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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, August 18, 1875, Image 4

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rrisv i-imm ttr
tal taw -.'
m I rat". in M WW at.
r.x-tt M W rf aa
, v v ,w -v r U Mm mat ii I
X. aam
A rw staiar.
Just A i lived
r Oanre in
Order 5
i atvtaai r-npc Wtttltc
Offer for Sale
The Follow m (-WHk
VBQ FUi ARTIEXT shawaiiakbaxxkamoi
B fi fW.llt tinaSSi saWrw lark
a lllMM Tttata. KlnlAllJ.
Tn i ntiw triatSf TatXtyaaatJ
rmijiPSLMtiA, June ?. Within SO
s .- will see a train (4 Jt lVllmau
car? drawn from ltiiladelphta to New
York without SteStn, eAttJMtV, ffT-atr,
or any ether known motive power."
TV speaker tone was one of profound
printed in pamphet for the private infor
mation of ttwftwUolln Beside theair
and water tents they , tamhted the escape
from the ralvea, and found ft be a " Tar
otic or gaseous proJucUsw,'' without
smell or taste, and with no explosive or
inrlamtnahle properties when exposed to
Same. When a piece of musNn cloth wan
held over the escape an icicle of the shape
of a thimble was rapidly formed. The in
vestigators also tasted the valor which
had been ud in the mnltiptieatcr, and
discovered no unusual flavor or ordor, and
:r ...
From l3reixiori
rrr run. riixts. hk.:
IM ami Ikk rB. leases Vcthat,
ut rjkKiTF avo
Bewar ajci wa
at fat tajat. r- t4 rtr-ta.
Mat aaS U BU ,ta Tart aa;.
bm Cartas, att.cii at Vats.
K. at Cllttiai. k ClUlM.
niij va Ut cvjo. iuiMi kM
ami SS MM M.
Ubbb v TJ. . Ml i i
Ctu WttK, CaMalN acta
Vmcuct LaTO.T-mnt wm. MMrtH) VMlBaM.
BkMk Ciiul tat al wlti,
?nt Wttuf,!,! Tb. aS Him.
tatap Bat aat TaBta CBta BaaOaMWHa,
aiirX CHaaSMtM aat ' .
'i it it XVrti aawrtai.
nrtBTMainM. u.l tht-iv were iwi vtnn'.cm
of insanity his tar. I Bad koown him J took the maohiM to piece without find-
ins: ut residium.
What, then, is this Strang power, capa
ble of dviijrthe wtrk of Meant without the
beat ? The iavwator talk aboat thamnlli
plied power of hydraulk' columns held in
susperk'n. bat girt no further explana
tion of the manner hj which a pressure ot
ie Bachine that needs oaK-1 so pound to the inch, wluch tit Schuyl
r water mat) air. AKwrt ' kill water hat in the hydrant, is increased
to IS.OOO poawd by merely passini;
through hat iroa eyliudera, ll is his
secret, he say, ami he will reveal it a
soon a hi patent in this country
and in Rutland are issned. toe of the
principal owners ol the invention acunU
f.r the strange force on the supinvtion
last Sunt- j that the machine separate water into it
one poor. ! aliimau1 atonas i changes their coho
k new-spa- ve force into one of strong repulsion. It
tor a kff tte as a man who atteaded to
hi Wrinte-s. paid hi iWn. was oprnwaKf
to the Third Term, and yav Wher evi
deaees of sanity.
"Weil, what ia Ut haul Uw traiaT I
asked iucredukvosly.
"The wortvlertul new motor," he re-
kv. ; "a liu
a Small ape
a bucket rotto water will ha ettaah to
rwn to New York,"
"And the fad r
There i bo fuel absolutely nothing
bat the water, the air, and the little ma-
clfcVaV ! J I.1,!! v
1 retaensbered - vasuelv havinc read
the Ilarwceahes. "TV Irrrfi barrtsl win
dow was tiled with moss; cut tide on the
flat roof ami on the dome, women and
children occapied every eoign of vantage ;
and the tfep of the entrance tirtr a
el.wly packed as the i; .tilery of a Loatlon
taaatra on boxing niirht. Kveryhody was
yvl tempered. and a pleasant stamd of
talk and laughter filled the air. Men with
big brass vessels of lemonade, covered
with huge lumps of Oosen snow fVowi Ml
Hettnon, went ahont the crowd clinking
their veils by way of invitation, and
calling out ia the very words of Isaiah,
' Ho, every one that thirstoth, cxwn yo to
the water and drink f while others, whh
large wickx'r trays of cakes, nrgHl all to
buy and eat in the name of the lropheL
Camels, horses, and donkeys struggled
through the crowd, bringing in whole
mm dies from the country to see the sight.
and fathers with children louitnt and bo-
j fae, went tirawly by on the family steed.
