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Matal mmi an .sditwa that aa hs-
oa taw Sabsoi sptinsu it
I will be m at the
ire usjaiMstl ta.aay
tats 1Kb of April.
J. JUrr San,
Mlaailii eaT Khik.
1 i flamTttatXc C. J. I.re w daty
rrw4aate1kM Ikak af the Diauiat Sjo1 '
Koar tm thai abhiulll af Kaaa. (H.hst..) Istnn i
.' ahm. K. L. a Mi.dsy. th HU day crXareti, j
a i . m. j
V. Jis. Sarrra,
lAsrasstsaT Watriatrf Waaalria.
aa. U.fc b-j r -". tfc.fr4
.'r taut Skat. tm my ktaka to a saps mm m ism
a IWUHIi Ulili attaaa rfMett,
I has hSsh ml hm. aad that nry sis;Baarc
h i .iTurt wm u i. ju Homn st.vy.
I .. bwr law to ay, that hi reW t lias tab
a . da. I steall sssssly to taw an! mta af the
Leyis m tm a Piis As to raJMset tad ekaag.
Kief aa beast giaoiowsly
i. m. Mwrm stonkt.
Au. ra I i nn Subnldict,.
The eMhaaW of a line steamers be
: ten SnbaVf and San Francisco via
II luolaha, afHMM to as to remain
a aner of anorttaiatty. The Gov-i-naaeaa
at ekher ead of the route
--i! arMce MKatnes te ratnre ran-1
tunc of HaHV fine, or the inaagnraUon ,
. f ike "Kefck-rlotTadaT line has been j
pii'iiiHi hare not given an accent
: o the prafaaaiUoaa? of the Bteawboat own- i
ers. ao that the qneatjoti of government i
; atffi raanohas nntetdod, and the
hereafter wnet, nutil I
tart her ayniajav, dap fa npoa the courage
or hopes of the owner.
Althongh Ckmgrea hns &iled to
crant a nTnilj to the Webb-HolUdav
hn. . yet. that Coaapaay hare entered
into i lanliw I with 2fr. Vogel, on be
half of the Near Zealand Government,
to (eaaajaeajor raaaaujr steamers, the first
of ahnh. the Nerada, wifl leave San
Fraacim m the 8th of ApriL Thi
indicatos that da? ooranaay are ready
m h a- of the hope that a Congressional
ubidT ar2 he granted sooner or later,
and thai tha Anatrafian Colonies will
is dae time gin their awtaoce ako,
to niiiaa the imk of loas in rnnning their
anbaidr shall be voted.
that expired with the 4th
q( Mnarh. Anted to paes the Australian I
bidT. The BM mtrodW into the !
nue by Mr. Raansay, was not passed,
an 1 the ami nilnmil ofired bv Senator
.. , . .
William, to give a jmbadr of 5300,000, j
faiied of innnrar by a negative of two ,
oMav Tarn JUUL commeitting on tne r
' aay: e can only repeat our pre-
legret, that Congress
, , , . , , .
fcw bsK. so s4ow to appreciate
tbe ncrins ofdat sdseatae, sad sbosxld hare
vfrr& other propo.cd s)sisie$, of a
qassMtiosssibnt ntare, to beooaK mixed and
eqgnfted iritfc H. Sooaer or later, we
atnjK befierc tbat tbe neesry aid will
ahbojeil4sl :i. noa, will take up subsidy '
..I Itil Tbe br tbat Coasness should !
Oat tbe 4tb of Mmttb, psassed J
i of Mr. JollllfOU,
iar ikt i f, nai tbat tbo ntesnoe of Con-
tea- tbe vexew Use preseoee ot vxwt-1
srtrs sat n sifbmcton, ooBStaaUy, was ;
: ta W eoerorT for tbe control of
. " , ,
Kxeratrve, v be taore .
tbatsi a ienst, now : aad tberefore ail basi-
MR Ml of a partly political aatwre, or !
by oos-esoc seoessiues, wiU
to tbe rerabu- session com-
ia December next. We may
: oosaciside that tbe Congressional
Mbady to AsaHratiasi steamers is pat oal
of swan vaafl tbe sext recakr term.
Tiae eaatraat ea-tered into with Mr.
Yecjvd k tbat wbick looks solely to Xew
Zeabaasl imu:i tbat is, to make Port
tbe terminal 'port. IS ranch
as to carrv tbe mails and patss-
cngere to Sycioey
MelbowrBe : these i
XO be saoiilied bv Webb !
Holla lny, probably, whenever they t
with the Aastra- .
Oal far iar a sah-idy, and in the ,
, bv the Soefch steamers tbat
ate mow jirriae ia those waters. Mr. 1
eontUsvete for stescners to the Coky
-Bioh he rcmre-eou . leaviag the Aastra-
Maats to look eat for theaaseiTes.
The AW ' tkt TForsW says:
-Tbe eaateaai sagwd is 'for a fear-weekly Kae
liatwisa as rVasMnsce. New Zealaad, Sydecy
sat MsaVm.ne. at snob a smeed as to eeabie tbe
atams ts be saiverei is London in farty-ekbt
aapE.' TVe Nevada is aienUM ta stop tt Bo-
K Tl.nSn TJ J- AaoVtuil. T.TtllstAll
SBd Bnrt fltribni X. Z. ; ceeseetier with !
fteasxsi for Sydney. X. S. and Meftecrae, ;
VatMria. Krj na tbe sxae ports, she wig j
Jean Pact Caabaer oo Mv 13th, asd Auckland l
Use roate from Ancklaud to Port
Ctahaars is sloag a daBeerous coast line
of serasi haadred isiks. On this feature '
of the eoBtnet, we notice that the Otago
Wiimets, tbe city of which Port Chalmers
is tbe port his the folk) wing comments:
Tbe aliespt to stake coasters of ocean going
VSehsdcct t csccessfsl. If, really carried
ont. jtcczst &Boe3ar3y J xt a hire cost to the i
Cefesj in the way of ecbsidr. because the con-
rioters Debs: oasseess men wocU certainly add
t-&earterasecog8toiodenafythemfor 1te
eura risk tier were UDdcrtakic; Forther, aa :
as tbe acbsse siiocid be pat ta practice, it
appeared inevitable that the coasting- eection of
the vorasK? would hare to lie dijCtiiiltnaed. be
eaa it mmst lead to delays, artd exhibit dancers
vtiicfa would deter prudent tsea from proceeding
with it."
