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j. mott smith,
Director of the Government Press.
Notice ii hereby given that any penon
digging np, or otherwise injuring, any street,
or road throughout this Kingdom, without
permission from the Road Supervisor of the
district, will be held responsible for the fame,
and will be proceeded againit according to
law. Feud. W. Htrrcnisox,
Minister of Interior.
nomOOce, Jane 18,1608. 2Mt
All Vxktizs having Water Privileges, are
requested to have their Taps and Pipes put in
proper repair, as there -Kill be a General In
spection of the said Taps and Pipes on the
20th of June. Parties nerlectinc this notice.
will subject themselves to baring their water
topped on. JiEsnr l'Rr.jDEiicAST.
Supcrintendant H. W. W.
Ox Mnndny last, the Legislative As
sembly ordered a Committee to wait upon
Ilis Majesty, and inform him of their read
iness to be prorogued on Monday next.
Tbe Assembly convened April lblh. aud
have continued their sittings steadily np
to the present, and by Monday will have
reached 5G working days. The session
-will be shorter than those of former years.
The second reading of the Appropria
tion Bill' was finished on Monday, and
there are still ten to fifteen Bills upon the
table, awaiting action, but they can easily
be dicposed of before Monday.
On Tuesday of last week, the Bill grant
ing Aid to Ocean Steamships (known as
the Subsidy Bill), passed its final reading.
This Bill, which has been the most warmly
debated one of the session, has called out
a very general expression of .opinion, both
in and out of the Assembly. It authorizes
the King, in Privy Council, to grant, in
h'w discretion, the sum of 50,000. under
conditions regarding prices of passage and
freight, and other minor regulations, to
any Steamship Company which will engage
to put a second steamer on the route be
tween this port and San Francisco, for
two years.
Under the present circumstances, and
with a duo regard to the future, it was wise
for the Assembly to confer this discretion
ary power, and thus open the way for se
curing any advantages in rapid communi
cation with the Coast, which may arise
during the time which will elaj.-e before
the nest session. The responsibility of
securing a valuable service, for the money
voted, will rest with the Government.
One of the most important Bills of the
session is that introduced by the Chair
man of tbe Committee on Education, Mr.
Hitchcock. It provides for the re-organ
izing of the Local School Boards, so that
one member of the Board shall be elective
and for the appointment and removal of
the teachers in the common schools by the
Local Board, subject to appeal to the
Board of Kducation.
Tbe management of the common schools
lias been a fruitful source "of differences of
opinion among those competent to judge
in educational matters, and while all pro
fess to be aiming at the same result the
greater efficiency and usefulness of the
schools the surest and most expedient
method of attaining this, is not so apparent.
If the Local Boards are interested, earnest
.and efficient, and have the good of the
.schools at heart, the schools will prosper.
"N'o central power, vested in the Board of
Education, can infuse life and activity into
tho ecbools of the outer districts, if the
Local Board, the parents and the people
ure indifferent to the education of the
children, and neglectful of tho welfare of
the schools. No amount of legislation
can comjtensate, or any industry of the
general officers of the. Board supply, the
momentum which ought to come from the
The system of common schools on these
Islands has never been as vigorous and as
effective os in other countries; simply be.
cause the Hawaiians have always depended
upon their Government, or tbeir religious
teachers to keep up enthusiastic movement
in tbe cause of general education.
The institution of higher grades of se
lect schools, which have sprung up all over
tbe country, during lbe last four years, has
had a tendency to incite both parents and
children, to desire and esteem a good edn
cation, and must have a reflex action for
good on the common schools.
Another important item passed by the
Assembly is the appropriation of $17,000
to be applied to the support of common
schools in those districts which are poor
and where the school tax is cot sufficient
to carry the schools through the year.
The law does not provide that tbe surplus
of one district may be applied to supple
ment the deficiency in another, and hence
ip a few, while there have been more funds
than were used, there have been many
where -the schools have been closed for
long periods. To remedy this evil, a fund
has been provided by which all the schools
nay be kejt pa through the year. The
improvements in the school law ore such
as mnst'meet -with general approval, and
we hope that all the friends of Hawaiian
education will heartily help to give them
successful application.
The third volume ol tbe elaborate Chinese
and EngU.h Dictionary, by Dr. W. Lobs
cheld, tva received by the Idaho, one -copy
being tent by the author to the government
and another to Dr. Hlllebrand. Thi volume
take from I to Q, Inclusive. The work,
which U printed at Hongkong, will be com
pleted la oae more volume.
or THE
FoRTT-EioBTn Dat. Fbidat. June 1!
Atsembly met at 10 A. v. H. It. M. Ke
kuanaoa in the Chair. Prayer by the Chap
lain. Minute! of the preceding day read and
Reports or Committees. Education Com,
mittee broncht io a report in regard to send.
ing Hawaiians abroad for education in various
professions. They recommended an appropria
tion of $4,000 to send three or more Hawaiians
to America to pass a thorough medical course
or other professions.
Finance Committee reported on thoseofficers
of croTernment who drew more than one sala
ry. The Governor of Oahn draws the salary
of that office. S1.S0O. and the salary or Adiu-
tant General, $1,7C0. Several clerks on the
other islands, who have small salaries drew
second salary from other appointments. His
Ex. C. C. Harris had drawn his salary of
$10,000 as Minister of Finance, and tbe ap
propriation of $10,000 for expenses as Minis
ter at Washington. Report laid on the table.
Special Committee to whom was referred all
tbe petitions for internal improvements re
ported as follows :
Roads in Puna $1,000
, 6,000
. 400
' Hamakua.
Roads from Kaw&Jbae to Waimea .,
Contingent fund for Hawaii............
Roads and bridges, MauL..............
