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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, January 25, 1871, Image 2

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"All iLLA iliX V.1 V XL 1
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vrspyssDAY, jax. as, is.i.
JU Jtnftx. h. a tk d Wo rpfctl
' FainH t! wt,rKtht, itr
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Mk. a. ana. 3t. K H- E t. Ilu We
Si teewt
W. Xik Sjun. SeVr,
.JtlB. . tKl.
. bv wfaeed M wrider, a4 tbe
as ibr presMaitm to tbe
yabfirfcr tbe .ig nres f aB who wfll
-r M . . I .1 - c 1
i-r-i " -r iKn
a bwi is, of cowe, a piedge tro tbe
jmbfir that tbe whole of tbe Miey re-
skmtk be iNrthoaming, so tint, oa
oare. bndrae or desKMtwv
sbail am: triMB ib imrebasiBg of the
rruntd Wtbe 4ery of tbe key to tbe
ieee f tbe bwaMhtg.
TW swbsexfters an to reeeire aetrotis
Ur gvrnrwmtwA boa4s, payabJo a five
veac&, tbr reaat of tbe bnMing to be takea
ia bra of suerest, ad at tbe nauirity of
tar immMs. tfee ooMer May elect to take a
sbarr f tbe baiMMkg, or be paid ia cash.
By tftfe sgmMt. y bsorvod
that the sabtbecs advance their faads
oe liar pab&c &kb, aad seeare a saitable
that will be aa oraamMtt to tbe J
towm, aod a sew aaxittarr to the bmsiaess
of tbe place, with a eertaaaty that tbe
w fc? retuM, asLa reasaaabk
ptoU-at tbe tsMorest wiM eaal i
""Tl. cerreaat csi-
, ?7 "ST '
w Sfeiy obtaiaed. es-
peetaSyasitwiB becaHai ta by lastaffl-
the work peresses, ti
Are "vi r- rraur T
The sqgsasfeMas made at tbe
cm tbe bjact of a boM baaldw-
; tbe MTKeafts cwaarcjaiaot to ik.L. Tr..-.. r irti.n .::
abdibers. We hope, Sic tbe eroiit of,
oar town, that oar citiaw 1
te Tery avorable profias
is will take ap (
1 -
that tbej wiil Bslay a iittie of that
Msnai 1 .ark ria4 i. otlr
. is efcited whenever sook aaxil-
to proeveiss are aader war as
nuiways, stasia Sues, botefe, aad pabfie
bwattsaes. By aob a pfektewBS eatessd
tbrsr fartSrir--. aad . caake basiaess that
.otBet-ari$ wroaki aeror eome to tbeat, aad
ibew atstti ia growth aad weakh other
towras that drag alaag ia tbe iadoleart,
kt tbtag- tnro ir in' of ;ho ehres way. If
oar tiaaoxj b not take sotae means to
hftas staaaeacs fcooor tows, aad detain i
. .
rZn -"!ty eIPT f 1
asawec hope to see tbek bastaess laexease.
We oaaciier k to be profitable to every t
pec-oa Miag basiaess thes Islaads, to '
egyesKTo this hotel matter, iaasmoeh as
dhreetir or is4kerJv. everr oae iri re- '
cotae, shaso f she be&efit. This is
freely asaaittei by ai who have gives k
coaLidcraaoa, aad w therefore .oorge aL
aow that a feasible phut is hud beibre
theaa by whtoh a.sitable ba3difr aav be
scansti, SO tai k op at oace aad eaxsest-
hr. SO the werk may be commesaced
Tlie Ramie Plaaat.
Froie a gesadeataa here, who has a-
torestod lam iTf ia the cskinlioa of tbe
Kaaate piaac, we have received aa eJabor-
ate aceoaat of the aode of"ks caki-
Taries, boaies rahtaWe sacgestioas as to
' ... ... .
ahkproiaoB. WebeSere that K caa
be rror wkh proSt se a&sos: aay port
of thnT'lfBr?'-, althesgh we woeki not
ai.2av-e to so Stto the besioess of
- the precaa-
3kks at hand
:k wkhoot Srst taking
to iqnarate the bre &oaa the stalk. We
that soase of ocr catrre farmers
tirwg taas preeaa&oa, aad, as the phtat
isof aovakwcalesstheSbre is p--periy '
. v k i c.:.i..c 1
r "T . f a " f t - -
ta3rfa,dbcy w3iad their labor thrown '
swavstaai tWn- iteaiK of large retains
Thereal cost ef cxLkiratirig the Riziie
plzat is ptrehoHj less thaa that of say
ei&er reaXj proStiHe crop which aa be
predaced; the criscipsl labor being- for a
iew taoatrVs or pei&tps weeks, afier the
&ES plantrng the groaad. of ccttr&e, be
zpcepsEredistbe first pravce by plowssg,
jaece or dp. Tke racde of planting
ia foSows: AStr the prosed is pre-
paroL reoc csbss are used
wrisr-li rW4i tn nfrired ex roir four ft-fl
ssart, t&e ptaKseetag: set aioorj use. rows
ai a distaace of socie three fctt frcei each
e&es. VThcs. arcH roc2, tie old staas I
e! in th o-eoead to 1
fe.- i " vTtaawwwrr tfat-joa aaf lakeaajr
au. eeSAAC wuw f
She M steas, the SeM wS be.ccvertd
wifih rw sreesa beshes of Raaee.
shsc& be zxBKsbered that cztil the lave tie opgartagpry to receive hnm yoa that ' Xo pea aaa describe the aaiiety, the hope aa
aat are wdf rmdnr tttt, t he fifM Best cewprovf cf friendship, aai Uf yaa to aeseft faBI f a3 ca the is&sd for the Ut few siafi
however, i m nwssarr fir a long titae.
' as, ia a Tow months, the plant itself so j
, cotunletelv takes possession ol the ground I
tf v uHttmlf 411 a- Vmt- vtlanre
. " I
p,; we imagine, very much
as the indlso and o-i, which grows in
' such iKofbsion ixfK&e locates on these
Islands. The onlr cultivation it rvousrvs
after h has to caw thorough- started,
, b plowing ocosipnaMj" lctwoen the rows,
! in order that it shall not spread itself too
i ranch. The plant, whon at maturity,
j reaches the height of six or eight fett. It
is, where grown ia the Southern States,
' ceneraHv '"cat with a raowin? machine,
? .i . . ?. .. . . .
