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y --31. HAPLEE,
KkXtfcMCkC wBl aa u flows ex Oelu
tiwi. J. 0. nOaastt.
'I . Ok. 14. 1IT.
T.AX Collector for 1M6.
II in-rr..!
3e. H. Lm.
K. WMer.
W". 0. Lase.
.west J. Ha.
that rhioh is least thought of in Hono
lulu being quite as good as that from the
favorite ranches. The difference is that
one will not allow his stock to be over
heated in being taken to market, -while
the other hands them over to the vaqne-
ros, who, in many cafes, have more
thought of their skill 'in horsemanship and
of their desire of getting oer the jour
ney in jrood time than tliev have for the
value of the commodity they are taking
to market, or the interests of their em
ployers. "We have seen manv a drove of
cattle intended for immediate slaughter,
driven over hot and dustv roads a dis
tance in one day which should have taken
at least two, and this, too, when the cat
tle being driven were not wild nor un
manageable, but could be driven at any
speed required, with all ease. We trust
oor graeiers will in time take this matter
in hand, and by enforcing better care, not
only benefit their own interests but confer
a great favor upon the public.
T. C. Fawsytfc.
T. Ltfasoj
. W. JUm rteiaaL
S. B. Pmaaa.
L. K. Swain,
6. Mtifffi.
JL Ksaaaeka
s. c. waM.
S. VOmx.
-.TV. 0. Smith.
J. K. Sawstk.
-6. B. IW.ell.
Kahi Euh,
J. .Morr Sim,
, -lav. m aVaty apt slot
Ldtrf Hewl TniBswi' Cirauit
i of tfce yyim Cwwt asai bw beea
ll HIM hH Sck mmi has IM as
I M riaJiissa' Say ,M tarte. : .c k
ii iaaiafcatxes tc reafukeriy aatWffccd clerk
TaaaaaaaflBsEBoBBss"",, V4kS 9(NL Mtiafatff 4f71aUdKC
ONrk aprMBC Coast.
Ja'tiiireiiic Court. Oct. Term, 1S70.
Yaqaeros vs. See
is, ire atav say vrkixwt fear o?
taw, bo eeaotry m lie trot-id of
which is bettr adapted
than the Hawaiian Isl-
TW vast slopes and valleys along
wbt perpetoal spring
&c3kies to gratters which
vmmi in other parts of the
X MOTtsioii for the iftciemeat
bo bar to be mowed,
w pnlm for the sm&mtace of the herds
f nanh to to gamma, bet nature, from
,-wtth seareelv a
i prorfc-ion tbeabandance
f haeh cm emHj be seea by any oae
wto -rim ear cattle ranches and look
vpm the tat aad sleek conditio of the
'ditre in," and the yearly
toaaaajraf yoau. aad aabranded oat
taa, i all the labor lequinjd from the stock j " Mtil tbat r wither wrote nor ceased
Tie King vs. James T. BhdgHt.
Indktnent for Perjory. The indiclnwnt avers
list the prisoner, at Honolulu, April 22, 1S70,
"appred before the Hon. Alfred S. Haxtwell,
being then aod there ene of the JiHlieps or the
Sspreme Court of the Hawaiian Ufa mis, and
doly sB'.horized then and them to administer
oaths, and that at the hum time and place also
aspred io his official capaci'f, Thomas Acam
soa, the yoBBrer of that same, being tlieti and
there Coosal of the United .Stairs uf America
for the Port of Honolulu, daly conmnstoned sml
qaalified, and the said Cooecl then and there, in
hk official capacity as aforesaid, and llien and
there actioc and daiaio" to act iu belialf of the
United States of America, and ia order to pro-
care testimony to be used io the Department, of
State, one of the Orpartmeats of the Government
of the said United States of America, being then
and there a Government oo terms of amity with
the Government of His Majesty, the King of the
Hawaiian Inlands, and that the said Consul then
and there, ia his official capacity aforesaid, for the
parposej aforesaid, produced to the said Justice
what purported to be the copy of a certain letter
nLkh the said Dlodgelt bad denied that he had
ever writtes. aad coneernio" the writing of which
the said Biodgett said that he knew nothing
whatsoever, f d requested said Justice then and
there to prepare an affidavit, to be subscribed and
sworn to by the said Biodgett, to the end that
the same might be received i.y the ffltd Consul,
aad daly transmitted to the Department of State
abromid, aad that then and there and thereupon
the said Jestice did prepare an affidavit, to which
said letter was annexed, and that said Illudgett
did then and there sign the same in the presence
of said Justice, and that said Blodgett did then
and there swear that such affidavit was true
the presence of said Jsslice, who did then and
there duly administer the oath to said Blodgett
by the ceremony of the uplifted hand, and with
out laying the band on the Bible, and wlw was
then and there legally authorized to adftiinUter
such oath." The indictment sets forth a copy of
the letter in qaestioo. which is dated at Honolulu.
addreerod to lion. H. Fish, and charges frauds
agaiaet the United States Government on the
part ef .Mr. A damson, and of others in connection
with the Consalate a', Honolulu, ami is sigoed.
"J. T. Blodgett. late Asst. Purveyor U. S. H.''
Following the letter is this statement, viz. : I,
J. T. IHodgett, of Hoonluln, IT. 1., late Asst.
Pnrvevor of the U. S. Hospital of Honolulu.
hjve read the foregoing, and I do hereby depose
to be
the prisoner, and rendered the following opinion.
JL G. Davis and" H. Thompson for the prisoner.
S. H. Phillips, Attorney-General, for the
Per.Ccbiam : The Indictment was laid before
me some days before the opening of the Term
when it was presented and foand to be a tree
Bill. The examination of the Attorney-Generals
Bills before finding them, is scarcely more than n
matter of form with my?elr. Considering the
importance attached to this case, I did however
give some close examination to the form of the
Indictment, and satisfied my t elf that it set out
with precision and correctness the statute offense
of perjury. The arguments on the demurrer
were full and interesting The demurrer was over
ruled on the grounds that the Indictment avers
all that the statute requires to constitute this
offence, aad states nothing that is necessarily
consistent with the averments, or that author
ized the Court to quash the Indictment and debar
the prosecution from trial of the truth of the
averments. At the close of the evidence, the
prisoner's counsel requested the Court to instruct
the jnry that in order to convict, tbey must find
that the magistrate was authorized by law both
to administer the oath and to require it, and the
instruction was given.
