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1L HAPL15E, ;
ED AT, MAIK'fl 1, 1S71.
la aMiuia 0i aa yi t uiai af .Kb At ea-
tatta "an jm t pwti r !:" rrrr n.
inn. Il l Wi nat Jrt i-43itn- SxmmH
r r 1 1 t ii i rtt i - h. mv
Ti.m itiiiaffc lull arnte Wiffrt at 5 Ke-
T. W. Bvtvmmx.
3fiaantltth Istcmr.
JLntraIl2in u l. I U r .
of the Australia subsidy
Sae beinc favoroWv const-1
mT:&SW brtgfctwr, aeerdlag
MhicHK reear d by the Jsr
Tcyfar, ih lhev were by the last aai.
It wa a iaioa f thMerJiaat6 of
Saa Fi okeo that the shsjdy woald be
kM -wh "riders" of other subsidy
i-rheaser thoee plaadrriB raids ioa the
pabfic pauf ihit it would fiul of receiv
ing ay atMartioa mu rU own stems ;
ur hi the -mmis of Mr Stow, before the
boa rraaai bi CVamber of Cinmffw
tt.i.M. i.mUNiiUtCnUfcfl amatol '
i f ui nM to dii k hoc ,
I smsm af wiilhlm
s8i saatW4awsiiEtoa mm
look brighter, because on
the Utk wh, giissaat lor Kellogg, of Loaisi
aaw, Mi jweotad ia cettiap his Beasre,
the Merioaa SteaaaCTiip Sobidr, passed by
aad lis hay e W. that as gaaalor Oasseriy
did, the 19th ittst, amend Kefiogg
m iria. (o aaihc the coosidenitioa of the
."Mi lie aabsMly a jan trial ordor of the day,
by janhiiiiii afco ocmidwatiom of the
Amtiafcm Mbaidy, that the latter, sow
the aataaar k dkyai ad of, will take praee
deawe aaalsaWhed haziness. Tbe tele
ftaw of the 19th, however, do wot aan
tiom the Aavtcabaa sabeidy, aad we Mst
await saaaaaer await fmr aav iisrthr,isiSr
marioaea thesseec
It aajjMacs iawrobahle that daria- the
days of the session vk., j
aft. to tae 4th of asst. that j
rtther of the sabadSes
can be
pashai throagh the
C Parlia-
na imy aaans af the Senate, aad also (
thiaan aB those of the Honse of Kepre- s
rawarivas. However, the caoiag day ot"
the iniaioa aw famna: Jbr the dispetoh of:
SabsadY BSR had one fea-.
wkh the Ansiraban one, '
til, na.maai.nii, y name tae pt" oas wita
whom the PaetaraCT-Geaeral shoald con- 1
tract. That haatare was wiped oat oa the .
i of Seaator Edntands. whose ra astir
are reported to have beea as ibl-
iow :
I nil) to strike eat al the aats f At
sa as to feu the 1'aNsi i n n-Ggil
i. to esaanct wiai toe
Bm ihitU was to test
i the at sbhUt f ItoJhair ,
cator tt af asaa. a atantr haw- gtmi, m the Btt j
I or aVtsei
at to th an f imam iii . in.
" w1m! tfatt
. thai ttMlni zMttuar hat a uh. '
We aafane that the Hon. Jnbas Vogel
aa naee; aemte tae &aa Frnaenseo ;
ot t onmmeroe., clearly setuag
and-views of the
af the Aastrafina
what he hoped meat-be
by the pnaaontOB f the
ia the United States. HesiM that j
an aniee proceed to Washing tow,
he hoped all opfMtatioa to the
he -moothed or. That i
is seaaewhat at a lass as to
bow to
the eppo-shioB that the
with, is erideat by the re-
Taa law Chaaaar) ae aM. ,
aaaac ntace ac CnBwsm aai toe
aVe inBti rWwfe aW, rebaat.
U toe sank. -an atare mm to
Vna a crtat aad af aarttiittot raatr as heet
laa sat taaiiiair sate
that reeche-sns is that
ne at the Webb bae -srill coea
k itfci at 3aarch. If ther are
witaaat hariag re- j
tarn aa M
eniaad a
snbsidy aad that i
wnal ban beea dexaded bv the 4th
probably wiU be aader the
New Zeahvad, of which
we hare heard, miHng the ports of that
the tenmaal ones, aad wkh jthe
that the nest. Congress wiU do soae-
- the aae. Tbe protramne of the
l tnnts asm oown at tae eattomi w
' .Ma af she Sth. It is not the oae
ia the contracts, bet
a pufcip- the oodKcatioc that has been
a JWetic w AkUa4, tocebteg j
at aVt itfch Mt aai and Saaatr ac At oat-
waal trto. aai at Feet Ckdtnen, ew Zrabsd,
aai BtoTSaaiwath fetaad aa the retsra. The
wf agu see at e aaae JpVtj, tsi the eaatraet is
rTT. :T . j a, ,
Aahtar the ntaSs for SrdBej three days
Jeaeegiiaa by tfce Fgns, aad by the sp
-vfwagv, the aaJkfrota six to eight days
lnni It ciH rarely be that the Xew
ath Wales or Qeeeaslaad coJoaies will
ctribaae to support a rvote so rraauifest-
Irjvese totbeir atercst : '
t5eSSk papers by the
Vg- , .
W& WeOT do not irteaUoa what
prsgrtss their PsrESgsest is saitag oa ;
tiek prejosed fffl&sidj, bat wepresaoe;
the Bext ataS frrn there wfll iafona us j
tjthtr of :u 6aal wsage or rejectioE. '
iih f Ml tail saaB ia. wu jn r
. lusiUlHiMaiisHii,uiait
r. . T! . . .. . . ! BtUtde in the historv of the world, ii
Atmit tor ato aiit. nliii al ssm
from tjS MSSSt m tm
ii tpaUss ataaaaati
the hsm f a Saaatx
ta fllld Pipit ita
font the awoaaooa:
Xlic rVeiT.
lr fete arrivals wo are inrectupl of the
raosl important news tlwtjhRS reicheS us
since the coaunoncomeat of the gigantic
itrngjte between Germany aad France.
