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psmrms mpiMMlmi
I now prepared to xecnia all crriltri tir ,
ruui -jij riKY.-rni,
Every Wednesday Jforning:,
Mailed to Foreign Snbeerlbera t $7.00.
OmcK On Merchant street, west of
he Post OEco, Honolulu, LL I.
Mated and peMUhed by J. Mm Surra, at th
Government Printing Office, to whom all builneis
communication, tnmt b Kldmud
VOL. IT NO. 26.
24 Queen Street, Honolulu, fly
jiccoloaiv &. joilso:y,
10 Opposite T. C. Henck'a. (if
Corner of Fort And Merchant Streets,
Wholesale Druggists,
Cor. Battery and Clay Streets,
.Labnlaa, ?Inui.
Money -and Recruits famished to ships on
6-ly favorable terms.
(Late JiDion, Oreen A Co.,
Lloyds' and tbe Liverpool Underwriters,
Northern Assurance Company, and
'British and Foreign Marine Insurance Co.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers
In Fashionable Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots
and Shoes, and every variety of Gentle
men's Superior Famishing Goods.
Store known mm Capt. Snow's Building
MracuixT Srtrrr, Honolulu, Oahu. SO
Fort Street, opposite Odd Fellows' HalL
. Gives particular attention to the repair of
.Fire Arms, Sewing Machines, a Locks.
Drawings of Machinery, d'C., made to Order,
V to-tr '
1. a. dicksox.
Lowers & Dickson,
Iletail Dealers in Lumber and Building
Materials. Fort, King and Merchant streets,
Honolulu. 25-ly
8. C. ALUS.
Shipping and Commission
OrriCE Comer Queen and Fort Streets.
Holies & Co.,
CHANTS, Queen Street, particular attention 1 aid to tbe
purchase and sale of Hawaiian Produce.
C. A.TTilliams i. Co., I C. .Brewer A Co.,
Castle A Cooke, I II. llackfeld A Co.,
D. C. Waterman, I C. L. Ricba-ds A Co.,
George G. Howe,
Dealer in Redwood and Northwest Lumber,
Shingles, Doors, Sash, Blinds, Nails,
Faints, etc
At his Old Stand on the Esplanade. 36-ly
JEFaxro-y Mniinor,
Bonnets made up and trimmed in tbe latejt
styles. Stamping, Braiding and Em
broidering, executed to order.
Ed. HofiscMaeger & Co.,
'-i ' Honolulu, Oabu, H. I. 4-ly
A. S. Clcgliora,
Fire-proof Store, comer of Queen and Eaahn-
manu Streets.
Retail Establishment on Nuuanu Street.
"'" ' 4-ly
. Theodore C. Heucfc,
IIoBtlulu, Oat, C. I. I-ly
H. llackfeld & Co.,
Honolulu, Oaha, S. I. S-ly
, J. D. WICKE,
Aent lor tlic Urcrucn Board
of Underwriters!.
All average claims against said Underwriters,
, .'. occurrinc in or about this Kingdom, will
hare to be certified before me. 7-ly
Chun? Hoou,
Psukaa and Amauulu Sugar Plantations.
Importer of Teas and other Chinese and For
"eign Goods, and Wholesale Dealer in Ha
waiian Produce, at tbe Fire-proof Store,
Nuuann Street, below King. 21-ly
Along & Acliuck,
Importers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
General Merchandise and China Goods,
Fire-proot Store in Nuuanu Street, under the
Public Hall. 45-tf
flfK. J, COSTA
Is now prepared to execute with promptness
all work In bis line of business, such as
Watch and Clock Kepolrlna:,
K 5anufctttrliijj Jewelry,
And ERgraTlng.
Shop os Fort Street, opposite Odd Fellows'
Hall., Sl-3m
Having tbe best facilities through an intimate
ln .:!, ,t.n .T,n,n,i t rn (1 for tbe
past eight years, is prepared to transact any
business entrusiea to ms care, wim unpawn
Fire-Proof Store, .Robinson's Building, Queen
Street, Honolulu. 1-ly
Sales-Room, Queen Street, one door from
Kaahumanu btreet. u-ij
And Commissioner of Deeds
Office at the Bask or Bisnop A Co.
Mannakea Street,
All kinds of Merchandise and Groceries.
39-1 .
Solioitor, Attorney, aud Proctor jn the
Supreme Court, in Lew, Equity, Admiralty,
Probate and Divorce. 3-3 1
OrriCE at Tnc Istehiob Department.
My "
SEcaxiar net.
H. A. T. CASTXa.
IlonollUn. Uanu, II. I.
AGE.VTS Or the Boston and Honolulu
Packet Line.
AGENTS For tile Makec, Wallnkn and
liana Plantations.
AGEXTS For tne Pure rinse and Sale of
Island Produce.
Jons M. Hood, Esq rNew York.
Cius BncwEit&Co. I ....Boston.
Jab. Hcskeweix, Esq. (
J. C. MrnniLL & Co. 1
R. 8. Swaix & Co. VSan Francisco.
Chas. Walcot Brooks, Esq. ) ' 5-ly
Importer andgManufaoturer
Carriage Trimming done with neatness and
dispatch. All orders promptlyattended to.
