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TE, K Al.AK . ' K . etjr Uit liracr- of God, of
tbr Hawaiian Inland, King, TVn Proclaim :
That it a Our iilrjtanrc, in purauanri- of the
i of Onr Constitution, Uut the niem-
i of the Legislative Asaetnolrof Onr Ki'ig-
l at tlie Legislative Hall, at
I of Hon-tlulu, for the dispatch of
Public HisBH, at 12 o'clock It. on Saturday,
the Twrnly-ninUi Dt of April, A. D. Eighteen
:. . v m-:.:w-
(riven sader Onr if :,: Sign Jtanui.1,
Tmk oniv action aihicli had taken place in Con-
: preea on ibe Hawaiian Iteciurocity Treaty was
; the report of the Committee of Ways and Means
' to the Hume, recommendm? the paMage of a hill
to enforce the treaty, the debate on which would
commence March 2d. and continue (ropi day to
day till it wat disposed of. The committee atood
i aeren iu favor of the ireaty and four against it.
I his prohahlv indicate about the propnrtioo with
hich the House will DaM the bill. It is quel-
at Oar Palace in the City of Hono- j ljnnable WDOluer we m earn 0f tue 6nal uctiou
on it before the May steamer, thongh its appro
ral by the House of R-preaentatires virtually set
tle the question of its final adoption.
lnln.thtaTuentv-ninth Davof Feb
SeaJ rearr, Eigtiteen Hsndre.1 and Seven
tv-anix, and the Third Year of Onr
Bt TRt: KlfcM.
The Ministei of the Interior,
W. u. Mokhowpa.
of Ttw sOTrruaaettL and other peraons
aasy b (lor at tbr Ha. aoau TTeaaury.
tlel 1 "Tt xrr requested to preeeol
noa before that date, and pemom
aa 1 1 H Sj oa armoaiitaf RM Ooveraroenl. SSa requeat-
lirotnpllv. in order that lit. t. mar
taw acrovott fur tbr flaoal period
la. J ' .in:.
HnrHtrar fuulic Areoaata
Traatary. March 1Mb 1ST.
lu Biriam
pe.. at nr.
aa 1 onr half iw cent will he paid
Bonds" upon ;.rraenttjon at thr Hawaiian
1. 0 tViru. i:. t public Aoouuul.
It Wine
iar rAtlt n
S. -.rana-al't tv
: -tlUL Nuuni
f Uceator lUplrin in March.
: Wli or H..U-: A Nunenn Ft Honolulu
: tire. Nuuanu 11. Honolulu.
. Sim bun m 1 1 ..n. in It.
r. Abu. t It" lulu.
Nutiitu St. Honolulu.
I Kt Houolulu.
aaAfci Awai. Nuaaau M Honolulu
ai Anwar Manual. King Bt Honolulu.
Hart II SaiiaM. Pwaahoa. Hana.
Tl Phiitr- JcMUjtftn. Lahalna
llI'AU .-Vougtarr, X.irtb Kohalb
: . w.c Janae. Kau
- Af..rar ArhaHt. Puuaboa. Hilo
KA.CA2. S-W. EL W relit- Kokse.
I 1 Saw Wnntalin company. Ubnr.
tj Aswan at flofca. Haaalei.
Retail Wptrtt.
1 Ailab Herbert, Rarai.aii Hole:, Honolulu
z Alum Herbert. Hawabau Hotel, Honolulu.
S Aft. lahalua. Mam.
. ..uuaae Kb Uouululu.
Thk quarantining of the Mikado, daring her
short slay in port, canted some dissatisfaction
among her Ibroajh passengers, wbo were not
permitted to come on shore. It is true, as as
serted by some of them, that vessels having the
measles are not quarantined in other ports. But
it must be remembered that this disease prevails
among Polynesians more in the nature of a plague
lhao it duel in Kurope ond America. Witness
the devastation in this group in 1348. when more
than 10,000 died from it ; and more recently in
the Fiji's, where some 2.VO00 died during one
year. Now while the authorities are seeking
ways sod means to check the decrease and csnse
an increase of the native race, every reasonable
man must admit that the measures taken to pre
vent the arrival and spread of this or any disease,
are the least that should be done.
i Hrrlirn. Hawaiian Hot.-I. Hon itulu.
- G D. SJBva, laSajna, Haul.
Ckr f' .1 1 1 1 i
t ro AT lnadfati .
: !: - ; Ran.
l-Ab. Duti. Raat
l-ae SbTIi laiaa. BbaaH Kaoat.
11 r Haadac K aOabu. Mawl.
TZ laviM-1 lxvrl;, HaoalfH. Kaua,.
Si I. S. W'nrat K.bia. baaai.
Wsareaae airt i-sate.
Tus result of the tluclions in Fruoce bad not
been announced at the latest dale. The etectiou
for delegates to the lower hou&e of the National
Assembly took place on the 20th of F'ebruary,
and np to the 2Cib, says the telegraph, returns
bad been received from 499 electoral districts.
Candidates koowu to be elected in districts heard
from number 306, classified as follows : Republi
cans, 187 ; Conservative Republicans, 71 ; Bona
partisti. j9; Legitimists. 23 ; Conservatives. 20 :
CooBlilulionalisls, 18 ; Radicals. 17. 'I bis gives
'J Republic .r. - out of 30H delegates elected.
Many Republicans were elected, eren in Brit
tanny and I'as He Calais, ibe former hitherto a
Legitimist stronghold. Minister lu Fuure was
elected by a large uixjonty in Lersnoeib The
Left Centre is defeated. All Deputies elected by
Versailles are Republicans. Buffet, Minister of
the Interior, has been defeated in all four cir
cumscriptions which be contested. The Repub
lican journals are jubilaul. The Bonapartist or
gans proleas to tbiuk that radical victory wil'
eventually further the cause of the Empire, and
express pleasure at the result.
a crows at ,-rt.vtrr jrin. at caawaaas.
