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B. II Til CMC I J .
It hm pHawed Hi MJ -sty to appoint the tollow
Lr to be mmttiera of tbr ...use of Noble :
H. R. rUncis, William Pitt LrC)ciobokn,
Hi ErreHcy John M. Karrt.a,
Hon an Mr J Molt Smith,
Honor ' GKlfrtrT Rbndtsi.
Hononliic Sam.. N. CuftUc,
li mora Mittun Rami.
Jo O. Pomims. Prirate Secretary.
Ir.L4.xi nUH( Janoary 11, 1876.
Ta attcotJB W lotxpUtn- .f ; :..!. Is cm!lKl tu 8ec
tiw 7 ,.f tbv Art of 1"- By lb prorbtHiiiK of this law.
thiar aH mi tor hr of wrr'rinr drnr- df tM
(,...'. i,' .u r- f. r c-'i' rl .l.-.-U'in ..f th.- nf
rn aai i . eamMit ht held rtr-r thtui thr nth of January.
r...r it.rt(uuiif:Mof Jtuiiar?, 1KTC
W. J NiwanKi t, MlnwUT of Ui lulmor.
Ji.u ror ofiV-v, Jawurj" mil. 1S7C
Mr. o E. lU tKrdsciti b- b.-ri this day appfiltiu-ij
ttaMteTr4wr of thr tHtiirt of Wollukn. Inland of Maul.
W. HMrafHr. W. L. StavH.
W. U Mt.CMoxcA, MiiitnUT of Interior.
IaifTtDTOfaW. Jan. tth, ls7.
ClT. II. K. 1J.. ;.mi lias ( n tin- day nppolntrd
Um Haprrrianr and Orrfc of Utr atarkt-t in Honolulu.
W. I.. MonruKra. Mlatttur of Interior,
lutcftor Ofltc-. Jan. fcth. r..
l n. Kut'irr ha n apKjtuid Ivund Master for
INatrv-i of IloaoitUa, vice B. N. Kauananul. nned.
Jxr. n. Dohikis, Governor of Uatiu.
uUi. Jai. &th, 1TC
Clvra. thai at the request of J. W.
. J Uiat-. Enquin', will art durinc hb
i Art jut K otwul for Itosnia, and all Mrotis
MUirw. tu take nouVe of Ibt fkrt and reapm hU au-
W. U (H:kcn. IHnisUT lor Koreuni Affairs.
If -pan air Nt of i urvar.i Affairv )
HumMb Jan. r.lh. 1S7C f
: ::. of the authority In me veaied by tbeOWdfaV
Hot, and the Statu 1 1 of tots Kt'iffdoui, and deeiuiug- It -ftU:
to the promotion of Juatkf.
1 imwby ortbrr. thai tbf rMruiar Term of the Fourtb
Jttdtcau t irmill to w held at NawUiaiU. Island of Kauai.
o. lb" firwt Tuewlay In February, A. Bl 1876, be and the
aaaar at herrfaj iKMinoued until Tboraday, the 3d day of
Marrti. A. D. 17. at to o'dark a. m.
Witw-w tny baiHl and I Ik- aeal of thr
L. k hoprwm-Von at Honolulu Uils 24th
da uf iNscember. A. I. lT-.
rtrat ajfaai Jatir of Che ftupmme ( t.un. act trie fur
f Juatio- dumir bi- ats-ur- fluiii lb- Kinrdom.
Special Notice.
Snlwcribers to Uic Oazktte are respectfully
!ioti6ol tliat volume twvlvc eonimeooes with
the firet issue in the new year, and nbscrip
tions are payaMe in advance, at
Those reaidinfr in the city can piy tho carri
er, who will procure from the publication office
a receipt for the amount paid. Those living
in the country can remit by order or haul:
The Oazftte will lie cn( rcj-i!arly by
mail to any part of the world, on prepayment
ul the animal subscription and postage.
Address H. M. Whitnky,
Piiblinher Hawaiian Gszelte.
AN indepknueni jouknal,
Ma f
m mm
3 on
ii. v ha hpeu appolnU-d by the V nl of
toi Affwi lor the UiitLiiciof iuna, JkuuhI
- aff Ron. V. TriAene, rtidfned. "
ie Board of Ibduration.
W. Ja. MaUTR, HvreUn-.
. January 4th. 187C
The 13rrtion of Tl i puiiaWltia tu the n-xt i-c1lativr
Am maly. win take piare thronrhuut tlw varioun Klertion
1 HL.T-t of the KitucJotn. on Wednesday , the "d day of
y. nert. Tt- f .Uowtnc plare are drsinabi for
of Ullo oun-houM- in HUo. Srhool-home, Odo-
tf Hamakoa OMtCAowJe In VaWa Hbooi
,,- I- Il.firtkh-,.
Juatrtn of Koliaia C'otirt-liouw, Walmea and Court -
North Kona Rchuol-houne, Kallua.
Baaah Kooa Bcbuol-hoaae- Hooktma.
Ktu- itin-honv. Waiohiiin.
Itina School -htiuw", Kapobo,
Intrirt of Lahalna 4 nun-houM. lahalna.
DlatrtoT of Kaanapaii s-hotl-bouv'. Hoookohau.
IHatriv-t of WaOnko Ooon-bouv, Walloku and Hchoob
boil- llupalakua
IMatricl of Makawmo-C4irt-bouw. Mak-iwao.
rhttrW-t of Hana 0Qrt-houM. HaAu. Kcbool-tiouae.
IMaafatX of Motokal aud Lanai New Curt boue, Pukoo,
, Eaouai, UiiiuL
-Alfiolani Hal. . Honolulu, at both the
of Cwa and Waiaoae School -house, M'alawa,
'U', V alaiiae.
of WBkslua HelKMd-hoUM. Walaloa.
of Koo;aaioa K btN'l-houw, Il-mula.
of Koolaupoko Niun housc, Kaaeobc.
Mai uf Waimea .SrbooJ-bouie. Walmi-a, Kchool-
of rnna S b-.n.- boas', Llhur. rHchool-hous'-.
IrTrtrtof flanalel Court bnuw. Hmmb t. s-hool -bouse.
o a r i 1 aniary
A. O. IT.
Janr. . The Court opened at 10 o'clock a. at.,
Mr. Jnrtiee -In id pre? id id f . Edward l'rcfton Lsqr.
Ieputr AttoraeyJeDeral for the Crown.
Mr. P rectos oalled tbe attention of the court to a
eertaui article in tbe An l-a newspaper of October
3tn iigoed S. M. Kamakan which he read tu
ib' eoart. and mored that ao order itrue summoning
i to ebow eaufc wby he t-bould not he com-
DPt of coart. Tbe court took time
Tbe Km Antone Pasiolo. Perjury. The
DeowtT Attornej-treoeral eaid that be would Col
rT"eevt Lb if teraa, tbe prisoner being ondcraenLence
for asolber offence.
Tbe King t. Halekai. Perjury. The Deputy
Attnrwey-4ieoeral amid that be woold not prosecute
thif term, tbe priaoncr being under sentence for
another offeooe.
