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m Airriioitixv.
jecTTcsrfci hereby giww t4 tbe stew- strer-haeae at
Kaburrara. Island cf XraokaL W art apart u a second
place far ttnfta; rein Tor StrnrnBSm to Uk nest
laa-lslaeva tea!T On hU Iftstrkt.
Evwcr O. Hull. lEfcStrrnftbe tatertor.
lEtrrtnrOSkv X. trt. M
Twr rac.Oau af men jimattvra ta Cm aast XacWattve
An als. k M pawa thnotltWtiilra l9ecoMl
Xsawtase rfUf'BarWB, M CM First 51 oU.t af IXiro
"TXU. The f Jtiowtaa; purr Mr arUm.tr fc holilnr
Ibreajcnjea .
ogto ef Hra Ooart-hee ta Too: ehcoMotaa,
Aran T ll.m.fn. (teitMil la jo;
We would call attentionto ibe commeEcttnect
of Vclaoe X. ct tho Gixcttk, oa January 7.
Tie? tulwenplion price is $6.00 per annum. If
paid far in advance, on or before ibe 3lt t cf Jan
cirj, a rears receipt will be given fir SSJXX.
11. M. wiirr.vF.v,
the amount told and consumed on the rations
Waodt of the pronp, it swills the total product
to about 24,000.000 million poena. The qn-tiiT-.n
More in this city t the close of 1S73 was
cot far from S,000 kegs or about 1.000.000
pounds. Thus does the leading product ol our
croup gradually derclcrt, nolwilbstaailici: the
reanj drawback. which it hs r Dcouatortd. and
. . - l: 1 .1,;. Trie rron
Jrrwtor cf Editor- . " u is tv - " '
J ratn" 1 011572, which anointed to about 1..000,Wl
TTTtvt i n T1 1 WlVim (pounds, netted an arcrape of fix cents per ponnJ.
"Ul i known, will not nettorer foot cents, or total oT
' $563,000. It ii evident that U oar near is t w
I eent to San Francisco Tor a market, tte darker
i craves, Net. 12 and coder; must In future be man"
ofactured. This quality pays a lignt duty, ana
IbCM mf lLskOmt!i Wsteea. sad Crcrt.
tWW r Nerts airoa Jvv-feoc. KaEaa.
-nsrmcf Mats Kwr rfV)rt-wwHiwimin.
IKMrn af (iMMiUmt Wainfciou.
nraa er rna mmmhw, itaicruaa.
Ie.Mrfli.t..-n l..s..
IMmtf Uwiid-MmUicKUiaeiu.
Wan vraBoAnCaan haoar. VaMtn. u! Schcn).
fcffaae, TJrapabAwa,
TaatrM af Xttm-(Mi4M, Slitim.
ISW t Uasa tXvrt-hoos. 4Uu; .scbmUnwh
j.XMm af MetskaJ and InUSi
rmusnw xni kihtkd trr
serTes for refinerr use. Thou-h there has been
a slishl adrance la the price cf scr In that
! millet, it is not probable that it will be min
I tamed darinc the rar. Could oar planUtJons
ciake contracis who ioc
ch as were offered to them a few vtars sine.
wsnxESDA r. JAyr.iRr t.
Tbk Ust rerorU from Kailni, bronchi by the
steamer, state that His MiffiA! health t ' e fft, gj u aU the het arrance-
showi,- decidea improrement, and that he -111 j rtrtjWi
iam r twum gov tusau.
2werks af 'Vaam-ScSxnMicu, irasam:
remain there sereral weeks lancer. Dr. Olirer (
is la claSr attendance as his pbrsici'tn. Araonc
ratno, the ctiffi who still remain with the Kxdz are
Her Excellency the Garerness ol Hawaii, yaeca
DowacerKama, and Col. "VV. T. Leleiohoku.
JV Giunnr ararent of the last trip made io tli
summit crater of Masai Loa.as described by V.
T HaM. Esq, wjS be fenod oa oar fourth pare.
This lefty rniaao. located nearly fanrteen thou
sand feet above the sea. has cow been in contiaa
oss aclieG twelve raonths, havinc commenced on
! the 7lh of January, 1ST3. Purine the autumn
to all concern fU.
Oar c-v Volume.
ATith this issue wc commence Volume X of
the Gaxxtte. In order to have the volumes com
mence and terminate with the year we dropped
croit" attention, and fpc1"3 ot money,
and oiler lire areas or land for the encourage
ment of immigration, and by these measures in
crease in riches and wct, somttimes with al
most Incredible rapidity. Let us all who love our
country, nawaiians born and adopted, who
look forward to tho growth of our prosperity, to
the permanency or our Independence, adopt an
intelligent and liberal sentiment In regard to the
rest of the. world. Let as open our gates to all
men that they may com with their abundance,
with their knowledge and skill, their strong arms
and willing hands for the enriching of our land
and ourselves. 11 us giro them homesteads out
of our areas oT unpopulated lands. Let ns make
them ciliienj and countrymen, and share equally
with them our Nc.-siogs ot political right and
freedom. Then will the blessing that cometh to
all -givers, come to us. In giving much we shall
receive more. AVo shall become strong and rich.
The glory of kingdoms, which is tn the number
of their people. hall be. ours. Ships Jrom every
part of the world shall on eg produce to our
shores, and we shall become themetropolis of the
mld-oean, where all nations shall stop for re
freshment and Tor barter. Th Hawaiian race
shall be saved from extinction and tho Hawaiian
fiig from ignominy. s- B- imjlk.
Late China Intelligence.
Our cichaogea by tho last mail refer to the
Xo. 51 in Ike hut volame. dating it to consist , . Hailmlie mionarr in one
oT Sfty-oae instead oT fitty-lwo papers. But this of lfce -n,erior js,, of China, where but few
charge will be acceptable to all subscribers f - vlve t rcntured. The reverend
that we did not hentate to adopnu Aimoagn .... nroTiJcd with a passport fiora the
this par-5, r"n,'!15 establishment do not,
as yet, pay their earreal cost, bat have proved so
Xbwxxo. OAix.aoaiKMorji.lB-wioi. i Ti,,,, ftnrast aad September. lT2t. it was : far a loss to the lessee. sUH the cireolalion of the
proper authorities at Tekin, and was accompa
nieJ with a native priest. On his arrival at the
city ol Kien-Kiiag-hien, where, with the permi-
A Call tv) riii Kcvx-vttLxxT. T5e Lcrvt AsTtsa
xmuib Ba pmi and r ck maA tae cvksm rjf
rmiotwaaa fiwiWi i barter wcti rcl aztleav f canMi
U cooA a Tafrr W2aa tar amtrml r aaallw
Kp-MndMut ww Un mi 3tiLS.a.ircaara,bii
Can. T- Crucs, swcniJcr. .
