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T"lr- War.
cat taC rrtrst 0 th success aeMtTtd by
tbx Afassf tsseltreasaycew beaccarateiyrsUma.
Wi It TrEdoabtnUT a incrrM ; but It was oc
ly a i3dl.SRm, arxi the tSwt tnat'nehleTed H
&ae bm bra Mewed Bp. An army f 3X000 Gtr
nut. e tat pet af btin; roTtsopcti by aa
army os" KVVCU Frrocs, rrtrrUJ rajraoJ orJrr lo a
K vraa left cwHsrnrbrd to rccrlre rrsn-
rtf t gawd erter. K was act be qntte toon
wt. aa4 w set rSectd with rt one or tire
Kniini bete: waaWil Tkt tmraece was
law! awtfanirj ; few btwdretl German kMed la
tkc MMMn taa piwW Mar rrtreaX bat coa
Trt M af jwisawen Ml to the cases of the
Trrtcfe. There utoIhJBrSt baale. Anon
tan: a fitrsu trewfa tat sad be oe necessary
v e Mini eat ttst ae troop gained
ti f eaieey. Ti a a latttxij peiut cl view the
r aft rf tae eperattass ((tteKk aad Hta was br
as atw IinnMc to tae Freaca. Ta llebRes
aae ayafi aereaato rrUIr id), aaii -France nas
jr m taaw that riuacaam are aasesediy tnaak
r Sat FrroekaMB, was a WMtmcal cBpeeiertiy af
!v to as, cm actaaQy ssake Barariaat 111 back.
I ill i way aB taw staaraltsn taer bare bad to es
is ssq . a galMlacwctBer ef a aesdrrd taue
uU lliiBBaail,ala1ui oatcLafaetBbBljerrf
Maak to Bar Ciunuwl last tamd tswsa to
XMr.aaCta the Caaural wattae.taea.
&d atMb)BHseaaorofyat tc real eatee o( tae
a of tat Last that il laaawt Vn panted afler
L.ac taeSerBaat retreat, laaa tbat it aeM
iarw e4e the retreat, if lasU.d tae object of
ueaerai CAareBn U to swat tae salted t rs of
V AerTaoa. tae Pake af MeeUescerj;. and Prioce
r-eortetCatiln tecaees: Mk tbe Freaek armr
p tae We Miiraei to tae reeW af Pari, be sir
iMTte tBtaaatuiiii a reat rik for I be chaace
a intat boi- Bet tae are; of tae Loire haa,
tar a ewoeeraa Heeat fcxt Ha ehaace. Tic Dake
of MoaUraooe; aa oaed Tea dee Taaa, aad Priace
rTOenefc CBirlt ihwelai poltfoa to ce-operale
i'.k laeaa. T ana; of tae Loire ia tfcrraleeed bj
a &ersiaa ieeee c eaaset be aseh abort of 148,
B em AcreuGeaeral ia tae peaWeo of d'An
rettek wtta trutwortfef treofa, wooM EitorvBt
are tried to era Tea aer Taaa. U Dake af ilrek
ibarc aad Priace Frederirk Charlea la aeceea
aaac Ifeaata reeie tbe kJod ofopenltwi lo hfci
tee seaioa el tec Fint NaaoUoa aaoae, aad tjr
ark aecaecked, alia Terrlaferier aad poor truora
BBder Bb taniBiiad. tae adeaace af tbe AlHea ia
iS:t. H CaaarU cTAarettea bad bm a Xapoleea,
e axj peeBara, U tae arsj of tfce Letre, bare
aaeea Parta. A it, at aarelritb kU MuoOet
:r sxBt a (reac aanle aeateat a eesMaed lone of
r( tkt Beat laidtm ia the world. Cubed witk
"eve?, aad ltd or a eemmtnder b aas eiTca
rj mw to Ma troop to BeHere that tbe; mstt
wic aader Maa . 6aaetta. rwsectflleijr after
U f pi are of Or Waal amrlaind that a aow expect-
'W araajr of tbe Loire taaarek atosee to tbe
reaco. of Paria. Set ar- morlirtaai aaTeaot beea
1a.tK The GeBeral b raanniaii tae arm; of
aec aat waed. Bat reaamed the defeealTe.
ka waited to tec what l.efx tae Geeaiaaa wffl UVe
ti'"ro . Be taaj hare beea rat Be aa;
save Jadped tbe of Bit troop oolj ta jck
rate; Bet M (aaaot Be taat tkat aataerto be bat
oeeaaiBBBnifBlOtatiaL SttBerkekeasatnret
est ioBeaeacral wka bat had, aad throws awa;
the oparartaaet; ot Meeeaa.
Tbeea it oatBaoj; saw at te Park.ate;t M It tree
that te be ViMaoe rapt and by Germaaa. a letter
foead keel M. Jaiea Farre to iL Oaaaaelta,
atatlCttat h tkt aad of Neeeaaber. Parit weald
thaaiBidittWBidewppljef eat ABertaat
it ia bound nraj at as; Uoe declare; jhat It wUIzo
losztr be bosod b; IVTbe Freneb, accord la to
tbia, ml?ht at'aoy Dmect bejta lartlf;lacStrat
berg at tnncb as tbe; Ukedif II were tett Freneb on
tbe condition tbat It aa not fortified. Tbe Ger
Dsaca l&l&k Ter; reatoaabl; tbat it it ranch tltaptrr
for tbem to Vrrp It in their own basdt, and fortlf;
hoa their own account Tbe amoast of trrritur;
the; are to tare It of eonrte open to ditccttlon ; but
tbe claim to hre territorr altogether aa tbeir o a,
if the; bare anjthln- at aU, is ETeatl; Hrecfthrncd
b; tbe conne which Kewla bat now adopted. Mr.
