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t 7 .
Snrcz onr list issue, we LtT6 a number of foreign
arrivals to rport. Til. : The It L Lane from flow.
UpJ's I.lsyd, the Ksmelismebs V from the Gutno
Wands, the HUtie O limit, S djl from Baker's
Island, and the American bark Jennie Prince, from
San Joan, for Baker's Island.
The bark Celestia, of the Hawaiian Packet Line,
arrived on the lTth, with the mails, merchandise and
pawtenfrers, to Walker t Alien.
San Francisco dates are opto the 24th nit. There IS
nothing very important in commercial matters. The
weather was bad and roads in the interior nearly Jm-
passablewithtkelateheaTjralna, Salesof Ilawaiian
No. 1 sugars at 11 11JJ, and some very rbofre at
12c CoH, in New York, by the latest telegrams, 133,
which shows a gradual decline.
The bark B 0 Murray left this port March Jth,
arrired at San Francisco on the 23d, after a flne ran
of 16 days,-and is again folly due here.
The fine American Cllper ship Syren Is loaded and
will sail on the 23i, for New Bedford direct, with a
Talnable cargo of oil, hides, skins, molasses, etc
The brig robert Oowan left Tictorit on the Set
nlL, for this port, with a cargo consisting of lnmber.
salmon, dry goods, etc
The bark Celestia Is engaged fall of cargo, and
sails on Saturday,
Port of Honolulu, April -1.
April 14 Ilaw brig Eamehameha V, Stone, 10 days
Iron itaaers Jslana.
Schr Mary, from Anahola.
Schr Hatlie, from KawiliwilL
fichr Kettle Merrill, fm Kcloa.
Sehr Kona Packet, frum Kona.
16 Am bk Hattle O Ilall, Fl.k, 22 days from
San Francisco.
Brit sli llobt L Lane, Martin, 41 days from
llowland's Islaud, lh distress
Am wh sh Th lhckason, Jernegan, from
cruise, 1,6 bbls sp oil.
Am h bk Helen Snow, Campbell, fm cruise,
175 bbls sp oil.
Schr Active, from Kohala.
17 ltrit bk Celestia, Enapp, 25 days from San
t nausea.
Schr Mary, from llilo.
Schr Lilla, from JlofokaL
18 Am bk Jennie Prince, Prince, 43 days from
San Juan.
19 Sch Kamol, from KaLuluL
Sehr llokulele, fm liana,
fachr Kaiuaile, from MolokaL
Schr Marilda, from Lahaiua.
Schr Waraick, from MolokaL,
22 Sch Kate Lee, for Lahaina and Hakee's.
April 15 Am bl: Gurnet, Abbott, for San Francisco.
Am wb bk Janus, Smith, to cruise.
Schr Matilda, for Lahaina.
Schr YTantick, for MolokaL
15 Am bk Iiattie 0 Hal!, Fisk, for Baker's Is.
Schr Odd Fellow, fur llilo.
Schr Kamaile, for MolokaL
schr Luka, for HanaleL
Schr Mary Mien, for VTalbee.
17 Schr Annie, for llilo.
Schr Manuokawiti. for Hana.
16 Am wh eh Thos JJitkason, Jernegan, cruise.
Am wh bk Heleu Snow, Campbell, to cruise
Schr Active, for Kohala.
Schr Iiattie, for JvawlllwUi.
20 Scbr Matilda, for Labalna.
Schr W arwkk, for MolokaL
21 Schr Kona Packet, for Kona.
Schr llokulele, tor liana.
Schr Kamaile, for MolokaL
Schr Mary, for llilo.
Fo Slsr Filisctico per Comet, April 15 Mis
Terrm, LouU Dalet, Alex McDonald, Cbu St h ma lid,
A Larco. M Baker, S Kfplj.
From IUeee's Ihlasd ir Kamotsftnieha Y, April
15 H W Lul ami 10 natite laborer.
From Ocajto Ibujim jwt A L Lace, April 17 W
P Itjan and ton and 1 uatire.
From Sax Frakcisco perCeltuitia, April IS Frank
XV, I'atj. Jmcpb Hrman.
From II l.kVs 1slam ir A L Loaf, April 17
Guaco, toil a 270.
From Sam Francisco per CeletstU, April 18
Ale, cala 38 I Lumber, ft M 102
Floor, bf esck20O Un' nidi, pkgl
Foa S Fa 41 soo per Comet, April 15
Bananas, Ubs Sf j llilu, lbs 6,347
Boat, 1 Sugar, lbs 160,643
Molasses, galls 38,902 I n
Value Domestic Produce .-. 110,270 88
" Foreign " 451)00
the 1st day of February, A. 1). 1858, J. W. II.
KAOWAIII, of lalialna. Island of Maui, has dejws
Ited in tills office the title of a book, the right where
of be claims as author. In the words following, to
Now, therefore, know all men by these presents,
that I, L. Kamehameha, II. IL M.'a Minister of In
terior, In accordance with a resolution of the King in
Trlvy Council, bearing date the 15th day of Februa
ry, 1S58, and by virtue or the authority in me vested
by Section 1st of the general provisions of Article 4,
Chapter 7, of the Act to organize the Executive De
partmentslaws 1615 and 1S46 do hereby grant un
to the Mid J. TV. II. KauwahL his executors, admin
istrators and assigns, the sole right and liberty Of
printing, repilnting, puuusmug ana Ttouiug iuc siu
Look of forms In the Hawaiian Islands, for the term
of ten years from the 15th day of February, A. D.