BamlaOc. hcMW.
or- TW pnbbe an amlv tuaawd aaas4 t-i -
ta temporary action, bat ceased alter a few weeks. paper has steadily gained, and the aairs oT the j rfo3 lfce al,0ueJ fce had purchased a small
when It commenced acain as above stated a year ' oSce have so ranch improved, that we hope to
ago to-oiy. Mr. HaS had the good fortune, to be
able to descead into the crater, and examine the
sarroasdings o! the new erupUoa, which he has
well described.
see a chsace soon ia this respect, like every
I other branch, the printing and publishing bast-
ne&s has Wt the hard times throoghoat the group.
With the Opening year we look for aa improve-
2wi5c a IlAXJUlabatef tattasnts:
aiBiai r-rr- isra. u
Tut HawitUN Cauodik bch we insert oa
the first pace. wtH be found asefel for reiereace.
as it gives the names of aB the priaaral oScers
of the gorernaeat with the rosilioas whicii they
hold. To reader's rise abrad it mr be neces-
,m r uraitt sor ia inun f iW ikr 10 fMe "sat osr fern nf government ;s a
ft !!?trr "T Z10! C8BStitatKal raonarckv. ia which the sovereco
aa lioana. Tfttwc -WaTTnccTyr tar pa are&irtf hi rirht etLber herecilarilv cr bv choice
acta ta a3wr&iABee4Ua3s aJvMabB.aadaa r . , . , , " ,
uaa wikctutcurni waice rrraa: of the Legislative Asseeahlr. Oar present Kaier.
Svir itSST 5 ?SX.S King was elected almost cnanimourfy.
iira.u-n: Erst bv a Maalar rate cJ the peesle and sahe-
T.T r V qsestlybytheLerisJatire Assembly.
IwaarfaMaliratkAiiaiuiMiiinmsrf mn K-t V,.. tk. ri-M tn Vi
hous to reside in, the Chinese mob attacked the
two missionaries, dngcing them into the street,
and beat them till they were dead. It is suspect
ed that the local mandarin authorities of tLe
city connived at the assault which resulted in
meat in every trade. AVe hardly coed to call at-1 dll. Uo a3 0o effort was
teatioa ta tte caange wmea tas UKea jvace in , 5, u i. rfIT doubtful whether
the Gaxeiti: during the past year. Oar aim has
been, and wit! continue to be, to keep it fully cp
io the times, giving all the news local or foreign
which is necessary to keep every subscriber
He has
1mm vttMot tW wrtsm WT2ik& af I2M Ti i irtriil af
iaaa,araaoaiiai4 a tyivBuo! and saceessor. and it is hoped that he wffl do so.
f Htaa. war aar KSmaosxaawra waasrrtr aa4 aar
lynuaraaadiUMatAaAtxvarlacinnin.wnbna The aaESll CO lot rutataiaws the coversaeat Si
aSalTtXaS four hundred thasaBd dote, which is
ra"? IrtnSriS W by duties oa foreign imports, and
fcasv uv ws ia sac a cxaa a CMrt arv tfsc&asprA , the balance by cirect taxes oa rvii and peroaal
. wavnraiawSaeaicc2xvelrwaal - property, Rceases. poK-tax. Jbc. Foreiga irapor
yv! Hoe, j usioEf " I-' 3f on the !n-
cavu. T btu.il t-je-rBaariof Ef!th. voice rarce. The tax oa rcil aod personal pr-
libriaM ln i-a Ata i '
any satisfactory redress can be obtained for this
massacre, though all foreign nations ought to
unite in some jadkaaas action to secure it.
A proposition has bee-a made ia China, orgi-
we pmn regaroing me cnanges coastanu! t0 reai0Te tte api,al 0r
going oa in this and other countries. Oar digest wVjA Wa Jell
of the leading utfet .of tmrtMttwL,,, 453 vto the amient im-
10 be a reatare of this paper. To do th WlMene. .VmBb. Tte Chiaa Mail, ia
well, reqaires a jeat ceat 01 dose application ta j . . ... ... , ... . 1
... . ,. j duscasiicr it, thicks the proposed chaage will be
reading aH that appears oa the vanoas bjcts c .
treated oT. so as to pnt it .a the toefcst,; J(ocltethe abandonment of IVkia ai tt.
cWrest and most inteHsgible manner possible. . , M,BrtlMt s raQi. iMrt,, h,.
. . . - , . ; ' " i The preseat roTerameat cf China is, essentially,
we have before cs several colamss cf discardaat j . ... , , ...
J aa alien one. Althsagh the dynasty which has
t--.' o 1 , lTianlii trinlnr r4- hn ran.
Interval, bat all bearing on oae sabject, the cream ; t0 OT who!a h ba3
, o. whh must be skimmed ani-worted over .ato j ud iUU fa ,he
, a few tiaes which tea the whole story ia brief.; . . ., . . ...
; , ...... . ' stranter faaulr. Liltle as we see here in the
! Those wbo subscribe for the Ojzxtte oar be ' .. -., .V . . ... . ,
1 1 soath of the diSereace between Chinaman and
TK3L-'ri, ,i-nrra rr-r 1: t,, Geae-aBr srwakinr the taxes ar ' '"a-'d what we leave oat isn't worth reading. Ia
tea te i r Arra. wtj. Mr. h.t eaeraBr speatai. .te taxes tu-e , GlIon. . t-.AfaJ
twaii!pwfia.iu;a.'c kcatas rerards toretraers, ind bnrdeosome on . ,. .
2Xtivei,xs tier arertt ever sevee dojbrs per 1 ... , ,
Y. . .-. -.. - - ... -;..- 1 caa petit foroae vear for i-lvK Douacs. tor
I beao oa the entire TOrclatioB. ibta. aeeoTCxae- f . "... !