In so far as the grounds ef this motion in arrest
of judgment coincide with the causes assigned
for demurrer to the form of the Indictment, tbey
are within the judgment pronounced in over
ruling the demurrer, and need no further com
ment. The onlv point not vet ruled upon, ap
pears in the dosing sentence uf the third reason
tated in this motion, viz. : " Because the facts
set forth in the Indictment are insufficient to
sustain a verdict bv the law of this Kingdom.'
Upon the sufficiency of those facts alutie to sus
tain a verdict of guilty, I bare not heretofore
been called upon to decide, the question not
having been raised in such form that it properly
could be passed upou by the Court. I was not
prepared to order the jury to acquit, until further
consideration, but on this ground I feel compelled
now to arrest judgment lor reasons which I will
proceed to state.
In view of the law. and of the facts and cir
cumstances connected with the case, it is by no
means surprising that the Attorney-General was
unwilling to take upon himself the responsibility
ot declining to prosecute. The offence proved
to have been committed, in so far as the verdict
of twelve intelligent men who formed the jury
can prove anything which rests on proof of the
identity of handwriting, wo3 a higbmoral of
fence. The interests certainly of an official repre
sentative of the United States Government, if
not the interests of the Government iUelf, were
concerned, and it would have been no light re
sponsibility to attempt to anticipate a ruling of
the Court on a new and rather nice question
of law raised by tlic case.
1 wi!' first say that I do not baee my concW
sions upon considerations either of internationnl
law or of the general law of nations, fur 1 see
noae that affect the cafe. I need not refer to
declined the Consul's request to make such affi
davit. I know co authority of law by which he
could have been compelled to do so, even if the
Consul, oa the strength of the permission frosi
the Department, had requested the magistrate to
require the testimony. This was not done because
it was not necessary. It is probably the correct
view, that a false oath would bo perjury under
the statute if the affiant could have been com
pelled, or as the statute is worded, required to
testily, but this coald not have been the case, it
for no other reason than 6-cause no man can -be
held to test fy against himself. The Consul, if
he had desired to do so, might have brought bis
action, and compelled the prisoner either to
answer or take a default. Perhaps on complaint,
a prosecution for libel would have been insti
tuted, or the offense, might have been a misde
meanor. ,
I will cite the., words of Professor Green
leaf, in the first volume of his work on
Evidence, Section " 32-1. Redfield's edition:
"Some of the States hae made provision
by law for the taking of depositions to ba used
in suits pending io other States by bringing the
deponent within the operation of their own
statutes against perjury; and national enmity
plainly requires the enactment of similar pro
visions in all civilized cnuntries. But, as jet.
they are far from being universal; and whether,
in the ubsence of such provision, false swearing
in such cases is punishable as perjury, has been
gravely doubted."
It remains to refer to a case decided in this
Court at the October Term of 1855. A will had
been admitted' to probate by Judge Andrews,
and uai afterwards believed to have been turged.
While tlio will remained unrevoked, a petition
for the appointment of an administrator was
heard. One of the witnesses at this hearing was j
indicted for perjury, and the Court, Itobertson, J.,
ordered the jury to acquit on the ground that
there vus no jurisdiction to hear the petition
while tae will was uncancelled. The King vs.
Papa, t al.,1 Haw. 195. That decision does
not setm to have beeu based on the ground tnat
perjurf could only be committed in strictly legal
proceedings, but because there was no jurisdiction,
and tie proceedings were all void. 1 should not
like to commit myself so fat as to indorse
and I am not called upon to deny the law of tlial
case, but I cite it because it may have a bearing
on the view I take in this case.
The decisions of Courts of the United Slates.
citeil by prisoner's counsel, rest on peculiar
statutes of the States, and on the adjustment
cf the respective constitutional powers of
the States and of the general Government. I
am, therefore, not prepared to say how fjr they
are iu point. This case must rest on the statutes
and law of this Kingdom. But sec U. S. vs.
Bailey. 0. Pet. 240. 4 Black. Com. 137. and n.
35. Ib. Hawk. PI. Cr. 85 and 86. Spit-errs.
Bead. Hob. 02. Beg. vs. Chapman, 2 Cox's Cr.
Cas. -lCS. Bex vs. Foster, Bus. and Hy.,453.
Bex vs. Beck, Str. 4G0. Beg. re. Child. 5 Cox's
Cr. ("as. 205 ; Lavev vs. Beg. 5 lb. 269 ; Beg. vs.
Lawlor. 6 lb. 181 ; Keg. vh Stowe. lb. 240 ; Beg.
vs. uuglies, i jn. -Jco ; tteg. vs. lSjrry.a Hi. 121
An Invoice of California Cigars,
and for isle br '
San Fi-rtnoisco,
' to MTure htBL a nek retam for the
aaw'aJ rareMed ia tbe biiKs and for
Hijl:ienc if be eooanesces with "small
beginning," in wakime: until his stock
toonreee swfliiaf tlr mweraw to enable
hiai to chare yritik others in supplying the
t of tbe tovas aad ulsotaltoHs with
Vkeeas with wtfieb eaule are raised in
farale localities, and the coajjHratively
saaav care which H k accessary to give
u aoioabtedly tbe reason why a la'r
par portioa of tfre rakd on our larger
wath are Iktie better than wild cattle,
-a-airi. ia order t brag tbemto market,
Mamaire roorfc ba tiling, ami. ia sorae eases,
eilxnuHy hatd driring; so bard indeed,
that by tbe uaae tbey reach tbe market, tbe
atant tfcey have received renders
rbeaa act aaBy utrfit to he ased as food.
Haw partJealarty is this tbe case when
tbey hare been driven for a long distance
avarhard raafe aad ia a. hurry, to some
plaot of embarkation where there is no
waaw bat saa-water, aad do food, aad
saaa aaatod af tot seaoaaor for trans
portation to HoadahL In these caces,
lata tbey artnre at the beach, over-lieot-ed
aad half aad with the furious chase
tbey bane had, tbey at oace rash into the
tak watrr to oaeaca their thirst; if this
doe aot have tba elect to kill them at
aaoa, it is aa evea chance that a Urge por
tiaa of a cargo wiM bare to be thrown
aaarboard oa the passage, aad those that
Hfcnare, wfeea braaght to market and
daagbtered far tbe pabiic eoasnniption,
aarte aoaaSty of beef which is not at all
-admired either for tenderness or flavor.
