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ortland New Age
Established 189 A.D. Griffin, Manager
Office, 42{ Second Bt., cor. Ash, Rooms 1 and
2, Portland, Oregon.
To insure publication all loeal news must
reach us not fim than Thursday morning of
each week,
Ilburigtion price, one year, payable in ad
vanece, $2.00.
Mrs. E. Day is on the sick list.
Mrs. J. W. Payne is on the sick
Mr. J. Jones has returned to the
city. !
Little Freddie Thomas is on the
sick list.
Mr. Gus Benjamin, of St. Paul, is
in the city.
Mr. Benton has accepted a position
on the road.
Mr. Curry is at home with a
crushed hand,
Mrs. Geo. W. Weeks, of Grand ave
nue, ig convalescing.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Proctor, late of
California, are at the Keeble.
Mr. Herman E. Hill is expected
home this week from Tacoma.
Miss Helen Stafford, of Spokane
will visit in Portland next week.
Miss Irene Bernard, of the East
Side, is visiting Vancouver, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. Tibbs have bought a
home on the East Side, Twenty-fourth
and Pine.
Rev. Collins, the presiding elder,
preached last Sunday at Bethel A.
M. E. church.
Mrs. Bernard has moved from the
East Side and is stopping at Mrs.
M. McAfee’'s on Ninth street.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Vanderhurst,
who were married in Tacoma Tues
day, are guests at Mrs. M. Keeble's,
Mrs. T. B. Hall will sing a solo
Sunday night at Bethel A. M. E.
church entitled “The Everlasting
The Easter exercises at Bethel A.
M. E. church was largely attended.
A fine program was rendered by the
children and the choir, under the di-
Tection of Mrs. M. E. McAfee.
. We are glad to notice the great
improvement in the Sunday school at
Bethel A. M. E. church. They have
a good corps of teachers. We hope
the mothers will encourage their
—children to attend regularly.
Meredith sells good butter, 1106
Commercial street, Tacoma, Wash.
Free—one car ticket with each $l.OO
purchase of teas, coffees, canned or
package goods. s
Mr. Arthur Ury is visiting his
A. D. Griffin was in our city on busi
ness last week.
Mr. Chester Bird, of Seattle, was’in
our city visiting last Sunday.
The Odd Fellows will have their
sermon preached the second Sunday
in May.
The Boosters’ club did not have a
meeting last week, but will have one
this week.
Mr. Lester Hartsfield and Miss Tal
yor, of Seattle, were in our city last
Sunday visiting.
Mr. Benny Thomas and Mr. Frank
Green, of Seattle, were in our city
last Sunday visiting.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Martin, of St.
Paul, Minn., and Mrs. Will Rudd were
entertained at dinner Saturday, April
21, 1906, by Mr. and Mrs. Gustave B.
Aldrich, at their residence, 908 South
Tenth street. A simple but tasteful
menu testified to the good cooking
qualities of Mrs. G. B. Aldrich.
Cliff House Stands.
San Francisco, April 23.—A thor
ongh inspection made by a representa
tive of the Asscoiated Press, who made
the trip in an automobile, shows that
comparatively little damage was done
in the vicinity of the Cliff. The Cliff
House not only stands, but the damage
gustained by the earthquake shock to
this historic building will not exceed,
acording to the statement of Manager
Wilkine, $5OO. In fact, the escape of
the Cliff House is one of the curious
features of the disaster which has be
fallen San Francisco.
Trust Menaces the Cattlemen.
Helena, Mont., April 28.—The North
Montana Roundup Association, com
posed of cattlemen in Northern Mon
tana, and representing $10,000,000 in
individual holdings, at its annual ees
gion today issued a manifesto, in which
the trusts, captains ef industry and
Wall street are severely criticised. Af
ter referring to the blight on the cattle
industry, due, it is alleged, to the beef
trust, the statement is made that if
conditions are mot better this season
many owners will have togo into Lank
Says Dowie Cheated Him.
