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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, April 05, 1871, Image 3

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UatfoTaSeaaa II,mbrp.
B,aaasaaaaes:a ami weslohaTscnht
: Saa lVaseseec-
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; nr4y frsea
SSH atoaaasar vessel ff ve a
l;V asatsaaaaer b aasr Jroaa Vfctaeta
kasaf aaa A-f-III I a weaVaaVee aateaaays
far tlia put
leal ana ii Otmb tti7ll
j tmbuUr tm laaa (aaa at Pfca-ati
tke,t Kama
eaaaaa, aea2s)ia;
la Che MUeaf OMMctie Kipsxrts
a 1871, at Laiasasisa; With Ike
ssf 1JM, aa smartM .fey the
la Malum. rM-, Met,
Taataw, Westi, Whale
a aajieafct4 exposta-
sat, Fauaaran, Baaaataa A
vlae for tola! waaru far
is JMHijUi tar by
teaaa ejosaslaar; r4rd, asri
taaan frtMB i-rintHaa;
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Ka n m im Kigwi
MBS,aJMKi aaaassa, rVafclneBi
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asaaaw assails nXMann
swasal aefeassBswfeaa aseteasi sasss sv Vast Sasa, reassess at
m i
r OMr of Xatwaome, March
H faJMj S.M
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jtiti 2.M0
2 Staw.aVa
I Walnae riiaM.tW
tm Wauraa Mi K
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jwrCUWara. Mank24.
IM M MeUl, bMa
aar s C Mamr, Mareb Slat.
IK rtoar, hfaka
3a " ajraU
Fbtaatwe. ca
MR m. fdrM) it VUm
1 Hllwwara.aa
liar, late
Ire, una
U Dan,
Ci 0au,akj
Sa l'afar. U5U
1 ra.te.aa
rataMta, its
tin Ull
tTUaler, kega
TwtaaH lia.r.rtjTaa. JlarthSatlu
Cakato, bale
riawa. ca 4 pa
l-naT Ueau, ca
ralea and Shiha, bdll
rafia, oeati
rUnk, pel
Rpe, coila '
Eli. Mia
Eoa4 Saapera, a
Blreta, kegi
Shocks, bdu
Ipolea, cs
f CiTCI, dot
W ah a.
Oatkaif. ca
Vf'sa. jga a lea
Caaer fitaitk, Via
tikaira, t; A ca
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Brj fioodt, lajea
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HtfaaiIalBa raialaaa, MM.
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aaraaaaaaa, m Ka Mat, Afd at-
wUkaja aajaova iMaa,
Tarataafciaakaaa.iai li. Aatfl 1.
aaaaajaa.walB Ma HlaWa, Mm
SSBaajaT-a 4 Ba.ajaH.fca
aMtaaaavaa 1 Ma U r.
aaaaWtaa, XJHt raani aaa
taaaaaaxaw lane
aaSaa 141
TaaaaaaSaa Tailai'i.
2 Sewing Machine, bx
78 Sbfl pri A Uli
I.SU Screws, bl
1 StMeware,ps:gs,
1 Tebaceobra
S Twine; bdU
1 TiliT-bbU
909 Trunk.
3.3M Doip Mdse, ci 1; Mil
n unmuoi, aez
TVbebarrew,, a
L0 y.Teast Powder, cs
343 Tacit,
tirem Sea Fraaetaea, per 06met, April 4,
Braaa. aka
slants, -lm
Flow, araks
' bf afci
Ilsy. bates
He-Hag, lege
St Lime, bill,
4 3Iertsandise,pkgs
109 fats, bags.
72 Powder, ca
1 IUtete, bx
299 tbooka, Ull
1.3SS Salmon, bMs
Shingles, bdia
09 Tea,kgs
Mareh 2 Scbra Fairr Qaeen, Mary and Hattle, fm lUnai
lioxnieie and Lka, is iiawaa.
30 Am Bhip ?rrea. Johnaon. 126 dava fm Boeton
Am acbr C M Ward. IUckman. 14 dan Im Ba
kera Island; Am wh bk George, Osborne, fm
cruise, with 104 bbla ap oil.
31 Am wb bk OHrer Crocker, Fisher, fm crniae, with
1M bMa ap oil; Am wh bk Massaebneetts,
HMcheil, fm crniae, wl,b 190 ap and 12 bbla wh
ail; Am bk LC Murray, Bennett, 1 diya fm
an Francueo. and echre Jennj fm KaoaJ, and
Warwick fm Sleiekal.
April 1 tr Kllaoea, fm IVindward porta, and acbr Net
tie JlKTill, fm Maul.
2 Am wh Onole, liayat, & moa Oct fm home,
withal bUa socll: AmwbabDf4iteat.0wen.
Il bhs oat fm borne, with 100 bbla ap oil; acbrs
Isab Bor, fm Koolau, and John Yeung, fm
3 N O ehip froaanna Godfrey, 120 daya fm Hamburg
aaa ecfcr 31anoekawal, Im Alan!.
4 Ala bk Cornet, Fuller. 12 dare tni Sau Frartclaeo
SV4,, llule, fm K&uU, Warwiak fu Ualokal,
Uokalele rm Hawaii.
Mareh 24 Am wb abp Keiudeer, Loreland, to cruise; aehra
laabeua, lloKuleie ana liaie iee, im Hawaii.
Am bk Greco Itoberta. Kuacke. tor San Franci-co,
acbrs Kioau, fr Maul, Fariry Queen, llattie
aaa Mary fr KanaL
21 Am whbk Concordia, Jones, to cruise, eehra Mary
latra, for Maai. and WarwiekTW Jiolotai.
April 1 Am etmr Ajaz, Fioyd, far &an Francisco, ochre
L,uka, lor Hawaii, ana hamol lor JIaut.
tl..U I." I ! .... t f 1, ..... ... uj,M v.
tie MeiTfll, far MauLManuokawai and John
t oaag. lor haHsa.
Far Bratsaa, per Ea Moi, April 2od. G Robinson t Wife.
jFar Jiaaktaad and Sydney, per Oity f Melbourne, March
2Mb. Mr 4 Mrs Moose 4 etiBd, T Mollis, Mr Os aM,anJ
24 aa rout from San Francisco.
Ftata Saa Ftaactaea, per Oomet, April 1 Dr Shipley, N"
A Saa4a, M T Dounell, 3 Y Raynor, W Mail, T L Drake
Far San Frasaiaoo, per Grace Roberts, March 23th, John
Fran Cuaaa Iatands, per OM Ward, March D9th. Capt D
1 1 ism ) , I n 4, Mrs Kiekmao, and 17 laborera.
Fiaaa 8aa Fraacteoe, per D 0 Murray, March 31st. Mrs II
OarawaH,JIiaa B Oornwall, Miss L Irwla, Br I) E Btdley,
w4a aaal caftVd, Mr T Ooafaerty. Eteaoige. W hay, N Bor.
sie, a&4 8 Cbtaeae.