Tbe Jaat that beef braaght to the market
ia sack a awtaaw is toagh aad flavorless,
rnr be a safeguard to the public
health, beaaase if a bollock which
has beoa drives furiously through the
beat aad dast far fifteen or twenty miles,
as ist is it can ran, made as good
steals or roasts as it woald when killed
direct and cool from the pasture, people
wasdd eat so much of the nnhealthv stuff
thtt it might breed an epidemic, as after
passiag through aH the trials they have
le pass : through the cattle treated in this
way, must necessarily make unwholesome
New, it is not at all singular, in view of
Ae above, that the people of Honolnln
iave favorite brands of beef, that every
body is aware that cattle from one ranch
are always better when they arrive here
than those from another, though, we bc
Seve, they arc mistaken when they sup
pose that the cattle on one arc better on
the rround than those of another.
writtes tbe original better of which tbe fore-olw
porpnrts to be a copy, ami I do hereby farther
depose that I know notbiog whatsoever cofleni
iag tbe writing of said letter. J. T. Buhwrtt."
The Mieteenl also charges " that after the
foraeoia aSiitavit wa subscribed ami sworn to,
the said Jostice did append thereto a certificate
ander bis bawl and tbe seal of tbe Court, in
worts aad fern re j following, that is to say : ' I'er
somHy appeared before me at Honolnlu. lilam
of Oaba, Hawaiian Islands, this twenty-second
day of April, A. I). 1870, tbe above named J. T.
Blodgett, who made oath that tbe foregoing
stateoeatby bitti subscribed in ray presence, is
true. Witness my band and the seal of the Su
preme Court. Alfrkd S. Hastwieu,
Seal of Sap. Court Jottice Sap. Coort.' "
The iadietatest farther charges that the prii
naor. - at tbe time aad place of subscribing ami
swearing to the aforesaid a'Sdavit, did wiliraHy,
kaovinrly, and lately slate in writios the mate
rial facts oo oath, that he. tbe said Blodgett,
neither wrote nor caused to be written the
original letter, of which tbe furepoing purports
to be n copy, and that be knew nothing what
soever concerning the writing of the said letter,
whereas, in troth and in fact, tbe said Blodett
then aad there knew roach concerning the said
hitter, sad the said Blodgett did write the said
letter, and did casse tbe same to be forwarded to
the Hon. Secretary of Stale of the United States
of America; all of which tbe said Rlod--ett. at
at tbe time of sabscribin; and swearing to the
j said aSdarit then and there knew to be tree, i
And the Attorney-General says, that the said
oath was repaired, and the requiting of it was
daly authorized by law, and that it wa3 duly ad
arinistered by the said Jn-tiee in person, who. had
then and there legal authority to administer tbe
sane, and that the facts alleged to have been
fclsely subscribed and sworn to were pertinent to
the matter in question, and were not idle, imper
tinent, irrelevant, or inagojficaat faels." The
indictment coadades with a forma! charge of
penary Io the second degree, as - net committed
on a complaint or proceeding against, or trial of
any one for a crime eshject to capital punish
mt, evidently tending to charge him with or
convict him of sech crime, in case he sboald be
charged with or convicted of snch crime."
The prisoner's counsel fill a demurrer, alleging
that, the said indictment and the matter therein
contained In manner and farm as the same are
therein stated and set forth, are fiot soBjcient in
law, and that he is not bound by the law of tbe
land to answer the same." and a&sizning for rea
sons 6f demurrer. - that it nowhere appears in
the soki indictment that the aHejted false oath
therein saied end eet forth was made in afey
jmdicial proceeding known to the law of this
Kingdom, nor that tbe alleged false oath was en
oath required by law. or an oath, the reqairing ol
which was authorized by law. nor that the said
alleged filse oath was made before any jadicial or
other officer of this Kirgdom. required or author
ized to require by law, the same in that behalf."
The demnrrer was argued, and after being con
sidered by tbe Court, was overruled.
tbe constant desire of His Majesty's Government Reg. vs. Simnionds. Ib. 1'JU ; Iteg. vs. Whybronr,
to do all that existing treaties stipulate for, and
to extend to officials of friendly nations, as well
as to their private citizens or subjects whose
interests can be advanced, every facility and
counesy wnicn international comity and usage
require. I his Court has been ever cautious not
to exeeed its jurisdiction in matters aQectin
loreigners. esteeming it wise to extend jifIk
but not jurisdiction, and when the jurisdiction is
dear, sparing neither trouble nor expense in g
ing tbe full meesare of the law. I believe that.
in several causes in which the lights o foroignerse
were adjudicated opon in this Court, and an ap
peal to their borne Governments was made by
their official representatives, the action of the
Court has been entirely approved, and it wa3 "re'
ganied by those Governments s verv far from
undesirable that the interests of their citizens
here could thus be secured, and fcgal remedies
obtained under strict forms ol law.
Commissions from tbe Conrts of England and
the United States are frequently sent here to
take depositions to be used abroad. So far as I
am aware, the attendance of witnesses in such
case3 lias always been obtained. The dutv of
other in eliciung troth, is folly recognized by this juktwell. ox toe Br.scn.-Tl,e term commenced
Miuri. it is customary to state m the Commit
9 lb. -13S ; Reg. vs. Smith, Ib. 1!63 ; Reg. vs. Le-
nier,-lb. 40). Stato vs. Hanson. 39 Jie. 3.17.
Com. vs. Kcight. 12 .Mass. 275 ; People vs. War
ner, lb. 270. Lame vs. Treadway. 3 Bur. 47(1,
Com", vs. Wirden. II .Met. 409. S'late vs. Fui
long. 26 .Me. CS. U. S. vs. Babcock,4 McL. 1 1-1.
The statute requires the oath to bo one which
is " required by or the requiring of which is
authorized by law." I think the word - require"
here means cot merely to request as a favor, but
a request by one having the power of law to en
force the same.
However great the moral wrong of taking a
false oath, a legal offence becomes such only by
force of statutes. Legal wroors must always be
kept distinct from otfences against the Diiine
I oner, or against the moral sense. Courts of
justice do not administer the laws which are re
cognized by them as binding on their prirate
consciences, bat only such as are known and de
clared to be the Uk of the land.
As the act charged in the indictment, and all
the ficts of which evidence was given at the
trial do not make nut the legal offence of perjury.
the motion is granted. '1 he prisoner must be
discharged, and judgment entered accordingly.
on Monday the 3d lnt., with an unusujllv large cal
endar. The lollmvlnr Is n lit ol (lie can-s:
The King it. Koku. Heedless Itidiue. Verdict
of guilty, and lined S25.
