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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, November 30, 1870, Image 2

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aaftm. .mTaMHanl
Tarwi I I 111 It lll isj
ud Caoao-
;o ersaiUcs5dits mt$oa,
is To Inferm Bismarck
tlBagiuwKVftMm and inly will unite
to resist xhSfcrlsfesiou .otjthe treaty by
RasS. It Ua3rsiood that Kassia sad
ssia, ire l:fSall secortl. mm should
ors WV-sed to & MNtiHct, tko wo
wwers would probably be pitted anjnjrt
xm rest of Imcoq. such a enteral ttu
ropeaavrax would be appalfiar, sod h.
ras)rti "iroVluW meet BSolt to foretell.
dip ambition of KaSi rratt-
e4.Twi hi a rvpe.tr mM be atea!)1 "s neless as a stones, it caa
to the Russian Bmjare, mad tlioinam ?ve Mdntk )4Mtmi of twltts
p ererr Ku Mmnaex, Isimte Peter j k caa sot be capital to kmsr as k enu
re Great, r&Saed. j tinoes ia a cellar. If is nsiKwtd by
From the leaked States, the wv; is bank notes, the tbe xbsurdhy is reached,
rwiaV-th uhhlH Banks to issue . lh'.T pr. but they were
more bank notes. 4ed lke P0 woc roo cumer-
The amount of atwcv m a country doe ; IfcnS(IC
not bare aa pprbbk eSect on the rates .Bnk,; Qctcr 29 about noon, accoraranM
of dtscxwnt. The aoamskioa of com in- j BT Mrs- Urwa a8j jr. Knat; Grwn, our oa
voire? tbeWoi of the property jjire in of r;hi year, we Uh boat with the i-sicn of
exchaac for H to the miners. Ileoce, oliK: k SaMb at 1Ib4o. Airs. 0
beroodnbe aetval amoimt necessary for j h4 tw riiiued tia 'pUc asd he 3eMsl t
the waat of trade, actually needed r
'doin the 'work of eoia, h is vjahh
j -ivtw a war to aeowuv a metal which i
Chu. C luw,
-Viwi.lfr tmr f antpi Afsn. ,
aampoKUK. It JaU eetKrns bjiw ; ti a awnon wonn ot projeny zivcr.
: in ordar to aeqmre a million pKees of
uaper. cxnresswe aeknowldewent of
lai a Cauar. Stu i.i:ktrt Mc4 U: t nr .1
mrnp ex mrv: v"'n fwmy vtcwiM
, Jmwfrer, a sbsrot -am of iemoentic OetK. .ie qmrnnty 01 money neeaea,
, strength m the next Com-iess. The re- aid capable of being employed in a conn-
jirnatkm of Srtary Cox, and its a- j try, bnrs no proportion whatever to its
eeptnfee by tfly IVesident, eems to hare ' -sreahb. to thr amonnt of bniness done,
r a.. . . c . . va f Jartr: the sonernl Mehns seenuner to be i other obiect than dm uancUons which
taUw? .A tat aayrf Biiiitu w that the 1'iesident nmde a rcnt mistake
MRWuwfafik..-MiK. - id peramkunc de-ernmr and not too
honest politician to force so honest a
( omkmt ia UasuVsa. Kvjk fawn the ra
xie vhieli n waM en5 on ocr way, and i
aiw t- MscJJ f wKich lbr are raaar
Mr w road aa4 ra tb rktaitr of Hc). la
crosiiap Kakipi or HatebakB csfch $owe tiro
uhH how tite ve foaad that aa eacelteat
road bad latelT be Bade Barfertse Bperiataad-
of -Mr. raawaiKo. AVVat eSecl the kte
tire crises mar b.Qared br a vronderfal ateetiwr boss were mach Urp;rthan the one of j (rretat CA3RRi5rortse toNh "Olimi")
DREPIU, StIOST, JctjvStiti 1S.
Mr. Kditor;
Hvl5 tpt a p!MHt tewnlag-wUh the Grtft
baum to IkrKn, dlulrc clth the olJ rrntlroua en
trwk Sjh from the Stw Spree, an5 Oklpp Our
"WdBt" In the mak ofaHraM UieJ bark
rf th Vnr Theatre, 1 returned to iuj Hotel
qailetiie ami quite lippj out ttBJuy 1J nork,
1 OMkc tiarelllng a rrgrabtr tiule tramaetln,
and wrk tart at It; t I am atone 1 Bud ly.ceeiJa
ry tkn ttivjt rutty enif4ejtd nilh.t.ime uro
(raame eoaitaatlybojore mef la keep off tonetloem.
1 woke early I he next niorntoc, toik wy Waek WtTea
and rolls by caMUeht,and drore to U rtttien.
Oar train, the "SehclifM or Eiprce, left at 8
A. x., and already the U!Kw was crowded with sol
diers, packing ff Into car foi the seat ol war.
They were rather noisy fellows, probably had been
af aU nheht over their Beer. A Russian lady (whoai
stars had aa this read 1 bare ret ta learn, as (k hid W-httncd away (rvnx the Kbln,) on
the rise of tfce stream wbwh we here tefeved on ! " oMB Pm 'f S1? w- Sa. P"'1 French,
oar way to Haete revered it daaevrons to at- I Grm4" Ub51 l d" tb
tempt oa ear way bod oonWsV. .Vorember f .'" "IT
rTifi. ,i y; v """ poslla. 1 was reading one ol Mntley Nnrelj In
1st. hetiwf a hrnije cosU be thrown across tb Taochntti edition, the German saM that Thaek
this stream which wasM stand tbe rie of water eray was hlsfaeorlte author. HehiJ read TheXew
at saea a time as this, 1 ihiak somewhat uVabt- 1 combe frnttrcn time. What tcdents the Oer-.
faL The steaery ajat Kakip is eiceeJsscir 1 re : Tbe nntry Is pttty ai d urdniatR
-nad. We bad'amaie t:me ia oescesdia? into roow Sieu ,br- "tJIK Kibe with Its
,L ,jt..v : SerfUbrttaoditeamrs.audtheMriShhH&S
... V . - , ll.mUi formed a Picture hmfftir. l.nsr 1 had
It f otten In ulntlnet and sir use Ureses o
Oaaasma tar
inmima. this Tear aa Saams. I
mhwehi pna than Ml.tij. aWaHhCayar, aann
tgwakthuiiawa mm h ill i j . !
an Sambc. I
employ h as their mstmment of payment.
