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TJirector,of the Government Erfg,
List of Tax Assessors for 1868.
"-'" OAIIOl
Honolulu........ .-.S. X. Castle
lira.:;?... .-. S. W. Mabelona
Wi.ia.laa. ........ ..J W. Keawehunabala
Tvoola'uloa. ....J. Amala
KoClanpoko.....,.MJ.'.H ....J. L. Ttaili
Aa. - - "-i t.MAUIs
Lahaina... .... ........ D. Kahanlelio
Wailuku ... Thus. C Forsyth
.Makawao..............Ihoi. IV. Everett
JIana..... w C. K. Kakani
.Molokai and Lanai.... J. A. Kabaku
1' " ' HAWAII!
nilo.......... .. F. S. Lyman
Puna...... : J, W. Eomaboa
Kari . . N. C. JrUley
South Kona ........J. 0. Hoapili
XorthKona... .......C. F. Hart
South Kobala......H.......J. K. Kauuamano
North Kobla......... .C. K. Hapai
IIamikua.'...................Akono Akau
,';.. KAUAI I
Haualel...'. .. II. J. Wana
ADabolo..H..HHHH...H..H...HHHG. X. Wilcox
lihoe... ................... Kaia
Kalos . G. W. Lilikalani
Wainiea.. ........... D. Kaukaha
Niihau. .... J. II. Eaika
" By order of the Minister of Finance.
Ox "Wednesday, of last week, the Hon
Robert Pavis resigned the office of
Second 'Associate Justice of the Supreme
Court, which he had held for a considera-bTe.ferigth.of-tioie.
aDd on the succeeding
Triday, James VT. Austin, Esq.. of' this
city,; was duly commissioned and qualified
in h'i3(6tead. Judge Austin took his seat
upon'the bench on Monday, of the present
,week,'kwhen,bis appointment was announ
ced by the ' Chief Justice, who directed
that his commission be read.
k, ,We are gratified to notice that this appointment-is
well received by the public
. It'is important to 6ecure the public confi
dence in all judicial officers. They -exercise
so important an influence upon all the
relations of business and of private right,
thaljt'js in vain to hope for a successful
administration of justice where confidence
in judges is impaired.
'Thenew judge has resided in the Ha-
.Vaiianjslands for many years, and is famil
iar with the habits and business transac
tions of'lhe whole community. He is
b'berally educated, having received his de
gree at Harvard-College in Xe,w England,
andjjhas devoted himself with assiduity
and' fidelity to 'the important interests,
which," during a long period, have been
entrusted to his charge. We congratulate
the public, upon this important Accession
to the bench.
Wea're informed that Judge Austin will
sit, with the Chief Justice: in the trial of
the more important causes which may
come before the Court at its present term.
9 ' ' ''
Examination of Common Schools.
MjIk accordance with the Instructions Lined
by-the School Inspector, the government
Schools of the District of Kona, Oahu, were
examined during' four days, from-the 23d to
(he'Sotbof June, and the following Is the
report fit .theExamining .Committee of na
tive Hawaiian, as published in, and trans
lated from, the Au Okoa. By the report of
-.theCoidmltteeltTvlllbcseen that the pro
gijssmade In' the Common Schools of this
district, during the past year, has been favor
able. .jXbe registered number of children at
f ending the 19 Government Common Schools
In this district, to June SOtli, last, was 710,
or an average of about 37 scholars to each
school.- The number of children present at
the examinations this year was 607, or an
average of about 33 children to each school
examined. If to the 710 children registered
aSj attending the 19 Government Common
Schools, wcadd tue Mi registered as attend
lnff; the. Government English Day Schools,
we sballbave ,914.; children registered as at.
tending the Govercmunt Day Schools of this
district,-' To this number, If we add the 263
children attending the two English Day
Schools at Kawalabao arid Kauraakaplli, un
derlie charge of Messrs, Malo and Elba,
respectively, we shall have ,a total of 1,177
native jchildren of both sexes attending day
schools In Ibis district
To Bit Uighnat, M. Eekuanaoa, Pmidenl of
iThe undersigned, the Committee appointed
to'cxaratne tlic Government Common Schools
of this district, having performed the duty
Imposed upon; us, beg leave to present the
fojlojvlng report, based upon a fair consider
ation the merits or all parties.
ti .. . v ' -a TOST DAT.
,On Tuesday, June 23d, in accordance witb
the Instructions of the Board, four schools
were examined In the church building at
EamoiUUL Trdm a careful Inspection of
these schools, It would appear that tbey have
not retrograded, as some idle reports which
hire been -published might lead us to.be
llevev ; We mention particularly as -worthy
af.'commendatlon, the school of Kamollllll,
proper, 'nnde'r the tnltlon of Keokl, In all
tfe branches in which this school was ex
aIed.'t'was made evident that the muter
was skillful In'the art of teaching, and dls-
pliy'ed ial and. patience in instructing his
Second, the school of Palolo, J. IL Kane-
puu, teacher; third, the girls' school or Wai
. k'HHkal la' regard to the latter school the
Committee-regretted to learn that some of
the-girls had been taken away from the
scoli'aod had gooe lato bad practices the
kttta, and o tber evil a arias. Fr this, neither
tke GewrEHBbmt bot Sowd .of Education
aw jVbiiae; bat tie HtKes with the pa
refits. There is a law which applies to all
such Eatsgaiders of youth, but It is not prop-
,34te (Bith' eetMAt ec&r&lned was the school
of Wi&sVTiK Ceffiialttee can not award
tb aelf praise fotbk eeWoe-l, on account
of the iasinVet sjstem o-f instruction adopt-'
teacher would be advantageous, should a
more competent one be found residing in
that part or the'dUtrict. f -
On Wednesday, four schools were exam
ined in the church at- EaumakapUL Two'
were from Moanalua, under the charge re
spectively of Halll and Malaki; one from
Eallbluka, and one from Eapalama. Ofthese
schools, that of Eapalama was regarded by
tbeCommlttee1as being the least commenda
ble; They onld express their entire appro
bation of that of Moanalua, under tbe In
struction of.SallL This school is not,
however, very far advanced in the studies
pursued. The principal reason which tbe
Committee found for tbelr approval of this
school, was the fact that tbe pupils appeared
to be thoroughly proficient in tbe branches
taught, and familiar with tbe books In which
they were Instructed. Their studies had not
been hurried through, in order that they
might co to higher branches. Such a course
of education is the proper one, in order that
what is taught may be thoroughly learned.
