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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, May 31, 1876, Image 2

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awaneati D
a- i mm mill II (MM lat ITsnnik ha Bene!
aaai aa.J a, ttffacawtrfiiw, aa SiBins
)i Maim mhi
rasa xv a MMaL
tw aaaa. a, wi a rata, a tuitwd i I i
eeYxtasta a an eacher i&- wars km: and ,
gf wr i m i tc t. awe-cat I the
nil I flu.. ij W' SlRTm WT' I CTT
aai run an, iua. in. jk i
Taw latti ins in i an i Wtt im i num. I
. D lir lnp la teat lariat LMa lM ;
exeeae af l"r rax w end Aatr Wtsni.
Brer erennrw to ilia b Mr laa n that lim
raai a .wax re esse m i nali e t.- Uar, Ivearri-
anaaaer f twi.ai lAM far BM ktayaatr UK
Kar ar rui w at- eat: jns phij. taw . a b
al mid LfiKinfaaOa:. aiaairk
n aara aa wm it Ha !) i MT v mini taC
u .j- mm
AX IXrtTtVTKXT jorsxiu
msusBKr axi kMtxp st
nkrat rVr and arrircwc near of
f tbr Han-airac Treaty in tk
ao of Bi ttiitalvc ana? rr
9 lata I t the hark Marr IWe
tat! arc srsrrr. in aao&er col-
Tkr lTlitlarr
On ThvmUr the Ho. K FrrwAxw. CJiair
ntart of the Judicial? CWaraittee, rrMeato) a
retwt oa4hr vxEWtoi election at Wtualaa.
TV rrfwrt prr ridetice of csurfW oonsiJor
atntt and exhaustive rJmira.ioi. whk-h are
tvM arish other CVunmtttecai n-vtnU bestow
poi all minora ronraittvd to the. TV
eteetkvn ot Mr. Nactarj aras rfeariy iiJepa!.
bet the Assetn' ! v arx pleased to retain him
arhite at the saw time endornnjr (he re-rt.
It ha or arill enrne to that, that all candidate
ha to do to sevcrr a seat i to .ltain a ma
jority of What, without a thoapht a to the
HKt of obtainitu; thoro.1 present his cvrti-
TTlaB Uar "si '""la Ha-
tw. all of n.ch ats-A;
aweawata. as one likely to nscf the ctwa
Ejerce betareen the tare cwnrtrie, and nwha
a more ictiaaate cvaiiniin ill, if net r-oKtieml in.
tercvajise. Oar paper -rery jnstly remarks that
the ptxxl result doting the first evrn rears
arill be so palpable. Liat th-rrr arill probably
be no iificnlty in olicainins; as extenakm of it.
Wc, as arell as most n?preT"adiced persons
residiu; here, hare atroncly faron-d the treaty
froat the int. Win of thecoaaniL mal Uw-
o:- rva-
approTinirly of the ; 1l,r- "s seat, defy the law. and be np.
MM by tua coiMacana. in this partsociar
case the results may not prove directly harm
ful, bat indirectly the exantpte aflurded by the
Asseaaljy aanat be ieraK-oa(a.
Ob Friday the Hon. ti. Kh-xles, President of
the Assembly. ara pkased to inuvxiace a res
olntion of arant of confidence in the Ministry,
IWMH the Minister of Foreign Beiations had
aid that it aras not hs intention to pat the
treaty of reciprocity nitli the Tnited States
Taa a Jlaajpi amto rm taa: IW B-ttr. a
Sa -Mi JaaK. JaatJr at aW BlaniM Caa-n. rlElK
a-r aaajaaacaf aaaaaaa a-aao t mim iMrv-: I
ai B-aBlMrt iai i. m Ta .la, . tk SO aai f ataj
laaaaaL as 'aaaaa aaa.
at aiifcl-r. ftwli in. ar aril ilj. u sac aUj
aaaaaa. at t a'aaaat nat
at Sa-aaaar oaan Baaaa. ac Taaattv tk kK ekT or ,
s atr ar ar oaan.
Jaa K. k.kt. Btaaan cm.
araaaraaa. aja aaar. avc
fits to be derived ander it. These ane:s befcre the AssamlJy for it approral at accor
arill he reaped chw-fly by Haaraiiaas viortnp the ance arith the ravvauon of Article 29 of the
Stat tarr. or three reals, hat after that the j OaHthatioQ. The resolution (akich ia pnb-
nanrifii people arill cuaae in for as co,oal
share. The r-eneSts arbich the treaty inxarts
lathed arith Saturday procradia-a,) a as lost by
a decisive majority. The debate on the reeso-
Ba aaapii i av ta Ear aad la iaa'atii Aaprar.
Mr af Oar laaaaaa laaaa ta th Lcar-t-aJan f
tW ITja-raaaa aaaaaaaraat :
a Hi i I. Tkas tk aaa af Six lava Taaaaaajl
c. - i. - i-c xr -; .. ittM I V -snaaat
aat af ta aanat atar-jl far ta patrrai af
S t;t "" 7 ' ' """
Aaanvai taa aarhth an? af May. A. It. l.7
KaLtKArA. E.
: TEt ! . - . . .:Af.:xv:iirrri 1r
aWtaa Mliililij a not aot iaaaai tbey an Minii
aara. hat ta an tanaBal to aaa aratv rc saria-
. : x i-K - ranae! tx b.:
It aaar aoc se ta Utat aay. bat
taaa UcaacL ta the BrtUak eavcraax-E'
A ta the Baa-aiiaa. Art. iXt. of the Coattlta-
I aa.BMiit- a:
auae-u"" ant a
iain he iillaaaat itataait " sad no
ahpt at a cear. oi hecor- aia. ever hnBaaaanaraj
weotatiac liamari. Tha a oaaetaarrt ot the
aaraa aaaara aai aroakt he ofthemtaatrrK. a a-
roat.vc ooaarn. B B aaee not I laaiaafi steam: n
Ar. X o? the i iMiniln that "the aaiatstrj haM
a XaMaa ta the I chtaTiot AaceatMy"
rtoUaaartick. Batattiv
ace. the tao articks
U eaei other, the air
1 the laactt jaa at .Vit
hare, vraa ana be riafcnnil solely to a few ! nation was not i&iwstaaB. oae or tn hits
nlaBtera. as has been stated, katt will he scat, '"err made by the introducer of the resolution.
btt cot of sc&ier.t force to make more than a
transient effect. It would perhaps be arell for
the Aaaeaibly if the President and the Minister
at Fona A:Tairs could forge: the late naaato-
Saturday the 4 on the resolution of the
day before was recoasidered, and the whole
matter made the order of the day for Monday,
' opon which day the AssetaWy in Coautiittec
of the whole listened to a lencthy debate pro
and con without corain; to a cutxiasion. The
taost of the time n-as consumed by the Minister
of Fort i K- t: s and the Hv. S. X. Castle,
.. :. retu-rks l-y the Hon. G. Rhode.
