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Irore Talc of ?pot!ctl Tnll.
Lore u all potest. Tbe civilized and tie bar
btroca, tbe weak ud tbe strong, the chieftain
and tbe meanest subject of Lis clan, alike recog
nire tu cwijjb Spotted Tail, the direct descend'
aat of a long fine of illustrious chieftains of tbe
warlike Sioux, and -whoso name is .familiar to the
peepJe of tbe entire country, in connection with
fcts rtceot Tttit with a party of bis warriors-to
Watbicgton and other Eastern cities, is a very
good case in point. Many years ago -when Spot
ted Tail was a yoong man and dashing warrior,
whose, pri deywaj bisJiorse, and whose glory jwaa
tieongWinp of gory scalps which dangled frofn
bis caddle-bow. be met and loved a dnskv damrh
ter of tbe tribe, about whose resplendent beauty
we-bear; even to this day, from frontiersmen,
who raw her ere age bad robbed bertjf the won
dress charms which made her noted in her youth
and which Jiaf not erea .wholly forsake her in
her old ire.
Tbe union between tbe yonng chief and the
Indian maiden, seems to bare been character
ized by all tbe fervent lore of which we read so
maeh:hi Flory, bat so seldom see exemplified in
reat-Ule ; iad especially was tbeir.inutual attach
ment n strong contrast to that usually existing
between tbe red man and eqnaw. Daring all the
changing fortunes of his tribe, through prosperity
and adversity, in war and in peace, in youth and
in old age. Spotted Tail clung to bis first and
cn)j Jore; with an intensity of aflfection which ex-
Gtedilhe admiration and respect ol friend and
foe alike. Until about a year since, " Wnwon-
aissia." tlejtame.by which the chieftain's con
wrt was known throughout tbe tribe, was insep-
arabteTrooi her liege lord, always accompanying
him on the war-path as well as on his more
pescefaMsanttng expeditious.' But early in the
spring of last year, she who had never known
-vbailirwcs to bare a dav? sickness was uttnrbwl
.with rheumatism, which soon assumed bo aggra
vated a form, as to render her entirely helpless,
and from tbe effects of which' she finally died
Trobab"ly the fell disease which Jettered the free
limbs, chafed and fretted the active nature which
could not brook confinement, and hastened her
At the time.Spotted Tall left for the East she
was quite feeble, but ber condition excited no
particular alarm, though it required a good deal
of persuasion to induce the chier to make the
trip without ber, be insisting upon her accom
panying him, bed-ridden as she was. During his
absence she became worse, and a messenger wa3
dispatched to this city, who at once called on
Col. Sullivan, and had that officer send a dis
patch to Capt. Poole, who was in charge of the
Indian delegation, apprising the chief ol the low
condition of his beloved " Wawonaissa," and urg
ing bis immediate return. The dispatch reached
Spotted Tail at Chicago, and be lost no time in
hastening borne. Two days before be reached
Whetstone agency, the headquarters of his tribe,
she died and was buried. He immediately bad
berremalns disinterred, and our informant says
it was a painful sight to see the profound and
bitter griet which took possession of the chief as
be looked upon the dead face of ber be had loved
so truly and well.
Over the usually stoical features of the stern
warrior great tears coursed like a torrent, while
bis broad breast shook and heaved with great
agony. He caught the inanimate form in his
brawny arms, calling her by all the endearing
names with which he bad been wont to awake
tbe love-light in her dirk eyes in days agone,
while he rained hot, passionate kisses upon the
dusky marble of ber dear, dead face. At the
time tbe gentleman from whom we derive our
information left Whetstone, Spotted Tail was
giving expression to his people. AU the presents
and trinkets pfevery sort wbicb .he had received
while on bis Eastern journey he buried, affirming
that theywere bad medicine," and in some way
responsible for the death of his wife. Many of
these. presents .were of greatralue, yet we under
stand that he reserved not a vestige of any gift
made him while absent on the journey.
He has also discarded all his feathers, orna
ments and clothing ofj every sort, except the
breech-clout, and subjects himself to all'sorts of
personal discomfort and humiliation. He has
smeared bis body with grease and filth of one
sort and another, and lacerated his person with
knives, sharp sticks, &c., until he is a frightful
sight to behold. Anon he will stand with his
arms folded across bis chest, gazing at the sun
for two hours at a time while not a muscle of
his body-rnoresiuratorh f then'he will clasp lifs
hands before, him. and with eyes, bent on the
ground, be will commence a mournful chant
which he will keep up for another hour or two";
Ihiiis followed 'by throwing himself "upon the
grouod, where he will roll and tumble about in
a perfect paroxysm of rage until he becomes
completely exhausted when he falls asleep, only
to repeat the routine of his mourning 'upon his
awakening. Sjnce bis return borne he has not
washed himself once, and as the dirt, in .which be
rolls readily adheres to tbe grease with which Ins
body is smeared, it can be readily imagined what
a filthy condition he is in.
