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Director of the GoTeraaent Press.
Pretsrasrr t the ptsvitioas ef the "Art to
rrjraUte eoateaets between snaaters aad tr
raats." the fallewiag fern has prepared
in botit icries-
" Tstxu VT. HmraiMj,
Bs-tQmrx. Xabnrrf latacfae.
JLKful In. .
This ijiial, ease i-id ezterrd ism.
thit day cf , A. D. 15, by aad Ve-
tm wtj ia the Island cf
TrTr ef the first jvirt, asd partv f
Ui tead put. witaesseth :
X. The sail pxrtT f the ead ran.
yrsnuses t perfona ocii labor vpea
13 tbe distnct f as J Island ef .
ia tke cspartr f . u the said party of
tkai fret r r4 t- .1 V i V.t-. . . - ..J . I
Blaistrators ihaB dinet. aad that he shall
AithfaKy aad pasebullT ptrisra the saaw as
beectae a pod rohus, aad that litwS
(W; all Ufal eeaoaads f the said parry
ef the int part, dena- the ttra f
to be cesapctid frsa the dale herecf.
IT. The said parry.ef the m rrt fr aad
on blulf rt hims2!.hu !. vatemtm mm
i - . w . ,
m t K. .vi mt iv. .. J . ,v.
knxod part, at tie ead ef eeh calendar
is fare, eocressatieo .r wapes at the rate ef
dBar ftr eaeh ealesdar raecth. if sail
party f tb rcd part siaH wH aad fcJr
revfars hb laber as aforesaid.
HL. Xfl eoatract fr th nseval ef this
ecatiael. vhich shaX V Bade hS this ewe
tract is ia fVnc. shaH be ralid.
Dec la dspUcate, at the dar f
A. D. 15 each party retatcp ca
It has p!ea.d His .Xajeaty tbe Kia; t ap
peiat Jaxses T. Ajistlx E?.. t te iheeead
Asseiate JaJg rf tie Sapresse Cecrt, vfce
Eak. Rirt G. Iavis. teased.
Xakai rain, Jaly 11. 1!6&.
'edee b hereby jivea. that Dr. TavU J.
Lee hat this day bees apptisted Meikal Of
fex U the Sard f HcaHh.
Tax. TT. Hrrcmises.
Otorf At Boat rf Sna. Jaly S. iKS.
Xteiet is herehy pra. that Tkas. Srtwa.
Sepstiar f Crfveaeces. has this da; bees
appelated Keeper it the FsiiK Stuap. ier
the Act af the Leoslatere. apprvred ilay 15.
Faxa. TT. Brrcsisax,
Xixirtfr cf latcix.
Crier the prsvisssss f the Act appreved
Jsxe Z&l. IMi. I have this daj aypeaated
Xan! Iiaytes U be IVpctr Xanaal.
VT. C. 1 asxx. i
'It has pleased H"b Xaier the Trr t eesa- j
zassiax Bis ExetBesey C. it Taiijr as his
Zsvey Extrairiiaaiy a&i Miitrr Pkaj. j
trsdarr t zrp. (
trr if TTa iiihi. the JltMrxey Geseral I
aria attead t tie datiet tf tie Faceirx IV- j
Sxiaster ef the IaterWe w9 act a. Q- !
ater ef Jiaaxe cadi tie reara f His Zxrei-
Iabi Filice. Jdy 1$. J J&i.
la pcrsxase ef the Art t tie Leytrrr.
see ban ben apptbud Iaspeeurs ef Sia ,
hfstisereealiiitrieuaaaed. J
aur. .
Heeticrx J. O- IVscau !
Ewa aai TTaiasae J. W. Makalesa J
TTmiilaa,, W. C. Lar
KcUxyif G. IVararaia ;
KaeSat&a J Sereeasee '
Xt&iai -C ;
.Jens t
.Pari.ec Xakc '
-I. HarMCde
-G. iEaer
Lire )
Xcri aa-i Sseth riala
-J. P. Parker
JtSGeeBscapteTiialy jjvra arevi
tras. this iay.
JfsEBCtr Xzfeotr.
Bra drat Jx"T 25, 1SSS.
list of Tai Assessors for 1368.
S. y. Cascie ,
J. IT Eeaveherahala f
J. !
Ti-ra ,
J- ! "a
Tbes. C. Feesjth i
clV.; '
J. A. ;
S ell kai ai Tt
F. . I-Tsas 5 '
TT. STTraTftaa f
3. C. Ear
J. - Hoaaai
Xrc2t Keoa.
C F. Ears
. BafK
liraj Jiai i
-O- X. Vriiri
g 7ja
a T Tr ,
.6. B". iSiaiaai
D. Eaaiala
2rctrf tlca X--;'Tr ef Jjaaec.
ta-v-ctr gsas, i
t. . , .v..
iasw- .
aaceprlitvn KS fjr tie ca-rrect 5?cal ,
U f-, ss to- tsia tircti:a ;
tire 1
' cf tbe Iteral :
tMP" i.l J. aaK wars was
. a , . 3 , I .
cef3rrr--i--r-s.LirtcCL.;c3.iKli. l
ic& i ia t, xa3"xs fiii xs tie s-
tJrcf kicrwig arf.rr-t aj tia wa-Tc Ke ' is
ri .tU-
Mil ii ii in ii r T i i i i ii ' chJJged wah g
mjeeS ase psx WiI
-fcrjriaM i tii- Esiled asS collier j
atc-ig caaiad. aoi tie i to-esacd j
-i i-,-t -WV -
siscrr ea-'
teei&Xtria &czxsl. ;
Katstee-tife tiat- tbrr skriibe!
