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i ' :
Director of the Goreramest Press.
The ' reduction of the "UaToa
which, for many Tear, his been one doUar
per neaa on au over two rears ou. cas
beeonnderdiseassioa for eeveral days in
the' Assembly. The Bin. a brvcrht in,
RbiUtateJ half a dollar in rdace of one
jji 'vj j ;r ,.
estimates of the Itadret. of SamXl
One of the reasons which induced the
lerrinj of thU tax ia the first instancy
aad has persuaded sabseqaeat A&svmblics
to keep it ia ferce, was the treat Dumber
of worthless horses whkh ocerrua the
Islands, derocriac pastures wbkh shooW
hare beea deroted to raUiB? stock, asd
oocapjKJg jroand thai ocjht to b colli-
Tatedi and the stiH greater evil which the
ownership of these asimals had upon the
habits, weMrv aad aoraU of the people
theraselres. '
Her hare been at a3Ctwa ia
UoaeJilu a$ law as 52-50 each ; and all !
throcii th( cocatrv their voice ai property
had become reduced to aa iaskni&caat
figure, aad the-fere wwtMess as property.
semteri labor, whHe thev teapted that
" ,
HawaSaa to ideeaess aad dtssipatiea.
taay borscs have dLopeared through the :
operatswi of the law, bat net 31 ntasv as '
was hoped, aad berseSesh s'itt renBiss a
chean CMacditv.
"... . " .. . ,
.OBaas.poria Jlainn ce.
iie cau ovl uh a. uwx:; sou jwca
reiunwa pj- ibc assr uv.fitr wun
. 1 i il. . m
wfciel. escape taxation aad tliee
eecpt ate the Uw. prove that the
horses ctoamber.the aJdt inhahitasU.
. . v . . e n- -
Ia mtentneiSxhastateof aairs
woeld be coajidered aa" eviL asu ss brc-
uena? the adrsaoe of Jje peop.e in tabiU
of kbor aad iadastrr, aad as teadta? to
aischievoai and eSsainate idleness In
the rural districts naav- a rnaa. witlxret
,v . r. .: ." . 1 1
rS is. ,v" 1 1" f
of his cheap Iiorfe, woesd be coateat to
reai& abost his own hscse a&d ceW, to
find ia the inproreraeat of them a socree :
of interest aad patica'.tOB, tLroacb. the t
iaabBhr ef kiie: excitement abroad. i
Bat the fcorse has Ixeoae sa coaaected ,
with tie bahte aad aodes of HawaSaa i
Hfe. that it i; diScalt sow
tO dbtiecaiih .
wsere. tae aecessitr eaiis aad te texuir
coBcseoces. The iahser rides to ais work
la the 5j4d;. the ch&irea to sdeoL the i
ctwvtrauva tu tite votec u e .
ro; rk, arrant atti to hi erraaci ,
hecvediek. white hst a shklB prapoctioa ef
the aic? are doomed to pack service cr
other labar. -The
horse on these IsHsds has ceased
to be a lsxsrr-
he has beeoee the pop-,
nHr nd a Hotj-.fter people ia
other in cse their ter. aad it cec-
UHIt wosli csa a scsBe to a&oetate the J
aJjesive pw, with the owaer of a horfe. ,
AVIti sach a mulutcde of cheap horses,
sad so geaeraUj owned azxer the people. 1
it wss.xsd is, evUeat that the horse tai
, , , , .
taast he oacosslar, asd ilwars restua so.
. . - , , .
Asr rtiroctiOB w lacs car be grasted br tee j
rvect AaUr,wiBbe fcxHedwith sttis-
io foe tie prett, but acv tax -a be
recanied a$ .a bardea to be remavexi at
ce perwd hereafter ; aad the argeot
of aapoookritT w& be &s wefeirr thea as .
it can posssbl r be oew.
.Tfea tax. biars asetjsalT ea
1 peo
pie. as xiewed with regard to their re-
cpsctire weaJts. as isaeect H aa taxes
leried ea partiealtr speefe of prefrtr,
, ., , , , - . , . ,
aad if the speesal cbjects seeskt by the ;
lervicr of Use tax ca Dorses, are sow
deeoed ccaUainahee. we beiisv tie Bed- '.
., , . ... r
iScatiees prepesed by the Csaaattee wffl '
1 - ... ,
paaeethetaxoaaoore el bais. ;
reader it core csifera ia its operatsec on I
iH classes. . j
The HSL as 3CiDetJ.laac wbtea wto
crobahir be eaxsted br tie Asseablvk
imposes tax r ETtyceaU oa aX jjfvj !
wecth Ie& than fiy defers; one defiar oc
aH other horses, with the xdditiea of eee ;
per era:, ea tfce excess of Tiha over eoe
5 , , - i
This tsatur wkies has beea referred by
the Ieosfarare to tLe Cemmtoce oe Com-f
merse. "tsJsiicr cxieratios before '
tiea seven! days. A rreat deal efevi-1
deace ba tee takto and rsarr stitccts !
naii. inelaiixr amosut the htaer, those of !
iePt mcnof E i
m.. . rf ,v, tttn .v,
pcTTOsed ssbady aid soeae aramsi, the ! . eirfwhire, be tammariiy dealt with
larger pKtiiiio wever bci5 is favcr cf . Assembly, ani, inieed, we antidpttted
measare. I seme snch result here; but oa inquiry, we
Tie prtToodtraneecf the testimcey jjvw Uadkasssmed with etL-e nsaaimity thai
amswer to tie prcposiiSsc I the etarxiier of tie acsree torn which that
xjca wliJi aS iegssliiiaei ocstt to be slander era rales; is a smSeieat antidote to
based wQ it be cocdseive to tie gxeral T defctericas tScets wfcSeh could result
wdSreoftiecoumtry? IT so, tpariicltr ' fren it; aad tiat,ia fact, aajSjrmal notice
das or lucres! sicili be permitted to cfil by tie Asahfy weeid only give U a
s:r-i ir tie wi j cf lis xdCyCir Toe tads ' a SctKiecs impottancs. !
