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Director of the Government Press,
The Legislative Assembly was opened
by Royal Commission, at the Court House,
on Saturday, at noon.
The Commissioners, H. H., Mateio Ke
Icnatjpa, the venerable father of the King,
and His Honor, E. H. Allen, Chief Jus
tice and Chancellor of the Kingdom. left
"the Palace underasalute from Punch-Bowl,
attended by the staff-officers, and escorted
'by the Cavalry, under command of Major
C. H- Judd. At the Court House, the
Household troops were drawn up in dress
On the Judges' platform wa3 placed the
'Throne chair, covered with the mantle,
supported on either side by the Royal Ka
hilis. 'iler Majesty Dowager Queen Emma,
and Her Majesty Dowager Queen Kaiama,
with the AliU of the Kingdom and the
House of Nobles, were seated on the right.
the House of Representatives in front, and
the Acting Minister of the United States,
H. B. M.'s Commissioner and Consul Gen
eral, II. I. M.'s Commissioner and Consul,
by the Chancellicr.and the Consular Corps,
on the left of the Commissioners.
The Commission of His Majesty having
been read in Hawaiian, by Justice Davis,
and in English, by the Clerk of the House,
the address from the Throne was deliver
ed by the Commissioners, as follows :
Nobles and Representatives" A great
calamity has befallen the Island uf Hawaii.
My duty to my subjects lias called me away
from my Capital, and I have delegated a Roy
al Commission, presided over by my well
belovcd father, to ppen the regular session of
the Legislature.
Until the last few weeks, my Kingdom has
enjojed uninterrupted prosperity. Peace,
quiet and abundance bad prevailed. Let us
bow humbly to the will of God Almighty,
who6e hand Is now heavy upon us, and let
us, with brave hearts and well-timed charity,
relieve the distress of those of our country
men who have been thus suddenly and severe
ly afflicted.
Our relations with forciim powers continue
to be most satisfactory. The Important trea
ty with the United States of America, which
was considered at the last extraordinary- ces
sion of the Legislature, has not yet received
the ratification of the President My Minis
ter of Foreirn Affairs will furnish you with
such intelligence of the progress of the ne
gotiation as may be, from time to time, re
ceived. Preliminary steps have been taken by my
Government to secure the conclusion of a
treaty witti the Confederation or Northern
Germany, to be substituted for our present
treaties with Bremen and Hamburg. Some
of our treaties have bceu denounced; changes
are contemplated in our stipulations with
England and France, and I confidently hope
that the result of these various negotiations
will increase our intercourse with Europe, as
the anticipated conclusion of our Conven
tion of Reciprocity will develop our trade
with the great republic of the United States.
Our negotiations with Japan have, so far,
been successful. Important and favorable
results may be expected from the opening of
trade with, and immigration from, that King
dom, v
My Minister of the Interior will inform
you of the 6tcps taken by the Bureau of Im
migration towards securinrr valuable addi
tions to our population and laborers for our
fields. An increased appropriation lsapplled
for, to enable my Government to solve, by
practical experiment, the question of immi
gration, whose importance to the Kingdom
will not escape your attention. You n 111 be
duly advised of the measures adopted by the
Board of Health during the last two years.
Owing, in a great measure, to the exertions
of the Board, the spread of the disease of
leprosy has been cheeked.
As soon as practicable, my Government
will inform you of the extent of the damage
doncou Hawaii by the last volcanic eruption.
It is hoped that it will not prove so exten
sive as to require any considerable curtail
ment from the appropriation for public im
provements in other islands.
Our finances are in a most orosDerons con
dition. The report of my octing Minister of
Finance will furnish you with all the neces
sary information on the state of the treasury.
Our credit stands high, onr public debt is
greatly reduced, and a considerable surplus
lsou hand. ShouIdtheTreatyof Reciprocity
acquire the force of law, some further legis
lation may be necessary.
It may be well for the Legislature to in
quire how far the prosperity of this King
dom, and the development of its resources,
may be promoted by judicious assistance to
the line of steamers plying between this port
and California, as well as to ourlntcr-lslaud
steam navigation.
The administration of justice has been con
ducted with fidelity and impartiality.
It is thought that the oublic convenience
will be promoted by changes In the time of
noiaing certain terms ot the Conrt. My At
torney General will submit to you the neces
sary bill for the accomplishment of that
I refer you to the report of the President
of the Board of Public Instruction for the
details aftlie work performed by that Board.
Liberal and intelligent assistance has been
granted, on application, to all those who de
vote their labors to the education of the peo
ple. New school bouses have been built
in many places the sexes have been separa
ted, and a system of impartiality, combined
with a healthy competition, has contributed
largely to the cause of intellectual improve
ment. Nobles and Representatives I rely up
on your enlightened patriotism and upon
your loyalty to our institutions. You will
co-operate with me in 6etking the welfare of
me nation, ana in providing ior Its wants,
I pray God Almighty, the Ruler of Kingdoms,
to relieve us in our troubles, to guide us in
prosperity, and to help me in maintaining in
violate the dignity of my Crown and our na
tional Independence and
We do now declare the Legislature of the
Kingdom opened.
At tho conclusion of the address, the
Commissioners retired, and after a brief
interval, returned to the Palace, accompa
nied by their escort, and the troops on
Cduty returned to quarters.
A numerous assemblage of spectators
were present at the opening, and the
streets were filled with people.
The Assembly adjourned without organ
izing, until Monday at noon.
The phrase, " the people " i3 a bandy
club, and if laid about one lustily, gets up
a ehow of virtue, if no farther conse
quences follow.
It matters not what is assaulted, or who
is to be belabored, only give him a good
whack with this club, and many will be
credulous enough to believe, that you have
done excellent service. It is our neigh
bor's favorite and only clnb, by which
with Quixotic courage, he assaults now
the Government printing offie, anon the
Aupuni, and last week gives a savage
blow at the steamer, and knocks that insti
tution endwise.
