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LAIN (rAZT l I hf-Sl
Arrival of Steamship
mm aii iuidpeh
Capitulation of Strasbourg !
400,000 German Troops Before Paris
Paris to be Bombarded !
Death of the Duke of Nassau and
Narrow Escape of King William.
Italian Troops to Occupy Rome I
The Pope to Bemain in Borne!
iBrritin Postal Treaty with Xrw Zealand
The Webb Steamers to Commence
Bunning to K. Z. Dec 10th.
Bt the arrival of the S. S. Moses
Taylor, we hare papers from San Fran
cisco to October 12th, and telegraphic ad
vice from London Paris and Berlin to the
oar date. From the files at hand, we
compile the following ssmmarr of war and
other news:
llMt OmumdIi in th Tntllcrieo Vetr En
gltr of DMtnrtlen
Tecx, Sept. SXh. A great somber or private
decetarats belonging to the Emperor, which were
miiHj seized al the TuUlcric by tbe officer of
Ux- new Government, bsve Just been made public
here, le tbe Miaou of tbe official Journtls. Man;
sesed penes coder tbe old rvyime are Implicated in
tbe ecasdtls. Tbe Provisional Government at Paris
has thready diioiued Devienne. be having been
kivs ta bare bees mixed sp in tbe scaudslons
tranctsons of tbe ex Emperor and Margoerrile
Sestesger. Tbe decker correspondence in relation
le .Mexico baa been unearthed. Implicating tbe Due
ce Moray aad otbera btgh in tbe Emperor1 confl
ceee. There were foetid letter frow Pcrslgiiy to
Nspetcoe, fwaiiau: the existence ol a Mack IribnucJ,
r from tie Qeees of Housed, nntten di-
the battle f Sadewa, warning tbe Era-
: verv ere-uts bow oceu rrlri Altogether,
the alicisiatri tans fr made in regard to tbe private
We at the Eatfersr bar- tsstalBtlatrd ail tbe char
ge that tbe Opposition ever made, and it it thought
the aext let, soa to be pubbbed, will be more
Tbe latest adricea from Faria announce tbat tbe
coxsiructien of barrlcadta la vigorously poshed un
der the tsperriaioa of Herri Rocbefort and Guttsve
Flea una. The Mobile bare been armed arltb a near
aad ercsdteay destructive engine. Tbe invention
have sit bee made, and ia kept a profoncd secret.
Grrater reanlta are expected from thi weapon than
from thefemwasSMuZviaVes.
At Tosra tbe fireoKti are being enrolled. Large
cambers ef brcaeh-loadcn bare been distributed to
sea at tbe National Gnarda aa bad laferior arm.
Dl'trtbntlsa of Meat to tbe Inhabitant.
Pans, Sf STth, ri Tones, Oct. lit. The offl
ciit Joarntl to-day contain a decree from tbe Mlnla
tcraf ArieastBre, ordering tbat tbe dailj dlstribo
ttaa af Beat ta tbe UbabHaota sball consist of fivr
taadrvd beeves and four tbunsacd ahecp; tbrseirr
la be by tbe batcher, on aceoont of tbe State,
at certain fixed price.
The Gersnaje Inrr4tart Shattered at Two
Loxdqx, Sept. 2.h- Br the recent successes of
tbe Frvaeh troops around faria tbe circle of German
Investment baa been shattered at two point and re
passed to acme distance, varying from three to air
testes, and I he French bare occopied pocltiorjs taken
la ttrong; farce.
PaJus. Sept. SOtb ( via Tours, Oct. Si ) TheJbkJ--ntt
ferial cacUiaa a decree for tbe oppression cf
daMateWarr rUHi, except where tbey are confined
exdeairetj to tbe maaieJpal actboritiea. A decree
baa been laased, maUnzmioiallioafurallUie wheat
a si aar io rVna. Tbia, bowcter. ia not deiCBcd
t eoHrct tbe pronaiona of private partiea. Tbere
rAtr pavtneat of penalona baa been reanmed in Pa
rla, aa wM a In the Department.
A Swale ft urn P&ri aa InUrrnpt ttu tVark of
Taw hmlUf IVrea The French Compelled
tat RatrMit t tnetrFvrta.
LoxDO-x, Oct lat. Advices from Rocec, dated
September 30th, coatalsa tbe foUnwic cewa :
Spade work, which baa been coicc oo rijrorosalj
for tbe paat three or four daya in the Crown Prince'
arnr, waa acddenlv laterropted at 6 o'clock A. SL,
bf abarp attack of tbe enemy. The French, io
force, made a aortic from the city to the direction of
Forta d'laar and Montroexe. Tbe attacked waa the
Sixth Corp occopylcg the rirht of tbe Crown
Priece'a army at tbe aame time tbat another large
force, aald to be seder the command of General Da
crot, adrasocd frora tbe direction of St. Ctood, and
aaekrd the eleventh asd flh corpa.
The object of the attack, evidently, waa to inter
rept lie work of the isradicx force. Tbe French
force drove tbe Prcaslasa from their poaitloca, asd
accepted tbem before rdcfjrcemcnt came cp.
IsmedUtcly after the attack commenced; tbe
Crown Priocc and ataffbaatcsed from their quarter
at TcraaKea to tbe Cdd of action.
Too Frcoch troop advanced nnder cover of a
heavy fire from the forta, the advanced poatt of the
aixth corpa meantime faille; back to the tsais line.
After sesrir three bocra bard CghUng; dories which
tbe Prsaaiaa Hoc were ccahakes, the French pn
way before tbe heavy in of the artillery, retreating
toward their forta.
Aa aooc aa the backward movement waa com
taeeeed by the French, the Flttb Genrao Corpa took
tbe cSraalve. rixorocaly fbUowlcj; tbe retnatics
Freaca, csttise off their fljbt, asd captcrir; many
Tbe Frcoch troopa behaved better thaa oa formct
txcaaioBa, whea tbey have attacked the Prnaaiaca
but they were compelled to retire Ia disorder.
Tbe Proaabin lots ia rccftly estimated at 500.
Every day iscrcaaea the atrecEtb of the Proaaias
Taw Weak Patau ta save Betrneea mt Parla.
The weak poicU of tbe defescca of Pari which
ajjheGerssasa rey epos canyirf promptly, are the
festta of Sceacr, which are within 4000 pace of
the forta, the dlitaocr between tbe fort and the city
beio oely SB) paces cure asd tbe fp oa the w
terasldeof Uosst Valerles.
FreaicV A ccanatt C Keeeat Fl7btliir;
Vere Pwris.
Tb Prefect of tie Depc-a:n:t cf the Sort trle
frapba to the Gorerssc&t bere the foBo wise Fresch
accostrt of the meet battlscoatbef Paria. KkMar,
jn2caatasHecue,uetoDerae: "XbTeaeep!ca
y'tbatgaowtagiKiHr Oartnefa
In force waa made. Weoccopledancceaaively Meville
and Thay, and advanced to Tblaa and Cbolty Leroy.
Atl those position were solidly occopied by Prna
tlant, who were entrenched and protected by can
non. After a abort engagement In which artillery
and moketa were csed,oor troopa retired In good
order to tbe protection of the Root of fort Bicetre
and d'lvry. Tbe Mobllra behaved admirably. Onr
loaaca were considerable, at were also those of tbe
enemy. Tbla dlipatch it algned by Gen. Trocho."
KlBc'lTllUara'a AccoBBt ofthc- Lnt
BsaLrx, October ltt.
Kloj WlllUm hat forwarded tbe following dlipatch
to Queen Aogoita, from bit bcadqnartert at Ferrlers,
anderditenfyertcrday: 'Estly tlilt morning the
French troops made a tortletplntt tbe troop of the
Sixth Proatlan Corp, while tbe Prnulan Fifth Corp
wax attacked hy three batuliona. At tbe sametlme
a brigade made a demonalratlon against the Eleventh
Corps. At the end of two boon tbe French took
tbelter ender tbe gnnt or their forta. Tbe Crown
Prince commanded the Prussians."
