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V ar aa.imUaet ut wa far .litres It i true
thai n ea km fO ln wttlmt recerilni;
UH(H : U " two years TnrEO
llAliMMrw, es4 CMm twno raiitl either do
at Se rfabni to taack kerr, or they are ako fewer
Tfc. .
r SVaaeau VMI marM, H e three-masted
, t i i,. i a r lerwax. frmm Sm Frenciaee Tta HwbMlt, with
IV mI.ii uitbrarabia, aaa efieratea iwj
caearer; ierwrw, waieb !
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it .wut rmrr. tm V aVeaiaww SMKMBf loac.
TV - to. to tto -! rf prone Vaatiwe tack in xulj ll
I - T tr.. n ieatl. ( t tola perM ef tbp
n. tf. hip xtlhuim mn be route In ILe
k-44- tara-. aal the Utii an lab IniL,
i from Kaaraswav the Vmkrt Etatea.
toiniiilaalte. 1W cllar eap Orada h
- tawafc km n mt to OHM, aa h ala
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Tern faBaarsat; Cast.se Haute Tablet their the
tHBil nf asr DeaaaHie Kxaoete for She last quarter
f I'TC. aa. i-mfii w tke taWea of last jcar.
TVht ia a taiam ia rasae far tb qaartcr, oi
TVAS 7 : for tan at, .f M6,w6 M; although
thare a. aa sarewe ia a, larjre auaW of oar export!.
Tkw atasaaa is valae ia fran Ike loner price of
O. aaa Biaia. sad tW Ins iaraicwig of other arti
eW of export.
The Tail aw as loci eaet is Um expertatieni of
8ar. Kaae. CaSte. Salt. Beef. Goat Skim, IIVde.
TaJM". Woo. WaboBtiat PeamiU.
Taut it s antter oo paaraeoxet. ai atl taete s.r
tmtBw are seah a am praaacaal reaeSly, awl we may
lmJk far a Maa4r mmi naalmaiil iacreate to toem.
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iitx of iioauliili;.
IV s-fet Jean? froaa Kaaai.
ft Warwirk frm MMaL
Toln aaa tnm Kaaai. a
N-kr fnacr fnaa KawaaVaa.
Kfci MBr MarriB Ukatea.
: -M. Kaeaal fraai KakaM.
f J--b HkaW fr. Notnkai.
tai xaw A r Jtraaa. ttnr, 3D da 3 from Humboldt.
-r4ii AcCtor fnaa Hawait
r Kaaa f. Mux. .
fr Lakafr Hawaii
Joka T.aaat U Kotian.
N-1r laaaaua tor Kaaai.
a Vkt Piaikl lr Matakai.
Vwt fUU? Owtwiaabt tar KanaL
T Haw wk 14 rataa, Neiearj, ta croite.
k "Oik aaaaeltta far Kaaa
nt laakslla. Jiaaf aaa rairj- tnres, far KanaL
arwwk tar Malaaai.
.r Haaita Hal aril
M,. IUnaa KaaaL -
. t- UAi taltnw far HOa.
u Priaee br HawalL
(ia r liTi,Kw.pHYtUe, CarTrekalet.
H k'w wk tWtcOaaart, am. rocrobe.
s-hr NXlir MrrrOl aaa Jlarr Uaa. far ManL
f m naaakaMI rr A. r.Jaraaa, Dec Kh
Barttna. .1 , lVlrt. ft. 2,000
bu. H-h 11a rmiot, cak, 6
Uaki Hoaa aal. R .H Paiat Bnuaea, Lkl, I
4reaMal.ft laMW faiagfoa, M, 190
r. aVihroot. :, Klin p. rt, 19,062
!iana A-1. Jaaaax, lVrrj, lSdjt from Ilntnbolt, Cal.,
w -b a ary 4 reawo4 laatbtr ta toaster, arriTrdatthliport
ot V odat. Jaa ttk Ftt lrt 4 rouae bad moderate X
arid- n.iV aaetatter rart. freth SB and S wind". Jan.
aad sth baal atroag gale troai N with atl cross tea. Have
ere tx- nw aa the paoaadown. ' Left in port loadlnsfor
B"i -o'c Iileatiae Grate Knixrla. Knarto, ffiattrr.