Carlrle'a mod of regarding hlftorj ia to cxclBilrei;
bit own, that It it tcarcci; Becetaar; to criticize il
from tbe point of Tiew of other people. When a
stae bODeetl; beHeTra tbat the robber; of Stratborg
b; Lonlt II V. wat tbe -work of the Drill, aid J he
robber; of SHeala b; Frederick was tbe work of
God, there la no arrnln? with him. Bb God and
bit DctH are eqsaMr lit own Intention, and are
poppett pa.rt; the parti be astlgnt theta. la real
itfe it wosld create the moat pernicioot coafatlun if
blitorical occarreocea, restBrict old, were, dczjap
I to salde tbe coarae of men at tbe preaent da;. Tbe
I GersuBs bold iltti and Stratbnr, and tbe oal;
qnettioa la whether tbe Freoeb can make them Eire
op both or cither, or U neBIrala bate as; irroaul
lot tryta to porsoide them to do what the French
cannot make thrm da. BtrataDdert are apt to dUcosj
tech poieta rer; mcch la the tpiril la which the
BBleitBaatc H. Thhrrt now telit us he cor ducted
tbe pcsvtiattoBS for an armistice. Ererythlbp: went
with htm n pieasastl; asd tmotbl; aa Ion: at be
tbat bU ejr to the real facta o! the cute. Tbe Ger
raaet are wearing what tbe; win with their word;
aad tbej will cerulrij keep. If the; can. &lf that on
a care ol t arre; of political and taWttx; contidcra
tiees ft ma; teem adraBtagcoBt to them to remain.
SiSuaiay triex.
Tar "maktms" or Ran. When rata find
tbeauelTea ia (laager, a whole coJoe; of tbem will
temetlmea remoTe from a baUdlcr, of their own ac
cord, and tet sp hoBtekrepieg in tome taler place.
Mr. Backiisd teBt a ttorT of tome men who had
made great preparatioBt for dettrotiag rata ina bam
ta Eoiiasd. When tbe mernlug came tbe men en
tered the barn with dogt and ferrctt and big ttlcVt.
bet not a rat coaM the; find. The ferrctt ran lnlu
bolea, and tbe doga gut coder tbe t traw, asd the
mea poked with their ttickt, bat not a rat could
the; Ced. Atlerwardt a laborer came and said that
be bad aeen a wbote regiment uf rait, on that ecrj
taoraiBC, at the; marched awa; irom tbat barn to
another. Do ;ou net wkh tbat the; wosld inarch
est of ;oar bonte Is tbat wa; ?
Tbe moit tiscakr adreBtnre I ercr bad with rata
witthit; that alter trjiBg in Tln to catch them In
rat trape, I got rid of them at latt b; meant of a
mousetrap. This wat tbe wa; it happened. On
BBoTiag late a house w hies bad been for tome time
Taeaat, we Bed to bear rati at night in tbe cellar,
aukteg aa tsBeh Boise aa if a carpenter were at w ork
there. &e we tried in rain to catch tbem, and as
there were mice alto, wetet a toeate-trap. One
aerBisg- the eok feoad a taoste lo the trap; hut is
the wat afraid o4 tbe Httlecreatare. tteftetthe trio
aside for tae take oat tbe raocte. la a few hours I
weal to took for it, bet trap, mease, aod ill, ere
goae, sor hare the; since been sctn. We Lad Nei
ther cat nor do, nor hid the doors been open. From
that da; tbe rait all disappeared, aod we ceased to
hear tae carpenter's work in the cellar. I hare al
wa;t bettcTed tbat tbe rata dragged awa; the trap
iato some hole, aad decided, at the; ate their poor
little cowls, that it shoeld he their last meal ia to
iBoespitaBle a house
Oae reason wb; rats are able to lire and tbrire In
spite of eterrthlBg is, that the; chow tach-sagacit;
ia obtaining food. Ahidj of m; acquaintance found
I PaeMtaa. treep aed .trBBW. wM hare to fight I ttal ,ae 10 ki,cbea "itappeared Terr fast,
oe. bread aed wtoc So eae eaa befiere that a pep- ,h' " h" bEkaod. B PattEt watctlrg.
two aMKoa. nre eitreme " lBe ,Btm- "K on nl
Se ee eaa Wee.e that half-ataned 00 " egg or two telween hit
pan t, no ibc l p ox tae otners. I BBS 11 became
I a sort of tire sled, or wheelbarrow without wheels,
aad another rat, takieg in its month tbe tail of the
hrst oae, dragged tbe load of eggs to their bote.
Other eeserrers hare seen partita of rats jjnsblng
tZ Bp or dawn stairs, tvo being bes; with each
egg. Sometimes tbenhare been tees formed is line,
aad pasiog alocg the eggs from oee to another, at
fremea past water at a fire. This shows the same
iBteHigeBce that bearers show, when the; Bnite in
their engineering work.
The time lad; tod me she bad discovered bow
I rats driak sweet OH. Her husband wat an apothe
cary, aod bad a nambcr of buttles of sw ret oil, some
caaM be ased wat as; hepe ef (access
the Sienna. Aaether week: has naseed.
and so aerie ai cSett te tatarteft the ceataiBaica-
twearfehefl ai haa beea taada. Theyareree-
eoaeBry wclttd. aed to a great exteat protected'
Bgasaat tee wtaui ThMar leaders are esefideat tbat
vbaePasttBl t4arrhg. the beectghR; force will al
wr t OBoerh Is eat. It It erec said that a
a:eee o( pmtaeaea la bctag actaaialated lor the re--f
e the eer; after k eaeatalates. Gea. Muteafei
baa sot geac sarward bij end Terdaa. ia order that
at; ett aaam.ML-Br the Bower of Germany
V forward MBap&rs; wfcSe he reset oc always be-
aac Made aad aeha te dyitfc aa; eSart ef the Serth j
i at F raaee tt twKere JJajfcs. Icttde Pasta, then are.
aaht vests beef enjia te begin to cry oat .