The stockholders, by the concussion,
suddenly have come to a dire sense of their
unhappy condition, in that they have in
vested their money to help the Govern
ment, and not the people, wherefore for
this sin give them a double whack.
Private enterprise is doubtless a good
thing; associated private enterprise, some
times a still better. Where a people are
numerous enough to get all the conve
niences they want, and competition and
capital enough,. to have all the accommo
dations of civilized life, at the quickest
time and the cheapest rale, then every
enterprise may safely be left to private
resources. AVhilever doe3 not pay under
such circumstances, bad better "slide,"
whether it be a steamer, railroad, or per
chance a decent newspaper. But private
enterprise has not been equal, to keeping
a steamer aSoat between our islands, and
the prospects are not tlattenngato those
who have been engaged in it, thus far.
Every time that the pinch has come on,
the owners have "been only too happy to
solicit help from the only quarter, available
in our small community.
Last year when the Company had run
the boat to their complete satisfaction, as
to the tendency of their affairs, she was
laid up, and it is our opinion, as one of the
owners, that but for certain arrangements,
made about that time, she would be laid
up still, and not all the wonders of the
volcano, though trebled, would have per
suaded her out on " an excursion trip "
for the accommodation of the public, and
no amount of" Government interference "
could have forced the company to put her
on such a trip either. It may have been
an inconvenience to some of the public,
not to have been able to avail themselves
of the oteamer last week, to go to Hawaii,
but has their support of the boat been
such, as to give them a claim upon the
Company, to neglect its own" interests.
when extraordinary emergency arises? The
agents had a chance to charter the boat,
on favorable terms, and more profitably
than if kept on her usual route for two
trips, and the people who own shares can
find no fault with any arrangement which
offsets the expense side of the accounts.
But what business had the Agents to
charter the boat, and thereby disappoint
f ome of the public ? "Wherefore, give them
a double- whack, as well as the charter
party that their obligations to the public
may be knocked into their field of vision ?
The Government chartered the boat for
a specific and laudable purpose, one which
every humanitarian must applaud, and pro
nouueo eminently proper in view of this
disastrous eruption on Hawaii. Reasona
ble care was taken, not to overload the
design of relief with unnecessary adjuncts.
Possibly if His Majesty had not concluded
to go, the supplies and a simple agent to
disburse them, would have been all that
was required. Nothing could have beeu
simpler to manage, nud the public could
then have been gratified with the sight of
the agent and supplies having the whole
steamer. But the club, in that case, would
have been in requisition more vigorously
than a3 it now stands.
The reports of the lava streams having
hemmed in many families, made it proba
ble, that the greatest relief would be, to
remove them to other districts, iid the
capacity of the steamer in snch case, was
absolutely necessary to be kept free.
The only way to have pleased Hercules
and avoid the whack of bis club, would
have been for the Government to have
given out. that as the steamer was charter
ed with public money, therefore, every
body is entitled to a free passage. In such
case, the public would have been eminent- I
ly served, the distressed people of Kau,
more eminently, peihaps ?
According to Royal Proclamation, the Leg
islature was convened at the Court House,
on Saturday, April ISth, 1SG8.
On account of the absence of His Majesty
on Hawaii, a Royal Commission was appoint
ed to open the Assembly, consisting of
IL IL, M. Kekuanaoa, and Hon. Chief Jus
tice Allen.
The Commission arrived at the Court House
at 12 M., under the escort of the military.
Prayer was offered by Venerable Arch
Deacon Mason.
The King's authority to the Commission
was read by Justice Davis, in Hawaiian, and
by R. 11. Slatilcy, Esq., Clerk, in the English
U. li., M. Kckuanaoa delivered the address
of His Majestv, In Hawaiian, and Chief Jus
tice Allen, in English.
Alter the reading of the address, the House
was called to order by the Clerk, U. H., M.
Kekuanoa In the Chair.
The acting Minister of Finance laid on the
table his report aud budge, for 1SCS.
His Ex.. S. 11. Phillips moved an adjourn
ment till Monday, the 20th, at 12 M. After
some discussion the motion passed, and the
House adjourned.
Mosdat, April 20.
The House met at 12 M., H. IL M. Kcku
anaoa In the Cbalr.
Alter prayer by Hon. C. J. Lyons, R. H.
Stanley read In English the minutes of Satur
day, which were interpreted by H. L. Shel
don, and approved.
The members presented their credentials.
Hons. Kuihelaui, Koakanu, Pilipo, Lyons
and Judd, were appointed a committee on
The Committee reported favorably on all
except the member from Kwa and Waiauae,
Oubu. Report accepted. I
Chief Justice Allen and Associate Justice
Davis then administered the oath to the Rep
resentatives. His Ex. S. II. Phillips moved to adopt,
temporarily, the rules of the preceding
sessions. Odrrled.
His Ex. F. W. Hutchison moved to elect
IL H. M. Kekuanaoa, President. Carried.
Hon. G. Rhodes was then nominated by H.
H. M. Kekuanaoa for Vlce-PresideuL, Elect
ed by ballot 29 to 3.
On motion, Hon. G. Rhodes took his seat
and said : I ish to express my thanks for
justice. There were many ways by which
the electors might be prevented from knowing
the right. He would not say the Hon. member
bad used unfair means to procure his elootion.
As for tie reniarls about the rights of the peo
ple, they needed no reply. The House was
composed of Xobles and Representatives,
whose Jegislative duties are the same. He
had waited until all the petitions were present
ed and then he felt it his duty to bring the
. resolution forward.