Tbe King M. Cbai. W. Kanaau. Manslaughter
feeoal degree. Mr. Hartwcil. eonnael for tbe pris
oner, moved to qaaeh tbe indictment on the ground
that H was not signed by a duly qualified officer.
Tbe oownsel argued tbe eaae, and tbe question was
reeerTed for the two judge at an early day.
Tbe King es. B. H. Kahananui. Assault and Bat
tery . Appeal from roltee justice, Honolulu. Case
tried and tbe jury returned a verdict of guilty. The
eoart eenteoood tbe prisoner to a fine of $2) and cost,
Jaaj. I. Rule was granted for B. M. Kamakau to
show cause on Thursday tbe 0th inst. at 10 a. at.
Baron Haaars aan Jt nn, J. J.
The King r. C. W. Kanaau. Mr. Hartwetrs no
tim ia qaarh tbe indieUnent in this case was read
aaJ argwments made on tbe same. The court took
I raw tr eonrrder.
bib. Tbe king w. Jkalia ami Aila. Assault and
battery. Appeal from the PoiioaCoart. Tbe jury
retnmed a verdict of not guilty.
J any. f Tbe Kiag vs. C. W. Kanaan. Mr. Uar
rai delirerW the opinion uf tbe Court denying the
morion te qah tbe Indictment.
Mr. S. M. Kamakau appeared in eourt with his
counsel, W. C. Jones, upon tbe rule to show cause,
and Mr. Jones read tbe answer of the defendant, He
ryratg any rwieetion upon tbe court. Tbe eourt then
eaited upon Mr. Kamakau to explain tbe moaning be
attached to certain words used by him in the article
in the A which be being unable to do to the
patastactiesj of tbe eourt was fined $10, or stand com
mitted am til tbe fine was paid. The fine was imme
diately paid.
Emma Kaleleoaalani r. Hooplop'io et al. Before
Mr. Justice Judd. Action of ejectment. Case tried,
and tfaejary after aa absence ol 12 bur.- returned a
vcrdsBtfor the defendants, three dissenting. A. S.
HartweTl for the plaintiff, excepted to tbe rerdict.
Mr. Preston for tbe defendants.
Jaa 6. Proof of will of Kamanao, deceased. Bc
1 -re Mr. Justice Harris. Tbe eourt after hearing the
I at great length Rlueed to admit Lhe will to
Monday last the 10th inst., was the Twenty,
first birthday of II. K. II. Prince Leleiohoku,
and was honored by a display of bunting from
the shipping in p-r:, as well as from the :!
staffs of the town. There was a parade of one
of the military companies at noon, which after
wards partook of a limu. In the evening there
was a reception at the Palace which was
largely attended by the citizens. The Palace
grounds were brilliantly lighted by numerous
torches, which conspired with the soft efful
gence of the full moon to disclose s scene of
fairy -like em lianttncnt. His Boj al Highness
received the gwsts & they arrived, wiwle the
Quoen and her ladies of Court received them
in the drawing rooms, which presented a real ly
elegant display. There must have been three
or fonr hundred guests present. Dancing to
the inspiring strains of Merger's band com
menced aliout tune o'clock, and was continued
with spirit to a late hour.
We improve this opportunity to wish His
Koyal Highness " many happy returns."
By a notice in our official column it will le
seen that the King has appointed six new No
bles, of whom three are Hawaiians and three
foreigners, which fills all the vacancies, bring
ing the nuuilier up to the limit of twenty fixed
by the Constitution. The almoin tmculs are all
good, and will add to the credit and dignity of
this branch of the Assembly. And there are
two other gentlemen in the Kingdom whose
elevation to the same position would lie hailed
with satisfaction by both natives and foreign
ers ; we refer to the Hon. H. A. P. Carter, and
Gov. Kipi of Hawaii. Mr. Hopkins, whose
name is still to be found in the list of Nobles,
and who has teen for a nnmlier of years ab
sent from the Kingdom, is said to be very low
and not expected to li-e.
Upon the receipt of the last mail we re
ferred to the opening of Congress. It ad
journed on the 20th ult. for the holidays. The
standing committees have been announced, that
on " Ways and Means" in which we are speci
ally interested, asbeins the one upon which de
pends in sotue degree the fate of onr treaty con
sisting of Morrison, Wood, Hancock, Thomas,
mil, Chapin, Tucker, Blaine, Kelly, Garfield
and Burchard. The most important work done
thus far is the adoption of two resolutions by
the House on the subject of railroad subsidies,
and the third term. The first offered by Hol
mau reads as follows :
Itmolrrd, Tbat in tbe judgment of this House Id
Hit Manat condition ul tbe financial afiairs of the
Government, no subsidies in money, bonds, public
lands, or by pledge ol public credit, sbuuld lie
granted by Uongre&a to aasociatlous or corporations
Laglged or proposing to engage in public or private
enterprises; and appropriations Irom the public
treasury ought to be limited at tbis time to such
amounts ouly as shall be lmpcrulircly demanded bj
the public service.
It was carried by 22.3 votes to 32, but wc
shall expect to learn that Tom Scott has, in
spite of it, obtained the enormous subsidy he
desires for his southern railroad. The other
resolution denouncing the third term we also
append :
Henlml, That, In the opinion of this House, the
precedeut established by WashiiifTlon and other
Presidents of the United States In retiring from the
Praaidc&taJ office alter their second term, has be
come by universal concurrence a part of our repub
lican system of government, and that any departure
Irom tuis tinoe-uonor.'d custom would tu unwise,
unpatiiolic, aud lraoght with peril to our tree insti
tutions. Which was also carried by the overwhelming
majority of 232 to 18.
I n.uatt.
- Krtatf
of H. H. Sawyer, dmeased. Petition for
ofMMvoU. Referred to the tuiver.
of J. U. Thompson, deceased. Referred to
of Asiani (p).
Before Mr
Sr- We have received a letter from Pres.
Church, of Pnnahou, under date of November
15th. After speaking of his trip across the
continent, he says :
" Another night of travel brought ni to Oberlin,
just in time for the great quinquennial reunion. The
exercisea, were of a very satisfactory character fall
of fresh invigorating thought and inspiring interest
to the thirsty soal of one fur ten years denied the joy
of soeh associations. A large number of old grada.
ales were there, and tbe recital of their life-work
brought out many interesting incidents. Tbey had
collected from all parts of the United States, from
New England to Oregon and they were a hearty,
brave company of men and women. They gave one
tbe impression that they weie aeorjrer,. At tbe
alumni dinner the tables were set for COO guests and
every seat was full, and a few sat down at a second
table. I assure you it was a juyous feast. During
tbeeiereisM $12,000 were raised for the endowment
of the College.
After toil we returned to Ohio and spent fire weeks
more at anJ eear Cleveland. Tbe great growth of
Cleveland surprised me. Seventy trains of cars ar-
t- rive ai mai city uany on rue i.ase ?nore ft. K.