Pata at Bet eaBrd ea te sacrifice herself alto- j
raer tor ke rest efFraaee, watch xiees her no atd. !
I i-btwg ; otal i te the prahtMlwy that Troesa
itl baiTaiiTma of soldiers ill try i greet tor-
be. aed that, tf It tatk, aad if ae pronecM armjr
aahwees a great SBereu, Pari i. alter a short ee
A JlarTrloua Battle.
Some jeara ago, among other strange Incidents,
there occurred at San Francisco a combat so amai
log tbat tbe tldlegt of It were at first received with
general lacrednlliy. Tbe story, ho weror, was sub
seoncnlly confirmed, and la certainly one of tbe
most memorable on record. Succinctly told it was
as follows; A certain man hid the misfortune oils
la the interior to offend a garg ol desperadoes, fire
of ton pursued him with murderoas ictent down
to San Francisco. Ttrr foucd their prey kitting
' enictlyroa aSnndir mornlng.'in a little thop, bar
! lag bis boots blacked. Witboat wastlag time, they
j annonoced their intention of killing bim, whipped
I oat their pistols, and Immediately began firing,
j How, consldrricg tbe snrprise and tbe relatlre nnm
' bers, the chances were at least tweaty to one that
the assasslBS would accomplish their purpose. All
i bad rerolrtra, and all were tccustomcd to their use.
, Tct, astunlshlcg to relate, tbe hunted man contrived
; to shoot down all fire of his enemies. Be was sorely
wounded, to be tare, and lying on tbe ground when
' be fired bis last shots. Indeed, seeing that the last
of bis asal!aats who showed fight was still stirring,
I he dragged himself op to the wonoded wretch, shot
! blm through the heart, and with tbe uncouth excla
I mitioo, "I'tc: cooked blm!" tell beck insensible.
The whole scene forcibly Illustrated tbefact that In
encounters of this sort the chances are infinite, and
that superior steadiness of nerve may get tbe better
ot almost in; numerical odds. When tbe Three
Guardsmen of Dumas lo their victories orer whole
battalions of foes, the readersmllea with Idcrednlitr,
aad yet there is hardly anything in tbe pages of the
most florid uf romances to exceed the exploit of this
hardy frontiersman wbo.rre belicue, still sunrlrcs to
tell his adrentnre.
By the waters of a stream called Tamer's Hirer, In
socth-east Missouri, a tragedy was enacted the other
day, different Irom this, h'ut almost as remarkable.
The hero, Anderson Sbepbard, Is a well-known old
huuter of the neighborhood, w ho Irom the accounts,
might sit for a portrait of Leather Stocking. lie is
sixt;-fire years ofage, but pow erfal and elastic still,
and a man of noted courage and resource. Between
Shephard and some trappers who frequented tbe
river, an old fend existed. One da; three of these
persons, occupying a boat, approached the old
hunter's skiff, and apparentlr without warning, one
of the part; raised bis rifland. fired. Shcptiard's
right arm fell, broken, by his side. With moet men
this wosld bare decided the contest, and among
men of sixty-fire, perhaps not one In a million
wosld hare continued It- But Shephard grasped his
rifle, rested It on the side oi his boat and in tbe
twinkling of an eye shot bis assallaot dead. The two
Others thru opened fire briskly npon bim, be baring
discharged bis only barrel. With his teeth aud left
baud be managed, notwithstanding, to load bis gun
and reply. Tbe battle lasted for some time, but It
ended by tbe old man's killing both bis enemies aod
reaching shore, ait. r receiving arms buJUu In his
limbs and body. He Is now lying, according to the
the telrgnpb, In a critical condition, but it is Be
lieved thit he mi j recover. The pluck and endnr
bbcc ot a man who, at sixty-fire, with his best arm
broken, I bos saccessfully straggled w Kb three able
bodied foes. Is perhaps unparalleled. Cooper manes
Natty Bompo do great things, but certainly none
more surprising than tbls feat of Anderson Sben
hard ; and we bare heard of no Indian warrior who,
cither In tict or fiction, has displayed more heroic
fortitude aad resolution. AUa.
T6e following strange letter was first published In
tbe New Orleans Tunis. Our readtrt will judge for
themselves how much trust to repose In it:
Pine Heights Hermitage, Burlington, Jnly 2, 1S70.
' ' This place is Just now attracting a great deal of at
tention from antiquarians and litterateurs generally,
on account of a discovery lately made by me. I
happened to notice In LUUWi Litig Jgt ot Jan. Sib
last, page 105, the following paragraph: "It has
just come to light tbat In an old barn In one of the
Tillages of w Jersey, is a Tiluable collection of
books and manuscripts, formerly forming a part of
tbe library of Mablon Dicktrsoo, au American states
man. They are all in possession of tbe rats, and of
a man wbo will nutlet tbem be tonched, because of
some family quarrel about property." Hiring often
heard that such documents existed In Burlington,
aod were In the bands of Mr. Join T. Tompkiue, I
requested and obtained permission toexaminelbem,
and among them found aod copied a portion of a
letter Irom Edgar A. PoetoMr. Daniels of Phila
delphia, dated Richmond, September 29, 1S49, in
which an admission is made that will to a certain
aad tbea oae of tbem let bis tail dona Into the
bottle, and soon drawing it oat, let his comrade lick
it, who would then taxe bis tarn aad dip in his tail,
and the first rat licked that, and so they were bappy
as yes, may see poor little children around a cask of
acef extreaaesefferieg, gireba. It is iapo, ! TTA I ining nat oeeo
a l. . wither IhsiTaBy chaaceof TrecEa j " " Tv -
t-ajs-rrse, wheehe make, It, beteg suceeMfd. ; ?',0ft ' ,ori" llck &""--
TWotrwt ae ttrate that half a mlfflon'of 601 M to "eo. "
n"vi uh,A irTfiv; v uij uiu uicuu e scvvulil
-h. . t 2 a.- 1 rr-.