" at Labaina .
" and bridges, Oahu.....
Opening School street to Liliha..,
Improvement of Liliba street...
Roads and bridges, Kauai
Scow at Waimea River.....
Road at Kalaupapa, Molokai........-
Court House and Jail at Kau, Hnwaii.$l,G0O
Light House at Hilo, Hawaii 500
at same 400
Court House and Jail, Makawao, Maul, 1,000
" Molokai 1,600
Weichts. measures, etc., for Dent of Int. 250
Store houc for eombustables 3,500
Survev of Nuuanu Pali 100
C' urt House and Jail at Hanalei, Kauai, 1,600
Wharf at Nawiliwili 500
All of which they recommended to tbe House
for aeceptance. Report was tail upon In
table for future consideration.
Resolutioxs. Mr. Tilipo offered a resolu
tion that $2,000 be appropriated for roads in
North Kona. Chair ruled the petition out of
Mr. Koakanu morel that $500 be appro
priated for ' a light bouse at hanakuapa.
Mr. A. F. Judd offered a resolution that tbe
Attorney General be instructed to inform the
House whether Sections S3, S9, 90 and 91 of
the Civil Code were in force here in Honolulu
in regard to the use and sale of awa. H
said that be frequently asked those whom b
saw taking home their bundles of awa, if
tber bad a certificate from a physician. Tti
answer was almost always tbat they had not.
He described tbe baleful effect of tbe profusi
use of tbat root at some length. Resolution
His Ex.. F. W. Hutchison Introduced a bill
to regulate sale of poisons ; also an Act to
regulate the driving of cattle and vehicles
over tbe bridges in the kingdom ;' also a bill
to amend section 5s of tbe Lml (.ode.
Mr. Lyons gave notice of a bill for the pro
tection oi game.
Onncit or the Dir. Appropriation Bill,
Before tbat came on several bills passed third
reading. An Act to compile the Penal Code
in Lngtish and Hawaiian ; an Act to amend
Section S76 of tbe Civil Code; an Act to
amend an Act to amend Section 10 of the Civil
Code, and to regulate the Bureau of Public
Instruction ; an act to provide a permanent
settlement for Queen Halama.
House went into Committee of the Whole
on the Appropriation BUI. Mr. Pilipo called
to tbe cbair.
Bciieac or Tcbi-ic Instruction.
Tbe following items were passed :
Salary of Inspector General, $4,000.
Salary Clerk of Bureau, $3,000.
Support of Hawaiian and English Schools
Mr. Hitchcock amended to $38,000, which
was to include Lahainuluna School. Passed,
Printing school books, $5,208 50.
Mr. Hitchcock moved to insert before that.
support of destitute Government common
schools, $17,000. Passed
Mr. Hitchcock amended the former item to
$5,250. Passed.
Stationery and incidentals, $600.
Reformatory School, $9,543 20.
Mr. Hitchcock moved to consider the report
of tbe Education Committee witb tbe item
He reviewed tbe arguments of tbe Committee
at some length and amended tbe item to $5,000,
Purchase of Reformatory School premises.
Mr. A. F. Judd said be understood the
member for Ililo to say tbat he recommended
tbe purchase of tbe place by tbe Hoard of Ed
ucation, fur their own purposes.
Mr. Hitchcock said tbat was what he said,
and he amended to insert, as per item, and
for the purposes of tbe Board of Education.
Item passed at $3,C00.
Building new school houses, $5,325.
Mr. Martin amended to $6,200.
Item passed at $6,200.
Endowment of Oahu College scholarships,
Interest on school fund. $5,122,
Mr. Hitchcock moved to add to the bill an
item of $1,000 for a medical education
foreign countries for Hawaiians.
Mr. Koakanu objected to the item. He
said tbat Hawaiian boys had been to Punahou
and received a good education, but it bad
done them no good, and under tbe tutorsbip
of Mr. Cooke Kamebamena ill. bad been
educated, but what good had it done him. If
Hawaiians went away, tbey would' get so
wise tbat when they returned accomplished
doctors tbey wonld poison all tbeir friends.
He srid tbat tbe money had better be kept in
the country. He moved to indefinitely post
pone tbe item
Mr. Mabelona thought that tbe idea of edu
cating Hawaiians in medicine was a good one.
but be objected to sending eople out o( tbo
country. Let tbe Ministerof tbe Interior, who
was a good doctor, teach a few boys. A school
could be established at the Insane Asylum
Mr. Hitchcock amended his motion by strik
ing out tbe words in foreign countries."
Mr. Lyons said that he bad for a long time
wanted to see medicine taught in this country,
and be would like td see a teacher of that
branch of science added to the corps of teach
ers at Lahainaluna, or have it taught at Hono
His Ex. F. W. Hutchison objected to having
it taught here. It was an important subject,
and reauired many teachers. A scholar could
onlv receive a proper medical education by at
tending a regular college. In most parts of
England tbe course was nre years, and in tbe
United States generally three years. There
were thirteen different things to be learned.
Item at $4,000 passed.
Mr. Hitebcock moved tbat the Committee
recommend the approval of the report of the
Committee on petitions and resolutions on in
ternal improvements.
Mr. Rhodes objected. He thought the items
should be taken separately.
Mr. Koakanu moved to reconsider the vote
on the item of $4,000 just passed. Carried.
His Ex. F. W. Hutchison moved to strike
out the item.
Mr. A. F. Judd objected. He thought tbat
it should be passed by all means.
Mr. Koakanu objected to tbe item, unless a
similar amount could be passed lor instruction
according to tbe ancient Hawaiian Customs.
He unly went to Hawaiian doctors himself.