Scarcely anybody was armed, bnt every
now and then a IVdouin would pas In lit ! sheik has hi blackm.nl in money or good
prayers with alt tlfc regularity .iMmme-
morial custom. After the Mar-ami ears
sonte mors rexy holy men, bat this time
ou horseback. They wore
STWttrsnto ma wtsr,
Wore no headdress, their hair was long
sm malted, they perpetually rolled their
hcatls from sal to aide, ami ia this taah
ion they had gime all the way to Ms sea
aiwl bsok an esgbty days' joornsT lo
rifying Allah and hh rronhct Home der
vishes followed, in tall, brown felt hat
and green robes, the color indicating thefr
claim to direct descent from the Prophet.
They were succeeded by she rank aad file
of the caravan on camels, all jammed to
gether in 'a brosrn, shaggy mass, like cat
tle on a Hambnrg boat. Hand of music,
cannon, cavalry ami troops of llcdouiu
closed the mxsion,
About 4,000 iwlgrima, on aa average,
leave on this annnal (ulgramaga. The
rwid lies thronrh aiM cmtntrr, and on
! the route the tScdnum tribe have to he
' sulanltil to ay oid brigandage. Kaoh
somethicg about this inveoti
aaer, and baring wvnderetl he
half-cracked inventor had gc
per to unfvM his wild rancie.
I had beard it talked aboat eecasicnallv
during the Winter by people abo had
Sitice tbea b a singular peculiarity of the force that
when tt is diminished much below a pres-
stua of l,i00 poands to Uk square uicli.
white cloak cue of the guanl of the cara
vanwith spear slung at hi back and
pistols and knives stuck in hi girdle.
We had two hours to wait, but there
was much to look at, and the time vasscd
At length arrived. Kirst came the Oov-ertHr-wncral,
or W aly.of Syria, in an
open carriage with outriders. The carri
age excited much more interest than the
1 eu
rawer A Co. agent.
.n.u. rii SSavawa Sra tai
O. Bresear
riU m,amM w 1 1. Sjasaa. I
m.w . a. aaawaa a ca a
Pilot Bro
Damaged Bread,
jaBa w t asWeai sw-ewt, aex . a.
Kakaako Salt, per lag or In.
FIREWOOD, of the Bwrt QntJlty
cat o atassisss.
JAaV t.
ssr aa
ti Ctaital NtStWji ar '.
Ihwtf JaV4f& SaWPTTsl (VWdtin,
onbr hearsy in&wwtatioa. 3iy frieml was ' it extinguishes itselt, fading cut and Icav- '. occupaut, as dri ing in Da
Toys. Ivv4n. PaMi- Fvtes!
fas? r
I Cteak raSiliaSli. 0m
sat JrCVa a- sv.
ima .xm. K.. a aasvN
ens 1 1 ss i saaa.
n; Eur 08. bassSt SstraKs.
JT J 5w . V Suil as k'ajaWSaa
a mam a awssaa smiesi a MWaj V wp ee,
FwwWmam Sat via aa TT-af rW
Flat art O a an IVt taS Iffcl Ktttaa.
! 11 am Cassw. Ira Ittf ax
Vaslssssai Hta Isr
Caarata. ttiat.
fWt TWSas V , v t I daik,
r. lnmm at tx fjstsat
so estthasttsuc thatl promised to logk
into the matter. Whereupon be said that
h could wot be Kxked iato yet, everythmg
ccttocctcd whh the tnveeiioc being kept
a prv;ound secrei rrom evrryboly except
a f.w cajiitalisis, who had furnished the
moaey to develop it, and two or three ex
perts who had been employed by them to
exaauac and reprt apoa the nucaaao. A
ftv dava after this cva venation an insur-
, auee agent brvaght in aa equally ex Ira v
; agaat tale of the new motor. He had
w a,V, at- ! . wred oc tvk in it,
I which was not for sale at any price.