I"! , oe.r.rmp.y. ice; extent upset that person's claim to the authorship
watched and saw two rats at work open the bottle, j oftbe "KaTen!" I could cot make oat all tbe writ
They polled out the cork, or nibbled through It, , w 0Q account cl its aire and neglected mrfi,in
lm. wehathee;aad feM gaet to support theta.
caBBot ttmejaw a weak putet ha x circle of la
ToteaeBt BBtOy-sU ahVa ieag. Bet K Is eqeally
struct that BaxateeceeMeetgetoctof Metx. The
eeH great dbSereece betweeo the two eases seems
t beeWt. hf Baxaiae had at a great sacrifice got a
large tody of trweea dear of Metx, be wosld bare
sseBtej; Bade with lees except te get then as well
t bt C"M le seese part of Fraace where tbe;
aget ttn bees aafe: wfecnas If Xrochs. cocid
acetbeewadvtersteed body ef oca oa the Hue c
the GersMc cetBGHMteattoea, be woeld piaee the
Beaengeta aa a poaittes, of great dtScully and din
ger It eaa eel; be repeated orer asd orer again
that Oee- Toe Meitke Best knew this fir better
thasarrf oae tiae; aad If it is true that the diCcul
Bee aa t the araMiee came more trea the mBHiry
adriters of the Stts; than from Cirsst Blsoarck. it
sast be takes that Geeeral Tea Moitlce bat bo great
fear of sorties trea Paris. Why tbe grasd display
ef Gersxa artgiry so lecg aneounced is ttdl pott
rweed exa esir be a matter of guesswork. Som'e
tisee we hear thai the Germans are not ready;
tosctisse that the King shrinks from iafiktng the
lii i lira ef a bosaeardsest ; aostlaea that the
Beabardsest la ddared trtil It thaB enme aa the
oewBtsg herrorte poor wretches worn oat with
asapestc asd cssger. Tbe latter aeest perhaps
she meet probable expUBatioa. If tbe bombard
xaest wen tried bow. ha effect might only be to
give eeefiedesce aed enthusiasm to troop engaged
1b X4ak!sg a great aortic If the sortie Is repulsed.
, aad Fans begisa really to turre, tbea the spirit ot
the pceeie may perbap be broken by the acperad
ced calamities ef a bombardscst.
Tbe whale aspect of tbe war may be changed by
the sddes asd eacxpected broadside which Esssla
has Ssed itia tbe breast of neutral Earope; bat
rrea If the war atS retsaisa locaBxrd, and the dad
tetwaes Frssce axd Germany is fought oat without
' tce.hyttasdcrs enteriEgtbc field of combat, the new
preixeassca xtsaaix Btsattneruaciy exercise a ean
tiienrje felacnce on tbe Uase of tbe war. The
GcrsssaBra Ssd fa what baa sow bees pat for-
ward aa tbe fUlza of Ssasia a Terr strong argnsext
fr dectisis; to tike from Frxace aujthlDg short of
ttrcspotHiocs, to be held ia uncontested owecr
ahi? cj6ermany. Hrery other farm of treaty will
be, tie; cay urge, ddsalTc. EcgUnd wi( now
take the lead ts declaring tbe necetait T of abaUlning
xroa bracrgg btrteif by escgen:ent "which acme
Power c-r other U perpetual; trji to eridc The
TU&occf osr gssn-trdrg asythlng whatever u o
Alaare asd Lomlce has never been core pctHasry
cSkuxed rrtd rffr-taaBy erpbded thin is the col
X33i ef ti. Jocrnsl that had the courage to recoo-
seceis. n t raz3 asa ucrruiny are to De ic!t to
acSla exiirely bettreea ttecselrea the Ursa of
peace, Gcnsaxr wHl wUh ta.txTt those terea cf
, trsrh a salre that they cay be easily asdertcood
v asd caetty kept, StlpcOatfos at to the" c caber of
fcrawtlch France ia to disiar;lle aud keep dlicna
tied B teem at crmlsfrctnry aa aiipsliiiocj ia to
the zsmber of ahija Euiila Is to keep la the Zuxine.
Tbeoaethfefc a0 wtSth there can be so doaht
fa thai Gi. aw .y is left lapcaeaaloa of so tanxhef
-wfeal befare its war wis Frtccs territory. The
fia mm hare thrauhocl stcck to this text; the;
tsevx bK ofjeH to bold aa theirown, and not agree
ateala isa iawja other ptopie are to io oearc not
to 4eTht esfeeece ia that sea- the Bestial P ow.
ers qaswsC aarct thrsn with the sagnByat that the
Trtoch aaay be aifcly travtrd to keep such aa srre
jbcxx. Tbe doctrise aapjerrted by Betels U, that
at any rate.