The .Ir-nerh;ivcii Horror.
tier Judd. Petition of Mnbefcarcabi Tor letters of ad
miaiatrmuee). Tbe coart ordered letters H admioi?
tratson to be ieeaed U I. 11. Kamio, on filing bond
in tbe earn of SMC. Inventory to be filed in 30 days
ad aetiea u creditor to be advertised for four
week. Tbe estate to be wound up !n t month.
I, Proof of will of Simon Peter K slant, deceased.
Peutiea of Malaebaakoa (w) forprobateuf will. Tbe
covet admitted the will to probate and ordered letter.
cf admiaiatratioa with will annexe 1 to be issued to
L. iieliipio upon bit Sling a bond for $2M. Inven
tory to be filed in SO days and notice to creditors to
be aareriieed in both language for four weeks.
In BasKBrrrcT.
Jaa f. Is tr F. ti. rede. en. Before Mr. Justice
Judd Tbe petition to declare F. G. Fadeken bank
rebt denied, it not having beea showed that be owed
debt to Ike atnoant of $Z('W.
Ik Eqcitt.
. S. . Wilder vs. J. R. Wood. Before Mr. Jo,
tiee Harris. Bill for an injunction to re. uic the de
f cedent from preventing tbe plaintiff from removing
certain flume belonging to Ice works in Nuuanu.
Case beard and argued a great length. The eoart
teak terns to (OMidar. A. S. MartertU and W. C.
J ones for complainant : E. Preston for defendant,
rata rn trurttseT m eetqxa wnc.
Jaa lf. in re Alapai Ilairama. PetiU n fee ap
potntarect of guardian and salt of real estate. E. T
O'Halloraa eaaaeel.
Petition for proof of will of Eejaabi, d opened. S.
B. Dele enaaejl
pjr- Tbe list of voter, ol this city who, having
anaaadied aritb tbe ainilabiin of tbe law, are en
titled to tbe right of eaffrarc hu been printed, tod
1 1 1 at at hue npwaxd sixteen hundred names, of
aratcfa nearly one balf begin with tbe letter K.
There will probably be tour or Are hundred more
nataet to add, mating tbe whole o amber of voters
la tkW darfrart abort two tfeooea&d. lid said l bat
there arc sot teat than twenty candidates in Hono
ll for tic crelutneau and botuure oi Lcglclatirc
Clerelaad ha the nnest street I here ever seen
any city, via : Euclid Avenue. Tbe street cars run
in nearly a straight line east and west along tbe lake
shore foafeven miles, and from the shore te the south
six miles.
, Operations in real estate are quite lively, notwith
standing the dall timet. Buffalo. Syracuse, I'tica
etc., are dull in comparison with Cleveland.
At Chicago I was greatly surprised to see bow the
city ha been rebuilt, and with what splendor tho
work has been done. But it seems to me tbat Chicago
it to burdened with debt that the will suffer heavily
from the pressure yet, for the greater portion of thi
new and magnificent city be risen up on borrowed
Tbe " N. V. Central 4 Hudson River" R. R. it
another wonder. The road has now fonr tracks from
Buffalo east, two for freight and two for passengers.
The fast mail trains By by, taking the precedence of
all other trains. They atop only at the Urge towns,
but throw off a mail bag and hook in another from
all station. I em told tbat tbe whole travel on this
jv i. central u equal to one car a minute all the
time, or 1440 ears every 24 hours. Notwithstanding
all thi rush of business ail the five little towns in
Central N. Y. are complaining of dull times. Multi
tudes of men are seeking employment and glad to
find anything to do. There is some improvement
sinoe tbe farm products have been marketed, and yet
money is scarce among the common people. I hare
seen no place yet where people lire to comfortably
and easily as at tbe islands, no place where people
are o generous and free in money matter. I scarcely
past a night in a town but some one kf for some of
their former acquaintance at the island. I hare
been kept pretty busy talking about Hawaiian mat
tars since coming into the country. People are very
much interested to bear when it eort them nothing,
bat are say of their quartan if asked for them. ''
The most charitable theory in regard to the
acknowledged author of the fearful disaster at
Brcmerhaven is that he was insane. What
man in his senses could deliberately plot to
destroy a steamer in mid-ocean with its pre
cious freight of human lives, for the sake of a
few dollars? The thin? is almost inconceiva
ble. The latest news is that the name of the un
happy wretch is Alexander, and that he had
succeeded finally in taking his ow n life, which
was probably the best thiug, under tho cir
cumstances lie could have done for the public,
if not for himself. The number of victims of
the disaster is much larger than at first repor
ted, it being now stated that the total number
of killed is one hundred and twenty-eight, and
of wounded fifty-six. The Breinun Aid Com
mittee reports that 20 ol the injured are hope
lessly maimed, and that there are 56 widows
and 135 orphans of victims of the disaster, for
the benefit uf whom it proposes to raise a sub
scription of 7,000.
Captain VYuddell and tbe Bark liar
Tent. Latk papers from San Francisco have had
a good deal to say abont Captain Waddcll, who
brought out the Steamship City of San Fran
cisco front New York, aud who was removed
aud Captain Laclilan placed in command for
her firet trip to Australia. Captain Waddcll
was in the Confederate service during the civil
war, as were also Captains Floyd, Maury t.nd
Howell, the former commanding the Shen
audoah, when she bunted the American whalers
in 18C5, and atnong them the bark Harvest,
owuedhere and sailing under the Hawaiianflag.
It was openly asserted in San Francisco that if
Capt. Waddell came here, he would be arrested,
tried and perhaps hung for piracy by the Ha
waiian government. The steamship company,
mainly for this reason, placed Captain Lachlan
in command and appointed Capt. W. to fill
('apt. L's jilaue, which was Superintendent of
their wharves in San Francisco, after having
offered him the command of the City of Peking,
which he declined.
Wc are authorized to state that the owners
of the destroyed liark Barknt have signed a
document to the effect that they do not intend
to prosecute or molest Capt. Waddell if he
comes here in any capacity whatever. The
Hawaiian Government has also sent to him and
the Pacific Mail Company an official document
to the same effect. Now if the parties chiefly
interested in the loss of the Harvest are will
ing to give np their claims, neither the Ha
waiian Government nor people have anything
further to say in the matter, whatever may be
the private opinion of this or that one. The
American Government and people have long
since pardoned every one engaged in the re
bellion, and taken every step considered nec
essary to restore perfect harmony between the
two sections lately at war ; and in this centen
nial year every true American ought to forget
all past differences, and commence the new
century as a united country, knowing no north
or south, no east or west, but like the old Ro
man, glorying that he is a citizen of the Great
Centennial Commission,
has been prepared, embodying the results of
the labors of the department which will show
the Hawaiian group under quite a different as
pect from that indicated by former maps. The
suggestion made in the last Friend is a good
one; viz: that "the Commissioners will not
only provide the Hawaiian Department with a
good supply of 'Whitney's Guide Book, and
Thrum's Almanac, but somewhere there should
be a stall where every book published relating
to the Islands may be offered for sale includ
ing Jarves' History, Anderson's Hawaiian
Missions, Andrew's Dictionary, Miss Bird's
Book," and we would add ten thousand
copies of the Hawaiian Gazette directory and
calender for 1S7C, for gratuitous distribution,
which will serve to show to people in America
now complete a government that of Hawaii is,
and how worthy of a place among the nations
of the world. These calendars can be printed
to order at any time, if wanted.