That wes the reason of his good health. Once
in a while, however, he took small doses of tbe
Bible as prescribed by tbe Catbolie Cburcb.
The question was discussed irrelevantly at
some length, and finally Mr. Hitebcock re
newed his original motion for'an item of $4,000
to educate Hawaiian youths in medicine in
foreign lands.
His Ex. C. de Varigny amende'd to insert
$4,000 for medical education of Hawaiian chil
dren. Ayes and nayt were called. Question to in
definitely postpone lost. Ayes 11, nays 25.
The amendment was then carried.
Mr. Hitchcock renewed his motion tbat the
Committee recommend to the House the
approval of the report of the commitlee on
petitions and resolutions for internal Improve
Best. Much objection was made by several
inembers. They claimed that their particular 1
districts should I e mere tall v supplied.
Mr. Wilder said that it was utterly impossi
ble to Eire to each district all tbey wished.
The Ccmmittee had done as well as it was
Mr. Rhodes called for a reading of the re
port of tbe Committee, lleport read again,
Committee approved the report.
Committe rose, report approved, and House
FoRrr-NiSTn Dat. Satubpav, June 13
Assembly met at 10 a. v., H. II. M. Keku-
anaoa in the chair.
After prayer by the Chaplain, the minutes
of the preteding day were read and approved.
Report or Committee. Special Committee
to whom was re! tired tbe petition of J. n . 11
Kauwabi. praying for tbe impeachment of
His Ex. If. n. Hutchison begged leave to
present their report,
His Ex. S. U. Phillips moved tbat the
House of Nobles take a recess to allow the"
Representatives to act upon the report.
The Representatives received the petition
and after discussion, adjourned farther con
sideration until Tuesday.
House adjourned till Monday at 10 o'clock.
Fiftieth Dat, Moxdat, Jane IS.
Assembly met at 10 A. ., H. H. M. Keku-
anaoa in tbe cbair.
Prayer by the Chaplain. Minutes of pre
ceding day read and approved.
Petitions. Mr. Lyuns presented a petition
from the school agent of Honolulu praying
fur an increase of pay. Referred to Education
Mr. Halemanu presented a petition from
Hamakua asking for $600 for bnoys at tbe
harbor of Honokaa. Referred to Committee
on Internal Improvement.
Resolution. Mr. Hitchcock offered a res
olution that the Vice President appoint
Committee of Three, the President to be chair
man, to-. wait upon His Majesty and inform
him that the Assembly would stand ready to
be prorogued on Monday next. Passed.
Committee. H. H. M. Kekuanaoa, Hons,
J. W. Keawehunahala, H. R. Hitebcock.
Mr. Wilder introduced a bill to promote im
miirration from the Polvnesian Islands.
Mr. Phillips introduced a bill in regard to
inter-island steam navigation.
Mr. Pilipo introduced a bill to amend section
529 of tbe CivC Code to open the ports of Kai
lua, Hawaii, and Hanalei, Kauai, for whalers
to purcnase supplies. Dill rejected. He in
troduced another bill to remove restrictions on
shooting kolea nnd akekeke. Bill rejected.
Mr. Kumahoa gat e uotice of a bill to amend
sections 110 and 116 of the Civil Code in re
gard to tbe hiring of horses.
Oudcb or the Dat. Appropriation bill.
House went into Committee. Mr. Mabelona
called to tbe Cbair.
Postponed items were taken up.
Ittm for a permanent settlement on Queen
Kalsma was passed at $4,000.
Salaries of Circuit Judges on Hawaii, $.1,600.
His Ex. S. U. Phillips moved to pass as in
the bill.
Mr. Hitchcock amended provided tbat the
Judge at Hilo did not draw tbe salaries of
Deputy Governor and Clerk.
His Ex. S. U. Phillips thought tbat the
Deputy Governor of Hawaii would not be will
ing to do tb"e work of two or three offices with
out sufficient pay, and tbat these salaries tak
en together, were not too much remuneration.
Mr. Hitchcock thought tbat the Deputy
Governor should not bold the offices of Judge
and Clerk, that often be was brought into con
flict with bis own decisions. He urged that
tbe offices should be seperated.
Mr. Lyuns was in favor of the points ad
vanced by tbe member for Hilo, but thought
tbe amendments would not be put into tbe
Appropriation Bill.
Item passed at $3,600 with Mr. Hitchcock's
Minister Resident at the United States,
Mr. Lyons moved to strike out tho item.
His Ex. C. de Varigny said that neither be
nor any of bis colleagues were candidates for
tbat office. .The trade of the Islands with the
United States was very important. The
United States kept here a Minister Resident,
Consul and a 'aval Agent, three important
offices. Of tbe immense trade of the United
States, but a small part was directed to this
country. Our relations and increasing trade
with tbe United States, rendered it important
that a Hawaiian Minister should be placed at
Mr. C. H. Judd amended to insert $10,000
to a Minister of Hawaiian parentage at Wash
Mr. Hitchcock supported striking out the
item. He said it was deferred until news
could be receh ed concerning tbo Reciprocity
Treaty, but no news bad been received up to
this date, and now tbe item bad better be
striken out, and tbe amount be applied to
other appiopriations. "
Mr. llder was in favor of tbe motion to
etike out the item. He did not think tbe
money could be spared, and if it could, $10,000
would not be enough to keep a Minister at
Washington. Tbat tbis country was through
its troubles and its independence guarranteed.
We could not afford to eendDipIomatio Agents
to all the courts represented here. But if the
item passed, be should vote for the amend
ment of Mr. C. II. Judd.
Mr. Rhodes said tbat it was a mistake to
suppose tbat the Hawaiian nation was through
its troubles. Nations were like people, always
in trouble until death. As the importance of
the nation augmented, Its agents abroad should
be increased in number. He favored the item
as in the bill.
