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Trt-ntj -tritsa !palBU
Kyaw m Mil. That, whereas His Msjesty, tie
Kirr;. Her Majesty, tbe Qaeea ef Spain, did, en
tie 8th day af October, is the ;ui of Ocr Lert
Eighteen Hundred ui Sixty-three, at Londtn. by
their respectire Plenipotentiaries, negotiate a Treaty
rf peace tad friendship, which said Treaty I wcrd fer
ward as fellows :
HerjMajrsty, tit Queen cf Spain, cn the one put,
and Bis Majesty, tbe King af tba Hawaiian Islands,
on tbe ether part, deslriag to iacilitata tba eatallish
raeataf commercial relatif cs between Spaia aad tbe
Hawaiian Islands, sad to fares their dcieiopccat by
a Treaty of amity, earameree. aad aarigation, suited
far securing to tba twa countries eual aad reciprocal
idiitUrti, bate samiaatad ta this purpose fer their
Plenipotentiaries), that ii ta eayr Her Msjesty, tba
Qaeea af Spaia. Da a Jean, , Tome a., Comyn,. Knight
Graad Cross of the Reysl Order ar Isabella the Cati
ehe, Kaight Ooramaudcr af tbe'Heyal aad distin
guished Order of Charles tba Third, Graad Cross of
tba Order af FhiUif tba Magnanimous af Hesse, of
that af Christ ar Portugal, Ae-. Graad Ofieer of the
Legion af Hoaar of France, Coataasder of tba
Orders of Oar Lady of VBlarieiosa cf Portugal aad
of tha Bad Eagle of Prussia. Ac Chamberlain cf
Her Cathelie Majesty, Uta Royal Counselor in Extra
ordinary aad Her actual Enrer Extraordinary aad
Mln Plenipotentiary at tba Ceurtef Her Britannic
Majesty ; aad Hii Majesty, the King of tba Hawaiian
Islands, Flr.'Jeba Bewric g, Kalgbt Bachelor of Great
Britain. Who baring mcUaliy communicated their
pawen aad leaad thara ia red aad tnc form, hate
agreed aa tba feUewixg Articles :
Artitlt 1. There shall be parpataal peace aad con
stant friendship between the Kingdom of Spain aad
that of tba Hawaiian Ialaadi, aad between tha citizens
of tha two countries, without axctptiaa cf persea it
pUce.' f .
-irtufc;. There shall be. between Spain aad tba
HawaHaa Iilaadi, reciprocal freedom ia eamcerre
aad aarigatioo. Spaatards in tba Hawaiian Islands,
aal BawaHaa saVJeets ia Spaia. insy eater ia tba
seme Hrty aad seesrity wkh their ressels aad car
goes as are eajctred by the naUres of the respectire
countries ia all place, parts aad riters, which are or
siaH la igtare be apea ta foreign commerce. proTided
always, that tha paKca regalatieas employed for the
praCeatiaB f tha cstilras of the Best farored cations
ha respected.
UrtMr 3. The ertUens of each of tha aoatraetiss;
Parties Esay.Hke the satires in the respective terri
teries. trael or reside, trade wholesale or retail, let
r soap J the haatel. stores aad shops which the;
'f itaare j th raaj earrr on the transport af
taerehaadise aad naaej. and rtcetTe canaissaeats
the J sar alta. whaa thej base resided man than a
jaar ta the caaotrj-, aed their gaads, chattels or
ssorahies wbUh the; these possess shall ofer a saf
cseat saaaritT. be admitted as rare ties La Castam-
Hossa traasaotKas. Tha aHiiesi of bath eesctnes
shall, as a taariar; af parsaat cqaalitT, be free bath
ta parehasa aad U sell, to eiUblijh and to x the
prko af geods, merehandiea, aad artielas af ererj
Ustd, wketaer fen parted ar af horae raaaafaetere.
whether Mt ttatae wssarsrtion or far uwttatioB.
Tha j shast afia esjar IttertT ta earrr an their business
theaualres, to preseat to the Castea-Heate their own
daatarataaes. at to hare their place suppled bj their
era AlUrcers, Tactors, Caniigaeas, Agents or In
terpreters, whether, ia tha parehase ar sale af their
gaods. their property er rarrcVaadisa, whether far tha
laadteg or aaaaadfaig. or af tha expedition of their
Tessets. Ther shall also hare the right to faiSU all
the texSeci that are eoe&ded to then bj their awn
eoaairrsea, bj strangers, or by natires ia tha patt
tioa of Attorneys, Facters, AgenU, Caatignees, ar
Interpreters. For the rertoncaaea of all these aets
they ehalf'canfsTst to all the laws and regulations of
the eoostry. aai they shall not be sabject in any case
ta aay ather abarges. restrtetiaas. taxes or isposU
tiasis than thase ta wbieh the catires are sabject,
prarMed always, that the police regnlatieaseiapieyed
far the prataetaaa af the otiiecs af the most farored
r aliens be respected. It is also specially prarided
that aH tha adraauges of any hied wbateter acta ally
gristed by tha laws and decrees now ia force, ar
wkioh ahaB la fatare bo acoorded ta fereiga settlers,
shsJI be gaaraateed ta Spaniards established, or who
iha!$tahlih,,lhea;ejse ia whiterer ccsitienshey
rny'dctc f t falbe BawaSaa territory; and the iiai
shaB bead good fer HawaHaa sabjeets ta Spain.