The King ri. Kaliloua. Heedless Riding. Acquit
The King rt Ukumea. Perjury. Acquitted.
The King t. Kumauoa. Perjury. Nol. twos, en-
The trial
' , then proceeded, a Tcrdict of guilty wa3 rendered,
itTift ftio rtnennc'i ft...- CI. .3 -
I" w kwuMfca lucu UICil a U1UIIOU In
: arrest of indrment. which was unhmlit pA tritl,..ni
tat ot tee Deet titled on tbe rancn, ana in argument. The Court pronounced judgment
every case the meat is of the finest quality; ' granting the motion, and ordering the discharge of
sion3. Letters Rogatory, or Letters Missive. a3
they are termed, Unit a cause i3 pending in the
jarisdiction of the Judge who issues the Letters
between parties named, that testimony of wit
nesses named is material to that cause, that they
reside within the jurisdiction of tbe Court to
whom they are addressed, and to the request that tereil.
sacli testimony be obtained and tmi in leal form I 'le "lug . Robert Charlton. Afianlt and bat
and transmitted, is appended an offer of recinro- '"r' KuL ',ros- '"i"
r.1 u,ri ithn,, . , c.i,r.' The Kin-rt J. T. Blodgelt. Perjury. A verdict
, . . ,r , "f polity was rendered by the jury, but underextep-
missions issue in Admiralty, hqm.y. Probate and IluD5 toll DJ p.oaers cmneel, the Court ordered
v,u,mauu iai. piiteeuiugs, anu an! 01 consuiera- hlj dkcharse from custodv.
we antiquity, me compulsory process for at- TheKlntri. OrloffP-terson. Aanlt with adan-
tecdaaceof witnesses in such matters may not be I Srrons weapon. Mr. Jonif, connn-1 lur prisoner,
a waiter of treaty stirnlation or express statute 8Iated 10 ,bL' CoDrt tlit "l0" CIonlnaIin of tbe
bat it has been regarded here a, perhaps resting on' Oo'w . be wai.tlsfied tbatthe
. r ' o rifiuiAltfiine tl trltna-ccf a tn tills his ih,. tM,.
In a rr a nor--1 1 cfirntu innllni Inr t I.; rf T i
amr.rfrom being ready to say that thesame thing read in evld.nce, ad Irom conscientious motlv..
may not be done Bpon the formal request of high I would object to tbe same guirg to a Jury. He ar
officials of friendly powers, in proper cases, nor K01 lb!Lt consent by counsel could nut put In jeo-
tbat the cases mast be confined to caaesrxmlin(. Vtaf lue Pr"on:''i uo "as not present at the tak-
in some Cunrt. Bat I think thnt lh.. nm. ct lLe depo'l""". The Attorney General re-
-in r .k:. 1 1 , . 1 P", when Mr. Jones retired from the case, where'
. I j - - j V "ulour" ,flB "Pn the court argued Mr. Stanley as counsel for
"'""'"erpu uewu io compel tbe prisoner. After consoltatlou with his client.
we prisoner io appear ana lesliry wbetlier he bad Mr. Stanley ohiecttd to the introduction of the dep
or ihu noi wniien me leuer in question, and the I ""u im coun ruiiniuai. ine oujectlou wa
conclusion foHws. that the false oath thus we" ,akeD' lnd ,n"e being tbus no trident on the
voluntarily taken dees net come within onr P1'1 f '"e cruwn, the court ordered the pritontr'a
. j.r-i.: -r -rv. Hscnan:e.
, , , . " The KIo-. Shong. Attempt to commits rai.
u ... zuj TbejorJ(,(lptwL Anew Jury was empannelled
" " '"" "j inieii. uu j.ie iuner io re- 1 ana returned a Verdict of not guilty.
qaire me uain io oe uk-en. ati omcer may lie 3llKaleml rt. Luan. Ejcelment. Uiimlaaed for
aatborized to administer an oath, and the fact K,Bt of joinder of husband with wife. Lies over
that a document is sworn to before a iastic nf n BBU lhe January teruu
Saperior Coart may authenticate the document . JuBn orn nd LahiiaM, minors, by tbelrgnar-
: f. , , . ' . , . . JI". t- M. Goluurn r. KamaL Ejectment
rr r r- ii c j er I ""'"lrawn nnt c"t term, oa account of non-Juin-
w. : wi iiiswii; stales, vu uue t(un ui reg- i deruiwlle.
nlanty of proceeding, and of seals attached to Opunni and Kapobakn rt. .Kalawala EamallL
their records. False testimony eo taken may Eji-cimcnt. Verd ct for deleodant.
not make the person amenable tn the criminal F''b G hMn. Uamagea. Laid at tSCO for
hws of the for Slut fnr irint nf inrilitnn brMCU of "tct. Verdict fordefendanu A mo-
Shoe Luces, P.iper Collars,
Silver Platod Tabic Spoons,
Silver Platod Doscrt &. Tea Spoons,
A Large Assortment of Pocket Cutlery,
A Full Assortment of Shears and Scissors,
Itutchtr Kuivcx, 4J,-, S, C, S, 10, K i 14 In.,
Ura Screw I'ullio.
Snnflle, l'clliain As Tort I!i, rein web.
Copper AVirc-ClolIi, flne meah,
Brass Butts, Chest Locks,
Otim Shellac, &c.
SIng!e-3arre! Guns,
Double-Darrel Guns,
suitabli; ro:; trade.
Percussion Caps, Eilles,
Pistols, Cartridges,
Chain, &c.
Ifcroncne Lamps and
Kerosene Lanterns,
Hnbbueli'a Pare While Lead and Ziac,
Hnbbaek'a Ik-t Iloiled LIniced Oil,
RUBBER HOSE,, J, 1, IJ 2 inch,
Caulking Irons & Shin'3 Scrapers,
all ofViiick
At the Lowest Market Rates,
A Liberal Discount to the Trade.
33 Jm
TONKEY JACKETS, Illno Tilot Cloth
1J. Panti.
Hearj Orej Woolen Pants,
Jlearj- Wcxiteo Drtwers and Otenblrtl,
Ieeland wacKets, Mockingt anu-cuelis,
Mittem and Comfurters, fnr Tihileiuen'a ne.