Ibis saa, tbe amoaat ot reasisc nutter which we
cuaxrrwaad av Ocaa ftea-apara. xc mpMaisalRr of
yaafcaaac jaM Krt4antt M: aae Bk Jta
aiaiMlafcaAawriycvcaiwsarwaaaiaarjar ' head pa'the eatire popclatioe. whicJa. accordmc
raaariaeatataf -Ry Aaiiiaalp ...v.i... . . t
. ,...""..,.. ' , i famish (13 colaraas each week or 6T6 calaaias a
Ucrttcs JUxplrln m Jan.. X7A.
3tnaiiir. aurtfc St. io. tf
half tends.
Cast -
a are SlMa. Itaafrc
M HaaMaaa we UTatta.
14 AtnAbfire Oaf mva.
M Ak m Xaaiau n
II JA fas Xauacscrrl
J-.-mf BfMSam,
Savaxu . T spraCTT ,
The resigsttieo efAsspciATX Jcsncs AVinx-
HraaiatB xax has been tendered, to take effect three
Z QMths after dale, it beng has isteatioa te ve-
' laeve with his faaSy ta Waihee. Mai:, aad de
vote himself ta Us s-agar pSanlatiea. The wkh-
yeirj is eqaal to two thousand octavo pages.
which woald cost, if priated ia book Tom. from
tea lb twentr doSars !
lla-waliati Inicrois.
Alaccha Tartars, the distiactioa or earlier days is
rigidly preserved ia aad around Tiki a the capital
dty of the Empire. To be Maacha born is to be
bora to oSce and to aH that fortune can bestow
cpoa even moderately gifted natives. Manchn
guards protect the "sacred cityTrora the gne
or tread of the profane vulgar, and Manchas
torsi the principal portion of every body of troops
ia the cocthera provinces. Pekia- ia threfoo
something more than the capital of the Kjipire.
ltis the capital of the Jdaachs diilricts. which,
despite the old axiom that the greater includes
the !?s, means a great deal more, as regards the
' safety of the Dragon throne, than the laet of its
11 itawa
II UtatalaaBirfjaa
n it aaa Atoat ritox
aig i i w cawTtrnrag Afcaoa
Muxau A Cavvilac SCbav
Xamal- V lt-
as tv."
The bardea of canjieg on the goversmeat is
groaiog Swavier every yar, both from the steady
sia draaal of his hoear foam a seat oa the beech Cf iacrcase of expenses asd the equally stesdv de- t beiBf the rcissiul dlrio Chi&a. For a Maacha
taa he Supreme Court wiB create a vacascy ia a i crew of tax-payers and prodacers. j dynasty to abaadoa Fekia woaM be madness, as
KlHa QOi Prttst tervjee of the Gorprsaeat- A j The present estimates of satieaal expenses j jt ttoslJ meaa a voluatarv severance from its
l perfect kaaIee oT the llaaanaa laagcapp is are ia tb rejioa of half a ia9Eoa daEars a year, j chief sappott.
sua ese of the chief rraeisites of the ineambent.
r r . i - ,
I ir.l... l.,l .f T.l. 1 -.-.lu.u ! j .. u.. r.i . u .a... 11
c wjfBwtro w mic mm.- ! cvaasiv ' ? ; I . u leueiuucs L&a iikm
iiSSS whose daty is tsaiely ta attend to cases among ' ly siity tkossaad. ad it diScalt to pay this j fcale orerlhrova any less rm!y rooted reigning
the UawaSairspeakisg portioa cf tb peopie. . aeocst, how fcopriess woald be the attempt if familv, is itat the mcchoplaiced-of isolauoa
I We can recal bet three or foar naaei qatiLed to
tuarr- tl-Xr . c T,- EaaAac "f- li wbes to fausfacto-
Tsnullaa:. - ' rwy perform its daties His ExetlVsey A. F.
Ours 1 frvr Sa. ,.PiiVa. KrmP-?r '
! their cumbers should become reduced to forty or . d ihe cafstal Sus rendered it extremely d!ca!t
' thirty thoasAsd. J to reach.'
Hawaiiaas hive do cause to doubt tte bet i Ve nd another item which exhibits one of
Cuarr . Farcax.
ir Kibv2CeX
aa Jaa ivc, Nc I
jj Iteiaiysat. Xa S
Xrave. 0T
. TKTa.Sc xt
a-asan; Xa
3-W A Kabav. 1V.U
sta. N-lt,IT
"-, It
Cure UTJLYrtr.1-.
ltre Anaa.
n r xirirc.
Jodd, m Attonsey Geseral; Lawreece Me- j of the seltlemeat or resHence of foreigaers in i jte oriectal enstoss ia a repal-iva form. A
CeHy, Depsty Attorney Genera!, S- B. Dele, : xhe coanlry. Oa the coalrarj they live every : ciice taerchaal of Siczapore married a Japan
Esq,ani perhaps Jeoge Rapeaa. Grout Jcdge reasoa to weJcM&e tteai.aaa to escaarige thea ' girLooiy tea years of age. The groom was
of Cuhc, wbo baa ever is otapara'avely i to beccaie duitas and so to cuke tia coaalrr- ; x ru-i, joi.jyct.'aEd the raarriire took pbee at
oorice ia the 6atis ef the b-inci. The three j ne a with ihemsdres. Thas the twpaUUoa, or a.e British cossalate ia .Vi-nsiii, the correct of
trst Eimea geaueaeo are ttweaara ilawa g ther words the camber cf taxpayers" aod
iaa scholars, and wt&reaj lawyers, either of j prodoceri is iocreaswi. ud the bardea of cury
whraiaighlcre4uSysrveas5ecsAsate ; iagoa the government, beicg civdJ aawcg a
Justice. In this canceeSoa we cast express crrater camber of sapporters. fafis less fceaviiv
th hope that woe of the young aats wbo leave ' upon each iaa vie ail. Sinpose oar popalitioa J GazSt, where the daarttMaJaw of the sravem-
thear oalire land to ctAain a Satshed euocatma ourabeced half a xaiSea, lea tis as reach as at i or cf one of the Drovicees of Chiaa. nieved so ' some one of these could be inspired to devote a
ia America, taicht islam filed to assame pasi- present ; bow easy it would be for the nation to ; .....r M of tie driih of her hnihand ! portioa of his wealth to the erection and endow-
tie parents as wJl as of the Japanese aalfaorities
baviec been ! obtained to this nanataral
Ac incident is curated ia detail in the Fekia
lished in the papers of that dty, but we supply
such data as w havs been ahl to gather :
List or Wmt-cRs, Akrived at Sis Frascisco,
mix &E1SOM, iao:
Oct. tl-Sark rimms ItWIams to) bNa.
a-Itata MMat. llamtlL S.M Mtl oil. fV) S bena.
frxi IS, Imr.