Hence it foUows. that the special com-j
modHy, money, does not furnish any '
as Socmnrr Cox fiom the Qahmet- j -renter sappBe lor mans than the ra!na-, 1",T v-LT Ti- , '
I,. . ,, , . eitrtaloel i ohiee there at Shs own Woase.
other Sana, ta som oa ;he saMMajtv am beanie
of caoadn. precipiee asd huarios veeetatioa oa
oa eerr side. Oa re-eninc the tap ef the
powipic. we foend Mr-Taowaina waitia oar ap
proach, and be aeoMpaaied us ta Haela. and
i ui s mt ammmaac tnas
SMCarn U here? (ceraa Ut Jaamany. Jaaaasy Srni.
lfTl wiu W aheemd a a aaafie aatbtaf .
T. Vf. Hrmnsas,
tin af Ha nlit.
Tata CVmtmaa
af the Camma
O! aximnl
Ihtkh afataaaarr.
tttiat is. JIonerT
Is the snbject of. a paper read before
the JJretpool Chamber of Commerce, by
Bomunr Price. Tbe dednetiati artired
at by the anthor are somewhat at variance
with the popiuar notion of the nses of
r. mm are stamed br
that seem incontrorertihle.
rttfyts always so. At U.3J wo reached this bean.
Ulal city the "Florence of tbe North," situated on
botk sides of the Klrer Kibe, which Is spanned by
twomassln brtdcrf. 1 imt spStithe Battont Ho
tel, wmich has a tareiy sttnathtu on the KlTer,tatid
has exteaslev tardea akss It banks, .fl!?t6e
rt table d'hote at I r. it. 1 bastened to the Tlctura
ZM saw an
imim.dt.. Jai,.T. Jut.. in. , Coin is money. It k the form of money tbrir line of di:-ooa.nts. Vbea thi
W. Saaac 5er. f . .
aaaUa. St. tU. IK.
f i.i a-.. aj .1 . - . ,
e "-Mj, vu,. m timeaad thoacal o the loads
- - thenar IMS pan of .Miai. If he u spared aad i Gallery, for here was the world renowned master
! A mety-ere parts of the resources of eaeonenced ha this ok. we sbatt. ia a few years, . lee ofKapbael. tbe " Madonna del San Sbto "or
IJanks, whence they acquire their ability ' bare pasoaWe reads. 1 doaht aot I mean rota ' " "S" f St- SixtuS'- I conid not Hncer Ions
, r.A tUmiw -i hi.n in ll, ih.L. nr. i... ! er tbe betntlea of Corrrsio. itubens. (ioldn Keni.
' , . Lmm bL,1 1 1 nenMad.wi llL, ,l .ti, : T""l,, Ac, but pushed my way to the
ma. I hare aothiar to say at preheat.
, parts com or notes, that quickens or de-
i strors their abQitr to control or extend !
N'atacc a ari f.iT usat Pmaaai haai W be j
ifhikh there is no dMenaxe
as t it s mnctioa hs sole
to facfliuue eicbanees. Bank
n Pmnam haaipa al be . -f 1. . . . . '
bi .k aad aitar IWntv tbaMCh MU nj.s, man u manr paper ierme-, sre
far lb auree of refaaa. aad
t a e-ped-
mm the : a--ed ns rqareeatatires of com, and
sAstitacsafor it ;
rtOmrr. X. aa. urn.
x-i5?n.Jk s-
3ri. irfiiS N i.
e eurrtwr Mm;
aieaaiadthatSm f
O Pinjafa. Xo. 1
awemt. Na,Z
e r 5a. C
. jart Jhauxa. Jta. r.
3ek K4Hmk!'stI'
4ht. TowcUdbx. M.
Kt ism. W. H. CaJa Nh. 11.
CauteV. OeueE.
tacrOarklat. Dm
TajL CoUeettirs far 1MB.
HihiM. ffen. JL law.
tumCZ TT. C baa.
wa aad yihan Oaea J. Bait.
Uluu , : T. C IWajOh.
KalssJ ramilani
2aakaM r.n.a.i
Sana a T.
a juwAiismj amm7
z aEEumw . Jtiaa Bmumr
X- r av
"uams. atagLA-y- -
AaaUf. XKafjMhaa.
vum. atatj
i oast. smv tsa.
hence their ejucmhttion
and their mdnenct npon bmsiners ore snb
jen to -.be ;aaae principles that pertain
Coin is aaaanamttnred to eaie a service:
k k a tool nmde in order to perform a cer
tain TOrkaa in-timment of tbe same
claiijas a Oiip, can or rail way: s means
of twreyaoce. Jjetkei np in vaults, it
is m.eiei. aad nnpralnctire, as vronid be
a shqimid aade lrom her vork. Its only
rame hi rinks is that of formmae-
kr which pmrpoee, H has no ad-
r other kinds of real or
rhntul propeitr, which, while serrinp as
soomity, V at the same time proatactive.
Mamey. (hen. is a tool tor ejichnnghaj,
property, for eaahfing a man who has
property which he does not want, to ob
tain at her property in exchange for k.
." ! When a coantrr has a snmaent qaam-
tky.of coin, or its snbstitntes. to eabrt all
the exchanges required by its domestic
or foreign bnsiness. all additioos u the
stock of coin, or of enrrency, is a positive
losey Snch excess renuuns nnased ; if it
oe com,rnKa to -ex, arast owsi avs emar-
it in cornT wlmVt, or Mtme other man
of dctestkprodace, it is tbe sabstrweiare
of jast that mach prod ace, that may be
available fjjf many ase$, for coin that has
bat oneJpy and can be rendered pro-
dactire amrr arhpn avd in faeaElaiimsi m.'
Trl' ifhance ; af h berprreucy, it caa net be
gf V liept adoat, baM etarnJtt once to the
Vanlts of the isaimr 155
An aess of awaeyVas not eraate
prodneBve nhjm: tries: it merelr s.
Utes Bdess soccalahiooj. tha3
deprVcattSbe real wdUi mfaamtry,'
3 3 - . a . a
f $Bamll POtat la tlm fnrttyaknil nttbA KulLUaar n-K.
of this, rathe than that of the three j 1 oU? to a.T a prt. If spared. , tb, .!t4oaa. was. I knew J-U was here as I en.