, jFar Saa Franaiasa, per Ajar, April 1st. Mrs Brenbam and
2 etaMroa. Aug Uloek, J Gorreia and wife, R Bologunl, C S
KMniaa, OG QltffarJ, K DeiUr, Tfaos Vilsoo, A Marks, K
P Weaab, Mary tVetsb, Annie Bosraley, A O de Grammood, F
Haaaai, O Laaeett, F SlRler, S Zollinger, J P Sorrenaon, G
Ka4ar, F J Yaakes. Juoha Klby and wife, Patrick McGuire,
3 D BalSoy, G V Fowler, Judge Lyons, Miss Lyona, Barron,
M Baannr. aarvaat aud cook, and 81 ea route from Colouka.
BtNlt or Baax CoacoaMl. Am. whaling bark Concordia,
Oapt JosMa, Bailed from Honolulu Bee 30 to crntee around the
Iiejjaaaa. Had pleasant weather tiutil reaching S south,
aaal aaat a succaaiilon of aoually weather for two w eeks. Had
racbor a long pasaage to the Marixueaas and saw whales but
aa the laaange got one which made about 45 barrels or
Gralsed near the ialand of Magdaleua and saw no
from theece est to the Island of Dominic to obtain
After leaiing there touched at Beaolullon Bay and
fast soresBt satoea. Anchored at Ancahera Bay and took on
firewood abd water, and remained there a few days.
LeTko tbwrr, cruised around llebert Island for one, week
aaal haH for tbeae ialands on the 19th of March. Cruised
ba company with a number of Teasels, a bleb hare arrived or
haw atready been reported. Arrlrod here March 23d, laid
seTndW ustH the Hat, and Bailed for the Arctic Ocean.
IUPOE.T or air lss. The American clipper ahlp Syrco,
C. A. JobaaoD, commander, eaiied from Boston on the 23d of
Kareaaber last, and experienced a succession of galea from
S W and S W daring the first week out. On reaching the 2f
E Iraska got tbem Tery light. In let 17 49 north, long 31
west, spoke ablp Onward, Dec'r 12, from Mauritna bound to
Oark. Crossed the equator on 21st, in long 31 west, and on
24d passed wltbio two miles to the westward of the Island of
FardtBSBd Xorostha. In lat 15 south, long 35 west, waa run
lata by a Teeerl before daylight on the morning of Dec 28, but
received no serious damage; waa on the wind, with a moder
ate btMta at the time. Asked the name of the Teasel but re
osiTee uo answer, and as she was steering freo could not
snake her out Mffideatly at daylight to ascertain her nation.
aHiy; supposed 'ahe roust bare received considerable dam
age about her bead gear. January 21st aighted Suiten Lund
and oa tao2Sd made Uape Horn, auty-one uaya irom uostou.
The summits of the mountains on Hermit aud Wallaston
ielaade were plainly visit le and were completely corered with
'. From the Cape to let 45 south, long &4 west in Pacific,
waa twenty-two days, with oontiuual gales from X W and
bead seas nearly the whole of that time. From thence had
light and Tariable winds, mostly from X AV, until reachinglat
26 south, long 93 west, where the trades aet in light and baf
fling, wiih heavy aaeil from S S IT, and lost tbem In 4 aonth,
116 west. Crossed the equator Msrch 14 in long 121 west. On
the loth. In 1 oortb, 121 west, passed a whaler cruising. On
tats lth, lat 4, loog 124, look the N E trades, which were
wall to tho rjoruiaard, with a great deal of rain. Sighted
Hawaii March 2Mb, arrived off Coco Head and boTeto In tbe
eTeeriag of tbe 29tb, and arrived in port next morning 126
days from Boston.
BcaoftT or C M. WaBD. Captain Hickman of schooner C M
Ward, reports leering Honolulu Feb ISth, with supplies etc,
for tbe Tartona Islands belonging to the American Guano Co.
First called at Pbceoix Island, arriving there Feb 24th. Sail
ed on the 26th fvr Enderburr's IUnd. and arrived tbe same
day, rctualnfog there fire days. Ssiled for Baker's Ielsnd
Msreh 2d, arriving on the 4th and rrmaintng tao days. Sail.
ed on tbe 6th for Howland's Island and arrlTed at 11 In tbe
feTenrapnpf the same day, remaining but a fiew hours. At 5
PM swBed for Honolulu, arriving here on the forjnoon of the
40th, 24 slays passage, having been absent 41 days from Hon
olulu. Capt. Hickman also reports the following: Ship Lei
bag, wrecked af Ltakera Island, had not gone to piecea when
tbe sclsooner left, but was lying In about the aame posi.
tidai as wbeo she first went sshore. The North German ship
Otto and Antonle, arrived at Baker's Island 8 dajshrnee, had
taken OG board SOO tons of guano, would complete loading
aad probably sail In about ten days after tbe departure of the
ifsannnrr Hawaiian wbaleeblp Julian arrived at Phienix
Island, eiean, and the bark Taiea at Enderbory's Island, also
ItefOsi or D. G. Mcb1t. Tho dipper bark D. C. Unrraj;
X. T. Bte&ftt, twramander, left this port for Saa FnucUco
IV) Stfa. Flnt two diyi oat hid etrrag tmJw, next two
Kght wId4. ind calms, ftDd tight sootberljr wiiuli duriag
tho rowstiwltr ef tho pasyat, -with toggj weather two diji
f-rorlDiu tomrlraL ArriveU 31 arch 7th, lGdajs hence. Laid
la Su Yaneioo rifht Uji. Kelnrnliig, KtHM March 15th,
whh light winds and pleannt weather for tbe first few days.
aAr wbtch. varUtle winds and calms, and moderate easterlj
it with fine weather during the latter part of tha pas-
, arriving here in tbe afternoon of tbe 31st, 16 daji pas-e-vge,
and 41 days since tearing this port an average trip of
this faTorite pacWt,
nxXT o? Bixk O cots t. Bark George, of New Bedford,
Opt. Osborne, SO months oat. left San Francisco Nor 28 for a
to the Gulf" of California. xprrienced Terr unpleas
ait weather la tbe Oalf ; got fonr whales which made about
1W barreii, and had two boats badlj store. Leaving the Gulf
had ll,i.ht wiadj, and on the passage to the Islands had the
trades weU to the eastward with fine weather. SawnoTes-
sek wbOe crnUing or on the paswge. Sighted Eut JIauton
the afternoon of tbeCSthult, and arrlrednext day.
Kxmct or Bui Ourta Cfcocrxa. Aix whalebtak Oliver
Crocker, Capt Fisher, left this pott IDec 14. to cmUe In Lower
ArehapeUgo. Saw first whales off Barclaj Island and gOj
seven. Cruised fire weeks axd toocbed at tbe Marquesas for
reeroUs. Three dars after leaving took two whale uino
small whales In all which made about ISO barrels of sperm.