Hon. Mr. Lyons said the question was not
on the legality of the election in South Kona,
but the manner of bringing it before the As
sembly, with and the point was who had a right
to dispute the election. He admitted that the
second estate had a right to consider the au
thority by which those who claim to represent
the third estate appear here. Seventy days
had elapsed siace the election, and if the elect
ors proposed to do anything, their petition
should have been here before now. He shoald
oppose the resolution.
Mr. Hitchcock agreed in some things with
the member from Kohala, but not entirely.
Hon. Mr. Jones wished to state that at the
election, or iince.no unfair measures had been
used by him. There was nothing he admired
so much as a full carrying out of the laws of
the laud. People from South Kona said that
no effort had been made to get up a petition.
If he thought that many of the electors in
South Kona objected to his sitting, be would
resign at once. By reference to his journal
it appcirs that early in February, 1S65, he
had set out to couie to these island, lie was
delayed by sickness and other impediments
from reaching here until the following year.
As far u the law of domicila is concerned, he
had fulilled all its requirements. By the law,
a man las a domicile in some place, and when
he leaves a place his domicile is in the place to
which ke intends going.
His intention to reside here was never
the honor conferred upon me by this election
Steam Yacht. The Timet, of San Fran
cisco, describes a very pretty steam yacht,
lying In that .harbor, as being elegantly fin
ished as well as admirably adapted to pleas
uring, and saya :
44 We understand -that an offer has been
made to Mr. Piatt to purchase the Amelia Tor
the King of the Sandwich Islands, but we
fear that a vessel only 50 feet long by lljf
feet beam, as she -Is, "would scarcely answer
In the rough passages between .the Islands.
Besides, the San Franciscans want her here.
She Is Just the thing for a pleasure party, and
we hope 6he will be reserved for such pur
poses, and will not leave the waters of the
The Report of the Minister of Finance wlU
be found on our fourth page, and the Table
, the estimated expenditures for the .next
wo yean, on our second page.
Wharf at Hilo. The landing of passen
gers and goods at the Harbor of Hilo has been
facilitated by the building of a short wharf
from the rocky point at the west end of the
beach. It has been made by the enterprise
of Mr. Coney and Mr. Hitchcock, and has
proved snch a convenience that the Hilo peo
ple are wishing to sec it extended, or another
one built at the usual landing place. Land
ing on the open beach, especially in rough
weather, is uncomfortable for passengers, and
damaging to goods, so that a wharf is a most
desirable improvement upon the present way
of getting ashore. The wharf just built is
well iluibered and fastened, and carries six
feet of water. ' Its strength was tested by the
great, earthquake wave of Thursday, and by
a loaded scow washing upon It, and it proved
equal to the strain. Wharfage, hereafter, will
be one of the charges on schooners running
to Hilo. We hear that an application will be
made to the Government for assistance to
still further improve the landing facilities at
Hilo, so that either a good boat or schooner
wharf may be placed on the beach. The
wharfage will amount to enough at least to
pay interest on the Investment and repairs.
The loao of the government of Prussia for
the (pnstruction of railways form a total equal
to 8,000,000 sterling, bearing Interest at the
rate of 4J per cent, per annum. The roads
are Intended for Eastern Prussia, where the
prevailing destitution is aggravated by the
lack of suitable communications, and giving
employment will afford immediate relief.
I look upon it as an approval of my occu
pancy of this position during the last session.
l snail endeavor to laitninuy perform the un
ties of this office.
R. II. Stanley was unanimously elected
His Ex. F. W. Hutchison nominated Hon.
L. Andrews for Chaplain. Carried.
W. C. Parke was elected Sergcaut-at-Arms.
U. L. Sheldon was elected for Translator
and Interpreter.
J. Halal was elected Messenger.
Kimo Kukona was elected Janitor.
His Ex. F. W. Hutchison moved that the
President proceed to appoint the standing
committees of the House.
The President said that some time was re
quired to select members and asked until to
morrow to prepare.
His Ex. S. 11. Phillips gave notice of the
following acts: An Act to authorize the Col
lector General of Customs to permit the with
drawal of alcohol in certain cases; An Act
to change the time for holding the Circuit
Courtof the Fourth District; An Act to pro
vide for the adjournment of courts In the ab
sence of the presiding judge; An Act to en
large the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court;
An Act to provide for an additional term of
court in the Third Circuit; An Act to transfer
the supervision of the Police and Executive
Officers of the law from the Department of
Interior to that of the Attorney General ; An
Act to provide for the reports of judiciary
On motion the House adjourned to 11 a. m.
I uesuay.
Third Dav, Tcesbat, April 21
The House met at 11 A. si.
H. H., M. Kekuanaoa in the chair.
Prayer by the Chaplain.
Minutes were read and approved.
Hon. Mr. Hitchcock moved that the.rnlesbe
suspended and tho standing committees be ap-
pointea. rassea.
Mr. Hitchcock also moved that the names
of the standing committees be printed. Pass
ed. ' Petitions Mr. Hitchcock presented a pe
tition, protesting against the election of the
members from Honolulu.
On motion of His Ex. Dr. Hutchison, the
petition was read. Ha said be wished to
bear it read because certain parties had
charged him with illegal proceedings at tbo
election, and he wished to see if they had
! charged toe same in the petition.
J Petition from Maui, asking for another port
' of entry at that Island. Petition from Koo
lauloa, contesting the election in that district.
Hon. Mr, Wilder coved to have it read.
A Petition was presented from Kau, Ha
waii, praying that the , government lands be
soiu to tnose paving none.
Petition from Wainiea. Kauai, praying that
the election of Hon. Mr. Knudsen be set aside.
Petitions were referred to Committees.
Resolutions A resolution by Hon. Mr.
Kalu, that copies of the' laws be furnished to
each member.
Amended by Hon. Mr. Hitchcock, that ten
copies of the laws of 1862-64-66 be laid upon
the table for the use of the members.