Item was indefinitely postponed.
Encouragement of agriculture and immiirra-
tion, tiu.uuu.
Mr. Wilder amended to $30,000. He said
that the nation was fast wasting away, and to
preserve tbeni something must be done. In
the south seas there were a people much like
the Hawaiians, and by bringing them here a
new vigor would be imparted to the nation.
There was a great scarcity of laborers here, it
was almost impossible to obtain Hawaiians,
and when tbey were obtained, generally, tbe
native shipped on account of debt, and never
saw himself out of debt. It was tbe practice
on the plantations to keep them in debt. He
was ashamed to say it, but sucb was tbe case
It bad been estimated tbat $30,000 would bring
in i,ouu men anu i.uuu women, tbe plan
ters jiayiug the expeuses of the men, and tbe
women would be piven by tbe Government.
Committee rose to receive a message from
lbe lung.
Message received by tbe President and read,
To Zfia HitHutu 31. Kekuanaoa, Prttident of
the J,egilanre Jtiietnblif.
Sib : I return a resolution passed by the
Honorable Legislative Assembly on tbe fitch of
June instant. Having doubts wbetber resolu
tions of tbis character exactly conformed to
the Constitution, and desiring lhat the practice
should be made more exact hereafter, I re
ferred the matter to the J ustices of tbe Supreme
I enclose their opinion wbieb refers to other
matters worthy of consideration at tbis time.
Therefore, if your Honorable Body cause tbe
resolution to be drawn as a Joint Resolution.
with the enacting clause inserted, it will meet
witb Our approval. Kamebameha R.
Ulunia faunale, tvaiuiki, lath June, lees.
House again went into Committee. Mr.
Nabaku in the cbair.
Mr. Wilder proceeded, that the importation
of 650 Chinese at a cost of $7,000 had paid
back yearly $J,ui'u, proving mat it was a good
investment. At present there was "a great
disparity of the sexes in the cc-ntry. Bring
ing in the 1,000 women would 'firovide wives
for the workmen on tee plantations.
His Ex. S. H. Phillips said tirlt tbe subject
had received careful attention by tbe Board
of Immigration, and tbat tbey would take
immediate measures to secure vessels and
means, to bring in people of both sexes. '
Mr. Keawehunahala said tbat be was in
favor of the item at $10,000, tbat if it passed
at $30,000 tbe resolutions introduced by mem
bers for internal improvement would not re
ceive proper attention. Besides if aU those
foreigners were introduced the Hawaiians
would lose all chances for work. Probably
tbe new people would create a great deal of
Item passed at $30,000,
Interest upon national debt, $16,84125.
amended to $25,841. passed. '
Item .of 50,000 fur ocean steamers was
struck cut.
Subsidy for Kilanea. $3,000.
His Ex. S. H. Phillips moved to suspend '
the rules and take up hia bill on inter-Island
team communication, pasted. BUI read.
House went into Committee, Mr. Koakanu
eauea to me inair.
The bill was to provide for a subsidy for
steam vessels to ply between Honolulu,, wind
ward porta and ports on Kauai, each round
trip to be made in one week.
Section 1st was read.
His Ex. S. II. Phillips move! to make the
subsidy $10,000. He tbought that the mem
bers would all agree on the value of that Sec
tion, and support its passage. The Company
owning bad a monopoly, the passage of the 1st
section would do away with tbat. Tbe con
tract would pay $10,000 a year, but tbe pres
ent year with what bad already been done,
only $6,700 would be called for.
Section 1st passed with the Insertion of
Section 2nd was read, it was in reference to
tbe route and time'. The only difference from
the present route being to insert Hilo as one of
the ports or call.
His Ex. S. U. Phillips moved to insert 400
tons as tbe size of steamers to run-
Mr. A. F. Judd asked bow much would be
asked for tbe Kauai route ?
His Ex. replied that it was a matter of un
certainty, but be would suggest S5.000,
tbat the whole line for tbe two years would
cost $3U,uuu.
Mr. Hitchcock moved to strike out section
2d and all the following. He thought it some
what out oi order, as it was an appropriation
for internal improvement and the House had
accepted the report of the Special Committee
last inday in regard to these appropriations.
Mr. iiyons supported the passage of tb
2d section. Section 2d was passed with the
various amendments.
Section 3d was read. It provided for steam
communication between Honolulu and ports
of Kauai. --
Ilis Ex. S.H. Phillips moved to mak,e the
appropriation $5,000.
Mr. Wilderamended to insert Nawiliwili as
one of tbe pots of call.
Section 3d passed with the amendments.
Section 4th iras read, that no steamers
der any flag but the Hawaiian should be em
ployed, rassed.
Preamble and Title, and Bill as a Whole
passed. Committee ruse, and report approved
Bill orderea to engrossment.
House vent into Committee on the Appro
priation bin .Mr. .Nahaku in tbe cbair.
Mr. Phillips moved to insert in the place of
"cubsidy for Aiiavea, 53,000," bub-idy for
Inter-Island Steam Navigation, $36,700."
Sections 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th of th
appropriation bill were read and passed.
Title read and passed.
Bill, as a whole, passed second reading.
Committee rose, report approved. Bill or
dered to engrossment. House adjourned.
Pi-luce Allred.
The attempted aseat-eination of Prince Al
fred on the 1-1 b ot March, took place at Clon
tarf, near S)dney, at a plc-nic party given by
the Directors of the Sailor's Home Society.
