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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, September 28, 1870, Image 2

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m, tiis cjaatry has hod its daacakies sad
Tlae War. f drawtaeks : soaae of those who eathorked
Thes of the ar hewrht by the -heir capital aad ener in k? proatotioa
2ises Taylor, detailed ia oar ekuacSs ' hveahfeed toaccaaib ta eresat
fxwa teieszaaa! ia toiav's paper, to of ethe sariags of a Be-
daeaaahaccawner. Thecaaka- ap ia their vai. to
ladoa of ,M He of the arair ras their ora weakh aad that of the
of Marshal 3IeMaW at the dose" of tke , H3a -r ibe cakare of sagar. Every
battfc acoaad aad ia Sedaa aad the rhv theia&aey of sagargrowiag,
peror NafNtleoa saxreaderiasr hiaaself as a abaril tawveapkal aad kfeor ia that
prisaaer war xo KharWifcav are afierwards aiet wkh
resafcs that a-ast hare exceeded the a- t rererses, straggled aatafany for the sec
tIjL. itLu. - at v Ir vharh ther ricUr deserved. This rs
was t Kerea ol tke heaiaaarMB of B0,a"- W"e" 1&J kaSerer
Khar AarMg Tksrsdays battle, ' T 'he eabarrassawats of oar
e Eaeror was at Sedaa, or that he . r"115! ahomt by eitravagaaee
woexpehkase to tke risk of cap- eiperieaee, or other ea.-es, we are
tare bv reAahaker kt the iknress. The r0" 7 thaxthey are bow iadepeBd
tct Shot he was there kecaaKlwaoaiy . eaAaf fiarea aid, theyhxTe aore raarkets
tnrj rds tS t rL 1 thaa aad if they ever ask a more res-
k tie tows, te ask fhr ters of sar- ,
jj '
Tae battles aroaad Metx, cob tke 14tk
so the k of Aagast. kariag resalted ia j
skatsaKT aa V--I Bszaaie Sxre kt
tatyT,the arxty i
a. ie uawa mate
ks aasreh westward, aad kv
tie re Sroot oryiciiaoB s corps, cmtimt a, y- j eky thaa to see it bowborded aad ssser
posted oa the as. At the saese liat, pepr ItefoeJaW inaa irirfcaf dag iacahralable atisery whkh acst ensce
tie corps of Ae Priace Koyal was aaored j aae w aatxitte a pinacwii.- ta.te daria? a hw? aad blood v siese. Indica
westward aetfi k esate wkkkt saaeorthag .i 3a af U,awlrieaay be-jaei j tioas do sot sire aar Treat nBds for
Jietitm. tL Sba -V. tacf. . nldeU mM m -J J. I... .L..C.
car was bbti betweeax she two Freaci '
anay ocpe The hottie cetasEced ?e v
the 3th, aad coatnuted three days -3Tc-
-tn.a. v J - - i .t I ,
rras-ias peij src
j'T' : '-,"J w
wicxrEc.i coi;rx;ea tr.-re. d
pa. . ea -;rifn-iBa j. oanej usee
dars' eotitest, escaped acros the Bcfews
fivkder, vieje'jfcex bSi down theirarais, 1
aai asecttr ran escaaed is
W5m the feairie was rasisc aKTtst Se-i
dsk,'Bzae cade sorde rei
Some CTWJ Jittx, I
IfZ was- riTfe ZO break thxBSgi the .
2orwas tsss- TKrwratai aS-1
tack of 2ST ra2 to tt tke sttuesSag
corps ot JStiLasoSjSK-afcfeooss 5,9C6sf FJ-r raw waraez arasu w tsrx
PFretiridir3imTfcid beensenttoi - awrkahfe aai a
tkeissaacr of the Crown Priace, the! Ss toretSaiq,.oc
Prcsisns forces aboci-3Ieti wereaileto1 Yr... " . r . .
att . . . v - Iu asaft cases tie raSol bast Sty ta a too
feF tSe.fetacatxfis. . taai9CB? .rf
SoBia5er thehtle ef Sedan, the ( g. gf pcs ipnaa ejdsarxsxrt sole me
Pififcii'aiaraiy renewed ET starch Vpoa usasstiixiis real rttarai. Is to taaay ci
Para ta tfeee cotgjn, en tie rcatis fha icirras wah'ffaar cata? t!tggtd to tarry ca
Erertr, Snis anJ CVimwcno. The
fort rr of Lao va captttrvd oa tkr Stlt.
At the pace at winch tie array was "taov
iac, it trss fsxpected to ;le in pcvsruon
srwai Paris a TCeviaoIay, Sept. th
IV saecess of tlte Prwas taas.far,
Midtcale tSif Fware can not ofirr any
? eWtce to stay victoru
3rh, Hk- sserilsrwn, kiilk5 a k is
by sMirs urillVvI to its use? for twaty
vear 'past, sad taasrhl to nts it steaauv
ia.tWkcx.oftbe eoeiiv. kas proved itself
the BKts: t'2eacios fire-ana that bas Wes
handled hy modem armies. Thisisfip
pareat from the isetfeod by vhica Pras
ska iafaatry repel a cavalry charse. The
heUair sqaare b bo leaser necessary
vrbeH a litie of iafastry can dtjKvej- seven
deadly roMeys ir oae minute, upoB the
charsiji?lMtafioBsaf hrse. The Preach
Uwrassiers aeked lefere its fire as did
the Ar:Hsb horse ) 156S. They-rere
MWiUe to reach the this lie of ia&ntry
thne:h the livifr re that Uared ia
frvvil. After the battle of 'terth, ae
alvd Marshal IcIahoa: " Wbe.-v are
the Cairassiersr u The Crasirs he
i rephed, - there are aose of thera
The resak of the charge on the hilt of
SageveaBe, at Sedax, repeastd the same
thb tie ritS straight fer the t"o Si-fci
pieces, hut before they had got vichin tvo
hwadred yards of the geas the l'msi-ians
Ivrwed a fine as if on parade, aad vaited
till tbe fvriott French horse had ridden
oat to a poiat aoc fifty yards an ay, aad
tfaea Sred. The. Sire cceated t us te
etapty the saddks of atatot the whole of
the French saadraa, aad the dead so
stewrcd the groaad as to bicok the path
; of the foMonniag saadrw. aad dese be-
fere tfcea the direet aad daageroas road
' thef atut t follow. Their dash at the
b? caaie to a hak. wha oace thts kt
eSort- of the Freaeh horse had beea made
, sad had ftOcd, thoagh pvhed gallantly
a. u ua ad horses eoahi go.7
wierfal feure ia this
is the speed 'nith trhich
is ok law?) wtr
the irm?siaas hart pashed SooranL War
ws declared ok the lath of Jaly; the
iraatier tras crossed oa the-tth of Aagast ;
the araiy vill be saassed aroaad Paris
Sat. 1 4 th Sxty-oae days. "We refer oar
xvaders t the t4egraBts fir the potkieal
evtktS graviag' oat of the BfeStary oaes.