Amendment accepted and resolution passed.
Hon. Mr.'Kamakau moved that a commit
tee of five be appointed to respond to His Ma
jesty's speech. Passed.
Committee Hon. W. P. Kamakau, His Ex.
Gov. Nahaolelua, Hon. II. R. Hitchcock, Hon.
D. Kaukcha, and Hon. G. W. Pilipo.
Hon. Mr. Keawehunahala moved that the
credentials of Mr. Mahelona be referred to the
Committee on Judiciary. Passed.
Hon. Mr. Bishop moved, that as the eligi
bility of the member from South Kona was a
matter of doubt, that his right to sit be re
ferred to the Judiciary Committee.
Hon. Mr. Jones said the law respecting
elections in this country was clear and spe
cific. The objection to an election must be
made by a petition of SO voters. The objec
tion should not come from the Rubles, but tho
people. Ho thought the Nobles would he fair;
did not think they would usurp a right belong
ing to the electors. Mr. Jones read the law,
and said it was full and complete, and he !
bad the highest authority in the Kingdom to
to sustain nun mi Jiajesty ami the
Attorney General. He here read tbe words
of tbe King, daring tbo Convention of 1864,
relating to the delegate from North Kona,
" that the members had no right to do away
with the choice of tbe people." He thought
that if this election was annulled by this As
sembly, the door would be opened for disturb
ance and trouble. He said he was elected by
a full majority and had bis certificate in full
form, and he was informed that there would
be no adverse petition. Then what right had
any member to bring in a resolution against
him. He had had many years of legislative
experience, and never before had known such
a method of proceeding. The Assembly ought
to proceed according to law. and right. Ac
cording to tbe law cf domicile he was elected.
He left a foreign land more than three years
ago with the cxprett intention of coming here,
and here he had resided erer since. The Hon.
orablc member quoted authorities proving that
an intention to reside in, and starting for, a
place was equivalent to a domicile. He
thought that tbe resolution presented was cal
culated to destroy the independence' of this
and ever other people. He was the legal
choice of South Kona, and did not Anow what
right any one had to bring in snch a resolu
tion. Ho closed by bringing in a motion to
indefinitely postpone the resolution.
Hon. Mr. Bishop said that he did not bring
in this resolution on account of any personal
feeling but from a sense of duty.
If any one had a right under the constitu
tion to a seat in the Assembly, he wonld be
the last person to oppose. The records of a
convention are not onr authority, but the con
stitution, which is the paramount law. Art.
61 declares the qualification for holding teats.
One qualification is, that a representative must
hare been domiciled in the country three years,
the last of which must be the one immediately
preceding the election.
The Honorable member had arrived here
about the 6th of March, 1666.
The Assembly is the judge of who hare the
right to scats. True there had been no peti
tion the people of S. Kona ticrhaps thought
that the records of the convention was law, or
else that they relied on the Assembly to do
changed, and thus be bad fullfiled the spirit
of the law. He asxed if the rtiird of his
journal is not evidence enough to satisfy the
Assembly. To avoid waste of time be bad
moved to indefinitely postpone. Again tbe
Convention of lc-64 would not act on tn
election of Kamaio irom North Kona, because
that no petition was presented. And th
this action was in accordance with the wishes
of His Majesty. Ua wished that the mem
bers would vote aye to uphold the laws of the
Hon. Mr. Koakanu said that he was in
favor of the resolution of Hon. ivr. Bishop.
He does not think a man's intention makes
any difference. He must be in tbe country
three years before the election.
Hon. D. Kalakaua favored the resolution
The Nobles have as much right to examine
the credentials of members as the Represen
His Ex. Mr. Phillips said that it was im
portant to understand just what motion was
before the House. He liail reason to think
that there was a doubt concerning the right
of the member from South Kona; bethought
it should be referred to Committee for inquiry.
Others here would not shrink lrom having
their right to sit contested, then why should
the member from South Kona object ; he res
pectfully submitted that it was right to ex
amine tbe elegibiiity of the member. The
only, way is to refer it to a committee, for.by
this means only can we arrive at the truth.
The Judiciary Committee is appointed for this
very purpose, then why not refer it to them
instead of taking up the time of the Assembly?
If the gentleman can satisfy the Committee of
his right, he holds his seat by the strongest
tenure. The honorable member admits that
when a petition is presented, it will be the
duty of the Assembly to examine it. The law
does not say that that is the only way to ar
rive at the rights concerning membership. The
Assembly, to get at tbe facts, must make au
inquiry, and a committee is the only way to
do this. Suppose that the member bribes the
whole district, and 50 honest men are not left
to make a petition, then are we shut off from
the right to examine tbe facts and rights of a
member? It is conceded by all that tbe As
sembly is its own judge of who shall be mem
bers. If, then, we have the right, why shall
we not investigator
The motion before tbe House was to inde
finitely postpone. He hoped that the members
would vote against it, and then take up Hon
Mr. iiisbop's motion.
. Hon. John Ii thought that if the proceed.
ings were courteously carried on that all would
be well, xne other petitions bad been referred
to tbe Committee, and he tuougnt this on
also should be. He had a personal interest in
these things. He was a member from Kohala
in 1655. A committee of the bouse wero en
gaged three days discussing eligibility, as h
was a magistrate, and it was argued that h
bad no right to sit. It was decided that b
was not ineligible. He thought that it was fur
the Assembly to decide.
Hon. Mr. Jcnes said,, in answer to the At
torney General, that he did not shrink from
investigation. He was ready to meet tneques
tion in a constitutional way. The law pre.
scribes a method in all things, and will tho
Attorney General go beyond tbe law ? The
Assembly should be their own judge of the
law end tbc.method of executing it. ile said
further, that it was an impossibility that
all tbe electors of a district should be bribed.