AIUioii;fc it -was generaHy anticipated
taat Pari sooner or later tnnst fall every
tacaie etfort from within ami without to
rsok tlHS-iron ginHe which surrountldt
ft. swring jOTTetl nn&vaiUag rot tbc
annonnecnionT ot tk? capitulation of the
city inwiSl "the inost profowml wasatkm
a mots; aM classes of Mr citizens. The
news of the cnpitnlntion of Paris on the
2Jth Jam., toe-ether whit the fact that an
anmstfee had Wen agreed BpoB, axtcatl
imr from th date of the csjHtubtion of
Paris to the 19th ult., daring vrhkh time
the peapte- n France were to elect mem
bers to the5S3tioil Assembly, to meet at
Iterdennx on the 9th alt, arrireal on the
24th nit., two tiavs ia advance of the
sterner. It- is nnslerstae! that the As
sembly is aot only to take itwasure to
establish a GoveniHteat in France, bat to
fix bmhi seme basis of peace, if possible,
Germany. Br the steamer we learn
that the Assblvhadetatthesteci&ed
Ljai. inunWle.v appointed a ooza-
nation to aemtiate terms of neaec with
the Emperor's Gever&tBeat, as will be
seen by the following telegram, dated
Paris, 13th st.:
Btitythfeg Vu been amar-i it Btrdraax. A
OesteailUe to ingeliil a treats- W t bat ta
namt. aad a draft af a treaty Was ka aparand
bj Biuret a ad Vh Mafcte- Tie treaty will be
ir.it imnwHilttj. sal ti tiou tif i wM then
sunk tbsaagb Pari to StrasaMrg. as fraai there
tote the rard Aw kw. Ike tniai wBl Mh
i TV NattoaU A?'fUf wBl tkc iTC to Pxu,
witfc a nerguiutMi Fnx.
It v; In Iw hanM ih&t this iMnble con
flict, which has hardly a parallel for mag-
i praetkally at aa end.
It is hardly safe to say what demands
Germany wist make in order to grant
peece, many con&ieting ramors and asser
tions being enrreat in that respect. It is
probable, howtver, besides a large nsooey
iodesiitity which France will be called
apon to pay, the eession of a krge portioa
of Alsace and Lonaine will be demanded
by Germany, besides gaarantiees in regard
to ibrttawations on the frontiers of the two
oonntries. Wkh her armies dispersed or
prisonets of war, her last trongbolds
eaptared. by the vietorioas Germans,
France mast necessarily sabmit to terms
which she may cooeider to be hard. It
wonhl certainly seem that at present to
pars-set in the eontinnanee of hostilities
woahi be hopeless for her.
Kot the least dimeak task before the
Asseaiblv will be the etsblisemeat of the
Government. No less than Aar parties
are represented in the Assembly, namely
the Empire, tie Repnblicans, the Legiti-
mists represented by the Connt de Cbaui-
bord, aad the Orieanists, represented by
the Connt de Paris, grandson of Louis
riUipe. It is geoerallr coacede,! that tbe
Orlenaist party have a majorkr in the
' Ar.eaibtv, altaoeh whether k L snfieient
to secare snccess withoat s lonfrand doobt-
fill strasle does not seem apparent. It
is aaderstood that German v will ealirelr
abstain irom anv wterterence as to the
mtare Goverameat of Fiance.
-mong tae most sattsmctory sad'gjati
fyiag news received by the steamer is the
aaaoaaeemeat of the appointmeat of a
joint High Commission by the BritthGo
verameat and that of the United S Mites.
aad fix npon 3 basis of settle- ;
the various onestions between '
ateet of
tae two eonomes, i nts commission ctn-
six eoouBfciiooers from each
eonatrv, the apuotntment ot whom have
been anaoanced bv both governments.
The hagh posKJoas of the eeaimisftoners !
w tne governm ontf ot thetr respective
cooatries, SBd the mntaal respect and
respect and
confidence reposed in them woald seem to
guarantee that at last the questions which
have, for a Bomber of years, been metiers
of discission between the two zovera-
BMats wiU Anally be settled in a manner
honorable to both. Tbe amicable settle
ment of the " Abibama Qnestkm7 aad the
u Fishery Qaestion" will bo donbt be a
severe blow to seasatiooai patriots on
both sides of the AtlantK; bat seeh aa
event, inasmuch as it woald insure a last
ing peace betireea the two eonntrtes, !
woahi be of sach incalcalable bene at to
the world, that k is hardly worth while
to eonsider tb?ir interest in the matter.
i On the Sth nit. Her Msiestv Qneen
Vtctork,op.W theseio of Parliament
In her sneeeh fisa the throne
weh we pnbfch elsewhere she coa-
ialais that bodv os tbe weefcl rela
tions ezisang with all countries, and the
prospect of a ssas&ctory settksneat of the
questions -srki Asaerica. She believes that
the Conference will resell satis riciorily to
the signatoTy powers, laaieBts theeo&tin
aa nebf ike wsr, and trusts that the
anaisiltje w31 resalt in peace.
Tbe Eartli quake.
Since ear-issse ef last week, we tare received
ceamsstcatiees frea al tbe Tfcr.i? ef that
..vjk (rnuic w gfc 1 mm im c aim. u iwat-
evesssrtie ISth ate. It is trae tilt we
feare net vet neard froa the districts of Sosti
. T , . ..
-d Kaa, ae the Isfead af Hasan, bat we
(cei eaaedeat that, bad xaythiar senaasly de-
tappesed ia those dtstxku by
ia these duiricU by tbe
boot, ttere wocil bare le ifie time to cscs-
tie tact ta iina before tbe departure ct
tbe stfrier5T,naa.
We beg parSea of oar corresreadisU if we
do cot irstri iS tteir letiirs at TsS legtt. b:t
we thai gratefaly ava3 ocrseires cf the data
rbey nir ixi ia -ier to ibow boa- Uw iiS's.-ect
Itiaoii xi parts of liiioii we.-e zStOzl by the
. a
cina to am re at sgrse correct, cr at bast rci-".-
We lare beard froa Watiawa aad
KdoctOB OasaabeastfHeof teMrrd. This
ttixsi bj Srirrg testiuiay asd by saaect
trtiuo. far ares pet beea nuiitcrbrd by tie
bocts a&d pertorhifllas cawBaUac trosa tbe vol
can tr of HawW Oalr tfca fatateit re-
.-',. , , , ,. ,. . 1
verwmwas.ot toe scb anu f' I
bave defeated the latter Islaad, and seat terror '
, , j
IUIO iCC aetgUUUiiac lrma, uti sin 4vawuv-u
Kaaai : just eroagb to note the fact that all the
Hawaiian volcanoes were not yet extinct, bat not
eatfach to create any feeling of iBsccnnty or
alarm ia that" Island of the West." The snr
prUe and dUzaj, therefore of tho Kauai people
Bsar easily itaacined. at bir so redd J
awakened froet their dream of security. AVe
hare do data (rasa Kauai as to the apnareat dt
rectioB of the shock. Its taotioe was of a com
plex character, t hero pine aad vtbratiag, as if the
boofes were Urtln; trws side to side. o serious
hage. hewcrer, to either bniUtags or ioctosnres
was dfrae, so far as we hare heard. The iteration
of the shock is thocjht to bare bee frost 30 to
40 seceeiis. .