aadtateel, we tiixk amply siw that ' It Is aSeced ia that article thai tie. result
this fabsaij- wQ cooisce to tie geaeral ' cf liis peiiSoQ jpxa to estahab tie fact
wiar cfthecosstrj, as to say -yV : that in eicctioa exsers tie Govemsest is
of cxdversxl expemcsoe cf lie lexsittSsa. determised to trample ca tie limits cf tie
ItmayteiecardedsjsaTeberuaselie-wtere ! peepie,"axd esoeiades wi a nier tzin
e. it.wr!WMfT, "Kke Esx sxzzestioc to tie eSitt thai "wteaall,
"V pgS t tiis can be dose, and so redress obtained in
U baa beta dervwrrvtedbeface tie Com-1 a IciJ way, 51 rersxaa fcr the -voters of
xaaee txxt it -2 save socse Seea tios-1 Heooiuixto take aaei astion" (is as Ciyal
aasd dcJitrsperyearas Interest cc imports; i way, of cccrsc,) "aa w21sescre their rigtu
Wi3 actest he nv-et freca t-drg ccr-1 i fctxre. If theyscicit to rsei conduct
xrri. trr tie certiLrty ixi Atsraici of oir ' liey dTe to forfeit their refits." f
Vwy;-; se (rice ef artkaes of cocssmrp
&sa, w21 ke a gres! txzxit both to tie
-i-j-yI tVtfnwf -m fa rfwStfS j
cilia, we 3 bc. Tie tame it ecm2y
bss cc" exy&cti. xbeaaxiss of Ssterest oa
wiki, aet ctpiSy at&i Me ocber, tcr ocr
exjocU. as aa- saca xxz- ripral as. tie i
axDey wfci wii wj prciae orr irrpcr'j.
Tlic value b only represented by a different
I medium. The savior of Insurance alone In
two Tears, M that now pM on oar Import
and export wtn amount to about eirht
thousand dotUrs, "money saved Is money
earned." All money the saved may be
cscd la 11 the various ways calculated to y berof oltr names recorded bribe chert
enhance tie material prosperity of the coun- ! clerk at the poll, ' the will of the people" l
Ti which consists In iu commerce and
manufacture and agriculture. It wlU give
i . ...7
' o mice Increased mall facilities as wilt rc a
substantial benefit to the country; giving
tt merchant and business man the advan
tare of certainty and despatch In.hli cota;
; ninnlcatlons with his correspondents not
I only In Saa Francisco, but ty telegraph th .
! all the commercial world both In America
J .... t- . ih),, M.ln- IK ,.- nf
, : - J , , .. ,K- !
. for fcB.lncs. optr.tlooi hkb
not otherwise take place. It will giro;
I c likewise the tatm Information on alt 1
j matters of Uierary, commercial or political j
. Importance. 'SVe think even this adTaataye,
Hi we possess it, would not be parted with
i by us, for the sum of finy thousand dollars. !
, It will hrinr lcemed nassemrer traTeL ben-
, ttlcc ns by the actual amount of moeey
j expended here; by the location amoee us
: of men of capital with their Tacaas, by the
cpeat up to the knowledge of tbe out- j
side world, of actual information of our'
tBmatr, lands, national character and busl-1 ttve Assembly for bavlnf referred the Uono
cess resources, and thereby aeceleratlas ' lala election petition to the Committee on
' 1 1 ,--,. w
u wiil open markets for products hitherto
1 useless except for home consumption, there-
' tyr sUmulaUug that home Industry la which
consists the trae wealth of every country.
, fe ... . , V . , '
nenopolv of the san Fraaeisco market for .
0r M(J ty Kenning in con- j
cccaoa with the as this lice pro- J
poses to do, there Is no rrsoacwhy oar
j whole crop of oracge, bananas, limes, Ac,
' alJ 001 regularly be supplied to the San
j Frasci.-co market. Lands hitherto enpro-1
ejj ifcas ricld
a handsome revenue, will j
i i
i Ucialitcotiicr lsdalrv; xsal the condectr to I
the waith, crcatacs and rerease of the
j nation. I
! in not make a monopoly other than ;
such as the laws of trade and commerce i
na!aXSoD tBe
! " . , Z , .
'ilat rates oT camage, over a slow aad un-,
atUia OM tvP 0,-1 m wHBbs ;
j Xo dn-r passeccers for each, and the '
jprclnas of these UUads ai So per ton, and!
I contract to do so, tierc can be nodamreror,
' oar beicr a! their merer as has been sur-!
jested. Xor b it unjust to oar cttlrecs to t
grant a subsidy to the steamship line. In
?be first ris hoth the mckets aad the .
f, m Aericla TeeLs we have no t
Hawafiaa vessels oa the lice. Ia the next :
pitoe if it were uajast, we do cot think the j
American Government would have paid one j
tlasitT i0e iIr n.
k. nr c,ni-..
" , ,. t7 . ,' . -,k .
Hw eIsnpltf uniform practice, even
. if boSh liej beloasei! to ccrselves. The
true rale however, seems to be, teat indi- i
e -
ike I"06 ? ff U b to tte t
Of tie HawaSaa Kinrdom, every encourage- .
SMet ocrht to be given to steamers, both
ocean aad Utter-islisd. :
' la the auaner Is which the money for the ,
sabcidy is proposet! to be raised, the amount
of taxation win not exceed M.5CO for the
yo wJa t; ;
ia ti4rebT, and aa ia-
miit i-.. of c. to the Tame ef !
fa,tW) alone would, by reason of the duties I
thereto, pay interest a&d principal each year.
Tfce aVove rejections are the result of our !
deductions from the evidence and statements
rau, oesorr we eoasft.o:, to mtu. . c
have listened wita some attesttKa.
Co:i.. Joildirr,
from the leclsUUve Assembly, to whom ,
-n referred the muci-vxaatcd petitioa '
against the rctnm cf the sitting members ,
sor iionetuiz, navmz sat tor uiree cossccu-
tive days, tskirg testimeay and hearing ar- 1
m. knfK &Lm .', rwd I -i. ,
.. tit
iUtc report, to which thev have
, xerv fuH ooat of tie evidence ad-
- v .
deced. They have arrived at tie unanimous
cscasaea teat coee 01 ie citrpes aucxeu t
I1" n " .
fare recommecd it to be laid on the tabic
,. , - ,
d tie Ecus, after bearmrtbe report read
4, u- wi-out oppo-,
jjtjaB tiepjed their sarsrstioa. !
So eads this rmt poBtkal movement,
teraKed by saea a osnsa 01 trumpets, aac
from wakh such imp?rust results were!
promised, but so very little achieved.