. I mar at some fa tare time extend ay travels as , tered, for there was a AaaA orer all the spectators as
fcras Keaaae or Haas, aad wilt gtte yon the ; thejsat tnietly caiis at the matchless beauty ol
resatts af at oWerraNJoa. i the " Mother aad OHM." The pktnr Is ksree. In a
I Thai rt -vcc it. ; rich ritded rrame, under class, ami so arranred that
sanree IS enmrseo. wnicn IS tbe C ; ,j .n. i-.it-i. eaa neaojaedtothellrht. The color Ik; Isntb-
when there is excess of production over i of tbam &U the drr,t -;o tbat I bare ! "f,"b,T-ut ,b're ' " P f Innoeeaee,
. . . , . feama irni l nave j Tel quM exultation In her hrcbly farorrd mis-
COttsumnUon. sellers onyiuc s than j known at the Ishads. Mr. Charles Oopp has his sion which was very apparent even to tae. The fl:r
they hare sold. COBtributioos to the stock j residence sear one of these streams, aad maaa- are oi the man at the left band Is or Tope Sixtas, and
of commodities ia shoos and warehouses .- nares nk or arrow-wot af aa exredealQaalitr. ,h otaoUfnl wora,n t tbe rl-ht Is Santa Barbara.
'without aa equivalent taking awar of.1 V bomi.nilr in tbe iwr- ' Z'lrlZ," It! T'T "M!"
. hnod of at ikr I, M ' abs '""k up from tbefniut of-thr itun with
! other roods for ase or desinwioo-thea j T e. ..it. foMtd lnjlJ ,tti vUh , fJt HJ im)
tbev have aeeamimodations to -rant:- T.T-r .am.Kna lndti lfntkm, i bad time Wf.ire d.rk to see
when k dwmdtes away, throa-h s ZTZT Lw ia. l J Pot! TJt'Z? "Mk
. ' . . now nrefar semasr tbe potato to Mr. Coop, who j only lj ebe tooy, but valued at, I etnnat sav how
! of oansaaaptmn over prodaotton. bad bar- f jjnes tbem sereatrare eeals per barrel, aad ' MV tbonsand iWdlars. Bit tool's Ma-daline Is
t rests, or tae contraction of rtrains, mil- makes a mach nicer article. 1 caa recommend . - numoer or Artists curving it show how
i wmT or nebrr n-nrt tbal n ww.nM. - ik r..,i, . I M. r . i " 15 vaiaetl.
, , , ?-----.-'-P-'-i That eveaim; I walked abont the beautiful gardens
deettre, oat ot othir funds Un savings. . oeBeL A Sad rt at the stores ia our neigh-; open air cafes, which make Dresden sueh a
inev hare small sapplies to dlitribate to boraaod. sod patcaue it by tbe small qaaatilj , favorite nort for all EatUh and .tmerleans;
others, whatever mar hare haouened 'or lH ceau par round. I presBme it can be I "t for a while on the terrace In front of the Ho-
' wkh their small ehawrlof sold and notes. obtmtd sl tbemiBforlO cants. perbBps less, by
Tm I ila, In iim inai hi il Ki- tKjk ftHtknr
u e nmcaeii liaelo abaat tbe ranxr dews of it
jj... ...jtmfc-jxjaja-mT
SuirrtHc Court or th ItuvrntliiH
StrOtl MR. JCSTtCR BanrWRtb t!t CnAMllRS.
ittx r. it. C. Challamtl. retltton for n writ of
Mr. Thompsen, eeaniet far defendant, filed a poll
ties retime fctth that en tlieSth ef XevemWr. 1$0,
a Jadrwtnt of eantlettan was reevlsreil jlnt the
defendant rn a chirp f xendiec spintueus
Itaar at retail wllhlut a lleente, ant that the defend
ant was sentenced tn pay a fin f iito by the Talke
Mfirt af Hanatnla. That upon the trial of the
eharre, there was no etidenee that the said deTen Jnt
had mi attceasate vend spirituous liquor at retail,
and that In canseqneae f the failur f such ovl
ittoce, thejadtraent was erraieous, therefsre the Jo
feodsBt prayed for a writ of eertHwarJ dlreetedHa the
Tatiee .Msflltrsts, eammstbllnc him to certify to the.
Saprewc Oturt his deeket'and all the ttylmsny and
facts apart which hi judgment was rendered.
Wbertapan the Court made an order that a rul to
shew eaas why the said writfheuld net issue be
taken out, which was dune aceerdlnglx.
The matter came en ta he heard en Saturday the!
Jdlh inst. Mr Thempsen in shewing causa why than
writ conid issue claimed that if the writ
ceuKl issue at all in this kin'rdeu, upon the"
shawinc befere the Oeurt, it must issue In this ease.
It did net appear upan the pleading that an appeal
had been last and Jhat therefore the Ourt could net
consider whether r net an appeal was the proper.
remedy, hat the rcspandent net harinc Diet any" an
swer, the pelHien wjth only thine before the
Court, and that upan that, the Court iheoMissuea
writ af eereiaMri.
The Court sakl that the petitioner had net made
ut a casein itsopiniag7 saOKiently it real;. lht
iois ni was an exceptional remeuj- iu vm issuen vnij
when necessary, and the burden was an the petitioner
te shew that the statute remedy ef appeal was insuffi
etcat. and thought it unnecessary to hear the argu
ment af respondent.
Writ of (rfiernn refused.
Pe&udant't counsel toek exceptions ts tbe ruling
af the Court.
I-r..M.viNi.: in xm: Honolulu
. TOST t)Ff ICK, Sov. IT, 1ST0 :
' tba qaaatitr.
is, that real wealth can not be created, or r
progress secaied, merely by imporUtion 1
af gold, or the creation of bank notes in .
sbnndaaoe: that ease in loans depends .
apoa the actual ease in trade, the pro- i noaad was spread witb eJeaa mabah mat
d active eaer-r and frnsal habits of tbe ha oateriac of the house was of the
lefial. A
people: that tbe merchant, instead of
watching -Jne laoorr-market, sbonM rather I jadre. occapsed one part of tbe room, aad a
; watch the forces that are at work ia SW '"TJ: K,lh i
. ....... , , r or Mr chairs, completed tbe furniture of oar
me-tmr or dbms tbe natural wealth, , .4eapr re-indin--e
not only in then- own eonntry, bat over u van Jt 1)ik
the whole world : to redect whether aa 1,5 my ammz&h:umi ware scaraly ss ample
excess of the public wealth is not ex- a 1 ioaad tbem at llado. To Mrs. Green,
peaded in costly railways and innoelings, eeerytbinc: was new, hat the novelty of the thin:
much interested her. aad bat lor tae ebanre of
the weather, oar enjavment waoht bare answered
let, setsW; tbe lights flashing across the sraootb
em n, in winR: i epiewN orass namt Irora
, a case uh toe oiaer shiu ot tae nver, till I could
ao Maser, aatl ent into a boat aad aa fer
ried across, and went to tbe naasie. Here was t
asaal crowd of soldiers with their daacln? sleei
sabres, min-llar: witb citizens aad driaklnsbeer and
cuaVe. and waited npou by prK I have ganenlly
seen atca waiters ts tbe best cafe.