What the Woeld Weaes. Far, cotton, wool
and sfltc are the cbief materials oat of which
ciothei are made. Professor Tater, in a lecture
on " Clothing," tnggeUd tbat it oa'd be inter
esting to indicate vrtth colors cpoo the map the
distribution of these orer the earth. If we use
brown for the regions where for aod leather doth
tag is used, about oce-haif of the habitable globe
woajd bear that color, for these materials prerail
m Siberia. Northern En rope, two-tlirds of Korth
America, and the southern extremity of Sooth
America, and as they indicate at the same time
the' lowest degree of drriizatioo, it would also
chow to what a small portion of the world higher
culture is restricted. The color for animal wool
wocld ocenpy the next largest space"; if we select
jeBow for this. aH Enrope. the Cape of Good
Hope, and the United States of America, as far
as they.are.iohabiled by the Caucasian race, and
the similrrly populated parts of Australia would
bare to be dyed yellow. It is evident that this
includes the most enlightened cations, of tbe
worm, ico domain ol cotton, which we may
color with purple, will be of about the same ex
tent; embracing! great part of China, both
Indies, Persia. Asia Minor, the whole coast of
Africa, with the exception of the Cape. Mexico,
Central America, and the coast of Brazil, Pern,
and Chili." Cotton would indicate the second
rank of civilization. All. the ether fibres nsed
might be designated by a fourth color, say green,
and ith it we should care to mark tbe silk dis
tricts of China and the entire interior of Africa
and Australia, though these last might be left
nncotored.aj the people wear little or no clothing
cf any kind.
Old Boostex. 1 here are many old roosters
in San Jose. They are mostly u married. They
profess to know woman and all her ways by
heart! They talk- learnedly in saloons, in law
and medical offices, and oa ibessnoy street cor
Bezs.as.to the method of managing that accent.
out oal 1 could decipher were these n ords : Shortly
I before the death or our good friend Samuel Fen wick,
I be sent to me from Sew Turk lor publicatioaa most
, bcautiial and thrilling puem, wbich he called the '
j 'Karen, wishing me, before printing It, to 'see ir it
j had merit, and to make any alteration that might
j appear necessary, io perfect was it in all its parts,
I that tbe slightest improvement seemed to me ini
! possible. But yon know that a person Tery olten
I depreciates bis own talents, aud he eTen went so far
I as to suggest that In this Instance, or In any future
pieces that be might contribute, I should icrise aud
, print them in my own Lame, to insure their circula
i tlon. This proposal I rejected, of course, and one
way or other delayed printing the 'Raven' until, as
' yon know, It came out in tbeforinroDd . It was
i published when I was, uufurtanilclv, intoxicated,
and not knowing what I did, 1 signed my name to
, it, aod thus It went to the printer aod wis published, j
! Tbe sensation It produced made me dishonest I
; enough to conceal the name or tbe real author, who j
, hid died, as yon know,,tome time before it came
; out, and by that means I now enjoy all the credit !
and applsnse myself. I simply make this statement
to yon fur the . I shall probably go to New
Tork to-morrow, but will be back by October 12th,
I think.'
Consisting in Part of
Finest Whit, all Wool 4-4 Flaaael.
Finest White all TVooUt Angola WbitaFlaaaals,
Good Qrey and White all Wool
Flannels, 10i4 Blsaebrd Sheeting.
Thompson's Glore-Fitting Corsets,
Amoskeag Denims, Jeans. Brills and
Bleached and Unbleached CoUonl.
A Snr ass't of Stationery,
Water Lined Sote Paper,
White Ruled Note Parer.
White Ruled Laid Leaf. Letter and Bill Paper.
White, Cuff and Amber and Letter and Kate
Paysoa's Indelible, and Carter's Copying Ink,
Artists A Cook-aeeiers' t Iexible Holers,
Smith A Wesson's Pistols a Cartridges,
' ilair Girths, Stirrups a Leathers.
Spanish Trees, Croupers and Bridles,
Oak Belting. Street Brooms,
Wood Fascets, Lamp Black,
Italian Pncklnc I.nce leather.
Paints, Oils, &c.
White Zine A Lea'l, ia 1,2 a 2S fh containers
Pans and Chrome Green.
Chrome Tellow. Umber. Slenner,
Pateat iJryer, Vermillion.
Whiting Prussian, Blue, Bladders of Putty,
Carriage and Coach Varnish,
Bright, Copal and Furniture Varnish,
Boiled Linseed Oil, Turpentine,
Mason's Blacking. Coflee Mills,
Aae. Pick, Sle Ige. Ads, Hot, Oo,
Hammer i Chisel Handles,
Wool Cards, Saddles, Enameled Trunks,
Coopers' Tools,
Croiers, liowels, and Champering Knives,
Carpenters Planes,
Fore, Smooth, Jack A Jointers,
Cut Kails. J, 4. , 8. 10, 12. 20, 30, 40, iO and
CVJ, iioat .Mils. 1, 1 j. 1 a 2 inch.
Pressed Kails, 2 a 2J loch.
Cooper's Rivets, 4.78 lbs.
Copper Rivets a Bars, , J,
i a j inch. Gimp Tacks,
Iron a Geprer Tacks of all sites.
Best Rubber Hose. I,, 1, a 2 Inch,
Centrifugal, Varnish, Paint. White-Wash
and Scrub Brushes. Cor'd Tin Pails,
. 1.2. 3. f, 6. S, 10 a 12 quarts.
Corcred Slop Pails, Dippers,
Dish and Milk Pans.
Jenning'sbits, soldering irons. T hinges, steels.
( Hammers, oanges, Squares, Luisels,
Augers, Sieres. Lime Squeezers,
Yard Sticks. Bong Starters. Axes,
Shovels. Spades, Oos. Lanterns,
Eagle Horse. A and 0 Plows aad
Poiatr, Paris Plows, extra hearr and strong.
ti . .r T t - . t-:
rrviuiHio wi Arun, s bio nuicr,
Poland's White Pine Compound,
Pails, Tubs, Brooms, Etc., Etc.
Bowner's Kerosene OH,
From tbe Boston House.
