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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, June 03, 1868, Image 2

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II IV III IV I I Vir'prr WsltTr;ius4itHilb kirkitcof. or j Ostrd rxrMr w th llXh ar.d ISh Having; lojal man to my (i
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J MOTT UTM j arf;crw IW r11 13X1 w"
Birtrtcr'cf the GoTna--eat Pr, I tk ww. wr
- j sjvl to traascrata tbwr pmiregw, either
I taalveTttol?t- of jtirpowlr. and it can b
' t katta tkat ths frmtfcfwt. a? wH as
lb Mvrtits, rf Iha preiS sheuM Sf occa-
tier-a pipUc picture, of the debt on tha j meat.
tax "j" on
without COE1-
Ttrr- is do dispctUtJoa rvMeat oa th file replied '
... . . . . - . wr '
pisrto tae? AsrDwr -to taw. iropna- i General :
10th. When the Eudl!t came 1b. view the
army wa in crrd array. The tight opened
w. Ub. etortarst Soon rter, 5S0 Abrsslutans,
whh shouts anil dashed down the hilt
and caaaged the- Kriltsh battcric. They
were rvpalsrd. leaving seven hilled on lb
'8!. lncludics two chleta. The enemy"
roaragv was kvoJ. The Kluc eut a flag of
trace to Napier, asklrss: for JCapier
mm! hb terra w unconditional turrcttdcr.
Zatet Raraor .And Sarmli
CmCACO, Mr Mb- Special discourse of
little else thin laipcaehtucrt. The TW&ww'
Washlugtea, despatch ay the friends ot Ira
peachtucn; regard the second ami eleventh
article a certain. Only two or three Sena
tor are In (oubt. Mr. Henderson lll Tote
lor the eloesth artkle. Mr. Tramhull bat
not rorcrntttrd hlaiMrlf anlnt l U artkle.
Mr. Funler ha drertrd the Krpubltoa
twgmtfl l Ur Tap aa4 iNft fc ia
ftiia f tb uri Ta; as4 ty th VOWBal reXu tkaa & tvbeke eW hii
:A ftw msw ta m. rwfct-s writie? ; his rvrvbtfet. sk fefct
Vr awh t beinu tU wtr i . " . ' . t
Safrrwttaut H. VT. w. pyferr. waptlr fUW br a nwraber as
r!fcit- oc- ira and oaart-- the editor of io away. Hence all the vrUonrr were
- rvhnied, hat the Kieg jvlutol
las tUTOTUvrvw Vf WWUTi nv:n
emu a fhw press. Th jMKwtu t
aw feat after tk style of la Wftj ScbU
fa jK33Ka. aod rvuhUr the -AsemU'e
aessa m ravre rrwei h.w4nac te hi
w w?,.tC fr?ht he tr5 lrtJ "tlrtfr. The lll of three 5nator
r to take the Koslbh prijonrr r,rUrrI,t Tk rtt .rmn.
i . . . . .
ih .issKmr. ww tMCkiEkU . . .
wwants tteavNTV. tc uovvroraeai. asa i cskIw ia the interior, near
v-v . .v . . .- 1 1 V ".v,-v i see the KtorialalUlath
ta" asorttaia w&etber do tk C Alt' '
wnwr tan ivpi kmc wuata t fts i
f t!ie Owv-tfeatwatt Sbertr 3wW ia
t$H caaatrr to ti fcvAf, rvjvct Hi
tvspuxi tewanl ti pws tkat be.
OfMiiKa to ti llw. i The tm Capt. Jkbtvtu anitrd oa Mee-
Tfe iMaxOfe txrcaM ot tkif rejai-' dj.T' She tcoosat a oat-
tioe x li iadhw-ciSl sf cr rf Pers k of then oMreri
. . dm rttarafcr to the Isiisd. W aotfee
tafat tke r ttofcr.a xttopjtaUT wtit tosIL Ureen-eBaad wife.Cp.
awAafirertto ti aatfeativs fcey laJ lHtcr. The CnMed
cf w.iica to tie A i ifr. traaaraJi tk States Xarii .Xrct aad Stwre-keerxr. Far
Sevttr ach. lax peMbker war Ltwtolr Master F. C Crosr aad fssdy, eatae abo ia
ckla TV- t-i t t 1-ritp -Vir-. J tp rr-"-v tgl notrfe- TbeCWC
'hiil ih Jmkk (W to ctM&ae tk- t IM ix rS
. v . . , rasM dwa to Tfctt th Vclcaao, aul tie
selmetolL tkr acaks ksiw rvWt! oc
. . . - - of the lite erEpttKje.
sirte fcaiskwl. K tttr it u tWi!ir tJelt P. L S.
tanIikr ti- ests of tW jekole. S. Cwafusy kite aSuiAMKii Bo.vis' IliaJ,
waa fcet tkitaalr cawagrrtiiMe saA aahw- aacoi3isUltea.axidhaTtaccer
fl ek.t to kek. fa tW infaicii f Rot the beHBi aad terrora rke
tf the mxusiyr te (ufwr a active Th-5aafcs of the easr e the
cskttoktoaee Cfa dl iiAs.. 1 P5 tire re fc tiTw.coeaaUy.asd
,v,w t k. . or. aneOLiythere&te hf ttat or port raay
ka x m heifer, ettker kcr cioQ ITliUbie way
aajat tke m ahtwi. tkerg wag iwt ?ka , itc
aaf JUfupitia toakuM ac ntetrieX tkwe The aMoe prowa ee the cnut, that E-
ialMSiiVe nkaj- f a iree pftfi a2 kv? lbh acd Frtcca fis of teurs wKt he
Jjwdt, wiiri ire Mir sraati kr tie kiH a thfa eceas, t eocjfete wlia the
fiadiaeatl! hv f 5fai KiiK. j Cfcilie,fcrttetraAeef The nwte
... . . . . ' Ufa daws, is (wo Pacaraa. rtt Soa Fraa-
QTtkepretKtt fcwu tkat ts. wktker w!ttrflyid?CwrisiiiQctariKt,aad
stw tkat f pnBtofcr wkt- oce aisraij r occagteii hya 5trwx coapaar,
vr ar ostr BCeav" is fa Wfce fa tkis Sm a 3er!er ad asr proiitahle ear.
ta srreudcr
hteuelf. and Mardala tomed br the
troop. The Kins tried to coumlt nidde
three tbae. Some peron u; they aw
three tfeetband Bailie triner titled oathe
fth AfriL
Xrir Pram Dr LlTlstttr.