N , ;i is hari w gS the start of an ic
saraacv agent ia a bargsia, and the fact
that this eeattccxsR had invetc! miwv
I ts auout
bt in the
itic no sign. Mr. Keelo is uow eugad s noy el as elephant r di j
on a new and larger multiplicator, the . streets of latndon. Next came the t'our-
parts of akich bay
rut machine ho-p
of its construction
for use.
tne thing appears
mandor-iu-Chtet in gvrgeAUi uml'onn. and
unserve the sev txt atih him the tlrand t.'atli, or lionl Chief
It is almost ri-a-leJ Justice, in judicial rles of green and a
4 huge white turban, followed by a crowd of
from theae i smaller dignitaries on horseback. All
tacts or allcgaUca : either Mr. Kevley i tl-.es eminent persons were remarkable
pctpttrauug a remarkably ingenious attd
successful fraud, r he has really as he
swells, dueoiervM a ikw tuvtie pwer
Mr their ortlittess and gravity. U a
Turk wants to rise in ihe world, he must
get slHll ami cease to smile, and these
that must soon supersede steam and revo- gvsvl tvdks have carried out the rule to the
It the invention is
nee can scarvvly U e-
letter, tiand plavtxl uuainl lirkish mu
sic, aad the crowds on roof and ledge,
Sif rstcL Steam engines will become window s, dwrtep and gnMind. lo.ked on
oiaii. w,-r:w
I Sset the ts venter, wbe droyx his own
carriage, aad looked t crj- a ay saae
aad soheaH. Obvioasty the new motor.
. - .; S;a.'-' :y will b rvmodeUM.
The railway locomotive must give way to
Aa Motor engine, burning no fuel and
SaatttMag no smoke, and vxal SriH become
a drug on the market. lVrbs all fuel
will be aeedless, br heat atd utv4kyu are
uitrooottvectibie, aat ft' an "air and water
a tin a conieiueii sinue, iuni as oca's a
pleased audience at a theatre Aetvwd
ny.-.i lv
of MM and silver dollsr trm part of the
I caravan, aad the tat is dropped en nmte
with the regularity of a London parcels
delivery rart. The oslgnni brina baek
eoiliv and carpets in large iiuantitiea, aa
well as a eertsinty of laradiae, aatl the
emmerCTal idea is crowding out the reli
gious. onk or rvvo miNOuar- st.yras
j Almewt always form part of the merchan-
.1i. bntmrht 11 from the to v t tte
It is one ol the chief emporiums" of the 1
' Kt African shrc trade, and the market j
for the maintainanoo of the Arabian anil
Persian hartms. Hut this year there was ,
small-pox in Mecca, and the pilgrims did '
not dare to bring away the Metmi supply
The trade, luo, of cmiras, man long for- ;
hidden by the Turkish tiotvmmimi, bnt
it continue to be carried on with eery
slijfht attempt at secrecy, at any rate In
IHm.vscn. I had not time thiw year to
make the round otthe slave marnets tiiere,
but two years ago t visited two different
lots in the city, and slave were orteivd at
prices varying frvwu to tHOO. A eon
y ersatiott t had not loa agv with a native
of Cairo illustrates fairly tie real potation
Si the slaie trails in the t)ttomsn Kmoirs.
" tVuM I bny a slave now " I tmrk
" th, m certainly not," was the replt ;
"It is torbiibK"n to hare slaves at all"
BUt" I rstOd," if I rcslly want,-.!
one vvuld t not get one I" "Oh, ,'
aa i.
The Yard aad oa tho Wharf!
or' WM SfeiaUiirf , TiaWr !
back i
sitting p
and aa
fttv rsttaai rataVt.-.
TMaatk TMsst trva, TW Ksm.
aats rws wva, vw rt.
f?tttsN rvv mm hawsat Oa,
Wat Nfesv rv- ---.