And Many Other Articles
-a splexdidX-
Pro Bono Publico!"
coxsisnxo or
Silk, Woolen and Cotton Dress Goods,
Clothing and Hosiery,
liroad and Brilliant Cloths,
Saddlery, Groceries!,
Paints and Oils,
Wall Paper,
qts a pts Beetjen A Schrooder's Star brand.
ArPtnny 3vedlf ,Two-Pn Earned !
' t , v a,
Who will favor us with their Trad.
A-nr -TO-UUL Sell vt '33ed Hook.' lirleeB,
Tan roLMTfixa asd
That aeitber time aor space will a Hew te nwninBraVt.
Carpenter's, Cooper's, Machinists and Agriculturist's Toote of aN IMs,
NAILS-ctrr, boat, wnocaur, toisil SPIKES-ctrr, witoconT.snip, rials jstj oaltasiiics.
i r
H a
. d n
m 2 to
J 3
o S ? a
Z S3
SO?' 5 2 S 3 2
e5 SoS8
S 3 CO m
5 2 S ?! 2
2 M.
a. a.
'3 -
Best French Clarets and Brandy,
Shine iTinc, Genuine Holland Gin
DSCciato on TTfamca.
axd c- THAssrr,
Direct Importations
AMtH LAN and EUHOPtAN MARKETS SparkUBR- Mock, In qnarta and pints,
'I'll e Iirgest tuid
Best Ass't of Ready Made Clothing
Consisting iif Part of, ril the Celehratsd
Scotch Tweed Suits! 9 Snlfinrliri RnRwnnri nmtapp Piannc
, u 1
1 e'3
3 3 m
I s o
2 00
tt tr r
I 1
w a w
g - - O
.5 a
O 3 i
S S 5
o ?
M -3a
' on
5 x if
lyz im1 it hi
2 s o S S3k m t;it III
a h e n -:: i m
s sr o :
? - r r W
SILVER PLATED Sosffle and Metropolitan Drrrlac Bits. Light Harness J10UNTINQ3, Silrtr
Plated and Japataned. 01(1 SADDLE TREES. Japanned and Sitter Mountings.
MARKET BASKETS, assorted siies. STOCKS AND DIES, full assortment, tbe tartest trill eat np to 2 la.
Keg, Barrel asd Cask RIVETS. A verj large asortment of American MACHINE BOLTS.
Best Hickory Spokes, from 1 to 2 inch. Best Hickorr Rims, from 1 to I inch. Axles, half patent asd
oommoa, from 1 to 2 inch. Cart Axles, 3 bj 14. Best Morticed Elm Hubs, from 3iS to 8x11.
Best Hickory BuggT and Express Shafts. Best Hickorr Poles. Best Hickorr WhiQetrees and Cross Bars.
Best Hickorr Bows for Buggies and Carriages. Seat Spindles. Tire and Spring Steel.
Carriage Springs. Elliptic aod Side or Concord. Fifth Wheels and Anti-Rattlers. Anti-Shaft RatUera.
Rubber Spring Protectors. Silrtr Plated Hub Bands. Silrer Plated Shaft, Pole and Tok Tips, eaah plain
and octagon. Stump Joints, Top Props, Slat Irons,
Felloe Plates, Clip Kiqg Bolts, Carriage and Tiro Bolts, Axle Clipt.
Large Mole Collars and EarseM,
Plow and Horse CartKaraess,
Trace Ck&is, c, fee.
in cases and in bulk.
Port Wine, HofCn Malt Extract
Ladies' and Gents' Boots & Shoes,
of the best make and manufacture.
Cashmere, Cloth & Drill Garments,
In all Tarieties, '
Complete Black Dress and Walking Suits,
Bojs' White Linen Cashmere
and Cloth Snits
Cents' Furnishing Goods,
Saratoga and Gents' Leather Trunks,
Celebrated Patent White Shirts,
j Stjled Daries & Jones, in all grades.
.Orcrabirtal OTcraltirla! Orcx-shlrtaf
agaoraHa and Bsgfnl ipstitnticn anesiL UTitt I . r . '
A-'j u 1 .u . r I..' ., f tbe tralfc" Ttat accoonu for hi Tain-dorioos
tbej cost tcosr about wentn is not. worth
knowing. Ttit is tb imprafion ltey attempt
lo conrejr. Tbej are tntj oce or tncaTia lore
with TosBjp girl, for whom thej ccsld serre as
griz)dfithTS. If tbfy arp watcbed wben tbej
inppofe tnexntelrej nctecD thej cay b detect el
cracicg Ifceir necfci sfieryoncg- boordirg school
gnaben aed following tbea wilb tbeir rrea (or
bkcts. Aod jet, directly after tti. tbece asi-
t table semi-bald, tootbleas old roost era wM get
togtlker ia their holes and kaowiatjjr aVtean
woicia ass bcr wajs; bint at their Meet ia
cast diji ; csbi np l be-other tex a a good tbkig
for aLBjaw to aawe binself with in tbe abceaee
t'lier mJHexi, sack as ;dgar; WBaia
-wiisie jj politics, etc. aed then go to iaeir ticgle
roonas. get into tbetrcingte beskand twep with
one am around lie bolster. Sin Jote Paper.
WaaCkiT glasses art med orer or csaar tae aese. I
As joo are fond of sncb matters, I send jon the
a bote aa something Isterestln); and Important.
M0SO.C1TOS. T&e mosqnilos are so plenty In the
Adirondscks tbat they can't all get on a stranger at
oner, su ttey stand aroend In relief and wait their
turns, ike customers In a barber sLop. They ex
haust a man in three data, and then let him
like a deserted oil weli, to axnmnlate more bluod!
rviR. Bad men are nerer completely happy,
altnoueh possessed of ererythlnj; tnat tnia world can
ucsiuk, ana guoa men are nerer completely miser
able, alibonxn deprircd of ererythius the world can
take away.
