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Hortland New Age
Established 1896 A.D. Griffin, Manager
Office, 4314 Second SBt., cor. Ash, Roow
2, Portlind. Oregon. e F
. To insure aubllentlon all local news must
reach us not later than Thursday morning of
each week, ’
* Bubscription price, one year, bayublo in ad
vance, $2.00.
The general concensus of opinion
among the political wiseacres is that
the race for governor lies between
Dr. Withycombe and Mr. Johns. Of
course Mr. Schlbrede and Mr. Brown,
as everybody understands, are “not
in it,” and the feeling prevails gen
erally that ex-Governor Geer is mak
ing a hopeless fight. Mr. Geer has
many friends, and a good many of
them feel that he was not treated
right by being turned down by the
convention four years ago for re
nomination, but the Mitchell element
dominated that convention, and Geer
had affiliated with the other camp,
and that was enough. He is recog
nized as a man of ability, and has
spent much time and labor in behalf
of the Republican party, but these
facts will not avail him now, and the
outlook is that he will be third in the
it is acknowledged by those who
will not vote for him that Mr. Johns
will prove a strong competitor to Dr.
Withycombe, and may beat the latter
in some of the towns, though it is by
no means certain that he can do so
in many of them. There is strong
opposition to Johns in his own city
and county, where Sheriff Brown will‘
poll a good many votes, and Withy
combe will poll no inconsiderable“
number more, while Geer will pollj
some. Union and Umatilla—and the
rest of the Eastern Oregon counties:
this side—are largely agricultural
counties, and the people there knowl
and have great respect for Dr. Withy
combe. They may vote quite heavily
for Lowell and for an Eastern Oregon
‘candidate for representative, but they!
care little about what section of the
state the governor comes from. What‘
is Lawyer Johns to them? So it would'
not be surprising if Withycombe got
about as many votes in Eastern Ore
gon, perhaps even more, than Johns.!
In Portland, Johns will px'obably|
run considerably ahead, but as soon |
as this city is left, Withycombe should i
and, we think, will far outstrip Johns’
in every county except, perhaps, Clat- !
sop. '
So the nomination, as it looks now,
lies between Withycombe and Johns,’
with the odds considerably in favor
of the former. |

A good many lawyers, besides very
many other citizens, are quietly inti
mating that it would be a good thing
to make the changes which opportu
nity now affords in the judiciary of
the circuit and county courts. The two
present incumbents of the circuit court
are in most respects worthy and capa
ble men, but there seems to be a pre
vailing opinion that it would be for
the publie interest for them to retire,
and for younger, more physically and
intellectually active and otherwise
first-class men to be nominated by
the Republicans and elected. Such
men, at the solicitation of many
friends and acquaintances, including
a large portion of the Portland bar,
have filed petitions for the nomina
tion, in the persons of R. G. Morrow
and Col. C. W. Gantenbein, and it
would be a good thing for this dis
trict if they should be successful.
They are both pre-eminently qualified
in every respect for the important po
sitions they seek, and the people will
make no mistake in nominating them.
The opposition to Judge Webster, of
the county court, is increasing daily.
The Scandinavians are against him,
the union working men are against
him, a great many lawyers are against
him, ang it probably will be discov
ered on April 20 that a majority of
the voters of Multnomah county are
against him. It is not denied that he
has ability, but he is said to be ar
bitrary, sometimes strongly preju
diced in wrong directions, exceeding
1y self-conceited, scornful of the com
mon people, and finally, neglects pub
lic business for weeks at a time to
attend to his private business. For
these reasons the probability is in
creasing daily that the nomination
will go to Mr. R. R. Giltner, a man
exceptionally well fitted for this posi
tion, and who will make the county's
business paramount to his own.
- The mayor of Tacoma for the past
two years has been a Democrat, and
he is a candidate for re-election, but
there is very small chance indeed that
he can win this time. Two years ago
he ran against a good man, Hon.