A ReaahBe was declared ia Paris oa the
4 ah of Sapc. aad the great Earopeaa
Poirors, k is said, ar aor Senag to me
diate Sir peace. We shall expet to hear
by the aext ma arrival that paaee has
The Profits and IVril. vrpiantlnjr.
j e paoMsa ut Maowia? iroai tae aa
hich is evideatly writtea by one
aho is wU ported, at least, so tar as the
mast of oar Istaad saar -roaiarr has beea
foatnatJ. Ov plaaters, aad, ia Act,
every oa trho has aa iateret ia the pna
ria il 3rricaitaril htteres: of this coaatry,
hare reasoa to thaak the BvM&a tor the
iBtintioB to h Saa Fraatisco Mid-aa'.s
taat it trtmii h EalaQr tu aVrol to
reader a fittfe assists kt tke vv of
Weaiar charses oa the safes ot oar
It was aadoabtediT at oae date
da- case, that oar plaatets were aaore or
less aadtr the aSctatioa of the rwmaa sioa
i-tehnnts f Saa Fraaosea, aad were
Bhatgtd to sabesk tc aay charges psed
. by theat. like all other iafant eater-
pne&. the iaaaagaratioa of saear growiag-
caarges (.as taey saqaes-
tioanhar oaskt to do) iron the Saa Fraa-
ekats, k i2 be a
,feaai ao: ibr cfcarky.
Tsz rwa safe af a hrze izii; ate ae
tke Oaaaaa fctinij. for Its tkas kaV iu for
awc t-totuW was, apai. S taate vmfaiM
i wiafc lie aliataiu: kiauuti taese. anaajn a
, ,., ., . " . " )
- It k crae that a lew roan aga the Vitary af
aftarnianT tfcere aaarkt. with E r excepdaw.
c i iimiiai i, aa m. a saajcar I
kc enedtuaas,
. drf 'aSSns. a. sadia iares- .
facstcuss. kt?w. is ussstst. camita fur :
uea a ra creucr sutiti ;
- . o -e ku- t
ue ejae-f
ta " itnie U lU
r f--.
, if aC at x fow yesrj a Z2fiuui af tke peaces.
' aiiai"t aa aki kss itf i Cr-
-aj. i-sc-taU of teafc. hare cre-
pii fcataaras aad aad LAe w tin. Iz-
cue S- be rcririii tmSyaa iapei-
s ecasa tkrra-daeae. e4 let ti tit isle- i
a W-p- hc4r which toer r twt N to 6
UMKwr In a socw&Atl s.or. and so r erujfcej
beneath aa rer acccmuUti&i; harden cvf interest.
In otner cjw lk bad did not prora to b sa
wH ati--5ei f,v jcsr wjj cpr"J. Tee
soil ra too xWn, too rocky, tt reSeie-otlr do
cwpo-J asvd rip tcwhivatWo. or ti taccb.
a1i irvea k sea dama-d tt srar waiies: quaK
n. and so kt crups cwdd a caacrl th Ur
- Bat oe.-t tls cfesate is tarecaW as rrsret-
fcrJea fcvo stw jkvvstot. "be re the Wad is
4 !" wattt" x - pxx3 farWr. a, oa
has cieat capital ta gvt H aadoc r ai'.t
I pot Krro"r. : i qsile pesfiWe- hk a fair
rrrt of -aaaaT, I taake a tatatiiM pna&utite.
Ej rcal eaaaoKaMt. hs cijswif tkveh
aorvsiauB; brp caay be k-ft aitkia nuouaV
baaaas. aad if these ce lW batk ot tke xpe-
sa Ure orurpa prcit wuaal sxa earirh
ihkt rroieat Atater e the IsVhmIs.
IW csackliw fijyrx- aitr taisajcarK
reair he the sarkrt. saak it iWSeall for sav
afhr thaa a pvrvKiTt aal itjjti
tatiaa t ptosp4r. WkM M b arisiaal cot vt
Kwhttwa are Jtte4 oast tt rMttaiars. f
rahsse ta th Urtu&v:at to HoaoMa. otrtap-
aaa oMasMiias tkere. Itetscat tace ta aa
Fraacisca. with deltas. cartax. ia-nr
aace. bcvkvnse aad aseat's cBiaiyiaas ken
tVe Bursts ef t9&t$ last a-fnirfee a vaab&tas
Kae. Xot aM to aH tkb a erakiu baniB af
iatcrest, wkkk sttWr c" ao:kt aad dir.
jrriaiwy tke kppritVifat flaater as rear$slr
t? aiy aaal crssb? aad suxWi ta caae. til o:h-
iar bat Jskeless traih is telUaad itrvqiHre gvxxl
stuaMasaip ta'kvyy rivau of tke breakers.