(i a readers vtll be loleresled in referring back to
tbr mien Stectttr fur Jnlj, IS.1S, in which it a
lb rt aeeneatarUie wreck or the Englith whaleibip
G edstane Capt. J. XL Brown, on Ocean Island. Tho
Tenet was w reeled Jnlj 9, 1E3" at midnight. One
of tbr ore oslr was lost. He jumped overboard in
a stale of inUxieation. Capt. Brown remained on
the aland nnjH. the 15th or December, (over fire
ia .nthst, when, with his chief mate and eight teamen
he ercliarkrd far these islands in a schooner which
sad been conctrncteJfrom th fragments of the wreclc.
The f iber ocraad men who remaised on tbe is
land toeral months longer, endured great sufferings,
acd were fioaUr brought oS in a vessel tent for that
psfpoKr bj II. D. M. Cental at these island;. Tbe
f 0w:ig deteriptien of Ocean Itland is from a mem-c-antU
furnitbed b; Capt. Brown at the time :
TLe island is ia .attitude 23 22' X.. long. 173
30 W.. and isahonl three mi'.es in rireumfcrence. It
if comryited of broken coral and thellt, and is cover
ed near tbe thore bj low bnsbu. In the reason it
aWisds with tea-bird, and at timet there are con
aideraUe cumbers of hair-seals. The highest part of
tbe island it not more than ten feet aborc tbe level o(
the era. The onljr fresh water it what drain! through
the raad after the hearj rains."
Accompanying tbe account of the trrccV of the
Gledttase it a chart of tbe island engraved .'from a
aketeb. made bv Capt. Brown. We before that1 oar
lata t-wntmea Captains, Thos. King and F. Jiolteno
were boja on board the Gladttase at the time of the
Mails. A mall Is expected hourly, cither by the
bark D. U. Murry or clipper snip Oracle.
A small schooner has lately been launched at
Tokoo, Molokai. She was built by Mr. E. Rogers,
wbo intends to ran her between that place and La
balm. TnE bark Const Bismarck has nearly completed
repairs, and will "commence loading next week for
Bremen. She will take a cargo of oil and domestic
Removal. Messrs. C. A. Williams fc Co. have
removed tbelr place of business to the brick bnlld
In;; on Queen Street which was formerly occupied
by C. X. Spencer & Co.
D. S. TABirTi Those in search or t he last edition
of that very changeable revenue regulation the
United States tariff can find it la the Ilia Almanac
for 1S71, to be obtained at H. M. Whitney's Book
store. Floods of a serious nature bavc recently occurred
In the Australian colonies, spreading destruction
over many large and flourishing agricultural dis
tricts, and causing great Cicstltution among the
Owing to the uncertainty of the winds, the coast
ing fleet have been less active during the past few
weeks than usual, and it Is probable that consider
able freights are awaiting transportation from the
various shlpplnipolnts on the other islands.
Tde proprietor of the International Hotel made
an assignment on Wednesday last for tbe benefit of
bis creditors liabilities amounting to about $1,500.
Tbe bnuEC, since it opened, has bad a first rate run
of business, but through mismanagement hag not
been made tn pay.
The new coaster Lunalllo, while getting under
war on Saturday, at tbe old Market Wharf, stuck
fast on a rock which happens to be inconveniently
in tbe way there at low water. She got off in the
afternoon and sailed for Kona with a full freight
and a large uumber of passengers.
Feksons fastening horses near the sidewalk after
dark, should have tbem well secured. A few even
ings since, a horse, which bad been left standing In
front of an establishment on King street, from some
cause became frightened and started off at a furious
rate, nearly running over several persons. .
A native seaman belonging to the schooner Ket
tle .Merrill, was fined In tbe Police Court yesterday,
iu the sum of 1 100 for an assault on the captain, and
$7 50 for being Intoxicated, with costs. The affray
took place on Monday last, while the vessel was
taking in cargo before sailing for Lahaina.
The police having received information that a
party of natives and Chinese were carrying on gam
bling operations at a place in tbe upper part of tho
city on Sunday last, made a descent upon tbem, but
no proof could be found, the gamblers having got an
Intimation of their approach.
TriE regular meeting or the Fire Depaitmcuttook
place last Thursday evening. After the usual busi
ness bad been transacted, arrangements were made
for celebrating the anniversary of tbe department,
wbieh occurs ou the 3d of next month. The various
companies are also making preparations in honor of
the day.
As old 'gentleman of seventy was going to be ma
rled to a girl of seventeen. One day a friend, sur
prised him by embracing his intended. ""I don't
wonder at your astonishment," said theyoung lady,
readily, to the intruder; "you don't generally ex-pect-to
find old beads ou young shoulders." The
match was broken off.