AnifU 4. The mpeetiTe cttixeas af the two conn
tries shaB enjoy th'e moat eaastaat aad complete pro-
teetiaB far their perseas and property. Canseqnently,
they ahaB bare free aad easy access ta tha Courts af
JastJee la tha pars ait and defense af their rights ia
ejrrxjcstaace aad degree of jarisdietiea established
ty the lawj. They shall be at Hlerty nader any
cireamstaaca ta employ lawyers, adrocates or ageats
from izrcu, wbara they may see t to aatharire, to
sefia hatr aamei la ise, tbey shall la all repects,
eajay the same rights aad pri rile ges which are graated
ta satires, and they shall be subject to the lace con
ArtUit S, Spaniards ia the Hawaiian Islands, and
BawaSiM in Spain, shaB be exempt from all terriee,
whether la tba army or Bary, or ia the aatsoaal gaard
er rsiBtia, and they can not be sabject to any other
charges, restrictiaas, taxes or impositions on their
property, forattare or BOTabtes, than those t which
ui cauras tcemselres are sabject.
JrrtWe C The cMsens af bath eonntries respect.
Irely shaB not be sabject to any embargo, car ta be
detained with their vessels. Inggage, cargoes, or com -
Bcrrial effects, far aay mBitary expeJilian whaterer,
ar far aay poMie Srpriraie serrice whaterer, anless
the Gorwrsmeat or local aathorities shall hareipreri
easly agreed with tha parties interested that a jast
isdemaiiysbaBbe grastrd fr sach serrice, aad fsr
tach eampeasatlea as might fairly be repaired fer the
wrsrf , wiici aot betas; partly fartaitocs, cay hire
grawa eat of the serrice which they hare relnotarily
Jirtitit T. Cciiteas of either of the contracting
Parties siaH, aa tha respectire territsries, hare tha
rlgkUf possessing property af any sort, and or dis
posing cf it ea the same coaditiens as catire sabjeets.
Spaniards shaB enjay, in aB the BawaSaa territo
ries, tha right of collecting aad transmitting iccces
lieej i tafntota, or testameslary, as UawaBas:,
accardias; to tha taws of tha eacntry, withoat being
sabject ed as strasgerf to any bsrthaa or ispest which
is ret paid by the natires.
BeesyroeaBy, BawaHaa sabjeets shaB enjay la
Spaia tha right of ce&ectiag and trassmitticg sso
ccasicas i ixUtalc, cr tcstaaeatary, oa tha same
eocditieas as Spaniards, aeeardirg to the laws of the
eoaatry, aad wiiheet being sabject as strangers to
any charge ar impost not paid by the catires,
Tha aaaa reciprocity between tha citiiecs af the
twa cowatrias shall eiijt for derariens Inter itns.
On the eipcrtation of property, eollacted. or acqaired
asderaay head by Spaniards ia the BawaHaa Islands,
or by HawaHaa la Spaia, there shall be ao duty ea
l-al ar emlgratloa, ccr aay doty whaterer ta
which satire are cot sabjeeted.
Jsticle . AB Spanish or Hawaiian Tassels saSiag
rcder their TrtpectiTe colon, aad which sasB be
laarm of tha ship's papers aad doesmeata reiiired
ty the laws cf their respectire caantries, shall bo
cosaideret at aatieaal ressels.
JstitU 9. Spanish rtsaels vhich shaB arrire either
ia haSast er ladee, la BawaHaa ports, or which shall
trathe same, aad, reciprocally, Hawaiian ressels
which titter U ballast or laden, enter or learo the
ports af Spain, whether by sea, ar by siren or canals.
wtaUrrr be tie place of their departure or that of
their destination, shall sot be sabject, either at entry
ez depart, to duties oa Uncage, port or transit,
p3ttage, anchorage, shifting, Eght-hoose, stake,
cacslr, quarantine, aalrage, bndias; varahoeises,
patent, brokers pa, carigatioB, passage, er to aay
dscs er e barges whaterer levied oa the balks of
Ttasals received cr establish id fer tha bereit of tha
J Government of the public functionaries, eommanes
j or establishment of aay sort, other than those which
are bow, or may bere alter bo lerieU oa sauoaai
JLrtictt 10. Ia all that regards the stationing, the
loading and nnlcaJisg of ressels ia the ports, road
steads, harbors sad docks, aad generally for aB the
formalities and arrangements whatever to which ves
sels employed ia eoomerce with Iheir freight and
leadiag may bo sabject, it Is agreed that no privilege
shall be graated to national ressels which shaB Dot
be equally granted to vessels of the other country,
the iatcatiea of the high eantneting Parties being
that ia this respect also, the respective ressels shall
be treated cn the footing of perfect eqnality.
Article II. Vessels of the sabjeets or the con
tracting Parties, compelled to seek shelter la tha
ports of the other, shall pay neither oa the vessels
aer the cargo, more duties than those levied oa na
tional ressels in 'the same situation, prarided that the
necessity ef sceh shelter seehiag be legally shown j
that the v easel shall tarry oa so commercial specula
tion., and that it wQl tarry ae longer than is required
by the motires which impelled it to enter the port.