Had plea pant weather daring tbe cruise and moderate in the
trades. Called at KawsHiae for potatoes. Arrived at ITono
Inlv )larch Slat and laid "off-en d-on,'' and sailed for tbe Arc
tic Ocean April 4th.
KtroxT or Basx Ouoti. TThale-bark Oriole, Capt JIajea,
talleVI from TCew Bedford for tbe raclflc Ocean Nov 7th, and
bad fine weather unUI gettiog off the cowt. Lat 33 a north,
long 7 43 west, spoke a schooner bound to Nora Scotia. Had
unpleasant weather daring the panage to Cape Horn. Was
off the Cape twenty-fire dajs, with continual gales from the
westward. 'Jan 28, off the Cape, was passed bj a bark steer
ing to the eastward, with P P and 43 painted In her topsails,
Feb 4th, lat 12 10 sooth, long 80 5,1 wet, exchanged e.gtl
with Hawaiian bark Kappa, which was steering east. Off
the Diegos got the wind from the eastward which lasted well
Into the raclflc and had a fair run to the "off-ehoiV ground.
Feb 0, lat 43 W tooth, long 70 west, the carpenter died. Saw
first whales In lat 1 south and got one which made about 90
barrels. Had a fair wind to the list and was becalmea thert
twelve daja, after which got a light brent that lasted aTevr
dare and finally hauled Into the trade. Sighted Uaul April
1st In the morning. arriTed ontalde and anchored In the even
ing, and cace Inside on the 2d.
ExeeMor. bates
I'ondtnro, pitas
Ilea4 IIeTi, casks
IlsxBess, pkg
IlaVCutters, ci
Kereaeiia, cs
Laeater, res
Mesafeaadfrie, cm
UikCWkn, rs
Xa0s, akgs a kegs
08, o
KzoFoztor Smr Coxtxst. TTlialeehlp Contest, Capt Owen, !
sailed from New Bedford Jol v 19. Cruised In the Gulf Stream j
until bept and got two small sperm whales which made 25 I
barrels. Julr 31t, tbe s-cood mate got injured by a whale j
and died In a few hours after. November 1st, called at the ,
Western Islands tor supplies ; while there tent up a new tip
mast to replace one which had been sprung a short time pre
vious. From tbe Western Islands proceeded to F.Iver Platte
and coa-t of Patagonia to cruise for right whales, and cruised
tbre weeks without taking anything. Came armnd Cape
Horn wilhastronireasterlr cxle. dorinic which tpmnrmaJn
top-ail yard. Cruised along the Chile coast and arrived off
ft uarioi out cxi net stop as was at nm inienaen on tmTii
there but proceeded to the Yiff-hori' grouod. Saw sperm
whalet three times and got two which made 75 barrel. Was
in company with bark Thot TJickason, and left the ground to
gether fur the Islands. 0mlng through he N E trades part
ed main topmast back-etays Arrived at Kawalbae March 27,
and procured potatoes. Sailed on tbe morning of the 1st Inst,
made tbe run la IS bourn, arriving off this port the same
night, and came Inside next morning. Left Thoe Dkkasoo at
Kawaihae, clean.
IUiokt IT Biac Covet. Tbe clipper bark Comet, Capt An
drew Fuller, tailed from this port Feb 24th f rr San Francisco.
During tbe first ten dya bad tbe N E trades light and well
to the northward, S W and W winds- and anpleawiat weather
tbe remainder of parage. Arrived at Saa Francisco thelth
nit, 19 days from this port Laid there serrn dya, meeting
with qukk ditpateb and sailing on the 23d. First two dars
after leaving bad licbt winds from S'K to S. with thick weath
er and rain ; the wind flally banled into tbe Northweat from
which quarter it contfnoed during tbe next four days, with
remarkably fine weather. In tbe trades the wind hauled at
times aa far as NN W. During the last three days bad the
trades moderate with equally weather. Arrived on tbe 4th
Inst. 12 days from han Francisco and 29 dtys since leaving
Qncx Pasagis. -Tbe British Iron clipper ship Golden
Gate, Capt. f? win ton, arrived at San Francisco Feb. 22d from
Liverprol, and has made several trips between tbe two ports
which deeerves more than a pawing notice. She made tbe
piuMge from Liverpool to San Fianclacoin 100 days, return
ed Id 10o days, and made a second trip, lately accomplish
ed, In 104 days, making an average of 103 days fr tbe three
trips, of over 16,000 miles each. These facts demonstrate re
markable vigilance on tbe part uf tbe commander, to benefit
by every change of wind and shape tbe course required, and
a perfect knowledge of tbe wind and current charts of tbe
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Mere luck, could not have secur
ed audi recalls; it required knowledge aid ttrict pernoual
attention to bring them about.
Phases of the Moon for the Honth of April, 1871.
April Sth. Fnli Moon
April Illli, Last Quarter
April 19th, New Moon
AplII 2Sth, First Quarter.
1st. Sun r.lses. . .' 6 Sun Sets"
3 58 IM J
1 -it ru
8 32 ax
1 1G m
Sth. Sun llises 551 Sun Sets 0 13
IStta, Sun Hist 5 44 Sun Sets 616.
23d. Sun llises 5 39 Snn Sets 618 .
2Sth. Sun KUes 633 Son Sets. G21 .
The Governor of Oabn sailed for Molokal last
evening in tbe Kettle Merrill. We understand that
Ills Ercellencj intends tisttlnr; Hawaii before Lis re
turn, wukh will not be for eevcral weeks.
Removed. The Gazette Office bus been remov
ed from the old Kefluery to tbe new Fust Offlce
building on Merchant Street.
We are requested to state that the attendance of
tbe foreign jar; will not be required at tbe Court
House until Thursday morning at 10 o'clock.
Another Shake. A smart shock of earthquake
was lelt here by a number of persons last Thursday
morning, at six: minutes past three o'clock.
Natal. II. 13. M.'s ship Scylla, wblcb left this
port for Victoria Feb. l"tli, made tbe remarkably
quick trip over in thirteen days to that port.
To un Down. The old building on Mecbant street,
near tbe Siilor's Home, wblcb bas been occupied as
a re&turant for a number of years, has been torn
down and will soon be replaced by a substantial
two-story wooden building.
Gamblers. Three Celestials made a compulsory
visit to tbe station-house on Sunday last for gam
bling. Tbey were requested to make a deposit of
ten dollars eacb for tbeir appearance at tbe Police
Court next morning. Tb'i request was complied
with, but tbey failed to stow themselves on Mon
day aud forfeited ball.