Comer of Fort and Hotel streets, Honolulu.
10-ly '
Post-Office address, "AVilder Plaktatios,"
7-tf) Knaloa, Oahn.
Planters & General Store Keepers
(Near Eealakekna Bay.)
Island produce bought. Ships supplied with
Wood, Beef and other ncessaries.
Agent at Honolulu A. S. Cleguobs.
Dealer in Newspapers, Magazines, Period
icals, otc.
Fort Street, near King,
Honolulu. 19-lf
Dealers in Fashionable Clothing
Hats, Caps, Boots andShoes.andeveryvariety
of Gentlemen's superior furnishing goods.
Q.ueen Street Honolulu, Onliu.
Importer and Maker of all Sands of
Carriages trimmed with neatness and dis
patch. All repairs done with care and
Next door to J. M. Smith it Co's Drugstore.
N. B. A choice lot of Ladles Superior
Saddles on hand. 43
on band and for sale, a good
asFDrtmcut of
Best Blacksmith's Coal,
At the Lowest Market Prices S8-ly -
Office with E. P. Adams, Esq.,
s urns st rsxxjssioii to
Gen. Morgan L. Smith, TJ.Ieirs. C. Brewer 1 Co.
8. Oonral. I Honrs. Walker Allen.
Messra-'Ricfcaraa A Co. IE. P. Adams, Esq. fU
RUINAUT, pere ifils Champagne,
Carte Blanche, in pints and quarts.
For Sale by
Agents for
15-tfJ Messrs. Ruinart, pere A fits Rheims.
STRUMENTS Tuned and Repaired, by
CHAS. DERBY, at the Theatre.
Lessons given on the Piano and Guitar.
Best of reference given. 51
To lieense tbo slaughter and sale of Beef.
Be it E5ACTEn, ly the King and the Lgila
tire AtfembJy of the Hawaiian Jtlandl, in
the Leyulatvre of the Kingdom attetnbted :
SEcnojrl. The Minister of the Interior may
at any timellcense, for tho term of one year,
any applicant to slaughter and sell Beef, either
in Honolulu, Lahalna, Wailuku, Uilo, Kawal
hae, Kealakekua, Kaawaloa, Koloa, or Hana
lei, upon receiving for such license the turn of
twenty dollars; provided, however, tnat tnls
Section shall sot be held to apply to salted or
corned beef, brought from other parts of the
Sec. 2 Upon granting such license, said
Minister shall exact of the applicant a bond
in the penal sum of two hundred dollars, with
good and sufficient surety, to be approved by
said Minister, conditioned that such applicant
will keen a fall and accurate register of tbe
brands of every animal which he shall kill or.
sell, together with tne name ct tne owner,
tbe name of the person or persons who deliv
ered tbe animal, with the date when delivered,
and when killed ; and that he will at all times
keep said register ready and open for the in
spection and information of all who may desire
to examine tbe same.
Sec. 3. Whoever shall slaughter or sell beef
in Honolulu, Lanaina, Wailuku, lliio, nawal
bae, Kealakekua, Kaawaloa, Koloa, or Hana
lei. without first obtaining a license therefor.
as provided in Section 1 of this Act, shall be
subject to a fine of not less than ten nor more
than twenty-nve dollars for eacn onenee, in
the discretion of the Court.
Sec. 4. Every license to slaughter and sell
beef shall be signed by tbe Minister of the
Interior, and impressed with the Seal of his
Department, and no such license shall be
Sec. 5. This Act shall become a law at tbe
expiration of thirty days from the date of its
passage ; and all laws or parts of laws incon
sistent herewith are hereby repealed.
Approved this 22d day of June, 1868.
Kaiiebaiisha R.
To amend Sections TS5 and 256 of the Civil
Code, and add a new Section to the Civil
Code, to be numbered Section 256a.
Be it Exacted, ly the King and the Legisla
tive Attemlly of the Hawaiian Itlandt, in
the Ltgulature of the Kingdom auemtled:
Sectiox 1. That Section 255 of tbe Civil
Code be, and the same-is hereby amended, so
as to read as follows :
Section 255. Tbe Minister of the Interior
may, with tbe approval of His Majesty the
King, issue a patent to the inventor or im
prover of any machine, mauulacture or work
of art, calculated to improve the interests of
science, agriculture, or manufacture, and may
therein grant to such inventor or improver the
exclusive use and benefit of his invention or
improvement for any term of years, not ex
ceeding ten, that may be specified in such pa
tent; and, upon tbe granting or sueb patent,
tbe sum of one hundred dollars sballrbe paid
by the Patentee to the Minister of the In
terior, for the use of tbe Royal Exchequer.