A cotemporary tcarral has seen t to fire ,
. rg;tiXiT- ia ume severe, asd. as we think,
- awjniiitJe cx-mziests on the scbect, 1
wtiea desaod more than a mere passur? no-!
... . . . ....
1 - - .
pces-stheiaSurylasdocccf tielespectors,
n then Usschea an envenomed shaft azaisst
the CetamKteei wboee chairman is ssbjected
to imratioa ef ts -a Sotle
Coarcmor, and the majority of
tleh were so cieariyia sympathy with tie
oovemmest interest anc raa me lncnm-
becU, that from the first there was E& pros-.
pcfay other decis- beins arrived at."
Saca a Turpaiie ireads of privSexe as this
Sacs; aa aadSsgsfd eocnsetixf cf open
revolt agxiast xtwfsf astborityas tias, wccld
teTtzlcd wii sxmamrjasd mrTi paa'
isiscsltsotiezicocatries; asd if tie Got- '
were iateed the dosiBteili body
rcaee so isSissattOry.
Tie CTiieoce hSJ befcre tie Ccamittee la
wtlttstceisatctieaatscrcttcat; c51 set anaderstard that tie wiUe etject ef j of wotr be appreciated for tie reeosstrse-
liewcte'toastrjetxcEacat icr las-' Ifrt year wver 3 ksejH taxes, H. H- ?T- CrLua-alEo fitred a. reaoletisa
! support ot the petition, doe' 'not establish
one solitary act on which an election was
4 ewr set aside In the Vnltcd States. There,
I It it well settled law that when there 1 no
I dUcrepncy between the number of ballot
- counted out of the ballot-box nd the nutn-
held to hare been sufficiently ssecrtatneu;
and nothing short or positive and distinct
xv.. , ...it: r..- n.'.u.. ,..-
pruni iuji iiuuiuioi; ivttis iui
candidate, outnumbering the numerical ma
jority of the returned member, were pre-
, vented by unfair meant from casting tbclH
hallots, will suffice to vitiate an election, even
. wen 15 Is proved that the conduct of the
asents of theslttlngmemberhas been Illegal,
1 lmm,tT- or frandnlrnt.
Sow in the prvent cafe, toe numrjerot
ballots counted out of the ballot-box exactly
corresponded with the number on the clerk's
check-book, and In the absence of any proof
that ww tisU rtfttM- was unfairly prevented
from votlcg for the defeated candidate, It
was of course. Impossible for the Committee
to have legally or honestly arrived at any
other conclusion. AU this was fully and
clearly explained to the Committee, and ap
preciated by them In making their report.
The author of the article In question still
further expands the base of his attack by
leveflnr a cbarre acalr.st the whole LeirU1-
the Judiriarr instead 01 a select vmmuice.
asAcsays It oucht to haveWn. SowltUa
; standlrf rule of the Mouse that all petitions
concerning contested elections shall be re-
ferrcd to the Committe ou the J udiciary, acd
w e see no reason why the Honolulu petition
should have been made an exception to It.
TV are not in the habit of referring per-
sOuaBy to members of the Fourth Erlatc, j burden fall upon those who should bear St
out when thev volunteer to enter the w itness- He was in favor ef referring the question to a
( box to sustain their peculUr editorial view s
by their individual testimony, they become
therebv divested of all editorial privileges,
and open to public comment. Mr. IL M.
VTUtneT, who gave evidence In snpport of,
ii petition, was obticra to admit, on cros -
caminaiion, that after the poll had closed,
and before tu result was declared, he did
state that, as compared with a cw Tork
electro a, that of Honolulu had been fcirly
nWei There are, however, amorc us
., . ,
prntkmen of nntmpeacbabte verac.ty who
heard Un state, distinctly, and without any
exception, after tie close of the poll and
when he maaifestly thourtt that his VT
had triumphed, that the election had been
conducted with perfect fairness. Xo sooner,
,IK..,.,r,.. u.1
however, was the state of the poll declared,
instantlv foul, corrunt and
than fair became instantly foul, corrupt aad
scandalous I
Under such circumstances, there can be
little difficulty In forming; an adequate esti
mate of the real intent and value of such
broadcast eeasure, which U manifestly In
tended as a diversion, to palliate the irritation
naturaur rcsaiusr irosi an nsexnectea cut
rr-r .iriil rfrf.t
I'll O C11KI) IA t; s
or TUX
Kicstzcxtk Dar, Kumar, Mar S.
Assembly met at 1 a. x., II. II. M. Kekua
caoa ia the Chair. Prayer by the Chaplain,
a&d Journal of the preceding day read and
Prvmoss Mr. Xakila presented a petitioa
Tears of age be exempt from poll tax. That Mr. ahaku ofTened a petition Irom Kana
whiesal and retail Keenses be $10 each. ( I11, r4r "Jo" f the horse tax j
P.xroar or Crmr? The JudiKarv1 pe'Jtion to reduce the pay of Gotem-
Coaiattrr retanwj a trfl tn mfni portion I
S7S of tie Civfl Cde, reporting favoraHr to
its passage, x.eport approveu.
Oa nwrkn f Mr. Hitchcock, the order of
the day was taken up.
Oar ia or tec Dar An Act to amend see
DB 4SI, CivaOde.
Mr. Keawehuuahala moved to refer the bill
to a Special Committer. Modeo lost.
Oa Motion of Mr. Hehcock, the House
we&t mta Committee cf the Whole for its eon
stieratwn. Mr. Cpa called to the Chair, aad
His x. S. H. Ph3ip objeeted to a deetsien
f this question at prefect. It was a fact that
the revenues of the country were considerable,
and there was a large araount in the Treasury, i
bitindBiirrluirH wr K!,ntJnl
intkeUws.espeViaay iftiieReeiproettTTrealr t
passed. If it rssed. it would at once take 1
from the poerer people a large share t f their
burden. All the clothing is now taxed 19 per
cent- when it eemes iat the country. If a I
IT. wmnt $1 wrtf r .-Utrti!..- f. Jur I
te .itW jare 14 nsch u tie hole torse 111.