New Missionart Packet. Tbe new brig Morn
ing Star, Capt. Matthews, sailed for tbese Islands
Feb. 171b. She bad a heavy cargo on board, which
shifted during rough weather experienced in tbe
Gulf Stream, shortly after leaving compelling
her to return to Boston. Her cargo was rc-stowed,
and she sailed again on tbe 27th of February.
Foil the Aiiotic. Several whalers, which bad
been lajirg " off and on" for 6ome time, awaiting
tbe arrival of the California steamer to get letters
from borne before going North, took tbeir departure
the latter part of last week. Wo hopcall thevessels
In the Arctic, this year, "ill find tbe same good
whaling that was obiainid last year. Tbe war In
Europe being at an end, will probably operate
lavorably on the oil market, so that prices will be
higher next fall.
CArsiZED. A couple of sailors, unxions for a
short cruise, borrowed a canoe one day last week,
and started from the Esplanade. After some difficult
navigating, thry mannged to get into tbe middle of
tbe harbor, and ill turning the canoe to come back,
were capsized and got more than tbey went alter
a cold bath. Both were good swimmers, and made
several attempts to right the canoe and get into It,
much to the amusement of the natives who were
watching tbem. Tbey finally gave It np forn bad
job, swam ashore, toning the canoe after them, and
came to the conclusion that tbeir experience with
that kind of craft was quite sufficient.
Another Yacht. Tbe Syren brought out from
Boston a fine sail-boat named the Henrietta, which
Is of the following dimensions length twenty-two
feet six Inches, beam eight feet ten Inches, and In
sailing trim her draft will be three feet six Inches.
8he will cairy two fSrc-and-aft sails lug foresail
and a mainsail. The .Henrietta was built at Clark's
Island, Pljmoutbj Mass., for Mr. I. B. Peterson and
others ol this clfy. An Idea of her sailing qualities
may be inferred from tbe fact that she wassailed
from Plymouth to Bo6ton a distance of forty miles
In November last. She Is half-decked and neatly
finished inside, and furnished with lockers, batch
way, etc Altogether, she Is a handsome little craft.
Detected. Messrs. Tlbbcts fc Sorrcnson for a
few weeks past, having misted small sums from tbeir
money drawer in their office, hit upon a plan to
lngbtcn the thief badly if It did not succeed in
leading to bis detection. They charged a pistol
with powder and placed it in such a manner that
when the drawer was opened a ccttain distance the
pistol would explode. To make sure that no one
would be injured by tbo trick, the pistol, although
onlv chanrcd with DOWder. was so tilaccd nnderlhc
drawer that the mnzzle pointed towards tbe wall, or
, .. ,. ., ., , , i
in a directly opposite direction from where a person
directly opposite direction Irom where a person
would stand lu opening it. Tbey did not have
long to wait before the efficacy of tbeir experi
ment was fully proved, for. on Monday mornlntr
when the proprietors had left the shop, the thief
entered, and going to Ibe drawer attempted to open
It, when to his great astonishment the pistol "went
off." He no doubt for an instant thought he was
killed, but soon recovered from the shock and not
waiting to take any change made for the door of
the shop where he was stopped by Mr. Thompson,
(whose place Is-near by), who knew of the affair.
The tbtef proved to be a native in the. employ of
Messrs. Tlbbcts & Sorrensoo. He stoutly denied be
ing guilty until he was taken Into the office by Dep
uty Marshal Dayton and made to discharge the pis
tol as he bad done before, when he acknowledged
to having taken money from tbe drawer on several
occasions. Yesterday be was brought before tbe
Police Magistrate on tbe charge of larcency aud
pleading gnilty be was sentenced to two years
.New York, March ISth. The letter of Capt, Tem
ile, published yesterday, revealing that President
irant bad ordered the avv to protect the Govern.
ment of Baez against any demonstration bv Havti. is
confirmed by official correspondence, which is also
published this morning. This correspondence fur
ther shows that tbe Admiral of tbe port and Minis
ter Bassett bad also notified the llaytlen Govern
ment of the ordi.'r of Ibe Executive.
New York, March ISth. Tbe report that tbe ar-
propriation bill of last Congress contained a section
for a subsidy for tbe Pacific Mail Company is denied
by tha officers of tbe Company. Tbe bill onlv con
tains tbe annnal appropriation of SoOO.000.
hew x ore, Jiarcu Bist. ine united antes store
sbip Relief will be put in commission to-day at the
Navy Yard, and will be ready to sail with a cargo of
suppilea for the suffering people of France.
Loxdos. March 21st, The . Timet' special sari
many were shot without trial on'SandaT."The Na
tionals tbteateu to shoot Thiers, Vinoy and Aarellej.
if captured. There Is a strong reaction against tba.
insnrgeubMamong the respectable Inhabitants. The
Ked Central Committee is alarmed, aud seeks the
mediation of tbe Mayors for the appointment of Ad
miral Soistet to the command of the Nationals.
Four Days Later News
IWCIIDDCPTinrj IIM D A C? I G -measures to the Asuobly : Tbe election of chiefs of
inSUKKtU I II. rAial&ribeJ.,UMllli and lbeJcreltIon of a Municipal
Insurgents in Possession
of the City !
By tlie arrival of tbe bark Comet yes
terday, twelve days from San Francisco.
we have four days later news. 'As was
anticipated by the latest telrgrams receiv
cd by tbo steamer, serious tronbles have
arisen in Paris. TVe give below the most
important telegrams:
Loxnox, March 17th. The protocols of the pro
ceedings on the Black Sea Question wilt be laid on
the table of the House of Commons to-night. Tbey
are signed by tbe Plenipotentiaries of tbe seven
Powers represented.- Tbeir general featnres are
conciliatory in lone on t tie part o: Russia, and sbow
a willingness on tbe part of Turker to accent the
deneutralization of tbe Black Sea, and the deference
of tbe Conference to tbe wishes of either Power.
Berlin, March ISth. Tbe new Prussian Crou
Gazette says if tbe French persecute the returuing
Germans, me uerman army win re-occupy me envl
rons of Paris and possibly tbe ritv.
Paris, March 18th. Seventeen Parisian Deputies
to the Parisian Assembly bave resolved npon issu
ing an atipcal to the Montmartre Insurgents for
moceration. ana insist upon me surrender ol mc
cannon in their possession to tbe military author!
ties. Tbe National Guard bave transported fifty
six cannon fron tbe Place dc la Vosges to Belleville.
to prevent tbeir seizure. Tbe party on Montmartre
bave greatly increased their vigilance. In preparation
inr Decisive measures exiiecieu irom me authorities.
Paris, March ISth. Evening. General Furon,
with three hundred men, bis blockaded Montmartre.
Several officers have been taken prisoners. A large
crowd of tbe National Guard surround the hill.
Armed soldiers of tbe line fraternize In tbe streets
with the people, who arc ont In great numbers and
shout "Vivele rtcpubliquc."