Kauai has had a share of the prevailing wet
weather as well as Oahu. it is feared, however,
that instead of provlug a benefit It will be the re
verse. We learn that some of the fine grazing lands
In the neighborhood of Walmea, were inundated to
such an extent, that drains leading to the sea had to
be made to clear the land of tbe water.
As Ignoramus undertook the other evening to fill
a lighted lamp with kerosene. Had be not been in
terfered nit!, he might not have had a chance to fill
a second one. It is certainly a wonder that no acci
dents happen among us, such as often occur else
where from the careless handling of this fluid.
New PuoTOGRArmc Gallery. Part of Good
fellows Ice cream saloon, on King street, Is being
partitioned off for a photographic establishment for
an artist who arrived by the last California steamer.
With four galleries in this city there ought to be
considerable competition among photographers.
A Chinaman, while going along Kiog Street on
Saturday, with a hand-cart In front of him, received
a sudden elevation,, which be failed to appreciate in
the same manner as did those who saw it. The
cart contained a barrel of something heavy, which
rolled to the opposite end, giving the Chinaman a
rise injtbc world that he little expected.
As enterprising youth about ten years old, await
ing an opportunity of starting In life, commenced
business on Monday by borrowing tbe sum of two
oil; from the proprietor or an eating house, without
his consent. The Chinaman wanting security for
such a heavy transaction Lad him taken to the Sta
tion House. He was finally sent to tbe Reforma
tory School.
Asotiier BrjKOLARr. Information was received
at the Police Station on Monday night, that a small
clothing store, near Smith's Church, bclonglug to a
Chinamen, had been broken into in the early part of
the evening. The thieves who appear to have been
well acquainted with the premises, and probably,
Chinamen made a raise or fifty dollars in cash, be
sides three pair of cloth pants and a piece of cloth
coutalning about ten yards.
All -of us relish a bit or fine writing now and
then, and this from a Santa Fe paper. Is peculiarly
good: "Death, lth fleshUss knuckles, rapped at
the door cr Mrs. J. N. B.'s soul, and, obedient to
the inexorable call, the spirit or that loved woman
floated up to Its Creator, leaving her husband,
children and friends to mourn over the mortal
casket." Such ac obituary as that robs death or
its terrors.
The Engine which is at work dischargingthecoal
from tbe bark Antipodes, gave those In charge of it
a big scare on Wednesday last. Having been fired
up at the usual time, sufficient steam could not be
obtained to start work with. It was ascertained,
aflerconsiderablafiring up during which steam did
not seem to increase that the flue of the boiler
were choked. They were cleaned out and every
thtng worked all right. Tbe engineer had better
not get caught in the same fix a second time, as the
chances are that things might get scattered.
Honolulu Lodge Xo. 5 Is the name of a new ad
dition to tbe order of Good Templars in this city.
It has lately been organized and Is In a flourishing
condition. For the present it meets at Bu Sum's
,Hall every Monday evening. The following are the
officers; G. Lucas, W. CD; A- C. ButTum, P. V.
C; a U. Rose, V. T; R. Rycroft, W. R. S; G. Cro
ter, W. S; D. McCoriston, W.T; J. Iraln, W. F.
S; W. Lnmax, W. M; L. Rndanct, W. D. M; 11.
Foster, W. I. G; J. Roland, W. D. G; C. C. Ben
nett, W. C.
A native named Kaulla, living in tbe neighbor
hood called Pnnkolo, fn tbis city, having had some
difflculiy In regard to domestic affairs, concluded on
Saturday last,tbat the easiest nay to end bis troubles ;
would be to put an end to himself. Watching the
opportunity when no one but himself was in tbe
bouse, be 'astenrd a rope to a beam in the centre of
the'room and bung himself. He meaut to make an
effectual job of It, and would have succeeded bad not
some one entered the room In time to sate him. He
was 'taken down quite senseless, and it took some
time before he was brought to again. He has con
sented to oblige his friends by not trying it again.