The use of such argument show that tbe Attor.
ncy General is driven to cite extreme cases,
He did not wish to use his valuable time or
that of the Assembly in discussing an illegal
The indefinite postponement having been
lost, tbe resolution was put and passed.
Hon. Mr. Hitchcock moved that the Com
mittee of Accounts be instructed to place on
the desk of each member 2 copies each of tbe
Oaielle and Adcerli'ter and of the native
papers, passed.
Hon. Mr. Keawehunahala moved to adjourn
to 12 31., ednesday. Lost.
His Ex. Dr. Hutchison amended to 11 A.
M., passed.
New Gold Speculation. I find a pro
found calculation In one of tbe French papers.
It is proposed to start a company In Paris to
dig tor gold in tne cemeteries, vtnai gold J
That which has been used In stopping teeth.
There are buried in Paris every day more
than 125 persons. It Is reckoned that of
these at least ten have auriferous jaws, and
that in these ten there may lie an average of
ten aurirerous teeth. Bo the calculation pro
ceeds, and Paris Is threatened with a resurrec
tion company. Once a Weelc
Domestic Servants. Among the reforms
now proposed In England is one respecting
domestic servants, whose extravagance In
dress, depravity in morals, and unreliability
or conduct, nave necoine unenuurauie. a
clergyman's wile has therefore started a re
form movement, and makes an appeal to the
ladies uf England to join in carrying I', out.
The great etil In dress, which, among the
lower orders, has arrived at a Ditch of ex
travagance, has changed tbe appearance of
ngnsu towns ana villages. uuies are ex
horted to fix upou some standard-cf dress to
be strictly enforced, for female servants, of
some nett, snuaoie pan em. out in which an
superfluities shall be prohibited. No servant
shall he allowed, on pain of dismissal, to
wear flowers, feathers, brooches, buckles or
clasps, earrings, lockets, neck-ribbons and
velt eta, kid-goves, parasols, waistbands and
sashes, jackets, Garibaldis, and all trimmings
on dresses, crinoline, or steel of any kind.
No dress to tonch tbe ground. Let dresses
be gored, so as to make tbe figure neat and
small. Let the hair be worn off the face, In
the fashionable style, aud neatly braided close
to the head behind. A small, round, white
cap, without ribbons or trimming. No pads
orfriscttes, no chignons, .no hair ribbons or
Tbe same system Is recommended for girls
In the Sunday-schools, church singers, vil
lage schoolmistresses, and tbe lower orders,
On the other hand, we have in a Bristol
paper an. account of a strike In a gentleman's
lamily in the west of England, uf all his ser
vants, thirty In number, not for higher wages,
but for better food. These poor creatures
were starving on five meals a day. Tbey had
eggs and bacon, toast, bread, butter, tea aud
coffee fur breakfast; bread, cheese and ale
for lunch; but joints of beef and mutton and
pastry for dinner; toast, bread and butter for
tea; meal, bread and cheese and ale for supper.
Th demand of the deputation was for beef
steaks and mutton-chops for breakfast- As
the gentleman was expecting distinguished
Tlsltors.and did not know where to get other
servants in season, their demand was com
plied with. A vast army of flunkies is fed in
this fashion, while English laborer and their
families are starving on eight or ten shillings
a week, and great numbers of the Irish ire
subsisting on potatoes and water.
We have bad two arrivals from tbe Coast
since our last issue: the Baltic G. Hatt, 23
days, with dates to the 24th, and the CeUttia,
25 days, with dates to the 23&', nit
The news Is unimportant and meager. A
shock of earthquake occurred In San Fran
cisco on tbe forenoon of tbe 24th, severe
enough to alarm the population, and to cause
a general stampede out of doors.
The winter rains have been prolonged and
copious. Tbe Alia, of the 23d, says: "We
are being visited by another long and heavy
rain, somewhat unseasonable and unwel
come. In the East this storm, occurring
there on the 19tb, 20th and 21st, is reported
to have exceeded in duration and severity ail
that have gone before it. The streets or the
principal Atlantic cities are blocked vlth
snow, navigation suspended, and many acci
dents and disasters are reported to have oc
curred." Tbe impeachment trial of tbe President Is
progressing. We have only one day's pro
ceedings. The President replied, by counsel,
to each specification. His friends made a
motion for more time, SO days, which is not
reported to have been granted. The House
Managers signified their readiness to proceed.
ClIICAOO, March 2i A JirpuMtcan special
savs irreat interest Is felt over the proceed
ings in tbe impeachment trial to-morrow. It
Is believed that the President's counsel will
ask for further delay, which will not be
granted. The House managers will have an
annlicatlun readv to be presented Tuesday,
and so proceed to trial on Wednesday. The
impression gains ground that, after using all
dilator' measures possible, when the Senate
reluses to grant further delay, the President
will tender his resignation, claiming that be
can not have a fair I rial.
Mr. Boutwell, from the Impeachment man
agers, reported a resolution, which passed,
that on days when the Senate shall sit for the
trial of the President, the House, us In Com
mittee of the Whole, will attend with the
managers at tbe bar or t lie senate.
New York, March 23d. Specials from
Havana state that three strung shocks of
earthquake were felt at St. Thomas. Busi
nesses paralyzed.
Awful shocks of earthquake were felt at
Porto Rico, and the inhabitants were fleeing
for safety.
Havana, March 20. General Lersundl or
dered the Bishop of Havana to be conveyed
to Porto Rico in a war vesscL
The Governor of St. Thomas has requested
tbe Porto Rican authorities to send cattle
and provisions to relieve the distress of the
inhabitants. One thousand individuals were
preparing to emigrate to Porto Rico.
European Sews.