The IhtmwJ (Cape of Good Hope) Jiy
t oa aaoary ai paHioe luc ikjius
, trlllfesce oa the authoritT of Capt. J. F.
Theeaptaia lnforau a that he ha Jct
I arrived (row Marieo. w here he had eea Mar
' tktec Swart, aa elephant hunter, well
I kaewn ia thi repuMie. aad who had jct re-
tarsei: zrvat eee o ru aatmat aooiiBj; ex-
the aaioet.
eertaia point
month c(J sly
number of native
whuiafcrmed hira that Ukt had acted a
I rcMes to Dr. Uiiorstooe. w horn they praUed
1 hbchle. and who. they Uted, had dismissed
ltheaathe Chkf Krtaaa, srixiw them at
I the Mae time, Tarioo preat. Thee aa
t tier had eocie a dutaaee of 3 day' Journey
i oat foot from Central Africa, to whereM.
i Swart met them eiz. at tome dktaace
I ahore the V)ettm FiU a already Hated.
: The doctor weU at the tieie they left,
! aad a attempt had been tudr oa hi life;
. oa the eoatrary. he wa exceedlnsly popular,
I aad w eiere where well nxeiied. From
what tkre saidei ataUdto Mr. Swatt it
appears that the doctor had explored ome
Tery Jarre rirer. aad was about retraeias hi
ierwha ther kit him. Cecopo U the
. ease of aehtef the "other jMe" ot Retaasa,
; whom they staled the doctor had Tuited.
f We hare a reasoa ta doubt the t ruth vf this
I iafcraniwa; oa the conlrary, we bare eery
I reasoa ta beBere It to be correct.
I Inapeaehmettt
! The High Court of Impeachment ha
, efoeed H liturs, hat a no rote wilt be takra
: oa tke artlete until to-day, (the lthX it U
( doobtfal whether, by the nititf of thi
: faclet, I skill be eaabted to apprise roar
j readkws of the resatc We caa oay form our
j apiaioa here trooi the toee of the Atlantic
i pre, atlefed by the VTahiEStoa cotrepood
f eat. The alyoiaed dbpatehe will inform
L;c that at tk present writiae, the cae
corifidenhle ritltrnicnt. The Dot ymp-
tom of all are of the avne character, the
TaiaTT-SavtB DAT, SatcapAT, May 30,
Auemhly net at 10 a. a., 11, II. M. Ktku.
anaoa la the chair.
Prayer by th Chaplain. Minute of pre
eediar day wtr read and approved.
IlireaTi or Coaxtrraa. Camnlttca oa
Kdaralioa reported on the Tarin petition re
ft rttd to them, (arvrahly, to tele parent
odiae children ta elet vhoit from th
chool tax s to allow parent to have a vole
in the leeliea of teacher, and to vet mvra
power la the local board. Ther reeomnicnd.
. -v . . . . r . .
teat of attack belas the bowel. In thecase 1 "".iL'T 7L .SrS.r.? civ",
ofMewr. Howardand Conkllnc thU fi-atura T" ""lhf?'; Vn ,lb Rftory School.
I very tere; with Mr. Grime le marhed !h'- "V'j adver.ly to he prwent .j.teni.
but aeconpanled by paralytic ymvton. f "! ,a "V! ef V11 conlacted eub
He becamemuch better atler removal to hi ! ' tbat th. choot jround were ia poor
iwus, andeomuUtn onlv of Ushl nmub- I condition, and thkt the eaute for taking chil.
nelnlherixhtarmaiidlrc. IIUphvicUn " " Saerally mfuOcient. They
hope be alii be out In a few dav. Mr.
Howard ks aU better, thonsh t!tl Terv lek.
Mr. CoaUtu? I o 111 that hi friend are not
allowed a eee him. There were tonic
ground kt week for apprehendinr uch
trouble, becalor are cautioned to exercise
peat care hi drlnkinc trom the pitcher at
wp vapuoi.
The TSmtf tprclal think that the convic
tlttf matter i In great doubt.
The PreHent triend count on Kith the
West VlrctnSa Senator, Cole of California,
and Fowler, Anthonr l resarded a doubt
ful. Spraxue 1 eonaldered afe by the im
peaeher. There i no certainty that the vote will be
taken oa Saturday.
Tke Republican freely declare that ante
com IctionU certain the Tote will be post
poned uuta alter the Chlcajro Convention.
Ia replrto a tdrcram from St. Louis, in
quiring if le would uot vote (or conviction
oa the eleventh article, Kcnderon aid:
" Tell my Meads lam worn to do Impartial
Justice, arcordior to the law and evidence,
and will try to do it like aa honcit man."
May It The ibr apecial ay the Board
were in favor of aiding the variou femala
boarding schools by a liberal appropriation ;
also the boarding schoot for boy. Foreign
and Hawaiian select rehool should alto l
assisted. They were ta favor of appropnatlng
for the entire cause of education about JiJ.COO.
A follow )
Salary of Inspector Ueneral, $4,000,
Salary of Clerk of Department, $3,000.
School of Lahaiaalnna. $7,000.
Hawaiian and foreign select schools, $30,000.
Government schools, $17,000.
Printing school books, WJO.
Incidentals. $dO0.
ISuiliiing rehool houses, fi.JiO.
Scholarships at Oahn College. $30.
Interest ca school fitnJ.
On motion of Mr. Wilder th report wa
ordered printed.
On motion of Mr. Knudsen, the rates were
suspended, and he read a petition in favor of
subsidy signed by the merchant of Honolulu.
On motion ol Mr. Knudsen, the petition wa
Judiciary Committee reported on tha bill to
reopen the office to quit land titles, in favor
Of Manasirs have come Into possession of of indeSnitelr postponing the ame.
uuuroiaiioa ia morning as wciljusiliy ; lit f.x
them la ra Iliac an eatra session of the Com
mittee. This information Is ofa Tery trtl
le? chancier, and shows, it i said, what In
stigated certain Republican Senator to vote
for acquttal of the President. Witbesse
have beta tuaunoned to appear immedlalelr
before the Committee. It Is claimed that
evidence will he elicited to prove that two
Senator have obtained lam sums of money
for color against convtctioa of the President,
and that thee deliberately bartered away
their TOtM. if thu fthtta'mi'nr Sn. .nuruwt.
rd. as it U claimed and anticipated, there I juraed.
