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The Branding iron. (Atoka, I.T. [Okla.]) 1884-1884, March 15, 1884, Image 2

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- V . - W . Tt lir
,Y - rr,
Tfcc rinlcx.
.Hi Pluto la not nn Imprcmtvo char
acter. Civilization litis dono It wont
for htm. lie has learned nil tlin bittl
ftnil ndiio 4-f tin1 L'oml. Ho tlrestiis in
lhn provnlllngMvh' of thn mining eainps,
with Manuel sunt and nrufui-nriinnieii
hiit. In tho spring, .smiiiiikm iiimI fall lio
diniMWCM of his surplus Mock to tlio
white, llo is an Invotcr.ilo gambler,
Imnl drinker, wlii'ii ho ran pet liquor,
nil when drunk is ti llend. The tritml
.relation, of tho PinlcH have boon broken
lip, nlllioiigh they Mill recount.! n nom
inal Chief. They roam pitilessly
oror tin country from place to place,
begging ouil stealing, and living tin
lnrd only knows bow. In the winter
they are t lie scavengers of tint Slate.
Thoy know tlio location of every swlll
.bnrrol, rvfiise-lieap and ash-pilo in
'Nevada, and never a day passes that !
'thoy do not mako round", always lind
ing something to repay them for their
trouble. One of them recently came
'ambling up to an ash-barrel which, the
jewncr remarked to a bystander, con
ttainctl nothing that even' a I'iuto would
wonmot value, tin, red man poked
("" v.... .. ....... "i'r
41m barral over, emptin most of Its
.matontflfw tlio lrroiiud. Tlio owner
Anuitlit ll tftil f, limn fillil Itutt, itiiiu.tl
hoim tulsirlviiiirH, but ho still
niched, nnd said thn "Iniun1' would
find nothiiiirtliore. Pretty soon thu fel-
l . .!..!.. ..I ,!.!.. I ..... I. 1..
tlow plckisl out soincthinir and put it in
Ibis pocket. Tlio owner's curiosity wa
roused. Walking up to thu redskin,
he asked:
"You don't llnil much in there do
"MrblKJ," Mid Im; "heap o.iteh Vvn
llo had found otic or two ancient to
bacco quids in the ahcs, and did not
(iMpnir of picking out a few more. So
they po from tlio back door.s of the best
feouxes to I hoo of saloons and slaughter
BotiKCH, gladly appropriating to their
own itsH huuilreds of things which the
white man has discarded as useless.
To most peeplu the I'inte is the iersotii
Scat ion of a joke. A more solemn
'mortal than he can not very well bo
imagined, but hit quaint wav.s,his imita
tion of the while man, more especially
the had while man, and his queer as
Aiiinption of the airs of civilied life
ainko him n very picture-quo object
when ho docs not render him-clf a
nuisance, as isjlqnito apl to lie the case.
it doosu'l take a great deal of silver
clmtigo toslarl a liig gambling game
aiuoiig the I'iutes. If a crowd of lif
tocn or twenty can raiso ten dollars or
twenty dollars in silver tho sport will bo
kopt up for hours. Tlicso gambling
iqu'lls take on the naluru of u tourna
ment, and last sometimes for weeks, at
itracling tho red sports from all parts
of tho State. The meet in the daytime
on the sunny side of their wiokMups,
from which they extend wings Ir, ty
ing blankets oii'ihiIcs to break the force
of the wind. Tlio gamblers place two
poles on the ground about ten feet apart
and parallel with vu h other, and seat
themselves on tho ground cross-legged
outsidotliu poles. There are generally
i or cijrht bucks on each side, and the
Makes are stack
c.l on tte open ground '
os. Tlioiriiiaa thnt thoy I
between thu polos. Tho inuno that thov
lay is incomprehensible to tlm whltu
miBiI. but it seems to bo nothing more
tban pwsslng by omubuek in which hand
IVhllo tt
rush tires are lighted, and thn iraines
often last until morning, thn squaws
and children standing near, as deeply
intensteil in the game as tho players'.
No game can ho played without tin
dismal accompaniment of chanting, and
no weirder sights can bo imagined than
thosn to w witnessed in one of those
protracted dav and night tournaments.