In testimony whereof, I, L, Kainehamehu, Uls
Majesty's Minister of Interior, have caused
u a.1 the seal of the Interior Office to be hereunto
affixed, this 18th day of February. A. D. 1859.
Bl IT r.KMf.MREKT, that on the 22d day of Februa
ry, A. D. 1868, J. W. II. KauwahLof Labalna, Island
of Maui, in accordance with Section 3d of an Act
"To encourage learning In this Kingdom, by secur
ing the copies of charts, map." and books to the au
thors and proprietors of such copies," approved cu
the 31st day of December, 1804, has deposited in this
office a copy of his book, entitled,
The rights of which he claims as author.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my
hand and caused the seal of tbs Interior De
Tu S.1 partment to be affixed, l Honolulu, this 18th
day of March, A. O. 16CS.
14-2m ilinistf of Interlon.
the 4U-. day of April, A. D., 1S08, G.
I JUDb of Honolotu, Island of Oahu, in
accordance with Section 3 of an Act "To
encourcge Learning in this Kingdom, by se
curing the Copies of Charts and Books to
the authors and proprietors of such copies,"
approved on the 31st day December, A. D.
18S4, has deposited in this OlScc the Title
of his Book :
I Unuhlla a 1 Kakulla ma ka Olclo Hawaii.
Samcel C. AsDItEWgj
The rights of which he claims as Owner and
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the seal of the Interior
Department to be affixed at Honolulu this Tth
day of April A. D. 1S08.
Minister of the Interior.
Supreme CourtIn Probate.
In the Matter of tho Estate of Albert A. Coe,
of Kaupo, Island of Maui, deceased.
PUOFEIt application having been
made to the Hon. E. H. Allen, Chief Jus
tice of the Supreme Court, by Honolulu Coe,
for administration opon the Estate of Albert
A. Coe, of Kaupo, Maui, late deceased. No
tice is hereby given to all persons whom it may
concern, that FRIDAY, the 24th day of April
next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, is a day and
hour appointed for hearing the application for
letters of administration aforesaid, and all ob
jections that may be ottered thereto, at the
Court House, city of Honolulu.
Deputy Clerk Supreme Court.
Honolulu. April 11, 1S6S. 13-It
37trom No. 1 to No. 8,- to arrive per
Ship Syren, at greatly reduced prices by
11.3m UOLLESaCO.
Phaiei of tie Moor' for the month of April,
rurun by cm. ejls'l gjcrrB.
45 P. M.
03 P. M.
4S A. L
4 A. M.
Cth, Full Moon. 8
14th, Last Quarttr, 0
22d, New Moon, 0
29th, First Quarter 7
h. m. h.' m.
1st, Sun Rises, &5a.K. Sun Sets,... C 11 T. M.
8th, Eunltlses SiO " Sun Sets,... 6 14 "
15th, Fun Kise,. . .5 44 " San Sets,... 6 16 "
S2d. Sun Rises,.,. .SS9 " Sun Sets,... 18 '
J9th,Sunllise!,...5 34 Sun Sets,. 6 20 "
Tut, D. C. Murray with the maUs is honrly
Oot thanks ore due to Bennett of the News
Depot for papers by the late arrivals.
We are Indebted to the Editor of the MaOe
Quarterly for advance sheets of that publica
tion. The Sbakcsperian reading by Arch Deacon
Mason, at tbc Olympic Clnb, last Friday, we
hear, gave great pleasure to the audience.
Comments of unqualified praise from those
present attest the success of the cnUrtoln-n.-
The funeral of Hon. Jona Kapena will take
place next Sunday, The body will be taken
from his late residence at 3f p. m.- to the Ka
waiahao Church, where services will be held
by Rev. H. H. Parker at 4 r. it. A new tomb
has been erected in the churchyard where the
remains will be deposited.
Crime. At loll, Koolan, on Sunday last,
Kaanaana attempted to murder his wife,
I'aaliao, with an axe. She was lying down,
with her bead covered with a kihei, when ho
struck her a frightful blow on the neck, and
a others on the arms. Her cries alarming the
neighbors, they ran to the house and found
Kaanaana cutting himself with a knife. He
wounded himself severely in the abdomen,
but did not succeed in dispatching himself.
So cause i' apparent for the deed, as the
couple had heretofore lived amicably togeth
er. Both were alive on Monday.
Tako. This article ot lood, which a year
ago was so scarce as to command the extra
ordinary price of 4c per pound, has become
so plenty as to be almost unsalable. It can
be readily purchased in large quantities otl
cts per pound, and will fall still lower ere the
present 6upply is exhausted. Many who
hoped to reap large profits, when they plant
ed during the scarcity, will be disappointed
and withdraw their lands from its cultivation.
The taro is from fourteen to eighteen months
in maturing, so that it requires considerable
forecast to manage it profitably.