"Aad ret the caii of atafki saecess sha
that. aedr fiverabk cirraaijtaacei. vitk care
aad eivaeaT. ffakatiar ea the lad is Ttrr pev
abl. tVitk a war vokaaic sm( and a cttteate
ia kkh ssnraiawkst talk? ita, tk Ike ad.
vaaojces of cka(i UUx-. Mk tickt tiiH oadr
a rTtraiseet lacfcaed ta Citt tke paiaters. f Afc
rcitr BMtt reward tke preaVat. The fcvbteaa i?
sot to est dt epeasej that tke asrtrt" ot
sadt iteeu ef savisg: but- bri siMie proSt ta
tke paiater.
We jcaswst tkat ssetkas exybl be gaioed
br ciax tirr caataiacrs. so patii- op aad
eteiisf E3ce pdssdi ta each fackage itk aa
cerrcpietiavf iacnose f Mpeese. Ptt-sMr tke
pcweat-'4ze efssjrirkvTS as estabfisbed with
I rfifceace ta twatvaiucctf for packia? oa ovsles
j for tke raaaiag caatps. If so. ibis rwoo for the
I tradrtiani (v-j;alaUB. size aad weiskt. bo leader
I balds, twee tke tiaaspirtalwa is bow- ckkfiy by
ether caeTeraBce to a diSreat atarket. Tke
j New Orfues solars saie vaach br teia? picked
ia Ltrz coataiaers. SoaietkiazOBgkttobegaia-
ed ia redaced expe&ses at Utwaiisia. where tke
apeat is for Ike atost part a sere skipper, ranitr
aw risks ia tke psimatcr? ef sales As tke bas
iaes avitsres. aad te pUatatieas are keai br
Xfneacd aad carefot owaers who are aaacktl
hr . jaad. tke rates af iaterest eaost becwoe ea
sier, aad aa sauM aaaaaat wat be sired ia tkU
darwitiaa. Aad k is for the oaiari joa a
ckaals af tats ettr ta ceaidVr bow BMck later
cut keaw aW ahaturs ta yroanaaT oa the nrioas
ilas af ejaase at this ita. Tke bp am tnml
iaiaresis af the feuiers aad awais are ndnalicii
It aerer vas zood aoher to fcifi or b&dlr seare
j the xoase that krs Ike goMti . Aad -he
luutiiat bard that lay that sort af aa oa the
! aadwKfc Iaads. is acUbiir jweUr aor pfoStdaW
ika t serMiatf hvek-Hi.'
1 Tbe sews hy the 3Ios Taylor, from
the seat of war, is of the most a-toaading
character. The motioned aad complete
of the Getmtm araties is aot, how
i ever, to be wondered at whea we consider
i the iauaease forces with which thev hare
! enlho i-
r " TT:' " ?
i iect Eaintarr svsteai wiueB eaabies the
: Goveraateat of Prasia to call oat everv
' able-bodied ataa to participate kt the war.
This has eaabied Geraasey to briag iato
the aehi orerwhekaiag forces, which, al-
thoegh atet at every paiat by the Fresch
: wkh the ataaost bravery, dispatiag ktoh
! by kath every advance, tke Germs as, faHy
as brave, aad raaeh atore aaaterocs, hare
Biet with BBtaterrapted saeeess.
i After the great battle at Sedan, which
resaked ia the eaptare of the French
' Eatperor and the whole of ATeALiboEri
amy, the German amy, nader Kiag
WBEua aad the Crown Priace, hare
marched steadily towards Paris, hariag
, oa the Sth icst. reached Laos, a s.-nall
town 75 roiies to the northward of that
. city, withoct material opposition. It
. seems that the French, at- the present
, tide, are eoarlmag their esorts and ex-
! ertiag all their eaergies to the defease of
the Capital; and jsdging from what they
, say of the preparatioas to staad a siege,
th captcre of Paris will be a most din
; cak task for the Germaas to perform,
although, noshed with victory as they
i are, should peace sot he declared before
they reach the waifs of Paris, a series of
i battles wiB nadoebtedlr ensue, in coa
j parisos to those which have heretofore
bees fosght wdi be ibs ignfleaat. The
oriy hope of aroidiag a mos: des-
vr t,..,
.l... .v., -k,.j ,i
ris tmsar; bet rataen nsfmaf frrw tne
1 . J FrfC'w
taaaage of those who have recestJj
takes coarse of azaks, every saerice
sat he TBade to prevent the eatraaee of!
the Prauiaris. Le: as " hope tkat before
the trial-can be mode, peace taay later
Tese aad prereat the dnstdfal shatraterj
aad Hi-cry wjach-raast eesne if the Cap-
hi of France h aUicktd br tie Gersaa
Acoszsue ta a Treae miit9B, taklar the
BaxH Tsxmj aeeana. a naaa Sl Jrarf aTszx Bia
V- XO ija. warkat S iir . witd ySI)nt
aztsm! fcf-rtelf J tr. a nttar ISO4n. T
ficiaVJdiji. He-as ITjECO pod) at knl.
15.07 cwii "ftf cxf. ti577 pneaia of n nulai.
' ezr u-I I-ii. ltd rx-i T0.rl54f 6trf. riz. :
wrier. ewSre; tea. brrr, -mime Sue. aK tivgtlwr.
ts ulri -..v- Lanf sao ..r-
feet auz&es. aei tijnr fc-t deep, cs -milch a tstaS
ateaakoat ecit tcxricitc
Szcccw rides ca ereri' toor; ssppJe ii aed res
caf wfs. bat wft&est a znffl' tt g serrr ra
wlt&rca. Wort U tie Wrtyoo af feaaat, irrf ic
wr4 Ucl tbe mrspmt iB ertr trtaerpfe.
Tizz Pirtlxa ATrrTiwrr axtf taat thf
ti- jrr wi lie Aaotircii-fea, w t Ici sujaepcKiit
fcrtie"5jTTsdorcf aeu eftke -rar ren. "
The AMwtratlnn Stenra Line.