Thus mourns this untutored savage for the
loved and lost, and rude, uncouth and even ri
diculous as are his expressions ofgrief, they are
none tbe less sincere and heartfelt, and therefore
entitled to our respect, if not oar approval.
Cincinnati Times.
AQCXSTIOH OF ritOMPT Payment. " Fldells,"
Of East Boston, writes to tbe Boston Herald, on a
question-of some Importance tbe following rather
stroop communication, which we copy br nqnt-st:
I would like to ask a few questions wbicb will In
terest provision and grocery dealers. What Is It
that people pay the milliner, tailor, hatter, fnrnl.
tare dealer, doctor, druggist, and in fact every line
it business, cash, excepting the provlfon and gro
cery dealer? The doctor Ms to be paid Bret All
the money be pnts out Is for the paper be writes bis
prescription on. The provision dealers have to sup
port one-third of tbe population. In fact, tbey Jook
at ue provision bill as tbe last bill that ougbt to be
paid. I see people, every day parading tbe streets
who have not paid IbMhV last meal they ate, when
protnbly-.tse persons who sold Jt to tbenT'wcre
aelully Jn need of .the money, and If tbey are dou
aM Wiej-feel intuited. I have bad them fell me :
" Well, I had to pay tbe doctor, and so I can't pay
you!" -tt'taat money has the doctor put-out tbafhe
1 entitled to Aiscroney tbe first thing ? For every
dollar they owe"fbe-pfbvllpn dealer that dollar cost
tbe dealer somewhere in the vicinity of pi net j or
clnety-flvejCenlC . Kow who ought fo bavohla
money BrstT-Or -la- not the provUinn -orgrocery
business a legitimate business, that be bas to wait
and run tbe chances of getting bis money J
Work on the new bridge across the East Klrer,
between New Tork and Brooklyn, In being pushed
on either side of tbcrlver. On the New Tork side
tbey are boring for a' rocky foundation for tbe abut
ment, jJhlcbJiad been found at about eight feet be
low the surface, through thick mud and gravel, and
boulders occasionally. On tbe Brooklyn end, two
courses of heavy stone have already been laid upon
tbe caisson, in which -the' abutment is to be laid.
Three gangs of men, 80 In eacb, work alternately on
these' fouoaattous. "'
AT Kltrigna aracnaVaear Shanghai, the Chinese
have just built three steam uuboais. and a steam,
dredge, and are now building a steam transport of
liQOOaaa.' IT ; JAh' X - .
Late Telegrams!
Sedax. September 2d. Dr. Bus sell writes to the
Timet from Sedan, tbe 3d :
When the Emperor, who bad passed the weary
bosrs of night, looked oat on the morning, be beheld
a forest of steel and iron in tbe valley and bill tops,
b'atteries posted on every eminence, carali in all the
tplalns.jind far as his eve eonld rtach, hosts of Ger
mans; his decision was taken at last. Attended by
few of bit Staff on honebaek, hit Majesty proceeded
along the road from Sedan in a baroncbe.
" Count Bismarck was in bed at bis quarters at
Donchery, when an official rushed in and announced
the Emperor was coming to meet him, and to see the
King. Connt Bismarck rose, dressed hastily, and
hastened to meet the Emperor." He was in lime to
stop the cortege ontslde tbe town.
' ' I was away In tbe field, and therefore eannot of
my personal knowledge state what occurred. As his
Majesty alighted, I hear that Bismarck nncovered bis
.head and stood with cap in band, and on a sign or re-
qoest from tbe Emperor, pat it on, the Coant re
plied : " Sir, I receive your Majesty as I would my
own Boyal Master." There happened to be near the
place where the interview occurred, a few hundred
yards outside tbe town of Donchery. a humble cot
tage of a band-loom wearer, of whom there are num
bers around Sedan.
" Bismarck lead tbe way and entered it. The room
was not inviting; the great Coant walked up stairs;
the apartment was filled by the hand-loom and appli
ances of the wearer, so be descended and found tbe
Emperor sitting on a stone outside. Two chairs were
brought out of the cottage : the Emperor tat down in
one; Bismarck took the other and placed it on his
Majesty's left band side.