U tlT,e tir r rff
the bwrdea f taxannn upon the rich. It had
. j,,. ?rCTetJ thlt the eJraptiou of tie
rse tax wooki reiieve me poor people. It
had lees thoczat weil to make remarks slant
ing at the Ministers, !o the erect that they
w ere reeesvirg good salaries, and should bear
the bcrdea of taxation. If the acesdrrent to
exempt aB persec paying poll tax front tax en
se horse be adopted, he would t one of the
rst to receive ta becelt of the law. A wo
man does ttt pay poll tax, so she woold have
to ear a tar wcere a man If exempted. A
poor Htac: aua does not pay pU tax, so he
j -wcsu. EaTe u pay a tax wzueo cts weu, strong
. , &i,,T til. a , . rLttr -aJj ;v.
skss Trt , f - ... -
wtciaa a poor VKrd mas woaU pay the
"L Je thght tie moticn of the jeember
free TVaialca was wise, to refer Use bill to a
jpCT'ii LtcEute. xie du kvv mice
tie cssstrj weald become bankrupt by the
loss cf revecae resulting fraa a rcduetkra of
herse tax. act ke tbeegit s large a falling
T of xaesey shock! h earefa!y examiedd.
Be agreed with the gentlesax of yesterday,
bat it was not wtS t nix wp the swbjett of
hers tax acd subsidy for steamers. So far'
as the saWiiy was cooeenei ke was rot'
gag U argue that sow, for it would .be ve3
exaaaaed by tkeCsmstiou a wb
wcofe hasds
tiat tie
qaefue-e weuki be eoasueeed as it ocght be.
7 If ti"
aaens. as frtnag ttu sateet
a sts tia
r tai txesswwy, ne wvbei to say ,
tar irect x miwe lewune. cum tne ' '
rrr.tr: cf tie Ccrxsktee. noae eeaJi fns ' ftr uia,S enough water or food to
aay correct cpicisn up U. It was not ym- ' Passed, aad bill as a whole passed.
pse-i t uke tie $&. est of the annual 1 Committee rose, report approved, and bill
taxes. If tit ilua tin wu to be Uarit in : oHerc-j fir er rrorisent.
tie fsstre.kttbera bear tkeUrdeacf the sab- Howse adjourned.
rHy. It wlsprspoeed ta borrow a sum sf T '
sassey, payable ia forty or fty years, on ' "nnna DAT, Moxnar, 3fay II.
which we skyKid pay tie interest, and a soaB ' Aasunbly met at 1 A. n. H. H. M. Kekn
peetise of tie prmexpai, whie would amownt s ga in tie chair.
t about tiM4 jt arrsre It would be seen , Prayer by tie Chaplain. Minutes ef p re
al eeee that saci a ssm csuid net eabarrasi ; ceding day read asd approved,
tie treasury. When tie esbndy qaestMa ' Prrmoss. Mr. Cpa presestad a petition
etae ap. he hoped that tie messier would 1
Tutsxpas it, not as aa axp(ilar saeasare,
hut cpea ks series. Xow. a this meassre '
ca-git to 1 investatad by a Coxutittee, why sehoois may be exempt from sehocl tax. Se-1 of Incapacity or Intoxication. The latest in
tiocM -V. tie borse tax be al? The arg- fcTred ta'Cwmittae ca Education. I excusable loss was tLat of the ship Autocrat,
meat that tie eaestxy faSy andentecd il. Also, praying that the Juriadietwa ef the 153 day from Baltimore, on Arch, or Blos
wcejd be rery gd if the exrexmrusres had . PoGee JusOee at Hilo may be extended. Be- som Bock, near Anjfei Island. She went
ds eiaxred jajay siaee tie last regular ferred to Judieiary Committee. broadside on the rock at 9 r. it, on Monday,
sessies. Ee dal sot see how tiis tax eecU i Mr. 3Iahdci presecad a petition frra Ho- I "t ub Imnt, during the prevalence of only
be determined ly what was thought top ar nolula, praying appropvialion of $3,0 "f11 b?L, ij!r7.-fryex.-rar.
If the treaty passed, tie de- to J31 a market far genVval pwrpeses cf i fort, to get beroff fined. Khe will ove
eeieser ,cwH be made o ia variocs wars. . Istaad rlc. Referred to cJZJhtZ M 1 complete wreck. T. J L Smller purehaa-
Bv tax a real estate, arid tl rl, '
By tax apes real este. asd tie member frees
TTamua. had given acQce af a Staap Act, and
ef (tier xzeassres. Sw. by a Utile ticae
-leiag tiket), tie whei matter eould be rera- "
tated. axd it was aawiie lejjtlatiia t rxii '
Esgx seaszres tircaga. wkhtst reCereaee to ;
tie geavexal sterEsC A great deal casU be '
said Ur axd agaixst this tax spoahoxes. He
more t-r-, as nzsy csmes as ttere wen ,
I peopc; tiia was exaissn cf thse cader tw
I years of age, asd every Assessor eoeid tear '
witnm ttt.the ttkl thai it tMk a long time 1
reach that ag. -Thee there was a large num
ber of hones belongta?, tono one, making
probably ever CO.OOu, morC ore than pe
plt. These henea eat up all the vejntatien.
Now, is it net proper that then thouM be some
legislation tc. da av with this great nuisance.
The episien t be derived from all thia was,
that due deliberation should be used before
oar deeisHn. If the moUon of the lion. Vice
President ta postpone rawed, then the mem-
ber for AValalsa eould make a new motion.
.nr. n iiuer sata no woom support ints 0111
without any amendment, on the ground that
it was lh universal wish of the people, and
it was the only tax lhat eruld be well reduced.
As there must be a line drawn somewhere, he
Jj, amendment so as to exempt those
who pay poll tax, as that was the tax that
should 1 exempted. But he would withdraw
his amendment so that the taiaister, women
and blind men can be taaed.
Mr. Boyd said he would support the hill
with his amendment It waa a mistake that
his amendment would exclude the poor frutu
the benefits of the law. Very few of this
class of people have horses uuder two years
of age.
Mr. Lycns said he was much obliged to the
Ministry for separating the question of subsidy
front the horse tax. A few months since he
was against a redaction or the horse tax, but
when he began to consider the question, he
was led to support it, because it wuld be un
the read to a genera) property tax. He re
garded this law, if it passed, as bat a stepping
stone to something better.
Mr. C. R. Bishop raid that he disliked taxes
as much as any other person, but they could
not do the thousand and one things that were
petitioned for without taxes. He thought the
horse tax should not be reduced. The horses
were curse to the nation, on account of their
jmmene nuraber. He thought that the pre
sent tax had an influence on keeping down
the increase of these animals. As a general
thins,, the peopl have about as much need of
horses as they have of wings. If we go to
j at 0f Vhese invtteeati fhorse ridl
ers, we
shall find that thee live in misery, land neg
lected, and the whole aspect was one of decay.