In the above debate Hi Ex. the Mtn
iater of Fvvetjrn Affairs replied to the charge
brought against the King's GovernnMnt, Tor
the manner in which the treaty had been nego
tiasoa. by giving a fall history of the negotia
tion, and the advantages which this mfaaart
promises to give to these islands. We regret
that oar apace will not permit its publication
in full this week, bat it will appear in oar next
tertvi aatong al! daasea. At least one-fifth of
par population is depeadent on the sugar iater
ats. another fifth at now. or arill soon be. de-
peodect on the rice interest. Sv that, froes
the day the treaty is ratified its benefits will be
directly abared by taso-ttba af our whole
pifatiatton. lltintately all the people will
share. It can ocly lie looked at a a national
Uxxv. and will give a stronger impulse to in
dustry aaaoag the natives, and CAiastqatntly to
the increase of our pulation and national
growth, than anything that has occurred since
the Hawaiian loniBminJ was Baraacd.
Wues the lark Marr BeJk RoWrts. which
brought the above news, appeared off fiarjood
Head, decvaied with tiags. it was snmtiseu or.
,rra Baaafiaa Oaara aitra. Xv aaa ;
aaar fatar. aat aaaataaa araato haataa ear r f i.lly
a a ,-.-arema.-i. Taa 0l af ta traat, will a
ta aaka HaaaU aa aaUtit BBJ aasaaar af taa faitat
Stataa. a ay aay iaaaJiata att of aaaatattaa. Vat
ay takiat har lata tvauaaratal fallaatkip. kjr ftriaf
aataal lataraMa aaa k iimalttt aatarf-rij.
Sara) alt tku eaaaat ka fraltlal af aa atkar kat
fpK-a taaalt. H taaitaa iataraat hara baaa Ureal
Sarelopal kj Aaaliaa tasiul ant Martry. Tk
tnaAT. a iu arctl tri. aaaan tkat aaa o.piiai
aai aa aararfrlaa allt a keaagkt ta ta ,lJ. i-uini
af than raaaataar that It, that AsMrtaaa tataratU
: ka UtfalT iarfi ta tkat aaartar.
Mat ia LB M V. lAl.lNKM IIKKH
araaMriaat wm Ura ,.r U.i i twi
Ha rwAiio- a Tiaray. Via ajaSaaha at iaa,t
s ,rr.M t tavrUna. aln if 11 a.t aixt T Wr;.U
ti katoMaaSV otuvn.a x tiassaat paaaav str
taraarr. inrai Rox Kn is.. Mohui iin aad
Kaftwi: af laaal yaaza la tluaal
dnaoxuiuank-aunaa itf ta normal INamtkv.
iW la!
$5,000 To Loan.
at i fttWAIf iul.l..tu.i MT TfSCSt
JT raahts a tavaal, Apstjr la andos. aiiit Ha't"-
ittiaoiuia. Mar JT, trt
a. p. j run.
af the Una a hart the; ' abate that ahe broaght advices of the
Bt the treaty, which was coaSnoed by beV
6 ring a salute of 2! gans. Ca; Gray a wet!
as Mr. Boberts, the owner of tbe iors. d-werve
aredit for the i-ro vision made for aaaoancing
the near in sc patriotic a raanner. Mr. S.
alto had fas yacht ready at Saa Francisco to
patched to this part ia the event af the
I the l
K a.saaahaat i
r kasnc oaty lajataurc, ta can:
as the c.vers o! hash raaaOnataaa
t d:.v-:c:;
treaty passing, for fully one month. When
Mr. Let ire: Is telegram a is received on shore
here, there was the il J-s: csthssiasm. It was
first read in Mr. Adams' a action roost, here
a large crowd was assembled, and from rhrncr.
Passage of the Reciprocity Treaty !
Arrival ar . Marr Bl Rahartal
V. Mar M. ISTS.
By the arrival of the above vessel, w have
to announce the woloorae news that the
Hawaiian Seciproctly Treaty passed the House
of Kepfhsentatives c the Sth of May by a vte
of 1 16 to tot. The vote was announced by the
following telegram :
" rakiata. May . 1ST.
- Th Hawatiaa Traaty paieal tktt Jt : 1 aaja
rity. A g!raa t.rt !
- J. R. Lrrracva. M. C.
The Mlowing i ftin the U.t :
Ta ! at i:lt r. . pasaet th kill t carry
ta Raaaiiaa Tiaatr ktaa atWt. kj a aaaa af It
eatast 11. It? r rr ky tk 5aat b a f.rfar
e;aWa. ana i't taal raartasl it tbrr.4 rar
uu. AO th tSxia .". . un.Wm ara (.
aJ rvtd ta hill.
The follow iag is from the .4&t .
Ta I la aa ltn Its SaarilM la ta liaarallaa
Wahiaa. May St a.
n Mosm rararaid evaftaMaiiaa .1 ta kill t' ut ri it ri or
care. ... at.ta,ua rraV. T-. ar Wax FiOrYsrs. H air Fl 3W3rs & FancyWork
. f ta ti. U rtfaa u saaetia a uty aaJ kr
tb rnaaSaat a4 Saat. argata that it had ta
pr. It aaa parfvet'y eaaipctcet fur th Hvas t,
refaar ita raaetiea U tku trraty.
Taakar, at Virgiat. (!! ia th saa Ha of
artjaataol. Vair tk OaMataUVa, th H.'ow . a
fart f tk trMir raittaj pwa, aa j call lltiru
is cuitilaifctaal aatkarity to refas Iruiilka ta
rarer tat tack treatta ai it JkI aat icprvtc of. II
argad taat th traatj aa n-'t aUTisakU a a bac.
ma traaaartMB. It aw a pafitiT Im u th re
raaa. Kith c eMBraaratiDf ajraauay .
Wha Taehvr'atuB ctiri, tVooJ dtaaaJnl th
pT qialiM, which aa aaaaaSaS. Uaila4
: 7-r,i-:i 4 L.j ;xtc&
Baati raia t Tcr. ami a(ad it sat th
4aty af th iias U Bate thu affraarialioa l.
earr cat th traat. Tk a,atiaa if larvaa aa
aat la aajat. It war a aatua af aatiacal dafcae.
Wd el4 th aVhai. aad ci.a aa at paal to
th aaihrra at ta prait wtwaal ia
ka tz.lt r iato thu atta. ahieh he aa aa Im-
pirtaat or, aai iatlT tk aatioaal dfac.
Th oa aai iu thaa Uka, attd th bill aaa
aasMd b aj lit t aaj lei.
The S. F. Okaaaasrakai tVnaVf says t
Th ra.-at iaaortaat iua af th ak ta eoaaer
cial eirel U tk faal catrmatka ot th Uaaaiiaa
Traaty by th Hoax af Bpratatira in Wuhiag
t a. Th rot aa a aW oh, lit to Itl. All th
Pacia Coait aabr war pnuval aaJ voted for
th hill. Th raliaataaa f thu treaty by Coairas
will uiaulai tn.4 btaca hr aad th Islaadi
rry e.ainbly, aad will a tloabt h for th
gcral good of bath coaatriaa.
The sacie journal adds :
Th ioat- delayed Keeifrocity Treaty between th
Baaaiiaa IiUnif aai lbTitd State nay aow b
e'xidrrri aa flit aaeoapli. hating reeir-l th ia
limaiat of IhaHoaea by a rot of lit to HI. That
tie Scent will faaciioa (ill foreg.-cc eoaclasi a.