Oa CXsitt. ThU Istaad has foneerlr. that is,
within the aeawrr ef nun. or of aaeitat traditioa.
beea as exempt frem the rader shocks of the
j vokaatc system of the eastera portioa of the
grasp, as Kasai. Xow sad thea a sboek. ota
! aaatiag from Hawai, bat atteaaated lr iKsUace
. woM predate a slight tresaor on Oaha, jasi
1 eeesgh to step a dock or two. to looses a little
' piaster from a ceihag. aad to set charitable people
Sfecalatiag a poo the astoaat of daatage dooe oa
j HawaS. This tisae. hewerer, Oaha trembled to
j its cere, asd t beech tbe actsal dasage was not
I great la aay tadiridsal case, yet it was widely
die used tareagboat the Islaad. We gave an
aoeecat ia oar kut week's issne of the sboek as
Mtw Iloaoiaie, aad the danage there dose.
iace thea. we bare heard from the aorth-eastera
aad western sides of the Isbad. aad are led to
befiere that t hooch the 5 hock was geoerallr felt
k BstiKeceoeaieo noteece am aarauoo.
vet the deerree of sereritr. lhd dim-lino nJ
i- -
( darattoa. varied coasiderably in diSareat soeah'ties.
feara that the bettrr of the Catholic Chareh at
I Kwa, watea was supported by foer cast-iron
' pdlus, was thrown down, aad those anssWe
! pilfers brokea short oT like pipe-stesas. To raest
of those who were inside their hoases at the
tisae, the direction af the shock appeared to be
trots the east, westwardly, varying; front north
east to southeast, thoagh sereril credaaUe per
soas who were standing is the street at the tisae
coaadeaUy assert tbe irirsctioe to hare been from
the north-west.
Oa Moioii. Bartaoaake shocks oa this
Ubad have hitherto geaeratly beea of the same
sht natare aad ehiraetar as those oa Oaha and
rlaaai. This tisae, howerer, the shock was ie
dtspoublr store severe than oa Oaha, and it was
toreorer aecosapinied by several ttghter shocks
aad tVeoaent ttembliags of tae groead daring
the aight. Besafes tae daaags done, aad al
ready raported, to houses. SMae-waUs. faraitare
ad saonbWs oc the eostere portioB of the I.-laJ,
aad aloeg the seathera caasl-oae, we bow team
that at Kake, oa the western slope of the ntain
nwaataia ridge which raas throagh the Isbad,
the shock was very severe, with a taoapiog.
rockiae;, tilling avotion, threntatunc to overtaro
the dwautg aoase of the occapaat. The Pali
1 I 1: l r .1. t- i
i kww, fcwi wi a imtti umk to nataapepa, was
tharoaghty destioyed, and severs! new and dae-
atsde ia the bah, prevaatiag aar
oreaioa ia that dWtaa with tae peapie j
aa tae low bads at the foot of the pali. The
nmssire stcae-waH af the Kabataala Baddock.
' foar feet-wide by ve feet high, was brokea dowa
j is several places. -The dtreetion of the rsais
. " w w 1
tv v-., is, uiwi west v marm, ana tae
dotation estianvted at ahost 45 seeoods.
Oa Lsmai. From this Island we have received
the fefioviag tetter, which we insert ia fatf :
Fiuiwit Taiirr, Lasai, Fea. 2t, 1S7L
Mr. IjHUr: We fete a taoek af earth atkeos Ihis
Issutd oa the night ef Sttadsv, the lh iast., so vi
aseat that I dasbt oat it saast be owiag to soatc
,extiaardnurT oathreak ea Hawaii, aad I hastes to
! tend to tob, for reaeral totarsatioa, sosae panics.
iars of the pbeooBMaoc, as observed at this point.
I was rested oat of a soaad sleep by tbe first
shack, aad Isaasediateiy observed the tiae to be
McKr.it. ItoaBditdteBKtokeeprayieet,aad
Wt a sotioc id h.-d a roar aad rattle, as tboBgfa
I was ia a nSway triia rsshicg eaward with great '
ltt- ttslly were resaiaded of precisely the j
. sase seasatioa. It lasted abost 10 sccoods, aad ' so fatally coecerscd. At tbe time whea yonsepara
! ereatei la that short thne a lively sdara aad excite- ' ted, I premised a constant attention to the subject
Beet. XiUves rasbei oet of their hats, trailing to j ef aeutral obligations, acd I undertook to nse my
ae xsother threegheet the valley. Aatsaalias well ' best endeavors to prevent tbe enlargement of the
, at peeaie were greatly excited. My frightened sheen i vat s&d ta oMtribtotc, if opporf ccity sboold oUer,
of ue dogs adiel to the du aad terror of the nJgbt.
Tats rt great shock was tec-Deeded by several
Ber ""abJis of tbe earth, aai by reports or
cefcaarjoas la tae duecStoa or Ilawau ; and at tbe
taste ibae hrtrht glares af Hrht were obserred la
the easlera tky, like displays of etoelric, or ether
! Isathioas gaseaas phtaetaeaa, ia tbc directioa ef
tbegj-eat messtaias.
j TMs carlns-aake it declared by tbe oldest natives
(if the Iihad to be by far tbe atost Tiotent aad frar
fal eTtr Mt bj tk-cs: oa LimL Tbe shock of April,
iSQS, was very Bgbt here, aad Wrrlv aotieed bya
few; bat this see roesed cp every soel oa tbe Istaad i
tboak it Eroa vale to peak, aad racked aad real Ht
baK, rack-ribted coast. A great portioa ef tbe
wefi-kaewB bU2, Pan Kihoio, has falies into the
sea; es-oraoat fragscats have brokea off froas I
those towering oeeast-walls betweea Maaele Bay
aat KawalkeFoiat; s-ssses of the red baiaU bare
bees tera Eras tbe bcetnag tarrets ef Paapene, tbe
I lose sea-tower sear tbe sestb-eastera ead of tbe '
: Islai; hsge beadert have beea haried from tbe
I .V , ... .. . ;
I aaaataia tales, and the ravines are Saedwft d,4ru
I f rocks aad trees aad sades of earth; several great ;
dealt bave beea opened is dtSereat parts of tbe ;
jltlasd; aad it bat bees tlnies aad brakes as
t laasgs tse caczaiy eteaests at ise onaj-oK cjt: ; f-. rr,ololkia or &etco"er, not neiiocr uc nar
, isrgisr ad apbeavisg at Its Terr fosaaatieas, aad jaosy ar the tSrieocy of the eorrett-ocdence of
: ready U-bsrst farth afta T-cant fry, aad caavert , t jtjjanambeni as been In the .Hsnttst degree
I its levely valleys odcc rz ore fato lining, tstphsrucs KiB-c Prawia has accepted tbe title of Ea-
enters. W. M. G. ' perorof Germany, at the instance of tbe chief aa-
OaA&i. Oariafeation Cnta this fcfaad JL.
r . . .