The belief of Now Zealmklers in the ad-
j razees a necessity of this Pacific line
to their pragrew, 1ms bean steadfast and
practical, and while the other countries
jateMrtcd have been dilatory in coming
m a deeisien, they have annonnced their
rexliixi; to give immediate and definite
a4sta&ee to the line of steamers that
ay eteso with their terms. This conduct
deserves success, and it may be that thoy
nill seeare the priee, and the management
of Use roate. At all events, 3Ir. VogeTs
eoristfttietiis have confidence that he will
jaalce the most of the situation and of the
authority given to him, and will connect
Aackfatd with San Francisco, whatever
jbbv become of tbe interests o Australia.
In efofing -with his offers, Messrs. AVebb
fc Jlolladay are evidently hoping to make
s of the contract with New Zealand as
a stepmg-sUme to that of Victoria, New
Sooth Wales, and the United States, for
the establishing of their line between San
Francisco and Melbourne.
The news from Australia shows that
thev have not yet-decided on their course
of action.
The New South Wales Gov-
1 emmeat the
most interested nartv
have aot poeiuvely recomiBendod a sub
sidy to their Assembly, although thev
have indicated their preference of the San
Francisco route over that by Suez. Their
Assembly hae been in session since the
2 4 tli of Jannary, and without doubt, be
fore its adjournment, a positive answer
will be givea to the offer of .Mr. Hall, to
! connect Sydney with San Francis oo, via
j Honolulu and the Fijiis, at a subsidy of
j 45,000 per annum. The steamer City of
I Melbourne, that arrived last Friday, is
, the last one under the contract between
' the New Zealand Government aud Mr.
IlaH. No steamer for April will, prob-
ably, leave Sydney, unless
the offer of
Mr. Hall has been accepted; and if so
accepted, tbe route will be changed from
via Auckland to .via Levuka, FijiL How
the matter stands in Sydney, is thus clearly
pnt by tbe following extracts from the
leadine article of tbe Svdnev Ifterahl. of
Feb. Sth :
"The tlaaaier leaving for California oo Wedses-
nay aaoreiag is tbe last Booar tbe eaacelted coo-
tract between Mr. Hall and the New Zealand
, Ooraraaiaal, and nader these eircaoistaDces it
bacomas a mailer of iaMBedtate interest to kaow
what oar Gomaneot naeaos to do with regard
to this liae of raail eoraaraakatioa.
" It is Irae that Coaerss is reported to hare
pace ad the bill aathorixioc a sabsidy of half a
anUraa dollars par anoaai for a twelre rears' cob
Uaeyof thirteen sarrieas per year. The report
was not tree, bat a sabsidy has been refased al
- toeethar by Congress. Ed. Gata-rrE. Bat,
than, ona of tbe cooditioDS of that bill is that an
' eeaal sabsaiy shall be raised outside America.
ana this is a condition which it does not seem
likaly win be fulfilled. It is not probable that
the 'Cotonies woakJ eater into a contract for a
tana of twelve years, or grant any sabstdy bet
: what saeats necessary for the perposa.
"Meanwhile the maxiataai necessary subsidy
seems to hare been determined by the tact that
Mr. IlaH bas offered to the Gorernment to ran a
foar-waeklr service from Svdcev to Sao Fran-
i Cisco for the sao of 45,000 a year, and it woekl
sam at present that tbe cootinoitr of the service
.f?."?".t,,i5 9?.!"' "ki"? ,
i u that matter. It is tn ha nrw$nfa tliat
fwith thts oner io its possessioa. it has lost bo
"ae ta aseartataing what asstsunce (jaeeasland
and Victoria woald grant to the service. The
io Hoae of Assembly at Brisbaae
seems ta indicate that Parliament there woeld
- r.r-r : - rr.-
bat trbetr Victoria would contribute an pqasJ
has not jet been made dear. Dorios: !
L. Jtinu il.i rvj.r i ;-i .j I
no. sw .u icnirai w imis liumt l wast?
. ... tb. (w xfc . U the
prospect of a litie of similar steamer?, seeraa to
kaTe rerird for a tisoe sympathy nith tbe Cape
route. Tet certainly for Sydney, tbe Cape'roete
cac sserer vie for postal deiirery witli that via
Sag Francisco, nor probably can it do so for
Mdboorne. tboogh its raloe for passeDers and
poods is aodijpeted. Tbe po;iibilities of the
Americas roste may be said to bare been proved,
taosjtTB tsev Bare not beea actnallr desssosstrated.
eak for tbe steamers than will be tbe director
bT aad e " 5 safely from w bat
tbotbetbis rosteKecMobtaioafornishtiycom-
maaicatioo with Kogland. and we know tbe
BMIla,,! cost- re will altacsi to 'Jus roole
aiiootl io.i resnhr
coaawascetsoe witb Fijii. and of a trate with
'iotsotato. 'ie lapartaece of teeptef epeo Ue
rosiie scaieety neeas to Be ttetnoostraied. ana tde
tioe remaMio? to be considered is.
wbetbw New Soastii Wales, baring buberto
s. f?h 10 Sew ZeaJaad, sbontd
T. . vorr. t..t x- s w , a ...
have to " play secood fiddle," unless they
bestir themselves at once By the next
mail from there, we shall probably learn
whs i tier Assembly has concluded to
do in the matter of subsidr.
Australian rVcws.
Tbe City of Mettmerse arrived oa tbe 24th
inst, IS days from Auckland, with S3 passengers.
Tkp date are. Scdswr. March 1 : AnckUtkl.
- -. .
Marsh 6. Her dawn trip from Hooosofa ts Aeck-
was tbe shortest yet made IS days and S3
b in iSth of
teeraary, wan cagasa lesegTasas ot toe uta ol
JaaG&ry, via Saa Francisco ; bet telegrams of
the S3d of Jaacftry bad beee receired in Sydney
oa tbe 16th &f February per arrival of the steamer
Geefoai at King George's Socnd, on tbe 11th.