Sec. 2. That Section 256 of the Civil Code
be, and the same is hereby amended, so as to
read as follows -
Section 256. Every each inventor or im
prover shall, before receiving a patent, deliver
to the Minister of the Interior a full and clear
description, in writing, of his invention or im
provement, together with tbe mode of nsing
or applying the same to the purpose for which
it is intended, and the manner and process of
making, constructing, or compounding tbe
same ; and in case of any machine, he shall
also furnish, in addition to tbe written de
scription, accurate drawings and a complete
model thereof; and shall also, at the same
time, if a citizen of this Kingdom, deposit
with the Minister of the Interior tho sum of
thirty dollars, and if a foreigner, the sum of
one Hundred dollars, lor tne use ot tne.ltoyai
Sec. 3. That that portion of Article IV of
tbe Civil Code, relating to the improvement of
agriculture and manufactures, be and the same
is hereby amended, by adding directly after
Section 256 of the Civil Code, a Section to
read as follows :
Section 256a. Any'pcrson who shall have
invented any new art, machine, or improve
ment thereof, and shall desire further timo to
mature tho same, may file in tne office or the
Minister of tbe Interior a Caveat, setting forth
the design and purpose thereof, and its dis
tinguishing characteristics, and praying pro
tection of his right till he shall have matured
his invention ; and such Caveat shall, upen
payment by the applicant of the sum of thirty
dollars to the Minister of the Interior, be filed
in tbe confidential archives of the Department
of tbe Interior, and preserved in secrecy ; and
within one year thereafter, if the applicant
should desire to avail himself of the benefit of
his Caveat, be shall file his description, speci
fication, drawings, apd model, and pay the fee
as provided in applications for patents, under
Section 256 of the Civil Code, of this King
dom. Sec. 4. This Act shall become a law from
and after the dato of its passage ; and all laws
and parts of laws in contrariety to, the pro
visions of this Act are hereby repealed.
Approved this '22d day of June, 1868.
Kaxebaveba R.
To amend Section 3 of an Act to regulate the
carrying of passengers between the Islands
of this kingdom, approved January 10, 1865.
Be it exacted, by the King and the ZegUla
tive Assembly of the Hawaiian Islands, in the
Legislature of the Kingdom assembled:
Section 1. That Section 3 of the Act to
regulate tbe carrying of passengers between
the Islands of this kingdom, be and the same
is hereby amended to read as follows :
Sec. 3. No vessel shall carry more than
one passenger for every two tons registered
burtben, excepting steam - reel., tbe same
being allowed to carry two passengers for
every three tons burthen ; and in ease of any
violation hereof, tbe master of such vessel
shall be liable to a fine of five dollars for'
each passenger so carried, the same to be re
covered, for the use of tbe Hawaiian Govern
ment, before any Police or District Justice.
And each vessel licensed to carry passengers
between the Islands shall carry, on all her
passages, secured on deck, one spare extra
cask, of the capacity of at least two barrels,
filled with water, and under her deck, easily
accessible, as many barrels of good sound
bread or rice, and salt provisions, and water,
as may, from time to time, be required by the
Harbor Master of Honolulu ; and for disobe
dience of the orders of the Harbor Master,
by not carrying the quantity of water and
provisions required and commanded by him,
the Tesssl, the master of which has so neglect
ed to obey tbe order of the said Harbor Master,
shall be liable to have her license revoked by
tbe Collector General of Customs, and the
master shall be furtherliable to a fine not ex
ceeding the sum of one hundred dollars, to be
recovered before any Police or District Justice.
Approved this 22d day of June, 1868.
Kabehaxiba B.
To Amend Sections 118, 119, and 120, and re
peal Section 121 of the Civil Code.
Be IT exacted, ly the King and tie Legisla
tive Assembly of the Hawaiian Islands, in
the Legislature of the Kingdom assembled:
Sectjos 1. That Section 118 be, and the
same is hereby amended, so as to read as fol
lows! " See. 118. The Minister- of the Interior
shall appoint one person in each of the taxa
tion districts of tho Kingdom, not being an
owner of a Stallion kept for hire, to be Inspec
tor of Stallions, whose duty it , shall be, upon
the receipt of one' dollar, to examine any Stal
lion presented for his inspection, upon such
days as be shall appoint within his ta rati an
district; and if, npon such examination, any
Bullion so presented shall appear to the In
spector to be a suitable horse lor Breeding, ne
shall deliver a certificate to that'effect to tbe
owner of such Stallion, free of charge, which
certificate shall entitle the owner to keep
snch Stallion on his own premises, solely for
tbe use of his own stock. And in case the
owner or owners of such Stallion shall not ob
tain such certicate,,be shall be liable to a fine
of one dollar for each and every, day's viola
tion of this section, which penalty shall be
recoverable before any Police or'Dlstrict Jus
tice, prortded ; that this section snail not apply
to Stallions that bavo not attained the age of
Sec. 2. That Section 119 be, and the same
is nereby amended, to read as follows :
"Sec. 119. The Minuter of the Interior
.shall grant a license, npon the payment of five
dollars, to any person presenting a certificate
from the Inspectors, as provided in Section
118, to let for hire tbe Stallion named in such
certificate, for tbe purpose of breeding ; pro
vided, that the said Stallion shall have attain
ed the age of eighteen months, Snch license
shall be good, for one year from its date, and
in event that any person shall violate this sec
tion, by letting for hire any Stallion without
first obtaining a license as herein provided, be
shall be subject to a fine of one hundred dol
lars, recoverable before any Police or District
Justice. Such license so granted, shall be
transferable, at the office of the Department of
the Interior, npon sale of the Stallion by the
Sec. 3. That Section 120 be, and the same
is1 hereby amended, so as to read as follows
" Sec. 120. Every person on whose land any
Stallion of twelve months old or upwards shall
be found trespassing, may sue for and recover.