I teeas ts u caactsjiea last 11 es-juai wu
: ssch iDore beavSy shakes thaa East-Masi, asd
I the soath ae of the entire Isbad anre taaa the
j asrts. Froa Tahiina, we give the following :
j Os Saaday eveaiar, whHe mkiar a call ia coa
1 paay wits .Governor DamisisJupeB Mr. Utckxasoa
j aad family, Jsat as we were abest to sake ocr
f itt tisase begxs to tremble x little, iacrcas
iagiatoreesatfl the earth rocked to aad fro like a
trt ia a peed, tie shock lasting sere thaa a Steele,
I taotd tatek. Darisgtte worst of it, Mn. Dick-
essaa tefrrt tbe lamps aad extssgaitbed them, to
preveat re. I got est ef tbe bocse. aad saste
others dad the saas. Whea tbe shock was over, we
get a Kgst, aad aseeztalued the lime to be 10 o'clock
13 r-M--',- exzgt, by T.Tr-Tjgr time, corrected only
the day prrvios. I beSeve every one was aSected
' as by tea-dekaeas: I was, eertaldy. I was csabie
i ta teB tree which way tbe thoek came: Mrs.-0ck-
e-soasald from tbe south; Mrs. Dominii said tbe
tame; raasy sail asrtb; asd a fea fxaa tbe sea,
wcSe others said tram tie cesctaia.
Tbe rstica aatt bare beea zaostlserere from
t . T:
aortb to south, far bottles asd zUttet were t
aB CTtr from sbelvea raagicg east asd west, wtae !
'sosA showed Ttry EJtle 1
to-a oscs '"j k"
breakage. Tbe groasd opeaed la coe place, show-
icgasxrkiatbess bag. Tfce Cosrttoase walls
are c-pefd, asd rascb of tie pifmrc; b dawn;
tome adobe boctes are pretty rrsrb d vtlrtfi-d, tnd
barer axy ttooe basse tare escaped wttiost some
damage. I barest beard or zsyoaebeics text, sp
tot o'clock r.SL,Xoatj-. AlgjcateTesTt-odyowss
cp So xbad scare, wits two or three exxsptiass of
very brave raea, acd tbese appear to bare raised
about ta a rxibsr caagcgtiMe eaaacer. csitt it
night be thejwere bnatlng for a place ott.whlcb to
trntaln a proper bal.royho globe.
-pb, ((rt d4 ,rpclI to ,fftcd bjjhe shock.
r'.O r.,u
Another fncadnU;s as frota tahaina as fol-
lows :
I birc ben In thU toontry thlrtj-BTe jtr, flw
of thm oa IUtraU, nl rtvfr txrc 1 ciptricneed
t flMXk so fenrc at this 'ait one tin been. On San
dij nlsol, t S mlnntcj 10, 1 w woke by the
tbocfc Tbe bonc wm rotklcj: to ujd'fro to Tin
ImIIt tbit 1 conU not pet ont of bed, and cevcUnntd
for orcr 1 mlnnte, tbicji rone j 3 tnionlcs,
Tbe Tibntlont tprrcd to proceed from nortb-ct
to Matb-wet There wers iucerlve shocks one
lh;kt one it 20 minntes toll.aod one at Sit minutes
to 12. M fir is I know, tlere Is not a tingle stocc
or adobe honse In Labalna tbit has not been Injured.
Oar Conrt-bonse is crackol la serersl places nd
mnj ot the adobe houses ire in ruin. Some people
sir tlwt a shock was felt on MondiT night: I did
not feel it, bat 1 dccldsdljfeltoneoa Toesdaj nlsht,
at 12 o'clock.
From Lahaicalana we lra toM that : -
A shake or carthqoakt cccsrred here at 10 b, 15 m.
r. m. last evening, eoctirclns: less' than a mlnnte,
which shattered tbe walls of my boose so that it is
doubtful whether it can be made tenable. Tbe
building seemed to s'jnIe and rick like a Tesstl
saipplBj: a sea, while Insnels of plaster were tcni-Mie-,
and larje sections ot the walls flllln; out.
The Tibratlons teem t hare been from tooth to
north. Croekerj on shdrea Ijirjr in that direction
was scarcelr disturbed, as also a large sbelf of mrd
iciiies, while a wardrobe, standing east and west,
flung out Its contents, and packages of stationery
were thrown frora sbelres adjacent to the medicines,
bat standing east and west. An east and west wall
of fOrodsisdiwn in twentr places, the stones all
faHtng corih. Most of tbe stone and adobe struc
tures in Lahdna are seriously damsged. Mr. An
drews' honse J is tbe north-west corner badlj open
ed, but was add together well bj the root
Froca tbe lorthside of Wesl-Maai, along Wai-
, kapa, Wailoia, Jta, we learn that the shock,
! i. i r.i, i . - . - -
iowu scicti ruuuceu no raatenai injnrT
j to the plantations or dwellings. We are told
that iu main direction there seemed to have
been from the torth-east, or from the sea.
Front Makawio, East-Maai, one correspondent
says that the shi of the 19th was tbe severest
that he has felt dcing; a residence of forty-three
years on this group Xo special injury seems to
hare been sustained at Makawao. At Ulopala
kua, south side of East Mini, the character of
the shock would seen to have been nearly simi
lar in strength and caration to that experienced
at Makawao a&d Wiiiula.