.It ws at one of these festive gatherings
that ono of tlio wives of Chief Kneho
gave birth to twins, and tho proceedings
were broken up in tho expectations that,
in accordance witli tho traditions of the
race, ono of the new-comers would bo
given up to bo killed. Thn mother,
however, beirjred so pltooiisly that the
moot nor oti-priug tie spared that
'.. . '. ...
inciie. eonoiuited to let incut tiotn live.
andthedissapointcd redskins li-unnMl
their gambling,
Tho I'iutes have no enemies
ene.mes nut lie
more di;rnded
frcqucntlv gain
but tilt
Vnshoes, a tribe oven
than they. Kc ports
vurronev'tliat the two
tiallons'1 an at
.var, and that dreadful hlood-hcd has
resulted. Those stories u-nallv origi
nate with thn I'iutes, whoarounconschM
ahlo liars, mid seem to enjoy the narra
tion of titles of .slaughter lor the cditica
tiou of tho whites, partiotilarh when
tlio latter are in a generous mooil. Tito
two tribes have nof had an actual lijrlit
since l.S(!:l, when the I'iutes managed to
reduce their ancient enemies to subjec
tion, and from that dav s"o this thoy
have lorded it over t lie' subject race ill
tlm most inhuman manner. No Washoe
t J ... nil l.i.l 1.. .... . . ..mi ......... 1.1... I
of a llivarm, and tho di-cov cry that ono
ftt them has anything of the kind in his
possession is tlio signal for a Piute raid
i...i ii. .1.. ir. i " i. ... i ii
.-, ' : lllll 11 -II III mill II KH HI llll Itlllll
ah. hiii, ii inn -;i'ii ! iii iiiiiiieui-
ntiny siirrcndecrd. I ins terrorism m
which the Washocs are held by tho
I'iules, them-elves tlte least warlike
perhaps of all the American Indians ex
cepting the Wa-hocs, would be ludi
crous were it not a'mo-t pitiful. Low
and despicable as the I'iuto may lie, it
seems to alVord him satisfaction to
know that he is the master of somobodv.
Personal encounters between ueniboVs i
of the two tribes arc of frequent occtir-
nnce, and the-o form the basis, in th,n
minds of the genial I'iuto romancer.-, of
tho bliHidy battles so often rojiorlcd as
SoVo X rIns;;iM Wmnl ,,,IC,W
Jltftu iwr. 4i. ...run,
A flennan ntiper, the lllustriile
Zeiiung, reportsthat (ierntan emigrants
return weekly in great mmibers from
America. One hundred agricultural
laborers returned recently from Chicago
to their old homes in Hast Prussia.
They explained their ill success by the I
inuuu quicker, hut less thorough, work
of tho Americans with whom they lint
to compete. Thoy had with difficulty
earnoil their passage money.
At u churoh fair at ' Philua,
M. Y.i n purse w;vsoiTcrcil oung
girl who cou 11 comu funv .-scrt
that ho hatl dcoliaed nil in ....jus tc
at Ico cream rturtog the summer. N.
r. Sun,
i.it ".J..
fitf fjwuicr nptds ofuymMag.
rrrlfrvur ajra fro. ' whon'nlclit cotntBo
l u
,' C"1 t
nrv - j-
- ,A
How flic Slur Store Is (Jotrrnctl.
I 'or the information of our etisto-
iners tioi iiciiuiiiiMeil with us, and to
better enable them to jtidife how we
conduct our
ir business, we beg leave
cm to tin'- following rules-
l() refer lli
now in force
ive at the popular Mar
I. I lie employes ul I Iiii notice
are requested to strictly tidheie to
the following rule ami leiiliitimis:
II. 'I'he proprietor aim to imike
this a lirsl-ehi'-s trading pltice for all
and fvvryliody, and will leave not li-
ini? undone on their part to turn-it
the jfooil will ot their emploves, ani
.1 , l n .i ' ..I ..l
with their assistance train tlieconli-l
dene' of their patrons.
III. Our aim is to build up a trade
bv ftiir and. honorable deiiliu :unj I
strictlv adhere to our fundamental
pillieipii'v IIOIICIV illlO .o .OlMre-
IV. It is eatne.sllv r'ip'e-ted of I
each and every mim'siiiiiii ami sales
lady to asist each other ami jrive
information as desired in a pli.iaut
ami congenial manner.
V. A department will lie ;ivsitrt
ed to each emplove, with ;i -ii;mi!
memorandum book, statiouerv in the)
(ilepartment, for the purpose of not-
... ' I ,1 . ' .1 .t i . . .
nor I'liiux voi mil nl tie i eosiri-)
meiit. Sale-men must take eaie of portant ppints why yoii hlipuld Jiat
their own goods; any goods damag-' nizi" vojtr home stoic' .
ed by earclesness, will be charged! ' '" ,:l" iler voln- goods
up to the panics in ehaige of vaid from our hottso and get the goods de
dciiiU'lmuiil. liwreil at your door I he s.-.ji.m day.
