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anawskwAa af Mmt Wsawa ' Wftrr pTtngw.
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k tt .wa.n a tc i a sua." i mi m. tbau Jaaosr
STT wwnaa nsnraav Kabrtovu Mm
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rnajsHXD asp irmr bt
Ax Act perned br tb Learwlatnr of 1374.
mad not iVfcsr pablubed. appears in to-dav"s
paprr. It nenJ awatna 1933 of the Civil
Cod, rrlanaar, to psuyeitv UMft from eievn
acm. and in addition to wBat were before pro
rided for, rewrnres braj artaaliv under ctrltiTa
ties, net esreedi" o-ie-balf acre, and d well
ies bona thereon not exceeding in Tain.
fcu2xi-vi and fiftv tU'Ilars. The amend -
rnects mad are rerv jndk-ioos ooea. bat the
law b.T otoe oversijrhl has been allowed to
alcmler two rears, and of coarse onlv takes
effect from to-dT.
interest, and with this tmwteose adrotage orer
forearo hans, that in the one case the effect is
to strengthen the government and assure its
independence, am in the other the tendency is
the reverse.
The memorable memorial of February is al
luded to in a somewhat contemptuous manner,
as " a scheme which is believed to be chimeri
cal" which is, however in keeping with the
reception accorded to that document.
To tell the truth there is apparent through
out the Government a disposition to indulge in
reckless, and even unauthorized expenditure,
which cannot but excite apprehension in
tfcoagbtful minds. For example, the sunt of
$lJ.o was appropriated by the last Legisla
ture fr the improvement of present palace
and grounds." The " present palace " was
mproved by being razed to the ground, and
which their brethren from foreign lands en
Bat the truth is, and the natives jute
great credit tor viewing the question dispas
sionately, thnt the law referred to above, con
fers privileges upon Hawaiian which the
foreigner does not receive. They are by it
protected from the vast train of evils pauper
ism, crime, and increased taxation, which
even among the most advanced and enlight
ened nations on earth, follows the unrestricted
sale of spirituous liquors. After the unequivo
cal defeat which the proposition to remove the
tabu on rum. received in the Assembly, uo one
need fear trusting Hawaiian on this question.
There are many among the AngkvSvton part
of the community, who W lieve that this same
protection should be granted to them. Who
maintain that they have a right to demand that
the sum of $36,011.31 was expended on the ! their children shall not be exposed to the risk
at Tkx A Am fk'sti of last Saturday reiterates
jjj j what it had insinuated m its previous issue.
1 rHsr tVu l ' r icTr of Piiw'fM 4 ffairw nt
Kj- teres' a tkrea! tkadaJn AsseraUv misrht be rn-
ISntnWaaaay. a- n. 1ST. , . . -
tifMn; ABhin rucae;. tamer cenain ammmiaos. sve
were satis&ed when the statensent first appear
ed, that the AJrr-tLser was in error respecting
what the Minister said, as neitbe' of the press
reporters heard or reported any each remarks
from bint. Further inquiry among those who
sat near the Minister confirms our previous
tk M mm mt ; opinion. Bat what ought to be decisive proof
is the statemeot of the Interpreter that uo such
language was uttered by the Minister: and
with most peop-e his assertion will be credited
as reliable.
We hoped to be able to give some later news
from Washington, regarding the Treaty, by the
mail which is hourly expected by the Mary
Belle Roberts, but as yet. we have nothing la
ter than what the last steamer ieylwL
While we are yet unwilling to believe that Con
gress will repudiate a solemn contract entered
L-ito Between the President of the United
States and King Kalakana. we have fears that
the treaty will be overlooked in the political
maelstrom which usually develops itself near
the close of the session. It has been decided
not to send Mr. Carter to Washington, but to
trust the measure is the hands of those already
there. If they fail and it is allowed to pass
over to the next session undecided, we must,
next fall, do what ought to have been done last
October send t.'w strongest force we can bring
to bear ic its favor.
BkaaaaSant. mf mm Oanri?w-.L wt fur
I all It me Um trawr taw sr.er. iwm cnara
mt mr 111 I 1 mt mmm. mt IgPSB.
umnna. as s aa ta
a: a nan, com Imi. mm rMr ta. list Urn?
at rusi okr aiw . a w . ta Us May
a? mmm me mm cwnrt.
' j''
Lii mt lieeaw I pi rime am Xaj.
oasrr i rat na m iinimii
i Kmrr La taa dt CO.. Knw tv, Himlaiii
ma Wan "l LT-mmml'wmnm eSS"
a in. ' "L Sona
aaa.;; Nar-js K.'aa
. -rk. h racae.
dan .. Waanfca.
."baa f-v. W . -
ita n-i a i i"it aTT?!aai
I' Tat. TUB War I. BtlllrtHa,
I .araa. WaSKfca. Xaa
r- rat ttw am i. Maat.
I wajswa Xa. n. 1 1,
a m Imi jw. c
14 a Jaaar. 3U. IX. U-
c c. ar. i. 3t. u
a-w. cimf. Baa. Bawaa.
j-aa ay-
Is aaasaa Sieuem I35 -S A- OK.' Co.
e K laiisaa? th ?24Sm m
t -K - - 1CS5 of Uk CvU Cod
taxaastaesaaat hereoy w M, to rmi as foi-
flsxassa MB. Tac felaswtag propert; wbcc
aaaaal ay aae aioa mrimz a nanknm. aac
Ur -X l 'a r Sia. U X.-i?t fill eVTaii Btl
Ta aaaax Mai. aaaaV atexaraa. and srbooi
a. twe .wis or EtraU. a-J ceewM.-r ttai.
. Soar aa recvtaMea. asd aac piece ot laad
r Hslf aa acir!
An tj.pea-.it e Laxary
A statetnec; has been issued by a gentleman
familiar with the subject, showing what the
Kfliaea has actually cost the Hawaiian tiov
cfaaasat, since the year l'i, when she was
purchased by it for , repaired at a cost
of 9M.SvT.Jl, and has been almost constantly
in service : a period of five and half years. The
statement purports to give only the amounts
drawn from the public treasury to meet her
expenses orer af . r ail kur earnings,
which are omitted ; and adds interest on ft
expenditures, which "are supposed to have
beer derived from money borrowed at nine per
cent, interest. The total after deducting the
present value of the vessel is put at $10?,3S.