On atroii. Fran Kawalhae, we havo re
ceived the following titer:
Kawajnix, Feb. 21, 1STL
Oa Susdar evening last, at about efgbt mlo
ales past ten, we were terrlblr alarmed by a
shock of earthquake, vMch appeared to me to be
fatty as severe as tbe shock at tbe time of tbe Kau
oatbrak. This shock lasted about 2& minntes,
aad as BostpecaKar '.a character. It commenced
it tae ssaal waj, with a rcmWiug noise, reached lit
greatest istessltr, acd decreasing ia strength until
alsaost Its term! nation, wfcen it gave a most violent
shake and snddtalj ceased, seeming to me as if two
eartlMiBakes bad merpnl in one. It has thrown
down acarlv all tbo ttose walls in the district.
Marshal Parke (who arrived here last night from
Rods,) reports that the earthqaike was verj severely
felt ia KaDaa, ia fact drove him oat of the Govern
ess koetc, &e teartag tkat it was about to tilL lie
also reports shocks of carthqaake at 7 o'clock II
salaates os Friday evening, 17th insL, and on Satur
day raoraiag, at 5 o'clock. Neither of these shocks
mt uHofrieads.
were peraeptibte here. We anxiously await news
At Wawrea, ialaadjgon Kawaibae, the sbock
woskl seeai to bave been some degrees less se
vere than on tbe sea-board ; and crossing the
Iskad to Iliio, we learn from that town that tbe
shock, iboKrh passaWv strong, was not of a char-
after to create any special alarm.
Tilt Queen's Sjjicccu.
Losdox, February 9ta. Farliiraent re-asscmbled
today. Followicg is tbe Qaeen's speech delivered
at the opeatsg el tbe session.
LtJi c-vl gextknex. At an epoch of sucb mo
raeat to the future fortunes of Europe, I am es
pcctiily obliged to avail myself of your counsels.
The war which broke out in tbe month of J oly, be
tween France and Germany, bat raged cnlil within
the last few days with unremitting aad likewise un
exampied force; and Its ravages may be renewed
after a few days mare, unless moderation acd fore-
tfeoeght, prevaffisg over all impediments, tball t way
tbe cocasels of bath tbe parties whose well beiag is
1. aeeordaaee with the Erst of these decUrations, I
' have atalataraed the right and strictly discharged
tbe dalles of BcatraHty within the tpbere of tbe two
cooatrits, erigveally engaged. CberUhisg with care
. tbe eordiaiiiy of cr reiaUoni with the bdtgerents,
I have lurbore from whatever might Lave been con
strued as gratuitous or cawarranted interference be-
i twees (he parties, cerlbcr of wbem bid shown a
' reaaieess to prepose terms of accommodation, such
as woald bear promise of acceptance by tbe other.
I bave beea enable oa more than one occasion to
eOBtribate towards pliricg tbe representatives of
the two contending countries ia confidential comma-notion,
but until compeHed by tbe surrender
' of Paris no farther result bad been obtained. Tbe
lnriiliee cow bejeg employed for the convocation
ofaa asfestWy in France, baa brought about a pause
ia tbe constant accumalation on both tides of bn-
ssas taSeriag, aad has rekindled the hope of a com-
plete acaomaodalion. I pray thir this suspension
mij result is a pesce compatible for tbe two great
and brave os Isvolved with security- and
with boaor, isd Bkely,tberelbre, to command tbe
,4 & Vgrope. and to give reatonaMe hopes or
x loag daraiiaa. It bat been with concern that I
have faaad myself ncabte to accredit aself "Hh
"AS'Saed ta Fesin'
n.suuua - .w.. - . .
ti.. uikHtr and indesesdence ol bcrmanT. and
which I trait easy be found cocdaetlre to tee sla-btntyoftbeEa.-opeantyttem.
I have eaieavored In eorrespoadenee with other
Powers ef E-irope to u;tioM the taoctity of trratlet
aad ta remove anv misapprehension at to the bind-ie-
character of tieir alligations. It was agreed by
the Powers wbiett Lad been parties to tbe treaty of
IsM thai a Coafereac; should meet la Lccdon.
Tail Conference has now been for tome time engaged
ia its labors, aad I confidently trott tbat the result
of iu dttiserattos will be, to cpboll both tbe priu
ciptesofpabBeiUht, aad the general policy of tbe
itr. itul ltUnTumc lissebTttereviuoaofsome
of its eooditiost ia a fair acd eoadfiafdry spirit to,
rbibfi a cordial eo-oneralion among tbe Powers
aKb regard to the Levant, and greatly regret tbat
my earnest efforts bave failed to procure tbe pretence
at tbe Coafereoee of any representative of tbe
TrescS nation, which was one of UjccLuX parties to
thitrty ol ISA acd which mast ever be regarded
aa a principal and iadUpecsable member cf tbe
great Commonwealth cf Europe.
Tie lessons or miElary experience afforded by tbe
pnsest war bate beea numerous acd imporant.
Tbe time appear appropriate lor turning taeh
lessons to account, by eilorts more decutve tfcaa
berttofore, at practical smprovement In "trmpt
ic this, you wni cot fail to bear la miadtbetpeeitl
fr-m la ths oosilioa-eftbia ccactry, 10 fiiorable
to the freedom zad seearUy of tbepeople, and if tbe
-iaj irom s less to a more eBtcuve ana ttasiie
mtem of defensive military preparations taaH be
t isroire at lent for a time aa tozn&jl t
yxrioas cLirgtt. your pradecce aad patriotism wi.I i
! -.W the mt ta Iocs as Toa are taluSed that
tbe ead is imporust aad tie meact jciiciocs. o
Urns win be lost Is layiae betee you a btfl lot las
beUerrtralstioa of tbe Army asd theaaxEUry land
fsrteatrftbe Crown, acd I barfly seed commead It
to roer acxloas aad impartial coctldenJioa.
it dtSertct times several csestloss oflaportacce
bare arises, wtleis are rt yet adjssled. and whicb
rsaeriiay aScet lbs relatlsns ttiwern tb UcIIed
States asd tie Territories asd people oi Brflub Sortti
America. One of lbexs ia particular which cocceroi
tbe Cibtries -v for as early sttlkctxt lest tbe
roMlbleJndlscrttloii of individuals should Impair
the neighborly nndcrstandlnb which it Is on all
r rounds to desirable to cherish and tnatntttn. I
have therefore engaged In an amicable communica
tion with the President of tbe United States la order
to determine' the most convenient modo of treat
ment Tor these matters. I bare tnrxested the ap
pointment of a joint comlstlon,and lhavc agreed to
a proposal of the President that this comttaion tball
iu. mihnrim! at the same time and In tbe same man
ner to receive the consideration of the American
claims crowing out of the circumstances oi tbc lite
war. This arrangement will br common consent
Include U claims Tar compensation which bave been
or may be made by each Government or by Its cltl
aens upon the other.