VI. The Dress (Joods Depart-1 " ll takes three ihns to ge! the
incut, the Domestic Department, the- 's.i"i' older bv mail to St. J.ouis, and
Shoe Department, the Notion De-' si 'lays to get the good.- delivered
pai'tnient, and the l-'ancv floods De-1 ' yn-
pHrtmeiit any one in cliargc of sail! "' Y," "- receive the goods
departments tire requested to -co that 'ordered from its and loalizi'a IkimI
all goods in their respective depail-' some prolit, long before you get the
iiieiits are properly tagged, and g"N ordered Irom St. I.'oitis.
marked with cost and -ellimi price! IV. You can, if your linaiicial
attached. Any violation will sui- !M:uuliiig is good, get the same terms
jeet euuiloye todismi--al
VII. A .-:ile-book will be furnish
ed each eninlove in which lo enter
all sales, and to lieai'coniMnied with
the cash as reference: the duplicate
lor the customer.
VIII. As it is our rule to treat
all customers alike, and ojih , liming
to select A I Irade, by so doing the
proprietors are not willing to incur
any risk by selling goods on credit,
il is therefore requested of till ein
jiloyes to charge said goods sold on
credit, and befoteallowingthe goods
to leave the house, the ticket must
be I'oiintei'Mgm'd either by by Star
or the bookkeeper. Any employe
allowing goods to go out on trial
without having the ticket, counter
signed, or sell goods even if only to
the value of $1, without the dupli
cate being countersigned, will be
dismissed without further notice.
i ' ' . ., i . i i.i . ..
. '-V "." "'i
ilrfn without :i written order
Irom their parents, unless personally
acquainted .With tlto parents. Utic
4 a. I il . . . 1H 7 . .
jctiiil.ttriboused. lvo no cause, to jegrotnt.
m,ii ulflily is allow-V r.v rehiuctfeilK-ijrfm, )
BaW'is lonly our. ( Wat-bra?, Staji ttCo.
All iroods
must lie m
on their mkuits, and
A I l.liVV Kl.
XI. No employe is allowed to re
ceive any money tor goods charged
in the ollice. This rule will be
strictly enforced, ami must not be
violated under any consideration.
Xl. Whilst we expect to see
every employe do his .duty in pleas
ing and suiting every customer, yet
the iroprietois deserve tho right to
asign customers to any salesman,
and jurtieularly request that the par
ties in charge of the Clothing, Hat,
t. .. ... .. a-.
i tip unit iMirui-liiiig (mods ilepatt-
,,m.nts will wait on all customers in
,iu.;r .lonaitmont.-. unites bv special
request of the customer and then by
f , 1)1.0,l.il,,(irs
i Vin . ' . . i
I, SU Competent stoel
knieti will
'l;,V1' eharge of the stock uji-stairs,
ami nicy aioiie are rosponsioie lor
the cotiditioit of the stock. Ne em
ploye has u right to go up-slaiis ami
iireak a package of any kind without
permis.sion of the stockmen. This
title will lie strictly enforced. Any
one violating this rule will bo dis
missed. XIV. It U earnestly expected
that each emplove will be at his post
i in due time, ami remain there dur
1 ing business hour-, and only ab-ettl
him.-olt by jieriutssion. .No excuse
without permission will be granted
i only in case of sickness, and if found
i. ... , '.
. ,. ... . ..
nito.xicateil during inisiness luuir.s
they will lie dismissed without fur
ther notice.
XV. No goods must be sold to
one party for another without a
written order, and said order before
it. is tilled, must be countersigned by
one of the proprietors or bookkeep
er. XVI. Any employe misi;i:im:i:-
j M:vriM8, knowingly and vvtlJully,
any pi'-ce of goods, boots, shoes, or
' anything else, to induce a customer
I ! H '? ,'al!il, rourvwiHtilUnu will
llinl.,L'iwllllin,i.li.jliclwin.iwl.i,i.l.lio -
be looked upon as dishonest and dis
charged at once.
XVII. Loud and boisterous talk
ing, using of profane language, is
strictly prohibited. All disputes, if
any, must be avoided in the presence
if iillh.tfiiiim.ij
yvill. A. u-., .......1.... ..K. ..v
.; . i '" ,
1 111; ati.xrii u is earnestly e.xpeeieii
i..i .......l ...:n i! t:.i.:.. .i. ..:..
lllilb 1-Ilipill l-S Will llU W.lllllll men
means; the salary ot each employe is
ready every Saturday night. ftich
employe can have sainu by calling oir
tho bookkeeper and sign a proper
voucher for it. All cash vouchers
must bo presented to tho bookkeep
er, who aloi'o is nuthomod to pay
" A '
r -"-wca;,
No overdraft to the value of
J Or is allowed, Xo voucher for less
than 1 will lie accepted.
A l A. hrotn and after this dav
all goods u-i'il by employes in the
hoiive, for their own use, will he
cliiiigcil 10 percent, on cost.
XX. Some ill-feeling has evicted
ow nig to mo nooKKeoper relusmg to
funii-h stamps, for postal us.ie, to
einploye. lie alone h responsible
to the house for thu money nnd niut
show up finy (lierepency to the
amount of ; eentH.
