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s -J. J-taB
TTim tlft V TSfltCTrKTIVnlP
m m a.i mm.., jmW'r s m m m m - - im n at m at v l. a
fRAIWyPiSV11 oT hygienic rules fotl
TEDSDATfQ,lov. ia, is:o.
'XeTit.T-'ll.VSith cf November it 'the anniversary
vf'tbe 1Krtut4 f Hawaiian Indpeodexc,' hy
Qrera:sta of Prase tad Great Britain, and
wBl be. testa a jw&liclieliaay.
Ten. W-Hrrcnrto,
Baas eac,yv.,li3L Mlalslefof tbe Interior.
Tec BimrAT of lira MaiEaTT. tha Hoc, eoeor
i4g tWajrear- era 6(ux!ay(;aetjeit hereby given
that JiesJaj.tbe 1 2th alay C.DeoeriiWr,rjext, will be.
tiiarjtd aJ a hoBday en the tycuip a.
F. W. ncTCntsfox,
BssaeBrO'e. 1Kt. Ulnbter of Interior.
Snaw tb temporary ibma of the Attorney
GujtraObe ltrcT General's Department will -be
mm it w ianmrmmvi lopeTyuwn rtba Minuter of tb
Jatrmt.' S&TTraal. it! Harris -wUl act astheDeDutv
rf b Atftnity Genera in the CoortJ of Record of
Ma Ktnrdeia.
.Errjrsxx H, Faixura.
, . Attn,ey General.
3rs4 Wjujtw IUaoocx bai been tbit da; ap
pjfctci a JeX tor tie Part of Honolulu.
V.T. Allxx.
'" GoSectorOeneral of Customs.
Taax Collectors for IS70.
oa an.
.Gee, fl. ,Luce.
John K. Voider.
W. Oi Lane.
(Owen J. Holt.
1 -' : i 1 '
W, Akao Itapal.
J3. J5. ruimtoa.
.L. . Swain.
a T. Mart.
J: G. Hoaptli.
F. Chill rngwertb.
:R. Kaiaakaala.
S. C. WUtia.
.X. . WTle?!.
.W. 0. mith.
..J. K. Smith.
0. Rowell.
Uan .
Auawla .
J, Mitt -Sjhtu,
MinUtrfcf noinca.
raa Pa. iei. JSTB.
Cnlipd Smtcm Tnriffon Sujpin.
We tvc beeew, the Tariff on Sugars, j
TciN be levied in the ports of the Uni-1
led States on and after the 1st of January, '
iSTl. The ortrabt is taten from the law i
v puWBfea in thc' Tej6rt of the Bureau 1
of StaKto ATM it may be l:ept by our
pUntexa, Ik tijrnoc.
Tabsblol, as. to be .seen at a glance,
te 4mns arc,
Sagras net aboroto.T 1J cts per pound.
No. JO 2 " "
" " Xo. 13 2
" ; Xtx 16 2
" " " Xo.I0"8r
Ka 20 4
TQicQxtoThe law reads as follows:
On-4l,rjioassu-s fiv cents pergallon.
Oa tiat-bottom syrup of sugar-cane
- - T M t . 1 T .
jwc, wwwa, cwcenirawa meiaaa, ana ,
cearrWrrated Tabltsse; one and one-half
v u.
rar pouni " ' "
0 all raw or muscovado sugar not
beve waW seven, Dutch standard m
ookr, one and three-quarter ,cenu per
"On sill riwxr tnuscovado'sugar abovo
swa&er ercn, iiutcti sianrjani' in:, color, i
aa3 on- sill other sugars not above" number i
tea, Dutch standard in color, two 'cents'!
par $esaL
On J.M otbex.fngars above number ten, ,
Datoh sandarlin color, and not above
szB&ber thirteen, Dntdb standard in color,
two and one-quArtcr cents per pound.
" On -all other strgars above number thir
teen. Batch standard in color, and not j
9aWaal ' - 1
Swa adWaUoa-ii;L
31le3id ais9 twl 1,.,V ,.;D
r naniarri u
a ,, ,- a
-r : rt,-".-"
&Mtb JfclH laaaawaamaaMew
?V K-ar ,
jJrexamWsiitehaai?4'faIihIiw and the rules for tb
, -j , -
o-two nd lhreenarter,.cenu per
"OnantbersBgaw above number six-
ten, Datch rtandard in color, and not j
abora anmbcx -twenty, Dutch standard in ,
oeter, tanee ana one-quarter . cents per
all Fnar above number twenty,
Dotcb siicdxr3 in color, and on all refined
iaiiump, crasbed, powdered, and granu
laJpd -eagsr, four cents per pound.'' -
- "We enderstand that one of our physi
rarrw, wbo is thoroughly conversant with
tiiajve language, lias been autltnted
to ibsa class of eight or .ten Hawaiian
TWB-g- sen, (graduates f the -highest'
ra t- r -
scvvls,) Tor instruction in the prihdples'
..There .has never, been made, that tee
sre-a-arsreo any- systeaiatio rr 'earnest
gEartto iastmct Hawaiian youth "In' the"
adicsl ait. Tie .inowleage, tiat is.
Jsecesary to be acquired to make a skillful
s&3 tisoroughly competent "praelitidneris
3gtto be obtained In thok country , wluci
aaS;VFt does not possess medical, schools
mat! eoSeeea, sad the dMScsltios- in the
sioas- sal iassraoHataWe, as aiapst xo
ce"eiybo tf beseg orercewtl. " v"
SRaU:B eak of a- Enat-ive yQb
i.pfci'r-av,V cxeroiM .tartarnp thek
ova race, rUh any expectation dimpg
forded them to acquire even the most
tlcmentarr instruction jn tBe' trpataientl
of sickness and disease or to leirnlSny-
of ffiose
rjiicple maladies which ToniiSso lai a
part of the ailments of a population.
Outside the seaport towns, thure are no
opiiliiton bein" scattered over large
areasj l is most unlikely that 'aiiyim
)rpvemcnt will ever .take phce .through
the, voluntary i&ettlement of foreign phy
sicians in .the 'Various districts., of the
Islands. -. . .
