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la- .1- Maaaaaia. Jitaut: of Uianai; BuEi.
I f Va-aar. JTiakoar cf Fiaaar Hua. A. . Clar
vara: CaL W. F. aJaaa. Aatiar Oaaaraar af Oaaa ;
Ba ax. F. feaaa. tiarataor af Kaaa. . Boa. B.
Kaaaa. Baa. J. Xaaaaali. Ban. . P. Woad. F.
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II c iina. No. IV 1
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11-taaaaaB Bantar.. Kora. oabu
at a B Tan cut. Kama, oatu.
I-Faaa. So I". Bonolara.
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LatMB So. . Honolulu
. No. B
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Tin araT steamer Vobu broogbl no nvail
frnoi San Franoiaco. having left onlv one day
after the f&jrf JBaftotrriir. The atato election
which took place in Ohio And Pennsylvania M
the 12th of OctoW, i looked for will, more
than uai inteiMt, from tlic fart that the
Pemocrmtic jortv is lth these state has plan
ted itself on the ' iuOaliun " or pafan- moncy
1-aaia, a oppoaed to a jrrnrn to froJd and silver,
j which thettepuhlicaa party has adopted a its
watchword. The TVmorratie party lias here
tofore always iiewi runapicnotia for ita advi
cacy of hard tnowy, bnt liaa lately tnrnexl a
i pompiett summeraatiit. Wliat the retnilt of
this sinjrnlar move will be whether the peo
ple will sustain or defeat the nifveinent, re
mains to la? seen. The decision in these two
states will probaby decide the future course of
the arty oh this question in the presidential
canvas, which takes praoe in le7!. The rK--mocrarr
in Vew York State, headed by Gov
enK.r Tibteii. have conie onf boldly apaiust pa
tter money and in favor o! a return ie speoie
The .-lJrerfuwr, in a somewhat diiomted
, leader, ruexaaaaciitg witli the reciprocity treaty
and endinp with its favorite tlieme. the lettch
of tlie Supreme CVwn. endorses ia it first
pararrraph the plan of sendinp bat one Com
nussioner to Washinptor.. which, if but one is
sent, can be none else than the Chief Justit-e :
while the following paragraph maintains that
' he shouH not be allowed to leave his seat on
the bench. This looks very much as if its
object were to get matters into a muddle,
and to let the treaty go by default. While w
were in San Francisoo iaaaly, the friaaxls of t lie
treaty there expressed fears lest there micht
be too much indifference here, and that its .
laments, who m-ere then busily at work laying
their plans, might steal a march aaatis and ae
cure a post;xnemest of actio:) invn.ijrt'ss til!
some future day. which may provt; tantamount
to indefinite postpintuent. Strong opposition
t.-the treaty has latelv appeared in the New
York Honii, and in several leading Democratic
urnals. which ahoald not I slighted, and
width will have nwre or less effect upon Con
gressnieiL Those who are best p,ted with the
facts lari!i on the treaty, urge very srtnrrgly
i that nothing be left undone now that may help
to insure a rnceessful issue. A bold front at
' the opening of Cenigress will show that we are
in earnest, and may serve to check the move
ments ef any opposition that may arise. Tha cost
of sending the second Commissioner is a trifle
compared with what is at stake. We repeat that
i. mistake made now can never be retraced,
and this is Hawaii's opportunity.
Disasters a: sea cannot lie avoided by the
best radjrroent. but the suffering connected with
them may often le ameliorated by the kindness
' of those who have the opportunity to afford re
lief. In another column wc copy from the
"rieaxfthe story of the foundering of the Brit
ish bark Jessie Scott, in which it is stated that
Cap:. Leckie, of the American ship Empire.
if New York, which passed in sight of ber, re-
fused to aaaisi his fellow-sailors in distress.
' no, witlietanding the offer of provisions from the
wreck, of which the bark had eighteen months
supply on board. Mr Ptigan informs us that
Capi. Leckie replied that as he had been 130
days out, he could not afford to waste lime in
taking off the crew from the wrecked bark. It
is hardly possible to credit this tale of inhu
manity, and yet it seems to be well authenti
cated. If it is true. Capt. Leckie is wholly un
fit to command a ship in tire American or any
other service. We once heani of a Captain ar
riving at the port of "ew Orleans, where he
reported having passed a burning ship with the
crew in their boats, to whom he neither offered
i nor rendered assistance. The indignation of
I the populace in that city was so great against
! the inhuman fiend that he was obliged to flee
, for his life, and did not return agein. Such
; men are barbarians and should be banished to
the bleak plains of Patagonia.
Propowd K ten-ion t British Eaa
atli-e fat ike Pacific.
In a late number of the Sydney morning Hrr-ni-i,
is published a niemorandum drawn up bv
the Cabinet of the New South Wales Govern-
jeet la a letter addressed to the Eat! of Bel more, oo
the Sth of Aagsst. 197L Wc arc of opinion that no
Bach scheme Is possible, even If tbe Inhabitants of
t be colonies I be resources of a hi eh are an lanjrel
drawn apos for tbr eaoatraetlon of great poMte
works, ted Bit oner inf up of Improved metnt ot l
ternaleotnmntiicatlon were able or disposed to bear .
the necessary cxpendUore , a hioh we do not heller !
Broal.4 K. f ha o 1 Tt wnnl.4 h Immssihl for mrr I
colony or group ef colonies to eierelse Iba powrrt
and ambority, and Inspire tbe obedience a'blcb be
long to a great Empire."
Late Foreign News.
Berebr has ratal-tad to PlyaHBth ChaA. bat V
jartad to taa .trstonstretkr afca m plafaad.
Brnjataft TinaaB. af tatardt. iMfaant. tb
fai ber of BIsj Nary Pitataa. faBherij aT thU eity. it
ia Botoa. barSag rosd lb oeaaa to attaad th
vaddiac of a aoa.
Tb Cfciaeet Ooverktaaat i abeat ta aaai oat tb
toorth eoaipaay at ynanc raa to reK aa eeseatioB
ia tb t'aitrd Slat. Thar ar txpaeied to arm
ia .an faacio ia Detabr.
1 aeeordaaea silh a ntw deerss, tba rrprrreataUon
of Spkio t tb Pto'a-1?! hit Kabibition ia to ba in
harr of a royal eaiBtr9a. Tb rpas ara to
A great change has recently taken place in I b at ib co! "of th Stat, aad are not to ticetd Wc-
T the government of New Zealand, by the pas- j !