Those who need horses eould pay the tax, and
it would not be a burden to them. Reducing
the tax weald nt equalise it. miliar the
lemcnnee. iiecause mat rue treasury waa
now full, it did not fellow that it would be
wise to throw oa this tax.
Mr. Koakanu said that there had been too
much dispute upon this subject already. The
lr huhix,', remarks about
. tve mirrv 0f borse-fcacV riders waa not so.
The rtason lhat the Iaadj were needed, was
j Jtl
j k))rsJj bat to j,, the Uli Ull u thu WM
j done, be was of opinion that the tax would be
It was profitable that, should thelawpass.it
! wcoU fooaJ hm wm M0
! 6 horses ou the islands,
j Mr. Keawehuuahala said that the bill would
. If thefciii pujj.it woa!d undoubtedly please
1 his constituency.
1 Mr. Rhodes Ihonrkt that the bill eould be
so amended as to satisfy all parties, and he
was of epinjea that in lack of other bills to
reduce taxation, he was in favor of this, with
seme modifications. Ife thought that horses
used for work should b exempt from taxation ;
horses used for pleasure only, and horses for
breeding, should pay au appropriate tax.
Motion to postpone was lost.
Mo; ton to refer to a Select Committee was
put open the Ayes and Xoes Ayes, 10 ; Noes,
13 Total, 39. Ccmmittee rose, and report
Celeet Committee J. IV. Keawehuuahala,
S. G. Wilder, V. Knudsen. E. U. Boyd, S.M.
The House then adjourned.
Xixtiestk Dar. SxTcanar, May 9.
Home met at 10 A. M. II. II. M. ICekna
uaca in the chair. Journal of preceding day
read aad approved.
Prrmoss. Mr. Martin presented a pe-
f titien from Kac, praying that parents be
empowered "to select their District bcnool
men. CQcerS.
Mr. Htider presented a petition from Oaha,
praying for an appropriation to cut down the
Kootan pali. Referred to' Committee on In
ternal Improiecre&ls.
Mr. Halemanu presented a petition from
Honolulu, praying that See. cf the Civil
Cwde be amended. On motion the petition
was tabled.
Mr. Keluria preseut'-d a petition from Mo
tskai and Lanai, praying that the harbor of
Kaalanapaa be a port of entry ; that $1,000
be appropriated for roads' and cisterns on
Hr. Kaukaoa presented a petition from Ha-
salei, praying that the horse tax be reduced to
".T Ir IP" snouM bevex.
emMel freuj court eosu ; ttiat alt veUieles ce
exempt from taxation ; that the expenses of
'rectal jej(n should K paU out or the
saUries of the Muiisters : and that tie salaries
themselves should be reduced for all govern,
oSeers-" from top to bottom." Referred
to Finacce Committee.
asking for redress of various evils and protest
ing against being removed to Mofohai.
Resotmoxs. Mr- Hitchcock moied that
the Appropriation Bill hare precedence upon
Mcnday, Wednesday and Friday cf next week.
Mr. Koakauu moved an appropriation of
$MD tor the harbor of Xawiliwili. Passed.
Mr. Hops gave notice of a bill to exempt all
parents from school tax who seed their chil
dren to school.
Mr. Xahaku gave notice of a bill to extend
the powers cf Circuit Judges.
Mr. Martin gave notice of a till pennittin-
persons having husbands or wives sent to Mo-
Mr. Hopu presented a resolution that $JM ! fT, "e 16th Inst. The tele-ram from Calis
, f.-.vrf., ,-...,. ' tot3. riarratine the event, Is as follows:
be appropriated for a bridge at Kapaula. at r.H. k,,. riven noisesslon of the
Kooiaw, Maai. Tabled.
Mr. !TI.wiaBa oEl rMokti, tht
ia eserel a resolctwn that !
"iT.1 V?l?iXti for harbor of Ka- j
1 v -
Mr. Keakaau cfered a resolution that the
Secretary draw $20 for each member. Lost.
Hh Ex. P. VT. Hutchison introduced a bill
to amend Sections Zii acd Ii6 of he Civil
Code, and a new Section to be added 256 a.
Oasxa or ru Dar. Aa Acs to promote '
safety of inter-island travel, was read and one- pistol bail in his neck, -within half an
Med 3d reading. , incb of bis jugular vein. Mr. Brancan Blade'
An Act to repeal Chap. 10 of the Civil Code ; no eOdrt-to defend himself, and after befnr
ns read 2d time and referred to Committee i shot, fell from his wounds, in which condi
cn Education. i tlon he was robbed ofbis watch. -The party
1.. 1 ,t,. it,. nnrh,. kt . I who fired were Andrew- Solder. Thro. Lar-
gers ttt-een. islands, was Jo fee.
, , . n', ,,. . tt
" TVC t,,
rf-- ;ZJrtr ...
from 1T2, asking to redaee the hone tax to
fty eenu ; also fxea the same place, asking
that those who scad their children to select !
internal larprrreraen j. ,
Xr. PZipo presented a petirion from lie
lepers en MoiokaL
Comrritlee. " '
JteJerrel to ianUary ,
RriOLrnoxi Mr. Keawehunaiala gavo
nttiee sf a bCf ta regulate tie eclleetua cf
Mr. Marma c5ered-a resclstion that a rum
tavata rot gX t&acJu t extensed t iter
Majesty, Mrs. Bubop ard Mra.Iminis &r
thea - patreuage of the concert at Kawaiahao
faturdfty eveninc. May 9th. Motion ludeS
nitely ostpoaed.
Mr, Kamakau offered a resolution that the
A K Atfrrrttwr be diseontinned from the !t
of papers taken by th House, as it had laid
em disrespectful thHgs on the action of the.
Judiciary Committee in regard to the Hono
lulu election case. After discos iien resolution
On motion ef Mr. Phillips the order of the
dar wastaksn un.
I Unnaa or ma Dar. Appropriation Bill
1 naa ute preeeuenee.
House went Into Committee of the TVhols.
Mr. Doyd in the Chair.
Appropriation of fJJ.OOO for His Majesty
was moted to be placed at $10,000.