. - , , .
ggjsatfci.nil fcr-Bsi thai aaxcccaa-raeaee,
. . . .
" . -' ;
Vs-, te ;lie .feaitilr cf tiii xriat
Ltciir j-ros-ST cf wtact,
argsty ferirm ;
Econooir and a jodiaons application of
the fends to th work proposod, wqnire
titae raore-tban wasteful haste. Durim:
the last biennial period, S11531T 72 was
f pent on Inter-sal loproTt-ntnts throagh
oat the? croon. In Hooolcla. th result?
of the appropriation ana sea la the sub
stantial and Urg re-prvxT rovrrnment
store-hoeses aa extension of the Custom
Hoce building, in the fine steamboat
wharf at the east end of the Esplanade,
which has proved srsch a coarauesce and
accommodation to the strata marine of oar
port, in the secure powder maga-ao bailt
on the slope of Punchbowl, aad in other
irartroveraents which will for nsanr rears
inure to the public beneSt.
For the present biennial period, the ira
proreoents laid Oct for this locality are
already coaoesced. Foremost in Dew
s jtr for dispatch are the wharres and water
front of the town, sad dredpag of the
harbor alorar its northwestern limit. The
wash and silt from the Xnnaan stream
cradoaHr fills ia that portion of tha harbor,
and has shoaled the water so that ships
cannot lay at the old Custom Hocse whirl
to 11 and discharce caw.
Jt is f-
teea rears since the dredre was last at
, .... ... , . . . .
: work 1 that localitr, dsncrwhsch tine the
j water has shoaled some three or four feet.
L. , , . v . , , .
j11" P0511 001 P- 112,3 11
i o-rht be stomd ahorether br boildimr a
: - -
I waH across the moul
th of the stream and
t thus t trains' it outlet entirely upon the
1131 Jaca P13 TO2M 06 nor,i V"11
! cossterbalaaced br the chobrcTIP of tb
-e .v. v-rf... v. -4,. hr
1 the disefcar? of the fresh water into the
waters of the harbor itself. The Dredge
wHl work ilocr the waterfront from the
u harf at the sh-sarket to the Jodd wharf
opposite the See of the water-worts.
BULkisr a depth of tweatT-fozr feet of wa
ter at tow tide. The and Uiea cp Is
beiny carried across to the EspJasaoe, and.
Bred there to extead the area already re
daiaed from the sea. The wharves of
that part of the harbor are aLo to receive
repairs aad aiHuoas to place them ia a se
care and serviceable condition.
Thepaesef the old tcitaca Ilocsewharf
are so worn aad decayed that they most
be searlr aH toea cp sad the wharf bsjlt
over araia. This wharf, n-aaber two, wit
be exteoded oat thirtr feet berscd iU
presest Bait, aad wtea completed w3 be
oee fcssdred aad ftees feet. .Xcaber one
wiS also be exteeded. it nisetv
feet, azd wharf number three,OT the Jodd
wharf. wS be extesded to etghtr feet.
There vtK be aape accoastacdaUos at
these vhxrres for scheosers to discharge
at Uie sides as weH as at the esd.
Oa the Esptisade. the sew wharf far
thesteasers ef the-CaSferaia. Orenaaad
Mexic 5teaiiip Co- w be COSSMCCed
imni ' 'nf - oa the arriral of the piles
Bora ws lefct tier ire already oa
the war hither. THs wharf wfll be tsxde
os the Ccsifio Hocse frost of the Espht-
side, by exteadieg' oct the present Jetties
tea feet aad jetaieg thea. so that a cao-
tiauecs froot of ose hundred aad fecty
ft w be obteiaed. This w be amrfr
SsSciect fcr the cscbxrge aad toadW of
tbe stasifS. aad ca tie racaat kts xhreast
, , ,
thi wharf the Company prspose to erect
jjjj. iicce-hosse for scrars aad other
freights. The IkSu- thea for recfirie-
' frrfrht bot the coasters, sterir; aad scb-
seqaect McUaa? ef the
sach. that very Kttle moveateat ef it viS
be secessarr, xad the expease wiH be iarre-
h-redacedT Tie cocreaiesce cf iaviaz
s Bearer tie bcOness portiea
j ef tietowaw3abezpcrciitd. Jois-
Irs- tM wharf wi9 be aaether of cce fcas-
i dred xad forty feet, with tie ssaie prcfeo
tia a the preseat eties. earrvirj treo-
ty-Secr foei cf water, s5aect to accoo- j
rzooit iiips xrd give a-npie nx)C2 for kLd- j
feais-c&tw h wapro-
, r1 r - - -
hare cswa there aad reptred. f
These vxriocs wharf ta-provesests wiS
grfe ta tie Urger siipfes visitc ocr
porr. aspfe aggTr-iC5ttwr- asd edrre
I i
tie prssaat
wiariage. which oortioes ia
ti? wbafe secsoa is Cscsd ta l doos tact
ranch. TtreceipCs frocs whiritgefera
e3 occiinie i:er; cf tie r-oenl reve
rse- Fee Xht irsi tiecaal period they
x-socsted to 23.271-29, sjx as tbe ceo
axree cf tie pen iacrexsES. zaxy i relied
OC IS 13
i&z iteo cf iaeoce. Tier
ret- tie iatErest ef tbe
im zscre tiic
c - f - rstil expfaied -roc tieir exUciioc aad
; i-cpreTesiect, mi3e gfvicg; to tie pcbSc
ti Erei-!it cf goods vxfc-lii? aadJ
UT ctt;-- r A tin-
"Tie law trajaiailMt: the caatoir cf tie
psbSr satap frcca the &umuieat prssf
tSmstziit aaia teu ihccsazcs cf fioStn
oier t u & vt&ison
thai ti tacs-ses'neeivvd i
tsss soorse
weir cciirrJ trxpi-'U FH" j
. ers.aai mxidy fcraied aaccjthrE. VTe
cxSed itrtT-irw t aee thxa cece, tet
.1 .V ... --" - - - E
o - c"J j e !