Another secoont frora Parit says the French loit
In tbe eppgrment or September SOtb, 1,500 killed
and wonnded. Among tbe wonnded waa General
Goilleaome. SO0 prionert were also taken.
Tbedeapatch from tbe Empress to the Emperor,
forwarded after the first two battle, have been dis
covered and published. Sheaays: "M. Pielvcr's dis
patch la received," and add, " Have yon considered
tbe conscqoeneca of ret ornlng to Parit under the blow
of two rercraca ? I decline the responsibility ol ad
Tif log yon ; if yon have not decided would It cot be
best to hsvelt stated to the country thu: 'The
Emperor rttorca to Paria to re-orj-anixc a fecund
army, provisionally cntrnitlngtbecommand-ln-chlcr
or the army of the Rhine to Bazaloe T "
Popular Fccliujj and the Britlali
The London correspondent nft he New Tork Tinea,
telegraph! ; 1 have it frora a well-informed quarter
that the prcttnre brought to bear on tbe Engllth Mlo
ltry by men like Sir Henry Lyttoo Balaer on one
band, snd dentstiont from the radical party on the
other, it prodndnr; an effect on the Government
which it likely to caose it to depart from ltt policy
of a abstaining from active mediation. The working
classes favor a determined effort to (top the war. It
It cnriooi to see that while the working men in the
city are agalntt Interference, all tbe military and
naval men are load In their expressions of Indica
tion becaotr no effort Is made by England to save
France from otter rain.
iBtllentioB of the Cabtaet Coarse
trills Regard to IntervcBtlaa.
The Loncon correspondent of tbe New Tork Tines
telegraphs: The coorse or the Cabinet It indicated
by a leader in the Time tbiamorning. "It cannot,"
aaytthe Timet, "redound to onr glory to express an
opinion wltbont an Intention or snpportlns it; we
cannot In thejudgment orany person, to onr glory,
abs'ain from expressing an opinion when demanded 1
of ot, bed us we may Sod ourselves rHBerlug from
a powerful neighbor." Brace's speech at Greenock,
about Alsace and Lorraine, It equally tlgulCcaat.
The Brltlah Cabinet on Mediation.
Tbe result of the Cabinet merttogyestcrday, accor
ding to the London Tbart, Is a lortbcr postponement
of action by tbe Ministry In regard to mediation.
Tbla cannot be of long duration. The tone of the
Ttawa Itself yesterdsr. shows tbat the Government
mutt yield to politic sentiment. Another letter from
Bolarr this morning, to thst psper, on the conclu
sive dnty cf England in this crisis, declares ss his
torical facts that If, a hen Emperor Nicholas told Sir
Hamilton Seymour be meditated marching his troops
to tbe principalities, England had firmly protested,
bs would not bare taken that ttep; and if the htd
protested against Napoleon III., nndertaklng this
war in tbe same manner, be wonld cot have com
menced II Sir Henry therefore deprecates thcMin
Utcrlal policy ol waiting for good opportunities,
which may never arrive.
Conflict of German Opinion an to
Term of JPencc.
BriOJN, Sept. 29th.
Three opinion prevail In Germany in regard to the
question of the terms of peace. One party agree with
Bismarck tbat the war ought not to stop until Alssee
and Lorraine, including the fortl&cdcity of Metx, arc
annexed to Gertutny, whence they were taken.
Another party demands that Mcti and Strasbourg be
dismantled merely, and that France Indemnify Ger
minj for the costs of the war. The third party lim
lta the territorial demand to Alsace and the narrow
(trip of Lorraine on the eatt, where German la still
tbe prevailing ltngutge.
Tbe Cologne Ga&lU fa von the latter plan.
Bxaux, OctoberSd.
Bismarck hat issued a circular to Prussian Minis
ter sbroid. He Insists thst Ihe conditions of the
proposed armstlce were moderate. The French, he
aay. declined tbem altogether, with the offered op
portunity of an election to constituent assembly In
the Departments held by the Prussians which the
latter believe would have favored peace.
Tbe Cologne Gxlte oa Praee Hatter.
CoLOGxr, Sept. 30th.
Tbe GatU publishes tbe views or several corres
pondent! on the qucMlon of tbe terms of peace. Tbe
writ era, while ad mitt lag t hat tbe prevailing t ongu e I n
Alsace is German, call the editors to task for tbe
statement that the same it true of Lorraine. One of
these correspondents who passed the grrater portion
of bis life in that province, says the German element
is hardly perceptible, and tbattbeltngnagelstpokcn
only in a thin strip adjoining the frontier.
The Frtsch anJ&e jutothrr Sortie front Met
The .French Itepwlsed.
Lo5Ms, Sept. JSth. The Tint hat the following
special : Oa Wednesday last tbe Freach made an
other sortie from Mtti. The forces consisted of cav
alry acd artillery, and were protected by the real of
the fortresses Caelea sad Bsttes. The Free eft ad
vanced to Aistle-Croix. where the Prussian! were ea--eeontered.
Another severe eocfiiet ensued, which re.
sited ia the defeat of the French, thoagh tbey car
ried of their wcaaded, dead, aad all the Pmsslaa
prisoners eaptcred. The village waa burned by aheSt.
Hatters at Hetr.
Th cerreipc-adeat of the Tiritaac writing from be
fore KeU en the !7ih aaya : Prince Frederic Charles
reports hhaself ptrsaaectly established at the eha
teaa of Corny, the condition of the corps it greatly
inipraved. The weather it warn aad dry aad the
troopa an settled ia good qaarters. Th Fresch have
completed the new redocbt between St. Qaeatia axd
PIaerv3It aad also additional entrenchments inside
tbe frtiScxticni. Besides the troops ia the city. Ba
aaiae's army is eaeasped ia foar diSereat places.
There is a large eoeampmest oa the eastern slope cf
St- QaeatiB, a treocd ia the valley between Meti aad
forts KashareliBe Qoelea, a third at the foot effort St.
JaSes. aad a fosrth ia the rear of tha railway thedt
aad work abort.
Baaalae aanl to bo well Prtrrlalotust.
A tpeciai correspeadeBt to the World writing from
O stead eoatradiett th freest report ef tha bad state
of th arsty cosmissairat at Met. The army of Ba
xaico which is eaeaaped within the city hold the
Thicav31e roaa by the Port da France, tbe bridge cf
Sac cry, it let Clasp sad the bridge de Norey.
He saw has sufficient prcvisiest arithia the city for
tlx ctoatht, with aa absndaae ef fresh bread asd
Tbe German armies are laaetirt. nothing bet akir
saishea ef aSght importance lave ccearrod for tome
tils past. The most important demoattrttioa waa a
aortio frost th forts Bee Croix aad Lea Bolt ia
which h eaptared a few Praasiasa asd a few Uvea
were lost oa both sUea.
A French General Harases fraaa Xrtx.
New Tsax. Oct. 1st A special frtai Loadea aayt
General Boarbaki has escaped frsat Jfetx. H left
the fortress aad city ia th garb of a pmut, aad ia
thit dLrgaos got safely thrsagh the PraatiaB lisea.
H urired ia Esglaad yatterday aad imsediatay
tsok the train t Hastiafi oa a visit to th Batprrrs.
It ii bejiered tiat tit General i a bcnrr ofdL'pateb
ei from Baxaiao, aad it i certaia he will, now tat b
it ecMao of tio fortiea, bar thst KOtissj ditfesed
at to ta yreseivt exirtese cf tie Esyreti.
eptnttana at Xctx.