Some teachers, however, are very anxious to
get speedily Into tbe higher branches, In
order, probably, that they may gain praise
thereby. But etsjalnlng forward prematurely
can not result beneficially. There Is nothing
like teaching the pupil thoroughly, iu one
branch of study, and when he is proficient
in that, then let him go higher.
On Thursday, alto at Kaumakaplll Church,
five schools were examined, viz.: Kawalaho
K., Manoa, Panoa, Eamakela, and Maemae;
of which schools, the most advanced was
that of Kawalahao K-, under the charge of
EalaulL This school was found to be in
a good state of efficiency, and tbe scholars
well advanced in their studies. Some of tbe
scholars had reached the study of Algebra.
In the girls1 school of Eamakela, under the
tuition ol Mrs. Kahuna, the pupils were
found well-advanced in menta arithmetic
and geography. The schools of Maemac aud
Pauoa, composed of young children only,
are progressing, 'favorably. .In., regard, to
the school ol Maiioa, the Committee can not
approve of the system adopted of advancing
the scholars too hastily from one study to
another, without tbe firtt being thoroughly
understood. Littlo good can, result 'from
such a mode of .teaching.
romnn DAT.
On Friday, 'also at Eantnakaplli, thev girls'
school of Eawalahao, the Catholic girls'
school, the schools' Of Eallulkal, lUe'Catbollc
boys' school, and the school of Kaumakaplll,
were examined. All these schools were found
to have progressed. The most advanced school
In the study of mathematics was that of Ka
lihlkal, it being in advance of all tbe others
in the study of Algebra. Tbe Catholic sciiool
for boys, under the tuition of Lapello, was
also well advanced in Arithmetic, The girls'
school, under tbe charge of Xamalelua, had
advanced to the study of Algebra. The
specimens of needlework, by the Catholic
girls' school, were very creditable. This is
a branch of Instruction which it Is very de
sirable should be taught our female- youth,
In order that they may be prepared to fulfill
one of tbe important duties of wives aud
The scholars were examined in Reading,
Writing, Geography, Mental and Written
Arithmetic; and in some of tbe schools pre
viously mentioned, Algebra. Music, also, is
studied in all the schools. Some declama
tions were heard, but no original orations.
The greater portion of the children In all the
schools bad made good progress in Reading
and Geography, and we observed with satisr
faction that, hi: tbe latter study, tbe Geogra
phy of our own Islands was first studied and
made familiar to' the pnplla before that of
other countries. In Mental and Written
Arithmetic, some of the schools were, quite
proficient, while others were not so well ad
vanced. The principal reason of the lack of
progress In the latter is, Jn our oplnioo, as
stated before, to be attributed to tbe prac
tice permitted of -skipping hastily from one
branch' of a subject to another. Those of the
scholars who bare pursued the study of Al
gebra have made good progress. In Writing,
some very good spcclmens.of clear and plain
hands were exhibited.
In reviewing tbe state of the Government
Common Schools of this district, it is ap
parent that tbey have progressed In a ratio
quite equal to what might be expected, con'
sideriug the position In life of,tIie scholars.
Formerly, there were to be found in the
schools grbwn youths, who, being well ad
vanced In their studies, carried off ali tbe
honors fur proficiency and industry. At tbe
present time, however, tbe majority of the.
scholars sre small children, very few of the,
older class attending. They have not, how
ever, retrograded'on this account.
During, the examination .days. It was no
ticed that parents tt'.ok pride in dressing their
children neatly' and cleanly, as has always
been the custom on such occasions,
Before concluding this Report, the Com
mittee beg leave to make a suggestion,
which, to tb'eir minds, is an important one,
and that Is, that in order to improve tbe
minds of the pupils, they should not.be con
fined to text book) alone, but should btn
structed also In tbe study of composition
writing. A fair knowledge of bow, properly,
to express one's thoughts on paper can not
but prave of great advantage In after life.
The Committee did not observe In any of
the schools that composllion-wrillng formed
a part of the studies, and it Is probably
taught only at the Lahalnalnna Seminary,
the. Female Boarding School at Walalula,
and at Miss Bingham's School, at Eawalahao.
In order; however, to a successful study of
composition-writing, the pupil must first ac
quire a knowledge of Grammar and Punctu
ation." The Initiation of this study should
no longer be delayed, for it Is &!gbly import
ant that those who may be called upon to
address the public, cither in an assembly or
through the press, should know how-to ex
press themselves In a proper manner.
Tour Committee were much pleased to
observe that the gymnastic art has been In
troduced into some of the schools; and if
practicable, it should be extended to allt
In reviewing the general aspect of the
Government "Schools or this district, the
Committee are of the opinion that education
has prospered, snd they consider that tbe
Board of 'Education deserve -praise for their
exertions in. tbe cause of education, for the
perpetuity of the peace and. Independence of
the Kingdom depends. In no small degree,
upon the intelligence of the people.
- 3. M". Kapesi,
E. Kalaacao,
i - J. M. Porj.-:
A chap who was told by- a- clergyman
to "remember-Lot's wife." replied that he
bid trouble enemrfrwlth his own without
rwaefflbering other men's 'wives.'' "
f t ;
AneoarK t,iru ioumamTea .iram can
Francisco on Sunday, fourteen days passage,
having leB on the 26th nit-
The steamer Montana was to leave July
3d for Honolulu.
Tbc'small pox has msde Its appearance in
San Francisco nine deaths in the week
'ending Jnn'e'JTth. The' papers urge inOrc
attention to sanitary measures. ' '
Flag Ship PE-SACo'ii.-sThe TJ. .'flag
ship Ifraacola, Admiral Thatcher proceeds
to victoria to day. The object or the crnlse
north, It 1; said. Is that the Admiral may
confer with tbe commander of tbe Jamutotrn,
now lying In Ewjuimalt harbor, V. L, on the
affairs of Alaska.