" Tbe officers in attendance on tbeir fallen master
lay down at some distance away npon a small plat of
grass in front of the cottage. The conversation was
strange, and,-as Connt Bismarck bas repeated'it free
ly or the principal parts of it no doubt it will be
soon known and remain forever as historic. Tbe
great point to be gained was peace ; but, so far as bis
Majesty was concerned, no assurance could be gained
by Bismarck.
"Tbe Emperor states that be has no power and
could not negotiate for peace, and conld not give or
ders to the army nor Bazaine, nur tbe Ministers. The
Empress was Regent and. on her and ber Ministers
must devolve tbe negotiations ; so Bismarck thereup
on remarked it was of no avail to bold any further
conversation on political matters, with his Majesty,
and it would be of no use to see tbe Kiog. The Em
peror desired to see the King in person, but Bismarck
declared it not possible to accede to bis Majesty's
wishes, till the capitulation had been signed. Then,
as tho conversation was becoming rather dangerous.
and as the situation was becoming difficult on both
sides, he ended it and the in'erview terminated. Tbe
Count went to see tbe King, and the Emperor with
drew to consult his officers."
Paris, September 4th. The Prefect of Police bas
issued the following proclamation :
Policemen and Inhabitant of Parte: After being for
eighteen years crushed under cruel blows, traditions
interrupted on tbe 18th Brumarie and the 2d De
cember, are at last resumed."
The Deputies of the Left, after the withdrawal of
their colleagues, have by a majority proclaimed the
"Decheance." Soon after tbe Republic was declared
from the Hotel do Ville. The revolution which bas
just taken place bas been a pacific one.
It was understood that no French blood should flow
except on the field of battle. It bas for its object, as
in 1792, the repression of the foreign foe. Itbebooves,
therefore, the inhabitants of Paris by their self-possession
and tbe firmness of their attitude to continue
to show themselves equal to tbe task that they and
tbe nation have undertaken. For this reason, invest
ed by tbe Government with the powers that have been
so much abused by previous governments, I invite the
inhabitants of Paris to tbe exercise of those political
rights, wbicb they have just recognized to tbe fullest
extent possible, consistent with wisdom and modera
tion, and to show France and the world that we are
indeed worthy of liberty.
Our duty in these circumstances which we have
been placed, is, above all, to remember that the coun
try is in danger, and that France, under tbe auspices
of re ublican liberty, proposes to vanquish or die. I
am certain that my power will only be used to defend
you from tbe blows of those whe seek to betray tbe
Beiili.v, Sept 8 Midnight. Tbe Stattmuyer
newspaper Is Inlormed by an eye-witness of tbe late
battles around Sedan, that the Emperor Napoleon
was continually exposed to the heaviest fire, mani
festing the most undaunted bravery and heroism.
and utterly disregarding tbe repeated entreaties of
his officers and soldiers that be wuuld seek a less
dangerous plare. These exhibitions of recklessness
on tbe part of tbe Emperor led to the belief that he
courted death rather than to survive tbe overwhelm
ing defeat wbicb he foresaw awaited bim.
Paris, Sept, 8 Midnight Uhlan scouts made
thelrappearance at Compelgne, Department of Alse,
this afternoon.
Tbe statement mode by the Steele newspaper, to
the effect that Lcdru Rollln will be selected by tbe
French Ministry to represent tbe Republic as Em
bassador to the Government of tbe United States,
was unauthorized, no selection for that mission hav
ing yet been decided on.
Losdos, Sept. 9. The German correspondent of
the Timet writes as follons from Willicrnsbone,
under date of Sept 5: "The Imperial train reached
the station at 9:35, p. jr.. where tbe garrison Officers,
General Plonski and the Regiment Official of the
Province bad assembled. Tbe Emperor, on alight
ing, passed to Plonski s carriage, and diluted tbe
officers of tbe Corps, wbo drew up with presented
arms. He looks serious, hot crushed; there wi-re
no signs of bloat; or unbeilthy embonpoint. lie
wore the undress Uniform of a General, with a riding-
cape of the Garibaldlan fashion. The crowd was
silent, respectful and sympatbetlc"
Paris, Sept, 10 Tbe Prussians entered Lion yes
terday. Shortly after their entrance the magazine
exploded, blowing up a portion of tbe citadel ; the
Prussian Staff, and several hundred soldiers were
Lo.idos, September Iltb 9 A. if. On Thursday
night M. de Lesteps, wbo was not recognized at the
time, walked into tbo Marine Hotel at Hastings, and
ipquired for the Prince Imperial. M. Dupree, custo
dian of tbe Prince, was summoned, and after a brief
consultation tba gentleman left tbe house, but soon
returned with two ladies, dressed as Sisters of Chari
ty ; one of them was tbe Empress. Tbe Empress felt
so strong, that she was suffered to see the Prince with
out notice or preparation. The scene at the meeting
of mother and child, say those wbo witnessed it, was
ndeseribably affecting. Next day, the Empress was
ill, and Doctors Blocliit and" Sfergeon were summon
ed o attend her. It is a remarkle coincidence that
these medical gentlemen arethe same who prescribed
for Louis Phillippe, on bis landing at Hastings twenty-two
years ago.