Th Trims', speeial Vteor Sfeta October 3d. ra7l
a Pranaaaa earalry aataary. Win Loasgal, iatrtat
f St. acu, aeatroasd wssh aWBa ha Frrseh
wan indifitsta
valley of Uoalla, star Meta. Last sight the Piss-
tiaat mad a daih into th rillagB ef Ronllly, la frsat
ef the Frmeh potitiaai, aad wholly destroyed it. It
eontaiaed store for the garrison, the locality of
which the villagers nfusedta dbclor, to th Ptbs-
ttaat burned village aad store together,
Alt th village! around ileti were destroyed by the
late eaaaoBade.
FcBKisiBkt, October 3d, via Bcbub aad Loxrox,
October 4th. A rorti from Metx oa Thartday waa
repotted by Central Easier with heavy lots ta the
Dally Sortie at Meta Tbe French Always
Stauarmx, October 4th. Th garrison at Meta
make sortie every dsy, hot wlthontlmportaat result.
Th Freach are always driraa back with lots.
Baaaine adhtrat to th Emperor.
The besieged are constantly tendiag sp ballooal.
A largo cavalry bsigadt bat goa to Toon.
A Rortl at Mela.
Mm, Oetobu 5th. A tortl wat mad from Hcu
agaiait tb potltloa held by th Eighth Corps at boob
oa th 3rd Instant, Th Freach wounded war left ia
the Germaa hinds, bat the dead were carried back
to Met. Fort St, Qoentin lupported the attack. Th
French were vietorioai ia th Augott battles, bat are
growing impotent. Th last sortie showed no I traits
gin remit though tsvaral brigade were engaged on
both tides.
Tocat. October 3d. A despatch from General
Trochu. report! a reeoBBoitaace in force oa Sataaday
agaiait (!) ilerille and Hoy. Thaiast and Choissy
Lero. which hsd been occopied in fore by th Prus
sians. After a short engagement the Freach retired
ia good order to the protection or th goat of forts
Bieetr and D'ivry.
Tbe newt from Meta again confirms th reports or
th cxet ileal condition of Marshal Btitlne'a army.
Tbe French Arming.
A tpeciai at Boulogne sends word from Tour that
all tie southern part of France is nnder anal. Great
Bombers or troop hiv arrived at Tours within th
psst week from Bordeaux aad Marseille. The towns
ob tbsLoire, Angers, Saataraad Naatta, are crowded
with soldier, aad drilling goes cn Incessantly. Th
towns on tb Rhine from Lyons to Avignon and Ariel,
hav attamed tbe aspect of casps. Boargts it in the
same condition. No thought of peace seeds to b
aay where entertained.
A Saeeelnl French Reeonnataamnee.
Tor as. October (th. General RIgan reports from
Chevllly, ea Wednesday, that he had rrcoBBoitered
towards Tonriy with three brigades of cavalry aad in
fantry and a few gast. H reached Chisses surround
ed the Tillages aad took five Bavarian prisoner aad
torn gam.
Reasay re't brigade turned th village on th right.
The"eaemy't cavalry fiv hundred strong supported
by two thousand infantry, were obliged to retreat pre
clpitattly toward! Paria. The French panned them
thre bour'i march twyoad Toon. General Rigaa
ascertained th prtsaae with that forces, of Prise
Albert of Saxe-Mtialsgea-Hiidbarghantes, aad of
Prince Albert of Saxe-Altecbeurg.
A drove of cattle was csptnred by th French,
de Cosstitatat Assembly.
A correspondent of the Tritwac telegraphs from
Tonrs en the 4th instant : The vacillation of th
Gorernment about the elections it inexplicable. M.
Laarier, apon being questioned answered: "IVe
haitea them hectare usurpation don't last long ia
France." Tbe Goverameat it daily harrasted by
deputations from Lyosa aad Vanailles favoring a
Federal Republic.
General tVar 3fcvrs Great SnJTerlne; among the
Dr. Gneltt, who has recently made a tour of In
spection through Rueclsh Prussia, Hanover, Baden
and Hesse, makes an earnest appeal to tbe charity
of all Germans for tbe people of those countries.
Uesajs that tbe towns arc crowded with helpless
women and children coming to beg for bread. Tbe
fields arc left unfilled, the villages are sacpt clean
of rood by tbe armies. Ills picture or these regions
or victrious Grrmauy is scarcely better than tbat
which it given by othen or tbe vtnqulshed districts
of invaded France. The prices of all necessities of
life have gone up three fold.
Well Informed persona express the conviction that
Napoleon, or hia son, under the regency or the
Empress, will be reseated on tbe throne.
Wlihemthobe is the rendezvous or msny distin
guished guests or tbe Emperor. A hotel In the vici
nity is crowded. Tbe Emperor seems io perfect
health, and mtkea dally excursions oo foot and In
carriage, accompanied by several adjutants on horse
back. I recently addressed a polite note to bit Maj
esty, requesting tbe ftvor of au Interview. Consid
ering the peculiar and delicate situation of tbe Im
perial prisoner I waa not surprised on receiving tbe
following negative reply.
Sir: Tbe Emperor received your letter of the 19th
and wat much effected at tbe sentiments of sym
pathy therein expressed. His Majesty bat charged
me to convey bis thanks, and tell yon bow much be
regret t that clrcumttaccea will not permit him to
receive yon. (Signature.)
The Siege of Sotstons A Traeo Aakctf Stras
bourg El e.
Lo.vdos, October 2d. The siege of Solssont con
tinues. Sorties of thegtrrisou have been repulsed
by tbe Randsbnrg and Frankfort Landnber or tbe
Thirteenth Corps. Tbe French bare asked a truce
for the bnrial of their dead. Tbe losses of tbe Ger
till ns bare been trifling.
Bismarck formally denies tbat no disposition ex
ists oo tbe part of Prussia to make France a second
rate power.
The Ivlltlng of the Dake of Xaaaaa Confirmed
Xarrosr Ecapc r King William.
Tbe Duke of Nassau was killed on the 24th while
riding with tbe King or Prussia and staff from
Rbeltnt to Chalons, for tbe purpose or conferring
with Prince Frederick Charles. In the thickest part
of the woods, there suddenly nng out a donble vol
ley cf musketry from an ambusb of Frane-tlreura.
Tbe third carriage containing the Duke and staff,
wat riddled witb bullets. One of the aides-de-camp
was Instantly killed; another mortally wonnded,
and tbe Duke also. The fifth carriage, containing
the King, was struck by several balls, bot no one
wat hurt, Tbe woods wat scoured by tbe cavalry,
bat without result. Tbe Duke died on 8onday
German Resarves Coming Forward SSOXJO
ArrlTlng at Toal.
A dispatch from Colons on Snnday says another
body of Gcnsant hsre crossed tbe Rhine and are
moving on Molhouse. A tot her body is nearSchlea
tadt and Ncofchateau. A body of 300,000 Germans
are now arriving at Ton! ; this force is designed to
operate against Lyooa.
Gallant Flgtttiaa; by the Garde Rationale ef
Rone Xante Oecnplet.
A correspondent or the ITcriVI telegraphs from
London: Wc bare newt that the National Guard of
the Artsy or Bones bad their first brush with tbe
enemy yesterday, tear Bocnierra, about 40 mile
from Paris, in the forset or Rosny. Tbe National
Guard behaved gallastly, and for two boon bad tbe
advantage, driving the Germans back through Man
tea, where many were killed In desperate conflict oo
the bridge over tbe Seine, near to Mexy, where reln
forcttae&tt of artillery asd earalry came np to the
German from Menlan, and these In their turn aa
tumtl-g tbe offensive, drove tbe Frrccb back in
cocs identic disorder and with bearr Iota.