Tbe account says:
The Prince and Sir William Mannlnc then
walked across tbe green towards where tbe
uaiaiea Dana were Ftatluneu; and, when
about llfly yards from tbe band, the aesaeeln
whose name vtas O'Farrrll, walked out from
under tbe trees which fringe tbe beach of the
scene oi tue icsilvltu-s and advanced at
right angle to tbe Prince. On getting behind
mm lie lurnta snarpiy rouna, arew a spring
field Company's revolver, and with tbe muz
zle of It aimust touching the Prince's, back.
lirrd at his spine. The bullet passed tbrongh
thf centre seam nf his coat, through the cen
tre of his braces, entered bis back about half
an invli I rum the junction of the ninth rib
and the vtrlihrae, then glancing obliquity
otf tbe bone, traversed tbe rib round to about
two inches under tbe breast bone and tbcre
lodged. The Prince's lovter limbs were at
once paralyzed, and .he fell to tbe ground
exclaiming, "Oh, God I He has broken my
back." Sir William Manning bearing the re
port behind him, turned sharply round, and
as he did so tbe assassin shouted "Stand
back," covered him with bis revolver and
snapped tbe cap. Fortunately the pistol
missed lire, and before be could again tire, a
coacu-Duuaer, named viol, rusueaontiierui-
nan aim ciaspea mm rouna me uociv. u'tur
rrll then attempted to shoot Mr. Mai. and
desperate struggle ensued. O'Forrell tried
to shoot the Prince again as be lay on lbe
ground, nut lit mm was aiverteu oy Vial
striking down tue pistol, ana the iiullet ui
verted lrom the prostrate Prince, went
through the foot of a merchant named
Thome. In another second O'Farrcll was
surrounded on all sides and almost torn td
pieces. Tbe police would never have taken
mm ou tne ground alive hut lor Lord ricv ry
having brought the Galatea's men to aid
tbem. Again aud again tbe people forced a
passage through tbe police, and tried to drag
nun away, uniii at last every shred oi clotu
Ing was torn off the wretch. Tbe rjolice still
faced the crowd, but. retreating towards tbe
steamer s wnart, along which O iarrell was
dragged on board tbe steamer Jhtenon. the
plank was thrown overboard, thus severing
communication with tbesbore, and tbe steam
er moved away. Bv this time several hun
dreds, whose first thoughts were for the
Prince, after hearing tbat the wound was not
mortal, swelled the cry for vengeance, and.
rushing to the wharf, demanded of tbe Cap
tain io nniig me steamer alongside, ilia
crew of tbe vessel had already made an effort
to run the aasslu up to the masthead, but
were prevented by tbe police, and it ri-qu'red
an ine auinoriiy in i ne lion, duun nay una
others to prevent the vessel being taken back,
tbe people allowed to come on board, and
O'Farrcll left to his fate. '
O'FarcIl was executed ontbc22d of April.
The Prince bad so far recovered by the 29th
of March, aa to be able to appear again In
public, and tbe telegrams state that he bad
eauea lor .ngiana.
In Memoriam. We take from tbe Bangor
Daily Whig the following notice of the Hon.
F. H. Allen, who has kindred and friends
residing in tbis Kingdom:
Hon. Frederic II. Alien died at Boston on
the 4lli Inst., at the age of ft! Judge Allen
resided In this city for more than filteen
yeare, removing to Boston in 1819. He held
tbe office of a Judge of the District Court of
this State about ten years, to the entire ac
ceptance of the bar and tbe people. In bis
official capacity he Mas eminently distin
guished fur ability. Impartiality, dignity and
suavity. Ilis mind was clear, analytical and
ready in appl ing the learning he poesi-ed
to the cases arising for deci.-ion. We hare
seldom known a Judge who possessed in bis
natural temperament ana guts, and Ills -ac
quired know ledge, more of the elements of
an uprigm, uircniiiinaiing ana can: Juuge;
calm. 6elf-DOMes-ed. and master of his own
passions and prejudices, hi: held tbe scales
of Jufllce even, and administered tbe law,
untemuered bv sinister purposes, or partisan
or personal prejudices, or anything outside
of the exact jusnce ana law oi me case.
This Is high praise, but its truth will be con-
tinned by those who Knew mm most Inti
mately, and were most conversant with the
Court, and its business, over which he pre
Judge Allen left a very large circle of
mends In Maine, when ne removed lrom tbe
State, who will long cherish the remem
brance oi nis social virtues ana Kinaiy sym
pathies. Eminently social In bis nature, he
attached bis friends to himself as " witb
hooka of steel." Tbey will recall, now tbat
be bas passed from earth, bis pleasant voice,
bis kindly greeting, and his shrewd, search
Il'g, yet tempered wit and humor, his broad
humanity, and bis fascinating powers of con
versation. Tbe generation in which be lived
and acted here is fastpassingaway, buttboe
who yet remain win not oe an wining to read
these few lines, which will recall the memory
of one, who was so highly esteemed by all,
and whose death has caused in this commu
nity a general expression of regretful sorrow.
Pcsaboc College. Tbe yearly examina
tion at Punabou, was beld last Tuesday
and Wednesday. The Examining Committee
were Hon. E. H. Allen, Capt. E. Simpson,
Rev. D. Baldwin and Henry Thompson, Esq.
Tbe number of pupils during tbe year bas
been 72. Tho classes were examined In
Latin reader, geometry, geography of the
Heavens, English grammar, Xenopbon'a
Anabasis, geography, arithmetic, algebra,
science of common things, VirgiPa Eneid,
Conic Sections, composition, and tinging.
The teachers are W. P. Alexander, president ;
Mr. .and Mrs. E. Church and Miss Hattie
To th$ Editor of tht Harcallan. GaxtUt :
From Rer. L. H. Gulick'a Journal, likewise
very imperlectiy ascenamea.
Harbor Master Office, June 4th, 1S68.