Th pro aad roat of this abject hire beta so fre
neatly aad thaatirly treated ty th f ret aad ia
C.sgr, that hul raorc rvaa.aa t.- b raid. Th
that It will go aiaolt uamduily into
! the atataaac aaliaratMfWl. tailaa 1 th Bears was earneal to -r. rc met af tk.
.-.a; ,.v i::',-rn. :i, jri..;.-.L.: . .
tows, natives as well as foreigners rejoicing in
its receapt. A copy of the telegram was atsa
t or aay iaeaaatatcacy or satana-
i fsailka af the arrets tstca- aeai Bp to the King, who bus lew as cagerf
. , " " ' - i-:- ... . . . .-. .. '
.. .t....v. rv ....... .... .... i.-j y.xzi rrr.
i ihrlarattoa. can. I tiL r.tl -" - t , a -
1 by ka ahak eaa-ae of acUoc. tberc eaa re- " ' fWI
aihr m ttawau. t!.-e agest. sr. nthler. Ejtle
m bb
:. tr;:y or.'.y to
:r BBBBi a
' at cosru of record or cot It haOW
k BB
j cm 3 n
They he
pcx'visioB for decorating her with tags,
sad rockets and bine lights to be seat off as she
ii-lT?:o0Ueer ! irrirod l P wwus ports. She
theawT TW tayw Taa prejtarev: to spread a rainbow of bunung,
'lml u ja!.lar U'T- -.! rv scutes At
eacc ot the pranrapal aai aaa ag places.
Tbe mail steamer, due here to-day. will bring
the full ratification of the treaty and perhaps
I the proctaanatacr. of President Grant, aanounc-
JWJ ; ukg is as a Uw of ti land. It will probably
feH mm B?ln Bhtat a-t aajjasi - r -e?;.y. M.y ?:. tie U:; it. IT5.
eiat!att--.U1fT.rrX ka.-a'"-"? ,;:f;ii: fi? MM Grtt. r if
i- I;!-. ' v.- l..'tir':.i.-i";o; - tier- rrr.i- Tu"v I. MbbB or Sarcr-
: V V 5i v .; aill be the appropriate one to have a
arfsean It it taowx were deacrtiec general caaebrattoc here on account of it pas
f ts coes:;ts!a to bate seat . ,;.., Si - f a
o tit tier otliw .. . -
. -i r.tf - res:- - 3 -
.i..:- . ut a , .t. -
a aaa tK ijK lain,
Bill har the increase of the people
is before the Assetnbty, by the terns of which
the Minister of the Interior b to prepare a
code of laws for the better regulation of fam
ilies. In a few remarks upon the Bill the Hon rfcrt "ll ' ta4 of doakt aad aaertaiaty
r . ., .... - , , , ia wait it bar ba long ned.:y eafipd.
B. K. Ka: sot J : Tat to his mind the Bible I .n . . . i
rrwtahaeal the best code for the government and bcaia riaua betweea th two malilii,
. , , , ... ...... . ti Th idea that rraiioo to land Hawaiian uriti ia
control of families: that tins book could be tab y rrU r d.t.r -vid adBsabt again the
: yriiy fantilv, bat families did tiot arr inleti af Loauiaaaaa simply rrplarvoa.
. . ," , . , It u terr aatufaetary to know that th tattler kii
Beeatioi govenwo t.y its provisions, and b i;rd of rar aa year, an 1 there it exJ
that be was convinced that if the people would : reasoa to bcMcr that rweiproeuy will work a aatl as
not obey the code of the AaBtighty. they would ' """ IfIr"
aot t tuosy ra respect one proBicigasw :y Th, ,-cw ia Trtuaav' aad th Hawaii...
. Mr. :.r I-.u-r. It. i.ts ; t:.t Xivaajr.
- . , M. ; i .t , I Th rritwae editariaiiy lays : Tk passage of tb
this race could not increase until they pat Hawaaaa Traaty ia Ik Haas yt,rd.y -aV. r
away their hypocrisy. Xearlv everr native fri to iu of potent. Iu uassac was aad f - .
bad, tupoucoBuag to man's estate, taken upon r r;"- f '"" .ntervrted
him the vows of the church, and then fallen ' peoni or a few pluten ia th Saadaieh Ialasii will
Mrs. C. J. Murphy,
Caaameaee Teaching again. Jaae 7th.,
At rtS. A l.oo.
iarovn aeartfcal :.' ,.-. , ; c taaabt la th
beat ttttlec aad rv :..' hi .via 'mw Air a nam.
arroTyean. he hat n.f.1 th. .rVv lr verr taw
la tive rrr aa a - t . to ......
fW cixV b ,'et (JktM IW,
Faha tvr.'O., r.. Masaa-h. and ltearda Aw Vintade
or aawaeniaBL coaUaiitlr oa hand. Any color made to
Xa. 4i fart Mreal
ainvaaaewv aSfa, aia. 1ST.
Sctadnn tlcaonnc to euter arv rrqolfvd to paaa examtna
Ma la Mental Anthmeta'. WrBtM Artta oetle Uirach
UThaon. Uecarrapbr tkno(h tn I tided ulrt ( . ..
Head. -w aad WrlLnc
api.-A..u alii be examined Jan tad and itth or Sept.
ih il its.
Ta tton ti.au per wees. I
.t Wau. .:, - !
aa tc. ... w -z
of all public aad private rea-
t tats a iearaCat.v. to tie Ut ot LcaJ
. ;vy asaae year sner the proaasiratiot
Jl Wii
of tie rt baaae coe-
" Ax Act to sxcre intelligent medical and
surgical treaiaoeot. and to insure a more gee
aSaL n.n?ef " ' -'?'Z-Z!?i ri'- mM W at ItalrBhTB,'' :5
.. . , . . . .L. . ..l . . t X.-H 1 It , - .
i- to :z iir.- ;a--..e. - ..... :. naa t x.r ..vr . y
xrl!IrSaa?aaaataeSR bet Governor njpeao, for the cvwataderation af the
' .. 't'v'lt.v -l"t
u . o - u: . -t:tatkc
fc t
: r i-..: .. : .t
r 'r.-tt; tit
i ta the taa a a ittHtan
I ar their atartice.'cr. re
- - - - -.i'.-i. . ox
the wan ii. the caa he as rjatare tor tie beater.
A tc tt ttisaser of No there are thote linaa;
a. . a ; -:.. 1. l. .
