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hoxolvlc. jAXUARrvt, in.
Tbe British ship Oracle arrived to-day, en ronU
for Hong Kong. Oar Stn Francisco advices by her
an op U the lai last. We fee do change in prim ,
in the San Francisco market as to onr produce tbe
boiiUays, change in the Tariff on tbe 1st, and tbe dull
leases of Ibe year, all tended to make basiness very
dall far tbe previous month. Onr adrirai by tbe Or
acle report the D. C. Murray to tail on ibe 3d. She
will be dee in all tbU week.
The weather continues very nnfavorable for getting
sugars ferwari, and several vessels are jet detained
for cargo, vis., the J. A. Falkenburg. for Oregon :
Robert Cowan, for Victoria ; and Margaret Crock ard.
for San Francisco. The Castlehow and A. P. Jordan
are op fr Australia.
He learn that tbe eteamfhip Nevada, belonging to
Webb's Australian Line baa been thoroughly over
heated at Beaiais, and taken to San Francisco, pre
paratory to being placed on the route.
Sees a Import from Jan. lit to Dee. 15th : Eait
em. bbli., 1,175 j nawaiian, lbs., ll.OOSiri, pkgj,
4.7K . Peruvian. Iba.. 10,147.369; China. Ibi.. 1,171,
C:. pkg..:,4C6; Tabltian, lbs.. 13.SSS, pkg, 343 ;
.Manila. Ma., O0,t6t. ska. 38,147 ; Batavia, lbi.,
4,IM.4C!. Mexican, lbi. 7J.S63, pkgi. 667 ; Central
American, lbi. 1.S70.117.
ire crip the fellewiog from the Com. Herald:
"We are without im porta from an; quarter. Sales
Include HfiW) lbi. Perniiaa at SJglOe. for grocery
gradee . SW kegs Hawaiian, in lota, sold at 12c for
extra choice there is in fact, no other kind in Cnt
handi here. We hare already chronicled the tale of
2t bbla of Alrarado Beet Sngar, crystaliied, to the
jobbers, at 13'c. and we are now informed that tbe
mill ha a product ef 340 acrea of beett, and ii turn
ing oat 30 bUs sugar per day, expecting the entire
p redact of the aeaaon to be 3.0M bbli., all of good
uniform quality. The success attending the manu
facture baa thus far been remarkable ; but bow profit
able tbe remit none can tell until a final cleaning up
next (f ring. Tbe rise in Crnibed at New York has
had a ether effect here thaa to stiSen holders. But
Kuie boetaefs dung, nor will there be any extensive
transactions cntil after New Tear's. Tbe market for
Reined is steady. The price of California Crashed
is eentinsed at HJe ; do Cuba, lie ; Granulated, 14c ;
Powdered. 14,c; Golden C and Tellow Coffee, 13c.
Tie J"ew YetSkippiuj List ef Dec 14 save : "Few
f ear ReSoertare cow at work, and the present in
euiry is small ; there is also a material falling off in
tbe demand for parcels in bond to carry orer till next
year. The baying in bond far nie aext month, which
has given such strength and buoyancy to the market
of late, is new for tbe mast part suspended, owing to
tbe uncertain censtraetion likely to be put upon tbe
sew Tariff" Act, to go into effect 1st prox. Tbe ques
Hon at iisae, as we uudestand it, is whether all Raw
r Usseevado Sugar shall pay a duty of two cents
Zb, ar eeme ic as ether grades, according to numbers,
and pay higher rates. This uncertainty, now for tbe
rst time .diseaised. has much to do with bringing
cur market to a stand, baring the effect to lessen tbe
dispotkiett to buy, and to somewhat increase the de
sire U sell hence the qaietade and claekness of the
market for a day or two past. Refined on Saturday
last took another tarn, the small offerings and the
srgeuey ef buyers establishing a farther adrance ;
bat tbe demand being again reduced to tbe current
wants ef eusamers, the market closed dull ; though
as the prod action is only about ene third the capacity
ef oar refiners, and some of them art sold ahead,
there is not, and can be so material ineerase of sup
plies till tbe beginning of January. We quote Hard
Crashed at.Hi'H"c"
"A private telegram from Washington states that
some alteration in tbe wording of the tariff, relative
to Sugar, has passed the Senate. Tte dispatch prob
ably refers to tbe evident contradiction which occars
between the two following sections The existing
tariff aays,1he doty shall be 'on all Kaw or Muscora
do Segars. nt above No. 7. Batch standard ia color,
lie' while tbe toceeeding daaao says, 'on all Raw or
MuseovNto Sugars above No. 7, Dntch standard in
coioi . and on all other not above No. 10, two cents
tbe pound.' Now, as tbe sugar mentioned in the
rtt clautia net above No. 10, it will be compelled
to pay two cents tbe poand , instead of lie, as the
law plainly intneded. Advices received from London
yesterday, state that from 1.000 to 1,500 tons of 'white
sagar kad been purchased there for export to Ger
many, the market having been deprived of its asual
sappay of Beet-root sugar by reason of the war. From
New York ve learn that 2,000 bbls crashed Sagar bad
been beegbt for tbeValparaiso market, its accustomed
jmpettatjen of beet-root sagar having failed."
Jan. It Seer IaabrU. tnm Kauai.
invatk Iteary Tater, Packard, from tea.
Fneca pia-Sjoat iUmclla, VI routhlcr. It days from
tt Soars ttunokawal. Itaitle and JesoT. from Kauai.
Sehr Mary ta Ua.aH.
Fctir Ki lUy from Kootau.
lt-ehr raaaM and Warwick from MalokaL
fVkra UHw from IVaUSua aod R Ty from Pouloa.
Haw atr KiUaea Ileirisvo, 7 days from Ocean IeTd.
Ii Sekra Settle Merrill, Mary Ellen and KInan from
slant, Toan from Koolaa aad Fairy Qneen
fma KaaaL
4 Soars Kale Lee and Annie from Hawaii.
1 Fefcrs YVaMa from Matokai aod Actire from Maul.
Brttshtp Oracle, Given, 15 daya from San rranciaco,
en route ta China.