Hy New Zealand papers, kuully funiish
m! us by J. IL Wtalehose, Esq., II. li.
iL's Coramissioncr and Consul-Gtneral,
and the Captain of the City of Jclbounu'',
Ave leant that the Government -of New
Zealand, projose to take hold of the
Steam line betw(en that Colony and
San Francisco, iu-eanut. A proportion
has been made iu the Lgislaturo of New
Zealand to pay i 0,000 jkt year for a suita
ble mail service between the- principal
ports of !X- Zealand and S n Francisco.
In the diseussiou on the subject, it ivas re
awrketl by some of the members, that
Xe- Zealand ought to loofc out for her
self in the matter, without reference to
the other Australian Colonies.
We understand that hereafter the prob
ability is that larger vessels trill be em
ployed in the service. To make the
prer-eat route as popular and deserving of
the public iairbhage as it "should be,
vessels ought to lie employed which are
eajable of making the passage from Auck
land to this port injrom fourteen to fifteen
days. With such steamers, mails from
England can be delivered in the Colonies
several days in advance of those by the
Suer route.
Supreme Cuuri, at Chambers,
-jcroacxr. resTtciuimrtu, srrr. 14. 1ST0.
Tiettas Sika r. P. D. D'Aeila.
Motion tu approve jodctaeot in appealed case,
the appeal not hatiuir beeo perfected.
S- H. I'oiHipi and &. B. Dole for tke notion.
II. Thaoipsoa. cunira.
Tke outioa wis argued, and the Court rfserrrd
deisietr. Sept. 16, tke Court rendered the fol
towis opinion :
Ptr Curiam ; The motion i. that a jodzment
el the G-niBUSsiocers of Wars may be aErmed,
and certiiscate issoed to them to that effect. The
records show a bond fed by the defendant May
5. 1ST0. recttin? that he appeals from an adrerse
dect ion of tha Commissioners to the Sapreme
Cocrt in banco, also plaintiff s sahpeena of wit
iwes. taken oat- July 25. .Thw Joanul shows
that the July Term was adjourned from July 4.
the day fixed by statute, to July IS; that the Cal
endar. caHed at the lat named day. does not con
tain this case, and that no motion concerning it
was made during the Term. The appeal not
kariac been rwrfected. whether by the appellant's
failure to rive proper notice aad pay costs, or by
the Commissioners' failure to send up a record
of tke case, the appeal was not before th Court,
aad nader these circumstances I know ef nothing
to arrest or affect the original division. Rat I
hare bo power at Chambers to affirm that de
rision, as the cas was not appealed to me. aBd I
bar bo jarisdictioa over it. The motion is ac-
csrdiajrlv dtiied.
Xrw Toes. September 5th. Late Mexican earre
spaattcare hoi that tbe saaKtroabte walck baTe
antatm! Mrxiea for jcars pait are jast aiais pre
vakat as ctct. Gcaerat ilirllail U tllll at larpe, at
ta kca.1 af aa ar, asd is nsiUas cvssidcriMe
aroen ia la Stales taroa waieb &e Is raj rente--.
Is other parts ot lae RepoaHc read GcwraU
ate also xanHmz twesisrtm fak. Gorrraateat U
fwfcs. erMcatlj. ta star tke progress af thec
feOow;. aad the press of the cuaatrT, iastea af es
iuiwit; to aBs&cajkc Gorcraatcat aad people to
the aet?sllj ef at tioa, U frrttiw itself onr other
BMUtrs ia a BMr rlaarahMs aaaaor.
lac Tcaaaaicacc Ctaal cuschaa is also oa the
laais azaia. The prwtrst ot as)tsh Uaaibatdera
lrcthr with M!L-tcr Pamcrwefa reelr U pahfiih-
"tv Yoke, Septtatherath. Tbe Wmwias bodc
tarr article coatatas theluaWaiwz: The Vaaderbilt
partin arairiatfeepniBt to ctitt k that their
metwBI itnate'f ram W ta 15 percent, and that
IkXcTwt Ccatrai aa Ha4suo Kiicr riwds rc
rjaaaaa- to$ j-foer Inhu, aad that the VmIlS elasiwr
la a lew aa js for the fber prr ML dlrMesd, reader
the stack aaw scrip Siic tu parehasets. Ia pbia
teras tbe ejatac hated to comeeace aext week a
ifcaroes halt cuspilrn. r t
Tcwmwi froea all the prieeipal cities of tbe
Uaited Stales aay. the K! at the tumcodrr of "a-poi-raa
aad tbe etptore of jcMibow's aiaar caswd
iatease nciicateet asm: tbe Genaaas, aad the
erect wasteTeorated tirSrir palates; rleeier Delia,
rocrssiooi aad other nuBifrstaUsas at jo;.
Chicago, September 5th. The lo?es br tbe fire
last afcrht are cow arurai to lrrjite iiT0,CO.
Tab. howcTer. U oairan elimate Whileter tbe
Ulri, the iaiaraaee prabaM; rovers two-lfcird; of it.
The s-smbcr of Una leat u stiU uakaoara, hot there
aeeau a ad eerfaistj- that a least twelve to fineen
sea aad bor penssed is the Same. Oae of the
csptares la TarweH A Co.' ttore, wto as enraiei
d"a tulzs with a package of Taluble atiawlauo
ais tboclders, au f track bj bricts from tbe fj!Ha
wafii. He report tlut from Sttces ta tweat; men
aad bOTf arere behind bim aad ssaMe to eteape.
The- ticiteoeat a o creat, bowerer, tbat maaj
exasreratrd iUtcmeai In resird ta tbe Vss ot fife
were made, asd tLU Deal be Uiea aa at least rather
Tbe a order piper jrire a Hit of 15 person In
jured aad (ixperaosa BiiiKT, wfco wrreksown to
hare been cszaed in reoerisz rood from tbe
terete- baUdlsr Kcrer. perhap, la tbe bi.torj
ef the dty of Cbkaro. ha there been o oseh ex
citesiest over a Src The blaci. bursed w In
poUt of nefcKcrtc.nl beautj peitapa tbe fint la tbe
cUji asd K toUl dettrsetioa b IIm eaate at UdlTi
daal resrtt. A lUted lat uixtt,"tbe 2re U up
poeed to hare onsated ia the tpoataseoca com
bcatioc af ad rar is tbe upper itorr of LaSa
Eratsert & Co.' paper wircbosae, bat Ihi U not
jet eertain. Tbe Mauaard roof JermlBj tbe txtb
Jorj of tie baSdiar Is beli reapoeaiHe for tbe rl
traordiaarj rapid pread ef the 3rr, wbkb tbruszb
eat haSed ererj ert of tbe Cre departcest.