" JijaaVB7th BataaTh 1'lJtherr wax as Mi
ot the erowr la create nohk a&i ic
. ft aaaght he ahte to tarry aa iMpcwIiat
eh thecreatioc of
Way the emntor of the las: eocatatuc liauvc
the aewer of the crawr, to create r-oi. I ejo aoc
katowt. tart kavkag Soaa ass ttla nitaaaij ta be pre-
itj u-.xt BBjat strf.t B h a. it "f. A"i
aaaae1ihTraaBat or a'uarSnaa'ge
or peer, hat the eestase ara aaatar the iirea
aaaa af than aaxawjawa tiwae has not
Imxialtlire Atarxnbly cow iu si aai at It baa
bees framed with the view to meet the neces
sity often felt by a targe class of persons for a
carrtainry of mteJligtent medical treatment, and
K place within the reach of every one the ad
vantages of each treatment, as well as tbe
privilege of obtaining at all tiraea, aaKheufeigB
:':. trxtrr.rt of ::;.- iV.t f-il:
. From time to time, laws have len
here to restrict, and place under cori-
trc', the practice aad use of medicines by ig
norant aad taqaUed per&xrs, and especially
that by native kahunas. Bat while the object
of haralaliiai has been to suppress the umor-
aatand anskiHeoj practice aad UK of medicine, 'Ocean. Let us once have cables radiating
back to his filth : that this was perjury, and
the Almighty would punish the race for this
oJeoctv. Tbe honorable nobleman "s remarks
were arr truthful, but we fear that they will
not result in the desired reformation.
Yesterdiy. Bon. S. Kaai moved a resolution
that the speeches of the Hon. J. M. Smith and
His Ex. tbe Minister of Foreign Arliirs in fa
vor of the Treaty be printed for distribution
BBMBtg the people. Opposition being soade the
resolotioc was witidra'wn.
Hon. Mr. Pilipo moved that Wm. Ragadate
and Hob. Peter T. Kaeo be brought before this
Asaeaibly, the one to present the complaints
of the lepers, the other ta answer for his ad
ministration. I'a. i ti. Catkles,
Baf that the Treaty of Reciprocity is a
fixed fact, a telegraphic cable looms up as our
next great cottttxaavial necessity. It isthought
by many that telegraphic communicatioo with
tbe great world would be of greater real bene
fit to US than the Treaty can possibly be. But
however this may be, its benefits would be
great and immediate. Tbe commerce of this
ocean is rapidly increasing, and is destined,
with the development of the- Aagio-&s.
on empires to the south and east of us,
aad the growth of the Asiatic trade, to assume
proportions of vast magnitude in the course of
the next few decades. From the central posi
tion which we occupy, Hawaii mast be the
bah of the rora tactual wheel of the Pacific
i lecsjaaraae ta aapaaat a casjpui aad
to Uke la ntject r it; ir ;
latwagat ts he exjaxIW-Bt, to the
aca ta tri.
o- baaaaBl oitcror of Dsa-
the ieat reaa.ta tor tie coaa-
BBI ,a:.j
of U
the aabject
ai: tie bea:
le tote altt
QaJBlii the eaUishaent of tbe Queen Hots
pital,) iiothmg has ever beec done to provide
instead thereof, better facilities for medical
treattneat that shall be generally available for
east aad west, and north and south, and the
myriads of shipa ladea with their rich freights,
which ail be sailing ic every direction will
touch here to report themselves, or for orders,
Aad while it is sought to take Midas-like, the touch will result in gold
what in their incaraace thev have for Hawaii.
BM Bahart ou. .
taoa raai. woaVi he n
BBJ ar evea Ianatntra. ha vaag
kalni i tkaxa wrBhaaB kaiiwa. coawdetexexi
paaalafta i laallj.a
Bar ceataries been art-nalumed to resort to, and ' Our merchants, who, under tbe epoch of
to depend upon aa Trralaaal fut the relief of ' fw ccasmunication by letter, have thought
: tor
they, a wr: a Wiaatiii
to set
E. F
Atnat r LUera irr a:s ttratrfifjvr Th
araarla, wAth giwarwS1 It aaaatkaxUawa
is laaVL I H taa-aailh i i Im ray?iw
taa n ii f th. rataal Saaaaa Maim aai
aaawaahat ia ti i la t ittaaaew witb the Cap Paaaai
Lr-xs. May Pta. A mi maiasial at P-r'.a
Tmm Baa Eatjaxaraaaaa. May --Cwt-
aaOaawaAaaxTW mmk at the sacawjaa aaaapcAlaa
w - -r " " -'i T-''j -
aay a tht Can m iaver af nM wc tiberty i - ,-.
their bodily ills, without placing within their
react better lseflitira for Bteeting, more intei
Ugeatly, thai traat eoatraos to aU haatanitr. it
cannot be wcaadered at, that ignorant and il
licit practices are still so gtwarrally resorted to
by a large dans of Hawaiian. The act above
referred to, if passed, and encasotir carried
out. will meet, better than anything that has
yet been done, the needs af all classes in the
dalim liuaj indicated ; and as a sanitarr measure
cannot fail to be prrotive of public good.
troubles iu which
Tux riot at SaJeaica, referred to in out for-
, threateas to beeotne a aerioas
with the other
Turkey is now involved.
Tbe OiiiiiBtataal of fermacy and France will
isake heavy Ii 1 ofiiitinalj for tbe kfll
tag of their CocbuIa. Tbe statexrents ao far
ixajeiied are brief aad tiestioaable. We are
toad that a Christian girt, having declared her
intention to adopt the faith of Islam, and gone
to live asaong the Turks, some Christians, at
the taatigatiM of the American Consul, ua
dtrtook to carry her off; trherespoa a riot en
sued and the Oxaaxak of Germany aad France
went to the Moaqac where they were killed.
Fiwwsch OrmiBBiuBt i very strict a ciaaw-
iBJ m ; trcarrot f r
taction for aay in Hi ilaaaf.
with thai policy a French fleet has been or-
toBalaaaca. TUa Saloaica is the old
a seaport at the head af the gulf
of tae same BaBBB. ia the
aboax half way betweea Athene
it- brhfa as um
rt.'.. :'r. . r .tttt'.rj Live
amounted to a few hundred tKoaaTl dollars,
will then be able, like the spader in the middle
of his web, to watch and direct the operations
of trade at every point in tbe Pacific, and then
will be inaugurated the era of Hawaiian mil
liosapes. Our nrigbiioia in Australia and Xew Zeal
and, not content with the one cable which now
connects them with India and Europe, are dis
cuAsicg tbe feasibility of a Pacific cable, and
they express a willingness to undertake the
enterprise, if communities on this side will
bear a proportion of the expense. The on
pany which was formed some time since in the
United Stales seems to be in a state of inac
tion at present, waiting for ateristance from
Cceagreac, sad -we do not hear that there ia
that such asaaatance may be
very aeon; still the advocate of the
Mat taat by its provisions, aad oa that point there
is roa for wide differences of pahlie opinion.
Th Hawaiian Treaty.
.Xoraaxf ran.
Tbbi!l reported from tha Wave aad Meant Coa-
sit tee. ia Febmarr. to carry into effect tha conten
tion between the railed ftattn aad th King af th
Hawaiian Islands, Anally passed ta Hons by a saall
sxajonty. oa Atoaday. It will be raollcctad that th
reeifroeiry treaty was negotiated with oar llorerw
ateat by Hon. EHsfca 11. Alles, Chief Jaitie of Ha
waii, ia coeperatioa with Hon. H. A. P. Carter. f
King Kalakaaa's Priey CoaceQ, who cam to this
iwaallj ia October, 1S74. far tie parpo; aad that
it was rati! id by the United States Senile, at it tas
lion f a year af. Bat it required this action oa the
part of th Low Haas of Con fre u wire it effect.
