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UH-MAUfln VlflZiLsA Ala. I R?pcwitatiTr. ntsiEtliat the- pofitical ,aih a tt Fotart Intend to make. Tt
' r ...:. vv u,., hr i Ti n Vn-oma-n- erganUatloa al wall-meat of the Fcnlsn
J MOTT MfTU rv"" v " .oj.aacj. wa. iaao . w. -j. tMtUaiCttUlfeAiUif swd aa that oftbelr
Kirtctcr cf the Garerssest Press.
Mu. W. X- Mirro fcas bseu arfolaied by
the Sxirl ef Xdusaties, to ft Scheot Arent
frc th district f tu. IihttI f Hawaii, is
plaew-ofMr. C X. 5pcr. resigned.
Bt r-lr f ti. Bvuri.
W Ja. Swxnt.
Chotiw 025e. Jan 3D. IMS. SeV.
yTTC 5 fccrtby ttrra that aaj penes
Jif5iax7. othwi oiirmi, ut jtmL
r tud. tarmt tha Ki3j-lni. vithvst
ptratswahm th Sfrrt9or f tHe
iBcvt. S V rrjKjabt Sir th nat,
aad will W f rvcrid axaiast accwa tv
Tin remarks of the Hon. C. K. Bbhop
In th Assemble, oa the resolution of Mr. !
WHder. to amend the CecstttntMU.
iirafes: the Asseaddr a?aa tate two
chambers, were suawttTit, Some of the
RpresentatiTeit in the debate asserted
thai their branch, was thorn of iu pcyrer
br the present arranseoent : the toaera -
.? .. . .
bte, .e. shewed ncfes.rr that ft
was tae seeooi estate wwca Baa most
reason to deprecate the present form ot
tie Ajisibir, that it was. te use his -
presstre word, sxwnp. Whereas the
Hose of Xoofes fiKTaeriy was a ea-onS-
cate brandt. eoopte ia kseit a 4t
cc the popofar branch with a complete
r r r
vet, apoftaar measures wfack sfet pass
the Wwer house, sew it has so powers
whattrer to ctrrr asrthB:r or dn any -
thing-, ami no dwisive iafiascce upon the
PoBct cf the cation. EeasoaE pcxer
f -.-.--, iv-T-
f ascx pootkal prtBctsles. aad tisSenc ex -
- , r , . . ,
aop. th atrpsis: of aa npper with a
bwec house, is aa ienasse gam to the
tatter, ad by democratic writers is coo-
sileretl as aa aiirantae to the people.
la BMoarchical limns f zvmnaeat. this '
is eriWr tiw ca aad a taMe proof .
. , , . ri, . , '
. - f
Conveati.at the roomeBewasat ef the ,
Freeci Eevwfatajc It was of the j
Erst :jcts. f the leaders ot tie dec- j
cra&i Ue. to hraalc dvwm the ciuatber i
of the- Peers ami cause them ta sit with I
ue Deputies. & tee ustSvBied Aisetabiy
It was imfOAfc for 58? hitter to exercise
a power: ever tne fu&ry f the cucstry,
ailpSi their pcp-ed cafe, withjwt
adaftmc this system of swiupinx the
TzW-i.jff ta; KoMes.
Enzsh. histary also shws that the
.divuuia of the Parfccect i
was cot for the devefopeaeat and es-
fegcaeiit f the popofar Bfeertfo. bat te
cnedc the prefeaiteratBsz; power f the !
Ccmwons ; to protect not oofy the rights
of the privHegwi ehufs. lit the State itself ,
fromvhastyfant unwise legtshittec
TJie pare (femccracy of asdent Athens,
would- cut brcoi a crritdaa ef the legis
liAe jiRCtfon-1. Each citizen churned
a. doect ufiueace upoa the exedtive ;
thwihapofuhirassembrage. Undoubted-
fy the feaitiraate csrefcry of popular '
oeiSHsntT. which, so mnay use, wkhect !
fair- ejKskerin its fceica! bearing Es,
that the legislative power, shaold be con-,
trolfed either by the people hi person er '
thiinr representatives and .iifrnit cf no
'second abater ahovv them. It la kn-
asriaed bs- some, that the ysteia adopted
bV the Cnked States, both in their State '
, , . . ,
aiai Federal Gorexaments. was cssec
c.. i
fcecaaseof its a2rdtBir greater psotectiaa
to tho Sbertiea ef the people, asrftogive
them, a check upon any eccrsuchmeats
br the executtre, Gr aeaisst power he-
comfnT eectefcd a the hand cf .their
. T
ehowhr rurs. 1
The contrary was the case, and these
was men -especiaBr, who constructed the
Ceostitxttoa cf the Union, saw ic was
necessary Cir the welue and perpetuity
State to crotecs the ceecle frcta
themselves, frcux hasir. unwise ami nr
pcEtc lessluabii, ami to preserre the
executive frncx hecsmicg; a mere shadow.
The Senate- was araetf to le x hufwarfe:
to- the socereigntT ef the seTeml States, J
as veil u a check spec the legislative ,
tendencies of the representatives cf the
people, ami as far a? possible, to embody
eenserratrve mfasnoa. whka m ether
enuatnes. are heiasTett to reside er the
hni'tfd and privileged classes. Fensylva-'
Si. .e , .- W -
tr - -s-
.cfsentHy. Esr poEtkians aad erenl
- .