By tbe emasieUoo of tho telegraph from Point
de GaRe to King George's Soettd, EagKsb news .
by these PaeiSc steamers wiH of coarse be old
sews to AsstraKaas.
We sake the fallowing extracts from papers
tbat hare oome to biad :
Xex Socth 'Walks- ParKaiaent was con
Tesed on tbe 24th of Jancary. Tbe principal
topic xader disccssion is tbe ntrr Tariff Act,
broscht in by the Gorenmeot. It i; very saftir
in its character to that cf tbe Colony of Victoria.
It is esseaiaHy protective in its provisions;
which featnre, at a oeetitsg of tbe Sydsej Cham
ber ot tjemoerce. was strongly denounced a3
impoStic, and detrimental to the interests of the
The proposed 5tv on Sugars is, Baw
" ' I
Ssgar, 5s. per cwL ; BeEned, 6s. Sd. ; Molasses,
3s. 4d- per cwt. On Bice, 60s. per ton ; Salt,
20s. per ton.
Tbe pioneer steamer of the new line from
Southampton to Melbourne, the Qaeen of the
i Thames, had arrived at Melbourne, and renewed
discosson'in lfcit Colonj'or tie eeperior
advantage oTered by tbat Una over the one via
Sydney and San Francisco. Forty-five days is
---.m., Vdho-me .-J FnA-fl.
o ,Hr .
e c0 "P0" Utte actaa5 j
tnaae dj ice stesnEr. cce ieii oa cer reiora i
vojagc about the 22d of February. This line,
for mail service, when telegraphic connection
shall hare been finished, it is believed at Mel
bourne, will meet nil the needs of the Colony.
" The K. XI. S. City of Melbourne brought a
small shipment of Honolnla sugars, which "came
to a pood market, and sold by auction at 31 hi.
for refining sorts, and 36 15. for medium yellow
grocery. "Any lots coming here the next few
month's, are likely to realne full values."
"A bottle containing a copy of tho following
was found on the beach about fire miles sooth of
the Richmond Itiver Lieads, by senior-constable
Ileaderson, on the 7th of February : American
bark Osraanli. of New Hedford, July 13th, 1870.
Latitude, 17:i5 S. ; longitude. 165:5 "E. From
Fiji Islands, aid bound to Chesterfield Shoals ;
21 months oat from the C S. ; 1500 barrels of
oik Will tho finder of this please give notice of
the above to some newspaper on his arrival in
port, and oblite Tours, &c, John Williams,
This bottle made n seven months voyajc, and
traveled a distance of over 1000 miles in a direct
New Zealand. The ejections for Parliament
hare taken place, and hare resulted in n gMn for
the Government. Bast Auckland returns Hon.
J. Yoget The first lot of immigrants under the
Government scheme had arrived in Wellington.
It consisted of 60 families of Swedes and Nor
wegiatfst The opposition papers criticise the
scheme sharply. The Otago intness says:
" We are told that in addition to haring their
passages paid out by the Government, which as
are pioneers can not be complained or. tbry
j they obtain employroent, and are even to hare
tluur Tvitsqf lArt fiin to thair nalire cenntrv
I . :.l t f - , ;r . k. eKu.U 1... A i
tun uuiinuuJTui, It I . fuuwnd w
satisfied with the couatry. This is paternal gov
ernment with a vengeance V
" A number of subscriptions from members of
the Hawaiian Government and residents of Ho
noKirU bare been receired by the Auckland Ac
climatization Society."
H. M. S. Clio, on the 17th of June, while con
veying Sir George Browne, Gorerner of New
Zealand, on a surrey along the west coast of the
Middle Island, struck heavily on a hidden rock
in BUgh Sound, and sprang a dancerous leak.
She was taken to a sheltered anchorage, and re
paired temporarily, so as to be able to reach Port
"Accklaxd. Fire hundred keg3 Honolulu
sugar changed hands last week at a price with
held, and the unsold stocks are reduced to about
150 kegs and ISO baps of a very inferior and un
saleable quality. TeWrains bare been receired
from Melons of a farther rise in prices of i
per ton ; this we bare anticipated a month or
more back.
"Mr. J. G. Haches.of Akaroa,is preserving the
fish bapuka in tins. Mr. I'eace. of Wangarei,
bas experimented on mullet very successfully.
Tbe fish, when preserved, could hardly be dis
tinguished from salmon, and are decidedly prefer
able to anything imported.
Pr. Campbell's bouse, which has just been
completed, of concrete work, has gireo rise to a
comparison in tbe cost of that material and brick
work. The latter is found to be considerably the
most expeosire.
Timing Eaktboakes. The telegraphist at
Fatea sends us the following: "I observe in
roar issue of the 25th ultimo, a short paragraph
with the heading, 'Timing Kartbqaakes-' in
reference to tbe same it may be interesting to
to yon to know that a very similar instance to
tbe one there recorded took jlace here not long
since, io tbe month of July last, to tbe best of
mv recollection. At about 2 o'clock in the after
noon, I was silting beside the telegraph tnstru-
meet when a smart shock of earthquake was
experienced. Tbe line beio; disengaged at the
moment, I informed the Wanganui station of the
earthquake, and inquired whether he fell it. He
i was just in the act of answering " No," when
; the shock came upon him. Tbe shock in this
case did not travel nearly so Hist as io the one
! previously alluded to. The pace. I should say,
was net more than a hundred miles a minute.
TurwtM Herald. Feb. 11.
French Celebration of Peace.
Last Sunday, the 26th inst.. in the
Catholic Church, after the celebration of
the High Mass, special prayers were said
in accordance with the written communi
cation addressed to Rer. Father ilodeste,
in tliffiliionnonf TTUT-nnisiiin RUlinn Moi.
r- -r
gret, by the French Commissioner, and of
which the following is the translation :
nosouTUr, March 24tb, 1S71
M. L'Abbk axd Dear Father : Xews of
peace having arrived, I hear tbat the Ger
mans will have to-morrow a service celebrated in
the Protestant Church of Fort Street, and
that the bells will rin;.