Londo.v, March l'Jtb. 2:00 A. M. President
Thiers bas issned a proclamation appealing to the
reason ana patriotism oi ine citizens ol fans to pre
serve order. He says be is Informed that the mal
contents of Montmartre have planted tbeir guns so
as to demolish tbe dwellings of tbeirfellow citizens.
lie oeciares oy sueu acts as these me Republic is la
tally-compromised because a Republic, accompani
ed by disorders, will be lost. lie Insist that the
present Government is leaily republican, and no
Iriend of tbe Republic should strike at It. The Go
vernment will lake tbe cannon from those men who.
misled by deceiving politicians, seek to inauirnratc
civil war. lie araws a picture oi me deplorable re
suits of their doings, showing bow the revitln;
commerce of tbe city is stopped and tbe shops dc
6crted. He continues: "The Government, boniuc
the malcontents will return to tbeir duty as good
citizens, and obey tbe laws, still withholds its or
ders to proceed to extreme measures to free tbe
country or mc new enemy, but is determined to
act when necessary, and deliver tbe principals ovct
to justice. Tbe Government relies on the coopers
lion oi an goon cmzec&."
Lo.mo.t, March 19. Events of the most nnforta
nate character have taken place in Paris, and the sit
nation is honrly becoming graver. Tbe Government.
following up tbo proclamation of President Thiers, at
midnight Friday, sent a detachment of troops and
gens a armes to occupy toe positions or tbe insurgents
in Montmartre. A considerable number of cannon
were removed, and the gens d'armes made'some 400
prisoners. In tbe morning tho National Gnard c
lielle Ville and Montmartre, with many unarmed sol
diers of the line, arrived on the seene aud released
the prisoners,
Gen. Vinoy, who was in command of the Govern
meat forces, had posted a eordon of troops around
Montmartre, and posted mitrailleuses at tho ap
proaches, and bis sentinels prevented all persons from
ascending tbe uui. ine batteries were soon surround
ed by angry groups, nbo demanded to know nhr th
authorities dlstrnsted tbe people, and if it was thei
intention to massacre them. The soldiers, when ask
ed If tbey meant to fire on the eitizans, made no re
ply, and soon a general fratermtation commenced
the people nereallowed to draw the mitailrleuses asid
and ascend tbe heights.
The soldiers on Ibe summit fraternised with th
Nationals, who were guarding the cannons still
their possession. As fresh troops arrived the pcopl
shouted "reverse arms," aud the order was obeved.
Later The latest news is that the Nationals at
Montmartre have seized and now occupy the stall and
general headquarters.
Tbo Echo nf Piirthmeiit says, in consequence of tbe
disturbances in 1'arls, Rraperur William bas provi
sionally stopped the movement of German troops.
Paris, March l'JIb, via Loxdok. 20th. The Na
tionals bave placarded two proclamations. The
first says : The French people have awaited calm
ly until an attempt was made to touch the Republic
ine army ciiu not raise us uanas against me urcli ol
tbe liberties nf the Republic: onlv against tbe Gov
ernment. What can close the era of Invasions and
civil war? The people of Fails are convoked foi
communal clectsons." Signed by tbe Central Com
mittec of tbe National Guard, Hotel de Ville.
Tbe second proclamation savs : "Yon have en
trusied us with tbe defence of the rights of Paris.
We have driven out a Government which bertrajcil
us. Our mission Is fulfilled, and we now report to
yon to prepare for communal elections. Give ns
as the only recompense tec establishment ;of a
Republic." The same signatures, thirty In cumber
are appended.
An official proclamation of aCommittce assuming
Mm nam. nn'..MI . . 1 .!! - . -I I... . . J , 1 1
ont the city. Tbe Men of the Barricades have taken
possession of the Ministry of Justice and assassinat
ed Generals Thomas, C'cmcntc and Leeompte. Who
arc the members of the Committee is unknown, as
Is also what tbey deliver Paris from. Tbe crimes
committed bv them remove all excuse for snnnnrt-
log them by tbeir followers. Let all who have re
gard for the honor anil Interest of France rally
around the Republic mid the Assembly." Signed
bv tbe Ministers at nrcsent in Paris.
Tbe Hotel dc Ville is surmounted bv tbe red Sag
and barricaded, but circulation is unimpeded. Shots
nave uecn neara nut no conuici is reported.
London. March 20th. A Timet special savs re
spectable Parisians-ore stupefied. General Leeompte
was abandoned by his troops and arrested on the
heights. Thomas was arrested on the plain. His
last word was "Cowards." He fell at the third dis
charge. -
Thiers is firm, but full of grief. Vinoy's Indigna
tion is oounaiesB.
A TttetjrapKt special says, on Saturday ths Gens
d'Armes fired upon tbe Nationals and the latter re
turned the fire- Several were wounded. Vinov lias
been mobbed. Tbe mob is triumphant and virtually
possess tuc cny. uniy ine wine suops arc open, and
drunkenness Is rampant. The women arc armed.
General Cbanzy has arrived, but was arrested at the
station by the .Monimartrlsls, and it is said will be
shot to-day. AH tbe notabilities are dying from
Paris. March 20. Tho Insiwrents liold the Hotel
de Ville, Palais de Justice, the Tuilerlcs, and Flaco
Vcndome. Complete apathy Is displayed, and the
Bourgeois make no resistance to the insurgents.
The murder of Leeompte and Thomas was perpe
trated by order of RicciotI Garibaldi, who directs
the Insurrection. They were shot in tbe garden of
ibe itue acs i. osiers, i nomas resisted rigorously,
when Garibaldi ordered him to be held atrainst the
wall while he was riddled with balls. Leeompte
dlfd ,""b,'hl,m "In.fnlinS.:l2ar;-'Dd
refusing to bandage his eyes. Many executions
The Oovcrnm.cnt.Iias telegraphed for 10,000 men
from Camp Sartor to coma to Paris.
London, Msrcb 21st. Tbe Government at Ver
sailles has addressed a reassuring circular to th
prefects of tbe departments informing that tbe situ
ation at Paris is no worse. Tbe revolution is dis
honored by its criminal acts and Is unanimously dis
avowed. General Chanzy and other officers arc
still detained by the insurgents, bnt there are hopes
of their speedy release. The Major of Paris pro-
lesisagatnstana reiuses 10 carry outiiieiiiegai orders
fnrcoinmnnal elections. The Assembly unanimous
ly condemns the disorders and their authors. Tbe
Nationals now only demand the nomination of
Xater, 0:30 r. jr. The indignities inflicted on
General Chanzy, the many arbitrary arrests made,
and tbe suspension of the Figaro and Gaidoit, havo
aroused general indignation. The addresses Issued
yesterday make a good impression.
The Government at Versailles has resolved to
promptly re-establish order.