Chicago, April 23.—James Surrock,
of New Mexico, today made complaint
to the Federal authorities that he had
been defrauded by John Alexander
Dowie ont of a sum close to $20,000,
and that the mails had been used in
the operation
Ram'’s Horn Sounds a Warning Note
to the Unredeemed.
does more than
free from faults;
it fills with fault
fighting force.
1t is wonderful
ly easler to go to
church with a
new coat than
with an old one.
Some men lose
gsight of what
God thinks of
them In thelr
worry over what they think of God.
Jesus 1s the way to heaven In the
same manner as a river ls the way to
the sea.
Destiny depends largely on the de
velopment of a sense of responsibility
for others.
Many who profess to love the pearl
of price are only longing for the price
of the pearl.
If you are goilng to sit down at the
feast of the Lamb you had better stand
up for Him now.
The most effective Instruments for
heavenly service are every-day tools
we lend our Lord.
Most of the bubbles for which we
break our necks are blown by the
breath of our own ambition.
It's not the man with keen eyes for
faults who will fix this world; it's the
one with large faith in folks.
A man may know whether he has
treasure In heaven by watching
whether his heart goes there.
There are too many people willing to
give a cup of cold water If they can
only get It down the back of your
neck. g
The fact that a man is consclientious
in robbing the poor will not change the
things the King will say to him at
that day.
Many women seem to think that
Jesus sald they must worship the
Father in pride and style Instead of
In spirit and truth.
When Baron Jutaro Komura came
to America to meet, at Portsmouth, the
representatives of the czar, he knew
that however many concessions he
might obtain for Japan, he could not
satisfy the popular clamor among his
countrymen. Some one, says a writer
in World's Work, was bound to be dis
appointed. But he was assured also
that however ill it might go with him,
one friend at least would be waliting
for him in Tokyo.
“] warned him of what lay before
him,” sald the Marquis Ito to an
American woman. *“I remembered well
my experience in 1893. I remembered
the treaty of Kyoto. I made that peace
after a successful war. All my terms
had been agreed to. I was satisfied.
I was successful. The treaty was
signed, and I came to lay It at the em
peror’s feet. There was to be no more
fighting over that business.
“How do you think I felt when
France and Germany stepped In and
tore my treaty to pieces, reversed Its
conditions, and took from Japan that
which she had honestly won?
“I shall never forget the pain of that
moment. I remembered it keenly when
Komura started for America.
“‘My friend,” I sald to him, ‘you go
with hurrahs and rejoicing and ban
zais. If you are received in the same
‘'way on your return I will not come to
‘meet you. The nation will do that.
You will not need me. But if things
are otherwise, if, when you return,
there are no shouts and rejolcings, if
no other single soul comes forward to
welcome you, count on me, for then
I shall come to meet you.:”
In the days of the Tokyo rioting,
when the Japanese populace, enraged
at the terms of the treaty, was threat
ening his life, Ito's assurance must
have been a continual solace to the
weary Komura.
Proper Pride.
“T don’t like this talk about send
ing blackmalilers to jail,” sald Roving
Rufus to his comrade in alms,
“W’ah’s the difference?”
“You lack pride, that's what's the
matter with you,” retorted Rufus. “Do
you suppose that when I go to jail I
want to mix with that set?”’—Philadel
phia Ledger.
Deserved to Live.
In a rural justice court 'n Georgla
recently an old negro, whose testimony
had been questioned, sald in his own
defense :
“Jedge, I'm a good man. T been a-lly
in’ roun’ heah ten years. I ain't never
been lynched; en de only horse I ever
stoled throwed me en broke my two
legs |”"—Chlcago Dally News.
One on Grandma.
“You shouldn't stay out late at
night riding your wheel; people didn’t
stay out late In the good old days.”
“Didn’t you ever hear of the mid
night ride of Paul Revere, grandma?”
—New York Press.
Mending His Fortunes.
“Why do you suppose that damaged
old widower got married again?”
“Why, naturally, he wanted to get re
palred.”—Baltimore American,
Even though a young man may con
slder a girl worth her weight in gold
it’s 10 to 1 that her father only awaits
a chance to give her away.