London, March 19 Midnight. In the
House of Commons, to-night. Earl Mayo
firesented the Government bill for a reform
n the representation ot Ireland in the House
of Commons. There will be no alteration in
the county franchise, but in boroughs the
right of voting is to be given to all 5 house
holders, Instead of 10, as at present. No
action has been taken on the measure.
Londo.v, March 20. Advices from Aunesly
Bay state that Gen. Napier, with all his forces,
is twenty miles south of Antalo. On the
25tb, he bad a satisfactory talk with tho
Chler or the Tigre tribes.
A telegram, anticipating the overland mail.
says that ull foreigners have left Hiogo and
Osaka, Japan. It is said that a French or
American war vessel has been fired on by tbe
Paris. March 10 Evening. The much-
looked for Imperial pamphlet appeared to
day. The writer, alter giving a history of
the popular votes in France, proves there
from that the French Constitution is based
upon the will ol the people only, and Is
changeable only by a vote of tbe people. He
then pastes on to review the course of the
Emperor towards the people, and contends
that In the Decrees of lbGO and 1317. wherein
certain liberal reforms were guaranteed them,
tnu emperor manifests that tie seeks to adopt
mo covenant to progress and liberty.
Vienna, Jiareli 1.-1 he most enthusiastic
demonstrations of ior aic made over the re
cent action of tbe Reichstudt on the Civil
Marriage Bill, which is regarded as practi
cally annulling the Concordat of vesterdav.
When it became known that the Upper
House nad rejected the motion ot the Clerical
party to defer the passage of the Bill, there
was great rejoicing among tuc people, ana
last night the city was generally Illuminated.
Home, March 22. The Pope gave a very
gracious reception to -Admiral r arragiu nna
suite, yesterday. The Admiral will remain
in Rome a month, in cunsequence of a severe
aoccsa in nis leg.
Roads ami Bridges, Hawaii . 00
Mint 6,000 00
Oahq O.0 00
" Kaoal J"
Government Surveying
Interpreting and Translating 1, 99
Hoyal False ,000
Koysl Mausoleum 3.0 p?
rajrof Keeper of do.... i 25 55
v.- n...,.,...i rv 20.000 CO
Sew Post-offlce. .
Repairs of Government Buildings iu,uu vo
Rent of Government Offices. 00
Mewengvrs J.
Xew Luct-np at SUlkm-house L.80O 00
Court-boua and Lock-up, Waimea, Haw., 3,000 00
" , KouUu SOO 00
Mlo 4,000 00
Salary or Jailer ef Oahu Prton 3,000 O)
Support tfprinoners , ,000 00
Government Printing 12.W
FurehwirBuotsr.rOov't Library 1,000 00
xpn" of Board of Heslth. 20,000 00
" Insane Aijlom 13,000 00
Aid to Queen's Hospital and Public Ins-
psnsariM 10,000 00
EDcuurmtemeDt of Agriculture ami Immi
gration , 10,000 00
Water Supervisor and Clerk or Market... 3,000 00
Eiln or Bureau of Witter Works.... 3,000 00
Enlargement of Water Works. 20,000 00
New Wharves anire ulrjcf Wbrrn.... 24,000 00
Dredrln Honolulu Harbor 10,000 00
Xew Scow fur pile-driver 1,500 (10
Steamer Pelf, working expense 11,000 00
repairs ,000 00
Anchors and Buoys 4,000 00
Completing Landing at Honomalino 750 (h)
KahoUlele- 750 00
Snit Laodlneat mio ISH 00
IJglit-h.mM at Honolulu 3,500 00
Hipeoxw or do. 1,40 00
Lights s4 Laialna 50O 00
" Kawalhae WO 00
Street Igbts in Honolulu (to be raised by
local UiaUon) 3.000 00
Fire Department cf Honolula 3,010 00
Incidentals 1,500 00
$370,408 00
Salary of Atterney General f 10.000 00
Clerk to do 2.400 00
Incidentals and traveller expenses 1.000 00
Salary of3Iirshl uf the Kingdom. 8,000 00
Sheriff oflUwaU 4,000 00
Clerk of do 1,000 00
" SherllTc-rMaul 4,000 00
Clerk or d 1.000 00
" Kauai 2,000 "0
Apprehension of criminals... 2,000 Ou
Police or Oehu 20,000 00
" Maul ,000 00
Hawaii 4,000 00
" Kauai 2,500 00
Incidentals or Police service 2,000 00
For San Francisco.
Will Sail for the above Port
On Saturday, April 25th,
For freight or passage apply to
T T T- I' t, IT 7 1
171,800 oo
Salary of Minister 10,000 00
" Registrar of Public Accounts. . . 4,000 OO
" Collector-General or Customs. . . 6,000 00
" Clerk to do 3,000 CO
Custom-Uouia Surveyor and Guards 2. 400 00
Storekeeper at Hunolulo. 2.400 00
Assistant Guards at do. 1,000 oo
Incidentals and extra clerk hire at Cus-tom-House
2.000 00
Collector and Harbormaster at Kawaibne. 400 00
Kalakekna 200 OO
Custoci-Houseboat 800 00
ray of Assessors (not to exceed - per cenLl 9,000 oo
Collrctors(nottoexered-percent,) 8.000 00
Hospital Fund (estimated receipts) 3,000 00
National Debt tilling due 7,050 00
Intirest upon National Debt 18,841 25
Subsidy toOeean Steaniirj. 50,000 OO
Subidj to the Kilauea 8,000 Oil
Unpaid Salaries as pay Table a 562 50
Incidentals of Department 1,500 OO
San Francisco mid Honolula Lirs.