Volcano Smoke. The smoke of the vol
cano, which hung about Honolulu for three
or four days, being observed first on Friday
the 10th ulL, was also seen by Capt Stone of
the brig Kamebanieha V, at sea, 4 SO miles to
the westward. The sun on Friday, with him
as with ns, rose shorn of its accustomed
brightness, and could be looked at comforta
bly with the naked eye. For four days the
whole atmosphere was thick with smoke, and
during that time he was unable to get an ob
servation. A light southerly wind, which set
in the day before, brought Jbc smoke to the
position of the Kamehamcha. It had been
carried to the southard and. westward by the
strong trades, and doudbtless may have ex
tended a thousand miles at sea in that.direc-
tion. Since the eruption commenced on the
th nit vast masses of smoke have been sent
upward from the open crater, and the dis
tance which it has been carried gives some
idea of the gigantic fire which is burning on
Scpkeme Court, April Term. Rex vs Ah-
fo ; assault with a deadly weapon. Attorney
General for the Crown; Mr. Thompson as
signed by the Court for the prisoner. The
prisoner is a coolie in the employment of J.
H. Wood, charged with having made an as
sault with a hatchet on Mr. Wood on the 3d
of Feb. Verdict of gnilty. Prisoner's coun
sel filed a motion in arrest of judgment.
which will be argued before the full court on
Rex v Lohlan ; malicious burning. Attorney-General
for the Crown; Mr. Kaniblna
for the prisoner. The prisoner, a bound ser
vant of the Kaalaca Plantation, was charged
with having set lire to the cooper's shop on
the plantation, on the 10th of Feb. The evi
dence, was purely circumstantial. On the
14th of Feb., the prisoner had some difficulty
with Mr. Bickcrton, the Manager, about turn
ing out his cattle, (the prisoner being a tcs ra
ster) and Mr. Bickcrton told him that he
would be fined $2.00, if the cattle were not
turned out properly. On that evening, the
prisoner told a companion that if Mr. Bick
crton went to town he would set the house
on fire. On the 15th, Mr. Bickerton came
Into town ; on the afternoon of the ICth, the
prisoner was seen going towards the cooper
shop, and on being asked where he was go
ing, said that he was looking for a horse.
After a short time the prisoner returned, and
on being asked if he had found his horse,
said that be had been to Kuuia's honsc, and
that he had let the horse go Into the enclo
sure. The prisoner then went away, and in
in a few minutes the cooper shop was found
to be on fire. Kuuia, on being called, stated
tbat he had not seen the prisoner on that
day. While the house was burning, prison
er said to some parties tbat the foreigners'
honsu was on fire, and that it served them
right There was no house near the shop,
nor did the road leading to any bouse pass
near it; it had net been opened for eight
days before the fire. Value of honse and
contents, over $1,000. Verdict, guilty of
malicious burning, in the second degree, and
sentenced to seven ycare' imprisonment at
hard labor.
Rex vs Kcaknl; Forgery. Attorney-General
for the Crown ; Messrs. Jones and Kani
blna for the prisoner. The prisoner was
charged with having altered a forged receipt
for taxes, amounting to $5.50. This receipt
was originally made to Kalnau, and was al
tered to Keakui, and offered by the prisoner
in payment of his taxes. Prisoner's counsel
demurred to Indictment, and the Attorney
General entered a no!, pros., and presented a
new indictm-nt. Verdict of guilty. Pris
oner's counsel filed motion in arrest of Judg
ment, which will be argued on Thursday.
Rex vsElcakala; Perjury. Attorney-Gen
eral for the Crown; Mr. Kanwahl for the
the prisoner. The prisoner was charged
with having committed perjury in the Police
Court of Honolulu, on the trial of Ahai, for
selling liquors without a license. Verdict of
guilty, and sentenced to two year's impris
onment at hard labor. ,
Rex ts Achn; Embezzlement Mr. Jndd
for the Crown ; Mr. Jones for the prisoner.
The prisoner was charged with having em
bezzled the sum of $S6.S7, the property of
Chulan & Brothers. Verdict of not guilty.
The Kona Iheket fitted np herhold for pas
sengers, and sailed yesterday on an excursion
trip to Kan. Ten or fifteen persons provi
sioned and equipped for eight seeing started
out in the vessel.
Mcbder. Capt Prince, of the bark Jenny
Prince, which came to anchor in the road
stead on Saturday, en route from San Jnan
to Baker's Island, reported to the American
Consnl tlmt a murder had been committed
on board dnring the passage. Tho criminal,
nebcr Ontcrbridgc, cook of tbc vessel, a ne
gro from Bermuda, was brought on shore
and committed to prison to await being sent
to San Francisco for trial. Wm. Robcrson,
the murdered man, a Swede, and seaman, was
lying asleep on the deck dnring the night of
Tuesday, March 31, when Hcber struck him
on the head with a handspike, killing him
instantly. He confessed that be killed Rob-
erson, and did so in self-defense, because
Roberson had several times threatened bis life
and Hcber believed tbat be was in constant
peril. He is a quiet, inoffensive appearing
man, and peaceable, so tbat dnring tbc re
mainder of the passage, the captain did not
confine him, but kept him on duty. Two
witnesses will be taken from the vessel to
testify on the trial.
Tin: Ebcttios. Our latest reliable news
from the eruption is by the Kona Packet.
which left Kealualu Friday the 3d nit Rev.