In addition to the above we would here re
iterate the importance of sending a ntan to
Philadelphia who can devote himself exclu
sively to thcinterestsof Hawaii for six months
from the opening to the close of tho Exhibi
tion, Mr. Hitchcock who, we understand, litis
been appointed to take charge of the articles
to be forwarded by the Commission, has, we
are informed, bnt three months leave of ali
sence, and as the primary object of his visit is
to inform himself in regard to the educational
system of the country, it is evideutthat it will
not be possible for him to do justice to this
kingdom at the Centennial Exhibition. In
dividuals here who might like to send contribu
tions will be slow to do so unless they know that
they will be properly cared for during the
progress of the Exhibition, and disposed of to
the best advantage at its close. We trust the
Government will consult the highest interests
of the kingdom, by making a suitable appoint
ment at an early date.
MlUTtai. The popular volunteer corps known
at tbe "Hawaiian Gnards" bat recently been
increased Id site end we trust in efficiency, by
tbe formation of a near company wbicb is to be
styled Company B." We arc informed that the
new company ahcady numbers forty fit c members.
Too much can hardly be said upon the op
portunity which the coming Centennial Exhi
bition offers Hawaii, in common with the other
civilized nations of the earth, to make herself
more extensively known to show that we are
making some progress even if we arc oidy a
" pin-head Kingdom." Some of our principal
articles of produce find a market on the near
est coasts which we can never fully supply,
and perhaps the cultivators and manufacturers
of such can cxjicct no pecuniary benefit from
their exhibition. But there should exist a pa
triotic desire to show the great world what we
can accomplish in our various specialties.
And we have a variety of products, indigenous
and otherwise, for which there is no demand
at present, such as the ohna fibre, which the
natives have used from time immemorial for
nets and fishing-lines, and which is of unri
valled strength and durability ; kail fibre which
makes a good serviceable cordage, but which
would p.rhaps be better adapted for paper mak
ing; icauke and a number of other fibrous ma
terials from which the natives formerly manu
factured tapa, a sort of coarse paper which
they used for clothing, all of which paper
makers would find valuable additions to their
material, for which they are now obliged, to
ransack the ends of the earth ; and ramie,
which grows here most luxuriantly. By plac
ing things of this kind which are now unutil
ized within the Centennial buildings, we se
cure for them a kind of advertising which
could be obtained in no other manner, and at
a small expense. To the exhibition will come
manufacturers aud commercial agents from all
parts of the world, and all articles of genuine
merit will be sure of recognition.
Our Commission has a fund of $4000 at its
command. It has contracted with Messrs.
Fischer and Wick for a variety of furniture of
Hawaiian wood, aud Mr. Brown has under way
a very handsome table of inlaid work which con
tains upwards of sixteen hundred pieces, includ
ing nearly every variety of wood on the Islands
suitable for cabinet work. The Commission
has had nearly a hundred small kegs made of
red-wood, which will be varnished, and pro
vided with glass tops, for the exhibition bf
sugar from every one of our plantation, as well
as for specimens of rice and other articles.
It has procured from various sources an assort
ment of the various textile and fibrcMS pro
ducts of the country. The volcanoes will be
well-represented by full and complete collec
tions of interesting siiecimens, and the cryp
togamic reputation of the country will be fully
sustained by a number of choice assortments
of ferns including every knowu variety. The
Commission has obtained from Mr. Mills of
H'lo his consent to forward his well-known
collection of Hawaiian birds, upon the condi
tion tbat it shall be returned. A native from
the island of Hawaii has sent in a contribution
for the Centennial consisting of the head and
beak of a sword-fish which is invested with
greater interest from the fact that the fish at
tacked a fishing canoe off that island a) few
weeks since, running his slender weapon
through the side of the canoe, and into the
body of a man STttimj in it, who was killed by
the wound.
Specimens of salt, pain, tallow, etc. will be
forwarded, and also a bundle of tbe largest
sugar-cane to be procured in the Kingdom
together with any other vegetable products
exhibiting tbe fertility of soil, whteh ean be
obtained. To illustrate the past of Hawaii,
the Commission will draw upon tbe govern
ment museum, and it also expects to receive
aid in this department from the many large
collections in tbe U. S.
In the Surveyor General's office a fine map
Japan and the Japanese.
Although Japan is our nearest neighbor to
the westward, we as yet know but liUle of
her, or her people. Tho following sketch,
contributed by a gentleman who has siient sev
eral years in Japan, will interest our readers :
The gun is fired to inform the community of
Yokohama of the arrival of the mail, and the
steamer has droted her anchor. Immedi
ately she is surrounded by sampans, a kind of
open boat used by the natives. The sendos or
sailors in these boats are all dressed in the old
native costume ; a kimono, or gown with wide
sleeves, comiug down to the ankle and kept
round the waist by a girdle about three inches
broad called obi. The hair too is cut accord
ing to the old style, viz : shaved on the head
with the side and back hair tied in a kind of
cue, and resting on the shaven part of the
head. Before landing we will cast a look
around us. The steamer has her head turned
towards the town ; looking in that direction we
have before us the Bund or quay of Yokohama,
which as seen from this side, presents a very
cheerful appearance. The houses built in for
eign style, are two-storied and evidently kept
m good repair. Prominent for their size
among them, arc the Yokohama United Club,
generally called the English club, the Occi
dental, and last, but not least, the Grand Ho
tel. This last building, is separated from " the
Bluff," by a creek. The Bluff itself, consists
of some bills occupied by bungalows (cottages)
and two-storied residences of the wealthier
foreign merchants. The clear sky permits us
to see the summit of the pritle of Dai Nipon,
(Great Japan) as the natives love to call their
country ; the snow-covered top of the Fuji,
known by foreigners as the Fuji-yama, which
last word however, means mountain. In the
background of the landscape before us, we see
the Hakonc range. Turning to the right, we
see behind the shipping unfortunately very
small in these days the little town of Kana
gawa, in the days of old Japan a station on
the road between Tokio and the " Holy City"
Kioto, the residence of the powerless emperor,
the Mikado. It was there, that the haughty
Daimios stopped the first night after they had
left the capital on their return to their domin
ions. And of how many revelrieB might tho
old wooden houses bear witness, if they could
tell of the proad lords with their numbers of
retainers, that passed the night within their
precincts. But more of Kanagawa hereafter,
for most of the passengers have left the steamer,
and it is time for us to look out for a sampan.
There is one at the companion ladder; and one
of the Bendos, rightly opining that we want
him, is coming np to carrv our luggage. Never
mind about the payment; these coolies see
perfectly well that you are a stranger ; if you
asked them how much, (they understand this)
they would say at least, ichi bu one bu 25
cents, American money, or, perhaps even ni
bu two bu's while they arc well aware that
they may not charge more than ten cents. So
this being settled, wo will engage jinrickshas
to bring us to the Hotel du Louvre, which
kept by a Frenchman, has undoubtedly tho
best table, and is the best managed of tbe
place. A few words about these jinrickshas
man-power carriages, as Prof. Griffis would
translate it. They are carriages about four
feet high, which one or two slender persons
may occupy. The exterior is generally ja
panned, sometimes with very grotesque figures ;
they are lined with a kind of coarse cloth;
generally red and covered with a cap of bunt
ing. They are drawn by one or two coolies,
according to the directions of the "danna."