From Capt. Chase, or the Nettle Merrill, we have
received some specimens or apples grown on the
estate of Captain Makte at TJlapalakua, which for
size and flavor are qnite equal to any received from
I be orchards of California or Oregon. Capt. Crane
Informs us that the orchard at Ulupalakua produces
a large number of apples equal in every respect to
the samples. The success or Capt. Makec in cultl
vatIng4hIsfrultnotonlyshowatbe result of patience '
and perseverance, but demonstrates that the high
lands of these Islands arc capable of producing
fine ipples as can be procured from abroad. We
trust lhat others who bavc lauds In favorable locali
ties will emulate bis caple.
We publish, tbis week, a table of exports for the
last quarter or 1S70, as compared with that of the
corresponding quarter or 1SG9; also showing the
comparatlvecxport.forlS69and 18T0. Tbesetablis
will be Interesting to our readers; not only those
interested in' the business or the couotry, but those
" abroad who may deslre"lo keep posted In Its devel
opment We cannot pass over the just commenda
tion due tbe Cuttom House officers fur the very
careful statements of the exports of the kingdom
made bvtbem. The beautiful tables mode up by
Jlr. J. A. Hasslngcr, Deputy Collector, under Hie
direction of the Collfctor General, are alike worthy
or praise lor fullness or detail and for perfection In
the art ofcaligraphy.
The Wistek months, so Tar, keep up the reputa
tion of the season for rain and storm. January
came in with us, in a shower which has been kept
up till the present time, with slight intermissions or
unusually chilly "north-wind" weather. The ther
mometer has stood as low as 04" during part of tbe
time, which Is unusual for Honolulu. Although
tbote living in colder climates would laugh at any
one complaining of cold in the above temperature,
yet it is true that not only many people do suffer
during our coldest days, and animals which arc ex
posed to the weather during the cold rains here,
seem to suffer quite as much as those which arc ex
posed to the violent changes of temperature and
storms In those countries where Ice and snow relgu
during tbe winter."
KiDNAi-riNO is the South Seas. Br the last
steamer from Australia, we received the particulars
of a kidnapping case which has created considerable
interest in the colonies. A few months since, a ves.
sel arrived at one of the Samoan Islands to obtain
watcrand supplies, having on board a uumber of na
tives'who had been kidnapped from the neighboring
islands. Tbe chief of tbe Island went off to the
vessel, and ascertaining the state of affaire, told the
captives the greater part of whom were on deck
to jump overboard and swim on shore. Nearly tbe
whole of them succeeded In doing so, and arrived at
the village, where they were kindly received by tbe
Islanders. The captain of the vessel went on shore
to obtain satisfaction from the chief, but was made
a prisoner, and handed over to the British Consul,"
who, afterluvestigating the case, sent him to Sydney
to be dealt with by the authorities there.
Rotal nAWAHAS Tueatbe. Entertainments arc
given at the Theatre on Monday, Wednesday and
'Saturday evenings of each week, under the proprie
torship of Mr. C. Derby, and management of Mr.
Frank Jones. We regret to say that during the past
week tbe efforts of these gentlemen, to cater for
tbe public amusement, have not met with the sup
port which the character of their entertainments
deserve. The delineations of Mr. Jones, and the
songs and dancing ol Miss Maggie Knight, ought
to insure full houses every time they appear before
the public. Miss Maggie Knight takes a benefit on
Monday evening next, when an unusually attractive
entertainment will be given. In addition to the
usual company, Mrs. J. W. Kulght will also appear.
We hope-thc public will show their appreciation of
the wonderful taleutsof the little beneficiary by giv
ing her a crowded house.
The Kuokoa. The New Tear's number of this
well-established Hawaiian paper now in its tenth
volume which appeared last week, took everybody
by surprise. Besides a new and tasty beading en
graved expressly for It, and printed in red, It has the
Hawaiian flag also printed in brilliant red and'blue,
indicollng to strangers, better than any description
could, what the Hawaiian ensign Is. Accompany
ing the Hag, is Prince William C. Lunalilo'6 hymn
" God Save the King," and a translation or the same
in English, made' by Rev. L. Ljons, ot Hawaii.
Good Judges or Hawaiian say that his composition
is one or the most expressh'e in the native language.
With such papers as the Kuokoa and Au Oioa, both
beautifully printed on clear type and white paper,
and supplied for two dollars a year, Hunaiians
ought not. to complain of a lack of reading matter
and war news. Mr. II. M. Whitney Is the publisher
of the Kuokoa.