Articlt IS. Spanish ships of war and whaling ships
shall bare free access to all tbe open Hawaiian ports ;
they may there anchor, be repaired, and victual their
crews ; they may proceed from roe harbor to aoother
of the Hawaiian Islands far fresh previsions. At all
the parts which are or may be hereafter opened to
foreign ressels, Spanish ships of war and whalen
shall be sabject to tbe same rales which are or may
be imposed, aad shall enjoy in all respects tbe same
rights, privileges and immaaities which are or may
be graated to Hawaiian ships aad whalen, er to those
of the most farared nation.
-article IZ. Articles of all sorts imported Into tbe
ports of either of tha contracting States under the
Sag ef the other, whaterer be their origin, and from
whaterer country imported, shall pay neither other
aor bearier duties of eatry, aad shall not be subjected
to aay other charges thaa those imposed on vessels
nader the flag af tbe most favered natioa-
Jrtttle 14. Spanish ships tn the Hawaiian Islands,
aad HawaHaa ships in Spain, may discbarge a portion
af their cargo la the part of their first arrival, and
proceed with the rest ef their cargo to other ports of
the same country which may be opea to foreign trade,
whether ta complete their aoleadieg, ar ta provide
their return cargo, and shall pay la neither port other
or heavier daties than thosclavied a national vessels
la similar ciresmitanees.
As regards the coasting tradeRtbe venels of each
country shall be mutually treated oa the same footing
as the most favered cation.
Artitk i. During tbe period allowed by the laws
of the two eecatrics for the warehousing of goods,
no other daties thaa those fer custody and storage
shaB be levied open articles Imported from one of the
two countries into the other, until tbey shall be re
moved for transit, re-exportation or internal consump
ties. Ia aa ease shall saeh articles pay higherdoties,
or be liable ta ather formalities thaa if they had
been imparted under tbe national flag, or from tbe
most favored country.
Artitlt 18. Merchandise shipped on board Spanish
or Hawaiian ships, or beiengieg to their respective
eitiisas, may.be transhipped ia the ports of the two
countries to a vessel bound for a aatsonal or foreign
port, according tathe Castom-Haaseregalatiaasef tbe
two eonntries, and the gaads so transported for other
ports shall be exempt from all daties of Cnstonz or
warehouse. '
-IrtMsV 17. Articles af all torts proceeding from
Spaia or shipped fer Spain, shaB enjoy ia their pas
sage threagh the territory af tie Hawaiian Islands,
w Isetbcr in direct transit erfar re-expartatiaa, all the
adraatsges possessed nader the ssma circumstances
by the mast farared aatiea. '
Reciprocally, the articles of every sort proceeding
from the HawaHaa Israads, or seat tor that country,
shaB eajoy, is their passage threogh Spaia, the same
adraotages as are possessed by the most farored
-IrttcsV IS. Neither one nor the other of the con
traetlBg Parties wUl impose opon the goods proeeed
isg from the sail, tbe manerectares ar the wsreAheutes
af the ether, different ar greater daties en importation
or re-exportation, than those which sball be imposed
on the easae merchandise eoaaisg from any other
foreign eoantry. Jor shall there be imposed on tbe
goads exported from ace caentry to the ether, difer
cot or higher daties thaa if they were exported to
aay other foreign eosantry. ?io restriction or prohibi
tion of importation or exportation shall take place
ia the reciprocal commerce of the cantracting Parties
wbieh shaB set be equally extended to all other
Ariittt 19. Consuls General, Consuls, Vice Con
suls and Consular Agents, may be established by each
eenntry iu the other for the protection cf commerce ;
snch Agents shaB net enter open their functions or
eajayment of the ights, privileges or immonities
wbieh belong to them, antil they hare obtained the
actheritatien of tha territorial Government, which
shaB. besides, preserve the right ef determining the
place of residence where Coctals may be established ;
it being understood that neither Gorerament wiU
impose any restriction which Is not common ia the
cocntry to aB nations.
-Artuii SB. Tha Consuls General, Consuls, Vice
CaasElsacd Consular Agents af Spain la the Ha
waiian, Islands, shall enjoy all the pricilegestimmnni-
ties and exemptions eajoyed by the Agents of the
most favored nation in the same circumstances. And
tbe lace shall be the position la Spaia of Hawaiian
Consuls General, Centals and Consular Agents.
Artitlt II. The desertion of seamen embarked
la the Vessels of either ef the contracting Parties,
shaB be severely dealt with In their respectire terri
tories. In consequence, the Spanish Consals shall
have tbe power ta cause to be arrested and rent on
board, or to Spaia, seamen who may have deserted
Spanish ressels In the Hawaiian ports. Bat for this
purpose, they mast apply ta the competent local
aathorities, and justify, by the exhibition rf the
original or the duly certified copy of the ship's regis
ter, tbe nil ar ether oEeial documents ta prove that
the persons named formed part of tbe ship's crew.
On this application so supported, the delivery of the
seamca shall not be refused.
A3 aid and assistance shall he given fsr the discor-
err and arrest of sach deserters, who shaB.be detained
in the prisons ef the country, an the requirement and
at the expense ef the Consuls, nntil they shall find
aa opportunity of sending them away.