Whether this treaty thail prox a scare of winch di
rect profit to as r aot, AaericaBi. sko an so ttroog
t hi aad ta Hawaii by historical reeollcctioa, by re-tri-..
oa. ir.iia.tT. ail r.ssaerciai aaaa afsl ttter
eonrsc. shoald rejoice at lb bcacfit which the
aatghboring ialaadi will derive from it. Bal the
prosperity of th island will certainly contribute In
tbe wealth of California and of the whole American
Pacific Coast. By thu treaty the Pacific Coast will
reccir from the island what a do not proelae
oarsjTs, while the islands will recti te from tha Pa
cific States, ia exchange therefor, what they do not
f rod ace. to far as the arregate valne ia tae amount
; . f roe betweea th two country is aoa eoa
eeraed, it is act at present of great importance : bat,
with this treaty ia operation, il will don biles soon
greatly increase, as it anthcriac an exchaage of tha
prod acts af taa soil, such aa sugar, rice, aad sob
tropieai fruit, for 1 amber, f oar, aad some of th
aaaafaetare of the Cnited State. Sfr is tha
principal article refeaseJ, which, tfaoagh iu prod ac
tion will now sadoabtedly greatly increase ia Hawaii,
eaaaat hare ranch, if any, influence by iu fre ad
mission apoa tha rngar market in th Atlantic State,
cornier so little, if at ail, ia com petition therewith.
Statistic proline this were freely famished daring
the Ccagratrieaal debate a poo the bill.' To seen re
th ratification af tbe contention by th Senate, many
paper were s omitted by th President hariag tha
same bearing. Oa of these was a letter from the
Secxatarr of the Treasury, preseatiag a comparative
statetaeat of tha trade of the two caantric for tha
past f re yean, ahswiag a btlinee ia taror of tbe
Hawaiiin Island. Admiral Porter aad General
ScaofieM faro red the treaty, as eeadaeiag to securing
ta th railed State a good natal star ran where maeh
Bce-ied, aa j pretesting other nations from retting
control of tbeae island. With sack a dose alliase
with Hawaii a thirtreaty give as. tbe important
ot osr commerce ta the Mrtb racist suit greatly in-
are undoubtedly doing what they can,
pitas feat- be more matured than we
A ". the tast aeataiaa of our ifrislalare, an act
was passed for the umiBi iiiatiiil and aid of
any companj or companies, which might de
sire to lay a telegraphic cable betweea this,
aad aaj foreign i iibbIij, by graBtrng land sad
the way of inaitli'ig duties on goods, wares
aai BisTrhtitrlifie, required for the ase of such
ir.r.;.itT.ir: at riro ata : y-;i fe
their tarvice fron all port charges except pi
lotage. Wr tlii ant kiaiB aa iiijlaia. aaa i hi
be tTptrtrvl of this gtrrcrataent. We certainly
should not advocate the granting of a monopoly
to any one company for a term of years. Bat
private capitalittJi here, BBghtasrast by taking
stock ta the eaterprise.
Th HawraUaai Treaty.
;Froen tbe s. F. ftnnetln ;
To bill to carry lata effect tbe Hawaiian trerty
hariag passed the Hawse, iu pa tag is said to b ae
rated by thseaat. ia which body it is known that
iu fneods are ia the majority. There has bean a
awa1aaa of late to narrow the view of this traaty
dawn to one of a taera ejmoerrial character. Bat it
ha much move thaa this ligaificaaee. The ralae of
the CaJ tfornta traa with Hawaii dariar tbe out few
years has been frown fire to six hnadred thowsaad
del .an per aaaara. We hire exported to that King-do-:
minnfartared goods, lumber, eared meets, sal
mon, brtadstaS. ,rdare, rrooene ,an J a namber of
small article which d sot Egare prominently. We
import from the Island lagan, aulas, rice aad
pale. The vale af Ik tea ixaairtl r I eats ftwaa s milTiia
to a miilios and a qwarter annaally. Soger is. of
coarse, th leading artiri of import, amoaatiag aow
to aa aaasal arerag of IS,. ponnds.
aacaamw ;u:: aa rt..e traaa ishTaaa u- o-
tweea tbe island and Oregon. Sailing Tesaris make
regalar trip from Portland to Hoaoiofa, carrying
down 1 amber and kebagaag back return cargoes of
ir-r i- i liif ie.
1 tbe treaty sboald take aSact tha Larrer aad xaaea
it I Ha day the mstaaity tf irtere.l wtsM U
apparent. The Hawaiiaa Islands hare a relation ta
the Pacific Coast aad ta the whole eoaatry sot -taiaed
by aay ether iaiaads ia the Pacific. They are
Bfeat. Tiey are s.w m ti gtawl i aaj ft a taa
Fiaaiimi to parts ia Australia. Hoaotala has bo
ra a eaB port let a peat smear of taer. It
at owe of tbe most impartaat pacts far rafittia $ ta
tk Pacific Ocean. It is the readexroa of a urge
aiahia af mirwn whalert. Its r imminii largely
Awwrina Sow, the Uaittd States ka sot at this
date a ciagic statiea aaaaag all the arises af the
Pacific. Tbe ialerast ia tha Brmiaa laaaa tan
eel ta be a rhadswy aaa, aad maca reccatly area the
Mutlr,rtamiV rt per wee
Tae Rom wUI ma for ta i BBwaaSasAea nf pu4Ia
To rooms of Hoarders ar fc a rarnaaetl by th e
cotvaui. Letu r o In jliv may be ahWsw 1 aa
Ui ll A MAS A I'lttrr. l-naldeat.
59 Fort Street,
Provision Uerchant
Just Received Per Mary Belle Roberts
Cuks WkittAkti-r Star UaiD.
CaaJa LftsvakftbJt lUeoa.
Cue So.adt.cii Br.
CaVMi SuiakaU Salmon.
Cases Smoked Tongues !
Case Cod Fith.
Kit No. 1 Mackerel,
tails Toagoe A Soands.
Half Itbls. Mess Pork.
(jr. Bbl. Mas Pork.
California Cream Cheese,
Cases Ed 1 1 lit Cheese
Casas Lard ia Pail.
Caw Uaiard'i Polled 0am A Poaltry.
Case. Lard in 5 A 10 lb. Tias.
Casas MM;--;.- Oyster.
Cae Iiosirs Clams.
Cases Saa.tage Meat.
Case Mine Meat.
Cases Deeill'd Ham.
Cases Caviar I
Case Catling's Table Fruit.
Case Catting' Jellies.
Cases Blueberries.
Ceet Qainar-
Ooldea Gtl Family Flosr.
0. U. lira him Flear.
Superfine Floor.
Cases Oatmeal in 10 lb. Bag..
Case Cracks I Wheat in 19 lb. Bag
Cases Rye Meal in 1 lb Bag.
Case Small Homiay.
Half Botes Maocaroai.
Half Boxes Vermicelli.
Cases Saloon Bread.
Bates Saloon Bread.
Tias Wafr Win Soda.
Graham, Milk, (linger
Bolt Aldea Apples.
Boxes Aides Pear.
Botes Sultana Raisins.
A Fine Assortment of Japan Tea
From Maeocdray A Co. San Francisco.
Caa Swiss Cheese.
