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nv AtrriioRrrr.
JL Herrrrr. Eaouire. bil tiil day been appointed
Owmalnknr ef Prlrate TTaya and Water RIr.htl, for
tie Kelrkt cf Seetaalea. Oabe.
F. W. Hrrcinos,
latertar'CKVe. Jul 3. lSl. Sllahter of Interior.
Is uteriuct wkh SM. It f An Act entitled "An
Art ta repaal chapter M f tbe Cirri Ceie. and to reg
diU tie Baiun ef FcbUe Instruction," approred
u7 Ifti. A. 9. 166i, Jin. . H. Bern, ku been
apr-etxetd Seaeei A ret far the Sth School district
(Keelaapek) ef tie Inland ef Oahn.
Be enler ef the Beard ef Education,
VT. Ja. x:th, See'y.
HeataaVa, Ju. ;ttb. ISM.
0.v33ewiay, 18th day of January, Jlons.
BsMmm Consel and Commissioner of
Fra&ee bad an audience with His Majesty
tie Emm; for the porpose of presenting
OafKsia Poelhier, Commanding the French
Skip-ef-YTar Hamelin. Captain Ponthier
bad formerly visited this port in the Eury
ce, aT-wbiefc ship he -was 1st Lieutenant,
ob irfciflh eoasien he made a stay of con
siderable length.
His ilajesty remained in conversation
trick Caputs Peatbtcr a long time over
M reottacenees and subjects of present
Oapuwm Peetirier eompared the appear-
ae of tbe City with its appearance on
bk last visit, asd expressed himself much
gratified with the improvements which
bad talcea place.
His Jlaiesty received and parted with
tbe Captain as aa old acquaintance.
Hs Eicixlexct the Minister Resident
of the UaRed State, on the SSd ull,
batiag sppBeil for an audience with His
Majesty, in order that he might present
Lveaueasat Cowmamier Siaartl, lately oom
waiidBng tbe United States Steamer Sagi
Mi. lieateaant Commander Glass, Com
Baafing tbe U. S. S. Xyack and Calvin
S. MatUMe, Esq., U. S. Consul at Honolu
lu; tbe aadtesce took place on Thurs
day, January Mth, at 12 o'clock. Lieu
tataat CoomtanderSicardon this occasion
presented tbe following address :
la bi'hilf of tbe Rar Adcniral. ctrcnrnaad'iog
tae Caitee State PaciSc Fleet, I desire to (bask
Year MejeelT for the taoft coarteoca offer of tbe
rteaser KatMea, to go to tbe asasUsee of tbe
attperrecte-d crew of the United States Sbip
Sactaaw, ea Ocean likai. It was a raoft wel-
case aad opparteae relief to tbe corapanj of
Catted States eScer and seamen in distress
tbre ; aad a proof of Yeur Majesty's friendlv
feahar ejuara ear Xavv.
I as fere Yoar Atajestr's kisd asd hansce
iliBtiB vere aatt ecieatJr earned out br
the ttt caaaWe aad ialJiipHit officer seat in
ccaaamii f the SSisea, asd b.v bts oEcers and
I avast ask Yaer Majesty also to accept oj
thaaks. aad tbese af ay . eEcers aad men, for
the rpapatfcr rhavs cs ear prsbsbie distress ;
sal far the perMea! taterest taken br you in tbe
iprodf dbfatah af the Kihaea.
Tasr Majesty M tat iter of tbe Interior also
ruaifffted the ttraagest iateren in ozi relief;
asd to hit eaeetk aad e&eieat efforts tu it
ek that roar iateatians vere so pro aptly carried
At Oecaa IjUad. we recegoiied Yoar Majes
ty'r tUp as seas as sbe appeared on tbe horizon,
aad ear feeXcp of gratitcde miy be imagined,
perhapf, bat can oelf be tberocgblj appreciated
hj these who hare been pJaced in a Eke sitnatioa
te cr evu.
Oa oer srriral in port, we were welcomed with
tfee Best warst-hearted cerdiaStr. and have re
ceived ahaadast proofs of tbe kind feilicrs of
tie Uawaaas people.
Oee eSeer asd fear nea. belonging to my res
fL bcareb aad Eeserossh- vectored on a long
M-iyi5 is a sssaK boat, for tbe relief of their
thipniaUg; aad alr, (with one exception).
Bade ssen&ee ef their fires cpoa tbe shores of
tbe Ulasd ef Kasti
Tear Majesty's sabjecta on that Island re
cetTcd the rarrirsr of the boat's crew with great
Meesi aad hospitality ; and were most solicit
oca to reeerer tbe remxiss of my cEcer and bis
sec aad te later tfceai ic a ssiuble and Chris
Uaa Biaaser. I desire again to return thanks for
a! that has beea dose far tbe Saginaw's oEcers
His Majesty was pleased to reply as
Carraix : I am pleased to see yoa here, to
day, aad coagratalate yea and tbe oScers of tbe
Ute TJatted States Ship Saginaw, npoa their de
anery Ireai their unpleasant position cpon a
I asvgtad that My Gevernmest has been en
aiied totescer yon assisumce. Tbe oScers of
yeerserrke is this oceaa hive always shown
theesettes prompt to go to .the assistance of
oSstresied aea of aB cations, and I hiTe lately
bad a proof of their proiapt hamaaity in the offer
ef Captaia Traxtoc. of tbe ship Jamestown, to
ataist soae of or sabjecta in the Mieronesian
I.ipdr. and far the eSciest aH which be res
dinilhes. Sech interchanges tend to promote personal
aad citioEtl fneadthip
I tympathita with yoa. Captain, for the loss
of yocr ship. a. isisfortnne always keenly felt by
a aeasnire oScer, howerer cnaroidable it may
hare been.