! c:uv wiHS ""J1 w " uraI i
I siWe to the cround.
It, irora anv canse,
I the tjlantei- is not able to take off his crot
j for a few weeks after if is matured, it has
been found that no matectal inturr to the
lrrf the fibre resnhs.
tk Sbro from the stalk, taakis- what may
i termed erode. nmreiared fibre, which
is worth in Europo from twenty-fire to
thirtTfiv cents p pound. The cost of
j tW abave laaekiBe, iu Xew Orleans, is
, abeat f8. and 'ire befiare a number of
, Wbewrwrted iato Californi
, It is sad that an aore of ground, well
- titular nMltiratitta. rM tnxlart at pkeb
ran fruiu 9U tn immi;(1 of this,
orate fihre, ad as at least two crops can
be tatea -oif the saao land eaab year,ithe
pro9e of an arre tn that time wouhl be
ftt lSwt 9490 pounds.
If the vieM par amtuai reaehes the
- ,oHt tbe turoSts of tbe eultira
.- - . . . m8reuKL, ,s ;t
is stated that one bob ean cultivate at
least tbirtv acres after it has become
tboroaghlr rooted. It will be remem-
bered that the plant ivIH grow for years
witboat re-ptaating. AVe vvojibi advise
' tbxitse, however, who ooBteoipkte the cul-
ttaatiait of the Jlat, sot to figare their
profits b tbe above bais, as it not. unfre
' qaoaUy ooears that people are a little en-
thmsiastk oa such aaatters, and are apt to
aoueipate returas from, new enterprises
which tbe resah far from realizes. It is
JKt3Me titat ie m&ar KxsiHues on these
IslaMS, uroatabte crots ean be raised,
profitable crops ean be raised,
. ami a$ bat Kttle capital is required to
start its caitivaik, it aught be made an
j ifBportaat. prcviaotioa ef the .country. It
.r, - w. .,,., . '.v.. ...J
ke j,. alundaace of
raio bew-bofieial. tbouh' not coasid-
v neeessarr to ia,ore good
e-opj. AVe aadorstaad that a firm of en-
tji vouo- men. coBteplate start-
;,s ivatioM as so as arranrnnts
v!p. oa an nb-ibsV te. V land
. j lI-UaCHH UK MHl 1! I IU liXT lac
. 1 i.v-iJLj v .ta 1 - .i.
"rw"- pwreu wkjw, wa
tp readers, and
satisfaotory to all concerned :
DirAxaBST of Foaiao A rr asis.
UaNwaajD. Jaasarr 17,
The Haaeba is tbe Sr?t eraiser 1 either beJ- f
aserest which has arrived is th Hawaiian '
wale slsce the weireanat ef the preseat
war betwees Fraace aad the North Ueraun
CwatVdrrtwa. ,
Ilis JHesty-s Goveraawat has cot rcfaied. ,
hitherto aay rales akh saaa guide the ia af- (
MKdkfasvfca aad hospitafitT ta the cnL-ers of ,
blgerea, chieSy because th rematea-ss
r .vi. r ,v 1 -. . ...
tk vastaess of the Oceaa ia which we are situ-
lleti jHoifej passages aeojssarr at al ,
tiEes.ses'ta. give reasooi fee noi fceieWboaed I
bj iavsriaMi. rate, evea whea recruits aad
rest easy are seszbt aad refairs not secessary. ;
Ycc Mr. Ctowixiwaer. are tkerefere to oa-
derstasd thaL the tW of tie IlaxeSa is most
. . ...
wesesee. watfet tfee cenftafity with tici oar
criiieaa wefcoae (iptain IVclraer (who has
rfst some tinvs wkk as fraer!y) is evkiecce of
their fiteadly feeSr trvwards himseK. It is cot
tbe tateatsra ef Bis Majesty's GavefsmeQt.as at
prweat ailvised, to ask Caataia Focthier to
fc i, towards tte belfcer-
i u, asd ar awe seif isteres daasd that a j
Fref' precaatioa shoaid be taken that this '
ico6etr!iisai4arneerwuEkeorratH. I
J aad that oar date xi neetraU siocsd be pryferfy
! nc j '
Tke asdersad therefare thieks it right that,
a view- of the exteeded fceepftaSty which His
ifafyr Govers-at tf wSasg to accord tie
Frizc Pai stoald be re-
. "i
' as make this plua a.potat d mptn tor tie at-
taci oa aay ressrf. aoi that he will rt fobow ,
toiutt bdoogisg to his enemies witkia
, ijcty-eit hours after scch vesseJ cay hare left
' ear waters.
Of coerce the ssderscraed b fsJir aware that
" the Atlaatic tweEtj-r hoars t been th j
T tiu, for the arrival i
-A cJ. i- av-r? '
aepizixrv at erasers eas Bjcearcse oeen swee- i
It insisted oc And it aopears to the under-
- , - - , - - , , - f
axasi in vtew of ear satcatwa. aad aK tbe dz- f
t .-.- ri -iK , f
al'aatijei. bv nsaiiEg ti a" port cf re-ort a
h, ia 5. M. a3
:T . . . .... ... !
eae isat tersy-eigai aars saaeaj oe re-
rcvred.core esssciaXr wiere cne vessel r a !
aaired, jore especaXr wlere
l.steaaisajp aad tie otker vessel nsder aaiL
JL nxs cosnte wockl ce prcicec towarcs a
IT,, Ml .Jr
pifsStief ef esrharbora.
With tie .highest respect aad Boat dlstia
I have tte baser to to. Sir.
Toar kssskI o6t serrasi
v M'tsiiler cf Foreara JlSkt.
XoctTaTOLt 1 r r rrr, ...
, jCoasslaad Cosansscseeraf Fraeee.
Coascxass or Faaxcx. . ?
Vx-Xcrmzx; I have the toooc to ackaowl-
rrcrtpoaa of toot Ssxuh cf tie ITth
Jeaary. rtlatrve ta ssry acre lae
s tr-Sw tnf tn tn v&B t!tV trelv
,fj t H 4 spunee ofal
1 jeer proposituca. I aax happy. 3r. Xcsbter. ta
rav- ajsaranc ef bigo. wassderntioa aol personal
i eordialisr.