Case Bologna Sewage.
Cases Westphalia Saataga.
Case Otfonl Saaaage.
Case On re in Oil.
Cases Prnoes ia 5 lb. Tias.
Case Prone 3 lb. Olass.
Boxes Mew Fig.
Fre.h Date.
Qr. Boxes Malaga Raisins
Cases French Chocolate.
Cases Epps Cocoa.
Case Moore's Cocoa A Milk.
Cases Scidlha Powder.
Case Oatmeal ia 4 lb. Tins.
Case Olire Oil.
Sea Island Most.
Celery Salt Ac, Ac.
Per COLIMA, Just Received
For Sal by
For San Francisco
TTl mil VMKKlPtN tlAttat
rarr. t. c ottwr,
a ST rirtt eawa acr.aw.ne laiism ftte rttawjiil ta tu
and M CXwa. an-1 wtrataw.
KM l-a'. ainr
an m. nuntmM a oo., a!.
For Portland, Oregon.
TtlK SKWLY-Yirrltnt B VRK
Will hara Qaick Ditpateh for the aboe Port
rrrejhl and l'.se rJe in
tea M. HACttFatLD sk CO.. Afawtsr
For Bremen.
rut: A l llAWtlttM ntRit
k A m O I at
atAKKtt I 1lsl .lt.
Will hare (.nick Dispatch Tor the aboTt Port
For rrrtsbt ami laaatcv. apply xa
at II. H.M'ltrKl.n A OCX. .Verntx
Anstmliii ;.!h! few Zealaod Line
I I ItlMl V t ........ ....I. r
Will Isonvo IIouoHtlu,
Kandavu, Fiji, uirl Sydney. N.S. W.
lwinertln at Kan. lata wtih IMmoaayv, trailer for
.trt-KLAND.!'. V. IMUTflt.VIJtKKSt.and Inle.uiettai
On or about the 3 1 st of May.
For Freleht and raaaufe. an. I farther In forniatltMi. a.ply
to II. II ti'KFKLIi . tit . .eeui.
Australia and flfew Zoaland Liue
THE st'l.i.Mill) vrt: VttsHlf
TAKUILI- t'omitiauili-r.
On or about June 20.
For Frvtflit and Paor or any further inronuatloa,
apply tu .MT U. UACttrKLD et tU , .1 tents.
ttrvi r.ott.ot.
a awl mm t
I aeaxwa, awswa
laa illwaaafxtrv ,a IkttaTtwaa.
.! rwirdkaa of IN f.raiai aad are.
i. -.1 1 . ..-, aaajaaaa wasawaa
.i" wale y in i eia
.'' r rta cvrxeAa rewat
.wr.. i foe ... .,ede of awe of oert.
It. tt ami It. all eutfl ml W1
reeaxns hr wh nal .att
II a aaw at as I ia, taat tee n,t oi eta ar ta saal
war.l. ami all aaraana ktmili I a. tk swat earaae. cwsMffs
a. n.r tttll taart oa 5lo.NI. tV. la flfift rfav , I j a .
i m. ai in o ct.t x. .. a., at taa taan raewa .r uoa
iiaW In ttou.itala, laea a4 laer aaate eaaa. wky a
order xmasM mil he rtd "ar tk aM f ,at k "n..
InO II m runner .utk-rr,!. lhal a .-.air ot tha aaar ha aaa.
lKhe.1 fW .mm wa In liaarallaa ueaeiw lwa.1 a eaht
I f :t.rl.w. a .MetMtper paam
taasd Uoumiiuu, ii. i . Arth at
Aaa ii: iwat.Tw n. tu ftea
fai i r btki(k ('- tT I X U
l ta ..run
ant uaa
In II Nui w w n.r im rntllaet t!M hat
the .-bilma ,..ter I las. m meal ami .met mole A asata ta
... ...rt.ier. -.. ;..e . .. .n at awWCWVa IWW,
wturiCM a. natal
( Meft leraortha aai.mi taxwt,
tlaasNN. Sk7 Mk I Ir. Mi
CtiaM-t rr ii rr r rnt m m w t.
' i t M. Tnle.1 lukw 1'h.uat la aaaaaan. at
t luuuhrra, hefor.. Jwatic Hart la the walk r ,4 tka .
wie..f ti. H, HAVns a a, of N.wilhai, waav eaaeweeA
t) reexllne ami ll,... the m-iubat aad armaata o U r.
Mamlft.rl, a.lnilulMral.r f lhe,axatrit, . Uaahs Ba
of aawaiha. Haardl. deaaaaeu. her-In h wta a ka
alasaid . .ad .war .a I If with f lasasa, aaa
aa that the eaate war a eaaathard aM aaiwd. aad
thai a rlnal .ader ntay ba raaili of a naiMlii a laa
aartr mnaiuinw la at hamM h tea aeaaaaa n inn aaa
4Seei,awrl ha.nr I hhn aad hka anaa fraxa sal rarlaar
r,-tiioiMlltttr o earh.
ltlaunleretl. lhal n'RM Y tka loth war mt lsx. a.
U ICta. al ten o'rhie a. a, hernia the aaa limiaa at
heather.. In the t own II oaar al VVMme. Uaawa, we a
the saw a :.. rehr appaMaal aa Ik tlsa aad wa ft
htarluc aial (teuthin and rmaaja, aad leal all i iwiasaw.
ler.al.tt niajr u.en and liter, apaeaean.l ih.a .aaa, a? www
Ihejr hare, why Ut saaea a nam aa ha rrtuM, ual aar
're.,t eT.irrrre ra w.i.i an. en
peetr. Ami that Utht or.it r. la taa I
.. lie. ..ettttaper. pruned .ml
uirea aaxxw we. mmm
p..inle,l for aud hettrtne.
I ted at M, Kohala. Hawaii, thta I'th .lay of stay. A. .
i M irurUee of lb Orcnll . ..art. 2rd jajtehd I fill
' ' ' -I I JB
ed la Waaaaxa. at
ia i ir im r in t in iiaw tnt!; rw-
'rtl Jo.U-uu larirt. la tYuwal. taika
etaie ot ...i, rtonaa, Hawaii,
ltetv.ro Mr. Jutuce Hart.
in midlu and rtiltM; lite netllhui of J
of add A kt. aileeln thai AKI of Kohala. there, akel x.
llimii al orta Kohala. ,ot th riih day Axaat, A. Bt
I t. And praying that Ivlkax af aTtWa.1 1 Mi ii awe a
A tottf.
II a ordered that SATTIUMT Ik loth day of IVltg..
I. I tr he ami hereby a appUiitd far b. arme aaa infra
wit ,Me mu i.'i.i m u.e . uart aawaa a a
whleii tha. aad plac B paraaaa aeaaetaa
and show raeae. If any they har. why all
not be rrtml. ai.d I'vat trie or. ba
liaaaiutn and l..ucllli for Urn
Ku.it. a ami Ihaetta nen.paper, I
it II Jualloe
kliii.iMx, n isrr.it-
Wll hT lipte Mtitfh fur Kaniti. as. abort, until
furibvr ootlct. r Fretgcbt anil Bdawirax-rn uik, n at ih
BOLLBA CO.. Artui.