To-day I hare been to tbe Grnan Gerrolbeor Green
Vaults wane the trra,nr af lkw IT i.m k...
rejwmr aaaoe oeefciean. esrai seat ov ! beea aeeamatited forares. WhHe wailiu!- In tbe
the turn, ami leek ap oar aaax'.ers ia the baas of
Mr. iaoratatx. Tbe boase we ioaad cf aod
sow, aad. witb the exception of ctasj wiadows.
aad aWi of beards, parelr Ilawaimo. Tne
K fwuei
G. B. Bx-wtB.
aba jsaaa
. ot waaoh Urn retorauon wilt require
:. years; and to take into account the inda
enee of urnoraoce and prejudice on the
; enact mrar of protective tarifis and similar
, cawuitranees for the diaiinurion of etpkaL
' It is in these regions that commercial
storms are generated ; here are the obi htr
powers which make or undo fortunes.
Court-yard of tbe Palace, where they are situated. In
order that the proper number or visitors, twelve,
niUtbl be made up, the old Kin- of Saxony drove in
to the H)aare r bia weekly sladr in his Library.
He k King, only in name, bat I fancied he was hap
pier taVn tbe Kin-of Hanover who cannot bear tbe
Praeshn rale and liavin Vienna. The Crown Prince
ot Scxony I bear k to hare aa important command
in tbe war agmiBst France. The " rootts" are not
rawltr as we ase the term, bat a series of arched
chambers aa lbrgroaad level, aad tbe oaly "green "
I could sec wa in tbe bordering of tbe mirrored
co i: n a ir ck.
sweeps away the Itrcnmnlated wealth of
. ' TI ! -JmTL.. Wospea-oas period. It is swrcr-rra! in.
.jrTf.iA- r-.- employments, that crente
, 4V 7 he "VS.lv sonad demand foroner, aad
retaracd al;er ac itiripyj- of about sfteen !
"eaiaoy hJefjitinuUely
I i iaMy- ic nnjr ttt tnl dnsb lA-liMJt
"W V v. i.1l . . . "
lCZZZm ! - elected, k
1 -r a; 1 mmaUisIrm- tne tool can not
work to be done. Snch a
By the Moses Taymr. we &.ye dates
trom San Francisco to tbe lStEaad teb
giaaagifrom theseat of war is Ex rope to
the 14th inst. Thatetaml war news is of
s wapaiativery aaimportaot character,
with the exception of the surrender of
Meu. oa the 27th of October, by Marshal
Baaaiae. together with hk army of 190,000
men. Gnat jnfermtioa agamst Baiakie
g ejqaaatced thionghont France, k bemg
i that he conhl have held 3Ietx ibr
eder, for canse. as similarly s farmer
woald do who ihoajji seek to iacrease his
harwest by makiplyjng lik tcagoos. The
baying aad selling of cocmoluties is the
toundation of the need fartbe ase of
money: when these transfers jangrgish. or'
the baying is in excess of Jbe .ellmg,
bat-inesi langrashes, and times are hard.
It is not money that creates or destroys
hard times, bat the sate of trade kseif;
aor is it posable for moaey alone to
change these results, because by no pro-
caa x be sahstitated ibr cxKaraodilies,
x nmeh han-er time. Howerer this zaay ' m whieh siose the rex! transfers of rslae
be. the capture of that fortress;, wkh the ' reside.
large army which swieadered wkh Bx-' Bank aotes are aot espkal, says aa
same, is of tbe utmost importance to the anthor; neither are title-deeds, or Coe
Germans, aad a great blow to France. It sols, or Government Bonds. The trae
render, the communication between Ger-' character of a Bank is samaned an ia the
MaXAwao. Man, Xov. 7. 15V0.
Jatati -Pa nil aw GataaaV.- Dsas Six: Ia
keenia- yaa posted m resard to matters and
tames pertaiam- mar Seal of labor on Mam.
the first Rasa which I bate tot n mm nail, a If is the
rthnildm. of the sau-mill aad other baiidiars
of oar ajiibbn.-. Cast. Hobraa. wfanrh. as is rea
ershV kaoa a. were destroyed by ire- I aa happy
to raaart the rompbotinn of tbee bniUines. and
the iaaaaas af tbe ichors which bare bean sas
amaed smce Aagast. We afl rejoice in the
speedy Bnnptatim af this work, and we hope
e the ' lt hss sustained by the enttvprisiag
anaanNor may, ere soar- be retneraa. The
, work afr hiiala the Seminary is steadily ara
': resswr, aoiwithstaadua the searatr of carpen
ters aad other workmen, aad tbe stale of the
weather. Tbts kpoab me to naotberoeri. to wit,
the bate storm at Makawaa and Haankaa.
I mar as weal say. ere I speak of the storm of
' but week, that tbe present seasca has been aa
aaasaaHy taiar one. Sauce the bst of Jaae,
: there has beea bo lack of anoktmre lor man aad
, beast. Osr cisteras, f priacs and raamae; streams
i have been replenished ahnost Wy kept fafl
aac aseatnc;-ana oar paarexs and open
rnmmnn; bare been visited with showers so f e
attat and cofnaes. that onr cattle aad horses
bare bees caa hi; to eonmma the hvrariaat
" - i wlb. The "treasures" am cabinets, can, vases.
after oar aniraL Samrdar eveain. -it i rinrs, docks, swords, plate, all manner of tewelrr.
c. and the wind, which Mew
amoWateiy. oa oar arriral from the Hask, .Cteatly
Tbe boase seemed to be well
k stood the trial of tbe storm ad-
aurabJy ; bat efry leaf of the kahab seemed to
1 bare a tongue, aad whh tbe ooastaat aad load
pattctiae aad poatia; of the rata, aad tbe sfeb
iag of the eastera hrnwe. we had bat miht re-
freshiog steep dasiar the nigfat. aad were dad to
I see the Ifcbt of the moeniar. thoash the day
proved to be a cheeiless one. Kwfy ia the aaorn
' iar. tbe nh so tar abated its violence that a
' small cnrregataon assembled at the meetios
hoase, whieh I auvrejsed ; bat so aearly iaees
saat was the rata dmriat- tbe rest of the day. aad
- so violent was tbe wind, that ao see could iaare
the pence af his abode. At times, tbe roarinrr af
tbe sea and tbe rashfe? of the waters throaeh
the ravines were teuioe, hut as ereadag ap-
- proached tbe wind abated snrhtty, aad the aisht
was less boisterous.
