Wirs, also
5"3; Avery, Kelly and south Bend Chilled Plows I 2
eeu tihciiild the olllt- r
aueiits not rociire uoin-t-stock,
the fact ot nnvoue
amnitil for sale ith the
ami iiiii1
f stolen
u ring iui ,hM
letter U
brumled n the lell j w and the per
son si) otuimg il.c ammal not having
a ceililU-ate or uiviug salihliietory
ii i)i'i'eucis is evidence of something
vrongnud Mlllcieiit I'm the party
iuniny the uniinal in l s po sis-ion
to be detiiiued pending InWhtLation
of tint matter.
Within llm months of )occmber
nud .itiiiuaiy la-i ihere las. v. bei-n
over lieut-live hoist s stolen and re
covi'ii'd, H'e give tlm i ames I"
Mime of tlio paitie.s and nppi'inl a
lew of their leil.-re: From Wn .
K.-ntlliiu. , of Dallas, 'IVxas, om
lioie, icci'V' rod iii'M day 5 Mr
Jtlnckwiiil, of .tivKiuucy, 'JVmis, two
wlicni the same are iir'u'ed. In whnl
or in purt, and piildishi'd, shall ,-n
fn'e through the mallsp Int the si'ttm'
not Ihi delivered at h-t'T-i-arru'r
oillces or distributed by e.iiMr. unir.- .
postage is paid ll'ereou in by faVpiM-,
vlded." IVom tli! it w'll be feu "thatj
line roMnuiMiT m'nerm vuim-'s na'
I bivn iiiiticipated by ttn Nntlomt
congress, huh tr.e propoMt itceiion
; would Ihi illegal and of uo efl'uot.
I CAiiMiv Haunt v.
sie and I
l'.eforo entering the sea on Dress-!
makers should give us a en!', and in-1
tiodttce themsches to one of the j
linn, who will take especial pains to i
1 appoint a competent person to wait ,
upon tlietu win-never tney tavorus
with their patronage, and will give j
tlieiu the i:.ti:a inducements which
we oll'er to all DrcsMiiakers who pur-1
cliase a iiuerai snare oi ineirsuppuuA
of u..
Vr.Ti'MAV. Star & ( o.
h)U'ina !ii:illli; n U .o Iclmullit iillml..
to int) cv.n mm- of t'tirrniiil Arih-, lnur-initti-iit
or i."u I lcr, lii'iiillu-iit r.n-r
iMiniti Aiii-, IliKoito I'nii, ninl 1 lu-r Ci-iii-..:ih.
rmi.M.I l.y iimliirm. lit t-jti-u it frlnir.-,
nttvr iltitf trl:il, tli : lrl-i :ir- t-itt .lorlm il, ! mir
t'i.i-iiliir il:itci July 1st, UM-, to iiTiuu! (Im
bolilli)';i I Diu.ulm.
. l. Write for Special Price on Colt's Pistols and Winchester KinV
Wholesale and Ilctail Dealer iu
-Ono of the engineers of the Hudson
Kivttr Kallroatl, wln-u at work upon it
in 1810, ai that tlm couitrotors and
uinrim-orii made a otilveit uudr the
niilroad larec- euotnrlt t allow Wash-
biL'ton IrviiiL' to m-t out in his row-boat i A lloston man, w!io had his no
from tlio littl'J Simustdtf Uay into thu! mnlied over liis face dining a iiorsounl
.. . ,.. .... i .... .. -i . ' i . .. .. -i.:. .... i;. - i
granq Piu iiuiiMia to t:ie pm'h upon iinra-swimf. in u" w i niii -whhili
Imj oofniio-od thu M.c.h Uook. wm told by the tlm'tor that it wa -i i
Hiav that tlnvallloo Ir.mg, Midon simple cjm of umlttciiltir disintegration. Ii n Jn aM Ltnrc f fhk
liUrchlunniaJ drop -uteKr In tn memory Thank you," he said; ! begin to feel W15 odll UU dll Mil JO at lino
hwlics, (lmj.itil by Iho thuf next j lo-v gi-oi..id vla.ie by hi.s pen
of Ihu iu:m ".v!m nm-jo the .'..mtiy liuj. honor alrertdy, that somnU so muol1
HS.Ni homn."- Chicago Jl mitt.
Groceries, Wines and Liquoi
Fine Kentucky Whiskies a Specialty.
Orders by Mall for the Territory will Receive Prompt Atten

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