Nov. -lUik lltlrn Mar, Ovi, I-W MU MI, U,tMl Ex K-oa,
2,000 C twr,
Sv'T.a-Bark OmUla, Mm, 0.'Ot'bls4t,W)4lwa
St. l-Ratark Tatar, TVllllaiss t,l)bMi4t, tS,0l
t. Id-Jhtn Jlrrh tVtrr. Own, 1.1N bMi alt, tOt'Wl
apnS twa. - -
Xv. 10-Rart Ut 0X, tldcMoo, 1W tbU f prnn, 1.S00
bbu ml i,(ni rs. uc
N. IJ-Sililp Marr Botx, TO) bbli cll.i,X)1KlIl
a,la ca iTory.
Nev. IS-Brk Jm Vtttt, TVtrts WO bbl dl, S,tx)B
two, two r litrj.
Not, ll-rurl Lrain, Njt, l,lJ0bMl att, ll,OM tatwrr,
al IS. lrr.
Not. la Bats Atuta, ruber, aM'bbtt bal, .VW
.N.iI.H-flilp SUUnxtr, KkwIm, M bbli bal, 8,000
Cm tve.
Sot. St IHitMt. Wallattoa, MlIcb.lL SJ0 bbU oil, T.OM
Ea bona. .. .
Sot. n-rt.rL rrocrra, tVwJo, HOT bbli oil, lT.OOO ta
ti, ,nJ tS Itott.
Only two whaler have sailed for home: the
Nautilus, Capt. Smith, from this port, and the
Midas, Capt. Hamill, from San Francisco. Tho
lark R. V. AVooJ and shlp'Syrea also sailod for
New Bedrord, taking full cargoes of oil and bona
shipped by the fleet which visited this port. As
jet we hear or no new whalers being fitted out in
New Bedford for tho Arctic, but the probability
is that the Beet, which will cruise in tho Arctic
and Oehotsk next year, will consist or about the
same number as this year thirty-five.
American hlpbnlldlnij.
The report or the Secretary or the Treasury,
receatly presented to Congress, gives the total
number or American vessels as 32.CT2, with n
tonnage of 4,69S,02G, being an increase of 25S,
280 tons over that of 1S72. Daring the year
ending June 30, 1ST3, there were 2J"l-TesseIs
of alt dasses built, with a total tonnage of 339,
215. Or these, twenty-six were iron steamers,
or twenty-ix thousand tons. The increase in
ship buildii-j; during the past year ia attributable
to the removal ot duties on the various articles
used in their construction, and to the decrease
or shipbuilding in England, owing to the enhanced
cost or iron and ccal. The building of iron
steamers is a new business in America, but the
vessels already completed and in service have
given so great satisfaction, that it is probable it
will rapidly increase. The amount of tonnage
employed in the whalcfishery has largely de
creased, the figures showing 1ST vessels, of 41,
756 tons for 1ST3, against 217 vessels for 1S72.
Of th total, 143 are owned in New Bedford,
and 19 in New London, the balance being divided
among various ports. Itjiow appears quite pro
bable that before July 1S74, the total or Am
erican tonnage will exceed five millions tons,
what it was before the lata civil war. It would
increase more rapidly bat for the fact that the
best vessels built ia America are immediately
purchased oc European account, olten before they
are launched, and lake roreign registers and fisgs.
rrinccly Munificence.
English papers record two munificent gifts
lately made by Scottish gentlemen both to the
Free Church or Scotland. Ons is that of Mr.
James Baird. the well-known iron manufacturer
of Acehmedden, who has recently made over to
a body or trastees. to bo called the Baird Trust,
the sum or two and a hair millions or dollars
(500.000) to be applied to the promotion or
Christian knowledge amoiu; all dasses. throuzh
the areccr of the Church of Scotland. An
other sum of $275,000 (55.000) has been left
to the Free Church of Scotland by' Sir' David
Baxter, to be devoted to the advancement ot
benevolence and or home and roreign missions.
Both these gentlemen are living, and have chosen
to be their own executors, and to see their be
nevolent plans carried into execution. This cus
tom is becoming more rreqaent, and it is not un
common to hear cf such princely gifts as those
of Geo. Pexbody, Eira Cornell, Peter Cooper,
and others, who have fonnded institutions which
will preserve their memories rresh, long alter
their families may hare become extinct and for
gotten. The. ease with which wealth is nowa
days acquired, through fortunate investments in
Dinofactaring or mercantile pursuits, or by a
rapid rise in the value of real estate, has made
thousands wealthy, ia Europe and America.
Evea among our own former or present island
residents there are some who have been equally
prosperous in accsmolaticg- fortunes, the foanda
tioas cf which were laid in this dty and its com
merce. What a blessing it might prove to the
present and fature population of these islands, if
II V illi W AH E !
YU: Sauce Pana, Fry Pans, Tea Kettles, Iron Tots and Furnace Boilers,
Galvanized Iron Tuba from It to SO Inches;
Galvanltcd Iron Buckets, 10, 11, 13, IS Inches,
Guoa, RHea, rtatoli, Capa, Catridgts, Powder, Shot and Balla.
Seine Twine and Wrapping Twine, Fish Hooks and Tish Lines
Downer's and Dcyoc's best Kerosene Oil,
Dealers desiring to purchase the OEXUIXE ARTICLE at a Low Figure, will forward their orders
We ronId also call the attention of Local and Country Sealers to our fresh stock o
Jtut Received, the Largest and Best Assortment in the Market
Brushes of every kind and quality,
Byam's 8 Card Hatches, on hand and to Arme
Sits, Bridles and Spurs, Mule Collars and Hames,
Ox Chains, Trace Chains, Topsail Chains,
Bar Steel and Iron. Wrought Kalli,
" . Cut .and WroughtSpike.
N6V is the Time to Buy Goods at SO per cent, lielow their
Real Value, at the
Concrete Block, Nos. 95 and 97 King Street, Honolulu.