Oa Moadar,
which we eso.-sai -aa SatardaT were too mach
all blaiing with dhuaoads aad prtdoot stoaes. But
the cold aad silrcr setting have mostly become dim,
aad toe vanits are poorly Msftted, jpd tbe. gems
wonld exhibit mach better In "Tiainy's" windows,
or ia the Palak Royal o Paris.
f doa't know of aar piaee in Germany f wonld
prefer ta live ia tba a ia Dreedea; Here is plenty of
tba beat masse six eeats a ticket fur a splendid
concert! Living is eoeidexad cheap, bot I notice
that tkourli each item is low when tbe bill is pre
sented, tba items aroso Bumerons tbat tbe expense
per diem is bat link less than in Sio FraaeiVeo.- I
bare been to see "Dresden Madonna" again; ber face
seems lovelier loan erer to me, aud no paotograpb
or engiarlog of this picture can cvta supply to me,
tbe reeoHeetioe of tbat angelk cooutesanee. I am
oS tot Prague. Tours as ever,
j However mach a Franklin, a Kane, a Kntzebur,
and a host of others, may deserve the admiration
J of mankind for theii iamlrgslioas la the frozen re
gion ot the Northern Seas, we are of the opinion
' that the hardy whalemen, who, year after year, nar-
we learoed that tbe streams lbdr ""Uo0 the froleB "mply
tor ibc parpose eommerce, rrsardiess of tbe
daa-vr WTkieb pesl Lmrh a rnv-w chAnLr
swollen fcr as to tbmkoi relnrninc to Mnkawao. j tke pad. to aay of tbe above cdefarated explorer
As the raias bad abated socsewbat. we rode aboat for bardibood aad adreatsre. The dangers' thiwgb
a mile to the north-east, where we bad a distant ;
bat nis tract view ef Koobn 'and Keanae ; also,
a boantifei view of a cascade wbieb 1 had visited
aaaar times before, aad always with defebt. The
stream is a satafl one, but I now band it consid- .
erabfy swottea front tbe rains uf vesterdar. I do
which this most adveataroa class of mariners pass,
was never better exrmnoacd than dnrtes the past
"season" North. It is known, by those acqaalated
with tbe wbbBbs beslaees In later years, tbat in the
Arctic a larger portion of whale are caught late in
the seasoa, aaaaely, dnring tbe bitter part ol Sep
tember aad the first wk in October, during which
Allan, ADM
Albalan. A
Britten, It 2
Barker. E
Ben. S
Nell. G
Bailey. It
Benn. L TT
Bailey. T II
Brightman. G F
Bams. J M
Cu famines. Mrs E '
Crmnhighnm Jl Co S
Cenley, W
Cooke, Jeo
Canley Jno
Currau I
CocgesbaU, G IV
Cleveland, Capt J F
Dalev. J J 2
Dunn, r t
Mrs E :
Greene. Geo
Green, Blnto
Husband. V
lloiie, W M 2
llsnry, R
llilehincs, G F
Heey.'0 .
Harris, Iter
Hall, T T
Johnson, J
Kerme. II F
King d Co, J C
Lewis 1 Co. M
Lueas t Wiggins
Lewis, li E
Lanier, S J
Mann. J
MeShase, Mrs It
Uefluire, A
Mnir, A 0
Muirord, J II
ii 2te
Mueller, Mrs L
MsCandlesi. C
Morris, Gen -MeCicave,
C It 2
McDonald, Jne
MiDeugal, Dr
Newbury. B
Nuues, K S
O'Hanler, 0
O'JUnH'n, 0
rercy. J
Peilfcs, XT
Pinkham. OS.
" Pmid, Wm J
Parker, V 2
reaceek, V S 2
PhiWps A Wright
Raphael L
UasseD, D '
Rithards. Mils L t
RIeutU V
Symonds, W
Spier, J
Shigay, W
Smith, E
Sutherland. D
Saunders, Dr J B
Shite, M
Sheehau, E
TayWr, S
Tefcr, tr 2
Townc, J
Thateher. 0 K
tTneenf; F
Cst't'ltlt-ttU Court or the ltall IsUaMla,
'J? t-s Ptetk-t tho wallet t the lauta ef WU. a.
ttlt.tf, ileeV-we.1 ir4er to shaw tao wax an eeler ef sal
of tl soul shooVl iwt eaaaoV ,
II nrHo-to tbo aKI 01. If Ite petltleo UU ey
preMRIed fcr V(hI4 a IVJo. the AitMbvbUalar sf Mm
Vbtai of Vt. It DRAY. Jit peajte an oeiter r
wlo, that II ts eeuarj soil a puritan or tbe root totals to
par lt ileet ooIisih1Ii eMws the ituwol, aad ttwdebtc,
ottvave and tbarro-aratmttotrolkor.
It l rtloret rJ the lW thai all potoioo tatortod ia tba
K-ialo of sail vleceatoiS. api-e lror the CVmi. la -hoOorl
I4, Irtllomtulutea SUNDAY, tho llh PAV or &t
CWinbltJIA. IV ISO. t Wo oloet A. M . ta show eoaorv.j.
a iiiorshoM wot t-o (ranted lo saM A4stlwiMrlor Iwook
aa noeWM I ho rUI of tbo aM dorel ao aoroo.