Tnrok IUujtr,
Coaial and Ootam'wHoeer of Frasc.
Atiso Sttott IIaxxus, J
" TTevsotxur.lSth Jaa,
.IS.I. i
Mo.c ths Co-rt- xr Cuui'rasw :
1 1 bav be boour to inform jva that I have tasea
i "" w roPT P"
" .-v -
Sandwich ta
! jrcUjoi ta maVe to tbe rwuiction pjtsUUhtJ
; bj Use Minbtrr for tl stuj- of the HamcKo in
i the port of Honolulu, or othe pens of the Sal
: with IfiisJi. and 1 acwpi it. Will too be kiod
eaonh ttf coannaicalB tnilr. Harm BTthnVs
for the gtariotti reception, both oScial and extra
i oSchl. which t twn giren to th Atiq bterrnrr
' M -v? )ir f"Wm-,nilr.
. . ,. ,1 , ,v
" -
04 ar Quit lUiUdvisaru cwNutnum
PuctHtts, Ctpitaiae de Frisntii
Coataandinr the Arijo Strainer Ilamelia.
"Tito 3IaBlbi oa a Sand Sptf.
Wa take frora the diirj of one of the officers
of the Sa-inaw ihe fo!!oicg accoant of a rest-
oesce o( orer to aoau oa (.icean lurtu. uisr :
reader?, br it wttl be enabtetl to form a unt idea
of the discomRjrt, not to say danger and suffer-
j inr undergone by the ofseers and crew.of that
enfortcnate vessel daring their looir star there.
The Satinaw left Midway Island o"o Fnbw
! October iSth. boand to Saa Francisco, bavin? on
' )mn! hwniut the trSr!t nod nvv. th wartim
party who had been employed on the island. It
1 was thought advisable to pass Ocean Island, situ- .V Constitutional Qaestion." which is so evi
ated aboat sixty miles to the westward of Mid- ' deolly written toenlUt pabiic sympathy for one
way. ia orSer to ascertain if any vessels had j side of a controvery now onder consideration, of
j been wrecked there, and if so to rescue their I the Judges of lheSupretne Court, that I have
1 crews. At three o'clock oa the raoraiog of the ! thooghl it expedient to preseut the real facts to
oreaceis a&eaa ot tae vessel were mscover-1 tee commnaitr in oruer tnat an oabiaseu judg
ed by the look oat. the esgines were immediate- f ment may be formed.
ly reversed, bat owinz to the small amount of t The article appears to have beca written br
j steasi it was impossible to stop her headway be- ' somebody well acquainted with the ease, but I
j fore she street the reeC Oar informant says ' can not believe that the person responsible for
-the vessel coatiaoed tn strike heavilv and was ' its appearance, namely, the Kditor, is aware of
heeled over by the heavy roHers. every one al- f the grave oflense he has committed, by its pobli
: most sweeping over her." ork was imtnedi- ; cation, against the laws of delicacy and public
j atwy commenced in getting bread and other pro- morality. If, for any sinister motive, it were
visions oat of the store rooms of the vessel , j written by a member of the Bar, and it certainly
j which was continaed natd daylight. Alter day- has a lawyer-Iifce twarc about it, I feel per
1 Kghi. by careful hjadlieg. tucceeded ia getting saided. from my knowledge of the gentlemen
the gig, seeood cotter and dingy over the reef, . who are to deliver judgment, that tbe attempt to
1 not however without ha via; slightly damaged J influence them by a flagrant abaso of journalism
' the cotter and dingy. We were able to see at j will be as ineffectual as it is disreputable.
diyRght that the vessel had struck on the reef J The facts are these : Several years since, the
; which surrounds Ocean Island at a point about proprietor of a poblic house in town rented it tn
1 as sooa as poss:oie ice ooais were itnded witn
' provisiens asd despatched to the shore. Tbe
work of sariac pcovisioris was continued ail day.
' Much of the bread saved was completely soaked
by salt water, as weH as by the rain, several
I squaKs havisg occsrred daring the day. In the
! afternoon alt haads went oa ore. where the rst
1 meagre "nieat was eaten of tie ntaay destined to
I be partaken before rehef should arrive.
.Qa Sunday. Xotv 30th. the. Captaio. taking the
I boats, repaired to the wreck and succeeded m
j saving more provisions aad sejeral sails, which
j proved invaluable for raakiag teats. The people
j oa shore were ia the meantime employed in
utyiag oread.
Oa Monday, the boaU were agaia off to the
reef, t&oern little eouSd be done on account or
I tbe.heavy sarC
( Oa Tuesday, the boats were od endeavoring to
get drift wcod froai the wreck. Fortunately the
j boSer f asoaaX engine was secured, which was
; imeedbtely utilized for distilling water. Great
f jy was raamfesled by all hands at this good for-
j tace. as, sines the wreck the aBowance oT water
Fr an had beea ocf halT a tea cap fall twice a
T- It is as wsfl to say here, that afterwards in
U'B5 a aoe wr a tag staa. Iresa water wxs
faad fa sorMeat aboadaMe to sapply the iips
coofoay without the necessity of disttttinj.