! Race of what is there known as the " Alolition Caat. rTaddan. ta mraraaadw of tb ptrat Saa
a - . , aadoab. wbo boraad o mar.t s v..i:. r 1 wbalr
Bill a law to abolish the provincial p. vem- I ia lb, Arttie Oraaa. aas ba apr-.nt.l master of
ments. and transfer the power hetetofore held ! tb PaeiS mall tteaowr City of Sao PranciMo.
, bv ihem to the central government. The Thrre was a diagraetfal riot at Toraato, Canada.
measure is a verv wpulaV one with all classes, ",.w"io'!le'f J" f SSHt
l I'atbolie eoaaeil and a jubdrpilcrimar fr..m cbareb
althongli a small party in the Legislative Aa- I t hareb. ia which bm JA0 t'aihalict took aart.
i l. i,.lt w il.,r. r.r formarlr Th proccstioa a attaaked by a mob, stna. briek-
c . - v.... mr 1 tr,!, nir. 1 .hiit aorv Sr,l frtitn alt tlirro.
Revolution in Zmlnnd.
1 Mary Bo!!o RMs ! 4k
Will hare Quick Ditpfttoh for t he tbort Port
r Frett class ai i laiuiiiiitaBaaa
mt at i-aaui. aaa -icraa.
svir Frelahi or l-anai. aprty la
SB J. H. II i KKKUli A IXA. Atvots
poverrror of the colony, has opposed it very
warmly. In the Auckland Herald, we find a
full statement ot the radical changes made in
this measure, which will interest our readers :
The early Constitution of New Zealand
aMM the colony into provinces and gave to
tioas and on man tiltd sad som40 or 50 amended.
A recently pabtlthd letter of Char! Francis
MaaM, said to bar been an. ten in rrrponta to a
rrw?papr pararraph ru(rcst;np to ia ram in eoane
t. -n with th PrastdaBtial noraination axt yaar, and
rayin, " 1 m tare tbAt it wonld b vert afrecabt
to m to nndrtakc the work." tbontb actnally dcelio-
v. m Ik. tt It tnM.r, m . refill In rMA.tRM to K
each a C- uncil elected by tl e lullest suffrage. aawauoa thai ba ahoald write a political hutory of
It r,lo.vt at tbo bend of nacti nmvince a Slioer- America.
Tea A a Btriatai Th Waalaial ratal u af
the iatrodwotioa of tea aad coMaharaVaaa tiarnlarly
ovaHookaJ or underrated Ii aasbsa,howrr.wll faa -ra - .. UI
dcatribeJa. radii.,"Mo th raoat waaoarfol haar F 0 t S Q II rfallClwICO
taam aTwrvaoa sua ta ta uiat ot maaern riTiniea
aaBoaa a t haar airhtj laportaat hath ia a moral thk FINF aUkhicaB B tnt;
ao pnysicii poiaa ot ran, ta srrar oar
to adalrahl daaataM ef affording Itimelat with
oal prodaeiaf intoxication, or aa af Its evil aaata
qaaeoa. Lrt af taa aad enf are. ia fact . rarely
drinkers : aad hne tb a f Ihata heeeraf has
benettttad bath maanart aad moral. Riynal obasr-
rs that th aaa of tea ba otribatd more to thso
brtoty of th Chiaar than taa erat law, tha atoat
eloquent diseotjTres. or tha bsl traatiass on nroralitr.
Taa Taaacco Tatna. Teamaaafaetar of tigars
la Saa Fraacisso roploys th rlee of a hoot IS. 000
people an a capital of from tan totbirtaen atinMiaa of
Mian. Ia fSTI mora taaa 1. of clean war
mad ia that eity aloe, while th number cnarrd
was aWot Mt.aoa.MO. Tbr are thirty lrm
o(raged ia import. ng Baraaa cigare aad toh.eeo.ra
ploying oa aa averag fiflceo persons each, ana
batina in retted from Htf.NMI to fl .OAS.MiO. There
ara IIS firms nfTd ia maaefaetariaf cigare. af 1
which iboat tb are Th nes. Thar employ from 7
to ISO men each. Th cigars mad her, besides par-
lialty supplyiag a local trada, go to other parts of th
Slate. aaJ Sera da. Oregon. Colorado. Ariaona. Utah, I
Idaho, WyomiB. Washington. Montaaaa. th Kast
tra Sut.. Aslrali. South Aaertea. Chtea aad J-
pan. Th ealtiratioa of tohaceo is beginning to at
tract roach atteatioB ia California and it likary lo be- j
com in lima a laa.ling mdastry. at " rwytrr.
For Br
H. WOITUM. atSTta.
Will tare Uuick Dispttch for th abort Port
For Fraatnt or I
ass a
apply to
U.lCKraXD A cv, Acsaav
Btng horeftr inoo or "tiprxtTtfd on foth.e mrrhe
ttjz'jzz'Xzzz s hrj.Lr: I a well selected cargo
vrces. rmnaniptcy laws, cunency, cac.. weie ton. lliiauif.
excepted and were under the exclusive juris- j
intendent. elected every four years by the
whvle loily of the people. The jowera of
these Provincial Governments were of the
wises: character, enabling theni to deal order,
and pood government of their respective pro
vinces so far as all local aftarrs were concern
ed. Certain subjects affecting the colony as a
whole, such as Customs revenue, pmtal ser-
Tbr report of tke RspU Transit Comraittloa of
New York was given to lb press this afternoon. J
From more than aa bondrxl p'aos th Coatmisyion
AM bars selected and adopted three, either of which
may be constructed finely or by combining the three. ,
They ara a siagle track road on aaok tid of tb j
streets over tb rtdewatks derated oa a aingt tin of
eawaasa, or dbnbl track road over tk retire of tb :
trerlt by posts plioad oa the road way. just span- ,
sazv raANOisco,
Australia and New Zealand Lino
dictipB of the General Aftemblv. The As-
iiHt ernsifttit of two Hoot??. TSe House of
Rvrvtnl4livef it elected from the people in
tiie ueii-U way. Tiie Lept-lative Council or sec
ond Oliaiubera is nominated by the Crown for
life. For roanv veara after the Conatitntion
Av AaencM PHmoII ku brujrht to
dw do -
tiee ' t tbe Cbiearo Tnbnmt. Hli nftic tu Sidoej
Pu'-ifB ; anal :b rb- ar f tk.Mi nmt'otinr on ;
ia Mu?ispf i atod lb Obi b tired at ClwTeUod.
He Dftired on readtoj new reaper re port- of wrteb.
thtt an in tine DUtrber of t ?-! valuaMr laden weir
baroed in IodcIt rpt and tunk in deep water. At
tb i . r, .u.'-r, ; burnicg of tbe Martba ;
Wajibinfton occur red caoptne; a terrible ! of life.