In the -matter of health, therefore', the
people-are left to take care of'iheniselves',
depending either upon their own crnde
and imperfect knowledge of medicines, or
what is far.w.orse, the dangerous remedies
and the deathjprovoking practices of the
native Kahunas. These persons, despite
the oft-repeated instances xf. their utter
inability to deal with disease even in its
simplest formi, and the many 'unnecessary
and suddenly fatal terminations which
end their ' patient apd treatment at one
arid the same time, are still, able to retain
their hold as skillful doctors, upon the.
imagination ,pLtbe natives chiefly because
there are uo others of their own nice who
arebetterinstructed than they in.the.nse of
medicines, or who have a superior knowl
edge of the naturcand treatment of diseasJ
cs.' "-Medical 'su perstition is a stronghold in
the hands" of ihe native charlatan, from
,wbii (he can only be driven out au'd his' (
practices be rendered harmless by. arming
some (if a like class with himself with
sufficient .medical education, to- meet and
combat' -his mischievous, ignorant, and
bad-practice. v -
The law is msufficient to'meet "this evil,
although ito"' penalty for mai-pfactice is
heavy, and aiihougli thq courts ljaye,(in
soiie, instances,, applied ,lic punjstiment
in.cases jvherq'the death., of the confiding
victim has been Jiltlu shprt of, murder at,
the handa,of th'o ignorant kahuna. '
As these persons thrive by the ignorance
of the 'people concerning proper medical
treatment, and depend upon that tendency'
in every lckjqrsop? whether of tbis nation
or any other, to listen to any information,
however , absurd, which promises, to shed
light on the path to restored health, and
to try any remedy, however inappropriate
and severe, which they are assured will
prove a sovereign and sure cure; so it is
their interest to perpetuate a popular belief
in their skill, .and to make popular supersti
tion, retain its 'bold upon the public.
We advert to one that ha? bec-n so
sqdulously.Jnstillcd into the Hawaiian s
that it mayrtalinost be said to have become
ah universal belief : Certain kinds of dis
ease or sickness are tnaimaoli; certain
other kinds are uiai haole. The former,
therefore, can only be cured by native
doctorsaud, native medicines, they are'be
ygup, thq ,rcach of foreign physicians;,
the. latjer can, perhaps, be treated advan
tageously by the foreignerSj as the' know
something about-them--. - -
"However Absurd-stich a classificfttton-of-diseases
may be, and' more especially as
the '.range in.'.extcnded or shortened; ac
cording to the 'belief that the individual
kahuna treating the cac may have in his
own medical skill, or perhaps in the' pecu
niary reward, or otherwise," that is in
-,npnt ..-'
''' j ' ,J & f
praqtice and in sacrficmg the live? and,
hc3ith 9f tb(. js st Is jiagc m
thougl, the cas?i(iKltion wcro tIl0 sund.
est ,n the. world.
It is impbssible, wts believe, to recon
stmct an old kahuna by any instruction
in the" 'domain' of the medical b artl or
tn .,.,. ,, ,nann t,u ha.
pie by. any" amount pf taient in ini
portcd medical men. But ,wp do, believe
tliai jiomay, be gradually rpoted.out, and
his place supplied by native practitioners,
who, having a. fair knowledge of the
proper treatment of the simpler forms of
disease', the-hursirfg of the 'sick,' the man
agement 6f the sick room, and ihe abilitr
-w - I' ' i "WV1IVV v HIV '-V
tr -xljme.t llmir n,I!n np;bCr4i in
prrvaUon ,pf ealth, will do a great
I deal for the reservation of life amonsr
the naUve. peopIe. Among such naUve
doctors will probably arise some who will
bbnmbitions to go abroad, in order to fit
themselves' thoroughly, while in' any case,
they will acquire sufficient "knowled'sre'to '
distinguish' tjravc tliscases from liKh'tb'n'es',
" .1 . I 7 -I : ' 1 t 1
iu ut recoinnienu sucn as are oeyona
their own, skill tp.the hospitals.pr the car,e
of our competent jihysiciaps.. ( , f .
Uterarj- IVotcs.
Unusual activity prevails among.-.-the
publishers of monthlies and illustrated
weekb'es; both in the United States" 'and
Europe, anno efibrts are scared td ren-
der" th'em Tiinrft '!ittrnrtlvi tti'nri tirVr
the tAv Vear approaches. The I6ndbn
Qraphic apd tifiisiratcd 'etM.a.nd abso
Jxery JSaturdat, of Boston, and, Harper's
WkeUy, and. Zeslie'e Weekly, ..of-New
York are richly illustrated "with- war
scenes. Indeed' the' war has -been a bar
vest to the "publishers of; these serials. ' -' ' '
lohdmJSofitiyCoTii? of t)ie best' En
l'?l monUiliesp'has'psse into the hands
of .Richard, entiey. wiile JamesHogg,
it.laie editor jaB.d, prpprietpr, proposes to.
start avae,w-othly, ,to..be called -English,
Society? wkaS it colored illastratioHB-ii-The
nirir8a' mferenee is that "Mr, Hofg hes1
beeacoraed: f fdchdnge- his' bsseand
wBrTirial? ES'TicS'txprierice'iHto'a new"
SelcCT "T ' "i1-' ''z- ' ''
.. U at. , al 1 - I t
fTW" rT pi"'--
mentisaTmotl if not quite, bevotfd the in the same taanndr as the lottbryTof ttiej . u
ceeding as editor of that well-known pe-
tKeeibectations otMiiS
V?f r , ?. ,
re seems tojjuiciiui
, .,m. : I ta , . V a
spbUt of hisl lamented t.her-. X
"T "r.,v"S : I A'
British Museum, one of the most cele -
brated institutions of the- kind in the
nia. The London "3Iuscnm was in debt
for a large ampunt, wljicn' was cancelled
by the lottery, and a large fund in addi
tion, created, wbich proved, to. pe the
foundation for one pf the Iarge5ttlibraries:
in the world, containing now 1500,000.
volumes free to all whd choose to avail
themselves of its benefits.
Putndnit Magatine; and 'HoUrs at
Home, (published in New' Torlc,) are td
be me'rge,d'into a, new illustrated .monthly,
to be called &cribner's Montfiy. It Tnll
be edited by Dpctof Holland, (Timpthy.