Feb 3b Estate ol James L. Lewis, deceased. Pe
Rase of A 3. Cart Wright, admihistralor for set
I o( bis account ol ttie estate and for bit dis
rliaWlitv. Tbe Court after due I ror aDj unfortunate nro.luclion
i o: at: tu rtjr-.er ap;roveo oi tnc ac-
I tlie admiuutratordiscnargod aud
. C Estate ol Kaaaobilo i w ), deceased. Peti
- bb- : - x fartlH
Th f state ol political excitement, inaugurated
by tha presentation of the memorial to His Muj
esly tbe King, continues to increase rather than
bate. On Saturday morning last a circular ap.
peared, signed by His Excellency. W. I.. Green,
which is printed id full oo tbe fiourth page,
aud addressed to tbe signers of Ibe memorial
which we must prouounce an unadvised, uncalled
We shall not
attempt to criticise it in detail, us that has al
ready been done iu the clear and manly document
which appears in to-day's issue, from the pen of
I tbe Hon. H. A. P. Carter. But we will ssy that
! we regret exceedingly that His Kxceilency should
j hare so distorted tbe idea of tbe Memorialists,
and should have regarded that earnest and patri
: otic Address as nothing more than a personal at
tack upnu himself. We regret that bis letter
should be so evidently dictated by bad temper, and
1 that be should have taken so erroneous a view of
the inception and history of the memorial. Tbe
animus of bis reply is indicated in the second
ptragniph from the lust, where bn says. - and fur
ther, it it will be my duty to caution bim, (His
Majesty ) whenever the King or the people of
Ibis countrv desire a change of miiiistrv, to be-
, (who v prrxiit) now dc- . . r . . . n b
Tbe evatady of tb child : Out the W7 01 n . . I "u ""tai-ll oi rueu aa usav
Wort thoaght Ut noder all tbe cireaiiistai.ee, it
ta iiuaraian nonid tx apiminied.
i of nrdin4iip tt be issued to
St j
tint of Renews fk
it bf
. to file a bon
r to br filed
lobe appointed adiiiitn-lratur
Joon app.tiuied adminit
sum of nfty dollars, lu
(pake i
lu Cwirt after hramic tut evidence
heart than he, and none has a deeper faith in
the future of the colony. Since he became a
Minister, and set on foot his policy, he has
seen New Zealand rise out of serio,tg difficul
tiee with the natives, has beheld peace estab
lished, and has seen the country acknowledged
as being one of the foremost of the Australa
sian group. He may well be proud of the re
ception accorded to him after an absence so
long that it made many of his friends dissatis
fied, and gave opportunities for his opponents
to assail him with an acrimony which chival
rous rules, as applied to absent men, ought to
have rendered impossible to proceed from some
lips. However, the long absent mnn is absent
no longer. Those who prophesied that he
would return no more as did some with whom
the wish was parent to the thought have ere
now discovered that they were false prophets,
just as those who have been assailing him in
his absence will find that, as of yore, his own
hand will defend his head."
Among the addresses presented to him wu6
one from the workingmen. The local patsers
nay his progress along tbe wharf was amid
a prolonged blaze of fireworks and an avenue
of torches. The following was the address pre
sented to him: "To Sir Julius V'ogel, K. C.
I M. G. ; We workingmen and citizens of Wel
! lington, well assured of the sympathy of onr
I fellows in other parts of Xew Zealand, bid yon
welcome. We recognize in you a frieud and
patron of the working classes. Whereas, be
fore the inauguration of the schemes of Public
Works and Immigration, we were without unity
of purpose or hope of future independence, your
policv is the bond which unites us, and the
lever which raised us to onr proper level in the
grand scale of industrial civilization: for an in
crease of participation in the profits of industry,
for happy homes and contented lives we have
to thank you. Difficulties there may be in the
accomplishment of your grand project, but
these will certainly lie overcome if the Gov
ernment continue in the course it has hith
erto pursued. We believe implicitly not only
in your genius, but in your earnestness ami
sincerity of purpose, and we ask you to trust
in onr confidence and support."
Petition of Kuc (w) tbat
I to . O Smith.
, appoioled VY.
I of one hund-
rwt tultait. Natter to creditor to be advertised ,
tor foarr week in both langaarra. Inventory to be
IM it. thirtt davt and tbe estate settled iu seven
of Moebean w), a minor.
Airetii ol ftonnlulu.
a fuirdian of the peraon M
i toe Maicment
lortuerlv been a
ol. and war at Ibal time be
but I bat 1 ptvwiit. wat
Mr J H Brown and went to school
Petit .: o' mi :.
lor tbr appomlaaent o!
tbr abewr miuw It apjx arcd
mt lb. ur.m thai tbe tuoaor
rrwat truant r..o rob
r wwr (br tjwasaebataOcaart a
t tax Caawta
ars. J ernes JCH av caaaaaas.
Mar Pmot T will of T nunc Sbeooc, deceased.
- lor probate ol tbe will ol the
(urt after linn the evi
will ta probaie, and ordered
to 1 oang Itee ,
. tax ill Mater Ibat tbe exeenlor abail
. yd. ar it apfacared Iron Ibe evi-
liac Kit a wile iu tliit.A
I ta bee dower, the Court ordrred
filed in tbe rum ol
.btrteaun, .wboWa alro aol deviroe un
I br atHraid account and pay to I lie
lauded, her dower.
i required ; or, file
tega! Tttoaai and discharge of
lower. Notice to
i M be advcnired lor lour weeks io both
r u. neCb-c m tbirty dara.
at Gaalc Cloaeamoi ,W), deceased. Peti
! KtAkwala for diatritwtioa ol ertait After
: Ok 'liatltatw i tbr Ooart decreed one ball ot
to Kebanlt aod a V each to tbe two
I i. W Wi.eox, eouiniiraion
er to ivid the raai eaute bet ween tbcea. Uatl to
possess abilities fully sufficient to lead those who
trust in them into difficulties, but which may not
suffice to lead them out." This could ouly bare
been published ander the belief that Mr. Gibson
was alone responsible for the memorial, which is
not tbe case, as be is no more responsible for its
sentiments than a number or other gentlemen
whose names are appended to it, and who held
several meetings together to consult io regard to
its language and detail.
Rut the whole document, from beginning to
end, abounds in language wbicb cannot be con
strued other than offensive, not only to the re
spectable and influential men who signed it. but
lo that power behind tbe throne, tbe Press, with
out whose favor no ministry io this or any other
civilised land, can long remain in office.