Mr. Pogne and family, and Capt Brown's
family came down. "o foreign families are
left in the district .Nearly two thousand
earthquakes, and a fiery, terrible stream of
lava, are enough to appal the stoutest nerves.
The fairest and most fertile parts of the
district have been overwhelmed, by the lava
flow on Kahuku and the mud flow on
Kelwa. There are native reports that three
or four distinct streams are flowing, but wc
await confirmation of tbe fact, which must
soon come to hand, if it is correct Mean
time we know, that one gigantic and awful
flow exists on Kahakn.
On Tuesday, the 7th, about 5 P. M., tbe
family of Capt Brown were startled, by an
explosion and a terrific roar, about two
miles from their house. At once they saw
several jets of lava mounting upward, nearly
a thousand feet, while smoke and steam
shot up to the clouds. The glare of the
fire, cast a lurid light far and near, while
tbe lava was seen coming down rapidly
upon tbeir doomed dwelling. The family,
and the natives about the premises, ran for
their lives, first in a wrong direction, haply
soon corrected by -Mr. Swain, whose presence
of mind pointed out, that up the mountain
and across tbe gulch, was the only chance
of escape. Panting and excited, the people
gained the farther bank, when in a few
minutes the glowing lava poured through
the gulch, filling It with a stream of living
fire. The stream parted at the sonrce, to
join again further down. On tbe enclosed
space of grassy land, more than two hun
dred bead of cattle were feeding; the terri
fied animals made aware of their peril, by
the increasing heat and the gradual closing
in of tbc lava, which soon covered the land
at first spared, stood quiet and helpless. It
was a short respite only. On came the fire,
and in an instant a slight puff of smoke was
all that remained of tbe dumb beasts.
From tbe Adetrtiter, we learn tbat this
lava stream has a course of ten miles from
tbc crater to the sea. From tbc Kona side,
where the editor saw it on Friday tbe 10th,
he says :
"At the left were these four grand foun
tains playing with terrific fury, throwing
blood-red lava and huge stones, some as
large as a house, to a height varying con
stantly from 500 to 1000 feet.
"Tbcu there was tbe rapid, rolling stream,
rushing and tumbling like a swollen river,
down tbc bill, over the precipice and down
tte valley to the sea, surging and roaring
like a cataract, with a fury perfectly inde
scribable. This river of fire varied from 500
to 1200 or 1500 feet in width."
Off the coast the Kona Packet on Tuesday
tbc 7th was surprised by the sudden eleva
tion, about a mile off shore, of a mass of
rock and lava; she was so near tbat mud and
spray were thrown upon tho tails. This
occurcd jnst before the crater opened above
Capt Brown's house, and doubtless was an
effort of tbc imprisoned lava, that lilted the
sea bed, and almost immediately found vent
higher np the mountain. The flow into tbe
sea, in a short time connected this advance
post with the mainland, so tbat a peninsula
has been formed, running out at an angle
with tbe coast Some appreciation of the
mass of lava discharged from the new cra
ter may be formed from tbe fact, of this
peninsula of a tulle in extent being formed
in the deep sea in about GO hours. This new
eruption will before it ceases, probably add
thousands of acres to tbe area of tbc island,
though not of such land, as will compen
sate our generation for the fertile land over
Tbe land all through Walohlnu is badly
fissured and moved. In one place on tbe
road to the landing, the action is distinctly
marked by a fissure, on the one side of
which the road is displaced ieveral feet. It
does not match by tbat mucb, with tbe dis
jointed portion on the other tide.
The earthquakes through the island have
abated thtngh not entirely. In Kobala,
strong wnakes were felt on tie 14th and eo
also at Hilo. Further news from the erup
tion may be expected by the steamer this
A Meteor An Earthquake The Via.
It of the ltlnf.
The island of beautiful Tallies has been
honored recently by three most distinguished
visitors, which arc thus chronicled in tbe an
nals of Lanai:
On the nigbt of the ICth of March, about
to ten r. m., there appeared to late sitters
no in Palawaii Valley, In tbe eastern quarter
of tbc sky, as though issuing from Halcaka
la, a wondrous meteor a glebe of fire, like
a burning full moon, sweeping along wester
ly, with a roar, and a flaming tail, in its aerial
flight, lighting np the bdautiful valley, like
the noon-day sun, and descending apparently
within the aakoko groves, bordering its rim.
This was a grander aerolite than the two
celebrated ones seen also by the writer, In
America, in the winter of 1SC0. Lanai has been
especially honored by such visitors. One,
according to unquestioned tradition, dropped
in upon her abont the time of Kamehameha
the Great, upon the N. W. part of the Island,
in the district of Mabana, at a place since
named Hoknnui, or Great Star. Tbe ancient
islanders speak of a burning star that came
down with a roar and a mighty shock, and
which made a deep pit, from whence issued
smoke and detonations from tbe incandes
cent celestial visitant.
A party went lately to exhume the sepul
chred asteroid, but tbey found that after the
lapse of so many years, such a depth of al-
lnvinm has washed in, tbat it would require
a greater force and more appliances than at
command, to disentomb tbe wanderer from
the Nebular Kingdom. It Is supposed tbat
this meteoric stone has an average diameter
of abont twenty feet, and could not be hoist
ed, but must be blown out of the pit tbat it
has made. The Lanaians are always in ex
pectation of getting a sockdologer from an
other of these fellows, that will spoil some
more of their real estate, and are now look
ing for the hole tbat tbc one of tbe 16th is
supposed to have made.