Positioiis of the Caroline
Namri of Atolls, Islands, etc
Usian, Knsate or Strong's Island, centre ,
Cooulllo harbor. X E Islet. ,
" Tort Lolln, south, N E Met.
' " weather harbor ........ ..........
" " centr y ,
Ptogelan atoll or McAikill islands, north islet...
" " " south "
" " " centre
Tnjulu ' " "
Mokll atoll or Doperrey's Islands, X E point....,
'" ' " centre.........
Aura " ' "
FoDSpt, Quireea or Ascension isles, Ronkiti harbor...
" " " Ponatik harbor. '..
Bouabe " " Konkitl harbor..
Andcma ft toll or Frazer islands, centre.
Ant. rruer's or William 4th's Orcon. N E mrt
' ' " " extreme south
Pa kin atoll, centre.....
" SE Wet...
" " W point...
raEUema atolt centre..
h'tstik atoll, Los Talientee or seven isidi, extreme
-- b js uiet,
it 41 II
t (t ,1 Iff M
( U .1 ,1
Jf carle Islands, centre . ........
Oralnk. San Angustino A Eaxo Trista, centre of Bor-
Jane island ,
" Larklu's Island, N E point
Meaburn's Inland. .....
" or San Agustin reef, S E end dangerous
" KW
" Borflelalse island, Jf W end of reef.
Duukln's sboal, (doubtful) south end...........
" " ' north "
Kukuor atoll, or Montevenle Islands, centre...
Saokln's ishutd. centre...
Nuguor atoll, centre.. ......r
Sotoane or Murtlock IsIhwIs, south point.
' west "
' iVVeitrnne....
' 8 V
" east point
Lugunoratoll, '
" centre...........
" M " " west point
" or port Cbamlsso .
Eatal, south point
" north "
Lurunor atoll, EUl, north end
NE "
" ' Ta, 8E "
" " " XW "
Nsmoluk atoll, or Eklddj's Group, Jf W islet..
Xamuluc " " " centre ..
Mokoror Hash Island, center.tr)
Losap atoll, Loua.appe or DTJrvlUe'a island, centre..
Bafsel island, centre
Luatap atoll or D'Ufrille's taUnd, centre.......
Trnk or Ilogoleu Islands aud ltrefs, south point
(tr line atoll), east point.
West point
North "
Roraltst island, south extreme
Rue atoll or Mogoleu or Bergh's Islda or Reefs, S point
.. n ..
(I t
Morilen atoll or nail's Islands, N E Wet
" svr "
" " N E end
" " StT " '.
Kamolipiafane atoll, N E felet
' sonth Islet ............
sir .
Namoliplafan 11 centre
Fain, Kut, or Lutke's island, centre......
Fahltu oriental atoll ,
IS'amonuIto or Anonlma atoll, north islet............
" east . . -
14 " " west " I....'
" (triangular), S E point of triangle
TmaUm atoll or Martjr'i Islands, south Islet.!.."
" " OlUp. centre M
Poloat or Kftta, centre ,
ralnot, (2 Hind,). "
Lnk or Ib&rkcita Uland, ceutre
Pnlo Sup, bank and Island, centre. !. I.
Pikelot or CoqulIIa Inland.
Bitrnela Island, centre. ,
Pikela or Lydi island, centre..-
" 4 (not on Spanish chart.)
fatawal or Tucker! Island, centre
Satahoal, centre
Fat. leu Occidental reef, centre
Oral ti l.pm bank, doubtful, between Pikelot k Fain,
west, rleven fathoms orer it.
Lamptrek or f .wede's island, centre
Lamcrree atoJl. centre
Elatoor Ilawcfa island, north point
Elatoor Namolianr atoll, centre
OHmarao Islands, centre...
" atoll, "
Faraulep or Gardener's island, centre ,
atoll, centre. ,
Ianthe shoal, centre.
Ifalik or Wilson's Island, centre... .!!!!!!!
Ifelnc, centre "mt
Wolsa or 13 islands, eiut point 11 111 '. '.
entrance to lagoon ..."."
Uleat atoll, centre ; !.."!!!!
Eanrlptk or K ma Island, centre. .'.!.. !!I
Euniplg, rent re
Sorol or Philip Island, centre 11111""
Sorol oriental ' ....
Fals orTromltn's island, centre,
Feis Uland, centre.
Ulltt or Mc Ken lie's Group, N point cf E Oronp..,,
Falalep, centre "
south point
Uletl atoll, west group, centre
OrEpji, east V"
Hunter s shoal, centre 4
Eap atoll, south point
" north
10 06
10 02
9 47
9 47
10 00
9 67
9 26
9 40
9 30
8 17
8 36
8 30
8 20
6 65
N potior Lamoliorh atoll, south Islet
" N E
M " middle point
Cla or Lamoliaur atoll, centre
Palau, Pelew or Areclf.-s Island, south point
' Anxpnr Island, centre
" " Kyanjrl
" south point of Pellelew Wand
Babeldzuapor Pelew Islands and reef, N W end of reef
manguei island, centre
' centre' of west aide of Babeldzuap.
" Babel dint p, N E point
Angour Island, centre
Pelt-lew island, wrath point
San sorol or fct Andrews bland, centre. "
Sonrol, centre,,... '
Codocopnej Island
Slatelotas, 3 Island, or gujuenu, centre,
Pepin atoll, centre ,
Anna or Cnrrent island, centre. ,
AnnaorPul ' r
Mr.r or Warren Nanttlngi Island, centre....!!! V...
Pula Marrera Island, centre !
Tubi or Lord North's bland, centre !"
Io--d North's bland, centre. !.!