Sx:i'nrjii: court or the ii.vivaiiax
lataaas In ITlXnie. Island ot Oatm, Hawaiian Isl
aatls. S.S. In Ihemaltercf Hie Eatale r JOUX HCIWT
THOU I "SON. lata of Honolulu, dfttwd. Order arpotnt
tec time for rrolmtc tf VC1 and dinettes pabilcaUoa ot
notice of tiie same.
A document. DanMnlna ta be tiie last WHt and Testa
ment of Joan Hcrol TnocDPESon. deeraMd, baTlng an the
CiitcriT cot irr or tiie second jibi.
cia! Circuit. Manual. December Term, 171. JOIIX
WAG.tEE, Ltbellanl for DtTorce, nrm MARIA VTAU-Tnesdaj-
the atateenth day of December. UTa.
In Oa a&ore entilled. libel for dlrcrre. tt U now ordered
tttat a decree, of drrurce from Ibe boadaf cutnmoir be en
tered la favor of tba said John tVaxner of tae caaaa of tha
wmfnl and otter dcsertfcn of ibe uud Xarta Warner for tba
til dav of October, A. a 1SJJ, been presented to said Pro- of Uirre jrars. to be made abscJnte after tne er plraUoo. una
. - ' r . ,. . .... i 01 aiwiuu irotn we oatc 01 ma oecree upon corapllaacv
the Issuance of Letters Troamentarr to SARErilA ADD- I with tie terms tbereof. onlen KUSdent cause anall aPDear
USETOOSirsOX and CHARLES T. GCLICK. bavins j to eronuirV fP
been iled br It- IL Stanley. Attorney for petitioners. I And Uta ISbeaant la ordered to pobnah an attesttd eonr
It is bereby ordered, that MONDAY, the 26lh DAT of ' of thla order to the Canaeat OazSS anTKcoaS
JASCART. A. ai:4. atlOo'clocka- M. of saiJdaj. at sid Ac Oaoa for aUanccessIreireeU; the flrst pobara-
a a. a fVrtil Pfwtm . r a--, L-f fvTe a llnasAfpIn f fa 1 1, a f.lanit r. r . - . ... . . . .
T3 J3.-u.-e srssajsia, ICa I
TT l&a. Ne a
Tbe Conrtm.
cracroevi ! u vub. aoncic3 m i Mt to tte rareraaect fcas a XBitlKta Cotirs lor . u v;a
ertjet are ofi tvm.irg. We fiosli rUdtr " s,. evcl v3f r;si.n r--a r-rrA r. ... j rv T
- - 1 t j asa aiier teare cars siamac o, terseu ac.c.v
; csr aittrsroes eJtttea to ttese rositiaEf. . ;,i tv.:, i , . . ', .
.b-.ttirUci tie ttorori fecal edoratoa ad j psrpjrcJaaro ta xbe-baif miSoa. J par- ra-d rHe Udr ii fcH sp br tie aa-
l caa pair be KtFirtd airma. , racist ia tie aa rrtcrtka xlues ai trHce of tie t rleroteJ fi2ir,
-j - r 15 otr present pspiiaM of fllrioc-iij. tie : wa.vT of i-iuuoa. wiuk lie Impend ror-
TEK-cTatUstwarffreacewaiciJWto ,-re of t wreniraeit wor be r-iSr ' u.. ... iS,..-
a . a 1 1 . TY . .wr Iai-rra.V ta UliCU W CVjr aaaaVC Ca WWTJkJ
,Pe8 f JTT T"K f IP.' ti cat3 wa,, - let tie retbe
tsi re3 tl iart caeaoccf lie Haana . r-l-rii-VU At lie rl tie tie r-' j...!;,.,.. .
. i ctAuek. ; j.aia laveMaoa cuu r uuii5iucifc vs
aiT lJtsTt . ira Via W . ari art, aV ik" ... - -a.- VV1. - . a .
cVix A.JI. Jo&e Har.sreE, jetai Hi , SbsnK: 1 w -r- ,btilu t;.?xz,el Ulef tiez'. tc
El. A. r. isii, JUtoreer Geoee fee ti Crat. jwoitSe to prepare i nef of trade. 0 J tstSi p--jc.- tie reress'e.
Tf Ccr! Cpseci CE Xoar. Jat 5, ISTt, at
la x. rerT
ra-tUta-iaaeSoest reai aa a rCea ot rancs peramir? 13 ntnrj,aa raraceurir j (jS! , ns pt Tfce baiiaw b riiied
rJKr rrccciri CXailccsnlte-T3orror. reiiicr to tie cstsil orptzxirzx of tie mure , f.-o- J-cec5ei Eoes, tsftaas cslief aoJ tie tax
Gax Sart f eJu of tie Kbrf Mr. j s, i; j, .M w
sT.ecoEtisaCTerKtEotilteria. .t . . - . :. . . - . S --JOi J ie.Ja ttrc xi a csans u raa-
WelwtiiT.Jaxaryr , C!rnr.U aoi SccKzitzi d irf ta ui cereicr;-
Kea A. lar SetlorilMar.Jaixirjli J3 ati3a tie GoTerBt. tia bssiea of -arSofi
Kaaaia; te. SabcJe 5i foe Wcdti.j, Ji. t J ii ererx reir incrfisicr. a.? tie satire race aa.
arearx. tvbae olier atti.vn. Eie tie Acf-
te;4e bas beea erected to htr cerscr j .
Xhe ZVor-tli Pacific TTSaaliBc Fleet.
Bex Ta. Kaiiclc Set Jorto-rsseroar.
Tee. SI state o! Aalxat, deesateji SeSace Jot
tke IVafesaae. freuksext ot cooczu aixcir
Vtratris aa tppjuxuxsl cl rarrliaE te AaJesa,
SacrkeJr of ficcrani Jcesat peuei, aii P
Case aryaeMrg rarSix c te catate cT saa! ca-
Er. ijvij a 11 lie si.t of fSSl
Ttl FetWwa
"ire tie axoe a xl cxasi vT tie Offcre, as
1 -ati tie TBCIiKT
Aesevu ecoerrd
Tie recratir seasoa U sovoTer.asd tte Te
s&s of tie fleet iaee aH sailed, exeeptia? two, oa
lleir ceir rcrsjes for Xiotier year. The fisti
afcicb ic iziert beloa 5 boa- that oat of lie
UirtT-Sre siileri artici Tistid tba Arctic,
ta-eatj retiried to tii; part, xsd ltees treat to
the Oocrt Boom ot said Ooart. at Honolrln. In the Island of
Oahn. H. I., be. and the same Is. hereby arpoialed the
rime lor prortea; said Win and bearlnc said appUcanoa.
vhen and where any penoa Interested may appear and
contest the said WLI, and the cranting of Letters Testa -mentary.