, . . nc ouniru it- ircii.uavitt ni(u tiibn wry or . uic.au
was put Mlto operatuin in 1853 the Provincial pf tB, fl,mpaniet which bad intend tbe cargo. loci
Governments did all the work of the colonv. ted by hit representation!, a thorough eiaminatioa of I
the tunten boat was mad by direr. It was foond
that boxes described in tb manifest as filled with tils
bold only tawdart. th ana bottles contained colored
water, and that in like ways a sham cargo bad been
prepared. The owner were tried, aod although they
escaped coariciiorj, th mardcroat praetnt was atop-Pd-
Lord Naricr is reported at Bombay lo hare resign
od his position as Commander of the IJian forces.
Barn. October Sib Emperor VYillii
here tor Italy on the lath loat-
wlll leas
The meetings and proceedings of the Assembly
were bnt little regarded and it quietly added
to its ntuubere, created new suffrages audi
as those of the miners and Maoris divided the
country into districts and allocated the repre
sentation as, from time to time, it thought
best. The introduction of the system of Re
sponsible Government also effected a great
change, for it placed in the hands of the Min
istry the powers hitherto used by the Gover- R- Nwmaa Hail recently laid ta. clowning ,
, -. -,. stone oi lue i.mc'.ri tneto r-.st lower a-li .:i..or Hie
nor as :he representative of the Crown. The , Sarrev Chaa.1. London: Th tower i de,.cned as a
Constitution originally contemplated the elec- i memorial for ih abolition of taarary, and a bund ol
-.,,- n , n . i bretherhooJ btn Knrland and Attffnea.
" ' - - 1 I ' .
Councils, and .the draft sent borne contained a
provision to thai effect. In view of this ar
rangement the powers of the Assembly were
made in all things supreme, and its laws on
any subject were to supersede those of Pro
vincial Councils. Cnfortnnately, in final deal
ing wiili the Constitution Act, the Imperial
Parliament altered this and made the Cpper
House to consist of nominees. The balance "f
the Constitution was thus destroyed. The
Two letters have bees receirtd in London from
Stanley, both dated from tbe Tillage of Kagebisi. in
Victoria Nyanti. Two of Stanley's ahite ectspan
ions. Kdward Peacock and Frederick Baker, bad died
of let era.
The Spanish Enloy to tbe Vatican is instructed
that the Madrid Government will be firm bat moder
at. Il will respaet reliirioa. bat at tha same time
protect the neat of the state. It . ia ballot ed here
that tbe Vatican will (aally abandon it pretentions.
A London despatch says the experiment of bring
inr peaches from New York, per steamer Canada, in
boxes on deck, arranged on the Ailegreti retriger
aline olan. was a iusmii Tha frail ata in . .1
I" otter House, instead of the guardians of Pn order aad sold largely.
. vincial rights and privileges, gradually ac- ppo-eh. from the Swedith Arctic Expedition re
, quired an exclusive character. The members Port arrival at Hamroerfett. Sorwty. AH tbe
... . officers And men were well. Important maps and
were appointed for qualities and attributes : tmtite lklioll, DEd b.., mJ,
that rendered them acceptable to those in . ,, . , , .,, . .
the beraan ehtp-.arpnters I nron ha pnbltsbed
power, and without the least reference to the an appeal ia a Hamburg paper. It stales that in
likelihood ot their being acceptable to the : amay. as ia Eaglaad. nnaaaw.nhy ships are sent
., , , , , ' oat for tb prarpo.se of gaimog the insurance munrT.
Provincial Uumcile or the people whom they 1, i,, member , denonoea any such
tirad- MU loa( m y come to their knowledge.
were originally designed to represent
ually a party arose in the Assembly desirous
. of otAncA-iitniUKg power in that body. Tbe
Provincial Councils were regarded by this
party with feeling of hostility and no opportu
nity was lost of depriving them of privileges, 1 their deterioratioa.
taking away their revenue and lowering them
I in the eves ef the people. The Councils re
' sisted at first, but the most severe blow was
dealt by the London Stock Exchange when it
refused in 105 to recognise their Provincial
debentures or to quote them on its liste. The
necessity- of raising; money to provide for the
sudden demands of a gold country with its
great sudden accession of population made it
indispensable to support the public credit.
There were two ways of doing this. Tbe one
was to give to the Provincial Governments an
assured ansl iidependent revenue on the secu
rity of which their Ivans could be based. The
other was to use the opportunity of further
humiliating them and of bringing them still
1 more under the control of the General Assem
bly. The latter course was adopted. The
whole of tbe loans. Colonial mral Provincial,
were consolidated aad tbe opportunity taken
Capt. Nar. af tb British polar expedition, in a
communication to tb admiralty offce. sots that the
stores at Disco, belonging to the American Gorarn
meat. a j rear to be ia a fair state of preacrration.
c.-otiderinc th sitae thet hare been exposed. Tbe
Danish officials hare taken groat trouble to prevent
Losnos. October 7th A despatch from Bayonne
states that Alfonso has offered Dob Carlos an ample
annuity, pa.tabe from tbe Koyal fcicbrquer, with
tb till and rack of an Infanta, if be will cease the
war. The offer has been refuted by Don Carlos, who
has intimated bis determinat.on 10 continue the war
to tbe end.
Ta Parax Daatircs oa Spais. The Corrtrpotd
eweio o Madrid sart IbitTcMmef. ni. Ihe Papal Nuncio,
addressed a note to tbe late Gurernmeot demanding
tbe eteeutioa of the concordat between Spaia and
Vatican, .the payment of the arrears due to tb elergy.
and that ncauaations to th ttill racaot bishoprics
be made as so . o as possible. Don Alejandro Castro,
lb then Miaiater Foreign Affair aod Don Pedro
Salarerrta. tha Minister of Finances replied. Tbe
reply was coached 10 eooeilatorr but firm language.
The Minister nda-ard to convince tbe Xonci-j that
the eircumslanoe af th case no longer permitted
bun to put foward hit demands.
Trince GortsckakoaT, now in hit seventy-tfth yeir,
has for niaetaen years past filled tbe office of Vice
chancellor In th Department of Foreign Affairs.
He laceeaded Coant Xettelrod. bat is much mora
popular than ha. The latter was of German lineage.
while PnDoe vtortsebakotf has none but per nntiixn
cf u Tax Appeal Board, in accordance arVth th Act of
la 1 1 a. sea:
BaWan SrvW 4. Stn rraac. W. H. Bead.
I W BlttatrMhanl n. w.
JT Aaa tievawe Oarer-ler. It K MafcalncL
A aaata-'! F aaawjbra. I T Dana.