Light Flannel Ceata 1 Saeka-'-blaeK. bice, io,
Ileary Winter Coats. Alpaca Coats,
Cubuere Ouatt, Sacks and Pant!. VesU, ,
Cravats. India Unbber Coats. Ilielfirj Sbtrts-,
Dainaslc Table Coiera. Fancy Flannel Shirts,
Blankets bine, scarlet, white, green and grey,
Luliiii'M LxtraetM, Kan tic Colosiic,
Barlaps. Linen Thread Week and white,
Twift tfening Silfc, Cotton Thread,
Brnwn C"tt"U Seeks. White Cotton Stockings,
White and Fancy Cotton Shirt s,
Superior White Linen Bosutn Sbtrts.
Brnwn. While and Pink Cottun Updenhirts,
Ileary Merino Undershirts. Saddle Girths,
Uiied Cotton Socha, Tlajing Cards, Ac.
A Large Assortment of Cutlery,
Stearins Candles assoitcd. Palm Oil, . .
Caniphor, Wrapping Paper. Gold Leaf, ..
, Bath Brick. Water. Monkeys.
A Lnrjjc Invoice ol' Croclicry,
French Calf Skins. French Chocolate,
Loaf Su;ar, Chi-dren'a Willow Carriages,
Ultramarine Blue, Ac. Ac.
For Pale by
39-Sin U. IIACKFELD .1 CO.
will Hold
On Thursday Evening, Nov'r 3d,
At Seven oVIoelf,
For the Dcnffit of the Ladies, Iteneolest Soe'eiy. -fiif
The GUAB BAG will be open ia the after
noon. '
LEGAL NOTl0is.ff,.i,
Per R. C. Wyilie,
FroTTi areim 023..
E.VniiISII ruiSTS1'ancv", Purple and
French prints, fancy ; Fancy mnilins ;
Victoria lawns ; Mnsqnilo nettle; ;
Soperior black cburgs ;
French merino, and crape; Ticking;
White shirting and long cloth J
Brown and blue ootton drills,, hcary;
Brown and blue cottons; llfctiery strlpesf
Blue twilled Saxony Oannels;
Imperial linens, assorted ;
White lioen handkerchiefs-;
Turkey red and yellow handkerchiefs ; -
While jar-net handkerchiefs ; .
Fancy cotton handkerchief, ; ,
Black silk elastia ; Dress goods;
Plain and figured blaok silk ;
White linen and ribbed drill ;
Fine while linen duck ; Black lining silk j
Black hair cluth for tailor's use ;
Blue twill : Blue pique ; Cashinore ;
Veil barege, assorted colors.
Fur Sale by
39 Sm- If. UACKFKI.D ,t CO.
SC FIT KM IS COURT ef the Uavsltti Islands. Ia
the ma Iter of tha tate of tier tat Majeity Qen Dow
iter tt. FT. KAPAKCIIAnj, VtKnsfd. toJae Mr. Jisttc
V hlrmcnn. In Frob-to. ,
On rM.Ifn- an Qtlng lhe petition of Charla Kraaiaa. tha v
nearest cf kin of th M decvwrJ settinc Seth that the
s iU ricceaseil UteJ I ntestat to llonotalK on th TTtb diy of
S-piember, A. V. 1Si, aDl prajins that he way b apputUail
AlmlQlstralorraHl Estate; .
It i tierelj ordered that TIlCTtf HAT, tht It ij tt Ss-4
TeiiWr. ortt. mar be IIlM ror the hmrin of aaU retftim.
at 10 o'tlxk A. M. hrUt th Hon. It. A V Mevuaa. J alter 4
aluivaai4. at tbo Cut lti tn tn tlio city of ilunolala, lod
tkt ttiiSlieitlnn lhrMf t.ir ll.ru V I. ,t.A
iiiwsiiA? uaxiTTsanu a aauara, newspapers pobUAex a
ItatrJ at Uonotuis, the llth ilay of (X t..lr. A D. lSTO.
AiocUte Jaatfca Saprtmo Coort. 5
Attest WiLTlra R. swit, IVpaly uers hop. Itoort.
Ul'Un.lli: Court or the Itairitltan falandstv.
S3 In Chambers. In tlio matter nf the b'tateof PCt T
SIAMXI. deceased. Dcfore Air. Jualice WMunaau, ta Chain-
Ou rraJbr aad Wing th pelilton cf Wttlbm Jerrrtt, Kxa
rntoe of Ike last Witt aiiil teaUnwoV' of Faal T. MotnI. lata
of Honolulu. I-Uoii of Oaho, Jnr-a-wO. j r-jli-ff tkt hl e
couat as sarh Kxecubw tsar be ail-wed. and last botoay -riinbargvl
rruni snld trnt. and that llanpa Maalal may t
nltij Admlnl-irator wun ine wtu aaeaxeu.
of October, x. . at 10 o'clock m tlio ftiretraun. bo anil
lb att.e lirrel'j tt nppofntnl fur beartejc tbe MM aii.tiMi VW.
f.r th id Jt(r at hi Cbatntt in Ifooetuhi, t Ik)k
:im nt 'Uc all peuii4 InirrpftfJ tvr appear and viWVj-I-'
tiinf, tf any tbrT hrr, wlij thvMtuaahuld net if tnal4&
ami iiAt tiUe tarrf pitet. hj tuUtt&ttener thMerrfrr
Iu th ApOio awl llrwjttuv flumi stwiiwr, far tai 1
itmeMlT week prcvlvat tm uU liMrfng.
Jutl( f tbo frBiTrm Orart. ,
Attest: V TL 5ul Pepaty Ctt. v.
DMrJ Monolulo. Oct. 4th, 18TU. 3t.
"TlVrOTXCKo proper appttcattxa hx brt xnaJ,
JL tu the andrnlccM bj V. C. JOSKS, Att9ra7 tW I.4
(Arhtru5en far tb etlenient C tbe le&ilMrfSi-r Kt4t
hcw ml ml I'Qatia-ltaAlrJ !a tb Di-trtri cf .Nrlh Ko
ItAta. XliDlvf itawiii, 3J. J. C. N4tr U httc rItmi tat2
?ittiV Inttmted n iUe Loatdartf thvaaM lands that
UKf DAY, the Sih rtr f Koto.br, A. VK 15T0, al 0 Attack1
A. 31. It tbe tbneict IUr thfe,ttenifi,t f th Loa&tlitM,
at the Court Ileute In AValnte, Smth Kbltala.
Boumlarj CatmlkDer 3i. J. C
inio, iiavaJt. Oct. c ina a.