SeJ lcrtfe fooi lke fdrEr ia
C3ab'rs OE the kUod- lfce
fjr lwo a was generally
Seal neat asd Turtle, with bread and sometime
' a little salt beef. In fid everr resource wi3
husbanded froa the Erst, as it was en- j
. aa taat laany weeKs acc pernaps raontas
mtlt tUe Uhte nSel wwa eoaie- Greal !
tare tate in tsfilnS' tl- accessary for j
nct 10 W?5ten otlarre awar, although for
so3if Ulse lhe Part-'" Utt tte Ual- TerT r
U seaIi "ere &ocJ- In coasequence of the I
1 t ti.A t. l . ..j ,1,. r '
-" u. (
ueusra5? uiierpari ot ice siay oi tee crew ,
of me cagiaaw at ueeaa island, ttey were ob-
Bgvo to content ttemselve witt sfeort rations or
arbalross.oryjyj.'asthfyarecaKd- It cans j
at tiss, alter Bviear cpoo the bland for a month,
tLlt tiU to reaa oasavcry bird became a
uel:curT CP a co one was .Bowed to in-
100 fre-T ,ai tie P-' taieo-
as ta th case of th seals, that the birds sbiald
t"11 mT T too iianecessary ori
MdiscrisKcate staaihter- AKttle-geoeer'iaeat
A little -geoeey5
with aa ococe of Cocr (tie bread having ben
exhaasted or beans was the daHy allowance of
foodto all; no nae having th preference, bot
aE aSke. with the most keroCefjrtitnde. without
eoc plaint taking their quota of sastecasce. hop
icg aS tie tic- that Providence would in its
graosas dispensation seed some, passisg vessel
to their reSeC
Oa the ISth of November, the unfortunate
TaKot. with hi? boat s crew. Wj ia tbe gsr for
these Isfasds the gig havisg been Etled for th
" ricz her about six inches and
f. ber -- of thf
li tehtcd. Ur wbea lit? tad rofcateered to !
3 aa?l CTeQl P-rr ,ron TerT
oc for a eJt aod safe Tuvaye We havp ah
1 fiy ea saie vvage. n e cav ar
m i
a tc out cf five of that heroic ,
crew, after over a esoath of storm acd farcise. f
foand watery grave ahaost within bail of w2Sag
inma-.aea rmwooe- tiaastifl-or fkaise aad
' .... , . '
- r " " - " ' i
: coco Siring the ninety odd shiprnares whoa he
tidteftOBthedesoEata iilaad a raoath befcro j
secsrea ine Esaiiaz aaowa use
shipwreck, aad. exha3ste4 az he was. rexch-
iar tie shore, pat thea ia a aecsre place so ;
tUtLiBTam awias- th imbil ImL ini we--1
baoshis Eebodr aad those of has comrade.
asht know for what they had senEced ttem-
sjrfisa. Ibrward the di; punches, juaj ias aeesre
jwWsoecdjrggef of tie tarrivoea oc that rEstaat
Afcer tke gig left tie i4asd, work was iatase
dri tiff csaeccI oa a boat of tasch brger rtxe
thaa thecaUercr gig. ia which, whea eoapfeted,
it 'wai tte?" iatectila to Mod a crew to Midway
Isasd for ssch acpGea as vera to be loaa4
there, and. if necessary, to c&patch aaotherez-
, ptca to these Itliztl;. This was to be doae
t3 an a Us; tij eiipu cirjsg wtica aa fcope
tX tie fe arriral of lie gig aad tie retsra of
iwimnrif ajkfi Isihttt'ti i rT (cautsces tad been
sari swli?lfee-Bwie xHeh woM eteae-WSawf.
tmii nmw, tat Ut the fat of jsmmrjjtm
ftaei Sac tbe amral of a vesael fxoa BowMMkv
; of serpens. FraUle watch hnl ben ke pA tot
tts faJsiPp V bios, simmer ; lb uw kaa gvne
i bv- fw hr wwinir k Ua vicinity, awi. do .bejus
w Ml f a&otker month, sate from her.
; Half famUbeJ and weak, from loag SsMiog and
j watchmc, loving oat from all mum apon the
, relentless ccvan, witb. oolr a frail boat in which
bat a few, at rtiwt, ctaM attempt to battle Us
waves, what taot bat be-ea th reeling of tula
pled joy and fear wllh whitb. they hrbehl tb first
ff t of oV fro tb fumacw of th
Kilaoea 1 Their practiced ere Vntw it was from
atearuer. liut was that teamer sent to their
aoccor, 0 was it a pacing vessel whosu track
was so far from the island that those on loard
would be unable to see their signals? These
fears were soon dispelled, when the steamer
neared the isln3 and dipped her 645 to the signal
oa shore. Ther knew then that their captivity
was at an end. and it is no wonder that many of
those ca the island w.ho had before braved the
dangers of battles and storms, embraced each
other and shed tears cf joy.
Mk. KtrroR: The article which foltnwa wa
written before the Satardiv nnmber of thti Cbn-
tm-rrcial Aiicrrtisrr ai puWUhed, but in thU
. Ut named paper thure appear a sentiment so
appIitaUe to the matter in question that I can
IwUMwMt tH limnliliiiN t . j j. t hu.
, fsce to DJ. expcss K u t!li5. Ttrj- fart
( ,iat 4 joar31i 0f jeading inaaencje' sometime
I r,n-t .. .. r
f Kpl$u0 with tateiadepMidwDJcoMUMtes
' ;w bufhest valae "
1 cere appears in me issae 01 toe umtmtrctat
. Adrriitr of January ISth an article entitled
the late Win. Wood, who continued in possession
till the day of his death, in June, 1&69. In
winding up the estate, the executors found sev
eral settlements of accoant between the parties,
in which the rent had been pxd partly by small
cash payments, and partly by sundry deliveries of
the wares of the house, to the proprietor himself,
and to others on his order; and when, at the end
of the quarter, the amount of th bill had been
j larger than the rent, a note of hand had been
j given for the balance, and taten into account at
t the next settleinenti Thus matters went on Tor
1 some time'; but for more than a year before Mr.
, Wends death there appears to have been no
j settlement of accounts between the two, and tbe
executors fouud on the deceased 3 books, against
: the proprietor, a debit of fourteen hundred dollars
. and upwards for cash, sad, a3 usual, goods
farnished to the proprietor and .others on his
order. In due time he presented to the executors
j a bill for seven hundred ,aad seventeen dollars
seventeen cents, llleged to be due for rent, and
demanded payment: in full, iraespective or, and
acouKtng tbe amotint due by him to deceased,
; This demand the execntors reatsted ; they offered.