The meteor was a fitting herald to the
dread visitant that shook ns on our pins on
Thursday, the 2d inst, at abont 3f p. k. We
heard, boom, boom, boom, and then wc
were shaken and rocked, and the crockery
rattled in onr cupboards. A lot of natives
rushed to the baolc headquarters on the Isl
and, and said the report of cannon announced
the arrival of His Msjei-ty, who had been ex
pected, on board tho Royal Yacht Kamaile.
A letter was dispatched, with a convoy of
supplies referring to the fact or the vessel's
arrival being announced by tbe report of her
gnns. The Kamaile was Indeed found anchor
ed at Honoopu, but no gnns had been fired
from her; it was an earthquake that had an
nounced His Majesty.
Again on Friday, the 3d inst, at about 3
A. m., we felt another earthquake. It awoke
every Islander, and a'so tbe King's party,
from their slumbers. The earth waves seem
ed to lift ns up and toss ns, as they rolled
from cast toKwcst, keeping us moving and
anxious for the space of abont three minutes.
Our third, and most welcome visitor, was
our most Gracious Sovereign, whom we Lave
long expected to confer on ns the distinguish
ed honor of a visit Tbc Kamaile anchored
in one of the moft charming and picturesque
of bays. Its entrance is guarded by three
remarkable basaltic columns or needles. One
is a perpendicular shaft, apparently more than
100 feet high, and about 20 feet diameter; the
same from base to summit It is like a col'
nmn of some wondrous temple that has been
washed away by the fierce Kona storms, leav
ing alone this towering relic of the past
There are two smaller columns, and farther
in the harbor, on the western side, there is
grand square tower, or donjon keep, abont
100 feet liigb, 50 feet diameter at the base, and
tapering to a diameter of about 25 feet at tbe
top. The waters of the little bay were still
as a mill-pond, while tbe trades were blow
ing fiercely over tbe lofty bluffs surrounding
tbc harbor. Tbc boats of the Kamaile came
alongside of a natural wharf, and landed
without the slightest discomfort or inconrc'
nlcnce to the Royal Visitor and suite. The
tents were pitched, some on, the beach of
smootn, nat stones, ana some in caves ana
rocky recesses aronna the bay.
There is here a errand sea cavern, within
which, yon can ride many hundred yards on
horseback and be sheltered from the noonday
heat. Tbe picturesque bay presented alively
appearance as tbe islanders came down from
the heights to welcome the King with their
simple offerings of the fruits of the island,
wbicb, though of no material value, were an
evidence of present love, and according to
their ancient modes of demonstrating loyal
ty. All the people were pleased to sec the
King in vigorous health. After spending a
weeKiiDoui toe lsiana, on a usning excursion,
ine Jiamaue, on tue etn, uorc away lorilon
The city of Hong Kong is one of the larg
est oasine&s ports oi i;uina; it coniainsanoni
laj.uuu (jninesc, ana o.&uo white foreicuers.
besides the large military and naval forces
stationed there by Great Britain. Over
2,000,000 tons of shipping visit the harbor
annnany, ana inc value oi the exports and
imports exceeds $2,000,000 per annum. The
business portion of tbc town is located along
the water Irout, and there aru,scveral excel
lent level roads running parallel with the
shore, each being from three to five miles
long. Strange to say, the immense business
transacted J early is aone uy coolie labor,
I there not beinga single wheel vehicle, wbeel-
i barrow mcluaed, usea to transport tbe euor-
mons amount of merchandise tbat has to pass
i lrum one wareiiousc to anoiucr, ana irom
I tue snipping to tue suorc, ana vice versa.
No. 1, I. 0. O.F., J
Hoso.lulu, April 22, 1E68. J
SyaiKShcreby notified, that tho Anniver
"SwvEsary of Odd Fellowship will be
Commemorated on MONDAY EVIINIMO,
the 27th inst., at 71 o'clock, at Odd Fellows
Hall. Visiting Brothers aro cordially invited
to De present. .
Per order. JN0. S. SMITHIES,
It Reo'fi Sec., pro tern.
Steam Engines,
Centrifugal Machines,
Steam Boilers,
Sugar Mills,
Wrought & Cast Iron Kettles
J the Best Material and Workmanship.
Every Description of
Iron Shafting,
Steam and Water Cocks,
' Valves, Guage Cocks,
Steam Gauges .t Injectors,
Piping Elbows, Tees,
India Rubber Packing,
Leather Belting,
Flax Packing,
and Hose.
All Kinds; ofBrass Work IVeat
ly Executed.
Cumberland Coal,
On hand and for &Ieat lowest market prices.
Oycrwliol, Turbine, Centre Dig
charge, ltrcast,
w ter w neels,
Made of either Iron or Wood, calculations
for which will be made on receiving the par
ticulars of Volume, Head, and Fall of Water,
in any desired locality. One of oar Centre
Discharge Wheels may be seen at the Kane
obe Plantation, where it is in full operation
and giving entire satisfaction.
w jusnp -ivor iiigr
With Pnmpi, Made and adapted to any place
Wool, Pu!u, Cotton & Oil Presses
Made of any Sixe and Strength,
Combining all the Latest Improvements,
and composed of the Beat Materials. One of
our Wool Presses is giving entire satisfaction
on tbe extensive Ranch of Messrs. J. & F.