Osk or tbe Trials or Life. We hare a
deeper grierance than Jy SeigUcrs J2ew itu
onr neighbors rooster. Ererj morning, as early
diwn is breaking, does tbat evil bird plact him
self under onr window and send forth hu horrible
notes ! Xow, if we bare a weakness, it is sleep,
good, sound sleep, and plenty of it. And morn
ing after morning we are ironed . from that de
lightful state bj this feathered assassin. Oar
feelings towards bim. hare taken the form of the
bitterest personal hostility. ."Once a delict
scheme of vengeance presented itself to bay him
and devote bim to a feast; jes. broil, and then
(carter him. That wool! be a sweet trinmpb,
inaeeai iiai on inquiry it was found tbat bis
owner viewed him with apecial favor. Tbe old
Saltan of the barnyard bad died, and this was the
new prince jest amred at the dignity of "cock of
insolence I We bare a cat with a genius for the
chase, hitherto wasted on butterflies and gms-
uoppers. by whicbrte has become a confirmed
dyspeptic Bt we are bow training her to drive
poultry from tbe yard. She enters Into it with a
lest which promises success. Should tbu'fcope
fail aa, where shall we look: for deiireaance.
Chiittian Union.
A srosr is told uf Anna Dickinson, which illus
trates tiat a woman.Bowerer eminent, is a woman
stilL Whea ate opened at tbe Boston Xycesm,
At caste peosnptly to Ue front of tie platform at
hatf-past sere., aod qiieUy's trrtfyed the audience
"rtfcoat epaaing ker month, for several n lasts,
i svJ se t dews, altboacb a efeajr hti ae
prorioVd for ker, - Wej didn't 'ya mt sknrs I
asked oee ef Use saaaaetrs. Wliat aaswergare
the aiosjaeat Ettfe woman? "Do jott svppose I
r going te tit down iajej aer dress T"
In Grey Flannel, Diagonal, -....
Printed asd Crimean,
, - ABE AT
Hats! Hats! Hats!
Hoaerr! Hosiery! Hosiprvf
For Gents', Ladies and Boys.
Yaulcee ZVotions !
Boots and Shoes,
At tlsc Tery Ioirest possible Price
By the original package.
French Gaiters & Pumps,
Of the Latest Styles, warranted gennfne.-of the
very best material. Aslo constantly en hand
Trie -wry beat fmpartaltona of Mi nil tngara I
For Sale by ,
. M. S. CRINBAUM fie CO.,
lS-tf MateVs Bloek.
of the newest pattern, and unsurpassed in bril
liancy of tone.
Three Large Burglar and Fire-proof Iron Safes,
AKD- " "
A Variety of Other Articles,
Too Kcmerous to Mention,
Suitable for Town and Country Trade
For Sale on the most Reasonable Terms.
epm tbe reetitios ef Tisitors to the Tokaas
Homa, oko daj- rety ca Ssdlasreocitirtaole rooms, a ixnl
radle, aadsmptascnluca. riperiesceii celde be the
Etater alsafsw ksM.
Bsrses ffraised and EtaUed If Bssirii
rrrCrt liiHkz fie ViiM""TiiHi, eBrcr sciisali
warraaied to stat tkcjouaer, f . H. tssreacass. Jhta.
JE1 - - w
r ..
IrsTSBUiit is the Oriaj, of tka Bay.
aael ssa4e rarWos'sWr aaroresaaats. I
a to ae aW la. wit Ue saoat fmstUwvs wilk
X. Phsslsgraplg oC aar Sin,
a Crystal to a WnaniHh lacea ia rise Bast
sate at Aat, aad as Ue aatat rsaiibte saeaais.?
Asas, ,sr ai. news af Sm Ia ss. FaeafaHs 9t
thfXmft, Qmm. aad WXtare. '
K-ly 7rt Btetat.
TcMUUItAY'S Fresh Oysters,
So. 1 Hawaiian Rice, Best Island Paddy,
Manila Rope 1, 2, 2 and 3 Inches,
Barana Cigars the best In the market, '
Swiss, California aad Limbnrg Cheese,
Boxes Salad OH; Centnry & Forest, Bote Tobacco;
Sew Styles of Ladies' Trimmed Hats,
Gents' Famishing Goods, American, le, te,
For Sale Cheap,
at the Store of
Honolnla, Sept. HlhIS0-3S-tf
Fort Street.
Saddle Kails, Carriage Lining Nails,
Silver Plated Japanned
Harness Buckles and Kings.
Plated Porks and Spoons, each Tea, Dessert and Table.
Carriage and Hunting or Ridlas Widpslr UNIVERSAL STEEL PLOWS,
A great rariety, pot np In Oil. In eans from to 25 lb
cans, oil ot tbe VfcKY BEST.
Also, a Good Assortment of Dry Paints
And Patty, Chalk, Waiting,
French Red and fellow Ochre,
Fire-Proof Faint,
llnhbuck's Pore White Zine and Lead.
Boiled Linseed 0U. .
Devoes' Copal and Damar Varnish
Turpentine, Black Japan,
Knotting Composition,
Patent Drier.
D Handled Round Pointed Spades aad Shouts,
Long Handle Spades and Shorels,
Hay and Manure Forks, OOS. best Cast Steal
Steel. Iron and Wooden Rakes.
Scythes and Snaths, Ox Bows. . 12,2 inch.
Ox Chains, Log Chains.
Dog Chains, Monkey Chains.