before any Police Magistrate or District Jus
tice, the sum of ten dollars for every such
trespass, from the owner of any such Stallion,
exclusive of the costs of such suit; and in
case the Stallion shall be unbranded, or in
case tbe owner cannot be discovered within
fire days from the time when such Stallion
shall have been found trespassing, then any
owner of land on which any such Stallion
shall be found so trespassing, shall be author
ized to castrate such Stallion, at the risk of
the owner thereof.
Sec. 4. That Section 121 of tbo Civil Code
be and the same is hereby repealed.
Sec. 5. This Act shall become a law from
and after the date of its passage.
Approved'this 22d day of Jnne, 1868.
Kabebabeha R,
Relating to Inter-Island Steam Navigation.
"Whereas, on the thirteenth day of November,
in tbe yerr one thousand eight hundred and
sixty-seren, a contract was executed by the
Minister of tbe Interior, on behalf of this
government, with the Hawaiian Steam and
General Inter-Island Navigation Company,
which contract stipulates for payment to
said company of not less than eight thou-
. i . . ,i i ...
BiBUU uvi uivio luau icu luuuaauu uousrs
per annum, payable monthly for one year
certain, to bo computed from the day ,on
which the steamer Kilauea commenced' to
run ; and also provided for tho surrender
or the exclusive privileges of said corpora
tion ; therefore,
Be it Enacted, by the King and the Legisla
tive AssemMy of the Jlawaitan Islands, in
the Legislature of the Kingdom assembled:
Section 1. The contract concluded 'as
aforesaid is 'hereby ratified and confirmed,
and declared to bo valid and binding upon
this government to all intents and purposes,
and payment of the subsidy therein named to
the amount of ten thousand dollars for one
year, as stipulated in said contract is hereby
Sec, 2. The Minister of the Interior, .on
behalf of this government, is authorized to
contract with individuals, or incorporated
companies, for tbe performance hereafter of
the inter-island .navigation service, and to
pay therefor a sum not exceeding ten thou
sand dollars per annum ; provided, that such
individuals and companies shall be required
to furnish a good and sufficient sea going
steamer, of not less than four hundred tons
burthen ; and that such steamer shall be re
quired, upon each trip, to visit the ports of
Labaina, Kealakekua nay, Kawaibae and
Hilo, and to make the round trip within one
Sec. 3. Tbe Minister of the Interior is fur
ther authorized to contract with individuals or
incorporated companies for performing the ser
vice of transportation, by steamer, between
Honolulu and ports in the Island of Kauai,
and to pay therefor the sum of Fire Thousand
Dollars annually; wroriderf, that trips be made
at least once in each week, and that the steam
er shall call at the several ports of Nawili
wili, Hanalei, Koloa, and Waimea.
Ere. 4. No steamer shall be employed nnder
the provisions of this Act which does not wear
the Hawaiian Flag.
Approved this 22d day of June, 1868.
Kahebaxeba R.
To amend Section 1,323 of the Civil Code.
Be it enacted, ly the King and the Legisla
tive Assembly -of tne Hawaiian Jslands, in
the Legislature of the Kingdom assembled:
Section 1. That Section 1,323 of the Civil
Code be, and the same is hereby amended, by
adding the following words :
' 4. Contraction by either rartv of tbe dis
ease, known as the Chinese Leprosy, it being
shown, to the satisfaction of the Court, that
the party is incapable of cure, and has, been
afflicted with the disease for twelve months or
Approved this 22d day of June, 1868.
Kavebabeba R.
To encourage Ocean Steam Navigation.
irAereat, the maintenance of frequent and
regular communication with San Francisco
by steam is Important to the welfare of this
Kingdom ; and whereas, to establish such
communication, an outlay is unavoidable at
tbe outset, which cannot be fully remunera
ted from the business ; therefore.
Be it Enacted, ly the King and the Legisla
tive Assembly oj the Hawaiian Jslands, tn
zAe Legislature of the Kingdom assembled:
Section 1. The Minister of the Interior, on
behalf of the government of this Kingdom, is
hereby authorized to contract with individuals
or incorporated companies for running efficient
and sea-worthy steam-ships, of not less than
seven hundred tons each, between Honolulu
and San Francisco, in consideration of which
there shall be paid to said individuals or com
panies, a sum not exceeding Twenty-Five
Thousand Dollars per year, for the term of
two years ; provided, that, no such contract
shall be executed without tbe consent of His
Majesty the King in Privy Council, and such
contract shall require, under suitable penal
ties, that trips shall be regularly run, not less
frequently than once in twenty-one days from
each end of tbe roate, that the running time
(hall be not more than twelve days from port
to port, and that the rate demanded for first
class passago shall not exceed seventy-five'dol-lara
for every passenger; and that the rate of
freightupon ordinary merchandise from either
port shall not exceed six dollars per ton, and
five per cent primage ; and that tbe Tate of
freight on specie from San Francisco shall not
exceed one-half of one per cent, and that the
mails shall be brought from San Franeiseo
free of charge to tbe Hawaiian. Government or
the Post Office Department.