"tomti TVrtrtalak. r reward
Airwa Sorwrtslafiwl
ItMWH' H tb wi,J,ow ttM
i l Mat 1 1 wftawCowrt
Petition of J. P.
of br areoanl ar adwilorrtra
ol the estate Tbt Coeri
accounts showing a
paid into Court ami
pay one ball ol said
ill lo await the
I e. S f Katam:.. deceaaed Ad
I Of Mw Tu H . JwMHt' Juitd.
rF rwwataai tVoot o claims
w avofc uaaawaw a Awn tr tag avquitj.be
$eAtloSrCrit Ol
i a ItSJStw be Mr. . L
. I was tJ aba: I aroowoed tbr awrcep
w-bo ant Me
a waM athad
i a foraact pavar Mr
KMaxflfeNkY Offkw. aRtyw w uti of 0RM,
S; Pt wrt. oiKeckapb. A.veax
Ma lRl.l JwC at CSaaaaNvr
nh 4MB Maft 4k fcv reffn laMMMwN
uw inawiai tssiaab at aaR tAau)wt aai m.m-
fWWVRMHHft 4tbV JURkaffkBfcR rafc V AOMrVSr
taR l II' WAT aatiwlaa
aoai A. r CaarsB
aJtaatR l Rba BWH
av KatJTfoa. j wabict tbr werd - vSraitataa " ia
ralaatlabbaatMtttlM to Swat arbaa aaaaar
awat bt R(la wwj of tbr taawj - rrrt-rrri,
TwV r?rJMli!Mr&Ti'. Ibwtart?1'
nwUfSR afiRt i b. I RttS : ."baratbui ajtj. b
ptatRa awaajafct raro., awd aatbn. aa war
t-rasSR Maatot.
etasAbavw Niawary Mb.--TW AHVarittt an
Till i ii awttiaa,i . Iniaiiia a saMaMt ad-
awoSbj !. i ttwjiil tVal M rr,rci. rf iWa I
awaaaa wmaU awwaa raw rtwrUrc at aa
araaaw .ll 1 PmWArw brj raat t. ,lar
waattasJaV'tBt w awwi o rr BaRnhaaii awljpSB,
Ir we rightly comprehend the language of
the Miniaterial reply, and especially of Mr.
Green's circnlar, the whole scheme of in. mi
gralion. whether for labor or repopulation, is
of doubtful benefit. And moreover, if brought
before the natives for discussion, it might be
strongly opposed, and on thia aceoont, is con
sidered a questionable policy for the govern
ment to emertaii. If thia lie the position now
assumed, the policy of live administration has
changed daring the past two rears. King Kal.i
kaua, in his address to the National Assembly
n l$7, apoke aa follows: "The subject,
however, that awakeci my greatest aolicilti.le
it to i nerb my people, and to this point I
Vesire to direct ycuroarneat attetitiiMi."
" The immigration of free llot will uiMloubt
edly enrioh and strengthen onr country, and to
this end I propose that a liberal appropriation
he made." These worxls oleariy and unequivo
cally wxpreaabM the pahlie weniiiuetii existing
when the King abcided the throne and when
the present administration asaunissl .fi,e. The
tgtalature proenptiy ivsst)dcd by vntinx:
i.Mtio tot the objrv-t named In the yal
ajwevh, ami for no other pnqxwe than Io promote
ag n,-r.lturf an l to rwtrralnee pepnlation to offset
lire annual devreaRP of one thousand souls
They nbwwv-er expivs the aeiiliment the
arvp)e of thia pmap at thia tiwie. AH intelli
gent Haw aiians agree that unit the decrease
is atared i rwuiitoi Italaucd by immig ration,
their irriTependence ia otvly a quewllon of time
The iteceaaity of more populatkJi it t.ai self
evident to be itioivd or argued at thia late
day, attd we eawiot lelier that it is seriously
determined to abandon viuoua efforts to piv
crps h. at whatever Mat.
Reply to Hi- Ex. . I.. tjir cn.
To His Exckllkncy W. L. Gbeen,
Minister of Foreign A ffnirt,
Aliiohini Hale:
Sib: On the 11th instant I received
from you a printed communication addressed
to certain persons by nanu " and to the other
gentlemen who signed the Address to His
Majesty dated Februrary 22nd, 1876:"
As ono of the signers of that Address, having
held official relations to yourself and the De
partment over which you preside, in the course
of which I had the pleasure of receiving from
you expressions of approbation and esteem,
and experiencing constantly such confidence
and generous assistance in my official duties
as to enhance the confident hopes for your use
lulness to the country, which I entertained on
your elevation to the high position you occupy,
I beg to be allowed the privilege of responding
publicly and with the same candor winch
marks your letter to the signers of the Address.
At the outset, I wish to say that your letter
seems founded on two errors, one, that the Ad
dress was a call to His Majesty to dismiss
His Ministry as not iMissessing the public con
fidence, and the other that the signers were
led into signing the Address by some person
without knowing its contents. Had the former
proposition liecn intended, I assure you I should
have asked that it be stated in so many words.
At a meeting called at the Iioubc of Mr.
Gibson, that gentleman laid before a number
of gentlemen a sketch of a plan for an Immigra
tion Society to lw chartered by the Govern
ment in which the Government were to be
asked to take a number of shares, or to aid in
some other way.
At a subsequent meeting this plan was criti
cised by several, myself among the number.
It was pointed out that all that private enter
prise could lie counted upon to do, would be,
to provide so far as oesible under the laws,
for the immediate private wants of industries;
that any comprehensive suiieme or plan for
general immigration upon a scale commensu
rate with thu national wants would require
some diplomatic action ; that if immigrants
could be found, some public works would need
to be undertaken to furnish employment for
such when they first arrived and that the ex
pense of initiating such a movement should be
borne by Government. I remember mysidf
suggesting that if the Ministry would press
investigations with such objects in view, they
could levy taxes to meet the expenses in
such a way as to mako those who were
prospering in the country contribute to such
repcopling and that they would be vigorously
sustained by those who really desired the
continued independence of the kingdom.
It was further stated that no persons were
better aware of the needs of the kingdom
than yourself and the Minister of Fi
nance, who was present at the meeting, but
that for some reasons unknown to the pnblic
no recent effort in the direction indicated had
been made.