IS Am kark D. C Murray, SenBitt, 15 daja from E. V.
lt-Schr nolrulele far Molekal.
Il-Satir Pauafcl far Me)kaL
13 Sebra A elite far Maul, Bob Eot far Eoolau and Iaa-
belia far Kin. I
IS Am whbk IlearyTaber. Packard, to cruise.
Beit brk Aatlralea. Kilpatrick, tor Port Towntend.
refer Mary for Kauai.
19 ccbra Jeaey. Ilattle, Maauokawal and John Toaog
far Kauai, Warwick for Molokal and Rob Roy for
11 Sdira etti Merrill and Kanrai for Slant
Tar Part Tewasrod per Antipodea, Jan. 13 Mrs. Lewis,
lira. Lebmaaa. j
Five Misctes wirn BisitaKCE. (From onr Spe
cial Correspondent- I had a chat, last Dight, wltb
Bisourck. Wc ttnock.lA cigar together. He talks
nareaervediy of the war; cays be has no secrets
aboat It; arhy should he have any? It is every
body' a business as much as his own. I told him I
tboeght he eras a loot to stick out for Alsace and
Lorraine. No, be said, be iras not a fool; be
Eacw well caoogh that Alsace and Lorraine
would be store plagce than profit; bnt tbe pub
lic opinl.Tn of Germany demanded those Provin
ce, sad real rablic opinion, another thing from the
proposition of the gentlemen of the pavement, could
sot be j&rrrarded, eves lilt were despised. The
Gertaan public was the fool; cot he Well, I said,
cowr It's a pity; for see what a risk you run. Here
w ill be Winter coming- ou presently, and in another
fortnight von will bare to fight General November.
It Is quite on the cards that you msy be attacked
with lnficecxa, or even dysentery, cot to mention
cholera and typhus, aod iorccd to beat a retreat
throach hostile territory. In frost and snow, like tbe
great Napoleon j by great, I mean great benefactor
of bis species; sftea he was compelled to cut and
run tram Moscow. Then, after all, you would be
obliged to conclude peace with the F reach, at tbe
best cpon equal terms, aad In that case, said I, don't
job see. old fellow !
What? said Bismarck.
Why then, don't you see, I explained, yon will or
course lose your Indemnity. Hadn't you better
xsake peace while you are sure of that ? That never
struck me before, said Bismarck. I tell yon what,
yoa an a deuced clever fellow, and your head is
screwed on tbe right way. Tea, we might make
sure of the Indemnity cow; at all events ecu Id col
lar tbe French Fleet m go to the King- .ilrectly,
aod tell Hla Majesty what yon suggest. A splendid
Idea, dear boy, be added, slapping me on tbe liack.
Gool-bye for Ibe present; but drop In sipdn toou.
I shouldn't wonder if your bint has Important con
sequences. Before yon go, give me another of those
cigars. - -
A sensible fellow, with nothing like pride about
hire, or si nek -up notions, and quite capable of list -ssiegtoasd
appreciating good advice, is Bismarck.
I stall not be at all sarprtsed to hear la a day or two
tbar. peace baa been concluded on tbe basis of an In
demnity, the demolition ol tbe forts, and, for the
rest, continuance an tSaiS fuo. ISmcK
Vcazx, AsaoBE. The schooner Kitty Cartwrijht
went ashore at Moloaa, Kauai last week daring a
straw of weather. A Teasel was dispatched on Mob
dsy to Iter assistance, asd It la thought tbe will be
-Tns IIcrjut has jnst arrived with one dsy'a later
news than were received by the Oracle.
jTse Kiuicn will resume' her regulsr trips on
"Monday next, leaving at the usual hour for Hilo and
Intermediate ports.
Altzratiox. The interior of SL Andrew's Ca
thedral has been altered to make room fur more
seats. . Instead of three aisles as heretofore center
and two side aisles there are now two which lead
through the center of tbe building. Tbe space econ
omised has made loom for forty more pews.
Awx Ll cesses. On Friday last C 8. Bartow sold
a license for one year for tbe district of Waialna, for
tbe sum of (190, to a native named Klhikibl. On
Saturday two licenses were sold at Labalna, fur that
place and Hana. There was considerable competi
tion and both were knocked down to a Chinaman
for 11,400.
A Discovrnr. A party who were out fishing on
Saturday uigbt discovered what they thought were
two comets, both traveling in tbe aame direction
from East to West. The first one wss seeu be
tween cine and ten o'clock, and tbe second between
eleven and twelve, lustead of being comets tbey
were probably meteors.
The lower part of tbe town begins to assume
quite a fortified appearance, cannon baring been
planted on tbe various corners and around the ducks.
We were cot to much surprised at this as we were
tbe other day, on entering a well known counting
room near tbe wharf to see a small brass field-piece
occupying a prominent position In the centre cf tbe
room, which certainly looked as if an exciting time
was expected in that locality.
It is enrrently reported thst the Hon. Jnllus Vogel,
Postmaster Geueral of New Zealand, will arrive in
tbe City ol Melbourne, on bis way to England. The
visit of this gentleman tv ill be tbe more interesting
to onr community as he Is not only l'ostmaster Gen
eral, but one of the leading members oi tbe New
Zealand press. He will doubtless, on his return to
the colony, make it his business to publish a graph
ic account of Hawaii its productions aod resources.
Mr. Vogel is or was editor and proprietor or oue
of tbe leading journals of Auckland, the Smdhern
The Auckland papers by last mall Inform us that
11 err Brandmann a tragedian of high reputation
and his wile, bad arrived in that city by tbe Wonga
Wonga on ber last trip. We have It on very good
authority that they will arrive here by the City of
Melbourne, on tbelr wayUo tbe United States. As
a delineator ot Sbakesperlan character, Mr. Band
maun is said to stand unrivalled, and tbe Australian
press have pronounced him to be oue of the first ac
tors or the age. Should he be prevailed upon to
glte an entertainment here, our citizens will have
an Intellectual treat of rare occurrence
Ox Wednesday night last abont tw elre o'clock,
tbe residents of a quiet neighborhood in tbe upper
pari of the tonn were aroused from tbelr slumbers
by a noise, tbe like of which bad never been beard
before Some of tbem doubtless Imagined that the
Comet must have made its appearance and bad
come iu contact with Puncbbon!, which was com
ing rolliug about tbeir ears. It was not the Comet,
however, but an Improvised band of Calathumpians,
who were serenading a newly married couple. The
happy bridegroom Is a brother typo, and all of bis
fellows in the art, wish him a long and happy wedded
life and lots of etc.