73, or an average annual cost to the public
treasury of nearly 850.000 ! We append the
as shown in the exhibit :
San mm b .iat! ta te
fur flitnir - Kaaax " f . 00 f
CoacorRfairtaa4 nnVajp StXC i
- " T St"" o raW; br BaaMa Oe. 1. TST.. OO.Sor 1
A iaTsO lfTl lrlrimtmit"t it"' 'e? '""Tsr? 's Talth-S
mnVtaa tat aaiae tarrcof taall as excead twa mmm ax nun-t r.sTt Tt
hanaaad aad Str eoUara. Bat tiua excBjaaoa aaail ana.t nana troat an tgmmmmt-
my mmm t - bmi: -. asd ma'e-aJ aawfaai labor -a ty Ua?Jv- .f H 5 ssn
ajM satawto-Mli tA erectioVot i y- " ,
sack kaUdiav A3 accaaarr aear.ag apparel, anoaat antwa tbm Anrurnatioe
ana. tana, hnnaaana, and aaddaaj. tor rack ansoa v tcaiatan of tsr T.aw sr
and ah) fnaay. Oar pat aoard. two calatjaaara. oac ItunK ua tan. I iar CZ si
w aa UU. six ctairs. Kt tarves asd forks, ill Wg
JLmmZiZSmmlZmTmSjtS ! - " -
nnj n Hani la aaiae. latai Curt to ta ( .Ttnaiii. 5M
Tata Ji of --.rat. :::r- y.an H0S.3M Tl
ta an? of ta annry taroaa at the kmfmm, tut ' Aaara. aaaaal Curt em raraiaaa Jl 9 rw 50 i
Sar-ooa 1-Tats mrt tmM take effect tad t .ti
a aw tram and after ta date at res arowal. and all 1 "
a r-' ;r cjts -.- pasnhtaas
Aaaraaad taai Ut)
tdayafJaJy, A. D lSTt,
Ada at Ukt alMTC. IM 5S0. tar r:iaaci
taatynn aad aa L.t, tu nn of S2jsv. aa
tufa, curt or raaaiar. tar aiiaaaa nacr urtoOrr la.
M-rms curt of SSv.roS.M per raaaaa.
The statement furtherm-jre claims that the
tnrroB or rax titxiTTt On th priteipl that j -Tear
a aorar inriti is afaw a ekasTnnt bone. - Arena." coaster
ta ywar anHMt j't naa. waati It kaown that
a-iiaHiara at tact" caa make a lie-aadaota
I ! II II 11 Ram, 1 M l,t (lattti
atrrk-a " Bra exceeding'; kind and cuoaiderat
af tnt aaniirol Chaaa, I staaa. the aa Cim
trm rraaT n'rynana antVaaa,alna!
gars, aot mack ' Bat arhat aa earca aa I taikiac
asaty U aaat these potent if r at all taaS Bar
mm ' -jiluTiJ aj.'-t '" ta
aaaal nitjwaSdaad aanhanaatFli ft?i liT Garaj"
1 ta at poaerrt cauoa on earth. Ho im-
m1tvmmmalti aaranas c Depart
il II ta. Tonacco raaoAc. I tfatak at was
nwtTlkAi SSl'immSx
save treat Bercar haad aa the ahret of the cr' aad conc
latk iastact. I; a a waiter aboat wakt Utdc j aaore efficient
ahaanl ntaaaLas fc a of ac tatai ok-meet, and the , the Kilauea.
wrtaar irtc. I djattt aac l aaor) of so Btttc caa- kporl
Saar Laura. AacS Sea. Ta iraal i.u ml tha ha
m.mm aanaa faaan anrw tat hni ilhlii naa af tha a- I dom, exdasive
laa na at ySy"" A eknd't haad wJTwarf?
tataaa tw mmm tAaangnant ana nay. pmanliaf
the ran at eat Ian nr Tha da f ta fitfatj
n .imtMtjm. rta ill ' aaaaa af tha axta-
haana. Bcaaararaa Baa na iiiliii i af tha G-aa:
Waania.t ,,. Aarg A aaaManraf tha Hswaa
the i.iiinaaanil from the
1-SO. when it comnenced service as a
, till March 31. 1?:6, the sum of ,-
Oso.32 ! The particulars of this sum are not
given. It probably includes a considerable
for interest. But aside from the in
terest charges what ha been paid out from
the treasury to meet her expenses in former
years is no doubt a large sum.
The question will arise with most persons,
would it not be better policy to allow pri
vate parries to do our steam service, if any
such can be found A good coasting steamer
oaanf to pay well, and certainly private parties
can be foand to undertake the service, if a
moderate subsidy, say five to ten hundred dol
lars a month, were paid the contractors. During
the past few years there has been no disposi
tion to tat m,i private enterprise in our
steam service, owing to the belief that it was
better, if not more cheaply, performed by
fpsanntecit. But the public finances demand
the strictest economy, and it becomes a serious
question whether it be not wiser policy to find
parties who will undertake to provide a steam-
to do tlie same service or a
one than is now performed by
awTnas, Aarfi IA A Ana Wmmmgmm a nisi
of the 4iaiirr f Fiaaarr.
From this inarestimj document which will
be foand reprinted on the fourth page, we de
rive a few instructive facts and figures. The
total revenue for the biennial term, of the king
ed" aaoney borrowed, was r77,-
791js5, while the expenditure exdasive of pay
Mis on the national debt, was $694 ,336.93,
that art have drifted Mtan
f1nr565.lt during the post two Tears. On the
- i -r ar i. i - .1 j t.
. ... w Hiui, i - t. to.- uduoiui utrua as
MMM.76. On March 31st, IS76, it was
459,1S7 M showing aa increase of f 14, 1343
ia the period of two years.
to be a linle error of 10,H
Jer the head of Of the Beve-
cae," by winch the inrnnm in lereaae over
the previoai term is made to appear to be tW,
653.10, instead of 153.10, which, aa arc
fif-ure it, is the correct ajaooat. Poasibty the
of Finance call explain (he apparent
;of -yatiooal
Clz: n.il:: r.
af IS74,
CTv-unds. Alth.urfi the transfer of S31.Sll.3I
from other appropriations to this item was in
accordance with the letter of section 5th of the
appropriation bill, still it must be regarded as
a stretch of power never contemplated by the
Legislature. If the Ministry have the power
to make such changes in the appropriation bill,
we can conceive of no good reason why they
should not be authorixed to expend the whole
revenue of the kingdom, untrauimeled by legis
lative acts.