It Is thought tbe revolutionary movement will
extend to Msrsaillcs, Lyons, aud even Bordeaux.
The Thiers Government contemplates removal to
Tours. It Is said that Vinoy's Gens d'Armes, .col
lected in tho provinces, hare deserted to join the
Windsor, March Slit- The weather Is charming,
and the marriage of the Princess Louisa has been
celebrated with brilliancy. At eleven o'clock the
Ministers, ambassadors, nobility, clergy and bride
groom's family were admitted to the royal chapel
At twelve o'clock ten royal carriages, with all tbe
members of the Queen's family, and. other royal
personages, left tbo Quecn'6 gate and preceded to
tbe south entrance or tbe chapel, where they were
received by tbe Lori Chamberlain and conducted to
tha places in the Uaut Fat. At 12:03 the bridegroom
arrived, accompanied by Earl Percy and Lord Gow
er, and was condncted to a seat In the Hani Bit.
At 12:15 tbe bride, Qneen, and suite. In fire
carriages arrived at tbe west entrance of the chapel,
and were joined by tbe, bridesmades, in carriages,
which arrived.'atitheiwest'cDtrance of the ciaficl,
and moved up tbe nave to the cboir, tbe bride
supported by tbe Queen, Prince of Wales, tnd Dnke
or Sue Cobnrg. The bridearaaldi were Ladles
Campbell. Cecil, Butler, Montague, Gower, Lenoir,
Gordon, Seymour and Fitzgerald Tbe bride was
seated at the left side bf the altar, the Qacea being
The ceremony was performed by the Bishop of
London in cboral style, the Queen giririi the bride
away. At the close of the last prayer; airoyal salute
was fired from artillery in Windsor Paris.
The Prussians at St Denis will enter Paris if the
garrison is increased beyond 40,000.
Tbe city Is full of Bonapartlst agents.
Tbe proclamation of Louis Blanc, Scholicber and
others, is actnated by tbe absolute necessity of bar
ing Paris and the Republic convinced of the best
means of achieving, what will satisfy the legitimate
wishes of the rc-jnle. They will propose two
uouncu, elected ry an citizens, iv uai is now most
wanted is order In liberty.
Later Tbe situation Is unchanged. Fresh bar
ricades are erected, and tbe quietude Is ominous.
Traffic bas ceased. The Nationals hare occupied
Forts Isay, Vanvres and Bicrtre.-
Tqe Police Commissioners who arretted General
Cbanzy so maltreated Mm that be wat to sent to tbe
hospital. Tbe Commissioners subsequently signed
tbe release of Chanzy and Tnrgnet Cremleux.
It Is probable the commander of the National in
surgents seized the funds in tbe Hotel do Tille and
Tbe approaches to Paris are guarded, preventing
Tbe Eeroljlianary Central Committee publish in
tbe Qfficitl Jvnriial on Monday a-raanifesto headed:
" Offieifl J'.mal of the Republican Confederation."
The manifesto says : " Tbe original 244 battalions of
the Nationals repudiate tbe disturbance!. Tbe Gov
ernment of Paris attempted to impose on ns a com
mander, and attempted at night to disarm ns. It re
moves tbe capital, and infamously seeks to besmear
tar honor with bloody filth. Tbe nationals partici
pated in no crime."
The proclamation fixes tbe election for Wednesday,
and announces that the Committees will abdicate
power after the election. The Committee are firmly
decided to respect tbe preliminaries of peace lor the
rake or tbe Republic. It appeals to mo Departments,
and invites nuick adhesion and respect to the Repub
lic, to justice and to truth. Complete amnesity is
promised. The Courts are partially abolished. The
Committee repudiate participation in the execution of
Generals Leeompte anil Thomas. Tbe Nationals en
tered the office of the Figaro and Galoit and sealed
tbem np.
The Ori o"u PmpU says : " Paris mustproclaim her
self a free Republican city."
Tbe Nationals hate discovered fresh stores of arms
and ammunition, and -they now completely poseess
tbe whole of tbe city.
DUDOIT- In Nunana Valley, on tbe mornlnl of the 30th
Inst., of consumption, Adele Helene, third daughter of tbe
late Jnles Dndoit, aged 23 years.
OARK. In Honolulu, March 26tb, Carlton Carr, aged
about 49, a natire of Franklin, Vermont, for the past twenty
years a resident of tbese Islands.
CURRIEIL At aea, February 9th, 1ST0, on board whaling
bark Oriole, in lat. 4S Si s-jutn, long. 7 west, W. It. Cur
rier, carpenter. Deceased bad been aicic but a few days, and
was snpponnl to belong to Manchester, X. II. New Hatnp-
ibire pere please copy.
Post Office Notice.
age payable on mail matter to tho countries specified.
... r it If
s if il il
3 ? a- a
, . T " T
' y J- . . .
C C (5 5 fej
S 5. f-w 2.is 5.
DeitlnitioiL- f 5-g .0 i f?if Si
5 S 2 n 2 k - -
PS ?S ? Pg J
- S 2 i ." f2
United States 6 .. 15 IS 2 2 2 6
fit. liritain t lrel'd 6 6 IS 8 2 2 ..
Oerraany 6 J 15 82326
lirttish Columbia... 6 6 15 6 2 2 2 4
Canada 6 8 15 5 2 2 2 1
N.S. W. N, Zeal'd 12J 2 .. 2
France 6 10 .. .. 2 2 2-4
Denmark 6 10 15 8 2 6 2 10
Norway 6 12 15 8 2 8 .. ..
Sweden 6 11 15 8 2 8 2 11
Austria 6 7 15 82326
Chlnaand Japan... 6 10 .... 2 2 2 10
Azores or Wstnlslds 6 16 15 16 2 S 2 12
Holland 6 10 15 8 2 4 2 8
East Indies .... 6 10 ,. .. 2 2 2 8
West Indies 6 10 15 8 2 2 2 4
Panama 6 10 15 8 2 2 2 4
Chili 6 22 15 8 2 4 2 10
Peru 6 22 15 8 2 4 2 10
Meiico. 6 10 .. .. 2 3 2 4
X. II. Any changes that are made in tho rates of fiostage
win u. lonnn in a column neaueu "correciions,' aa iney
occur from tim to time, and will be Indicated bv a rrefla
corresponding with that attached to the name of tbo country
10 wuicn iney reier.
12-tt Postmaste- General.
BKI.NC; about to lenvo this Kingdoms I
hereby request all persons bavin? anrelaims
against me to present the aame for payment before
the 20th day of April. F. H. SEOELKEN.
Honolulu, April 3, 1871. 12-3t
Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
THE Co-Pnrtncrship heretofore existing
between tbo Undersigned, is this day dtssolred
by mutja! consent. Alt persons having aeconnts
with tbe late firm, are requested to settle the same
with either of tho Partners before tbo 20th inst.