XXI. Customers tlfat have their
1 net
, i.tdv
ference-i for .":i!."itnan
or Miles-
tint be interfered with.
only by specia
consent of the pro-
XXII. To nil customers am
irons we bejj leave to htiv that thev
' in miliar n iy I epoi Llllff illly inai-
teution or iliaeourlooiiK tieatmuiit on
the part of our employes.
Respectfully yours,
ati:i:m.n. Si'au
A Co.
' Home
.Merclutuh, Palnuiie Vour
To the Meichaiit- of thy Indian
Tt rritory:
We .shall he pleased to call your
auenuon io me ioiiowiiil' Very ini-
liomusasvou can in St. I.oiiis oi-
V. If vott 'o to Si. Louis in ncr-
i'"')n will cost you from $7."i to 100,
that money you can save. -it once, by
fending xour order lo our hottso.
VI. Von pay rl.")0 per 100 lbs
freight from St.'h. A piece of cali
co weighs tij pounds, tli-n js tl,(.
freight ot that piece of calico is !'
cents; a piece of yatd-wide heavy
domestic weighs 17 jotmd, you pav
on thai piece of domestic ':$ cent's
freight. Xow, will it pay you to
sen.! oil' and pay this extra 'if you
can do its well at home?
VII. Wo get all of our staple or
heavy goods front New York to Don
ison for 00 per cent, per Hit) pounds
less than the freight from New York
to St. Louis. This of itself is a sttf
licient guarantee that we can -ell
you goods as cheap as St. Louis.
VIII. All we ask of you is tu
give us a trial order, or if 'you come
to this market, give us a' personal
call, and our word for it. you will
Carpet Department.
.In this department we intend to
carry the largest, as well as the best
selected assortment outside of east
ern cities. Our immense success this
Spring has compelled us to buy an
entire new line for our summer trade.
Parties desiring a bargain will please
call early.
1 1 iggan's Tapestry Hrus-els at very
low prices.
(lood Tapestry, l.00, fcl.lfi, l.i0
and 1. !r.
Three l'lys, all wool, lower than
the lowest.
Two l'lys, supers, 7.", s.", !0, '.).'
and Si. 00.
Two l'lys, r5, 00, 7." and SO cents.
Full assortment, L'-:i Wools, .Cot
tons, Hemps, Mattings, Tapestry
Hugs, Mats, Crumb Cloths, Oil
Cloths, tfcc. A few remnants to be
elo.-ed out cheap.
Do not make your pttrcha-es until
you have examined our immense
block. W.vn:i!MAN, Sr.vt: fc Co.
When Ordering
It will tend to obviate delays and
mistakes by observing the foll'owiiid,
I. Subscribe your Full Name,
l'ost ollice, County and State..
'-'. State distinctly Amoii'nt of
.Money sent.
.'I. In making remittances do not
oncloso Mouoy in Lottors not Kogis-
tOl'Cd. Money should in all cases be
sent by Post Ollice Order, Register
ed Letter, F.pre-s, or Draft on Den
ison, payable to our order. The fee
for registering a letter, or procuring
a Money Order, for any amount less
than lf.00, is ioc.
I. State clearly how goods should
ic sent by mail,'atid it to be reg'ts
ered: bv exnre.. or bv (V..i.lifl. if
by express give uaino o'f nearest ex-
press ollice; if bv freMit initio of
line, if possible " '
fi. When goods'are onlered to bo
...... 1 ...-. . .. .
sent by mail, postage should bo in-
ciuucu in me reiiiiuunce, at the rate
of one cent per ounce or fraction
thereof; where iostage is not intitul
ed in remittance we will understand
that goods are to be sent per express
and act accordingly, unless it ap
jiears to us that the 'charges will be
excessive, in which case wo will send
only i'akt of the goods, retaining
money enough to pay for postage.
To avoid delays, it would hoadvisa-
ble to send sufficient money in all 1
cases, and any overplus will be ac
counted for on day after shipment,
tf. C. O. 1), Orders exceeding
$10.00 in amount will be forwarded
C. O. IX. provided one-quarter of
the amount accompany tu
illllWIIIIl ill I..IIIIINIII till' I'llll'l,
, 1... . ....!..,
please understand that the express
companies charge yott for returning
the money, which makes this mode
of forwarding goods vcitv kxpcn
mvi:. 7. Do not mix other matter with
votiroiders, but when de-iring sani
jiles, or asking qite-l ions lelativc to
the price of goods, etc., always tt-c a
separate sheet, signing jour name
and address thereon. Il will aKo
facilitate the Ii lling of ordeis bv
writing one item on a line, thus;
J aids ilinl. Inown Silk (hlus... l.'.j
I I-l vaiils black irms grain Kihliou
No. '.) lit
h. A lady -Itottld always sign
with ".Miss' or "Mrs.'1 to enable us
lo address our correspondence irop
erlv. To insure a rc-ionce to till coni
mituicatious for inforiuatioii, n-eetit
postage stamp should be onclo'cd.