For a ride through Yokohama, 15 or 20 cents
is sufficient payment for two coolies. There
are quite a number of hotels in Yokohama,
some of them we have named. The Grand and
Occidental both kept on the American plan,
are generally chosen by English or American
travelers, though really the Hotel da Louvre,
and the Oriental Hotel, both kept by French
men, are in our opinion the most comfortable
to the stranger. The two first named arc, as I
have mentioned before, on - the Bund, and if
one has the good fortune to secure a front
room, tbe view on Yedo Baytis really grand.
The two hotels kept bv Frenchmen are on the
main street the foreign business quarter of
Yokohama. The charges are about the same
in these hotels, viz : 82.50 or $3. per diem.
Prompt. Among the virion Life Insurance
compauiea represented Id Honolulu there it none
which has been more prompt In tbe payment of
policies than tbe Security Life Ins. Co. of New York
of wbicb M. Mclnerny Eeq. is agent for these
island. We are happy to record snother instance
of their promptness, whereby tbe widow and
children of the late John D. Robinson received on
Saturday laat tbe Bum of fire-tboasnnd and seventy
five dollars in wold coin from M. Mclocroy ot ac
count ol a policy which tbe deceased held In said
Company and on which he bad made bat three pay
ments. The money was remitted immediately upon
tbe receipt of tbe news of bis death, and without
a line of correspondence on the subject from the
company. Such promptness is sure of reward, and
should to be known far and wide.
Beliold the Dreamer Cometh."
Ma. EditoB: Tbat all are subject todreams, and
that dreams are very unr. il in tbeir character, is a
fact of wbicb we, in oar waking bonrs, become most
painfslly awtre ; and it Is on this account that we
are seldom anxious to prolong the unreality across
the boundary which separated the angovemed in
tellection of the couch trotu the realities of an ex
isting world. But to this, however, the day dreamer
rosy take exception, as his nnconcious cerebration is
tut the constaut accompaniment of an orgaolsm
titled only to register the ditlortion of Images pre
sented to its view, and which may make a verity of
poetical license, by assuming as axiomatic, the biist
o' iguorance as preferable to lhe folly of wabua,
Graud ideas of the immensity of oue's periuuality
may thus at times be engendered, which may re
main unshaken in the fare of evideuce the most
positive; and comparing in point of magnificence
with imagined importance of a Caligula ainiin by
a lurytng ocran, bat more stable in their consequen
ces to the poeoor than tho emperor's dream, which
vanished with lhe awakening ol his mind. The ex
act degree of bliss, however, ol such imaginings can
only be estimated by others than the subjects of
ttiem, by the Indirect evidence sfTorded ia theapps
rent tenacity with whieli tbeir grotesque-conception
are adhered to ; nd, ju.luiog thus, the eatislaelion
to tbe individual, in certain cases, must be great
indeed perhaps enough even, to justify the apho
rism of the poet, tbat, "wAew ignorance U Ui, 'i
j'Mij to be i ..... "
The condition of the author who penned " A
Remarkable Dream," (P. C. A. Jan. 11) would
probably be no exaggeration of such a state; and
the value ol the production most probably lies
in tbe hugeness ol Hie pUautoin he ha created, which
may act us a score crow to others who may be follow
ing near his trail.
He dreamed that to justify any idea ofa scientific
move amung ourcitiaens, it was necessary thatsome
distinguished bead should adorn tlleoody, undatuidu
its members, and as no bead but bis own was capa
ble ofbahr swelled to aJequale proportions, it was
necessarily the ouly one proper to complete the
organization; but, through supposed caprice, or
ignorance of tbeir own actual wants, the members
bad tailed to appreciate the necessity of such an
Important appendage, aud tbe consequence was,
they were all at fault. It was necessary that a
society pretending to tcieuce should appoint belore
curators of subordinate division.-, ., general scientist
and scholar, lor the doable purpose uf giviug appro
priate names, and aatheuiieatlng the same when
created but the sad deficit was seen, when the
dreamer was found to be, not the elect.
The amusing character of the dream, lies in the
loftluess given to its subject, uud the adroit way in
which the impurtanee of the ego, without being
actually spoken, is implied taronghoul. The
dreamer, as it were, sits on a pinnacle, elevated to
such a degree as to rendrr insignificant the men of
common stature whom he see beneath : but the at
titude of the dreamer ia certainly as ludicrous to bis
apeetutorsua theirs appears to bim. While be is
looking down with derision on tbe attempted tech
nicalities of the Mnteum Vnratore, his own nomen
clature, except where Webster or Worcester are
clearly his authorities, would make a decent school
hoy, blush.
For instance, with him, tbe cnutacea have no con
nection with ZooloygtLy, I cannot see, unless it
is that he either imagines they are of vegetable ori
gin, or that Zoology relates only to quadrujntds.
The latter is probably his idea as in Immediate con
nection, he meutlons Mnjfed bnlloeke and horte, of
which (it may be remarked) he probably forgot to
look up tbe technical 11:1110 - lor bullocks perhaps,
(only a suggestion) mammalia bonis would do almost
as well as pitea gadus for cod fish, or niuta eapieulum,
for a banana which hears no (sapid) fruit. lie says
the itlaml can bonxt rtf no itidigenouM fanna How
would be class birds uud fishes kuowu to be iudige
nous? Would tbey be classed among Ibe flora f
CotmoMie is a very euphonious word ; hut, as it ie
neither Greek, Latin nor Euglieh, 1 would be pleased
to know its particular signification, II some linguist
would kindly give the information.
According to our di earn authority, Ikhent, and fun
gi are not cryutoganiic perhaps they flower on the
sideot tuc mountain wnere ne uvea.
In conclusiou I would briefly say that, 1 do not
teach school, nor do I arrogate to tnr6ell the title of
professor, although I do understand the use of a
ruoi guagt, anu also u oaromeier; unu 1 uopc me
public who are so generous in the bestowal of titles
ol Ibis character, will not think that I am aspiring
to u professorship in jtsychologg, because I have ad
dressed them upon the subieel ofa dream.
Anti Ionobamcs.
she will leuve fur !uii : r . . on tli Feliriiary
earner and be atuftu a few week. Ladles wlsh.nc baJr
work don, or any work In her Udm of business, w.LI pleiMe
leave their ordera wlib her .is soon hs ! .
Hair switches, curLs, puiTs, t&c, will be sold at less than
cost, to nuiku on Immediate sale.
A small assortment of
Dccalcomanio Painting Materials,
Suitable for Carriages. Boats. 1'aJinels of Ioors. V ,
Satin or Wilt Pin Cushions, crap Hooks, Ac, The art U
learned in a few minuu-s she will teach It free of charge.