I STspathixe wich yoa for tbe !os$ of the gaSant
eScer asd ees who. after a long voyage in an
opts, boat, Bet their death on the sfaores of
Eeast. Soch exaapks oderotioa to daty are
a rich legacy to aHses.' Peniit aei Captain.
xprea a hope, that yea and yoar oScers('who
br shared with yoa yocr service in this ccean
fsreecie lise past, asd ycer peril in your lite
slap Track, -gay Ere to attain the htgiest tonori
it yosr prefcsjioc.
Tbe feBewiag gentlemen were also pre
tested to His Majesty on the occasion:
Xksesst CoamaEder Charles W.
Crav:,rr. S. XIicctenaat lT. J. Moo re,
U. S. X., Ensigns James K. Cogswell, U.
& X., A. H. Prescott, V. S. X.
His Majesty was attended by the Chan
cellor of the Kingdom, the Cabinet Min
isters, the Governor of Oahu, His Majes
ty's Chamberlain and Colonel Pratt.
Ekratuji. Iu the correspondence pub
lished last week, between His Excellency
the Miniiter c Foreign Affairs, M. Ballieu,
Consul and Commissioner of France, and
Captain Pouthier, M Ballieu is made to
say " I am happy Mr. .Minister, to receive
from you'this new proof of friendship, fee."
The sentence should have read, "I am
happy Mr. Minister, to give to you this
new proof of friendship, ttc"
Auktrnltnn Steamer.
By the steamers last week from San
Francisco and from Sydney, there arrived
here the principals and agentsof the steam
lines-, now established or to be established,
between San Francisco and Sydney, touch
ing at Honolulu. It appears from the state
ments of these gentleman, that the point
which is of most importance from our point
of view, that of the permanent establish,
ment of a steam line, is still an unsettled
one so far as the action of the various gov
ernments are concerned which are expect
ed to subsidize the steamers.
"We can jlace our readers, ou coitront
with the times, and the prospects of the
Australian line, only so far as the paper's
that came to hand by the last mails have
noticed the subject, and must leave each
one to conjecture the results which may
be reached at last.
"We find in the Bulletin, that Senator
Ramsey has reported to the U. S. Senate,
as chairman of the Committee on Post
Offices and Post Koads, a bill authorizing
the Post Master General to contract with
Messrs. AYebb and Holliday, (who are re
ported by rumor to have joined their in
terests, by agreeing to form a Joint Stock
Company) for subsidizing a line of Steam
ers, to connect San Francisco, with Syd
ney via Honolulu and Fijii at the rate of
$500,000 perannum.
This Bill, which in its main features, is
the same as that introduced at the last ses
sion of Congress, and which, after debate,
was reduced to 300,000 and finally failed
to reach a final vote, by the adjournment
of Congress, will of course go through the
usual parliamentary forms in the Senate,
and afterwards in the House of Represen
tatives, and may come to its final action
at any time before the close of Congress.
YTe should not be surprised to hear that
it had been acted upon immediately, nor
should we be surprised to hear that it re
mained on the table, unconsidered until
near the end of the session. In respect of
its present position, it is therefore no fur
ther along than it was at the close of the
last session. Senator Ramsev has also re
ported a Bill to connect Puget Sound with
Honolulu by steam. The amount of sub
sidy is not named in the telegraphic re
ports. In an article on Steamship subsidies the
Bulletin remarks, " that there is at present
before Congress bills proposing subsidies
for four Steamship lines on the Atlantic,
at an amount of some $10,000,000 per an
num; for an increase of $500,000 to the
subsidy of the China and Japan line, for a
subsidy of $500,000, to the Australian
line ; and one for Pustet Sound to Hono
lulu. "The bill proposing a subsidy of ?500,000
per annum for a line between San Fran
cisco and ports in Anstralia, is still in the
Senate. If considered wholly on its own
merits, it could hardly fail to be enacted.
But there is danger of crowding these bills
into an omnibus and making the fate of
the meritorious ones depend upon the dis
position of thoe of a doubtful character
For a long time no subsidies were granted
to steamship lines. But in later years there
has been a change of public sentiment, to
this extent, at least, that if it is necessary
for the rcttoration of our commerce and
for the encouragement of ship huUding,
subsidies should be granted in special
Our readers are aware that the Xew
Zealand Government, by virtue of the lib
eral subsidies granted by their Assembly,
entered into a contract with a Mr. Xeilson
for steamers between their ports and San
Francisco. The intention tof this contract
was to secure Xew Zealand ports as the
terminal ones of the line to be established.
This contract we learn on good authority
has been disavowed on the part of Xeilson's
principals, but will probably be revised
and modified on the part of Xew Zealand.
Xew Zealand has, up to the present, not
been able to induce the Australian Colo
nies to combine with her in this project,
and as far as we understand it, there is
no immediate prospect of such combina
tion. We clip the following item from the
Svdnev JTerald of Dec 31st:
The Legislative Assemblv of Queens
land have agreed to the following resolu
tion, moved bv Mr. Palmer : That it is
desirable that the Government be author
ised to negotiate with any parties for a
mail and passenger service, via Fijus and
San Francisco, or via Sydney, Auckland,
and San Francisco, to the United King
dom, at a cost to this colony not exceed
ing 10,000 per annum.' "
The Assembly of Xew South "Wales
commenced their session on the 24th Deo,
and npon their Budget has been placed
an item to connect Sydney with San
Francisco, via Fiji and HoboIbJb, with a
branch line Irom Fiji to AttckJasd, of
15,-000 per annum.