If, howercr, ao opportunity shall eier la the eonna
of twa months, eoeatiag from the dty cf arrest, the
deserters may he set at liberty.
It is understood that seamen who are satire Ha
waiian shaB be excepted from this arrangement,
and be treated according ta the laws ef their own
If the deserter has committed aay crime la tbe Ba
waHaa territsry, bis release shall net take plxee t31
the competent tribunal shall hare sires judgment,
and this judgment been carried into execution.
Bawaiixa Consals shaH possess exactly the same
rights in Spain, and it is formally agreed between the
two contracting Parties, that every ether favor or fa
cility granted or to bo granted by ekber to any ether
power for the arrest ef deserters, shall be also graated
to the preseat contracting Parties, as fatly as if they
had formed part cf the present treaty.
Articlt JJ. - AB eperataans connected with tbe sal
vage of lran2e-l cr wrecked Spanish, less els in. the
BawaHaa coasts, shall be scperiatended by the Con
sular Agents of Spain, and reciprocally, the Consular
BawaHaa Agents shaB saperintend the operatives
connected with the salvage ef Hawaiian ressels
stranded cr wrecked oa the Spaaish coast.
Buff the parties interested find themselves oa the
spt, or the Captains possess adequate powers, the ad
ministration ef the wreck: shall be committed ta them.
The intervention of the local authorities shall only
be applied to the maintenance of order, to guarantee
the rights cf the salvors If tbey do cot belong ta tha
shipwrecked crew, aad to assure tba exeestisa f tba
measures ta be taken for the eatry aad departure of
the saved goods.
Ia the absence, and until tha arrival of tha Con
sular Agents, the local authorities will take the aeed
fal step tor the protection of perseas aad property
The goods sared shaB never be subjected to Cus
toms er other daty, aaleas they are disposed ef for
home consumption.
Artitlt 23. Tha ships, merchandise aad ejects ba-
larging to tha respective eirixena which may bar
been taken by pirates, or conveyed to or fmad is the
pcrts of either of the contracting patties shall be de- '
livered to their ownen ea payment of the expenses. J
should there be sach ; the amount, to be determined I
by the competent tribunals, when' the rights of tbe i
proprietor shall be proved before these tribunals, aad j
the claim being maae wunin mo space oi eigmrca
months, by the iatcrestcd parties, by their attoracys,
or by tha Areata of their respective Governments.
JrttriV 21. If. from a concurrence of unfortunate
circumstances, differences between the contracting
parties should eaote aa interruption of the relations
of friendship between them, and that after having ex
hausted the means of an amicable aad conciliatory
discussion the object of their mutual desire should
not have been completely attained, the arbitration of
a third Power, equally tha friend of both, sball by a
common accord, be appealed to In order to avoid, by
this means, a definitive rnptare.
-irricle Ii. Hawaiian sabjeets shall enjoy, in the
Ultramarine posessions of Spaia, tbe advantages
which are conceded to the subjects of the most favor
ed nation, and in the same possessions, the stipula
tions of this treaty shall have effect when not openly
opposed to the special legislation there existing.
-trtirle 26. All vessels bearing the Hag of Spain,
shall, in time of war, receive every possible pro
tection, short of active hostility, within the ports and
waten of the Hawaiian Islands, and Her Majesty
the Queen of Spain engages ta respect, in time of
war, tbe neutrality of the Hawaiian Islands, and to
use her good o&ces with all the other powers having
treaties with tbe same, to indnce them to adopt the
same policy toward the said Islands.
-IrtWe 17, The present treaty shall be in rigor
for ten years, to commence six months after the ex
change of tbe ratifications.
If, a year before tbe expiration of this term, neither
of the contracting parties shall have announced by
an official declaratioo its intentioa of terminating it,
the Treaty shall still remain ia force fer a year, and
so continue from year to year.
Articlt SS. The present Treaty shaB be ratified,
and the ratification exchanged at London within the
space of eighteen months, or earlier if may be.
Ia faith whereof the respectire Pleaipoteotiaries
hare signal tbe same, and thereto affixed their seals.
Done in duplicate, at London, this Twenty-ninth
day of. Octcbep,, io theyearjif parLord One Thou
sand Eight Hundred' and Slxty.thfre.
sjElsS. Firmado.. . 1 . .. i, f
(Signed,) Johx Bowaixo.
(Signed.) Joxm T. Coxrx.
Add, WnxBcai, The said Treaty has been now
duly ratified by His Majesty the King, and Bis Bigb
ness the Regent of Spain, and ratifications exchanged,
the said Treaty has become a part of the law of this
Kingdom, and all tbe provisions thereof are to be.ob
servedl ' Caas. C. HiKRts."
IWtiiB OSce Sept. Z, 1570. Minister fsr for'n Affairs.
The Xectkil Trade. There is sot a thoughtful
man In tbe country who would exult In tbe pros
pectof a great European conflict, even, if bejenew
that bis own fortune would be promoted by the con
test. Tbe fearful waste of life and treasure involv
ed In such a war, while they, will pot deter those
whose blood Is heated from roo!c to the assault,
must Induce every lover of bis kind sot involved ia
the qnxrrel to do all be can In the Interests of peace.