We beg to call attentiou to the advertisement of
the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York,
to be found lu the advertising columns of to-day's
issue. This Company is thUjlargest, most reliable,
and best manoged in the United States. There are
no stockholders, and its immense capital of over
$41,000,000 belongs exclusively to the policy holders,
and the whole of Its profits arc annually .equitably
divided umong the assured. The principles upou
which Life Iusurance Is based, and which this pow
erful organization the Mutual Lift has corried to.
such perrection, are not only beantlfuVin theory but
have, in their operation, fulfilled and even surpassed
the predictions and hopes of their most eanguiucad
vocate6. If this Company were a recent experiment
we should speak less confidently of its merits; but
the steady course It has pursued for more than a
quarter ora century, and tbe irrefragable evidence It
has constantly afforded of healthy prosperity, have
earned for it a reputation forstability which justifies
us In placing it before our friends and tbe public as
an assured success, the greatest ever achieved in
Life Assurance. Mr. E. P. Adams, the local agent
at this place, or Mr. J. R. Helen, who is now here as
special agent of the Company, will lully explain the
workings of the Institution to all who wish to post
themseives. -
It would seem fromtbe following from the t
or the 15th ult., that some or the people or that
steady old Quaker City, Philadelphia, had become
greatly excited over the irrepressible Chinaman. It
is probable that not more than a score of Chinamen
have ever seen that city, and the time Is far distant
when they will interfere with the labor of tbe peo
ple. Tbe wisdom, therefore, of the Antl-Coolle
League, in taking up tbe subject in time is very evi
dent: "The various expedients for stopping the influx
of Chinese to this country, afford much amusement
to the inventors, probably, and certainly most of
them are amusing to the general public. Away off
in Philadelphia, where tlicy have not so much as
felt the first wave of this "great flood-tide of Chi
nese immigration," there Ismail organization of ab
surd persons known as tbe Workingmen'a Anti
Coolie League. This precious league has lately pre
pared a bill for the consideration of Congress, by
which Chinese immigration is to be forever put to
an end. By tbe terms or the bill It is proposed to
treat tbe "coolie trade as piracy, officers of the
vessels as pirates, and to fine agents engaged in the
Introduction of Chinese labor in enornrous amounts.
As -the bill contemplates classing as Coolies all
" who do not come to tbis land' to make a perma
nent residence here," it will be seen that the com
merce of the Pacific Ocean stands a chance of being
blown ont of water. It is a lucky thing for the
country that these remarkable men who run the
Anti-Coolie and similar organizations do not have
exclusive i-ontrol or aablic affairs. They wonld
make wild work with tne first principles of political
SuniEME Cccbt January Term, 1S71. The Al
iening cases bare been dispotcd of:
- Rex vs. Lohiau Grots Cheat. The Deputy Attor
ney General entered a mol. pro.
Rex vs. .N'nuanu Larceny or Animals on appeal
from the District Justice or South Kohala. Tbe Dep
uty Attorney General entered a not. prot.
Rex vt. Jamet J. Peavy Vending Spirituous Li
quors without a license. Verdict, Guilty. Mr. Stan
ley for de'endant.
Colborn't minors vt. Umaand Kama! Ejectment
Default entered. Jury called and rendered a verdict
for plaintiffs ; restitution of land butno damages.
Mikalemi et alt vt. Luao Ejectment Jury waived.
Case argued and tubmitted. Messrs. Stanley and
Davis for plaintiffs. Messrs. Austin and Dole for de
fendant. Wm. II. Davis vt. Cbat. Brewer Ejectment. Non
tuit ordered. Mr. Thompson for plaintiff, Mr. Judd
for defendant.
IK Ad lJtALTr. Henry May vs. schr. Sovereign.
This was a libel to recover the value of certain bags
of flour, tins of crackers and rases of bread, alleged to
have been damaged by talt water on account of tbe
unseaworthiness of the vefteL Tbe answer admitted
that tbe goods had been wet, but alleged that tbo
damage wat owing to the perils of the seas, tbe vessel
having Rencountered a gale on tbe second day after
leaving San Francisco. After hearing tbe evidence,
the Court held that tbis came within tbe exeepted
clause of the Bill of Lading, and gave judgment for
the respondent with cost.