The Melbourne papers comaeatisg ob
this, agree that as such a line will alter
nate with the P. Jb O. Stealers, aad gire
all tbe Colonies a semi-monthly mall fro
Engla&i, that it will probably be nm-tcii
by the Cab&ey of "Victoria. Advices frea
Sydsej state tbat tbe Atraaa Steam
Xavigaticn Company are ready to take
up the contract with the X. S. "VT,
ernmcnt and that their boats now under
charter, to Mr. Hall, running under his
contract expiring in April next with the
Xew Zealand Government, will continue
to mn as heretofore so that no interrupt
ion will take place in the service. The
same advices also state that the company
propose putting cabin accomodations on
the decks of their shis, and have already
commenced the alteration in the City of
It appears from the news, that the route
that has been opened and kept up by
Hall's steamers for ten months past, is
not likely to be dropped out of sight by
steamboat owners, but that they are san
guine of getting such subsidies as may
enable them to run their boats permanent
ly. The next mail probably will shed
more light than we have at present as to
who will get the subsidies, and what will
be the amounts granted by the Legisla
tures that have the subsidies under con
sideration. The letters published in this
issue will inform the public what action
our own government have thought prop
er to take in this matter.
DE?.!mtR.T or Finance. 1
Honolclc, January 2Stb, 1871. J .
Sin : In reply to yonr application for assist
ance from Ilis Majesty's Government to support
a line of steamships between Sydney and this
port, connecting at Fijii with a branch line to
Auckland, His Majesty's Government direct me
to say, that npon tbe presentation at this office
on or before the 1st of May next, of a contract
duly siened by the authorities of Xew South
Wales by which they undertake to assist you
with their subsidies, and yon contract for a term
of four, five, or noreyears to ran thai Kne with
suitable ships, we will pay yoa the subsidies as
Authorized by law, viz : $2,000 per month, such
payment to commence as of January 1st, 1671.
Yoa are to understand that on signing tjje con
tract with ns, we shall insist that your ships shall
remain here long enough to take cargo, as you
have hitherto done. Oar subsidy is given mainly
to promote the transportation of cargo. Your
past service is one consideration which induces
Ilis Majesty's Government to take this step.
Should you fail to present sncb contracts, then
Ilis Majesty's Government will deem themselves
at liberty to pay their subsidies to whoever may
establish a line.
I remain, yonrs truly ,
J. M. Surra.
Jfintsfer of Finance.
To H. II. ILui, Esq, Ilonolala.
DEPAttmENT or Finance, )
Honolulu, Jan. 25th, 1871. J
Sis: His Majesty's Government havo tnken
into consideration everything which has been
said by youiself as Acent for Mr. Webb, touching
the establishment of a steam line from San Fran
cisco to the Xew Zealand and Australasian Colo
nies, via these Islands. This Government are
anxious to aid in tbe establishment of a line
which will give them prompt connection with the
aforesaid Colonies. You are aware that Mr,
Hall's line has established and kept np that con
nection for ten months, and we are assured that
the A. S. X. Co, of Sydney, will run a line
from and after tbe 1st of April next, and that
there will be no interruption to I be present con
nection ; we are farther assured that a subsidy
will be granted by the X. S. Wales Government
for such a line. In view of these cirenmstances,
1 have been instructed to assure Mr. Hall that if
a contract duly signed by tbe Authorities of the
X. S. Wales Government, by which tbey under
take to assist him with their subsidy, and be
contracts for a term of four. five, or more years,
to run that line with suitable sbip. our subsidies,
as authorized by law, viz. : S'2.000 per month,
will be paid to him. Should he fail, however, to
present at this Office, on or before the 1st day of
May next, such contract, Ilis Majesty's Govern
ment will hold themselves at liberty to make an
arrangement with, and pay their subsiily to who
soever may establish a line, and will pay tbe same
from the date of the first ship departing from
this port for the British Colonies.
I remain yours truly.
J. Mott Surra,
Minister of Finance.
To J. B. M. Steward, Esq, Honolulu,
Agent for Tim. H. Webb, Esq.
A. letter of the same purport and wording was
also transmitted to J. C Pflager. Esq, Agent of
the X. P. T. Company, Honolulu.
Here Bandkax.v : lie lovers of tbe Drama
here, may now congratulate themselves upon hav
ing tbe privilege of witnessing the personations of
one of the most celebrated living tragedians ; a
tragedian wbo has equally distinguished himself
in two languages, placing himself by his histrionic
genias at the very head of his profession in both.
Born a German, Herr Bandmann. after great suc
cess on the German stage, baring met with equal
success in Berlin and Vienna, visited America,
where, after performing with great success in the
German Theatres in Xew York and other cities.
he was induced by his admirers to perfect himself
in tbe English Lancuage and undertake tbe deli
neation of some of tbe Erst characters of Shake
speare and the other classic English characters.
