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It . urHIIKIll
ac to appoint M. P
i the rank of (4vn-
it ha meant hm v"? tteapraatnioer.. xj. K. htrc-ook
at kMrti 0 tm of ibr Rur: orurr of
ri has eb rweat nhajeetr tr make th lufhjalat
Th financial crisis m San Francisco, caused
try :1k stMe.nsrPti of thr H&iik of California ami
worn other tank, efrdftl on the Id inst.. y th
1iir.i.j of the a bore lTwritntion. in a ranch
stnirtjrer conJitvB than it has evwbeen le-fore.
All iu branches, in th various Eastern cities
axui in Europe, as well as the Bank in this city.
hive rrtumvi tho same triatrial to it m prior
in. P.panenai by : U the disaster. The effect jimjucej ly the re-
ibrfuwiui- sutsptii t: has been to restore public cotifijeuce
Jen.r M of lieoUau. t nronM aa vt . , - .w,.f.,t )nt .,, ,,,,,rt t hmivai
in that state the same activity which has al-
The business relations
Th Hon. C C. Harris. Kolsk! fDffimaixVr oT thefloyaJ
Order at k-annhameba L. te be KaahtClramI '-rues.
F AH-e Eitkrht iteanpana.r of th Ko rel Ctrdrr
(Werner a UOn, (A t Kb. Is? .
flenapovina, after a wilaVgwae chase after
the insurgent hea.kiuters. which are literallY
" in the sidttle," anU without having accom
plished anything in the wy of negotiation.
The rebels are scattered and worn out, and th
country is at the mercy of the Turks and
greatly desolated, one of the deplvralU ac
ctmpaniments of Turkish fighting Wing the
presence of large bodies of irregulars from An
atolia and Albania, who eat up everything, or
km and destroy what they leave. A joint ap
peal of lh Christian powers to the Porte to
make concessions and restore peace is the last
thing talked of.
Aaatrallaa Mall Service.
thai Mr
It f Mr In Hot tltetrs at lb. Ivrt of H
Note- ta hereby fiTrn tkst the aaU Jinn Caett baa
beew nsrosaaetl aa YV-r Cotatul aforeeakl. and all peraom
wavs characteriied it.
W. 1- l
Wcatrl of IVrvtSB A Mia.
lAept, of Funis AeaUm.Uaawlals.OrL lUh. in.
I tfUream Kipirlas; sat Ot-totsvr
i of onr ort have ln so intimately connected
with it for many years that any other result
ottlu have been accompanied with more or
less disaster, and it is gratifving to te able to
announce its successful resumption.
OAHt S-Fww A takae. For St. Huwoietu
a Ak Tsa. KsJThi. Koae.
WUdrr A lis., cur Hail in A Furl Site. Honolulu
id .tli Wans. Merchant s-t. Honolulu.
I Won. tk. A t o. Naitauu M. alom.lutQ.
1 1 ' has tartan. Fort St. Honolulu
lu-K o Hall A !noc. cor kmc A Fort ta. Hot.
la Kd HeSrteease. tArn-tam St. MsoaUlu.
10 Cheesf A (.XL. Nauana Bt, Honolulu,
ts Heete. tioolawpeke
3 at rump A Or.. Kaehiiaeu St. Honolulu.
1 J T aatrfK-oar. vjorati tk Haoolmlu
1 Alaa. k"aaaaa.. I
KAVWAVM I Sal Kakaiuear. Koaa.
S-s UASatkl. UUtMBra. lluo.
U- vtaas Arli art Kaulara. KUc
nrc Ai-bon. KaUaa. kuoa Akaa.
IJ-Job- nuuooa. UUu.
1 BoOa. A Co.. Qaern St. Bonolala.
r - ITin!... (v Vdiumi ST llonolrCs
-WaurACu..ourFortAUiiorn!.li.airioli::u I a.ilirce 'rilh
rnnii: a sop. corKliu: 4 Furti.
Arbuck. NuaaOJ St. tUaaMla
krbalt Spirit,.
" lr vAala. Liini rr Umian. iiuauatla.
SMrkSt KpArfaa.
V Frank Brow-. Mmbar.t at. Horjolnrc.
T-Jobb McKracw. Hrrla. Koouvupuko.
-Ak Cbai. Nuuaau lioaolulo.
- A Waltrr. Labakm. Haal
nJ R Rlaok
11 J
Kona. Oabu.
: -"Tboa W Errrrtl. IvaiK of
-AUaa Hrrbrrv. Noa. (0 A St.
a A r Kaauktra. No. IX
S' -4-barfV Noa. 14 A I-ti-Joha
Flhl. Nos. 1 A It
ll-Kamaka a Soa. 1. It. A .
tt John Bakrr Labalaa. MauL
Hoauhi'U. tatha.
1 w T i nop. r. Makaaao. klaal
1 JTJtlan Jnov ortb Kcbata. HaanJL
J v kraupuai.
7 O Wallrr. Uonolaln.
ha Makrkwao. XaaL
Jo&B Eautrr, Labaiaa Mali L
IT-Uenrr Bell. Sorth Kobal. Hawaii.
taOrurgT WLUaou. Honolulu, Oabu.
take PeddUaa;.
t -araaa
s aa sa.
14 Ab Hera
Ax article will be found in another coMmn
on the new Australian aerice, w hich will be
fully inaugurated in January 1-76 After full
inquiry in San Krancisco, we fiud that neither
the company which has taken the new con
tract, or any otin-r company or firm, so tar as
we can learn, is willing to establish steam coro-
1 TiiniiicatHHi between San Krancisco aud llcino-
lulu, without asubsidy of sume aiaouut ; -while
some even demand that a certain a&uiuut of
frfight la? pledged to the steam line if estab
lished, in addition 10 any subsidy granted,
i The whole thing may be stated in a few words :
i we caniKit have steam communication from any
vl n subsiiy. Therefore, is it not
belter for us to make a contract with a com
panji fully able to serve us anj which offers
. ;. bridge . r tin l'a. iti. . and give us a seven
or eight days service hi the finest steaaiships
ever floated on this ocean ? Or shall we de
cline to treat with them, and trust to lack, or
return to sailing packets, making from IS to 31
days passage, as they have lately ? Xo disin
terested person, desirous of promoting the pros
pcuty vt the islan ls, can hesitate wlikh to
liiur.i' nifrrasioa.
Sorae idea of the eiteut to which the Chinese
an migrating to other countries, may be learned
from a memorial to the Imperial Government
of Cliina, from the Governor of Shanghae. In
this memorial he urges the appointment of di- j
piomatic and consular representatives in all
countries where Chinese are settled. He esti
mates the number ot Chinese in Australia and
California at 250.000 : in Siam at 250,000 . in
Singapore. 100,000 ; in Penatig. S5.000 : in Ma
uila, 25,000: and iu Japan, 10,000 making
a total of 720,000. In this list no account is
taken of Peru or Culia, or several other coun
tries which lave respectable numbers of China
men. The memorial is a significant indication
of the change in opinion iu the Celestials. They
have at last discovered that they must finally
come into the family of Nations and adopt the
The British steamship Vasco de Gama, which
arrived at this ort on Tuesdai, is the first
' vessel despatched from San Francisco by the
I Pacific Mail Company, to engage in tho mail '
service which it has undertaken to perform for
the colonies of Xew Zealand ami New South I
, Wales joiutly. She is sent ctt in order to have
a vessel at Sydney, to commence tlie service
on the lyth of November the date when the
contract of this Company begins. As before
stated, it will continue for eight years, with an
annual subsidy of $449,950 for thirteen trips,
leaving each terminus every twenty-eight days.