" ve aa eciiiuf lime.
WAHiMna. May lh- Senator Header
son has written a letter to the Committee
from the dekpitioa In the lower House dec
Kaiss to accede to their request, and decjar
Ucj that he resolved to stand bv the obliga
tions of his oath, and bonestlv discharge hi
amy, as citea him to enow it. trusting to a
C. de Varignv moved to accept and
approve tne report.
Mr. Mahciena amended to accept and dis
cuss the bill now. Amended to be tabled.
Kisolctiojs. Mr. Hitchcock asked to be
relieved from tho Judiciary Committee grant
ed. Mr. A. F. Judd wa appointed in his
Xames of signers of the petition against
subsidy were read, on motion of Mr. Lyons.
un motion ot Jir, vt iMer tne House d-
f Caicaeo. Mar liL The Senate nmalEed !
la scNstoa aatU aear maiotrkt. Specials to I generoas ard upright people for the Tindica
r tke CMrneae papers cive a partial report of ; tiaa of hi aare.
cairr. xi wktier tkie Gewtwiit or
tke Oufue asar iMeai tkeatseltvf tna
tke lafarwef faSesscsi a si cts air fa
cSreet r naacthe jaefaaJbU.
Tie afat ii Mt & sear Mkef kere
ccbewkere. TkecesC Aaecamk pafere
tiuftslfc kiivv artkitg iervegry aratestiBC
asafaet tk&s refeAiKafc itvie of .wiatats;
mtaMaaat imiImwi of tke feiaae
wkfek putksaa faf ers aaMatto amier tke
gace aT-r' j'faj. aat wkark Ike is Fru
csob Ttmfg. at feffir face. Macftieisetl
bj tk iay:e. but a vtVp(- ne et
ttSaBat .VasrTwaftiOT.''
TV-f le.akioaa. aad frn mM i atyfautil
wfak kk Befrvevataltief ; was tUTi-4--
faa tke J.ss4tT hr tkmavakit wai &awy
asati fee awitatMe kaeaajc kfes. faf
jvtL ts y.jWLuar tkr ct. axi as kefas;
oatfi'nahssJkKT f afiae.ua. attii tkensCKe '
it itaiSiSgy kf t& aies of tk Repn
tigttVilwrifs. Aa vet kefaf s efeoiJf K tke ,
aScssilne: as to reaaier tke cdfasrr af tke
iw xni Er BWaeossstrr. It wxs tke
n. :ifwatia tf l&e swfve. tkrwri: tketr
Refri;tfgAtis.ii'i.lii jfau, tkiemisve; zml
tksrir Gwaeat tract aafastigaMe jaao ',
aemss tie cceas, wji mace sardhr secure tke
hjtets titer deske. The Market Sepoct
states, skat tftcee oc ar serear ships are
ahwady ia process ef eaastruetiea as the
Q4e, wharh. are latesdtni to rsa at tiab
it is cinhned tfcas tke fs! cost ef
the?c screws anf theexpease of rriTiiiV- fcs
raaekfess tkaa tke s&sewaeet teataer,
that thay caa. vracaHy cacafete wtUt tke
, tkeprvceediBe. The excttemeat la Wash-
iastaet fa tremeadoas. Darieuc the tessioa
' of tke Seaate. Mr. Skermia declared that he
coatd avc vote for the lirst article, thortrfi hi
? speech iBkheated that ke would tied him
sailty o the secoed, foarth aad eleventh.
! Mr. Stewart twok. stroa? grousd for coa-
Tsetlvs oo at? the articles.
Oa the 13th. Ia the Seaate. Mr. Wilson of-
fered a joint resolution to restore Xorth Car
olina. Sontt Carolina, Georgia, Alabama,
Florida and Louisiana to representatives in
Mr. frheraaa called up the House bill for
Mr. TrasabaB indicate! that te could not ! "J. Jf fti?,52i!?
' Tte far ajar of the articles of impeachment.
S o3d Mr. FesseaJes.
There was aa eveais sovswn. The speai
: ers were. Baekaiew aaiast, aad Counts,
WitMta. Earata aad Manas for orctkttuo.
Of tke Senators w kw have not yet spoiea,
Messrs. Aatkuay, Corbet FreSajhavn,
Th4. Taa Wtakle aad Wffiey are regarded
as aaate or ins dosbtfuL The first impeaeh-
laeaa amrar is sirut swmt v two vales
P. M. S.O. Bwitkirndfer its lirze etrjUHij rtv it up. "Tie seoid and tiiol
j. m artietes are aC vet Sect, tmr na siiNiJt
Tke tote ef the Sscate. ae the fcjfeaxrh
aaest sicifi las fteea tak.ee, aad thellth.
artfxfe las beea deciued aK suataiswd hr a
veterSiS Hbvery daawtfd whether
aay af the reasiMK: aees 9 ptss. Mae&
sureafee b aurifcteii ax the Kfchficaz pa
pers net the pcakaMe resatx.
Ia Eaafaad, tke posittea af tke Cahteet aad
Pxraaaeat ttsuaas uweiiiapfd. The Fre
ahr; aa thtitk af May, ia evyh Batten af the
remark uf the lake ef KSckawed, is the
FEaoseef Loristkat tkeQaeeatefitttotke;
ytat li.i ta dfesatve Pixwunwat whaaeTer
ahy ffeased.' sak he tad. atSfred to resfcen.
yes see that they are sure to be carried.
The Desaecrats gvaerafiy are ia good spir
its. Thr extrrne spirits aataes the tmpeach
ers are aaite Cesptadeat, wkite thecooler
I aad Bare iatpisrDal observers b;M there is
ttil seat rfcaace far coorSctiaa.
Mr. FrTjfBsknysea tf sure to rcce for eoa
vietiaa aa tke first three articles. This will
t carry Mr. WBtey ato.
Feeling against tne Beexemnt Kepnb
j lican.
