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Director of the Government Press.
BE IT KNOWN to ill whom it may eon
etrn, tht Tbeodoxc C Hires, Esquire,
harinr presented to tbU Department bis Cora
mission from Hit Majesty William I., King of
Prussia, he, toe id IHEODoRr C ilsrcd
Esquire, is hereby acknowledged, by order of
tat Jung, as Ulnsnl lor the ortn uerman
Confederation, mt Honolalu, and all his official
acts, as such, arc ordered by His Majesty, to
receive fall faith and credit by the authorities
of this Government.
Given coder my hand and the Seal
of toe Foreign Omco at Honolulu,
this Ilia aay or August, 1665.
Vessel Wanted.
.Br authority of the Board of Immirration
the undersigned solicits proposals for fur-
nishine; a
Schooner or Other Vessel,
Of ruQeient capacity to accommodate
at least
Forty rmmljpmnt Pasmcngcra,
Such vessel will be required to proceed
to the
And such other points as mar be designated
br the Board, or the Agent who mar be se
lected, to take charge of the enterprise.
FKOPOSAXS will be received until the
First Day of September next.
Further information mar be obtained bj
application to
Bureau of Immigration, 1 FrecUent.
August 25th, 1&6S. ' J
Notice is hereby given that the Bon. Col.
D. Kalakana is this day appointed Acting
uovernoroi uanu aunng my absence.
Jxo. 0. Donmic
GoTercor's OBce, Aug. 15, 1S6S.
Thk foreign Dews presents several points
of interest as we glance over the progress
of events.
The political contest over the election
of a new President of the United States
is already absorbing general attention, and
displacing many other topics of interest
in less excitinsr times. The candidates of
the two great parties are nominated, and
the victory is already conceded in advance
to the Republican nominees.
The President, with the termination of
his office in full view, has proposed several
amendments to the Constitution in the
modes of electing the Chief Magistrate
his tenure of office, and ineligibility for re
election. The ideas involved in these
amendments .have for many years been
supported by tboujrhtfal and moderate
Americans, as a cure for the evils which
now flow from the modes of election, bat
that they will be engrafted in the Consti
tution" is extremely improbable.
The Parliament of England has been
prorogued, and the Disraeli Ministry re
main in power. An immediate dissolu
tion is probable, so that the elections may
held under the provisions of the Reform
Bill, and the sense of the new constituen
cies may be had on the political question
of the day before Parliament assembles,
in December.
The Queen has started on her proposed
continental trip, and at last accounts was
in Paris. She will visit Switzerland, and
be absent ecme weeks from England.
A revolution has occurred at Panama,
where the inhabitants found a new govern
ment, that of General Ponce, established
during the night without noise or blood
shed. In the elections the Liberals had
gained a victory only to find their triumph
annulled by a coup d'etat of the party in
office. No military opposition has been
raised against the new government, so that
it will quietly enjoy the fruits of its bold
nels and retain its hold upon the reins of
The first step of the new policy of China
has been successful. A treaty has been
concluded with the United States, which
wilt place the trade and intercourse of the
two countries on a more favorable basis
than hitherto. The ports of China are
made free to the commerce of the United
States, and all restrictions upon its citizens
for residing, travelling and engaging- in
trade, in any part of the country, are re
moved. They may also engage in the
coasting and liver navigation, and may
organize trade so as to buy directly from
the producer. Chinese in the United
States'are to receive protection of their
rights, have facilities of trade, may become
naturalized citizens and the United States
pledges itself, in connection with other
powers, to sustain what is known in China
as the co-operative policy. Mr. Burlin
game and the Embassy will proceed to
Europe in September, and the tone of the
English press indicates that a similar treaty
will meet with the favor of their govern
ment. The Suez Canal, it is now conceded,
will bo a success. M. Lessen has strug
"gled on through natural obstacles, and the
still more difficult ones of financial dis
trust, until the shares of his company find
ready sale upon the market- By reason of
assured success of the canal all the
shares, the last telegrams state, are taken
The saccess at Suez has drawn attention
again to Darien, and the possibility of a
canal through that isthmus. On one of
the proposed lines only 39 miles of cutting
is required to connect streams which
empty into the respective oceans. This
narrow, strip whatever may be the difficul
ties in its way, will be overcome whenever
ibis "thought Ibit' the canal will paj, and
is necessary to commerce-
Away in the Straits of Magellan there
is a stir of improvement and enterprise.
The Chilean Government has granted a
franchise to a company to run steam lugs
through the Straits, and establish there
the business of towing sailing vessels.
The government also are making liberal
offers to immigrants to settle in the Terri
tory of Magellan, not only givmg to the
settlers land, but providing even a part
of the passage money to steamers that
carry them.
The Pope has called a' general council
of the Roman Catholic Church to meet in
Borne, in December, 1E69. There has not
been such a council convened since that
of Trent, in 1545. All the religious world
will watch with profound interest the de
liberations and utterances of the council
the supreme authority in the Boman
Cuurcb, on doctrine and practice.