The new boats of the Company, ot which there
I w ill I five, are not yet ready lor the service,
which necessitates the temporary employment
1 of three other vessels the Vasco de Gama,
! Colima and Milcado which will bring the
j mails leaving Sydney November 19th. De
1 oember 17th and January 14th. On the return
ol the above vessels to San Francisco, they will
' lie superceded by the three now boats building
at Cliester, Pennsylvania, and now nearly ready
for service A description of those vessels
will lie of interest in this connection.
They are iron plated screw steamers of about
3000 tons burthen, resemble each other iu
size and equipments, and are fitted with OOB
j pound engines, as well as all modem improve
i ments. There are accommodations on each
I for Is) saloon passengers, 34 Becoud-class and
120 steerage. They have been fitted np ez
' pressly for convenience of travelers across the
tropica belt of tne Pacific, and are believed to
surpass any steamers of their class that have
I been seen in this ocean. The first of these
vessels, the City of San Francisco, sailed from
New York for San Francisco September 20th ;
the second, tlie City of New York, was to sail
from New York, for San Francisco Oct. 15th;
and the third. City of Sydney, leaves New York
November 10th.
A recent telegram from New York says, of
the first named of these vessels :
The dc Paciac Mall rteamstiip City of Sin Fran,
clsco cleared from New York tor Sau Francisco on
the 90tti Soptcmoer. Tbe priactpat knJ uorcl facts
are, first, l tut tbe ran during bcr trial trip etc Tea
knots, or 391 miles per hem. As the entire
distance from Sydney to San Franaftico, via
Xandavu and llcnolalu is 05S0 ariles, the
above t-eal will take, tlieiu through in 23 days,
leaving Id hours for stoppages at the ports
named- A speed of 1 1 knots ( which they
are supposed to be amply able to perform, )
would take tlie ships through in 23 days and
20 hours, leaving over three days for stop
The Itlivnirr conies out in defence of Arnold
and his " New Theology ; but he soon found
the task of defending an nnimagined and un
imaginable system too difficult, and gave it up.
The is-wu which separate Christians are quite
numerous, and the Hiints on which they dis
agree canuot all be founded on truth : yet if a
theology could be devslopsd harmonizing in
every particular with truth and the highest
reason, it wonld not probably differ so much
from the best systems now extant as to deserve
the epithet of AW, and why speak of "the
hard theology of Augnstine and Calvin, the
Westminister Catechism and the Athenasian
Creed ?" These systems, no doubt, contain
statements which seem hard ; and so did the
theology of Christ. Those disposed to com
plain cried out, "this is a hard saying; who
ran hear it?" or who can endure it ? (John
6:60.) and their dissatisfaction was so great
that "tliay went back, and talked no more
with him."-
The Idtmdtr has heard ministers of the gos
jh'1 apical to purely selfish motions in urging
to a religious life : but has he ever thought
how few would be tlie motives left, if all of a
selfish character should be excluded ? The
redeemed-in heaven are doubtless influenced
by purely unselfish motives ; but it is other
wise with mankind generally.
We should like to enlarge on "the hard
theology of Augustine,'' and of the others
mentioned, and on the motives fitting to influ
ence people to enter iihui a religious life ; but
a newspaper seems hardly the place.
We said that the Islandrr gave up the task
of defending Arnold, because, after a few sen
tences, he gives Lis own sentiments on the
need of improvement in the science of theology.
as wan as to niter frtdoallj toto the brook, and
krrplt full
TUtd'f. Tbli freqofi.t floolmc carries a vast
imoanl as? lurfacs Impurttlra from the and Into the
hiaos, ataklnir ths wilef fool. Tbe sfdlnsry drala
ire being unrotvrst) by vegetation. Is alio more or
Irsa impure. Thr native vrfretatlon acted aa a nata
rl filter, rendcrlog sweet and pure the water drain
ing tsroagh It, the moltltodloout fJbrlM of growing
roots coiiilnnallT Absorbftu: and traDaforrslsg all
Another and zvest evil Is here brotnrbt to mind
which doc not precise If appertain to tho subject In
band. That Is tbe rapid lltlttg Bp of our barbor by
the mud ol Nouanu IrrtheU, washed down from tbe
(airly drnaJrd foot. hills as well as the whole surface
of tbe appcr valk t. Ridr up there and obsorrr the
naked lops of Ibe fooMillls lying; against tbe mount
ain butresarwou each side, aad sec what quantities
of soil erarj heavy rain mult now bring dnwu,
whrn there Is no thick )un(lct lo arrest II. Where
dor this mud go Into our harbor lo destroy It.
It I only of late year that tbe subject of denuda
tion and forest growth hire received sclcnllfictreat
ment, and the conclusion established have yet to
make tbctr way to tbe public mind so Intelligent on
many ubjects, Carrlal lnvetlgl loo and rrlecllon
on Ibe subject In the light nl modern rlence most
con? ince any one thai the preaeut denudation of our
upper valley Is fatal to both tbs purity and the
abundance of our water supply, and that Its restora
tion to It primitive condition by removing all cat
tle, affords a prompt, cheap and certain meant Of
securing m unfailing and rxbtostles flow of water
adequate lo all our necessities. In comparison, any
other device, such ts tbst of reservoirs Is faille tod
trumentriy expensive and wasteful. At to pastures
betow the nag Ion In qutstion, much less rain falls
tharc, uor docs their coudltiou materially affect that
of the ttream. The state of the upper valley I
aloceuf Importance to the waler supply. Cms.
For the Hawaiian Gssrltr.
The Water apply nad the
ls it not tht source, but as the ilfmtimv seems
miles per hour, on t consumption ot seventeen tout to imply, is our dependence to be solely on ccr
of coal per day. and tlxtecn mile per hour, on tajn gnrincs at the foot of the valley?
na. Fiakci B. llrRtmaa has horn thai day ap
awtaSrA rtraWan of tt- Insane Asjlotn and Port rtirsi-
- I. . . J I ., T i - .
flksjta w. L. Mosmoxca. general system of international relations
Mialater of Uw Interior.
InamurOtsr. SaaiL Sun. IfTS.
panih .llftiirn.
The Sal law I Kg perwsaa have bees eooatnla-
s: r.-' as Ta A I allrrlara uo-'ec the prr-Ttsioos of Sec-
ISaa Ba of Usa CKS CSjAs :
OAHl' Boasabtra .Oaorgs IT. Lace.
Kaa a Wassnar John K V iis una.
Waatlua. J. Artnara.