I come to pray too to be good eaoc;h to have
tbe high mass oo Snnday next the 26lb, fol
lowed bv two pravers. the one for the rest of
those wbo have died in defending their country.
and the other for a thanksgiving for tbe re-estab-
li-Hment ol peace in fc-orupe. Dune? this sec
ond prayer. I hope yoa wiH find it good to have
tne Dells nnsrioc. tsllv.
Be kind eoossh to accept. M. L'Abbe and dear
Father, the assarances of my respect and per
sonal sympathy.
Theodore Ballibc.
To the Father Modeste.
Provicaire Apostobqae,
ine lew i-renon people who uve in
Honolala were gathered around Mr. Eal-
lieu at the foot of the altar.
HosotCLC, March STlb. 1S71.
Ms. Ed-itoe-Sie: From tne time tbat tbe pro
babilities ot peace nave become evident, a large
nnmber of discs in tbe world have occupied them
selves with auctions, airs and lotteries in bchslf of
FrcBch widows aad orpbsns.
I hope that tbe city of Honolala, which has been
so eenerocs 'cowards the woaaded peiwrallv. wHl
also Interest Itself ia the French widows asd or
phans, and I have thosgbt that it was my place to
lake the initiative.
Oa Mosdsr, the tenth of April, I shall sell at suc
tion, at raj bouse, with tne assistance ot Mr. Bir-
toor, a series of articles tbat I have made myself
with other articles also, and to them I shall add"
those tbat people may be witling to send to me.
Afterwards, I (lull endeavor to render tbe ere
ciag as attractive as possible.
I reqaest of yon Sir, to be good enoogh to pab
Hsh my letter in order thit my idea msj be known to
morrow, and, in the mean time, tbe partlcaUrs of the
events; arranged. Ton will hive rendered me a
gTeat service, and, as I appeal to no other senti
ments than charitable ones, I hope to see gathered
at my boese on tbe evening of tbe tenth of April
all those wbo led Interested in tbe poor little child
ren deprived of their fathers, and, la the nabappy
women from whom the war bis taken theirsepport.
Tbe proceeds wBl be sect directly to France in
tbe name of tbe Inhabitants of Honolnla.
With my actieipated thaelu and my best regard.
1 remain, Sir
Mieix BiT.l.Tir.
Estate ef K. BROWS, deceased.
r1- Je n mM -twn. late of Honolala. deceased.
berebr rives notice to aD Mm-i ksrin lUm,
agaicst the said estate to rresest tbe saae witbia six
montbs from this date, dalj authenticated and with
proper Toaeben, to S. B. Dole, Esq., at hit e in
Honolala, cr they will be forever birred. Jlnd all
persons indebted to tbe above estate are reqaetted to
make ismediate payment to the said S. B. Dole, Esq
Hosolaln. Hareh 15, 1E71. IMt
Cunny Bags;
BY THE BALI or at Retail, fer rale by
1T1AR ASD riTCH-Aaerieaa and Etoekhola,
1 iabirrels and kairtirrea. F.raaleby
uuaojjs cv.
I.nte American IVevr.
Chicago, Ftrorj- irth. A 7ilM tVaihtngtoa
Sptcial J3 the tteanihip bibjisU hara Kla up
all hoft of gttling auy action en-their tehemtt at
thit jejiion. The Tot In to Snat, Satariay, ta
bling 'Williams' amendment to the Postal Appropria
tion bill, which proposed to five K00.N0 for a slum
ship line between Eaa Francisco and Australia, if re
garded by them at conelntive evident that the pre
ent temperof tbe Senate is hostile to their purpose.
There it ilill one more chance, howerer, as a motion
is pending before the Senate, on which a rote will be
taken to-morrow, to laj on the table the proposition
for an annual increase ft! lobiidjr oft 1, 000,000 to tha
Pacific Mail Steamship Compinj. All independent
bills of ihu character, including the Kellegs New
Orleans and Mexican scheme, which Utter has pass
ed the Smite, will have to wait for .mother Congress.
Xew Yokc, Fbrnrr 27th. A Washington des
patch to the Herald savs a growing sentiment of ap
prehension as to the result of the High Commisioa
prevails ia that city. It is believed that Sir John
MacdonaU is preparitg his people for a great dis
count of their fishery cemands HI announcement
ia the Dominion Parliament is regarded as an aban
donment of the headlsad claim, and his silence as to
the presentation of the Cacadim claims for Fenian
raids is regarded aa cqnallr significant. It is well
understood that the British Government can present
no claims against us with regard to Fenian raids,
having repeatedly 'thanked our Government for its
course in stopping these icrasions. It would setm
most likely that the diSeallies will commence outside
ef Canadian matters, and there is no reason to believe
England is as yet prepared to recede from her posi
tion on the Alabama qcestica, and there is therefore
but little hope that an acceptable basis can be reached.
VTashisctox, February Sth. -The opinion pre
vails among Senators thit the San Domingo question
will not be brought up tctil after the adjournment of
Congress ; that an extra Executive session of the
Senate will be called r the President, to aetnponthe
treaty. It is generally r creed that annexation can be
fully completed withoct the consent of the House,
except roting the purciaie money. It does not ap-
pear that there has beea any change upon the ques-
tion in either House. Tbe opponents of annexation
. . , , . .
profess to see no reaso. for ch.ng.rg the.r view, on
the information respecting the island furnished by
newspaper correspondents : while the friends of San
D mingo are confirmed in their opinion by the facts
thus given. Both parties are already preparing tbe
unsamentj; and the pxvtpecti are that tbe contest
oTer the report of the Cm:s;iooen will be long and
exciting. Prominent Senator! , who hare heretofore
exhibited no partianhtp on either side, car it will
be impossible to get a two-thirds rote to ratify the
treatr of annexation, whaterer tbe report of tbe
Comminioners tnir be, an! that the Senators who
will oppose tbe treat y bare foil j m s de up their minds
alreadj, and will place their opposition on the ground
of inexpediency of annexing more contiguous tropical
-o ni" nr1 nn n js-
This Vessel -will be Due in March,
for this
Two Elegant Park Phaetons.