Sic. 2. In order to carry the provisions of
this Act into full eSect.the Minister of Finance,
with the consent of His Msjeity the King In
Privy Council, Is Hereby authorised to issue.
from time to time, the bonds of this Govern
ment, of such denominations as may bo found
convenient, bearing interest at a rate nut ex
ceeding nine per cent, per annum, with cou
pons attached, for tbe semi-annual payment
thereof; the aggregate amount of such bonds
shall not exceed Fifty Thousand Dollars.
They shall be signed by the .Minister of Fi-.
nance, and counter-signed by the Registrar of
Public Accounts, and (hall be issued in five
classes of Ten Thousand Dollars each, tbe first
class being payable in five years, and tbe oth
er classes at successive intervals of five years
Approved this 22d day of June, 1868.
Kabebaneba R,
To amend Section 780 of the Civil Code.
Be it enacted, by the King and the Legisla
tive Assembly of the Hawaiian Jslands, in
the Legislature of the Kingdom assembled:
That Section 780 of the Civil Code be, and
the same is hereby amended, by striking out
the word "six." in the thirteenth lino thereof.
and inserting in its place tbe word " seven ;"
and further, by striking out the word " one,"
in the seventeenth line of said Section, and
inserting in the place thereof the word " two,"
so that the Section as amended will read as
follows :
Section 780. The nnmber of the Repre
sentatives of the people in tne .Legislature
shall be as follows, viz. :
For tbe Island of Hawaii, eight, that is to
say : One for the district of North Kona, be
ginning at and including Keabcalono, and
extending to and including Punohao : one for
the district of South Kona, beginning at Puuo-
hao and extending to and including naneawai.
dno for the district of Kan.
One for the district of Puna.
Two for the district of Hilo.
One for the district of Hamakua.
One for tho district of Kobala.
For the Island of Maui, seven, that is to
say : Two for the district composed of La
haina, Olowalu, Ukumehame.and Kahoolawe.
One for the district composeoTof Kabakuloa
and Koanapali.
Two for' the district beginning with and in
cluding Waibec, and extending to and includ.
ing nonoaula.
One for tbe district beginning with and in
eluding Kabikinui, and extending to and in
cludine Koolau.
One for the district beginning with and
including Hamakualoa, and extending to and
including Kola.
Two for the districts composing the Islands
of Molokai and Lanai.
For tbe Island of Oahu eight, that is to say
Four for the district of Honolulu,' beginnin;
with and including Maunalua, and extending
to and including Moanalua.
Ono for tho district composed of Ewa and
One for the district of Waialua.
One for the district of Koolauloa.
One for the district of Koolaupoko.
For the Island of Kauai three, that is to
say : One for' the district of Waimea, begin
ning with and including Nualolo, and extend
ing to and including lionapcpe, and also in
cluding tne island oi nunau.
One for the district of Puna, beginning with
and including Waiawa, and extending to and
including Wailua.
Ono for tbe district of Hanalei, beginning
with and including Kcpaa, and extending to
and including Awa-ana-puni.
Approved this 22d day of Jnne, 1868.
Kabeuabeba R.
To extend the Powers of the Bureau of Immi
gration. Be it enacteo, by the King and the Legisla
tive Assembly oj the JIawattan Islands, tn
the Legislature oj the kingdom assembled:
Section 1. It shall be tbe duty of the Min
ister of the Interior, with the assistance of the
Committee of Privy Council, constituting the
Board of Immigration, as soon as convenient
after the passage of this Act, to devise and
recommend, for the adoption of His Majesty
tbe King in Privy Council, such rules and
regulations as may be deemed necessary for
tlie good government anu control oi immi
grants that have been brought or admitted,
or that may be brought or admitted into this
Kingdom, as servants or laborers, under license
or permission from the Bureau of Immigra
tion, or contract with the Minister of the In
terior. Sec. 2. Such rules and regulations as shall,
from time to time,, be adopted by His Majesty
the King in Privy Council under the provis
ions of this Act, shall be embodied In ordinan
ces of the King in Council, and the same shall
be published in a newspaper published in Ho
nolulu. SeC, 3. All such ordinances shall specify
the penalties for violation of the same, and
shall hare tbe force of law : and all Courts of
Justice shall take Judicial notice thereof.
Sec. 4. It shall be tbe duty of the Police,
and of the Police and District Justices, to en
forco the rules and regulations that may be
adopted and published in accordance with sec
tions 1 and 2 of this Act.
Sec. 5. This Act shall take effect and be
come a law from and after the date of its pas
sage. Approved this 23d day of June, 1868.
Kavebabeba H.
