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the Times :
Some things go without saying, but
a woman’s tongue isn’'t in that class,
The Kickapoo Indians are now gov
erned by a woman. Civilized at last,
We could see through some people
before the X-ray was ever invented.
Russia’s reign of terror appears to
have settled down to a steady drizzle.
After a girl gets to be about so old
she ceases to want to go on the stage.
A boy can inherit all his father’s bad
habits, »ven when the old man hasn’t
got them.
The Isle of Pines is now sald to be
pining for trouble and is again trying
to annex the United States.
Time works wonders. Even life
doesn’t look the same to a woman of
36 as it did when she was sweet 16.
A Western alderman is reported to be
suffering from an application of X-rays.
Very few aldermen will bear looking
Into. _
A bachelor says that fully one-third
©of a woman's pleasures in life are de
wived from her ability to shed tears at
A manufacturer promises to put fly
ing machines on the market at $l,OOO
each. Put in your order now, befort
they go up.
One man says the Duk2 of Welling
ton never won a battle; but the news
comes too late to be of any comfort
to Napoleon.
What a man and his wife say to
their guests and what they say about
them after their departure are differ
ent, quite different.
The German doctor who says that
baldness is caused by stifling the im
agination evidently must have a lux
uriant head of halr.
In relation to this bee sting cure for
rheumatism, it at least causes the pa
tient to forget all about Lis rheuma
tism for several exhilarating seconds.
Men think they can fool some women
all of the time and all wmoen some of
the time, but as a matter of fact, they
can't fool any of the women any of the
Andrew Carnegle thinks many people
now living will see England, the United
States and Canada merged under one
government., He doesn’'t mention the
name of his candidate for President of
the united countries.
An English periodical, the Bystand
er, says New York'’s “400” 1s made up
of people who lack refinement and
adds that there 1s"no such thing as cul
ture in America. How our English
cousins do love us—when they can use
us for their own profit. -
A Missouri man has discovered a new
way to get rid of mosquitoes., He says
to rub alum on your face and hands.
When the mosquito takes a bite it
puckers his buzzer so it can’t sting. It
sits down in a damp place, tries to dig
the pucker lose, catches its death of
cold, and dies of pneumonia.
Alfred Mosely came to America from
England three years ago with thirty
carefully selected men to study the
schools of this country. His report
showed a keen understanding of the
merits and the faults of American edu
eation. That the merits outweighed
the faults is shown by the announce
ment of his intention to send to the
United States and Canada five hundred
teachers to learn the educutional meth
ods of this continent.
The visit of a sclentific expedition to
Greeley County, Kansas, In search of
“information about a meteor which ex
ploded there, has lately called atten
tion to the way history is preserved in
names. The Greeley County Court-
House Is In the village of Tribune, and
the nearest rallroad station is Horace.
It is probable that all the school chil
dren In that part of Kansas know the
sstory of Horace Greeley and his great
fight in the Tribune for freedom not
only In Kansas, but in the rest of the
It used to be the fashion, widely pre
valent, to scold Eugenie when she was
empress of the French for her extrav
agance in dress. She was criticised
for it by all sorts of monitors, more
from abroad than at home. It may sar
prise some who rebuked her so often
to know that she has lately told a
friend in this country, now when she
can have no inducement to misrepresent
anything, that only three times in her
life—ore'e when she was married, once
when her son was baptized and on one
other occasion not specified—had she
ever worn a gown that cost as much as
$2OO. Yet in her time she was excoria
ted as the most richly dressed woman
in the world, when millions of Ameri
can women outclass her in costly rai
gnent every year.
The great lesson of the Russo-Japa
nese war was that ignorance and cor
roption can not successfully contend
with Integrity. The Japanese were ed
gcated in the sense that tlheir matwral
talents had been developed; in the ad
ministration of their affairs there was
little or no corruption. The Russians,
on the other hand, were densely ignor
ant. A people of fine talent, those in
the ranks had been permitted to sink
into a condition little above that of the
brute. In the administration of the
several departments corruption was in
everything, from the corrupt tip of the
lowest commissioned officer to the graft
of the grand duke charged with sup
plying the navy with coal. And Rus
sia, the great nation, went down in de
feat before Japan, the small. But the
fight was lost to Russia before a regi
ment left for Manchuria or a battle
snip salled for the China Sea.
No matter how much or how little
talent a man may have, the first requi
site fo his success in life 18 the choice
of a calling. There is no way of ascer
taining how many men out of 1,000
miss their calling, but apparently the
world is almost full of square men in
round holes and a large proportion of
the manhood of the race Is misdirected
and practically thrown away. The rea
son of this Is that there is nothing more
difficult for a young man or for his
parents and friends to do than to tell;
what he I 8 made for and what he should
devote his life to. Take the young man
himself first, and he has two obstacles
to deal with. In the first place, his best
talent may be slowest of all his pow
ers to develop. Some parts of his body
grow faster than other parts and it is
so with his mental faculties. Most fre
quently his master passion will show
itself from Infancy, but In many cases
he reaches manhood before he develops
the gifts or traits which mark out his
life work. In the second place, self
knowledge Is the last faculty that any
human being develops. During child
hood and early manhood, when he needs
self-knowledge to determine what oc
cupation to follow, he knows absolute
ly nothing about himself. Indeed, a
man Is fortunate if by the time he is
gray headed he understands his strong
and his weak points and iLnows what
he ean do and what he can not do. Of J
course, these two considerations make
it difficult also for a young man’s par
ents to advise and direct him. They
have seen his tastes and inclinations
change several times already and they
do not know but they may change sev
eral times more. Sometimes a youth’s
instinets will lead him aright and mis
lead those who have the control of him.