K. .-laji-ia.-.- . PaukjknL
UAWAII HSO li. W. A. Hapal
Fwaa T. E. Faoaroj.
Kan W. T. Martin.
feuuih aluoa. II. cuuper.
Nora Em n. H. ahlnn.
SorU tikilt las. Wood.
Snath guhsis K. I'. Kalkaht.
" Tifrrr C. WTmama.
atari Tiklh f. O Xsarss.
WalinAa i I. Aboiu.
Maksaau J A
Harta .
Kal Al-Witw in 1. H.
: . K. w
I ey-M nf Fl
A. B. W ilcox.
-kUba Kanon.
JKk S.
There has been a change of Ministry in Spain,
as is supposed oil account of the loo literal
tendencies of the premier Castillo. But corre
spondence published since the change shows
that the late premier was not so stiff in his
hostility to the priesthood as had been sup
posed ; that the Pope has his promise that tlie
new Government would try to observe the con
cordats or treaties with the Papal government,
and that, therefore, the late circular of the
Xuncio to the bishops was not as unjustifiable
twenty eight tout per dty, an economic result never
before achieved ; and second, that her first cabin it
tbe OKH-t Ueaulilul ever seen, beiug finished with
fliteeu varieties ot polished hard aood. They are til
ot 3.500 tons, CattOaS House measureuicut, and !&!
(cut length ou water Uue: breadth, 40 feet; depth
Iron: base line to spar deck, 3D leet and 6 inches and
are supplied with tarocora pound engines.
Besides the three American ship named above,
there are two British Iron crcw stcauisbtps, tbe
Zcaliodia and Nova Cambria, built expressly for
this service by Messrs. John Elder.v. Co., tbe famous
Clyde ship builders, who couatautly employ over
7000 workmen. These vessels register 3130 tout.
British measurement (tbool 4006 tont American),
are 375 leet iu length, 38 feet 6 inches beam, and 28
feet and 9 luetics depth bald. Each It filled with
one of Ibe new tiye three-ejlinder compound en
glues, tbe high pressure cylinder baring a diameter
of 45 Inches, wllb 5 feet stroke, and the two low
pressure cylinders having a diameter of 62 Inches
tod 5 feet stroke. A set speed of 14 knott is guar
teed by the builders. The passenger sccomiuoda
tiont are on tbe tame liberal scale at in the American
shlpa ISO saloon, 60 second class and 120 steerage.
Tbe dining saloon It ol ample dimensions, 60 feet by
Later from Australia and New
By the arrival of the steamer Macgregor, on
Sunday, afternoon, 22 days from the Colonies,
we have Australian dates to tho 21th ult.:
VTe tak the following from tbe Fiji .trys of the
27th August, with refarenee to th stranding of lb
Hawaiian schooner Uauniltii : "Ws rtcrat Iasu
that this beautiful schooner, commanded And owned
by Captain BerrUt. was stranded on th outar reef.
North of th Island of Mabalau. ou th night of
Friday last. This rassst, which flies th Hawaiian
flag, has for th lait tselrs moata. bs in th trad
between Fiji and Auotlaad, in which trad it was
intended she should bar bean kept, aad lft Auck
land with a full cargo of lumber and mrrchandts for
Messrs. Owen and tirthiin, of Auokltnd, that Arm
baring alio an tltablisbment at Tongatabu. She
mad the run to the Frieudly Iilaod in iven days,
where, having discharged th luiater and other
articles, sh took in twenty five tons of cobra, and
started f r tbii port. On Friday sh was well in
sight of Oral so, tnd on thr evening of Ibat day wai
near Agau, steering ber Conrs with a fair although
light breeie. At midnight, to the turpriie of all on
board, the took the ground, a strongly westarly current
baring evidently carried her many miles to leeward.
Tbe vessel baring gone on the reef at flood tide was
carried considerably on to its crown, there being little
surf, without great damage. Captain Berrill endeavor
ed to get her off. but fruitlessly, and unfortuoatrly
lost hi only boat in endearoring to carry out a kedge
anchor. Ihe weight or wbieh burst and sunk it. His
Excellency the Governor on hearing Ibat a vessel
wsi on the reef promptly despatched Lieut. Knollys.
A. 1. C. to make iuquiries. and with offers of assist
ance. By the tlovernment boat Captain Berrill wai
etnbled to reached Levuka on Monday evening. H
at once reported what b.vd occurred lu Mr. Murrav.
Uut is it not obvious tlrat these springs ore j ,ne. Coniul foi Hawaii. With great consideration,
quite inadequate to the necessities of a growing Captain Sttians. of II. M. S. Uarracouta, despatched
town wants steadily augmenting with the j a steam pinnae to tbe wreck, and on Mooday after
habit of using the water, and with the pro- I noon the steamer Prid ol Viti, having oa board
.-r.,.il.-.v;lirt;.,n ..lid tli....r.iwth.ifiuinmve. Wain Uernll. ilr Murray. Lieutenant .Ma aw. ..
The question of reclaiming the upper Xuu
aiiu Valley from denudation by cattle, would
seem by late articles in the Ailrrrtiser to be
less understiMxl than it should c.
The first point is this. Is the upper valley
th? source of the water supply of Honolulu ?
and therefore to ba kepi in liest condition for
furnishing water I ..th abundant and pure ? Or
We answer that these springs themselves
depend for their waler upon the upper valley.
If the capacity of that surface for receiving
and retaining water is inipairetl, the springs
must lie diminished iu volume.
menu in house's and gardeus. Are we indeed
as the Ailctrtis-r says, to shut down our taps,
as i! seemed. Moreover, the rumor that the I 2ST, with ID inch tide port, and a dome 17 fort in
Nuncio had been recalled is contradicted, and, ' diameter. These British ships promise to surpass.
supreme Court.
Jcrnca Jcnrv Pkbsidixo.
Oct li If Scuriever vs. Jobn H Wood. Ms i
eko prose at ton Tried by a Jury, who after an
a bar ocr ol 3S mlnuir retsrBcd a unanimous verdict
for the plau-.f. damage S. F Preston lor
plaintiff ; J. Montgomery tor defendant.
George William vs. James H Black. Slander.
An explanation wa filed by delcndaot, and upon
that a discontinuance was entered by plaintiff's
E. U. Stanley for plaintiff, E. Preston
in fact, it looks as if the AlfonsisU were again
bidding against the Carlists for the support of
the prieeu. The stories about the militarv
operations are as conflicting as ever, but it
seems as if the Government forces were really
; gaining ground. The longer Alfonso manages
I to sUy ou tlie throne, the better his cliances
' are, and the order for an election of the Cortes
If it be possible, tbe American vessels, tnd together
thcr will make the fleetest tnd most eomfortable
passenger ship afloat. The Zealandia will leave
' London December 10th for Sydney, to take bcr
j place lo tbe line, to be followed by tbe Suva Cam
I brla a month later.
The price of passage through from San
i Francisco to Sydney, or to Port Chalmers, in
! New- Zealand, a distance of 7500 miles, will lie
December looks as if he thonght himself j ?200 or 40 the cheapest rate on any ocean
li. Tbe King vt. Awong. needless riding,
rnaoaa-r pleaded guilty, and wa sentenced by tbe
Court to pay a Ene of $35 and cost.