Franifc hitaieT, was so Err earned away,
by the necessiry erasetrnexces of the r io uiaaSutifal copy of the oriri- ) cSventiom. of aH the Creles have beS 1 tendered the officeof Secretary of the Trea
princfpleof the fgutyefthepeop and. cue of the finest picture, f that , 'fe.s Browne,
as ta haxe concurred bz the measure. It
the tendency of ecii!atve bodies ta
CSCTQ&C&. spcrx the aalhrjrity of Gavexs
meat xaii ta tipproptiite tt entirely to-themaeivex-
Thnrwaa the result in Pen
aylvaaa,the aiuria aseemHy was too den
ccrniict tao pawerjxi, i.-rr? they socrr chess
to correct thz tendency, by its cxnsiac
j3t txa ciamhizrs."
t aft smrcipie us weu gaagign. m ins
Cacsjert oe- taa- state usiSLxan. ine ,
" i t . - -- . . tt . . '
twr branch meet m jmat bfct, 1
ctaae their Sanlan, and by tia means, f
1 f
th- rstss. cf tss lourer
WlTiCit t
aii-d ntnrcsbers the
tTeec tat Barren, who a
Kixoefaf- TV
r?r?rntiffv an-rs-
rzpTEsenroiira tk'
aCA rnW fwBSa-Uc' B-trT tf t$!ammXa I
hasSct, net so&ttxC to tie cacal pmceaa
ef atSmri JAHrthaea. f
ThtintfrnTT- ll-r, .dk?- f
I cttjc; tiera with tae House of owes, t
Witt Ksck better reason comprint on j -...
J .v.. .Sunday. U da;
xaxi seen cuai care cume uvea tae:
Tn PruIl of FulluitaU
Tie EinSu Kingdom, l a Terr izUst of
Ssitrs fat tots 3wi srotb. yet it b poBtl
cai eMld of srtat al lattrwUcs protabe.
It b bt lttitttl isd coiital to test the
probSem, lattrtstiBj to pUlosopIilc fettmin
hirUa of a, tropical eitiSatfoc, aad fite to
It aaerwsfal bat Serit friai of tenia
proerrw. al cjjs3T Usoe topeful cf
ro pns
poM of Bdslasa. one cf the ccaruMES uta-
. .
er of this yoaiKC tonstauuoeaj tur
wonkl hare had the heart warnxU to hae
witnessed our Ett!e pageant on Wedcesdar
last; to hare listened to the peal of
aad aS the iaire of a martial caralcade; to
hare looked npon the array of distisssUSed
S(preitatTvs i.f the ntost powerful State
of Chrutendoci. toother wUn the Xisittera
and offcera of the gealm. eablaaed wtta
courtly decorations, (taBdIs7 around and In
i support of the Feather-Eotwd Throne.
The throne of the Kautehamehai ha been
; fiBed. (oewt fortuaalely for ths promise 0
bj t o j.ralETOt,r
i priotieasdlateHertcalPrBca. Tbeybare
eaen, bejrfnslsz wrth the treat touBdjr. la-
! teHfeently appreciated and adtanced each
! Fhae of derelopmeot in the srowth of their
' -CTOW"? SoT- The Renin, of the
i hcrole CoMntror coiuocdated the rettr.
eltliscis. &e c'
Molatrou tabcoe;
j ttle p.ctrola KasikeaoS civ lands and
j Ktexty to his rope ; the humane Atexander
labored to heal and to teach hu race; and
now the euccesaorof these, the Fifth of his
. . ocr WBO we lmi
! ?m,loC r,T
W ednesdav, eiaims the roval mission of the
3IaWpffer.f aopte; to B the rich lands
or hi rslaod-damaia, with glad thrones of
1 men qukkened and heautid with fresh
' blood, to be the gijriocs hepe of a new
i Foiynesia.
His Jajesty, attended by the Chaneeaar
1 .,,.,.,-.. . . . ,
and MWsters of State, and the kahaS bear-
ot ancient chieflaincy. ascended
, wiih quick, elastic tep, and aH
feral subjects and friends to the tsdepend-
', ence of the State, were happy to behofd so
i w i r i i.l
uch promfce of vigorous health andJecgth-
ecrf fe Eo-tal Peri0n-
ia heart unison with the prayers read by
. , ..
the enerabie Archdeacon Jlaeon, that lecx
kj. Kre k-, THe speech, very
pal and concise, was delivered with
fisest nttxrasce in the two lanuases. At
its cfcwe, ESs itajesty descended the throne.
aad, escorted by the spirited corps of na
waSan Cavalry, re-entered the Palace of
Xw, Lad I the spirit of observation, and
with a descxiptten ef tofiets aad costumes
oa an eecasSas of zrand tenu in the Ha
waiian Islands, hut as I have net the requisite
1 tiSt and taste to photograph fer a Prcrega-
tsss Album the cervnnef suraendtejr the
t&, witiitl- tie bar of the Legisla-
yre iTy
Ergiacd in silver, and France In gold, and
other great States cf Europe in aS the ap
propriate bravery cf official insignia gracing
the persocsof worthy Eepresentatives, along
with EepubBcas America in its simpler tenu,
give renewed significance to a declaration of
one Kamehameha, to he more confidently
repeated by the retgnlrac Sovereiu-n: "My
Independence Is more firmly estaoHshed than
ever before.' The Kings Ministers in their
official dress vied. In splendor of costume,
?f k3L E"; Tte
Taldt. e yghUi ef ofi.
cjajJ and by the taateful toSeta cf the Iaiiks
of our Ha wananCocrt and society,
The pecufe and thtirBepresentatives made
? tte wter tackground to the pgeant of
Bat MCTe Eawanan legislators in
dares acd In. tie rurr taHetii de rimrwr, had
' . . ... . .
iatetestfer snificance when thtnkiEg
how near we" are to the days of Cook, aad
ti-it ofiSprini sf iis slayers are is our
midst. The son of the tatoced Cither & la
Paclanient Here arffizatianTas taken sav-
by the hand with most happy effect.