Sinclair, Island of Niibau, who may be con
sulted with regard to particulars. 13-3m
For Sa!e.
JUST received ex J. W. Seaver,
a cargo of superior well-packed
King's Salmon,
lied Salmon,
White Salmon.
40-tf H. UACKFELD a CO.
Piano Maker & Tuner,
fnr Pimm.. mrtA Tnnin. Pl'inn.
I 'having the best of Strings and
Material on hand.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Orders left at the Family Drug Store, Cor
ner of Fort and notel Street, will meet with
immediate attention. 12-3m
Licenses Expiringjn April, 1868.
XKTAII.-l!t, DEXnLF.nS; 15th, II McIN'-
JUV.tjre; 1st, II Dimond A Son; 1st, SI Mclnerner;
20th. SMainin: 15th. O. SMeti: S6tb. Mossmaa A
Son; 1st. W Fisher. Honolulu. Sth, Xapahi, Honu
apo; 30th, Akok. Kailua; 30th, Apauahana, Kona;
l;tb, C Nobler, Walmea; 15th, 0 1! SpaMInc, Kalia-
luu. Hawaii. 15th, 'ee4ham, Lahaina; Uth, Savre,
Makairao; 6th, E Jones Wool, Lahaiua; Uth, N
i'oitai, Wailutu ; 30th, It W brown, Wailuku, Maul.
tutu, J M liurrews, imobaKu, jloIOKau 2Utu, AK
Kona. Xinmalu ; 6th, Alat, Walmea, Kauai.
WHOLESALE 17th. II Hackleld A Co. Honolulu.
WHOLESALE SWRIT 13th, T C Heuck, Hono
PLANTATION SCth, O Wilder, Kualoa, Oahu.
loth. Haiku Plantation, 3IauL
VICTUALLING sth, S lljman, Honolulu. Oahu.
ist, j .tomore, lino; 2d, AKai AKlna, ltuo, Hawaii.
llOWLINO ALLEY 1st J Nomore, Hilo, UawaiL
nrrrrnvtt tik vr i n i-i.. i.. i
Puha, Lanaina. '
AUCTION 13th, E P Adams, Honolulu.
HOUSE 1st, L'ko,.No2i9; Sth, Ealakai, No 250 1
eth, CP Ward, No 1; lltb, Jim Kukoua, No2; 13th,
Kamae, No 3 ; 30th, Kalua No 4, Honolulu.
X.atc .Tuition, Green .V Co.,
0f3r for Sixlo
Assortment of Goods,
Suitable for this Market,
Per tSarstnitfr, from Uverpool.
Bobert Cowan, from Victoria.
Heavy Denims, Brown Drills,
White Cottons, Regatta Stripes,
Ticking, Turkey Red, t Prints.
Brown Linen Drills, Brown Holland,
State Hollands, Blue White Checks,
Diaper, Fine Linen, Dowlas,
White Duck, Damask Cloth.
Alpacas Black and Fancy Colors,
Blankets White, Grey, Blue, Ac,
Cloths Black, Blue, White, Green, tc
Coburgs Black, Blue, A fancy colors.
Flannels Bine, Black, Scarlet, ic,
Orleans Printed White 0 round and Fig
ured Colored Ground,
Tweeds Light & Heavy, ass'd patterns.
A Very Superior Assortment of Coats,
Pants mid Full Suits Light
and Heavy,
Coats Alpaca, Tweed, Doeskin and Pi
lot Cloth,
Pants Blue Flannel, Tweed, Moleskin,
Doeskin, and Pilot Cloth.
Children') C'loiilts uud JInntles,
India Rubber and Tweed Waterproof.
A large variety of Crimean Shirts, best styles,
Heavy Jean Shirts, Striped 4 Print
ed Regattas, Extra Stout Grey
Merino Shirts & Drawers.
Common, Medium and Superior Saddles, Com
mon .t Superior Side Saddles, Heads
and Reins, A few very good
Bridles, and Electro
plated Bits.
White and colored embroidered Grenadines A
Book Muslins, Fine Lawns, Striped and
Checked, Cambric A Lace Hand
kerchiefs, Tape Checks and
Laces, Bishop's Lawn,
Victoria Lawn,
Bobbicet Lace.
A. Small Iot or Very Handxonie
66 to 72 inches wide, and 4 yards long. One
or two pairs to each pattern.
Silk and Cotton Velvets, Silk Handkerchiefs,
Pongees and Corahs, Merino and Felt
'Hats, Assorted Wood and Bronte
Table Oil Clotb, Leather and
India Rubber Belting and
Hose, Twilled Sacks,
Ilntralian, English and Amer
ican FI:ifjn,
Ind, Coope A Co's Draught Ale,
Lea & Perrin's Sauces, Pie Fruits and
Jams, Coward's Pickles,
Gosnell's fine 'Perfnmes and
Brashes, Nobles A Hoare's
Varnishes, American
Best Quality of Floor Oil Cloth,
Four Yards wide, and cut to any length.
Sugar Coolers, Carron Pans,
Best Hoop Iron and Bar Iron,
Pig Iron, Fire Bricks,
Roofing Felt, Ac, Ac.