In an -incredibly short time, he was sufficiently
versed in the language to undertake tbe most
difficult parts, end succeeded at once in takirg a
position on the stage which but few of those of
English and American education have been able
to attain after infinite stndy and practice in their
native tongue. What to them bad been tbe la
bor of ba!f a life-time was to Herr Bandmann,
but the labor of a few months. By tbe best crit
ics in America, his Hamlet was pronounced to be
one of the best ever presented on the American
stage, while his Othello, Iago and Shylock were
other proofs of, not only tbe versatility or his ge
nius, bat an astonishing example or hi ready ap
preciation of the spirit of the greatest of drama
tists. Mr. Bandmann's lepntation is not alto
gether snknown here, as all of na who remember
the theatrical critiques in the San Francisco pa
pers, in 1S65 remember the high encomiums of the
entire press. We had little hope then that we
shocldeverseeandcavethe opportunity of bearing
Mr. Bandmann on the Hawaiian stage. But after
visiting Engiasd, where he elicited from tbe Thea
trical entice of siair papers as the London Turns,
tee Osurt Cirwiar. the JUwtratod London
Jfeiec the Satmrthy Sttitt, .I'aisck aad amy
c4barBroaHaeat papers throagtaat Engatad, the
kgl(et prake, he visited lie Aiwlrafiaa Cotasiec,
(where he fatly eaetained fckjjjhigfc repataUoa).
aad h bow es ka way again to. the United Slates,
heriag eosdaded to step here for one moath.
Herr BioaaiaaB appeared for the finC tiwe
here at the BejaJ Hawaiian Theatre ea Jtea4ajr
eaesiBgiaet, wheats the characters ef Hamlet.
Cfaade MefeeUe aad Xanssse, he feSf iitalacd
hkropaiatiaa. Ma. Hindimaa, who fa ae less
celebrated thwuHefr Ba&daMM, eatranced the
I andience by'hec reRaVring ofj Ophelia, Paalioe
i ri i. . it i n v.: u. i tH
isceiuap:i.ni ana AUiis iJimivtv nr. aiiu iib
Oandmann will agaia appear at the Theatre, this
Mr. Derby has made iaiportaat repaira on the
Theatre, biea add greatly-to the comfort and
pleasure of thoee who risk that place. He is de
terring of great praise as well as or the generona
patronage of the pablic, for bis efforts to cater to
their amusement.
Mr. Editor:
In spite of tbe pathetic appeal to " let mo (bim)
be," I shall not do so nntil I have nailed Aat base
coin to the counter ; but, first, in order that si
lence on my part may not be misconstrued into
consent to tbe truth of a charge of a mean Sing"
at any man, or order of men, I entirely repudiate
iL I feel the sincerest pity for any one wbo
gives way to the degrading vice of drunkenness,
and corresponding respect for the man who hav
ing so fallen is able to conquer the passion, espe
cially do I honor him, who, knowing bis own
proneness to over-indulge, in order to free himself
from all danger, practices total abstinence.
Having said thus much, I do not hesitate to say
what I intended to convey in my last communi
cation, that tbe arguments which some people
imagine, are the only proper mental food for Tem
perance Societies, are not always or absorbing in
terest as news to the general public, and further,
that when they are employed as a cloak to cover
designs to despoil tho widow, or orphan of bis
rights, that tbey are intolerable, and that their
prostitution should be held np to public execra
tion I will now proceed to finish tbe little operation
I spoke of above. In the CmerciaJdrertiscr
or the ISth inst, the following article appvared
as tbe leader or the day.
"A case came up In the Supreme Court iu Banco,
on Manday last, which poesessea considerable Inter
est, bvolving as it does a question as to the consti
tutionality of a statute Jaw. Tb law iu question
was approved January 10th, 1665, and Is entitled
' An Act to prohibit the maintenance of suits lor
the recovery of debts contracted in public houses."
The trsl section reads as follows:
" Xo suit brought for the recovery of any debt
contracted alter the premutation of this Act, for
spirituous liquors sold, or furnished to any person.
by any licensed retail dealer in such liquors shall be
maintained In any court of this Kingdom.'"
Tbe case before the Court was one in which the
parlies hid had dealings together for a considerable
length of time as landlord and tenant, and at tbe
death of the latter, and the settlement of bis estate,
the accounts shewed a balance against the landlord,
for sundries furnished him by tbe tenant, who was
a licensed retail dealer in spirituous liquors. The
former pleaded tbe above, quoted statute In bar ot
the claim. We give in brief the arguments of coun
After the arguments, the article is wound np
with the following sentence : The Court, after
hearing the foregoing arguments, and the author
ities cited by counsel, took the case under advise
ment.'' I now ask, is not this account presented as the
entire statement of tbe casa? Is it not intended
to be so understood ? Has it not been so under
stood! In fact, it is nothing like it; if there is
" no suppression of truth, or suggestion of false
hood, then it is a downright ratification or the
whole matter; the plaintiff in this case was not
the administrators cf the Estate bnt, the land
lord of the house, himself rormerlr a retailer or
spirits; be did XOT. as we are told above, plead
tbe above quoted statute in bar or the claim Tor
the balance or accounts against him, bet he was
bold enough to institute the sail against the ex
ecutors, in order to evade taking into accout any
part or the sam amounting to more than 81,400
which be had received in payment of the rent teey,
in view or the above quoted lair, having Viem
sclres proposed' to abandon the bahnce due by
him to tie Estate, and to compel tbem to pay
him S7 17, nearly, or quite double the amount of
which he bad already received during the lifetime
of tbe person whose Estate was being adminis
tered.' I challenge contradiction.