Tbe Omnibus Reconstruction BUI, was
vetoed by the President, bnt passed by Con
gress by the necessary two-thirds vote. The
President and Congress seemed to have
changed places, regarding tbe speedy admis
sion of the Southern States, tbe latter are
now urging legislation, for this purpose
while the former seeks to retard action. It
is believed that all the States will be admitted
in time to take part In the coming clei-tinn.
In England, the Government has resolved
to dissolve Parliament, andtbe new election
will take place in October. This n 111 extend
the term or the existing Government, tor
eight or nine months longer, though the
electors should disapprove the ministerial
policy, as already tbe Commons have done
by their' adverse votes. Tbe vote In the
House or Lords on the Irish Cburch. Suspen
sory Bill, had not been reached. There are
rumors or an European war, but tbe only
rurtber fact pointing that way is the tele
gram, that Italy declares a neutrality, as be
tween France and Prussia. Full details of
the news will be found in the letter and
Sax Fuascisco, June 27, 18C3.
I have very little news of an Important
character to communicate in this letter, aud
therefore propose to make It brief.
It cannot be said that we have regularly
entered upon tbe political campaign until we
bear from the -4th of July Democratic -National
Convention. In the meantime specu
lation is rife as to who will be its nominee
tor tbe Presidency.
Chase's Prospects.
So far as we can form an opinion from the
conllictingreports or tbe Eastern presswbose
tone Is greatly regulated by tbe Washington
correspondents, Chase has gained the Inside
track. The services he rendered tbe Presi
dent on tbe Impeachment trial brought blm
first prominently into Democratic notice, and
when It came to be generally believed that
his influence secured the conversion or, I
might lather soy corruption or two or more
Seuators, and by their dlsaffcctlonacquilted
Mr. Johnson, all at once he was recognized
as au idol, and bozannas shouted in his praise.
Taking advantage or the popular feelin'g, the
crafty Chief Justice rrom time to time caus
ed bis opinions and .expressions to be pub
lished, Intimating ou what conditions be
would be willing to accept tbe Democratic
nomination, until ih this manner he has ac
tually created a powerful parly which speaks
or blm as tbelr decided choice for the Presi
dency, without iff, ands or qualifications.
Here Is the platform be enunciates, and
which, most remarkable to relate, does not
seem at all distasteful to the leaders of tbe
Democracy in this city. He fays:
" Universal suffrage as recognized by dem
ocratic principles, tbe i-yuulation or which Is
to be left In the several States, under the
Constitution of the United States, to them
selves; universal amnesty arid tbe complete
removal oi an oisauiiuies on account, oi par
ticipation In the late rebellfriu not only us a
ibst and wise measure or public policy, but
necessary to me uenenciai administration ol
lueiiovernmem in tue aiaies recently involv
ed In chil war witb the United States ;,aTull
and satisfactory re-establisbmeut of the prac
tical relations of those States with the active
States or the American Union; nil military
government in any State of tbe Union in
time Af peace, as this is incompatible with
the principle or civil liberty established by
tbe Constitution, nor can the trial of private
citizens oy .Military unmmlssions he tolera
ted by a people jealouB of their freedom and
desirfng.to be free; taxes to be reduced as
far us practicable, collected impartially and
with strict economy, apportioned as tbey
uear un properly raiuer man on jaoor, ana
wuilu all, national oDligauous should be non
et! ly and exactly fulfilled, no special privi
leges should be allowed to any classes, indi
viduals or corporations."
" Universal suffrage 1" Imagine the Dem
ocracy going into a Presidential coritest with
that inscription on their banners I The "nig.
ger" acceptedl tbe "white man's govern
ment" Idea abandoned! the war for free
dom and an undivided nationality justified 1
Every "principle of the post abandoned;
every denunciation of the "Radical Rump"
'and tbe "butcher Generals" denied; every
falsehood uttered against the motives or the
loyal preservers or the country- taken bsck!
tbe party, In fact, abjectly confessing that it
has not, and never had a higher- ambition
than tbe possession of the spoils, and that
for tbe obtainment of these it is willing to
stultify and degrade Itself to tbe lowermost
depths or pity and contempt. And Cbapi
what Is bis position! There Is not one or
his old .admirers who does not deem him
raise to his professions of tbe past, and a
traitor to his parly. It Is a sad comment
npon tbe corruption of political organizations
and the Integrity of human character toplace
the natnes iu conjunction, DmiocracyChaa,
and reflect upon tbe aspect they present to
tbe American people."
Arkansas Admitted,
Reconstruction has been practically Inaug
urated" by the admission of Arkansas into the
Union. Her Senator and Representatives
bavo been regularly inducted to the legisla
tive privileges of the two houses of Congress.
When tbe bill was sent to A. J., be vetoed
it, of course, but it was subsequently passed
over his head by the requisite two-thirds ma
jority in the Senate and House, Florida,
Louisiana, Alabama, and three or four other
or the seventeen States will be brought back
to their allegiance and full rigMs as members
of the Union before the adjournment of tbe
present session of Congress.
Removal of the National Capital.
You will remember tbat I bavo a prophe
cy on record concerning the removal of tbe
National Capital. It is an event certain to
occur within the next ten jcars. As.ger
maln to tbe subject, a'few days ago, In' tbe
Houfe or"Representatives, Mr. Logan gave
notice tbat he would move to .suspend, the
rules to offer a. resolution authorizing the
appointment of a Committee to select a site
for tbe Capital of tbe United States, on
account of disregard of law Lby the disloyal
element consuauy snowing itseu tn.v asn-
ington with such, bitterness towards loyal
people, aud lri disregard of the authority of
tueTtlStttd - Stales. ChloSgols spoken of
bow, m the pfobablc'fnT that will be select
cSw4m reaaval becomes an accomplished
rti rtU-regarded as the. most central of
au lUCHTCXl COtU u.ci I iai raoi to v.. iu uuiuu.
j'fT. T "Whiskey Tax.
fLc-veri ofilie ,ardent"'will be delighted
to hear," that ihere is n hopeful ,prospect of
Congress" reducing the tax- on whisky to
fifty cents per callon. It is estimated that.
oy'thls "abatement, tue government will
profit In It revenues to nearly a hundred
million of dollars annually.. Under the ex.