Bat there Is nothing In tb! sentiment to deter a
neutral fronr prufitin;; to Its fullest extent by all the
legitimate tnde wtiico tbe folly or madness of other
callous may throw la bis way, and we are glad that
this subject Is receiving at least a late recognition at
Washington. The renowned agreement known as
' tbe Paris Declaration," to which all of the lead
ing European powers bare formally assented, has
takeu tbe place, to a great extent, of tbe old defini
tions of International law, and bas given peculiar
advantages to all proper trade under a neutral fix;.
It established tbe new principle that' the goods of
an enemy are safe tram seizure under a neutral flag,
unless tbey are contraband of war, and that neutral
goods not thus contraband are cot liable to capture
even on board an enemy's ship.
In regard to what constitutes contnband of war,
ind therefore not included In this exemption 'from
seizure, tbe practice, since tbe declaration, has been
far more liberal tban formerly towards tbe bellige
rents. Under the old policy tbe tendency was tor-
wards restriction, and strong neutral nations able to
assert their rights would col permit the seizure of
property where the flag duly covered tbe owner, un
less cleaily liable as warlike material. Xow, It is
customary for tbe belligerents to declare by procla
mation tbe list of forbidden articles, w bleu Is allow
ed to Include many not formerly forbidden. Until
sccb official lists appear shipper from this country
will do well to be cautious about shipping anjtbing
of a doubtful character, or that can by stretch of
construction be classed as contraband. II is, easy tn
see that as France Is superior to Frn5la in caval
force, and as all privateering Is abolished, there will
be a great temptation to stretch the Xmperor's au
thority, and to render tbe exemption clause of little
effect by including everything possible under the
contraband exception. We foresee much trouble
from this source, and we therefore desire to caution
our readers in lime that tbey may not throw an y
tbe profits of a lirgr, Iegltlmatstrade byiriattempt
to supply any warlike materia! to either combatant.
With these remarks we append In full tbe text of
the argrecment cow binding on tbe belligerents:
Declaration respecting Maritime Law, signed by
the Pieuljolrotlaries of Great Britain, Austria,
France, Prussia, Russia, Sardinia and Turkey, as
sembled in Congress at Paris, April 16, ISM:
"The Plenipotentiaries wbo signed the Treaty of
Paris of the SOtb March, 1SS6, assembled In Confer
ence, considering
"That Maritime Law, In time of war? has long
been tbe subject of deplorable disputes :
"That tbe uncertainty of tbe law, and of the du
ties In such matters, give rise to difference of opin
ion between neutrals and belligerents wuicb may
occasion serious difficulties, and even conflicts; '
"That It is consequently advantageous to estab
lish a uniform doctrine on so Importsnt a point ;
"That tbe Plenipotentiaries assembled 'inCon
gress at Paris cannot better-respond to tbe intention
3j which tbcir Governments are animated than by
seeking to Introduce Into Intemitlonal relations fix
ed principles in this respect ;
"The above-mentioned Plenipotentiaries, being
dnlr antboriem rrnftlvei. tn -finrTe mnn rttm-
selres as to tbe means of attaining tbis object; and,
oariog come to an agreement, care aaoplcd the fol
lowing solemn Declaration :
" 1. Frirateertug Is, and remains, abolished.
"2. Tbe neutral flag corere enemy's goods, with
the exception of contraband ol war.
"3. Neutral goods, with tbe exception of contra
band of war, are not liable to capture under enemy's
"4. Blockades, In order to be binding, mast be
ctTectlre; that it to say. maintained by a force suffi
cient really to prevent access to the coast of the ene
my. "Tbe Governments of tbe cndenigced plenipoten
tiaries engage to' bring the present Declaration to the
knowledge of tbe States which have not taken part
In tbe Congress of Paris, and to invite them to ac
cede to IL
"Convinced that the maxims which tbey cow pro
claim cannot but be received with gratitude by 'the
whole worlds tba aadersigited Plenipotentiaries
doubt not tbit tbe efforts of their Gorcmmeata to
obtain tie' general adoption thereof wDlbecntwced
with foil success". - - -
" Tbe present Declaratioo Is cot and shall cot be
binding; except between those Powers wbohave ac
ceded, or shall accede to IL
"Done etj'srrta, tbasiitettb of April, oce thou
sand elgbl hundred and fifty-six.
Barns ow," -Cavoca,
' 'VraLZwsxi,
Journal cf Comment.
The prosresa in marine guns during the last de
cade has been very great. Ia 1S59, tbe CS-pouader
east-Iron gun was the most powerful weapon. At
present there are 600-pounder 25-ton cans, besides
18-ton, 12-ton, 8-ton and 6f-tou srnna. The tightest
of tbear te aaors powerfal tten the GS-poonder, and
could pierce t inch armor oa a ship's side at 2G0
yards,. while tbeSS-toogsn would probably pierce
Boat lron-ciad at a range of two film,
Tn? Stores
Comer of Fort aad Hotel Streets,
Between Hotel and King Streets,
Who eisiile Store,
Corner of Knihrmnan and Queen Streets,
Linensan oxtensire assortment.
Alpacas, silk a wool, black, cul'd, fig'd a stamped.
Damask, Cotton, Linen and Woolen,
Illusion, Crape, Bobinet, Tulle, Sc.,
Edging, Insertion, Cambric 1 Book Muslin,
Sheeting, Cotton A Linen, 63 to 112 inch.