To limit the time within which claims of
creditors, against the estates of deceased
persons, shall bo presented, and suits be
commenced to enforce rejected claims ; and
amend Section 1247 of the. Civil Code.
Be it Enacted, ly the King and the Legisla
tive Assembly of the Hawaiian Islands, in
the Legislature of the Kingdom assembled:
Section 1. Immediately after the appoint
ment of any Executor or Administrator of any
estate, he shall advertise in the newspapers,
fiublished in the City of Honolulu, for as
ong a time as the Court shall direct, at least
once a week for four weeks, a notice to all
creditors of the deceased to present their
claims, duly authenticated, and with the pro
per vouchers, if any exist, even if the claim
is secured by mortgage npon real estate, to
him, either at bis residence or place of busi
ness, within six months from tho day of such
publication. And if such claims be not pre
sented within six months from the first publi
cation of the notice, orwithtn six months from
the day they fall due, they shall be forever
barred, and the Executor or Administrator
shall not be authorized to pay them.
Sec. 2. If the claim be a just one, the
Executor or Administrator shall endorse bis
approval upon it, and the claimant shall then,
without delay, present it to the Probate Judge,
before whom the estate may bo in course of
administration, for bis approval ; which being
obtained, the claim shall be paid by the Exe
cutor or Administrator of snch estate, in
whole or in part, from the assets of tbe said
estate so administered.
Sec. 3. Ir the claim be rejected by the
Executor or Administrator, or by the Judge
of Probate, a suit must be brought npon it
against the Executor or Administrator, within
twi months after such rejection, or within
two months after the same becomes due, or it
will be forever barred.
Sec. 4. It shall not be lawful to allow any
claim that is barred by the Statute of Limita
tions of this kingdom.
Sec. S. That Section 1217 of the Civil
Code bOj and the same is hereby amended, by
inserting therein after the word granted,"
in the third line of said section, the words
' except in oases of claims rejected by the
Executor or Administrator, or by the Judge
or Probate," as provided in Section 3 of this
Sec. 6. This Aet shall become a law on
and after the data of its passaged -Approved
this 23d day of June, 188.,
To prevent the driving of Cattle through the
iiry oi Honolulu witnm certain hoars.
Be it enacted, by the King and the Legisla
tes Assembly of the Hawaiian Jslands,- in
the legislature of the Kingdom assembled:
Section 1. That all drivinir of Cattle
through or over tho .streets of the City of.
W 1..,.. - T . 1 . 1 - ' . I . . .
uudqiuiu, aua ine leaaingmorougiares, witnin
one quarter of a mile thereof, from the. inter
section of King and Nuuanu streets, or npon
any part of Nuuanu street, within one mile of
sueb intersection, is hereby strictly prohibited,
unless snch Cattle shall be sufficiently bound
and controlled so as effectually to prevent all
damage to the public, under a penalty of ten
dollars for every head of suclk Cattle so driven:
the same to be recovered before tho Police
Justice 01 Honolulu.
Sec. 2. This Act shall not be construed to
prohibit the driving of Cattle between the
hours of eleven o'clock in tbe evening and
eight o'clock in the morning, through snch
streets, and under such regulations as mav be
prescribed, from time to timo, by the Minister
oi tne interior.
Sec. 3. This Act shall take effect from tire
date of its publication.
Approved this 23d day of Jnne, 1863. '
Kabxbabeba R.
To repeal Section 58 of the Civil Code.
Be it enacted, ly the King and the Legisla
tive Assembly of the Hawaiian Islands, in
the Legislature of the Kingdom assembled:
Section L. That Section 58 of the Civil
Code be, and the same is hereby repealed.
Sec. 2. This Act shall take effect and be
come a law from and after the dato of its
Approved this 23d.day of Juno, 1868.
Kaxebabxba R.
To amend an Act to repeal Chanter 10 of the
Civil Code-, and to regulate the Bureau of
mono instruction, passed January 10, 1865.
Be IT Enacted, by the King and the Legisla
tive Assembly .of the, Hawaiian Islands in
the Legislature of the Kingdom assembled :
Section 1. That the said Act is hereby
amended by inserting after Section 21, the
following sections, viz: Sections 2U and
21b, as follows :
Sec. 21a. The teachers of all Govern
ment Schools, for the education of native Ha
waiian children, shall keep a correct register
of the names, sex, age (as far as ascertaina
ble), and the places of residence of the chil
dren attending their respective schools : and
no teacher of any school, for the education of
native Hawaiian children, shall grant a release
from his or her school to any child under
fifteen years of age, who may be registered
as attending the same, for the purpose of en
tering another school, unless the consent and
approval of tho parent or guardian of such
child, so requesting to be released, shall be
made in writing, by such parent or gnardlan,
or on application made by the School Agent
of the District, for good reason shown to his
satisfaction. In every such case a certificate
in writing shall be granted, setting forth the
facts, and signed by the teacher.
Sec. 21b. No teacher shall receive into
his or her school any child, under fifteen
years of age, who may have attended an
other school, unless such child, his or her
parent or guardian, produces to the teacher
of the school, so sought to be entered, a certi
ficate of release, signed by the teacher of the
school last attended, as hereinbefore provided.