The territory, of tbe environs of Paris bas been
laid .entirely waste. Gardens, trees, flowers, sta
tuary; fountains; public promenades, with all tbe
places of suburban retreat for pleasure and recrea
tion have been laid waste by orderof tbeautboritles,
SO that tbe officer In command of tbe garrlsor? may
hare-aimnlmpeded swecpTirrasgeTBrlbe observa
tion of ah approaching enemy, and also that the fire
ofthe guna onjjje 1 oitlflcatlons mayjiemore effect
ive againsfthe advance of n invading army.
Evert Prussian subject is enrolled In tbe army
upon reaching the age of twenty and serves three
years In the regular army, four in the reserves, and
nine in the " Landwher," or militia. Even at tbe
ageof fifty he is not exempt from military duty, but
is then enrolled In the "Landsturm,"2or home
guard. On a peace footing, a Prussian regiment
consists of three battalions, numbering 518 each;
in war, tbe battalions are Increased to 1003 each.
TnE latest Invention, for warlike purposes is said
to be the adoption ol steam locomotives for tb'e
transportation of heavy artillery1 on common roads.
This has been practically tried In England and Prus
sia, and seems to have given great satisfaction. How
far this invention wIl tpe madcadsptable in tbe pres
ent war remains to Le eecu.
. . v . f ' n. i
A faic lately took: place la Londonforthe "Home
for lost and starring dogs."
The IsrAixiBiLiir Dogma Its Present Sta
ITS. Many of the American prelatra wbo attended
tbe Ecumenical Council have now reached their
homes, and received from their flocks a hearty wel
come. Being called upon the balconies of tbeir
houses to " make a speech," or being Interviewed by
reporters, these dlgnitariea bare all expressed tbeir
willingness to abide by the Infallibility dogma.
Witb that judicious reserve en often remarked in the
Catholic prlestboo'd, most of them b.ve promised to
make the dogma the subject of special discourses at
an early day. That they accept It, and will stand It,
there Is no reasonable doubt. And yet It was from
the American prelates that the strongest opposition
to tbe dogma came. As in America, so in Europe,
tbe final adoption of tbe dogma seems to have
hushed all open objections to It, not merely among
archblsbopi and bishops, but In the whole army of
priesta. Among tbe Catholic Journals of the world
there Is an entire unanimity of acquiescence. If not
ol effusive approbation, and no strong dissenting
opinion has yet manifested Itself among the laity.
Every wbere by tbe Catholic Church It is received
witb toleration or respect or enthusiasm. Only
wbere it comes into collision with tbe machinery
of civil government in certain of tbe European Cath
olic states does it provoke hostility. Austria abro
gates the concordat: and tbe Pope thereupon with
draws his Nuncio" from Vienna. The Government
of Bavaria forbids tbe promulgation of the bull of
Papal infallibility in that country. France was so
occupied witb tbe war wbicb she bad declared jnrt
previous to the proclamation of the dogma by tbe
Council that ehe has not yet had time or tbe oppor
tunity to mark ber sense of displeasure unless tbe
witbdrawl of tbe'last IFrencb soldiers from Rome
may be regarded as such an indication. It is
doubtful whether Napoleon.i-iquiringevcry bayonet
at his disposal, would not have taken away bis
troops from the same If the dogma bad never been
adopted. But the attitude of antagonism or Indif
ference assumed by tbe Catholic powers of Europe
in Ibeir civil capacity towards tbe dogma does not
appear-to have any effect, we repeat, on the senti
ment of individual Catholics to an appreciable ex
tent anywhere. We account for this partly by not
unduly estimating the operation of that babit of
obedience wbicb Is tbe backbone of tbe Catholic
Church, and partly by the fact that tbe dogma is
only tbe assertion of a proposition wbicb may, or
may not, be acted upon by the Pontiff. - At present
it is nothing more than an abstraction. Not till it
is put Into a concrete form, and practised upon
some question of human interest, shall we expect
to see wbatever latent antipathy to tbe dogma (if
any) now obtains In Catholic ranks brought out In
bold relief Pope Pins IX. Is a man of great expert
ence, and not worldly unwise. He needs no diplo
matist to tell bim that the frequent or frivolous
employment of tbe power now vested in bim would
derogate frrm bis own dignity and injure the es
teem in which Infallibility is now held among Cath
olics. So great au antbority should obviously be
wielded only upon great occasions. Its effect nil!