Tbe Kinr. vs. Ah QuaL Furious riding. Prisoo-
I .eaCAtf t -; : 0 wl s-ntccv-d 1 tii Court
to pay a flee of $25 and costs.
strong enough to set up a regular Government
A good deal will depend on its composition
when it tueeU.
Hsslsess li i-.. i- ta America.
The autumn trrde, says a New Tork paper,
has made good progress dnrirrg the fall, and in
some departmenu there has been a degree of
activity not witnessed for several seasons. The
rule, however, with buyers continues to be to
Uke small lots, make quick sales, and replen
ish stock frequently. Under favorable circum-
W. n. Stone vs. W F. Alleo, Collector General i stances, such as seasonable weather, country
Appeal from decision of Mr. Jattiee Harris. Tried I traders can buy goods for " cash," and turn
by aysrj arks after as bnc ot a) minutes, re- them into monev. and make their pavmenU to
turned a antnimoa. verdict for pl.lBtlttd.iu.gr, cilv tte tirne which' the
Ser A S Hart well lor pltictiff, K. H. Stanley i , . ... ,.
for defendant. j cash covers. In business like this no paper
Caaaksl Wright et si. vs. Ntrsey Sewneret si. j w mde' Dd extent to wh!cn .'' is carried
EJee-menL Tried by Hawaiian jury, who after tn ! on is an explanation of the small stock of mer-
abscocc ot 1 hour and a) annate returned a verdict caatile paper in the market. The favorable
lor the deiersdtirt, S dissecting. Exception ootcd. side of this kind ot business is its entire safetv
J. r. and J. Koii Uoaaca tor plaintiffs; A. j to J coocensed ; the unfavorable side is tha't
6 iiartwxtl for dMawta, I .. . , . . . r .
it betokens lack of confidence in the future.
Bovu tee rru Co car.
14, Tke Kit sc. A wans. Atsacit wiib intent The croP e cowji'ry meet the highest ex-
to kill. The rsriaooer baring pleaded guilty on tbe pecUtions ; the lowest estimate for cotton is
and Mr. Child, carpenter of II. M. ship, with Cap
tain Hedstrum, proceeded to tbe wreck for tbe purp.
of holding a furrev. A nrotest harini been entered.
and closely economize-to stint our grass and th, erg0 on bolrd WM iod 0J luction fur ,,,, of
4 i 'a.-'.ir. ALd U.:ig rvmAcdrd. sat tMs wSV, SS
l of tbe Attorney General, arraigned for judg
wbee tbe Cone, sentenced him to fine of $50
and tsUmrarttosed 'or years arsd eosttt4ts
Averv et sit. vs. Pt earner Cypbreces. On trpctl
4,250,000 bales, and from this it runs up to
4,630,000 bales. With snch a crop, even at a
low price, the South particularly and the coun
try generally canuot fail to be largely benefited.
tiwss aVactataci of Chid Jscticc Alien. QocaUas of Other Southern crops, like sugar and rice, are
liabilltv Brgwed tnd submitted E. Preston tna E. , also exceptionally good. In the West, wheat
T OtUlloran tor sppejlsxi ; a. s. Hart well for will be above the average, and the corn crop
IS. Defendant tnbmitt to tbe lodgment of the ! wiU Orgeat ever produced. A low price
Cosn. Jswrsterrt entered for plaintiff with costs, f.vr cotton is ineviul le. both becanse of the
L itn. ni.i.tisr. J p r.H,r.,.i-.i...
L Marv-baotv H F Marcuant. Set for hearinc ininjsnse crop and the depressed condition of
B tbe aXh (lass day).
Attsactics Aminsi. Mr. Charuss
Brwskt' tascry that Asia was settled froa
aad America free. Asia, it attxaetiag so sac aitaauoa.
Mr. Srwaks. whose caper, read lartsrc tbe Csliforcia
A liiiaj Piacni. has Wen sac aliened in the
TTsawa, snogs thai th probabilities an is favor of
his Hear, far tr.ee. icaassc : 1st. That taw Western
Contioswl i ewo'egianlly older thaa the Eastern, aad,
man nfact tiring inten.su iu England.
Tarkeyaadkcr K. iolied Provinces.
The news from Earope. says tbe Aiatio, is
mainly made up of rum- rs and cv)untr-ntrnors
frosa llerxegovina. Aa a general mle, the re
ports of insurgent successes have turne-i oat
false, while those of Turkish successes have
ttsrrfsr. wet earlier fitted for U dereiopaeat of been cocfirrrjed, a circmnstance which prepares
xsa. iha: Ut tarasat ChiL-e . , . ' .
raeoras ear the aeeesi. ri eaae frva asms th. see. m "e-spwte-n to me uoanoo amaaru w
a bureau has been established at Belgrade
an . l bat tae Trasse wnsae er rae rnerse wetus carry
a reeesl frost Pern U the eesst of Soe there China,
r. Beaoti aratioe oe striking erramt,-e whiet
if a t a rri et ha theory, it a wwnderfal eWnet.
At Cepee, in CeatrnJ Aaaerica. a two-horned
iks bees ftead which is caw caknewa here.
cases sttcatj the Chicece ryahot of
i tact I okre wss a
king, whs
for furnishing false and warlike news,'' which
is not unlikely. The Servians have worked
themselves up to fever heat, and have been
mobilizing their troops, buying horses and
maL-intr . o K r V 1 : . nr.Mr.riM. V.nr .L.
froa over the see i . . . .. . ? .
restraiBing haad ot Austria anil dotibdess pre-
Mr Breekt' theory is eertcialy e piaessUs awe. rm, ,nv rscthreah r.f hnartiliriee rtsnasert, th
That cwewssa ef the beauc race which sckcbMi the i . .
n rsnsi eld World did eertsenly deeceed frea the u always danger from chance collisions on the
I' sf Ma i sat was knew, hat thai tk aliinutc frontier. It is almost impossible for a Turkish
Caatawswawawawaen Ssf wtaM AffWf wft1 NsM tawVartMcl cstaM MeaV tVsi t C
teal esd werid, A arise T And we knows hat that, patrol or sentinel to look long at an roamed
if we sisfscci the isvcsflgariea far esoagh. wc shall Servian without taking a shot at him, and the
tad that Adea wa a Digger tadaa. esd that the ,.i,. , .. L
nmmt eiEdacu located sotsewhere is the Sell conTer equally trae. The mediating con
Lake ViXey. I sals have got back to Mostax, the capital ot
route of similar length in the world. Passen-
gers will be al- lowed io stop at the Fijis, and
I again at Honolulu; and can, if they choose,
I remain over a month at each point. When
j to these attractions is added the excursion in
1 palace cars across the American continent,
j there can be no donbt that most of the travel
will pass over this route, which, even with the
' inferior vessels thus far employed, has beecmie
very popular with all who have beeu over it.