.it abgsJ
I at a fWtk v.
v N.'v it.o tt ajaj ta.t'.iae Nw It wars
bftUre W s it to wvrh. wghting o
svn-ectj awe white a best K .n M W 1
crKrty atissaiatc.1 bv the ergsaKl
talk of the ttTsatce and the man Wens
. aahay mi k rW . I aa akawi - 1
rt It . it e iV
s ask. " IV o. a ,
Star. XexaaiTi inn cia'
-rwwv wst swrrir- row .
JL tsa tat saaatsaaaa sWna Caa.
a ; Sua taw .-at Mtasat aaaawSaat at
aj mma
s . ,
Imakx tat . tssKt,
- .t hi
Vote '
a . V , . i
h,sM skaA
r T" h ts a fair f,wtKn, w.
rt K WN; fvwg h Hsrh)
s i see the train vanning to
I attt Kievts and Mbro.
there are raani who
occupant o
rlewed. btawinglhe rmrems ef s-Mvl my Irklid, ol eottro von can gel
t. ,i , ).,;. them, but it is unite against the law.
boT luM hie "mMtKh i -
f theae ti- s s. both S, I ff III
. mammmMMmmma1mamaaM at it i am n i j
redwood izmm mm,
Plank. Boards,
Battens, Flooring,
Moulding. Pickets,
Laths, Potftsx
ko.. 8cc, Arc.
WhitR CRrfar Ml
!Har ab
s. aatvssi'
.WkB. x-i
ea. y.
aroel psniv aadfpt?baard,d
S.taS'St Jav lMrVa4wSkvA'
f wslMMllMI rWHaHwd the nspssl
I r -i hv ear son w-ns the emit
y Vesn4 No w.'osas wa
Oti. HI AfHlNC
TTlM.n tTnat stTiri
ttftmn ttviat Witt 1
IW tWw si
sWaOaja a, tsaaaxv
i 'si at,
ra w
SMiTtt 4k VPMB)tfMaf B
I-' In iktt M ft, mv
tv saaafMSW ayea ahtok , ysat u
bava hews) .vnfhssted dastag the pas
ssgat sasaths k abowt M vaeks high, r
Wag, aad U aide, aad its ey&aden ad)
hoM aKwii ut taehes ol a tier A
o - US"
CI Jvi ' v
sJawssi .
TV FdfciiK lkioenr,
Bill, Complete
aaMTUM Si-ti i t u Ijji i raaami amtalt, an
fmY Oram Sat tat aaar lii it lUulms
aaXat taaa, M
ia virtar aa4 uras kvt long, vhata
the fowee W stasd, and it x 4
to a beam engine throagh a still smaller
. y. . . -vi
chsaxbee of the maltiahcator. and after-! march, aad established ourselves there at
i 9 a O JtM tMtSS t i-
ward letting water ran ia from a hydrant T o'clock to await the arrival of the prv-
awAa! the tneawtaeies aje- mat It fMsei. tafcesaioa. The master of the house was a
. t
V .vesyas oaiJhsat w the I edsy ls c "
.e'.i -.-artsat fees VlWaWwrthna '
tViwaavtsa. aaa StSO rHtwtte tM WaWK ,'
there oa the csvssaoa el the vHKa of? the Cv
pshteimi hNvsa the a an) vah to wa. inaj
is ooaivyvU ansa .v-ysavsj at iwaasaawt
aasss..y, sawi aha .J oas a etM up aad
daaiiibaied aaxxusg she ythsahne, k. at
tar gsxiag thsoafh tha reajaane uuaibec td
prsyaM aad .srsvsMa JJ the Caaba, retura
to laaiasacaa, aad theii entry wio that
eity at one o th grvat .vceaoo of t
vear. Th caravan hahs for a night out-
sale tha uvaa, atwi m esaoetad tha leissa
tag atorxuag
w it a arcai reutr
Throagh the streets to the ttoveraieat
W hirod a U. oa th aadceT
White Wne Btoerds,
Wall Paper and order
afi vtrtetj.
riHT$. OH. TllhpfllTUt, nBSB.
talsit -a, A Whites a ah Urmahaa,
leek. Rings,
th esfgkt A Iran
- - - - araammaa atammmma - - i iiiatin
1 1
r ti
m stk is too. y n
(Th, ts MwMUW A
Qaaw jswayyj iZ laws' i aear lasti.