be almost in proportion to tbe iufrx-quency of lis
use. Some time may elapse before tbe Pope will
give to tbe world an example of bis Infallible judg
ment, wnen he does so, and not before, shall we
regard the doctrine of infallibility as put to a test.
For tbe present, while we cannot soy that the dog
ma bas fallen still-born, it bas produced far less ex
citement than was expected. Even Protestant pul
pits have tired of thundering agjinst it. Perhaps
tbe outbreak of tbe war has diverted public atten
tion from tbe dogma, but we think that a better ex
planation of the unconcern with which it Is received
both by Catholics and Protestants is I be fact that Its
adoption is but an empty formality, and that tbe
world will wait to see II exercised before allowing
itself to become excited over it.
Miraoe is the. Frith or Forth. We have fre
quently had occasion to report cases of mirage occur
rjngln the Frith of Forth, but the most extraoidl
nary Instance which can be remembered occurred
on Friday afternoon. Tbe day was very hot.and
sultry, and there was a peculiarity about thcatmos
phere which is seldom observed In this country,
About midday, a thin, clear and transparent kind of
vapor, through wbicb the surrounding objects be
gan to make tbeir appearance in the must fantastic
and grotesque shapes imaginable settled over tbe
sea. The fantasmagorla were principally confined
to tbe mnulh of tbe frith; but at one time tbey em
braced the whole of the Fife coast ns far as tbe eye
could reach, town, village, and hamlet being deplet
ed high upon tbe horizon witb remarkable destinct
uess. Though the whole coast seemed at least half
way up tbe horizon, tbe appearances presented by
the towns were very different, some of them having
the bouses inverted, while others appeared in the
natural position. Tbe Bass Rock, the Isle of May,
and the rocks around Dunbar harbor, however, at
traded most attention, both from their proximity
and from the extraordinary forms wbb h tbey ns
sumed. The Bjss which at one time seemed to lie
upon the sea, suddenly shot up into a tall spiral col
until, apparently ten times its usual height, sur
rounded by battlements rising tier on tier, and pre
senting a most imposing spectacle. As usual, bow.
ever, tbe most fantastic apjiearauces were presented
by the May, which, In tbe course of the afternoon,
underwent an almost iunumberuble series of phantasmagoric-transformations.
Atone time it was ap
parently as round-os a circle, at another seemingly
drawn out tar miles against tbe horizon; now flat
upon tbe water, then rising. to ten" tiou-6 Its 'usual
height; occasionally portions appeared to break off j
and sail away, then to return and unite all within
the space of a few minutes. Vessels in tbe offing
appeartd double one on tbe wateraud anotberln
verted in tbe air; and in one instance three figures
of one vessel were distinctly visible one inverted,
another on tbe sea, and a third in its natural "posi
tion between tbe two. The fishing boats proceed
ing tosca In tbe evening underwent the same trans
formations when Only a few yards off tbe shore, tbe
double appearance being distiucty visible within a
certain distance. The rocks at the harbor also
seemed to play fantastic tricks, opening and abut
ting rising and falling, with apparent regularity.
These extraordinary illusions lasted from mid day
till nlgpt-rall, and excited great Interest among the
inhabitants of Dunbar, numbers of whom collected
In the Castle Park and at tbe harbor for tbe purpose
ot witnessing the phenomena. Edinburgh Scvteman.
Baron Gekolt, the Prussian Minister in Wash
ington, has received a dispatch from Berlin, stating
that for the third time a flag of truce bas been fired
upon by the French. It says: "Capt. Roebow, sent
by Gen. Alvens Leben to Tool with a flag of truce,
bas been received with shots, and a trumpeter ac
companying another flag of truce bas been killed.