Titcomb one of .the most popular, of
American authors. The first number, pf
this' new journal,- (which is intended to be
a rival of Harper's,) 'will probably reach
us bythe Steamer's' maiL ' A notice from;
the publisher states that this number will
contain "Jeremy Train, his Drive," an
illustrated poem by. Dr. Holland; (a'ji
article pn the Bottom of, the Sea, richly
illustrated ; Bondage of the P.ulpit, and
other Very attractive articles
Speaking of illustrated papers, XZceiy
Saturday, published by Field, Osgood &
Co.,appearg tP be surpassing its American
rivals' in, 'he matter of illustrations. It
has this great advantage, that duplicates
of the plates useJ by the Lind'ph Graphic
are furnished tp its publishers, who prob
ably assume a, proportion of the first cost
Thp bold style of art followed, by the:
Graphic surpasses anything yet-.produced
in' weekly periodical literature: ' ' '
vnurrtur toa iuk iiAjrpAS oazetis.
'ITie' last two number of Harper's Magazine.
as receivedjn Honolulu, namely, those for Octo
ber and November,' 1 1370, contain a sketch enti
tled ' liitprary Forperica,'" which the semi annual
index, attached to the' November number, states
13 a translation ' from Ihe French. With all
doe respect for the translator, Jlisa Kate P. Os
good, and for the French author, whosp.namo Is
not given. I wostd like to tell the storr of one
remarkable literary deception which may have
escaped the memories of both author aod trans
lator of the paper in Harper's Magazine. It is
funny, of course, for Honolulu to prompt Paris,
but still, in this case, it can be done.
Ever since RabeUia' famous catalogue of tbe
choice books in the library of Saint Victor,
(book 2, chapter 7.) bibliography has had Its hu
morous side, Its hoaxes uhd its sarcasms, no less
amusing- to the uninitiated, and requiring no
more explanation to make them intelligible, than
ths professional jokes of the lawyer-and -the phy
sician. Nor can'Ifbe objected to bibliographical
jokes that they tend more to what are technically
termed -Facetiae, than tbe other learned and hon
orable professions jast alluded to. At all events,
the well-read bibliographer wants to know about
thenl rand the' general reader can harilly fail to
feel some interest in llieir hhtory. Perhupl the
most- elaborate practical joke of tbis-kind that
ever occurred, and yet which,1 stMBge'tO eay.'is
without any historical record besides the article
I um now-writing, is tbe lie about' tbe library of
tbe Count of Forties.
In the year 1840, tho book-coll fetors in Europe
were greatly excited by the publication of tbf
sale-catalogue of the library, the absolutely'bQiquo
library, of the Count J. A. ie-Fprtsas. "'But
one hundred copies at this cataJooge -were ever
printed, and of the hundred I have one, value,
of course, high, and replaceubility' (if there is-
such n -word.) simply impossible.
This little' volume, of only fourteen pages, con
tains a' list of ihe books which formed - the
I Count's collectiod. There' we're dnly fifty-two'.
bui each Of tbem c.viqDK. The' C'oont -would
never keep a book in his library which He found
mentioned" by any bibliographer. Ts'o wWder the
bibliographical world wa3 excited. ' '-' 1
Tbe sab was to take place at the office of ri
notary in Uinche'i an insignificant village of Bel
1 gium.- It is said that Brunei, Nodier.'Techener
Renouard, anil other bibliophiles of Paris, met In
the diligence, each one having hoped to steal
away tin noticed and. have the game all to himself.
if. Castiau, of Lille, who was greatly interested
in ther treasures of this sale portlcnlarlarlj- in a
hook numbered, in the catalouge, 142," relating.
-.une ueigian revoiuuon oi ibju, a oook pub-
rhed by (Lemon, of HWnay. the entire edLn
.ribe Belgian revolution of 1830, a book pab-
of which bad beeo suppressed except this: 'one
copy took tbe -precaution, as he wn3 pae3iug
through Tournay; to make some inquiries' about
the.rok.nnd to call on the publisher,. M. Castc
inna' bad-forgotten lu bui. bis foreman remain
bered it perfectlyaod also its author, M. Charles
Lecocq!' Just exactly as three old 'naval oHicerg'
told me about reraembcring'Edward Hale's purely
ficlitionscharacter of the. outcast Nblan, in tbe
story of ' A .Man without a Country."
oi'llier-Baron vbn Reiffenberg. then the. Director
of tho lloyul Xibrary or'BruiSels, askeU Ms Oov -ernment
for an appropriation -to bay some of
these treasures, which was granted ; omitting
from bis list numbers 12, 35, 48, 55,-63r lpD( arid
167, as rather too free foca-public library. One
enthusiastic bookseller made the.-joorney . to
B:qche;from Amstetdam. only ta look at, i) amber
75, r.Corpu3 Juris. Givibs." printed bythe Elre-i
virs, on vellum. And, the Princess de Ligne,
anxioas.to destroy the -printed record. of Jicr.sn-i
cttor'a-achieTetnent,and to protect the reputa-i
tion.of the grandmothers or tbe best families in
France, -wrote to MVoisio to iray. number 48 at.
io)y price. 'AsEbesaya: t Aclletferi je 'vofls em
conjare. s tout pnx, les splti.-es de notre-pollissoh:
de gTand-pere' 'Eatber-Tonglr onher" grind
fulber. bsl fnllyijastffied.'even byiha'pnUiibed
records of the venerable old rascal, who. lived bis
Koaodielly liTe1 through ss (HeaveD-cive the;
mFSl)i tbf nace de Liguei '
TheB. i there was tbe then famous Eoiburghe
Ctabofbibifephilei- It Beat mesfengerSi JSiDi
gotely enoHgb; every iook- In Hha- catalogac
areiled-'direeUy ,rBd- wiUupecuIiar rorce. to &v
taste or some daeQniraisbed 'cclreclor.-aBdjeicli
Ofie af itKeae .was 'the: peasessdr-'ef; aetld'ne
tfcroagh tSe tBeilj d' - T.r .vtt ' iri
" Tpaese a'TSeweat here' td state' list my own'
cpy.'rd'Biy lineleniahle rralhbrity:for ayftcgrd'
feWtfeWr.aiS both 'defired-
wleffldj- ef
. m i V.
One of ,bei'ItTjoaI
kw "nl """TiT 'rpf ." ,
Wall umc!r:tWaeOi". itiui-wi.jaaiiieo
- .w. . - - . a..i - c.iv
rto own copieSJIlj , wpanaieapiie
these stalei
Were so neai
1 drew near. Jad3bjire.r, rMeMemsappoiot.
i nient when, the day before tbeone set for tbe
town of 3'ucbe, having resojved, .tOi kef pjU to
gether'iu nonor'of 'its' collector, theirtownsman,
had boTjgbtit entrrr;"i onId 'hencEiortSTTarm'
part 6rllie public library of Binche. TbSlolal
the town of Binchebayitrg 'collection of bibli
Oirraphicalaitles for its public library", each ose
of which.wa worthisaiall-fprtunel "'j.