Louis D. Campbell, but the latter had
made himself unpopular during two
terms with both the vicious and the
church elements, and so Wright
slipped in. He has catered to the
dives and gamblers, and has failed,
it is alleged, to keep his promises in
various directions, so that he would
have a hard fight to be elected even
if Tacoma voters were divided equal
ly in politiecs, but it is a heavily Re
publican city and a good strong Re
publican is pretty sure to win.
e The Republican city convention had%
the good judgment to nominate the
strongest and best available man,l
Hon. Robert Laird McCormick, and
though there are a few disgruntled
politicians of his party, as is alwaysl
the case, there appears to be no doubt
!ot his election. He will get nearly
all the Republican votes, and a good
‘many Democratic votes besides.
' Mr. McCormick is a business man
of great industry and intelligence and
rare talent. He has held many prom
inent positions in Minnesota and Wis
consin, and is one of the most enter
prising business men who ever came
‘to the Pacific Northwest. He prom-,
]ises a strictly business administra
tion, along progressive lines, and his
jmotto is, “For a greater Tacoma.”
lHis election will be a good thing tor,
Ithat city, and as mayor he will do
‘much to make his motto come true.
slipped in.
motto is,
, One of the leading and most pop
lular candidates for the nomination in
'this county for representative in the
'leglslature is Mr. Dave B. Mackie,
who is prominent in that class of
|young business men of this city that
'is noted for its public-spirited pro
'gressiveness in everything that tends
'to promote legitimate growth and de
:velopment of our commercial and po
'litical advancement. Mr. Mackie is
held in the highest esteem by all who
!know him as a man of profoundest
Ihonor, strictest integrity, attractive
‘personality and well-known ability.
'He will make a strong candidate and
‘an ideal legislator. He is familiar
with the duties of members of the leg
islature and equally so with the needs
of the people for whom that body
makes good laws and unmakes bad
;ones. Should he receive the nomina
{tion, there can be no doubt of his
;elec'tion by a splendid majority. Those
ywho do not know Mr. Mackie per
sonally should become acquainted
iwlth him, for there has been named
.no better, safer and abler man to rep
|resent them in the state legislative
body, for which he served most
?credltably and honorably as calendar
'clerk. He represents the most pro
‘ gressive element in the Republican
We need another senator, to this we
all agree,
i But among the bunch of candidates,
I which one shall it be?
There’'s Lowell Smith and Watson,
l and Jonathan and Cake—
Among this list of patriots, which one
| shall we take?
Well, Lowell and Smith won’t do at
‘ all, for in Portland they don’t
, dwell,
And if Bourne is mentioned to voters,
l they smile, and say, “O what a
Mr. Cake is quite a rustler, but is
l rather a light weight,
But Watson fully fills the bill, and
' best can serve the state.
Now, the man for representative is
l nearly as much bother;
Most voters don’t exactly like this,
‘ that, nor yet the other.
There’s little Billy Lachner, who no
show at all does stand,
And yet he's rather preferable to foxy
Johnny Rand. |
'So many will vote for Ellis to be thelr
. representative Moses, \
And as they cast their votes for him
will elevate their noses. .
But many more, we trow, will see that
. fitter than all the rest,
Is George S. Shepherd, who of the
’ four can surely serve them best.
'Now, the governor of Oregon’s a Dem
ocrat, which doesn‘t seem quite
l right; \
But of five Republican candidates,
‘ which one should win the fight?
The Coos Bay man may be all right,
‘ but he stands no show at all
'And the vote of Brown, though he’s a
| good man, will be correspond
ingly small.
Ex-Governor Geer, the wiseacres say,
| has talked himself to death,
'And on April 20 will feel the chill of
! the slim cayuse’s breath.
So it lies between Johns and Withy
' combe, and we think when the
votes are in,
That the farmer-teacher candidate
' will be the one who will win.
Now, for secretary of state we have
, four runuers in the race,
'And all have started off at the word
I at quite a clipping pace.
There’s Benson of Southern Oregon,
and Wrightman and Gatch and
'The last three of Salem, where, ’tis
said, the fight is getting fierce.