X AaAaw -r.n Ata.. . . k
I a I Abtxo. v R Bream
Waalara-B Imal Is. W P Alexander.
aaa.su t CTo-uttattiurr.
ill - " V Btmrte e. E Hr.ea.unih-
a It-was. J w Baaaa.
Aasaal asasaat-J B Ctanrr.
waaaaa-S S SB I. Saaanaola.
-- '- B at NeatacA.
r 1 turn 1 hi I Cooaoc B Baa.
Sara: H mntn V E Bowel., kaciajeou.
AAW-u WwUeotJr" P. Hapoku
Aw at i.-c Bun in . V atloaUkt
Aataawn-e W WaBnA g tattA- Bra
Nrraar . 1 Kc. tails
Jwo. S. Wi
, ICi. BTinBatrof nnaece
blood in his reins. It bHooawato another school of
. w. - ""t- "iv. .. .v...- lata a aj- tin r polities than hit I need tunufrtl. Intea4 ot the
j meat, and laid before Governor Robinson, hich ,0 ProL,blt "c Pronnaal Governments from ofai mMm of tht chancellor.
again l-orrowing except tlirough tile Assetu- ne "ai a winning air 01 uirw aigaity ana eent e-
Uwrtt jN. -.- ' net, the cbarat of polisbaarwit. and araat eleance
y. The next step was taVen in the imtia- of Mnft Iab.,J at well a. 00T of it. be I, a
tion of the public works policy of the General gentleman ; as a dtaJomtliit aa is uf tb Talleyrand
All the exi.eDditu.re ami all the "o jsmtemmn mamas .ways terece .no se.t-po.
patronage thus fell into their ltands, and by
their side tbe Provincial Government were
I contemplates an extension of British Sovereign
have apposes Members t v 0Ter a large portion of the Pacific. It is, in
fact, a repetition, though more limited in its ex-
tent, of Mr. Vogel's grand scheme of absorbing
: all the unoccupied groups of the South Pacific.
; and annexing them to the British Empire. By
referring to a map, it will be seen that the area
of the Pacific included by these groups stretches
j from South latitude 20 to Xonh latitude 10-.
j aod from the m-est point of Papua in longitude
, 130 to the meridian of 180. Over all this vast
I stretch of oceD, stcd4ed with ten thousand isl
ands and islets, it is proposed to extend British
Bovereignty. protection, trade and civilization.
I Sr. Vogel's idea was far more sweeping and
I would have 'ncloded every unoccupied island
and group ia the Pacific. Bat to the memoran
dum laid before Gov. Booinson by the premier :
" My colleague and myself venture respectfully
to offer tbe opinion tbat 00 many ground it wonld
be desirable in tbe bigness interests of civilization
wraji a cAtared oa thai oar that Great Britain should, with a little delay as po-
l MOf-BOA C A. Xlaacrr of th Interior, lib, take possesion not only of tbe magnificent
"aw (kmc, oa. at is.; aUantU of New Gainea. bnt of the island of Sew
air a. MUaaawatsrn tb oar appointed a com- Britain, cw jrtuioAt, and tbe chain of ltlaudtto the
poor, penniless, and despised.
At this juncture the proposal was made last
session to abolish the provinces in the Sorth
1 Island. The proposal was regarded through
out the North as insulting as well as injuri
ous, and this session the Ministry suddenly
ever, 'o insist on just and moderate demand.
n--t si. irk oar duty becaose il was upleatant.
trouble sbowld arise, tbe lault would not be ours.
- B BSagbBaaBWAwaaTSa -jc-.hf VirthiV jt
Stuaat wars aad water pntruetm for u northeast ted fist ot ScuGniiitt, from Bongxiovilie
I tar ttoarn tor , . . , .. :
of tlie fotktanns conl.e
r W. Bt
aTamnmSI aasrkt now unaaa taf the
bbbb. wax: t. P. rmniiiii aaai. ti. w. Ii. tlaatBisan
aaev Aasaab JL ataaa Esay.
W. I Bortsonwv Minisreref tbe Interior
llllllllOawre.Oet.Bah IITA.
atr. tiiii B. JjHB Saa kaaaa that dar aamarnrail a com-
BSawawSraamtSTia w HaHai in ,
" - ' - ' Baa tn The Board Car tb above
JCr. liint B. JtBB baa b
r at rwsaaa war ttar
1 of tteUeoawaf si 1 llsssa 6. w.
D. Mai "J-J-cKrHOJ;r4 ajtiBBi i af the Isasha.
... r . ,
Mr J. tf - ' has hero tats day .Wl1SBtl1 aSen to '
lahaailaii 1 1 fcBi ml In Tstl I I fl mum. aanboraed I
By aaaaam Mi: ofaa am aai a Mm n irs
I ot our ocean cotamrntotioii with the taot ber -coon- j aPle of PpKbt government and to see that j
I ' . . . 1 1. - .... eKnnM V ... m,JD tk.t in.tni.ll k
j tav - " - awtitu -t ii....! tu.t uoui lUDtiou it:-.
Island to San Cbrtstorel. the
the Solomon Group; tbe groapof New Hebrides. In
clading Eepiriln Santa, Xaktcolo and Sandwich,
with the snutler adloinlng Island, and tbe Marshall,
Gilbert and the Ialsnda, to all of which (be traffic
from Sydney extends. It appear to as tbat more
extended dominion over these waters oa tbe pert of
the British Empire would not only be consistent
with the nxBratiaie saprernacy of England, bat con
duce much to tbe tranquility and peace at the Ans
tsalutc colonies, whale tba occupation by foreign
governments of large islands ia Its iotermedia-.e
1 , - . .
W L MOEBOICCA. MblSIII Of (B ABtexkmr aaaBraaaAWTaoaai ui onroABia, baiu us ibc very iraCK
tare, atth BBS. i ot our ocean coaaBiaaneatAOB with the motuer-couu-
""rmwsmaasawawas try, might aral would be in time of war fatal to oar
-Tb I'aiaadtStaxwSapres fere aata-fcat'oe o! the s a wbich d;oios am letri-
vasts, wjauttc waa, jwi, ttiwwitaj iit'vr vur capill
north wardi to within sight of New G niece, is 1700
aad fas aaasr aaat sat Oil the dangrr became axues in exteat. Tbe extension
t, bubbb by mistaXe tb kaalm was pat in tbe eigety ore PtarBawul Would not only, as it setms to
tba lel resrbal .TtwTailxa , rcUeAgncsandmyelf. open up new and rid. field
aaloi""" ""' s-t. -t-.K"-sw"ry-.