Prints tbe finest assortment in lionolalo, t
Oil-cloth, Bunting, Mareeu and Baite,
Lawns, Victoria, Bishop and Queen's,
Imperial. Xavy and and Russia Ducks,
Ticking, Hickory and India Stripes,
English liroadeloth. Doeskin, Ac,
i Lastiog black, brown, green and blue,
, J Yarn i Berlin Wool, in largo variety.
Wool Delaine, Ginghams, Baratheas,
Alpaca Coating, fixi. In colors,
India i Swiss Book Jluslins, ser'l qualities.
Toilet Table and Piano Covers,
Edgartown Cottons A Pillow Linen,
Drill and Dock Suits,
a quantity of ass d sises
Umbrellas, Parasols, tans, ilair :eti. Thread,
Pea Jackets. Coats, Vests, Pants, Shoes, Hats,
Oils, Pomatum. Perfumery, Soaps, Ac,
XeeJles, Pins, Thimbles, Scissors.
Brilliants. Chambravs. Piques,
Youths', Misses', Ladies A Gents' Hosiery,
in great variety.
Cottons Uorrocks and otber arenas, cutting low.
Oriental and Lute Ribbons a splendid stuck.
Merinos the best selection ia the" city, f
Purses, Belts. Braces. Cards, Laces,
Extra quality of Plaunels.
Towels Turkish. Huckaback and Crash
Embroidered Robes, Shirts, Ac,
Napkins several sizes and qualities
Turkey tied and utue Cottons,
Shawls' doable and singfe, plain and fancy, '
American Trunks, Carpet Bags, Ac,
Linings. Sdesias, Jaconets, Tare Cheeks,
Elegant ass't of Ladies' i Gents' Kid Gloves,
Silks and Challes, fisured and plain.
Koleskin, Drills, Tweeds and Cassimeres
Envelopes, ?tote and Letter Paper,
New Goods by every arrival, and
A General Assortment of Goods
tJ-uus-t ILe c eive d
Per North-German Ship "Solo,"
Hawaiian Bark "E. W. Wood,"
Xests Camphor Trunks. JUanila Rope, duT't sises
Assorted White and Colored Matting,
I Manila Cigars, Cat'Tobaeco,; , . "3 "f rJf
Boxes Fine Oolong Tea, do. Xgo'mie Tea,
Boxes -Pecoe Tea, boxes Souchong do.,
Boxes Sugar Candy, boxes Arrowroot,
SultsFHnlte Silk Psjamas, do. Skin Tsilk do?, P
Soits Cotton Pajamas, Pieces' Black Satin,
Pieces White Grass-cloth, best quality,
, Pieces Blue Grass-cloth, do. White Pongee'jEUk
Assorted Jewelery, Fancy Jewel Boxes,
" Stone Gate-posts, Bricks, - -, - . - , "
China-ware and Furniture. 31-6t
, L . ' a
TIzlg Cargo
S. CEEItKEX, ... Master,
Shortly Expected from Bremen,
Consisting in part, of Assorted Styles of ,
Fancy English and French Prints!
English and French Muslins, Victoria Lawns,
Heary Blue Denims, Blue sod Brown Cotton Drills,
White, Blue and Brown Cottons, Hickory Stripes,
Ticking, Fine White Linen, Scotch Ginghams,
Woolen Blankets, Ac, Ac,
Comprising a Fall Assortment of
Kew and Desirable Dry and Fancy Goods,
aad A Fine Assortment of
Fence Wjre, Galvanised Iron Pipe,
Galvanised Buckets,
Tinned Saucepans, and Cutlery.
Paints and Oils, Demijohns, Corks,
Boofin; Slates, Wall Paper,
- Alo and Porter, Hollands Gtn,
Kartell's 11 randy, Illgi Doppelkuiniael
ia pints aad quarts.
Steam Coal, BtaeVsmith'a Coal, Fire Bricks,
Bath Bricks. Xew Oil Casks, ia Shocks
Coarse Salt, Russia Hope, Assorted sizes, , ,
Portland Cement, Ac, Ac 5-
For Coasters' use. Also A LOSG BOAT,
Oak. For Sale by '
Asserted Sixes, for sals
Best Bostoa and California Meats aad Soaps,
For sale by
PIKE CLAY k PIPE CLAY, for saleby
Comet cfc? Iciisilio
From the East and Europe,
. via San Francisco,
Tho KA MOI, from Europe direct,
Ordered nnd Selected
Expressly for this Market!
Downer's Kerosene Oil,
Charcoal Irons
Rubber Hose, ii tl Inch, nose Pipes,
Best Leather Belting, 3 a 4 inch wide,
Douelass l'umrjs. assorted numbers.
Galr'd Malleable Thimbles, for sailmaker's use,
Furniture Varnish, Coach Varnish,
Spirits Turrentine, Boiled A Baw Linseed Oil,
Ilublmclt'tf Pure Wlillc Lead &. Zinc
PAINTS in Oil and Dry,
A largo assortment of paint. Tarnish, white-wash
and scrub brashes.
Axe Handles, Sledge Handles, Pick Handles,
Plane Handles, Chisel Handles,
Kcrosono Stovos
Patent Balances, to weigh from 300 t SOO lbs.,
Platform and Counter Scales.