T tke mfcd of your cerrespoBdest, no
I cLia weoprV?s Repcbticaa priaeipies aad
I was elected by Repatsfcaa veters caa be hea-
1 st ia affossaz trspraeheteat. Without coo
, Tfctioa, tke party wffi t; atmcst hapetessly
demaea&adL aatt tke Presides! become a so- i
presae ortalar, to qsestioa whose tyraacy !
bet the offer was dcefieed : his adTke to the foaU be Backs, siaee the ealy ptaa devis-
Qaaea wxs todfesolve Pariatmeat when the
tate of hustaese fermia; tMs was withaat
assy reference to new ci.Tlsetoesls. bet if tke
at ef tie Hacse was oob eemffcted. a
sew Eaose waaki he elected "by tkect, ad
ir . . . . ... i thus toe tncftt. to dfceaire was mVv reserved
vuj. t Q(rr;ct a iak roleat to iA rtu-
HiciHe trwo. ia. tk- otmajcaity. , Tie LSserals do net seemed dispewd ta
It aa swrsfar, as weS as smjyestive. : peak. a fartkvr at tke time, tke Le&iitare
tkaft tkecdjtwif eiase f ft-'-ttf-lii-WT , aa: tke Irish: Caareh. aaestiaa, hut aa tke
tke arewkrijas Sfmam-was say-' Gkuisteoe raved the hatapre-
fi.ctvaikercis. wkii. totke! Pf o
r a. the Irisk Cwrea wr a epeeilec perasd,
AsWr.med era warJtj- af, ltotcw4ffwSKjrftteclm,.
-astam. as ketag; a gakSc faftrj- Tkepik-j niiss5ia a tie Irish. Charei eatihISJim.at
Scatits af arti o$rat fa tkeir teastr. Sic Ae fsmn. Cute.
32ii sikaEite f aaafcaotr, as aWnniii i The death, af Lord Henry BraatfJa Tt fa his
ky same to afii SsttBet ftsafaevikaMe. , aaitk year is aasaaaced.
wife- atitKrs (i"it ai tuse a wfcu tkee 1 Te drtifis of tie Imiri. ews w te
kv&etoratsuiuto'tke Kfag. aai to , Wt fa
kiAaSsrsaffeG-nw. Tie PI I Cnsyil PnSSPWnSmPl.PP
unuiumn uuiuuaji uiijuiul.
cbirisiota. tiwrs&r. te.fk a wuie rase.
2awraseaJjtottafisfkxi2 Ikstesers
tkntl taere was oa pre-ttevtseti ftia to fr-S.H.-US-
tke isfcflrtUa-. c eu-V a. tnortvT af
its i5tor. ko. smjafv" to ofceass grier
aaia. whoA masj-roar r kfs Sett toeust
tkmakaa aktise f Gie fzeewaci af tke
avnutT t tsx Sawtrrt-t Cazxm.
The StfewHi itacL s fxruBshed hy the
EazSs& papers as a BS ef the urrSih? resaias
atlendwic tke Clkrimwea esjiesioa: Six
pernsn were- kSbd ntrSl; six cacedaeif
Irata, it etSsts; nee mace awe their deaths
aniae.tr toft: aee ywoarr usaa fc at a nu
kaoe: iscty mttas werVpxmatareiy eoa-
i stea aaa iwencr ac caeer eaaafeea cwtir- '
TSe- statenreat armi fa tie Aseemkirl af jeajatrert are awaneif; oae
- umtaer fcs a nvfetr maauiir; tweive Eerseei
""tiui tin- iHBEstrr iae sucitEiriftoaS r,r wacaded ; Stty went info, hasjferf aad
tt-aoi cSi ao krae ic iaT a ie ke re- EfJf lt '
JJbMTBlam Wa -l u Ea4-Datk mC '
KXmf T&e4re. j
Gmeral. Samsrhuamadeshcrt warkefthe
Ahyirfaii war. Keatet Theodore r Macia- j
ii. n Send Friday, and, hx the p arihace ef i
taesazms. used &mxuQaa&2:astosxae
his head rmxmJ' W&ett. anaetrd. Tswedoee
retrmCed &to the taws, ucn watch, the
Xsnitrr fstlstwrfer; Got. 5aau:r erdeced aa
assault, errrytnir ic be- scarsc Ens Sees -wis
eti aaer tke 0-titatioa for his paalshmeat
has tees tried aad armed a takm. He wiB
i defy asd Coavess at his pleasure; asd
i aavwtf Had he aac already deoooaeed it
i asaa ascsesaiaooa,-it duct aaazscupoe
I tk vere ef tke Geterz:as." and mriaa
i ted to tke rakMe wiusea he addressed while
; "awiajriajr rwcad tke cweie, that theT would
b Bsti&iMi ia BreaKiaK it up hy force ef
j arms, iibhij occur iy is cot eeiy in
t laer to be tkos grossly easstted, hat by their
nwwrs tsuMmmnrnj ajusw uiai mey are aa
, wSBk ti kuki to aceoaatahSty the caa
tefce iasatts ic Wee unto thase Kepobficia
cewfuecs w w, oner vaeaef tar acquittal, so
back to their cDasrirseats'ta the hope of ce
kar jastiflrit! W&aE wiE eecur li teetiy set
fartfc ia tke fa&awia? dtsratcfies :
Washdsjtos, May li The feeHaraciiast
Seautacs Fesseadea and Trurakuli very
strat The titter was hooted oa tie street
hist scat wane tE2 heme.
Tke Jcfesttbe ia the lower Hense held x
awetmz; aad teewed to vait neon Senator
; Feseeeeea aa aemaad that he ehaaid vate
I at aecaetiaaee anck the expressed wishes ef
p an cmc. arresmr. lae tmntts ratttaeers
i af Casarress- weat ia a bodr tM tsotgnf
! aad made the same demaad Vf)a Serator
i TraataaO. Efe repey hasnaCyet transpired.
I Mr. Beaieesw has received a number ef
i teseraas fna MLssaurf, askisjr to re-
fcra5aTe eatrre JC&saari de2egati8cU.ec.-
uuacas to m25eace hisr.
The dek&mes held a meetmr and .