The route taken by these steamers, on leav
: ing San Francisco, will be via Honolulu and
i Kandavo, in the Fiji Group. From Kandavu,
i the service will fork the mails, paasengers,
and freight being transferred to a branch
Biciiuct, suiiii goes to aui'iiiiiu ana run i
Chalmers, which is the terminus in South New I
Zealand, while the through boat proreeils to
i Sydney. On the return trip, the steamer which
I leaves Port Chalmers each month will be the
vessel that goes through to San Francisco, the
I mails, passengers, and freight from Sydney
being transferred to her at Kandavu from the
branch boat. This " forked service," as it is
called, has been found to be the only one which
satisfies all parties in the colonies, as it places
the people of Sydney and New Zealand on the
same footing.
It is believed that when the new vessels now
builJing are placed on the route, which will
j not be until after January next, there will be a
large increase, not only in ths number of
. passengers, bat in the trade between this pert
and the colouies. With such vessels as those
j we have described, and with the low fares and
increased speed it cannot be otherwise. It is
! expected that the London mails will then be
( regularly delivered in Auckland and Sydney
in forty days, or ten days less than the present
average by tlie Suez route.
The first vessel to leave Sydney, tmder the
i auspices of the Pacific Mail Company, will be
! the r.rsco de Gvmn, Nov. 19. She will be fol
lowed by the Colim,i, December 17 ; then by the
A'.Aoii.. January 15, at which date ths new
ships will be ready to take their places, and
! the three above named will be withdrawn, na
i neither of them has the speed nor the acoom
' da ri oris rerjvrired by tbe contract.
We may add here that tbe directors of the
, Pacific Mail Company do not engage to have
, their ships touch at Bonolnln, should it be
: found necessary to omit it from the pro
I gramme, in order to make the schedule time
of 27 days from Sydney to San Francisco re
' quired by the new contract. We are however
of opinion that the new ships can easily per.
form their task, touching at Honolulu, provid
ed they have a reliable ses speed of eleven
our trees, when every few weeks torrents are
wasted in the sea which ought to be stored in
nature's own wilderness reservoir? Is no pro
vision to be made for reclaiming to verdure the
barren skirts of Punchbowl, and the farther
plains whose unequalled fertility lies athirst ?
Springs indeed !
Uut the Adrtrtiser lias virtually conceded
our answer by advocating reservoirs above,
which are needless if the springs are adequate.
The secoud question is, will the removal of
the cattle from the upjier valley render the
water supply full and unfailing? Will it pro
duce the result sought from tho artificial res
ervoirs proposed, by restoring a native condi
tion of the'surface constituting a vast natural
reservoir ?
To answer tin's, we need fo ascertain clearly
the change iu the surface of the land which has
baan wronght by cattle.
Some six hundred head of cattle running for
sixteen years past on the twelve or fifteen hun
dred acres ol land lying for three miles below
the Pali, have toUlly changed tlie condition
and character of that surface, as is obvious to
every one acquainted with it formerly and now.
Tbey have destroyed the greater part of the
wood and have eradicated the undergrowth en
tirely, laying the formerly protected surface
entirely open to the sun and tbe strong trade
At the former period the entire region was covered
by a deep and Impenetrable jungle, composed of rank
mouotsin vegetation not to speak of tbe large ex
tent of low forest. Now tbe ground is an opes
sward. Tbe jungle is gone. Then it was one vast
tponge, charged everywhere with water lying pure
among tbe rank herbage and like all such mountain
tracts, an impenetrable swamp a reservoir of water
as pure as Taboe, tnd in capacity snch as no engi
neering skill or royal treasures cuald construct.
Now it it dry, clear traveling throughout. Oar
great reservoir is gone, tunihiiated by tbe bipi. and
we drink the scanty and not too pure drainage of a
very fine cow-psstare.
It msy be s question bow far, in a peculiarly rain,
concentrating locality Uke that near tbe Psli, foreit
clad or denuded conditions of tbe surface would op
erate respectively to attract or repel passing showers,
as such condition certainly do open ate io ordinary
situations. Bat tbey mast operate to some exttot.
So wide s surface cannot be lelt naked to Ibe eol.r
rays without aclirclj beating Ibe sir passing over it,
and so disslpwllng tbe otherwise rain-giving clouds
that drive through the gorge.
Bet tbe etiief prrseres certainly in opera tiera In erne
lea. familiar to us, but perhaps more exsctly ascer
tained by scientific soalysls Ibtn Is the one last men
tioned. It is this that evaporation from a nsked
surface is vsstlj more rapid tban from one clothed
by heavy undergrowth. How much longer tbe
ground remains damp nnder a thicket than In the
opes .lr. -A long and thorongb series of expert
menu of late years In Germany have resulted in de
termining tbe ataouat of evaporation as follows:
that an open ground being reckoned at 100, tbe
relative .moant under clean forest is 30, bnt In for
eat jungle i only 14. That I., jungle .nests sU
sevenths of the evsporatloo. Tbi. It no mere by
pot arsis, bat a completely established principle
and agrees with, and accounU for tbe present dry
condition of the v.liey as compered with it. former
wet state.
What eJtecU do wc thus dad upon oar water sp
ply, from the depctturieg of the upper valley ?
Fint. The aster that once filtered gently but
cbundantly into the brook, keeping It foil and dear,
now rapidly drive, off into tbe cir, borne aacy by
san-hest end trade wind. What the jungle once tr
retted aad stored up lor continuous use, is now lost
in tbe air, and oar stream trickle, tbln and fool.
Secondly, Whenever scary rain, fall, tbe water be
ing unobstructed by herbage, washes in torrents at
once Into tbe brook, end is carried Into tbe sea In a
soddes food. Is the native condition of tbe land,
these water remained distributed on tbe surface, to
gradually soak in for tbe benefit of springs below,
til ooseerned, by Mr. Cudlip on Wednesday hut,
Twenty-Are sailors end an officer were despatched
early on Wedoesday morning to the outr reef, to
assist iu discharging the cargo of tbe Plenties, with
a view of endeavoring to sars the vessel if possible.
The Dauntless had Out been gut off wheo tbe Oeaan
Ware left. She was insure ! in tbs National f ir Ihe
sum of 1,000, cud half reinsured in the South
Tbe Intercolonial Eihibilion in Victoria was open
ed at noon on the 31st Augosl, by his Hacelleooy tbe
Actiog-tjuvcrnor. Ab ut 5000 parsons wer preeeat
to witness the eeremnny, cnmpletely crowding the
boildiog. Nearly 1000 season-tickets bar been dis
posed of. On tb dai were tbe Coinmissiooar from
other colonies, as also tbe Japanese Commissioners.
There are a very large number of exhibits, principal
ly from Melbourne and tho metropolitan district.
South Anstralit, Tasmania and Japan have separate
courts. Tbe rotunda is oceopied by pictores. Tbe
whole display gives very fair evidence of the manu
facturing sad general industrial recourses of the colo
nies. Nearly every description of product is well re
presented. Mr. Angus M'Ksy, editor of Ihe QmtemlanJtT, has
bean appointed tu represent the colony at Iha Phila
delphia Exhibition. He will aseeruin tbe actaal
value of labor-saving apparatus, aids to industry,
and makes a tour to the leading agricultural States.