bnt tend to tbe iattBcaUate raiUgatkrs of totay evils
which natorallv follow from tbe lawless condition
of aome ot these ktiands. t tbe early ellls 1 ion ot the
greatest of all tbeae antsarfal traffle in labor Of
toe poaaibility of any one or more of the Australian
Coeoade aadertaking witfc Isxperial sajictioB, and
try ! of powert specially ctwirerred, tbeanoexa
tion of theae attaad s. or any saw of tbem, my col
laagaas bi1 rtsrif Besirt to t-toilaa earr eoiacnrrrice
is tb Flew taken by 6b Jtma Martin 00 this ab-
aad too wall-bred to be arrogant or rode
Bt.aerzr to ras Easi or Dtair ar ran Matob
or LivEs.ro. 'L. LotP05. October 7th. Tb Mayor
cf Ltaarpool rare a baoqoet to the Karl of Derby to
night. Lord Iserby, in response la a toast, express
ed tb opinion tbat tbe insorectionar difficulty in
Turkey had been exaggerated. He said tba Great
Pwvr were sot dsposd to aid the ioasrgeets. It
would be impolitic to concede self gnrerament to
Herxeguriaa Jodieion reforms might alieriate tba
diaeoateat. tboagh a radical earr could no, be expeet-
ed. lie sat.1 ahaX aa farther mlslitrnrs had rveeo re.
' Came out with a proposal to abolish all tbe pro- reived from Peking. Every one mast deprecate war,
n'sAMtVuutl Th tr.-.n.l .t tuv. s..:.. -' ' whit fa i oab't avoidable. It was noectsarT. how-
the strength of the old Provincialists. They
. had the wisdom to see their svstem had fallen
into contempt aod the patriotism to ahandou it
) at once and work with any that they could f
, Centralist or Provinciaiist for the formation
' of a new party. The design of this party is to
reftorm the whole Constitution. They see that
j while the Assembly had been so little regard
, ed by the public many abuses had sprung up
in in Cooslitation. Thia is the position of
! narritta. revardin the hroad features and the
aoutbeaateramost of j distinctions of principle alone. Tbe fear of i th Brat Sett tar Iron.
! abuses springing up-the certainty of a class " " frt ' "'" ''; ni bt caiefciiy attend
1 to. All work ia mr lie exacetrd with dtapattcb au-1 troar
feeling being created and the utter unsuit- aotaed. tax it
1 abilirv of the svstem to our peculiar arc urn- I
! stances and conditions, have raised a power- ! JUST RECEIVED FROM LONDON-
I ful opposition to the Government headed by 1
j Sir George Grey, so well known as Governor j
1 of Sew Zealand. Sir George has long lived - . , .
; in comparative seclusion in bis beautiful Is- The Hawaiian ArCnipelagO,
land of KawBtt ; bill the Onstitution was his
making twenty years ago and lie came forth at all' MISS ISABELLA BIBD.
the first sound or cnange to vindicate the pnn-
Shop 00 Jaad Wharf, fool of Baataao Strcai, acxt to I
Old Castera lit os. litsaolete, u. I.
A Fall Assortment of Prist, all styles,
new and desirable patterns,
YThita Cottont, H orroca.' White Long Cloth,
A. H. aad B.
Brown and Bio Cotton Drill, Brosa Cotton,
Blu Cotton. Hoary Lcntms, Hickory stript.
Bed Ticking. Turkey Bd Cotton,
Btu FlaonVt. vThite Linen, assorted
widths and qualities,
Water-Proof Cloth. White Moleskia,
Fin French Mrinos, Raps, Buekskins,
Fin Casimeres. Black and Bin Beoadelothi,
Mosquito Netting,
Linen and Cotton Pewing Thread,
Alhambra Bad QuilU,
A Splendid Assortment of Clothing !
Fancy Flannel Shirts,
Denim Jumpers and Overalls,
F'ine Merino Undarahirt,
Mi-riao Soeks,
Cotton Socks and Stockings,
Silk, Liaen and Cotton HaadkercbUfs,
Ileary Blankets,
Fine Silk Umbrellas,
Linen Sheeting,
Assorted Burlaps and Woolpack, Sail Twins.
Imperial Xarj Uamp Canvas, No. 00 to 0,
Hair and Cloth Brushes, from J. Gomel! A Co,
Fancy Soaps and Hair Oil.
Shawls, Ponchos, Plaids, Needlework,
Imitation Jewelry,
Lockets, Rings,
Chains, Ornaments,
A TEST riXL assssiitwkn r OF
Stearin Candles. Ultramarine Blue,
Epsom Salts, Castor Oil,
Fence Wir. So. 4. 5 and d,
Glraoiad Iron Pip. i and inch.
Hoop Iron, f, I, 1 and 11 inch, Rirots,
P. A P. Knires, Scissors,
Corkscrews, Tinned Spars, Axes,
Frwooh Calfskins,
Wrapping and Printing Paper,
Paints and Oils, White Zinc, White Lead, Ac ,
Canstie Soda and Palm nil.
Hide Poison, Market Baskets,
Brooms. Casks and Barrels,
Cask Blacksmiths' Coal,
300 Tons Bast Steam Coal,
Also a few Most Boxes A Begnlator Cloeks,
A Fine Assortment of Harana Cigars,
English and Gorman Ale,
Bavarian Bier, in qts. and ptt.
Champagne. H" ( Co., qts. and ptt.
Champagne, Thoraaa. qts and pts.
Sparkling oek,
Rhine Wincl. Claret,
Gin, in green botes,
Samples now Open at oar Office, and Sales mad to
WaT- Order from Other Islands Filled, -ataf
Will XseAvro Bonolulu,
Eandavu, Fiji, and Sydney, N.S. W.
CaaamSaaal St Kansbsva wrth Companr'a sleauater fur
AlVKLAU X. Z.. It n r CHADS ADUS, aad lahsraae.Ilate
On or about the 16th November.
For Frekrhl BOd raaaatr. and further Information, -oo
to sj n. HAi'Krei.i) a iv..
The A. 8. !f. f o.'s Fine Steamliip
ireSs aaaaaSaaai lbs SB , I a aa WSt aBt aaasw
BhrwwStawr sassat ar lasssmva.
A Snratttmi aw rii in Has bate b ask Saw ata tsasv
mealaf Hear , I'tat I I B BaWASSBaV AaSBMB BBS awa
rtay tkt lVrtTrrWhtf, A. lataa raasaptj sMaaBarlPB W waaaM sT"
IttTit !Pj l.taTtawmLisaaSS m saawtBBawaTass
WBJaaaa 1- (tltait. Baetsag atats SatdBr Waa, IbSSaaaw
II ta BtllSt wfasttat. ina SO.Wlsv T waa M
its ta
is Was. k.t
IT. aa
, A. B iTV ai twtia.4
ssr '
ll I.
aad ia draaveaaf sff
us la, mi i
tMirtlh-atawt. Sht
I USsdl . a neSBVBSSS stwtSSg Bw4
tad ii s rViaar aVraS. aaati
aal.t will, al lb BBBB i
kwjtabsj 0taa(saNMwBB M
TiLtra S. as.