Mr. Kcawchunahala said that In former
times all the taxes were paid directly to the
King, but he generously cave certain privi
leges to the 'people, among others th disposi
tion of the public monies. Zow, should wo
not give him, out of this public fund, a proper
Mr. Pdipo- thought that the appropriation
was too much. If we were to be guided by
other countries, even now the sum wat too
large. The tax on every person here for this
purpose is over M) cents, while in other lends
it was but a few cents. If the King was paid
as the Queen lit England, his salary would be
a little over $3,000. Besides the regular ap
propriation, the King had a very large income
from the crown and his own private lands.
Hi supported the item as in the bill.
Mr. Rhodes offered an amendment, that the
appropriation remain as in tho bill, and $6,000
be appropriated for his progresses. Ho saw
no reason advanced yet to increase the appro
priation. The King, out of his prirato purse,
had paid the debts of a good many of his
friends. Ho did not make known his private
beneficences, and out cf the appropriations
which he had received he did not get any of
the increases that had been made the last few
Mr. Xahaku was of opinion that the people,
as a nation, would advocate an increase of
salary. He amended to place tho sum at
Air. Kcakanu objected to the principles ad
vanced by the member from Waialna. He
thought' that the rights which the people now
bad, were not from the King, but were inhe
rent, and would have come at some time. King
or no King. The money belonged to tho
people, and the Representatives were sent
here to disposo of it. He objected to tho
amendment of the member for Honolulu. The
travelling expenses of tha King were nothing.
Everywhere he went, the aloha" of tho
people supplied him with a great deal of food,
etc. He amended to place-rjie -sum at $3. POO.
Amendment to $43,000 was put and carried
19 to IS.
Salary of .Chief Justice. $10,000. Passed.
1st Associate Juitice.' $S,000. Passed.
Salary or2d Associate Justice, $7,000.
On motion of Mr. Judd was amended to
$$.000. Passed.
Salary of Circuit Judge of Oahu, $1,609.
Salary Circuit Judge on Maui, S2.I0O.
Traveling expenses of do..-5200.
Salary Circuit Judge of Kauai, $2,000. '
Provision for Hon. L. Andrews, $2,000.
. Same for John H. $2,000.
Mr. Keawehuuahala moved to Insert ' tem
porary provision for C. Kanaina, $2,000."
Lest. .
Salary of Police Justice of Hono!ulu;$l,000.
Police Justice at Lahaina , $2,000. .
Police Justice arHilo. $2,000. ' " J
Salary clerk of 2d Circuit, $100.
1st clerk 3d Circuit, $300. ' - - .
" " $300. "
Clerk of 4lh " $30.
Clerk of the Supreme Court, $4,000.
Deputy elerk Supreme Court, $,400.
Interpreter. 52,000.
Expenses Supreme Court, $2,000.
Expenses 2d Circuit Court, $1,200. -
Expenses of 3d Circuit $1,500. -'
Expenses of 4th Circuit $600.
Stationery for Supreme and Circuit Courts
Stationery for Police and, District Courts
$1,500. I
Purchase of law books $200.
Salary District Judge, Puna, Hawaii, $600.
" " " '", Kau. $600.
'" North Kona, $600.
" " ' " ' "South Kona, $600.
'" " " Xorth Kohala, $600.
" ' South Kohala, $600.
" ' " " Hamakna. $600.
" " 'Wailnku.Maur.$700.
.. v- jiakawao"$600.
" " Hana, $400.
Kanpo, $600.
" " " Molokai. $600.
" " " Ewa and Waianae,
Oaha. $400." ' -V '
Salary of Judge of VTaialua and Koolaoloa,
..'. j'.- (.7!.-. -T -
Salary Judge of Koolaupoko, $600.
" "of nanalei and Anahola, $700.
" . .". , Lihue, $600. ,
Xoloa, $600.'
" " Waimea, $600.
'The item foratationery? Tor Police and Sis
triet Courts was reconsidered and was put
at $i0.
-'Committee rose; report was approved. Bill
passed 2d reading.
House adjourned.
wmuel Bruinan Sbot.
The name of Sam. Bmnnan is as lamiliar
to old Callfornlans as it Is possible for the
name of any prominent man to be. It has
been Identified with many of onr public en
terprises, and Is particularly associated with
the Sutter title. Sam. Is a man of wealth,
liberality and public spirit. He has bis rices
and bis eccentricities, (who has not ?), but
on the whole. Is a good citizen, and oce who
deserves to be honored. He is the owner of
certain property at Caliitopa Springs. -Kapa
County, and It was on account of a CiQcnlty
zrowin? out of bis claim to a mill that be
1 was shot, and seriously wounded, on Tbnrs-
F1'""85 "J """'T ... V ! "
f.u.w r. .1.. f
ortte Mr. Buckj DOW an iDloirellU bad
taken possession, and Mr. Branoan was In
the act of entering the premises when he
was ordered to stop. He did so, and. In at
tempting to leave, received the contents of a
volley of back-shot. Upwards of twenty dis
charges of guns and pUtola were made, and
be received four buck-shot in his back and
' Qolnn a 3ifUO' tDd
Lee. They are under arrest, and the prelim-
iKtrr examination' will take place to-momrw.
BoweU .d SUllwagon are here, and
prononnce bis wonnda not necessarily fatal,
bit very serious."
The latest Information received from Mr.
Branoan represents bis condition as improv
ing, with the prospect of a recovery.
Iois or a- Vessel.
It is a remarkable fact, worthy of the strict
est Investigation, that the number of Teasels
wrecked within the past two or three yean
at our very doors, has. been greater than on
any-' other part of the coast beside. The
fanlt seems to be attributable either to care-
essneaa on the pfrt of the commanders in
rtfuiicg the aid of tns or pilots, or to the
cilots themselves when employed, on account
ticTrttciana cargo iqr .iimwu, uo n ia
i i-- i .,, h,, Tk, i.
tJJJVTA 1.450 lons of eoaf an board, and
.tj tn W. R Cnmminr k. (V
She waa built near Boston in ISff, and ownj
ed by Thomas Howe, of that city. She rated
as A. IK Lloyd's Register, and Is of 1,130
tons burthen.
One of our city reporters, jo describing
tie accident says: A soon as the rock; was
seen the anchor was hove out, but before it
brought the veasei op she struck, and now
lie on the seaward tide of the rock. A
strong Cood tide wis running at the time.