! Tiew 0r existing Jaws, to exchange receipts in
fall, being willing u, sacriEce the bjbnce due by
the proprietor of the house to tbe estate ; but
this would not suit his purpose. he must have
the whole amount of his bill, and tbe entire set
off cf SHOO against him -be abandoned, altbqcgh
not a single item of the account was questioned ;
and it was to carry.this measolt that be invoked
the aid of the law, and brought suit against tbe
executors, or rather against tbe orphan children
of tke deceased, two of whom are
still mere
llov different U thU statement of fact from
the version that appears in the columns or your
cotemporay. the best of it being its exact truth I
The duty or journalists is to keep the public
i-formed on subjects or interest that are occur-
. .
nng amongst item, not to msuxt tee Judges, to
Kpprei3 truth, or suggest falsehood. The com-
naaily u ccposed of other elemenU than con-
or reformed dmnkards and so-styled Good
reapU; it is cot satL-fied with the clip-trap or
interested lawyers, but when it is to be informed
reqaires the Truth, the whole Troth, and nothin:
bal lbe Truth. This I hare endeavored to lay
before yoor readers, the Adttrtaar't account
ymr merelr one of the means resorted to resist
a demand Bhicifsome may ihink the law permits
,!,. -
The Mews.
By the arrival of the Moses Taylor wo
have dates from San Francisco to the loth
and telegrams from En rope to the 1 3th
inst. THe news Is of much importance.
The war in France b , being carried on
with great vigor, the Germans having
commented the bombardment, of the forts
j, Qa or abont the 2d inst.,
the mean time attacks were made np
. . T. .
iris- r i rut 1 1 if tt t-7 in luc .iuilij. a -us, iiii
" . , ,- . I,
South o France. e give below the
latest telegrams:
Bonurxcx, Jaasarr 13tn. A geseral batUc was
fotiUnU! aader tte waorr The
Germias allscked tbe Freceh Army of tbe Loire,
iSact mtu)le toe. Genenl Jaarribary. ft who
. . j .i-i., t r,. ,.m m
poUioc do lie rizbt bask cf tie Sartbs, asd Ges-
r, Mth,uft d emirr. Tbcr focrfii
toperately farail boars; t&e rrcceo maintained
their poitiuau TteFraJtu& Lasses are estlsiateii at
tSJXB kUfed aad wooeuteL TieFreacli lotsea are
askcoWB, bat eeriuaT
lAMerdesrxstebsays 'ake 'f""
r,, , jrtriV7f .f T,f.-rT - Ctuaay U uid lo
tare as arsy of 388.938, aad tbe attack was alocg
tiie utolr Hue, tie eomcjloa 3M afetoxiL Ens.
Taaiiuas.Ja3.T3(krTherrwu jrbt1: near
Le Jlics oa Wednet.y. The Getajaaa eaptnrwl
tferftHrWofCswMne a40s4eaB Arcfa with
uttki pieer cJn)Srj The camber of prisocer
Mrs, os tke way WSwtw, he ttwtBt to S0J9-
Baaus. - twtaiTft sow as
tfceirwaf tste tbe Gmmim intia m Tnatr, ni
tsw is Mwa to , saaUr 9MM sea, tfcas
imimg iielSemaa fne t se M;31.
Trin't. J", Ubl-Ia tie En 1. Yen Kerfer
ft&wit Xf IIm ihUyrj -tr lie Wiit t( VKctj
easlbracielaaei MHMtH tie WllMkof li
FnM. BMcf wbk an ffeMn.
Mtkeastasrab bac riateiiw Uott ttlem-
beo ad La Chpll, Uttef. neaHj- 19,W pttMiw.
Curb km itssWuUmWo. W at aimtlng ca
Lospox, Jan. 1Mb, The Arwy nmler Genvrai
ChMjweomplleijdtttlenrr Le Mn, br
the Second German Army, cowmailr4 by Prince.
Frr4rlek Charlo and flrand Dufc MeckknbBrg;,
The Germans occnplcd I Man, ctptwlue large
quaulllles of tuppllrt and war material.
The French are being pursued.
lejipos, Jan. 1 Ma 3i30 r. . .1 Ttltfram Joit r
ttTtJ ttatn Te rultles, brloics th Important
lb. I th rain) at4 eoanleraUM araanil Fort .Moat
VaUrUn ara ta such tbt prealsiiiy that a eUUlB
U taomentatUv iti.
Luihix. Jan. tSth3:S0 r. w, Katrarflry tf.
firta ar tl mal ple lh Ui BrllUh Navy
la teawvrthy calita. Th wrk npa all tht shir
aw la tor of conjunction t repair la tht Jock
rrd lu ba v-rtutd ta eoaiphtlon by th AJml-
"We noto the following telegram from
'Washington, dated January 12th :
Mr. Kamivy, from lb Committee fo Tost OBo
aad PiMt Rais. reported a bill aatboriilas th
Ublubmeat of ocean mail steamthip irvlc bttwo
the Coittd SUtaa and Australia. It dlrU the Toil
matter Central t erntrct with WlUUm 11. tVbb,
Bea HollJr aad ukxUI'I, ft earryine the mails
monthly ketweeaSan Fraaclje aad Auttnlia and
Xsw Zealand by a Una of Uamiblps, at a componsa.
tloa not eawdioc SiOO.OOO pc annum.
noota.C, Jan. 10th, 1S7L
Cnis. X. SrtxcEE,
CMff EngiMtr itotolnln llrt Btprjtmnnt,
Snt IvouM uk, through you, the acceptance
by the Honolulu Fire Department of a Benefit lor
theirSlckVundtobeplvmal the Kojal Hawaiian
Theatre, ou the evening of Wednesday, the SSlta
Intl., by tbe Minstrel Troupe now In my employ.
propose to give a clear Benefit, the Department re
ceiving Iho of receipts of the bouse, and being at
no expense whatever, and would merely ask the De
partment to assist lu the disposal of tickets. I shall
be happy to raett you at any time that may suit
your convenience to make further arrangements.
Tour very truly,
Cms. Dekbt,.
IVeprietor Royal Airaiion Thtatr.
Hosolclc, Jn.lSth, 1S71.
Qui DEXBr, Esq ,
Jlropritlvr sifjNl IhtaiUn Tkeatrt,
Sib: Tourlttterof the 16th Inst, to the Chief
Engineer of Iho Honolulu Fire Department, tender
ing a "clear Benefit to Ihelr Sick Fund, to be given
at the Royal Hawaiian Theatre on tho evening of
Wednesday the 23th inst, by tho Minstrel Troupe''
now in your employ, was read at a special metttntc
oftheDepartmeutlast evening, and the Secretary
was instructed to Inform you that they roost cordially
accepted yonr generous offer, and appointed the ho
ginevrs of the Department, Messrs. C X. Spencer,
Wm. lingoes and E. H. Boyd, a committee to attend
to the necessary arrangement.