Messrs.. Judd and Harris far libellant, Mr. Stanley
for respondent. -
Fell Overboard. On Saturday evening, the 31st
nit., a native woman who had taken passage on tbe
Kate Lee for Hilo, while carelessly sitting on the
rail or the vessel, losther balance and fell overboard.,'
Tbe vessel was put about Immediately, and search
made for tbe missing paisenger, but owing to the
darkness, those on board were unable to see her
or bear her cries, although she saw tbe vessel and
made every effort to make herself beard. The ves
sel again resuming ber course after tbe inefiectnal
search, tbe woman saw that the only apparent
chance to save herself, was to swim to Diamond
Head, uhich was in tight, although a long distance
off. After swimming in that direction between two
and three hours, being at the time nearly exhausted,
she saw another schooner coming up, and was for
tunately able to make those on board hear her cries
for assistance. A boat was at once Ion ered from
the schooner, which proved to be" Mary, and the
woman rescued. She was landed at Lahaina and
returned to Honolulu In tbe Nettle Merrill.
Otsters. We clip the following from the Sau
Francisco Bulletin of tbe 15th jilt., referring to an
experiment made somewhere near San Francisco,
with seedlings from New Torkwhich has proved,
according to the report, entirely successful:
"Since the publication ora paragraph referring to
an experiment at 0 ster growing in San Francisco
Bay, we have been shown some of tbe oysters and
have been satisfied on undoubted evidence that the
New York seedlings planted here a year ago, have
made the grontb which would require two or three
years lu their native waters. Tbe flavor or these
transplanted oysters is round to heasdelicateasthat
or Ihe best Eastern growth. This experiment was
made by persons vtbo have had a long practical fa
miliarity with tbcoyster business, and who, having
demonstrated that large and fihe oysters can be
grown here, have formed a company with a capital
ol $:.0,000, and Intend to begin operations forthnith
on a large scale. The locution of their bed Is of
course their on n secret. Several capitalists will
take stock with them, to help found a new and -valuable
industry, which will supply our markets with
a delicious'and wholesome edible. We are informed
that $1,000 a day are spent In this city for the small
inferior native ojstcrs, besides large amounts for
imported canned oysters. Beds of Improved oysters
in our n waters would make still Ijrger sales and
employ a larger amount of capital tnd labor. The
PaeiHc Oister Company, which has just filed Its or
tides of incorporation, will be the pioneers in tbis
important business."
Oysters require a muddy rather than a sandy or
rocky bottom to flourish iu, and wherever a shallow
bay can be found that possesses that requisite, tbey
can be cultivated to any extent. Vi'x believe that
with the proper seedlings any quantity or as fine
oysters maybe produced in the lagoon at Pearl River
as can be produced In any locality, the cultivation of
which could also be made profitable. There are al
ready, in certain parts of thVlaiiooc, found a species
of native oyster which possesses much ol the deli
cate flavor of the delicious bivalve to be found in
such abundance on the Atlantic coast. It only re
quires a little enterprise, and no great expense to
those Owning the land along the shores of the lagoon
to try tbe experiment with a good prospect or rich
returns. We hope, now that It Is practicable with
the quick steam communication letwecn here and
Sau Francisco to get the seed here hi good condition,
that some one of them will try the experiment.
Xlic l-'cclliiir in France.
Mr. Editor: When the natural passions excited
by the frlghtrul war, now raging on the Continent of
Europe, have subsided, after the restoration pf Peace
when the destructive and deadly antagonism' of the
combatants has given place too generous emulation
for the welfare of mankind and the furtherance of
tbe progress or the human mind, It "ill be an inter
esting study to gather and scan the documents rela
tive to the eventful phases of the Franco-German
Napoleon III has just published the military part
ora work, that he Is preparing in his magnificent
prison of Wiiliclmshohe, under tbe title of The causes
that have brought about the capitulation of Sedan
(By an officer attached to the Head Staff.) The po
litical part will soon appear under the head of: Re
lations of France and Germany irv the reign of Na
poleon HI (By a Senator of the Empire.)
The main arguments of the imperial thesis may
prove, even now, a matter of Interest ; I am there
fore going to expound them, showing, as Impartially
as I can, both sides of tbe question, so that every
one can make such comments as may best suit his
personal opinion or favorite tendencies.
And firstly, Napoleon admits that when he com
menced hostilities, he knew full well that he
ludlut 300,000 men rcady.for active service. His
hope was to compensate the numeric inferiority of
his army by a great rapidity of muvemenl, which
would have enabled him to invade the South of
Germany and cut it off'from the North. Tbe dis
proportion of lorccs would then have been materi
ally diminished. This he could not accomplish,
since, as events have proved, his plan of invasion
wo6 anticipated by the Prutsiuns. He railed on ac
count or delays which he Imputes to tbe "defects or
the French military organization, which have been
Iu existence for the last fifty years."