, resaend aut to reeasaiae Mr. Grtmes is x
me maker of tie EepaMScas party,
i Tehrzrams have been sect eat to get up
- gpotir ceaMestratkecs, especially fa yvr
the adtisabtdty of Utitj immediate action
on is.
Mr. Trumbull opposed any departure from
fcsc onunarv practice.
Reverdr Joksson opnosed it oa thesrannd
that the Seaitors. if they permitted the State
io oe aumniru, whom claim the constitn-
uoaainshtto rote on the impeachment trial.
Senators Dixon and Baekaiew spoke in
the same strain.
Mr. Shermaa disclaimed any such iutea-
uoti ia latroaucim; it. a nc rresiccnt could
control it for tea dav.
Ia the House, the'cilt to admit North Car
ofina. South CuoliBa, Louisiana, Georgia
aad Aiabaata to represeatatioB in Conzress
was taiea ap, and Mr. Steven otfered the
follow inr amendment as aa additional sec
tiea: "Be It further ewacted that the provis
ioHs of section 17. artiese 5, of the COastita
ttoa at Gtorcia, ebaii not applv to anv debt
due any person who, duriar tke whole time
of the rebeffiea, was loyal to the United
States and apposed to eerssioor'
Mr. Stevens stated that he would allow
the whole day for debate oo the part of the
member opposed to the bill, bat would ask
for a vote next day.
Richmond, May i Jefferson Davis" tail
bond was reaewed to-day, Cried inc the accus-
eo. ia apcear oo sca aav. at tae next term.
as the Coartshaiittx. The Jcdn stated that
Chief JssUce Caase has promised to be in
RichBHWd, te prrskie, within two days alter
the impeachment trial is ronrladcd- The
new hoed has Greely. Vaaderbilt, and Gerit
Smith as sarxtks ia ti5.K'J each. TheTe
rsaiaiK; fS,CCO is iivtn by cilisea of Rich
maed. Geeerais Lee aad Sed4oo are in the
city a witnesses. It h thazht the trial a HI
commence acoel the tasl ef 3iav.
that Ferney has rsstjied as Secretary of the
Seaate. obwetions ha via? beea made to his
editorial comments oa the action ef certain
European Intelligence.
Lassos, May 1st Tke Journal! all com
ment en the Tote ott Gladstone's resals
tSen. The Tie av no one caa deay the
immense sfeaiaeaaee of the event. Since
the raetioa to lato Committee, the Tories
hare gaiacd tbrte seal ia the House ef Com
mons, yet the sixty majority has grown to
sixty-six. A dassutatieo is talked ef, merely
to Irixhten the BKtahers.
The 2Imi3 BtnU ay the House of
Coccm, by x vote, the istportacee of
wHch casaot be deaaed, ifirrai that the Irish
Chcrek tystcm iwoU be dts-esbhSshed.
hat tke Haase does aoe speak the voter pf
the country, as the late elettios show.
The.ftaIy.JVra say H is satisfactory to
sd that the Prim I- r arscbaai aay dsia of
advising the Qarea to act azaiast the vote of
the House ef Commons. Hi date is not ta i
dissolve Pirgamer.t or to resign, tat to aid
the artOTcse ef the resotatioa.
The itradmf deprecate the vete ef a
want af ceadeeer. a ceaepeiBas a dissola
tiou, bet fietr the Literals iateud to pursue
that course.
Lay&, May 1st EveaisE. Tie beBef
eecosea renew tkat aSer tke cnsa of the
Betarra SSI tec Irektsd and Seottaad the
TataTT-Eiemt Dat. Moxnar, Juno 1.
Assembly met at 10 A. M., 11. U. M. Kekn
anaca ia the chair.
After prayer by the Chaplain, the minutes
of the preceding day were read and approved.
Ptrtnos. A petition from Kan, by Mr
Martin, praying that the government land
be made free to all the people, for lumber.
grass, etc.
A petition from Xorth Kona, by Mr. Pilipo,
praying that Kailua be made a port of call,
not of entry.
A petition from Kau. by Mr. Martin, pray
ing that a new school inspector be appointed
for that district. Withdrawn.
Petition from Hamakna. by Mr. Hlemnu,
prating that the missionaries at that placebo
permitted to distribute medicines ; that $300
be used to pay far a doctor in that district.
Petition from the " Uulamanus," by Kan
aaha. praying that they have a special appro
priation for uniforms. Indefinitely postponed.
Petitien from Honolulu, by Mr. Martin,
praying that natives be allowed to practice
medicine. -
Petition from Hamakna by Mr. Halemanu,
that $2,000 be appropriated for Honomalino
harbor; that all the female chief be separated
from the common people ; fer the King to
marry one. lndenitely postponed.
Petition from Kan, by Mr. Martin, praying
that a new road be opened manka of the old
one. Tabled.
Petition from the liquor dealer of Hono
lulu, by Mr. Keawehunahala. praying that
the law to prohibit suits to collect debt made
in car rooms, be repealed.
Air. -Mfcskn moved to indefinitely postpone.
Mr. Herd objected. He thoorht that the
government realiaed a considerable revenue
from that source.
Mr. Kalu thoorht that the relation was
wartby of consideration, and he adveeafed
refining it to the proper Committee fer ex-
Mr. Cpa supported the motion of Mr.
Mr. Boyd said that one reason that the Pe
tition shook! be examined wat, that it applied
only to foreigners ; that no debts cf that
nature could be collected from native Ha
waiian. The law was made first tn keep
Hawattans frsra eestraeting debt with bar
keepers, but now that HawaSan could not
bey drink, the law was useless.
Mr. Keawehunahala said that the petition
if r"
ivaa uiiwju
'I 1 1 1
Kxumur ceifPAxri
SwWl irflM!6($C!8 Surf MMQ0$Miwi iMt
Th Complain Spltnaid A t StMrniKlp
F. CONSOR, Comaander.
Will ran between lloHala-la and gu
FrancUeo hf I lie fallowlnc
Ttme Tablet
a aural, a
nniiru noa
Honolttla itay 0j
Haa rrtutctm !-
iioociaiu JDM is
San PnusflTO..... Jl 4
.nj i
Saa Prmnciseo
Ilonolola. ...
ja rrifteUro. . .MayS.