Solid Socket Garden Hoes, Planters' Hoes,
Horse Hoes, Cultirators,
Eagle, No. 2 and Xo. 20 Plows, and extra beams
and bandies for same,
iniiffle-Trces, for Double & Single Teams,
Canal and Garden Wheelbarrows,
Beat Eastern Brooms, Stable Brooms,
Street Brooms, Americsn Cartiase Whips,
Bridle Ornaments, Black Walnut and Bosewood
Drawer Knobs, assorted sites,
Galranized Washers, Half Patent Axles,
Brass and Iron Screw Eyes, Battlett's Blacking,
Tacks, assorted sixes, from 3 to 20 ox,
Tinned Tacks for Clothing,
Light and Heary Strap Hinges, ass'd sizes,
Collins' Picks, assorted weights.
Cut Spikes, assorted sites,
Ilinghom lluckcts,
Brass-boand Cedar Tabs and Pails,
Fancy Door -lints.
Shoe Shapes, Ilorni, Chain,
Ship and Deck Spikes,
Mattrass Springs, Picture Cord and Tassels,
Ship Scrapers, Cocoa-handle Butcher Knives,
Milk Buckets, Banting Whips,
Table Cutlery,
Wade and Botcher's, and
Yfestenholm's Pocket Cutlery,
Wade A Batcher!s Baxors,
Linen Cambria Handkerchiefs,
Turkish Towels,
Fine Flannels
Thompson's Glove -Fitting Corsets
Furniture Damask,
Linen Table Damask,
Hoyle's Prints,
Blacksmith's Anvils,
Blacksmith's Bellows, ass'd 20 to 30 Inch,
Solid Patent Box Vises and Bench Vises,
Blacksmith's Cast Steel Hammers and Sledges,
Jack Screws, assorted sizes.
Sets of Stocks and Dies.
Galvanized Iron Wire Webbing,
Brass cj Iron wlaro
of assorted sires.
Cast Steel, ass'd sqnare, octagon and round.
Beat Nails and Boughs,
Cooper's Rivets, Copper Bivets and Burs,
Galvanized Tubs and Pails,
Oos, Spades and Shovels,
Spear A Jackson's and Bradihaw's Cross-cut
and Blp Saws, of all sizes.
May dole's C. S. Hammers, No's I. 2 and 3,
Jointers, Smooth, Fore aod Jack Planes,
Fancy Planes. Socket, Framing A Firmer Chisels
Gouges, Spoffnrd'i Braces and sets Bits,
Angara, small, median and large,
Gimlets, Saw Files, Chalk Lines and Reels,
Carpenters' Pencils, Squares,
A Splendid Assortmnt or Door Locks,
Door &. Shutter Rolta,
Cupboard Cntcltex,
Window Fit mcnlnsrsi,
Holt nnd Ilinrren,
Sliding Door Bail and Boilers,
Cut and Wrought Kails,
Circnlar Saws,
assarted, from 8 to 20 Inch, cross-cut and rip.
Files of a.12. Kinds,
For Machinist's, Blacksmith's A' Carpenter's use.
Double Barrelled Shot Gnns,
Powder, Shot, Pereussioa Caps,
Shot Pouches, Powder Pisses.
Sheet Pipe, '
BBtet lad,
K Fall AsserlmeBt ef Carriage Material,
At the Lowest Market Price
jg- ouji m Otto is-&
Cheap for Cash ! Cheap for Cash!
Entire Hardware Stock!
Would Cull tho Attention or
For the Wants of tbe Island Trade.
Merohants in Particular,
Before Purchasing Elsewhere
AS it AST misas vruz ss SOLD
ISTot OnJLy cvt Cost,
Agricultural and Other Implements,
Coming from the Ernst.
The Usual Discount Made to the Trade!
S Orders from the other Islands respectfully
roliclted, promptly attended to and filled with care.
RT No Connection with tho Firm across tha War
"Pro Bono Publico!"
ECavo on TTand
Direct Importations
T'ltc sLnrgcsst nntl
Best Ass't of Ready Made Clothing
Consisting in Part of, il tbe Celebrated
G- 3E3 KT XT 1 3NT 33
Cashmere, Cloth ic Drill Garments,
In all rarieties.
Complete Black Dress and Walking Suits,
Boys' lVhite Linen Cashmere
and Cloth Suits.
Cents' Furnishing Goods,
Saratoga and Gents' Leather Trunks,
Celebrated Patent White Shirts,
Styled Darles A Jones, ia all grades.
Oversltlrtu ! Ovcrsihlrtii! OvernUIrtu
in Grey Flannel, Diagonal,
rriated and Crt can.
Hats! Hats! Hats!
Hosiery ! Hosiery ! Hosiery !
For Gents', Ladies aad Boys.
"Yankee TVotions !
Boots C3 SllOCS I
Boots & Shoes!
Boots & Shoes!
At the Vci-y I.oiText Possible Price!
By tbe Original Package.
3f Special attention to Country Orders, ahd a
fair margin to tbt trade. Thanking our patrons for
past farors, we respectfully solicit a share of their
Makee'a Block
THE UNDERSIGNED bas Jast received
Direct from the Manufacturers!
Bj- Recent Ai-rirala,
he finest Assortment of Cigars!