Per H. G. yliie.
Xji 2000 bundlea best English hoop iron.astM sizes.
Fire bricks, square and arch; Pipeclay;
Fire clay ; 3 oak boats, for coaster's use;
.Black and whito marble tiles;
50 tons Lirerpool salt ; t,0IHI roofing slates ;
Manila rope, MO coils, 5. 1, 1 and 1 i Inch ;
1110 pieces Itussia ravens duck,
Scotch hemp canvas; Casks sheet linoj
Eagle sail twloo; Muntx yellow metaf and nails ;
500 feet i inch'salraniied Iron pipes ; '
Bundles sheet irun, light ;
Wet Hartley (team coal ;
Invoice of paper hangings, assorted ;
Bales corks ; Demijohns ; Market baskets;
Sugar boiler's thermometers ;
Iron tlcued sauoo. pan and tea kettles ;
Invoice of English saddlery.
Tor Sale by
30-.1m II. IIACKFELD , CO.
"TlTOncK. Whereas, prorer apfilicattea has botn toads
J. to the mJntit ty It. CtKII'SR. I lb Mttleat
f the boarelitie of lb AbopiMa rallAl KaviBahu. aitaated in
IheUI.Irh-tnUin.liu. IaJnmloll.IL j,J. fi NllrU
hereby given to alt luarlfaa laterettrd la th IwniaVtlWa ef
lhe takl Un.1, that r II ID AY. tlio till dat of .Strwhr, A. D.
1670, atOo'cbtk A. l. is lb ttawset f tba Mltkneataf
the said boundaries, at Msna, ta Ilaniakna.
Boundary Commtaiourr, M, J. C.
lllto, Uawali, Oct. d. 1S70. V3e.
For San Francisco.,
The Fino Clipper Bark
b'Ul.I.nit, .... blaster,
Will be dispatched for San Francisco
023L or tvfcjoxrt Oct'r SOtli.
Freights will be received on the Wharf or at the
Warehouse of the nndcrsfgned. Liberal advances
made ou merchandise.
C. BREWBIt A CO.. Agents.
33 Market Wharf.
SUPIIK.HK CUUItT of the narration lata ml a.
In Probate. In tbe matter ef the- minor rhrMraai f
WILUA51 .Militia .leceaaed teatate. tVlVre Mr. Joalaro
llHitiaall, in Chambers, ordrr of notlc of tettttuent of
fiMrdlias acoanla and aliacbarce of Ouardlao.
Oa readlne aad !tllnic tba rtKlthin of 3. N. Caatle, to b
diacbarzed from his truat aa Ouardlan by tba will, of lb co
nor ebrtdrrn i f WilliaiH Morte, deeea.ett tealaln. and that bis
account a. such flaaidlan Biay le alUwct. It Is hereby or.
defeat that FRIOAT, tba Sat day of OctDNr, A. D. lUt, at
lb A. St. at the Conrt Eoom f the Coort House In llvnolotu
be, and tbe same hereby is apputotad aa tbo ttase at ptara
for bearing tbe aaM j etllton, at hrn all eotieetned may aptar
and show cause. If any they hare, why tbo san sneatM aot
be'sranted. TbU urdvr is tot pMaahral for tbreasmcaaalto
weeks lu tbe Qovemmrnt Oazsif K prevtena to Mklboerhia.
Justice opr?Dio Corut.
Attett: I. McCruv, Ctesk.
Dalsd Urobilin, eept. S. IMP. itvst.
CJUIMtB.Mi: CtirjItT.-ln IIiiUruilry. la tho
k3 Mattrref the Eankroptey of 8. 31. CAKTi-B, a Yoloo
tary Dankrrpt.
Notice is hersby given to Iho Credrlara of this Estate wbe
have proven their clauos and who ateotittllwt to vole, that
lb rlettloK l.ir Aaai(Ke In Uankmplcy will be btM la tbo
desk's !ftee of tbo SoiTtnae Court at 10 o'clock A. ., oo
TllUOilur, the lh day of Oct. Ir, A. p. lirja
Pfruty Clark fepftraa Ceatrt.
Paled llenolotu. Oct. at. 1870. SS-lt.
CVI,RH.1ln COURT nrthellawnllanlataitila,
so In tbe matter if Ibo Uatata Use bale lJaly Qwaan
Dowaw,;i. K. Kapakuabill, Ufare 3Ir. Jaatk-e tfMeMaaB,
In Plble
Oa readies; and fillns: tbe petition of CIIAHLES K ANA1XA,
the nearest of kin ef said deceased bt iBtaalato to llaeaolatn
on tho aoth day or Seplriabor, A. ll. 1ST0, aad prlle that -a.
Cbas. II. JnAd may l apfaafiiteit AdmhrtatrateraiafidLstatar
It Is beroby ordered, that Tburoday Ibo 13th ilay of October '
oait. 1 Ased dr the bearinic or said polltlua. at 10 o'clock:
A. M., baforo tbe lion. II. A. WloVmana. Justice aa af art salt
at lhe Court llinae, Ir. tba City . f Ilonoluln. aad Ibal paiMS.
eatl.n tl,rrrf be made fur at least three mrcMalt, wivaa. ha
tbe IlawAiiAxqaanc ami An Oitaa. neansaipera pabaatbod
ia sakl Honolulu, prcalous to Mid bearing. $1 '
II. A,.WlDBtASX. nt"
AasfaHato Joatlco Snpremo Qwrt.
Attest: WALTER R. SBAL, Prpoia cteik.
Dated at lloaolwln Ibis 27lh day of Sept. A. H IK K-
For Sah
Tbo A 1 Packet Bark
rr KtJ.M, NOTICi:. In Ibt uallar of tbo .UI.t
.ai-a 1UU3IA9 emeu
lTOIair Aprlleate n barlns been mad. to tbo IlaaaoraUa A.
J. t-Awrfboe. Clrtult Judga if tbe Peoimd Jaytarlal Clrenll. by
Henry Dlctlnaon. fan'r. for Letters a AdaalnMlMSM ataaa
tbe Gitnto af Thotoaa f Mel. tat. dectasej iairstattv laatts. is
. Slnater,
Will bo duo on or about tho 5tb of October, and
will jail for tbe above port on or about tbo
actli of October.
Tor freight or passage, haring- aurerior accommo
dations for cabin and itcerapc px4eDgtr. apply to
37 WALKKU A AI.LHX, Agents.
4kitStH T,c Collfiirnl-, Xevr Zealand
otid Anstrnllaii 3Inll Iatne of
m Steam Pneketa.