P. s.Ttils vfwl hM juit ben tlMiroutjtiJy rvpalm,
Dwly mpptre-i. ajnl put in in perfect onler. S3
SI I-It II l: I itl It I lir TDK H.
LAN Ir. .In t-TtJatla. la tka waller
... AtlAKKLY, let of Ueaottabx. ttaha.
i l.aBihra. If..re Hunortfcle I'. . liar rta UTdaf
of petllaai for alktaaar of tHvutW fa. ilka ban, aad I
.i.irinuuon .. pniperiy. e
tin raadine- and rtln lb petition and arewaaa af it, J.
Oialkkli, alnimurakir of ih eatale of K u. Aatkrrty. la
.if Honoiula. uaho. Jeeeaaed. where ka aaka at k al
lowed MO 2. OT. aud ehaiwe Mtnaetf wltb3ac;s, ad aeaa
that the aura may he axaaalDed and appeated, aad thai a
Una! urd. r may be math, of dhtuthalkni of the ur. .petty ra
i.ialiitiK Rt hi. html, to the perwaia thereto .nulled, aad
dlM tiariiiie htm and ha lureut.frum all farther ivtetaa
blllty aa each.
It la ordered, that MiiN i. Y. th 3th day of JlMt, A.
D. 17, al lea o'clock a. a., hefor the wta laull al
( aau.b.n. In Uve twort Hatiar. al Honoiala, he aad laa
airoe hereby It appointed aa tbe OKI ami place roe nma
ad.1 peutlon and .01 ,, aad thai all paraaaa I In 1. 1 I
may then and User appear aad sane i mil If aay they
hat c why the auuc VtooU .... be (ranted, and ta
wtll evidence aa to who ar entitled to the aud prvpertr.
And thai iliai order, In the Kttclxeh kxaeaare. be wcMkwadl
In the Hawaiian Uaa.lt. a awwape printed aad aaa
lahed In Hullo! ..la, for threw wocretalve weak pn I jt a
the time iheretu appolnieel for add lime)
lMI.lal lluoolulu, U. I., this lilh day af Stay. A. t It?.
Attest; Jno. B. IUus.ku. UrpotyLt
ItdJ tt
rk U.r raaCkttwa,
BT 1 eui in.
HABIUAXT, till M .AHTE at.
May IJth. Monday
Jan ttb. Moaday
June !?lh. Moaday....
June 19th. Mini. lay .
..tlrrult uf llawaill
llrctiit of Kami
Ar.t at Nawtllwlll. anil retnre nut KrUav AM.
June rath. Monday Ctrrtut of tlawai,
On aU Windward Trips the steamer will leave her wharf
at ail trips to Kaitr.!. wl:l I, at e at 4 r. si. On down
krlt the Steamer will not lea-re Kaalnalu before a. .,
haw.lhac before 10 a. il . M.-tkt-iia a ih?r iiutk-e on up trip.
Maalaea Bay not aafore 7 a. m- Any chanre from the
aoove win tee aurerraea.
aT Ka t rf.llt gar Faasage lone, .
Tlrkets at tbr atnee oalw.
No berth will be cor.ldnsl aa taken unUI paid It. Not
responsible lor unmarked Uacware or any Freight or Par
eels unless receipted ror.
Freight Money Da on Demand
War An effort will be made tn hare Ihe steamer reach
Honolulu on the exenloc f the same day she leaera M.ui
Otoe with Wilder at Co., corner of Fort A tineea 8treu
C. Brewer a Co. Agents.
kfBMerekandls raeeleed Slarasj Fill aad
i.oerai catn sotaare, made on afalprae nti l.y thu line.
C. Brewer A. Co. -Agents. JbfSL
Favorable rrnciiieuts can alai b Lmmm.
r.ail- f-jr t r- an-1 hipmcot of Oil. Bun. Wuol MIHc m l
other MerchandUe to New tVdfvjrJ, Boatoa, Nf w York and
Ttne r cailrn ForU. MtT Lt A jTaotf mmda.
MMy C. fiKE w k it A CO
Wm. risrHER. tBi.Yfrr hiker i.w
linaiixaekla ha baWneas hi Hotel street, thaaxe
as l lalu l 1 1 Aw the aspport twrded to Wei ia the put
A treat; wilt- taa Hawaiian IslaadsLarolres a (Teat
tartt will nataraUr czpaad aad tatwa
aatil Hawaii will heeowt aa awtljiar territsry of ta
Uaitad States, arired witaoat rial ewer aad kj rata
aa easy tlaaiiliaa ao ta prtrrok aa serioas a !,
iaa froxa aay ijaarter. Tki is lit larjee wieaaiei; of
lac treaty. - Tka drift is piaial ia taat dirwttsta.
Waaa. taerefore, tb treaty is sTiaaiul a aerely
xaaiiag aa tka kafats f a few sarar tela sriaa.nr
.""bat cat. aai the kwM raw of
iad start ta Saw Fraaeaac w31
Uaa Aaatrkaa pert r it wiD ba la Use aaad of
aower. Tea naiiin af
aaaiatTj f
That it lite tegie of
1 ti,
w.r : IMUWrW, hy kwa the
SatOE the herd of
xwaaAarea the bed of Duwat-Uaad eaxxtaar ta
Tbe herd Is la lae order, many of the cattle hetuf lit lor
artet. aad coxuaate of heads, ar
For term uf Sale apply to.
M mmmt h tact toe John isnmner.
state! Bard af liderwrilm.
AGKSTS tar the Hawaiiaa lalaada,
U!-ly C UtVEllCO.
Fhiladf Iphia Board of i.enrriters.
a Islands,
C Mara at A co.
A CF.5TS far the Hawaiian I slant!.
S3, xwaay
C a. BAKTOW, aactiotaeer.
at aaaa nwaat, at j.-.t haa Eiatcaiaa
tkraat. ly
: AJTSir al i
al wHl h held at
irsxxas- thaad Jwna XKTX mi rztc
r. At. rwr Ortarr ;
r. A. SCHAHUt, Secretary,
ktay atth, 1ST m it
rat he rxnr.rivED orrEtt fob -i ;
a at ftobineocis Wharf. In quantities to salt parchaaer
.ue vara ta aanwwow i w'Trim
Coaatotaf oi :
1 1-2 In. Surfaced Redwood Board,
1 14 In. Surfaced Redwood Boards,
1 1-2 In. Surfaced Redwood Planks,
1x6 In. Tongued ft Grooyed S. W. Flooring
1 1-4x8 In. T.4G.E. W. FlooriAg,
1-2 In. Redwood Siding,
1 In. Rough Redwood Boards,
1-4 In. Rough Redwood Boards,
2 In. Rough Redwood Plant,
4x4 Rough Redwood Scantling,
4x6 Rough Redwood Scantling,
6x6 Rough Redwood Scantling,
8x8 Rough Redwood Scantling,
1-2x3 Redwood Battens,
California Lime ft 'White Brother'
EKwLIHIf PtlStTLA.wli t EHEaT llett aatt
kfy Tor sal. by ;Stj BULL) A CO
SI V it I mi: tot
-m t t it end W. I
Foreclosure of Mortgage
By virtue of an order lniu.1 wet of the ftxwarw Canst
tn th above entitled seal, I shall u.N tk loth LUY usT
JUNE. A D. is;, at I o'clock a. n , at to Aarttuo
Booms or kl 1'. Adama, I to Honolulu, xell all the I bt
title and Interest of the xaal U. T. Deaaeil aad aa
Aathjneea, V. X. Bartow air p. T. I laik.a. aad af
lb defcnJtuii Stephen spencer, k and at ad aad
tfiaular the foUowliig artk.Ua al forth aud deem bad in a
oertaln nicatwa of M. T. Ixjanetl la tats caa xa, aa,
JescrltKl aa foUowa. rk :
1 Stapes Waaxm, l Hears aad trtnimlao.
1 rl Itmoie ami 1 net inle llarwaas. J 1
1 Parlor Set, . Walnut 7 Plecre2 tail
J Pine Bedatead IS do. Wooden chairs,
I Cane Seat Chair. II 'all. Ka twtaaa.