Istlng-exorbilant rates orjaxatiorv the. dis
tillers form "rings," who bribe the revenue
assessors and collectors, and thus defraud
the government enormously; When the tax
hT reduced, it will be 'cheaper for the distil
lets to pay it than contribute to the corruption
fund, said to be very onerous, as all assess
ments are, when imposed for the purpose of
sustaining villainy.
Eight Ilonr I. air.
. The mechanics and laboring men, by con
cert or action throughout tbe country, have
finally succeeded in having an eight hour
law enacled6y Congress. There Is great re
joicing in 'this city'among workiogmen.in
" California STrvr.
Our local news is scarce and unimportant
Tbe seasonhas been extremely backward
and. cold.
We are apprtnu hing tbe bat vesting season.
Hay cutting is about oveh Wheat Is just
beginning to ripen, and looks splendidly.
ir there is no backset, the crop will be tbe
largest and best ever produced In this State.
Central Pacific' Itallroad.
Cars are running on the Central Pacific
Railroad from Sacramento, across the sum
mit, down Into tbe Valley of the Truekee,
on the eastern slope, as far as the new town
of Reno, and twenty miles beyond tbat poiut
are nearly completed. Over ten tboucand
bands are employed on the work, wblcb, it
Is now confidently stated, will reach tbe
crossing of tbe Humboldt, 100 miles vast or
Reno, early in Jnly. Jo triumphtl
Incendiarism has been rife In this cltv for
six or eight months past,, and tbe losses by
fire, as you will observe by consulting tbe
local news of our city press, have been un
usually large. One of thu frightful causes
of this condition or affaire arises rrom the
multiplicity or insurance offices which. In
the competitive struggle, issue policies' on
goods and real estate up to within a fraction
of tbelr extreme -value, arid sometimes for
more than their value. This Is offering a pre
mium to crime; and there Is little doubt but
the hand that applies the torch Is frequently
tuai oi me owner oi me insurcu property,
wuu ucsires 10 convyrt.iv into easu.
late Telegrams.
Washington, June 2fi. In, tbe Senate,
during the debate ori the clause apnyopriat
inir $160,000 for temporary Ireasurv clerks.
tbe President's veto bf the Omnibus Recon
struction Bill was received from tbe House.
The' bill passed over the veto by 35 to 8, Mr.
Davis having first delivered a long euloglum
on tbe President.
. In the House, the bill passed over the veto
oy a vote oi luo to ou.
The President bus nominated Henry A
Snijthe, Collector of Customs at NewTfork,
to be Minister to Austria.
Senator Henderson was, married tp-day to
Miss Mary Foote, dauchter of one ol tbe
Examing Clerks in the Patent Office Depart
ment. A large number ol Members of Con
gress were present, ana several other promt
nent officials.
Jndire Nelson, to-day. cave a decision dis
missing the libel against tbe ship Jleteor,
chanre with violation of the neutrality laws.
It baying been alleged that she was sold to
WAsnisOTos. June 12th. The Senate to
day confirmed the, nomination of Rcyerdy
duuiifcuu as -juuiMer iu ,nianu, wiiuounue
formality of reference to n Committee,
Washington, June 13th. A tall bus been
issued for a Convention of Colored Repre
sentatives of the Border States, to be held in
Baltimore on tlie4tu or Aucutt, lor the pur-
pote of organizing tbe colored people of
moseouiies to agitate ino question oi equal
New Yoke, June 15th. Last evening a
Presbyterian reunion meetinr of the mem
bers of the Old and New; School wus. held at
the church ol tlieKev. John Hull. .Addresses
were delivered stronirly favorini: tbe cement
ing of tbe former ditisions by Re.y, Drs.
urosoy, Aaam, bueaa, &mnn ana others.
The attendance was very larire.
Wasuisotion, Jnne 15th. The award or
tbe coutruct tor carrying tbe overland mails
to California was to Carjton Spaedes, of
lsliicugii tuts mie uciug uuc luuusanu uunars
per any; lengin oi line, one mousaua ninety
five miles.
WAsmsoTON, June 17. H has been ascer
tained from army headquarters that Gen.
Buchanan 'Will convene Ihe Louisiana Letr-
islature at mr early day. to choose Senators
and u ct on the pending amendments to tbe
United States Constitution, but not to go
lino legislation.
Washington. June 17. In an Interview
with tbe President last evening. Judge Chase
expressea ins willingness to accept the Dem
ocratic nomination on a platform embracing
the living issues of Ihe day.
Washington-, June 17. A Tallahassee dis
patch nnnouuers that A. a. Vtalsli, lormerly
of MK-hisan, was to-day elected one or tbe
United Slates Senators from Florida.
Washington, June 18. As the National
Currency Bill now stands it allows tbe issue
ol twenty millions or national currency tu
tbe banks in those States Hlilch have less
than live dollars III circulation to each inhab
itant, and provides lor the withdrawal of the
same amount nitbln One year from those
States having a surplus.
- A military review of all the troops of this
drpurttnetltwas held to-day In honor of the
UUinese tinnsssy, who were present, ana
manifested great interest. About'tbree thou
sand troops, cavalry, infantry and artillery,
were in line.
Washington, June 18. The Inlelligcnctr
has anotber studied attack on Jlcuullocn
this mornlnir. urirliic tbe Erceldeut to re
move blm. Tbe article asserts .that McCuI-
loch became alarmed at Ihe prospect of
removal, and on Monday summoned Chief
Justice Cliase pool nana irotn Kicumonn, in
order tbat bis influence with tbtr President
mitrht be nsed to bare bim retained in ofiicc:
that Chase responded at once, and ou Tues
day evening did call upon tbe President for
mat purpose, auc ariu-ie excites cunsturni
ble commotion in political circles, princi
pally Trom the fact that the Iutdligencer
recoimlzcd as the President's onran.