It remains only to say. that I can congratulate
the proprietors or the Commercial Adcertietr
for tbe force of their'argumehts against an oppo
nent, to no greater a degree than for the sound
ness of their information on public matters, and
to assure them that their compliments are thor
ouzbly appreciated, but will not be further
Hilo I mis. A gentleman on the steamer kindly
famished cs with the folio wins: IIIlo Is enjoylnga
pell of fine weather; and all five of the Sugar plan
tations in that district give evidence in tbe curling
smoke from their chimneys, of life and Industry.
lit iigni-nonse on me mull &as received a new
lamp, barulnc Kerosene oil, and a lamp post has been
removed from near the Court house to tbe wbarf,
which will aid schooners entering tbe bay at night
to make their anchorage, and boats to make the
landing. Eilauea is actively at work. Tbe center
of the creat north lake Is occupied by a dome, wblch
has ETown by successive overflowing from its top,
until it Is higher than tbe surrounding wall. The
lake doe not All op: tbe lava appearing to sub
side Into unseen caverns at the lowest depths. In
Kan frequent earthquakes are reported. Smoke
from tbe summit-crater of Mauna Loa is Tislblefrom
eithersideof the Island. Tbe beads of Eeaand Loa
are covered with ample hoods of snow on the one,
spread smooth and evenly cut off around; ou tbe
other, tosed fantastically over the clustered peaks.
As to matters more personal, the bankruptcy of
Kaiser's bakery is announced liabilities, ?3fiOU. A
baker named James Black was, a few weeks since,
making an adjustment of tbe biscuit machine at
Xcddlea' bakery, and accidentally had one of hisfore-flner-s
A Large and well Assorted Stock
Ex Late Arrivals,
At Seasonable Bates and eg Liberal
Teres to Ssit tbe Times.
f Ever 03ere4 is Ok Market.
' Fer .Sale at Reasonable Prices!
S la
jum ef tae eapteae vrv ea sa a My or
Jaaeary.A. D. 1 871, to be ftwartiijta ever tike penoa
aa BTOsertr ef Albert Kaaeiakes, ef Hosofa!ar
4feHi : Therefore, aM Mms an fcerefcy sctifed.
that if any property sebagfaag U tae said Albert Ko
aaiakea, is is their' fwarcsssM 'wStltoait aj right.
taWr ate SMeestei te ntera
tea t ntera the Time te tas msk.
aew4. I alf, sanity faM ait peraeaa tnetjat;
seal A&ert KsfiHriWa witkjat aa; wriasea ef ear.
F. 2t AH A vfeBLl) A Batrtiaa.
Ttksirit. Jaswary 11, 1871. 1 lose
Oflex for Sale,
Hawaiian Bark l KA MOI;'
From Xj033.c3.oz3.,
the roiAownra
Selected with Great Cars
cossismo or
ENGLISH riUNTS, Fanej LUao, &, Mourning,
Saining Print!, Twilled chlnta Prints,
1'idcj Mullini. Victoria Lawns, mixqoito setting,
Superior black Cobonrg, black Alpacea,
French Merinos and Crape, woolen dress Qoods,
Black and blue Broad Cloth,
Italian Cloths,
White Moleakins.
Whits Drills,
White Duck,
Black Haircloth.
White Shirting asd Losgcloth,
Turker Red Cloth.
Brown and Bias Cotton Drills, hearr
rirown ana lileo Lotion, licking.
iilao Denims, very beavy.
Jlunleta, large aiie assorted colors,
Bleached Lines Shectine,
Blue .Mhambra Red Quilts,
White Bed Quilts,
Fine Linen Imperials,
White Linen & Cotton Turkey Towels,
Superior Lioeo Handkerchiefs,
Fanej Cotton Handkerchiefs,
Turkey Bed A Yellow Hd'kfs.
Plain White Flannel.
Blue Twilled Saxony Flannel,
Whits Merino oeks.
Grey Mixed Soeks,
i Ladies' White Hos'e,
Fancy Damask Table Carers,
Black Silk Neckties,
Fancy All acca Blouses,
Fine Linen Bosom Shirts,
White Cotton Shirts. .
Fanej Calico Shirts,
Hickory Shirts.
near Jienno usaersnirts,
Silk I'm'it. Under Shirts.
, . . Brown Cotton Under Shirts,
Turkey Bed Saspenders,
Black Sitk Umbrellas,
Black Silk Elastics, ..
' Blue Cotton Thread.
Woolen A Cotton Girths,
Feather Duster.-.
Boiled Linseed Oik
White Zinc Faint,
Ground White Lead, Bed Ochre.
and Venetian Red.
Burlaps, Sail Twine,
Scotch Hemp Canras,
Russia Duck, light A heary,
Bright Fencing Wire, ?
Hoop Inn, from J in. to 1 in.
Tinned Saucepans with Corers,
Babbits .Metal,
Galraniicd Gas Pipes, J to i in.
lialranited Iron uuekets and Tubs,
Cabin Lamps and Lanterns,
C. C. Iron with brass guards.
Fine Pocket Knives and Steel Scissors,
Crushed bugar,
French Chocolate,
French Pease an natnrel,
Malaga and Sultana Rais'ns,
Currants in Jars,
Salad Oil.
CoJlircr Oil.
Curry Powder,
Eesse&ces of Sbeld Almonds.
Liverpool Salt,
. Sausages in Tins,
Wiltshire Loaf Cheese,
Hatch Loar Uneese,
Malt Vinegar in Demijohns and Barrels,
Cream of Tartar,
Seed. Biscuits,
Gin in Baskets and Boxes,
Rum in Barrels,
India Coope A Co., Ale,
Claret in Boxes,
Rhine Wine,
Schiedam Aromatie Sshnapps.