Uut of this grew the suggestion that a memo
rial to His Majesty giving earnest expression to
the views of those presctit would bring the
subject before the Government with what little
influence our names would carry to sustain
the Government in any effort they might mako
with the Legislature aliout to meet, to provide
for the efforts which wo understood. His Mnjes-
ty s Government were only too anxious to
make to meet a national want,
The only objection I had to make to the
memorial was that some demagogue would
take the occasion to trv and work upon the
prejudices of ignorant Hawaiians by leading
them to regard it at t movement to supplant
them in their own laud and cheapen their
tabor ; thus endeavouring to paralyse the minis
try in their efforts ; but I am free to confess
that I did not expect tnch a course from any
member of the Government. The subject of
Retrenchment w as earnestly discussed, and in
the aaane spirit. Th present waa deemed a
critical time lecanse the Legislature waa tbout
to mect.And weald not be convened again for two
years, ft waa also hoped that these snbjecla
would receive due mention in the address
from the Throne to the Legislative Assembly
A committee was appoiuUM to draft the me
ponsly replied ; " The child it dead. The
mother will tnrely die, but with the tid of Di
vine help I hope to save the old man." Par
don me if I say I was reminded of this by the
pious ejaculations of the ministry, who, ac
knowledging their inability to do anything to
save the nation, hope by Divine aid and the ex
clusion of Hindoo diseases to nve them
selves. The absence of any allusion to the question
o7 retrenchment disappointed many of tbe
signers, but we now hojie yon will act upon it
if any of " pure Hawaiian blood " shall advo
cate it.
The political resort to an attempt to work
ui on the pride or sense of neglect of
the Hawaiians and mechanics, will of conrse
fail, if they have the intelligence you credit
thorn with, for the memorialists never pre
tended to represent the people or the popu
lar will, simply desiring to give expression to
their own opinions : but the resort ia proba
bly justified by the rule yon yourself lay down
that it is not necessary to be " either precise
or correct in your reasonings."
I am how- ever confident that in taking refuge
behind the ignorant prejudices to which you ap
peal, you are following rather the dictates of a
hasty temper,than of your better judgment You
r.rctoo well aware that everything which has
ever been accomplished for the good of this peo
ple has been done in spite of ignorant and un
reasoning sentiments by the aid of the higher
wisdom of the hetrer classes of Hawaiians, and
whenever any one has wished to advocate in
temperance, disloyalty and opposition to benefi
cent measures, he has appealed to these same
" sentiments," but I had hoped since such ap
peals had borne their legitimate fruits in the
riots, at the Barracks and the Court House,
they would not be hastily invoked again.
I have now given you the facts as far as I was
connected with the memorial, whose tone aud
purpose.ynu so utterly misapprehended.
I thought that the increase of the population
of the country and retrenchment, or a wiser ap
propriation of public funds were subjects in
which you sympathized with the memorialists,
and the memorial could in no wise reflect upon
the ministry except so far as they were respon
sible for inaction or failure, and to that extent
T still desire the reflection so far as I am con
cerned to rest. If the statement of facts re
flects upon any one. it is not the fault of the
I am free to confess that I do not regret with
you the publication of the Address, though if
it is unfortunate, you will remember it was the
ministry who made it public, not the memo
rialists, and if any of the latter obtain undue
prominence they will owe it to the same agency.
So far as its tone was concerned, I think it was
intended to be bold in its assertions. I do not
believe it possible to exaggerate the impor
tance of the subjects presented. I resent the
imputation of "insolence," (which is usually
an attribute of office.) If His Majesty believ
ed no insolence was intended, you as His
Majesty's servant should never have charged
the memorial with it. For myself I have no
charity to ask from His Majesty's Ministers in
regard to my intentions. Having signed the
memorial I desire to take any responsibility
that may attach to it.
With reference to your defiant assertion that
unless the King and his Ministers choose to do
things in their own way no power exists to
oblige them to do it ; I presume the Legisla
tive Assembly might be found to possess tho
power, but aside from that. I beg to remind you
of powers silent and inexorable, to which even
Cabinet Ministers aro amenable the operation
of causes which produce inevitable effects.
Awl if the administration to spite "a few de
signing men " as you please to style us, dare
to neglect the duties of the hour, the effects
will come in spite of Cabinet resolutions to
postjione action.
However sir, we have differed before, and
my respect for you suffered no diminution
thereby. On these questions I still believe
that our differences grow out of the erroneous
intrepretation you gave the moniorial in con
struing it as a personal attack upon yourself.
I beg to say in conclusion, that while I re
gret that yon thought it necessary to use of
fensive terms, I respect the vigor and candor
with which you sustain your views over
your own name, as I hold that no man who
lias not the " courage of his opinions " is fit
for office, and if the memorial does no more
than excito discussion, and to devclope the
fact that we have a Minister in tho Cabinet
who iB prepared to act out of leading strings
aud huvo opinions of his own and sustain them,
letting the public know the grounds on which
he stands, it will have servod no mean purpose.
I honestly hope it will be some time before the
" fair proportion " of native Hawaiians and
Mechanics at whoso behest you express your
willingness to bow, will demand your portfolio
for I am confident that after careful considera
tion you will be prepared to join us in saying
something mutt be done, and that something
sort it be done ; and unless I mistake the " ring
ing tone," etc. etc., of your letter, something
trot, be done, in which I hope to lie allowed in
some humble way with other citizens and sub
jects to assist you.
Nuuanu, March U, 1876.
Meeting of the Memorialists,
Last Night.
A meeting of signers of the Memorial which
was presented to the King on tbe 29th alt., was
aald last evening at tbe Lyceum on N'uuanu Av
enue. Ou motion of Mr. 3. B. Alberlon, Hon.
Godfrey Rhodes was called to tbe chair, and Mr.
H. L. Sheldon choseu secretary. After the ob
ject of tbe meeting had been briefly stated by Ibe
chairman. Hon. II. A. I'. Carter presented a pre
amble and resolutions, which, after debate aod
amendment, were adopted. Several speakers
took part in the discussion, including Messrs.
HartRell, Dole, Carter, Rhodes, Frestoa and oth
ers, tod tbe remarks made expressed a kindly
feeling towards tha administration, aod deep re
gret on account of the letter of Minister Green.
All tbe speakers firmly supported the Memorial,
a copy of which in Hawaiian, with 1T5 signatures
attached, was laid before tbe meeting. The
native committee having it in charge prociised to
obtain one thousand signatures.