There is no less thus from tea to sixteen
fathom of water all around the rock. The
.11. niTllnna.aiid considerable coal
were saved from the wreck. The .twtarut
waa worth In tho neighborhood of fHOjtXW,
and cargo about f30,wu.
An Act or tho recent Legislature has made
Oakland the tcrnrlnui of the Great TaclBc
Railroad. Our bucolle nclKhbon are vastly
elated in consequence, whllo our rearclato
dralcra are corrrsoondlnclv. or lo the Inverse
rutin rtrnrrsaed. No doubt the enactment
Is of vital Importance to the aspiring city of
umbrage y nr presumptions city n taaen
umbrage because of ber-lgnoble defcit In tho
contest with her llllnutlan rival. It ha had
iKn.lmrr let what will be said to the eon
trary to occrcasc tuo ybiuo ut ivi t.o,a,
tho euburhs or Ban Francisco, any ono
may easily learn by comparing tho subjoined
atm madn a frw dara since, with those made
three weeks, ago; "Lot on the east aide of
evemn street, commencing juo icet nunu
from Brannkn, 36 by SO feet deep, together
wttn tne onc-story nonse tncrcon, contain
lmr six room, and a iranlcn In front. $3,000.
Lot on north side of Harrison street, &5 fret
cast of Fourth, SO by 73 feet deep, with tho
iratne awciung-nousc lorrcon, two stones,
etc.. and a lante bam In the vnrd. ffl.lKi.
Two lota on east sldo or Dolores street, 101V
feet north ol Twentieth, each lot fronting ia
feet, by 105 feet deep, $45a Lot on Polk
street, near x-fcinc, m icet ironi or ou icet
deep, with the house thereon, $310. Lot
No. 2.374 and 2.3S1. on Harvey Brown
Gift Man Xo. 4. $70 each.
I hazard nothing In stating that the fore
going rates are from 20 to SO per cent lower
than the same property was held nnder the
InfattJ price to which I alluded In my let
ter or three wcck dick.
Tlie Chinese Embasiy.
MnBurltngumo and hi Chinamen are still
In the city, stopping at the Occidental. Fllx
Smytbc, who has an observant eye upon tho
Celestial varlets, says of them :
' These high-toned gentlemen object to
receiving tneir countrymen wno watt upon
them clad In a hvbild habit. In which the ce
lestial blouse and leggings, or hose, struggle
witn American nais ami uouts. sue iitueao
nobility have accordingly caused a placard.
printed in Chinese, to be posted at the foot
or tne grand staircase 01 tne occidental, in
forming all comers that Chinese gentlemen
will be welcome If they leek audience In their
own proper costume, with skull cap, long
robes, and other oriental millinery: other
wise, not. The higher classes of Sai Fran
cisco merchants appear to be somewhat nnb-
bed by tbclr aristocratic compatriots."
Glorious Spring!
A bride, dressed In laces, and bedecked
with wreaths, could not present a more lovely
appearance than the face ol nature. The
rains have been so. abundant throughout the
winter aud spring, and the frosts to few. that
the grass has cot a splendid' sUrt. ami has
literally covered the earth from the mountain
tops down to their bases, and through the
fields, wherever there was soil enough to aid
fructification. This Is so particularly In the
soutnern portions 01 tne Bute, .low is tne
time for those persons, to visit California who
wish to see ficrin her natural glory I
Cbeap Fares,
We have now four steamers monthly on
the P. M. S. S. Line, and a vigorous opposi
tion, which have reduced the passage home
to the States to merely nominal rate. This
Is the reason why to many persons, are now
in transifu. Those who glance Only at the
surface bf things; Imagine that wa are losing
population becansatbe list of the outward-
pound nave lately swollen to sncn nuge di
mensions. Xotbing of the kind. While rate
arc low, peopla of small means are deter
mined to avail themselves of the opportunity
to visit the' " old folks at home." The tame
Is measurably truo or the Incomer. They
wish to tee. California at a time when It costs
but little to gratify their curiosity, and by
tneir visit, 11 may oe, oetter tner lonnnes.
We are more -pleased to notn the arrivals
than the departures, when the former are not
1 paupers, as is too frequently the case. We
.nave more 01 mat cuss litre, now inanTwe
Knun uun to prutiue lor, muu ne most uo
voutiy nope mat tney may take a notion to
journey in some oiner direction.
AssAssrxATiox or i Membib. or Parlia
ment. D'Arcy McGee, a prominent member
of the Colonial Parliament, and strongly
favorable to thaC-overnment a against Fe
nians and Fcnlaalsm an Irishman by birth
waa shot dead by an unknown assassin, J
wnue entering nis aweiiing at uiiawa. on
the 7th Inst. The dispatches from that place.
ovivi au uutuvki. auu ouvt.vuiu v sat- sa
other In 'date; "Will best tell the' story of
events subsequent to the assassination, luey
are as follow :
Ottawa, April 9t't. Two men named
Wbclan and Doyle are. arrested on suspicion
of complicity in the mirder of McGee. 8us-
Ipicion against them Is t cry strong.
r Funeral services In honor of McGee were
performed at the Catholic Cathedral this
morning. .The remains were then forwarded
to Montreal by special train, attended by
members of Parliament and Other distin
guished men. , , . . .
'Dispatches from the Province express the
deepest Indignation at the nmrtler, -which 1
generally attributed to the Fenian.
McGee' family will lie amply provided for
by the Government,
Additional new from Ottawa represent
; the city-in the greatest gloom. No clue ha
vet uen uiscovcrea 01 me assassin. lue
flags are at half-mast. Parliament adjourned
after speeches eulogistic and in condolence.
All day long the Parliament House wa
thronged. The deepest sorrow Is manifested.
Th bereaved widow Is almost Insane with
grief. Many believe that another Fenian
raid is about to occur. The murder created
intense feeling against the Fenians. Several
altercation bare taken plsce. The Orange
men threaten vengeance Two hours before
tne niuruer iicoee inaoe a Druiiant tpcecn
on the position of 7ova Scotia.
Ottawa, April 13th. Tt fnner.il of Mr.
McGee to-day was one or the most Imposing
ceremonies ever witnessed in Canal L 80,00$
persons were In the streets and 30,000 were
in the procession.
Ottawa. . April IStiL Wbafen has been
committed lor trial for the murder of McGee.
Tne Jumping Mania.
The better to Ulutrate the Jumping spirit
among a certain portion of our lauillet pop
ulation, I shall relate a couple of anecdote.