- .
- .... . , . ,
s tearaed iact. tatt however weS kaows to
tha cSae. cragr ccher g-jr-ra-ae-a'iScai
, ir,
g -,c ,
- Cd i. cf wiiri we 1
hear saaa cossatSca. Tbe pcileri f
t-,-- fa-r, hxie hai a TOi tiir-rf L: i
iii tai jeriticf wl5ri locg iee harr
g.-. ta- si.-a- regxrf the
prSV - parseL.' Tfaea itve chazzed, aai
- , -
sasce cctt'i fvfTr-rywe hare se-cchei ra
fcc tig peryrfa wharh IV- 'iirrSjcr
ssctietaml, eatde sax ha
jirji : r - ttgsies. ta ta niae cf
Hai the JUnrtLtr called attention, to the
fact, that the pnbllc stamp was removed
from the Printing Offlce, as lonj- ajro as
daring-Jo&se Robertson's occupancy of the
Interior pace, and that' the change In the
lamp some three jrar since, or the pres
eat Minister of the' Interior, rendered It
Impossible, for any of the old stamps to bo
nsed on prirate documents, his estimate of
the losses sustained by the covernroent,
wontd be rednccd to abeanttfnl row of
cyphers, and his virtue and valuable advice,
lose that reward which the pnbllc owe to
astnte leaders of independent Journals. The
statute was last session changed to make Jt
conform, to weal has been already for a long
time the practice, aad the .(drrrftwr In It
strictures has evidently mistaken the cart for
the horse. '
A ViIf to the Ivcpcr llospltnl.
Thirty hoars beating aralnst headwlnd
and heavy sea. In the excellent schooner
irtrrvci, bronttt us late on Thursday eve
ning to Kalaupapa, the landing: from which
access Is had to the Leper Ilospltal on Mo
lokai A safe sheltered little harbor affords
aechorare for vessels authorired to land.
Toe conveniences for so dolag, could be
greatly Increased at small cost. If this part
of the pealnsula belonged to the Board of
Health ; as 1: is, Kalaupapa Is the residence
of a few natives, ho cannot expect to de
rive any benctU from their proximity to the
leper settlement, while It is quite certain
that both lepers and settlers would be bet
tered by their complete separation; a thing
Impossible, unless the covernment can pur-
j chase ttsewholeorthis well adapted location.
Aiitr a nicnvs res: irom sea sic&ncss, a
ride or two and a half miles across the jn-
j Uula broosht ns to the house or the assls
I t,nt cnreiinteBdent. where we foucd the
i m,mt of lenera reeeirinr their
I scmi-weeklr rations of meat. The best of
I mutton was bdec divided amonsr them, at
the rate ol five poua'ds per patient, for each
wee, this with tea pounds of pui for the
same time to each patient, is their relar
! allowance ; beside sach extra courishment
aad dcEcaeies as may be prescribed.
Our arrival was the occasloa for a general
gtheriaj: of the inhabitants- Their appear-
aace, aside from the repulsive features of the
lepers la geaeral, was that of cheerful com-frt-
They were well dad, had the appear
ance of as weH-fcd, indepecdeat owners oT
the land ; many of them were mounted oa
I well favored horses, aad their hearty welcome
impressed cs with the place, being anything
bat a miserable abode, however mach It may
be the abode cf misery.
After breakfast we leisurely strolled over
the grounds. Thoush rough and rocky la
appearance, the soil is exceedingly fertile;
aad la other days, judgiag from the old
stoce waHs around the taad Of each family,
must have teemed wlthlahabltants. Its
I eat raty aad sarrouadias scenery com-
; peesates greatly lor the isouuoa 01 sncn a
j heme. We found about twenty of the worst
! cases lodged is the hospital, a plain buildic,
I rather narrow for Its purpose, but comfort
f able. Xoae of these patients si ere bed
I riddea, taosh soce were able to do taaeh
: fer their own comfort. Their food is nrga-
Uriy served theai, cooked; aad that It is
' of exceBeat quaHty I had the evidence be
1 fore rae. Ose group were dicicg 00 aa er
t ceBeat baked &h aad poi ia n-.illr There
are aiEety cows betocging to the Board,
: most ef which are daily milked for the use
t girts, boys' aad school baHdicgs are wlthla
tie same enclosure, aad car these several
: other hoes are to be erected Immediately,
i fr the better accommodation cf the worst
I cases, who are to be taken from the several
cottages on the premises, where they are
El He to be imposed epos by the stronger
ratieEtt titoc-i we beard' co comnlaiEts I
thaf sach has teea the ease lately. There i
are ccraerocs sraaB cottages along the foot
of the Pair, some inhabited by leper families,
others by frcra three to six cf the raBder
cases, who choose thss to fraternise. This
pita bis bees fossd aa exeeBeat one ia
raaay respects. It gives the iadsstriuas aa
oppcl:y to cake theatre com&ru hie
Soce of thea are sarroccded by the aecs
malited stores cf their tabcr, while others
are tea Ury to thatch their bocses to keep
octthenia; fr this class more strict disci-
paryapdT?oIferragtcstsareaboat to
he I
As eceosrageoeat to those
able aad wiiSag to Nri? themselves, frames
ucTMi: their "oixir; roci. Thas belated
, , : .