Tbe following are tbe preamble tod resolutions
Whbubas. In tbe Memorial addressed to His
Majesty on tbe 23d day of February, we were actu
ated by a loyal desire Io point out t lie dangers wbicb
threaten tbe hidepeudrnce of tills kingdom, and to
aid all loyal men, wbetbrr io omce or not, wbo de
sire and are willing Io work for the good ol tbe
Hawaiian King aud people; and
Whxmas, One ol His Majesty's Minister?, noder
Die assumption, entirely unauthorized by tbe tone
of our Memorial, tbat we were demanding their
rctiicuatlon, addressed to lit a letter, objectionable
iu tone and discreditable Io himself;
RtMjlmtd, That we reeret and deplore that a
centleinen holding to bigh s position In His Majes
ty's government should have so far forgotten Ibe
dignity of bis position, however much be may have
differed with us lu our views as expressed ia the
llciuAmi, Tbat with this expression of oorregret,
we. aa a body, dismiss tbe offensive charges and in
sinuations of tbe Minister, trusting to the purity ot
our Intentions and to the undeniable importance of
tbe mailer presented in our Memorial for our Justirl
calion. Rfxulitd, Tbat believing that the continued inde
pendence of tills Kingdom, Ibe preserration of tbv
throne and flag of Hawaii nei, and tbe happiness of
the Hawaiian people, depend upou a population
large enougb to claim the continued recognition of
foreign nations, we will continue our efforts by ad
vocating every practicable scheme forthe encourage
ment of immigration, and every means of preserving
and increasing the Hawaiian race, by inculcating les
sona of morality and sanitary care, 'notwithstanding
tbe opposition of others.
Beaolptd. Tbat no person Is worthy the conSdence
of His Majesty who would oppose these objects, or
who would seek to plant the seeds of discord be
tween ibe races and classes living under His Maj
esty's rule.
On motion of the Hon. H. M. Whitney, it was vo
ted to send a copy ol the foregoing preamble and
resolutions to Hla Majesty and also to each of the
Ministers, and tbat tbe tame be published lu tbe
newspapers of this city.
Tbe meeting Ibeu adjourned. H. L. SexbDos,
For San Francisco
M Mary Belle Roberts ! 4tt
VW Klr-t clana accommodations ror lNJena;rra In 1st
and -'a Cabin, ami Hleeratfe. m
For Paaaajr!-, apply to
Ui H. HACKrELD A CO., Atrnla.
For Victoria, B. C.
The Haiiallan Clipper Hrla"
Will have Quick Dispatch for above Fort.
For Freight or passage, apply to
i!3 F. T. I.ENKHAN A CO.. Arenb
For San Francisco.
The I aioriie Viueriritii Bark
Will have Quick Dispatch for the above Port
Part of her cargo bring already engaged.
m9 Fur Freight or Pawtag e, bavlnc suparkir accommo
dations for Cabin and steerage I'aaaeiigers. apply to
IJ C. BREWER . ID., Agents.
Paris. February 4th. It is very probablt that tb
Duo d' Audiffret Paiqaier will be alactad Pratidsntof
the new Seaata.
Madrid, February ttb. The Qorernment has ad
riots that tba Cerllsts have destroyed their cartridge
manufactory at Vera, and many hare Bed to Fraoee.
St. ParaRStcao, February lib. -The Bnuik Mir,
6imineDting ou the proposals of Cannt Audraaay, sayi
the comedy nuw being performed at Constantinople
will terminate to the satisfaction of all Concerned, ex
ept the Selars aad partly, therefore, Kasaia.
Paris, February tth, The Bin Pb!ie lays It has
resetted intelligence uf the complete defeat of Ibe
Carlists, and it stated tbat Don Carlos baa led aad is
expected to take refuge on French territory.
St. ETiaaaa, FaiauaaT 4th. An explosion of
Ire-damn look place to-day in the Jabln aclllery.
Of the 2S0 men at work in the pit at the time, only
twtnly-lix hart been taken out, two of whom were
dead. The earth is falling iu in iuimeasa masses.
Coasteraatloa prevails throeghnut the dlstrlet.
Bostor, Februarj Slat The funeral services oter
the remains of tha lata Charlotte Cashman took place
lo-day in King's Chapel in the presence of aa im
mense thioDg of people Including Governor Rare aad
other Slate and municipal digsilariee. Ia tha mom
ing a great many eititeot viewed law face of the de
eeated while Ibe body waa lyiag la the Parker House.
The remaias were Interred in M uni Aabara cemetery .
Botma, February 18th. Charletts t'uehmen. the
diatlagaished actress, Jl(4 at ike Parker Ho cat this
morning. She had been elided with tha esaeer far
a loaf tuan, bat waa better laal arteh, aaw took a
short walk rtatarday whet she cehgtit cold, pnenmn
nia resulting. She was aalte cheerful yesterday, hat
a rhaaga occurred .i J e'elock thia Raraiag, and at
T o'clock she waa unconscious.
I ""a rai Naw Ikittatt Cant. At the lime
that ear Rail takes its departare the lllharaia u su
gared In the tateresllng wrh nf laying a ahmarlae
cable eel area la ol alas aa.1 ew Kealaad
Australia and New Zealand Line
On or about March 29.
for Freight and Pw stage, or any further information,
apply to jetT II. HACHFEI.D at (.0., Agenla.
Australia hnd New Zealand Line
niorial. and unite a niiliila-i of tho aiKncn. suli F '"TV?'""? TLVZl ""ST .') Vr ""'
, - . . . i 0.1 nr. , i .lurrin'. or uii nagiisa readers tae
....j ..... w ,.
a numU-r of anieinlmeiila ami alterations vcorv
Tmk Xr Zkalaxp Pbcmik, Sir Jttline
V.h.1 rW.iou.1 lo V... V-aU...t ru.rlv in VWK
roanr, trrn a irtvru) riait tf tvttf lana. nis
return araa aaavrtcM (war an Auckland paper.)