Waiciiman, Sr.vit it Co.
Important lltisiucss Xnticc.
To the .Idibing Tratle 'of North
ern Texas and the Indian Territory:
We lake this method of informing
you that we are fully prepared lo
show, at the coiumetivemetit of the
Fall, the largest and best assortment
of Dry (Joods-, Clothing, Moots and
Shoes, etc., in Northern Texas. We
have employed the well known and
popular "Merchant's Pel," L. L.
Stowe, who will call on vott shortl)
with a complete line of samples in
Dry (Joods, Clothing, Moots and
Shoes, Notions, etc.: ami wo guar
antee' to you that any orders iteiN
cd to him shall have our personal
and prompt attention. We are fully
jirepared to meet all competition
from St. Louis, Chicago and (Salves
ton. (Jive u. a trial-order and re
member that we sell only to good
parlies and give you the same terms
as any other jobbing hott-c. Our
rule is; All goods sold on their mer
its and no niisrepte-entation.
Verv respectfully yours, ,
WaI KliVIAV. Sl-AU it CO.
Hosiery Department.
Styles changing so rapidly, it is
almost impossible for its to give a
description ol style in hoiterv. Uut
on our counters mav be found every
thing pretty and useful in this line
dren s good quality, 10 to I."
uron s
better otialitv, lo
and L'.'i cents
and 10 cents,
extrti quality, :lo, :I5
Children's fancy, best quality, JO
cents ami upward.
Mis-cs1 plain, fancy and c-tnbroi-deied
at all prices front lo cents up
wards. Ladies' hose, we call especial at
lent'on to, both in white antL, color
ed, lysle threat, bal!rigganiana':emii
bossciHiose, nt -price "ranging from
cents to $!!. We have always an
elegant line exposed on n,r sho
line. If you don't see w hat you
want ask for it.
Our line of Infant's ho-e are the
latest and prettiest to be found. All
sizes, styles and qualities.
Watiiuman, Stau Ai Co.
To our Fiiends and Patrons: O.ft
en in the opening of tho sea-ons, we
have thought it to the interest of our
patrons to take advantage of the
newspapers to send greeting to our
stonicis, not alone adveiti.siug our
en iness, but with interesting read
ing matter, styles, what to wear and
how to wear it, so that we shall all
become, better acquainted tt to wear.
We cannot shake you all by the hand,
but we can always greet you one and
all with a pleasant woid. Our busi
ness has been established a number
ofyeats; we have always studied
the interest of our patrons, and, as
far .'is we know, have always given
satisfaction. We are continually
adding new departments to our im
mense &loro end always finding out
the latest styles and novelties in tho
We tin' not so situated as the small
stoics, who only go to ntaikt t once a
a year, but have the advantage ol
llto market evorj day. Our buyer,
Mr. C. Waterman, is continually
looking it) novelties Cor our custo
mers. In staple and fancy dry goods, wc
import our own goods, thcieby sav
ing the middle-mail's prolit.
In having connection ditect with
mainilacluicrs of the country, we
can save one-third of the price
which you pay other houses. In
clothing, wo manufacture all our own
stock, thereby saving at least one
fourth. Our garments tiro all custom-made.
Kemember, satisfaction,
or no sale.
In Carpets, Mailings, Oil Cloths,
lings, Mats, Crumb Cloths, Shades,
Curtains, etc., etc., wo luivo tho fin
est assortment in Noithern Texas.
Our store aootn has the best light
and ventilation in tho city. Think
of the immense space it covets 210,
000 square feet.
In custom-made Hoots and Shoes
wo stand second to none. This do-
jiartmont is ono of our specialties.
Watkuman, Stau & Co
ytHi !Dypf pslti.
Reader, there It not a eao of I);incpt or
Ileailucliu jti reported Hint tiromD I'cptln
Tonic lias lulled to euro, ftiul yet it iota by
all drugg Itu nt M eU. bottle
iSeminole Nation.
Ccoiitul-ka, Semi.
noli; Niitlou
U-iucli, on Turki'.v
ci ccs. Ilor-es tliu
-aiiieon both hips
No -lock -old Willi
out hill of-iilc
l'O, Kcoittitclik.i.
i!nii''c, :t mile v i;. ;
of above place. I
KN on rijhl side
and hip. Santo
brand In other m!.
llofe s.iimc lirain) '
None sole cxcc)it to ship
0. L. R0FF,
I' 1' .Villi Crick
li.ini'li l.'iinllr- mirlli
ill Mill Cru-k on liliic.