It Is farther ordered, that ijotice thereof be
ftren by pcrJIriTion. for three tneeeaslTe weeks. In the
lUweii GaitiU. a newspaper printed and pobusned In
nonolara. And It la fanner ordered, that eitatiocs be is
sued ta the enbscrihtnc witnesses to said Win, and to the
heirs, and to the mother, Xrs. frarart Thompson, of tba
testator. In writing, to appear and contest the probate of
said tVTJ, at the time appointed.
Haled Huoolora, U. L, October Zt, l!rL
Alfred sl mumm,
Attest: Jasticeof the Supreme CoarL.
HiLra It. Seil, aerx. IIHI
StrrnEnE court or the iiawaiiax
ISLANDS In lTabite. In the matter of the Es
tate of AKTOMO VURIA. late of Haooraln, deceased.
Order cf notice of petition for allowaace of arco&nls. dls
dsaixe. and final dulribotMNi of property. At Chambers,
before 3tc Jsstice UldemanB.
Oa readins;andnhngthepeDtSoQaDdaceonntsof Manoel
deMIra, Eaecnur af the VHU of Antonio Maria, late of
Honotum, deceased, wherein he asta to be allowed (MI 90,
and charges himself with ssi to, and asas that the same
may be examniM and approved, and that a final order
may be made of mstrfDatkn of the property remaining- la
his hands to the persona thereto eanHed, and dtsebarginf;
hian aad his anrefiea from all farther responsibility as sach :
Itat ordered, thai THURSDAY, the 29!b DAT of JXS-
tion to be wimin one month from the dale of this order;
that aH penoai intertited may with la tlx months shew
cause why said decree shoold not be made ahsolate.
By the Conrt. II D1IY DICKESM) Jmw
aert Urcnlt Conn, IdJod. CircrJt
I hereby certify that tha above aad foresoior b a troa
and correct copy of the original order ia the above entitled
cause, now oa the flies of this Court.
tf tcsrss my band and the Seal of the Circuit Coon of
the Second Judicial Circuit, thU 18th day of December, A.
111 (t Cleric Circuit Court, Jd Jod. Circuit.
meat of fame pablic boildior. of the cisxacter
of tie .Cooper IcfUtcte in Xew Tort, rrhicli
cisbt serre a aa atlsaecra. with ail iu attrac
t:nr.j cf a pcbSe librarr, reading-room, masenra,
leelore hall, free to all of every class and nation.
Or, perhaps to tbe eadowraest of acme existing
librarr iciUtou'on. CocU e bat record toch a i CAEX'T a!7,,."I!il?,A,L J? ,U3T
J- . . -. . I rice, ax Chambers, lathe Conn House, ax Honc4uIa.be and
pnHCtiy pit IS COa&eCtlOQ WJlC toe Came Ol - the same hereby t appointed as the time and place for
Icrested may then and there appear and show canse. If any
they have, why the same should not be granted, and may
preseat rrttesce as to who are entitled to the said prcpeny.
Aad that that order. In thefgnshaad Hawaiian languages,
be pabaahed in tbe iiriin GvtU and JTaoiM aad Jm
(jias newspapers printed and rjoboshed m II 00 am: a. lor
three soccessrre wceksprertjoa to the time therein ap-
.Dated at Uoootabx, II. I this IJth day of December,
Attest: J ntUce ef the Scpreme Coort.
Jso. E. Baxsaxn. Deputy Uert. KWt
trj tie catiosa! nrctJ.
Tie arxrlt-re oj x lirpe fcpilitc are ia
portast aba ia otbtr u ay;- Tie xaore Eta of
fortsoe litre see is lie cosrtrr, tie oore tyx&j
tt- aa-.iirrw. use Hie Atf- 1 J! V . ...-.a .I,, a,.!. 1
traEan Cvv..a.-e pajitc U.Te presis to , iv. V 11 ei ti4r-. TierriP".'" been
lieard -.he-ec States, Cbda arf Brad , 6tzzl teti, tuo, Plur, te ".
are ere-xrirc tiea a irxerSj- aid jT rrir. iar to be raid for ard BOtaiUacag Oet In nsidSag
tierebr ai&r to iM nw. xd dti, -e A 5 ti xes. It woU save nnoeces-
:r, i1-M:ci:MRt.-.. Orer31'.3 KBaarraiU rrrireJ 11171 - v .v r . a - r a j bread haTe sie!ica beea ordered from iaa
' j, - - acs UK. rrcsoc 4s wcijca oe sijtsctti.
, osces ccri:iucua esisatea isat taer tr rrrl
UsnceTcU, Breirer, Bobicfon, Aldrich, flack-
feii. Austin. Wilcox. Pitkin, BUbop, or Mstee,
it snirtt be x noncxent wtich wonld emblazon tbe
carse of its dosor, and keep it in fragrant raen-0.-7
ai loc; ai Ibe moscUins cf Hawaii continued
al-jre tie blse aralers of tie PxciSc!
CSIiOB.017 TliTE
ZZLnS. tCSt ra " ,r tiecMtiat instead of tiL-.j sxr rutk, ! f!
SarST rU a tc efor aEU c,' 6 s fear rk patries aad cattle atd sieep rancid f
L VJim LJth imi
r "1 I' iattjrriii'1 Ttsr t.
L tie nefwr 3rd tlatea eats frrstrUy trade, that
taacaoratiiioa cf CULK0DY"E is kcawa to Ch em
it ts ax lie jieiicai x-nfclsua." The fact if. Cfcla
raayzre wae citeavtred aad iavested by Dr. J. COL
US ZEOTCE lex Axaj Hcliril StiT). aad to
named hr it iu 111 all ffr-tU at anal-
Tiij bv the tril Cteteitts cf lie day. The method
tr-' t rt m.t ti Tf-M-T-J ln )iit irrw raKa
I T7a a.-aa-a fe-aa ntM-aatia tV.TU vVaaa -ra4t CfawKaVl f IT.V I Ta X. . VT at. 4 at- - a a t-i J
Jiore arte 1I5O eaa be C3S br a larre pysla- v,.tk. ' v., "U " v., -tin lie aame, tare Dr, J. COLLI5 BEOWKE'S
-.awa rl JS. w-tV'V- a-vr, a,ax fV,? T). afVIc KfawT W --TOTtr-? IT I V ttTfrCr
prfarofux-s.xt Sear, la .iifflan ehi. tie , t, r ' - tl) d to each iwd, J .trrtrjz
- iva . saaafva - w c 1- aaia J a aa w . . aUU.M tkaS, Xa, a.al.lL ataavMfc WXaW - fla .
any Changes maJe ia tbetr Sopplies, are re
CjOcatcd to give notice as soon as convenient.