UMeralU Jac a
!!aa IVtaelsro. . . .Jaa 9
l!elt)a. -.Jt 1
5u rroKlK. Awe 3
UonAlili, ln,St
l?-n rranciico. ...Isepl 1
a fact (hat the Cunird line had mad $300,000
out of subsidies. It wa clear galn and thus
It would be her. Th Itcani Company cam
hra and asked for money, not that they tared
anything forth country, but for their own In
terest. He had no doabt but la a few yean, a
line would b eitaMUbed from Panama tn
Hongkong, touching here, and a line to San
Francisco wnnld bo an Important auxiliary.
Things should be allowed to takothelr natural
course. A rrgtrded annexation, he thought
that that question bad nothing to do with the
rase, either Side. He would be gla.1 to ire a
line of fine tteamert between here and San
Francisco, but first the publie Interest mast be
regarded. When he heard that th China
steamer would not touch here, but an Inde
pendent Itne wa to be established. II ttrnek
him unfavorably. He felt that the country
could not yet sustain such a line, W had on
our hand a large das of helples peron
th leper. These must receive a large appro
priation, and our schools should bo aided
the mind of the large number of children
growing up must bo educated and (rained. If
should ride In a nice carriage, it would
look letter, and make him appear richer, but
it would cost more than ha could afford, and
therefore would be unwlro.
Hi Ex. C. do Varigny said the question 1
wa tuts, "snail tee government comer a
benefit to tha country or not." Ho believed
that before ten. year should have elapsed
all would be surprised at the opposition
that the measure now met. Progress would
not slop, the nation cannot remain at a
tand (till, bnt must more on with it, even if
it cost $30,000. We must not pursue a Chinese
or Japanese policy of shutting out the world.
God had not put the island In their Impor
tant geograpkal position to hate usltg behind
the world, and if the people here would not
keep up, then a fear might be entertained
that the islands would go to those who would.
The bill submitted authorised the Minister
of Interior to make a contract with any com
pany. The bill contemplated that the amount
would be final. But, say the opponent of
the bill, suppose that jour bill passes, the
next Legislature will be applied to for u.or
money. In answer, ne would ear that he be
lieved the next Legislature would do their
duty. We could neither bind our successors
nor prevent their acting as they think fit. He
believed that the country would get back the
money with Interest. The business communi
ty was about equally divided on the question.
If business men were eqnalir divided about
the bill, he hoped that the cause of civilisation
would make the scale incline to the side of the
snbsidy, a the question wa not to be consid
ered merely in its commercial bearing. After
the remarks of Mr. Phillies he felt that not
much wii left for him to say, but he hoped 1 The following First-Clasj Verse! will run reg
that the vote would be taken to-day, so as to I ularly in the Honolulu line s
-rl. C. MURRAY,
Anc 10'
9SB Stecrajce,
Through freight to Portland asd VktorU
will be taken at reasonable rate, and
Liberal Advance Xaele cm all
Shlpmcnti per Kfcimcr.
Insurance guaranteed at lower rate than by
ailing vessels. Pa) ticular care taken cf ship
ments of Fruit.
All orders for Good to be purchased la Saa
Francisco, will be received and filled by return
of Steamer. II. HACKFKLD d CO.,
11-Jra Agents.
For Portland. Oregsn.
Titt rixa curraa aaac
it. a BROOKS, Master.'
WU1 have Dispatch for thf. aKave.pert oa bar
return from San Francisco.
For freight or passage, having raperlcr ac
commodations for Cabin and Steerage passes,
gers. apply to
JO- Agents.
For San Francisco.
Chicago, May li Special dispatches ay j sheuM by all aieass le referred to a Com
be able to write to the Government of Tahiti
and say that the line for which he had been
so long waiting between Honolulu and ban
cranctseo wa finally established, and to pro
pose to resume negotiation about the line to
connect Tahiti and Honolulu, which depend
on the adoption of thi bill. He felt that
after paying th subsidy, enough would be left
to improve the roads In thejand ; and he wa
glad to say the credit of tne government wa
such that ao one would doubt their ability to
perform their contract. There wa no dan
ger that the steamer company would not fulfill
their part, because the government would re
quire fe bonds to be given. It wa argued,
why should the money be rpent when we are
sure of one steamer and perhaps a line from
Panama to Hongkong. It wa for all the
interest of the country to connect these Islands
with San Francisco. Tear ago a law had
been passed in contemplation of what wa
now fast becoming a fact, and if the present
bill had been introduced in 1560 under the
same circumstances, it would have passed by
acclamation. To prove it he had but ta refer !
to tne newspaper pnntea at mat day. In
the British ColemUt the company owing the
Jaio was roughly handled, and a he under
stood that it would be referred to thi morning,
he would speak of it. He had no donbt it
was a truthful paper, for example, we have
heard that a great volcano baa burst forth on
Hawaii which ha destroy ed over 100,000 lives,
and an incalculable amountof property." The
truth of the above cannot be doubted. The
House could judge for themselves of the truth
of this statement. On the subject of annex
ation he would say a few words. First, he
did not believe in it. He had lived her four
teen year, and be knew only fjnr or fire
annexationist. He had discountenanced the
idea year ago, and so he did to-day. But
what he thought was that the nation mnst go
on on the stream of progress. That any
attempt to swim against it or to stand still
would be disastrous. That every nation.
I every man, wa bound to distribute it mite to
I the cause of progress r that steam, telegraph,
i etc., were rreat civiluer. as necessary as
eburehes, and that he hoped the House would
give a strong vote in favor of cirQiialion and
progress. This nation cannot keep aloof from
the warld, it must either sink or swim.
H. II. M. Kekuanaoa wa in favor of publis
improvement- In old times the people wore
nothing bnt males, the commerce wa in paiais,
the noble were the minister, and no one had
Eor Freight or Passage, having Superior Ac
commodations for Cabin and Steerage Pas
sengers, apply to
20-3m Agent.
and the House could accept or reject j "JaBr lo "T ra " government bnt the
cert at their diseretioi.. TS. Km- A vessel came here, intercourse wa
The deabefci Senators are cow ccm;ced
af tke faBawafcrt Aatheey, Fawfcr, FreEr?-1 iBaitry wH dissolve PirBaseat aad appeal
hsea,Eass.SBraimt, Taa WmkleandWH-I to tlw people oe tae Irish Ckerek qaestkm.
tLe by- asr ssi&rzriKisi! fafarauufac
w&urft tk pakiTcara' tsftnneix kas- rvaefuni
tSe-Lnriij--aai wkici 8csnciJ t5i'ao
Sen. of tke- Eegrestsncilrnfs witA sese2
dssgss f tk Cairn t ferae murntis sec?
ii v;chl in sCaatz ra&eii it wkea tke
g-scfc&Q was. teEsr? tke t numb! so
viiml rypiffgwiSta",, sniinfir xrx2 kxmseiT The tyrant was s!Ufir, ar committed ueide.