The establishment ofa Trlnce of the Itouso of Sa
voy on tbe throne of Spain bv tbe free choice of the
popularly elected Keprseutatlves of tbe Spanish Na
tion, 1 trust will ensure for that country, which
bit passed with so much trtnperance and self con
trol, through a prolonged and trying ctlsls, tbe
.blessings of a stable government.
I am not able to state tbat the Inquiry which was
Instituted by the Government ol Greece Into the his
tory of the shocking murders perpetrated during
tbe list f prlng at Delte, hat reached a termination
actwerablo In all respects to my Jutl expectations;
but I thall not dcsltt from my endeavors to secure
the complete attalntment ol the objects of the In
quiry. Soma valuable results however, bave In the
meantime been obtained for tbe exposure and the
suppression of a lawless and corrupting tyttcm
which has so long afflicted the Greek peninsula.
Tbe anxiety which the massacre at Tientsin on
tbe 21st of June last called forth, has happily been
dispelled, and while it be my earnest endeavor to
provide for the security of my subjects and their
trade In those remote quarters, I count on your con
currence In the poller tbat I have adopted of recog
nising the Chinese Government at entitled to be
dealt with In its relations with the country la a con
ciliatory and forbearing spirit.
The I'aillamcntary recess has been of anxious In
terest In regard to foreign afTilrj, but I rejoice to
acquaint you tbat mv relations are, ss hereto, tboso
of friendship and good understanding with the Sov
ereigns and States of tbe elvlliied world.
Papers Illustrative of the conduct of my Govern
mcnt In relttlon to tbe several matters on which I
bave tummarily touched will be duly laid before
In turning to domestic matters, I have first to In
form you tbat I have approved of a niaraiage be
tween my daughter, the Princess Lonlsa, and the
Marquis of Lome, and 1 have declared my consent
to this nnioa in a council of gentlemen of tbe
House of Commons.
Tbc revenue of the country flourishes, and the
condition of trade and industry may, though with
partial dran backs, be declared satisfactory. The
estimates of the coming year will be promptly laid
before you.
Oflei for Sale,
Hawaiian Bark ' KA MOI,'
From London,
Selected with Great Caro
cissisma or
ENGLISH PillXTS, Fancy Lilae, Mourning.
Saining Prints, Twilled ehints Prints,
Fancy Muslins. Victoria Lawns, meiquito netting,
Saperier black Oebtnrg, black Alpaeea,
French Merinos and Crape, woolen dress Goods,
Black asd blue Bread Clttb,
Italian Clatbt,
White Mtieikins.
White DriHj,
White Duck,
Black Haircloth,
White Stilting and LengcUth,
Turkey T.ed CIlh,
r Brown aad Blue Cotton Drills, heavy
Brown and Blue CItn, Ticking,
Blue Denims, very heavy.
Blankets, large site asserted colors.
Bleached Linen Sheeting,
Blue Alhambra Bed Quilts',
White Bed Quilts,
Fine Linen Imperials,
White Liaen Jt Cotton Turkey Towels,
Superior Linen Handkerchiefs,
Fancy Cotten Handkerchiefs,
Turkey Eed i. Yellow Hd'kfs.
Plain White Flannel,
--- Blue Twilled Saxony Fiance),
White Merino cckf.
Grey Mixed Socks,
Ladies' White Hole,
Finer Damask TaUe Cevert,
Black Silk Xeckties,
Fancy Alpaeea Bfeu'es,
Fine Linen Bosom Shirts,
White Cotton Shirts,
Fancy Calico Shirtt,
Hickory Shirts.
Heavy Merino Under Shirtt,
Silk I'ra'it. Under Shirts.
" Hrown Cotton Under Shirts,
Turkey Red Suscesders,
Black SBk Umbrellas.
Black Silk Elastics.
"Bta'e CVtttn Thread.
Wolec A CatUn Girth l.
Feather Darter.
Boiled Lisseed Oil.
White Zice Paint,
Ureund White Lead, Bed Ochre.
aad Vecetbc Bed.
Burlaps, Sail Twice. -- . ,
Sotteh Hemp Canvas,
Russia Dock, light & heavy.
Bright Feceicg Wire,
Hoop Inn. from in. to 1 i in.
liccei Sanetpacs with Covers,
EibHu Metal,
Galvanized Gas Pipes, I to J in.
Galvanized Iron Bnekett and Tubs,
CaVia Larspt and Lanternt,
C. C. Iron with brass guards.
Fine Pocket Knives and Steel Seisiors,
Crushed Sugar. '
French Choctlate.
French Pease aa nature!,
Malaga and Saluna Eaiiinl,
Currants fa Jars,
' Salad Oil.
a Codliver On,
Curry Pewder;
Eeatetices of Eheld Almonds.
' Liverpool Salt,
Saxutges in Tins,
Wiltshire Loaf Cheese.
Dutch Loaf Cheese,
" Malt Vinegar in Demijohns and.Eirrels,
Cream of Tartar,
Seed Biscuits,
Gia in Baskets and Boxes, t - j
Bam inTJirreV, ,
India Coope & Co., Ale, .
Claret in Btxes,
Bbise Wise,
Schiedam ArooatieSeSsappi,
Ihisriile'Iruh Whiskey,
JfanSa Hsrs Bepe,
Sekbola Tar; ,
Pitch ia half Birrtli.
Pertland Ceseaf,
Fire Bricks square asd arch,
Blaekts,Uh Coal,
Masts Yellow Metal asd Competition Kails,
Beat BiSe Powder is lb lias, -1.0W
bbU Xew Oil Shooks,
.ltt Tens West Hartley Steam Coat. 2m
A Large and well Assorted Stock
Ex Late Arrivals,
At ief,l6ia,Lcral
Terms ( Tiaes.
I-Sa ""
The Largest Company inthe World !
POLICIES Non Forfeitable and Exempt from Executioa
; j. r. heLen,(
Special Agent for the Hawaiian Islands.
E. P, ADAMS, local Agent. fint
For San Francisco-
The Fine. British Barque
tVILSOX Mntter,
Will be despatched positively on tho tth of March.
For freight or passage, apply to
6-tt T11K0. II. DAVIES, Agent.
For Sydney.
CUIPBELU - - - Stutter.
Is now loading for the above port, and will ,b de
spatched on or about Saturday, the 11th of March.
For Freight, apply to
For Tahiti.