Dunrille Irish Whiskey,
.Manila ilorse Kope,
Stockholm Tar, -
Pitch in half Barrels,
Portland Cement,
Fire Bricks square and arch, .
Blacksmith Coal,
Munta Yellow Metal and Composition Xalli,
Best Rifle Powder in i lb Tins,
1,000 bbls New-Oa Sbooks,
100 Tons WesrHartler Steam Coal. Mm
For Sale In Quantities to Suit,
5- bjr H. HACKFELD A CO.
A General Assortment of Merchandise
Shipping and Local Requirements
QOTTOX and Hemp Dock
from 0 to 10,
Epnnyarn, Marline, Iloniline, Seising Stuff, Catting
Falls, Whale Line,
Bloclis of gill Sizes
Patent, Iron Strarped and Bushed. 3 to IS is.
Jib Hacks and Mast Hoops,
cseates, Domed and palest;
Hooks aad Thimbles, Connecting Shackles,
Beat TiBbers, SfcHS and Stents,
Baat Boards, Oara sf all lengths. Rowlocks,
Bathings, filtering Braces, Boat Kails,
Wronght Kails, Cat Kails, Eirets of all sixes,
Paints, of all Kinds!
Linseed, Kerosene, Whale asd Sperm 03a,
Tar, Bright Varnish, Pump asd ttiggisg Leather,
Copper and Iran Tacks,
Preserved Meats, Pie Fruits,
Pickles, Green Corn aad Peas,
Epiees, aad various other Groceries.
Pelrce's Wkallnp Gkbs,
TaWe: Bairy, asd Cearse Salt, bam tke
fr ?wdftt Salt Wsrks.
:' TeStr B3i'Sn' rli.Klller,
- '
Various ether Merch;
Frees tin agfenie, SuUnmltmiaftui Karfcete.
- Oram fiB tae etaer Meads nnAilIr at
tBU to. 2
This Company Transacts Businols entirely
And its $41.ttt).li include
Local Agent.
-. "Elefers, Toy Form 1 rmtoxx, to
His Ex. Haaar A. .Piircs. Messrs. C. B, Btador A Co.. Bankers. Hoaolala.
Resident Minister of U. S. of America. lA. J. CaiTivaiaar, Esq., Honolulu.
52 J. S. WatxiB, aq., Honolulu. j
SUPREME. COURT of the llfmnlUn Ift.amf.v,
In Probate. Id tho matter of the EiUte of E4wud
BrovD of Honolulu, decttued. A docasitDt parro-tinc to be
the last-Will and Tntameot of the said dwara Brown, de
ceased, having on tbe 90th daj tf January, A. D, 1S71, been
prretoied to'sald Prvbate Cbart.nd petition for the rubate
thereof, and tor U bntonce of Letter TintMienUry to Marj
Isabella Brown havlne been filed by Mid Mar j Isabella Brown
It Is hereby Ordered, that FRIDAY, the 24th daj of Feb
rnarj, A. D. 1371, at 10 o'clock. A. 31. of aald day, at the
Court room of said Court, at Honolulu, In tbe Island of Oaho,
be, and ibe mnn I hereby appointed the time for proving
said Will and bearing said application, when aad where any
person Interested may appear and contest the said Will, and
the erantlns of Let en Testa metttary.
It Is farther Ordered, That notice thereof be ctrva by pnb
Hation, for four suece-eire weeks, la the jMian GutttU,
nncwrpAner printed and pabllthed In Tonolola, And It Is
further Ordered. That citations be. iianed to tbe subscribing
wltceeses to said Will, and to the ttelrs of the testator in the
Hawaiian Inlands to appevud,couttU the probate cf said
WML at the tune appointed.
Attest: Jot tke of .he Snpreme Court
Walts IL Silt, Deputy CI tilt, Scpreme Court.
Honolulu, January 31. 1871. 3 4t
Islands. In the matter cf the Estate of Manuel Silra
of Hcnolum, deceased. Before Mr. Justice Widemann, In
On readlnpand filing the petition of Mele Ana (widow of
deceased). Ijlng that Franw Silt a may he appointed admin
istrator uf the estate of her late husband, Uanuel Sllra, of
Honolulu, deceased :
It Is ordered by the Court, thaLThnradaTt the 9th day of
February. A. D. 1S71, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, be and
the same hertby Is appointed for hearing tbe said petition be
fore the said Justice, at bis Chambers, In Honolulu, at which
tinie and (Lice all peratins interested may appearand jhow
cause. If aur tbey iiate, why the same shmld not be granted,
and thtt notice thereof be (Wen by publication of this order
In the OiiETTi and Ac Osoa newt papers, for three successive
weeks previous to said hearing.
Attest: Justice of the Sup. Court.
Wiiist IL Sut, Depy Clerk. l-3t
I?LAMj3-Id Probate. In the matter cr the Estate of
Edward R. t'ofln, cf Honolulu, deceased.
A document, purprUng to be tbe last Will and Testament
ef Edward IL Cofiln. deceased- hariDst on tbe 17th dar of
January, A. V. if-al, been presented to said iTopate Unrt,
ana a petition lor xne prooste toereoi, ana lor in issuance oi
Lsetien lesiamrniary w james . Ausua, uatrng been niea
dj ..Ames n ausiiu.