Tallahassee. Jnrie 18. In the Legisla
ture to-day, F. W. Osborn waselected United
States Senator for four years 51 to 18.
Washington, Jane 2i. The case of John
II. Snrratt was called in tbe Criminal Court,
before Judge Wylie, to-day. Tbe District
Attorney eiected.tp try tbe prisoner upon a
new indictment for conspiracy. Tbe Court
thereupon ordered tbe discharge, or the pris
oner on an. Indictment for murder. Tbe
Counsel Tor tbe defenct; not being ready, the
case was continued until next Monday.
The President tp-day nominated to the
Senate Wm. M. 'Evarts, to be Attorney Gen
eral, and Edward C. Johnson, son or Hon.
Rcverdy Johnson, to btfAi sistant U, 8. Con
sul at London.
Washington, Jnne 22d. Snrratt was re
leased this afternoon on bail or 20,000,
St. Locis, Jnne 2th. An arrival from the
mouth of tbe Yellow Stone says that from
there to Benton tbe Indians are very hostile,
and have, killed many wood chopper and
burned nearly all tbe wood along the river
banks. At the month of tbe Milk River
three wood choppers were rescued from, a
rjartT of Aisluaboiucs. Tbe Ind'ans bait
attacked their settlemeutaod killed three of
the party. At tbe mouth of tbe Manisas.a
party-'of Sionx were met; witb a, large lot of
fine horses. " They, said they intended to
steal all the horses inlhe country, kill all
the wood cboDuerf. bum all the wood IIa,
and thai keep .the boats away,
SopTHAKrrox.'Jcne 2i. Farragut'a sqnadj
ron baa arrived'oa' Cowes.
European Sews.
Lospon. Jnne 11th. The.Dirtctors of, tbe
At-kntio Telegraph Company, feave dtelafed a
dWidend, payable on the lit of. Jnly, of'sight
per cent, on.tbe preferred stock's jqt
London, Jons 14. The Sultan and Ha sew
Cabinet are maturing a plan to permit peaoss
of foreign birth residing in Turkey legally to
hold property, which right is to be guaranteed
by treaty" with foreign powers'. '
It is now generally understood tbat the Min
istry. wjU, raakj anappcal tajhe, countrymen.
the question at issue cttween inem ana m
Tlouse of Commons. The following is the
programme which the Government has decided
on : Parliament is to be dissolved in October;
i wrili.wiU.thtia.ie. Usued. far -elections, whichU-Pmia' la their , struggles, to galatWsir
will take place daring November, and on ihe
yino 1ecemDcr xno meeungoi incmr rar
liament will fake place.
It is announced that ex-Governor Eyrie, of
Jamaica, will contest the teat of John Staart
Jiilli member from Weitmineter inrtbc coming
. Bzblis, Jane 16th. Bismark. has retired
rrom office on leave or absence. To-day he
.left Berlin for his estates In Fomerania, where
he will remain three or rour months, for his
health. Derr Von Eull, Undersecretary of
Foreign Affairs, takes his place at the office.
Lonoox, Jnne ICtb. A great meeting of
the Ritualists was beld.last night. Dr. IIus
sey and, other eminent divines wera present.
.A resolution was passed defending the Irish
Church establishment as it at present stands,
and' maintaining tbe High Chnrch doctrino of
tbe Church of England.
' Paius, June 17th. The, Corps LegislalhT
yesterday gave Its assent to the proposition of
the Suez' loan.
A telegram from Abyssinia, Jane 2d, states
that the troops of tbe expedition except a body
of cavalry, have left -Scoulla. to embark for
Bombay. General Napier leaves on tbe 12th.
Loxoox, June 20th. To-day being the an
niversary of the accession, of her Majerty
Queen Victoria to the throne of England, it
was observed as a hliday in, this metropolis.
It was also duly observed by appropriate
salutes throughout the realms of the British
Government. The city was gaily decorated
with flags and streamers, naval vessels as well
as the mercantile marine of all nations have
been profuse in the display of colors. Im
mense crc-wds filled tbe streets, all intent main
ly upon witnessing tbe grand review of volun
teers by the Queen and Eoyal. family, at
Windsor, toward which point they bad been
wending their way on numerous railroad trains.
The,'day was made a special occasion ror thp
'grand review of the regular volunteer troops,
at Windsor Park, where ror .several days they
have been arriving in large numbers rrom dif
ferent points. Salutes were fired from W.ind
edr Castle, and other prominent Government
places, at sunrise, noon and sunset,,' The bar
rack's at Windsor were gaily festooned and
decorated, and the 'troops were in fall dress
uniform for the review. The weather' was
comparatively fine, although tbe morning was
threatening, which ha J the effect of preventing
many thousands from attending, but with the
eiceptivn of a slight shower, nothing to mar
the splendor of the day occurred..
Tbe troops in line numbered twenty-seven
thousand of different arms, and, while being
reviewed .by Her Majesty and brilliant suite of
generals and officers of the royal household,
presented a scene of grandeur seldom If ever
.before witnessed in this country. After march
ing past anil tainting the Vueen and royal cor
tege, the troops paid a marching salute to the
"object (?) of the 'grand jubilee which' took
place In 1820, then- defiled over a pontoon
bridge constructed across the Thames by the
Royal Engineers, -where they 'were dismissed.
Tbe throng was immense. Tbe Queen and
royal family ntro serenaded with marked en
thusiasm by the'niyal bands, and tbe day con
cluded with festivities and reunions by civil
and military organizations.
Tnizsre, Jane 21st. The last advices from
Athens report that the Cretan representatives
and exiles he offered an address to' tbe
United States Consul. On tbe occaslon-of pre
senting it, Cretans and citizens of Athens as
sembled In largo numbers before tbe office of
tho American Delegation and mads an enthu
siastic demonstration of gratitude for the
friendship' and sympathy of the Amerlean
Specials to the Herald say that Gen. Napier
has arrived at Alexandria, accompanied by
a.son of the Emperor Theodoras.