In the estimated expenditures for the com
hag fiscal period, there has been no apparent
effort made to curtail expenses, as was gener
ally supposed would be the case, and as the
new condition of things which the Treaty will
impose, would seem to imperatively call for,
but on the contrary the budget foots up nearly
SMS,M0 more than was appropriated two years
ago, and over $600,000 more than was appro
priated by the Legislature of ISJ4.
The Lcsrialatarc,
Three jiays of the past week were consumed
by the Lerislati ve Assembly in the considera
tion of the Bill to repeal Section 1 of Chapter
1 of the Penal Code, which reads : J Whoever
Snail sell, give, purchase, or procure for and in
behalf oCany native of this Kingdom, or for
his use. any spirituous liquor or other intoxi
cating drink or substance, shall be punished
by a tine not exceeding two hundred dollars and
iu default of the payment of such fine, by im
prisonment at hard labor for a term not ex
ceeding two years." A motion to indefinitely
postpone finally prevailed on Friday evening,
by a vote of S9 ayes, 11 noes. Two of the
minority thought the vote was on the passage
of the Bill, and therefore may be considered
as in favor of indefinite postponement, which
would make the vote 31 ayes, 9 noes. Again
has the good sense of the Assembly warded
off from the people a measure fraught with
dire disaster for uhe country.
The Minister for Foreign Affairs and the
Attorney-General spoke against the repeal, as
did the Hons. S. X. Castle and J. M. Kapena,
of the X' bles. The Hons. Henry Waterhousc,
Xaukana, Xawahi, Helekunilti and Halemanu,
Representatives, made effective speeches
against the repeal of the law. The Hons. S. K.
Kaai and Godfrey Rhodes. Nobles, spoke in
favor of the repeal :the Hons. Birch, Xahaku,
; Preston, Mahelona, and Wana supported the
Bill. The speech of Mr. Preston has been
l considered as favoring the repeal of the law,
j but we incline to the opinion that it was more
strongly in support of an impartial adminis
tration of the existing law, than favoring re
peal. He certainly stated that the idea of the
present law being unconstitutional, was not
entertained by himself, and that he had come
to this conclusion after a careful study of the
law. The Hon. member also stated that he was
satisfied that no Hawaiian born or naturalized
citixen of the country could be furnished with
liquor withou a violation of the law under
consideration. The 432nd Section of the Civil
Code says : " Every foreigner, so naturalized,
shall be deemed to all intents and purposes, a
native of the Hawaiian Islands' sc. We
presume that that the Hon. member for Lahaina
his opinion upon this Section, which de-
citizen&hip. No doubt some of the native
members were prepared to vote in favor of re
peal, simply and only because they had been
; led to believe that the law was unconstitu
tional. We therefore claim that the Hon. mem
ber for Lahaina did good service for the ma
jority. An Act to repeal Chapter 14 of the laws of
174 passed to engrossment by a large majo
rity on Saturday. The law was to promote
agricultural and industrial pursuits in the
public scliools of the Kingdom, and cannot be
said to be fairly on trial as yet. Through
negligence of school agents, and greed of gain
on the part of some teachers, abuses have been
permitted tinder the law. Cases were cited
where children had been put to work in taro
patches who had hardly strength enough to
nantue implements ot labor, and otters m cane
fields. no distinction being made as to age or
sex in relation to the work. The Hon. Mr.
Birch gave an instance which came under his
observation where two girls died, the doctor
called to attend them giving his opinion that
they had been exposed too much to the wea
ther, an examination into the matter developed
the fact that the girls had been put to work in
a cane field on a rainy day. It would seem to
be the part of wisdom to regulate the opera
tion of a law which is a good one, in, and of
itself, rather than repeal it
On Monday the Representatives exhibited an
inquiring frame of mind, calling for items in
expenditures for a Ball and for the Steamer
Kilauea. If the items are called for with the
of temporal ruin, to say the least, by the temp
tations of grog shops on every corner. Amfwe
are happy to believe that this party is increas
ing, and that the time is not far distant when
popular sentiment will iusist upon this protec
tion being so extended as to embrace all classes
in the country.
It is now generally accepted that the only
effective mode of preveutiug intemperance is
by means of prohibitory laws, and every na
tion or community has the same right to pro
tect itself from the curse of intemperance with
its attendant evils that it has to enact laws
against murder, arson, or prostitution.
Toe lecture by the Rev. Mr. Uaswell in the
Fort street on Suuday night, on this subject,
was a clear and manly statement, which might
have been listened to with profit by all the
citizens of Honolulu.
The Caeaftxc Forger Wiaalatr.
Some months ago one Rev. Mr. Winslow,
who had committed forgeries in Boston, fled to
Europe, and was finally arrested iu England.
A demand was made for bis return for trial by
the I'. S. Government, but the British Gorem
uient, before giving him up, insists on a
pledge that be shall not be tried for any offence
but the one for which he is delivered up. The
reason assigned for this course is an act of
Parliament, passed since the enactment of the
treaty, with a proviso requiring this limitation
in all cases of extradition : and tha; government
pleads that it cannot annul a parliamentary
The plea is plausible, (says a Boston paper, )
but a slight scrutiny shows its fallacy. No
local legislation can interfere with interna
tional law. No ear pusi facto law, by a single
nation, can release from duties to other uations,
enforced by mutual compact. The treaty be
tween Great Britain and the United States, of
which Lord Ashburton and Mr- Webster were
the negotiators, and which was ratified by both
nations, is now the public law for the two gov
ernments. Neither of them can change its
provisions without the assent ot the other.