You will lodge a protest with tbe United States
against these reeated violations of International
law, and declare thai it shall henceforth bran impos
sibility of sending flags of truce to a nation, whose
soldiers lost in Alrira, China and Mexico, all recol
lections of the usages of civilized warfare."
The bones oT 1,500 Chinamen have just been sent
bomr fromiSan Francisco; The Crispins fiopVthai
the freighting trade in coolie bones will continue
bjiskr . .. G?:
A proposed wedding between a Maine damsel of
fifty-two and a youth ot seventeen was objected tq
by the boy's mother, who declared "he was no
match for that old woman."
Five HCSDREDChlnrse laborers sre on tbeir way
from California to Virginia having been hired by
tbe Olilo and Cbesapeak Railroad Company. at, $25j(
An English vocalist .recently recovered 13,000
from a railroad company for damage to ber volcety
The Library ol the 'British' Museum now con
tains 1,600,000 volumes, and is doubling itself every
fifteen years.
.A-sertakt girl In ToleS frustrated a burglars'
plans by throwing him out of a garret window to
the sidewalk. He never recovered from tbe shook.
Jacob Chiceexdakse' is the name of a man who
keeps a stall In one of tbe Indianapolis markets.
Peter Hogwaltx is tbe name of one of bis. competi
tors. - j
.Wirrare tbe clouds like coachmen I Bectusethev
hdid the Trains.
'Too are a queer chicken, as the hrn.said when
.she hatched out a duck.
..ToE-MoravUns bavebeeDja Greenland one- hun
dred and thirty-six years. ., , , .
He wbo avoids small sins does not fall Into Urge,
onei i
Xarlitet Wliax-f,
To Arrive,
The, following. Vessels,. nowEn Route
Hawaiian Ship "Iolani,"
American Ship "Ceylon,"
AUlcJllUXl AJ ell XL iiauuui
IIESE CARGOES consist of the usual
Assortment of
Vfl 'Vtt.
w Vf
Oak Timber,
Cumberland Coal,
Paints, &c.
Bricks-, Cement, ' -Kerosene
Lamps, &c.
Pine Barrel Shooks,
Sugar Keg Shooks,
Oil Cask Shooks,
Hoop Iron," Fence Wire,
Bar Iron, Woodenware,
Burlaps, Bagging.
( Daily Expected ll '
ler IturUtt
R. C. Wyllie & A. J. Pope,
"soo 3Bri!rea.s"
Best English
Portland Cement.
Russia Hemp Rigging
From 2 inch to 7 inch.
ISO Coils Ratline, Marline, Ilouiline, TVormline,
Two-Yarn Spunyarn, Three-jam Spunjarri, Seizing,
Log Lines, Flag Lines, Etc., Eic, Ete.
Chain Cables,. . .. .
Sites, -from inch to 1 inch.
Iron-Stock Anchors,
Weight, from 100 tbs. to 3,600 tbs., with ctrtiScate
of Admiralty Test.
Barrels and half Barrels Stockholm Tar,
-J- , CoaVfa'rrPitcb, ete., etc.,
All of which will be sold at the lo west market prices,
Just Received! 1
Per I:i t e Arrivals,
COttOn 33-ULCli;
v.- ..." ' . ii- ' - , -7
From the Lawrence Duck Co., In Bond or Duty
Paid, 10,000 Yards Best Cotton Dnek ,cf. tb'u celt;
brated manufacture, assorted numbers : -Received
per " Iolani," direct from Boston.
FoVbtiy V ""35 R 15 " BODIES 4 Co.
Hemp and Flax Canvas!
Five Bales best Flar Canr.i3orted 'numbers ;
ma.Daf,ctare of -
I) arid, Corsar, and Son, Arbroath.
Alone tetter in tne uountryt
j .r-. . '
Can be sold low, in Bond, or dutj paid, by
ml r,tu i X iji'til ,MJ . .- Mill'
American PRIME PORK.
In Bond. For. Sale bj. a
35 -' -"--
i s - ' : ; ' .'' .'t
MeiS uiray 's eclebratrfi iBiUimore , PJTSTEBSi
' In One and Two Poind Cam.
ferula by 35. B9LL9 s Co.
Haw'n Bark R. C. WYL1E,
Ilaltermann, : : : Master,
3NT o W 33 11
coxsisTiNa or-
Silk, Woolen and Cotton Dress Goods,
Clothinir and Hosiery.
Broad and Brilliant Cloths,
Snddlcry, Groceries,
PnlntH n ml Oils,
Wall Paper,
qts k pts Deetjen A Schrooder's Star brand.