AjTTWKitr, June 22d A mutiny broke out
yesterday on the American clipper ship Xtmt,
lying in this port, during winch the officers
were seriously handled by tbe'erew', and near
ly overpowered. Tbspbtfce were notified and
boarded the ship, and tbe U.S. steamer TieotU
deroga, which was lying nearby, sent some of
her crew to the assistance or tbe police. After
a desperate fight the mutiny was suppressed.
Lo.vnoNi Juno 23d. George Francis Train
was arrested to-day and brought before the
Court of Bankruptcy. He vehemently prd
tesfed against bis arrest, and declared it to
proceed from political motives, and appealed
to tne uuiiea Btates army and navy ror pro
tection. He was cheered by the spectators.
After a brief examination he was remanded to
Lojtdos, Jono 24th. It is reported that J
xiuiy uu issued a circular note to ner repre
lentatives abroad, annonneing that Italy will
be strictly neutral in the event of war between
France and Prussia.
Losnos, June 24th. The last Papal alloca
tion on tbe state of relieloh in Austria IS re
ceived. The Pop declares tbat Austria
should have regarded the Concordat as perpeU
uai in effect, and warns all persons who ap
prove Ihe laws recently passed by (be Reich
srath' concerning tbe press, religious and civil
marriage, and public education! to beware of
the pains and penalties attached to a violation
of tbe sacred rights of tbe Cbnrcb.
On tbe occasion of tbe delivery of this allo
cution, tho Pope announced that be had grant
ed a general pardon and amnesty to those who
invaded the. btates of the Cbnrch last year,
witb a few specified exceptions.
Sunday has been appointed as a day of
thanksgiving throughout Great Britain for the
success of thc-Abissinian expedition.
Woiuis, Jane 24th. Extensive preparations
are being toade forthe coming celebration of
tbe Reformation. All Protestant denomina
tions will unite in the- celebration. Crowds of
foreigners, a majority of which are Americans,
arrive in.tbe city by every train. -
I.03P0.1, JuoolMd. Despatches from Mad
rid announce news of the rirorOf,ed mcdifttinn
or the United States in the. question at issue
between Spain, Peru and Chile ; and it Is gen
erally nccepteu iu omciai circles as me pru
nes! termination oi toe war.
t, . . , . ...
yesterday, at which many new Bishops were
appointed. -The Pope delivered two speelal
allocutions one concerning the Papal Bull
railing n Uninnil t'nniw!! P , TJrt
"....(. w.,v,u. WUHI1VN V. I UC l.UMIUli
Catholic cbnrcb: tbe other on the present
state of reliclon in Austria.
Wokms, June S3. Tbe -statue of Martin
Lul Iter .was Inaugurated to-day in presence
of a vast concourse of Deoole from all narts
rtif Europe and America. Tbe Klnir of
rrufna aiiu ine,(;rown.rrlnce witnessed tbe
scene. When the statue was unveiled salutes
of artillery were fired; when the applause
bad subsided a hymn was sung by several
thousand voices with immense effect
London, June 26. Henry AT. Longfellow
has been elected'a member of the Reform
TnntfJA. June 8. Dnrine the stav of
Prince Napoleon at Bucharest, a deputation
of Jews presented an address to the' Emperor
Kauolcon. as kin" amelioration ol their con
dition, and thanking tbe Emperor for hie
iiocraiuy to an classes oi people.
Lokdos. Jnne -28. Prince Alfred has ar
rived in England.
London, June 28. Mr. Rotsan II. B. M.
SifJ !K Af.Mln tnrs ,dl?p I
tivcrby thei King, has held a public reception.
Micbel left a will appointlnz his sister .and
nepbewa bis heirs. The. evidence., in the
preliminary examination .implicates Prince
Karo Georgewlch In tbe conspiracy, '
London: June' ' 25. Midnleht In the
House of Commons, t his evening,' tbe Irish
Reform BUI was read a third time and passed.
A grant annually to' tbe Presbyterian
Church In Ireland" wafl voted.
In the House of Lords, to-ttkrht. iLord
Granville moved to pass la a seeoad reading
tbe Irish Chnrch .Appointments Suspension
Bill, and said tbe Fenians had been received
with aDDroval arid sea nlescesce'bv the told-
die and lowerclasses In Ireland;' dkcorrtent
in that country was treneraL ttss btbhhm
and decision were neeessary to pat down .
biUihadibeea proposed. Mr tilaitstnne bad
declared that the Irish Church question mast
be mat evea If It seat the Wahsc tbelr oScta.
The hill bad passed the' Hease of Commons
by an enormous majority. If a sfcHr sa
pensory law was proper In Jamie. It wm
still more proper la Ireland, where the'
AnehM WK less i nnmMr" nW the
Cathfcs, wo numtMr 4,500,9; asMrtwaere
there kMsse tHooaw in whMi Uw-AngH-cMswcfMa
ta nncn one-fearta at the
popwfett los.' Thus ;tfce Irish Chun wm a
raile as a mis slonary establMtaen!; and to
call its .fHsestablhfcnent a sacrileas wa
absurd, as its rcvaMcs had bttotMteeTsBcces
ively to several different sects.
Lord Derby said the Lords were ready to
disregard and saerMce all PreUUntlntrU
at the bidding or a would be Minister and of
a.msipry oi an expiring- House: fee. would
only. protest acslosttEe- measure asan ct
of spoliation; he bad always supported ihe
rizhts. hut would not suffer ainrresslon.
Tho- bill would only f Oftter discord In Ireland,
lie protested against this attack on rights
and property, which hereafter would extend
to England; lie saM he knew Us cottfse was
unpopular bnt would never seek popularity
for Its sake onlr. 5
The Bishop of London laid he was willing
to mate concessions to conciliate ireiana,
but the bill would not effect such a concilia
tion. He did not believe the peopte of .Ire
land desired the change which It contemplat
ed. At a late hour the debate was adjourned.
HurrlcnJae ixt tbe Mauritius!.