5 their disease assaaced.
The lepers la asd about Eocolala, wiUs
rtbose at KtHhi, tH cd oajhetr removal
to setMsect tsrls accorazaccatlcas
ia their cew borne. The necessities of the
; case cssst develop a systea of labor, which,
iS; U will diitnrl thrir mortM rtfeetlos
; co their owe miseries, win add greatly to
; the anraetiecs aail ccaveatroees cf the set-
. tksest. It is the desia cf tbe Beard of
' Hearth, to pre each paziezU the opcrtsaity
to cakivate and teii any artkie for which
thereisaraarketcea-ssd. There are act sceh
i peeviiiees aatde 1st the cars asd eocfert cf
kpera aaywhteie la the worid as already
ei: at XeCecti, asd iCfQx gcod lateatiocs
aJ ic-firxi of tie Boirf ire est frsstraSed,
tl-Ssettfeaest wjaerelocg riralia Itsbea-
r-'-y of the ether r-i-ir?e cf older
Irfag tbe trr cf o-ar vifit, directicaa
aad pfass for tBdiags were given, cb terra
ordered to be daz, aad ether taaess trass-
acted for the groi cf tlcfej cocce.-ed. The
iiilifil ao3 -rcccd SijeriitetuicCLt aad hit
' fa2y were ascared cf the sy-spathr' asd
) assstasce cf the Board ia their eSarU fsr
Use iarprorecseal cf the grcaads xsd-exre
ef tbe pjf''s There wtTe sereial re-
r . . fr- , n T-. T .
e-?ix?r -iisSl? rt-
Ifsce clrecS: taetS-al
rrteatics wg be gjrea to these aa.
ia- the frrare, thscsJa it caa ocly bope to
J rtSere their disease, a eareheiag ispoaahte.
Wtr tir :"e i7TOrJ
- ttt-iIbe-xraJe-cftheEawaSaa
cf thai irsrils-ioc. It
c oe th hearty cosera U ti
H ttai cssii te dfii 5 a pciSa
rt7- aiase a3 pz&czee witi SjuiiS
e - cpecfeaee fct ia raaj-ag-aaeal wia rrgaioe
aS h3yerrT?w:,if) aas2 r- iVr II sbat it is de
atgae to be, a hiea-iirg ta the ssfartssate
asd a praise ta the wdasa --- ------ -f
TezXcw Bares paperx teS cf a aahy
iz tixt city -mixh wyigiel 1 pocadszt
Cs isrJs. aad row. zt tie ass cf two!
Chnieti unit State Katabtlihmenta.
Believing In free discussion and Inqnlry,
but not In libelous abuse, we print the fob
lowteg communication. It examines an In
teresting question from a new point of view,
but'not In a censorious spirit. The liberal
Christians among us, though numerous,
rarely ask to be beard.
MR- EnrroK: The last GazrTTE calls at
tention to an opposition manifested by the
Established Church of Scotland (Fresbvte
rianX to the ndta-cstabItshmcot" of the
Irish Church. I fancy, that, in this connec
tion, it wlll amuse many to learn how the
old Xew England Puritans regarded "dis
establishment.' In 1650, William Pynchon, an Intellectual
and cultivated gentleman, a magistrate of
SpricgrMd, Massachusetts, whose name has
been rescued from oblivion by the genius of
Hawthorne, published a cleverly written
tract, attacking the doctrine of the Atone
ment, as then professed by Puritans ex
pressing. In fact, the views cow entertained
by Unitarians in Boston, aad elsewhere.
The General Court, when the book was re
ceived from England, where It bad been
printed, arraigned Mr. Pynchon forheresy,
deposed elm irom the magistracy, com'
manded his book to be publicly burned In
Boston Market, and appointed three ciders
to labor with him, and compel an acknowl
edgment of error. They also chose iter.
John Norton, of Ipswich, to answer the
book, all copies f whieh bad been con
demned to tannics. Mr. "Norton prefixed
to his answer an "Epistle Dedicatory," con
taining the following rather energetic sen
" That licentious and pestilent proposition,
' the care of relizion bclomrs not to the ma.
gistrate, is a stratagem of the Old Serpent
and Father of Lies, to make free passage for
the doctrine of devils; an Invention notun-
use caul s oaia, the trouble of Israel and
escape 01 tne enemy, a tatantcal device tend
ing to undermine the police of God: at
tempting to charm that sword with a fallacy,
whose dexterous and vigorous use, instru.
mentally, puts away evil from Israel, and
tnrneth every way In its manner, to keep the
faith of the tree or life. The rusting of the
tnord of Divine execution In the scabbard,
hath been more destructive unto truth than
the dra ing of the sword of persecution."