Best French Clarets and Brandy,
Rhine Wine, Genuine Holland Gin,
In cases and in bulk.
Sparkling- Hoelr, in quarts and pints,
Port tVIne, HolTs 3Inlt Extract,
Ladies' and Gents' Boots & Shoes,
of the best make' and manufacture,
2 Splendid Rosewood Cottage Pianos,
of the newest pattern, and unsurpassed in bril
liancy of tone.
Three Large Burglar and Fire-proof Iron Safes,
' llAND '
i .i
A Variety of. Other "Articles,
Too Ncmerous to Mention,
Suitable for Town and Country Trade,
SS For Sale on the most Reasonable Terms.
SliiD Iolani,
jyjcMimitA.Y'S Fresh Oysters,
No. 1 Hawaiian Rice, Best.Island Paddy,
Manila Rope 1, 2, 25 and 3 inches,
Havana Cigars tbe best in tbe market,
Swiss,' California and"Llmburg Cheese, '
Boxes Salad Oil ; Century Foreit, Ros'e Tobacco,
New Styles of Ladies' Trimmed Hats,
'.' '-Gents' Furnishing Goods, American UeYi'a,,
For Sale Cheap,
atrtbe .Store of S f. ( :JitiW" fi :
Fort.fi treat.
Best A I Hawaiian
The abote Beef is packed by an experienced
Buieber. cured' in Ltrerpool Salt.' and packed in
Turk'a Island Salt. Tbe best reference , ran ha
Siren. For sale in quantities to suit by
. f. r . i to;; TffE66. cbt'ScKf
: HonolulASepjtH'gi?,.. ,
- Best Arbrratb Flal:Cmaif .,, ,
for sale hy flil' BOLLE3 4 CO.
FIRE CLAY A PIPE CLAY, for'ealeb'j .
IS H.-HACitBELBjt 0l
St Wharf Store. ' Ira
By Steamers from Sydney,
rvlIARTEU CASKS Kartell's Brandy,
Qnnrtcr Casks Hcnnessr's Urandy,
Quarter Casks Soyerac IJrnndj-,
Qr. Casks United Vinejnrd Urnndy,
Qr. Casks Jules Robin Urandy,
Cases Highland Whiskey,
, Casks Bottled Ale,ffi
SsassBVd Worthington'a and Aitten's. atwbmi
Shortly Expected,
Hogsiliendii Jamaica Rum,
Quarter Casks Sherry,
AuHtruIIun Wine, Sec
N. B. The undersigned having made arrange
ments with Importer? of the Beit Brand of Liquors,
in San Francisco, Victoria, B. C, and Sydney, N. S.
W., will keep a supply of sueh in the Custom House
stores, and is also prepared to order from either the
above ports or England, by wbicb a considerable
saving may be effected. Full information girun as
to prices in the different markets.
28 lOt W. L. GR11EX.
O-tlaen? Goods!
Made Arrangements with Sydney Firms,
Is Prepared to Execute Orders
For Merchandise of Every Description,
On the Moat Ail vantngeoua Terms.
jrr- Sydney, being one of the Largest and Cheap
est Markets in the Pacific, offers unnsual advantages
to Purchasers of Goods for tbis Market, the Duties
there being loir, and drawbacks allowed, so that
almost any articlo of European manufacture can be
had It quantities to suit, within Sixty Days from the
date 01 forwarding tne order.
28-iot iv. tj. m:o
Consisting in Part of
Finest While all Wool 4-4 Flannel.
Finest White all Wool A Angola White Flannels,
Good Grey and White all Wool '
Flannels, lux-l Bleached Sheeting,
Thompson's Glove-Fitting Corsets,
Ainaskeag Denims, Jeans, Drills and ,
Bleached and Unbleached Cottons.
A Sup'r ass't of Stationery,
Water Lined Note Paper,
White Ruled Note Paper,
While Ruled Laid Leaf, Letter and Bill Paper,
White, Cuff and Amber and Letter and Note
Pay son's Indelible, and Carter's Copying Ink,
Artista' A Book-keepers' Flexible Rulers,
Smith X Wesson's Pistols a Cartridges, ,
Hair Girths.' Stirrups I Leathers,
Spanish Trees, Croupersand Bridles,
Oak Belting, Street Brooms,
Wood Faucets, Lamp Black,
Italian IacUInsr Lace Leather,
Paints, Oils, &c.