Tha Company's Splendid A 1 Steamship
F. COXNOR, Commander,
Will run betTrecn I"oivlnlu stud Saua
Francisco by tlae fallowing
Time Tablet
aaarvix. at
San Francisco Mar 18
Umolola Mar 13
flan Francix-o April IS
Honolula May 4
n Francisco. . . . JI ay ?2
Cabin, rJ30 Stc-cragc, $a
Throuch freieht to Portland and Victorim
will be taken at reasonable rates, and
Liberal Advnnce pintle oa all
StilpmcHtu per Steamtr,
Insurance guaranteed at lower rates than by
sailing vessels. Particular care taken of ship
ments of Fruit.
All orders for Goods to be purchased in San
Francisco, will be received and filled by return
of Steamer. II. UACKFELD A CO.,
ll-3m Agents.
naruiTraz raox
Honolulu Feb 26
Saa Francisco Mar 161
Uonolnlu April 3
San Francisco. .. .April 22
Houolnlu May Ol
f 137,3i3 75
S 4,000 00
3.000 TO
Salary of Inspector-General,
uerK ot iiureau.
Support of Hawaiian & English Schools, etc 24.000 (0
PruitlDi School Books 6,20 50
Stationery and Incidentals. 000 00
Kefermalory scnool ,o m
Purchase of Reformatory School Premises. 3.600 00
Bulldlni new School House 5,323 00
Endowment or Scholars'ps In Oahu Collars SCO 00
Interest on school Fund 5,125 00
Estimated Expenditures for the Two
Tear ending 31 arc H 31st, 1870.
His Majesty's Privy Purse and Royal 8tate..t35,000 00
His Majestyls Chamberlain and Secretary.. 5,000 00
(40,000 00
Iler Majesty Queen Kaiama I 4,000 00
Her Majesty Queen Emma- 12,000 00
His Highness M. Kekuanaoa 8,100 00
t-M.000 00
Expenses of the Legislature S15.000 OO
Secretary of Privy council 200 00
Stationery aod Incidentals of do 100 00
Completion copy or Privy Council records. 600 00
$15,800 00
Salary ot Chancellor and Chief Justice.. . .S10.000 00
1st Associate justice sup. Court..
2d Associate Justice ' ..
Circuit Judge, Oahu...
Circuit JuJget, Hawaii
Circuit Judse, Maui.
Circuit Judee. Kauai
Traveling expensea of do
Temporary pruviskin lor Hon. L. Andrews
Hon. John II....
Salary or Police Justice, Honolulu
.," " Hilo. .
Clerk Circuit Court, 2J circuit. . .
lit Clerk Circuit Court, 3d circuit
2d Clerk "
Clerk Circuit Court. 4th circuit..
Clerk Supreme Conrt 4,000 00
Deputy do 2,400 00
Interpieter 2,000 00
Expenses 1 1 Supreme Court, Incliuling- ex
penses of witnesses In criminal cases. .. 2,000 00
Expenses uf Circuit Court, 2d circuit. In
cluding: traTelinr expenses of Court 1.200 00
expenses circuit court 3d circuit, incrg ao i,&Jl ou
" 4tn circuit incrgdo
Stationery Supreme and Circuit Cuurts
" Police and District Courts. .....
Salary District Judge, Puna, Hawaii
nau, Hawaii.......
N. Kona, Hawaii. . .
S. Kona, Hawaii. ..
N. Kobala, Hawaii..
S. Kohala, Hawaii..
Hamakua, Hawaii..
Wailuku, Maui.. ..
Makawau, Maul....
Haua, Manl. .......
Kaupo, 3Iaui
Island ol Laml.,...
Island or Molokat...
Ewa and Walanae,
VTaialuawud Koolau-
loa, tt.hu. 600 OO
rtooiaoposo, uacu..
Uaualel and Anaho
la, Kauai... .....
lihue, Kauai
Koloa, Kauai
8.000 00
7,000 00
1,000 00
3,000 00
2,400 OO
2,000 00
200 00
2,000 00
2,000 00
4,000 00
2.0WI OO
1,000 OO
400 00
300 00
300 00
300 00
60) 00
50) 00
1,50) 00
tO) 00
60) 00
60) 00
600 00
600 OO
600 00
600 00
700 OO
OHO 00
600 00
600 00
400 00
600 03
600 00
600 00
700 00
600 00
600 1)0
Waimea, Kauai.'.. . . 600 00
75,400 00
Salary or Minister...' ( 10,000 00
Becreiary. w
Minister Resident lo C. Suits. 10,0)0 00
II. 31. Charge d'affaires, London 1,000 OO
Office Expenses Fortign A cents 2,000 00
Postage and IncidenUls 2,000 00
Expenses or Foreign Missions. 5,000 00
Support of Military 8A604 50
1117,200 50
Salsry or Minister 10,000 00
lai nerx. 4.UUU uu
ftl Clerk 3,000 00
Governor or Osbu 3,600 00
Governor cf Maui. 3,60000
Governor or lUwall , 2,000 00
Governor or Kauai 2,400 00
LieutenaDt-Uovcrnor or Hawaii
Governor's Cleik Oahu
" MauL
' " lUwalL
" KauaL
lit Clerk "
2d Clerk "
Mall Carriers, nawall
Kauai t Niihau.
Postmasters npou Maul .......
" Kauai
Pay of Road Supervisors.
rurciuue c-riuaa clock..
2,000 00
600 00
600 00
2,000 00
600 00
5,000 00
2,400 GO
3,000 09
1,000 CO
831 00
400 00
1,000 00
800 00
400 00
0,000 00
LMO 00
Road Damages 2,000 00
160,761 70
Civil List 40,000 00
Permanent Settlements 24,000 00
Legislator and Privy Council 15,000 00
Judiciary Department 75,40)00
Department or Foreign AtTalra and War.. 117,208 50
Department of the Interior 370,406 00
Department of Finance 137,353 75
Attorney-General's Department... 71,000 00
Bureau or Public Instruction 60,761 70
$012,037 05
takZe r.