, . - ti. . , r . . r .. j
aa-iTE .UDi iuhjto, uriT K? 3Jwe ukiii.
gf tzar cccastBE to ijeox his mm?, ami rt-
rm-r x fc5w Sx i& ararrr rsotrrwi. Te- fc
aSkct mufar sndL rirtanistinees, wtJ fce
fcaeikiSit arcrff gafttmo tint cf astal ta
"IFkai tiaa kas ixes. ti rsaftcf tia
faferhg nx tkt? Astern Hf- ta akucx its- e&o
Thic ria3s& cxives wen a3 fiiund fcr the
eiiry. aSve- aad weBL and were set tee The
etrornwraaBaX dWniHs af tke eatraTinajri, as
fijewarded t)v-te&rrttv areas StBswsc
Agnl t. TJur Timor CeXezrami state
Thaadare was a sacfryd hy the Ecitisa, advagee
t the Kth ef Aj?r2, and repolsedv. lissmir
' 3J men. krSinf. Ec seitaxntiy' ie
sersed hy thg cCTiamifuraf hut trcops. The
June oca: rstzeacdx loisuiic tne nitxress at
tJbi mKrasCj cf tS maaar. ta. warn . 5.vdevut3d affiiwera. Eiilidea deijerato
tke Vwan ar- resaKniakre- a waS as cesistanor r rfie iJcSsh. hat Ssdjmr la
-- eaaee- was made hnceiesa By an. awjarTt. he
ail sQkz fUCCc cScucs-XOif acadu- nut &3C-: cnmoicral saiL-jfc- 6e a. piirtalrriiot, a the
k.,,. Lassos, JtAjSt. Tha- Tarwaima srSrLiI
a3i eaarj ackar aisi cf pcxsc men: aifvfcts tsar JSJJie&ct t ijril 3sc. 3
Spnicf tfilseEat tkrupar i 'tZIc
&inr ontiuii, aa jm5rii hy ta wucaf tf Xnida was fturued t-v tie EeaS&.
ti defend aibB a kas tent xr&mr- JLJtJ
bry. It if beftrved that Aathocy; FreSie
haysea aad. Siniw are certain to Tate In
catwfctaro, rhe Pri-tident cast have lock
af the West Variaci Senators asd Fewier to
Bsare as aau8aJ: these three, to say the
least, are itmtetfoi.
A diSfatek dated May ISh,May thead
dress at tke Mweatrri defezatnni bis mr
ceeded ax CTarrtng baa Henderson a pCedra
to veto Car cunvicrina em the tenth aracie.'
DefakcxwA Prwwrlery-.
One caa aat hat qaestlsa the prncriety cf
aay iScnj t to coerce the vates ef Sesatcn.
They are presumed to he sensihie mac, and
ec35t,f tieykaTeaat, tohave be&re tleir
eyea, the terriSfe responsifeiScy they Jaear
bessce the eoantry at Errrei hy peraitriac
the FrKBiest to s anr? proved. I say this
after eeusiderinx hw deenry he tuaufcited
the Seeeraaust ex tke preseaea cf Cweos
aaZwaisv ay aif maxvfilse addresa era the day
The dsie, aaaa eiSterial, eoalrma this opi-
SirMartsa Peto aad Lawreace Ottphant
have rescued their teal ia Parlstsaect.
Fraaee has sadieaJy brakra tff dfpteraatie
retataaaa witk Tanes teraltred ulnars ap
ea Frenek resideats ia thai eaaatry.
It is LeSeTed that the ashstaaeea of Ec;
hisd' reply to the- Emperor of Rsaaia was,
that preJi-j:i lMtiwz to tte Kdrfende-cce
ef Crete whica the Ssheme Parte wiB act
cnaeede wdkast campabiea, I a (6cy
whiehiEt is iarpossfbte tot Great Briuia tia
The Earl ef Eitieriy baa beea anointed
Garerner af the Hudson Bay Coarpaay.
Losxers; May S. Lord Heary Broerfrarr,
er-Lecd Chaaeellar of England, died la
France Ea has afnetieth year
May 1L Cecs&!erabCe excitriaeot ha bees
cecaasseed by tie teiegrams fmc Ashtoo
aadcrLfse, aasaaseiaz tke breaki&grcict cf
mil tee,
tbetr report at tbeir discretion. The petition
was Est from aay disorderly persons, but from
a respectable class of the community. It was
weB that these who squandered their money
skosld get punished fer their recklessness,
1 W.t ,1.. I . .W.V 1 . 1) I .
see them. He favored referring to the JnJI- ! "IF1 tf.pV'i5e'
ctary Committee. Petition referred ta the
Judiciary Cemohlee.
Pttitjsa freea Haasakua, by Mr. Halemanu,
prayrsg that the Tax Assessor be required to
deliver a certifexte ta those released from tax
atiea ; that animal Le taxed according to
their TaleatieB: that the Waipio read be made
free for the carrying of fire wood.
Rraetrrraxs Mr. Uitrhecck eJered a rts-
alatiea that the vote en the absly bill be
taken at - P. M- this day, and that speeches
te Sorted ta twenty minutes each.
His Ex. S. H. PhBBp said that the eet of
the reselatien wesld be to est of debate, and
he daebted the wisdom cf doing so. He should
insist upsa hi rirkt ta steak.
Bis Ex. C. de Varigny amended that the is
tredseer of the bill sheuM havethe right ta
cJese the debate, and that the debate sboeid
le elmed at Z Vekek.
Mr. Lyaar sail that it was a practice ia the
best legislative assemblies to fix aa hoar la
dose a debate aad take a Tate.