"The Aim California."
The Alia California probably prides
itself upon being a highly respectable
newspaper, the pink of propriety in jour
nalism, and the leader of good taste in the
quality and style of its articles. In its
own city and amoDg its own people, where
an offended public decency wculd tell upon
its profits, we presume the lack of editorial
discrimination in the admission of execra
ble articlespainted falsehoods, and vile
scandals, would soon be corrected, by
considerations brought to its notice in
tangible shape, and the gentlemanly in
stinct which ought to rule in the editorial
room, would soon be cultivated with an
assiduity refreshing to behold.
By what canon of taste ,lhe Alia can
stain its columns with such indecent letters
as its Hawaiian correspondents frequently
send, including " Sneezer" and " Ebenezer
Snickers," el id omnes genus, we are at
a loss to know, unless its editors believe
that all the twaddle, libels, and under-cur
rent scandal, picked up by its own and
specials" on these islands, are literary
gems of the first water. It is easy to cal
culate how the Attn would fall into quick
disrepute, if pursuing a similar treatment
of private parties in its own city, and pub
lic matters, it should publish the bar-room
talk and vulgar slanders picked up by a
silly itemizer in the purlieus of San Fran
cisco. We ore not surprised that ita correspon
dent, of the weekly of the 18th,-naively
say3, "I have more of the same sort to
send when properly axked!" cooked it
must be in order to suit the elegant taste
of the editors, to be given as interesting
matter to its readers.
Verily the Alta's correspondants are a
precious lot, or it may be that they cun
ningly know what sort of letters on Ha
waiian affairs will suit the Alia ; their idle
tales serving purposes not to be gained by
giving correct information, unvarnished
truth, and reliable facts. We pity its sub
scribers, so grossly treated with chaff in
stead of grain the Alia aims at being
Hun nllnii History, ly Ha
yyiiiiaas. The early history of all nations without a
literature. Is necessarily traditionary. That
of the Hawalians, previous to the advent of
the missionaries, Is of course derivable from
the traditions handed down from father to
son, of those families Immediately attendant
upon the chiefs, known by the term otiahiu
literally, body attendants. These body ser
vants constituted a class of themselves, and
it was their province cot only to wait on the
chiefs personally, but to carefully commit to
memory and to transmit to their successors,
everything connected with the birth and line
age of their lords quite after the style of
the bards and harpers of olden times In Brit
aln. On festive occasions, for the trratifica-
tlon of the chiefs or the amusement of the
guests, these melet'ia they were called ryth
mical chants were recited by the bards, and
thus became perpetuated from one genera
tion to another, the deeds and adventures of
the chiefs. Many of these mela, when prun
ed of the impurities so natural to an uncivil
ized people, are found to be highly poetical,
and are particularly valuable as presenting
the only medium ot ascertaining anything in
regard to HawaiUn history previous to what
we may term the conquest the conquest of
civilization over barbarism. Bat civilization,
with all its benefits, has not preserved the
nation. While. It gave them letters and en
lightened institutions of government, and
the religion of the Bible wa made to take
the place of the old heathen worship, the
people were taught to regard all ancient ens- j
toms and habits as antagonistic to the new
order of things, and to be discouraged and
frowned upon. The melts, those sole records
of the history of the race, were proscribed
and stigmatized as idle remnants of barbar
ism. So they fell Into disuse, wereforgotten,
oronlyrecitedinsecretbytheiaAtu. Among
the many donbtless fabolons statements of
these ancient compositions, there were un
questionably some grains of truth, which If
preserved might have rescued from oblivion
many Interesting circumstances to be woven
into the yet unwritten history of this Inter
esting people. It Is mnch to be regretted
that the early Christian teachers did cot, in
stead of discouraging, by ignoring If not in
terdicting these mtla, at least have had them
written down for preservation and subse
quent translation. Recently, that venerable
Hawaiian scholar and Ethnologist, the Rev.
Lorrin Andrews, commenced the work of
translating and rendering into English, some
of the most interesting of these ancient
poems, in which work he was assisted by
Mr. Samuel M. Kamakau, formerly a member
of the Legislature, and among the earlier
graduate of Lahalnaluna Seminary. Unfor
tunately, after the work bad been begun and
wa3 fairly procresslng. Mr. Andrews' failinir
evestrht compelled him to abandon it. and
it no w seems questionable whether any com
petent person with sufficient leisure at com
mand can be found to complete the under
takings In the native newspaper, the Kuoloa, Mr.
Kamakau has published daring the last two
yean in a series of numbers, sketches of the
history of the Kamebaraeba family, which
contain many Interesting particulars and In
cidents cot included- in any history hereto
fore published. Some of these we propose to
reproduce in English In the columns of
the Gazette, commencing on the outside of
to-day's issued ' I
The steamer IJaio, Capt Connor, arrived
at her wharf on Sunday morning, 11 days
from San Francisco. She brings papers of
the 11th Inst
We are indebted to Purser McClclIan for
files of the San Francisco dallies, and memo
randa of passengers and freight, which will
be found In the usual column.