This statement might naturally be objected to
by a Republican Frenchman, (whom I will here
Introduce for the sake ot argument,) that an all
powerful military government, such as the Empire
has been for eighteen years', has no excuse for not
having discovered and done an ay with those vices
of "routine," after the experience of two previous
wars, in which they showed themselves but too ap
parently. The author of this pamphlet meets this argument
by accusing tbe Legislative Assembly of having "re
fused their necessary co-operation to the mot urg
ent reforms. Who does not remember the difficul
ties and protests which arose from the introduction
of the bill for military "reorganization? The mem
bers of the opposition were upholding the most
absurd theories about leva n.rnoe,-altogclher Im
practicable and a hostile feeling prevailed every
where." m
My French Republican has a ready answer for
"thhVand as be is perhaps fond jif signing, he says
that the above was true during the last two years
when the gauche numbered about forty adherents,
but that In tbe previous sixteen years, the Assembly
showed themselves anxious and ready to follow and
support the suggestions and. measures proposed
by the government, and that 11 the military system
should have been imprpved, it could have been bet
tered If found deficient Snd wanting. Tbe Emperor
then states that after the unpropltlous beginning of
the campaign for which he felt he would be held
responsible he gave up tbe command or the army
to Marshal Bazalne, in whose talents every one had
great confidence; but he soon foundf-out that after
having resigned his position as commander-In;chief
In order to assume again bis supreme authority in
tbe State, it was Impossible for him to carry out bis
He wanted to go to Paris,with Marshal McMahon
at tbe head of tbe troops which were then assembled
at Chalons, but this decision met with strung oppo
sition on the part or the government or the Empress
Regent, wboTsent orders to Marshal McMahon to
proceed to Metz In spite or all tbe dangers that be
for saw in that flank movement.. It is therefore on
the Government or Paris that tbe Emperor lays tbe
responsibility or tbe distster of Sedan a disaster
which was forseen by McMahon, on account of the
lack of cohesion of bis new army, which be meant
to drill and exercise under tbe walls of Paris. The
Imperial writer vindicates tbe capitulation of Sedan
by the utter Impossibility in which hefound him
self, either or continuing the flight or or effecting a
retreat. ,
Finally, the Emperor ascribes the success or Prus
sia to the superior number, tbe inflexible discipline
of ber army, and tbe regard of the'Germant for. tbe
recognized principles of authority. In Francesco1
tbe contrary, tbe Assembly opposed measures calcu
lated to Increase the material forces or tbe nation,,'
and the wars in Africa introduced in the army de---
plorablc traditions, lack or discipline, want or cohe
sion, exaggeration in the weight' to be carried by
the soldiers, as well as in the baggage allowed to
the officers, Tbe looseness of discipline is also as
cribed by Napoleon III to the violent language of
the Press, which everywhere spread a bitter spirit
ol criticism There is a great deal of truth lu
these last Imputations, and as tbe eontra-argument
of my friend tbe Republican do not seem to me for
cible enough, I shall riot continue them.
I have lately become acquainted with some curious
facts connected with the mysterious visit of General
BourbakI to the Empress In England, which I will
cesisinnicate to you at an early date. ,
Tour's trulj, -
Gcrraan Answcrto French Circular.
"We copy the following from the Wiser Zeilung
of October 21st :
" By simply denying all complicity with the
originator of this war, and" by thrusting on him
the onus of all misfortunes and disgraces which
now crush France, once so grand, the French try
to tote their presentEitnation as easy as possible
so as to lighten their consciences at, least of the
self-accusation which tbe dreadful catastrophe
now pending over them roust awaken. Thus they
come to the extraordinary assertion that the Ger
mans, but more especially the Prussians, commit
an act of unheard of barbarity in continuing the
war after they had taken the Emperor Jiapoleon
a prisoner, and after a certain number of Parisian
men of the pavement have deposed the Bona
parte dynasty and proclaimed the Republic. This
manner of freeing themselves frotn the responsi
bilty of the daring breach of peace against Ger
many,and besides, thecjaim of a peace settlement
with the least possible burden as advanced by M.
Jules Favre, seems to be most palatable to the
French. Even to this day, after the lapse of an
othcrjnonth of severe trials which have passed
ovsr France, the doctrine of Sir. Favre is still
clung to, and his proxy outsido of Paris ha3 en
deavored to treat the same subject, with new
variations, in a long document which rather
bears the character of a bold pamphlet than that
of a State document.