Suitable for Doable aal -single Harness,
Ransome, Sims A Co's Heavy Plows,
Devcnish's Cekbralfd Champagne Ale,
One McOnle's Train of Carrom Pans,
Sugar Xllls, IVInd Mills,
Vacuum Fans, Clarltlers,
Centrifugal JIacblnes,
Bolltrs, Cooler,
Tanks, Smoke Stack.
And all kinds of heary Sbeet Iron Work.
Hide to order, x&d f&rtifxlau- attention pui to
Anthracite, 0111111)6110115. and Soft Coal,
Oa biod sad ftr sale. Abo,
TalTts. Cocti, asd Enu Work vt all kiads.
Oouiagil Wire Cktba, of rsriios soMbM.
Ru FuUag, Eofcter pxkbis asd txUlas;.
Elena aad Water Gaaec,
Easier Tablac rarks tile.
SbafUsg; Bsr, Plate aad .icglfl Iron.
Plr .rca tx ballast, term? Iron.
SuU, Eolu, Wait en, Blrsta.
Perforated' 2ra PUtea for Ceatriaala.
1 Tank Juice Famp, 1 SmaO sized Sorar IIOL
1 Snail sized Ssfar 1101 br tattle paver, second hand,
1 Iionzocul Sleaa Eopoe, IdzlS. eecoud band,
2 IcrliM Whwls lor icoctol eeotrffcxalj, with SO fret
bead( water
1 BmKdz dtfra arpvataa, fur taUcv,
1 rprizt Bifler, bane power,
1 oaD TcbcJar GUler, 2 bone power,
A. Xt. saiTinjr and WoodTTork
rm i-Trn TO OEDEE,
Tor which tits Wocks ban asaacal tadniiea.
10 ALEXASDEE TOCXff, Manager.
B"otice to Creditors.
TnE Undersigned, barinc been dnlr ap
pointed Adm'mutraur of the Estate of AEA5A,
a CaiaanLaa, lately deceased at Ksilaa, Hawaii, btre
by sotiset all creditor to p reseat their claims ta tbe
the ee Jersiga?d,"or to A. F.VTJBD, Eq dolj ao
tbesticated aad with tta -proper roaekerf , within six
isostha from data or ther 31 be fbrerer birred.
Persons indebted to said Sctate wfll please make im
mediate parmeit. HEART COOPEE,
Harsh 57,1871. "
Wit Jb33 U JM J3?sL"S" 1
031 Clr .Street, San Francisco.
CI OLE Accnts for It. Hoc & Co.'s Tresses
J and Printers' Materials, Gordon's Job Presses,
Mather's Inks, etc.
11 3m
Has Received
Large Assortment
For Sale at No. 59 Fort Street.
ii u
XiLHci for Sale
In Kona, Hawaii.
The Southcrlyhnlf of the LnnU
OF KEALAKEKUA. together with
about 250 II end of Cnttle. This
land borders on the fine harbor of Keala
keVua Bar, and extends from the sea up
II.. M.n.Uln ltntnih th Willi! t rninnrliin. .1.0011
j Acrc? with try r.riety of climate. Nearly all
tropical and northern fruits and vegetables grow to
I perfection, and the place is suitable for the culture of
i Sugar Cane, Coffee and Oranges. Tbe salubrity of
j lhegclimite ' the B.y ,. unsurpassed, and it is
' e,Peciallj beneficial to those having throat or lung
disease. The upper portion of the land is well wooded
with heavy Koa aud Uhla timber. At the beach is a
Cocoanot Grove of 300 trees, and a Fish Pond. There
is a good Dwelling House, a Cistern of 600 barrels
j eapacitj, and a Garden with Fruit and Ornamental
Trees. For further particulars apply to
11 5t WALKER .1 ALLEN.
Consisting in Part of
Finest White all Wool 4-1 Flannel.
FintstWbite all Wool A Ancda. White Flannels,
(iood Grey and White all Wool
Flannel, 10i4 Bleached Sheeting,
Thompson's Glore-Fitting Corsets,
Amoskeas; Denims, Jeans, Drill and
Bleached and Unbleached Cottons.
A Sup'r Ass't of Stationery,
Water Lined Xote Taper,
White Ruled Note Paper.
White Ruled Laid Leaf, Letter and Dill Paper,
White, CuS and Amber and Letter and Xote
Payson's Indelible, and Carter's Copying Ink,
ArtisU a Hook-keepers rlexible liulers.
Smith A Wesson's Pistols a Cartridgss,
Hair Girths, Stirrups a Leathers,
Snanish Trees, Croupersand Bridles,
Oak Belting, Street Brooms,
Wood Faucets, Lamp Black,
Italinu I'ncKliifr Lace Leather,
Paints, Oils, Sec.
White Zinc t Leal, in 1, 1 a 25 lb eont ainer
Paris and Chrome Green,
Chrome Yellow, Umber, Sienner,
Patent Dryer, Vermillion.
Whiting Prussian, Blue, Bladders of Putty,
Carriage and Coach Varnish;
Bright, Copal and Furnitnre Varnish,
Boiled Linseed Oil, Turpentine,
Mason's Blacking, Coffee Mills,
Aie. Pick, Sledge, Adx, Hoe, Oo,
Hammer A Chisel Handles,
Wool Cards, Saddles, Enameled Trunks,
Coopers' Tools,
Croiers, Howels, and Champering Knives,
Carpenters Planes,
Fore, Smooth, Jack A Jointers,
Cut Kails, 3, 4, 6. 8. 10, II, 20, 30, 40, 50 and
60d, Beat Xailf, 1, I, H a 2 inch.
Pressed Kails, 2 a 21 inch.
Cooper's Rivets, 4, 7 a 8 lbs,
Copper Rirets a Burs, 2, ,
I h i inch, Gimp Tacks,
Iron a Copper Tacks of all sizes
Best Rubber Hose, J, J, l,lt- inch,
Centrifugal, Varnish, Paint, White-Wash
and Scrub Brushes, Cor'd Tin Pails,
i, 1, 2, 3, 4. S, S, 10 a 12 quarts.
Covered Slop Pails, Dippers,
Dish and Milk Pans,
Jenning'sbits, soldering irons, T hinges, steels.