At th latest advices th Germans crapy Nan tea
by the bridge ever tbe Seine oa tbe Xagay road, aad
ea the faabosrg cf Simaky. CcErncnicaticn is re
opened, how ever by Amieaa with Rosea.
General War Item from londow.
Preach frigate stop English Xerthastasea ia tha
ehasnel, and compel aa exhibition cf tbeir pa per.
Advice &a Pari ttat that a decree isaacd, re
Bevts the geverameat from the care ef peer, and
tnroara ate responiitilily thereof cn the anaaueipaB
tact. BreadstaC BtS rrsirred ia fcesseaolda to ate are
eewtebe pat at ah dispotii of tie Pari Comama
riUv Firing from tb fjrU SLEt and St, Scalt has
riil4ged the P,ratint from the Chasaaa de Stain
aad LaBoai jet.'- Tb Pretrial t have thrown ay work
Gtoeral Ulrica after reporting at Toun rejoined hit
wlf. st Basle.
Jales Favr having asked Bismarck, la th nam or
th diplomatic body forperalstion to tend a weekly eon
tier. from Paris aad Toon, asd to Havre, aad request
ing notice whea th bombardment would commence,
received an answer from the Coast, refuting th lat
ter request oa th grossd that it was aa unmllitary
proceeding, bnt consenting to the formtt In care tb
eonUntt of th dispatch forwarded, were unobjec
tionable, Bismarck, howtver, questions th proprie
ty of conducting diplomatic, negotiations from th
heart of a belegotred eky. The latter idea is obvious
ly that of th neutral powers, who had removed their
represenlatlvea to Tours.
-Advices from Blebs represent the eoadHiont as dlt
tresiiag. Before th bombardment th mob plundered
the tbopi, aad the population, taking a nfage la eel
Ian, were either suffocated er bsraod to death.
A strong belief prevail that th Emprtr aad Ba
xala contemplate offering terms to Prussia, and that
th Prussian! connived at th escape er Boarbaki.
Tbe object was to promtt inch a rttult la view of a
difficulty la treating with th Provisional Government.
Tb correspondent of th IKoeat before Bltchel tel
egraphs" ca th 4th, that on Friday, Saturday and
yesterday, tb garrison made tcrtiet with cavalry and
infantry, protected by shell fire, aad burned th lat
teries aad forts where the bestigere outpost were ia
position asd previously abandoned. Tbe beseigisg
gnat comprised four tixty-pound mortars and fir
batteries, esch of foor twelve-pousdere, breach load
en. From the 11th to tbt 20th, there was a ttvere
bombardment, dismounting several gun! aad destroy
tog th castl and maay bouses below. Tb borelg-'
ing bslterie became disabled by firing twenty thou
aand shot, aad withdrew to Germcnheim. Th cov
ering battalions also withdrew, leaving th north aad
west tide open. The Fort is built oa a two hundred
foot perpendicular rock, it two stories high, has solid
casemate, aad it impregnable. The garritoa aumben
two thousand men.
Xambtr of French Prisoner in Germany.
New Tobe, Oct. lit. Th Strati tpeciai from
Berlin ttatca that the number ef Freaeh prisoner ia
Germany It not short of 170,000. Of tils number,
110,000 are within tb ground! ef Prussia, 60,000 In
forta aad c ti en in open cam pi. A Cabinet council
bat decided that the prisonere may b employed by
persons sot connected with th military; their wagea
to be prescribed by th district authorities.
Reported Success of BasatneGcrman Con
solidation. Cable dispatches report that Baxaia yesterday,
morning surprised the Prussian! aad gained a gnat
A Prussian spy hs"been captured at Toun.
Chancellor Delbrock officially report that be has
eoncloded eminently satisfactory preliminary arnsge
taantt for th cstibllthuioat of a North aad South
Germaa Bund.
Prussia Indignantly Proteete.
A tpeciai at 0tod telegraphs that there it great
irritation at Berlin ea account or what th Prussians
regard as a violation or neutrality by the United
States in permitting shipment! or munition! from
New Tork to French ports. It is ttated that Prussia
has demanded explanation! aad an apology from the
American Miniiter.
Dolce of Hechlcnhnrs-Bchwerln Gorernor of
Conquered Department.
Bebux, Oct. 2d. A royal decree haa beta issued,
ordering those districts of France occupied by tbe ar
mies of Germany, not iaeloded la th jurisdiction of
the Governments of Alsace aad Lornine, to submit to
the Gnnd Duke er lleckleabarg-Schwerin as Gorer
nor. Tbe Kiag or Prussia has teat 5,000 thalera to tbe
relief of th inhabitant of Strasbourg.
German Consolidation.
BtRLu, Sept. 29th. Negotiations for the entry of
the Southern German State into the Nonhern Con
federation hare failed. De Brock has returned from
hi mission.
A cable special to the S, dated Lyont, Sept. 23,
via London, Sept. ISth, tayi: The Southern Lctgoe,
or the independent atiociation or the diflerent toath
rn departments. It growing stronger every dty. A
formidable army will be organised before long, with
Lyont and Maneillet as the leading points. Do not
beli re a word of what it laid about the red Cag aad
mob in thit city. Never taw mora perfect order, aad
it reigns under tbe red flag.
Ltoxi via Toces, Sept. 30th. Political excitement
has entirely subsided. A few additional arrests of
Cluteret'i adherents hare been made.
Reaction among; the German Uberala dread
ed Clnaeret and the Lyooa Red.
A specisl cable dispatch to tha New Tork Tiu
lays that there it great dread or a reactionary tea
deodeaey ia Prussia amoag German Liberalt. They
aay that should Eing William proclaim himself Em
peror of Germany, there will be a republic in Father
land before three yean. This ia the universal topic
of conversation throughout Germaoy.
Tbe real state of affairs at Lyon continues ta cause
great uneasiness. Cluseret t trivet to be thot. The
Redi are ia the pay ef Bismarck.
An. Armatlee at Hrsleres Vcrdtoa Bealeged.
Mxxiebxi, via Loxsox, Sept. ISth. Aa armrtic
has been concluded with the Prussian forces around
this town, aad it will probably continue until Oct. 7.
Verdon is besieged, but the Prussians have made
so serious demonstration agaiait the place.
80,000 men passing tnrowgh Frankfort Ty
phus la German IXoepltala.
The Hambarg correspondent ef the New Tork
Timet, writes on the 29th instant: A reserve corps of
SO.000 men pasted through Frankfort thit week to re
in force the Prussian armies ia Franc.
A great deal or typhus fever is prevailing in the
Germaa hospitals. The wounded are being nmovd
from the contagion.
Retnrn of the French Fleet.
Caraaocaa, Sept. ISth. The greater part et tbe
Fnsch fleet returned to thit port to-day. The tqotd
roa which hai been left In the North aad English
Chancel it sufficient to protect the Freaeh coast.
Fats of II- and Irsi-ralnc,
OstETS, Sept- ISth. Th troopt of Baden, which
have tees beteigiag Strasbourg, after leaving a gar
risen la that city, wQI be teat to clear the upper Al
uce ef armed Peasants aad sharpshooters wbo are
perpetrating great excesses and seriously annoying
the rear of the Germaa army.
A tpeciai from Brotsels received at Berlin, state
tbat Alsace aad Lorraiae are to be treated as German
Federal province, under the Immediate administra
tion of tb Federal eatheritics, aad to b represented
by a commission; also, that no military service win
be required ef th inhabitant. It it added that tbe
pablieatioa ef these ideas has excited a itorm ef ia
dlgsatioa from the radicals, which hat led ta tereral
Tbe PmssJan talte Eperon. v
A dispatch has just been received here Toura from
Cbartres, dated to-day, tayi that the Prussians gained
seme adrastage sear Eperon, which opest that place
to their eras. Tbey bombarded Eperon for a time.