Patent Agrnflc Style,
ly for a Tropical Climate The
best toned Instruments ever im
ported. These Instruments are acknowledged
by the greatest Artists, at the hut Paris Ex
position, as the best Upright Pianos that are
manufactured. Also
One Cabinet Organ,
The above mentioned instruments will ha
SOLD LOW, at the Furniture Rooms of
By C. S. BARTOW. Bf E P ASA 91 S. M
On Wednesday, April 29,
At 10 o'clock A. M., at Salesroom,
A General Assortment or
Cases Snjpcrior Currant Wine,
And a Variety of Other
CrasJied Sugar.
ll-3m BOLLES A CO.
WhiteirnNli Brushes.
11 -3m BOLLES A CO.
Lumber Yard,
Corner of Fort and Queen Streets,
Consisting of .
K. W. Boards,
N. W. Scantling, assorted,
T. and G. Flooring,
Cedar Shared Shingles,
m Battens, etc.. etc.
And a snperior lot of Dressed Lumber 1 and
1 men.
Also, the Cargo of the brig
Consisting of
An extra quality clear N W boards
Scantling of all dimensions.
.Cedar shaved shingles,
Plank 2 a 3 inch.
Battens, etc.,
They bare ul.so on hand a Full
Assortment of
Redwood lumber, dressed and rouch :
Redwood shingles, pickets, battens t siding;
Dressed cedar ; N W tongue and grooved,
planed both sides ;
Laths ; fence posts ; lattice, i-in dressed n w
A complete assortment of doors, window
sasn, DUnas. nails, locks, eta.
White zinc, white lead, chrome green and
yellow, Prussian blue, Paris green,
black paint, yellow ochre, Venetian red
rea lead : wnitiutr. rose-mnk : etc.. etc.
Best boiled linseed oil, in casks, drums a tins.
Ueniolo and spirits of tnrpentine.
Barrels best California Lime.
BEST KAKAAK0 SALT, in quantites to suit.
ASSORTED LEATHER, sheep and calfskins.
Ship Timber and Plank. 1 steam boiler and
Honolulu, January, 1S63. 50-tf
PnrasiAx Consulate, 1
Ho.voLULtT, March 31. 1868. 1
XX scribe to tho fund for alleviating the
fearful distress and famine now rcinnlnir in
tho Eastern provinces of German v. will nlease
add their names to the subscription list open-
tu IU luia UUU3U1HIV.
11-lm F. A. SCHAEFER, Consul.
.1. M. SMITH & CO.,
I I als, aes Assortment of Drugs and
Sands' Sarsaparilla, Townsend's do.,
Ayers' do., Bristol's do.. Shakers' do.,
Root do., Ayers' Cherry Pectoral,
Balsam for the Lungs, Balsam of Wild
Cherry, nypophosphites of Lime a Soda,
Compound Extract of Buchu, Capsules,
Thorn's Extract, Crossman's Specific,
Pills and Ointments, of various kinds, .
Liniments, Plasters, Pectoral Fnmigators,
Sponges, Hamburg Tea, Lily White,
Fumigating Pastils, Trusses,
J. R. Cook's Nipples, Nipple Shields,
Lnbin's and Pinaud's Extracts,
Toilet Articles, Lip Salve,
Indelible Pencils, a. New InTcnllon.
Hair Restorers and Dressings, '
Syringes, Leeches, etc., etc., etc
Driis" or all hinds,
Corner cf Furt and Hotel streets. 11-tf
BOXrliES & CO.,
Per Idaho onr nsnal supply of
Flour in half and nnarter sacks.
Also, per D C Murray,
lamornia Lime and
A large assortment of
Paints and Paint Oil
Manila Cordage assorted
Sizes from 1 to 4in.
Per Wllhelm,
Hubbard s Patent Zino Paint
Best Boiled Eng Paint Oil
Paint 1J rushes,
ll-3m Whitewash do, etc.
Japan Tea.
T) eceived per lilaho. For sale lv
All ll-3m BOLLES A CO.
Pie Fruits.
Cnlifornia Table and Fie Fruits,
Just received per Idaho. For rale by
ll-3m BOLLES A CO.
ity, for sjla by
ll-3m BOLLES A CO.
White Lead.
TCjUuV cans, for sale low, by
Portland &Rosendale Cement
TEN THOUSAND Gallons of the
above Celebrated Oil, to arrive per ship
Syren, direct from Boston. Enquire of '
ll-3m BOLLES A CO.
Paint Brushes.
Arrol's Celebrated. Pale Ale,
In pints, for sale by
i n. aACKFELP i Co,
On Wednesday, April 2 2d,
At 10 o'clock: A. M., at Salesroom,
A aLai-fce Variety of
Consisting in part of
Dry Goods and Groceries.
Hats, Caps and Shoes, ' ,
Clothing and Matting,
Kerosene and Crystal Oils,
Card Matches,
Sugar and Teas,
Cigars and Tobacco,
Manilla Rope, etc., eie.
Adininistrator's Notice.
late Rev. J. 8. Emerson, and all persona
having claims against the said Rer J. S. Em
erson, are requested to call upon the under
signed without delay.
a. jn. ii.Mtattiu.N, Admm-r.