The French S. S. Ilamclln arrived at this port on
Thursday last, bringing dates from Tahiti to tbe 23tti
of December. She brings the report of the arrival
of tbe U. S. S. Jamestown at tbe harbor of Fapacte
on tbe 2Gth of December. The Jamestown received
an enthusiastic welcome there; tbe Captain and of
ficers being eutertained In a splendid manner by the
French civil and military officers. We give
below a list of tbe officers of tbe Hamelln :
MM Pouthier, CcpUaine de Frigatt, Commandant.
Bourgnignou Duperre, Lieutenant de rafssruM.
Rlcbard, Blarez, De Lourmtl, Kiutgntde YaUuau.
Salute-cllire Devllle, aide Commluaire, OfficitrCad-
Latlere, Chcringior major.
Koux, Aide CArringoir.
In tbe tables of distances between San Francisco
and the Australian Colonies, published last week,
were three grots blunders. The table should have
read as follows:
San Francisco to Honolulu 2,100 miles
Honolulu to Fiji 2,830
Fiji to Aucklacd 030
Total San Francisco to Auckland.... 5.920
From Auckland to Sydney 1,2$0 (
Total San Fco to Sydney via Auckland 7,200
From Stn Fco to Fiji via Honolulu.. 4.900
From Fiji to Sydney 1,520
Total from San Francisco to Sydney via
Honolulu and Fiji 6,450
As anonymous correspondent ot tbe Adetrtuer
has written to that luminary alengtby article "all
auout a comet." Tbe Editor published the article,
but ventnred to remark at tbe same time, that he
thought bis correspondent of rather a "quizzical"
turn. We think no too, at tbe same time being of
opinion that he ecru it too strong on that occasion.
Not only did he succeed id getting tbegood-nsturcd
person referred to, but also a correspondent or ours,
who writes: "I read lu Wednesday's Adrerfiser
tbe article 'All about a Comet,' and ever since I've
been keeping a sharp look-out for the long-tailed
gentleman, but he has not tfime vp yet, and I com
mence to fear that the Adtert'uer'i correspondent
was a wag, or else Mods. Nungetsor was very far
out in bi gueuing."
Tbe Theatbe has been fairly patronised dur
ing tbe past week, the character of tbe performan
ces having materially Improved. Mr. Alfred Singer,
whose taledts as a pianist are highly appreciated,
again presides over the musical department. Frank
Jones is as lunny as ever, and succeeds In bringing
down tbe bouse with bis witticlslms. This young
gentleman Is very assiduous in his efforts to please,
and there can be no doubt that bis perseverance
will one day give hint a blgb position In his profes
sion. . Tbe charming little dansense and vocalist,
Maggie Knight, took a benefit on Monday evening
which was well attended. She excelled herself on
tbe occasion and won tbe hearty appreciation of tbe
audience. Extensive alterations and repairs are
being made In tbe building, which will cot only
tend to beautify It, but add to the comfort and secu
rity of its patrons.
Ax Ouixocs Sign. One' Say last week, we ob
served a native tolling along one of onr principal
streets under tbe. weight of one of those last recep
tacles for tbe human race a coffin. The day being
rather warm, tbe man determined to take a rest and,
as If prompted by some evil genius be deposited
his burden In Iront oi a well known drug store. A
gentleman passing, noticing tbe coffin, observed
that he had known some disciples o! Esculspius with
considerable assurance, but had never met with one
who bad the effrontery to use a coffin as a sign.
Stepping Into the drag store he complimented tbe
druggist on his novel advertisement. Tbe proprie
tor laughed Incrednously, went outside, beheld tbe
code, flew Into a passion vowing Tengance on the
person who placed it there. Meanwhile, our native
friend, roused from his apathy by the gesticulations
of tbe drnggist, saw the blunder be bad made and
enjoyed it amazingly.
Hawaii vs. CnWA. Hawailacs are naturally of
a pacific nature, but that they can be roused to com
batlveness is evidenced by an Incident which oc
curred on Saturday last. A native boy entered tbe
stort of a Chinaman on Nnuann Street for tbepnr
pose of pnrchaslngsomeshirta. Tbe obliging Celes
tial submitted a large stock lor bis inspection. Be
Inc.rather fastidious In bis choice, not one ot these
he bid yet seen, tempted him to purchase. John's
stock of patience, as" well as of shirts, becoaiSog
exhausted, be ventured to express a doubt as wheth
er his costumcr hsd the wherewith to purchase, aad
ended by saying that he did cot wish to dcai-wrth
Kanaka boys. .Indignant at being: called a boy, and
grossly iasulted by tbe Insinuation ef his wast of
means, the boy could not control his) ostrsged, feel
ings. Springing at John, he delivered a weH aimed
blow on his proboscis, sending the CMsaraaa to the
other end of tbe store. The poller were calleS la,
and the pugilist marched off to tbe station house.
After being In eaatody a few hours, he was bailed
out, aad kk rather, after lecturing bhn severely, In
terviewed tbe Chinaman and settled tbe matter
-. i-.
III ma oil. . -,. - I, .
Oalhe arrival of the Kilanea on Saturday after
soon, tbe esplanade presented a scene seldom wit
nested. .An immense crowd of people, anxious to
learn tbe result of her mission, congregated on the
wharf even before tbe steamer entered the harbor.
As she seared her dock, tbe crowd, snable to con
trol tbelr feelings at the sight of the weather-beaten
faces on board, gave rent to hearty cheers, which
were returned lustily from the steamer. The Inqui
ries as to wbetber "all were saved," being an
swered in tbe affirmative, cheers were again renew
ed. The crowd did not disperse until after tbe res
cued crew had safely landed on terra flrma. The
whole party including tbe men who had been sta
tioned at Midway Island numbered eighty-eight
Bt the arrival of the Oracle, yesterday,
we have dates from San Francisco to tbe
2nd, and telegrams from Europe to the
1st inst. The news is not startling, al
though tbe war is. still progressing, with
no signs of immediate termination. The
bombardment of Paris has "not yet com
menced, although according to the tele
grams the Germans have experimented
with a few shots to demonstrate their
ability to do effective injury when the
time comes. In the meantime, reports
have it that fighting is going on in va
rious parts of France, success being di
vided between the combatants. We learn
from Spain of the assassination of Gen.