A citizen of Sacramento twoyearsaji bought
an outside lot in that city, paid for it, had hi
deed recorded, and went home to the East
On his return, a few month since, he found
bis lot fenced in, a boose built upon It and a
Family dwelling In the tame. He protested
to the squatter that be owned ibis lot, pro
duced Laconical! ble proofs of pvMcuIoo, aod
threatened that nnlea the premises' were Im
mediately vacated be should go So Uxm about It.
"Goto laieand U d4ln was the tool reply
of the occupant.
The original purchaser bad paid only $400
for the lot, so be set down with hb' pencil to
calculate what the cost would be to recover
that which belonged to him I He fonnd;
after feeing hi attorney, taking the risk of
the salt, losing time, and waiting the slow
process of the court, that he would be nearly
a thousand dollar out of pocket, and there,
fore concluded that he would rather "suffer
the ill he bad than fly to other that be knew
not of."
The second Instance Is told by one of oar
dty paper, this: "Last week a wtll-knowii
physician, who own a fine SO-Tara lot on
Fillmore street, near Jackson, concluded that
In order to make certain that so one shonld
jump it as jumping rather lively now.
aajs it wonia oe uei u ouua a House oa
It, and put a family in possession. The house,
a comfortable two-room cottage, costing him
30, was finished late on Saturday night, and
tne carpenter, on returning home, banded
the key to thej man who waa toocenpythe
premise. It wa too late fir the tenant to
take possession that night, to be waited ontil
about daybreak on Sunday- Bsomlflgrjvben
he started out with hi household god. Oa
arriving, at the premise be wa just a trifle
nrpriaed to fled that two Bencwbo had been
lounging aboatln the xldnlty for days, had
meantime picked the leek of toe door, welted
in and takes poaaestioD, and were Installed a
"settlers," witi full possessory Htle, and
ready to defend their right by fores ;nd
am or la the courts. He potted off to the
Police-ofltce, bai there learned to Lk aston
iaameni Uat H was set a case for police lo
Urfereace. bat for tie decMoaiof a civil
San FraftciscoWMi tfeMMiM
The Company' Splsndld A t Steamship
ML IDAHO, itffc
F. CONNOR, Commander,
Will ran between ItonottUn aud Ssu
Fratielsro by the feUevvtaa;
Time Tablet
itratTcai raoN
1 ittnu it
San rraneiej.. .May S3
Honolulu. ...... .Jen 9
0n Francisco., ,Ja &
llMtoltUs JoJj H
8an rrmiKisco Asg.1
Honolulu... Auc H
?an FraiKlseo Srpi 10
Honolulu .Jy
m jraneueo.,...ia)si
lloaolala Jum 15
Sn Iraiielseo.. . .July 4
llouolnlo July XI
?n rraaclaeo. . .. .Atyc 10
Hooulalu An- S3
Throuch freight to Portland and Victoria
will he taken at reasonable ratesKand
Liberal AtlTHUccK Made oa all
ShipmcBta per Steamer .
Insurance guaranteed at lower rates than by
tailing vessels. Particular eat taken of ship
ments of Fruit.
All order for Good ta be purchased in San
Frrnclseo, will be received and filled by return
of Steamer. H. HACKFELD ArCO.
11-Jm Agent.
For San Francisco.
thk rut cLirna iakc
N. C. BROOKS, Maitsr,
Ilavlnc the creater part ef her carro en
gaged, wilt have
for the above port. For freighter pajsar.
having Superior Accommodations for Cabin
and Steerage Passengers,
Apply to
IS Agent.
For Portland, Oregon.
tub rive saw clime scua.
R. CALHOUN, Master,
Havine a large portion or her cargo already
Will Have Immediate Dispatch,
for the above port. For freight or passage,
apply to
VI AL1lK a .AbhUZ, ..
1. Agent.
IK. I 31. jA. XJ 3E3 ,
Will run during the next quarter at folio
Monday, March 30 Monday April 10
Monday, April S Monday, April IT
Monday, April 13 Monday, May 4
Laying up the Week ccmsEzielEg Moaiiy,
Hay 11th.
Monday, May IS Monday, Jun 8
Monday, May 25 Monday, Jan a 15
Monday, June 1 0 :t'El ''";'
At i r. x., precisely, touching at
Kavvaikate,' and
Atrn LiAviso
Ivealakekna, Wednesday, about noon,
Kailna, TVednetday evenings,
Kawaihae a Mahukona, Ttmrsdav evenlnrt.
Arriving back at Honolulu Saturday moraines.
Passengers will.be landed at MakeVt .Landing.
On Thursday, Jnae 3ftk.
She will leave for
Koloa and "Wairaca. Kauai.
AtWi. M., .
Arrivtsg back on Saturday, tha 37th.
ran cum icnoontB
Carrying tit Jliuaiian Jlait mt&oul SMJyl
Will Leave Honolulu Every Saturday,
Four o'clock p. v.. Retnrninir. will leave
awiliwili every Tuesday afternoon.
jrer i re:gtit or l'anare. apply to
17-tf D. FOSTER t COi
Regular Packet
For Lahaina and Make's La4ig.
The fine (tanncta clipper' aclioner
CRANE, Master,
Will run regularly and! punctually on
above route. For freight or passage apply
to the Muter on board, or to
C 15 El wxs 3c Co.
March 31,lSOJ. ll-3ci
For HILO, PAUKAA wi mm.
The schooner
WlU run regularly for the above port. For
freight or passage pply to
a u. j uiiuj-.il 1, uonoiuie.
OrJ. II. CONEY, Hllo.
For Hilo aad ktmt, :Mawa.
&l Sch. Annie,
Will run as a regular pscktt to tie abov
ports. For freight or passage apply to
1 Mm WALKER i ALVEK, Agents.
Fer Hilo ami Kjiqutaa, Nttiii.
M. Sch. Active,
Will run a a rervlsr packet to tha above
porta, touching at LAHAINA. Forfralghtor
passage apply to
ll-3m Arrets.
X a a packet between Honolulu asd Hilo.
HoBOlHlg, Asyut 98, m
Por MokkL
Will ran a a resn!a-aehae I rta itm MiaVr
lata !irjno4l; l-ekiwg H-WTntt' i
rsn, jror wifior paiiag apply t
tin Csotsaia oil beard or
11-S H. PRENDSROAST, .'.reaif

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