IICG1IKS, ------- 3Iottcr,
Will sail on or about the 6lh ol March. For Freight
or Fassagr, apply to
For San Francisco.
The fine Clipper Barkentine
Horace Roberts,
ltXACKK, Master,
Ii now ready to receive cargo, and will have dispatch
for the above port.
For Freight or Passage, apply to
fi Agents.
For H ong Kong.
The A 1 Clirfer Bark
jif!: NABOB,
J. II. SIIAT&AVK1.L, .... Master,
Will sail for the above port with dispatch.
The "Xabeb " being under the American Flag,
shippers will not be obliged to pay a war risk. For
freight or passage, apply to
4 C. BREWER X CO.. Agentt.
Tlie IVortli I'aclfic Transportation
The Company's Splendid Steamship
It. S. FLOYD, ... Commander,
tVill Leave San I'rnncNco
On or about ... ..Februiry ISth
AVII1 Leave Ilonulnlu
On or aboatMm . .......Febmary 2Sth
Freight for Sao Franc Lco will be received at the
Steaaer's Warehouse, and receipt! for the same.
Siren by the underlined- Xo charge for storage
or cartage, tire iiuks in n arehoase, not taken hj
the Company.
liberal AlTnuce Xndc on nil Sliljp-
rucnt per Sf eimicr.
Insurance guaranteed at Lower Kates than bj Sail
ing Vessels. Particular care taken of Shipment of
All orders for Goods to be purchased in San Fran
cisco will be reeeiTed, and cited bj return ofcteamer.
?T hip menu from Europe and the United States,
intended for these Islands, will be reeeiTed by the
Company in San Francisco, ii consigned to them, and
be forwarded by their Steamers to Honolulu, Fuzz
or Chabce. except actual outlay.
syPaseneers are reau cited to take their tickets
before IS o'clock on the day of sailing, and to pro
cure tneir l aiiports.
l-3m H. UACKFELD CO., Agents.
rnTjB The California, Jfew Zealand
iUfv RDU Auiiranau jx&ii xine or
i ateam I'm electa.
The Eplendid Steamships
1430 tons
.Stetrarty Com'r,
1200 tons
.T Grainger Com'r,
Will run rezularlr between Honolulu and the above
ports, eosneetioz at Uooolula with tbe North Pacific
Transportation Co't Steamers.
acEsra ai
HoaotcLr XT. L. OREES.
AccautsD II. JI. J EI'. VIS
Srcier U. II. HALL. U. S. Contu.
It 3m
G. Extra Farallr Flonr,
G. G. Extra Wheat Meal,
Oat Meal, Kje Meal,
CAi.noii.-M.t- onions,
JIateh'x Cream Cheese,
' California Harur as4 Been, ' ,
Kitts Entera Tongaes and So nndt,
Catting's PieHes- in f t-rlUn ar.
Ill IV Colucihia Eircr Ealmon,
Vtblli test raruU Pork,
California Golden Sj rap.
Cutting's Talle Truitf , siiorted,
S'r. Paeile CodEib,
Alaoait and Walnuts,
Emoted Eeef, Smoked Ealrau, ;
All hinds of Craeheri aad Cakes,
Beets and Tnrsipr,
Half and .hole boxes Sahven Bread, ate., etc..
For sale a leweit rates at the Paxnil feed Store.
6-1 ra So. 51 Port Street.
lTED HAX.MOX, in harrcls-A saaU lot of
XKi4 vtry1 food qualitj, bat as rood as the am.
jt liii Itf-.'r salt a7at town. Call at
2 - - -1--swfssaoLLES 4 CO.
SCritKMK CtlCRT of the lUvrIUn IaUntU,
In Rrtnltr. Ia th nuttur of tb Ecutf lltr bit
Majtuty 11. K. KAPARUIIAlU.UUof Hoool.Io, Oaha.dn
wLlUtx Ui llotu A. S.llsrtMU Tic ChaucvlVor.
On rcthdloc nti IIHdr the prUtkm of J.m IV. . tut in, o4
Charles) Ktnaloa. Atlmlnlntntm cf th EtUt of ilrr Utt
MaJtr II. K. KapkBtuUll, of Uonolotn, IUa4 vf Oth.
drc". tbowlns that th?r ar crrUlo claim aist IW
KsUta of mM aweJ, imcoDtiniE toMTfa thrihsaa.t flT
hundml ami fTty-n and W-lOO doilara, now dn anj jmy
able, anil that thr 1 Inraflldeat personal cr-trty far thm
pAjmeot thereto f, and that th aakl Admintstntentleatr ta
par tbe fuune and hereby toaroid nqmerent and apeiire
niU and final. to be enabled to tettle their acrvaou aa nth
Administrator, aodprajlne to be aothorlxtM tatelt eectala
real esUta of the dtttweed, Unated oa Richaxtl street aad
King Street, Honolulu, Oahn, and drecflbeji la aakl peUtfca
at pnUic anctlon to tbe hUhett bidder, v
It U rrdered that FRIDAY, tbe 17th tUj of Marrh, A. XX
1S71 at 10 o'clock a. sc., before the said Jcittee at Chambers
In tbe Court House ia Honolvla. be and the same hereby fs
appointed aa the ttme and place for hearfnr said petltlea, and
that all persons Interested may then and there ppeei aad
sbuw caae if any they have why the same sbotud net be
granted, alm that this order In the English acd I!aHaa
languages be pnbtinhed la the lUwiiu.T (liimi and A
Otoi new pa pert published In Ilooolnlti Ibr three sacce)
weeks prTkQS to the time therein apptaUdlW JJhxiB.
Jrutice Saprame Coarta
Atteat: Ia. ilcCriiT, Oerk.
Bated Honolulu, feU tb, 1STL Tt.
SUPU.MK COURT or trie Hawaiian Iaiamls.
In rrohate. In the matter of the Estate ef Her lata
Majesty II. K. KAPAKUIIAIU, Uteof Uooeloln. Oahn, d
ceaMd. Before the lion. A. S. Ilartwelt, at Chambers.
On reading and filing tbe petition of James IT. Austin and
Charles Kanalna, AdmlnUtratori of the Estate of Uer Ixtm
Majesty 11. K. Kapaknballt, late cf llenolnlal-land ef Oabn,
dereased, showing tbat certain claims again! the estate set
forth In schedule annexed to said petition were preeen ted to
the petitkmtr duly authenticated with neceseary Teachers
and by them a prored and praylag that nptq a day to be ar
pointed, the same mae be examined aodapproed bj the Court.