Prim, supposed to have been instigated
by the Republicans ; also, the arrival of
Prince Amadeus, King Elect of Spain.
From Italy, we note the arrival in Rome,
of King Victor Emanuel, who was re
ceived with great enthusiasm. We give,
below, the latest telegrams :
Bordeaux, Dec SOtb. Aufern, Gray and Vesonl,
will be vacated by the French before tbelr advance.
Tbe French under tbe orders of General Brrssolier,
Beiuas and Garibaldi, are to march direct upon Paris.
As they advance the inhabitants will hasten to join
tbe ranks. This army Is rapidly Increasing. Tbe
smaller towns now resist tbe enemy as lu tbe case of
Tours, which, through tbe combat at Mouns, was
not occupied. At Argent and Cog, tbe Prussians
were repulsed by the population.
Besascos, Dec. 29th. The Prussians assaulted
Bellort again, and were repulsed with loss. In tbe
assault on tbe 21st, tbey bad fifty wogoos of full
wounded, which were taken to Cbatcnnis When
they arrived there nearly all were dead frozen.
Florence, Dec. 31st. King Victor Emanuel and
tbe principal Members of the Cabinet have gone to
Madrid, Dec 31st. The Cortes have ssnctlpncd
tbe issue of Treasury Bonds.
Losdox, Dec 31st. The JUCt Moscow corres
pondent says a belief in tbe alliance between tbe
United Stales and Russia in case of war Is becoming
all but universal.
Havre, Dec 30th. Boy, yesterday, carried tbe
Prussian positions on thehcigbtsof Bouille or Ival
and Chateau Rebidt, alter fighting six hours. Loss
small ou both sides.
London, Dec SlsL Further accounts from Havre
admit that tbe Prussian retook and held Boulllc for
a short time, but were afterwards driven back with
considerable loss. Tbe French assert that the
Prussians at one time offered to surrender; where
upon tbe French ceased firing, but as n party ap
proached to receive their surrender, It was fired in
to at point blank range, and tbe battle was resumed.
Paris, Dec. 22d. Tbe losses sustained by General
Ducrot's srmy during tbe late sorties on tbe Ger
man forces from tbe city are so heavy and serious as
to render it absolutely necessary to reconstruct the
Army of Defence. With this object, General Blan
chard's division has been broken up, and General de
Malroy's division transferred to and amalgamated
with tbe.Third Army, under General Vinoy. Both
Blanchard and Vinoy are still holding Important com
mands; Beklin, Dec 29tb. Herald cable The Pruss
ians are now sending to the Iront Landwtbr of tbe
second bund, aged 42 and 43 years. It Is considered
that tbe utmost effort which Germany is capable of
making is being made. Tbe system of supplying tbe
vast army, tbongb it is admitted to be admirable,
cannot obviate tbe dissatisfaction and distrust which
exists in considerable sections of tbe territory, not
withstanding tbe official statements concerning vic
tualling and clothing of the troops. The Govern
ment appreciates tbe difficulty of tbe situation in its
proper light, altbongb no sign of discouragement is
preemptible Tbe former enthusiasm has ceased to
exist and a strong desire for peace Is expressed.
A rose-color tint Is given to all official accounts,
so that only lrom private sources do we learn that
tbe hospitals around Versailles contain 8,000 sick
and wounded.
The visit of tbe delegation of the Reichstag to
Versailles it Is now admitted was premature; they
received an Indefinite reply from the King.
Tbe threatening aspect or tbe Luxembourg ques
tion bad somewhat diminished when difficulties
with Switzerland arose, the Germans demanding the
strictest neutrality.
Bordeaux, Dec 31st. General Faldberber com
manding the Army of tbe North, is again In mo
tion. In tbe East the Prussians continue to retreat be
fore tbe French advance.
It is reported that thu Prussian cavalry have be
come almost useless since tbe recent snow and frost,
as tbe borses are smooth shod.
In consequence of tbe severe weather, and tbe diffi
culty of keeping tbelr communications open, tbe
Prussians around Paris have been reserved in their
Roxs, I)ec.31at. King Victor Emanuel has entered
the city. II u reception was most enthusiastic. The
King appeared un tbe balcony of tbe Qairinal Palace,
and was cheered by the immense assemblage.
Qcezsstowx, Jan. 1st A Freucb.vestcl from an
American port, laden wltb arms, lying in this har
bor, Is closely watched by tbe German corvette Au
gusta. Madrid, Dec 31st. Marshal Prim died last night
from his wounds.
Madrid, Dec 31st, General Prim died this morn
ing at 1 o'clock. All those engaged In his assassina
tion, six in number, have escaped..
Duke Aosta landed at Cartbascna on Friday, and
was received Willi enthusiasm by the people. He
departed soon after for Madrid.
The death of Prim has produced a profound sen
sitlon nf grief all over Spain. Great indignation is
manifested against tbe assassins.
London, Jan. 1st Tbe report seems generally
credited that Chichester Fortescue will succeed John
Bright as President ortbe Board of Trade.
The Marquis of Harlington will become Secretary
for Ireland, and Mr. Stausfield will replace tbe Mar
qnis as Postmaster-General.
Tbe Anglo-American Commission, of which Tbos.
Hughes, P. M., Is Cbainnin, bas commenced its sit
tings for tbe purpose of aiding in tbe establishment
of a lasting peace between England and America.
Vernon Harcourt, H. T. Occumougb, Torrens, and
Lords Lichfield and Fitz Maurice are among tbe
London, Zan. 1st. Tribune speclsLJ Chichester
Fortescue will succeed John Bright as President of
the Board of Trade, and the Marquis of Harlington
will succeed Fortescue as Secretary for Ireland.