The iatcM beat damaged tbe itorr and toek
rU zaodaec tbe oputiie tide of Wi haab Atcccc to
the eztrct ef abocl f I9.WJJ Tbe aazietr ef the
peepte to fcae a detafled zcrncat of the Sre. eoa
prd wHfc tbe carerses toe farther aaraew, easaed
aa saprteedeated rss eathe aewtpaprraSm. aad
br;S a. TC. isata eopj- of tbe Jvnct or Tnbszt
erxjld be bad tbctr:, ta Ibeaewi de4 oral
the aeccf ,tbe pjcr. tbesaclvea. .So extra cdv
tlaai bowerer rrr tiasedL-
tJ.rri Cp ta xMi tdsr, 5:37 a. a-, so hone
baTeeesrrrarered from tbe roisa. A painfsl ra
swU aSoxt that C&trtes, a Jar ton of Clarlr
sri j.tkt!j traces to tssrarxztsimxmms
waa aererKeaaxala. Jots B. rarwefl, tbe tesior
aesnerrf hja fira U aatest es tbe piain, atlesd
ier 10 bu ds(V a fbdraa Coasitaiacer. ' "
A CuuTXasisWaeiiaxt9co3atj,Xc,driTiaz
xfir a loaeJt raad. erettooft a OvOBtrjfaaa oaleaf,
arhtraa be iarited tf rtie. After the-en-pi bat! beew
dirrmni itai.cierieal fxUUzzl akrd U fvaaa.u'
am U tr waa prrpared Ja die," aiafrsgafi..he
easawr ri- "leaped froa Ike "nvffm lad Hi ta a
jnxr mi afrt;. omaaderisr taia c,atrfae 1 fjaoe
r4JJfUb "-Trcee7.oryBT Hfc"
5nKUJSBCU trairmtte booorot teirrth
tkrtl Istestsr at notrica hits. Tie CHaete, arer
aixbssdred jtw is iWf coaorriol Inter
rwerte, cade w ooles Lj cs icb, b-in j: cxrr crt
arJrS'fcsi& and fsuted. 'rendered tt tspotbte
to detect ttecbral rzeep by tbe cae tA a hslfe.
A poSte pbatojfbra- aace tlit tni a lad;, who tad
tees jfcsSiT ta r pirtj lor. as tour, tty tiling:
.ya-j-inr, jtra tare artafrd azz tiss cbaxsislT.'
Swaar Mill".
i4 Ul(
Machinery of Every Doscrlptlon,
Far titular attaatioa paid to SMp'i Blaekimttklnr.
U-J0nvr0KKiKtrlalltlrl-iiK4W. IJ-lj
Commission Merchants,
Arr4 I fwrl.li Kit! a4 Bum SWt ta nr
-tarat -
MmnltttVfJtCn. llmolala.
Sliwi It IthtfMd A CO Hpwlola.
M4M Cl a tlMutu.
Mm WaitM 1 Alln Uilala.
So. -I0!t Caltfurnlit'stirtt, San FraiKlco.
Rimmel's Choice Perfumery
y Pattuamd by all th World!;
n. Joettr Clab. Vrnnjiiraae, aad other lr
fm uf 4iiutite frftxrmoce.
KIM MEL'S Latesdar Wattr. distilled from lilt
than tlm.
KiainjrI's Toiltt Alac;ar. (ttttratrd fir itj Olf ftl
aad (aailarr pri-rtis.
Kiaiur Extract of Limt Juic and Uljcrriof, tbe
il pnfratin for the hair, j11It la wurm til.
KimtHrrj Duconp Oil Svap, pcifnmrd with Anstra
hao Eaeilvrtttf.
Rimmrl'i Ultcerlae, llflner, Wimlior aad othrr
KiiDlntl's Rum Water. Clom and Floral Crick
rrs. xttr isiiu; for balli aal pitlJ.
Rinmtl' Vilt. Kvr-lraf. Rm, and other Toilet
A Kbcral allowance to thiprrj.
Irfotnr to It R II th rriMM of Wlr, . Strl.
IS. Kft trt, aa . C.itill. UikIwi;
U. BUTnX XutUnt, rarlt, wJ T6, Kins'
- SM lij all rwfti-i try TfnJ.yt. fg-tt)
Merchnnt Street, Honolulu,
Black A AulJ'a lata Stand.
TH& ADVERTISER barior purchased tbeintereit
of Mum. BLACK A ACLD in tbe Stationer;, New
and Periodical Easiness, will eontinne tbe sme and
Such xi FMIeip. Lgl-cap, Letter,
Note avnd UUlet, d HrperT KnTlop,
JLcctfuat-carrent ni Bill Paiper,
Cleth-linca. VeHam. White. Dice,
Buff aad Canary Entelttpea,
BUk. Gepjinf and Wririoy, Vulet, Blue,
Carmtae ami Sjmpathetn IoV. Peas sod
Haider?. Inkstands X Pencil in raritty.
File cap and letter ise. Letter Clips.
Paper Faiteaerj. Robter. Erasers. Raters,
Fennel. Red Tape. Rubber Binds,
seating Wax. Notarial Seals, ie.
Itlnnk Uook. Irder?a. Journals,
Day, Caih. Keard and MeoiraB(.aci Boes.,
Scrap. Leg1. Reeeif t and Nute Btoks.
Pena's Letter Boks. with ink.
Pros Ctapying Bvks.
Drawisg Paper, Blottin Paper and B-trd,
Briitvl BtMrdt, Wter C- Utj. Dnminees,
Cheii and Baekaimun Baarls,
Star Medicated Paerr le.