It is related of a famous painter that
his choice led him in boyhood to obtain
employment in an artist's studio and
that the artist, after watching him a
while, advised him to limit Lis ambition
to grinding the colors. This accounts
for the large number of eminently suc
cessful men who start wrong and
change from one calling to another be
fore they achieve success. Some great
men have, indeed, in this way acquired
a reputation for Instability and gen
eral flvorthlessness before they struck
the gait that made them famous. This
makes it an exceedingly perplexing
problem for a young man to determine
what he will do and the perplexity Is
tenfold greater now than it was fifty
years ago. There were hundreds of
years before that time during which the
leading trades and professions were sta
ble and almost stationary, but within
one or two generations, owing to the
ravages of Inventions and labor-saving
machinery, they have all either disap
peared or been transformed. There is
scarcely a business that a young man
can take up to:day which may not be
come obsolete in a few years. In fact,
the only thing that is permanent is
knowledge. The time will never come
when it will not help a man in the race
of life to be acquainted with mathe
maties, physies, history, geography,
physiology, chemistry and manual train
ing. Unless he knows something of
these sciences he may be unable to dis
cover what he Is made for or to do it
after he discovers it. Beyond this—
such is the present condition of the
arts, manufactures, science and poli
tics—a young man Is literally compelled
to be an opportunist. That is, he must
do what he can until he can do some
thing different and better. If he is in
dustrious, sober, economical and watch
ful a kind Providence will little by lit
tle direct him aright.
How He Knew.
In a Kansas City court recently, a
negro on the witness-stand was being
questioned about a sick horse.
“What was the matter with the
horse?” asked the lawyer.
“He was ailin’,” replied the witness.
“Yes, I know,” sald the questioner,
“but what was the matter?”
“He was jes ailin’.”
“But what was wrong? With what
disease was he suffering?”
“Jes allin’,” persisted the negro.
The lawyer was quiet a moment.
Then he had a bright idea. He would
try to get at the horse's symptoms,
“Well, how do you know he was ail
ing?" he asked.
*'Cause he died,” replied the wit
ness.—Kansas City Times.
: Clown was at first a tattooel person.
In Britain and France the countf®
people retained the habit of tattooing
or of painting the faces In imitation of
tattooing long after it had been aban
doned in the cities, .
When a girl has to wash dishes anad
bates it, she finds a melancholy joy in
going up to her room at intervals be
tween the spoons and plates, and look
iz out of the widow with what she
thinks is a sad, wistful expression in
her eyes.
How men are abused! Yet ig It not
a fact that you know a dozen gpod men
% every unrellable one?
Branch Banks at Butte, Anaconda and Gardiner
Transact a General Banking Business
Pay interest on Savings Accounts and Time Certificates of Deposit. We
start Savings Aecounts with a deposit of one dollar or more.
O. E. HEINTZ, Manager. : Phone East 57
Steel Bridges, Upset Rods and Bolts,” Cast 'lron
Colums and all Architectural lron. Sidewalk Doors
and Lights. All Kinds of Castings.
Watson Drug Co.
Wholesale and Retail
The most complete stock of Drugs and
Patent Medicines to be found in the Inland
Empire. Prices guaranteed as low as the
lowest. Our Prescription Department
merits your confidence.
421 Riverside Ave.
Marion Block
The Model Dry Goods Store
of the Model Western City
its model store, and one of the most interesting show places in
what Elbert Hubbard has called the model city of America.
Visitors will find here a Bureau of Information where
reliable information of all kinds regarding the city may
be obtained. Also free Parcel Check Rooms, Public
Telephones and comfortable waiting rooms with lava
tories for women. :
Spokane Agents for North Star Blankets, the kind used on
all Pullman coaches.
Summer Outings
The Finest Place in America for a vacation of a week, a month or the season.
Special Excursion Rates East in August and September during Park season.
Tickets will permit of Stopovers, affording an opportunity to visit the Park at a slight addi
tional expense. :
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis
and the East. -
Livingston and Gardner Gateway
is the Government Official Entrance
Send Six Cents for Wonderland, 1906. Full Particulars on application at
Or by Letter to \
A. D. CHARLTON, Asst. Genl. Passenger Agt.
First National Bank of Rock Springs
THE STAR ®gL Snsior™
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
First-Class Furnished Rooms from
$2.50 to $56.00 per week
S. W. Cor. Fifth and Burnside Sts. PORTLAND, OR
Real Estate and Fire Insurance
Choice Farm Lands, Stock Ranches, Small Tracts and City Property for
Sale; Also Breeder of Registerea A. J. C. C. Jersey Cattle and Regis
tered Poland China Hogs. Phone Main 2275
Room 8, Hamilton Block
SWIFT & COMPANY So. Omaha, Nebraska
And All Fresh Cuts for Hotels
For Streets, Driveways and Crosswalks.
716 Oregonian Building, Portland, Oregon |
Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis,
St. Joseph and the East.
! E% :

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