Very respectfully,
Cms. T. G click,
Secretary n. F. D.
For San Francisco.
The Fine Faclet Buk -
X. T. 1IEXXETT, .... Matter,
Sailing on Saturday, February Ilth.
For freight vr pise. baTinj; saperior meeommo
dstions for cabin and steerage passengers, apply to
2e WALKER A ALL EX, Agents.
For San Francisco.
The Fins Clipper Three-masted Schooner
Will have IMMEDIATE DISPATCH for the above
Post. For Freight and Passage, apply to
1 . WALKER A ALLKX. Acenti.
The Aorlti Pacific TransiportatloB
JlSS Tbe Comp&nj's Splendid Steamship
R. S. FLOTD, ... Comm.nder,
'Will jLeare San Francisco
Oa or ibocl .a Jinury lilh
1VUI sLeaTe Ilonulula
Oa cr about Jnnary ZSth
Freight for Sas Frasci-e will be received at the
Steaoier't Wmrehonje, and receipt! for tbe same,
prtn by the naderiicned. Ko charge for sUrxge
or .-artage. Fire Bisks in Warebonle, cot taken by
the Company.
Liberal Advances 3Iaie on all Ship
meats per Stearacrt
Insansce guaranteed mt Lower Rates tban by Sail
ing Vessel. Particular era taken of Shipments of
All orders for Goods to be porebtsed in Han Fran
cisco will be received, asd filled by rttnrn of Steamer.
pifShipcienU frora Earope asd tbe United Etates,
intended for these Islands, will be received by tbe
Company ia San Francises, if consigned to them, and
e forwarded by their Steamers to Honolulu, Face
or Caiase, except aetoal oaday.
SrPaiengers are req noted to take tbeir tickets
before 12 o'clock on tbe day ef sailing, and to pro
cure tbeir Pasipertfi
grAH Bills against the Steamer mnst be pre
tested before two o'clock on tbe day of laflisg, or
tbey win hsva to lay over till ths return of tbe
Steamer for settlement.
1-Sra II. HACKFELD k CO., Agents.
The California, Serr Zealand
and Analrallaii Mall Line of
Steam Packet
Tbe Splendid Steamsbips
1450 leaf.. - ....Sttwrt, Coo'r,
. S5D
1200 Sana... ...T- Grainger, Coni'r,
Will run regaUrlybttweeo lienololaand tbe above
ports, caneeetisg ai Heaolala witb tbe Kortb Pacific
Trutptrruibn Co's Sleaagers.
aeeirs at
fioioLCtC K. L- GTEEX.
Srsser H. H. HALL, U. S. Conral.
14 3m
For Kona and Kau.
yffi-T-.TTTVr A-T.TT.n
93 Ivm Keststrr, Meairy Kngllsk, Xaater,
Win rsa M a Mgwtar F)it W' Keaa and Kaa.
$1-3b A' CO., AeeoU.
For Kohala, Hawaii.
chr. Active, 2L.
Will raws wr fMkml t aW.at.r yerts.
For frrifit or Mt.yr affy t
j-sa a mm m
AlWbWwjf jljBlMaWawf(
3L. Schr. Pauahi,
Win ran a aa rwir )tttiat bwmil. Hi'Al
m TAfXok, miwaaa at ftiaawtait'si sss4 Mm.
i ini affCy s tk Vmfmm mm
3 :
This Company Trahact BusinWntirIy
Am4 its Umm mM
r other iu.tgii.try
Local Agent.
Xlofora, Toy Permlaadon, to
Hurt: A. Palace, I Messrs. C. R. Bisnop A Cn si. t? .
Beildent Minister of U. S. of America. I A. J. Caarwain n""., , Il.'aoWa ' Hom,b1b
J. S. AVaLKXR, Esq., Uonolalo,
Ills Ex.
lalnj. In th DMtttruf th KUt uf Mnuv! SIU4
Dvfjr Mr. ytttcv .dtiuai.at la
On aiac nd fillnic tho rx'tltkvo of M!e Ana (widow cf
tlfCTwufal), trying ttat KrnaV SUt wij htappotutrd adrnto
btrs.nrcf UieMUUvflitrUt hoabuJ, Manitrt Silt a, of
IloBOlatu, dcXTaV-ajJ ;
It H ivdrrcd br tb Court, that Tharfda, tb 9th J-ijr of
teDrnarx. a. u. 11, ai iuo cua;: in Sb loftnooo, o ana
tb KABiff hrbj Ij prxInttsl fur natlnic ibwJ pvtltluii b
tvr th nld Jastkfv t bt Chtvmler, In Honolulu, at wbtcli
tlai bd i4c all pcnum lutercstod ruijr appearand aliuw
cuf. If an tby hT, wbjtbfMlu ilxmlJ not t iaotrd,
and tbt nrthe tbrof W citen br nablloattuo of thla order
la tb (1 vxittx aad Ac Okoa n?w.iirf, &tr tbrr sncctaalT
wtt nrKu io aau Dear in cr.
Atttxt t J u.tic of tb Sudu Orart,
VTauu K. Suu 1P7 Clerk. l-3t
0 l;L...Nti3-Id 1tcI1v In th matter U thUUof
a4wanl tL VtMn. or llonolala. dectvaved.
A tlwcamcnL pnrixrtioc la b th lat Will and Teatuavnt
of Edward R. O-JBn. deceased, hartog ca th l"th daj of
and a tltlon for the frobat therwf, and 1W tb iMoanc of
Latum eineniajy tajatne h. Atuun, aaTOLg baDleJ
bj Jamc W Austin,
It tt berebr Onlerrd. That FRIDAY, th 10th dar of Fh
rnary, A P. 1ST 1, at lo o'clock A.U cf taid iU, at the
Cuurt Koswcfaaid CotEt, at Honolulu, In th IaUnd of Uahn,
b. and th Mm !, berrbj appointed tb tint for p'orioc
aata iu ana uearme mm arpitcatioo wuen aoa wot-r anj
rroD Interested inaj appear and con teat tb tAiaHtland
tbe cranttng of Let for TeUmenUrj. It la further ordered,
that cotk thereof be riTen br th tablicaUoa hetntf. for
thre vucorMiT wetks. In th Humus UiirrTC,a nw
per vioiu puouaneu in iionoiuio.