T the abre, with a large Sapply
will shortly be expected, a fall and complete ass't of
ce eb rated makers
Tlio Cir CTxizxtia s Xjilorzxxy
sJ Wil.cvt.tatn Stao trd U-rkuf iethun, and
New Bwk will be added by every Sreeoier.
J. F. Smith's. Dwkeas'. Baiwerg DTfraeli's,
Eazeae Sue', Wukie Colha. ilirrj alt's
Mies braddon's. Mrs. Deary Wnds,
3tr. TlUa WtwJVpMtssMoibaeh's.Tliaekaray'i.
Mrs. Grey's Vwtr Ilsgo. T. S. Arthor's,
Pferee Kenan's, and others are ow ao baml.
ES BT THE NEXT STEAMER will be added
Anthaay Tr ltfers Aeaelu B. Edwards',
Annie Tb-mii. Mrs. OUpbaat's. Re. Eltiat'?,
3Ir Stepbes Chi. Lever's. Mis. Maltfek'f
Ckas. Read's, and Mrs. S-atfa worth's, together
with all the LatetvNiTeb.'
will JtiU be aitcBdetl ta.
Thaakfal for fast faTn. the adrertiser hr-es. by
strict aUeotwrQ t Voiiss aai the wants of his pat
ru. to meet with a ectmace if the same.
Alt ortlerT fnna the Country anH tbe tber
Iitands. pr4xptiy attended t aMoe twvt rates.
Mooolala. ept Z7tn. Ib.s.-
'-6 m
THE FRENCH llesiilentj of llonolnln,
at a recast co'eetioV. bare rejred tu .pen. at
the SUre if Jlcisri. OH ALLA11KL t CO.. Km. S
Xawaaa Sireet, a Ssbseriptasa Lilt fur lie relief f
tbe f-iniiie uf the killed and wacsJed ia tbe present
war af tbeir eeaatr;.
Ererr Frescboan if htrtted to coca and giee his
Ohns. lare of tall. It if .pen aloKfor eeer;nne
elfe b wubu to eactrisste ta tbe list Chriitiau
mi hssuse object. 36-tf
ATIS.--. Lei Francais. resident n Ilono
lata oae d eerie dan leor reocion d'aoerir one
b-te de foateriptus ebea Metin. CIIALL.t JIEL 4
CIE-. a llacoiala pasr tesir era aide aoa fjoille
de Swliatf Traceal mart on blee pendant?la
rcerre actselle. Tost Fraseai ctt iovhe a apporttr
a srytr oo Obole graade a petite.
La Hit et aoTerte aasri poor tote perrcace qnl
dcftrerait eantribaer aa taeae bot dfbasanite. Z$
Australaisan Steam lavgiation Co
-- been apceiafe'I the Arent ef tbe AUS-
Co. at Ilonalola. tbe Ceapan; will cot be respaaalble
fur xzj debt eactraeted an aceoast of tbeir itittli,
tbe"Wnra Woera."or " Cit;f Myboerae," whb
et Uieir Trriuas aotborit;. '- -
. -"f
wh ic aeqoaiarej wnh tae bsiisesf. and i will
iwr t. esake hisuelf atefai to- bia eaipU;ers.
Iaaaire af (3Mt) B0LLE5 A CO.
International HoieI Notice 1.
THE Co-1'artnerthip bereo&.ra eaitiag le
ween JaaU C. llaaaiaa asd Paraa Fzaaaat
ea. nader tbe itfie of II ! a Co., i tbi dtf
dtaUad b; aiBtaal easiest. AH aeawset af tie
M Fins -fH c-eteOtlef tracefC. (NrrtW. who
U aatbnized ta M ib aaae af tbe Srm is liquida
te, aad who wid hmatter earrj nr tie leniaee af
tbe lalersaiXLCal Hotel spaa bif awe fp-ic7brtt;.
J. C. JlaKioir.
Flirt FzeiaiBct.
Haaolala. Sept. 1. 1ST. Zi-U
Lisences Expiring fnSepfemtaer; 1870.
IETAIL. OA Hn.?nd Jobs 5B.thH.lE. e
ti latere. 7ti Mt Arte.' tth H. T. DiesseH, Sth
Ah Ma Ai, Sib ISrinAaam a Ct.. lfU Cantan a Bil
Itti G, C. McLean. Sth Ah Sana, Utb II. Bird,
13rd Ah Lw, 9th Ah PaL Isti Ab e. I,t T.MM
taaaASJL ta.;a Ab ate.
M0L0EAI Kaarrakahai, Ifhh . O. Foa tU!.'
K1CAI Waroea',th, fe?P: Haildebett;
HACaAII-Ilasakaa, Jad C. It. Cb9a.
triiolefale. 0A11D-7lh T. C. Heoek, 2Ht
A- . tnejhsra.
Betall Rplrits.--OiHrJet Js-fb K,, Jth
Hs;Ee a Dsase. 27ad G, W. Hw;t tailing.
Turfs.allitj'r-ijAilC-tfl Aai tidC 'Cai'Si,
I'tb.Jtrs.iiBririaoti. " . . ! ' i - i
UBteher.-.OAHITljrip.p parfd,, IjJh
Horse-CUIfC It fc. p. Ward, So. in.
ftaw'h Bark R.C. WYLIE,
Ilnltetmann,. S
: . Matter,
Now In.e
cossuTixa or
Silk, Woolen and Cotton Dress Goods, I
Clothing; and Hosier;.
Broad and Brilliant Cloths,
Snddlerj-, Groceries,
laluts and Oils,
lVull Paper,
qts a pt Dectjen A SchrooJer'a Star brand,
Dcst Trench Clarets and Craudy,
Rhine Wine, Genuine Holland Gin,
in ease and ia bulk,
.aa v .
SjiiirkHn- IIucU, In q'carts and pints,
- s 'Port lVIne, llolT's Malt Extract,
Ladies' and Gents'-.Eoots & Shoes,
' it tha leit cuke and msnnfaetaie.