Existing New England sentiment, even In
matters of belief, sympathises largely with
Mr. Pyaehoa. One of Mr. Norton's own
family, In the fifth generation, has recently
closed a life of exhausting stndy, and has
identified his name and great learning with
the advocacy of doctrines, which the earlier
Norton was put forward to refute. Upon
the spot where Mr. Pynchon was persecuted,
a liberal Christianity protects religious inde
pendence and Intellectual freedom. Bat docs
cot the stern Calvinism, which sends Mis
sionaries to these Islands, feel bound, in re
ligious duty, to re-assert, wherever it has
pSwer, the doctrines of Church and State,
which controlled Boston two centuries ago ?
In fact, without conceding supremacy to the
ruXkMuf principle in religious matters, how
can toleration be tolerated ! How can per
secution fail to be regarded as a Christian
duty by those who think belief Indespensable
to salvation; If the great convulsion now
threatening the Irish Establishment, is to re
sult in anvthlng more than the dismember
ment 01 the Anglican fabric, for the ultimate
benefit of Ro mar ism, the instructive-feature
cay be observed In the triumph ot'ntiona
ia over helming every form of oppression.
Intolerance, and persecution; but over
whelming, at the same time, a3 rites, forms, '
creeds, system, traditional doctrines, organ
isations of opinion, and schemes of theology,
which demand the exercise of Implicit faltb,
cr rest upoo-aay other foundation than the
approval of the ham ta reason and conscience,
aad the right of prirate judgment,
I trust that theso suggestions win not be
thought sckind ; Inst of aH, to the Influea-
m ccncmicaiion 01 censuses wnose III-
OBiri b contributed so largely to the"
aiouiuoa 01 icese iftaacs. cat is not I LIS
a fair method of testing the force and direc
tion of public feeling in regard to the in
terference ef the civil power-ia behalf cf
reiigioa! The action of the Kirk of Scot
land is one respocse to the adroit appeals of
the Conservative statesmen and Press, to the
Protestantism of the United Kingdom, which
many, besides the friends cf the Establish
ment, wisS to see protected ty aathority.
There, are some strong Indications that, in
the ereat of a general election, these appeals
will be successful Xmr ExGiurn.
Tbt Jarxsxss Bax Sro-rmraxx.'" A
TCashicgtoa dispatch to the Xew Tork
Ssrrd, Jane 10th, says :
It appears from the docaments ordered to
be pricted by the Senate, to-day. that on the
3Xh oOIay Secretary Seward wrote to Mr.
Vaa Talkeaberg, referring to the fact that
the latter had informed "hia that he had
takes possession of the ram Sonea-a. keep
iazher under the TjBited Stales ag, and
thai he had drawn oe Baricg Brothers & Co.
fcr 4,116 steriicr. to pay her expenses cat it
tbe 1st of Jclr. The Secretarr save -the
HamaaS havieg been sold and delivered to '
SVthlf ST&Vn&Z
which aathoruea the extrciie of -power or
partarotcfttisGorensoeer Tbeo27 ij. the mot arixiovts agncturuU
eosld be again troaght ceder our own juris- r .
dietioa ody by a special treaty for that poi v. iv. r,. ,,,rf , , ...
pose, to be eoaeJaded between the Ceiled Tna lte 2UiA COokIH, of Jnjy 4th. re
atesasd Japaa. So appropriation ef law ceived yesterday by the Jtetmaloai we take
aathorizss the pay-seat of the expecaea Mr. I the foUowintrnana itemi- .
Vaa Talkes'jerg had agreed to pay. Tbe .
Secretary assaa.es, however, that the do- ! ILM.'sS. SraaJtowiIaWK. we understand
cc&sre has heea takca crpoa cocsaltation ;
with the gepraeatatives ot tbe other Treaty ; sioa tl. M.'s ship bptmmctimck at this port.
Powers in Jt ra t, i -ii cpon their di latere ted i She win, be paid orT at Eqaicianlt. asd all
advice; Uczxabsc, the Fruitiest aathorized : the men who have been two years connected
the Secretary to apprtrrc of the proeeedisgs, j with the Teasel .win leave for England sbort
cd to pronde fir the parcumt of the dnfj. I ly. The only one we know at pmest who
By taifcg possessioa of the UotxaS," he win be attached to ber fa, we believe, Com
rarttper says, "yos are csdentood to have ; macder Miat, already known to persons on
dose so with the tefonsal cci-seat of both ! this eoit."fce havicz (erred oa one of IL
the b-JEgerests ia Japaa, aad with the view I iL's ships oa this station some rears since.
aal crier thrcxsoct the EcpereT The :
United State will ezpert a fzU rtimbcrse-!
racstcf these exiiectea bj the Javanese Got-
eraseat, to be cade oa the restontian of
theGMwsSto the Japasese Gorenuaect."
We cotr,wiia aorae icterext, the riewa
takes by Secrttary Seward cm the non
delivery cf the Sauxtfl, oa her arrival it
Japaa. Wbea she reached Tokohaa-o, the
port was sta ipotseic3 cf the Tycoon
can, aad had she teea deGvered at trer.
the farther dcrrlopeeats cf the civil war
tare shows that, peababiy. she woaM hare
btea ssrrtsdered over to the Micados cB
cera. is the ease stacds, the rejraharsesest
cf the expeases avast mt spon the dipio
satic potatatc that she was rttsraed by
the earned coaieat of both beJSferesta.''