The Island of Mauritius has suffered daring
the post-year' from a "variety -of 'disasters.
Hardly recovered from a. pestilence which
carried off thousands of the inhabitants, a
hurricane.swept over the Island and destroy
ed thousands of dollars worth of property.
Tbe following letter glreitnn'accoiiit of the
.effect of the. storm, and puts the loss on the
expected sugar crop of the year from fifteen
to thirty per eent.
In a dispatch dated March 17, Sir IL Bark
ley, Governor of the. bland of Mauritius,
gives the following account of the destruc
tive hurricane which occurred tbtWbn the
11th and 12th of that month:
On the morning of the. 11th nit, the
barometer, which bad been for several days'
below thltly degrees, began steadily to de
scend furtherrand.the strength of the south
east trades to Increase. TbiS lasted all day
and throughout tbeinlgbt, bat It was not-an-tll
noon ol the 12th tbat the"fufl fury'o'ffllie
gale was felt; the wind' beginning about the
same time, to veer In tremendous gusts to
wards the north,- reaching before Sunset tbe
opposite point of tbe compass from which It
had started tbe northwest. Its force dnrlng
this rotifv"moVeii)CuL wis well ulih Irresis
tible: the canes were leveled like grass: the
largest trees torn up by" the' roots or broken
ou snort, at niteen or tweniy tcet irotn tne
ground; church towers and bclfreys fell;
mansions of tbe better-class collapsed oer
their, affrighted Inmates, or were stripped
wholly or-pirtlally.i)f their rootlng;twbile
tbe camps of estates' laborers, and jhops and
dwellings of the'general population, both In
town and country, were literally blown to
pieces. Tbe Government House of Rednlt,
wnicu, mougu a luousanu jeei auove tuu lev
el of the sea, Is so well sheltered as to have
braved the wprst blasts.rpr nearly n entury
comparatively uninjured, lost the ro ' or one
wlngjus If by tho stroke of. an en .inter's
vraqd; and suffered-.grievous, dilapidations
otherwise. In. Port Louis, out of upwards
of fifty .vessels In the.liarbor,three alone es
caped without damage seven were dismasted-and
thirteen driven ashore., lndndlnir the
"Union Company's Steamer Mauritius, which
is cxpeciea to oe aDanaonea. rto wrecKS
are yet known,-bat several coasters are sup
posed to have foundered.. The three princi
pal dock .companies are stated, tu have each
sustained losses to tue extent or giuu.uuu.
In the town Itself, three cTmr'cbes two Pro
testant, (one of Iron- and one or stone) and
one Roman Catholic, were reduced to rnlos,
and hundreds or houses were destroyed.
Tbe gasworks arq expected to be closed for
a inomu ai jcasi, ana mere are scarcely. any
or tbe public buildings that have not more
or less suffered. But It Is on the railways
tbat the greatest-amount of damage luitittii
done; every station, on both lines having
been unrooted with the exceptlon'of tbe cen
tral terminus, where tbe oassencer-honse
kacd, carriage-shed have done ttm -greatest
'credlr-td Mr: Cdnnal's engineering and archi
tectural EKiiu a wo -spans oi :ne urand
RlfeMron viaarfcr, each measuring 126 fect
In length, and welghjng, I believe, nearly as
many tons, were actually lifted off tbe piers
andhurled Into tbe ravine below, where they
He at an angle of at least ten 'degrees to the
direction ol the railway. At the workshops
on Plalne Lawaun tbe havoc was even creat-
cri notjontf .thawboje or.the wood.etv.buHd
iugs have been levelled wlth'tbe ground, and
goods Wagons which were standing on the
line turned over ou their sides, bnt the hinge
iron doors or the engine repalrlng-sbed bad
been burst open, though shored up by every
means rrom within, with such violence as to
causfthcerpwiror the? arch, above (hem to
give way", and ibe massive stone' walls and
l-tlis girders-of, the roor to fall, burying the
vfuuiuui iuv uiacuitiery'aua one oi tne large
eight-wheel locomotives in the rnlrn
A better illustration of the force of the
wind cannot, perhaps, bo given than the
fact tbat I saw yesterday one of the wings
of these doors, above a ton add a quarter in
weight, lying twisted and shattered on the
grass on the further side of the line of rails
leadlug past the workshops, and at least 20
feetropi Its original position. . It, bad been
fortunately! decided beforehand not to run
trains dnring a cyclone, so that no accident
happened as regards the traffic. Tbat on
the north line was, I am glad tosay, resumed
the dav after the storm, wlillffnn thp MM.
I land passenger trains frdm Mahebonrg to
iuiuiiiaiiuci mu ijun ruuuiijg;, live engines
haviufeTortunaltly bceu on the. further side
or the Grand lllver viaduct. Tbe Interrup
tion of tbe gdods traffic on 'this line must
he, J fear, of long duration, and tbe loss of
rpyen'uo thereby; wljt-Jirpbaqly &l-Sd.f)bo
cost "or repairs. The extent of damage fo
tbe ordinary roads and bridges Is not yet '
ascertained, accounts having not been re
ceived from some districts, but It Is knpun
to be "very considerable. The Injury to tbe
sugar cultivation has been enormous, tbe
diminution in the probable yield being vtri-
relied orr. Vtbrtsents atJ thelowest a loss of
not far short or lull a million sterling. Much,
however, Ill'debeird orr the nature of the
weather duriuir the next six weeks, and If
! rain in moderation continnes to fall,, tbe
I canes may In a great degree recover. Un-
lurtuiiaiciv vti uiuek estates mo tuiua ana
bos Ureor or less suffered':
' ana on not a iuw iney are reponea to oe
totally destroyed, the vacuum pans, cctrtrl
futrai machines, and other beautifuland er-
penslve machinery commonly nsed In this
colony., being, overwhelmed by-ih flllnc
materials of the 'buildings'. There is still
time before tbe commencement, pf the crop
:lo remedy, most .of these losses but It Is to
be feared that some planters will not have
means orerrdll to do so. and 'that tbe dis
tress of the agricultural interest will be
fearfully aggravated. This .must increase
tbe destitution and misery of thu rest of the
community, which had previously arrived at
a terrible pitch, and I .almost shrink from
contemplating the saof prospects before us,
for some months to .come, at any rate. I
deem it no exaggeration, from what,!, have
seen 'and from' tho' reports' X bard received
fiom .the police, to state tbat tho day after
the hurricane there were fully fifty thousand
fiersons in various parts of the Island abso
utely houseless' aud" exposed to tbe still
.Inclement weather, a large proportlOiisuSer-
lng irotn inc epidemic, ana many maimed
and Injured from the fall of tbelr habitations.