A ibocking tragedy occurred in July on board a
" tonkang, 1 a native craft, which sailed from Singa
pore to Penang with some Chinese coolies fur Peli,
tbe Dutch settlement on the north-east eoait of Aebiu,
or Sumatra. There was a guard of Manilla men on
board over tbe eoolies, and when this guard were tak
ing their dinners the coolies seised their arms, and,
after a sanguinary fight, fire out of thesis men com
prising tbe guard were killed, tbe sailor jump
ing orerboarl aad swimming ashore. The vessel
was rue ashore on the north side of tbe island of Sin
gapore, and was uninjured.
By the following exti act from the Sydney
Herald it will be seen that our enterprising
neighbors are engaging in a now industry, and
with good prospects of success. We of Hawaii
may yet supply San Francisco with cheap beef
in tbe same way.
It is needle to tell the English public that we
here in Australia a superabundance of animal food.
Thank to Mr. Tallerman and others, Australian tin
ned meats must be familiar to all sections of tbe com
munity. But cooked meet in tins can never, with an
English public, compete on equal terms with fresh un
eooked meet ie Ihe join! or carcase. Acd. beside
tbe cost of tinning is too heavy to admit of a profit
upon the process, even with English prices, anlcss
the price of stock in Australia, can be kept ai a very
low level. Bet if tbe nasal eould be exported by the
shipload, and dciiveied is is .sdea, is the carcase,
uncooked, and in a condition equal to that of meat
freshly killed, w might afford to let our price rise
considerably, and yet rue tbe English graiiers and
caeease-balebers very close indeed. lVering the lest
nine years Mr. T. S. Men as capitalist, sstb Mr.
Nieell as his engineer end man of sciocee, he. been
laboring continuously, and expending a fortune in the
attempt to do all this by means of artificial cold.
And now be believes thai be esn eommand success.
It is cadenhrted that tbe meat can be froien. eenver.
cd to London, aad kept in a frosea state threaghect
ths socage, at a total cost of on penny per lb. Mr.
Mort ha established extensive works fur slaughter
ing eta spot adjacent lo the railway, in tbe cool
elimaU of the Blue Mountains, where sleek will be
sared the waste aad deterioration of many mile of
travel. Tbe stresses will be eonveyed ia vaos con
trived for the purpose U Ibe fretting works at Syd
ney, and thence to London is cylinders kept on ship
board permanently nt or below tbe freeeing point.
Bat Mr. Most does oot pcrpose to ship iameduiufy.
Be will not risk the ebaeee of failure. He ba com
menced operations, bet is raeelring tbe meat froa
his sUcghter-bocscs into the frceiing and sUrage
rooaf ia Sydney, aiaply for the supply st present of
the Sydney market. Aad tbe experience that gain
ed eaaeet fail to be of value as a preliminary to tbe
opening of the export trade. Mr. Mort at least de
nt tboaflh his iMiiwssaay aaaa lo
us the Usnsarary dtaad res lege or s rise .a ta prion
of meat, tbs prossatt of ssnsaeeajL advsntage te ths
community ensures for him tk Vast wishes of tbe
public. The prosperity cf th. pastoral letereet al
most aaocatl te s guarantee for gsneral prosperity
and jest as the introduction uf boiling-down placed
the pastoral Interest es a better fonadatlen by estab
lishing a tolerably eerula minimum vsluc for stack.
1 so will the freesieg-dewn proses her similar efiVet
b. Salae the minimum somewhat bichsr. Should
Ihe project he sueeectfel. pastoral enterprise will be
sxieeded. and will he carried en under new ecu
Ow nnvnir itr task laws, a sii.vrit riw.
reprrarnUuc a bird's ctaw. The Bn.srr will l SttSACa v
rewereer! by reeerolns tbe aaaa U. H. sf. Wbllnr. s
Hook stare. Sta
and French
A Small Lot of New Zealand Oats !
Wa Invite a Call from all who desire
FRESH, PURE and GOOD Articles
in our Line.
Cut i it i-ataT or rtrst attwrite
l!lt-Al- third Jocacsal laatra-i la is actus sf
or ww rayasr. esse ac orui waeasaa. xsesawa.
and nrcte the twCtnwa adateiaelaTJ.taes
Wight, rtrruinr or tnr wm of wrta. raj lor, kue sf .Wonk
imc hi .n.l ooare-a nim.f,ir. sas . ...t a, tkwlrhe
easts may ce .It Sill ndtarevda ikwl .Seal i sSas
may t merle ..rSMrthuOoe ,rf the emparty rsiaiiaat ts
hu hsii.li St Uso weraow iheeaws laMSsS. aad tan Snake.
Man MS MS earUre from all farther rssasataSec en
sswjth .
1 1 la onlered. the I CtTT RDA T. the 5? I ts, day of Jrb V KM.
Beta A. P. Irv si lea o rteet a. a. . hs the feast llaaaw
at Sapaau ortli kala, Hawaii k aaA llseeaane a berety
ar-raibitr-d aa the time ami place IW hearing mu p-uifcM.
and aceossata. ar.l that all rwwe laser. and rear lira
IVewy they save, war
seal Utrrr speawr. ami shew raear
ihe KncUah and llaw.kaw lasavasstra he pekaSAheA I
lasarii.- aaat sTwss te eswarwser tuwsa S ecat asm ni
Honolulu, for thr-r am i lassve. wrrka per, aaaa as ike teste
therein app.'lalrd fur saM twswlaa.
lielr.1 k uliala A Can. Hawaii I tits l?la Aey f IVA lCTl.
i HtRi.na raKiittHtrst hast.
a- it
A X -
Fort Street Store !
Commenced oa
FRIDAY, the 1st inst.
We shall not quote Prices, aa la the cus
tom, bnt simply invite our friends
to CALL and JUDGE of the
Notice !
Norm: in iiiribv i.ivi v to am. mctv
8CISH that on tit HUty of September. A. li. IS7S,
a in. ethic "f the owner . the WAIIXKT MCOAU
ft-AHTATIO.1 wee keen at Hoaotale : that al eats ttawtwtf
U wa voted f- safe! owners to accept a r barter tit locus -poraOmi
framed lo th-m and their aewiektlse and aaeraa
tora, utaiertbers.roporatenanieaDdwrleof TH1C Wa!
Lt'K D Ml list CO., on the lltii day ut svapiember, A. Is.
laj... and mat t.
named otfleers of the company, vis
Henry A. r. lartsr - -Paler
C .leasee - -
Daniel Smith - - ... Aodltor
.lotice h further erven that sciiiciiist ke the strata of
said charter, " no aorehsitflcr shall hsaihtsalli he ashes
for the debt of the corporation beyond the amount wblrb
Sept. 21, ten.
asafr r
r. cAoiftai, it.
sec-lt Btcitsaty
Oregon Sngar Cared Haas !
Avmwmu lot, rmm J. a. falki di ru.
for sale ebesp by
Wilmington Piteh,
by tMi aoujaa et Ors.