Jut Reeeireti by
Ed ward aTam.es!
the expsataatwaa late) made the inventor devoal Derweeeh, in
baa Wt t -his I nags ior l, sir saw,, t fseeu aad sugar-loaf hat made of brown
bioVfig tofof fc a fahe for a Awsecoads, t Mt, whose devotion did not, however oh
then taraiag a cock to abut off the air, jc to the receipt of aa infidel Xapoleon
the tahe with the hvdraat aad for the occupation of his balcony, nor did
the cock until swScieet water he sectn anaoaad shea his wive aeeued
Withia two unillii after this U uaUnosgh hsif ekeed doors as are went
is performed the cocks oa the up stairs. It was a bright, any, day
Mas and Kfot then soma
aivu oa i.MxUi, w Woa ihexu
jivw aeasned to Us that the .
stred oa the ryd the greater
sahwnhnuoni'f laraMaa. Then aorv
watted hair, aaatu down their hacks
they had scarcely any elothhtg, au.l thatr
fxoaa van alavaa tUckval by asWMara
to the tuu- Xev aauas ifrv
The Mhuil, the gildetl ease iu ahith the
Knaoh 4tslR p vv Ovat tt hnaa'.
a golden canopy, aad it was born by a
magnificent camel, covered with emborid
ery, who, at the end ol ihe pirgramage, is
gar- exempted (fan all filar nor k, and treat
.in. a . tst it, i
Id h . jt VI -MW VM T . TM "V .
haag-r W--V '
ed ruvallv all the reU of his days. The
people went rather mad over the Mahmal
ana aaBapv, aad aha athsndsuMa had to
endure uach hugging. Still, there was
nothing like the religions enthusiasm I ex
pected over either the Mahmal or the pil
grims. To touch this canopy used to be
z.irzLzi aaaOxTua
-vvov aammaara rai aarnmKJ
XcTwu India Pais
WA A Cofceed RJUar. yhti l-g,
ru.:::-: Rattaa Caairs,
MaciRope, P i -
Xesxs Caaphor Traxks,
Ffcs Tea, Bakat Tea,
Ckia Hum, Nxr-kfs CUtk,
JafAsese U- rte-: Mi
Saver Ware, It :-tt Ware.
- MiTTr - yr. vyr.-
OU rssj, 1$ are. Canvas Shoes,
fVv- 1
i S Cr'i l
itui :
, ? a. 1
A - -
A Crrsa J
ImMm FhtTi far,
Caaaa Brick A Stie-waik Stout
ax: JLTiU
AUnVJisr iianp pauaoii SIGAR 1AT IlfiS
rrstTt xxx alat i. a . , i tt-
r. T. UMEMKM a CO.
PsTSsaTaTrrfiaraws jr" " MmUKUm
mm :- -'sjBUaaaoD. mWUk
i lias an xsrwoi xz-i tee r.jwer is
randy for use The Stats wawsiiae exerts
throagh the sasall tabe. one eighth of aa
int is (Saaxeter, a pnasaii varrine frosa
tMO to VUfiOO pooads to the eoaare taoa,
at the wiff of the operator. The nower
m sjcrwratelT measored by a forte rega
tar XCkam tnrJLx? tn U St '
it ss rapidlr aa it is pradeat to perwdt,
the (apply of power always being kept
beiaw isa.faB rayai'.it j
Very thorough tests have been made
by ahoseasttjastedia prnhins; the aryatary.
tone if there was w some trick of con-
tawaaaanxg the hxxAdiagaaTaalkWyn
t' rtaxefa it, aisi it has hsca ftoadag U
haaatedlT wuh water to saaiuin
eeaied. Taaan Tulslj after these teats the
fKrver has been geoerafted. Last Fall aa
d ached by Chief rTngjiwei Rstberford off
the raited States "avy, J. SsxowsVa BeS,
a irrhnniril eagjaeer. Wo. Boekd.
aaairrsa,aasi Chaw, R Coffier, a law
yer at una rsty, sad the
the fowar aiI IHinascus was out to see the sight, i nUMinati an jnatiatab Matting, aad j
t. A v a-aikj ximtawh tha sVr.v , - Jlshomet said of the pilgrim, " God par-1
As we washed throadt the deaea crew d
to oar post of otawi inlioa I thought we
night meet with rcdeoesf . A Mohamme
dan festival ia a tanatieal city like Damas
cus is not aa occasion for Christians to
walk abroad. But everybody was civil
msngh, and it was a better behaved
crowd than any Eogfish crowd I hare
ever seen. The street was
on a or movixg colok
Lit ap by brilliant sunshine The little
opec stop rt Zakrl wita women aod
chiVlrHi. and looked like
The wcaiSa aad ao
jiimf - aiagaaee saeh as aae seea hi
Cairo, whes the eyes are always uncovered
aad the veil is of the thinest maslio.