The force of booxibg could no farther go. Tor
the wholenTtigWft vhcrnx. ThC6flnt TJr Fort
aas was a myth. iirchateaa, his passion, his
success in bibliozrajibical pursuits, were all
apocrypbalt'The'nniqne freafares 6g tbii collec
tion' (not WithstaBdme the- geri!ert)n-t76, bad
duplicates.) had no'eirt'.ily exUtence save'in 'this
little catalogue, whict itFelf has become tc rarity
and a curiciiityld.tba Geld T f blBIiograplry. For
my pwo.copy I haveWn oflfn-repeateil offer, from
a .New Ycrk biblioptiile. which has, increased. n,
five years from twenty-five dollars' to one hundred
and fifty:'
The author of, this mosUwilty- jind euc.C8sfol
practical JoTco was M. Rene Chalons, of Brussels;
nno -nf tn'n Antlinii "of the! Vniiiiialfe'1 Aifaln'o-
peJique' el' Sauclal. Imprime. par lei' 'presses!
Jconographique f la CottgreVe de l'ordm. de9
Ajnth. Chez A. I Abroue& . Cie. . !yile IV.
8vo" a -w'ork which 'l:buld -coranrend' to ell
discreet brers ;of Jjleratureiwhq bejioYe,that.,v
I'On Heaven' road,.the bclterbalf' :-
It pasted, when we bave learned to Iinjrb."
M. Chalons is isaid to have gone to Binche
bimspIf ti.atlend,totbeIe ; and-jto ,haye. pro
fessed among the inquiring bibliophiles whom he
overtook upon thri roiiT, (o bavo had 'the pleasure'
of a long personal acquaintance with the Count;
There is a tradition that the good people of
;itichTp,iMnglh3rto Toim
i ad serioua-Jookiug teticf strapgers.bQ; wwa
,, - . . , . rr . i . ., 1. i l 1
ail inquiring lor ine oiuce oi a notary who nan no
existence, began to suspect some plot against tbe
liberties of the State, or some'other or lhe"lh"eo
retical abstractiobs -wjittlir'ekiif iil Europe, and
grstely consulted jilraut ther propriety .of putting;
as many of thgm as tey cpnld under confinement,
until thDeutlioHties'cbuld'be infomied upon the
matter. . , - V.
'Besides the? infrlnsltl "ioteolt a'ttaclung Jobi'
catalogue from i(s Ingenuity and planibi 1 i ty(7
being- in no part overdone, its. rarily.bat- one
hoodieddopies.BVr5fFrintcd, gives it great value.
I subjoin eflmeyof Jhe tti!j.ea. jf thq bfjoks it
ennmenifes! ' The iolerrupjfoii in'thclt'lieries of
numbers, giving the fty-twp jolumes a final
classification Cgurd of "222, was' ca'used liy the
occasional expulsion bl vorumcs bought and num
bered, but found not to be unique. i
" 12. rnfusldn polygtotte par le moyen de la
qnelle les wnllons ncqaerout nnc connaissnnce
parfaite dii.ha-nllemn(l en moin-de six semaine;,
par X p.,!,
librairc. 1829.
Bruxelles, yogletj Imprjm
8vo., pp, 45." AVon j Cbti.
la Trappe, chez Hern Bottine. 1779.' 12ino.,
pp. 261." An-dnfintsbed' volamej blao morocco
"48.. Mes xamDacnes aux
Pay-Bas :, avec la.
levees a l'arme blanche. Imprimo par moi seul.
irour mw seuUji nn sent, exemnlairo. ,et pour,
cause. A, B. de 1 impnmene da P. 0. de .
No year, 8vo., pp. 202". "
C-. Manmont, 1770. 12mo., pp. 157;" Pace
morocco, g"ilt edges " v "
"109. A ventures galantca do Capitaine Blain-
i'Ji"T'vr Li 1 iowtM.'- i
i do. nmo pp.
" 167. les sept (mysans 'd,AnilMdsie,Tragedie,
en 7 acteejetve ns,MhlP:"
The title, even, of number 55, accorded per
fectly with tfi'e'Baron'von Tleiflenberg's idea. 1
; i'iv t ;P,r--" r' a???Tt, ?fc Pr!r
Honolulu. Jfovv7187i). ,laJ .
'..'' mmm' a lit'' )
, Editor Havaiia GazetUt .-Dear Sin : Tho.
foMpWIng BtatisticsV atbered front 'a late Aos
.tralian 'paper. mayhot bo without interest to
many.of ypuri-eadrj: ,c.
It appears that as late as 1866.no sngar was
maniifjctur'ediu4aeensland ; in 1869 there were
Iwenty-eigbt smafl mills at work, which crushed
the cane 'grown on" 1,233 acresof farid, yielding
1 .49Qt6nrbr sngar' tTb'e. ejtima"tedTh"nmbetI of
new mills to be erected In 1870, is1' fifteen ; cane
lo-he ground; 3511;Bcres ; 'probable .'yield, cnlcn
lated.on the .kniiwn.-reiuras of 1869, 200
poundperacre.j-t.OIS tons. The whole of this
yield will be consmaed in Iheone-colony. Queens
land. Next year ihey.jwjll roannence exporting
to their mmede cighbnra., Onqf tbgmost
striking lealufcs about' the sodden growth of this
.indsfry fi tBe"small6'es3,of 'the htn'tiitioda'S&t'
averaging over ib acres or cane per -.railu In-
1869, 74.483 "galldhof rum wefe-disHired-from
the refuse of tnee(p!antaitoflSt ,,,,.
I am. dear Sir, yjnra truly,, .... , . C. F.1I.
S. KorX,"naaij. Oct 20,870. 1 "
Tax Lrrtaa 11 AU Misdb. Tbe Rev. Dr: Robin
ton, fraTelling In theast, writes snm"e"very Interest'
ing lettersrdescriptire of what he tees. Speaking-of
the lepers, as tljey T!F--bx th-jirrriginil borne, he
says: "
selves, saddenly
f aenly confriuted naang tbe bed gee ofaloes
wjLbja crewdcf-leperj.. Jhex,wercr7nT atjectly,
form6ney( and extending' tbeir-mosti mobstront de
formities almost so ai.tolonch OfrUb "tneif VTands.