The gotden lace and the kahffi pnmes biend
carMnicsly. Let us preserve the EahSs
father Bote: Let us Coster the
gestaa of EawaH, whHst we teach and gracs
ter with cur civiftaticn. The world has act
many such opportunities: none so favarable
lrti!re EV ean repay her debt to Asia;
where white can lovingly and fiuthfaHy unite
with, brown; where tie outcasts of the Isles
can. be gathered' together; where happy
Oceanians shaS multiply, and Kinz Kxme
hamefia shaS Ere to reign over r prcsperous
-Some of our readers are aware
that XtDecny, a marine artist cf consider- I
' able sot, arrived front San Francisco in the
I CmuC, having landed at HBo, and. visited the i
enter cu hfc way here. He is now in the
city and ecgaged In executiDg views cf tihnd
tscenerv.OTeofwhica - atrfctareofEiastocd
. , - - i
can be seen; at our office. theruonx over the
..wic .
remarkable r1-'7---- that has ever bees ex-
fijSited here. Xr. -Denny sB visit other
section cf the gmrrp. aad mate oC paint-
3 of any scenery that may te deemed
wcrthr cf being- copied. The visit cf such
an aixuci g&hed artist aSbrda an epportnni
ty of securing- fine pictures cf cur bland
scsnerr. and. ear tsreizn resident sucsm
m ,nrmr.mrr, i ?r rrfr " ;rt nr.rfr "
t, 2- 1
'Waxxxa. dsn. -Several cf the eases for
. ; -
arceals raien fcria Ha sentences, ta-re tees ,
ennrt helo'jr havrmgi ta eaen case, cees eon- t
..J TL.fj. ..Vr M T-rr-?7tT-rrt i
T1r court- tae easea aujaieii bj jaj-
- . . 1
tiiwtre: Jtatnt,aa:aso cuet. aa-
0. 73 fine and easts; neSn3tf,!2!Iae j
nnsn Aa MBS fine aad ensts. '
UrfsaauLtiMH; Xt-MSO fine aadensts.
1 "
. -ri-.r.r jrirM gii 1 ' rnati- m I
neaPage-vlgfigeagaT irnrfj.apgcalej; !
-erfefar eaa fa. i erfa, aypsaleat.
1 e4csr fa rtefc2hich. at the next term, of the Or- , EftJl ,i.Ttl. : made that FatneVMeMAton t
T rn-p xrTTTn?.T HT LHf O rrrular trooiwjnd thai mltttta cannot be ItEGISIVTlVU
,, ,rrr ,,
Ttw Jficrrtry, Capt. bi-nnet. wiwl on
from San Fwscisco.
briojusr jxipvr of the 14th of June, six
teen Uter bws- AVe are imlebtod
! to Cant. Rrncet for papers.
The cuut i on board th iu H Wood.
mhkh saBed the suae dar with the IX C J
We hear of th death of A. G. Cald
well. Esq.. foroerir Acserieaa Conial at
this port. Tht political news from the
East is unimportant. The result of the
impeachment trial has ceased to attract
i sttention Cocsress is at wort upon
! the bffl for the admission of Artansu.
t o(iip rwswtrfrwtwl SLotM. and crjon
the tax bill. Secretary Stanton, has
firen waj in the War Office, to General
SchoSeti. At the Chicago Conrention.
General Grant received 550 rotes, a unan
imous one. for the Presidencr.
The Democrats hare carried the State
elections in Oregon.
The Liberals in England, are bitter on
the administration, for retaining their
i Mr. Brisht at a breaUtst in LiTerpool,
1 after reTlewias the policy of the Taxious
Torr administrations up to the present time
I on the uestioa of the Irish Canrch, drew
a strocr contrast between tie coare of the
! presest Premier and that of Mr. Gladstone
t in deaBe; with the matter. He adrUed the
. Iikenls to exert aU their streegth to carry
' tfee scat Far&unesUrT election, and with
peat earnestness exhorted the -people to
success of tbe policy only means the adjust -
inf of the dksecsioa in Ireland and lu per-
laws baie'made a report In tavorof srantin -
to taw executive aumormes additional power
to detain ship supposed to be &r belhp-
tk.hoSM., itHm. r mnwiiw nr -! x.
set in a British port be declared a mlsje-d -l!,i"ru-A" nd1t to
i meaBOr. Aay ship built in Great Britain In ! th bill, otfered by Mr. Williams, was adopt
viofatieaof ach taw shall not be permitted , . as follows: 0 .
ia any Britfah port, and their prtzrs. If i And therenpon the officers of each State,
hrooKbt ithia BritUh jurisdiction, shall be 'duly elected and ratified under the Conititu-
Ktoracd to the owners.
Late dates from Australia, state that H
Hthuess Prince Alfred sailed from Sydccy
on beard bis ship th Giitatt, April Tth. He
was the recipient of various testimonial of
respect aad rwnrd. winding up with fare
well lunch. The state of his health rtd not
permit Urn to vtft Xew Zealand.
An intense anti-Feoian excitemett pre
vailed alonf the west coast of Xew Talaad.
Meetings had been heki at various points.
and special constables were be!c?sorn tn.
Pww Alfrmf nnnfJ tr- VimI Vto
Prince Alfred presented Mr. Veil, who
saved his lift, with a splendid fold watch,
chain, seal, ete.
Prussfci, recommends the adoption of a
new eiiuse In the laws ot nations, exsmpt
ui private property oa the seas from seizure
is time of war. fh L strenztbenbs the
fortideatieas of Coterne, and ia seetinjr a
naval iWrot tn the Carribean Sea.
ksw ntiBRK also nrps tne aoopiiou ,
of a nnifiMct international system for the
measurement of tnunase capacity for ship
visg purposes, on the English system, as the
cest basis ; but he surest that it be modi
fied by the application of tbe metrical system.
Esrecuuxr to thi Hawaiiax GArrm.
Sas Fkascisco, June 13, 1S6S.
Our Gold mud Stl-rce- Product.
The report of J. Eoss Browne on the min
eral resources of the Pacific Coast, was put
before the Eastern people in printed form
, , . , ... I
i'lTnZlOu.Uta Uth. Congress will
her chief source of wealth. In fact, they probably adjourn the last of next month,
may be regarded as secondary in inipartasce, ' By that time we hope to bave seven or eight
as compared with her vast wheat-growing at the reconstructed States acting with us-in
and wine-prodacics capabilities. Last year the Union.
ocrranaers raised about seventeen mflnori . -
of breadstnfis, ami a there is no fadare tn
the crops the present season, the harvest will ,
turn out from twenty to twenty-five millions i
bushels of wheat alone. Agriculture is the :
true source of a nation's wealth and great
cess. What need we care, therefore, if the
mines of precious metals give out to-exor-row!