Hammers, Ganges, Squares, Chisels,
Augers, Sieves. Lime Squeezers,
Yard Sticks, Bung Starten, Axes,
Shovels, Spades, Oos, Lanterns,
Eagle Horse, A and 0 Plows and
.Points, Paris Plows, extra heavy and strong.
Protoxide of Iron, Pain Killer,
Poland's White Pine Compound,
Pails, Tubs, Brooms, Etc., Etc.
From the Boston House.
And Many Other Articles
S3- A I'll TO nG SOI.I LO IV. 3m
A Superior lot of Anchors,
Tested by the Admirality I.Ia't.
For Sale by
Hubbuck's Faints
and Oils
Fresh California Lime
4-tf A. W. PEIBCB A
Best English
Portland Cement;
4-tf A. W. PEIBCE A CO.
15 Cases, each 24 dz.,
Perry Davis' Pain Killer,
Best Sydney Coal!
FOR HOUSE USE, can be bad from tbe
At $15 fsr.Ua of 2.240 lbs.,
Bj the load, delivered ia Hot4Wa; Apaly toLi
a Ixb nr. u, uatu,
?forth l'nclBc Trnnnporlatlon. Co.'ie
K. S. FL0TD, Commander,
Will Loavo for San Francisco
Saturday, 1st of April, at 4 P. M.
For Freight or Passage aprlr to the Company'
Australian Steamship Line of New York.
The Splendid American Stcnntnlilp
Dae here from San Francisco on the lGlb of April,
The Port of Honolulu on the 17th of April,
Ancklnnd, IV or Zenlnnd,
'Wclllnston, Ictv Zenlnnd,
I.Tttlcton, Actr Zcnlund,
Port Cunliuern. IV. Zenlnnd,
Connecting with Steamers for and from
fylnej", e-r Soistls M'nlcsi,
Melbourne, Victoria.
For Freight or Passage to ports of New Zea
land, apply to II. UACKFELD A CO.,
II 3m Agents.
For San Francisco
Will POSITIVELY Sail for the abore Port
On SATURDAY, April 15th. 1H71.
For Freight or passage, haring superior accommo
dations for Cabin and Steerage l'assengers, apply to
11 WALKER A ALLEX, Agents.
Tlie iVortU Pncific Transportation
The Company's Splendid Steamship
A J A X,
It. S. FI.OVD, . . . Commander,
"Will Leave Honolulu April lt.
"Will Lcni c Sun I'rancNco
On or about -April 16th
Freight for San Francisco will be reeeived at the
Steamer's Warehouse, and receipts for the same,
giren by the undersigned. Xo charge for storage
or cartage. Fire Risks in Warehouse, not taken by
the Company.
Liberal Advances Jlnde on nil Ship
ments per Steamer.
Insurance guaranteed at Lower Rates than by Sail
ing Vessels. Particular care taken of Shipments of
All orders for Goods to bo purchased in San Fran
cisco "ill be receiTed, and filled by return of Steamer.
JrShipments from Europe and the United States,
Intended for these Islands, will be receired by tbe
Company in San Franeiscc, it consigned to them, and
be forwarded by their Steamers to Honolulu, Fbie
or Charge, except actual outlay.
SJ-Passengers aro requested to take their tickets
before 12 o'clock on the day of sailing, and to pro
cure their Passports.
1-Jm II. UACKFELD A CO., Agents.
The California, Xtrr Zealand
anil Australian 31all Line of
Steam Packets.
Tho Splendid Steamships
1450 tons..
.Stewart, Com'r,
1200 (oui.
T. Graluger, Com'r,
Will run regularly between Honolulu and the abore
ports, connecting at Honolulu with the Xorth Pacific
Transportation Co's Steamers.
iorsrs it
Auckland H. M. JERVIS
Smsar . U. II. HALL, U. S. Consul.
14 3m
For Victoria, B. C.
CALIIOCX, ...... Master,
Will hare immediate dispatch for the abore port.
Fr Freight or Passage, apply to
9 it gents.
For San Francisco.
The fine Clipper Btrkeotioe
Horace Roberts,
Ii now tmJj to recti Te cargo, and will b&Te dij patch
for tbe abore port.
iar x reign t or rait age, apply to
6 Agents.
For Syd ney.
- - 3Iaster.
Is now loading for tbe abore port, and will be de
spatched on or about Saturday, tbe 1st of Aprill.
tor rreignt, apply to
7 THEO. n. DAVIES. Agent.
Per bark 'Nabob' Direct
From Boston,
Hide Poison,
Rosin, Bcbber Hose,
- Esll Twine,
Sprace PJsaaf,
3 Hoop Paneled Palls,
Pare Cider Vinegar,
Fine and Cypress Barrel Shoots
nvrclTXxnro-y'3 Oysters,
4- 1 S 3 lb Spleed, 1 &2 lb Fresli. Aa
Furnished Roorna(
TO LET, at Mrs.T. Thrnja's,
ffa. 2t King Street. -iyo
EMP aad Celtoa Sail Twine. For sale
by- h-- pj - - ..BOLLES A CO.
I8LA.DJI. Ia rrebala. Ia tbe nultee oT the Keute 4
Jt AN'CKL SILV.t, of Maaua, Honolala, ilereMeil.
Order appolnllDl Time tor Probate et Will aad direction
rul.lkallou ct Notice of tbe uu
A Pocameat pnrivrtloc to be tbe but tVIU asd Trataamt
of Mannel Sllia, deceased, hatlnr tm Ibo l day vf Nank,
A. D. 1SJI. ten pieeented to aaut frvtwle Otrt, aad a
tton for tbe probate tbereof, and fur tbe twaaaea tVtter
Testamentary to Mel Acs and fbr raratlonef the Letters
of Adnilni.tratkn to Iraak 11. ItarrU tiatler tea Sled by
Mele Ana,
ills bereby orderet, tbat TIICMDAT, tb lath day ef
A pi II, A. P. lSTl,at lOo'ekva. A. JI. eftalj day, at tbe 0rt
Rurau vt M Cwt, at tb Omrt ILoee M llonalala. be aad
the Mme la, bmby ap(xlntrd IU time ftr prurlnt nM Watt
and bearioit nald appllrallnn, wben anil wher any permi ta
trreited may arrerand con lent said YTUt, an I tba xraaUni;
of Letters Testamentary.