Locks, a great variety of gray kid
Copper Eods, from 14 to 1 1-4 in. for Bolts,
Square and Octagon, from J te 1 la.
WIRE Bright, Iron, Brass and Copper, from Jo. I
to No. 21 ; WIra for Fencing. So. i to 8.
Cedar Tubs and Palls, Brass and Iron Hooped, all sizes
Fainted Wooden Tubs aod Pails.
Galraniied Iron Tubs and Palls, aast'd sites.
IRON FURNACE BOILERS, from 6 to 20 Gallons.
Iron Segro Pots, from 3 to 10 gallons.
Sauce Pans, Tin and Porcelain lined, 1 pt. to 3galls.
i-rj Fans, all sites. Tea Kettles, cast and sheet iron,
from 3 to S quarts.
Bracket Lamps, Stand Lamps, all sites,
CHANDELIERS, 1. 2 and S.bnrners,
AU Sites Chimnsys.
Doyvner's Kerosene Oil,
BEII0WS, Blacksmith, from 14 to 40 in.
P0MICE STONE. Lump and Powdered.
Rotten Stone, Soap Stone, Gam Shellac, ate.
Platform, different sites.
Platform, Tea Sprin? Balances,
Steel Yards. Chatillon'e Scale Baama.
MILL?, Coffee, large assortment.
MILLS, gple. Corn or Wheat.
Crowbars, all sizes, 30 to SO lbs.
Horse Hoes, Cultivators, Zsgle Plows,
No. A. 2 and2(.
Best A I Hawaiian
?M3 The abore Beef is sata Vraa ataieSa.i.1
Batcher, cured la Lkerfeol Salt, r-1'yiiilil ia
Tark's Island' Salt, ft htrt tsfcitasun oae 1
grren. For al is qsaaterks to salt by '
THBOO.. Mmg?.
Hocolnla, Brft. IHk. lS7S-J-s V
C. W. CREY & CO.,
Hawaiian Soap Wrk,
At I, XiaaewSBsari Mat Jsssars
I 'inis af -tHfmt. XsMaa. and
la aH
"Tin uTTiiiaW
OCe. M Fort aW, srfcara otssm gHH be
ftaa4 JptGtffifJ aMaTtfetat t8
BKONZE IRON JJ RACKETS, all sites, something rery elegant and cheap.
FANCY WALL BRACKETS, cast iron, colored Imitation of Black Walnut, quite as handsame aa the
uiaca ii ainai, oos oau as expeosire, ana will not sou tbe wall "paper.
.A-lso, A. Grreat Variety of Seine TSvkip I
Wrapping Twines, Fish Lines, God Lines, Fisk Hooks of arery site.
Should Call at No. 95 King Street,
Double and Single Barrel Sket (inns, Fawder.Sktt if all sizes
Shot Pouches, Poardcr FlaaUx, Percuaaloia Caps, Eler'ss ttess.
And a half doten other styles and qualities to suit, from 100 to 100.000. CHEAP FILES, all sites and kinds.
Butcher Enlres, got out expressly for trade. Butcher Steals, 8 to IS ineh.
An Endless Variety of Pocket Cutlery, Sail Needles ami H&ks, Madit Spits,
Sewing and Roping Palms, Sail Twine, best Copper Tacks, Ship's Scraoerr. liltk it.t
Connecting links, Topsail Chains, Coopers' Hammers and Driven, ani etkw Twls
Sold at Prices that will eive SatifantirSn !
TACKS of all kinds, tinned, common Iron, Swedes iron, pateat doable pointed.
Shelton'e Upholsterers Roand Head ad Oisaa.
A fall Assortment.
In pints and ijnartt.
Steam Gaag;es
Crnet Stands, Electro Plated,
Wronght EUles for Wira Fencing,
The Real Manila Cordage. J, i I.IJ, 1, I. 2 Ineh.
The Real Baling Rope,. two strand.
By Pieea or Bala,
Byam'8 8 Card Matches!
Brown Cottons by the Pieea or Bale.
Henry's CarHae, and XUe,irIr iH,
Cartridges far Henry's Riaes, thaPsalor Rigaa
and Rerolrera.
A few thoasand of trhhh wa will closa est
Cheap by the tot.
Black Rosin for Ship's Use.
Pale Kosi. Xo. I Caaatis Soaa.
Any one wisbin; to get DRY GOODS at a D.rjraia will please Call IsnmsdiaUIr. aa we.wlrii 1 1 clow tfca
Balane. of .r Stock or Caimeres. Horroet'a While Cottotl. and other bV.", Faraltor. PrtsS. .
Jast ree.rl Fancy Wo3lTbl. Qolhs. White Toilet T.bl. Corers. Whit. Sk
L eJ,rV L,,c4 X-n'rt Ketting, Spool CoUons. Fewloe Xeiw,
8,1k Shoe Lacing, TIIOUPSOrr'3 OLOVE FiniSO COET3. iro
Llaey Table Dasiask. ForniearB Samaik asd Gimp, Best W4ia
Liaea Frontisr, Geats White Linen KandterewMk. 1
Ti with tke Tbaid asssl 0e thif aot mMtianei, wiU U UU lf
t iasm
City ui listriit if.
KOTICK bWt. be is pmpmnd te samrt Use
TAXES fat tlw Tasr lt, for aaak aad a try sU,.
At Id OSm, is ItstriM Mtt,
Oyaeefte tbe Hoaoiara Um Wew. aad tl Mtsse
S..S--rf-i 'itfaTaTT
- . ., Tax Colteeter, ttnasarwi.
'T7 ' AMa
soli k aiJistai jjuamm
TaaUMd. Gkt aad
v m lessaa if
A. t.
A. a aasae watawsS srratsaa as
iailay &es. U, UT. SI-IS

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