; I
Mr. Browne presents the following figures
itfrtf miM am? H nrrnlr-rt fif thi 4?na.
as the. gold and sliver product ef the Coast
for the year ending January 1st, 1S3T:
f-.7m, i.. 2jco,coo
, siu awoajiOO
' Xentana lidxtw
Hid. , S.CUO eco ,
, JWajM. ."
ggj;- " iiolnjil
v wh." wvl
mimhot i
oarCK5 vtcatecsrwa. Soles aoi Ter
ztfri. saaccBTzaSKit fijr hj Xaetmrs
aad Xxres Cnofaaies, ecr,
TiOl pruisct tf the Ficac Stus. . ,J73,uUl,0ca
"The buIBon product of "Washineton Is
esthnated by the Surveyor-General at ilDO,
C7). That of Orezon is rrted as hizh as
t2Jlt. IsteBhrect residents of Idaho
' and Montana represent that the fisure ziven
. la-tbe aWve estimate, so far as these Terrt
', taries are eeueemedV are entirely too low,
and might be doubled without exceeding the
I truth. The product for Idaho alone, for this
, year, is said to he from ilZJXOfiCO to iln,-
VJTtjm. That of Montana is estimated by
the Sarreyof-Genent at tiOJXQJXfl. Sin Oar
exceptions are takes to the estimates cf Col
orado, Xew Mexico and Arizona."
Another JTcaalan Sear.
The Canadians are again terror-stricken at
the Idea of a Fentia Invasion. July has bees
t fixed upon by pubGc rumor as the mouth In
I which tie Brotherhood win successfully
t i-.. i -
r,rg-r.T-r-Ttcted from lceomDiishin2-bT Gen.
Meade m TB? Xew Tort Wvrfd, ecu-
tates an article rentier to the preparations
raM?fct ore extracts :
- British power it to be attacked every
1 where-northof our boundary lire, and fmal-
i"1 rrSf:
Fsr , trtn. Jona o ietu, ice rrwiaent ni ia I
Brherhooi basfeees traxerjinj thecn- (
eoramg eampa&jn. These rcstraettoos are I
, i;i.;.f,i.-ml,f TV. n, r ,
w obey htm to tom Over fLCM Chwles
mtlCUUdtit. !
son. and thousands of Fnfasre Bring-and
ptettinx- fe the shartov of the British fiaz
BoFdei tine rSr of the French popula-1
ttrm have fcifcitxd doctrines of the nrne or 1
emcre serine. For tweive months east.
rixit En the fcttr of the United state aathor-
ages, thousands of senteaMe iifei&n uis have
t teen received as the Fecfan heaanuarters In
I Fourta street, ani being: first assorted there,
bare bees coxed cn and seat to the fa ts-
aeraale Circle of the Brotherhood. Many
tacarit, aart tse tutrarnw aarxicntcti mere. :
Montreal win be atraekaf br filtera thou-
Zw nave fought fa j
cuxeWI waron both sida; and Montreal
. . , - i.. 1
wia nj oe-ura w nir. 4. w v-
... TJ - mtmn
rf5r33rr rrruiar txoeica us tae isotsimaD,
neyx tar caoeenarsimne. 11c jrana 90.'
: --,t ts t e nr-'
-mxa. aad fcr tie pride of !
tteWrarje wk Egh: hard; tut the Feaar
futfira- thai tier are tSri down ot red
tspe that KwJateaposiSScfiir them to do
rent assert that a- thcod. mSa cf i
fosticr ot rgirdjd by DgtttfirT't'Trt
- i- - .
: adversaries, th the exception of the ripe-
laytreusinest lu which all the world 1
ctcelkj br tl; Biiwa OMttr. A seeoort
wTi r? w . UJJa 0
to operate, ar.Vi lUmUton and Toronto,
while three tiasod men will cro from ,
Detroit, land at Sandwich, and adrancine;
and Uamlltoo load, w 1U cut tneraiU, drstroe
.v . -, l .' , 1 1 . . . . .l1
th telegraph, ted gather ubslstecea for tbe
third body of tn thousand men which will
meet them at an Intermediate jclnt to be
selected hereajer. If thlrtythre thousand
men are not evesh, one hundred and three
thousand menran be IcTitd from the ranks
cf the Brothrhood, to deal with English
men as nsihmen haee dealt with snch
brave fellows k'MIen, Gould and Lartln."
One would ay, after perusinc this circum
stantial statcient, that the Vcnians are a
very ingenues and confident body of men,
since they ca aSrd to let their enemies
know all the details of their plans before
thcr have attainted to earrT them out. Aud
one would al say if be believed one half
the stateuentuf the Hi-ruf that oar Uot
ernment is a iiost tolerant and Indioerent
spectator to tete threatening events, sinco
no etlbrt teera. to be exerted on her part to
1reserve sacid, treaty stipulations. Let us
ook upon tie matter rationally, and pro
nounce the w)ole story "jammon" Xelther
ocr own Government nor the people of tnn
ada are cappij. Any attempt to ship troops,
mnnitlocs orprovlsiocs Irani American soil
would be strc to be discovered and pre
vented; butt the Government failed in Its
duty, 'he Caladiaas themselves U1 be pre
pared for theltivaders, and give them a warm
reception. A dispatch from Toronto, of the
11th iat.. firobhrs the followioe; as the
latest intelligence oa this bead :
A movableolumn, composed of the first
battalion bradc, the 43d Volunteer batta
lion. thc.Ptuwa field battery, and FrontciuTs
cavalry, ire held in readlnes to proceed un
der oroV? at an hour's notice.