Tbe Mobiles aad fraae-tirrean fought courageously,
bat -at esajle to contend against the vigorous artil
lery Ire ef tbe enemy.
Von Xnltke Honored try the Cxar.
Er. Pl-rxasacao. Oct. 5th. The Ctar baa confer
red oa Moitkc the Ugbett miKtary decoration of the
Hnnlin lVewsretlana A gal a.
Yrtxxa. October iti. Tb Raatjaa Geversaeat I
snaking extraordinary tenitary preparation la Traa
rsrifitii between the Ctipiia aad Black tea. The
ferbCed passes to Alia have heea reasoned, asd
ataret are being aceursalaied.
17 reach. Troop tat A are rim want tat Ft-tst the
Lsxsox, October 5th, Tk Fnsek army.aew in
Aljria, numbering 17,He mtc, iietni.-dt to fee re
rtHed to resist eke Prasriaas-
Xaaes. editor of the Pari Pays, has heea arrested
ea ekirge against him wbiah bar not been asses
A Stasia Jtlualniiiii.
Tetrst, QctaJex Sek-It U ami-tea taati
el Lyont hit comtructod a steam mitrailleuse, th
tnett formidable yet known.
ZTs Artillery with the Mobil-An Important
Kngagement ta Occur txtwei Roaeii and
Bicrmont, Xtc,
The lliralJCt correspondent at Clermont lay's the
Garde Mobile had Be artillery, while every Germaa
force of five hundred had a proportionate number of
'Bald guni. The Mobiles are discouraged aad are
tniiout for th itoppag of th war.
It Is (Vrdtat that between Rouen asd Clermont,
within a day or two heac", th most terious togtgt
otnt which has yt occurred between th Mobiles and
th Germaa troopt will take place. Th former an
bringing up masse! or troopt from eutsid, to occupy
the north er Flctrdy aad the east or Normandy, the
orders from Park and Toun bolng to prevent the
termi&atiea of a leco&d cordon at any cult. Bat the
hop of a tuccesiful defence of any towns en the
northwest of Franc teeat ulttrly hoptlsti 'in th
present condition or th scattered fore el.
Loanox, October 5th. Th dfat of Bitebe has
bees thus far tuccesiful.
Tbe Prussians hare placed the esaaoa captured at
Strasbourg around Hell. The latatt reports from
Eperaoa ttate that the National Guard aad Mobile
were doing good service at bush lighting.
Otasaga' Rcslrnatieu, Rtc.
LoxDoa, October 5lh. The Madrid eorretpondent
of the Tiatw telegraphs that tha resignation of Ola
tags, the Spanish Ambassador to Paria, it likely to
lead to terloul result. It idtatifii,him with th
Republican party aad addi great itrength to th
novemcnt In favor of France. .
The hlghett authority denies th authenticity of
th note of the Emperor which appeared ia the'Sina
rio yesterday.
Th tame high authority tayi NapoUoa has no
connection, direct or indirect, with Ihe Journal in
question, aad so ntwipaper in England it supported
or controlled by the Imperial family. Alto, that tbe
Empress norer telegraphed to th Emperor to return
to Paria as stated.
The official report from the army of Lyont placet
Its itrength on tbe lit of October, at 100,000 men,
fully armed and equipped. The army of the Loire is
divided between Toun aad Bourges, sad ia reported
at th tarn date at 150,000 men.
The Ex-Empress en her Reception In Eng
land Strang Report about the American
Loanox, October 5th. The Empress Eugenie yes
terday tent a letter to the Emperor concerning her
reception in England. She states that all official
recognition cf her presence bad been postponed at
her -iwn request. Nothing could have been more
leader than her tnatment by Queen Victoria aad
others in England.
Tbe diplomatist la Eaglaad, eeoouragtd by th
American Minister, xpntt eenldeat hopes of th
downfall of th iUpublio aad the restoration ef th
Intrigues to Restore Napoleon.
Loxdoic, October 8th. Th adhtrente cf th French
Emperor are very active In England. M. Ronber
and Baron Jerome David are living In the city. Tbey
go to Chiielhorst quite frequently to confer witb th
Empress Eugenie.
The romort thst the Prussian Gorernment Is not
hostile to this movement in favor of Napoleon are
repeated, and tome penont even go to far at to as
sert tbat Count Bismarck furnished part of th fundi
for tb cstablithment of La Situation, the Imporial
newspaper here.
Late adricea from Parit announce that Genenl
Trochu ia taming to good account the experience and
abilities cf Geoeral Ripley.
Tbe Parisians claim the Prussians will find plenty
of defeosise contrivances to race before entering Paris.
The Fighting on the 4th French Soeeets.
The battle which occurred near Chateau Gaillande
on the 4th, has been productive of important results.
The Prussians were defeated aad forced to retreat.
Tbe position taken by the Freaeh wat one that neces
sitated the evacuation of Pithivien by the enemy.
The Prussians abandoned that point with io much
precipitation that many or their cattle, a large amount
of forage, etc., were left behisd,-ail of which fell into
the hands of the French.
A Breach between Austria and Prussia Anticipated.
Caicaoo, October 3th. Tha TYnre of this city has
the following dispstches tbii morning:
Loxdox, Oc'ober 7th. Coniidsrhbl u&essineii
was manifested in diplomatic circles to-day over the
cewi from Vienna, tbtt an extraordinary Cabinet
meeting had been held thit morning to consider a
not from Berlin. Tbe opinion it general In diplo
matic circles that a rupture la Imminent between
Acttria and Prussia. It is certain that the orden
for tbe ditbandmeat of the Austrian army of observa
tion on the Prussian frontier have been secretly coun
termanled, and every nerve baa been ttralned for th
past two montht to place the army on a war footing.
Von Beuit, Austrian Pnmier, exiled from Germeny
by Bismarck, wbo was jealous of hit reputation at a
statesman baa been intriguing with tbe South Ger
man States, and with inch success that it is believed
to have called forth a note from Berlin demanding an
explanation. .
Further rtporti of Trouble between Austria and
Viexsi, October 7th. An extraordinary Cabinet
meeting was held to-day, and it it rumored terious
compilation! btve arisen with the Prussian Govern
ment. Tbe Eaticra CorrtrponJtna (Von Beait't
official organ) to-morrow will contain a reply to aa
article in the Prussian On GaicUi of yesterday,
laying the Government earnestly desires peace, bnt
it can never admit Prussia to become tbe dominant
power of Europe. Thit, it adds. Is now the avowed
determination of Bismarck snd hit Roytl master.
Prince Charles left to-night for Prague.
Eniiia and Austria did to he in Alliance.
New Tobe, October 7th. Later correspondence
from Vienna itates thst the most latlmate relations
exist between Austria and Runts, ai,d in the cvtut
of the latter power making a demonstration against
Prussia. Austria will certainly become her ally. It
it believed, upon what it considered good aathority,
that a secret alliance or an cfleniiv aad defen
tive character has already beta concluded bctweeo
tbe two Government.
The Prussian Ert-.tstsy at Loudon oa Americas
Shipment of Aran, etc.
Loroos, October 7th. Gnat surprise and re
gret are expressed by tbe Prussian Embassy here,
tbtt shipments of arms thoald be made from tbe
United Stttes to France. It it said that Prussia and
America ire united In an attempt to secure. Inviola
bility of private property not contraband of war,
and that Arneric? ahoold be the last to risk the
friendly relstlons of tbe Proatlan Government, for
the sske of profit to a lew cats oft ctnrera tad tpeca-
Caapltiat rem Csaat Bismarck.
BxsLXX, October lib. Samtrck compulse, in
bitter denunciation, of Belgian lyrapathy fur France.
Tbe press and Government are alike culpable. The
bravery of the German armies alone sired Belgium
from being blotted out of existence. Each taiy be
her fste In tbe future. If the Freaeh Government re
tains lu effective power.