Mr. PiKpo rejected ta the resale: tian, end
mered ta iadefiaitely pestpene. He Ihoorit
that rne kal the rizht to force a member la
tlx dm, asd eisse debate at a eertaia bear.
Mr. Kaadfca ka.1 aa bjeetasn iathemettea
ta ciesc the debate, bat he thoaght it wa not
the rsitani ta csmmitte ef the wbele. wbat
crer nri-ht te the rale of the Bease.
The Mixitter ef Feretga ASain withdrew
hi acseadmeat.
H5 Ex. S. II. Phillips, amesded, that the
mlredEeer ef the t3i shewld le allowed, befsre
the Tate wat takea, ta eleee the delate, aad
tkat thirty sdssies te attewed.
Mr. Hiiaaeceb. said tkat be ka.1 aa desire ta
cat ef aetata, bat be had understood that
very cttle avtre was to le said, and that it
wa the geaeral desire ta aeespy 1st ese Bar
day epva the diseaisira of the subsidy.
Eeseixts. withdraws.
Ozara ar vac' SaT A bill ta prcmcfe
(eras (teas navigatiea wa ia erier. House
west isto ceasmittee, Mr. Makaleaa caScd la
tk chair.
xt. Lysa rail tkat it Kmgaaa had a
established with fereica lands, and the country
, advanced in civilisation. He wa strongly in
' favor ef keeping up that intercourse. And the
way to do it wa to be the first in the field.
11 favreMl thm titll - 1 .W.lt.
I ilr. t . II. Judd said that the argument of
, the other sHc were that if the subsidy wa not
granted, we would not hare steam eommuni-
etiAn with Ssn FntiMiM T f 1 V. n AA ...
Will run during the next quarter as follow
Monday, March 30 Monday, April SO
Monday, April 0 Monday. Anril ST
Monday, April 13 Mocslay, May 4
. Laying ap tke Week cornraenelnjj Jfoaday,
May 11th.
Monday, May IS Monday, Juast 8
Monday, May- li Monday, Jan 15
Monday, June 1
At -IJ r. a., precisely, iouehlbg at
Kallna, . -
KavValtiaei and
Kealakekna, Wednesday, about aoen,
Kallna, Wednesday evening. "
Kawaihae a Mahnkona, Thursday evenings.
Arriving back at Honolulu Saturday morning.
PuiengeT will be landed at Makee' Landing.
Oa Thnrsdey, June 25th,
She will leave for
Itolon and Waluea, Kauai,
At -It P. 31.,
Arriving back on Saturday, the I7th.
11- WALKER A ALLES, Agent.
the curraa ucnooxea
3EC-a.a? TIDES,
Orrryta-j tie IJaicaiian Jfoil eitl- OsiVy
Will Leave Hoaolaln ETery Satarday,
at Four o'clock p. a.. Return in , will leave
Xawiliwili every Tuesday afternoon.
Por Freight or Pasaage.'apply to
Mf I). F03TER k CO.
granted could the steamer be forced to run?
Hi Ex. C. de V angny answered, no; bnt
tne government could sue on the bend rtren.
Mr. Judd proceeded. In that case, in what
condition would the country beT The line
, of packet being taken elf, aad the steam Cos- I
pany. not running a per contract. Forelrn
' governments were discus sing the question of f
; mie tinea, id'i in a tew tears we would nave
. twe or more line probably.
1 Hit Ex. F. W. Hutchison said, we bare na
! (team line here, and no ground oa which to
I I 1 r
oeoepes Krone. I mil n r,t.,1 ..-.I ,.
, Jlr. Jn-ld continued. He was satisfied that ' ZZ,. V'i i.1. IT- " ,
..rden't'rlmVb?;..7 5. I
Ccited State that $30,000 wa graated ta a ; r nun nsiiuii . u , .
1 fine to run to China and toueb at Honelnln i r&T HUM. Ft I Eli kM llriVlfl
where were the steamers ? Had any one eeu I ' T- i """"""
Regular Packet
P&r Lahaina affs Laniing.
The Sne staaneK clipper sctiomteF
'if ATP I rrr
r- m sfM tatfkwkHm
CJUKE, Master.
"77r " t-t a ir- . . i j . J . ...... E..1 m etTUa anuact of reveaae. but theatstka
I think nttfiir tSl Treater dmuedik. ooiixraeoe;Ie. SeTeraAeeroaaweTeiht. I was, in ia ewuiius assase a mi ator
' them? That wa ao argument against the
, present line.
1 Mr. nitebeoek said that the argument at
first brought forward were in favor ef steam
enmmaBicatien for the next tea year at least.
' He took this ground, that we do already
j grant a subsidy, by the law of 1802. oa relea
j ing harbor dan, wharfage, etc., and ia the
, face of thi liberality, the Company now
etrne before the Honee aad demand more.
' There wa ne ground to bel'ievc that the Com-
pany would agree to the term of the ItTt
There wa no agent here empowered to (L li.
' If the snbridy wa granted, the steamer
; woald ooa ran off the paelets, and, at the
j end ef twe year, w would be at the mercy of
I toe steamer company. I be acts reminded
rhua cf the fable ef the rerpent that killed it
( teaetaetor. The Hease wa asked ta believe
that a ferciga paper wa eatmitrerthy, be
cause of a mistake ia printing aa Hem regard-
lag car volean-t eruptions, tterefor a piece
' concerning rubsiiy wa aet la be Leliered.
One petal wa tbe taking aat of the country
imm rasa, laat tne eactry eoald
Tile iKboauvr
HAMLIS. Jlajter,
Will ran regularly for the above porta. To
freight or paaaas apply to
l .TJBBERT. Honolalo.
OrJ. II. COXET, Hilo.
tain a tSj wkr!iifciaiii2ifef cf x cstf prsas. mcrrursweFedestmyed at Ifjarfala. Cut ferrs advfegaad eaoseat af taa ftrKitr, that body
J- I. K . . n . . . i RnfT.fViTir- tw tWim TtMr- ' - g -
aniJtfeoc&riirsref m: ussiufj wnetiercr aSta IBi. 'T&tliWawaiHr atu S fir a tie Irsc remxrvalef Xc a
BECtkats; ka CKeai 1ST aima cf its iiCsir- s-ra wane praeerteit c tne; tare estaaxrj.
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Sen. Annie,
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