Honolulu, April 3, 1871. 12-31
Co-Partnership Notice
THE Undersigned, linving this tiny en
tered into a Co-Parnersbip under the Frm Namo
of O. SEGELKEN & CO., will carry on, in all its
brandies, at tbe old stand root of Nuuanu Street,
betweoo Merchant and Queeu Streets, the business of
Tin, Copper, Zinc, and Sheet Iron tVorkers.
TTonolnlo, April 3, 1671.
New Goods,
pER SHIP SYREN, from Boston direct.
45,000 lbs. best Boston and New Bedford
For Sale by 12 B0LLES 4 CO.
Cotton Duck,
jjlKOJI NO. 1 TO 10.
Cotton Sail Twine, Assorted Sizes.
For Sale by 12 B0LLE3 i CO.
Cedar Boat Boards,
i luaiua uAiir maoiiiA Assorted sites, in
JlJ bond or duty paid. For sale by
Wood Hand Pumps,
70R WATER OR OIL. For Sale by
Hooks and Thimbles,
AND CLIP HOOKS, assorted sizes. For Sale by
12 BOLLES i. CO.
Licenses Expiring in April, 1871.
RETAI' . Oahu Honolulu, 2d, Ah Pia: Sth.
William Hall ; Sth, G. MeDugal ; Stb. Lum
Moo ; 6tb, Dillingham i. Co.; 1st, B. F. Ehlers i
Co.; 17th, II. Veira : 1st, M. Melnerny; 30th, J.
Weik ; 18th, G. C. Siders ; Waialaa Kawailoa, 21st,
S. N. Emerson.
Hawaii Kan, Kalaliti, 30th. Nawai: Waimea.
17th, Chas. Notley ; Kailoa, 30th. Ah Hoh.
Maai liana, Wananaloa. 6tb. Asa Honn M.vi.
wao, 30th, Peter Gerret ,- Haiku, 10th, Haiku Planta
tion. Wholesale Honolulu, 17lb. H. Hackfeld t Co.
Auction Htnolulu. 13th. Adams Jk n.t
Lihne. Kaoai, ICth, William 0. Smith.
Public Show Honolulu, 16th, lies A Hiton :
27th, Miss Cleaveland.
Horse Honolulu, 4th, Nika, No. 1.
Xi.503.c2. for Sale I
In Kona, Hawaii.
The Sonthcrlyhnlf of the Land
OF KEALAKEKUA, together with
about 250 Head of Cattle. This
land borders on the fine harbor of Keala-
kesaa Bar. and eetentfa frnn. It- ... nn
the mountain through tbe woods, eomnrisinc 4.000
Acres, with every variety of climate- Nearly all
troplcafand northern fruits and resrabahlei rrow In
perfection, and tbe plaee is suitable for tec- culture of
Sugar Cane, Lonee and Oranges. Tha salubrity of
the climate near the Bay is nnsurnassed. and it is
especially beneficial to those Laving throat or lung
disease. The upper portion of the land is well aroodei
with heavy Eoa and Ohia timber. At the beach is a
Cocoanat Grove of 300 treer.and a Fish Pond. There
is good Dwelling House, x Cistern of COO barrels
capacity, and a Garden with Froit and Ornamental
Trees. For farther particulars apply to
Br E. P.alDAAIS. Br C. S. flARTdW.
T:Et:rS 3D-t-u-r, AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M.,
Wednesday, April 5th, at 12 m., Atthe Residence ofMr.W.C.Weoelert.
Will be sold, the well-known, J I WIXL SELL AT PUBLIC ATJCTI0N.
35 tons register,
With 2 anchors, chains, sails, spars and rigging,
and or. BOAT. Will carry 500 kegs sugar.
E. P. ADAMS, Auctioneer.
On Thursday, - - April 6th,
At 10 A. M. at Salesroom,
Fsincjr printi, denims, blue anJ brown drill,
White and brown cotton, eobnrgt.
Woolen pants, calico and linen shirts, Jackets,
Felt bats, perfumes, fancy soaps, (
Threads, ribbons, etc., etc.
Oysters, sardines, yeast powders.
Lard, jams, green corn, prunes.
Vinegar, Bowls, plates, tumblers.
Nappies, mugs, etc., etc.
Superfine Flour, Barrels of Salmon.
A Small Lot of Furniture !
Bedsteads, hair mattrass, curios, etc.
ALSO Kitts oolachans, bbls cranberries, chests tea.
Clothing and Effects of tho Into Robert
Sold by order of the British Consul.
E. P. ADAMS, Auctioneer.
Richards1 Street, Honolulu.
IN I'UHSUANCE or an Order issued out
uf the Supremo Court of tho Hawaiian Islands, by
Hun. A. S. Hartwell, Vice Chancellor, on the 17th
day of March, A. D. 1871, the nndcrsigncd. Admin
istrator of the Estate of Her Majesty, II. K. KAPA
KUIIAIM, the late Queen Dowager, deceased, will
cause to be sold at pablio auction on
Thursday, ilic 13th Day of April Next,
Mon tho premiees on Riehards' Street,
Honolulu, at 12 o'clock, noon, all the III
right, title and interest of the heirs ot2H
said deceased, in and to all that Lot of Land, situat
ed on Richards Street, Honolulu, which lot adjuiu
tbe "Sumner Premises," and Is known as the ''Jobi
Young Premises," and is described in Royal Patent
Ao. Thirteen, and contains bix Hundred and J orty
seven square fathoms. The lot measures One Hun
dred and Twenty-three feet on Richards' Street, and
is One Hundred and Sixty-eight feet in depth. There
is a large Dwelling House on the premiscseooiain-
Ing nre rooms, and otner nceessary buildings.
Mil' For further particulars apply to
Administrators of the Her Majesty
II. K. Kapakuualli, yuecn now
E. P. ADAMS, Auctioneer.
Honolulu, March 20, 1871. 10-lt
Consisting in Part of
Finest White all Wool 4-1 Flannel.
FinestWhite allWooU Angola WhitoFIannels
flood Urey and White all Wool
Flannels, 10x1 Bleached Sheeting,
Thompson's Olore-Fitting Corsets.
Amoskeag Denims, Jeans, Drills and
Bleached and Unbleaehcd Cottons.
A Sup'r Ass't of Stationery,
Water Lined Nolo Paper,
White' Ruled Note Parer,
White Ruled Laid Leaf, Letter and Bill Paper,
White, Cuff and Amber and Letter and Note
Payson's Indelible, and Carter's Copyinglnk
Artists A Hook-keepers Irlexible Itulers,
Smith & Wesson's Pistols k Cartridges,
Hair flirths. Stirrups a Leathers,
Snanish Trees, Croopcrsand Bridles,
Oak Belting, Street Brooms,
Wood Faucets, Lamp Black,
Italian Packing- I.acc Leather,
Paints, Oils, &c.