Mrs, Murphy would mbn Inform the ladlr that she will
attend to any business In San Francises on small commis
sion. '0. 44 FOUT Sl'ltEBT.
$74 Iro
Manufacturer and Dealer in
ieeleo. King Street, Ilonolnlu.
Beef. Mutton aod Goat Till .w wanted. Onleri and Bills
left at Ira Riehsrdaon's Boot and Shoe Store, wilt mtwt with
prompt attention. 573 ly
X. "WTT,
Work Done Promptly,
nhop on fort St.. Kplaaado, opposite Hopper's Barrel
673 lr
Administrators' Notice.
Tin: i vm ttsK.M ii HAVUfO rken tr.
POINTED ArtmlnbiLrator to the estate of tbe lai
Hetxeitian Lanza of Kohala, lfawafl, herebr reqocui all
persons having claim against said estate to present the
same to htm within six months, and all portiea indebted to
said eatate to settle the same wilooat delay.
J. WIOHT, Administrator.
Koliala, December 27tb, 187. 87 no'
Proprietor of this
Ii now prepared to execute all ordera In his line with
nestneat and dispatch.
lie woold. alsa aaf that he ha secored the services of
the former employee of tae Laundry, wbicb will be an
additional frnaranty
That the Work will be thoi-onffbtr done.
And no effort on his part will be spared to bnn? the Laun
dry in favor with the public severally.
WW Terms moderate. JAMES RENTON.
I. I'M". Vlstilna Friends and HtTBiin-ers ireneratly are
cordially invited to attend Public Worship at FOUT MT.
CHCFfcCH, where Hervlcet are held every Hahbath at 11
o'clock A. M., and P. M. Beats are provided for all
wuo may be pleased to attend. There Is a Wednesday
eveuina Prayer Meeting at " o'clock. In the Lector
Room, to which all are welcome. 524 ly
To Let
PrejDlses, No ISO Xuuano A venae, containing par
lors, dining room, bedroom, dressing room, China, and
clothes closets on first floor, basement uaderall; three
rooms on second flooc, kltcliea and pan try connected, also
with basement beneath, bathing and washroom, carriage
house, stable, fowl house, Ac, iu order. Apply to
Aug 10, tx j. h. wood.
AL80 the cottage and premises adjoining, with aix
rooms, kitchen, bathroom, servant room, store room,
table, and carriage house.
Seaside Cottage.
n i.i.ira.ion.1 lUI Mlit.
residence of the late P. II. Treadway, at W9M
fahatoa. Is offered To I-et Q. For Stele, on
rarorable term. It consUU of a targe, roomy dwelling
and out booses, wltb a flne yard and anade trees, located
on tbe main street, about five minutes walk from the poet
office, stands near tbe tea shore, ha Doe bathing privi
leges, and many conveniences. For a Srrmmer reslrtedce
fur Invalids, the climate of Lahalna. combined with Its In
vigorating sea bathing, la ooequalled in this group.
For further particulars, inquire of.
s--iu n. it. whits by.
MFor Rent.
by .Mr. k. af. Carter, sftuaUM at the corner of Palaoe
Waut and Punchbowl St. Possession given Imme
diately. Apply at the
Hi am - KARHUAL-fs OFFK'K.
For Sale or For Lease.
ly locate!, with garden. Ac, containing parlor, three
bedrooms, two cVoeeta, .lining room, Jcilcben and
pantry, bathroom, servants hoaae, carriage house and
stable, all very conveoteot. and In perfect order. Applv to
To Let.
CUPIED by the subscriber, situated In Beretanta
Test boose a In am rate repair, and Beted
with aft tbe conveniences of a neat esaas boose.
Inquire of 57 BOLL EH CO
Desirable House Lots for Sale.
A t MKF.R of IATTH on tava ttFLAOKAHl' A
PI.AIN, favorably situated for bufhlbig purposes, are
tor sate at reasonable price for terms aud other particu-
arr enquire of S7 !m 8. B. DOLE.
Installation. On Wcdnedaj evening Jan. 5!h,
the officer eleetor Oahu Lodga No. 1, Knights or
Ptlhhs for the ensuing term, was intuited by the
Depatv Supreme Chancellor, David Dayton; nd
for the Brat time since the organization of the
Lodge, (now in Us fllth year) Ibe ceremonies were
in public. Theidenf inviting goeU w an Im
promptu one, and conceived at a lale boor, other
wise the attendance would unquestionably bare
beeu large. At It was, tbe twenty or more ladies
and gentlemen who were present expressed them
selves as very much interested and impressed with
the proceeding nd lhe be.iutlful langnage of the
ritual. Enough of the bencllcent objeela of the
Order are eel forth in the latter, to rontince a
111 encr that if these re properly carried nut by Its
members, the rvietence uf a Lodge of Knights catr
not hut he a henedt lu any comniunity. The Ludge
room was brltrlnntly lighted, and decorated with
flowers. After the Installation ceremonies were con
cluded. D. 8. O. Dayton (for the benefit ol the aiiitii
Mated i gave a briel sketch ol the rise and progress
ol the Order 'n the United Slates, from It flrt in
ception iu the city of Washington In 1884, down to
a late date. There are now something over a thou
sand Lodge, with a membership of not far from
500.001), and lu the matter ol relief and charity the
Order Im accomplished a vat amount of good.
Oahu Lodge, we undertlind, numbers ome sixty
members, and Is prospering. After the Lodge had
been declared closed by the Chancellor Commander,
a bountiful supply of refreshment was partaken or,
and tho brethren and their guests spent lhe remain
der of lhe evcuing in social convene and the dunce.
-'. C. A.
Si' pr rn: cormT op tm Hawaii t.x
N.iSI-ln Probate. Island of Oaan, Borwwfka
.slanos. m. I lie aaatrct at taw Fata, of k-reM
tleorge. Iecease.1. i inter appotnong ttrn-rbr rTobai. ..f
Will and directing publication of nonce i lhe aaove. .
A docwanefit. purporting- to be rhe burl Writ and Trvta
ruent of Nlchola Ueonte, deceased, having am ts Hh
day of January. A. I'., 17, been ,riati to akt ir
bate Court, and a etlifon for the probate I hereof, saai See
the bxtMnre of Letter Tr-ttamentary and (iawrnaneki to
O. W. U Jones and W. c. Jones, having beea sued by W .
It tv hereby ordered, that Ineaday, U 1st day af ra-
rnary, A. P. 17. at II o'clock, A. M of said day, at taa
court Room of said Court al chamber. A Stall .1 aaaar,
lu Honolulu, Oahu. b. and the ssboc w, brevity app.iM.i
ed the rune for pmvtne said v HI and hearlne aU a pot -tfon
when aad where any person Interested aiay avp ar
and contest the mki Witt, and tbe granting of Letter. l.e
For Portland, Oregon.
&: Jane A. Talldnbiirg,
Htving Ptrt of her Cargo Engagttl,
Will have Quick Dispatch for the hove Fort.
For Freight and
e, apply to
t'.MLH K tAKJKK, Agents.