Ts Ifil. Proffssor de Morgan west ta
the Crext Eihililiovj. and heard aa
crgza flayed by x perlbraer who eeesed
very ctessrmi to extststoee f truestar itap
-rta: do yox thick cf that stopr' I was
sited, -hejus&fcpoa tbetarae of it,"
taad I. Oa, what can the case hzre to
a with the scaad ? "that which we eaS s
rose. icw " The tsa has erery thirr
to do with K. If it he file step, I tliai hi
rsrj trrdh; let tf it be tz3way whistle StofA
1 Ltzx it very racet-
From tho Meteorological Tables of Capt.
Daniel Smith, which we harts published
from month to month, we sammnritQ tho
rain fall for each month, for the year past.
The rain-gauge of dpt. Smith is at his
resilience on Waikiki Plain;, near tho sea,
where, aa our readers know, less rain falls
than in tho Xunanu Valley, where ths
rain-gauge of Dr. G. Y. Jndd is kept,
whose figures for eight months of the
year we also give (mm the tables. Tho
total fall atAVaikiki from March?March.
is 51.S5 inches.
From the observations of Dr. Jndd we
learn that tbe rain for 1S6G was 55.25
inches, and for 1SG5, 3T.9T inches. Tho
rains for tho last two years have been
more abundant than In 1865. The rainiest
months of the year havo been December,
13.S0 inches, and .May, 1CM3 inches. The
average rain-fall in New 'York City, for
the past thirteen years, has been -1S.11
In some parts of the Islands, there has
ben much less rain than in Honolulu. Es
pecially has this been the case in Kona
and Kan, on the Island of Hawaii, where,
for nearly six months, a severs drooght
By .Capt, Smith's obervations we also
learn that the average height of the bar
ometer, through the past year, has been 30.
The mean minimum and maximum tem
perature has been: M
Trvm January to A rrfl, 70 to Sx, wind XB, moiente.
Frna April to JbJt, TO to M. vtad, XE. ttionff.
From July to Octcber, 73 1 S6, wtod, XE. moderate,
l'rwa October to January, TS to St, win!. Scathe rly,
and variabl.
These averages of temperature are from
three daily observations those before sun
rise and at sunset being taken at AVaikiki;
the noon observation, in the town. The
Trades, for the last 'three months, hare
been moderate, blowing with a force of
only 22 theaveragratebeing4to5. Al
though the observations jlo not show any
marked difference irrthe temperature from
former years, yet we believe, to most peo
ple the present summer has appeared cooler
than nsnah Up to the last week in Jane,
the weather was decidedly cool, when the
summer heat seemed at once to'assert It
self the sun being directly overhead. The
Trades seem to have had a little more
northing than usual, which has made them
We notice that tbe San Francisco pa
pers speak of their summer having been
remarkably backward, and the weather so
cool, that the oldest inhabitant was ap
pealed to, to decide whether it was sum
meror winter which ruled the year. They
attribute their cool weather to the north
erly winds sweeping along theSierras, in
stead of from the sea. The year 1S67
seems, abroad, to have been remarkable
for its abundant rains, as well as volcanic
and other disturbances,
Exim-faU en
GrraLttl In .Vku-
- 9
rhlL anu raj.
March 71
area til
Srd. .ii
die, 1..U
' firh, 103
Jane I.r3
Jaly itl
acran.. 1
5TCnibr.... L
Octotrr i
VovetBtr.... t-lt
Jwcarj. . -St
Ttnuy 5-11
Total..... M,&
March. :....l!lLa
May 4.07
Jus 1.76
1 Jvtn,
ltth, ..7
13th, ' .41
ua, .CO
AO, 1.44
19th, 4.70
I'tb, .43
Sth, htS
iota, 3.S0
h, LSI
ltth, LBS
Slh, M
- CS
Total fta the 12 Donthf todies Jaa, lS5..6aS9
Br Eais-faare cf Dr. Jodi. tcr tha scar.- Croc"
Jio-jlt, ue& ..S..5AS
Ej th iaint, far tb year frcsn Jaa'T Ut, ISO.. .37.97
TT e give, for comparison, the average rain
for the following localities :
ft. ntkua, (analcsDai ia Ktnaiicu vtlhktbei
Rg-aiue, cIcm to Maai
. S7.09
.. S1.30
,. 41.31
. S4.41
. 37.10
. S1.90
. S&3
WattdniUo, tT. S
Lcedm. Otceavicb Obcerrmtcrx...
!; naa
Kw Jaaecro. . . .