Siiiiic X X mi li'ft
olfli1. -nun
-lilt' I ii i
i nil
C'hevokeo Nation.
Clcicniorc, I. T
It.incli, west sL
of Vet (Hulls, (.
utiles cast of lift 1
crock, hotiti
on either sltii
Varlom inks.
Horses same on leflslioudcr. Some
Virions nun k. $'2'() reward for
the capture of any thieves with
.-lock In u.y brands ami nitiiks.
0 0 PRY,
"hlhlcr.s' Station
Hunch salmi
Itraiidon both hip
Sonic In aiioiis
same on lcftsliotil
lor. Xone sold
except with blll-of
i'. o. tiiNii, r. t ,
ami i:iti r, III
l.'.-iiii'ii mi ( ii il Cri'i-l.
I 'lioiiikop Naiiiin
lt:ul liranil B2jSI
l.lll.l d llfHI.lll ll .1 .1
'IxSSi ni It'll -liinilili-r
1'. CI. t'ltotoati.
lMiich near Mili
tary roatl on J'ryots
cr '"cl, .
Sonic on both
sltlcs ,
Mm'(.nu 11.11111 fill
hit. -It littler.
Mo stock sold cccit for '
s-u.y.ww x?-3
rrG&i &:--'
--'- vw
Any person offering stock or hides
with ahovo hraitd, for sale, will he pros
ecuted. A llhoral reward will hu paid for
return of stock uitrnyed or stolen from
my runclie, or iiifornititlon wlierchy I can
ccovcr tliuni. A. MILLS,
Chctoiia, Kansas.
1. U.,Cotll.yvllle.
Kas. Ittinv on.
California crook
l.'i miles south of
coffcvvlllo. Soino
ind sotnn
vvltii various tiiarks. feu
Mono, .-old except for shipment. ,,
1;. li. HARRIS-
Mr.3kogc, 5;:k:u:: Territory,
Will jiractico In all the courts of the
Creole Nation and all the courts of thu
( hcrokoc Nation and heforo he. United
States Court for thu Wo-tcrn District of
At Kansas. .(!;) t
2 Trams Daily.
I'ullniai. i-alace Hotel Curs through
to St. Louis, via Sednlia, Daily.
Direct Route West and Northwest,
Via Kansas City.
At Kansas City
Union Depot, im.s.siMi-jcrs for Kansas,
Colorado, New .Mexico ami California con
rcct with Impress Trains of all lines.
At Atchison
Connection, inado with Express trninsfor
all points In Kansis and Nebraska.
At Omaha
Connection Is nmdo with all lines leadhiL'
to tho north and west.
Fast Time. Snperioi AccomiuodatioDs.
F. Chandler, Gen'! PassV Acpii
C. II. Kiunan, Ami. tien. Pass. Agt
Iff, mJm
11 1 11 1 1 iia , 1 ,ijij , 1- tKstiA-n
n iyKfJMtfr.si1v?'uv,y Ni-V3
i .''
i7j I
& -
" ,;""'
. bktteb tius kvuhj
The Inter Ocean for 188i
..... Iln nl .!..!.. .t ....I 11. 1I...11 illllal lll.ll tlll
TU II .IIW.II. l .tll. ....".. ............. Mill
rlo on liiiioiliiiit IiUIoiIimI noil i-iirrunt i'M-iit.
or in 'tticlit.it loo of unttiitmi 1:111 ri'inti-ti,orlii
lrrilliiWi,npliu,niiifiiliiii','l"Uii,!,l,,',leiii !
cnliti' li-tlcr- from I.0111I011 rnwiliii: lln llt-lil nt '
Vliireili'u fi-ntiire liiivi" ! t intiniliiciMlH
ilic l.v rl.it u i.s in tlmtii'tlwi'lvi inimlli-tliiiirl-..
In mi) iitlii'i'iiiiii- In Hie ruimln ItctiuniiDr
nil the itlil iii:illl' iiml ilii.ntini-ntx, Hie I
luilill-liiM lunoflilih'il lliiMinti-l l)ln?iMiliical j
. .....i t. i. ........ ... f
.kl'll'lll". Ill III'!. 1111 III lllllllll'llll I IK l.'IU llll'
l.tiroir.iti new-fin' o.'li-h wci'V; fiii-clal mtilrl '
litillniKik'Mitril tu u'liilnl-i'iirp nfinni Hint ,'
imlltlenl llfi'.i iiml new n-rli- "f Articles kuimi ,
laipeh lo )iolitieal pi.-l niel u-enlli't tlona or .
iiroiiiriii-itt llti-rar im-hiiIc.