So hfdeon's' and Ifatbs-jroc are these matures tbatall
pity thrinkt into a r,an c-f.recoil from them. Their
handt chopped off. nrerby linger, and joint bjjoint;
their noietleri-a'y their1 Iil rttUiffTlheir
rotbes'ltoarta and vnearlhl f ( tbeis rortds" thratikVSS-X
ohjirib9t maiejrrjrds say. In ,any, force oyplej5e
how dreadfully repaltfre'lMs scene was to nt nil.' I
haven teen i .wiany, afaapea and conditions of soflepog
humanily oefore, out Too not remember to bars
turned itraXaria-irfrirr?mj5rrfi'aBaJB; jet I
eonld'jijf aefjjfjijse bxrrle vtsjOTror coTrtrptlcn a
moment, apd wbigoeoj mjfrrjbtened hone, frantically.
to'get'nTm tbrSjh tha ctawd and heyppd"?!, o inal
f-ellog. howarerdJvo slegoUrij appFqpria piition.
tho-s?- caficwtofet of taman form had taken np-rfa-
more xnoooea, ngly eaetns trees seemed tumoi
enough of theawej vej; raafee rpy j-reryjleth creep.'
AsrtWBiirtMoai 'TbdlN-YerkrajoMTOf!fj
appenjiy makes' a, Hfeajtrj,, Tf traneliti! fthe,
0-.'it'T. f-a certain Taperasee .organlaation ta
riiean-TOBly-ereftigier'.' " , ,
A kSaM aCwsnTaWntl. LowdSnPiy the
friends of Sir. FrederiekTlSH, who is, or was an offi
cer on UzttOiihjiiULtKfiiimxmiitan respet
ing hit..-wkerboBtr. Aay penesi-ia -,amejon of
the time U navcttci to make it known to this
pleit::,- tr ' ' lalltl 5fii
CtrcHJC Court, rel, Jfadiclal Circuit.
ft fe.
Thr CSnrt c
peaaJrM Wala
Init- iK.erlt. MfroUea Mi
Cln.'iT, Hait aijtor S. HJUrri
ney ijeneral for th? Crowa. Tfoni
A 1 . nna.J X - .
Rex vi. Kauwal Awanlt. On appeal from Loeal
Circut Judge Hart. Appeal withdrawn.
"RwrrfHiwa4 A-aeaii'taiUiuylpt
froraoliJiutlootllilj. .Mtsus. Jonei and Kn-
ifolica Justly otllib. .Mtsus.
Lt4t.l.oiiooyeth; tjohiitl
that the prisoners
JurlJdletlan1trth-niatter;-the -priiontrr haf&f-Been
arretted, ..arid- the Seawebatefttp Ba ffi eom
riiitted in the district of Kau. jrh8-5ou" ST?1"'1 ,the
motion, "an3 ordereH xbe prUooefTto he dTicharjea.
Bex vt. Kkwh!ofo(rieiMaVfutAiiaaltI'iiih a
weapon, obrkutly and terninently dangarout lo life,.
Metin. Enpan'-and Uirtisef Arrioer.
Rex vt.-Jolepa Indictment for obitroctlneand
perverting Jostlee. On aiotTonof theJDpUty,AttMl.
ney General, cae contlnoeJ until next terra, on ae.
lhi."ttienc tof a aterit:rT' '
Ilex. ts. vjnai Indictment forUonio Breaking. On
motion V? Dep Jly-AtVe'rnejt.WneratJ oaaodconlfsntdr
until next term, on aeeonnt ot tickneuof pritoner.
Rex ti. Kaooloano ForoUhing Intoxicating li
quortjo a native of" tfili Klngd.oIa., 0r? appeaffioW:
tbe Police Jnifica Of llilo. "lAppeal withdrawn.
Rex vt. Wailanl Fnrnlthing"'lnfo'xlcatn)g liquors
to a natlfe onhtt Ktngdora.- Ob appeat from- the
Police Jnjtic fr3Wo. Appeal wghurawajj p "
Rex vi. TV. Ragflale Adultery. .On appeal
from the, .Police Juitic of IlileOn motion of de
fendant, ease' ebntlndeo' unlit next-term, oa acco'tfnt
of the abfenee immaterial win'ej!tjt: " ' '" '
Jtex Vi. Kankali Inaietment.for Burglary. The
Depnty Attorney General enterM -AM.-V.
Hex vi, Kaukali Iodictmentfor Jlouie Breaking.
Tho Deputy Attorney General itaVedJTu'. Prat.
RexTtti&rh'au: WauthnafrJadWmejtjBEm-
tettlement. M'!f'- J?'?V-.;'i1'"'1u i Pr',oner'
Verdiet. gnilly. riioner't coantel meTedthe Court
to arrest ihe jujgmeutaajieing .ovitraryto the law
and the evjdeq e, andtt6 IrlsrructiJns of the Coart.
Tbe Conrt granted tha motion and-ordered" the prist
oner to be discharged. i;
Rei" vt. Hal Famishing Intoxicating liqnort-toa
nativoof thli Kingdom, Oo oppeal from. Lool Cir
cuit Jatfgi. -Verdict, not g'uUtyJ : . f. ' . : W
eiirs:iKa.T.ehuRihJa;an(l- Knpau,for deftndaul,
Bex vt. Kaumea,' Ku, and EanaksoBao Manu.
facturing Spirituous Oquort. 6n appeal from Xocal
Circuit Judge. Verdict, guilty. Kuomea 'sentenced
to imprispameut
months ,r Ku andKanalcainas srtittDcoil to'pay h fine
Of $100 each. C.TT'K.VrBCJ
Ainau TtiltllviiUHSbildilIiaut Ktfal JJ-'
charge from bounditerrieet ,IOnappeal from Police
Jqsuco.oHilo,. Appeal withdraw, .
Kalp'-mo vi. Eanbane Deserting bound - eerrieo.
On appeat from Polfce Jmtico of " Jlilo. Appeil tUh
itinh. ' ' - ' ' - '
Pootoa Tt. D. til pitcbenci Bronca.pf Contract, ;
On appcaj from Cire. J.- Lyman, titling Tor police
Justice of llilo. Appeal withdrawn.