Att wt t Jtutic of th tiuprcm Ccurt.
lltttolalQ, Jannarj 17, 1S7U 1 Jtc
(O ISLANDS. In ProUta, In the nMlter cf tfa Eatate of
Jvbn IL deceased. Before Juitlce IlartwrlL In Cbamheri.
Ud reading aitd filinjf tb petition or gaedford B. Dole.
Administrator uru teou. with th will aoneied. of the eetat
of tb late John II deceased, of IIuooIuItj Ibat hit final ac
count a tnen jiarainuiMter maj no aiRjwed, ana ttt b
uaj b dcbar(l from tb aaid trmt; ilso, that Lett era
Teatamentarj maj be Usued ta J. Komotiijbuehn and A. V.
JaJd, Executor appointed by th aaid wttL and prariofr, for
approral by th Court of tbe cUlma which hare been pre
aented agiintt the said evUte.
It Is ordered br th Court that FRIDAY, tbe third Rd) dar
i-eomaxj, .. if. lati, at iv ouoca in tn lorvooifi, ie,
aim iDes-tme nercpy is, appoint ea lor neanna; tneaaidpett
ticn, beCLr tfa ld Juitlcs, at his Chamber, ia Ilcnatula.
at wbkb time and pi ice all persona interested mar appear
and f bow cause, if anj ther hw. why the aant ihould not
berrantrd. It Is farthrr ordered that tb I. order b Dnt-
lisbed In the English and Hawaiian language. Ia the II-
waiux J inn a aoa al ukoa newspapers repeciiTeij, lor
three saecesiTe weeks prcTtous ta tb"tiat tberela named
far rW heariog, and that a cerilHed copy thereof be .erred
upon tue wnww ci sua aecraseu.
Attest: Justice of the SDnrrma Honrt.
TTiLir TL 5su, Deputy Oerk of the Supreme Court.
iioooturo, ian. iu, tin, I ate
ArU, refpectfallj beg to Inform tho patlle of HoBtlala
uui s n firepvea 10 giro lessens ia loe l reoco. spuun nd
Latin liojtusM. U. FENAUD, B. a. A.
aaarea rosi umee iiox 41. 6l-Zm
milE CO-PAftTffEnSHIP heretofore ex
JL iiting between tbs nnderiigned, nnder tbe firm
name of ADAMS A WILDER, bas this day been dis
solved by mntnalcooteut.
Air. E.P.Adams will eontinse tbs business and
settle all outstanding accounts.
Honolulu, Dec. 31. 1870 M-tt
Copartnership Notice.
J. oar ilouje, ceases tbis day by matual consent.
u. BRKvrEU a co.
Ilonolnlo, Dec. 21, 1870. 51-1 1
jn. P. C. JONES, Jr., ia a partner In
our uonio ironi mis aate.
Honolulu. Jan. 1, 1871. 51-41
Dissolation of Partnership.
milE PAKTXEItSUIP heretofore cxist-
J. in; under tbe name and ttvle of C. L. RICU-
AllUb a CU. is tbis day disfolved by limitation.
Jlr. P. C. Jones, Jr.. will liosidata tbe aSain of
too jate una.
(By bis Attorney In fact, P. C. Jones, Jr.)
P. C. JOKES, Jc,
Honolulu, Dee. 31, 1870. Sl-it
milE UNDERSIGNED, bavinr sareha.ed
JL tbe Basinets. Stock and Good-Will of tbe late
Erm of C. ju. Ricbardl A Co.. bare entered into a ea.
partnership for the purpura of-earrying on a Ship
Chandlery and tienera! Commission Badness, nnder
id name and style or A. W. PEIBCE A CO.
Honolulu. Jan. 1.1871. SMt
Assignee' Notice.
t V bland of Hawaii, bas ibis day made an aa-
ignvenc oi nil properly lor tb. beneat or hit credi
tors, nil persons having aoy laimt against tbe said
F. Kaiter will pleas present tbe tame, and all parties
wocoicu io toe aaue are requeftea to make i lamed 1
ate payment la tbs nnderiigned. i
Hifo, Hawaii, ASA CLARK.
Jan. 3d. 1871. 1-ft Attieneet.
Adrainistrater's Ifotice.
fTIHE Uafersicaeti kaviar bees awMiwted
JL Administrator of tbe EsUie of tbe lata Peter
em;lB, or iiooolnlu. hereby rtqueiti all perrons hi
present th-nr claims within six months front tb date
of tbis l-oWkalion, or ther will be forever barred r
asd all pert on t indebted Ut tbe above Ettate art re
queued lo mitt immediate payment Ut
Ifononia. Die. 31.1179. 4 1 -He AwaslBlttmtar,
TTTIf EKEAS. THE tlWIt S'tSKTr: vvn v..
f been appolnled by tbe Kim. E.H. Altos, Cbiif
vB.iieis ci I Be aHtfsM Court, , (be Siafh day of
imwuwiji rr u. lots, w w uttioua txef tne pcrso.
tad of Albert Istaittn, ef Hoaotobi,
Owls ; Tfeerefere. all amou m a(ci
thaa if aay property Monfia to tbe saU iMet fa.
"' m " saw potuwtf wiSSM.t aay rlcfct,
Mwy mm nm Ui U ll.r iU Mattb uwir-
swtsl AHmtt faaaasraaa wwfcewt aty wrwo.
- AHLT,CA. astwaa.
J1WI. I 1st
yiwtotraabig fMlerr.
""a a
riwaaitatajtaiwaisaawti tm t
aaaHkC kwtoswitiW wtra aaai , S rr--g.
Vrml Mt$t Ym Stick
ir (jwsiiiMeifcrC Security.