When a mother finds work she can
do while sitting, that is her way of
Leading Architects Coming to Offer
Services Gratis.
Boston, Mass, April 24—Three of
Boston’s Jeading architects will proceed
immediately to San Francisco, taking
with them plans, specifications and
contracts of the city’s most recent
schoolhouses ,for the free use of Ban
Francisco. Other parties of architects
and draughtsmen are to be sent as got
ten together.
The Boston Typographical Union
has voted $lO,OOO to lend San Francis
co employing printers to re-establish
their plauts, in addition to reliel voted
for union members.
Irreparable Loss to Masons.
San Francisco, April 24.—The Ma
sons of California have suffered an ir
reparable loss by fire. The Masonic
Temple on Post street was destroyed,
and with it went more than 150 por
traits of past grand officers. Five hun
dred hand-embroidered uniforms be
longing to members of California Com
mandery, No. 1, went up in the flames.
In addition to this the paraphernalia
and records of 20 Masonic bodies that
used the temple as a meeting place
were destroyed, as well as the records
of the grand lodge. .
Always ask for the famous General
Arthur eigar. [Esberg-Gunst Cigar
Ce., general agents, Portland, Or. .
The plo
neer paint es
of Portland ie
that of F. E.
Beach &
Company, of
135 First St.,
the oldest
and most re
liable house
of its kind in
the Northwest. It carries an immense
stock of the best things in paints and
building materials, together with an
unusual list of specialties. Those who
need anything in these lines can cer
tainly profit by going to F. E. Beach
& Company. Remember the number,
185 First street.
“The Pioneer Limited” St. Paul to
“Overland Limited” Omaha to Chi
“Southwest Limited” Kansas City
to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world equals in equip
ment that of the
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul
They own and operate their own
sleeping and dining cars and give
their patrons an excellence of service
not obtainable elsewhere. Berths on
their sleepers are longer, higher and
wider than in similar cars on any
other line. They protect their trains
by the Block system. Connections
made with all transcontinental lines
in Union depots.
H. S. ROWE, General Agent,
. 134 Third St., Portland.
In pursuance of a judgment ren
dered in the Circuit Court of the
State of Oregon, for Multnomah coun
ty, on the 13th day of February, 1906,
in an action wherein The Ames Mer
cantile Agency, a corporation, was
plaintiff, and Thos. S. Kearns was de
fendant, in favor of the said plaintiff,
and against the said defendant for
the sum of $86.10, with interest there
on at the rate of 10 per cent per an
num from the 13th day of February,
1906, and a further sum of $25 as at
torney’s fees, and the costs and dis
bursements of said action taxed at
$15.05, and by virtue of an execution
issued out of the above entitled court
on said judgment on the 26th day of
March, 1906, I levied on the follow
ing described real property in Mult
;nomah county, Oregon, to-wit: Eight
‘and one-half acres out of the herein
after described fifteen acres, to-wit:
Beginning at a point twenty chains
north of the quarter section corner,
between Sections twenty-one and
‘twenty-elght, in Township 1 south,
range 2 east of the Willamette Merid
‘ian, thence north to the county road,
and to a point 1 chain and 50 links
"trom where a continuation of said line
would strike Johnson creek; thence
{south 66 minuteg and 30 seconds east
along the county road 9 chains and 16
links to a point; thence south to a
point 20 chains from the line between
Sections 21 and 28; thence west to the
place of beginning, save and except a
strip containing five acres off the
south slde of said land and deeded to
Abraham Frankhouser to C. Whit
lock, February 21, 1891, and recorded
in Book 154 at page 305, Record of
Deeds for Mulnomah county, Oregon.
All of the said land being a part of
the Wm. Johnson Donation Land
Claim for Multnomah county, Oregon;
also lots 1 and 2 in block 1 in, Hun
ter’'s Addition to the City of Portland,
Multnomah county, Oregon. And by
virtue of said execution, I will offer
for sale, and will sell, all of the de
fendant’s interest in the above de
scribed property, as the law directs,
at the court house door in the sald
county of Multnomah, and the city of
Portland, on the 30th day of April,
1906, at the hour of 10 o'clock of said
day, to satisfy said judgment, attor
ney’s fees, costs and court costs.