If either party is dissatisfied, the treaty
may be abrogated. If either wishes to
insert new provisions, or to guard against per
ils unforseen, changes may bejnade by rautua 1
cou5cot. but aaile the treaty stands, with it
original compact onehaoged. il is a breach of rood
tiitD. to wtncti card names may be applkd. if com
pliaoc U refured with its obligations. Parliamcn
Iws no our r.jcut to uicvidle witu it than the Sulla
ot Turkey or t.e cAtr of Bussia. The treaty U in
tua tore, until lurotcateu. toe fciiiso m
ernment, therefore U without excuse before the
aorld. if it rclusea to ntnTCf up Mr. inslow.
The new law was passed by rariiameut to shield
political ottVndtrs. Uest Briuin has alwsvs col
reded the right of asvlim to refugees. Exiles from
all uations may find a welcome to her soil. This ia
a aatiuoat boost. acJ she is rurally ivulous of tnt in
frinement on the old privilege. It might be pos
sible tor continental nations to frame a criminal
charge against some refuse, aud demand hia extra
union ; and, alter recovering mm, to institute
trial for treason. To guard against such a peril
Parliament established the new law. its only ob
ject is to guard political offenders against the
schemes of their own governments to reach and
punish them.
The spirit of the taw is good, and there could be
no harm la insert:: - it into the treaty with the
l oiteu states, as a moncauoa ot the extradition
act. Bot no inch peril is involved In the Winslow
cose. He is charged wi:b no political offences, nor,
ia any p-nsible emergency, can he be subjected to a
political trial, ne nas oen guilty oi traoJs and
force rie, which are crimes amenable to law la
England, no less than in the United Stales. The
interests of society in both realms demand his trial
and punishment. It is. therefor, an act of folly on
th part of the British trorcrnment to shield a crim
inal by a law which was never designed for such 1
purpose, and to defeat justice in the interest of red
tape. Il is nut only a violation of good faith
breokicit a sacred treaty, on pretence of adhering to
local laws, bat it is perverting the local law itaelt
by applying it to ends for which it was never framed
laoazay we are
Hi loan bill, cf
w-:ct: Lis aawxajpH M
j nberiffuan " has not feesln'ao'xVnitnd of re
"ra ia w eBBBSSi af f- .Thr w-r.is mm
, r'i'?taar.j erml nte-d not what attest be dnvred,
"" """ cm faraDita t raioaarxH ratta f
honest desire to bring about reforms in public
fipantritiiii , the Assembly should be ap
plauded ; but if for the purposes of delay and
annoyance, the practice is reprehensiUe. As
attempt was also made the same day to im
peach the Minister of the Interior for expendi
ture of money without authority, but the reso
lution was rejected as informal.
On Tuesday, a resolution was introduced
asking for the items of expenditure of the ap
propriation for Improvement of present pal
ace and grounds." The mem beta still want to
kx aaaj k:w.
The aahjtct of liaajiium i has excited more
thaa aaaaaj interest daring the past week, on
of the bill which was mtrodrjeed by
beans Birch, one of the members
fro. Wailaka, to repeal aectioa 1, chapter 41,
of the Cml Gde, which prohibits the selling,
af ti:s kiKjm, ary srtritn.isi l:';wr,
The hill was lost by a large majority, bat no
one cotrM have blamed the native members if
they had all to a ataa rnted in iu favor, for
the law is, oc a superficial view, a coaataat
j ilUlMiil nil i a iaT ilinlii ii In llii Vt
not to be irtwted with the aame privileges
The Kmp.-ror ot Brazil.
Accompanied with the Empress and several
of his Ministers of State, is now in the United
States. The Imperial party arrived in New
York on the 16th of April and immediately
set out on a private tour to California, where
they remained three days, and started on their
return on the 30th of April. The following is
the Emperor's programme, as given to one of
the editors of a New Yark paper :
"It Is my wish to visit all the States. I will go to
California before the opening of the Philadelphia
,xmoitioc. oat wui return in time to oc present at
the ceremooy of opening. My object Is to pass
over the plains before the hot weather comes. The
Emuresa will remain either in New Tork or Phil
adelphia with Dr. De Sonza Pontes and Vice-Admiral
UeLamar. Only the Viseosdei DeBom Retiro,
Dr. Mteedo sad Dr. Hennings, will accompany me
oa tay joaraty to sin r ranctaco, because it win ne
tteceaaarr to travel wbt fast. It will be very
fstijrnins. Oa my return I will visit N'iigart, Mon
treal and the Mississippi. I want to see the chief
centre of industry, to learn something that mav be
of o to my country when I retara. I will leave
New Tork on the 12th Jaiy, by the Canard Line for
Enzlir.d, where I will slay sometime. The Canard
ia the safest Uo ; it sever lost any of iu ships ; and
from England I go to Paris, thence lo Germany to
the waters, where the Empress remains, while I go
to BcdlaBd, Sweden and Rossi- The summer
months will be SSBtna in cold climates aad the win
ter ib warn. ucceatOcT and January win DC passed
lo Italy ; fifteen days in Naples ; fifteen days lo
Rome : fifteen days ia Florence aud fifteen days lo
Northern Italy. IHring my trip to Egypt I will aa
cend the Baa aa far aa the drat waterfalls. After
ward, it is my intention to vi.it Asia Minor and Pa
lestine. My visit ia sarope is ail arranged, but the
programme for the L mted States is not aaaaa oat.
The Emperor and Empress travel as private
citizens, and decline ail official receptions. So
ob the arrival of the Brazilian steamers at
New York, they declined to stop and receive
the government and city officials who went
down the bay to meet them, and were quietly
landed in Brooklyn, where they were driven
in private coaches to the fifth Avenue Hotel
Here they received, in an unofficial way, Sec
retaries Fish aad Robeson, aad the Major of
New York City. Dom Pedro is one of the
sacceaaful sovereigns now reigning, and this
Tint to the Luted States and Europe is
chiefly to eather information which shall en
able him to introduce any measures which
may tend to benefit the twelve millions of peo-
pai mm wmm ha Ma,
Qeixaat. Scarrtata'a Taaaaraa Tw Wert Pist.