It Is berebr Ordered. That FRIDAY, the 10th dxr of Feb
ruary, A. D. 1&T1, at 19 o'clock A. M. of said day, at the
Court Room of said Court, at llopolnln, la the Island of Oahu,
be. and the same Is, hertby appointed the time for proting
said Will and hearing said application when end where any
person interested may appear nod contest tbe said Will, and
the grantlngc-f Letters Testamentary. It Is further ordered,
that notice thereof be given by tbs publication hereof, for
three successive weeks. In the Hataiiax Usxxtts, ft news
paper -nnted ana publisbea in Honolulu.
Attest : Justice of the jfunreme Court.
Win I a IL SsiL, Deputy Clerk.
uonoiuiu, January ii, isji. x mc
tO 1 a LANDS. In Probate. In the matter of tbe Estste of
John IL deceased. Before Justice HartwelL in Chambers.
Ou readinr aud fillnc tbe petition of Sandford B. Dole.
Administrator wo tern,, with the will annexed, of the estate
of the Ute John IL deceased, of Honolulu, that his final ac
count as soch Admlnisirater mj be allowed, and that he
msr D uicnJXM ireni ine sua inux: aiso. inai ieuers
Testamentary may be issued tA J. Komoftebuehu and A. F.
Juad. executors appointed by tne aaiu wiil and pravinr lor
approval by tbe Court cf tbe claims which have been pre
sented agadnst tbe s4d estate.
It Is ordered by the Court that FRIDAY, the third (3d) day
ox x eorusry, a. u. JK i, at iu o clock, in tee loreneon, be,
and tbe same hereby ! appointed for bearin the said peti
tion. bfre the said Justice, at bis Cbamberta in Honolulu.
at which time and Dlace all persons Interested may appear
and show cause. If any they have, why tbe same should not
be graoieo. is is inttner oraerea inai in is oruer ne pun
lilted In the Enzlish and Hawaiian lanruagea. Ic the lis-
waiux Oixxrrs and Ac Oxoa newspapers respectively, fer
inree snccetTe wesss previous in ice uitie inerein namea
for said hearing, and that a certlfld copy thereof be served
npon tne widow otsaia deceased.
Attest; Justlceof the Supreme Court,
Wilt ex R. 51, Deputy Clerk of the Supreme Court.
Uodoiuiu, Jan. 10. Itii.
For San Francisco.
Tbe fine Packet Bark
X. T. UEXXKTT, .... Matter.
Sailing on Saturday, February llth.
For frefebt ir pauaze. barioc aarrior accomma.
aallona rorcabm and iteerage paaieogen. appl to
The Portia PaclSc Traiisportatloit
The Companj'a SjilendiJ Steamiblp
R 8. FIOTDv ... Commander,
Will LcaTe San FranclKco
Oa or aboat. w. ... w......Janaarr 1Mb
trill Leaye IIuboIuIu
Oa oraboat ...JaaaarT 2(tb
Frelrbt for Eaa Frane'ueo will be ttetivtd at tbe
Steamcr'a Warehouse, an'i receipt! tot tbe lane.
gireo bj tbe naderzijrned. rio ebarge for atorage
or cartage, tm nuu is. n aretoaie, not taken bj
Uk Uompany.
Liberal Adraacea TIade on all Skip
xnuHU per nieamer.
Inntraoee zuaranteed at Lover Bate tbaa by Sail
ing Yeueli. Particular ears taken of Sbipmtnta ef
AU'opIeri for Goods to be purchased in San Fian-
eisca will be received, aad filed by return of Steanier.
STSbipmenta from Europe and tbe United Statea ,
intended for tbese Itlandi,. will be receired. by tbe
Company in Eaa FraoeUcoj ;il eoniigned to tbem, and
be forwarded by tbeir Stea'aera to Honolulu, faet
or Cnanoz, except actual entlay.
JEer-Paaaeoxeri are resneeted te take tbir tkkeU
berere 12 o'clock oa tbe ekr ot aailiar, and to nro
ecre tneir arajapene.
I-3B JbUHAUKl"Ll A CO., AgtnH.
The California, JTew Zealand
aad AMeiraHat Mali I. ine oi
Steam Fiickete.
Tbe SsSeediil Steaateipa
I4SB ;..,,...,....... ..S4cwrt, Con'r,
w , T. Sralawer, Caea'r,
TTW a wejaWt. Uty HmM utj tae aWre
""nm n'l'i 'niSn
Iawaaeiw .-....!T....r. 1. OB am.
Adhim 1 a. at. aMMM
Stmit . 1. H. HALL, V. S. Ceaaaat.
" i
- J- - -aTaT'J-aW
mwm mm
mi frmvm Mts, Fancy $tck
Agent for the Sandwici Island.
1871 1871
eeub.tshed la this city as Agent t the leadinr Ameri.
can asd ICnropcxa
wC'wfWeW'W'Saj '
Enjoying the best Facilities for Supplying Sub
scribers at the lencest Possible Cost,
Tht asdetalpwa aollclta the n Itmaact cf tae palrmu, ef
hU Mend. and patrou., wbo wUl U aerrM with tpuaS
anil entire atbbctloo, ta In tb. amallett autttn.
At tb. aUaai lln. la now etUblbhad, evnatctlac HooJala
with San rrandscai and tha Culonba. roonthlr XCtTTDRr-ZO.VOO.YM-D
rurnlhf to aUcrtbra
Within 1 to J daya from the date of natH
And at pricea that barely corer the cut of robacrlpUoi. aad
postage! thereon. "
Papera DeHTered Frea oF?otag9 or ctier Ctsraa,
la aay part of lit Group.