TViibia the TiTcJca, hljii blaadi, dcticitd, 40 to 4T
Taking theaaonnt obtain for the year
at CO inches, we may form some idea of
the quantity which has fallen by reducing
it to barrels. Beardmaa's Hydrology gives.
for the area of an acre, 'for every inch of
rain, 7,533 barrels. J3y this rnle.it reialU
that every, acre of ground about Honolulu,
during' the year endieg with Jane hut, L&3
quite eaSdent, one would think, to sat-
that order bare been received to recemmlsfc
AjKrsxt or TJ. S. Tpnu or Wat The
o-retseis Ftmla and Smte have
Siiix. The former, with the Aiainl on
,..m. wM m tiwiKi in ue way lo
board, kit pone cp the toaad to be pswect
at Port Towcsesd on the Toorth of Jnlr,
and wBl visit this port la x fnr weeka. "The
Evccne estered oar; harbor yesterday and
it may be resaera tered. Tidied this place
dariiiz the latter part of th.! American civil
war. toping to encounter (he Confederate
craiser&fjuacfcaa, which is ku then sap
posed wosld caTi here. She is a doafele
ecder. axd carriea 13 aaa. SheCred tbe
tuaal aalate yesterday tStmooa.
Iroztm. Man oast tare occspation,
or be miserable. Toil is the price cf sleep
and appetite, of health and enjoymest.
The very necessity which overcomes dot
tattsral sloth if a Keswcg. The whole
world does cot eoaLun a botr or a throo
which divine amy eraai have spaaed.
Vie are happier with the sterility, which
we can overcome by industry, than we
cceld hare beta with ipontaceoos plenty
xd sabossded profation. The tody and
tieoiadare unpemtd hr the toil th-t
fztigaes thea. Th toil is a tbosac
timet rewiedbj the pleawre which it
bestow. XttetjojoesttirepecaSar. So
wealtheta f'lrCtj in thera, so indoiesce
eaa tacte tiesa. Tier iow only Cross t&e
ezertisM which they rsjay,
C3r O OB jtLT
Provision Dealer,
the Inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands,
that ha has opened tha
Stone Store on Port Street,
Varied Assortment of Groceries
and hopes by strict personal attention to all
orders, and by conducting the business on
nrincipleathatuQl secure and serve the nubile,
to meet with a liberal portion of their support.
The following: comprise the list
or Goods ia Stock: .1
-TTr-r-i gfl -1 aTl OIn,m H,
' V
.Westphalia Hams,
r California Hami,
California Bacon.
California Cheese,
Clear Family Pork,
Pickled Salmon
Fresh Lard bikini,
Preserved Meats,
Roast Beef, in I K tins.
Boast Mutton, In 3 IS tins.
Beefsteak In 2 lb tins,
Turkey, in 2 lb tins. '
Chicken, in 2 O tins,
Saniare. In 2 lb tins.
Ox Tall Soap, do,.
Vec. Soap, do
McMnrray's Oyiters,
Spiced Ojsters, 2 ft tint,
Orsters, in 1 lb tins.
.Handien a Baketf Oysters, 1 S tint
Lewis' Salmon, 2 lb tint,
- Columbia Btver do, 1 B tint,
"' Fresh Lobsters,
Fresh Qaohaogt,
Fresh Clams,
Assorted English Pie Fruits,
English Pickles, assorted,
Bolton Pickles, I gal. jars,
Boston Pickles, half-gal. Jars, .
Ca"iPiekles,do. " "
"Sard in e, tint.
Sardines, I tint,
English Jams,
9- th
Auorted, in I and 2 B tins.
Fresh Apricots, 2 S tins.
Fresh Peaches, do, ' -Fresh
Egg Plants, dopi
Oreen Peas, do.
Green Corn, do,
Fresh Green Peas.
French Pates,
i and Arpargni,
CrnsUed Sugar, half barrels,
' Xo. 1 Brown Sugar, Xo. 2 brown tagar.
Golden Gate Flour, qr. tacks.
Freth Wheat Meal, Fresh Corn Meal,
Fresh Wine Crackers,
In tint,
Freih irifer Crackers in tint.
Fresh Pienie Crackers, In tins.
Fresh Water Crackers, In tint.
Fresh Jenny Lindjakes.
Fresh Split Peas, freth Tapioca,
Fresh Tearf Sago, "
Fresh Arrowroot, Fresh Pearl Barley,
-- Fresh 3Ianna,
Fresh Carraway Seed,
, Fresh Canary Seed, Freth Rape Seed,
IVo. 1 llarrtallnai. Klcc,
Fresh Corn Starch
Fresh Maeearoni,
Fresh Vermicelli,
Freth Dried Apples,
Fresh Island Syrup,
Card Matches, Candles,
Cigars and Tobacco;
Bath Bricks, English Stare?,
Indigo Blue, Stina Bine,
Honey In 3 Lit. tins,
California Hopt,
Kerosene Oil, Downer's,
Vine Table Salt in glass jars.
Fine Table Salt ia boxes.
Lea & Perrin'a Sauce, pints Jk half pints.
Chutney Sauce,
East India-'Cbotney,
4 Fait India Curry. .
Tomato Catsup, Mrs. Morris' Catsup,
3F3r:a.oln. Ccvidoi's,
Engiith JInitarl in glass,
California Muttard in glass,
California Pepper in glass, ,
Fresh Ground Pepper.
Pepper Saoit,
Cayenne Pepper,
IThite tTine Vinegar,
Malt Vinegar, 7
Assorted English Herbs,
Assorted Epiees, ,
Burnett's Extracts,
Salad On, Preston's Chocolate,
Gelatine, Cox's,
Curry Paste,
Ealeratot ia glairi 4
Saleratat La 10 Ibjjan,
Carb. Soda, in glatt,
Carb. Soda, ia IS lb jars,
Cream Tartar, in ziatt,
PrsiUn t Merrill's Teast Powder,
Fine Currants in lOlb.jtjars,
Leaoa Peel,
Oraage Peel, W
Citron Peal,
Gmad CatrU,
Grosad Clove,- -
Ground Allrpiee,
Ground Ginger,-
CAUFOESUjJlATS, extra quality,
New Caia. Potatoes.
s -
JTcvr Califixrala Hnlon,
Eositad oa the latest isprsved priacipU.