" lT moat rnthnsiasric demonstration in Wfl
luaftam. No former Miniator of t hi colony waa
ever Wore ao warmly and ao spooUnoooalT
prwtpd. Ft wr) brlrrT, bavt the lac-oaaa and
prorata of Xew leva) aud tuore crjnpleteiT at
; made, all wilh Ilif view of proton-inn a rt
Rvlliil tone while giving vwry oamrat eprea-
j akw to what waa felt to lie of great iniHrlanre
I u tiie throne ami neople of thia nation. Tha
vet) woid " ', ' to which yon seem to take
oxi-iion, waa discussed, arid, for my own
, part, feeling that it waa aolemuly true, if the
imlepeirdoni-e of the nation wai to he prrRerviv,
I atitvereal Ki it aa one nf thoae words which
among the ' mellifluous phraaoa wonM ar
reat attention and win for the memorial jnat
that attention which we destined for it, and I
believe tho event prove the iu nvtnoa of the
1 , MMvtM tlx- repl) fVott Hit Majvswtv, on
whoa courteay we knew we mold depend, lor
a fair consideration of onr nreroorial arid agon
eron jndgtMQt of onr motive would he care
fully conaidered hy Ria Miniate i , ami while
liter might point out difficulties nf which wr
could have no knowledge, that thoy woald ac
knowledge the importance of tha aahjecta pre
sented, and avail themaelvea of any aid they
could get in carrying out plana which they,
with their aourcca of information might devise
The Mimatarial reply I should not bar al
luded to hut for your belligrrent letter of the
1 1th inat. An old story 1 think illustrate the
tone of the miniaterial reply. A phyaioian, coat
ing from the bo nee of a patient i wat tMiaed, waa
met b a friend, who anxiously inquired after
the health of the family. Too ROrtor pota.
I.A4 1II.A.X, tVstsimaurler,
W ill Isoavo Honolulu,
.. roa
Kandavu, Fiji, and Sydney, N.S. W.
Connecting at Kandava with Company's etrajtier far
AlX'KLAND,N.S.,rORTcHAt.MEIW, and Int-rmMlale
On or about the 6th of April.
For Frrtghl anil Pa weals, aod farther Information, anpl
la rttij n. n veer fri.ii a ro., Agmia.
aewa f tlie suevesafal lav lag uf this eekle iii kave
been Hs-heil l.i Knte an I Xmsrl.-a lllthertil, NeW I
v.. I. -a i . i .... ..,1.1.. ......... . X
..no, war ana aa vaujtag iio'viai Ht .aasira'ia,
4lseaaelw hy a voyage of avt dayi u (la atareel
purl, a4 ol trvea or eight JJ tataat at Us fartaer
I -rt. Il will new be kroeqrkl wMkta ta magi elr
el ef Ik tleetrit wire, tn.l will he aa -Uilv sa.lag
terms who aatirana aaa wua ta esrw tl large
Tb.. work ewaM aot kav kwoa esrrtHl oat wilkoal a
aahsttlt, Lai U two evlewtu aiti. alar, t lnlria.lr.1
lair witkeii naat td tkat suhsiitv, tat ktte
ia taoea ta tae wnrM al large tkal iter are ra
parej ta tat tkeas selves far lbs affiltaaeee of aiem
eivilisatraa,- ff"-
Tk follewlag ttt ertaat tatter wat forwanM W
Taaatcat tHraaTatT. )
WtaaitaToa, P t, Ksbrasrj u, T. J
xear 'taaaaa a S f'caaeieea; Your let let
of tk M rertaat it reoairea. la relwhsa t arras la
ragare lesborted (. rarret la, lata rear wort.
wkiek were elasstaet kv roe arc .rUing ta Mies aaaer
ae pairs staaeant. Ml wte
Part ret la sagar relalaa al TO? a
skoald be elaasltei as retard ...ars, ilabtveart ffoR
ta stsruioatieo of tataplee tkaltkeawgars ia,aeallas
are ( ike saate geaeral skaueavbar aad taaesvptiaa as
tkove passed apaa k; Ike IraparlseMI la tt ewilllia
f May IM. Ktt.jrkerwia ll waa kM ikei aa ikev
were al Ik rstaed, o(, law))', eraekew. powdered
r grate laied tagart. Ik aly retted tagtrt lattferly
raaaar rated ta sutale. tkey were Ms bis to dale aeenrd
iag te tkeer earar k ease nortec wllk Patek staadard
l ader tkeee rlrreeastaaews, aad aa Ik law gonralag
ta ttaasitcaii.it of tagart eat aet ka ekaaged tie
tee date pi said deeietoa
ssvy tkat year aetata ks I
I. 1. Btitrew,
tke dale of said atiltiia. Ike DapaHaasal kae oar. to
th pre as rase wat pHfm aad
j, THK xi IIOONFtl
K x ILK!
mirniMi. alarm
Wl have regatar dUpatrk far the above named pnrb.
no and after the am of Nuvenitwr nati, aattt fertber net! re
FrrlaM and fiissaO' vateri al Use tarwewl rtaioa.
kit tRelrUaw r l Atenta.
muni mtium
at ARt'Bt AT, I I
aTAjeh ta. ,
tea- Whea tbeee are
aa eeTeiet WUI He made a
aniu A. M , ot la
Raaiaaa aav aatn I
err bel eg aire.
bw, ktav.
t am or
ear etsaatre
To pi fiatwi ttbanakirTal, htaaakal ....
To v rraea Ukakva. Maat .
To ae fraea Masters. atsoM
To or fp.ni Mateesa. Waal.
TO or frtsea Mabaaana. Itaa. ... .
t eg frata Kawtalaa. BRanaf
To or vea KanaaHawttl-.
tlrcaii of ItawtaV Itaaaa) Tt.'.'.Z!lV.'.'
T e ftan av Kert ew Kasasi.
.VrenH or Wawtl. RtHat 1
i i.ui at Rawan
awdai aaaaaaaa war.
aiw baiardajr e w.
a ar ..let , and
due bouee of
a Fall Aatortmeat of Print, all ttrle.
X new and desirable patterns,
White Cottoat, Horrock's White Long Cloth
A. II. and B.
Brown and Bine Cotton Drill, Brown Cotton,
Blue Cotton, Heavy Denims. Hickory Stripes,
lied Ticking. Turkey Bad Cotton.
Blue Flanne'j, White Liaea, assorted
widths and qualities,
Water-Proof Cloth, White Moleskin,
Fine Franeh Merinos, Kept, Buek skins.
Fine Caairaerti, Black and Blue Baoedalatbt
Moaqoito Netting,
liaea aad Cotton Sewing Thread
Alhaabra Bed QoilU.
A Splendid Assortment of Clothing !
Fancy Flannel Shirts,
Denim Jumpers aad Orerallt,
Fine Merino Undershirt,
Merino Socks,
Cotton Socks aad Stockings
Silk, Liaea and Cotton Handkerchiefs,
Heavy Blanket,
' Fine Silk Ueabrellat,
Linen Sheeting.
Assorted Barlapa and Wcolpaek, Sail Twine,
Imperial Nary Hemp Canvas. No. 00 to I .