St PRKaC (111 T OF vsji HAWAII,
:-' im- tu rmtoaes la the matter nt iha fetal
of Hla Majesty H'aAUlsl. liitesiS urSee ef aware of
printon for allowance of ateeneta. itaa.kaii. , tttS Swal.ee.
trihuitnn of property. At rtatmeera, hrtare the Sh
Cstas C. Harris. Acetates .'ualW of Its Cesitas Own.
ow I latiae sasS SUhatr tke pantiae aaat aeeaataee ef s kwa.
i: tltahop. wj hta ttturnay m fact JttkA si rwijr.iasrrwtar
of Use wUI aeai codrrU ateepl Ihe sth rlauae laawcwf) ef
Ills Majretf t.nnailln. drerearrl. wnerrAe be eats ta be al
lotted ll.su si. aad rears ktxeastef was ssjseAri. eeat
aaka thai lite mm mar be examined atsd aaveevaS. aad
thai a Anal order may be meats of llanSallni f the pee-
pvrii rrmaiinnc in naeasaa miaaceeasca in
ll. d. a
urellea rrom all ranter
rhju in .tar ec htmna
It laor.lrrr.1. Ib-.t rilf ItSlp V .
her. A. K. IS7.V al I o'clock A. a.
It'hambrra, ia IkelWirl ll.taee. al Honolulu, btsal ihe
mate ta brrrhr spraUnlrat se tb time aad aiaire tsc wear
la; aasd prtltSna ami aa. u ta. aaat Ikata aM parejaae ate.r
raied may tbea ami Utere arsaee rseat chew cestae. ST ewe
tbey have, why the MM should net ne Creoles, ana! mar
prreenl evalenre aa In who are rWSwtwS tr. the CXSI pro
perty. And that that
laoanaa.-a, hr puMi.hed la the Ku
llaarttr. nrwapapera prtnted and pohliaAed In Hoctsawea.
for three aurrsaelve weeks ptsshwa te the uwae taastla
appnlnt-d tor aakl tteartns.
taied at Honolulu. It. L, that sth day of Ortoeer. A. U
1ST1. i llli C II turn.
A tlrat : Jtawtre of Ut aapremr I sew.
Jvo K lUsv.sD. Pen. Clerk of mipreexe ttaert, tci a
hlli'Hici: nil rt op ths: hi
ri-i ink- In Itiihasa lo stsa astahnS vt t
Jnll.N HI arm. tale nf llonolnlu. .1
der hi show . alia, on p.-titton nf A
tu aril real . .:.!.
tm reeaUnc and rtllna the rwtlurm if s. R I1
HtNioluiu, the aitaitnburator of the ralele of Ji
late of aalil llomdulii. dsrsccsd. m
lb .uiar b. aril a parrel of rral
..I.H.. .itualr on wnillh -lr.. I. II
Ituyal ratrnt. No ls. and arttme forth ... rutin k-ews raw
anna why aua-h real resale atMaild be wstd.
II berebr unlered. that all pefaims aarwnwat the
mid calale. appear brfnrr Ihbt Cisurl on TL'KstttAT the td
day of .NOV KM li s II . A l ten. ml I o'rttek a. a. et tbe
1 nun II.. i- . In Honolulu, then and then tu attar ranee
why is shutitd nut be crabbed Ate the asfe ef teak
real ratal.
It ta rurther ttnlenal that a ropy nf iha order he peav
ltahd al I aat ihrre aucrawtlv ... -a. I iSist ttte mac awe
or hratrtn. In tb hlieuah and llaa
Hawaiian Hal. Ilr anil Koukoa. nrwapapera fa
Honolulu eAireravtd.
Alt! : J
Jmo. K. Raasiaarj. neputy fterk.
Honolulu, taah September. 1ST.
ssd. mirattale. prat m. r a
I estate linsti s m tk i
StpRKnr. wirt or Tiir.
.t sW In Prohait. in th nttavruf tho sntoM
of A I. : i f M. tu.nini. Oa.hu, i- i 'c-tauvJ. IntMsM. At
i-ttambtpna, hvfur Mr. JlMltr lUrrkl Gw4 mt ftapOro (br
tUtowsvncv of asXwUHta, tltaK-haurr, auhJ Aiul JtotnhuTitMt
On rravlltif .ml Mllnff tht prlttkMI avn.l mrromufot Alt,
Aitmlntstrmur mt th t-armt. t At. Ut- of Mn.'uin 1
crmm il. wlrctn li lo b iflkM .-.i f t vn auni cbmntm
rUmopir wilt. 9M.M( suttt avcka (that Uas auis maj mm WM
tn iliitil ai) it MpproTseat, sand thai n rltiavl ttrtVr rruay rxp iial
of -ItotrihuUmi of ih proprtjr ntomlnimt la bfta txmmils M
lb pwrwo-i lbrlo rttt!U"l, nil .lim-t.rgliig biat 4U4 hi.
snin-U- from ail frthr rvwptiHUafbnftr rb A.tn.ln.
trmttsr. It (tt onlrnail, thut Montimy, ih UttJar ot oTaibrt A.
U itv M trn o rtoct a m., Ir ih amM ImMirm at
banihsra In the Court Housan. at IIimmiIu.h. bar aual Uht
amtn hrtbr M t-ppututsKl aa the- Um nt rtarr fbr ; r
Iita; sttitl i.'Uiii.M mii m c -o n ta, ajtal tb oil psisjstia u.r
jt4l niAT thm ami ihrr appear ami tbn ratMat. if an r
ttifv bav. why ths aauti aabtvalcJ not b rmnttl. atatl tnajr
piwant prhlactiar aa to who ar aatJU4 to th aaaM pts
pcrty And that Iht ontf r. tn ties Ktxg bah laiiaataji.
puhllsihcml lii (hi Nets ill In 1 1 (.aii-ltf. na tMpr prluitl anal
puhlbihril In Honolulu, for thr aoraiT wk pr-
loua to Lh ilma lh-n in apostntrti for attil n r : : .
rvatvd at .lonnmtu. If. I., thta ;iat .lay of Hpt-n.fs-r.
A. I. ITS. rHaJ. II . It HI-
A tUl : J ttatlr if th Hnpr-ni t wrt
W it tkb IC HUL, l ltrk if th uir.-iu i .-nrt. a--
JUDICIAL DIMTIIILT. Hawaiian ls-sttaaat. U lb
matlt-r f Ih aUt or Hla Ki. P. N 11 .v y.t.V ..f u
IiiUiia. Maul, tltcataiL
on h.-Hrit x am! flllnc tb prtitaua of K la 5abas4alaka aai
Mrs Fsvnny Yawna; h -k.-la-hi n prmrHmj tbttt ItW latttt
will ami ttsUtiiit of Ilkf Ki. I N iiw4Vlua. of UlttiM
MaUlI. If. f. -It .!, h rt.tni,tt.I to prohais, and that
i. ti.-ts i. atituiitiurT n aa-Ul 4 to ths- p. UiUinaara aa xp-w-br
under the- will :
It tannlrl. tttat W KOXMIM T th da- of XOVKJf
J1KK 1174, al ID i. M. a !b tijvt llotvitw lo I n hail a Ka
and th aaiu ts hrby at apart aa th tlm aod pla-
Ar heaiina tb aaad pedUttO and aajr r.rttowa ibat rata
b olTerrd tbrto . mini all pardons lutrirai to tb aaal
Ntate, ar hrrrby noufled tn a I tend.