It i fbrtbtrcedered, tbat net Ice hereof be rrtra paMlra
llon, f- tbre rarceolr weeks la tb llawinas Oiima, a
newprec printed and pabllstieil tn llceiAlnta.
And It la further ordered, that citetlo be inined t tb
sobecrlbloit witnmet to eaM Wit, aad to Frank II. IlatrK
Admtnlstretor, to appear and content tb probate ef aaH WW,
at tbe tine appointed.
laled Honolulu, II. I., March 3. 15IU
Attest: Jt(ceef Ibei'epmaeOeBrt,
lKtt Wairsa It. Jul, Dernty Gtra.
List of Foreign Jurora!
DRA1VX rnrthe APltlL. TKR3I. A. D. 1ST1,
CEtTllIUnu, OeoOfMers,
0 V Xorton, J 11, It feet".
It ilrnian, KPXtani,
Pttalten. oretter. .
J T WldJefleld, Jamea Retthn;
John Tlbbeta, O L Ilmillte,
J rerry, Jba RltwMi,
Ira RlcbanUon. Ilency Waterbws
Jneph IMrkrord, 'rIIHm Bennett,
Qeorra Emmes, ff Hitler.
1 n Peterwn, .1 1 Doweett,
C T VI Inter, II Damon.
L. McCCLLTl Qert.
Iloodolo, March 13tb. 15T1. t
Hawaiian Island, ia rrvbate. la lb matter f tb
Estate of WILLIAM WO.ND, late ef lleMlala, drreaeed.
AtCbambersIn tb Conrt R4m at Ilenetnla, befir tn
Honorable A. S. llartwell, Iflrit AaocUt Jnatle t tb (a
prem Court. In rrobate.
onderthe WlHcf WitHam trmvL dwaert, barhtc tMa day
reodeled and preeenled fyr aettlement, aad aJad sa rjaia
C&t, tbelr second annual acceant, and Bled therewith a
report of tbelr administration ef Mkl Eatate ta dal, aad
prarlns: that a decree of dUtrlbotlen ef tb balane of fasHta
la tbeir bands b mad to Ibov entillek under tb Hal (
tbe deceased:
It Ubereby ordered that FRIDAY, tb 31st day f March,
A. D. 1ST I, at 10 o'clock a. a. of that day, at tbe Court Room
In lb Court Ilouai in UooIa1o, be appointed tb tHls
men! of tbe said aeconnt, and tbat netic tbereof be sjseen by
pablicattoa In Hi Ilawatua Giisrrs and tb Aa Otaa
Newspapers, rrilted and pntlUbed ta llanelatn, Bar thm
period of three weeks, to all peraene Interested In anal .
late, to beandarpear befur said Cnori ef Prelmt at A
time and place aforesaid, then and tber to shew eaaa. If
any they hare, wby the prayer ef said petrtsea af tb 12aew.
tor shouM not bo icranted, and a deere f iH.tTituHea ef
said Estate, aa prayed for. tbonld not b mad.
Uonoluls. Slarcb 8, ISTI.
Attest: Jn.tlwi tb Sepreme Omt.
WiLIia R. lt. Deputy Clerk. &-
IlawalUn Iilamla, In Prvbaie. In tb matter f tb
E.UI of WO.NQ 1I0AM) TEEP. Utaef Heans; San, ta V
Empire of China, deceMed At Cbunber tn tb (Vtrt
House at Honolnla. Ees tb Honor M Alfred s. Hart
well, rtrst Aasodate Jostle of the Supreme Otart, ahtteg-ia
On reading and nllng tbe Petitsn f tTne SIs; Aksna,
praylnc; tbat a document now In poMtewrfea f IbisOluTt Stat
filed herein, tbis Tenth day of March, 171, pritaer to cm
tb last tVHI of aetd dereaMd, mad at Il.naf Sea, Ewisjsss
ef China, I he Tth of May, ISM, b admitted tm Pretle. aad
that tb Petitioner be appointed Adminiatrater, with tb WM
aBnexetl :
Ills hereby ordered that FRIDAY, tt.Jl.t daref llvtk,
A. D. 1ST), at 10 oVIek J. K. of tbat day, at the (Vert Msoaa
In tbe Court House at IIocmMu, b amsated fsr prcetsx;
aid W lit, and for hearlncj tb saM arplKatlM of W jmj Si9S
Akana to be appointeil ancb Admlnlatrator, with tb Xt
And It le farther ordered that n-tle f this appMexHm be
pnblUhed In tb Hiwitus (Uirrrs. a new, pa per nefnted aad
publubed In Uonolnln, for tbe period ef thtv weeaa.
Honolnla, March 10, 1S7I.
Att.it: Justlca af th feprtrae Osetrt,
L. McCrur, Oerk. Mt
3 Islands In Probata. Islandsf Oahn. IlawaHaa Iitastla,
S. Order appointing time fer Probata rf WW aad SancOstc
Publication of Notice tt tb same. In th Matter ef th Es
tate of William C. Heckler, of lionet -rlo, dMeased.
A document. purMrtJng to be tb taat VTtt! sad TeataBSestt
f VTDIUni C. Beckley. deceased, harrac n lb lath day
March, A. D. 1ST!, bn presented to eaM Profcate Oswet, aad
a petition for tb probate therof, and bt th iasoaaea of Lat
ter Testamentary to Frederick Beekley, bartac been ated by
Frederick Beckleyr:
It U hereby orJend, tbat tTKDNESDAY, thtlkh daytf
April, A. D. 1S71, atlOo'cloek A. )!., of eaM day, at tb
Court Rom of said Court, at Honolnla, In th I.Uadef eJH,
be, and th earn Is, hereby aprwsate.1 th lime terpraetac
aaM Will and bearing saM apptlcatlou when and where aay
peraon Intereoted may appear and rwnteat th aaM WaB, aad
tbe ersntlng of Letter TeaUmealary.