Mrj s iSlbtatpilrthli-iWtMrolMto4tle3lbo
eerolt wools t'k""i trie sUdT of boorht(fh it
lUwons'S llumi arot Ko An (kt, aewopofor, criatod
aud rahlUhod in tho rltj of llonolah; -
AUritKHS. tUKTWtti,
a rlairlco JapuM Cbort,
Altoot: TTnitfa It. siftl. Donate CVtfc
ltoooiara. Nor !. Aa
KJ tlUK TIIK SlTItltK COl'llT of live
IU.Hn Itah. la pfoWeJ la ta aratlorief tka
felata of t'KTKK JtMITIf, vf lKelUvl!eceJit kr
Mr. J o.l loo WUman. l rb.oo.hors.
On rto.ttiic aad Allot l prtlrtf W. C. tail, pojtoj
that he ntav h rpoiaio4 .tirulablrXecoa lb abnre Catalog
II !.. JoreJ ht th iwyhl TT 19 CATV lb lh 4x4r
Poroamr, tK?t at 10 . clotfc in tae anatasa, he 4
tb slKohorohT is aprnlniott rr keai(n th said pttib bo
rer i Sill. 14 Jo.ll.-o ot hlorbamhoratu Iloo4tm,-at which
:ipo abd t4co all peooee tatenoied y arnoaf aad obow
eaooo, if aav thro tiavv. h the ooat ohoufei net beafaatrd,
ao.ftht ikleo thereof ho (Itou bj hhTatloa eT tbfs edrr
In Ik ltawsiua 0irrra nwraprejfor threa iuectTo
weehsreetlu loooU heartae
AyUu Jmtieo gaftoMo Ourt.
Airoti: ' it. ?iav, itrroiiT viorsaa
Datot llonolotn. II. I.. Nee Itth. t70
SUVltKMK Ct)UIlT,M)TlCK-n,.,iiito, ,f
Maatarratro I colle.1 lotth ftElbal hr leatatalra.
the Jura, action T tvete awl rH.trltffJimtroo. oaaeaorased
ta foeMoo, Art I, Cbarlor tt. OoovofRt rv o) Onto, intsajo
h Ihe ckffeuae ofluruerated in SeetSoa oS B J ef 111 uow
I. McTX'llT,
dork of lb Supreme Grot.
Ilaootalnyioeoaiboe lh. t:a 4s4no
1ST OK JtlltttllS 4r.. ox Iko rr-eeTrW e?
arewt Ofnitof tho Soeocol JuJiftst tXrrolu LHaJa.
KiwArd tUHeTjr,
O It Nor too,
JaHaoOotHi, Br
A i'JOtt,
tl r Itanlr.
W w A-eod.
Jame Caeeabell,
J A Onoll.othie,
Jua tleod,
Samuel T Alovamler,
PaoStl rSaerbrd,
WHtlsu fusarx. .
ta 1UI,
Jaooro St. Ctalr,
0 w WIHotic
W O Moo-iiuii,
IV m. r,tdanta,
K Ita jeaaa,
Obareto bah,
John Jl.iktr,
A ItSr-earer.
0 r Mortal,
Zatwfa Joao.
II. DICKIiVfrtN, Ja.,
Clerlt CfreuH Omfl at JoJWa! CtmIC
Uhalaa, Mail, No, t, 157.IWIe
. K
Ta. ot III KoUI of Dor Majoety Qeoa Dtra-r 11.
n .v r. r. u 1 1 .V 1
Tb iHaiecahraod. havlae boon iIqJt aenelotoj arfoiloiirow
tor lb a oo.o Ktulo, alt peeoan bavrae ctarlR aMSMt
lb MM stout are heerfcr ovIHIrd d roqarroil to reoooat
tWotrttaUBooltW sis atawtba from too Oaj ol loo ooottto
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all roorM bolrbtod to th wi 1UUI t or requested t uoA
Ituiueattate l-ojmont.
llonottttu, ooi8hor, tJ -WVr
- AJariaiatratcrs.
Quick Sales nnd Sm.UlwjtVtt8!
S2 Cor. XnuannTn!iadlStree8ny
TIAVK on hand the fuilovTlna;
Jaa wuam Urew win aispoo cr at Tory
U eh
tThlte. Wm 2
WHmn. F T
W Ido, C S
U'tbas, Mix E
traavseke. T
WUHao. E C 2
truaans. B T 2
tread. Jne G
Wood, Oao II
West. Mrs II
Walsh. F
Postmaster OeneraL
not know the hefehlof this fast of waler.-bat I . tbae, regardles of tbe approacbins Arctic winter
tbuak it may be aa bcadred feet, perhaps raore.
I hope, at some time, ts cbtaio the ooeasB.-ement
of this sad aaotker Hsmewfaat sirsibr ose which
we visited oa ocr war base.
Tuesday. Xov. 1, we started for bene. As tie '
many aad Paris perfectly open, sad kaavrs
an army of saxce 340,000 men, (that under
Prince Frederick Charles,) free to jam
the aoaors ihamr around Paris, or to otv
denkioa that k is aa iatkaaion for the
and the crrtaiaty of daacer aad setTeriag incident
npoa tbe passase ont of the sea at that hle season,
amid ice aad scow aad storms they berolcaily fol
low their calling. Tae result of this bardibood is
the good average catch nl the past two years. Dar
in; Ibc latter part of tbe present season, those who
1 .iM si, to, a- iLa , streams wece stiH birh. we decided to cmss tbem . Hl" han tbe first few daya In Oclo-
;u-T.sn,:z,soo..crof(, OaljJ i ZsTlU.
! Jalr rtias, wbkh occur with we-aifa as amdi . "ad.aad passed tKrecsh Hosepoa and Uoabwa. , rri,IfaI lorraj prevailed; the sea, in tbe shoal
rexrity as tLe aoath Hsen". were this rear as- at &ck "hicb pbces we tordl a Urre stream. vriler of the Arctic, was nnosnally boisterous aad
i caawy cajaoes ; aad bom tbat time to this, there aboct cassideeaole diEcsity. tiU we stood
on the arrfa cJi' or preapice wfaien overioote
tbe little viBare aad harbor of nalefcakn. Here
we tBSoaauated. aad slowly walked doom to tbe
The rorttt laellic Trnnnnortntiou
Comimnj s
jfjtfgMJS The Company's Splendid Steamship
It. S. FLOf D, Commander,
1VUI Invc San Frnnclico
On or about Nue ember l!th
1V1II Leave Ilonuliilit
Oa or about November 21th
Freight for San Francisco will bojeeeired at the
ateamer a Warebooie. aad reeeipwWfor tbe same.
given by tbe undersigned. No (barge for iterate
or .-artage. Fire Risks in Warehocje, not taken bv
Liberal Advance 31atle on ull Shlp-
mcnta per Steamer.