Harliugton's successor will be a member of Parlia
ment without having a place In the Cabinet; bytbla
arrangement, which is sure to create extreme dissat
isfaction amoog tbe Liberal party, tbe Radicals al
ready threaten to split. The resignation of tbe
Right Honorable James StanScld is certain, either
immediately or during the ssaalon,
Washtsgtos, Dec SLThe Preside expresses
confidence' in tbe passage of the San TJemiugo res
olutions by tbe House, it Is said tho President bas
already decided upon the wasaa of ibe CdfBmission
,ers, but declines giTinglbsun to Ibe public at pre,
est J1
Hrmnr, (Peon.). JarTC Seventy buildings in
the centre ot the tows,' lneladirjg stores, dwellings:
sad stables were baraed lal bight. Tbe lost tp eav
.tisaated at ISO.600 to WW, 000. Odd Fellow's lit.
Demeerat lm& JbesiWcr usSces, Union Hotel, Su
san '&, Selles.TsMon & Osfrnihade's and Hoffmaa'a
stcrw, sd J. CL Holtbongb's restaurant were des
troyed, tnset her. with tbe dwellings of tbe follow
ing pejsoos: Messrs. Sterling. Hamilton. Goff, Doly
Parker, Gosbesr, Bonsell, Lambangb, Wright, Mc
Clellan, Wise, Deitricb, Gallagher, Robeson, Mrs
Dolan, Mr "Reese, Mrs. Oswalt and H. T. Hazard,
together wltb six "or eight buildings of George Ja
cobs. acea?ted as cfBcee. and shops; 5 or 38 ssables
were" a4so' destroyed. Tbe amount of insurance Is
unknown. lts Hvea loot.
Baltixobe, Jan lst--9. B. "Eseore, President of
the second bra a ot the City Cewieial, asd -r
.many years- Secretary of Use Gra&d Ledge of OM
Fellows died yesterday.
Hakatvao, lUd.'JarwaTT 10, 1871.
Editor Hawaiian Gatettt:
Dear Sir : Since I wrote jon November 7th,
giving eetne account of . a trip to Hoelo from
which I had just returned, I have been laid aaide
for several weeks from my pleasant tabors among
tbe people of my charge. This was in consequence
or a surgical operation performed on my face and
lower jaw, by which several pieces of decayed
bone were removed by my good friend Dr. Beratz,
to whose skill and kiodneM I nay not cease to
acknowledge my profound obligations. I had
some fears of the influence of chloroform, having
never need it. and having less physical strength
than 1 once had ; but I submitted to the judg
ment and (kill of Dr. Beratz. and was thus raved
the bodily anguish which I should otherwise have
endured. The operation lasted. I am told, more
than an hoar. To me every moment of that hoar,
so far as consciousness was concerned, was anni
hilated ; and I can cheerfully recommend the use
of it when administered by a judicious physician
or sargaon. The Doctor now pronounces me quite
welt ; and bat a slight indentation in the cheek
marks tbe effect of the operation. I am happy to
add in this connection, that Dr. Beratz services
among all classes of people on Maui, seen) to be
highly appreciated. His headquarters are at
Wailuka ; bat he has frequent calls from Lohaina,
Ulnpalakna and Makawao." Wailuka is central ;
and though we should like to have him nearer u3,
the good of the entire community will be secured
by having his home central rather than on either
wing, as it would be were it at Makowao or La
haina. I regard his services among the people as
truly a " God-send." for which they may well be
giatefal to their heavenly Benefactor, and to their
own Government. Could Uawaiians be persuaded
to abandon their ignorant and superstitious native
doctors, and follow tbe directions of educated
physicians from Europe and the United Slates,
could they be induced to cease tbe use of awa
and all intoxicating drinks at onco and foreren
there would be a gleam nf hope that the race
might yet be saved from extinction.
Did yoa notice in the Pacific of October 13th,
167U. under the bead of "A crooked place made
straight," the correction of an error in the shape
of a censure of tbe Hawaiian Government for
forbidding planters to convert skimmings and mo
lasses into ram? As you may not have the
number of the Pacific at hand which contains the
correction, I will copy.it from my paper:
" The commercial matter which appears from
week to week in the Pacific is transferred to
these columns from the Commercial Herald,
which is printed at tbe same office. No one with
an eye half opers could mistake this fact, as the
credit is given in every number of this paper. It
happened some weeks ago that a commercial arti
cle thus transferred from one form to another
escaped the notice or the person usually charged
with the responsibility of making up tbe commer
cial department of this paper, and was not dis
covered until too late to correct the error. The
tone of the article was wholly unsuitable for the
Pacific and we most emphatically repudiate its
suggestions. We don't think tbe Hawaiian Gov
ernment pursues a very singular and short-sighted
policy in forbidding tbe planters to convert tbeir
skimmings and molasses into ram. On the con
trary, we honor the Government for its enlight
ened policy which forbids such an accursed busi
ness, and we could wish that the same Govern
ment wonld go a step further and absolutely
prohibit the sale of spirits on the Islands' for any
other than medicinal perposes." See Pacific,
Oct. 13. 1870.
This correction I regard n3 highly honorable to
tbe editor of the Pncfiic. and most heartily do I
unite with him in the wish that onr ilawuiiiin
Government would absolutely prohibit the sale of
every tning intoxicating on these charming islands,
the use also of awa. opium, and other hurtful
narcotics. But I have not time to-day to say
more on this subject. More, if spared, on a future
The new year came in very pleasantly, and for
two or three days we were favored with the cheer
ing and the warming rays of the sun. But since
the fifth day tbe rain has been well-nigh incessant,
though moderate, and the weather is very cold.
It is almost impossible to get about from place to
place, or to engage in business out ofdoors. I am
happy to say that there is very little sickness at
present among the people
Yonrs respectlnlly,
J. S. Greex.
a. camiiji:li-,
nXoroXxaxAt Tailor,
kaahumanu street,
Opposite Oat A Co.' a Sail Loft, Honolulu.
Photographic Gallery.