KocsrsYoisT, X. Y., June Hth. Four
pieces cf Fenian artiUery bave left here for
Dorta m known. Three cases of muskets
, arrivedat Chatanqua yesterday.
been admitted, C6nSress
1 is fo!tinj; up its food work, and will toon
hrinstn several others of the "emssrslsters."
j xt,,. tte. on the Uta. passed the House
! bitl-o admit North Carolina. South Carolina,
tion, shall btt laanzurated without delay; but
no person pruniBiiett tram noiuin? omce un
der the L nited States, or by any State, by
section three of the proposed "amendment of
the Constitution of the L nited States, known
as article ionrteen. shad be deemed eligible
to any office in either of the said States nn-i
I less relieved mm oisatmity oy saia amend
ment. All the necessary guarantees against
slavery have thus been provided, so that
whenthebiilKOcstothe House for concur
rence in the amendment made by the Senate,
it will probably be finally passed without
much ducussion.
Chicr Justice Cbmac.
Such free Use of II r. Chase's name has been
made recently in eosection with impeach
ment and tbe Presidency, that the Chief Jus
tice has felt called upon to enlighten the
blle tu fci, The Xew
York Jiirald of the 9th contains the annexed.
from Mr. Chase:
"I was not a partisan on either side of Ira-
Kachment, and neither expect nor desire to
a candidate for office again. It would,
however, gratify me exceedingly If the
Democratic party would take tbe grontd
which would assure the party against all
attempts to subvert the principles of nclrer
sai sutfrue estaBfished in eight and to be
estatlishcd in all the Southern Constitutions;
then, I think, the future of tbe great cau?e
for which I have labored so long would be
secure, and I should not regret my absence
from political labors."
.V Dearth.
There Is very little news stirring of an la
portanr nature, either foreign or domestic
Washtsgtos, i George C Gorham of
California was elected Secretary of the Senate
without a ballot.
Mr. Buckalew announced the death of ex
President James Buchanan, whereupon the
Senate adjourned.
Hear Admiral craven is to ce oetaccea
from the command of the Xavy Yard of Mare
Island August 1st, aad ordered to the cora-
mandoftheXortii Pacific squadron.
Commodore James Aides has been ordered
to the command of the Mare Island Xavy
Li5CASTrjr,(Pmrt,Jnne5L Mr. Bneha-
nan's funeral yesterday was the most Impcs-
ingceremouy ever witnessed in this county.
s. numoer ot aeiecaitotu iroca uesiaul i-iuts
were present. Atont i,KO persons walked
in the process iom Business was universally
suspended. Mr. Buchanan's estate is es
timated at SCO.Ora. He wis 77 years orage.
Boarrox, June t A project Is on foot for
a complimentary tfianer to senator Fessenden,
for the purpose of endorsioic his integrity,
independence and purity as a statesman.
Governor Bollock, will preside. Ex-Governor
Washbnrne, President Hall of Tale Col
lege, James Basseii Lowell and other dis
tinguista:d gentlern c will participate.
Basra. Can, W. I. May 12th. lioU Tbe
Cnit:d States luojMf war JfammjaWa,
thrown np Into the town by the wave whlea
fallowed the Xovember earthquake, went
afimt at half-past Bine last evening, after
ereat exertions cn the part of the launchers.
The cheering ef the townsfolk could be heard
miles away. Ia honor of the occasion the
Danes this norat.z fired a royal salute,
which was reiurned'by the flagship Contm
cudc The Jfw.vsaeCc male very Ettie water,
and will probably be ready to sail for the
Xortb in five or six weeks.
Byforeign officers the launch has hitherto
bees trenerally pronounced and impost ibiHty.
special ootpatcn saja tec r wiuu
latere adopted the thirteenth and fourteenth
Amendments to the Coualitutiou of the
United States. The Legislature win elect
C. 5. Senators on the lath. General Meade
win be in Washington to-day, having been
summoned to cooaalt Gen. Grant ia regard
to the inauzuration of state officers in the
states is his district.
It is sated on good authority that tbe
ifavortL rng o?an Immedi.
IT-rmnriiiitm the ravmest cf Alaska.
V"'. WglSdTZL
MertoCaileato-nay loruniornu.
Joe steasuara jt. nence soc vera
Crn-r -vm HAtten All ewct
one were saved. Tbe vessel was valued at t
tour hundred thousand dofrar, tie cargo
-ae mare. Bota were tasureo.
Ottawa, Caxasa, June to A cams,
orgruU Ml to rrval the IfamoGth Cave
neatneky, has bees diseonxed-I mile
north of this eirr.
PxonriiJCr, Jic 'Jih- S. Sprtgue
was tcniay rc-iected Ceiled States Serif or,
without opposition;
Sr. Locxs. Joa St The Dtmeerai
learnit frocx a responsible enrce tst the
recent treaty with the Osage Indian, by
rL" "'r -
EaHrtui Company fer 25 tests aa sere,
meeu w great dhfitror Other ceriSg
resettle punka had nsdc Dtvorafctc:
rronKiirJHEa. wMA were nued br the
, - -
.---.. ...... . .
tloos tare been
t" t. . ,
eaaseaalraht Aoetfeaa FeuUa psper had
heea fctd fahis pcesefcfatr. and directing
the Cftcactorcf Forcfgn ACiirs to inquire
Into the faels.
Lctdc. Jkc 1 JiJi. The Ascot rxcea gold
"Bine Gowb." -SpccnJscj vis teencd
a-d SI Alfred saard.
TtrTT-eiera Dat.Wkbsesoat, Jns !.
AwoMrmtt tlU.. llUlllehne M.
liAviiuiah th. fb.ir. VTYpKr lheChan.
uin. Minutes ef the preceding iltjwJ aad
Bsrvsrs or ConTs.-Hao. J. 0.1n.
gSto biUl
TK-Ti,w..L, n
ApproPrutwo BiU. .
An A t dwlate place for th. laadmS
, Aa Act regardins the nU8caUon cf Uee-
t nr
Aa Act to tstabUsh
Hawaiian Board of
An Act to aathorii the levy of light does.