Si pbs wi imn
rfH- wrvsv-iasrsba
l K A It r aasd ll.vlil.oi
'-vewWaS-v i OrtsTtwf abtf WamSSsass ss
llefore Mr Jutla-e lltHRK
(ta readW ass aBrnj Ba as
let. beother of Ma, Saw Betas
Sawa riawaaww, raltrWwaa. V
l.-aarl ar.riaalS. Sat tsf
WI.I. W of U. aaSt e-
'Tea''!iS'wVwsaWawt,y, JfW
iaaaaswsaTSWai li ibi cawtrt
i a. Qua. as as
sftsL vjsisT?u
a. n rwrs, aas
bra aaS aaat
iwa r
bat at waa- bawsawa
l ratio that tpi ttai tetsaraaf ertwttaawstaSsae aw
Jonea. Janr . taf Hatsttlsfa awn aSL aa Bath af aaa
a w s
ii m nsasms mas i n rsviKT IS. MS, awa ml a. . i.
BstB. A. O, BBS, ba aad baltb la aSSwaaaWS r BawaBBB
as.! ssrutloa brthe. ,w aaa Jatabsa. B Sbs asat taaSb mt
rbbi twsrt. as Itaasaaaaw. at aaB aaaa aaat saws mt aa.
s.tna ottnariusd Bar aaaBaa arat wbaar swsa af as Star
trawV.rriaynrp'Bi.'yi "'LSAr "" ,m
fated at llasalsls. H. L. .to .
' f'tot. in nnili.T..r-. .
e of Kotoev a
frsr apmral af
rT asset i
rat-A.waaw ra
4- ra a vi axtr.s.
(asSar afa
M ArVM, a
of pctltso
lA-Alnt! I ha said ttat. astt twlb at a I ha bats atail.l at
a VTinw1 tbalrT "' -T'bev"asswas
rauaesi aad taaSaWBSl Br Iba . net
CAPTAIM F. .loom:.
Oa mr abosl int. IStk.
All frelcht Intendett fr ahlpment per steamers ettbr to
Stan Plain avco or tts ttttoaara will b rsoHvrt in tb
blrarner Warebous Frew of Morass.
Th A(enU will trrre a Warehoiiae-rlecelpt for all Mt r
cbaodbw I at will not ba r.-aiKiosii.le for loss by lira.
BUT For Prelsltt aod Praasas. or any rurvtsrr iafbr
uiauon, apply to
iU BRF.H KB at M. ITWS la.
For Sydney, N. S. W.
The ... S. . Co-s Fine Steamship
W eta
Ii Is ordered, tbaii irrRItaT ms mm, aa at Bmts
ai ass t nafnoera. aa ta eawrt 1
hearint wud
tfesB and tbr. appear tad abot
whr lb 14 - - - -- aaaA.
Antt tbat tbla orlar he aalsUtaaw Us tb I
id Kb
smsam .1 pauiabr 1 ,-,
Weet preratas lo tba ra
Date st Wahlaara. It f. int.
a was Jawaw
ibac afl aersaaw. mmtsLLa aI
fssta. tfasr Iber a-.
tbBBawSlBB 1 m-
a-, I
lsl. VM.
Ji nn, Ortssr . .oia- of P isjt fa
reattlaa awd Ollac tbe sataSaw taf N. J
01 'touiutu. ttaati.allaaiaw iBat t . t .. s
.umi. ttanu. isetl m
of iirtebar, a. n IT1,
.airiatn lame ro him lb aasd tt. J. ,
r tub nam a it a a
la IB eaam mt t at AaV
rBtB.Miaytab ms
l ourt. ai
tderedibai S-MIIiaT.LWrtwa.btarf-SnVIWSIS.
Tl- basd btsntr taaawaSaawd saw bewataa aaa pa
Deforr tb wed r satire, m tb Cawn n a ,aaa
v xajaj oaiu iui u x AAi a a , At . a, rr
tkSJbor uboal wOT. isj,h.
i-ooeerned mar app-ar aad St raawe faar Sart bawe
"V"" eeUtsot. t atild iwsl ot srratattw. awal BbaswaSi aaat
tv poblutbed in lb EaatSBS Mass-BBS. aW.aBBa mmtmrnTl
war la is HawaBan imam. n. atapu m - - - -laued
Hooalaia. II. L Mtaway Bv a. fl rsra
a. ra m is ji'dtj.
Attest ; saBew m ,m ,mt Casta.
atraa R. S U Clark.
Honolulu. Ittb svptrmster. lrv m n
In the si pbejsi. t .si str ,r thk hi
All AN IstL.t N1M. -r Use ortaaatr terra, ata.
All fretcltt nffenile-l for stilpine-n : prr -.Ittutiera either to
ran Franclsro or the Cvslorues trill ne recoivwl to the
Slramar Ware boose Free ol Silt, rat;
Th Actum will ir a Warebouao-Eles-elpl f..r ail Ber-
closnait.'. but will uol be retpoiislble tbr lotva ny tire.
torens.. Ban-ban, ta IIa-.O f
a a,l-r Attb ItTK
In lb abnre ea lilted tlb.1 So trore. t k
taa. a sacre ar atvnre rrtwn tbe lnl ,
enteml in fat.tr of tbe as.l l.reaau " a .
tsf Ihe andVltry at the aakt Marts, r Harrhaar. aa ba swat
alaailub- after tb. etplmrlta a at a am. flaws Ibw aaa.
ss wttb tk ttraa It B if.
Bar For Frelgbt and Prts-te,
Zawaand .n.l Jlslbtiurne. app.v to
142 1 . BKftlWF.R ak t o.. Agent.
tf this tee re.. Ilpt. riimSASS
to Sydney. Hw iblaor.ler. In the Itawaiau) t .aa.it. .,.1 Ka taa .
Will have r-' dltnatch for tbe too re named Porta. I
uo and aBtr the lUi of November nest, atitll furtiier uotk-
Freight and Pasaaffe lakeo at the Lowett Kales.