The Montana, we hear, will be laid on the
line, shortly, to run in connection with the
Idaho. The Company have decided to lay
on two steamers, without accepting the sub
sidy provided by the Assembly at Its last
session. They are not willing to take It
with tin conditions annexed, but will de
pend upon the trade and passengers for sup
port. They have entered Into a contract.
with the Government whereby they bind
themselves to run two steamers regularly in
consideration of free wharfage, water, and
other privileges, such as were formerly con
ceded, to the Pacific Mall Company. The
line will be extended to Tahiti, whenever a
fair prospect of success apiears.
A few days after the arrival of the Idaho
in San Francisco, the Montana will be dis-
5atched, to be followed In due time by the
iaho. The time-table will be made up so
that a steamer will leave San Francisco every
third Wednesday, arriving here on a Mon
day, and leave Honolulu the following Sat
urday, thus securing a most desirable regu
larity. '
His Ex. C. do Varlgny and family were to
sail from San Francisco in the stea'mer of the
litb of August.
Admiral Thatcher also leaves for the East
by the same steamer.
Late Telegrams.
' American Aevrs.
New York. Auirnst 3d. Chas. G. Ilalpinc
(Miles O'Keillj) died to-dav from jm over
dose of chloro-form, administered to relieve
neuralgia of the brain.
Nasutille, August 4th. A bill has been
introduced In the Senate punishing persons
who anrx-ar marked in anv street- or road.
The bill provides a setere punishment for
persons belonging to the Ku-Klux-Klan. It
protides that members of these organizations
shall hereafter be ineligible to olllce. Per
sons about to be inducted into ottlce will be
required to take oath that they have never
been identified with such organization. The
bill w ill probably pass.
MoNTGOMEitr, Ala., August 5th. The Se
nate, with one dissenting vote, passed the
bill for the removal of political disabilities.
It provides that disabilities be removed on
filing an application with the Probate Judge.
No oath is required.
New 1'obk, August 5th. The text of a
Convention with Mexico is published. A
Commission appointed to adjust the claims
of the citizens'of the two countries. Another
Convcutlou Is published, regulating the citi
zenship of emigrants from one to the other
country ; also, a Consular Convention. All
were concluded during Romero's recent visit,
Locisville, Ky., August 5th. The Demo
crats estimate Stevenson's majority for Gov
ernor at 70.000.
Wahingtox, August 7th. The gas-main
in the Capitol exploded to-day with great
force, blowing out all the heavy framework
surrounding it, and tearing the doors and
windows to splinters. The explosion for a
time created nljrra for the safety of the build
lng Fortunately, no one was in the vici
nity, therefore nobody was Injured. The,
damage will be promptly repaired.
Washington, August 7th. The public
debt statement, August 1st, shows the total
debt to be, less cash in Treasury $2,522,534,
ISO 47. Of the amount In Treasury Jsi,40y,
817 93 is coin, and S2ti,OH,S5S,21 is currency.
Washington, August 8th. General Rose
crans arrived to-day and had a long Inten lew
with the President. He subsequently re
ceived Instructions from Secretary Seward in
relations to the American claims and a new
treaty with Mexico. The General will leave
soon for Mexico.
New Tons, August 8th. Mrs. Commodore
Vandcrbilt has been struck by paralysis.
The funeral of General llalpiue to-day was
largely attended by military, civil, Govern
ment, State and city officers, etc
Chicago, August 8th. Gen. Grant arrived
at Galena, bis old home, yesterday, and was
received with the utmost enthusiasm, the
entire population turning out to welcome
mm. in the evening a torchlight procession
marched to the General's residence and
serenaded him. The General appeared on
the balcony, and expressed his heartfelt
thanks for the cordial greeting of old friends
and neighbors. He annonnced his intention
to remain in Galena for a fortnight.
Boston, August 8th. In response to Invlta
Hons to address some Republican Clubs,
Charles Francis Adama declines enter into an
active political canvass, preferring rest and
retirement He declares, however, that his
principles nave unoer-gone no cnange.
Rna-rnv 4 .... , Ct. 1? T .. t T
U.l , U(U?. utu. UUIICI IUUUUU-
ces himself a candidate for relection to Con
gress. He will have a strong opposition for
me iiepuoucan nomination, his principal
opponent oeingdujuiani lieucrai acnoteler.
European IVcvrs.
New Tobk, August 2d, The harvest re
ports from the south of France, Hungary and
Belgium are that the wheat crop being bar
vested is very abundant The jield Is very
large, tnongn in some regions me quamy is
not so good as usual.