1130 Ions
Tho Splendid Steamships
Steva-art, CotnV,
hereby given to all whoa it may concern, thai MONDAY,
ido zaio one ei aanoovr. jniu, at to icaaet hs ibo tacsjusj, . .
is a (bay and hour apasintad by me for hoaftac tho amllsiaai ifi
tlou fur Let'era if adlIMatralii4l alnraaU eMail otjilllaas
that may be offerrtl Iberrtt,, at Ibo CuBrt Huoao Ma tb tewa
of Labatna, Maui, II. r
Drrnlt JhJ(. of ted Jodlclal Cuxatt, 11. 1.
Labslna, Mai.l. Amwat Hh. 11). l-llt
TfiTOTlCE-Iia the ntntter of lhe Hatale atVt
XH 8. f. KOKO. drcaaaled, late of North KaaWa, ItawaaH. '
Profatr appHaaathxi bartag baarn maal. to tbo uoatraaagaa.1
by William Mea-sttargu, for bla iHacharge ftun tbedastmaad
reapeaitJIIIIs as admlnialrator ta tbo above Bass! ISaSate,
thettforr, notleo Is hrtcby flveii to all whom It May shmwd.
that Wodoeaatay. Uctolarr VAh. at ID aVcfcek a. st . is tbo day
iKd h.nr arfohaled for the hearlnglp the aeM saattae. aaad of
any injections ihu may be made toaaM discharge batnggnup
ted, a( Pnubue, North Kebaba, HawalL
ciiaiiles inr.DrmcK hart.
? K-aca Hawaii. Sept. T l7a 87 llrcwlt Jodjte, laf J. P.
ISOO tons T. Grnlucer, Com'r,
Will run regularly between Honolulu and tbe above
ports, eanneelfei; at Knoalnlu with the North PaaiSe
Transportation Co's Steatnors.
Atitiym at
Std-vet II. II. HALL, U. S. Consul.
H Jim
For New
TaVTOTICEIn the mailer of the Estate of
Proper ap4ioliou bating teen msde to tbo undeislgaed by
J. A. im!iMns. frlltrs-f admtuiatrattea upntbKata
efOILI!lMUO.Nl. dccea(., l.lecf Il.makoalal.uJ lUwafL
.N'.. lice Is berebv gireo to all at bom ll may eoac. ro, I bat Mon
day, Oatobaar 31st 1170, at 9 o'ebxk i. St.. Is 'ho day aad
boar appointed fr brarl.g the sail mailer, aad all cbjeetaoaa
that may be-m-wtoto granluaxaahJ letters cf adailawatraluo,
at IbeConal House, ia Waimea, utl K alula. Ilaarafl.
B. bona, Hawaii, ttyt. 7. 178. tt firnajt Jiadg. H J. D.
BX Hie Mailer or the Katale of KUKDIllCK
rrnperspplMalasn bavloe bten made to tbe noderslrsxd.
by KttANf'lS grifSCER, fir hi. dsVhlrg. from th. "SS
sibllltiee as ailmlnattrator to tlo stwva twiaad K.t.i- ,L.k
I fa, nollro i ianeby glian to all whom It naj eastern, that
l MONDAY, Octobea' (1st. 1S70. at 10 fleck A. IS . la Ibo stay
"v iur iu ucatnsg ra isa aana saualter, asMf
any objeetioua that may bo mado to sabl sbhrn hr
granted, at I lie Cotut llonao in Waloiea, JL Kobala, Hawaii.
.. Or. Ju.lj.. SdJiHl. rareott.
C Kona, Hawait. f.pt. tth, 1170. jf-u
F3 nr!..rl bvil.CIir.I
v U I V I U a leg.f thoWIII
the Matter of the nnlleatlaia for tl,.
proof of tho Whlof KJJIALAllAII.AIKkv
riwyrr apitaaaviK
Tho fellow lag Vessels will leave this Tall for
New Bedford:
c JL s JLj -i- yd -fi. .
nPKS Master,
The American Clipper Ship
WOOIIS, .... Master,
. The American Clipper Bark
SIIATSWELl, ... Master.
C. BllEWEtt i CO., Agents,
ft Market Wharf.
over tlio person or cao;e. as well as beranse encli
a proceeding may not constilcte rrjary coder
its lawi. The majb-lrate administering ilia
tiuu fira newlrljl was arjcnrd bjMr. Thompaun,
puiniia's counsel, and granted by the Coart.
Wakemin . Stanley. Aisumpslt for money had.
and received. Submitted to tbe Conrt without a
oath tnaj have no knowledge of any of the circum- JorT- The Conrt Joaud plaintiff intebted to defend
stances under -xhich the oath is taken. Tirs.ni ant In tbe aora ol ieo.
may come, as in this case, attended by a
foreign Consul, ami take an oeth which the
law does not aatbortze the magistrate to compel
him to take. Tha--'prisoner went before the
msgietntte with Mr. Adamson, tbe IT- S. Consnl.
eipreed his desire to take the oath, which
thereupon was administered, taken, and certified
onder the al of the Conrt. The Consnl had a
copy of a letter alleged to have been written to
the State Department at Washington, makjo-v
grave charges against the Consul and others.
The copy was certified trader the seal of the
Department of State, by which it bad been re
ferred to the Consnl. with permission to nse it as
hs might think proper. The affidavit was that
tbe prisoner neither wrote nor tnew anjtblru
concerning the writing 0f thU letter. If he had
Tbenrarea number of other osea on tbe calendar
yet nndrcided, in banco.
Hotice to Creditors.
Eitate uf EDWABD BUKOBSS, deceased.
"VTOTICE is hereli) given by the nnder
X sigtled. Adolalslrater Dtranit Abtttiirt of the
above named Estate, to the Creditors of, and all per
son baviBg claims against said deceased, to exhibit
tbo same, daly authenticated and with necessary
vouchers, whether secured by mortgage or otherwise,
within SIX M0 STUB from lhe first tmblieation of
this notice to the undersigned at his ofSco on Queen
trcel, at ibo loot or Haabomana blreet is Jlonolnla.
AdmimUtrator DxruMe Alieztia
3Mt, Etutecf E. Bargctl. deceased.