Insurance guaranteed at Lower Rates thitfbT Sail-
teg essels. Particular ears Uken af Shipment of
Bratt. CV
TAII orders fnr floats tn bo natof,,.! ;n c. - vj .
osoovih r-e received, and ailed by return of Steamer.
nTfrSUprnents Tram.urre and Ihe United Pl.t..
intended for these Islands, will be received by tbe
Company ia San Francisco. II eaniimed ta them. xnA
be nsrwarded by their Steamers to Hanolula, Fnar
r Cninen, except letual outlay. "fc
nr-i-asseBgers are reauasted 1o take their tickets
;e dar af sallinz. and ta nro-
kefore 12 e'eJeeti en tbe
care their Passports.
BT-AB BiB againtdthe Steamer must be pre
sented be far? two o'eleeEVn the day of safling, or
iej ui uare vo lay aver till tbe return of tbe
denser ir setuement.
l-3m H. IUCKFELD 4 CO., Agents.
ia other-rrferts of France. The ; sj 1 9.00o,G0, only three per ceat. wa.
French gaieeef tbesr first important vie- eaSh. Three parxs only in a hundred ebn
tory oa the Hh aaefniOth last-, at OHeaas, sis ted of coia and bank notes. ' Of this
hare been more rainy days than pleasant ones.
Tbe gentlemen MK'aay and Dr. Wbttsey . aad
I Mrs. Wbilaey. made a; a visit ia Steaaber.and
tran-ier of debts. Sir Joan SaBolk," 3.a- j ascenekd Kthali-sVebi They were very sortaoate
alrzaag the resnits of his owa baak, ' k their time for ajesadang- the anoantus viewing
reached tbe fact that, in a imsiness feotkec
cUageroas, wliilft tbe cxcesslre cold weather in
creased the dancer aod snaVring. Several vessels,
daricc severe galea between tbe first and eleventh
of October, had their rodders frozen fast, whilst tons
vjresttdeldameetiKwitbsoaietwenlr. . tltt Mtt f lhe tUpi, For boar, the utmost perse.
eve resMenie. aiier wosca we caouossiv loraea
xnouot of cash, one sixth only was eoza-
posed of coia; the reessladcoasisted of
notes, aad as bank aotes are not moaey,
ooiy oae has per ceaL, or tea sb3Hacs in
wjicje the army usder General Ie Psla
. ciaes, after two dsys' battle, defeated tbe
GWaaans ander General Tse Jer Tana,
retakkig the city from the Germans.. Xo
ispaftaat xaorezxsats bre takes .piaee
thtjtfce Germans vnH oos&meoce the boS ' In banking, less a certain baiance're
barjeaat sooc ; oamBotber day k"5i taised as a reserve, the sdraaoes eqcal
stafetTthst "Paris will not be bosbanfed ' the receipts, -nd tbe settlement of both
at aS, bat wiH be redcreti byirrilion." is effected by setting oae off against tie
Tie genera! attsode of-afiirs in Fa- other, so that each cancel the other,
rone looks more threatexuncnlo thoce The belief that bank cotes are raoner
mBaannnajn; 'HaYflM aot
nxtioBS whieh, hkhertdTfeare not pxrtra- caa not help resenting the iiuerence that
Thisis.owins of wealth-
the steaau aad weoded ocr way to tbe top of tbe
precipice oa tie Makawao side of tbe formida
ble Celebes ef Hasakca.
As'we parsned osr way bomeward, we bad
abcadast evidence that tb: stern bad reached
Makawaa. Every stream, tbosgb small, bad bees
tbe crater, zsal retanua. to oar basse, for two
successive cays ef as pleasant weather we have
' scarcely esjoyed sisce these frieads retarsed to
Heaetaia. We. al Mxkawao. cere less bizbty
fxvared. for sabbath, sept- Iltb. was a rainy day.
! aad odiy niae sncfiridcaU we present ia ocr pfeas-
I aat ehtpcl to fistcs to Mr. MeCnilr's exceReat swoKea, tbe reads badly wnsbed. and tbe ravines . esse, oil which was stilt on deck In casks, prepara
f dUcoirse. Osr fcrecm roitsoa is'sairce. soa- , covered with debris ctrrled from tbe bins above, i ,orto being stowed in tbe hold of tbe vessel w.s
; reranceand suffcricg was reqolred to free the rod
den of tbe vessels so tbat tbey conU be used. Oae
: ship, having taken tbe gale in shoal water and on a
i lee shore, which was obliged to carry every sal) pos
sible at tbe risk of losing ber masts, actually bad
1 the pebbles from the bottom (the depth being about
: four fathers) washed npbytbe violent commotion
of the sea. and thrown upon her deck. In Several
fiviaj: three or four raies. distant fros the oUcs ; Tbe last galcb which we crossed before reacbiaz :
a bcadred posnds, can be considered as ' af warsbip, sad tbere beie-co sfcesb er tfce ' ocr fcese'wi covered siti roels and itooes torn
store and allowed to run into the sea. Tbe oil tbet
lost was generally so congealed tbat it would not
run oct of tbe bungs of the casks, the bead of which
XvKsamocaiieo e Eerses. a msy saoous coc- oireta a stone wan us the netiBborcooo. since j tud to be broken in to set It free.
j raosiy depdves c of tie priviiers b! worslapics J re tarn, I End evidence in tbe appearance cf j AH the whalers expected here have now arrived,
in tbe becse of God. And eaay soeh days have . tbe ra vises ia Makawao, tbat co such stora has j aad alt Quite in saying, that never before bare mach
we seen dsrirs this year. Tbe bossj; has not . beea expeneEced here since 1S43, tbe rear of ' severe storms acd extrrn:e cold been experienced In
"caaeaceinest of the war.
to the fac$ that the Gorernnsent of Kas-
bees opened sisee Oct. 23d. This opens tbe war ov settlement here.