And thq .teacher of any school who shall
violate any of tho requirements of this and
tbe foregoing section, shall, on conviction be
fore a Police or District Justice, be subject to
a fine of firo dollars for the first offense, and
for a second offense, bo liable to a fine of ten
dollars, and removal from office, at tbe discre
tion of the court.
Sec. 2. This Act shall take effect and be
come a law from and after the date of its pas
sage. Approved this 24th, day of June, 1863.
Kabebaueba R.
Excess. Bayard Taylor; in a recent letter
from Germany, says: while either wine or
beer, or both, make an indispensable part of
a German plc-nic, I have never known an in
stance of Intoxication. In tbe first place the
beverages arc alwas pure and light in quality ;
in the second, they are not looked upon as
luxuries, and thciruse Is not considered as a
special indulgence Leaving tbe question of
example out of view which is tbe main
argument used by the advocates of temper
ance against those who use wine without
excess I confess I see no barm In the
habitual use of light, Pur0 vintage. Nothing
is so difficult to measure as the positive
influence of an individual npon his fellow
men, and the coses are rare where a man
with conscious purpose, leads another to his
ruin. I have been frequently assailed by
over-zealous reformers for writing of the
usu of wines without adding a .condemna
tion of the habit; but I, have no condemna
tion but for excess. I do not consider that
the weakness of one gives me tbe right to
attack the temperance of teu. The most
temperate people that I ever found are tbe
Greeks, every one of whom man, woman
and child drinks wine. Xxcess, in fiict. Is
a physical disease, and should be treated as
such ; where there Is any tendency towards
It tbe'only remedy Is total abstinency. But
the stronger and healthier nature has always
seemed to me tbgt which is able to control
Itself. Let our education, domestic as well
as public; develop aud strengthen this quali
ty, ana wo snsu accompiun more man oy
prohibitory laws.
The Value or Time. When the Roman
Emperor said, "I have lost a day," he ut
tered a sadder truth than If he had exclaim
ed i "I have lost a kingdom.'! Napoleon
said that the reason why be beat the Aus
triaus was that they did not know tbe value
of five minutes. At the celebrated battle of
Rlroli, tbe conflict seemed on the point of
hclnir decided against him. He saw tbe
critical state of affairs and Instantly took his
resolution. He despatched a flag to the Ana.
train hcadauarters with nroDosala for and
armistice. The unwary Austrians fell Into'
tbe snare; lor a lew minutes me tnunders or
battle were bushed. Napoleon seized tbe
precious moments, and while amusing the
enemy with mock negotiations, re-arranged
bis line of battle, changed bis front, and in
a few minutes was ready to renounce tbe
farce of discussion for tbe stern arbitrament
of arms. Tne splendid victory of Rlroli
was the result. The ereat moral victories
and defeats of the world often turn on five
minutes. Men loiter, time flies, and all tbe
great interests of life are spewing on with
tbe sure and silent tread of destiny.
A letter fromUomr'Konir Bars Prussia Is
negotiating for tbe cession of the Island of
Cbusan to Germany, and thus place the In
terests of the Confederation In command of
the great highway of the China and Japan
The sugar planters in Cuba are calllnsr
loudly for the re-opening of the slave trade.
uwing to tne severe ton oi tne (ugir-making
season, aud tbe insufficient nourishment
which tbe slaves receive at all times, the
present stock of negroes to last disappearing.
Tociro Theolooias. A certain mission
ary among tbe freedmes of Tennessee, after1
relating to some little colored children tbe
story of Abnarii and Sappblra, asked them
why does n-! H.td strike everybody dead
who tell a'lk-, v n one of the least In the
room quietly answered : "Because there
Wouldn't be anybody lsl.
A KILLI03 of dollars. la sfoM. welch 4.4 Wi
pounds or wtuua a posuoa oi ups, tons. ,
As Item evert Man gaonu bead. We
hare probably all of na met with Instances
in which a word beedleMlrsooken acalsst
the reputation of a female has been tnajpil
rled by. malicious minds until the, cloud has
become dark, onoorh to oTerha5owr'fcr
whole existence, To those Wh6 are accus
tomed not necessarilv from bad raotlTes.
but from thoughtlessness to speak lightly
of females, wo recommend these bint as
worthy of consideration :
Never use a lady's name' in an improper
place, or at an Improper time, or in mixed
.never maice any assertion aooui ner wbmb
you know id bo untrue, or allusion teat yen
know she herself would blush to hear.
When von meet with men who do not
scruple to make use of a woman's name is a
reckless and unprincipled manner, sunn
them, for they are tbe very worst members
of a community ; men lost to every sense of
honor, every feeling of humanity.
Many a good and worthy woman'a charac
ter has been forever ruined and her heart
broken by a lie. manufactured by some vil
lain, and repeated where it should not have
been, and in the presence of those whose
little judgment could not deter 'them from
circulating the foul and blasting-report.