THE U.VDCItSIfJ.VED bes to notify the
public that they hare re-opened the above well
known and popular Saloon, where will always Le
fonnd an assortment of the
Best Wines, Liquor3 and Ales,
that the market affords, and easterners mae tut nr.
cd that they will find aa experienced bar-tender, and
every attention to their comforts.
The Billiard Boom, which is the largest and coolest
in the city, contains
With all the Litest Improvements.
Sept..2T, 1370. J7-3a
THE FRENCH Jtcsideots of Honolulu,
at a recent meeting, hire resolved to open at
tbe Sure of Messrs. OIIALLAMEL i CO.. Vo. S
NuaaBu Street, a SubfcriplM.ii List for the relief of
he families uf the killed and wonnded ia the preseat
war of their eoonlry.
Every Frenchman is invited to eetas and give his
Obotus, large UY small. It Is open also, fur ererynno
else who wishes to contribute to tho same Christian
and humane ..hjtct. The. funds will te lent bv each
Steamer by Mr. Ballieo. 38-tf
'l'lse nrlls I'aellic 'I'rtitiioi-la t Ion
1,'onnijiiiy '
Tho Company'i Splendid Steamship
n. 8. FI.OVD, . . . Commandtr,
" ; 1V1H Ienrc Snn I'rnitclaco '
Oa or ahant Octoter I2lb
1V1U Leave Ilouolultt
0a or aboat October 2itb
raSaatin batleg baa n a-lt to tbe aadsnlnsd,
5TIASIE,lbl a ay to appelated far Ibo rararr.
rill of KamalaleaHalo (k) dteoaaeiL late of Poa.
a Sf tho Will of KamalaaaaHlU Ikl ht. a...
a", noiiau, nawan; naiwoia nereoy gavea toallwrjom it
mmj oooeerD. mat n tu.irauAl, Oetoner Mth, low, at 10
of tho
Is tbo (lay ana boor ewotaled be Ibe boartau;
f a.U Will .It.llLll , .1... . -ZV
oi ino proa I at m in, and all ttteetjses tUl toay las af-
inea mereto, at t 'ttusme, ra. Ko&ala, llawari.
Or. Joatgo, JaaL CtrcaaU.
8. Kona, Hawaii, Sept. Tib, MM.
T 1ST OP JUItUItS for tbo SanemWTesmof Or.
JLi cult Court, WJWatialOrtult, YTalmf., Hawaii.
KaeJemaknle. Ka.LA,
Kamaka 1st,
llilo. Sept Mth, 1!70.
J T Ifahatowal,
31 A,
itt atrn ii c. w j. a
AVIS. Lea Frnncnis residents a Hono
lulu out decide dans letirrennion d'oorrir tfne
li te de sooseription obex Menri. CIIALI,A.MI:I At
CIE-. a Honolulu pour venir en aide am families
des Soldabta Fraoeais. morU int bleasea pendant la
guerre actnelle. Tout Franca is est invite a apporter
oo envojtr ton Obale gra'cde oa petite.
La lis te est oorerte ansii pour toute personce qui
desirerait dontribuer an memo bnt d'humanite. Lei
foods seront expiedies par cLaqne vapour par Mr.
Ballieo, Cotatalstaire et Cmlul de France, qui ro
cevra egalemeat, lei offrandoi qui seront deposes
directeacat chexlai, (Kanasa Avscus.) 3S-U
Freight fot San Franeiieo -wflS be, received at tho
Steamer's Warehouse, and receipts for tho same,
Siven by tho undersized. Ao charge lot storaze
or .-artage. Fira Kuits jn Warehoute, not taken by
the Company.
I.ibcrul Atlraiics-xIatlo oa all Slilp
tncntx jser Mlritmcr.
Insnrancoguantntee-I at Lower Rates than by Sail.
Ing Vesseli, Fartie'ular ear taken of Shir.mtnU of
Frnlt.' ' 1
AH orden for Goods to ho purchased In San Fran
cisco will by roseived, and Riled by retoro of Steamer.
irShlpnents froa Eoropo and tbe United States,
intended' for' the Islands, will te received by the
Company in San Franeisco.il eonslgoel to them, and
bo forwarded by their Steamers to Honolulu, Fate
or Charsi, except actual ontlay.
rrasiengera are reocested to liJie Iheir tickeU
fctfore 12 o'clock on the day of failltic, and to p'te
eure Iheir Far sports. '
s?-AIl Bills against the Steamer mast bo pre
sented before two o'clock on the dayipf sailing-, or
they will bare to lay over till tba .tsturn of the
S tea mar for settlement.
I- H. IIACK7ELD & CO., AfeaU.
The Honolulu Tire Department
Uooks, .adders. Ae. eour.Ieto. with all
the latest Imtiruvemenls. fur 'Prni-atAnra
lioukarid Laddea Co. ito. I, and being desirous of
encouraging boina fndultry, all persons wuhlag to
contract for furnishing tbe whole arparatas com
plete, are hereby requested to confer wrtfi taa Chief
Eotrineer CHAS. S. SPEFCER.
Honolulu. Oet. IUIg70.:9-3t , Storslary
For Sale or Charter,
lli tn a. i?., Sit tons register, cscillatla? eoilnes
sr. H. p. 123. Speed makes Iho passage from Xov
eastle wharf M Sydney wharf (17 and 2-Sth miles) la
hours, iu ISae weather. Aware speed andsr steam
only 10 knots. Onsuniptiootifcoalferday.ZOUns :
mal in bunkers, SO tons. Carries UCO bagj of aaixa
under hatches. Dralt of water 8 ft light, T ft 0-Ia
loaded. Oood passenger accommodation !o I atooo
and furt-eatin. Full term sea-goln; eertiSeale Its force.
For further particulars apply to tLeMANAUEKiJ.
R. if S. W. Co.. Sydney. 3T-
WHEItEAS, the undersigned hnTiag
bean. pj-oiuted by the, Hon. A. J". Lawrence, to
be Administrators to lb EsUto ef 0. W. Kseo, (k)
of Wailaku. Island of Maul, deceased.! .Therefore, all
I-eritai. indebted to- the saU estais, are rcquesied t
m jkc.immo"isl. pay lofnt topi, at Wiiinkn. and all
persons hating alalmi against said estate will present
tba tarn.
c fl. W. WILFOSQ.
37- WsIukn, Soft. tk, 1878. AimutiiUMm. b
Yv-'-irTtif-ri- iihiV-tm -i"m-itl'
'iliiinaaWirtfciiaWiiiai a af i wilful i i

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