The Grand Ducbv of Baden has declined
the invitation of Bavaria to take part In a
quinary convention ui me souineru uerman
Princess Charlotte has passed Into a stage
of violent madness, her fixed Idea being tbat
she is kept a prisoner by her family, and that
sne must escape to gel to her unsound at
A council of Austrian Ministers has de
finitely settled tbat the title of the Austrian
umpire is to oe the Austro-iiungarlan Hon
The Holy See Is disposed to recommend to
me Aosman msnops tne attitude 01 concilia
tion, and in particular tbat the; should avoid
all steps which ran be considered as inter-
lerence In political aluirs.
Vienna, August 3d. Despatches from
Bucharest report a fight near Ituetzk, be
tween the Tnrklsh troops and tbeinsnrgents.
The latter were defeated. It is rumored tbat
the Turkish gunboats were fired on from the
shore in the neighborhood of Navcook.
London, August 4th. The iioyal Com
mission on the Irish Church Establishments
in Ireland reoort ciuhtv to be maintained on
reduced incomes. It also reports in favor of
measnres to encourage tenants under cnurcn
leases to purchase the property. Paris gossip
states that in September the tinperor will
publish two manifestoes one w 111 be a letter
to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, vindicat
ing the foreign policy ot tne tmpire; the
other will be a proclamation to the French
people, appealing to tbem for a continuance
of confidence in the dvnasty of Napoleon.
The meeting of the German Rifle Associa
tion is progressing at Vienna.
Cholera prevails on the Barbary Coast
In one place, 555 out of a population of3,000,
have died. Great havoc has been made
in several other towns.
Paris, August 6th. Queen Victoria reach
ed here last evening. She was received at
the station by the Empress Eugenie and
firoceeded to the Tuileeries. The Queen
eaves to-night for Switzerland.
Madrid, August 6th. The Spanish Gov
ernment has declined to assume t he Protecto
rate of Saint Thomas, proffered. by one of
the political parties.
Liverpool August 6th. Jeff. Davis ar
rived here last night
Paris, Angnst 6th. Despatches from va
rious parts of Spain represent the whole
country to be iu a state of disquiet; the ut
most efforts of the Government are required
to prevent an outbreak.
Constantinople, August 7th. The Sub
lime Porte has formally proclaimed tbe eldest
son of the Viceroy of Egypt the rightful
legitimate successor to tne vice regal throne,
In the event of tbe death of Ismail Pacha.
Florence, August 7th. The Italian Gov
ernment has agreed to pay that portion of
me aeniiormca oy tne fa pal province, which
is held in France to look to these provinces
for reimbursement
London, August 8th. Late telegrams from
Shanghai bring the following:
A French trading station near the frontier
link of Cochin-Cbina was attacked on the
16th of J une by a band of Anna rebels. The
post contained twenty-four men, an told,
who made a valiant resistance, but after a
desperate fight were overpowered, captured
and massacred. A strong French force was
subsequently sent against tbe baud, and on
the 21st of June, altera sharp fight, tbe
French succeeded in recapturing the position
and dispersing the rebels.
Sax Francisco, Aug. 11th, 1663.
The rUtljirocltjr Treaty
From the tcnorof your newspaper articles
and private correspondence, I infer that no
subject at present mooted, la pregnant with
half so much Interest to your people as the
fate of the Reciprocity Treaty. I am sorry
to be the medium of couveylng to you bad
news on this head, but tbe necessltv so or
dains it, and I simply comply with a disagree
able duty of my vocation. Congress ad
journed without ratifying the Treaty, and
unless some strong pressure can be brought
to bear upon its members, when tbat body
re-assemoies, uvoraoie to us endorsement,
there is scarcely a doubt of its defeat. We
have intelligence from 'Washington to the
effect (that a protracted discussion of the
merits and demerits of the Treaty occurred
in executive session of tbe Senate on the
24th of July. A correspondent, speaking of
mat event, says:
" The main objection to the Treaty was Its
reciprocity nature. Although there was a
considerable Influence In favor of the treaty
as suie to secure many benefits to tbe ihjdu-
latlon of the Pacific Coast, the supremacy of
.American muuencc in ine isianus, yet tneir
isoiaira geographical position, it was con
sidered, will force annexation as the most
ready means or overcoming the present draw
backs of a fair grow th ot agricultural pro-
uucis wuuoui a inarKei in wuicn to dispose
of them. By rejecting all overtures ol the
proposed treaty, everything Is anticipated in
me way oi securing more intimate relations
wiin mese gems oi me racinc
The Chicago' Ibtt has an article on the
Treaty. It says:
Sir. Fessenden's opposition to the Sand'
wlch Island Reciprocity Treaty is based on
the ground that the importation of rice,
sugar, and other products, duty free, would
Injure the prospects of the Southern States,
without any commensurate advantage to tbe
iron and grain of the North. Properly re
garding the products of tbe Islands as whollv
inadequate to the supply of our markets, if
Mr. r. uau eaiu mai me ircaiy wouiu only
nave me encci iu raise tne price ot island
sugar, coffee and rice at home, without
cheapening them here, as the producers
would hold them but a shade below Cuba
sugar, India rice, and Rio coffee, upon which
duty is paid, he would have come nearer the
mark. Reciprocity offered bv these islands.
snarsclv uonulated and mtnrnilnrllri, hv r,n.
son of the indisposition of the people to
work, is one thing; but reciprocity with
Cuba, having (ho power to give us all the
sugar wu can take, Is another. Tho treaty
will not be ratified.