While Zine A Lead, in 1, 2 a 21 lb containers,
Paris and Chrome Green,
Chrome Yellow. Umber. Slenner,
Patent Dryer, Vermillion,
Whiting Pinssian, Blue, Bladders of Putty,
Carriage arid Coach Varnish,
Bright, Copal and Furniture Varnish,
Boiled Linseed Oil, Turpentine,
Mason's Blacking, Coffee Mills,
Axe.'Pick.EIelge, Ads. Hoe, Oo,
Hammer A Cbisel Handles,
Wool Cards, Saddles, Enameled Trunks,
- Coopers' Tools,
Croiers, llowels, and Cbampering Knives,
1 'Carpenter's Planes,
Fore, Smooth, Jack A Jointers,
Cut Nails', 3, 4, C, 8, 10, 12; 20, 30, 1020 and
,60d. Boat Nails, 2 inch, -
, Pressed Nails, 2 a 2J inch, - , -
. Cooper's Rivets, 4,78 lbs,
. Copper Rivet's, a Burs, 1, J,
'It Inch, Gimp Tacks,
" ' Iron 4 Copper Tacks of all sires.
Best Rubber Hoie, i. J. 1, 1J a 2 inch, -CentrifBglr-Vrii.brPaintrWbite-Wash
' and Scrub Brashes, CovM Tin-Pails,- - -1.
1. 3. 3, t..6, 8, 10 1 12 quarts.
Covered SlopPails, Dippers,
Dib and Milk Pans,
Jenning'sbits, soldering Irons, T hinges, steels.
Hammers, Gauges. Squares, Chisels,
Angers, Sieves. Lime Squeezers,
Yard Sticks.Bung Starters, Axes,
Shovels, Spades, Ous, Lanterns,
Eagle Horse, A and O Plow's and
,SB Point?;' Paris Plows, extra heavy and itrong.
Protoxide of Iron, Pain Killer, '
Poland's-White Pine Compound,
Fails, Tubs, Brooms, Eta. Ete.
Boiracr'a Kerosene (fll,
From, the Boston House.
'And'.Many Other jcieCi
itL TO SB SOtB 18W.- i
California Brick,"
:Firsale br . 35
California Lime,
lei sal iy-' "
Cheap for Cash! Cheap for Cash!
Entire Hardware Stock !
Would C,nll tk Attention of
For tbe Wants ef tke Islasi Trade.
Merchants in Particular,
Before Purchasing Elsewhere
asxaxy raises will be sorp
ZSTot Oxxly at Cost,
Agricultural and Other Implements,
Coming: from tho East.
Tbe Usual Discount Madi to the Trade!
3S3 Orders from tbe other Islands respectfully
solicited, promptly attended to and filled with can.
1ST No Connection with the Una sent tha War.
3m H
"Pro Bono Publico !"
II, 8. GRIlllI ICO,
"FTorwo on TTxrLd.
Direct Importations
The Largest and
Best Ass't of Ready Made Clothing
Consisting in Fart of, viz the Celebrated
Cashmere, ClotU & Drill Garments,
in all varieties,
Complete Black Dress and Walking Suits,
Boys TVhibj Linen'CasEnTera
. ' ' and Cloth SuiU.
Cents' Furnishing Goods.
Saratoga and Gents' Leather Trunks,
Celebrated Patent White Shirts,
Styled Davles A Jones, in all grades.
Overxlilrtu! OTcrsthlrtH ! OTersiklrta
in Ore; Flannel, Diagonal,
Printed and Crimean.
Hats! Hats! Hats!
Hosiery ! Hosiery ! Hosiery !
For Gents', Ladies and Boja.
""Yfiiilcee IVotidiisT
Boots kSo Shoes!
Boots & Shoes!
Boots & Shoes!
At the Very Loireiit Ponalble Price I
Bj the Original, Package.
a-peoial-atUutin-to-Country- Orders, lad a
fair margin to tbe trade. - Thanking oar patrons for
past farori, we respectful! solicit a share of their
. Jf.ket'e Koelc
milE UNDEKSICXED has Jut receive
Direct from the Xarrafactureri !
Br Keceait Arrlral.
The Ftoest.AssffjiMftt of Ogars
Ever Imported tats tfcta XukH,
' t pSr Alio CoWaotlj oa'TSiai -flta
A Tery KHgerlet- Aaiortseigsat eC
Tobaeeo and 3Piep!
... t
AH Layers f ttta Wewat. ..
1 taf f laaks'w
M ,.14. '.s-r5l4ftS

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