Here tSey wore a Urge white fiaen cloak,
corapkteJy biding tha fens, aad a dark
colored cotton sEtS, as eompletery ooocehl
Ing the Bee. They always sat together,
too, aerer with Uxe maa, 2f m 4 hns
inad does not roogme bis wires aare ia
be privacy of bis Txarem There were
soase large ptaae treat ia the street, and
hoys ia yellow or red cotton garments
squatted ia the branches. Jaat opposite
rae tha ri 1 area Mantha,
ran ssaa
Stock ol Soli. CM. mi Sit. JiitJri
WitDtH A OOas
HntiiUfts bMlat ftftft '
OASAf M the Caaaaeti
White 44 nrtrtirefM AOeed
Uf HHav HI CM!
Ca gaajassata aaWaS Vaah aaat aXwASaaat
ftawawaana, nwaw t wU waWJ gaaaaaya
ansa it nstaian,
baa Sal Sanaa taasaaa.
Ha ilufe of! La
cava, asjnxi. wass,
And other Fancy AxUolaa !
Call Son aad aeexrt Oraat Baighsas
Mahomet said of the pilgrim, " God par-
doneth the pilgrim and him for whom the
pilgrha tmptoneth xuawJoB. In the old
days a mad crowd struggled and fought
to touch the trtDgs, and saeh pilgrim was
beset with the incessant cry, 44 Pray for
pardon for me, O pilgrim." But religious
snaa as in ran ar neare.
A. W. PIR Sl CO.
Offer for 8ale
i.. ..I
nxiu raaash,
taw Can t iStat swataW U a St a ttl at..,
Downer's Kerosere Oil,
rami noama sua.
asrsas ami HsiaK s .. I east i
- -t4t., SStt.
Iltt lit ! tiai, II ti
Mai Kst LmI..
(i -iktt rt. Rt hh
nasa ossa Mssaaja. aea aaa
Masa. Cliai ii. I tat VtUt aU sVn Ut,
T Uiaaas-t la it la.. Ttaaal Tatkt-4 aUa.
w. W, Mat, Btss. Sent s4 fssanh I
Palf Htai frS. Vanst ITtssllag.
Ctra Sunk. Wktuas. MttaOa Ptiat,
Hsow Wktts lias, Easter Besssss. paars.
a largs Saw i la tat vf Atawsyt. i
Raaaaw, enaaar.
Lai Urn, fawns aaa. In. I .
A hw atses f aW baa) PiSax aha rwawrrtaf iaj.
i ttao
viving a liuk in the West. Then: has not
been a mosque built ia Damascus for the
last twenty rears, and there are Etc rally
f n j ftr scores lying ia raias ia aad aboat the city.
wub i Formerly tt wss dt nyueur for neb men to
make large gifts to the churches, and
many mosques are rich in the presents of
departed devotees. Such donations hare
now quite gone out of fashion. Bat fa
naticism and the habit of Jrajer rwmain
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onslaught oaj svxgrish
made La the official joBxaal of Syria I
When the Maemn calls to prayer tan
shopkeeper stitt leave ass hsigaas, sad
area the rider will often get down from
aad fall to bis
Lime and Cement,
California Hay,
y Steamer from Shi fTiharfave,
Potatoes, Onions, Ac.
Per Jane A. Faf kf nburr,
OtSfsa OrM Saais. Osssaa haaa
Fraih Bala?, I tai i a. Ua.
Also, on nartta,
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Ctitirttort. Hatat Boat. Caaal Banaaa.
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y Osaata, tSat ta f KtaaS. IkU.
1 Shelf Hardware, SMr, tumtm
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saaatas for
Perry Deris' Parnklller,
PahOM fait Work
A Large kmt. tf eikr fitted
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