Ttreyta taw Mats OwnralSaorVaidla
Wart FeUl. aad ataa hia .epriaUndaat of that la
rtltotlia. la Vaiar dltsaraad at army kaadaartar. II
it fait that a alcaar rank aSrar afcaaM W tsar. Ve
ra tt la dttaUy af th ttatira aad af th smutty
f aauasiag oartan ta vailiag aura ataa
A IVaW milal says I Ta Ira story mt tha tafr
harrtary ear is ahaat ta rch Ik path. Nvr
rat intra a eat ta fall af plot aad Mystery. It tar
pas ta most iatrieat ruataae. aad ia Hi oa
tia aad raaiaeatwat Is aa of ta a rat woadcrfttl
ea taova ta history. Babcoek is Atelatal to have
tt th narhiat ia awtion.
Waaaiaanx. April H Ta, Stasia remlvtd Itwlf
tat a Oeert af Iapaaeaarat. Brlkaap aad hit caaa
rat appaarrd aad look Iknr mtt at I 'lk. TV
Haas aiurm earn ia aad prurdia(t at b
gaa. AfUr th rvadia f th aiaata ik raplieatioa
mt th Uvat aa pmtalrj aad rd by tka Sreratary.
After Ik raadtaf waa laahad. Carpaalar raid that
Mr. Balknap dttind a opy of th rrpiaalioa aad
lias BtiI Moaday axt to oier It.
Maaacar Lord aaid th Hoat maafr diid th
th trial battaatd a mock at posaibl. for rttnti aot
BteMtary to b (ira, aad tkrreforr atkad thai Mr.
Btlknap b (iva oaly aatil axl Friday.
Mr. EJataih labmittrd aa ordr riviay tb Jefbats
until Moaday aat, aad providinr that tba !lus
nanarart fit ikrir anr by Taraday, April loth,
aad that th trial pwcrrd oa Taartday. Apr!' l?th
iost. This aaa aartad to, aad tha Coart lha ad
jouraad till th U-
Xt Tots. April 12th. --Tb Ho Coaaitl oa
Trritorit has detdd to trrih oat tha atrda "New
Mrtiew." aad (it th w Stat tb aaa of Moot
tanu. VTataiaavoa. April 19. Tba Chair rad a ouaar
fron tkt Prtaidral rttoiag lb bill radaeaag th salary
of th President. Tha bill aad a war referred
to th Cooallt oa Civil Sortie. Tb Sat tha
orsaaitad as a Coart of lapeachaeat. Th Uoaaa
3danacrt, Bolkaap aad evanat wr praaaat. Maaa
rr Lord prtatd th ptilioa of th Hoar. Tb
ooanl Jet -e l a copy aad tilt Monday to eoasiJtr it.
After dtscttssioa th trial aas directed to proceed
April ITth.
NEW A I V E K T 1 S V. M K X TS.
St George's Benevolent Society.
rgtllt: rlnllai .iiiimm. or THE aarlrly.
JL wul b kU
Evening at T:au. TVkrts for ihrsopprr lo be bad from th
Ut Trrararrr. Hon. A. s. il, ;::o:n.
rVr order jno. s. sauraiaa. Srerrtary.
II . itth stay, IST.
13r a.r tu.iT Bay,
A Cargo of first-Class Steam
C O' A L !
Sold ii Lets te Sail Purchasers.
Letters of adaiairtn'na bar ba fraatad by
Mr. Jastie Jadd to A. S. BartneU. Baa., af tha tml-
lawag tataus tar tha pat p aaa mi pinnatisg th
of tha waaBaf Saat by ta Bhtaaadaak ;
April JI Estate af Haaa (k), lnaMil ; Paha ;
k. Tit:
B a
aaaatfj oa tka
Tt Frtasaaf
May 1 arte
Kaak-via I Eea..vhaasi.
Astat of Kaaaaxpsa (kl,
ay IX iniiajaai w.
tills I ; Ikaaaa;
estate to W. 0.
a (bxl,
of Baaiki fk), daa
I Kaoai ; Kioto Eaiwi
Paka ; Faiakika : kfi
Auierican and English Books
CUsaSbtltaaf Of
atC. tC.
qus raper.
New Styles thin Prvncb Letter auj Nule Papers.
Eovsyiopes of aJI Styles,
iiUuk BooAu, Memonndlam Books
Pocket Knives and roM peiw.
Or 1 mad Sqtunr P.. rrmmes,
CbroLuo PlciareSt
Slemicoprs and Stertosapi Heirs.
Lrttrr CUpa, Book Slatea.
Olasa Metal and Leather Traveling Inkstands
Choir Wood and Pearl OfBre Inkstands,
Fin Wallets, Port and Bags,
Peart and Scotch Card Caara,
Letter Copy Books and Brashes Copyln Paper,
Letter Presort. Malhemttieal Instruments.
Green Spec tar! ea. Pocket Com paw a.
Caaa Men. Dotrfinoea, Cnbbarr Boards,
Children's Alphabet Blocks,
Eye Glasses, Reading Glasses .
Tortois Shell and RaSalo-bnrn setts,
QnUl and Wood Toothpicks.
Steel Pens Gtllotfs. Perry's and other makers.
Crystal and Watnond robber.
Ivory Paper Knives and Eraaort,
Ink gxtiaturs and poo nee,
Mtcroteopes. Wood and Rubber Rnlera.
mW Ail orders promptly flilM s a
on ii- x. wnrrxET.
nTuart Rocoivod by
PLATTERa HOED. Xoa. S and S,
Lead Ftp. Hoot. Cart Steel.
Ga.raisd Taba.
Corrugated Iron BooSas, gktta I feet long.
Oraaa Books. Bridle. Girths.
Anvils ar.-t Vank nnnSfaat,
Tea Kettles, Cerfcratad Hoc, Ooa,
Sbret Ztac Trace Wire. i. t, (,
Western' Cultivators,
Cultivator,, Sled Plows,
Boa, Balcet, Scytket,
American aad English Prints,
7, i, 9 aad 1 Qaarter Sntenasa,
Fine 4-4 aimerican Blch'd Cottons
Plated. Ware!
Tartitdtita 8ta aad Sntraa Ptecra.
A (UI an of andnl Hiittkill ArtJcie of Can 1 1 ana 1 1
. faa na af Hardwar fcr antrtrrt ste.
All at Reciprocity Prices.
Tor Portland, Oregon.