Ai a rale, all Subfcriptisai to Feridiealf ibouli
commerce aiih lie F:rt Dale in Janasrj j aad where
tiey bare sot done so beretafsre. taey eaa readily be
changed f o as to terminate with DecemberSIit, I&74.
This wDt be more eonrenientfor tie sabasribar aad
tie agent.
All orders rrerartlj attendtd ta
ittl II. M. ttniTKET.
Britisli Bark Adventurer.
srrrnEH the tuiTAur son the
Csderazned. Agent af the rut ADVENTUHKE.
( the abrve TeasdL T1IEO. It. DA VIES.
I HooolnIs.2twremtfertt.lKr. Wl
sad xsasr tiocsaadf tt bin r.t iraiaieiij.i3 I
cf tha
taixiixtstr-nraaiir Seta; taei SsajaaSJS R-.t,,W a-,t. . . 1 . . - .. .
thai at m Kfe ran wa-il ;h r-r--, ...Te I wsa.i aesxier aij ct those xeplaasaat resalu at-
cwls. Xassaix, actadec aoSrise wjtlost
ra&aeaocI30aaiSS23 csata. Kajattr, iull&i
beea S3 Erf.: xi bere. Ttere In bees exssiet-
srsof9i axiaonsj-f. r KtJeisaeE. orr aerit- . a .a : 5 t. v- , r.
Uton pxictr tiese itcregtKe far. irJ ' -V to'f rxarteJ- j .f-r
v j .v- ... - . , . ' - ' fr rnTZlr enr li ioMoir. is 2. t-it m tV
crc-jj .j-a-i. w-. r.,,, - . aan. b fc... . aA a register' tH ajg- -
T5raaiir5tT.XKiaai com. Aixr. rlrxrA, ' jnscrri. r: l!;v nrres fr-e frc ire j-exri tIK1 j ,T -j! Tte ttoesCst ia t& rsauerL
xaeifCntX cfrr la snaawxaa a fcsaesjan5, S tot oa in- : 1,-, raassil rnvsEilr L isera.-iiV
tr,l aotfl tarf Uiar a--i ptr a ne ot aaj tZ T. " a..!. & t riiral profperttj cf lie t.KJ cf ,
r-"" " tt- -"- 1 lie reccue. I lie Haotst Kaccsss I trrrr --aa -
rKf-i ttTrrp ax Eroinj,
,ixeiixai J
Tessris ssafi Capszs.
S3 coats.
eooc2Xtai tertrid at tte Srjctsae Cect.
IWe-ii trade is coe uiici tar rcrt ct zzti ' aid ia tie gtEcral
ca,re-; iacid ieti tie xstictritk to prrgr, rffitts. 2 tctcoe ddr it.
fscsess, xaJ inliitlj cis- . rmcni jint, Iry,
j jrae.Trcrn
- n. -XT. VotA, "Wiusaey
t '
i . Tliectfoe ,w see till Haaxata liltrrslf are i a-ar-re Otaaeii -ri2it
t .41
I ue HKizre ca utc raa.aT?Tr. aTap u istficff, 1 jasa Barta, JJsl
Xi- V.T -, tit Loir ?io-1 Tii i tie ir. pocaij iar r;:- of Jrmni of ti- rtie oa Iter j jcggfgS'SS
crastetesai2 of eaaratic to ; "s ennct; Urf yearieTS. I itxcK.cC ia ctrsss xsa tsarancsajaes;,
r Jieraan- of T&arnrriTiii wva, . .j- a, j if are add tie xxascst cacsased bere to wiat ir 1 trrtiraif gsa be rsaie. rerr xaaa 5eiiir iere " JtatsiB3ie.Tirr
cjccesiial Cc Jitx is to rae a 25je etf caILCMs, 1 expeetci Tie latler. jjs rh-ex is lie Ccslco- ire sometiaEr s-tKxie ia tie CTersuaesl ind ia SarjanS
seigailigs"pSh1ij tiaSa3ga psaaiad Sat -trear. ixtu x? tietsrstrj--x3 besaaes iaxseaser Hx-m-tSra J J,;
-,t-. SaSaCl p3a5s- Tie Asssztasszsas. ,i nria xad eitssii lixi ibe rsr
. -iSroat It. AS tie ia rrrn artaarood nircr- - , . ... I- .
xsi I Arensrec. Ma
i Oanrf. Haea
I Arnsdas-IlauiCry.
a-s s. .I. welm'ii) T ?-rw -Jalrilft . nwi aarMrTM L- ra4
lionrnifliVte. iSss ?tr5r Lte fran slit - , . .--w inE
LraCa kf w tf iycea. 0M u raf cuj Ue tt at aH
tSj t Hp jfcM-rtterci gsw rCtl at&i -rnxmAttfaA txn, hi
3m.Gcl tMa zs2 iu rirtmtm mbtmt txtraaiitij, vm! it la
nt?axijitM ia Ik UOvmixz z GLoScrv, t7w-i
lrx. lUaTTsbaa. Celaea. OcrJbt, AKlucA. KhttssiSiMSM,
nlfa, VbfTCL&CrMjarp Djilrnx, ate.
rrmcT nox mhjicil orcciosrs.
Tbe Be. E-vl 2cBri3 ramnx'mSM to tl Cc&c
gjnBMSxm Im tLe tZrti. taUt tlve vrzx ttzzdy tf uj Ktricc is
t SawTsrxir caLaosrsz -a- v. j.w-rt
PTt xctK;j tfm&oftsMt ilia ad otx, ,
C aVCTI OX-- 5m cxviz.e tiibvtf tbt rr MIr. 3.
COLLI ZZJjVy iT" a tbt GvrrKt tlnay, 0trmleli-
j -rr3 a.rfTTaw-j m-.e..Aa Cdfa tH.