'lliu iMt.ttOci VNuill ruii)iiliiiiiicii)iiiiiliiml ,
ItcpuliliiMii; villi ii'iimln Its iirci'iil aiiituili IV!
tlic'iiii'-lioiiofiiruti-i-tliiff Aini'ilrnn IiiiIikIiii '
will loiilli.nc lo .IcMito H'iliil uttentlon 1
traile, irnnMiortiuii, ami i-i-nimnilo (iihviIums
will lelaln tin' ilt'i:iltnii'1it- or tlio ''(-'urliifilv
.1.....1 .. ....... .... ..i. ...... 11.. ..r iiiiciini. 1..
ll"C V Illllill, iii.J.i'.i.ii "i ... m-, ill
Irivclliift iiml aliiatik' liitonnaliuii cnlleil 0111
' In i'iiiUlrli'Hof MiliM-tlliLTr) , 'I In ".innn 1
liliijjilom" (ilointi'fl lo till' proprcMhi) liinic
mem 111 nlilcli vimiii'ii nfi" iiiu -toil) . tlif'Tarm
nnd llomi!" (I'liii'i-liifjIoiili'M of i"eee!al Inter
i-t in faiuii-r, tlu-lr ulics ami tlii-ir chlldrcio
I lie "Vilci'liiiiij" fi-ontaliilncdi.Mii'r- to iiii'-
; IIiiii iik tu tlm lit-iitiiit'iit tif lior-i''. f.tttlc iiml 1
tit litT anliiuT- li line nf llie liet irlei hint Mir t
'Ki'tui- Hi tin1 u f-t 1 . (iml "(otiiili)-.itltiir" t.ik
niirln piirle-. i-iiiyiwi- iniiidriit if, cie nil.
nr u lin-li nn- iei'tillai- In tlie 'itti-r will ui c :
iiiurli ciiaie Iilllirrlo In -n hi and i-limtstl
imd 1UU1 Inei't'ii-i'd fnrllitli'i f r lieu itlicrltij.'
Ill Hip rlinito of -ifi'l.il wire- to WitMilliuton
fl till Villi Vlll t. (I lift 1IX till tat 11 1 ml i...ft lldl.lltllllllll.i
lie.. imil'Iii.iI and "ili'cltil -ki'irhi 4 .'iml lMiftn-
.-1 1 til n. miki 1 til I i oil ii 10 I I r-iiiit uiri
Mill be )il.ii'i'i at liniiie and alitnflit lllll nrnru
than iniilntiilii It- lnli stitmlartl fur riilerjirl-t''
and neeiirney in all 1I1 i:irtiiient- of ncwi..
W Idle mi iinii liiiiiiiMiiiciit- li.iielii't'ii Hindi
in (lie VI eel. I Inter (Ireiiii. Hie inn e lu- lieeii
.. .1 1 ... 11 ..... f... 1...1...1 i 1
I 1 iiii. i-i 1 1.1 -1 1 11 1 , I III , ... i.i.- ii ;uu'''' 1 .
Iititita Lilies pajte (tlieienie fu'ilieiitli liii'l",-!
Iiairi"") i;in'r In Hie lianil-of Hie ie:iilrr nl tli
iiite of tun i'ciiIi. ier iii't'l,. 'I lie ivilni'lloii In
iiriee and tlie rei ent tniiroit iiieiilo liial.e tin
eel.lj tnier i e.in not mill tlie M'-t l.iinllv
111 lii.'i.'iiei' In tlie I'oiinlri. Imt I In- t'lieaiel
The Mil'M-ililn'i jirleo of tlie Inter uci'.'in i- :n
II fKI;i f.'illtltni. ( ti m;
.Sf;(. , . I.'illllim, in' !'"'
Ihtltit, hit huthi; 11111I1111,
Itiiltif. t.i rliulllii SiiiiiIiii,
II11I in 11I, ii tttllltiii, litrliltllu; Mil
nlftil .SiiiiIi nn lit,
.S11I111 thin- ftlllltill, IIS .f'. y i-
Sumnun ttllltini, ll juitts, in v r.
.s 00
IV Oil
lo on
; on
.. '.' (Mi
I 'tape irt't i.-i li I in ench eii-0.
-,iinile eopie- of tlie Inter Oee.in will lie m'iiI
on ii'iillealinn. 1
send nionej in Iteui-teied Letter, Jlonoi hf
iler. Hank l)i'.iri,or lij l.ire, at onrilit, nhd
lie miic and u 1 lie tlie name .1 1 1 1 1 adilros ul e.ieli
hiiIii eiilier iilainli Vililrt'.-"-"
' tiik is'i'im c i:n,
( lileapi, III.