ABM. K'.KN N) r K.
Mrruii Jtnta-m ;od JaaJ Iftmrk-L
Ihnrna. -pt Jtth, M7a. . u ,
.f I'll M II I KS f'IKCI tT J I IM.I -M)JI DI-
t IAL Itt-trtru-t, Miiuwi lal
of Ja'a
lkhle niim r tr Lahalna. In rrtshats
im r- .t. : mwC asl flltn tbw patltton of H.-n flnOtrT
Khijdra, .iiartJlaji nf tb prson and pr party of J I Li A
He rKKi.F of lahalna, a minor, pravlrwr thai ha aiAanta
aa autjh .uardiart may paaaad upon and aJJowtMl asad jm
b tllarbanrMt front Pr i h.-r r.-,voiiwit.illi n- tu. h (uartUn
It la ril. r. I ttutt W V 1 1 N WI'A , Mil V KMHKJC A 191,
at 12 al th ( uart Hauw lo ' nrthr. b. and iba
am la hrhy art apart aa tb dar and plar f .r bt aft
said petition and ail .aJ.-t tions ibat may b otfrrrd tbcrat.,
AHK. nuiMM Klf,
1rrajlt Ju.!tj- lad Joai. LrtataTirt, K. I.
Honolulu. fVL Mth, i : . its H
MS UltllURH, iHDJIDMUl tlldir
1 11. ... tn th matter of the estate of (I.J. HAKHlH. tate
of Ijibaina, M-ui, H. I.
i in hearti.tr and flllnc th petition of T. W K tr ti. 1
mlniatrator of the rawie nf fi J HABHI of tahaif.
Uaot. 11. 1., deoaafd. pray tact tbat a day bar aal foe b-mr
Ins: snd appmrlna; lb rlahtnia sva-aJnnt mmM eatol.
It w nnb rift that n itDA i . oT.otvlMr IHfe. IT5, at M
A. M. at th Court dooa in UUialiia, ba at aa tba tlm and
plar for ha-artntt aaAI petition avnd any oba-fJrwM that mar
awStsBaaaw aaaanisj, auni
aaiuat said siute. are brrebr ii.i'ifletl u, attuiL
OrcoU Jwlr Zini Jikt Uairtrt.
Ifoniilutn, Oct, nth. m".. -et; St
Ores-on Dried Apples.
u lara i.r m. m.
Administrator's Notice.
The i mii itsK.M.is Hiiiist anaaa
TICK b. all prraona thai on tb 1 1 Ih day of ctrlohr
A. IS. 17 lettera uf salmlntatraU.n with wUI Iha annex -d r
Ibe KsUU nr KUWAhll II. HOVb lal of Honolulu, la
htnd of Han 0. draa. tretale wr award hi them by the
Honorable Chart I. Herns Juetsre of lb stuprm fwart
In 1'rohal. lb Kseulur naaml in Ih aaal a ill haatesl
renound. and the endrraisttraS wt .uen edealttUuwn.ra
with the will aiuexed have Bird Uislr bund ami erwpis-l
thrr aasrl trial, and do hereby reqoeat ell perafear Berlne
claims acabial the said natal whll.r ara usval by xeaev
Sane or not. to prrwrwt lb sans duly aetbnUraid ...!
iti. the proper merbera If any etksl al Use neSr ej
Uodfre Jthaaeneaeef lheemam.lideualeea. ua tteavka
mnnu atrrel in aalil Hnnolulv and all prauna battier anrk
Helm art. brreky noind that if tka-aaaee baatol aeMweteS
aa nthceaxaa within aix r una front dale hereof or ttaaa
thr day tbey (ail due. tbey will be forever barred, aad all
person uwlta Oabu Ms Use cam rotate are hereby request"!
Ui uiak lninjrUab- payment t hereof hi Ibe eakl tludfsay
kUsedee at ka ofBce a for am at,
K. -MlHI
SSsihsalitHii with the wssswawSef Iht taa ef a. a.
Boyd, dicemil.
Hooululo. ft I.. Oetoorr ISlb ISTS. 3 ft
Administrator'! Notice.
Tut: mis khi.m:is .irrol.tTia Aa.
tJllSlrVTRATtlR of the -atat nftb bst WIM.IAM
c UKWll .1 11 Kit SKts a,C lillo. H. L. avteiy rastskeas a
llonnlolu (labii, drcram d. hrby rniu
navme ciinat atawxaa ensn sexaae.
ail ptraaa talua th law v. per lb .
lay. Panama batltuj proprrtj bLonin to lb la
So Ctv Hour ef Ihe earn..
JOlia WClhTK. Ad
octobr stb IS7S sea :
Marshal's Sale.
BT vitrri c or a wan or uni-rin
banted oot or cb stnprrma Cnwrt of law and Ke.etcy.
the .uit of at. tc nuusiey , pSatatttV. for Ales is, ateawet
W. Pabukuut -trv-na, defendant, I here lertrat upon aiel
shall exptaw f.r sale, at It o'esorc noon, al ARMeal Has,
on fSATL HlsA Y the IS Say ef OCTOUKk. aU the twai.
UU. and inlrat ut iha aahl .lrfsndant Ut and lo the f-
All that Piece or Fa red af
Kallhl. l.ahu. and known by th- nam of I
coatatoltaj an area of SS ta-M asti i. ut aback S
acre ar kalo lend, and the be lab, kuta land .uitat.1 f r
CraaUn. pu'poaaw. t'nlean said jisdc ttienl. eeaSS, BwawSSt
and my faa and expenera are prevkaaaly mlksSeA
Honolulc, SepL Id, 1ST.
Th ahoee .Sale la poelpoued
St twATStaa. Iawry tAecetssi.
Honoiolu. Oct let, IC7A MS
Th above sale ta rarthr pottnonad unto TTTOiUaV
to ftATUHDAY, OCT. ISte,
norml.tro, Ore IA 1171.
IS. DAYTO.N, Dl"ty I
m Tint
srrxsw thr rDr.asicED haths rra-
Jllf-I ihisstl the well known hard of ThjTI I firi
asssslsaOO'Ve-r'fla from tfr. J. aJehaftasoe. asm aata
kesrlew leeesaTtka, TaatS tares n the PaaataS atttk taach.
he ta prepar-d ks furtuah is mtatamers
At Ma Owcaca pare- Ctaatst.
kp-ra. a hi pa of War, ate. . he wai
aiiasvr rnitTBB.
orders tlvru 10 Jha. who ha rberae nf the SU Van
or left at the Internarlonal Hotel. vrrJI be promptly alien I
S tc, ISettwtl AsswXSO, rtxeeser
Oaia Pea cr rscltct Halft!
Use Book aad Xew Depot mt
at. at. wamiT.

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