THK vsn imi'Ki'.n BARK
Amattie macleay,
i-off i-ni:.
Will hare Quick Diipateh for the above Port
rr Treaiht and fanaat. apply to
mt H. llat'KPKIJl a o Arrala-
r mo:
KA M O I ,"4w.
KVUKttW tt IHTt-R,
Will hare Quick Dispatch for the aboTt Poft
Tor Tretxhl and Taseaa. apply to
jet II. IIUaSKLP A ca. Afabv
PACIFIaTmJUL steamship comp y s
Australia and New Zealand Line
THE si i:n inn st i t nsntf
ftKAIILL tanamaariar.
On or about May 24.
for Ktht ami Pajar. or atr furtbrr ii.rbrtivitkn,
ppty u . ;: II. M A. .KKLl & (U iMtv
Australia ind New Zealand Line
v rain ti st or rnr m a w a it a a av
ev -i rrjiai-' la l a antatrar aaMS. K,
of petition SM
,f ll.iooliila. ti.
ksral 3TliwT.
snrtMrfvnc him aad S aar
htttty aa atrK.
It n oriWrrd. Ikai VivNl
IV IST. at t a rtarS a. i
t-KunOera. ta tltr twirt He
tor mum r.
n 'Jjali tad
it of n an, a.
i'a. We rati aa
ana taajMya
any lata and there appear aad tfcrar caaar. tt mmj tnT
have, whv the aame h.Mil,t am mm giaaliS. aad aaar pee
mi evel.ace aa to wlw mrm rnilul ta ta aaa
And that lata urdrr. ik Kaataa hntjaaavs ar
III the Hawaiian laaatt. a
;Nhe.l in llocwulu. flir thrr
the time iherrln a 'pointed nr aatd Ii larfa.
Dated at lloaolula. H. I. . tka lit day of stay. A. a
ruts. : ManSan.
JaaMr of ik aaarra fata
At teat : Jan. K. tuaxtaa. lary Clrrk ttapsaatafa
St rin tt niiRT-i" num. nivtn.
surril and w i. ttnxttx. Tl i Hi it a an mmm ad
It. fUKNIiKlt.lA.-T plaints, ra. M. T,
rvn.i.u t.
Foreclosure of
By virtue ,f an .nl.'t laaal out af tka I
n the above eautlrd aat. I akali uN tka lata UAT ur
Jl'.ta. X u 1ST, at Mi
Itivmai.fK. P. VJanta.Ka
tlw saw a. T. I
llonolalo. art a ta MM
r. aaara at aad a Ml aad
aja faSt BaSavf aarfwannl aK
Paaaal as Ikn caaa Skat. and.
ar tad CrtaasaAwa
I KltlUI.N. t-asnaaaalr.
-TJCill Xaoaa'tT-e Honolulu,
- rata.
Kandavu, Fiji, and Sydney, N.S. W.
t-.mmvt.iuc at Kandava with rompany'a steamer fur
H i K L V N S. I... rOKTOllAtJlKKSt, and Ititermedtate
On or about the I st of June.
Tor FT err he and Paaanre. and further information, apply
to (as) It. IIAl'KFKLU A ill . Aavnta.
of M. T.
1 Kapreaa Wafo. I II
1 Parlor Sat. Walnut.- rterra) 9 oa I
I lloe ite-ISI. atl.. I .i..a. M ...lea i
1 nine -ran hair. II faSda Kaa Plllll.
lira, kerv I Whaliiot. 1 Work I
1 Mortice Marhtne. I icrew IVrtark. and WM,
I Tors Ptaar. I taolk fhaa. I J ark fltai
1 Jotnar. II Ckkaan, : Uatnrra. 1 bran KanV,
I Ma.a. W.H.I Itlca. I Brae. It Ma 1 l
Ala at li o clock noon of raid .Way t i
premise-, all th. rlht title iueS latnaal ad at aatd T.
lmniiru in aad to u tka
ere. ml hy lb raid M. T. Clllll. ana a haa af t
for tk arm of S ytara Has tka tat ( JaaMJli
iu.lament IntiittL caw. and
Bb aattsncl. W. C. P
Il aiomiu. nay and irrs. aa
Stram carrr r nra mawaiiaw
ISLA.tDti. la Frokatr. la tka autsr mt Ikr ea-
tale or BU a KKK, lat af Urachal
t lutlubera. I rrc ll.m. I'harle C.
Mipreme I Durt. Urderof iwHrrofa
"rCl'nuV'atidauii Ik SnWaaaaSa
JIKHI. .KVIIIiir ol tne win or t
a,Oaka. I III Hi. Al
Harrt. Jaaaa mt Ik
taa ad painty.
wherein ha aaka to h allowed S3. JO. XI aad
liuartr with mmm ad aaka tkal Ikr mmm mm?
ad d approve.1. an.1 that a Saal ordrr mmj aa
i-ihtv a. earn.
i a n.
K fAU.nl Pftcliot.
K I A I L E !
uiiu.iMi. vt is r t. ii-
WUI bar refntar ;dtapat.h for Kauai, aa ahove. unll'
further notice. aST Krelgut and Paaaatulen taken at the
BOLLES At CX., Agrnla.
f. H. This vewwl has Just been Utornaahly repaired,
newly coppered, and put In In perfect order. "ti
m.le or
hands lo th
.in.l Mss irellrs from all ftitther
II to ontercl. that al!l I'A V. Ik Itthaay of fat 1
ISTa. at IV o clora a. a., henir UeaaaM J
here. In the Court Howar. at Ho
hereby la appointed as the thne a
prtlltuii i.n.l account., and thai all perwMia Ink
then and there appear and .bow caaar, If aay Stay
etldrnce aa to wboarr entitled to raid nop. lay. Aad
that tba order. In the
plltiltahrd in Ihe ,,.
rraatrd. aaa aay pai a. al
d a aaid nilatl. Aad
uian "ilal l'l" arnK aTirV
HaaaMa, 9mr three wac
. therein ajpirand M
tahd at iionolala, H. L tha tr-Hday af May. UCS.
I II A Hi KN , Hlllt.