Back nnmbera of tha leaJInI Monthll and TTnll u
"I'reu'ri' !!' hcrt DoUc for -hota
Subacrlptlone ryblw .tlwaya In Adrance. fc
wary TTIbont
WajTTIinea...... .
i 00
a oo
f 09
1 00
I 00
' .""Wr LeJgar, ( alorr paper)....
Tb. Sew Turk ItUh AmerlcanT...
Tli. tlocae Jooroal ..................
Scleotiflc American ... . 1'...
Beaton n eeeijf Journal. ..........
Diwton eklr Adrertla'er'l,"
Bueton Wetklj Ttna flag - '
Tha New York .Nation '
The a nun and Bound "Twil'.""
NewTark Owrlerdra EUU Unie (Franchl""
.New Turk O Soro MonuPup.e..;'muVUaY"-
Harper1 IUuitraled We I.
. " Baaar
Lealia'a " tfeekl;
a !'. 5ont (Oermany.'..l".V.l". .'.'
.! g-'-ney Corner..
Ttn).r rt h,. ........
t 09
1 " journal (mentblr parb).. too
Boaton Erery Saturd. j monthly prta) ' J S5
llwth and llou. (fur the tamlijVnd turn). " I m
London IUmtratea Kea..rTT ' ii ir,
a.i.p. th;....
Miscellaneous Papers.
Newa of the WorLL 1? mim:- ..... .u ...
Steamer Bulle0r " ' ""5
U.II.-. nS&S Fan (nlSyr '7'
TTi. rint!fi In..!... "
Till Ahm4mn 1 .r..w.T-. . t . . ' - - . -,
1 00
The CountrTUentlemanVwaekiji '
EnralXew Yorter (weekl?)... ' ' "'
Army and JCafj Journal ... ....
Juvenile Periodicals.
Our Yorjia; Tolka (uwathly)
The Touth'a Companion (weekly)' '
Demora.l'a Toung Aaierlca (monthly). " '
The Chicago imie Corporal (weekly)
309 '
3 SO
children-. iimr(:monuiy...5.''-:;;:';;;;..;;:;;: g
. . a,"",nia Periodicals
Saa rraacUco Weekly Bulletin....
. Ana ;
Sacramento Weekly Union
San rraneiaco Commercial litrM
" Weehly Pacific... .'.'
.. tea
.. svs
.19 09
. 5 00
.. 100
.. 5 00
.39 00
. too
. 409
Ornland Jloothlr
ewi Letter .'
Daily AIU CablornK.
Dally Bulletin.
.... - -
ReltelOUs Paaare.
Sew York Independent (Congregational organ) .
ChrUtlaa Onion (U. W. ieecbef . paper). . '
Cblcagv AlraMe(Con;regatlonall.. ..
Boston Coogregattosaliit..
Sew Tork UUerer(Preatyterun) "
lirangeU.t. ' "
" Tablet (Catholic) '
Bolton PCo (Catholic) "
.... 4 09
.... 1100
.... 1309
....30 09
....IS 0
. ... 100
London Pas are.
London IIIuitratedewf....
rail jiaUOaietta... .
Be!ra'l5fMi" ',rt"""U'
Deepauh . . ".'.".""".".'""." "
uiuiuay Kaeiew . ai
IJoyd'a Weekly Tlmea . .
Weekly Time
London Monthilo.
London Art Journal... .i. ......
Sxlety alagailM
CornhUl Macailaa '
. 7 09
. too '
. SoO.
. oo
BelaratU llaruina..
Temple Bar alagaaina ' " "' '-
Bngtiib Society.,
All the Year bound, (Dfckena' XizulkA
Biaekwoui'e Monthly". S fc
Chambers' Journal... ....
9 Wea .".U """-"" '
London Quarterly... .. "
. 400
Ulaberi&lkurtarlT i"""--r'V"'"" ?
Softh Dlltltli Quartatly,.........li;".lV'-';--;""
American Monthlies"
Utta,aU.h,CAg.(wkly) m
Boiuo Warenr aiali,.. . ' '? ??
EclectllMapzlne.... ...... J
1 1 n in a u.i.itinciiiMf w w
llarwr'a Mauiina" .
a 00
' 300
.................. $09
.. too
Atlantic javBimy
ScrtLuer-. Mcmttja. -LeaUc1.
Oooeya Lady's Buck . . .
Demora.l'a Jaunlhly
TLa O.lair
Oierlaad Monthly
Arthur-. lavtAltalaa.. ' : . !??
Our Young olk......-. ".. """"" " iiS,
Sabbath at Horn. (Tract Soctaty; Jn'til);:;r.".U 4 M
Auatf atian Pauaataa. e
TheAoatralaelaa (waekljj,. .... ., ' - - ,.M
The Weekly Sfeeey tlereM """ "" a2
Devoted Exekietvewy Muala -
nitchnck'a thai!.,
IWaMariait 14ttly......7"" '"'"" IS.
nr PeriodiMia. net la tki. lew ai v. .j .
oj Uae, mmi taiU at nt aa daaraw.
tcaeraaa. '
HooUalu, 1STL
Asajfasas' lfatkx.
lataad of liaeraa. kaa ikia aW -a- -
S. Kataat 4 aieaaa aeaeot ta. mZTJfLZZ
rn te taa l
AaU CLakK.
.III ' 1 .A
nAJUi, . a. a.
A4aVM Tt Mae .

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