Perhaps a change of opinion will take place
in the minds of Congressmen when they
again come together. In order to induce
that change the King's Government should
leave no effort untried. An active and Intel
ligent agent acting for you at Washington,
ruigui eueci wonders. But lew oi me scua
tor- will familiarize themselves with the
terms and conditions of the treaty, unless
their attention is directed towards and fixed
upon that Instrument They will content
lueiuseivcs oj accepting me statements ana
following In tbe wake of two or three such
men as Fesscndcn. Hence .the propriety of
exerting every innuence in tvasiungton,
through direct personal effort, to accomplish
lue cna bo mucn aesirea.
At last Congress has appropriated $7,200,-
000 to pay for Russian America. The Czar
was becoming a little Impatient over the
matter. It looked to him as if, having taken
first military, aud then civil possession of a
portion oi nis domain, congress Intended to
shirk Its obligations and repudiate the debt
On this snbject an eastern correspondent
wruing 10 a iainornia paper, says:
"An American who arrived last week from
St Petersburg, and who has lived man wears
in Russia, told me that the feeling engender
ea ny me non-payment oi tne stipulated
sum was most unfortunate, and, if persisted
in, mere migut oe very serious compuca
tlons." - J f
The laws of the United States hive
fully extended over the new purchase by
Congressional enactment Until otherwise
proided, It is enacted that jurisdiction in all
cases of violations of law arising under the
act establishing civil government, "and of
the several laws thereby to said Territory
aim naiers mereoi, commiuea wiinin me
limits ol the same," shall belong to "any
District Court of the United States In Calf.
fornla or Oregon, or in the District Court of
Washington," etc.
Treatr with China.
This doenment contains one or two re
markable features. Mr. Burllnghame has
provea nimseii an aoepi at diplomacy in
securing, for instance, the acknowledgment,
which even enlightened Great Britain has
never consented to make, that citizens of the
enlightened "Central Flowery Kingdom"
may exercise the privilege of expatriation I
Heretofore, those who left the Empire were
required to give bond for their return dead
or alive; and hence the power acquired by
tbe different Chinese corapauies of this city,
who became tbe responsible parties to en
courage immigration, provide laDor lor the
immigrants after they arrived, attend to
having their bodies collected (no matter in
what part of the country they died and were
buried) and see tbat tbey were shipped back
to metriormer nomesm tnina. Heretofore,
also, according to the provisions of this
treaty, citizens of the United States will be
permitted to reside or travel in certain speci
fied parts of China, not only unmolested by
me uninese uuiuonues, uui actually snnject
to their official recognition and protection I
The world progesses 1 Perhaps our children
may live to sec this grand Empire ot heath
ens ereciea mio a itcpuoncan government,
professing and practicing the doctrines of the
cnnsiian religion 1 1
From Honolulu.
A passenger came from tour port on the
Montana, not entered on tne rursers list.
Saturday, the Stb, at Robinson's tropical
fruit store, as tbe men were opening a box
oi limes irom your islands, tney captured a
lively specimen of the centipede, from seven
to eight inches in length. The "varmint"
was killed before doing harm, although he
snowed nimseii penecny wining lorangnt
Industrial Fair.
The Sixth Industrial Fair of the Mechanic's
Institute opened for the first time on Satur
day night Not more than one-third of the
exhibitois have plaeed their goods, and yet
me scene was exceedingly orlillant the
Pavilion, located on Union Square, and occu
pying almost its entire extent, is oblong in
shape, 2S8 feet long by 160 feet wide, with a
transverse section at the west end, 205 feet
in width, for an Art Gallery. A spacious
gallery traverses the entire structure at a
height of 22 feet from, the floor, used as a
promenade, and from which the bird's-eye
view is dazzling and beautiful. Tbe whole
is lit at night by about 1.200 gas lets, and a
band of music performs during the hours of
afternoon aud evening. In the middle of
tbe bonding Is a fountain, with a circle of
nearly a hundred 'small jets, casting their
watery tribute towards ,a common centre,
from which proceeds a larger volume, rising
to the height of 20 or CO feet, as desired, and
falling in a shower of spray into the marble
tank beneath. At either end of tbe basin Is
also a water jet, emitting a volume only less
in dimensions man mat oi me centre the
whole constituting a most refreshing and at
tractive feature of the Fair; whlcb, I now
feel satisfied, will prove to be tbe grandest
ever held In this city. It will prove worthy
of a visit even from the Hawaiian Islands :
and I promise yon, Mr. Editor, If yon will
come over to see it, your 'hat shall be
chalked" during- the entire period of tbe
show. For particulars, I refer you to the
descriptions contained in the morning pa
pers. As a proof tbat the beginnlni; waa
suspicion, I may state that the receipts of
menrst evening were over il.WJ. The en
tire cost of tbe Pavilion will be nearly 230,000.