They're all nice gentlemen in their
‘ way, and worthy men, no doubt,
But only one of them can get in, while
' the other three must keep out;
And we'll tell you plainly that of the
four Mr. Wrightman the winner
l should be,
And with this we believe that voters
, enough will cordially agree.
To handle the cash of Oregon, six can
didates do run— }
There are Carter of Jackson, and Jen-!
nings of Lane, and Aitkin of
Huntington: |
‘Of Multnomah Hoyt, and from Clack
| amas two, Judge Ryan and G.
| A. Steel; |
And of the lot you may take your
| pick, just as you think and feel; |
But we think the men up south have |
*no show, and that Portland this
place should yield; I
That Ryan is “nowhere,” leaving but
two fleet runners in the field,|
And that of these in the homestretch
run, as the ballots will reveal,!
The winner will be that splendid man, |
whose name is George A. Steel.
(To be continued.) i
OO YO _n:uO(HJ(;J-C'()(;()OOA_ 000
D@ ee@@@®@®@e N >
| Meredith sells good butter, 1106
Commercial street, Tacoma, Wash.
Free—one car ticket with each $l.OO
purchase of teas, coffees, canned or
package goods. »
Mrs. Aldrich is on the sick list.
Watch out for the dance to be given
‘after Easter.
! Wedding bells are ringing. “Ig it
you, or is it me.”
The Ladies’ Aid met at Mrs. P. A.
‘Tanna's last week.
| Mr. Charlie Delanie and father were
in this city Sunday.
" The Boosters’ club had a large at
tendance at last meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. Cole and family are
back in our city again and expect to
To Mr. and Mrs. Belcher was born
a baby boy last Tuesday night. The
mother is doing well. e
To Mr. and Mrs. Copeland was born
a baby boy last Tuesday night. The
mother is doing nicely.
Mrs. Simon, who has been confined
to her bed for the past two weeks, is
up and able to be around again.
To the young man: Young man, if
you would engrave your name on a
girl’s heart, use a‘solitaire diamond.
Mr. Arthur Ury, who spent a few
weeks with his mother, has returned
to Newcastle, where he is working.
The Knights of Pythias’ had their
sermon preached last Sunday at the
A. M. E. church. They had a large
attendance and a very nice day. Rev.
S. S. Freeman preached the sermon.
The Political club gave a concert
and dance at the Cooks’ and Waiters’
hall last Wednesday evening. Mr.
John Hall was committee on program,
which follows: Solo, by Estella Gib
son and Myrtle Hall; solo, by Dela
Tanna; quartette, by Mr. John Hall,
Mrs. Estella Gibson, Miss Myrtle Hall
and Miss Laura Chrisma; solo, Miss
Mabel Walker and Mrs. Clarke. There
were a few white men who spoke.
After the program was rendered, danc
ing ensued for the rest of the evening.
Always ask for the tamous General
Arthur cigar. Esberg-Gunst Cigar
OCe., general agents, Portland, Or. *
The pio
neer paint es
of Portland =
that of F. E.
Beach &
Company, of
185 First St.,
the oldest
end most re
liable house
of its kind In
the Northwest. It carries an immense
stock of the best things in paints and
bullding materials, together with an
unusual list of specialties. Those who
need anything in these lires can cer
tainly profit by going to ¥. E. Beach
& Company. Remember the number,
135 First street.
| The Illinois Central maintains un
excelled service from the west to the
east and south. Making close connec
tions with trains of al transcontinental
lines passengers are given choice of
routes to Chicago, Louisville, Mem
|l>his and New Orleans, and through
these points to the far east.
| Prospective travelers desiring in
formation as to the lowest rates and
!best routes are invited to correspond
with the following representatives.
B. U. Trumbull, Commercial Agent,
| 142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
J. C. Lindsey, Trav. Passenger Agent,
i 142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
Paul B. Thompson, Passenger Agent,
] Colman Building Seattle, Wash.