An Act to establish the compensation ef Rep
resentatives. Aa Act to amend section -tSi oi the Civil
An Act ta secure far married women th
benefits ef Life Insurance.
An Act to amend chapter 31, section J, cf
the Penal Cod.
The bill to amend sections 1IJ0 aad KS1 of
th Civil Code did not meet with tbe approval
of His Majesty.
Mr. Byd presented the report of th Com
mute cn Accounts. Total expenses of the
Legislative Assembly, session ef 1SSS, $10,
0T7.11. Keport adopted.
Rxsairococ. air. Kalu offered the follow,
ins resolution .- That th thaakt of th Assem
bly are due, and are hereby tendered to 11. II.
M. Keknanaca, President, and to th Hon.
Godfrey Rhodes, Vic President of this Assem
bly, for th unvarying punctuality, fairness
aad patience with which they have presided
over the Assembly daring th session. Adap
ted. M. Rhodes, lu reply, said : In behalf of
ear venerable and highly esteemed Chief, His
Highness the President, aad myself. I beg to
return my warmest acknowledgments for the
honr yea have done us by the complimentary
vote joit taken. Oar session has been a re.
narkably short en much shorter than ia
usually the case and still a very large
amouBt of work has been most completely as
well as expeditiously accomplished; and for
that gratifying fact there are reasons which I
will briefly stat. Chief among them has
been the unceasing devotion to business of the
Committees ; fer of all the work done, a very
larje proportwn of it has been done, and most
faithfully and effectually done, in Cvmmitte.
In my experience, I have never known snch
devotion to business, snch unremitting and
nnSagging exertions in behalf of th general
welfare, as have been displayed by th J lifer
ent Cemmittees daring th present session.
Xut a petition from the humblest of His Ma.
jejtr's subjects but has had its full amount of
attention, and wherever cans has been shown,
redress or assistance has been at once admin.
Istered : not a pacer or report bat has been
thoroughly examined and criticised; not a
bureau or department of Government bat has
been subjected to the severest scrutiny. It
would be unbecoming in me, where all bave
dene so well, to name any Individual, or any
particular committee, but I trust I shall not
be considered impertinent in saying that in
dastry and perseverance, such as we have been
witnesses to this session, never fail in da
time, to bring their own reward to those who
practice them. Another reason for our rapid
aad harmonious transaction of business is the
forbearance and good temper which the As
sembly ha4 universally displayed in all its re
lations with yoar humble servant. Tbese have
mosx materially assisted and set him at ease
under what would otherwise hare been very
trying circanutanees. and for them be now re
turns you hia most cordial thanks. I can not
conclude without also expressing my very sin
cere thanks ta aU the oficers of tbe Assembly
for their very valuable services, especially to
th Secretary, whos exactness, promptitude
and knowledge have so conduced, to the order
of the Assembly. Gentlemen, we are about
to part. I wish yea every prosperity for year
selves, and a happy meeting with those friends
and constituents to whose interests, daring the
past sessiun, you hare so well attended.
Mr. Boyd t-fiered the following resolution :
That th Secretary of the Assembly. R. H.
Stanley, Esq., has performed the dutiil in
cumbent upon him in a most acceptable man
ner, and should he 1-e willing to assume simi
lar duties at any future Session of the Legis
latir Assembly, we earcestlx,recommend him
to the favorable consideration of future mem
bers. Adopted.
Mr. Stanley, in response, said : Xobles aad
Representatives, I return to you my sincere
thanks for the eotnptiment expressed in the
resolution, assuring me of your high apprecia
tion of the manner in which I have discharged
the duties of Secretary. "Before bidding you
adieu, I beg Ieare to suggest, should I have
the honor of again occupying this position at
the next biennial Session, tbe RepresentatiTea
who may haee the honor of being returned,
will be pleased to place on my right, one of
yaar own nationality, to act as assistant Sec
retary, who may thereby become conversant
with the important, duties of this honorable
Resolution by Mr. Kalu : That the Serjeant-at-Arms,
vTo. C. Parke, Esq.. has performed
his duty with the same aasidnity that has dis
tinguished him in previous sessions, aad that
n Assembly could have a more acceptable
eCcer. Adopted.
Hia Ex. C. de Varigny introduced a resolu
tion, instructing the Secretary of the Assem
bly to return to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
the correspondence relative to the negotiation
of the Treaty of Eienjrocfty. Adapted.
His Ex. F. W. Hatchison, reported back as
having been signed by Ills Majesty :
in 4et to amea3 an Act entitled " An Act
to repeal chapter 10 of th Civil Code, aud to
regulate tbe Bnreaa of Pablie Instruction,"
approved January I, IS Si, by adding sections
Its, -Si. Ztc, after section 26 is said Act, and
the following nit signed : An Act to amend
as Act entitled an Act to repeal Chapter 10 of
tbe Civil Code, and to regulate the Bureau of
PabGe Iostraction, aad to iasert certain new
sections, to te styled Section 13a, Seetian ISs,
ami Section 23i.
Th Assembly bsek a rets ef ten minutes,
toaxaft the arrival of His Majesty. AtlZx.
asseaabled again and were prorogued.
To authorize the Icrj of Light Zhte.
Be IT EX1CTZD, lj t& Kimj, ad tie Lytta
fire Aelfj f tit Slawcaimu I(om(U, i
tit LeyUfatmrc of tie Kingdom aixbler1 ?
Pfra-TTthtj- 1 TfksTrt fusil fcg ITitxI U.TMMZ ill
tcih! axnricj from aire ad. at any port f
this kingdom where a light house may l
established, the sum .f three dollars, which
shall be paid before departure to the CoUeetar i
cf Customs. ,
See All vessels engaged m the coast
ing trade shall pay tea cents per ton aa fight
mosey, is consideration cf which they shall
be entitled U visit aU ports where H-fct booses
may te established, for the tens of one year,
without further eharge.
Approved this 21th day f June,- it.
Kaxesakeza R.