1'ltO.M -
(,Hi(,A"0JK01MAA:ST.L0riS '
in w Di
01: VI v
Kansas City ana Atchisou to Douver
(Viineetliifrln I'nlon Denots at Kanmi- City
Miimliniind llonii'i'iiltlitliiiiiiKli trains tur
S A "XT im a rnTcnn
Vinl all point in Hie tireat West. m1
('tiiini'i'lliiK In (rami t'lilon Deiiiil nt I'lilrairu
.. iii. 11........1. ... .1.. . n
.. ...1 iiiiinii ii.ium iur
A7?ir YOIlh'. nosiox. ?
Vnd all i::i-teni('ltiec
Vt I'l'lll (ll l llll ll.r.im.li if .ii... .... ,...11
h, ( iiielnnati. Culiiniliui., and all pointf in tin
........ -....ri. ,1 .-.,. i.uiiiM wm, Hiioiin train,
.... ...i f.iiiiin .iiiiiii.
l!li.L.nul iltii i.ii....Ii..j 11. ..1 . ..
ii 1 n ..: . J ."......'1 ..iiiur t int.. Willi III'
I'liiiliitjClialrsfhiatbfit.e), Muokinj. Cii.h nlUi
I L'VdlihiK Ulial w. I'lilliiiim I'niact) Sleoiilnc
laiMiniltliulainiiiiK ('. It. .V (J. DlninK i'ar
. . ..i.ij iiiiiiiitini ni'iiKO nnil KaiiMnCiti,
('lileaKoanilCoiiiieil Ululix; Wilcago:und Dos
JIiiIiioh, Wilf:ij,'ii,M. .Iok'jiIi, .VtelilfTin t.r.U T.
'. """limit I'luinuc. (lnl iIiiiiiikIi Hue run
iihiK liolr on 11 train-, belli een ChlniKo, l.int'olii
ami Dfiiier. and Wdcajro, lu.n,a ('iiy and
llenier. IIiiiiiil'Ii eais lietueen InillaiiaiioliH
ami Conni'il lllumi, Hu IV01I.1. '
(mm xoirni and south. 4!
solid Tialn- of Lieu-ant Dai Coaelie- ainl i
riiiiinanr.iiai'i'sieii.iii-i'nr'.aio inn ,,,li to
',"".' I"1".1' '"""' ! "' IIllllllllll,tJllllH-lt lll'O-
Ki.k. I ..iI.iiKioii IViIiip l.'a and'.VIIu'rt l.ea
lofcl. l'aiiland.Mliiiicaiioll.-, 'm,. (.,,, ul,
Heriaiirx Ct'hirt. t and froiu 1 1. t,onls nmt leo
rtii. O11I1 niiu i'ii.iiie tit ears iiemceii .-i. i.,mU
nnil lies Mfitni'x. lout. Nelir.iri.ii. i,,m.in and
Denier, ( oloindo.
It Isalm tlioonl tliiimuli linn liettitvn
S. Louis. Minneapolis ,V S(. 1'aul
It I Minim at the Jif.'it tliroiiL-l. .m.- ....... .
Aiiit'i'lon, and 1 nnlieiMilli ndniilteil to liu jho V
Mini's KiiiiiiiiMl iJiiih'ouil in tlio j)
WT....J .... .11 1 . ... 11
"i-ML iur nn t'liisst'.s 01 Ifjivel.
Tllionirli lli-Leld In Mil. 11.... t 1 ...i ..
K. roiipoii tieKetotllfiK Iii the I lined smic-ainl
V tllltHlilt
T. J. I'DIt ri:it, Vlee.'ro8. .'. (ion. .Mim.i
t 1 i.iii 1. 1 .11. 1.011 i;i,i,, lien. I'.oh. Agt. rilieiiKi
Special liulucoiiieiits to DrcsMiuikers. I
Yv Ikivp iilvvtiy.s on hand tho fullWj
est assortment nl Dressmakers' Sup
plies, tho best makes of IJnhi".-,
Spool Cottons, Iliiiid.-,, 'I'wists, olc.;
oyi.rv variety of Triinmiiiij Silk,
LT"' '"Kw. I'aaint'ntrics,
Silk olvots, Crochet, Metal, Uouc, '
anil all kinds of J),'0.s.s UnuaM;
I carl luittons of every hizo and
Hcfiiru 1 entering the Feasou Drcsv
liltikors hhoiihl irivn n n ..nil ...i :..t
, r ' v," mm lll
1 rodiice tiienihelves to one of tin
I linn, who will take especial pains to
j appoint u competent person to wait
upon them whenever they favor n
! with their patronage, ami will give
; them the i:.vi nx inducements wiiL'h
wo offer lo all Dressmaker who pur
j eha.se a liberal share of their supplies
I of Us. "
. Watkihiax, Star is Co.
UcJ.I'c'.'beS?' L"y ComW l
11. "1
ml f,
" 1

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