Waialua, March 23, 1883. 10-lm
JL jo
The Curative Principle of Sar
saparilla enters largely into
the composition of
One Bottle of Eesolvent Better than
Ten Large liottles oi Sarsaparilla.
One Settle will Purify the Blood, and
Expel Corruption from the Body !
So nrift m this rtmedy in inlerina into the
tireklation, that it hat hem detected in the blood
end ttrine in i'x Minutes after it has been taken.
R. R. R. Resolvent cures with
astonishing rapidity every form
of Chronic, Scrofulous and Skin
Diseases, and exterminates all
corruption from the human
One bottle of Dr. Had way's Renovating Re
solvent contains more of the active curative
principles of tho best Jamaica Sarsaparilla,
(Sarsaparilltan,) than Ten of the largest size
bottles of the mlttoro sold under the name
of Sarsaparilla
The process adopted by Dr. Radway in
securing extracts (prepared In vacuo,) of
Medicinal liools, t'lanw, itorus, auu outer
oetablcs posse38in2 creat curative proper
ties over Scrofula. Chronic, Syphilitic and
all skin diseases, that enters into tho com
posit:on of the Renovating Resolvent, pro
duces only ONE OUNCE of tho pure extract
otit of 2 lbs. of the crude roots. The Inert
ma'tor that enters so generally In tbe large
bottle mixtures and prepared under the oiH
cinal. or pharmacopeia formula, is, by Dr.
Radway's process, cast aside as rubbish.
One teaspoontul or tbe uesoivem is sum-
dent for a dose for all Skin Diseases, Salt
Rheum. Piranles. Blotches. Sores and Erup
tions of tbe Skin, Humors in the Blood, &c
One teasDoonful, three times per day, will,
in a few days, rcakotbo Blood pure, the Skin
Clear. thoEyes btlgnt,tne complexion smootn
and transparent, the Hair strong, and remove
ill Sores, fimples, uiotcnes, rustnies, let
ters. Cankers, 5tcN Irom trie ileaa, race,
Neck, Mouth and Skin. It is pleasant to take,
and the do;e is small.
Tho first dosa that is taken seizes on the
diet o and commences its work of resohing
way all diseased deposit?, Purifying the
Slood, and driving corruption from the
The Renovating Resolvent, If used in any
of the following named complaints, will posi
tively cure tbe patient:
Skin Discnoos, Caries of tho
flono. 52iiiuors in the Illootl,
ConMllutloiml, Chronic and
scrofuloiH Ureases, Scroniln,
Kil!iiiis, Fever Sores, Ulcer,
gall Klieiirn, Erynipclai, ISIcIt
ols, Scald ilcatl, Soro Xcgi,
Cankers, Glandular Swellings,
While Swcllln::, Bollx, rVodes,
a ore Ear, Sore Cye, Strumous
Uscnnt'ces irom ine i.ar, up
iialniia.Ifcli.ConNliUtinnlltcbtl. it)-, U listing and 5eeayor the
ESndv. Skill Eruptions. Pimples
nnd Jllottiics, 'I'timorr., Cuncer.
on AiTention, I)j xpcimla, Wa
ter Xtruth, Neuralgia, Chronic
liciuiiatiHiii una tiout, iiiscases
or tho ividaeysi, Bladder, Ure
thra, -itrieture, Diiilctfity of
usiuz water, calculous uc
lDits, &e.
The annual reports of the Health Com-
mi'sioacrs of different cities, show a great
increase of death i from uiseases of tne mo
neys and Urinary Orgaiu BADWAY'S
rnuiedy that has diuUctd calculous concretion.
Its S1' " EXT, diuretic, lithontriptie and
tonic properties exceed that of any medl-cin-
in tbe world : it readily assimilates with
the tlui'ls, and promotes their exit through
t!i. Kidneys, Ureter aud Bladder, removing
calculous obstructions, and correcting all de
rangements of these organs.
.& iwift if tIM rtmedy in patting into int
it hzi Zrm dcieatd in the urine in
t z minulet after it hat been taken ; by I'idlnj
to the liquid when cold a few pieces of starch,
tb"Ti a few drops of nitric acid, the liquid
wiil change to a blue color. iThen brick
diut, or a thick white deposit, like the whits
of an egz, (albumen,) fa detected In the Tes
te!, or bloody discharges from the. urethra,
or micturating in drops, accompanied by x
burning or scalding pain the RESOLVENT
should be used, and R. R. RELIEF rubbaj
on tho spine, ic
RADf AY'S PILLS being an aperient,
soothing, and tonic laxative, are the only
purgative medicine safe to administer in
these difficulties; their mild, soothing smd
healing properties produce evacuations with
out irritating tbe mucous membranes of tbe
bowels, kidneys, ureter, bladder, 4c, or
causing straining when at stool. sJB
Price of Resolvent, gl per bottle, or 6 far
fo. PiUi, 25 cts. R.R. Relief, 50 eta. per
hottie.1 1'rincipal Depot, 87 Maiden Lane,
K. Y. Bold by all Druggists and Coaatry
' For JSoJLo "toy--
Crsme fe Brlgham, Saa Francisco,
B. II. McDonald s Co, gsta Ifraaclseo,
J as tin Gates t Bro, Sacramento,
And by all Drncjsrtsta and Country
11) Xercbaats. pj

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