“The Pioneer Limited” St. Paul to
“Overland Limited” Omaha to Chi
“Southwest Limited” Kansas City
te Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world equals in equip
ment that of the *
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul
They own and operate their own
sleeping and dining ecars and give
their patrons an excellence of service
jnot obtainable elsewhere. Berths on
their sleepers are longer, higher and
|wider than in similar cars on any
‘other line. They protect their trains
!by the Block system. Connections
‘made with all transcontinental lines
{in Union depots.
H. 8. ROWE, General Agent,
» 134 Third St.,, Portland.
In pursuance of a judgment ren
dered in the Circuit Court of the
’State of Oregon, for Multnomah coun
ty, on the 13th day of February, 1906,
{in an action wherein The Ames Mer-
Icantile Agency, a corporation, was
| plaintiff, and Thos. S. Kearns was de
fendant, in favor of the said plaintiff,
gand against the said defendant for
jthe sum of $86.10, with interest there
on at the rate of 10 per cent per an
num from the 13th day of February,
|1906. and a further sum of $25 as at
‘torney’s fees, and the costs and dis
bursements of said action taxed at
;$15.05, and by virtue of an execution
issued out of the above entitled court
on said judgment on the 26th day of
'March, 1906, I levied on the follow
ing described real property in Mult
‘nomah county, Oregon, to-wit: Eight
and one-half acres out of the herein
!atter described fifteen acres, to-wit:
Beginning at a point twenty chains
north of the quarter section corner,
'between Sections twenty-one and
itwenty-eight, in Township 1 south,
range 2 east of the Willamette Merid
ian, thence north to the county road,
and to a point 1 chain and 50 links
from where a continuation of said line
would strike Johnson creek; thence
south 66 minutes and 30 seconds east
along the county road 9 chains and 16
;l%kp to a point; thence south to a
f‘po nt 20 chains from the line between
Sections 21 and 28; thence west to the
place of beginning, save and except a
'strip containing five acres oft the}
'south side of said land and deeded to
‘Abraham Frankhouser to C. Whit-‘
lock, February 21, 1891, and recorded
in Book 154 at page 305, Record of
Deeds for Mulnomah county, Oregon.
All of the said land being a part of
the Wm. Johnson Donation Land
Claim for Multnomah county, Oregon;
also lots 1 and 2 in block 1 in Hun
ter’s Addition to the City of Portland,
Multnomah county, Oregon. And by
virtue of said execution, I will offer
for sale, and will sell, all of the de
fendant’s interest in the above de
scribed property, as the law directs,
at the court house door in the said
county of Multnomah, and the city of
Portland, on the 30th day of April,
1906, at the hour of 10 o’clock of said
day, to satisfy said judgment, attor
ney’s fees, costs and court costs.
Sheriff of Multnomah County.
First publication March 31, 1906.
Last publication April 28, 1906.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
A Perfect Product
Your Grocer Will Supply
The Jobes Milling Co.
390 Morrison St,
We Make the Original Pullman Bread
Choice Pastry and Fancy Cakes
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Cannery at South Bend, Wash.
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‘ O
The Title Guarantee
Pays 4 per cent on Certificates of De
posit. Pays 3 per centon daily balances
of deposit accounts, subject to check. ,:
Banking h0ur5........9a. m. to 4 p. m.
Saturdays .. Gevagn. 1. okp
Saturday evenings....ds p. m. to 8 p. m.
W. M. Ladd J. Thorturn Ross
T. T. Burkhart Frank M. Warren
George H. Hill
Corner Second
“Oldest Bank in the State of Washington.”
Capital $200,000 Surplus and undivided
Deposits $7,537,000 BANKERS . proiits, $425,000
Accounts of Northwest Pacific Banks solicited upon terms which will grant to them the
most liberal accommodations con-istent with their talances and responsibilities. Wm, M.
Ladd, President; N. H. Latimer, Manager; M. W. Pe erson, Cashier. Seattle, Washington.
. Kstablished 1882. Colleciions promptly made and remitted.
Shipping & Commission Merchants
To save time address all communications to the company.
Nos. 46 to 54 Front St. North, PORTLAND, OREGON.
SWIFT & COMPANY So. Omaha, Nebraska
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Place your insurance with lohn P, Sharkey,
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