J. W, Iaukea Tt. G. W. Ilalemann Action for
Damages. Messrs. Keairebunahala.and Halii, count,
lei for plaintiff, entered a discontinuance.
John Peters vi. L. JlcCuIly Action for Damages.
From last Term. Mr. Jones, counsel fur plaintiff,
entered a discontinuance.
Trja, ConrtLadJirpt'l,-l'l.rfi.. ; fs mi ,
A GRAiM) 00iKKT!
..... at
Kaumakapiii Church,
C..f..AB A';.-..- - I Ji M 0 'J
IO E3 3NT 3EJ X "X
' ......TO O'llE...... . . ..
Church- to -he Erected ar WalkilMai.
: v (j x.
JA', 'i I n h
Doors open at Z J;.
M.; ., Concert to begjn at 70
To be hid at tnedoorihr"um's72Tltes;Cr I
LtoiTio.1 epTHt U. 3 or Aucrioa,
II!tit.trLC SoTember-15, 1870.
JL 'the "Coired'StaKee, risidinff' lir 'this 'Kin'tfJini. is -
respectfully called to the following Proclamation by
tUb PresidcnV of" tbe United' Slate? 6f America.' In
Compliance vrjtb tbe recominen3ations lbereiri' con"
Divini Slrvlcci will bp" performed In tbe
Church 00 ibb turner' of Fort and 'BereUnia streeti,
on THUBS,DAr, Nor. 26th current, at II A. SI.
D. S. Jlinistef Resident,
B3 tit, Pmidtxl of lie United Stqttt, A Procldmd
timer -""' ' - -
, irfreo,,it iehod'veilA; people.ienslble- of Ubefr it
pendefice on HnsAlmlghty.'pnblIcly"bnd collectively.
and humbly l-cstech fQr'lrJrcfrlHrrnatfcVi
Ibu! ITaerroi, the bejple pftho United States,
ilnring- Ibey'eer no'w'abbflt.'to 'end,'hareCcari44 to be
thankful firr the-general "pTOs'p?rity;. abundant har
vests, exemption from pestilence, .foreign' war and
civil strife ; -..-;.',: ja
Prei,!ent of thev llnited-talcj. concurring in any
similar recomiSendaiio'n-TrthK Cblef-ilagistrates of
States, do hereby rccimmend to all citiins. to meet
in their respectire places of worship, on Thursday,
thaSllh dayrof Ifovemberrsextr ta jrije tbtnk Ccr.
the bodnly Of (lod doTing'theyeVrabrto cj-eaid'
to supplicate for a continuance hereafter, ,
In witness whereof fhivejet VnJ hied, and caused
tbetcitof fce5irnitia.sUtM,bd!5xdf'" ' .
Dope aQheCiiy ; of.alhlngton', Ibis '4'lit dabf
October, in the year of" oar Lord one tnonsand eight
hundred. asd terentyiaad ottbo Indepeiidenee-of tbe.
Un-t'edtSijtWninefy nftfi. -"' J -
'(."(gned,-)'' '.. lT.,B.:flRANT.
j -uj jrrcBiucut,
I L'0l " ' -.-'W.eJ fj -'a,
No. 74, : Wjiimtf3Str,OSnoliiln.
American .and
... ' "TG-r6cgrier:'.'IJ.i.
imported 'mnimmmci
le,!Hr!mgaifrt' Canary's eeflr
-And a fall assortment of
.O A R D SrjfKJjJJL Kj Sg K D S I
. Beat Callforala Streatir Bacon, Callibmla.
. ayyiijSMjp
-tsBa7' -ms
Articu!wjitteBti?S-givn ,'pnftaak
ft all klnof?IiUiii.yrWtVrru)Wr, eggs,
ietc.eie?J0A LZK3Xlli
i-.: i H t oD a rat-. idcJC ;MVBt3
! '97 Steer-" ' Koi7v Kwaaea Sltreet.
. nJaH, oa ajf M
eoaA, sriijKill
uoose-axorur-atreeK.Dtore-. uastie a. uooas 1, ana
;Vy 'tft tw)ftor ajokiwyi.rtewTew ee: l'Jfr.:tJXmil
Steamer 'KILAUEA.'
BATsRoBelBwrr7-tioa4aT, at,.i
LeatM Laaaln.tTvTtl ill? jt. L
tearee Maxn Bar Irerj Taeeanj, at:. ; .
I-, .tL T-r--r-i .
'LMfH Kawalaaa tre'T other Toaadar for
tMm SfiMHliilat12mMBMlt.SXMcMMat S,
Sam trial &tasat Kata.
In-ni HIK diwri trtr. Weoi.T, at...V ft rMj
Leaves tlouotpu TkriT. t N
Lrtrn KtWhs eTTTTThurr!iT,- it .,
LeaTes Maarna everX Thnndey, t;..,
Uatea Mlea,Bj tTtrT.Tt.trIt
LtaTMlatalna evtrj frldav, at.'..i..'.
Jaa Mm
Eoixc.- .Trip.
Tmm ITawstJJnst Tf eafcrVTsMaJT. aV. J.I-a . Jl MJdnft-
KnTer.tf u.: .:.ra. a. ?
Sowa' Trip' final Xwlciekett,
Leatea KeaUktksa B j. down trip. WednMoar, at i rtK.
Lea rea Kailoa Wednndaj, et., SO.
LmtM KwibfT XnocsJar.al ,,IZW
Leares Makea
Ttry Taamlaj, at IMMfr
every nMajJ .? . t. I a. tu
Leares MaaUea
laiea Lahalaa
43 ' -" a II. JDDD. artnU
The IVorth "Pacific Traanportatloa
Comsmny'H '
The Comrtinj's fiplendld Stcimihtp
R. S. PI.O,Vb; i A i' f, CoBimalider,
'Will LaTC San FniHclaco
On or about................ ...;Xorembr 12th
i. , Will Iavc IIoBululsx.
On or abouU:A ' :2U."-.i2Iormber21th
Freight for gan f rancisco-will.be feoeiv.l.at)the
Steamer Ararhb6tet -and r.ciptsbr"Uliltanie,
siria by the nnderslRned.. iKo-elnvge for itorage
.iartage.Eire,Ri.sia, In- Warehouae.nqtialjeD fjj,
th- Company. ,
Liberal AtlTaHCc.a Mnitlc 6n all Shlp-i
meats per Steamer. , . .