Erer Imported Into this Markets
s" Alto Constantly on Hand "flE
A Very Httperlor Aaserttaent of
Tobacco and IPiepm!
To which be calls Special Attention tt
All Lorers at the Weed.
II, , ilMI i CO
Byam's Eight Card
And Tor Sale by
'3sft By Steamers from Sydney,
f-vUARTEK CASKS Mnrtell'a Brandy,
Qnarler CntUi UcnncssY' Brandy,
Quarter Casks Soycrac Ilrandy,
Qr. Caski United Vineyard Brandy,
Qr. Casks Jules Robin Brandy,
Cases Highland-Whiskey,.
Casks- Bottled'Aie.gg
kssasa Yrorlhlngtoa.'s, and Aitkea'a. Jassssm
Slxortly Expected,
Iloshciid Jamaica. Hum,
luurtcr Casks Skerry,
Anstrallaa Wine, Aic.
N. B. The undersigned hailnr; maJo arrange
ments with Importers of tbe Best Brand ef Liquors,
in San Francisco, Victoria, B. C. and Sydney, N. S.
W., will keep a supply of such In tbe Custom Hobs
stores, and Is also prepared to order from eitber tba
above ports or England, by wbieh a considerable
saring may be, effected. Full infotmatloa girsa as
to prices ia tbe different markets.
23-lOt IV. I- REE?I.
Otlaer C3-ooc3Ljs !
rpnE TCi-debsioned surnrrj -
Made Arrangements with Sydney Firms,
Is Prepared to Execute Orders
For Merchandise of Every Description,
On the 3Xost Adrantasteons Terms.
Sydney, beiog one of tbe Largest aad Cheap
est Markets In the Pacific, offers unnsaal adraatago
to Purchasers ot Goods for this JIarket, tbs Daties
there being low, and drawbacks allowed, so that
almost any article of European manafactare eaa bo
bad Li quantities to suit, within Sixty Days from tba
date ot forwarding the order.
23-lOt VV. T. OREITV.
Consisting in Part of
Finest White alt Wool iA Flannel.
Finest White allWool A Angola White Flaaatls,
Oood Orey and Whlto all Wool
Flannels, 10x4 Bleaebed Sheetings
Thompson's Glore-Fitting Corsets,
Amoskeag Denims, Jeans, Drills aad
Bleached and Unbleached Cottons.
A Sup'r ass't of Stationery,
Water Lined Note Paper.
White-Ruled Note Paper.
White Baled Laid Leaf, Letter aad Bill Paper,
White. Cuff aad Amber aad Letter aad Note
Payson'a Indelible, aad Carter's Copy lag last.
Artists' A Book-keepers' Flexible Rulers,
Smith A Wesson's Pistols a Cartridges.
Ilair Girths, Stirrups a Leathers.
Saniih Trees. Croupersand Bridles,
Oak Belting, Street Brooms,
Wood Faucets, Lamp Black,
Ititllna I'nclilHjr Lace leather.
Paints. Oils, &c.
White Zine A Lead, ia I, J a 13 ft containers,
Paris and Chrome Green.
Chrome Yellow, TJmber, Sicnaer,
Patent Dryer, Vermillion,
Whiting Prussian, Blue, Bladders of Patty,
Carriage and Coach Varnish,
Bright. Copal aad Furniture Varnish,
Boiled Linseed Oil, Turpentine
Mason's Blaoking, Coffee Mills,
Axe. Pick. Sle Ige, Ad, Hoe. 09,
Hammer A Chisel Handles,
Wool Cards, Saddles, Eeameled Trunks,
Coopers' Tools,
Croiers, Uowets, and Champerlng Knirss,
Carpenter's Planes,
Fore, Smooth, Jack A Jointers'
Cut Nails, 3. 4, 6, i. 10. 12, 70.30,40, SO aad
60d, Boat Nails, 1, U.iJ aJinch,
Pressed Nails. 22 lacb.
Cooper's Risets, 4,78 tbs.
Copper Bircts a Burs, 1, J,
I k I inch, Gimp Tacks,
Iron Copper Tacks of all'siies.
Best Robber Hose, , 1. 1, 1 a 2 tack.
Centrifugal. Varnish, Paint. Whits-Wash
and Scrub Brushes, Cor'd Tin Palls,
,,1,2, 3, 4, 8. 8, 10 a 12 quarts,
Corered Slop Pails, Dippers.
Dish and Milk Pans.
Jcnniag'sbits, solderlag Irons. Tblages.sUaU,
Hammers, Gauges, Squares, Chisels,
Augers, Hieres, Lima Equeeiais,
Yard Sticks, Buag Starters. Axes,
Eliorcls, Spades, Oos, Lanterns,
Eagle Horse, A aod O Plows sad
Points, Paris Plows, extra heavy aad strong.
Protoxide of Iron, Pain Killer,
Poland's White Pine Compound,
Pails, Tubs, Brooms, Etc., EU.
Dowser's Kerosene 011,
From the Boston Homo.
And Many Other Articles
ALL. TO BE 8 Of. 3 LOW.
Quick Sales and Small Prsitx!
5 Cor. Nnuanu and Jndd Streets. Csa
Ty H, 1 ex. CeeLIB RKI (Usraws exa hasaal
aad (or sale by
VALUK A AIXsW.Atjsavta

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