Hair and Cloth Brushes. from J. Uotnell a Co.
Fauoy Soaps and Hair Oil.
Shawls, Ponohoa, Plaida, Needlework,
Imitation Jewelry,
Lockets, Rings,
Chains, Ornaments,
A WERT n il AejebRRTJgEXT or
Stearin Candles, I'ltramariaa Blue,
Epsom Salts, Castor Oil,
Fence Wire, No. 4. 5 and t,
Oalvaniied Iron Pipe, J and inch.
Hoop Iron, j, , 1 aod U inch, Rivets,
P. t P. Knives, Scissors,
Corkscrews, Tinned Spars, Axes,
French Calfskins,
Wrapping and Printing Paper,
Paints aad Oils, While Zinc, Whit Lead, Ac,
Caustic Soda and Palm Oil,
Hide Poison, Market Baskets,
Brooms, Casks and Barrels,
Cask Blacksmiths' Coal,
300 Toot Beit -'team Cowl,
Also a few Musis Boxes A Rrgalator Clothe .
A Fin Assortment of Havana Cigars,
English tad Gtraiia Al,
Barariaa Beer, la qti. aad ptt.
Champagne, Heldtlook A Co., qtf. aad pi.
Champagne, Thoreau. qti aad ptt.
Sparkling Hock,
Rhine Winet, Claret,
din, in green boxet,
Simples now Open at our OftVe. and Sales mad I
saT- Order from Other Islands Filled, .jg
2rPREWE cotarr or thr Hawaii
ISIV.N1.IV FbXsBATR I. Uw lawn S J
im..fTHOM AW u-iMfl. t i fHoaotahs. Istgsbirfi7
or ueava ear peatrat awe soaeeBvessr ar i
eta tinal I
rsaraaa iH.
BaraapTaxtaw or prvewi tj .
Oa rawoiBR awe ana taw peoOtw awd1 s gar Base of Aa.
taaag, aatmhssaiawtrtx of tae sweat t Tsstaaae Laaaj haasee
llonolun. a - r-Trl-raasaeliai tl iT
and chargra herself wlb ?ST at. and aaba Lbat aaeaaaaas
may b madw of fntaallsa of tbe - "f
h-r handa ih peranne tbereir. eaeaBwd. mmt ewataaaw
iirr anil brr ettrrove rVoen aB ftartbeT r waRalij m aar.
It to ordered Tbat TMf BWDAY. rba Mb amr f ArTtrr
A. U. m at to n'ctnc. A. M. brftw. aw aaa JaataawTea
tame ttereby at a
bare, way tke
M -vi,tcncTaato.' ho a,e
Aud thai thai sewer, tn the
I la the Htwstat B assise.
f 1 rt- anra naat Ml petaawa
ntav tben aud tbaewaaaewr aaat saaw r- ,r . JZ!
ro nsassan. sar tarew aaeeiealie eseaha i mi a, tba
erne iberelu .pf atataal aw aakt baagtaw.
Ibtted ai aliaisaaw, tt. L, tats Mta day ef wateh. irx
CIIAB. ( Itauat
Jaial. ear bwaweewaawtwaet.
Atbrat: Jwo. K. aUayeww. BlPaU CBerb. iaaaa
I-I.i5rin rrobare. IshaM of Oabw. -IJanda.
In tba wsataar of sbw fSSeSi ef A W. W-XKU,
ue meavw. urcrami. VJtai I as ayaaawKWbf tBBse aa
hate of .HI and dlrer-tbaj awawaaskiw af awRewef bW,
A ibwilnienl. iurn.tiog be ih
nienl of A. 1
Marrb A. Tt.. UTt.
and a ,UUoa Aar I
suaiire if I rrters
kttaHartay IialitBasaR.
It rs brrebj ordered, tbat rttSDAT, Use 1Mb owe
APRIL a. n I era. as la a-esax. A. 1 full lie, .at.
Court Room of saw fowrt. al Ha an Sara. Us tba I ef
uaaa, aw. aaa tbe a
. Un int. basbaa em taw tan eaw eg
bees, preaewee.1 ro eatg pi II ai Cawet.
I lawsewf. aaat the atw t
aaa a. ierrrre ate tad Ore Oaaae
proving aasd " " - - r, - - sKa. M
where any peeaow aaareaeaedl rat aaaanr aaat i awa m aba.
aasd s - -- - n
II la fnrtber ordered, tbat nostre tbeewaf be grra lew
rMihllraUoo. fur three Wirt seel rr vrewfta, ha dee Tts nag,
ibtxelbsaad Koadtaa ni w atgagtR - ' - j -- - ,
Aod it wfbirboa s
ruberribtng wltweaaea sa saed Win. aadwuje terttw ..f ibw
teatator In Honolulu, w appewr awd ewaeeaa taw aawtwte ef
said will, as tbe Ibn- apwosated.
Data Hsaasata, U.T. Karra aaa. lata.
A. PtbArS, tn JTHP.
Watrwa It Aaab. CWr af ibe aaanlaa ijwrtT" aaVat
f.w THE til
aar JoaUra Jina-at Uameabeeet ta ebw asaawaw ef
the Bankruptrr of rHBIlKRlrS a PADstBKt
nereaa, .at tae ata aar of ruiaesi iwm.
wiwwb i am wet , paajaag baaa Fleas i n ..
PaiteKrn be derb.rrd a tauibrwpt ear m il - Tbi ll I,
hag aadgltng aaa petatew aa wraw w date sa -trrtaa
-- 1-T if Tilt mmiii if I
If ear th r bad, why Ibw prayer af ea
rteobiifca ax ragaaia aa ad-
swwewaey, proor aaiwtl weeat aaaata m taw eaaebsrebas af
bt tbe Hty af BwaMs. ami
made or tbe arte of banamplrr.
and no peraooa rat. tag mmum awy
prayer mt Ibe arrllaswes.
.Now i be re tore It al asawseal by tae rears, raar dba aat
- aasaae
iaSReSHf? gj 1''waaal
aolnln na rrbtae rbe i-tb a.
rr.tlsor. of tbeaald 1
fore me, the t
booting mart io H
Mr !, I art. al ate
acrordaore vrtth tbe
riated al Honolulu th M W at I
A. rwyt jci-o.
Ml at Wtuaa R. Wwaa. rars af eaw
aapeaaaa Cwaee.
kwaw t'essn.