To provide for th appointment of a Deputy
Bz it exactes, y Ue Aij, aa rs ixjuia-
free J t?m liy ef tit Hmtetnvtm Ulanat, tn
tit Ityiitafrrt tit Kinjdem antmUed:
SccTtoa 1. There shall be appointed by
the Marshal cf th kingdom, a Deputy Mar
thai, who, in ease tt the absence or disability.
ef asch Marshal, shall it aathorised to do all
acts sad t brags saw reurrei to te dan by
Sec. 2. The Marshal thai! te ntftaHU
on Ms oSciat bead fir the act sad .default f
scab deputy,
ApprsTed ths 23d day sf Jure, liti.
To fargrtttf th serrice f Crimisal proetss.
Er TT EXACTTB, lfliKl end lit tfjitlO'
tUt AttwtUj f tit iaraiii Ittamdt ta
tie ItgvUttrt" UrStwjitm attmlltdi
Stcrtas 1. Whenever aay warrastof ar
rest ka beets ttsued by any Court f ecntp
tcst jartsdietiss, caitie accused party shall
exape leycsd the Jtsrisdsetios of soch Court,
it than fc tawfsl fir the oSeer ta wbsus soch
timst shall lar beea directed, to pons
ssd arrest jeeb aeesutdwtj is xsy part cf
tbe krigira -frri4rJ, that the nsrrast shall
te tot esdecssd with pnper word at aslLor
sty frssa tc Ctreait Jaij c Kreriet Jm-
lice, ta tho Island where thsastual arrest shall
be made.
Sac. i. Any officer authorised lo lerv
warrant at th place, of arrest may also servo
any. warrant endorsed as aforesaid.
Sac. 5. Th Supremo Onurt may front tltn
to tin, br general tales, prescribe fot for
carrying this 'Act Into Sct, aad raak all
other needful trgnlatlor.1.
Sec. 4. Tbe eipenses of serving soch war
rants, shall b adjusted by tbe Court originally
Issuing th warrant, and aceouated for oat of
aay fines and penalties In Its possession.
Approved this 23d day if June, 1?SS.
Kauanaxaita R.
To anthorlio the Commissioner of Crown
Lands ta axscut a deed of confirmation to
a certain lot of land In VTalluku, Island of
iriereos, th conveyance of title to the
Church lot of the Reformed Catholic Church
st Wallaka, Island of .Maul, glean by Ills
1st Majesty Kamehameha IV, Is dtfectiv ;
and, ,
irtereos, it is right and proper that th
Sam should b perfected; therefore,
Bs IT ESiCTiD, e tit King, oJ tie XeeiWa.
tire .tsseeiilf of fAe ifesnnVait ftta, tw
tie Lrgittutmn f tie Ajcdo nrMfed.
Skc 1. The Commissioner of Crown Lands
are hereby authorised and empowered to make
proper deeds of assaranc and confirmation to
th Synod of tbe Hawaiian Reformed Catholic
Church, of Wallaka, Waul, of the premises
known and occupied as their Church Lot, In
said place.
Sec. t. This Act shall take effect and b in
fore from and after Us passage.
Approved this 33d day of June, 1S53.
KAMsnaacna R.
To promote Immigration,
n'aeretu. It is of great importance to pre
vent th depopulation of these Islands, and
the dlmination of the native race ; therefore,
Bk IT SXACTK9, ij lie Auj ami tie iniiSa
tir .iMeassTy lit 7firflmiN 7aOf, t
lie Xcytslafiir tf tie KutyJcm aMtmltttis
The Board of Immigration are hereby
authorised and directed to take prompt aad
efficient measures fur the introduction of Poly,
neslans, or both sexes, from other Islands of
the Pacific Ocean, and to provide, by contract,
for their support and employment, for a term
of years. Vat all soch contracts ahall pro
viJe, as far as may be, that ihe employers
shall receive as many womeo as men, aad that
saitable provisiun shall be made for the sap
port of snch women..
Approved this 33d day or June, 1S63.
To establish a Hawaiian Board of Health.
iTAerea, the outer districts of this kingdom
are greatly in waut of physiciaot ; and
virreot, it is thought advisable to establish
a system of licensing Hawaiian practitioners
of medicine ; therefore,
Ba it exactko, fy tie JCig aad fie Ltyitla
rire AsteMiy tie ifairaiiaii Jtlaiuit, I'm
fie Ltgitlatmrt of fie JCitlom asscnofedr
Sectios 1. His Majesty the King shall
appoint a Board of Health or native born Ha
waiian, consisting of three persons, who
shall serve during the King's pleasure, and
whose duty it shall be to examine and inquire
into the qualifications and good moral charac
ter of native Uawaiiana who wish to practice
medicine in this kingdom.
Sec 3. Said Board, or a majority thereof,
shall give to each candidate, of whose quali
fications they are satisfied, a certificate to
that effect.
Sac. 3. Upon the receipt of the certificate,
as in. Section 3 set forth, the Minister or the
Interior is hereby authorised, in his discretion,
to grant to the applicant, apon the receipt of
'ten dollar, a license to practice medicine for
one year.
sec. 4. tiery physician thus licensed shall
ikeep a written record of 'all his business, set
ting forth the nature of the disease, the medi
cines used, the number of cures effected, tbe
number of deaths, the names, sexes and Blares
of residence of his patients ; which book of
record snau at au times be open to tne inspec
tion of the Hawaiian Board of Health, or the
Minister of the Interior, or bis agent; aad
any practitioner who shall not keep bis record
properly, or shall fail or refuse to exhibit the
same when called apon to do so, shall, upon
conviction thereof, before, "a Police or District
Justice, be fined in a sum no exceeding one
hundred dollars.
Sec i. Any practitioner who shall be con
victed of the practice of Anaana, Uoopiopio,
Uoounauna or Uoomanamans, shall forfeit his
Sec 8. Any native Hawaiian who shall
praetice medicine without having obtained a
license, as hereinbefore set forth, shall, upon
conviction thereof, before a Police or District
Justice, be fined in a tarn not less than twen
ty nor more than one hundred dollars.
cec i. inis.ici snau use enect and be
come a law from and after the dale of Its pas
sage. Approved this 23d day of June, 1S63.