X., haring paid etpeeUI aitentioo to
this department, wosld nggest a trial fhts
Tie shoieert growth of China aad "f s,
pmiseiatr a eosabnaitoa ef serctMtli, ivrovr
aed riehseat, ttat so amixed iaajty mm
ecapsrt with. ,
Sm FranwsG. awi HowtlMiB Lam
Tha Company's Sptwdid A 1 1
F. C0NS0S, Coiuitna
Wltl nut tietvree-a
lSrKnelsco Tw fclwwia'4r'
Time TsMel
ntrtarcai raoK
HoncJola .Miy t
Sn FrancUco My iS
Honolulu Jam It
5aa rraaetaeo.... July
llooololu July 1
San FraaclMO Act 10
Honolulu Aug 3
!Un Fraecieo...,
s Wiaf han
Kan FmKUco......JMi
I!t... Jt
Ssa riarln..J M
Through freight to PoeaUad assd Vke4a,
will bo taken at reasoneM rates, aad
"Liberal Adraneest Mm&e
KklpmrHtM -per 8i t'timr.
. Iniurance guaranteed at lower jattitfc by
tailing vessels. Particular er takest of Mm
rosntt of Fruit,
All orders for Goods to h fiwwinl 1m 9tm?
Francisco, will he received had MM by Mm
of Steamer. II. 1IACKFXL9 CO i ,
ll-Sta , JsW-Jr
arShlpments from Europe and thaTJaeM
States. Intended for thesa Islands. wiUU r
eeired by the Company in Saa Fraocileo, If
consigned to them, aad be forwarded by their
Steamers to Honolulu, rxxc or cnaaoc. ax
eept actual outlay.
For Portland, Omgtm.
mi rt.ia curraa lAanca,
X. C. BROOKS. Master; .
iVHI have ImMcliat MsfMta
lor tho a bo to fart, "iHi"
For freight or pattage, having tlf trioeae-
eommodationt for Cabin and Steerafa f atn
gers, apply to vs. " .
20 A -.
For San Franeiiii.
y& Isf--'
The following Fin t-C!aj Ves
sets willrnn regularly la tJ JBh-'
Honolnln Linat ,'T'. t
I. C. m UK KAY, -
Eor Freight or Pastas, hamc Srwerior
Accommodationt for Cabin aad M Pa- ,
tengert, apply to "jpTTS-.
IUJ.H1.K t ,
20-3 m AgBtc
17111 rah during tbe present quarter aa fellows
Monday. June 29
Monday, July 8
Mcsday, July 13
Laying np tho Week etaMUBeia, JtSg. 1.
Monday, Augnst IT Monday, September T
Monday, Autruit 24 Jaondav, Senleuberilt
Monday, Angntt 31 Knt?
At iff. x.. prev:lseIytonefcIStr -
Xtkie'i LaiiMa-,
v Keaiakekna,
Kallaa, ' '
- Xasa aata.
asn Lnariss
Kealakekos, TTednesdayf about noca',
Kailua, TVednetday evening!,
Kawaihae a Mahukona; Thursday evenrs.
Arriving hack at Honolula Satarday mornings.
24- WALKER A ALLEX, Agents.
tbe curran, scaooara
Carrying tie Ifamiia Jofl antaowi SmMJgt
Will Leavo Honolulu. Erery mtiimmT, .
at Four "o'clock r. v., Beturahir, w3l'j(T
Xawiliwill every Tuesday1 aAernoon.
ror 1
For Freight or Passage, apply to
tbe cxirria scaoo-itt
Will ran renl. rlv. a VtnV ! Utu Ki.
tali and Hilo. For freight or pufe. a-Iy
on board, or to CHCXi 1I00X;
H-3m A rest.
or Lahawa and IWet's mMkl
The tine atanneh ellycwr
" E. D. CRAXE, Master,
Will ran retralarlT and rjanetnallT ea tbe
above route. For freight or postage apstr
to the Master oa hoard, or to, ito
, is. Bxxwcn k se. -
March 31, lge&. -3s
For Htto, mm m iguK
HAXLIX, Afaater,
TVI11 ran regularly for the above porta. Tor
freight or passage apply ttr
Ii. L. TORBBWT, Konolala,
ll-3ra Or J. IL COXET, IIIlo.
For HUo ami KaqutoM, Ml
Sch. Active,
Wl ran as a regular packet to tit aWra
porU, toochisg at LAHAJXA. rerfrtlrlt cil
pattage apply to L "-. .
Ilkeb LAU.es; '
11Jm Ageata.
For MokL
The Ecfaooaer
"Will ran as a veeular suA-tt W
lata aad VoUtai. tosebiaa- at 1
and Pakeo. For freight or paay
uh i-apuun on oeara cr
i'H' SKtl SHltf
it Sch;
yrm n a reslw vxiat a ttaR
psrts. " "'f ' "rrrrtji aaarir is- "
WALKKK t AS&m, ummi 1

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