Insnrance guaranteed at Lower Kates tbao, w Sail
ing Vessels. - Particular feAra taken-or'ShlpmeliU of
Fruit, -,- v.
All orders for Good to be jiurcbasyd in San Fran
cisco will bereive,nrl-nllta DTretarD Steamer.
Intended for Ihesa!ahd.W1UJ received by the
Company .In. Ban Francisco,!! consigned to them. and.
be forwarded by their Steamert to Honolulu; Frtxr
or CnAROt:, e.xijp eualay.
,.!(-,Pf saougert.are .leauester lolalje their, ttefceta
before 12 b cloek'ori the aiy of, Jf!rig.a'ni t'sj rjp?
cure their Passpoitt. .
rS-All Bills against tbe Slearaer.snnst b pre
sented before two o'clock on the day of sailing.br
they will have to lay over till the return of tho
Steamer for seUlmVt;'I 51 '
l-3m . Lirj'UaKIEtlrlrCQ, AgenU.
33 The Callrnrnla, Utrr -Zealand
and Auatratlais Mall I.liie of
Steam Facketa. ,
The Splendid Steamshtpi
1430 tana.. ..iStewart, Com'r,
1800 ton.. . .. Tv'OjW,' Com'
Will run recularlv between Ilonoiolnand the above
ports,- connecting nt Honolalu with the North Paelfio
Transportation Co ajOjeaiserSr , ,
:.:.:w:-l: queen.
;c'Kr;i6Ks.fA?K?sif AST -1 CO.
.1,.,..1U. U, UALil.. U. O. VODIUl.
. . . . rr-s
,.UU S-r-i Ulti .i.
5Cho ifoiloVUig; Vessel w'iU Jeava tbti 'Ml! Kr )
-i Now Bedfurd :
ti IOLAN ',, iSL
r It OPES, , - . . .. - Matter,
The American Clipper Ship
1VOOD9,' ' '. 'G 1 ci.v . -,t .Master,
The Americ,dn Clipper Bark '
TST.L 3B O 33,,. jM.
SIlATStVEI,!,, .. . . j Master.
C. BREWER A CO., Arente,''-'
ii aw Aii ah xCcptf fnra?
For San Francisco.
The ill Packet Bark
D. C.
. On .gATUjj&Ay, November jS.th..,
1 Fofffelghl' or passage; having loperior Hceomtno
datlont for cabin and steerage passengers, apply to'
"g TK.tR FALLEN. AgenU.
UH. ,3h .1:3 . f-. Ait 5rlIS .TUT
ENGLISH i?KLN'TS--Faacr, I'arple and
' Mourning.
-Fretsh prmtr,- faneyr Fancy mnslrni j -
French inerino and .crape : .Ticking.;
J&Kkbil hlrtiog-na long'ftsthr ' . :t
"SSf?wn an'4 lue.eoLton drilfs. hearr
Brown and blno eoUoni;lfickory.!tritea;
rflua twilled &xony;psnev: t t r!
Imi-erial linens, assorted
White linen baadkerchieft ;
- Turkey redTind yellaw biEdkerchlrfsr
Whlle jaeonej bHbfcft; .:1
Fancyjeotton.bandkerehiefs :
BliekHarastwt'ftwgocli; ?'
.PIir0.nMfljre4 blaekjiii.j , 0
, Whito,lineji and ribbed drill; ,
. FUeTwbltol&earfljBlaekiUnlssitik. .' " ,
i :BUok bir cIoth'forlAitorio;- ; . -c .
-T Blue! twill jWriepiqiilj Cashmere y- , .. .
Veitbsrrxe, S4orttdoolorj. 1 "
Fr Sale by
9 41 vixjr.U'etieg toifeeHlitSonrj .iMnr
-U- - -cf :-rs,, -i i .fit t afi t. J.
jEaWor HASIKi. MOSTtJOKBRV jfeoetiadf,
JP4rrsKieii, AiSiMknlor
Efttte lo tha itaailieaai, at. aaj. alL aaraoaa laaelaa-
plajt -a!, Aaeaaeai, .Ur-Mkliit, tac.uatM,
duly authenticated a.-w4th taa aeewry.,TonaSMa,
jrithip ix Bopthr pf tha Jrat poilbailonJ" of ttiie
ouuee, ao u orjuwraiauva, av B oeaf e n imm e-Jintr
I33J0ST mmuLVWj
HoBorfltarT8eaH.'t)rii. MMU nj 4i diM 37-8
troa. Has wall aaaowtt '.a,.BK rT Ti
ik. tvAirtlnr, nt Votife as4 Detir4et Jaelleea.
'll 5'l,P! -?T 9jWatnattaftttt;v'
SCPRKMK Cemet - Use- Hawaiian timtH,
1-a..ttaw.r MJWe-l V.mmfml
dcceMetL PeBire r. Juliet- Hart, la Cl!rrv
Oo'rMuRat ini;tlw'icteai W. &'rr,-'twe-
nrrjidmlriotratoerf tba Ejlt .tCseaacrJIaaltli 117. mrtu
enxd. that hie Seal erronnt aa eocti Tsaaarinr limlnistra
tu t WLMf t iTIIIUM P 11 g 1 1 II ' S 1 Wisafjtaw
mli truit, . a .
Srrmber! iit.Ml
II Matriifmwtjwja jrw
tae same bereji Is rPoi'rilr'A' irlM .V P""Sol
time aiwt place all r90alaaHnMMsar end anew
caese. If aa ther hare, WMoVaatwiavsa aec be eraaleaV
lirrtlia-aawjuaute at am caasear fa- aw
and that notice thereof rw ama ry
oftlda enter
ta tbe Ac 0awaa4 Hiwau,
auccesalvf vertl ptrnoaar
Jejtalai ot.stw anwfaCiaiTl
AKratT WSK.StvatJtaaeai
Ste4 Honolulu, H. L, Oit. 1
IliJUui7.lani. 1
OarT.aa ttia
1 tuvaaee. la Its taettWu ta
in. or JAUI11 LOCTADA. if 1' il I i'l.-AI Caaiabera la ta
Cot Kaon at tbe Oatrl HaOMia H.elat.t4.3lt u aC
Octohrr. A. D. 1570.