GALLERY, Dearly oppttsHe my former lUnd. on Fort
&reet, I tbatl be mot bppj to et my old p&tinna nod
otbfn wbo wish fur Ant-claw Pictures aad eball try, by at
tention to tbe taatet of my coc torn era,, to merit their i-atruo
ag. AUfy fur ale, PbotOfrapbi of celebrated peraoiugea,
view, 1c. Picture of all kind taken on tbe moat reuD
able terma. 33 lyj II. L. CHASE.
To Arrive I
Per Steamer Moses Taylor."
Kesr California Onions, Golden Svrnp,
Sacks Humboldt Potatoes,
Oatmeal, CracVcd Wheat and Hominy,
Cases Cutting's Table Fruits, Assorted,
Cases Cutting's Apples,
Cases Cutting's Apricots.
Cases Cutting's Cherries,
Cases Cutting's bherkins, quarts.
Hatch's Cream .Cheese !
New Pacifio Codfish, t
Boxes White Maccaroni asd Vermicelli,
Cases Condensed Milk, Eagle Brand,
Half and qr. boxes New Table Raisins.
Half Barrels Best Family Pork,
Bags Butter Beans, f
Dessieated Codfish,
Liquid Bine,
EeaMois Farina, an excellent article for. Puddings,
Saloon Bread, in half and Whole-' boxes".
Sacks of Bran and Wheat, - '
-' Jraa?i's'Srrtrni Candles,
Cases California Lard,
California Beets and Turnips, -
Cases Boast Chicken and, Yegsubla Soup.
And fer Sals at tie Lewast JSMs, ' -"
At the FamifySrocery A Fiwi'Stlre
" 1 lm
So tic e.'
biM appaistil hj the Hon. S. H. AHeet Chief
Jastice of the Sasrefae Canst, sa the sixth day of
January, A. D. 1S7I, to he tMardiasvover the pottm,
aad property of Albert Kanoiatti, as HsssMs,
0hu : Tnemoro, all persons are hsTSSsy' nstWsel,
thit if sv prfetT heloapnr; to ikt sW Aifcwt Ki
Btkt., U la tbeir possession witbsot twf riajrM,
sfcey aw rtqnosissl to return tho Mwto.sfce noOer-
saU Albert Saansaas sritfcoat ur vrriMoB order.
lasatea, Jaaaary U, 11. list
AH About a Comet.
To Tin Korro-t or ias Gahstts Sir :
u Hall od tse Rampage, k tbe polite asd ele
gant heading of a small article is luga tjpe, ia
last -reek's Adttrtiser, ia wbieh that paper in
trodncea a very reasonable tetter from Mr. IL U.
Hall to the Sjrdttpy Herald, resrtiig tbe pro
posed arrangements of Webtrand llolladaj &
Brenbam for the Australian steam lice. IVhea,
however, he ears, " Here lie porteotioes utter
ances," I cannot help thinking that the types bare
got mixed not because tbe word porteaUoBs"
is not to be found iu my edition of Webster, for
wo know that the word is an original invention
of tbe Adrertiser, and was used in a previons
number in an eqcalty happy manner, bat because
the sentence is so much more applicable to his
next article, headed "All abont a Comet." It is
true the Advertiser does not appear quite certain
whether his comet correspondent is quizzing hint
or not; but then, if tbe rigmarole which follows
is a joke, why then we miss the point of it, that
is all. Whilst if he means that a veritable comet
is coming, our astronomical friend Flitner can
make neither head nor tail of it. notwithstanding
that tbe pne is 40,000 miles wide, and tbe other
2,000.000 miles long.
1 have carefully read tbe would-be scientific
" utterances of this correspondent, and the
conclusion I have come to is, that they are por
tentious no word in the dictioniiriea could so
well expreis the style of them, for behold 1 a cor
respondent of the P. C A. advertises a greut
comet which -may collide with the earth" on the
2lBt March.-or "wane," (I hope it will -wane")
and knock it "at least three hundred thousand
miles rrom.and in a direction at right angles
with, its Orbit," (that's nothing!) and then conde
scendingly undertakes " to calm the lears of the
non-scientific readers." '.' Portentious." indeed.
May we not each exclaim with the poet,
I feel, I feel, I feel,
I feel like a morning star."
Surely, Mr. Editor, it i3 the Advertiser that is
P. S. Suggestion for the next edition of Web
ster: PoBTKxnocs : Adjective. Partaking of, or as
suming the portentous.
CAItD. tVe, the undersized, officers of the late TJ. 8.
Etemmer Saginaw, dealre to gratefully acknowledge for onr
srlTes, and vu behalf tf the crew, the hind aud conalJerate
manner In which Captain Long end also Captain Harrison aod
the offlcers of the Kllauea have performed the service of re
Ilerlng, and bringing us to this port.
We are confident that tbe generous and humane tnteat'ons
of the Hawaiian Government could not hare been entrusted
to "Ktter hands, and sincerely hope that 'their aervices. nay
eier be as fully appreciated by tbelr official superiors, as tbey
(Signed) Montgomery Slcard, Lieut. Comd'r. Comd'g.
J. K. Coswell, Enalgn and Ex. Officer.
Perry Oarat, A. II. I'araoni, Ensigns.
A. Frank, Asst. Surgeon.
George II. Bead, Passed Asat Paymaster.
'as. Untterwortb, 1st Aist. Engineer.
II. C Blye, "
John J. Ityan, 2nd " " .
II. Main, " " "
J.Godfrey, " "
a D. Tom, " " "
O. II. Robinson, Slate.
McCOSNELL BURNS. In this city, on the. evening of
January 11th. at tt. Andrew's Cathedral, by the Rev. C. O.
Williamson, Sir. George II. McCoonell to JIlss Dora Bnrns.
California and Dominion pspers please copy.
CarasT si List. Onr friend, who for a number of years
hod successfully defied Cupid s arts and made fun of the little
boy, bas at length succumbed to that wily god's Influence.
Master Cupid ia not to be trifled with, aa our friend baa at
length fjnnd. Imagine our aurprlee when a few days ago,
we receired au Imitation to his wedding! After all hla dis
belief In Love's powers, he might hse had more considera
tion for onr nerves than to glee them so severe a ahock 1 We
consoled ourselves, however, by reflecting on the lines ot
Lord Byron :
"Nature is nature, and has more caprices
Then I have time or will take to pieces."