BsU XexxSmOxttt. J. X. D1VE5POBT,
Z3, CrtU XwC ft-, Etiailyr7'f LosAsr.
a- i .
. Abu. .-) After
itb 3 IK IWl.
cat ar ...
, UK
r -v MfigCTu TTg 1 iCT-oI U .liaSEr 5bSE Sct xre cKam:rf tisao taCaaJi la bK, fzypxtss TtrefI oltfeef de tosc4i Tiati Lire
SaSr g tbt jllo, b csr3izr&. xl cTcriar x zds praig, Id -b-rlt 2 --e sidi bTlca sisr rssl sir ioecUtiii ja j J rscrted xt isaa Fnsrisco hire 2S.bsa
To Let.
the norsc A?TD pxzansis Tora.
2 err tj ilk fci p. ForC fcr rrti-
For Sale at Greatly Reduced Prices
Pire-Broof Office Safe!
1 few Heary Plate-Iron CSests and Safes
AS axh isaperlor .'rry Ixicaa.
Tery ixitabla fcr the Haxts, tii Offigt, or ta
AS zeansxadsred ai the eelehratf Works of Xr. T It,
KIJX31 K1U lfaralrirc. aai.rearsiwwoseredal
For flew Vear's.
AI KiESESTtaan a
c it
Gold Peat or Pocket Knife:
Tate had at
1873 Columbia 3iver Salmon,
A Priane Qaslily. S4 tU' Market.
FBrSaltby B0LLES
dal drcnlt, Hani. as. December Term, A. D. lira.
KELIIMAIIIAI tfALLACE. Lihellant for Divorce, arrrat
riTARf.ra WAIiACE famrday the thirteenth day of
December, lira.
Ia the above entitled Tfhel for divorce. It la now ordered
that a decree of divorce front the bond of matrhnony he
entered la favor ot the said KerSmahlal 'WaHaceof the
canse of the adultery of the said Charlei Wallace to ba
made absotnte after the expiration of sis months from tha
date of this decree vpoa com pltance with the terms thereof,
nnless snfScient canse shall appear to the CJAtrary.
And the liyriant is ordered to pabtiah aa attested cocy
of this order hi the aoremrcent Oixrm: and Eroaoa
ixaacOEOtfar six soocesaire weeks: the first ponaca
Ilon to be withla oaa soanth from tha data of thas arder ;
that all persona Interested may wilhsi six moatha ahew
canse why aaid decree should not he made absolute.
By the Oocrt. HENRY DiCKKSeOS. Ja,
Cenc Ctrcoil Court. d Jad. Ctrcmt,
I hereby certify that the above and foregoing la a troa
and ct'l lee, I copy of the onginai order In the above eaQOed
cause, now on the flies of thla Coart,
Wirneas my hand and the seal of the ClrcnU Court of tha
8ectsd JoiCcal Circuit, this lith day of December, A. D.
114 it C5erkClrniitCoort.il JotUciaiUrcult.
BAM FBEDtKBEEt! of Koloa. EanaL deceaaed, la
Chambers. OrcoUJoJie ith JndalU ttrcuit. If- L
On reading and sang the petltaa of Fanl laeaberg and
W. It. Wright, admltnstrators wtta the wfil annexed of tha
Estate of Hiram Tredinbrrg, late of Solos. Kinl. for ap
proval of accaoata, discharge aad final dacrtbotiaa.
It hi ordered that HATCKIiAT, JANCABT Ird. A. D.
1STI. It o'ctock aooo, at the Conrt House. Wahlawa. he set
as the time and place for the hearing of said prUHon aad
ohjecciona that nay he made thereto.
Or. lodge, ith Jod. Circuit. H. I.
Wahlawa, Jrd Dec, 1171. win
J01VS KAE. of Xtana. llasl. deceaaed. In Chambers,
arcnit Jufire. MJodicUI District, ILL larroLate.
rYcwrappOcatioa having been made to tawa Ooart by
W1L O. RllITII, Adsx&LUtrator of the Estate afJOHS
BAE. of IT ens, 3faol. II. I-, deceaaed. aad for reaaoas
therein set forth, asking for Uceae to sell tbe Keal Estate
afthadceeaaad a&rvaaid. fotice ia Lerabyatreo to an
whom It may concern, that 8ATCEDAY. DECEailIEK
,lTXat 1 o'doc A. Jl at tha- Caen Hoaar.hsta
halna. Kaoi, la the tana and place art forbearing- thaaaid
appticatloa and aa cbjectloca that may be offered thereto.
Ctrcmt Judge, 2d Judicial District. If. Z.
Laba!a.X0T. Zt, 1171. IM tt
Administrator's Ifotice.
appointed Aniifnirlrator cf the Bstsle af GfrrT
fKIKll rSEAC, lata- af USo. dusasait, aaoneata ail
persoas hartsg cUima agaiast aokt Kalaie, to pieaeet them
wish the necessary voaeherk if say, wlCna six aw tha
from tha date of tils pnUlrarVin or they wahefertrer
barred, aad all peencs tsdehtrd ta aaid Eseaxa art request
ed to mahe lmiaedUte paytuast to
fDWAJtUa. HrrrHcoac
Adjsiristratorcf theXatauof G. rerreaa. oeceaaed.
IIijo,lcemoerna, lira.
day been appointed exeeatera, bf 'tM Mob. a.
ForauWr. Circs; t J ogr. Xaal. natlcr thawraaf tha lata
dlAELEl CQCXETT. of Tslifl. this Is to gtva aatlca
to a3 persona mdebted to said estate Ui suaka tmaaediata
payaent. aad all who have ctaha against sail catftta ara
reauerted to vmtnt the aaaae wstila su saeaths from
date or they wcl be fotrver tarred,
oiA3iLr uxaanT,
TiaiH, etc. ir irrt a in
A Valuable Property
For Sale.
an x lot or a acres er iaxb.
good uwoujq jtuite
aaDdet. js.rroattase or about sas
btrtet aad nt fret oa rassahoa Avsmk.
ba wt3 DeSiTctatpucAaaoe at hrtes
wnn-nwlcXaJlaaaebtu. .The pi
taod la Bnnr&aned la the atsVarba
may be sold as a what ae Jo. lota to sett
f rtor ktfonsatka i&liare of
y?Ji-l uat 1I

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