Kaveraxesa B.
Honolulu Water Works' Notice!
Privileges, are hereby notified that a
half year's rate in ads ance, wilt be doe and
payable at my oSce oa the FIRST DAY OP
JULY, and if not paid within ten days from
that date, they will be liable to hare their wa
ter stopped off without further notice.
Sup't Honolulu Water Work.
Ofiei of Water Works, ar foot of Xuuanu
Street. 23-3t
to leave this Kingdom, hereby requests
all persons indebted to him io make immedi
ate payment, aad those having claims against
hia will please present the tame for settle
meat. 31-tf C. FRED. PPLUGEB.
Sapertntendant of Molokai Daky.
Week, for tale by j
30-tf fcTf BAYIDGE.
-fAIJE O.V OAIIU, and for sale at
j cents per pound, by
les appointed Agent of the tbov Com.
paay, ar prepared to Insure risk against Fire
on Ston aad Brick Bonding, and oa Mer
chandise stored therein, on th most faverabl
terms. For particular apply at tbe ofire of
J-ly F. A. SCIlAEFER t CO.
Fof W iwi jMffiea, Hawaii.
Sch. Annie,
Will run as a regular packet to tb above
ports. For freight or psriir apply to
ll-3as WALEEB A ALLEX, AgeaU.
tS li-ti ten rexitter, copper aad copper-fas'
tcsed, bow running between this Port and Hila,
having juit leea pet Sa a thoroocb state of
repair and farsithed with s ccspitu sttt ef
"Stw Sui, Gttr, Orootd Tackle, etc., Is now
offered for tale. For psrtlraUri, apply to
Hooolela, er
U-tr J. H. Cossy, Kilo.
Will run daring the present quarter as follows
Monday, June 29 itcnJay, July 20
Monday, July 4 Monday, July 27
Monday, July 13 Monday, August 3
Layiag up the Week eoaveBcia; 19.
Monday, August IT Monday, September T
Monday, August Si Monday, September It
Monday, August 31 W
At 41 r. precisely, touching a
Stake' Landlnaj,
KwVTKHusr aatt
Kealak.ku, Wednesday, about noon,
Katlua, Wednesday erenlnjt,
Kawaihao a Mahnkoaa, Thursday trtalng).
Arriving back at Honolulu Saturday mornings.
For San Francisco.
jH X. O. JeCxxjpi'gt'y'.
N. T. BEXXETT, Comanader.
Having a large portion of her cargo already
engaged, will tall on or about
IVctlHCMtlny, July Sth,
for the abore port. For freight er passage,
having superior accommodation for Cabin and
Steerage Passengers, apply to
21- ' Agents..!
San Francisco awf HootMi line.
The Company7 Splendid A 1 Steaiaship
h IDAHO, -mt.
F. COXXOR, Commander,
'Will rata between Itozsoliilm aet Savaa
Francisco by tne foUustLaa;
Time Tablet
aarAavcas rani
San Francisco..
Saa Fraacim..
...Jen 9
..Jan 2S
...July IS
...Abc 22
...fpt 10
llonotulu May 9
San rraaclsco.....MTS
Honolulu. .
.June i
San Francisco..
San FrancJsco. .
.July 4, Hooolnta. ......
July 2t,SaaTraaclseo..
..Aug lO'IIooolola
.Aug SiSan Francisco..
Through freight to Portland and Victoria
will be taken at reatonabl rate, and
Liberal Advance Xade ea aH
SkljpmcBtd per Steaatfr.
Insurance guaranteed at lower rates than by '
sailing vessels. Particular car taken of ship
ments of Fruit.
All order for Goods to be purchased In San
Francisco, will be received aad filled by retard
of Steamer. U. 1IACKFELD A CO..
ll-3m Agents.
For Portland. Oregon.
Tne rt.vc ctirrca bake
X. C. BROOKS, Matter.
Will have Dispatch for the above port on her
return from San Francisco.
For freight or passage, having supericc o
commodations for Cabin and Steerage passes-
gers, apply to
For San Francisco,
The following Firtt-Clast Ves
sels will run regularly In the
Honolulu lane :
Eor Freight er Paisagb, havfak-. Caperior
Accommodations for Cabin and Steerage Pas
senger, apply to
20-3 m Agents.
the ctirrn scsooiex
Carrying tit iaeai'fa Hail Ki'lAovt SUiJt
'VHH Leave Honolulu Every Saturday,
at Four o'clock r. ., Ee turning, wOI leavo
Nawillwill every Tnetday aftemton.
For Freight or Passage, apply to
17-tf D. FOSTER A CO.
m ctirrtn icnooxcn
Will run regularly as a Packet between Hono
lala and nilo. For freight or pass agev apply
oa board, or to CIITJXG HOOK,
ll-3m Agent.
FwC lllwrrttwl 8MNl'lvr4iMC S
Tbe line atJiBnctt clipper acooner
E. D. CRANE, Master,
Will ran regularly and punctually on the
above ronte. For, freight or passage iff ly'
to the Master 00 board, or lo
C, EEEurjs & Co.
March 31,1 U-Sm
The klwenrr
HAM LIS. Master.
Will run -egnIarIy for the abore ports. For
freight or paage apply to
L. h. TOEBEP.T, Uonolalu,
ll-3m Or J. H. COJJXY, Hllo.
Faff Mil Ufti ttmtimm lLttim
dL Sch. Activ,
Will ran a s regnfsf packet to the abort,
ports, touching at LAHAISA. FortrolirU or
paatsg apply to
The BckofiBsr
Will run as a naUt pakt littwiia Ka
lola aad lii, iwWatr r1f tHahaasJ
Md Put o. Yi freight or ytsitai afsri- w
Mm L'tia oa boaed o , - Tn
"la N. PXlEXlt(3AgT,Aat

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