I llrtckets. 1 Woauiol. 1 Work IhaihMaa.
1 Mortice Machine. S St-raw Bench, sea Wheal,
i rare itane. I smooth ran. I lark saaaa
t Joinh r. 13 C hlaeta, 2 Hammers. 1 Draw KanV,
- --aw - a uw. n.e i iirare, 13 tuts, z spoke-sl
Ii Mui.l.liiia runes. 1 Clrcalar saw.. I lllu. Puta I
Also at IS o'clock noon of said day f ahaj sail on ta
psiaikas ail U.e rarht ttu and Interval of ta aaa M. T.
Dunnell In aud to all tha baUdk"r allualed oa Kkwi na.it
em-ted by IB add M. T. IvnneU. aim a toea of aud kwa
fur the tiTm of a yeara from the la day of Jan TS xxwaa
ottaly aanaawA w. c nutt.
Hooololu. ktay S2nd 1ST.
ls!..v.M In lTtati. Id lb matter of tka .a
tale of kXI alKRK, late of Ilooorala, I aha. nn a
chamber., before Hon. t barlea C llama, Jaaktra of tka
Supreme ('cart Order of " - r-lTlia f nil in intia
' - mt. t I ... - -as dnaaaxwaa
on readiiut au.l tiihor the P-tluuo and aocaanw of Ctanrai
ju'io, . ... otor of trie will or K1! Meek, lale of
eltarce hmtaelf with Mr ri.ro an.1 a
b examined aad approved, aad that a I
rmule or lL.trlbuu..u uf th p,uperty ret
hand, lo th. persona therein enutle.1. and 0
anil hi wretle. fr..m an further reenannTsa
Itiannier-ti. th.tt MoNPAf. the isth day ef Jaae A. a
17, 1 O'clock a. a.. re(r. -k, m.' I.. ..
Sera. In tb Chart Huaae. at Honolulu ha and Ike aaaa
herewy fc aaarfnlal aa ike rkxte and patae fa kearwaj aaat
peOtloii and acctmnta, aad ioat all peraoaa Inn I tats iji
UVu and tu. r, ..p,ie. ... 1 aWa aaaa, If any they have.
why the tame .ho aid not be it ran ted aad aaaa Ml I
evUlmce aa to who are entitled to aaM I J ISJ j
ium uttautuer. in in Knsouan ami taawaa
putilUhe.1 in Hie Hawaiiaa (laerrte aad
papers printed and puhlake.l In Honolulu, far
te .e -ea prevKitwi io ut ibm tawswta sananakwl
add heartrts;.
Oated at Honoiula, It. I. tha Ittn day of ate Uf.
- JawttoaxeawsnaOaa
Attest : Jan. PL IUaaaan. Itepaty clerk T.pnan can
Ik af aUisa
S,"S!f :' ,tT THE HAWAHA.a
ew . .. uu ii,, mioos aaa. Lain i
. to. miaoy, in uantruptry.
Harris. Order of beatrkaj an
W iter ran an order baa twoied this day a th stawwkal ta
take patralon of the property af SL C. Knar, k the
Island of oak, aad ta pat has ,uTn '
b.oaea. ofBee., hooka and paper. naOer lock and inL mm
""LTk. Tk"' st UlD' "' aaki . U knW
to he bta debtor tu tbe amount or Iwur Haadted IlaBxra,
""' ' "" r III I.JlTsl
Uun nl, be he ..Iju.le4 a baakrapt.
Now. therefore. It Im r.rrteMel tc.t a, .iMt w
day, Ik ttb day of Jane. A.D. Itrt, u twy ckaakua at
llutiolola. be the time aad pace tut hearts; the and pate,
tion. and deridlns; th qoealon al B C KASer aaak
raptcy. If 'tnpated: and that nolle karevf . 1v. by
puhUakimj tha order fee Una Ills ail wan. a tka
Ilawular, oazetie oewapupe, : and a epr krraaf aaat af
aaH petition, and a sutamon In afaaan. na aavwa aa aha
add K. C. 'f 11 fliiai n lint 111 r' 1 III
uate.1 al Honolulu. Ii. I., th tenth .lay of ktay. A. O.
CHA. c. II IKBIS, . .
Joarknaf IneBar.r.me c,r
attest w.LTwn R. aaat.
Clerk, Uoprem. Coart. r
tIAL DlMrtrt. H. L-ln
tisuirr jraaa aa m di-
In the master r is. - -
"II.AS i H.iNDI.KIt f vralmt. Has. deawL
On remlln ar;4 finne tha oelttlna afrasc aawvu
cuto, siHVr wui of the estate of SII-UI rniDLx w
'.Vaituku. y.ui. 1 sn sit a lhal kli hi I
vp.aaaouicy. lllaorlereaUtalMOWBAT.Iba
apart at th ttete aad aaare r r h,.n .
ABB. WOmitAmDKm.
Ox Jultte, lad Judicial District, ff r
Lenairat, May ttk, IsTt. MI.
mm Jrrww
nSneuUo'" &
Mortgagee's Notice
s W v henna wnkeai IMaiwl aaatukatl at. Cams
L !l."T?' rroor at tka BawaetrV af Oaa-
"""SLT gl''a kt'wlrn'?flr
be) who may be lntereated. that It a ray I
taj ui .J I
Iu the said Marlaaw.
lated this ltth day of May. 1 17 A
.by ha Attorney ia
a. I. ' II A J .1 AJ1L.C ,
HoBrltor tut the "nasi
Assignees' Notice.
I" J?? or rnit B-iariaTrT
of M. T. Iani.r0. a tolu.tary f- TIMl asla h
avwby gtven thai tbe musMetsiasd knee kaaa aaaryajT
Cuf1 "2Dm,'f"" "t"" ofaLT. tttvar JtfcZT
inla. a TiAaatary anrupt, ami that ail person kanwnaat
H enlll intate, are i-ecinlr! la pay tha asaawasl nf latnawsaaV
" arrtawiw to wm aataraa. at tbe nre .f ktsaas. T.
T lliiatlil A Co., an I I i Btraat, Hornlefn.
C. a. EABTtteV,
r x utsru in.
Iat-!lhiUthdyofM' A 1-S i lea

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