Helen's shoal, centre !!!.!!!:
St Felix or Carterret bink,-cen tre ! ! ! !! :
nisb Firc-Wood of tbe Best Quality
Ohia, Koa, and Xeneleau at our Landing,
near Ililo Cay, In quantities to suit.
Hilo, Hawaii.
For further particulars, enquire of
Castle a Cooke, Agents. 17-tf
RUIXART; pcrc fils Champagne,
Carte Blanche, in pints and quarts.
tor Sale by
Agents for
15-tf Messrs. Ruinart, pere t fils Bbeims.
Per Idaho our usual supply of
xlour in half and quarter sacks.
Alio, per D C Murray,
lalitorma Lame and
A large assortment of
Faints and Paint Oil
Manila Cordage assorted
Eiiea from I to 4Vm.
Per Wllhelm,
Hubbard's Patent Zine Paint
Best Boiled ng Paint Oil
Paint Brushes,
ll-3m Whitewash do, etc.
White Lead.
A ((( tns STIRLING LEAD, ia
cans, for sale loir, by
California Lime.
article, and are reeeitins fresh sous! its
by erery packet, for sale at the lowest pmat of
ai-sm xiuiiJjEtB a. too.
from a Spanish chart ia my poseetslor, atlH
a cure, iruiy, .
Dasixi, Sxith.
Group of Islands, etc.
50 ir
5 31
163 Oe
1(3 01
163 05
163 09
162 61
160 47
Lulke'a chart.
Puperre jt chart.
Lutke'e chart,
it t
?p. chart, bj D T Coello, Mad. 1K2.
wapiam unperrej.
Captain Cheque.
Spanish chart.
Dbperrej's chart. .
Captain Chejne.
Spanish chart.
Lutke's chart.
Curtain CheTna.
160 47H
160 50
159 60
159 49
159 47
158 19
158 14
158 30
at ooservrs djt st. wni lape.
)153 30
Lmxe s cnarx.
103 3
158 40
168 19
153 03
158 03
Captain Walker.
Captain Chaae,
Spanish chart.
Captain Chejne.
Lutke'e chart.
158 03
Captain Chejne.
Captain Lutke.
168 00'
157 66'
157 49
157 32
157 32
157 23
157 22
157 14
157 27
156 05
155 03
165 10
Spanish chart.
Lutke In Flndlaj.
Lutke's chart.
Captain Chejne.
Spanish chart.
166 20
Node's chart
166 08
165 57
156 56
1M 10
panbb chart.
FIndlar. '
154 19
Spanish chart.
166 48
164 31
154 66
153 46
Captain Alkln.
Spanish chart.
LuiEe s cnart.
1M 61
153 36
153 24
153 38
163 59
163 32
153 52
153 38
153 43
153 43
163 41
153 18
163 11
153 34
Captal Chejne.
Lutke's chart.
Captain Chejne.
LUtae's cnart.
Lutke In Findlaj.
Lutka's chart.
Spanish chart.
163 13U
Lutke In Tlndlaj.
Lutke's chart.
153 14
paniih chart,
Slant's chart.
Duperrej In Flndlaj.
D'l'rrLMe's chart,
Spanish chart.
D'UrT file's chart.
152 43
152 42
152 37
163 64
152 39
151 56
151 67
15V 21
15V 43
162 08
.Captain Chejne.
151 64
tpanun cnart.
151 33
191 19
8 42
8 36
132 26
152 07
152 29
152 03
152 01
151 60
Lutke's chart.
Spanish chart.
Lutke's chart.
Lutke In FIndlar.
8 42
8 32
8 34
8 25
8 30
8 32
8 S3
8 30
9 00
8 34
8 33
8 30
8 32
151 42U
Spanish chart.
151 27
Lutktya cnart.
Spanish chart.
Lutke's chart.
151 23
160 14
160 32
149 47
160 S3
Spanish chart.
143 49
150 19
8 68
149 29
149 27
Duperrej's chart.
Spanish chart.
Frrjdnet fn Flndlaj.
SpanUh chart.
Frejclnct In Flndlaj.
149 17
143 14
149 08
149 23
148 23
Captain Chejne.
a-pamsn cnaru
Duperrej chart..
Spanish chart.
Ihiperrej'a chart.
147 40
8 12
8 38
147 S3
147 13
147 06
147 07
146 40
146 49
7 21
7 20
8 03
8 02
Danish chart.
Spanish "
146 23
Lutke's '
Spanish " -Lutke's
149 29
146 19
143 19
145 67
145 67
144 37
Spanhh "
Lotke's "
Spun Mi "
8 49
6 63
144 36
Spanish "
145 39
146 S9
144 31
144 39
143 63
114 02
143 66
Capt Chejne, 8ft water some parts.
cjiuiBi. court. ,
Lutke'a "
Spanish '
Captain Chejne.
Spanish chart.
143 11
143 09
140 62
140 49
140 36
Lutke "
Spanbh "
Lntke's 11
8 03
9 46
Lutxe's "
9 45
140 37
139 47
139 60
133 42
133 33
133 43
159 63
138 13
138 29
138 00
Spanish 11
Lutke's "
Spanish chart.
In Flndlaj, 16 fins, water on Jt
Doubtful. In Spanish chart.
D'UrTllle's chart.
138 09
138 09
137 33
137 40
137 25
137 34
134 09
1.14 30
134 35
134 13
134 09
134 45.
Spanish chart.
Captain Chejne.
D'UrTille's chart.
Spanish chart.
D'Unrille'e chart.
Captain Cheyne,
Lieutenant Raner In Cherna.
Spanish chart.
134 19
134 64
f Eztenslre reet from Jf E point
"j j1 yZnip ")uld4 extending
134 14
134 24
132 16
132 14
132 14
131 34
131 19
Iforsbnrgh'a Direct jtj.