It tti ordered that'FRIDAY, the 17th diy of March A. D.
1S71 at 10 o'clock A. V. twfore tbe eaid Jnatfce at hie Omiiv
tera In the Court House at Hunutala be and the aanae here
by is appointed as the time and place (br hearing the said pe
tition, and that ail persona Interested may then and ther ap
pear and show canse If any ther bare why tho said ciakua
should not be approved by the Court, and that this or Jar ta
published In the English and Hawaiian laagnsgea la the Ha
waius G a setts and Ac Oral newspapers printed and pwb
lishtfd In Uooolula lor three successive weeks preTteae to the
time therein appointed for saM hearing.
Jus tic Supreme Cetut.
Attest: U McCxiAT. Oerk.
Dated HonoTuln, Feb. Sth, 1S7I. 7-Jt.
SVPXUSMK COURT or the IUelUti Ialancfs
In the matter of tbe Entate of XT. N. LADD, fll-w
Inln, deceased;ordr cf Notice ef Petit Wq ta aHw the
account cf Admialatrater. Before Mr Jutlce Ilartwelt la
On reading and filing the peUtkm of Joseph O, Cmrterft A1
minUtrmtor of the Estate cf W. X. Ladd, Ute ef neoetnln,
deceaaed, thai his first account aa such Admlnistratec may
be allow ed.
It U ordered by the Court, that FRIDAY, the 17th day of
March, A. D. 1S71 at 10 o'clock In tbe ferenooo be and the
same hereby Is appointed tor hearing the said petition heft
the said Justice at hie Chambers In Honolulu, at which time
and plsce all persona Interested may appearand show rauaer.
If any they hare, why the aame should not be granted, and
that notice thereof be given by pabtieatten ef this order la
the 1Iawiu3 Gautii newspaper for three successive weeks
previous to said hearing.
Justice Supreme Oeaxt.
Atteat : Waitix R. Sul, Decnty Clerk.
Dated Honolulu, Feb. 2M, 1S71, 7-Jt.
SCritK.Iti: COUllT or tbe Hawaiian Islands,
ta Trobal. Ia the matter of tbo fatal of 0EOE0R
. ELLIOTT, lata of San Traacitoa, Cat, detaa at Urns
Iain. U. I.
Farnunt to aa onlrr of the Ilononblo Ktiiha II. ARen.
Cbltf Jnstico of taM Coart, ia Probata, nwl, oo tbo :7th day
of febnurj, A. D. 1S71, not If. U henbr clien that WU
XE3DAY, tb SIth dr of March A. D. 1371. at II o"civck a.
M. of takl dir. at tbo Court Room of taM Cout. at Htootiila
ia the isUo'I of (Hha hat tera t.poiaUtl tb tin aat
rle fi-r rnrioc tbo Wilt or uU Oeoreo E. Elliott, dKw
nj for burlog tbo applkaii.n ef DuM Bmith sod C G.
WUlUauoa fur tbe U4o.dc ef Letter. TesUaieatary to then
u exeenUirt named tberclo .ben aad when aoj penoa te
tereited nay api'ear and contest the tame.
L. McCDHT, Clerk.
Pated nonolola. Feb. I7tb, 1S71. Mt
ISLANDS in BaDkraplcjr. In the nutter of lb K.ut.
of F. Bernard, bankrnot, of Itonolnlo. In readloe a4 flHoc
tbe petition of Sxnturi B. Dole and Thea. a Ilenck, AtalfneM
ia BenkrnptCT cf niil ettate, ukinr to bat lb Mo.tu f
aid etUs examined and allowed bj the Court and tbenr
eelrej dUcbarzed from their treit ae Aiticnsea of the tald
eeUte, It U ordered that TUCKSDAY, the Mh da ef March,
A. D. 1ST1, at 10 ocI;c a. K. at the Court Howe In lleoerahr,
b and the tame herebr are appoioted a time aad pUc Ur
the heariog of the tald petition, when and wher all permt
interested maj appear and ibow caoee, if an j they Lave, why
tbe said petltlea iboaU not be cranted.
Ill farther ordered, that Ibie order be pobtUbtd In the
IIiwiuu Uixrrrs fur four aaccculTo weekt prerloat to tald
All tot: Anociate Joitke Sepceme Ccmrt.
Witrxa K. St, Deputy Oerk.
Honolulu, Ilth July, 1571. S-lt
X that his ofice will be doted for th. eolleetion of
taxet due for tbe year 1870, after Saturday, the 11th
of March proximo, and all parties who bare not paid
at that date will be proceeded against according to
law. GEO. II. LUCE.
February 21. 1871- ( lra) Tax Collector.
Cheap by
or Hotel ttreets, a bunch of keys. The Sndcr
will be liberally rewarded by returning tbe tame to
tbePoit Office. fl.2t
quarter per cent', on Stock: of U.K. and Oil. I.
Naragation Company will be paid by the undersigned
. A. S. CLE0II0RN,
Treasurer II. 6. X G. I. I. N. Co.
Honolulu, Feb. 17th, 1871. -It-
Administrator's Notice.
appointaxladimhbtratorof the EiUie of J.'ll.
Tbrupp of Katwtkl, IIUo, Hawaii, deceased hereby
rctatitt all perfect to present their claims on or be
fore the first day of March ntxt, or they will be for
erer barred; and all persons indebted'ta tW ahor.
estate are requested to malt. Inuaediatt payment to
UTIo, Jan.S0th.I871. t-lt. AdininUfrator.
Executor's Notice.
Estate of EDWARD R. COFFIN, deeaased.
TUB UNDEKSIUNED, Executor of the
.Will of Edward B. CoCn,Iit of iloaole.'a. de
ceased, hereby giret notice to all persons hiring
ciaim. BaiDi-. iu. uia or in. taui tiecaaea to pr
tent the tame within six months from this data, or
they will be forerer barred, and all pona Indebted
to tbe abor. Estat. art requested to make Immediate
J. W. AUSTIN. Executor of
the Will of Edward R. Coffin,
nonolola, February 15, 1871, S-U
A XL GOODS stored on the Ilndsoa Bar
ii. Company's Premises, if net claimed WITHIN
Aoction to defray exptnies, and for the benefit of
w bom it in ay concern.
2 A;tat for the nndton Bay Preaiiet.
trUden to trust any oh on my aeeoant. unless
upon my written onSer., I will pay no debt con
tracted by other In my name.
a-t Hana, ftb. 10, 1S71. T. LYONS.
w Jk

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