SIS mil. !. K.- A on.. Aceota.
wnBi, mmt drat jisbb .11 a. s
'SSaator lata araVr. lAsaau
Swan war rears
hy au.l .Vro. 1
BV ttll'OTtT:
WALTKB 11. IK 41. rati
I I hereby certify tbat the 'urea-aBat at a
empty orine tsrsrtnaj art. In Uas abut, .a
11 ni in ise t wo atw of use ipi si an
HawaUan Islands. Aswllnessw.7 baaal anal uaa
the Sopr.me itsort IbrvMlb .Say af la-saber A. D
lloisttlulu, lalatt. orttaba U. L
SI WAL.TKH K. -tt: VI.. Clark
tmS a:
SI PBEBl: t ail BT
ls.LA-Sta.tn r ,.,mtr
of JOHN -Haw hstat.f 11
etl, InaraUtt.. A
Order of Botlr of rsstiUon tor
and niloa tlie oruiait, an 1
I I.K ..1.1 n. sin A W. asBWaSdatrwaoe. mr in
r rut it t v mas
la tb mats t at Iba 1 1
ass aaasatar -- .
b..r. Xtr. Jwaawa At BB
.HIM 1.11.
OO reasllna
MII.VW laleof BSM II,
adsinst Use estate ; wber-'n lb aak a b bSbi itatSBlt
aod rhsres) thesaw-lraa wttb Haw aa. ass asa rasa aw.
...... ., . . .
order aas be tt
Ins la their bssttda. at Use twrao
. -tawillwill
. Hilts
Monday, Nov tth. t p tl. na...,!
Montlay, Nov ISUs. S p m
Thurad-e, Nov 2dtb, i p m -
Bonder, Nov Jon p m...
Monday. ' '-' tb, il a
Monday. Dec Ittb. i p m
Wednest-lay, lsc -Id. 5 p m
Mott.ray, Dec nib, i p in.
SS When Uiere are uo cattle to land al Maalaa Ray.
an nort will be mad to reach Honolulu Saturdar r. s.
a 9- On Down frlna tb Hloamer wtlt not leave KataaawS
until 9 A. M. , or later ; Kakersa until t a to. ur later : antl 1
Maaovea Bay unUI s am. or later, without due rustier uf
Bay cbansre beiua siren.
ffti.tr of Pmssmse -rill lis
To or from Kannakakal. Mulnlcal I.BO
To or from LaruUrta, Maui.. - A
To or from Maalae. Maui H 7.
To or fr.an Makena. Maui BVdtB
Tour from Maholcona. HaaalJ Its.
Tn or from kjvwaihae, Hawaii ..... . 10. or)
To or from Kallua. Hawaii IS.SS
To or froa. Kaawaloa. Hawaii - i a. SO
To or from iTUo. Hawaii I . .11
Tn or from Kan Ctavat. IlawaB
Circuit of Hawaii. Hound Trip -
To or from any Port on Banal
rharf Hit ihem ami iheir aor.tVa fro. aS ,
ItUily aaatsrh atlntlnitlratora.
II S Ottered, tba. rt'EBliA V tbe WHS I A V OSS , r
KMRKK A. D. ItTt. al test .-rtsws A. B
Juttk-e al 1 hanitstra. In lb t wan Hasaa, at I
-. bona anil Hi. ajt. Iwratse la uwau. ,a -
-Circuit ot Hawaii j Bar beartrur aaatl stetltkm aad easaaass. BBS ttbm all mmtmm
.. .l-lrcult of Kaaai , tntarcatert may usen aitd User, aawasar aad - -
... Ullo ! , thay hare, war Use aw -Jlvs Ts. T '
10 .y .irTOi .tsawBw as as was Bra 1
property Aral tbat this order, ta th I
t IS, "awal Hi
for three sorreasr. weeks an .bwm to .ba ,
appointed f..r aald Itearbaf.
Dated at UusalalB. H. I., lbs 3BU Bar ad - -
A- t- J A rBAM IB Jl rfj
Wtiraa tt Hail. (1r of tke 1
ZZ : - r idiimi itoni
t-ll ratllli .no mint tb. Itetm.- and artasu f 1
I "t " Il if TTaa TTslaa St l t
!.. ot 1
ItOadH. lrs.
BaiHliBi Ulnstraled with
1 SB rwtvr iecidsd .
c-staat ta Barja-atar-s.
ism aams ball rasllal
Two -rstteil approachinf eacb
c wbar os bad portad ber
eii 1 ee t oanttii 01 t:isr 'i . v.c tire .na.snK-r . . .
meat of prbbc affairs. Tbe GoveTr,ent have ""P111 nsTavings,
avalB atsk sf eaa-stoa. tW raqahsmmit i that both
1 alat B1 tt pal 111 t wi Imm asnh majr pass on
braa-t-tasaasftaw esbsr. H satd tbat ttnt rair i -
1 lb sawMawty far ptseaaoa kutiat. aas aos-
- M ioEg
art osifKrrxnJty M avoid
B-imt mm rsafly ts wsas nqaltad u kaws
aas aaWr ia apsi ink it so aau taat the eoi
tt tilltMi tEsaa-h tbs tasat sf tb other.
, a large niajvsriiy in tbe Assettitly, but outside ,
1 l-rlw- -.". VT v r irawifirif-a n.niTiPaiiir sa tmm rt 1
a, l kiSaSl 1 . Wi JUVUV. taa- - L 1 1AC.O WUIbSI IBIUg SB 1UO r I
of Bnttab Borer- j 6( fa ppie jngUt npon Hie Cv-ftstittt- 1
tiooal refonas tseing uxu-oug and complete,
aaa on tbe wbole matter being remittee to a '
... p.riiamant tav-rtal wrstis a elttr nrular- i
stoiedMag tbat Uej will ba to deal with
tieeve qrartifJiis.
aad a Large Map of the
Crater of Haleakala,
on Hatu.
I Mr. i. S. Croweil, sWascxiy srrocerj-man in
; Sanaa Street, bat latterly ot WailaAo, Maui, sat
! brongbt bo tke eity tAiAi,tatl arfib attempting to poi
: son bit partner la btshsea, by mizinc strychnine In
; the aorar eaten by tbe latter. Il hardly iters pos
sible that the cbarrr can be trass. Mr. C. 1st now lo
; tbe State prison awaaUray, bit trial, which will lake
I -abtas at Iatbain-L
re ma sal vivid Siatalp-
tisn sf Hswslisa setarry that baa
ever bsem pmMlafctwl. smat
aatsmlal be in every
Iat'i Library.
TVnBi Wishing a Copy should order at once.
Price Four Dollars.
tUSm Far Raws by H. BT. WHJTJfET.
Grocene. Habbavk'a Paint Oil.