KINO WDKDENBERO. in Vallrjo, Cab, December U,
at the residence of the bride's mother, by tbe Rev. Mr. Tread
way, Mr. Thomas James King, of Oakland, to Miss Josephine
Wundenberg, of Vallrjo.
At Makawao, East Maui, Dec 3tu, 1S70. to the wife of Mr'
Roland D. Wilriur. ef a eon.
WEEKS. On Monday. January 9th, at Kalnaliu, Kona,
Hawaii, at tbe residence or hla son, Henry Weeks, a uatlve
a native of Portsmouth, England.
COFFIN". On Saturday, January 14th, Edward R. Coffin,
a citizen of tbe United States of America, aged 66 years.
For San Francisco.
The Fine Clipper Three-masted Schooner
a . a
Will have IMMEDIATE DISPATCH for the above
Port. For Freight aod Passage, apply to
1 IVAIiKKR i LLE?, Agents.
Firemen's Notice.
Special Meeting of the Company will
be held THIS (Wednesday) VE-
lilNG, at their Rooms for the transaction of
important business. The attendance of members Is
particularly desired. Per Order.
It A. W. CARTER. Bee'y.
A Large and well Assorted Stock
Ex Late Arrivals,
At Seasonable Sates and or Liberal
Terms to Suit tbe Times.
andtte Public that ha still exists, th-iugb at
an elevation of sef enteen step above the levels of the
mud and dost, where fine Goods, such as he has,
ought to be, On toe
Bight at the top of the Stain, ho raiy be foasei with
a Niee AssortmentsasBt of
Selected bv hiaisetf, Is Sao FraasWras. exaaalr far
IsasjV. Orders frost the other Maedj asel tin Coast
promptly atteasleel to,
Ia tteSewe-t aa4 Boat f,?ptni sHflec.
N. B. Failed White Flamel for Salt. It
don't shrink, I lose
Assignees' Jfotioe.
WhkreAs, f. kaiser, of hilo,
IsW of Hawaii, ha sMs dsv a4e aa as
stgsatsal of his uisitr for tkt bee eft of Us ereli-
sevi. all prTKs.-ap lag assy del agsastst Use. saw
Tt. Ka4w tv:I1 aBi srseiiav Mm; mm, aexl all riim
SBskMosl to lb seese arc roajasoieJ to atafce
ate Mjateest be tWamlsiriaaoet.
Hilo, Stwatt,
7a.X, lf 1. l-t
' V
By E. P. ADAMS. '
At 10 A. M. at Salesroom,
Heavy Denial. Brows Cottons, Loag Goth,
Brown Tickings, Cotton and Wool Shirts,
Hickory Skirts, Undershirts asd Drawers,
Soeks, Handkerchiefs, Thread and
Small Lot of Qrockeryware.
10 Sacks Barter, It tacks Potatoes,
1 Barrel Beef, 3 barrels Pork, 3 Shot Guns,
Lot Engine Valves, Blacksmith's Vise.
Ale &jo,L IPoirfceir
One Fine Covered Buggy!
Mearlj saw, asd ia perfect order.
E. P. ADAMS, Auctioneer.
Licenses Expiring in January.
RETAIL Honolulu, Oaha, 1st, DalteB
X Blanvelt; 44th, Alaz. Andre; 4th, J.Davis
A Co. ; 11th, Thoj. Rjan ; 10th, Honolulu Iren
Works Co.; 15th, Ah Stach; 14th, Aug Gee; 37th.
Israel Fisher; 34th. Martin A Co.; Stn. Lcwers A
Dickson. Hawaii. Ktsnhou (K. A.), 1st, Loo Woo ;
Kapua (Kr II.), IStb, Kalaaihalawa ; Kapalilua (K.
II.). 3d, II. X. Green well ; Kohala. Hawaii. 14th.
Ah Hana; liana. Maul, 19th. A. TJnna; Kahalul,
Maul, 11th, E. C. Hobron ; Oaha. Waikane. Ibth,
Ah Wal.
Wholesale Honolulu, Oaha, 1st, H. Mclntvre
Jr. A Bro.
Shipping Honolulu, Oaha, 1st. Geo'. Williams.
Retail Spirits Honolulu, Oaha. JJth, S. A.
Cooper. '
Victualling Honolulu, Oahu, 13th, Leung
Cheow; 18th, J. Piokford. Wailuka, Maul, 1st,
Licbet; 1st, Akima.
Ex "A. J. POPE,"
SUPERIOR ffflfli
From the celebrated manufacturer, A. BOND, Paris.
Shall "We Say More? Yes I
We will say they were ordered by A. II. HAVELL,
who was well qualified to judge of their superior
qualities, he being a flrst-dasa musician, and having
dealt in these Pianos for several years in Australia,
These Pianos are in beautiful Italian walnut eases,
and are In splendid condition, having been packed in
sine lined cases,
In Rosewood Cases, from the well-known house of
HALLETT 4 CDMPSON, Boston. Also, direct from
London per "A. J, Pope," a fine assortment of
seen as
Harmoniums, Violins, Organ Concertinas,
Guitars, Violin and Guitar Strings,
Piano Strings and lilt, Musical
Boxes, asssorted ; Organ
Accordeons tcith stands,
Megulation Drums and Toy Drums.
Also a large assortment of
Now Opening,
All of which will be sold CHEAP FOR CASH at my
Ware Rooms on Fort Street. Particulars in adver
tisement neat week.
48 3aic " C. E. WILLIAMS.
Cheap for Cash ! Cheap for Cash !
Would Oil the Attention ot
For the Wants of the Island Trade.
Merchants in Particular,
Before Purchasing Elsewhere
ISTot Ozoly fvt Oosrt,
gnculiural and Other ImptemeBls,
Comlnfj from the East.
The Usual DisceHHt Made te the Trad!
Orders from the other Islands revfectfally
solicited, promptly attended to and rilled with ears.
W No CMaecOosi wk &e Firm aarw tie War.