Si'fRkTJgR t-osarr or the hah mw
IKLAWrat ta rrasaata Isbaad .f caaba. - - ga,
.b'r.'Lr.l" oVlef WZmZ 'mm- ' "
7lsitasTaataalaash "
of Eeekapw drewaaed. baring an rbe Stn tap -f reewwar.
A. D. ItTt breo prraented ml n I tall I I I. l i
Hon tor tbe probata thereof, aad ftar twin. . I ail C
ii a nererry ordeyrd. that TT EWti.t T. new XbsS eaw of
.march. A O. awe at H - I ia, mi. mf JLt S m
abe CW a-waa t-u r r-m. at aeaabwa Rat, m ate -ary
of llonoroln he. and ibe eavM as, bereAjy at li i l -k.
time r..r pnivlng raid will and
wnea and where awy peranete I
rontrai lot Mat will, aaat
aim tar j
It ia farther ontrred. that s
ll-.tloM. a,r three awresselsa wevte. aa Has labels
Utwshtsa. sWayRaaWJ iw
And H b rirtber erdered. tbat in be awwaal aa tba
sob-crthuig wltnra, sa aaat win. aad rw tae beers af -a
a, as appear al tba a
. R. I. rebewary tatab
i n.it. : . rrtI
i I itk-e ,r-ha
awn. t asastas, lp.tr .ir
Administrator's Notice.
Ttrrit r, m hkhkbt oitbw t iu
.7 "T,""" ; "" "" warate af trow, ,
aTelTb. I Tl 1 "'e l'iax IM . 'ftglT I
longing Ui aasd Petate. M tee) 1st mm Oat
Ni.tt... ta asan grren ia aery eawaat w
. H. I..
wiu.ua n w:rt-.
f. ira j
Notice to Creditors.
mjwm mm Tt WO EtrHR niiitv
of wir.u a M it ai u asr. r aeewexaaat
J Ibe Katat.
treat, l..rololTt.
wlih tb.-
orllee. Wo -a Par, Wtrrwt. RasMMW., wttaB mm SI 1 1
moo Hie rraea ibe data the mr r-- g gag-.
UVe. or Ihe v will be
drilled IO Ibe
II.J1 . r- i I I - m
amiunra owing by thrin br,l wttb
Admi let tar of ''" rwirjrrrvw
Grorrrirs, Ilakknik' Paint OH.
While Zine. Whit UtJ,
Vtneliaa Red, Tallow ' hre.
Caatti Soda, C. C. Tla Plat, Skett Lwad,
"ante Paat, Tea Kettles, 8 heat Ziae,
Oalvanlsed Take, Periee Win,
Refined troa. White Bros' Portland Coatee!,
Ilenny Sags, Burlap Bag,
Printing Papef, PetrolevR Ban,
Kw Oil 8hoki,
Vienna Paraatwrw,
BoatetkM A Ce't., Brandy, la glass, eact fear
Boalall A Ce't., Brandy la Catht,
(lla la '"a,e,,
Korwagiaa Ala,
Wlwdoa Olt. A . A., ATI tea
Manufacturing Jeweler!
TtHr. i t
R. DC I T twrednted A
RAMI EI.IHIR4JI. af tda. Bi
(Irmit: all
Iber .ill be rora-ver taPrwa. AeaTfa
alH. taaat w.,. s. ,er
THfl ggOJgl tb ' V-
nrn U ' ' 19 aj AaaaftypgO
t-r T
I" twkraatae aaSsasartloa la ail bat war WW
"aa ant. R wtaata
pa paaaxej tag aaarewa oaly , ,,
ar twain fee rwtbe Ray.
rtrltata al the aRtM mml$.
Mo baetb arm bb praaabtered aa aakea aaaa wabs a. ,
reaaxoaalbir an HMBtHJM
ettl aasaaa reeetated aw.
lrlgkt Mtaty Dai a Dtotad
F2w" have tbe SI
aaotasw eat tba evwahag of tbe eaaa aayab
aim i. ti wti.n
HWlitt r o., taeatr al Parto
km O. Browar dk
O. rvwer
I Verehaadssa serai, i
I aaah edtee. . -.1. ... ,tn
II ly
C, Agenta.
rpwa mmt'
a...la be ikM Haa
r. tatwaa t m
O. Brewer dk OO
HI l
W NrrVaetTsmntt iiTa ' Ar,tm' Jgk
ae eteetaTTad lmrJmmm71mWL
aaaasRl waTH Is tbt t aaTaaa aababka a a
New Music
A RiHRtrr or
J l.an rwaai aad laatpgataalal t
Ommpm aaa a aafa jkwaaa.
aaawaa a oo
HT lag
taeslel fwea ear raottot awHlaH t
Executor's Sale af Be.
w rat t rrrR nr thk nrr trw
Mta nikiAS I 1IAJSDKR, eg
awwaa, per oegar af saw -T a
am meinsrted us asw'by PT'SAJC aaayaaauTae ibT'eaar.
of Mr rvaer .braes, WatlWas, aa wtTWROtT in,,
i? I'T1." i'--rw . raaiwta. mmZL.
ot ih. aa.i tt .aaad as ea ea an ar aaaea row nnn
on P a WRbi or leA.wts, aaawaa ta Raaaaawaeas. aa,
Maul, near Ut saw ma bp as aaaawwaab
i.r iMaaisaai,, awttataaw
easatog arrra t. prr ewrray. eseb rr Ttaaarr-w aar g
Cash. earaaa paartaaw. Ttawaw
" flltWnT W. s.at.aata. , , n
Real Estate for late.
awr two i srrr ttsrw nwr t so iaw ,rte
hmi eg c w naotawp
TO WOfrt.
SB Tnarr teir55awaiJT"7 SLSVZ
Cottage and If
ot rnt ii rrfwow e , , , r
' r " in t eyaey SB
W. A. aaaasraWWR
To Ut, Xstioigr. or fvr SBkl.
W inn PwaaBy i w
Pwr mm ib HkHJ aeery so
i .Rt t , www a rrR-ww
Tt. U.
anra, dialog rrraa. atsrityaa, aweaaaaw r aaa bi aa
efeShet .avda eg, Are, gae - l. .JaJ "
ri ait ow ea-ael aaat, l ib, mt mm .nZm a i waa
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Seaside Oottasre.
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