A slander is soon propagated, and tbe
smallest thing derogatory to the character of
a woman will fly on the wings of the wind,
and magnify a it circulates, until Its mon
strous weight crushes the poor unfortunate
victim,. Respect the name, of woman,' for
your mother and sisters are women; and as
you would have their names .untarnished,
and their lives unemblttered by the slander
ers biting- tongue, heed tbe ill that your own
tongue may bring npon tbe mother,. thq sla
ter or the wife if some fellow creature.
Ciii.NusE New Ykae. A correspon
dent of the China JotZsaysof the.Chineae
New Year : To-day being their fourtli day
is tornied, according to their almanac,
" sheep-day," to be followed by cow-day,
horse-day, pea-day, grain-day, hemp-day
and man-day. On the seventh or 'man
day" there will be a grand demonstration
at the Fatee gardens, whither all the beau
ties repair to see and to .be seen. At this
festive season a peculiar kind of flower
makes its appearance called shut sin fa,
the history of which is somewhat interest
inc. Once udou a time a- husbandman is
said to have become possessed of exten
sive landed property in the neighborhood
of Amoy. ' On his death tho eldest mem
ber of the family appropriated to himself
the lion's share of the parental estate,
leaving to his younger brother a .barren
piece of ground by the sea-shore. It is
on this soil tho plant spoken of is said to
have, and is still, grown in time to find a
market and to constitute one of the pecu
liarities of the New Year embellishments.
The growth of tbo plant is, therefore,
looked upon as joss-pidgin," and as snch
our. benighted friends take it to be as
much an object to pay homage to as their
graven images.
How to Get Sleep. This is to many
persons a matter of high importance.
Nervous persons, who are troubled with
wakefulness and excitability, usually have
a strong tendency of blood' on (ho brain,
with cold extremities. The pressnro of
the blood on the brain keeps it in a stim
ulated or wakeful .state-, and the pulsations
in tho head are often painful Let them
rise und chafe the body and extremities
with brush or towel, or rnb smartly- with
the lianas, to promote circulation, and
withdraw the excessive amount of. blood
from the brain, and they will fall asleep in
a few moments A cold bathor a sponge
bath,, and robbing, or a good i run or a
rapid walk in the open air, or a eoing no
and down stairs, a few times Just, before
retiring will aid in equalizing circulation
and promote sleep. These rules are sim
ple and easy of application In the castle
or cabin, and may minister to the comfort
of thousands who would freely expend
monoy for an anodyne to promote " Na
ture's sweet restorer, balmy sleep."
. i
Enclisli caoitalists of a speculative. dis
position are turning their attention to the
oil resources of Northern Italy. ' Thia
country has been known for ages to be
rich in petroleum of peculiar qualitio) and
of a natural transparency. In iiarigaao
the oil appears on the surface ofBfimll
pools of water, and throughout the whole
of tbe hills of tbe northern sections tbeie
are unmistakable geological signs of the
existenco of petroleum . deposits. There
are wells at Monte liocello, which have pro
duced eleven tuns of oil. per day, nnd this
at the depth of less than 160 feet' The
Italians seem entirely apathetic about de
veloping the oil resources, but tne intro
duction of English capital and American
machinery will make petroleum one of the
most profitable of Italian industries.
Particulars of the tornado at Shanghai.
111., state that the entire northern portiorf
of the village was destroyed. Sixteen'
house's in all, besides a school house and
tho only two churches which the viUaea
contained, were demolished, Four per
sons were killed.
Tbe same tornado made itself felt se
verely six miles west of Muscatine, Iowa,
cbout thirty miles northwest from Shang
hai. It ascended and descended at appa
rently irregular intervals, moving most of
the time above tho .surface of the'esrUi.
Largo stones and trees were caught op
into the air and carried for a mile, 'and a
church whose congregation had gone to
the river to attend a baptism, wu "sweet
clean away.
Phenomenon in Florida. A. start
time since nearly two acres of laud oa a
farm in Hamilton countr, Flo., saak ssd-"
denly to the depth of fifty feet befow tfce'
surface of the sarrouadiog earth. TW
immense vacuum thus formed almost -stantly
filled with water, cnbmcrgiflg tka
tops of the tallest trees. At the last,
account the land was still sinking, as ana
of four acres having disappeared. The
streams and creeks lose tbeeuelvea Is tW
surroundicg country, which foreed'aa otttr
i . i i , - r. ift -!t., .Lai.
let in tuia way. issh duu uotbwbbhji
occur, but tbe present is tho largest awt
deepesteverkBown. ,
Oakal Bbssox relates, ia (fee Bsmtl
Table, a carioss typegraphieal etw. ; Oa
st, fatneka day s .speaker ajeooa, ays
reference to the tiste when Us fcanaW
the senflo was sKaesy GSttssffQel 'is tfaasss.'
fVniMTuiiitt ta iiftu - -1, b mf Ssmm a.
thai the girl eeOi bereM mW ?,
a hero, a tfasjas: while .h saak. W a
parafjou of beewiy ttfid gpnMiajaMaaj as
UMr.keep tfckHog eaieh atiwr. lOwr ai.

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