Dai, a luinik n mil pay.
Small-Fox. t
It is a difficult matter to tell how "many
deaths have occurred in San Francisco from
this loathsome epidemic since it made Its
first appearance. I think, however, it would
be safe to say that the number falls within
three hundred. There have probably been a
thousand cases of it, in alL No panic exists
in consequence of its presence, although tbe
parents of tbe poorer classes of children are
having their little ones vaccinated in tbe
City Health Office, and otherwise, as rapidly
as possible. As yet, I bare heard of no in
stance in which it has broken out in any of
the public schools,' and so long as tbcy.are
exempt from its attacks, no particular sppre
hension will be experienced in reference to it
" - 1
Offers for Sale
IVcw awl Desirable Goods
B. G. Wylie from Hamburg,
Wilholm I. from Bremen
Ceylon from Boston,
Steamers Idaho and Montana,
By Every Packet from San Francisco
as roLLOws :
Shipment per R. C. Wylie,
Dry Goods, &c.
JJ quality and new styles.
White Cottons, Bine Cottons, Drown Drills,
Bine Drills, Heavy Blue Denims a sun'r art
Assorted Colored Bunting, Large sired Cotton
and Woolen Blankets of assorted colors.
Fine Black Baratheas, Black and Colored De
laines, Cashmeres, Ae, Black, White and Blue
CoburjTj and Alpacas, Superior White and
Drab moleskin, n bite and Blue Flannels,
Black Silk in pieces. Bareee for vails, etc.
Black Crape, Fine Black and Blue Broadcloth,
Checked Donlas, Pantaloon Stuff, Victoria
Lawn; alosquito Nettings, Burlaps and Hes
sians, Fancy Jlcrinoj anil Cashmeres.
A Complete and well selected Assortment of
Cotton, tinen. Doeskin, Cashmere and Fine
Cloth Coats, also. Pantaloons of various styles
and qualities. Fins White Manila and Black
tuiin vests, etc, ete.
In creat variety and stvles. vii : Wh M,!.
polam and Fancy Bosom Shirts, Whits and
Printed Cotton and Hickory Shirts, Fine
White Linen Bosom and all Linen Shirts,
Plain, Colored, Striped and Fancr Colored
Flannel Shirts, assorted. Heavy Grey and
jiuo xiannei omns, open front Shuts,
A Choice Assortment of Men's Cotton, half
ttooi, Merino and Silk Undershirts and Draw
ers all large sues. A complete invoice of
-lien s cocks in lotion ana ool white, col-
orea ana laney. Ladies' iine White and
lilacs: stockings, superior quality.
Of Different Qualities and Styles.
Boots, Shoes and Gaiters,
Of the very best of German and French man
ufacture, in Calfskin, Cloth, Cashmere, Patent
L,eatner, etc, ete, etc.
Saddlery, &c,
Men's' Superior English, German and French
caaaies large. .Ladies Saddles, Bridles of
various styles, Bitts, Spurs, Saddle Cloths, Ac
Groceries & Provisions,
Crushed Sugar in half barrels, Superior West
phalia llams, Bologna bautages, sardines in
ball and quarter boxes. Anchovies and Bar-
delles in stone jars, Vinegar in 3 and 5 gallon
demijohns, assorted Fruits in Syrups, Fruits
in sugar, amlla Chocolate.
Spirits, Wines & Beer,
Casks very Superior Pale Brandy, Fine old
Sherry in wood, Superior Port Wine. Spark
ling noes, inampagne, Clarets, tbe Celebra
ted Gin of Reyenbende and Sons. Schiedam.
Ale and Porter in quarts and pints, of the well
known Brewery of Deetjcn A Schroeder, Ham-
nnrg, tbe famous tiebfranenmucb liock.
From the cheapest to the best liar an a
Sailors' Sheath Knives and Jack Knives.
Also A Choice Assortment of Fancy Cut
lery of different sites and patterns, Needles,
No. 1 to 10, Violin Strings, Playing Cards,
Jensharps, assorted Feather Dusters, Gents'
and Ladies' Superior Kid Gloves.
UMBKELLAS---Cotton, Alpacca and
Silks or various colors and patterns. .Macas
sar Oil, Children's Toys, Dolls, Water Colors,
Beads, Suspenders of various qualities and
patterns. Wrapping Paper.
PAINTS AND OII.S"Superior White
Lead, Zine White, Boiled Linseed Oil.
CASKS ZINC, in Sheets of 36 by 72 and
37 by SI inches.
ItOLLS SHEET LEAD, of 2, 21,3.
3, i, & and 6 pounds per square foot.
ROUND BAR IRON, from 9 to H
inches diameter.