2 Splendid Rosewood Cottage Pianos,
of the newest pattern, and unsurpassed in bril
llanc; mt tace. "
Three Large Burglar andire-proof IronSafei,
-.. "''T :. i !-.? .1 .
A Variety of Other . Articles;
Too Ncmeroai to Mention,
Suitable for Town and" Country Trade,
For Sal on the most Reasonable Terms.
' tic-, -ti... t " t
, STl 1 X3 Trslnnt,
Jj-cJIURRAY'S Ftesh Oftters,
So. 1 Hawaiian Eke. Best Island Padd;,
if an 3 Rop li,2 and 3 iccbe'l.
' ''Harana Cigars tbe best In the' market;
.Swiss, CaliforoU and Limburg Chteae.
Boac Salad Oil; Center; A Fore it, RoseTobaeeo,
Sw Stjlts of Ladies' Trimmed Hats, -j
Gents' Farnisbiag Goods. American, Ae, Ae,
For Male Cheap,
at tbe Store of
Fort Street.
Holc!a, Sept. Iain,-l70.-3S-tf " "
Best A S HaWaiian
. m o Ks.&p-i r, a a
The store Beef 4 packed by an experienced
Tark' Islaud Salt ' tb Utt VTerrnee ran t
giren. Far sale ia quantities to fait bj .
TJIEpp, C.Jli:r;CK(
lTesdalB,Eept.Illb, l7-is!o, , " j
Beyt Arbrtb Plsg CanrU.
for rle bj
BOU.Bfl a cnr
BIAtKSMltfl' 'coaK. """ '
twUPHKMK COURT oriha Hawaiian lelanfta,
iO In to miler rf In Klit tt Her tat UajMrf 4a.
IX)Cr, II. K. KapatDlilll,-tlbra Mr. JMUraVIUeaua.
Ih rrvhat. . ?
On rradlfta- n,l Allot tha patttlrw ef C17ARLCS KAKAIXA,
lha ww at H 'I H ileceiifed itlait lateail to. Iloaotata
on lhaili ); ,f gtptwntor, A. t IStO, auj ptaji.e tint
Cku. r JuM bmjt U apHUft AJmlnUtraloe or wit batata.
Ill bot.TNTlrT.I, thai Thuila lb lath da; oTCVtiiber
WW, b nixit' IbthMilaai-r MM palliloa. at 1 o'clock
a. H . txf-n tb lion. II. A. Ukl'imaa, Jaallr. aa ateeaaal
at lit (Votl IIi-hm, tba C1IT hf ll.wcloln. aad Ikat naau.
eatt lK.n. (U maJ tie at ll tkre arrra.lt. ami, la
th. llw.mo.tia aaa Aa Utoa, nawtpapara pablukad
In M Uoaulula, pratluoa ta Mil fcnu In.
Aamlal Jiutica ?pcn CoarkS
' AltMt: WAITER Jt SEAT; Dtnutj Cltii.
IVtrd at Honolulu IhteSTttt daj of Jpl. A. P. !3T
IT9. ST.
STJPItr.r.lK Conrt or the Hawaiian laUntta.
In Cbamtiari. In th maiur of III btata of AMB
KKOII0()KtU)LK KAFAAKEA, caaak Bafcra 11 r.
jttkllca VHnna, la Cbwanee.
On raadlng and Allng tb. patttloa of John O. Ifefatala, Ad.
ntlalftraUe of tlko Satale of Ana KtohoohaUil Rapaahaa,
rfaraated. tnat hi final account aa ocb Atmlnhrrtor ma;
bo allwad. and tbat b. mar t itltcbartt.1 frvni oald tratL
It I. ,alrtHl tJ lha CWt. tht TIlf USDAT, tb Oh da;
ft Octotr. l. a, IW at 10 o'clock In lha tftitftti, b aad
Ilia Mala ttttaar t apsvtntrd lr ttaarlnt tae M petition t
f ra the MhWnittce at bit Cbatnbai In llooolola, atwblch
tint. att plac all peiaotia Interacted mmy appaar and ah.w
cauta. If anjr tbft hate, wnj tba aama anoakl not ba araatad.
ami that notice thereof be aitan br paUtcatloo of lata ordar
In tba M 0i0 aad lliwaiua Uixcm neatpaper, foe tbee
contecutiTa artki pratama to aakl baartaa.
Aittelata Jottlca tt tba baprvena pjart.
Attfftl TV. R. Nil, IVpoIt Clark.
Datt.1 !lonlnt. si t. IX IS70.
TOTICK.--Iu lha matter
af th Satata
The undraln,l Katlne been aipdntd AdmlnUtrator of
tba alwf a folate, all peratHl ar. nerabr notified to prteeot
thtir rWlma. at the office of tba wadertigned, U Hilo. trltbln
Ihre niuntM ftom the pubtieatWa of Ihla Icai and alt
pra,mt In ptMawfon . f pniertr totoof la to aaM batata ar
avtlaed toaccoaot tor ilia same wlth-ai dataj.
J. II. C0.NKT, Administrator.
lllbv Jnljr IS. 1ST0. -3n
T t:cj i, otick..
la tba matter of tba Cataleot
Prop? appltcatkn batint; baan made to tba llcnerabla A,
3. Laatenca. Clrcnlt Jndea rf tba 5eeind Jadicial Orcnlr, by
Henry tlcMnMi, Scn'r. for LattaA tf AdmlnUtfatriNt spun
th. E.tale of Tbxnaa Skttl, late die tat id lalntata, nolle U
hereof itltan to all abtan It may enncetn. tbat M)(DATV
tba tllll day of October. ISM. at 10 .. cluck In IbetiraBoon.
It a day ami boar aptwdatKt by nie te barlaa tb aBolka-
tlou for Letter of AdrulaUtratl,'a atrraald aM alt otjeclioae
that may b ctfered thereto, at the Coort lliaa In the town
of Labaloa, MuL II. I.
Clrrnlt Jwlra of &d Jedlclal Circait, It. I.
