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the Times
No use trying to acquire the balloon
habit unless you are high minded.
“We fear no quakes,” Is the new
motto of the city of San Francisco.
The best sermon is the one that goes
over your own head and hits the other
The formation of a circus trust will
pot deter the urchin from crawling un
der the canvas.
-Acco\rdlng to srt);nrerideas, the sweet
g!rl graduates are sweet enough to es
tablish a sugar trust.
It seems to be as difficult to get the
Panama canal through Congress as It
{s to get it through the isthmus. “
King Alfonso is determined to sup
press the anarchists. The anarchists
have the same intention regarding Al
Mme. Bernhardt in leaving sald
Amerlca’s taste had much improved—
she had much more appreclative au
King Haakon of Norway wlill no
doubt regard with due suspicion the
thoughtful subject who offers to pre
sent him a bouquet.
Loulsville is arranging to put in a
$1,500,000 filtering plant. The colonels
want their little children to have whole
some drinking fluid.
A St. Louis man killed himself be
cause he caught only three small fish
after a whole day’s angling. The silly
season has been fairly inaugurated.
As long as the Fort Howard artil
lerymen can hit a moving target with
every shot, we may expect to see the
“Star-Spangled Banner” still wave.
An exchange declares that President
Roosevelt could not possibly spend §25,-
000 a year in traveling. Did its esteem
ed editor ever tratel much by special
In discouraging the use of Nlagara
Falls for electrical power, It might
also be a good idea to shut down on
the move to make the Falls the head
quarters for suicides.
Over In London the authorities are
talking about locking up all anarchfsts.
When they begin we shall probably re
celve definite information as to what
constitutes an anarchist.
Senator Elkins says there Is no sat
{sfaction in having great wealth. Per-
fmps he 18 merely trying to induce his
rich and aged father-ln-law to dlstrib-
W g hiddeme v sam e W HTCE
i to die.
No enterprising town considers it
good form to advertise a fireworks dis
play costing less than §l,OOO, The fact
that there is a heavy discount on fire
nworks helps to relieve the strain on the
conscience of the committee on adver
Letters are written more frequently
by Americans than by the people of
any other country save Great Britaln,
according to a recent report of the Uni
versal Postal Union. The New Zea
lJanders come third In letter-writing ac
tivity, the Germans fifth, and the
Frenchmen thirteenth.
Whatever may be sald of the languor
of royalty In general, no charge of idle
ness can be brought against that ener
getic young man, the Duke of
Abruzzl. Two or three years ago he
was far up In the frozen north seeking
the pole, and If memory be not at fault
he attalned the highest latitude
achieved by polar explorers, Just now
he 1s in the heart of equatorial Africa,
bent upon scaling the highest peak on
the continent. What he will do next
Is only to be guessed at, but his history
thus far warrants the prediction that
the future will not find him *“loafing
around the throne.” He is too vivaclous
for that. :
Interest in the protection of bird life
has spread rapidly in the United States.
A number of States have enacted laws
making it unlawful to trim hats with
birds or wings. The wanton killing had
reached a‘point where American birds
were actually In danger of extermina
tion. The great majority of women
whose love of display had led them to
purchase bird-trimmed hats have
joined in the movement when the
wholesale slaughter has been brought
to their attention. Not alone on esthetic
grounds should the birds be protected.
They are with few exceptions useful
friends of the farmers. Agriculturists,
too prone to note the grain stolen and
the fruit pecked by little bills, give no
eredit for the myriads of insect pests
destroyed by the feathered marauders.
They see the small damage, but over
look the great good done by the birds.
If the horrors of Blalystok are per
mitted or condoned by the present Rus
sian government on the theory that
they will serve in the eyes of the world
as an excuse for the use of more re
pression and perhaps the prorogation
of parllament, it will find itself In error
too late. The civilized world stands
to-day horror stricken, but its condem
nation centers upon a regime that is
dally proving its moral callousness and
its utter incompetence to carry on the
business of a modern State. It Is sald
that the British foreign office is being
petitioned to make representations to
the Russian government on this world
disturbing subject. It s not likely that
international dlplomatic etiquette will
permit such action ; but if it can be tak
en, the American people will wish to
have its government add its Influence
also. It 1s a disgrace to clvilization
that such outrages should be permiuted.
Nothing could be more essentially an
archical than the policy or arbitrary
want of policy which seems to charac
terize the present Russian administra
tion. It is a condition that cannot con
tinue and will be ended, it now seems
probable, In the throes of revolution.
History has never recorded a more -
competent handling of a great crisis
than that of the weakling Czar and his
reactionary court.
The accredited maxims all spur men
to labor. The books are full of illus
trious examples of the value of inces
sant toil. What we need 18 more of the
gospel of rest. Interest In work, the
desire to be constantly doing, love of
industry for its own sake or for its re
wards keep many restlessly busy until
‘nature calls a halt, and the man of
ceaseless actlvity wears out and retires
from the active scene. Yes; it Is “bet
ter to wear out than rust out;” but a
stop now and then for oiling up lessens
both the wear and the rust. There are
sports that kill and there are labors,
too, that destroy life. The prudent
man will see to it that sufficient time I 8
allotted every day and every year to
rest and rational enjoyment that Is
recreative and life-giving. Stevenson
wrote a gentle satire, containing much
shrewd wisdom, entitled “An Apology
for Idiers,” In which he says, among
other equally good things: “Perpetual
devotion to what a man calls his busli
ness s only to be sustained by perpet
ual neglect of many other things. And
it Is not by any means certain that a
man’s business is the most Important
thing he has to do. To an Impartial
estimate it wlll seem clear that many
of the wisest, most virtuous and benefi
cial parts that are to be played upon
the theater of life are filled by gratui
tous performers, and pass among the
world as phases of Idleness.” It is re
freshing to listen now and then to so
distinguished an apologist and exem
plar of idleness. Amusement is an im
portant part of education. Relaxation
is one of the main duties of life. Rec
reation is not wasting time, but econo
mizing life.