WINDOW GLASS, in boxes of SO feet
eaeh, from 13 by 21 to 30 by -10 inches.
Besidee Other merchandise,
Downer's best Kerosene Oil. in i eallon tins.
Fresh California Lime. Best Portland Cement,
Rosendale Cement, 31arble Dost and Plaster
of Paris. Roofing Felt, Superior Kona Coffee.
Also, Jr irst Bhlpraent 01 the well known
3IESS BEEF, packed b)- C. Bertle-
mann, on Kauai,
Just Received and Ready for Inspection.
Expected Daily to Arrive per
Ceylon from Boston,
Bales best Araoskeag Denims, White and Blue
Sewint; Cotton, Caes Fine Merrimae Prints
Assorted Patterns, Superior White and Brown
Cottons and Drills for family use, Lampwiek,
American Saddles large size. Hunt's Superior
Handled Ases asserted sizes, Native Spades,
best make (Oo's), Card Matches, Guttapercha
Hose and Couplings, J inch, etc. Saltpetre,
Mason's best Blacking, Barrels Turk's Island
Salt, ete, ete, ete.
Also, Soon to Follow per
Willielm I.,
German, English & French Goods,
To be Specified Without Delay.
XI ic Steamers unci Packets
From San Franeueo, by every trip, will bring
Invoices or 3iv and Dealrmble
Consisting of all the various branches of man
ufactures and provisions of California,
the Eastern States, England, and
the Continent of Europe,
Which Shipments will be ClassiSed on arrival.
All of the above is offered for Sals at Reason
able rates by
32-3 si Cor. Tort X Merchant Street. '
Wines, Liquors and Beers, -
COGNAC, Pints and Quarts, .
COGNAC, Superior Quality,
HOLLAND GIN, in Green Cases.
French Wines.
Chateau Csmteznerle,
Slilon Clerk,
USarfranx tin Tertre,
DEETJEN'S PACE ALE, pints k qts,
Alcohol, 96 per cent. Full Proof.
F. A.
Snlo nt
Licenses Expiring in Aug., 1868.
KETAIl., Honolulu Ant;. 11th Ilookan, 21th
On ClK)nf, :ith Richards X Co, 30th 1U Cna,
tta T. II. Darin: runalua, 0ha, 1Mb Avon; lllks
HawalL 30th J. 11. Coner: PalllnK. Hawaii, (th An
Tlln i Co.: yanro. IoI. Slit A. A. Co; Klep,
lerA M.nl.lit 3. UiSHtui; Houuaula, Maul, 21t
c MCrr ; Haaai, iota unuian uroiners.
WHOLESALE Honolulu, 211b Kltbinla Co.
RETAIL SFllUTS Honolulu. 10th Lemon; 22nd
WHOLESALE SPIRITS Honolalu, 2eth Rltion.
T1CTCALLISG Honolulu, lit Ahwoo; 21th Ga
St. Lorn Y.k.
PLANTATION Lais, Oahn. flh Geo. X.loAer;
Kobals, Hawaii, 30th J. Wight; lit Kohala Sugar
billiards Honolulu, ,tn .tone a Krcfrer,
BOAT Lahatua. 4th S. Luuloa: Via Krawe, It Ho.
Hawaii. 30-ltn
The A 1 Clipper Bark
' g-'l JEt. s a? j3l asr g-
GrilHtlis, minuter,
tbe 11th of June, with a FULL CARGO
Selected trltli Great Care for
Tlilt UlarUet.
THE PRINTS are especially suited to the
present taste, and contain many novel and
choice styles.
Samples expected per Montana,
30-lm THEO. H. DAVIES.
For Sale Cheap 1
rr lo-iiousE power ivn
J complete fixings, warranted new and
with all the latest improvements, to be had at
a low figuro at
OSei for Setlo
To Arrive Here the Coming Fall,
AVII,Iir.I,:?l I, from Hrcmcii,
A. J. POPE, from IVeM- Uedlbrd
Victoria Lawns,
Brown, White, Blue k Turkey Red Cottons
Brown and Blue Cotton Drills,
Hickory Stripes, Tickings,
Blue Denims, Blankets.
Flannels, Moleskins,
Eastings, Ginghams, Ebeetingi,
Linen, Imperials, Burlaps,
Floor Oil Cloths, Handkerchiefs,
Towels, Ponchos, Woolen Braids,
English Linen Thread A Sewing Cotton,
Picture Cords, Clothing, Shirts, Hosiery,
Ladies' and Gents' Hats and Caps,
Silk & Merino Dress Goods,
Table Covers and Counterpanes,
Cotton and Silk Umbrellas,
Combs and Hair Brushes.
Bright Fencing Wire, No. 58, Sheet Zine,
Sailors' Pocket k Sheath Knives,
Knives and Forks,
Shot, Nos. 2, 3, 4, 6, 8,
Yellow Metal Sheathing,
Composition Nails.