Sheriff of Multnomah County.
First publication March 31, 1906.
Last publication April 28, 1906.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
The Union Meat Co.
All Dining Cars and First Class Hotels and
Restaurants buy the
The Best in the Market. Patronize Home In
in your home insures for you the
comferts and conveniences of
Electric Fans .
Electric Sewing Machines
Electric Flat Irons
Electric Cooking Utensils
is a time-saver and a strength
saver in the household. Itappeals
to every housewife as an ECON
OMY, not an expense.
for eurrent on METER basis.
Send postal card for free illus
trated booklet.
The Best Hats
The Best Furnishings
The Best Treatment
Sixth and Wabasha
ST. PAUL, Minn, For Men Only
For First-Class Work on Short Time try the
Oriental Laundry
TEL. 292.
82584 W. Tenth St.
Minnesota Butter & Cheese Co
Wholesale Dealers
Veal &
““The Judge Demands the Best”
Key West Cigar
Ten-Cent Leader
- King of Five-Cent Cigars
W. S. Conrad
g‘t'.“fl‘;':, tlm"S Distributor
Telephone 2273-Jl. Residence Dale 563-J2
John Grove Land & Loan Co.
Great Northern Railroad Lands
Seven to §l5 per acre is the price, with seven
annual payments at 6 per cent. interest. The
land of’.)\'u. 1 Hard Wheat in the famous Red
River Valley of Minnesota.
{B3 E. Third Street, St. Paul, Minn.
Branch Offices: Crookston, Ada, Stephen,
Warren, Hallock, Minn.
Works Biscuit Company
Minneapolis and St. Pasl.
Manufacturers of Fine Crackers and
Cookies. Used on All Dining Cars and
Buffets. £
Byit‘d Crawfish Served Fresh Everé Day.
C gts?p Beach Razor Clams to Order, Any
quzxinu Crabs Are the Best. ;
The Quelle Cafe
C. 8. UPRIGHT & CO., Props.
Serves the Best the Market Affords
Makes a Specialty of Sea Foods
1520-22 Pacifc Ave.
Restaurant Open All Night
Seating Capacity 200
Olympic Cafe and Oyster Parlors
Imported Wines Liquors & Cigars
Headquarters Olympia Brewing Co.
Telephone Main 862
South Eleventh Street Tacoma, Wash.
Interior of Compartment Observation Car on Great Northern’s
New Train, the “Oriental Limited.”
124 Third Street, Portland, Oregon
S. G. YERKES, G. W. P. A,
Seattle, Washington
= M AR Offers excébtionai Op-
I A A portunities for Real
Estate Investments.
Call upon JOSHUA PEIRCE, 726 Pacific Avenue.
Land & Improvement
J.3C. AINSWORTH, President TNO. S. BAKER, Vice Presiden
P. C. KAUFFMAN, Second Vice President
ARTHUR G. PRICHARD, Cashier « F.P. HASKELL, Jr., Asst. Cashier
Trust Company
Tacoma Washington
Paid Up Capital $300,000 Surplus”s9o,ooo
Deposits $2,000,000 :
Savings Bank Department
Int. Semi-Annually on Deposits
Transacts a General Banking Business
House of Fine Liquors
Phone Main 446,
Cor. Eleventh and Pacific Avenue
Meredith Sells
Good Butter
1706 Commercial St.
Tacoma, Wash.
Sells the Highest Grades of
Manufactured by the best factories of New
Yo:k and Tampa. Also a complete line of
Imported Cigars, Cigarettes and
Smokers’ Articles
Tel. Main 765. 956 Pacific Avenue
E. Regensburg & Sons
Havana Cigars
For Sale All Over the World
JOHN R. ARKLEY, Sec. and Treas.

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