Fightiag ia th Vesge.
A despatch from F.pinal, dated tbe 7th, report
sharp fighting yesterday between Raon PElape and
Brnyeret In the department of the Vosgea. The i
Prussian force consisted of about 9,860-men; the
French force was not so large, aad bid much lets ir
tniery thin the German. The Bghtlng lasted ah
day, md whea sight ended the eosfict tbe event
was undecided. The Frescb retained their poekios. I
The Genets attempted to carry It a Bomber of
times. General Dusre. Freaeh commander Wat
nHghtlj wossded fa tbe engagement.
TlolftKseBt twtie Motelle.
Corntcfaxas, Oet. 7th, via Losbos, Oct. 8th.
Teeteruiyv when the Frsfteb attacked KaaBera
dimlnn. the Freaeh latfcritrl Seera was engaged.
The French directed se-erat divisio-s agtlstt the
First aad Teats ProasUa Corps, es the right beak
at the XoscHc River. The etnsnstdt was severe.
Tae lotte of Ksoster sd tbe Teste Or? tetoset
to See seen, aad those of the Third Corse io lew nsss.
Mwnjimgr ff Qui Vy XaO.
Lsnew. Oet-r 8th. Traiss are sew rsoaisg
f aad Bight ea the reewty satttrWf Paris,
which are need by tbe Prak, who are btlifjag
up their heavy siege gun. Oee of the trwhw was
thrown from the track lest night sear YHrey, Fear
Freaeaaeti lltittg la thit Heijihborhsoel were arres
ted ea lotpfesoa of batlsg wlMaliy looses ed the
Battie bef&re Me-Js4uia driven bk
rariaBs Ctumofi&aiatj.
LoxDoa, Oct. Stb. Th correspondent of th JW
ie, before Utts, oa th 7th Instant, talsgrtpbi the
This trening at on o'clock, Basaio mad ade.
perat attempt to break through th Proislio envi
ronment io the direction of Tbloaville. The Prus
sians on the pretlooi evening had driven the Freaeh
from th village of Ladcncoampi, and had establish
ed fore-potts ia Steaay, Pttilei, Grands Tip aad
Max. 7 Batata, nudtr eovr of a thick fog, ad
vanced hit troopt and oommtneed an attack for th
recovery of Ladonebaspt. Having engaged the
Prussian arttlltry h mid a dash for Pttiltt aad
Grand Tapt. annihilating the fore-post and throw
ing grett mini! or &rto oa thir luppottt. VTha
this TiUtgei hid bn occapltd, Basils forwarded
a large boJy cf troopt on th right, close toth Mo
selle which advanced up tbe valley tint checked by
Prussian cannon from both lides of th rlrr, on til
they were finally ttupped by the advance of the Land
wthr brigade! of the tenth army corps which occo
pied a position opposite
A Fusilier battalion of the Fifty-eight Landwthr
regiment wat nearly exterminated ; other battalllona
of tb tame regiment and th Fifty-ninth Landwhtr
alto tafftrod merely. Finally at :10 o'clock th !
French were drives back from all their position! by
the advance of Landwthr asd th Tenth Army Corpt.
Thar was much bayonet Sgbtingln tbe village. Gen
eral Von Bnsndentttin commanding the Fifth Land
wehr division, wat wounded by my lid. The Prus
sian victory wat complete. Tbe lost in killed and
wounded wat considerable and wat heaviatt on the
French tide. Tbe French tint out all their field ar
tillery tind infantry lupported by Forts St. Julian aad
Stetoy. Th wholt Prussian To!h and Third Army
Corps and Landwhtr division wen oggd. Th
Geoeral commanding wat Von Voght of th Tenth
Army Corps. The French mid a ftlgned attack on
Vangy Lai Etangt, Charly and Lorio, to th north
cast of Fort St. Julian which wis repaired.
Th time correspondent telegraphs from Nolsrlll
on the 8th Instant: Th French doling tha night
accumulated in large mutes on the eastern ilopet of
St. Jullen. towirdt Meta. Th Prussian forepotta
were drawn hack, and reserves called up. Artillery
crowns every eminence. Shells from St. Jalien go
screeching Into Noltvllle. A furiout cannonading ti
going on to the touth by Colomby, Maroy, Le Haute
aad Petilei. The French fort of St. Prtvot Is also
The SesbsN at Bt Quintan,
Dta (!) via Tours. Oot. 9tb. Twelve hundred Prut
tlins have been repulsed from St. Quintan by tb Na
tional Garde. Th Prussian! ware forced to fall back.
LtlLt, via Loxdox, Oct. 9th. St- Qoentin It now
open, th townspeople having gallantly withstood an
tuck by 12,000 Prussians. Th Prefect bade the
I eopl rise en mane and defend th place. He then
assembled the laborers and armed them from the gun
tmith tbopi, and marched outside the elty. Barri
cade were raited near th eanat which were held for
five boon against the attack of the Prutslant who re
tired witb lever lost to Rlbemort. Tbe towntman
alio aufleied coniiderably, and th Prefect waa woun
ded. Postponement of the Constituent GaTemmeat
VERStitLcs via Lqxbox, Oct. 9th. A proclama
tion of the Peril Government, dispatched by balloon,
and found by the Germans, is at follows: "Tbe Parit
Government of National Defease regard the resolu
tion of tbe Toun Government at tha result of an er
ror. It it opposed to lb decree of National Deftnse,
which alone ii binding. The adjoornmiot of the elec
tions will be maintained till they are possible through
out th whole of th Republic.
Signed October 1st. 1870."
The Prussian Chamber! to he Dissolved.
Berux, Oet. 7th. It has finally been decided at
hcadqaarten not to re-assemble tbe present Prostian
Chambers, but to dissolve them and order a new elec
tion, when a more trustworthy government majority
it expected.
Bismarck refused to release Jacnby.
At Scistoni tb tleg it progressing favorably.
Prustias Diplomatic Kitten -B avaria Prusaiaa Ar
my Moremsna BEralaa'i resistance.
Bebux. Oct. Vth. Gsmbetta has tent an Intlmat
friend to Bltmarck,authoriied to make certain state
ments. Notwithstanding Favre't failure, Bilmarck
perionally deiiret to enter Peril by negotiation,
which bt stall believes possible, while the King and
Von Moltke have no fallh in diplomatic success.
Negotiations with Bavaria were baffled by the refu
sal of tbe Btvirian Government to yield tha army,
diplomatic representation, and the pottal and tele
graph systems to the Prussian plan. Therefore, sow
Baden and Hesie Darmttadt Immediately go Into the
North German Confederation. Wurtemburg will alio
probably come cn tbe lame term. Bavaria, it Ii tta
ted, will that be obliged to enter the Confedention.
Tbe fourth reserve diviilon, nnder General Von
Sehmelling, eroiied the Rhine on the 2d inttant at
Newburg nnopposed, and with tbe Landwthr Guaada
forming the fourteenth army corpa, under Werder,
will more against Eesaneuoo and Lront. Schlestadt.
Neu BreUaeh and Btlfurt will be misted or taken.
Tbe Slaalt Atatigtr tayi Basslne'a protracted ill
finie or Mett is largely doe to political motives, the
Marshal deeming It hit duty to preserve the army for
th future Governmtnt of France. When invetted,
he bad 23,000 horeet aad but little lorege. lienc. If
lortiei are succeriful, tb artillery aad battery hunei
disabled, admit af being added to the stores or food.
He does not anticipate in early surrender.
B.'smxrtk on Garrissidi't presence ia FranceFar.
eigsers in Armt Lgainit Prsssia to be put to Death.
It is reported that Bismarck telegraphed to tbe Ital
ian Government at Florence in relation to the landing
of Garibaldi in France and tbe foundation or an Ital
ian Legion. Tbe reply telegraphed to Bismarck was,
that tbe Italian Government disavows all official re
sponsibility for the action of individual subject.