It Is further ordered, that rmtfcre thref be gjrrn hy
pnMrttWi, fur tltref u' 'flv.i wtiha. as tbe ssssWaftaw
i mwmm asM kuicoh, n-w pa pars srtsassjsjasst
lit hi. .lulu.
And It is further ontered. that rlUlfnn. N !
I ajoriserihing witn. -. ro flavBt U UL anal to the bsdni ul th
te-tator In thi a ingdu , tu appear aad mtwliaturo-
bate of said Will, at tht tlnif apprised.
JJated Honolulu. M. f . January th, i7.
A tb-sl : J natW of tbe Supreme ( oatrt.
;n R. i' v Deputy fertt. art St
SrrMKHK toiRT or tiik Hawaii
li Nli-. - IV I'UiiHM K. In the matter of ih
rotate of John Meek, late -f IIoo4ala, as.a, sasSasssssa
At iMiUBbers, It-fare Use HatMkatw . iX tiairta, Asa
t-u-tte JutU-e. order of notice of IVUtkxi for aapruval of
On resiling sml filing (he petition of J. H .
eeutor 7 the Will r J. -hi X-ek, late uf Mo
decease.!, thowmr tltt rertaht rU
late, - ' forth In a -.!..-. ... aunesed tu i
were presented to the petitioner. July fiuihrnri uSi d with
,'fr-v..iry vu'irhers. and by mm approved, aud pca lug
that upon a clay to be appointed the asm may be rsaas
ined aud approved by the Court.
ltlsonleivd. (hat MO. PAY. tsst Slat day of J AX LA
KY, a. U mm. at ID o'clock, A. JL before Jts ssJd Jam
Uee. tt his Chambers, In the Coart Hoaae, i notrtululi. bt
ami Um same ta bei-eby appotoitawt as to, ume anal afasjo
for bearing sahl petition, and thai alt persons kner-i-.
may taeii and there appear aad how cause. If asty they
have, why the said clainuv -should nut he approve! by Ute
lleurt. And that ttda order tav puNisUsetl la tbe rtaraSaa
ami K nullah langnages. In tbe KaMskoa aatl Hawaiian
Oasette, newspapers printed and pubiasrd ta Houu.utu. for
three Mueeeaatlve weeks previous to tbe time tbe rein ap
pointed fur said learlog.
lasted Honolulu, It. I., this 4th day of January. 1ST.
1 G HAUUtf,
Attest : Justice of the Supreme i uvt,
Waltkb R. HgtL, Clerk. iTl zx
Taw tine American Bark
re- For Freight, apply to
Australia and New Zealand Line
Ml A t K F H I. t V I' 1 A I V.
On or about Jan. 12, 1876.
For Freight anil Passage, or any further information,
apply to iS7J If. II ACKratJ A ( P., Agents.
Australia and New Zealand Line
iMLANIftH In Pntbate. In Ibe matter of tbe t.unird
buishlp or MATILDA KCtCAKT, tats of Honolulu. .Ir
ceased. lnsawne. At t hauibera, tetore Aasuclate inath
Judd. Older of notlc of petltktn for allowance of ao
counta. discharge, and filial dlstrtbuUon nf property.
l mi n &wung anu iiung uic priiuon and ainuiiu ( '
in Hum Kckart, (iuanltan of Matilda Kikart. lata af 1
iuiu, iiianne, uec-nri, wnrrein be aaaa
- ..'.l . aud rhanct-s htmeadf wlUi f- . and Mk, that
Lhe same may be examined and approved, and that a flaei
uniaT may as made oi distributnui or the property t
lug In his hands to the persona tbe re to ralsje a
rhargii'g him and his sureties frosa all fbrtber r.
biUiy an such.
It U ..rdend. th.it Friday, lb. :sth day of J
IX Kit, io n't luck A. M . before the said Jrntlee
li.uni.tri, hi the Court HoOSe, at HonoJulu. be and tbe.
"gavrae hereby fa appointed as the time and pasre for bearing
said petltiiHs and itccuoota. and that ail pertsuna miasaaSssI
may then and there appear and show caaae. If any tber
hare, why the same should not be granted, and may pre
sent t'Vtdem-e as to who are (ntitled tu I
And tliat thL- order in the KnglHIi i
In the Haw.illt.ti ( inset tv iiewapaper printed aud t
in Huuululu, for three succeaatre weeks previous to the
lime thereiu appniutetl for said f,.-:,rtng
lotted at Honolulu, U. 1., tbie lid da of Deretnbar. t-'
A. Flt-VXt iH jfDtJ.
Justice of the apreme court.
W ai.t xa R, Hal, Clerk of tbe Kuprrnie Coort, XZ n
CATAREtT, t lllllf lMiKB.
A71Xl Loa-co Honolulu,
Kandavu, Fiji, and Sydney, N.S.W.
Connecting at Konda-u with Company's ste'uer for
ALXKLAJSD, N. Z., 1UKT CHALAIElty, and Intermediate
On or about the 12th Jan., 1876.
For Freight and 10101070. anil rorther Information, apply
to 5S3 II. irACHFKLI) t TO., Agents.
ual Pacltot.
Will have regular dhpatch for the above named Porta,
no and after the Mb of November next, until further notice
Freight and Passage taken at the Lowest lUtes,
all BOLL EH A CO.. Agents.
January 17
January 27,
January 21. .
February 7
Pehmary a .
February 21
March i
Man h ...
March It
Mart h --D..
........ ir.:.,
..Circuit or Hawaii
K ona
lr. u: 1 of Hawaii
Circuit of Kauai
' HBo
..Circuit of Hawaii
the .avrrca p tiik ektatk or it.
TILDA ECKAKT. law or Sao FnuH-laro. carironila. C.
HL A., una romii.rty of Honolulu, Hawaiian Inland. iW-
I hereby notify all the neat of kin of law aud derraaad.
and all peraura. Interesteil In tbe aatd ertabr. ttun uo :!.
lvth November, I87S, I -a as app.li,te.l .peeiai admlntatea
tor of the said estate, by in. etuprvme . urt of the Hawa
iian lalamls, litting In rrobate, and duly auaiuted to art 1,
such administrator, flung an approved hood and taking
ou t letters of administration.
P. ft JOSKJt. J a.
Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands. 2ilh Novrmher, 171.
47 tm
Marshal's Sale.
Bt lum of a whit or ex Efmiy,
U.ue.1 oat ol th. l-olieo c.airt. Iluaaaata. 1 aba In sav
or nf J. I. lh,wwtl. for fit., agalaat Kah.U. I have
levU.1 UPO11 and shall eapow for aas TatnnaHa tb
27th day f January. A. D. isrra, un the preiuiaa. at 1
o'elork noon. All the right, title sat latere.! of abl K .be
In In and Ua aixiilou nontm. ulUaled at alakuii. anlea.
said Judgment interest ami en-U tA mit and my Um and
Cunitni-siona bo pr.vkmsly aatnrled.
W. c. I'AIIKK. Xarahal.
II n .-Italia. Dee. 2t, 173. trt tt
Executors' Notice.