V t
stTKl Tor
Car. Queen at Nuuartu treats,
I&e-ct from the Manulavturer8 !
itmumum " i. c. wtiw
' ""a
Klie JMxLmmt el wiwoi lm it
Ivsr iassrtt seats tlela MarfceXi
-osiAM Waits
m nj
IV 3e " ""V mr
Executor's SW '
By creVr of sriueelei', Basfer rtt IPM ejfsfssj W
SwMftA CJi"a 4mnm4 X vrift eflriat
srfl-aWsrAasSieei. -iff
AeH O'CLSCTt Ml If.,
8m Hw fn-aam, Bag 9m
A LOT 8 .
Furniture arm1' CktKtaf.I
2 COTSTMl W&gfHM, "
2 Crri- SaWMsV
Haraesss, Bridget, etc., esw,
Proferty of tto lata K. X. Co ate, d i ssnsel.
O. 8. BARTOW, AassiiBiar
A.fc .A-UOttOXX.
AT 15 O'CLOCK N003T,
At Sales Boom, X will Sea 'at PsAKe Asjjai.
The Lease of the HI ef 1IH1E!
In the Ahopuaa of HoaooUali. District of Xweyo4aW
wiee inoara as
Tiie 3Big- Tree !
For the term of SEYEX TEAKS fraaa Feb. 1. IMS.
together with all and lingular taa Bit3iisivad laaa
proveaienU thereon sitaatstl.
At &a TT-Met Piiae af $M far Amwmi
Payable Annually.
C. S. BARTOW, AtMiasr.
At Auction.
The UoderslfneJ will oCer for Sal at Iahlia Aa
tlon. by order of the Assignees or the Estate ef C 5.
Spencer A Co., at his Sales Roots, la the City of
On Saturday, Teferaary 11, 1171,
All that Ceil Pmcc Iwi!
SitMt-4 ia Liiijaaaalto askWu
District of Hilo, Island of Hawaii, conveyed to CN.
Speacer hy C. C. Harris, by dcecT, dated laifM,
1SS3, an i bounded and described as follows :
CommiDcin j at the msiai northeast eorMr ef sta
hawai's lot, aad rnnnios; along his lot.soota. tl"
west, SiO chains, to the school boas lot f tfceae alawc
said lot sooth, ST'3 east. 573 chains. U'aaa Botes,
corner of Paapa'slot (No. 4); these novt. T
east, 80V chains; thecee north, 314s "'t Jf
chains to commencement eontaiaifl; H acres, bt
gather with all and singular 4
Tho Bmildi-sgs Tkaraeai i
C. S. BARTOW, Aect'r.
HSl Plain aad ExUaawa Toys all siM aad ashes.
Which thsy offer at Bottoss'Prioas.".
i-ft. Stoves parchased at this eitahHihraeot set up
free of charge and warranted. X. 9. Kaahuauna
Street, Hatal of the Post Oafee. ii-Sta
No. 10! No. 10! No. 19!
JUST LANDED and being maM4ced ex
Bark "Comet," from England and Paris, tbe
astlot of Sid Oloves. only J1.50 per pair; worth
$2.50, and really the nicest tot of Oooda for Christ
mas or New Tear's Presents, asd will be sold at pri
vate sale only. Tbe Oooda will be ready lar bssfee
tion on Friday, and will be sold at reasonable mess.
NO. 100! KO. 100! AK0. IOCS
SDEEN'S WHARF, opposite Biswes A Co- A
number of English Patent "New Xaaw,"
a great variety of Fancy Good for ChrlstsEs,
will be ready for inspection aad Friday sseat.
None of these Goods will be sold ftr Christseea c
New Year by the hammer.
t-i '
Merchant Street, Henatl.
THE ADVERTISER haviog psrchaseCtas iatanst
of Messrs. BLACK A AULD in the Stationery, Ktws
and Periodieal Baslseee, will eoatiaaa the saasa Saad
Such as Fooleeap. Legalise, Letter,
NoU aad BOl.t, asd Harpers' BaveSeyev
Aoeoaitcurieat aad Ml Pafer.
Clota-llaed, VsUnss, Wbtea, Blae,
BasT aad Caaary Barelofes,
Black, Cofytac aad Wriiiaf . Violet. Bine.
Carmiae asd Systpathetie lake. Fees asd;
. Holders. InksUaaVi A rVaeOe ! vaeWty, ,
Files eap asd letter site. LeWer Cliye,
Paper Fatteaers, Rabber, Eflttet. Xalera,
Pea racks. Red Taf, RaVber B3d.
Sealiaf Wax, Netarial Seals, alev
Blaak Koelaus, X-eelsrorav, J ,
Day, Cash, Recoid and Xeeaorandusa Boobs,
Senr Log. Receipt aad Not. Boobs,
Ftaa's Letter Books, wit hit, - 1
Pm Ccf yU aWs4u,
Drawing Fafer, .WHiaic rsw aad Bearta.
Brsstol Joans, w aer t-oiors, area
Caeaw aad Basfcsriejssea
eVaaVtfBaSeiCACa)a( XlmfFf aCa
' the sAm.wHSaialavf Sale-of
waim i tmjiM icmiiiiils tt mm m
v91 shsssy be WiiHaa fdiaas CTSs.Jeea aea't
TAiauC dt r0ttT eVTLfaW
iWoeMjwMaV itVtaaslbieiej'a.
esemassasttaiBBKaaaBaaaBBBBl JSas
-ejvasaBaaasaaaae' sBpssasas-a-M st-f1
Jrifiesa5aV KsAW, 1 sseau. aVtesaeli's,
IWfeJsMVWa i ijasj-s.
-cr t7's VieS-Sa- Bswr-SV, T. sV. AStawsy
'Tlisis TTta'T. rar ' ' L
Aatlws TexBsy's. AofHav B. WB, F
Assad tones-. Un. 0!iafs. Oev a's,
Ba gtefbssw-, Ckaa. InVi, MbsMaVi
aasSWa, aad Mrs.1i jrt.ssasVeV IssjeasW
Wi ssa law Latest Kwrsis. i
. - if.
Bissrrswiay, Oarssuaaahy,
IaNmtmtmm aat Cs-aery aa aa. eaaar
letssaae. arJT allm Ii May alaes. aai ..
"T6 "

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