Tbe delegate in Tours, Mr. ChauUordy, has not
shown much ability in bis work, for notwith
standing the numerous protestations at French
Iovo of peace, coupled with considerable rudeness
towards Count Bismarck, the author is lead to
prove, nnintentjonallythattn?Tar was actually
a necessity against the ambition of Prussia ; that
in fact Prussiaprepared and made the war inev
itable. The Emperor Napoleon may thank Mr.
Chaudordy, and at the samu time console himself
during his captivity at Wilhelinshohe, with the
thought that, if tbe war of 1870 had taken a
happy turn for the French arms the breach of
peace would have been condoned ; and Mr. Chan
dordy, who even-dares to smooth over the Mexi
can adventure, would have assuredly found a
friendly excuse for a victorious campaign against
It is a miserable attempt, a sneer at the im
portance of universal suffrage, when tho present
republican leaders with as few single citations
from the reports ofthe Prefects, try tojshow the
peaceful intentions of France, whilst they pass
over in silence the vote of the legal representa
tives of the nation, and totally ignore that an im
mense mojority of Frenchmen a few months be
fore the beginning of the war,-onco more sane
tioncd the man who continually has entangled,
tho country in foreign wars. If the nation, by
ignoring its own direct and indirect votes, ap
proves of this attempt, it acknowledges its own in
The.breaking out of the war of 1870 surprised
France a3 well as Germany, and it ia possible,
that the French people may not have been in the
mood to undertake "willingly the exertions and
burdens of tho war, but the desire for a war
against Germany, the craving for the German
Rhenish Provinces, has been fostered by the en
tiro French nation through generations with crim
iiml arrogance, and the Emperor only took advan
tage -of their evil passions, when ho undertook
this.'for bim, fatal enterprise. Nowhere is French
Sentiment more clearly set forth, than in the pro
clamations of tho Itepublican Government.
France, imperial no more than royal or repnb.
lican, has ever been willing to concede to as, the
right of an independent, vital national develnpe-
meiit. The events of 1866 have been looked up
on with envy by all French politicans, tho ftcon
slruction of Germany has been in the eyes of
Frenclimen only, an increase of power and author
ity of Prussia, an attempt against the influence of
The moral complicity of France in this war can
no more be denied than her formal participation
in it, she is as much responsible'for it as ever a
country was responsible for the misdeeds of its
DEWING II 0051 ASA A t KapnUma on the Eth Inst., by
Her. II. W. Parker, Sir. A. IV. Dewing, of Honolulu, to Miss
Hoomana, of Walmanalo, Kootanpoko.
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L NOTICE that be is prepared to rcceire the
TAXES for tbe Year 1ST0, ror each and every divi
sion of tbe above District,
At his Office, in Marine Street,
Opposite tbe Honolulu Iron Works, and all parties
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Tax Collector, Honolulu.
January 2. 1871. 11 lma
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Before the Hon. A. S. llartaell. First Associate Jaa
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ts. Leonard Mitchell and Komokaolei, his wife,
the Supreme Court of Law and Equity of the
Hawaiian Itlandj. hi faror or the abore named Com
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The undirided half of that certain piece oflaad
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granted to Kaluaaiaa for Lupe, by Royal Patent Io.
4 123. dated the 7th day or April, 1857, and more par
ticularly deicribed in a Deed (ton M. Lipoa, t'l
Leonard Mitchell, ono hair; Caroline Mitchell. one
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kihihikina, epili ana me koala ololl a e holo akao
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a emi iki paha, together with one fcalf of the tene
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Assignees' Settle
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On Saturday, February 11, 1871,
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Situated ia Laupahoehoe Gulch,
District or Hilo, Itland or Hawaii, eonreyed to 0. N.
Spencer by U. C. Harris, by deed, dated July 20,
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Commencing at tha makai northeast corner of Ka
hawai's lot, and running along hli lot louth, 41
west, 810 chains, to the school bouse tot ; tbence along
said lot south, 37i 3 east, S7S eh'alna, to tbe north
corner of Paapu'i lot (No. 5); thence north, 35
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chains to commencementaj-containiog 4 acres, to
gether with alt and lingular
The Buildings Thereon Situated.
C. S. BARTOW, Auct'r.
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GItc U CH,
98 lme
fv 9& W-rrt 9tVM4r

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