Tbe Iford's Ottend comtpondent states that tbe
North German Gorernment baa issued an order that
all foreigner! funnd In armi igtlntt Germany will be
put to death. Retaliatory orden will be Inued frora
Peril and Toun.
Bsaaiae Co-operating with the Froritisaal Gsrara
tseat, Etc
Lenox, October 9th. Tha World't special cor
respondent at Boulogne telegraph : " No doubts
are entertained tbat Bataln is cordially co-operating
with th Government at Toun, and Trochu at Paris.
Tb army of Lyont it advanciog by way of Nancy to
relieve Bataine. It was the right wing of this army
which had a battls with Badta troopi on Tbunday.''
Th PnusUa Capture Two Balloea.
Losdoji, October 10th. Balloons are ounitaatly
leaving Peril, alwayt elotely watched by Prussian
husitre. Two balloons, containing a great quantity
or official correspondence, were recently captared.
The Prussians are making their works near Meu
don aad on Brioborian Hill, near Sevns. Whea
completed, the Prussian artillery will command Au
teoil. Parley, ;Grenello. and other points west and
southwest or Peril. The enbnrbt named aai within
the Willi or the city.
ATnttr fnr wisi ntiisifiisisi
X 4VUUM Xmiy wV2aeS1249ttVSnSw
Th Toon Government it beginning t prepare the
public, through the press, for a eenioa of Preach ter
ritory U Germany. La Liitrtit contents to a slight
rectification of tbe frontier near Wsiiienbourg.
Latest from Ffaltharg and Metx
Heavy gum have beta brought to bear upon Pfals
burg. Th bombardment will too a b opened.
Heroic sorties sr isetttaet at Meta. Tbe Prus
sian Coamsnder hss given ordort for increased vigi
lance. The Prastisa Commissariat has beta re
moved ta avoid capture. ,
Foreign Ambatstdort at Toun ar negotiating for
quart rs at Bordeaux, ia view of the onaUmpUtd
removal ef the Government tfa'rtber.
Cmmm. of Parit.
Totrat, October l&th. Gsmbetta'l pneiaattiea
ha the following: "By order of the Bepshlieag
Government, I bar left Paris to transmit to yoa th
hope of th Parisians aad otser ef thot who an
teekiag to deliver France from tereifaers. Parit, ts
Tested for seventeen dsyi, pretests the specs ete of
two milnOBi ef aea forgeltwsg tbetr disTereaM t
withstand the invader, who expected eivil tiiteord.
The vevolotioa (bssd Psrit without gees or arm of
any kind. 4m, ef tbe Satinl Based ass bow
armed aad lM.Ms Muscle sad M.tM tsgslars are
assembled. The fesadris are eaesi&g esssos. We
mes make milKosi ofswttridtst daily. Kvery baUl
lios of tbe'Natloeal have tws anraslest! aad field
aieeet, sad ar piefarieg for tettiet. Th ters art
massed by nsarme. asd are issstiel with arsNIery
of the gvestttt sxtlsae. whieh ass served gsa
aen the fiset is th world. BMbetis thek tre has
kept th eaeety frost sreetisg the hW week. Th
Encieet os the 4th hut. bad esiy aeoa; saw
it ha 3,4, with 44 resad far each. Ivvy de
iesse has H met) at Iteer . Th Xatiesaa ds
eaettaaily bebwd tae SeeMste a the third Use t
defense barrieede. whieh ess adsaied by the sawn
taeParsMaet. This be est bees a-wtvd eeimly
aad or4rfy said the geserai i.liiiniar. Th i
sTsaaahaily f Park U as aWes. at aastbees.
tared r tererited, aad lis U so deader af neteiis
nv starv aiiefi, wkHh th PrMia bar Uta eesot-
. , . , ...
FMrteea rrstwsti sail wee laseatty aspitsn nn
Beer tat eslf, Wyaac gst
she Uhaowiit, wilt a view
T ftmnVannnntai V(nraannnVa) "faBniJUBajj jftast BhSninBnnttanmL.
IwtVOTsgWa. stTttrpK tinTIVVniW larV anwVwnnwanWnl
mr-Priiihi to lttwrtitam ttw Mtk
hasBStt, Oetuher MtK A tilifistiii ilasl Ass the
htdunr ef ttw Prsitiaa fhss, atatea last "ta
gen of the of Pat aiw ta Pat aad la aaoth
er week the taaewK wilt hsgnv Taw asarvwresry ef
the battre s Leipeie aUat ss the Mth, and th Oer
rmm eeaet oa Mas) ht rsets oa the Jfth."
The Irene are eenmMi- ta aaatts a show of taa.
ceesfsl re4tnee.
ass ti
step br step, the tdvaaee at th fnistia torpt sow
hi i ee vooree.
Tbe near iporoeeh ef the horrors of a boat be rd
rscHt eJ1teUBTtdprtradtTmpetby keve. JUo
qttent adriieate of mrdwtion. In par Ilk the
AaaaVirtf, are trjlat: In stove the Governiaeot to se.
tion. TU borrort tielej tflrr tb t!re ntSir.
Boars: forriWy thi the appeal, hat th Mlrietry
manifest no lntealhsn of iourr)r, aW pecuie twtit
tberetaHof the ettaatt iadtsad aad.snxWty.ia
aa eloquent article, say the Jtss ears' tbt Btweiiar,
the ilcm nf Pra Is sot eMd tot: It k soiantlou Bsr.
A Ttnv' Part tetter, fthc 3d, etttw. tbet doea
seaH kntsd la the Imperial archivro, sad MMwoed
by tbe ProrEioitl SateraiatBt, show fsaeimivwly
that the people of Fnae were oppoted le tbe war.
Letters from Prefect of Daart estate vtaeok the
The mpenam of gattiHu la aswftl i th tW
partmenta of tbe Xarth pravehe the FiastUaa,
Tbey threatea to lesaose eoslrlsatiuat ct a aaUttaa
rraurt of every deeertBHat where the tapeer.
Lo daa Var !-
LoitBOw, Oeteher 10th. Kit WHtVeai relWved
Versa Wee from tb payment of 89,B98 Isaacs, which
had bssd levied by the FrBeelait.
A tqsad ol PrBsehva hateara wst attaehed, oa th
nigtit of the 7th. tbnisch tbe trescbery of the luhab
Ittnti Ufa village of Aster. The tows was ttlar-
wards burned br the Prattlans a a aaentseftt.
aHumcniBt bodies of French have itacs. asea dis
persed Ifrtntt neighborhood.
A Urge Bavarian lore It south of attests. .
The villains at tbe aurtu of Parit. whieh WW at
tested on tbe poroses of the S erase, see n peopled
ewttekakatTiaii to Besaad hht FiitdtatTaf the
Mask Sea fer Rasstaa War -
PssTH, October lOlb. Lloyd's Bewtaeur of this
elty bss a statement tbat Oortschako deateo uf tb
powers tbe removal of the problWtioa aajesfUl Ros
lan war vrsscls In the Block Sea.
Lloyd also sayt thit Prussia it aot arm to the
restoration of th Boaapartet, but tea 8tsh at hit
ttrly hostile to lack a moremeet.
Prsstitsx aTrteewsf Frsaeh vaataf Wei-kiiB.
LOTOOJI, October Wth.The vlatere hat betas at
Champagne. The workmen are pretested by th
A lack of (food regimental oJSeen dtlaat the Ovfaa.
ixatlon of tbeFr-nch ermy. eV
The Rouen depatatlou wit vrtrmleseeVltid la It
aly, being banquetted at Sctaa aad iWsa." b
Th Prussians PrsTMtt Ft 1 ragtag.