White Zinc i Lead, in 1, 2 A 25 ft container
Paris and Chrome tireen.
Chrome Yellow, Umber, Sienner,
Patent Dryer, Vermillion,
Whiting Piussian, Blue, Bladders of Putty,
Carriage and Coach Varnish,
Bright, Oopal and Furniture Varnish,
Boiled Linscd Oil, Turpentice,
Mason's Blacking, CoCee Mills,
Axe. Pick, Sieigt, Ads, 1106,00,
Hammer t Chisel Handles,
Wool Cards, Saddles, Enameled Trunks,
Coopers' Tools,
Crosers, liowels, and Champering Knires,
Carpenters Planes,
Fore, Smooth, Jack & Jointers,
Cot Nails, 3, 1,6, 8, 10, 12, 20, 30,40, SO and
60d, Boat Nails, 1, 11, Is A 2 inch.
Pressed Nails, 2 A 2 inch.
Cooper's Rivets, -1,78 ths.
Copper Rivets a Bars, 5, J,
1 A j inch. Gimp Tacks,
Iron a Copper Tacks of all sites.
Best Rubber Hose,!, J, 1, 1 a 2 injh.
Centrifugal, Varnish, Paint, White-Wash
and Scrub Brushes, CorM Thi Pailf,
i. 1, 2, 3, 4, C, 8. 10 a 12 quarts.
Covered Slop Pails, Dippers,
Dish and Milk Pans,
Jenning'sbits, soldering irons. T hinges, tteels;
Hammers, Gauges, Squares, Chisels,
Augcn, Sieves, Lime Squeezers,
Yard Sticks, Bung Starters, Axes,
Shovels, Spades, Oos, Lanterns,
Eagle Horse, Aitnd 0 Plows and
Points, Paris Plows, extra heavy andmonj.
Protoxide of Iron, Pain Killer.
Poland's White Tine Compound,
Pails, Tubs, Bmoms, Et;., Etc.
And Many Other Articles
S3- A 1,1, TOK 8CLB LOT, 3ea
Fer Sale in QaasatUfe to SkU,
...coTjtiroa or...
Parlor, Bedroom and Kitch-es rnmitnre,
Namely :
Black Walnut Set, Sofa, Chain, Easy Chain,
Marble-top Centre Table. Walnut What-not.
Rosewood What-nots, Tables and Pictures,
Elegant large Kea Bedstead, Hair Mattrass.
Bedding, Motquito Nat. Koa Wardrobe,
Mahogaay and Walnut Bureau,
Mahogany Marhla-top Watbitand,
One Black Walnut Sideboard.
Horse-hair Lounge, Oak Dining Chairs.
Mahogany Extension Dining Table.
Small Lot of Crockery, Cook Stove,
Cooking Utensils, Bathing Tub, Garden Hast,
Garden and Carpenters' Tools, Ac., le.
All the Articles of Furniture an nearly Nevr,
Having been in nsa but a short time.
Nearly new, and in perfect order.
jOlIso, Coral nncl SixolXra.
C S. BARTOW, AuetssaesT.
oAprll 141b, at 16 o'cloclx Afttf.,
J.t Snloarroom,
Will b Sold
A General Assortment of- Dry Goods,
And Othor Merchandise
A very Choice Assortment of Vegetable
and Garden Seeds,
Direct from the Bureau ef Agriculture, Waabingten.
C. 8. BARTOW, Auctioneer.
Coolies' Cane Knives, Double barrel Shot Qunj.
Pistols, Target Sharp Shooters,
Silver Plated Harnesses,
Linen Horse Coven and Sheets.
Post Office Notice.
VT OTICB is hereby given, that frees and
IN after tha FIRST OF II A V next ensuing. No
Stumps that have been Cut will be oiJereJ
of any value, and will no longer bo reserved in pay
ment or postage on any matter transmitted through
tho Hawaiian Mails ; tbe necessity for such practice
baring been obviated by a proper supply of all ncees
sary denomination! of stamps.
live Cent Hawaiian Stamps will be received in ax
change for those uf any other existing denociisaiion.
according to value, upon application at the General
Post OSce.
ll-3t Postmaster aeseral.
Per Stmr Hoses Taylor and 6!c Comer,
Consisting in Part as fellows, vis :
BOXES &. JAS of Fine Jnpnrs Ten,
11 lbs each.
Lacquered Boxes cf Fine Japan Tea, 3 lbs eacb.
Lacquered Boxes of Fine Jsian Tea, 3 lbs each.
Boxes of Japan Tea in eee paond papers.
Boxes of Japan Tea in half pound papers.
Botes of Japan Tea in quarter pound papers,
Laige Jars of Japan Tea, about 73 lbs each.
Comet Tea in 13 pound bests.
Oolong Tea In two pound boxts.
:S3- The above Teas were received in San Francis
co by the Steamer of the 25th ult, and will an
Bales of Black Pepper, Cases of Nutmegs,
James l iagnoii Snest French Salad Oil,
Cases of Roast Chicken and Mines Meat,
Pearl Barley, Cracked Wheat, Oatmeal, iluskw I,
Saloon Bread, in whole and quarter boxes.
Tins of Soda, Milk. Wafer an 1 Graham Crackers,
Golden Gate Ex. Family FIojl and Wheat Meal,
Sea Moss Farina, Liquid Bins,
Bags Humboldt Potatoes
Bran. Oats, Whea"t?Bmolied Beef,
Wilson's Hams and Bacon, Hatches' Cr'ra Cheese
Half-bbls. or Salmon, Half bbls or Peck,
Maple Sagar, Dates, Golden Syrup,
Kegs of Fresh California Butt or,
Smoked Salmon, Dried Peaches, ete.
Family Grocery and reed Store,
10 Ni 2 Fort Street. Im
Per bark 'Nabob Direct
From Boston,
Hide l'oiaon,
Rosin, RuLbcr Hess,
EaR Tenor,
Sprues Pianks,
3 Hoop Paneled Pats. ,
Pure Older Vlsejer,
Eine and Cypress Barrel Shook3
XVrcrxii-x-fa-y'M sOysatoi-jss,
i- 1A3I1J Spiced, t&3 lb Fresh, an
Best Sydney Coal!
-tfOU HOUSE VSV., can be bad from the
J? Underalgned,
At $15 per ton of 2.240 lbs.,
By the load, delircrcj in Honolulu. Apply to.
8 lm
W. L. G2EEX.
A Superior tot of Anchors,
I-'nOS 1 TO 33 CUT. EACH.
pros i-3 to i 3-h iscii. . '
TcNicd by the AdsHlraUiy IJS.
For Sale by
5-it A. W. PIERCE A CO.
fataZaV ..I
WAV a f wvftrQ
itt a. Tsvmucs 'a co-
Portland Cement,
I tf A. W. PEIRCE k CO.

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