Statements of the Grusi Impart of
1860 and 18G7 as co'inuarcd vvltlt
those of 1 80t and 1803.
....$1,S?S,673 34
snieas 67
and Spirits Imported free.. 149,403 49
MtroBTS 1SC7.
Value Oonds pavlne Duties
u spirits llonued,
Value Goods paring Duties.
a e;
Spirits Bonded
and Spirits Imported free.
1,2:11,806 77
5t2,J9 IS
133,463 31
Will ran during the next qaarter as follows
Monday, .March 30 Monday ,April 20
Monday, April 6 Monday, April 27
Monday, April 13 Monday, May 4
Laying up the Week commencing Monday,
Say 11th.
Monday, May 18 Monday, Jane 8
Monday, May 25 Monday, Jus? 15
Monday, June 1 , ,
At H r. x., precisely, touching ri
ICtwralhaei and
Kealakekua, Wednesday, about soon,
Kailna. Wednesday evening!,
Kawaihae a Mahukona, Thursday evenings.
Arriving baok at Honolulu Saturday mornings.
Passengers will be landed at MaAco's Landing.
On Thursday, Jane 25th,
She will leave for
Koloa and lYaimea, KuhbI,
At 4 P. 31.,
Arriving back on Saturday, the 27tb.
11- WALKER A ALLEN, Agents.
For HMolokai.
The Schooner
M,030,979 74
IX POSTS 1864.
Value Goods paving Duties VSO,9li 69
" and Spirits In Bond 537,004 70
" and Spirits imported free.. 153JSS 32
imposts 1865. .
Value Ooodl pajlng Duties. '. 1,131,906 It
" and Spirits Bonded 409,064 79
and Spirits Imported free.. 211,394 75
13,65.1,607 29
increase fcr 1866 and 1867 J 272,472 45
Value Domestic Exports I860.
Foreign Omids 1800
Domestic spnrts 186
Foreign Oonis 1897,
urnished as Supplies 1S6A..
..fl,fl,e21 61
428.753 li
. 1,205,622 02
dd,&39 S3
l'i9,200 00
Will run as a regular packet between Hono
lulu and Molokai, touching at Eaunakakal
and Pukoo. For freight or passage apply to
the Captain on board or
ll-3m II. P11E5DEU0AST, Ageat.
For Hanalei, Kauai.
&i Sch. Prince,
Will run as a regular packet to the above
ports. For freight Or passage apply1 to tae
Captain on board, or
ll-3m Agenlj.
Furnished a Supplies 1G7 11 ,;) OO
S3.614.23S 63
Value Dom'e Elp'ta 1864 (inc. Supplies; 1,113,323 81
foreign "ioous isos &4i,8dz oo
Dom'c Ex',i'ts 1865 (inc. Supplies) 1,569,891 29
Foreign Ooods 1865 287,015 73
Ci,M9,121 49
increase for 1366 and 1867 S 95,117 14
1215,047 08
, 220599 SI
For the year 1866.....
Fur ths year 1867
S435,64S 09
For tho year 18ftt 159,116 72
For tbe year 1865. 192,568 63
For Hilo and Jnprnea, Hawaii.
Sch. Annie,
Will run as n regular packet to the abort
ports. For freight or passage apply to
U-3m WALKER A ALLEN, Agents.
1351.CK3 35
Increase for ISM and 1867 $ 83,963 64
Administrator's Notice.
ALL Persons Indebted to the late
Mary Ooldstone, and all persons having
claims against her cstau), are requested to call
on the undersigned without delay and make
settlement ot toe same.
Honolula, April 10, 1868-1.1-3 Administrator
D OWNER'S Kerosene Oil.
For sale by
For Hilo and Kaupakuea, Hawaii.
d&, Sch. Actiye,
Will run as a regular packet to the above
ports, touching at LAHAiNA. For freight or
passage apply to
H-3"1 Agents.
Clap-Boards, with a Shingle roof con-
isting of three rooms. To be removed from
tbe premises. Apply to
10-tf r . A. DUlI AEt EK A CO.
to i.irr.
joining the Government Premises.
Apply to -trj II. A. WIDE-JIANN.
TUST Received Der D. C. Murray.
fj 285,000 Beat Red Wood Shingles.
For sale cheap by
Juno 26, 1887-11 DOWSETT A CO
adies' and Misses' Silk Cloaks,
Direct rroat farts, very handsome,
and for sale cheap.
adies' and Misses' Hoop Skirts,
Some Tery nice French Print.
ALSO. iplendid mnortmcnt of
adies' and Gents' Kid Gloves,
neat quality, au Kinds.
The attention of the Ladies is invited.
' Fort Street,
as auacket between I'onnlnln on1 tt;in
For" freight or passage, apply to
UllirSG 1IOON ct CO., ActiiU.
Hotoluln, Angtut 28, lfcfia ll-3m
Regular Packet
For Lahaina and Makee's Landing.
The fine slauneh clipper aehoone r
CRANE, Muter,
Will ran regularly and punctually oa
above route For frelzht or razaaire .mil.
to the Master on board, or to
The aebooner
Will run resrnlarlv for the wir4a Vm
freight or passage apply to
U U lOKBERT, noTKJluln.
Or J. H. CONEY, Hilo:
California Lime.
article, and are receiving fresh Sene.ll.i
by every packet, for sale st the lowest prices at,
"-3 B0LLE3 A CO.
Expected Per Comet
J Cases of Cala. Pilot Ttr..rf in t: t
Assorted Crackers, all of which wOl'be sold al
tow prices by 6-tf B0LLE3 1 CO.
CaUTerala HresMsm.
50 I)1ZCJ)ASS0R, Qualities, roa
ft a
B0LLE3 h CO.

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