.-' U JuatJr aaa I in tt
Attest: Ix.v E. Itaaaaap. tvpniy Vr
Si rar."
r hi w i; mt Kr or
May Hlh. Monday Hlle,
Jun Mb. Monday Ctrrult of Hawalil
June 11th. Monday HUo
Jan ItUt. Monday Itvnn ., Kauai
touchlna dr.t at Xawdlwlll. and relnrctna Prhtay AM.
June : l.'i Monday Circuit of Hawalt
On all Windward mpa the steamer will leave her wharf
at AtaS: all trlpa to Kauai, will leave al 4 r. a. On down
trips the Strainer will not leave Eaalnalu betura S a. a.,
Kawalhac before 1 a. a., Makcna aa per notice oa up trip,
Maalaea Bay not before 7 a. a. Any caaofe fruui th
abovr will be advertised.
aar Xa IraJit far PaaaaK XKoarT. -
Tllae(a at SJae afflee anljr.
No berth wilt be considered as taken nntil paid for, X ol
reapondhle for unmarked Bassar or any Freight Of Par
cels unless receipted for.
Freight Moaey Dae on Demand.
SsT An effort wUI be matt ta hare the Steamer reach
looolola on the evening of the tame day she leaves it ait t
iJ M i hi. a. WILDER, v i
Orllce with Wilder A Co.. corner of Tort tiueeo Streets
Eft I
tnar. tot aUa by
BUIXES a oo.
Wihijinijton Pitch,
njEtrxr.EAt m curiam, asb ro balk
ItiMH' li A IA
Mk C. Brewer Co. -Agents
VBja Merchandise received Slnrafa Kree and
casn s.tvaiicea made uo .btpmeut. oa tins line
Jtf C. Brewer A Co. -Agents. J&L
Sratlkf J'av.irsl.le arranr rnients can alwsjs b nwanK
aier..raSrafean.lshlpnenlnf Oil, Bone, Wool, Hide, and
atkat Marrbandts to New if - 1. Bnalon, Haw Tork aad
ther Barlara PorU. Sn- Cask Advance made.
Sil ly C. BRKWBR S CO.
-IHi Ihe Petition of K. V
K. C. Kltby. In Bankraatry. Bar i
Hants. Order or hearta on tk i
Whereas an ordrr baa barard tha daar
take naiaaSpn of lb property of H
Island or Haas, aad to put ha
the prUtton of R. w. La'ae, aileaWai the
to l- htaileMoc in the amount ..f K.ir
anil ptaytna that, tor pertain statu. ry
a tka Winks I kt
. Baay, la at
rnaarr lurk and aratTan
aakS B. C. KJknp
Nanskwal ia
Now. therefore. II a ordered
lav. th Sth .lay of Jan. A. II. :. al my
Honolulu, be th tint aad ptare for kaajtwa ta as ora
tion, and deetrllruT tb piestho, ol R. tt Cabby's baa
ruptcv. If disputed ; and that notice bereef h flrea ley
pnhltahlna tbla ordrr for three wwi .ram wa at taw
Hawaiian llasell uewapaprr : anal a runy ksiswf and at
aaid petition, and a aaaniona tltrnd. br aivad ra tk
add B. r. Blbby. If be br found within data fkT
lated at Honolulu. II. I . tb tenth day ad Ma. A. D.
(rdcoed) IHAs.t HARRIS,
Juallca of lb !
attest Walvkb R. Stat,
l lerk. !
I i ii t'liti ks. s iu i ir ji
Jl IIAI. Itstrk-t, II. I. In tk nail I mt
-IIASi1l.lMil.SR of Walloau. I
i m menu and mine the pfdiko. of j at. aa K RSL rawa-
rutortandrr will of the estate of ULA.s I IlA.tDUUS. aaf
Wailuku. afaul. .k-s-eatse,!. aaktruf tkai ha aaa k aa.
an lined and apprured. aad be dktcharred froan fartkrr rr
sia.nslblllty. 1 1 is ordered tlutl Mll.N 1A Y . Ikr Mk at JI M E.
l-.a. at in a in. . at toe court tin
apart aa the time and place for heanns aaal
mm i
a led an berpby i
ABR. y.iltN ,n: kh.
. ir. lu lse, ,-,hI JudlrtaJ l.tslrwl. U.L
iaualna.Maya,h,isira. MI It.
. ii A.wREau. i ir i rr jrstautt, anal ji.
i'.' i .u I'lMiru-t. naasuan I aaaaa la
of tba lata l o, E. aaPTRMT, of y-tyataaaa.
On rradirui and (Ulna tk pell latin of JA.. SMTTH aad
WM.SAFTEHT. tar Eterub.ra of the Wm aw E. BAF
PERT. of rtupaSakB, Maul, .tiriaaiii. a art naar
arrounta be eaamlBrd and approved; tkal tky b n-
I kaijail. ami tba: the property tw laiiaasad aaatdkta la
lit- raid will, lltaordrrr.1 thai m ATI' RUAT. ta Saa mt
Jl'.tE. 1S7S, at tarn., al I lupatakaa. be mmt afartaa tk
'true and place for hearrnc aaid partttSaa. aad aay kSrarana
thai may br otrered Uterrls ; aad all paraaoa lin
are hereby nutliVrd to attend.
ABA raiR-f iM-ER.
( lrrult Judcr, Sad JaiSakd Dart i hi. h.L
Labalna. May 2nd. IA7A vsi it.
Presentation Books !
Ihe taltawlaa H
tb cluic UlfT
iprlaea oolj a lew of
-S :
n riswolil s Poeta and Poetry of America,
nailery of British ITaeta.
Picture rmies. and selectlont from laving Authors,
The Lady of the Lake,
Moore's Lallan Roofer.
Mctoral Family Heartster,
Bailey ' t Fes tua a Poem.
Beecher-s Life of Chrlfl, VoL I.
Bums' rotter's Saturday Merit.
W Miller's Ballads of .New Enaland,
Whluler't child Lire, la Poetry,
Jaa. R. Lowell's Poems maatr.ted,
Owen Meredith's LarJUe, do
Jaa. Tbompaon'a Poems. do
Mrs. Brownbuya A urora LetSh,
Bryant's Poetry and Sons,
Edilh May's Poems,
Shakespeare's Complete Works, on volant.
liana's Manual of lleolocy. (new ed ,
Clduy's Blackstone, 2 vtda. sheep.