This will,, no.doabt,-for some time to come. I
tbe'relnrh's bf m
dnrln? the storm
e storm, must hare been very
Thirty bodies wera axtrlratrtt
.utui laukj. i uc 1U8S Ol
by. (he police from the ruins bpfcaotos In
Port Louis alone, and the Inspector-Ceaeral
iniorms me inai ine noraoers as yet reported
throughout tbe wliolc Island cannot be less
than 100, exelostre of thbse drowned and
wrecked npon tbe coast. Many of the casn
aHiea' wens of a most depk)raSo- character.
Two of the Christian Brethren (Freres As la
Doctrine Cbrellenne), together wKs two of
tbelr papllsand it is- supposed several other
persons, were killed by the downfall ef Htclr
chapel In PsrtLeais, and two other bretkran
severely wounded. Several Indians' were
also hwriod-la .ttsi-rulas-.ojta: Wm. Mr.
Ansorge'a aftd'tbe -. Jr.. Huxstable's
churches, where they had taken retafe., -
H lfas tfe. a got vnV Mi i aw
dBt)a of a Irimum st-ikfe at tin
Sepot, tWfltis to h; "QmiM
has, r," waa Pat's epiek nif. '
Silt Frti
Tk$ Cofy's SaiMti A 1 Btuli itla
ttfe I D A H 6, rfflfc
F. CftKNOIt, Coonn,
W1U t-i WM9 Hmslaia alHl 8m
rnwtm ly ttM Whttiaf
Time Takki
"WW. t.,"cASwl
Ma l-rwiciKO. mrs ttoATZ;33J IS
Honolulu -! II s JWrli". .jiL 3
Saa rraseisco A tie UVsKlta.. .... Ar5a
Honotal. .Ana; Irw.. .iijc
.Tbroufk ftUto P3HW aJHateati,
will ba takes, at reMaaabla rata, aai
, . ;
Liberal AdTaaeeti IHfttle a4i
SMpmeMts per SOsHasr.11
Insurance garaste4 at lowar saiiilssa W
sailing veiselsr Particular eari iatea'eraUft.
meats of "Fruit, . , '
All orders, for Goods to be purchased taae
Francisco, win oe rtcuved ad fitted by return
or BleimtT. tlttMJSJSMl XV..
HAWArmr paciit xim.
For, Portland,, Oregon.
s C. .BROOKS,. Maitsiv
Trill haTe ImBicUte, ,MiMa4k
lor the afeeTe prtl ' "
For freight or passage, having scpsrior ao
eommodationa for Cabin and Steerage passen
gers, apply tos t V Cj r
10- ' Agts.
For San Francisco.
The following First-Clan Vet-
sals will run regularly in l& .
Honolulu Lisa:
). C. rrlURKAY,
Eor Freight or Passage having Surerior
Accommodations for Cabin and Steerss Pas-
ly'tS '-- ' - ?
wiv.irrrw ii.rrri '
WiU'run during the present quarter as follows
Monday, June 29
Monday, July 6 ,
Monday, July 13'
Monday, July 29
Monday, July 27
Monday, Angus 3,
Laying. up ths-Weekr eoaMfioiag; Anf; 1 9.
Monday, August IT - Monday, September X.
Monday, August' 2t Monday, September It
Monday, August 31 11
At 4 J TTit., precisely, touching at
Lahatnarj V k v
. Kalepolepo,
-Kealakckua, .
Kawalttat, ait4
' Makukon.
"KealaCekua. Wednesday, about noon,
Eailua, Wednesday eveniogt,
Kawaihae a Mabukons, Thursday evenings.
Arriving back ai Honolulu Saturday mornings.
21- WALKER & ALLEN', Agists.
Carrying lAt Uiicaita Mail titkvl Sahildjt
Will Leave Honolulu Every Saturday,
at Four o'clock T. jr.. Returning, will lesva
If awiliwili vry Tuesday afWrnsos'. 1
For Freight or Passage, apply to
lT.tr 1). FOSTK&'i'CO; "
toe cLirrtB scaooxiK
Will run regularly aa a 1'ackn bttwees Hono
lulu and. Ililo. For freight or pajsaet. apply
on board, or to CIIIJXG liOON".
IMa Agta'C
The tine stnnneh cHpfer- schoawer
rv.--a a mm u sw w
E. D. CBASE, Master,
Will run. regularly a fad punctually on tha
above route. .For freighter paafmsffiy
iu tuo jauicr oil uuaru, u. 10
C. BssrwxK it Co.
For HIIO, PAVXU aid Utm.
The ubooncr
e t
ItAMMS, .Maitar.
Will run regularly for the above, ports. Tor
frelghtorp&ssage apply to ' r
, a K UTOJlBEnT.HooolojB, .
ll-3m Or J. IL CONET. Hiio.
Far Hilo imI KmMsJw Mi.
Sch. Active,
"Win-run u a regular packet In aWi
ports, touehlng a'.LAHAINA. Torfrefshror
rg apply to
H-3n - Agent.
For MolokaL
Tlx EchooBsr ,
Will run as rea!r packs Wia Boao
laltt b4 Molobsl. U.aehia U fTiminhiksI
and Pukoo. Forrrightor yawaai aayiy-to
tha Captaia oaWsrs or ,,
lMsa ' ' Tf. rKKXPtlKAffr, jasat
ttv Biv aa.
baviaar'Jw Waa-yai ia a mmmWttt't
oweafSjriiaW. ?r yastiialas., aaaty ta
"- j.h.JStST

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