Wines, Beers, & Spirits,
Roofing Nlatcs,
niackHmltliB' Coal,
ar'Irc and Pipe Clay.
Hemp Canvas,
Cordage and Sail Twine,
Invoices of Provisions and Groceries,
Invoices of Wooden ware,
Invoices of Hardware.
flUlLE i,KE,
Cotton Canvas and Sail Twine,
I Oflered Ibr Sale, Before or
on Arrival,
Tbe aehooner
jilt TML j&.JL-r
HAMLIN, Master, -
Will run regularly for the above porta. For
freight or passage apply to
u, u. lUKBiCKT, Honolulu.
Or J. H. CONEY, Hilo.
San FrawiscB ad HhbKm Lm.
The Company's Splendid A I Steamship
mt idaho,
F. CONNOR. Commander,
Will Ieavs her wharf for aa Fraaeiteo, ea
Saturday1, An sr. 99, at 4 X. SC.
On her arrival, tha Co'a Steamship MON
TANA will be dispatched for Honolulu, to b
followed la 3 weeks by the IDAHO.
jLilirral Advance Made ou aH
Shipment per Kteataer.
Insurance guaranteed at lower rates thaa by
sailingvessels. Particular car taien cf ship
ments of Fruit.
All order for Good to b purchased ufSaa
Francisco, will be received and filled by re tars
of Steamer. H. HACKFELD k CO.,
21-3m Arsntj.
aOShipmenta from Europe: and th United
States, Intended for these Islands, will be ra
c!ved by tbe Company ;n San Francisco, it
comirntd to them, and be forwarded by their
Steamers to Honolulu, im or cnAi, ex
cept actual outlay.
For Bremen. Direct.
The A 1 Hawaiian Clipper Bark
II. HATTEBKA35, Majter,
WILL HAVE DISPATCH for tho abort port.
For freight or passage, offering superior ac
commodations, apply to
3t-tt If. HACKFELD A CO.
For Victoria, B. C.
J. A. Gardiner, flatter.
tho above port. For frelcbt or passage apply
to 30-3tl THEO. 11. DAVIES. AgX -
For Portland. Oregon.
MILLEIt, Master,
Now dne from Houboldt Bay, WILL HAVE
DISPATCH for tho above port on her arrival.
tor rrsigbt or passage, having superior ao
commodations for Cabin and Steers go passtn
gers, apply to
30 Agenta.
For San Francisco:
Tho following First-Class Ves.JCSH
sels will ran regularly in th. jESt
Honolulu Lino:
. C. Ml'KKAY,
Eor Freight or Passage, having Saporior
Accommodations for Cabin and Steorag Pas
sengers, apply to
20-3m Agents.
K.IX1 -5lUEj3l,
Will run during the present quarter at follows
Monday, Juno 29 Monday, July 20
Monday, July 8 Monday, July IT
Monday, July 13 Monday, Anguit 3
Laying up tho 'Weok conuaeuelag Aug. 10.
Monday, August 17 Monday, September 7
Monday, August 21 Monday, September 11
Monday, August 31
At H r. a., precisely, touching at
Makci'i Landing,
Kawalhae, and
Kealakekna, Wednesday, about noon,
Kaliaa, Wednesday evenings,
Kawalhae k Mahukona, Thursday evenings,
Arriving back at Honolulu Saturday mornings.
21- WALKER A ALLEN. Agents.
Carrying tie Unaaiian Mail tcitiout Sultidyl
Will Leave Honolulu Every Saturday,
at Fonr o'clock p. x., Retnrslag', will tear.
Nawiliwili every Tuesday afternoon.
For Freight or Passage, apply to
2-3m b. FOSTER t CO.
Will run regularly as a Packet between Hono
lulu and Hilo. For freight or passage, apply
onboard, or to CUUNd UOON.
2-3m A Ktat.
For Lahaina andjakee's taftig.
The On clauucli clipper schooner
E. D. CP.ANE, Muter.
Will run rezularlv and Tinnriniih v.
above route. For frelzht or rtaaaara armlv
to the Master on board, or to r
-" V. BKEWER & CO.
For Hilo and KajflakKea, HtwiH.
Sch. Active,
Will run a, a regular packet to tho al.v.
porta, touching at LAUAiNA. Forfr.irht or
passage apply to
21-5 nt
For Hilo and jBomea, Hawaii.
iss Sch. Annie,
p I. ; For f"'Iit or passag applv to
2t-3m WALKER A A LLEN,A rents.
Hawaiian Rice
ale in qusntitlea to suit by
on A. 8. CLEOHORN.
zo-lT Agent Honolulu Bice MIU.
rnilE UNDEKJ$IGXB, ittteatUfisr
X to leave this Kingdom, hereby reVaiTti
all persona indebted to him to taaie isavtdp
ate payment, and those having eUisas against
him will pleas, present th. iun for.iVttlo
ment. 2Llm 0. FEED. PFLUGER. J

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