Literature of All Kinds Is Greatly
in Demand There. 3
Australasia is In a peculiar position
so far as her literature 1s concerned,
says the Review of Reviews. Owing to
the fact that English is the language
spoken, the reading public can obtain
its supplies from three quite independ
ent and distinet sources—from Great
Britain, frem the United States, and
from local sources. __&‘Ehe,:esw is thee
Avt HT T THE atest readers on
the face of the globe, and New Zealand
ers are even more sBO. Periodicals and
other publications are untaxed, and the
copyright laws are little understood and
less enforced, so that on a typical Aus
tralian bookstall the most cosmopolitan
conglomeration of literature imagina
ble can be seen.
Australia, being so far from the rest
of the English-speaking workd, has to
rely upon local effort for her dally and
weekly-publications. In this fleld Aus
tralians have shown that they can bring
out newspapers which can bear a most
favorable comparison with similar pub
lications either In Great Britaln or
America. The same may be said of
the weeklies. It is In magazines and
books that the torrent of outside litera
ture has been too great to allow of
much local production.
The inhabltants of Australia number
only 4,000,000. Had these been scat
tered over the huge continent, almost
as large as the United States, no dally
paper of any size could have existed.
It happens, however—unfortunately,
perhaps, for Australia—that more than
one-quarter of the people live in two
large cities, and a large portion of the
remainder in four or five large towns.
The dally paper, therefore, has almost
as large a constituency as any publish
ed for the teeming milllons of America
and Great Britain.
She Knew the Author.
It was only natural that In the
Beecher famlily the name of Mrs. Har
riet Beecher Stowe was often quoted
to the younger generation as one has
ing authority.
On one occaslon a grandniece of Mrs.
Stowe became very angry at one of her
little playmates and, stamping her foot,
sald: *“I hate you and I don't want
anything more to do with you, nor your
man servant nor your maid servant nor
your OX nor your ass.”
Her mother, hearing the outburst,
sternly reproved her offspring, asking
her if she knew what she was saying.
Little Miss Beecher promptly replied :
“Yes, the ten commandments.”
“Well, do you know who wrote
them ?”’
The child looking much disgusted an
swered: ‘“Goodness, yes! Aunt Har
riet did, I s'pose.”—Cleveland Plain
A N e
In Medieval times cats were so
scarce that to kill one Involved a ve
heavy fine. x
When people want to say real mean
things about a druggist they accuse him
o° charging for sample bottles of medi
When a man gets a chance to dis
pose of his troubles he always heaps
up the measure.
Branch Banks at Butte, Anaconda and Gardiner
Transact a General Banking Business
Pay interest on Savings Accounts and Time Certiticates of Deposit. We
start Savings Accounts with a deposit of one dollar or more.
0. E. HEINTZ, Manager. Phone East 57
Steel Bridges, Upset Rods and Bolts,” Cast lron
Colums and all Architectural Iron. Sidewalk Doors
and Lights. Al Kinds of Castings. :
Watson Drug Co.
Wholesale and Retail
The most complete stock of Drugs and
Patent Medicines to be found in the Inland
Empire. Prices guaranteed as low as the
lowest. Our Prescription Department
merits your confidence.
421 Riverside Ave.
Marion Block
- — —.. ol VR s e W AR y
The Model Dry Goods Store
of the Model Western City
its model store, and one of the most interesting show places in
what Elbert Hubbard has called the model city of America.
Visitors will find here a Bureau of Information where
reliable information of all kinds regarding the city may
be obtained. Also free Parcel Check Rooms, Public
Telephones and comfortable waiting rooms with lava
tories for women.
Spokane Agents for North Star Blankets, the kind used on
all Pullman coaches.
Summer Outings
, Yellowstone Park
Special Excursion Rates East in August and September during Park season.
Tickets will permit of Stopovers, affording an opportunity to visit the Park at a slight addi
tional expense.
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis
and the East.
Livingston and Gardner Gateway
is the Government Official Entrance
First National Bank of Rock Springs
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
First-Class Furnished Rooms from
$2.50 to $5.00 per week
S. W. Cor. Fifth and Burnside Sts. PORTLAND, OR
Send Six Cents for Wonderland, 1906.
A. D. CHARLTON, Asst. Genl. Passenger Agt.
Room 8, Hamilton Block
SWIFT & COMPANY So. Omaha, Nebraska
Or by Letter to
Real Estate and Fire Insurance
Choice Farm Lands, Stock Ranches, Small Tracts and City Property for
Sale; Also Breeder of Registered A. J. C. C. Jersey Cattle and Regis
tered Poland China Hogs. Phone Main 2275
And All Fresh Cuts for Hotels
For Streets, Driveways and Crosswalks.
716 Oregonian Building, Portland, Oregon
Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis,
St. Joseph and the East.
Full Particulars on application at

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