White Ziac. White Leal,
Venetian Red, Yellow Ochre,
Ctnttie Soda, C. C. Tin Plata, Sheet Load,
Sase Pass, Tea Kettles. 8het Zinc,
Galvanized Tubs, Fence Wire,
Befsad Iron, White Bros' Portland Cement,
Ganay Bag,, Burlap Bap,
Printing Paper, Petroleum Barrel,
New Oil Shook,
Vienna Furniture,
BoaUileaa A Cot., Brandy, ia flats, on to foor
BoobsHeaa A OrrY, Brandy ia Casks,
Gin in Cat,
Norwcjiaa Ale,
Window Olatt, A., A., As. S5 Sat
Circuit t.r sv.nal. Hound Trip
Deck pasuuie for natlre only
Ss So mill far Paaaavtje rlsur-r. -M
t Ticket t at tk office snlj.
No berth will be cootdred aa lakeo rmtil paid Its. Not
responsible for unmarked tStfgMgi ur any Prelum or Par
celt unless receipted for.
Fraight Monty Da an Demand.
SB" An effort will be matt to bare the Nr.ean.er reach
Honolulu oo the eveoiusj of lb aame day all leareaMaol.
Office witlitvilder A Co.. corner of Fort A liueew Htreeu
C. Brewer dk Co. Agents.
Merrbanili.t receltad Storsgt Krc aad I
liberal cash t-ltaacrs Wat oa talpmenlt hy thit lla.
itl-ly CBRSWKKtro
aad ama taat tb.
- 1 "-nlmsli.
rs-sa-aaaasAr aa
hi bat.la to Ut. perata 'h was a is, ill, aas ,
u.u. att.t aa. aarawwa ma all rutin, r
1 1 U or.lered thai RATI, BOA T. lb nib. Say af ms v as
BBB A.lAiarS, jits, , o'clock a b. . a, lb. ran -ZZ.
BtRasawo North knbala. H.M a an., Iba aaaa.SWT.br
ai.pulute.l aa lb. tins an aaaaa mm aatasaas SBM a. all i
an I arrioii.ta. and that ail t rsaas Sms, lI ' J
and there appewr. aod tl,. reoaa, star as, .a.
me r.ocisk
alsuold 10.1 a amuses. Aad uaa. rata
llasetle atal I ookoa newapaawre l
Honolulu. Sir 'n ibi i ami i a.
tit. rein appointed for avid beano
ifg C. Brewer dk Co. Agents, tft
aUaJkT farorable arranrsBt.nl. can always be aawmsaw
mad. aw torag aod ,hipmai of Oil, Bon, Wool, Bid aad
other si trraa ntlite to .Saw Bedford. Bowlaa, Nw York aad
other Kaataro PorU. mW Caab Adtaore. matla.
'Ill;- C. BBKW1B A 00.
tjjt PBEBC
st is
amii". m"mjj
Annual for 1H70
Tr7aV be usutd in fiW for tht December
Uteomert, or powibty earlier and
mill exceed Us predecessor in amount
of valuable information on
matters relating to the
Hawaiian Islands
Price 50cts. per Copy !
B watch Uua Haod-Book met with on its fl rat appear
ance. and tbe completed arrangements f -r lla (soeral clr
cwlauoo tbroucbout lb ParJAe and kaataru Lai. the
Coiouiet aod tbe Ixtaods. makea It a desirable adrtru ting
medium, for which a iitnilad -space wMI be derived.
a-, warauisu l-.r space and ortlers ror copies solid-let-L
Order from abroad must Includ ptaslawe i locu I aod
cao be ramllted in ttamns Addreat
,, ' . THC-S is- THRUM. r-nbUttter.
o-lm A 2m e a wj Bonoldlu. H. L
of Honolulu, tbat Ibey bar una day en tared bslo a
Co-partnership, for lb purpose of carrying oa tb
Carpentering Business
tn ad lu branch : barlna lakaa Use stand oo Port Street,
lately occupied by smell A King, where by strict -t-fn
lo rsusin-a, aod lair dealing, thay bop to reeafv a share
of the po-silc patronage. L. WAT,
Wtatlab,, Sspr. Mtb, int. tat Bat
IUI RT Or THE ll.aiii..
of Hit Bt-featr L0BSL1LO. Uar. aasd tASWer ag t
peutiott lor autrttaarje ul I
trltmuon or property, at I
eoaa t narrw. 1 laassm J
tin reaarog aad mtog ia BawABaa mat asewwava at 1 1
naany. ay ma AiBny m rbrl Job. II. rary ..
Uh atajtstr LaroaaW. t
io"l ttavsa ai. aad ta
aaka tbat tba to aaa asat
that a final order may tsa stake af t
aaaaa reiualioiiz um
ul. and t
..t-ep. ua taa cmssa b-aataa
arwaw hbsa IT was. m aaa rs
il M ordered, bat Till rnllAV sba lna..v.
tsar, A. is. itrt. at io o'clock a. s.. tsaars taaasat Ja
:og taa pouik.n aod
evei may rasa SBS tbare ay ai as aaow rvawsa. ar say
thay hart, way us sera aboaM aot to grasta. asat amy
lifls JMbsadaa- m is,. I
t.aietlf. newap-tgars printed aad
ai p.,i ror wi aams-sm.
MM aiUouoiBia. H. I. . tabs, tu. tavy aa 0 a. b
"" S. HA. r. i
""S' : Itafaj. g tba I
aw Wat ABB, IJSB. dttBSgS
a v . ii t BtU u ibm i I , ji
I IAI. ittairtriet. Haw
raawsai msaaa ,r laimiui
;m jradtog aad Sbsg Has t-uu-a ad Bas. Oat
'1? J"".0' asssa--rrIT
Jl Si-
sT lass
" dbargsd rVvis'fiBrwbt'
It arovrad iba. waOMKaisAT .woVSagJ-wJtjT aar
" n ,- " cawa-t Hawse aa UUP. . ba. BBS aa.
smsa Jtherewy set apart aa Use Say aes aaar kg Baaraat
aald ptrUUoo aad all ill i liBSiaas last mag Uaasii llhiui
Hswis, Oct. Ittb. IgTa -p
19tPMaa' V Al UlBWIl
rtiimJ m?uTT1l " HAMJUM-
rs h ring and aaaaa JJtt gasaws sf I sy rta. a . 1
mlnistratorof t Is. nut mt O. t. HABJaJS g- I i basis
Maul. H. L, dacaasad. prarbag iha a day ae bat haw
in Itbabra bt as as tb tba a - l
It s Ordered Uaal TC
. M. al tbe Court Horn
plac. lor Wring said iirWn aads
-.t.r-lo. all p-r-toot
'- Posufajrisa-at.
Mm MB, rKU i,ta, t-,. j,. ,.
a-t asBWBxar iam say. aaa Is
stay ii. irra
asss Par ws ag
tatxas A TO

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