It is farther ordered, that botie tbereof b siren by hM
cathnt. for three sooteaalfe aneke, ia tb Hawaii Qasssrarji
and Ac Okoa, newejupers printed aad yashltibid ra HeueSuta. oa
And It le fnrtber orjrrt.1. tbat elUtloM be laeaed M the
sabscilblng witnesses to aakl Mill, and ts th heir. ef ah
testator to appear and contest the probate ef said HW, at th
tim appointed.
Dated Uouelnlu, II. I., lath March, 1571.
9-3 1 Depnty Clerk of tb enpeemo Oacrt.
TLTOTICK. I" tlie matter ol the Estate ot
X I. W. IAUKEA, lata of llamakwa, Ila.ag, deeeaaed.
Arntieatlon barior been mad t th underalaaed be 11 en.
C. K. Bishop, W. L. Qieen and FraMts jpeesrer, that Saanset
r. inunngworui o apptantea aamtalstraier I tb ax
named Estate, untie le herebe ir'Tan to all whosa H saar -
eern, tbat THURSDAY, April SOlh, 171, at MM 'rek 1".
M.. at tb Coart Hons In Waimea, IlawasL I th Han aad
place appointed for tb bearing ef said applteatioa sad aay
objections that may b mad tbercta.
Circuit Judge, 3d JndMal (Watt.
South Kona, Hawaii, March IS, 1S71. IMt
NOTICE. In the matter of th Estato or
I. W. IAUKEA, lata or Hanukua. IlawaH, deceased.
Application baring been made to th tmderstgsel iff Foal
Iaake and I. W. Iloanalwa, that tbey be afpetalld Aiiuss
istrstors to the shor named Eetate, notice hereby sjrssa
toallwbem It may concern, that THURSDAY, ApeH 20th,
1S71, at en o'clock V. il at th Coart Ilsae Is Walsna,
Island of Hawaii, is the tim and place appmaicd Br th
hearing of said application and aay stsctia that may b
mad tbereto.
ClrcaH Jadga, td Jadictal Otrsait.
South Kona, Hawaii, March la, 1K1. IMt
NOTICE. --Whercns proper application
has been made to the undersigned by Kcaaa.
(w.) for the settlement of the boundaries ef Mahaat
kahio I., situated in tho District of Kobala, Islasxl af
Hawaii, 3d J. C, notice is hereby giceo ta all parties
interested in tb boundaries of the said land, that
FRIDAY, the 21st of April, A. D. 1871, at 10 a'tiatk
A. M., is the dsy and hour appointed fsr the settle
ment of the said boundaries, at tb Coart House ia
Waimea, Booth Kobala.
Bcnndsry Comminkner, 3d Jod. Ore'L
Hilo. Hawaii, March l. 1871. l4t
NOTICE Is hereby gircn to nil portiei
interested in tbe settlement ef tbe bedndartes
of the lands of Kaapahu, and of half of Malaosba,
In the District of Uamakua, and of Keatabswa 3d,
and of Puuepa, situated in tbe district ef h'irth Ko
bala. that MON DAY, the 17th dsy of April, 1871. at
10 o'clock A. M., is tho time set fer the settlement
of the boundaries of said lanlr, at the Ceurt Usui
in Waimea, South Kobala.
Boundary Commissioner, 3d Jud. OJre'L,
nilo, Hawaii, March 15, 1871. ' 104t
sloner and Consul-Qeneral. publishes, by order
or Earl Oranrille. for tbe infermatrsn ef Ertsflh
subjects resident in this Klnjdem, the ftHewloi;
elauaes of tbe XaturalUation Act of the 121b. May,
1870. (33 Viet., Chap. 14.)
"4. Any person who by reason of his baring beea
born within the dominions of Her Majesty is a astaral
born subject, bat woo also at tbe time of bis berth
became nndcr tbe law of any foreign Stat a iuhyeet
of such State, and is still such subject, may. If ( faH
sze and not under any disability, make a deelarattaa
of alienage in manner aforesaid, and frem and a Her
the making of sueh declaration of alienage such per
son shall eease to be a British subject.
" Any person wbo is born out of Her Majesty's da
minions of a father being a British Subject may, if ef
fell age and not under any disability, rcalt a declara
tion of alienage in manner aforesaid, and from and
after the making af such declaration shall seise ta bo
a British subject."
"tt Aay British subject who has at say time bo
ron, or may at any time after th pasting ef this Act,
when !n any foreign State, and net ruder any dis
ability, roluctarily become naturalised la each-State,
shall, from and after tbe time of his so haring beema
naturalised :u such foreign tSlate, be deemed to bars
ceased to be a British subject, and be regarded u ,
alien; Prorided,
".(1.) That where any British Subject has be faro
tbe passing of this Aetroluntarily become aatsraWierl
In a foreign Stats, and yet is desirous of remaining a
British fubjeet.be may, at any tim within two years
after the passing of this Act, make a declaration that
be is desirous of remaining a British subject, aad
upon sueh declaration hereinafter referred to as a
declaration of British nationality being mad, as
upon bis taking the oath of allegiance, the declarant
shall be deemed ta be, and to hare beea continually a
British subject; with this iaaliacatint that be shall
not, when within th limits of the foreign Stat ia
which be has been naturalized, be d tented to bo a
British subject, anless be bas eeasoi to be a subject
vfthatStata la parroaneoof the laws thereof, cr la
pursuance of a treaty to that eSect.
"(2.) A declaration ef British nailonalilr bit ha
made, and tbe ostb of allegiance b taken a) follows.
mat. is to say : n tne, aecitrast be in the United
Kingdom, ia the presence of a Justice ef tha- seaaa i If
elsewhere in Her Majesty's dominions, in the presence
of any judge of an coart of eiril or criminal laria.
diction, of any justice of the peace, or of aay other
cEcerfor the time being authorized by lav la the
place In which the declarant Is, tvi administer aa oath
for any judicial ar other legaj purpose. If out of Her
Majesty's dominions. In the, presents of any oficer ia
the Diplomatic, or Consular Mme of Her Majesty.'
f 1UOO T , .I..-.- n..
IT. B. JaVa Commissior r and CnnanLRnaraI
H.B.M.'iConiuUto-Ceneral,'lirch21,871. IJ-'t

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