TP K u all peaaiHi. that on the I2ta ilay nf Xovent
ber, A. D. IS7S, letters testamentary la th. ratate a V.
rv.IHAOL.Kl.CA, late of laibaina. Inland ofa
ti-,t:ite. were iwiisl to ttn-ni bv IIh Hon. A. 1
Circuit Judge of the .'lad Jiblklral talstrtet. II. I. in I
anil having qualified thentsrlve by riving the proper
bond, they do hereby r en neat all uerw.ii tiaving eiaiai.
against tile said estate 10 present the same, duly authenti
cated, to Kla Xnlaaoleliia. one nf the anal eseeatnv. at
Uhaina, Maui, within si month, from tbe day af aaara
tlon of this notice, ami alt penmn. owing debt, to the aai
ontate are hereby renueated o, make lmmeiliale payment
thereof to Kla .Nahaoleltia aloreiwkt.
. Vn 11 ua 1 for 1N70 !
1177 be isMted in time for the December
Steamers, or pomMy earlier aul
will ejxeed it predecessor in amount
of valuable information art
matters relating to tJuy
Havianan IsLmdt
Price 50cts. per Copy !
whleh thi. irand-llofia met with
imgeneeal .-ir-
Harch 30... . ...Sawlllwll!
Btr When there are no cattle to land at Maalaea Ilay,
an effort will be mad. to reach Honolulu Maturdar r. a.
got- On Down Trip, the Steamer win not leave Eaaiualn
antil A. X., or later; afakena until am. or later: and
Maalaea flay until am. or later, without doe notice of
aoy change being given.
Rates of Passage will be
To or from Kauri ak ale al, Molokal...... tvt.00
To or from lahalna, Mani... a. on
To or from Maalaea, Maui 7.04)
To or from Makeoa, Maul S.00
To or from Mahnkona, Hawaii laV0
To or from Kawaihae, Hawaii.... IO.no
Toorfrooi Kxllua, Hawaii. in. 10a
TO or rrom Kaawaloa, Hawaii IO.OO
To .r from UUo, Hawaii. 1M
To or from Kan Coast, Hawaii . 1.1.0
ctreolt of Hawaii, Boood Trip. . . ..... J l.on
To or from any Port on K.nal S.OO
Circuit of Kauai, Round Trip 13.00
Deck pas; for native only
tar Ho Credit Sir Pa ag. Money.
Ticket, at the oaiee only.
No lierth will be conaldered a taken until paid u.i. Nat
responsible for unmarked Hagyage or any Freight or Par
cels unless receipted for.
Freight Money Don oa Demand.
tnr An effort will be made to have the Steamer reach
Honolulu on trie evening of Use same day sh. leave Maui.
8 AMU EI, O. WILOEtt, Agent.
OrSce with Wilder A Co., corner of Fort A Uueen tstreels
X. II OU la A Zt-
C. Brewer Co. -Agents
Merchant!!., received Storaae Free and
iiDer.a eaan advance, mad. on .atpm.au oy tni. aine.
041-ly C. BRKWr.Il t CO
C. Brewer & Co. -Agents. Ct
Favorable arrangem.Bt can always b. saataZ
malt, for.torag. aad ahipmaat of Oil, Bon., Wool, Hide, .tad
other M.rchaodiae to New Bedford. Boston. New York aad
other Baatarn Port. AST Cash Advancw nad,.
ill-ly C. ilKKWKR CO.
Notice to Creditors.
the out. of BICUAUI H. wTAItLdtlY, Me of Ho
nolulu, deceased, are hereby unified 10 peasant the same
with the proper vouchers, whether each caalras arise by
mortgage or otherwise to tho undernamed. Executor of
th. laat WUl and Testament of the decaaaed, at bg. oOce
in Honolulu within alat HIM from tbat date of the
S-st publication of thi. notice or the will bo (or ever
barred. And all parti. Indebted to taa aid estate are
hereby required to make ' 1 "itT pay man L
Honolulu, Janoary ttb, 17 1. ,71 tt
Fine Manila Cigars!
quality, pat op In bote of 200 each. J oat received
direct from Manila. For Sal. by
New Music.
LAB vocal and Instrumental music just racrivad.
Cataiogoe can be bod aa aiapntmlnn.
47 lm f H.M. WHITS KY.
ittei. and the completed arrangemen
culauota throughout the Partite and
Colonies and llie tsiandN, inake.lt a derable ailvertwAwg
medium, for which . limited wpaee will be ita vwnd.
Karly applltaitlon, for apace and -inter, lor coplea acilt I
ted. Orders frnm abroad must Inciuale piuge 1 itets. , ami
cau be remitted In slam pa. Addresa
THOS. O. THHL-X. Pablaaker.
". -n-tm A 2m .ow tla. al.ta. H I.
Just Received at Whitiaey's!
U lilae me Ktaaee. a ballad.
The so -r r ' tirt.t. a t
Waiting for viae Basin, a a
Tlae Owl. a acbotUarue.
Hy tlae It! v. r. a ballad.
Love me taariang, le.ve me, a 1
la. Mlmpatia, a uaarurga.
My Lot. Aaala, a aoag.
The Break of Day, laatrumeatai.
Maaurfca Metudtqae, tnatrenaawital.
Kavortte of fortune, paitaa.
Praise ye the laanl. a Thanksgiving Anthem.
Htabat Mater, lar tatwntL
Memory ' tsouad.
Hoar Michel ilaaop.
Julie Kar ban lenwi, . gsjop.
Tbe Wiaalbg Cap.
lllhllng Down tbe Stream.
The Kagle. a -aaletaa.lai eaotg.
J ..... . laiv.r of my aoai.
Oema, of Sc-nTkah Song.
For sal at ,ai tt) M. fHUlHBla
The Hawaiian Almaiu mi
I S1 to the. Inlands, of u,urrewt a. Hm. m Pkwawgn
Rsaasra Prtc So ewaita paw Vmmn,. abawal luaar
addreat for SO ceo la,
oapjw ItttaWtaw n THaXTf .
Manufacturing Jeweler!
Mr. Ecxart. laega to Inform ettfiMo. af Itl.il.l. maa)
the public gen-rally, that te Ua lakea lac rvor, aa. Fkrt
street oppoafte Odd Fellow. HaR. atorroerry nnflll ay
Tho. Tam.att., where he wsl artve aswawal 1111 mmt ta aa
inouufacturli.g end repairing uf all kind, of Jewelry.
Particular attention grrew v. SarH and Kabul w..r
gafr WUl f uarantee mtasfarUon In all hat wot, a.
Houiaulu, Star, 2Ul, l7A ;sJ WB. M. WEtntKB
THE 1 DElWEt la Tr
pare,! to taa. usisi far hajtag.
stand aa Uaaem SUOSaV . a.
B V. Bl-HSAWrav
and carry 00 a Dairy.
Appiyui IIWrtitT MAT.
nrnn n to cebtify thai i wTU sar
a pa r airy dnbts cowtsaewaw ta nv aawgaa nftar OS.
without my written order. W. B. WattOST.
aatl, Kaoat. oet. Ufa, 171.
Wilmingrton Pitch,
Wn .-Ei n o ssaS-M. ungmmmnm

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