I to epeak of wbat, by way of eepbasis. I regsnTi How zzsch iqary tax been done to kafo
I as tbe hie stora at Makawao aad flasaksa. j patcbes, and to reads, frar-case. and other col
; HoVte. in Htrr--k--. is oscef sy cst-ftaiiasj, : tivated lands. I bave oot yet beea able to ascer-
" vHrXi tiaS ttt rrfl If? r-f.? In rijit mr tvrli- rmii oe r Koo ntnoA .r.rr A mr r-n rx Ioa oioms
anuKaj:j2otes I; aa aocnoasce t-asee zsj nssiexe at Makawaa. Tee tfiiUcce
; TEst tbe tsocer market is i abwt twelve sHes to tie meeti-bocse, wfckh
the Arctic Ocean, as during the latter part of tbe
past season. Little bope Is felt tbat tbe Japan, a
vessel belisgieg to Melbecrce, AEstralia, baa suc
ceeded in citing" her escape frsm tbe Arctic All
will look witb anxiety for I be report from Hlloby
the Steamer, to retcro on Friday. If the Japan baa
ocr re ten. asd it stiH rains. TVe are not able to i not made that porf, bnt Utile hope can be enter
eet oa tbe Sabhatb. and tbere is very little i tzfaed of ber safety.
stroBsr and safe
plentr of bank . 15 " tooer with a fiasptd roci, weH fcbUsi, slirricg assons eitier ca'ives or foreigceri i
t... k , .Aior.arltnFarirAr.-noon notes are In the hands of the bmiers. li111 bcrf rofWe scat-, xzd a -Oalr oae death fcas occurred by drownin?
r', ,1 .tt .t.. T- S,-a , (4r& I- This is tie ttird or frcrth hocse ia : dcria? this JcccticKd and sertre Horn. A I
raraxawr. r" ; - J iwlicS I bare et with the people of Hoelo
Egatkes of the Irsitv oniSof, (known resoarcefor loans and discont-s tffl,at x ,ith ca lte ciLbilfc
as'tTreily of PiJM-) On the ltth, jlast tbe sctamt i, reached in tbe .ex- tj.. two or three losseg nt occsped were
'Vr. E&H, Under Secretary of Forescn i qcishe idea that the taost -violent coo- ihxicbtd with tbe tssdazsa leaf, or tbe i-
-Aro ae-sLC r""v-.Vv? hv the Tlrrmri tcereal conTslsions and the aost destmo which crowi abesdzztrr is. tils ciiUi
gy?- nrss desritched by the Frriisb icereal connilsions and the aost destmo which groaj zbsTy-ty 5a ttis iirict. These
native at Ilamzkcapirko, said to be deranged. tuimi at the Hooolala Iron Works, twenty
, . , , t . r- . , . I lee oiataeier, ciznuea lans, mi( eraaK, stroke from
was wasted u:U tbe sea. aad fbned xear Kabrdut. , to t jl j3cber AI PUMP, worked b j the
Ko otter case bare I beard of. tbocgb tbere bare . abere, 12 inches ia diameter and 1 feet tear.
been oanr escrbea. " Tk wfflU sold ai a bargain, aad may be eeo at
EespeKfsIly ycen, J. S. Gzxrx.
ct riace at "Waikiki.
Eaqair fcf (tS-Ime)
The Caltrornla, Xew Zealand
and Anatrallan 3111 Line or
Steam Packet.
1450 ton.
The Splendid Steamships
v-. Stewart, Com'r,
1200 ton T. Grainger, Com'r,
Wai rua regularly between Ilncoluluand tbe above
port, connecting at Honolulu with the North Pacific
sractpriatin uo'i steamers.
sczirs ax
.Hoxttn.c. W. L. GREEN.
ornxcr II. u. HALL, IT. S. Consul.
1 2rr
For New Bedford.
Th following Tesseli will Uare thif iTall for
New Bedford: jfa
ii iOLA).!, mt
KOPES, - Ma.ter,
The American Clipper Ship
WOODS, - Jfaster,
Tbe American Clipper Bark
.fc NABOB, &
8HATSWK1L, - - - Xasser.
C. BREWER t CO., Agents,
Market Wharf.
SurMiee Culuinola ltlvrr Saleaoa ;
Srorkw rrasio Riirr falmoa:
OrojsB rtour, hlfa4 f Sack;
OttUheasa near, hiraejqr 5ha;
Oiecim Wo BroaJ :
OalaWala PUol Draad;
OoUtanua Savy ttroa4 ;
tlckta Castas u Batter:
Case JlaMnmjr' Qjattt;
Case Imoorvei Meala;
CooOrM Com:
Oases Oliioa Peaij
Minitl Oora t 1 txb :
4 hash Darltra, llfecisc inaHtT-'
X ISMfegarObotsis:
Cheat Tea;
Duraos rttcb;
ifawottu BC warranted;
II. X. a) KoBoCoffre;
No. 1 il.B IUeo;
Xo. 2 0ne Rkor-
BoHe.1 Ltaoood Oil In Drums;
While Lend lu K;
IV till Zinc In Krfia;
Per R. 0. WyHe,
TTxojoo. Bremen.
ENKL1S1I PIIINTS Fancr. Furple and
Muu ruing.
French prints, fancy ; Fancy ananas ;
Vietana lawns : Mosquito netting ;
Superior black ouburgs ;
French merino and crape; Ticking
White thirling and long eJoth ;
Brown and blue cation drills, heavy ;
Brown and blue cottaos; Hickory Hripes;
Blue twilled Saxony flannels ;
Imperial linens, assarted ;
Wbir. Ifntn handkerchief ;
- T'k;yjred adlfellew haodkerthlefs :
Wbite'Jac6eThandkerpyf j
Farsejetton handkerehieilri
Clack iHk etastio ; Dress goods;
Flaiaracd fizured hlaak aHk ;
Whit linen and ribbed dial;
Fine white linen dues- j Black lining silk ;
uair cio in ior vaaar-a nse ;
Iilne twill ; Blue pique ; Oashmtre f
enVeii barege, asserted ealers.
Far Sale by
By the Steamer 'JCoses Taylor!
A Few Splendid Ice Pitchers !
Quality, and Choice Designs.
SETS and Sktgle Ticees ef
Jil vei'-DPIatecl "Wiixe
And warranted first quality aad reiry durahl.
!. f"- Pns. Nut Crackers and Nat Pieii, Cups,
ICake Baskets, Fiib and Pie Knives, Syrup Cupr,
a.ia, vt.. Its.
All the above are Suitable ipr
43, oUS
Wedding oChfeaHmM Bravrrv!
i And Far Hale Clirap.
Bar Iron the Usual Size.
Farther KewtietiM fr Lara MtiNes.
s.i . Sat
CALIFORNIA OAT HAY.-afew bales Ift
of a superior qualftyi received ax "D. C. Star
ray," aad for oalaby

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