Agent for tbe Saadwiekvlk4,
1871 Stt 1871
vxm ooMaOaaTju
ii r.na'EurSX'n'" " ,1
rwtaws aaa jr,ws..af.,
Eijoring ths best Facilities for Supplying Sm-
- scribcrs at the Lowest Possible Cost,
Tb. underslroed tallclu lb. coatlnunc. of tbs Baironsj-t of
bit fiienss and ratroiw, who will U Mtil wlilmptn
and entire MIUf.cll..o, .Ten In tb. siallett muti?Z
A. tiw tlaai lln. It now eitaUUbed; ronnTCtl.c Horn-lull
7iJ..??.,,,',c",,'1 Cufunlra, BumtblT .VilT TOXIC
r.rnUbnl to tuUcriWtt
tVllhlu IU to 30 day from tlie itaU of nabll
catloii. And al prb. that barely eottr lb. cott cf nUcrictloa and
postMea thereon. .
Papers Delivered Free cfTostasa etbor Caarra
ia any part of tas 6 rosy.
B.f lBi!,mrvf,t lwd," MhU aad WetkUe, ri.
Subwrlptlon. P.y.hl, AlTi.V In Aarce.
.,bw niu iirraia. ....
" VVerkly Tribnn.
a'eeklj Time. ........
Th. Xew Twk IrUb Amwltai:.! .";
. too
. 300
. ton
. ten
ail uome journal. ..
Sciebtlflc American ... 5
Bt'.n Weeklr Jintrnal
i ()
Botten Weekly Adttnltrr LI
Everr S-tunl., pia.lr.led. oonlhlVVaVti,
ft. Ion a eeklj Trn. tltl ' '
The Sew Toik Nation
The allien and Kound Ttbii" " " ' ' ' ":
sew jork Conner dM Eu CB, rFfrochi:..:::::
-." ' w"y Zeltaoj! (0.rma)..:; J
Sew Turk O Jioto Moodo (I'utinrue. illu.tr.ttd)
Uarper'lIUuttreled lVr.il,
" Bazar " '
Letlle'a " Weekly... ""
. T. oi (German)
Cblmmiy Corner
Bdlil oT t'nn
.... too
.... too
,.. . SOO
. .. t 00
Appleton't IUotlraloJ Journal (moalhlr narur " '
Bu.ton Ererr Sttonlay (mvntbly wru).. "'
ileartb aod Home (f lli. aaHjj aa armr "
London lUutralrd Sew.. . 1
Weekkjr ruocb.. ..ll.HH y.'.'.'.'.'.'Ji'.' i
Nranh .
.11 vo
Sew. of Ike World, 12 numbers, Scub ml..,. ... a Od
Steamer Bulletin. " "'!!
Tbt i.Am.rlcin Air!cultnrtttnv)nlblT).. . . IM
Utli.'a Bodret of ran (umthlr).. ! 5
Tbosdenliac American. .. , 1 im
Th.CoantrTaeolIemanfwerklr)'" ii
-".-.- wj, lCClj. .
Army andiary Journal .. ... . "
Juvenile PerlaiSlr,9to.
Our Tounr Tolk. (m..ntblj) , ,
The S,mn'a Companion (wwkly)? ;V- i'Jj?
Deniorett't Touns America (moothlr) 3 00
TCtlc.IJttl.Cporal(we.kly) :..:... ..
Tb.Bu.ionSuctery (montbltl ... .. .
JlerrT-t 11 u
Cblidrtn'a I
uwum, Bntton (mootblTl tin
Ilour(moolhlT; ISO
California Parlasl'al
San rraneiecoWrtkly Balletin w. 00
' " Alu . ft cn
Sacramento Wwkly Colon am
cu irucixtuaiirciu Iftnlil ..1000
tlrrrUnd Jlonthly S'S ion
Dally AIU Califcrnn, .. ... . ...I'..'.. .'"'.Z"'" M
Religious Paaera.
Sew Tork IndependVat iConrreeatBwalorAa) .... 4 CO
ChrUtlau Cnlon(U.W. beetb.rVp.perJ.....;,. . 400
Chicago dT.nc.(Coorreallall...V.... - 1 400
Boiton Coorrepalkmalial Z..'.'.'.. 49
.Miint. , Jr.... .7.. . 4 tfl
Tablet ICathollel . T... JPO
Button Pilot (Catbolle) 4 00
London Paaera.
London IUuttrat .cwt, 11 CO
" Uib?::;:.:;;.;;;;;;:;;;!; rfnS
" LiojJ'.WeeklTlmw la 00
Stl"f IM
Looiloa ArtJarul..r r lien
" a!rty sbgaziue -
" CornhlU Vlanzl..
BlrraiUJI.xMlo. IS
Temple Bar MagajJoo " ""U i
CbamUr.' Journal. , - f.1?
(wword "
Loodvu qurlerly... .... . .
We.tmla.te, QuJrttrly..... . " " "
EdinburEb Quarterly In
Sorts Brllitb Qnaririy.. . "... """S; 'WT' ia
.. Amwiean M.n4fiaV: 7"
Botbin If.Teilj JUlili...
ru.i. ir.
riuaVt Slnebant'ailaniint
Ilarr't Magnlo ....
AtUatlc koutblr
.' """""Oaj.t'tn
KcriViMr". Monthly
Lcne. Kaaario.
Oxer'a Ladya Book
Ueuwetr. ilofrtbly '.
TL. G.laij
Otethod Monthly 1.1" ,
Peterton's H.aasu
Artbur'e lir7t Marailns '
Our Toon Vnlk.
a oo
eabUtb. at Horn. i'filiM,".
ntssnraasan rawas..
Tk. Auitralatlaa (.eklr) ' 1 m
TboTown and cJutry JoiTart 1 ".l'."""'.."""
TWkly ayeey Hrati...... ......ZiTZZiZ
Devval Exesuat(sv la
Hliebnek'aMuwak... ' T "55w5' T:
PateV. Mmicri MvfrtVj y. ..ZVlZSiC" ice
a-Any fcriodSetij, not In Ikh kkai onbeW a
" " n Til iaaiTi 3fC
AdaVm su m,'inassanr.
HWulu, 1571.
H0M0LTLf3 IKfcV W0&Sf CO.
wr (anrrs rts
. fs WT,I
T 'iS P.-
LfjseW illwiamit.

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