Tbe Prosslans preserved FosAsiMhseaa frost H
Uce. .
The United States Consul at Oren is trjlog to mit
igate cruelty to tbe crew of a Germaa Teasel who are
llleinlly retained al prisoner of war.
Bismarck recently Informed the Mayor of Vemll
llet tbat Prussia bad no objection to tbe election
for a Nitlonst Assembly, but that the Toes Govern
ment bad countermanded tbem.
The German Press ridicule the lata of a Freach
levy ot maw it mere booieeat to cover thek failure.
Sattiaa War XoTstae&'t OmsiiHy lkte.
St. PxtriSBUEO, October 10tt,Leslta oajcUlly
denies tbe reported movement of tbe Rebates, assuy
toward the Turkish frouller. f
Reported Sacettm of jtltsaj
The Libert publishes dlspatcbet snnosaelrHf ter
eral tncccstful sortie by Marebsl Basaies. It stye
tbe success of ihete tortles form the reason why
Prussian despttchct have made no Beulloa of sfialn Q
at Mctz,
nicest of Prise Frsderiek fltwUi.
Prince Frederick Charles 1 111 with typos feTtr,
snd has been obliged to leave tbe army. It Is tM
be Is now it Ferric res. Despatches from Malntenon
Maltberbes, La Grange and Chart re annoancs tbe
pretence ot Prostian In those place. Several ea
counters bate taken pint) at DreuL
Franc-tlreun bare captnrrd a great quantity of
ctttle litely, tbat had been taken truss tbe people by
tbe Pruttltns In their requisitions.
General Boarbaki la expected In Tours.
The Doiagt of the FraM-Tlrear.
The Serf bat idvlces from tbe landed Depart
ment, which tbnw the. the tltuitlou I grave, owing
to tbe enormnut and repeated requisitions of tbe
Prussian. Tho Departments are forming Compan
ies of Bliarpibootrn, anil those already orranltrd
have obtained tome marked inrcrtses against the
Prusslins. In roiny cites ttragglen, ortmall bodies
of tbe enemy have been destroyed. A strung body
or Franc Tlreiirt, armed, irrived here to-dty frora
Manelllrs. It It ciraKMed of g-utlemen from the
South of France. They carry a black nag.
What Bixaine It Tlgatlag For Wurdec Ai Teas
ing oath Army of Lysaa.
Loxsox. October 10th. A ttltgram from Berlin to
the Manchester JSxamintr leyi Bullae Is Sebtlagfor
a psth to Belgians. The' same correspondent tayi
General von Werder It advancing on the army et Ly
ons, between Belfont ind Langret.
Prowl will not Depots the XsaapsrUs-
Beelix, October 10th. The following itatemeat Is
official. The governmtnt of Prattle, nntble to reeog.
nil the actual government of Franc, will tvtt depot
the Bonipartti.
Ho Specie in Fraaee-FarU' IsteatUa at aadertteed
by Prussia.
Lojidox, October 10th. Specie hat TaaUwd. freat
Franc. t
A note from Ihe Prussian Gosersmret Inrorea th
Powers that Paris threattei to hold eat ootll starved.
Germaay Feeling the Strafai oa her Waw
Tbe Wm-IcTi cable dispatch from Loados states that
the present attitude or Prussia oa the peace question
Indicates that tb strain upon th Germaa issooree
ii beginning to be itverely felt.
Disease in tlis German Army 19 Bemtlw
a Day at Xetz.
The ITerM eorresposdeet at Ostead tayi a malig
nant disease among the QermsB troopi at Mttji fill
ing tb hospitals aad overtaking tbe rgeoa.T The
death! for three weeki aversged 1H.
Tha Mnderpest prevail saongtBesmy hortes, and
his extended tbroogh Lorraiae aad part ef Cham
palgne, asd 1 prevalent la tfct camp bfurPril, and
hat extended in Rhenish Prsttla.
Prajsiaa Supplied Bar1 war 3Cetx.
Ia avaeaatlng Ccurcelie tk PmiUi horaad
Urge quntitlet of loppllej.
A Brussels dlspsteh to the HWaTiati kit believed
there thst Boarbaki't mitiloa to the Eaprett waa to
urg indication, thus removing all obttecr to Euro
pean recognition of the Republic. It It believed that
the army or Mets eaaaot be relied ea to fappert th
Battle at Artenay The Fi tnett Onttfthmtt
and Driven Into ttw Waoat.
Oauttna, Oct. 16th. The commtaatnt-io-Chief
of the Flfteetith Army Oirpe tend the fHo wins re
port to the Minister or War (GeavhetU) at Tours:
About 9 o'clock tbla morning, at Artenay, where
there was a brigade of Lorgaelle and severe! coat
penlea or chaaseare, we were atteehed by a con
siderable force of tbe tvemj, who issetedttl lu oc
cuptlng the pUce. General Rejeat west Ui the as
sistance of the French force witb five regiments
and fosr battailous, and alto l bet levy of efatht fans.
After comlattlng till 3 o'clock P. ear troop
were repulsed Into tbe force', which I retain aaat
sbsll defend at any cost. Tbe rrsseUs osBBBiber
cd us.
Tyvwnnw. Oet. 1L A eoifeisoBdwt of the 7it-
orosA tars tbe Praseieu on leesVec Mithoaae, fired .
, . . 1 1 1 1 - .1 H-.l,,- U-Hl
OO IO people, ailMiif nnw .wwihj
Latest from Mets-PnitsUsi Taka 3,wa IMsaaeri.
Advice from Mctz 1st oanasy aay tbe weather w
rery unfavorable. Firing from the works ws stead
ily maintained. Maeh tlcknee prerslie. Tbe tin
dcrpett b ppcred- The PrsseWn tix X,ae0 pri
sonen la the last eneoaatcr. Many FrBeeUsi Were
woaaded. Tbey bars heea re mo vied to Berlin.
Ktearsk AgaU dssjttaea ts Xke a Trasa.
It 1 tted tbat Lord Lj reeestly tsueetrd to
Bismarck tbe expedteaey of aa ai mhliw. BtessaixK
repled tbat Praei wosM be used ts nteke ntece at
lay tttas taa any wsere, wm. no Piupniisiun swnass;
to a trace woold he cstenaised lor a aasateat,
Bathwau. Oet. 1 lib. Tbe ANrasi soelav tbat
AatrleKtoo saMir. Waa Boave ws sseoebed
by Itsiy. the BMae enifs4kfsatiiBUIteMta tatar
of tbe Pope et Ftofeaee.
BBaftTnWawanPeJaal it aWsenaaataaaaenW
Irwrnt Park.
Tos-as, Oet. lltlj. WyTto44t aad Hay, wha bsvs
srrived here, etmalwtBts th 9"7"
is Pari gire by Saatbetra. iWyi-dwribes bkt
row d theTestves tad is rioW. dwW trip front
thi beelesed eHr. The atbunefths nVtserBSieBt
iad Mcroid of 1-saW weel-dlo skew his
etart- Loata Bssae waa ta tssttaihltty laa
at matkeiry. The lrisalsc ot is eawne wss twsni
os ll tidt. Rockets d tuber fcks werethw
f red st the belioeot. "iast ws
the wind Ireehestsc aa at the
t sttas tsv n"
i voyagers
ttaa4tA WtwaaitkxTwimTrip.
a i.uiiaM astMssltsl at Onrai, saa J.-r a
lose tisMW esse tsthe essth that miiet
aMtaoFissalaae seaeMUa hi tha taotJ. a4
iaweot tbroach tha ssdtoea.. Batk Iwnfoaaa
were sHltoetely iesaed saeth af Amimm,
asar Oiktst.
taaki lUsasl to hlMsaat TaVs.
hn.rb.et baa ks USSItrf JH lit
. ri . au k I mi warn sins:

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