Chamberlain s t'um'l Law for Boaoesa Men.
Bryant and stratton's Bookkrepinf and Blanks,
Carlton's Farm Ballada.
Ellis' Qceen of SmAtls,
Jean Inreler P'jema.
Ketale t Christian Year,
ngnre't Ocean World.
Julea Verne t Earth ami Moon.
Tennyson's (tueen Mary drama,
Poems, eompleSttn on Tot
LotiffeUowa w " mm
Bi hlea and Testamcata, ra variety.
Woman of rwcrad History, bound, fall morocco,
Christ In Art.
KrdrhU' Inctionary of Mechasaca. t vols.
Library of Famous Fiction,
Motherly Talks with Housekeepers.
er ti. to T.a.-:e.
KStm Porekdahy H. M.sVH ITN E Y.
Mutual Life Insurance Company,
AaaaTa, ax-, 000,0001
COMPANY In tht World.
Baa tka asrvaataa of Wtatsra Rate of Inter eat rferer
aat a daoar of Ma tt Ilia aad sera Ma te pay iu
Pai pnllilnt aapty at tkaoaae of
w.o. iBwiw oa,
nTl ly Areata for the Hanaflaa Inaass
Superior Oregon Sugar Cured Hams !
Extra Corned Beef I
(ia lOOtb. Packages),
ILecelveaS law t Trip af J. A. rslalakarc. aaal
aaa ,0 T-xt St.. Beplaaad. iuuif II ,ua.rs kaana
factory. STJ ly
Postage Stamps.
ain-is or F-.-eajn Ktaanpa.
Skua a! iias ssaia salniaL
Addranta UEO. E. WAkHBtTLS.
51 Ba-1 P. o. Baa It, Baa Tiaai jam. Cat
IIICIAL IHatrtct. Hawaiian tahUMta. Ia
of tha Estate af THOeX J. Wll.KIXu.f . of
Maul. Uecewaed.
OaBaarajli arollinatbapetJtjoa of JAMi
or til... J. miikinwis. of CloprJakua
ceaaad. Pub'te notice a berehv rlvra aaa
concern, that HATVRDAY, Jt'NE Ird. IT, at
at l lupalakaa. a ael apart aa the tha aad tmem t
oa aam petition, aaa aay nseopas tkal nay ha
mm IW'
mm :,,a.r
ABR. H.ltv iNt'Cll.
(lrrult Jorbje. Sad Judicial MetaSrv. B. L
Lahaina, May 2nd. IS7B Ml X.
Kowaau Evaarrr. of Honolulu, haviraj
tha Honorable charts ('. Harris, Jaadr of
Court, and declared bbjneeif a Bp tmpC aa
tertlon eSl of the civil Code . If waatkkl SB
the add Justice that Moaday, th Had day af I
at 10 o'clock ta, at lb Coart Biunt of th i
Court, al alllokuil Hnoae. Honolulu, b lb I
ror all creditors to prove their debt, a! a
any there br why the aaid Edward Kairsa I
latrild bankrupt And It waa further c
ot .aid bearing ne puDliwhed bt Ik Ha
mree truiaatatrvr weeks. By orda
Jso. K- Baaaaao.
Deputy Clerk. Msprvwet reart
ernran w
I aa' a
Honolulu. :ith April, 117a.
I-w THE si i-tt mi: i kt or Ttir. h -WAIIAN
lNLAw,osb.. aa: Of tk A pea Tawwa.
ItTS, Ubef flir BiTorcr. Kaieo (W ea. Tmlkaa I Iks
Wednesday, the twelfth day of Aprs. Ia
In the atx.ve eoUtied Libel Ar lavurc. R a at ordered
thai a decree of drape rrowa Uta a,., mt naarkneav kr
entered In favor of tb aaid Kaleo 'rwk lb eaaaa af at
aloltery of the said Kaaihap fk), at mm and aS.ii
after Use eiplraoaa of aht BMatna fssta mm tnta at? Unt
witu Die
sagcAriit aaa akatliaitpajsr te ta twwuay. nana
.rder in IB Idaasaata tanatvA aad KaatiaantwZ
paper, for sfa nulls aaaka, ta Bral aalWniBn as b
within on mow th from tb. rat mt Iks. ens, aaa ad
penoa. luareued oaay wltAdatta atk l 1 1 wkp
aid decre skoaid out mm masks akaotosc. aa Ik ia.it.
CJart aapsaaaCaarA
I hereby certify I toil the forndac to a era mmt nsnkfnt
Cwald tba
copy of the
on SI in to clerk. Onto of tk i
Hawaiian I tiasura Aa wdai n nf mmX
AprS. A.Ik, LtTa, at Honolulu, of Oak. I
na at :
i fits day of
Mortgagee's Notice
mmm ac
ISth day ol
trmm aortatac iad of Baal sum. sntwa mm
r March, in, rrdd ia tb BaWknrr mt Oaa-
at ll.notnlu. ta Usw ST. aa paawaTT. Ta, and Tt,
pay ml mt Usasasa af Pes. TkaaaaaS kanaaa.
I of mid Morajaa bar kaa laaa : Bow
arte B- nitk u . da karrkr ate, awr a. tk.
BM c-ootUBons mt uu. I
I . th aatd Ch
aid wuiiam BerrSi. aod to aO a paaaanaa ay nana
be, who may oa ton f ltd, Bat It to my ktteansa n Pawr-
fAtnstnts aiimaat, ana aaVrynakt
'lay to t- I
v..-.. l. M aaaaaanfaj ti.e wtid Mortaan.
Lated thia ISth day of nay. IB,
CHAR. R. MlsttOP.
(by kto Atkrmry at InttX
rMocltor tar tk Mortaar. C3it
Assignees' Notice.
inn MBTTnat fW JTBBBI SjaawBaBsSJg IC B
kereby srvaa caat aat
lata, a a
in pay IA. Ill mt I
aaaa. at rBa uSae. of
W. t i
rate-t th 12ih day mt May. A. a Ufa.
Picture Frames !
arm, oral aad iiatri
Picture Frames
Joat raestrad aad tear sat taw.

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