OnrnOleLeaa tae 0 taer Bxeratere et t aalale wider
tb wul of Jinee Lonaada, deceaant. aaTlBg fled loitale
Court ble petliina.lcT aeltleraeattW aaLacaMtat ft
Eirceterl order tbe Will of ireeaaerf aoi fiWl tWailt
Ilk a,
repornf tetnlalnra-rf:mM alr. . T'-"rT
berv' A. IrMSiO, at loeloe al wiv'lwaauMaeit t h eeu
It la Derebr onlvrau luar 1. uijjai, toe ioikohik luitau-
Umtt ot the aaM aecwtat. and that natlca tbefeef be atrea!!
by pal.licatlou In the HtwaiuarGmna an.J Re Aa Okoa
aearapapere printed aiidanldfefhed ha the eitv ef Himelala,
enc a week lor the period cf 4 weeta bebr aaid 4a 7 appoint
ad fcr MRIeeiect. TneiB3awa4OTaaccifutdalTawenaelTuX
beaiedOctofJerathcurrenL ' . "" '
jMiff eepreaa vein.
Atteat: Wiilsa.Il-.v!lAt.DrpltTatrlu .
Honolulu, ot. :ut, ism: - r,'!i
I IST'OF' JCKS arti fMieTVceieVrtrrwef '
A ClrruU Court it Oiagetwid JadldalXIrtTltiUhaiiia,
U B.Norton. '
Wni air".-1
Jamea SS- Calr-
Jaltna Coon,
A P Jouea,
II P llardrj - "I
O W wiubsje.
JaneaCtuaIL. rT
3 ATCt-r.-.tfeUna,"
Juan neeov
Jabn Itaf kle,!.
narriual T Alexander,
Daniel P Saaford,
Tf UlUm Ballej,
A H Spancer.
Edwin Joaae,
. 5 I OarfcCircnU C4rR4 JaJktW PtalL
t.l the
.MSTKyVTOKS' NOTJC.-Ia the natter
ne Eatate ,l tier Jtajtaty tjdeta nuwaj
wareril. K.
The nnderalgned. bavlaf bean, dalv sppolBted .Aaalnlatraj
ra cf the above Eatate. ail peraona baalnr claims eraJnat
tbe said Eatate are hereby wrtlftcd end required i freaeal
their claims within alx montbe from -the-day ef tbefdbllca-
uon t-igtnianouce, orarrwisv loer-wiit rs rortTer punt, ana
a!) perm Indebted ta.lbe-'taM -Bitate are maeamrfa, make
Immediate naTmeae. ' '
3AMW-W. ACFTlw.-'VAdtalalatrator..
CHARMS H.-J0Bt, ti""'
Honolulu, 5forenibr,lTO.J-J.J - !v-
' ' - mi- i ; j t '
ttO' t,mi-y . -mm
JiX 3?n Tt 1 "tJL, , ;
Im asrala. lHt lHfVoHklBi reler.
This RaWWlacapaMo oFtTldag
Vrisela measaring up to -iJ metres (lis ft.
aht) of, keeU ' ( J' '
The drift of water furwarJ must not exceed' 2 ma
tree AO centimetres 7 ft. abt.), tho draft' aft calcu
lated at the maximum, -increase of, (J centimetres (2
inches) for each 'metre ot keef. '
The cnafgei fbru'lifnpSpt Tejsel.'ind itaylnylhe
same, upon tbe Railroad remain the aaaeraa fixed
per tariff-of 13th Deo18St -
Kaaalsr ra. ta-
Veasel nod tr, 100 tons. . Mr. $18,00
VetTel frOnTIOl tS'IOO t'fit20" 2V0O
..ICt-M 00,
Vessel from 20 to 300 "ISO 30 00 ? 18 00
Vessel from 301 to -160 " 213 ' 4S 150' 120 21 00'
Aod besides for each ton.... 1 20 25c. i
" 42 -...-
JStoialxilD. CSPaw. 4t?CB03x
325' tons -"i. v., 2l9 tons regts'tes. if clliatlag tjsciaea
v.h'.r. ISO. Bpeed makes' the paieaga from New
castle wharf to Sydney wharf (87 and 2-ith miles) In
8 houruiifiniweith&tt Att(K lpee.ai23iUriteaia
only-IP Ifnots. (iomjitionofcoMMriliy,'I0V3.ntJr
coal in, bunkTrt, Dtftoni". CarrietllOO b'gt'olIla1to,
underha'tchM. Draft of water 8 it, light. 7 O 8-in
loaded. -Good passenger accommodation Jn saloon
audfqtealjin.'Fbhierm keif goln'getAISeatem force.
For fn'rtteV'parifculara' apply to Ui"a'ANAGJCB'JK.i
R. N. 8. N. Co., Sydney- 37-
R: CvWXL!Ej30I,BjlEfEf
MdskiiV ACKHttr, fUmiccrMMj cioth
PanM, - ;
Heavy Grey "4TooleaPjiOH
Hea,vjWo.o)epDrawers and OverihTriT,
Iceti'nd Jack ta-,'-Stokagi and'&lik'i.I J ,
Slittent aiaV Comforters jfer whtreaitn's ose.
.- Light Flannel CoabA Saokl blay, bljlt4e.( .
Ileav; Winter Ooata.Alpaea.CoaU, ..J', '.",
Calhniert Coats, Stcki and. Pacts Vent,,
Cravats; India Rnbber-CoaU, Hickory Shirts, .
Damatk Table Covert, Taney Flansel'r5birtt,"
BlanVeU blue, rcarlel, wbiurgraea and-greyV
I.ul)lnV'Xii-ractiJ EM.'eTcCetoKBC,
JBurFi'; LlIXn Threi'-SlseT-aBd w.itf.ClKl
Twnt Sewing SUVvCiltihIhMad,
Brown Cotton- Srekf, WhlU.Cottpo toeklsgl,
Wblte aff-r Fancy Cotton Sbrrti,--' - - -Soperior
Wh(te j-ioan Bosou Shirts.
JJrowB, Whvteisd Pfnt Co'twn.ridenbirW.
Jlfxed CotUa Soelfx, Playing Cinls,-ie.
Large Assort merit of Citefy,
Alt IflWKaDOE SMmWX'JMsliM-jmS.
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Camphor, Wrapping- Paper. Gold iLeaf, -.-&:
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French Calf Skins, French Chocolate, . ,it, (
Loaf Surer, Childreo't Willow Carriages,
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I?or Sale- by
19-8 inc
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Fire bricks'
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ew Bedford.
Honolalii, Nor. 11th 1S7S. J
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W- J8QI.I.BW & CO.

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