Labalna. luL Anttut Mb. IHa at-llt
"XTOTICK-ln the matter or the Katate of
X S l KUKO. drcea.ed, lata vT North K'-baU, Hawaii.
rnfe application baTlaf: beau ttaa tu tba aadrisnd
by William Meraebutich, for hit dUcharea from tbadattta aad
ratpunttbllltlea at at;mlnftrtor to tb abuT named Eatata.
thertfore. notice la hereby irlTf n to all wlnan It may concern,
tbat AVedutaJay. October Mtn. at 10 ockk a. w.. la the day
and hnr appointed P-r th bearing In tba aaM matter, aad of
any oljectkms that may bemad toaald diacbarsa balnsgras.
ted,at Panbne, Sortn Konala. llaaalL
Charles TRtarniCK hast.
S. Kona Hawaii, Sept. 7 1ST0. ST Clrcnlt Jadcja, 3d J. D.
"WrOTICIS-In the matter of the Kital or
Protwr application batlne been made to tb nndereltrned by
J. A. ifnmont, tor letter f administration op, tba Estate
ctOILISlMMO.N'8. deceased, ht.ofll matoa l.lanj llaaaU.
Notice I bervhe rlten to all whom Itmaycoocrn, laat Mon
day, tXtaber Snt. IJ70, at D o'clock a. ta tba day and
boor appointed for bearlne the eeid tnalter, and alt ebjectioae
that may be made to rranttatr aald Ictttra of admlnhitratxfn,
at tba Court Hons, In Walmee, Sontb Kobala. Hawaii;
S. Kona, Hawaii, Sept. T, 1570. IT Circait Judie. 3d J. D.
IX the -M.tter of th. Eatat. or VREDItICK
Proper application batla; been mad to tba andaralfnad,
by FRANCIS SPE.NCER, for hi dUcbari; from tb reapoo
ibllitiea a administrate to tba atana named Katate; ta.r
fora. notlca It hereby ntf.fi lo all whom II may concern, that
M0NDAT, October Slat. 1570. at 10 o'clock 1. St., I tba day
and hoor appointed for the bearlne In tbe aald matter, and ef
any objection tbat mae be made to aaM discharge beloc
granted, at tba Conrt Hoot In Uelmea, S. Kobala, Uaasil
Ctr. Jndre. 3d Jed. Ctrrait.
S. Kona, Hawaii, Sept. 8th. 1S70. C7-lt
IX the flutter of the application for th
proof f Iba Will of KA-MALA Jl allALO (k).
I'roper application baring been made to tbe nndcrslgned,
by II. CHRISTIANSEN, tbat a day b appointed for th pro,
log cf tbe Will of Kamalamaitalo (k) daceased. Ula of Fna.
kra, Kobala, Hawaii; natice I hereby given to all a been tt
may concern, tbat WEDNESDAY, October Wth. 1S7. St 10
o'ebek a w.. I the day asd boor appointed for tbe bearing
cf tbe proof of aald W ill, and all objection tbat may be of
fered thereto, at Pnnbae, N. Kohala, Hawaii.
Or Judge, 3d Jnd. Clrcnlt.
S. Kona, Hawaii, Sept. 7th, 1S70. 37-1
ALL persons hnring nnjr claim against
tbe Estate of tha late John Watton. am reqae
ted to present tbe sam ta tb nndcrsigned. and all
pertons indebted to tba said Estate will male imme
diate payment to
Attorney la fact for tb Hairs
Hnnolnln. Sept. 8th. 1S70 .14-lm
Martell's and Henejy'a Pala Brandy n eaalte.
Duff tlnrdod and Yrlarte' Sup'r Pale Sherrr,
Cafe Orange Bitters. Case Angostura Bitters,
Care uf Qntnio tVine Bitters.
Bass's Ale Is pints and quarts,
Jeffrey's Ale and Porter, in pint and quarts.
Ex Other Late Arrivals,
--.. . '
Hennet,;'s, and Marttll's Best Pale. Brand; In
qoarter easVi I Vri
Martsll's and tber brands af Brand; io ease.
Pile Sfcerrj In ewe. Knlnsrt. per et til, and
Heidriek's Cbampagne.d'iue Qlaret.-SaiXerne,
Mutcat. JIochhein,er. Liebfrausiilcb,
Johasnisberger, Port and different
Varieties of Cala. Wines,
Hoslttter's, Drake'a'Plantatloa, Forest Win,
Leslin's and other Bittr, Maraschino, Doprtt
Kum:ncll, Genera In eases and Baskets,
Ind Coop Pale Ale,
Tennant's, Brass', Barclay A Perkins, aad
Ouioness' Porter. Vermouth, Es. ofGTngvr,
Efienc of Pepperuilut.'Abtiiitbe. Bourbon,
Scotch and Irish Whisk;, Jamaica Runs, Ac
Dally Expects per lark " R. C. Wylie,"
- ' ' H t -i
Due de Montebadlo'a Champagne, In pints aad
Clarets "of rari'.us qualities.
Red and tVhite Burgusd;, pints and quarts.
Rudesbcimer, Mareobruoaer, Johannuberg. qts.
Sparkling Hock ami Moselle, in Pints.
Trench Sherry and Port.
Cases of Irish and Scotch .Whisk;, Coraeao.
Orang Bitten. Ausfoitufa'BiUerr, Anisette.
Scryaa, Port, Pal Brand;,
Casks old Madeira.
' !
- field and PU Sherry.
Jamaica and otber'daacription of Kaa.
Case India Pal Ala, plntrand quarts.- -Sparkliog
Ale in Jugs. . . ,
Barela; A Perkins's Porter, pints And, quart.
Cases, of Glii.
Seltxer WtOar, , .
'Very eriy tb. whole ef-tha aberawiuuaait aviAa
ar direct; fmu, A jeaU hand; can t) sfcr;"reea
mcndal. and wilt be sold at rrj low r'aus j
On MaaaTar-aaaraia; last, a lae siaci.f
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