Spanish chart.
132 03W
132 09
132 2SU
Spanish chart.
Spanish chart.
Hors burgh.
Spanish chart,
llorsbu ch.
132 27
131 20
131 09
131 41
131 41
Spanhh chart.
Windmills for $150 Each I
Xhi Stroke, witb tbe latest improrements.
May be seen In the Honolulu Iron Works'
Yard in Operation.
Tbe Turntable ia constructed wholly of Iron,
and rerolres on balls, wbicb causes little fric
tion and makes it self-regalating. -18-ltn
to tbe Ladies of Honolulu, that she wiU
be happy to do Fewing at her Cottage, Hotel
Street, opposite the residence of the late Capt.
B. F. Snow. lD-lni
yr -A. jfl 75
48 I4-9J tons register, copper and copper-fastened,
now running between tbis Port and Hilo,
basing just been put in a thorough state of
repair and furnished witb a complete sett of
New Sails, Gear, Ground Tackle, etc.. Is bow
offered for sals. For particulars, apply to
Honolulu, or
17-tf J. n. Coney, Ililo.
STRUMENTS Tuned and Repaired, by
CHAS. DERBY, at tbe Theatre.
"XessoDS given on the Piano and Guitar.
Best of reference friren. SI
Polar Oil.
ity, for sale by-11-3
a BOLLBfl k C9.
califoxxia, asses' in raoM
stzaxssit coioAjnrs
San FraiK'rscijMj ItmMh Mm.
The Company's Splendid A 1 S testes. Ip
F. CONNOR, Commander,
Will spin kctwna IloBelnln amal 81
Francisco by trie fall. TV lent
Tim. T.Wei
UNimi ntox
Honolulu.. .Hay 0
San rraiwUco 3722
Honolulu. .......Joa. 9
Sa FrasKtaeo....JanM SS
Uofwllu.......dy It
Su Fraocaco......Aea:3
San Fraoctaco ,2IaT3
Honolulu. ..... ...Jan. 15.
San Francisco. July 4
Honolulu. .
..July SI
San Fraaclaco.
Honolulu.. ...
...Aug 10
lICDOala ,.Aac 4
5a Francisco.. .Sept 10
...Aug a,
Cabin, 28 Steersffe.
Through freight to Portland and Victoria,
will be taken at reasonable rats, and
Liberal Advance IHaete aK
.Shipment, per Wtenmesr.
Insurance guaranteed at lower rates than by
tailing vessels. Particular care taken of ship
ments of Fruit.
All orders for Good to be- purchased In Baa
Francisco, will be received and filled by return
of Steamer. IT. HACKFELD k CO..
ll-3m Aaeats.
For Portland, Oregon.
tee ran currcn Ast
WiU hare Dispatch for the aboio port on her
return from San Francisco.
For freight or passage, having superior ac
commodations for Cabin and Steerage) passen
gers, apply to
20- Agent.1
For San Francisco.
TbafoUowirg First-CUtiTea- B
sels will run regclaily in the jSttt
Honolulu Line :
Eor Freight or Passage, having Superior
Accommodations for Cabin and Steerage Pat
ten gert, apply to
20-3m Agent.
Will run during tho next quarter a follow
Monday, March 30 Monday, April St
Monday, April 6 Monday, April 27
Monday, April 13 Monday, May 4
Laying np the Week commencing Jtoadjty,
May 11 Uu
Monday, May 13 Monday. Jon 8
Monday, May 25 Monday, Juno IS
Monday, Juno 1
At 4i r. v., precisely, touching at
Kavraihars atad(
Kealakekua, Wednesday, about noon,
Kallna, Wednesday evenings.
Kawaihao A Mahuknna, Thursday evenings.
Arriving back at Honolulu Saturday morning.
Passengers will be landed at Make's Landing.
On Thursday. Jaae aSts,
She will leave for
IToIda and Walmeti. XatMtf.
At 41 P.M.,.
Arriving back on Saturday, th 3?lh.
the ciiprsn scuoos
Carrying the Hawaiian Hail tcilkont SnltiJjt
Will Leave Honolulu Erery Saturday,
at Four o'clock r. v.. Returning will leava
Nawiilwiii every Tuesday afternoon.
tor freight or 1 ssisre. apply to
17-tf D. FOSTER k CO.
Will run regularly as a Packet between Hono
lulu and Ililo. For freight or pssssjrs, apply
onboard, or to CliUNQ UOON,
ll-3uj Agent.
For Lahaina and Hake's LM&if.
Th fine stuuneti cBppcr Mhftoner
E. D. CRANE, Master,
Will ran reeuJarlv and panctnallr on tbo
above route. For freight or passage apply
to the Master on board, or to
March 31, ISO!. ll-3ra
The schooner
it A vrr tv u..,
Will ran regularly for tbe above port. For
freight or passage apply to
L. L. TORBERT. Honolulu,
ll-3m OrJ.H.CONET.HIlo.
or Hilo and Jtofnea, Urm.
Sch. Annie,
Witt ran as tv rn1ii tt. .V.
ports. For freight or pwiajre rplj to
1 1 W T TTVtt K. ITT T4-
it-oui n AisACtn a AULi.ifilfH
or Hilo Mi Iwphm, forai.
d& Sch. Active,
Will run a a regnlar packet to tit aoa
port, touching at LAHAINA. ForfreffM or
passage apply to
For Molokai.
The Schooaor
WiH run it a retrlar .ot Mm
lulu and Molokai, fcmefciag u r - nTi n ti ji t
and Pnkoo. I"or freigator psms afyly to
ibs latuasm oa ooara ar
11-ta PkSXMMAT,i
5 -

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