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Hawaiian Gazette Supplement, June 28th, 1876.
' r ,f, .,, , , . I - - nihil.
LMUMtttc ii KiiiaiKi', t whom va. rentscd the
i;-Hn 1.1 Hi- Kx-vIIcim Tin Minister of Finance,
- ; mule Unit ."J oftbt A--cinl'ly fa BOBV
:iiitara of 1 1 1 u 1 li inoncy. with tin- iijijn
s leave t rejir1 that they have had all these
mmVbtr sawder ratretnl inidemti(n. They have made a
. - vauiiiuiiioii ot" the KKk, aeeount.- and vouchers of
Many, and it apiioars to your Committee quite advisable that
thifl authority should he continued. Hut if it is to be used
to make expenditure- of money for objects never contempla
ted bg the Assembly, or by failure to nse the money granted
for a specific object, by transferring it. to increase beyond all
idea entertained by the Assembly, the expenditure tor
another, self defense, and a regard for the rights of the As
sembly over the public pone, points out the necessity of
omitting the "transfer '" clause from the Appropriation Bill.
When it is observed that an appropriation for the Palace,
amounting to 315,00(1, is allowed to run up to 116,911 31,
and that the appropriation for Roads and Bridges, among
other. i DBt under contribution, all must concede, that a
produce of necessity lavish expenditures, frequently extend- j
imr tar beyond what the projectors contemplated.
Regarding Sanitary matters your Committee find that
during the past two years, the sums expended amount to j
$116,126.98 or alout one-seventh of the whole revenue of'
the kingdom. They have verified the accounts ot the '
Queen's Hospital, and have found the expenditures correct:
and refer the Assembly to the Sanitary Committee for infor- j
matt on regarding the other expenditures.
Your Committee have also looked over the vouchers of
the militarv account, and find them enrrMi and in order: and
refer the Assembly to the Militarv Committee for further Ppj HclWaiiail ' Bark Iv3 Mof !
Your Committee recommend the Minister of Finance to
oFFElt Importers and Dealers in
for saLbL XT AT J E R
faithful discharge of the dutv confided to vour Committee
makes the above remark necessary. Especially is this ueees- merge the sum of 1 3,587. 59, as per Table Cof his report
sitv illustrated in an item of Si!:7. which we find iiaid for a in the account of Government Realizations.
public ball, charged to the appropriation for Encourage
ment of Agriculture anil Immigration." The Assembly
never contemplated a public ball, and if they did, by no re
finement of reasoning could it be considered a necessity of
" Agriculture and Immigration."
One mode of economizing the public funds is to make the
the cevf department.- of the Government, and have also expenditures for local objects, as far as possible, chargeable
eaaaiaad the cash balance, reported a Wing in the Treasury "pon the locality where they are to be expended. The Fire
. . , f , , Department of Honolulu requires for the present biennial
aa tkft ot March last, and the reisort. having found the vain- ' j . .. i, ,, .. . i,j
period an appropriation ot 10,000, and there was expended
' or.i. .an. a;! properly atteste.l by vouchers, for it during the last period f7,W&3B. Tlie expenses of this
4onac clear! :h amount- expended under their several departmeuf for many years ast have been charged upon the
MMipiali ' Therein of the Minister ot Finance agree, general finances of the Kingdom. But whilst its maintenance
in good order and discipline is verv necessarv tor the town ot
wita tkeae account.-, and it correctly state, the receipts and j Ho,k1u1u, it benefits are purely focal, and "in the opinion of
tii. '.iennial Period, ending March 31. 1876. y0ui Committee it- cost ahoaM be assessed upon the property
ThectA tnknee vour Committee also find eorreetlv reported, ot Honolulu. J he assessment Looks tor the district ot bona.
: Miuistei -how- that the receipt.- at the
Tremsnry from all source hae lieen f 1.008,191.85. but of this Ami of Personal Property jC, . . S,305,82K
at c ' ;:hti iia- i.vct. derived from cxtraordtnarv sources.
PiHJWi t Bon.l--; th, ' Oovt-ramrtit M;i,400 ('
And from ! of Krai rtatc StjsN B
Makinp a total of - 58 ,46
A tax of 1-5 of one per cent. ujon this amount will suffice to
sanpoct the Fire Dejiartmeut.
our Committee have examined verv thoroughly the
Ukms total of $163,880 21 " ' of the Road Supervisors and the management of
Trica, tfedactfei from the aWve 1.008,1!1 85. would leave Ku,m1 Taxes- Tlic money derived from these taxes is not
. . u. -. . , - . - paid into the Treasury, but bv Section 170 of the Civil Code,
,- tie revenue for the last two years from the MyMe to t,;e Road Supervisors by the Governors.
htwr aini current receipts of the country. The exj.c uses Xhis method docs not give a sufficient knowledge of, and
lv been thur- showing an execs- of expeudi- check upou. these taxes, and your Committee are of opinion
r. vcuue of 7f,02o 2J. t'li" ,no.v 'O'1'1! oe liI into the Treasury, to be checked for
: , ' ' " 7, . , , and disbursed in the usual wav. The Road Taxes for Oahu
edi balance in the Treasury, 81st March. 18.4, was arc myK.h 1:uyer (or'lwy t)ther ilan(J as is the
t.aiatice, Mnrcli 31st. 1X76. i98SM9i.4P: expenditure ujton its roads. Your Committee find the Road
. upon this stateineut alone, would show a net gain for ! tart Tax for the last two years collected amounts to
. , . i.) i . .t u ?10,1!i;. A large tiart of this sum has been spent upon the
- f.vs,4,, -2; Imt the alnu-e statement of . ' , p '.. ,T , , , , ., iW r
streets and roads ot Honolulu, aud also the further sura of
iitures dearly shows that this large balance $4,172.58 drawn from the appropriation for Roads and
- tnplv Krrowed money, and i- in no way an index Bridges, as appears trom the following items from Road
upervisor i account:
art ins: riiliisli $ 177 0(1
Waikiki ami Nuuaiiu 677 30
On Kaahumanu and Queen streets. 325 10
On Waikiki and Kinir's road 877 60
On I.iliha street 1,915 58
afl un-iiiiii: condition of our finances.
T: : expended loi iniprtivemeiit of the public
I" op r. .. rdnc t" the Rexrt, the following sums:
: Kirt-Muof Warrhoui-n tlie Kplanade... 18,915 3S
F-tt fimlnnp N- t Government Buildings 17,635 66
Far Wharf and F.x tension of Market 3.529 14
1 r Improvement:. f the iin'-nt lalace lirounds.... :6,911 31
Makiiif: a total of $76,98! 49
revrcwing tiii- -tatemeut, .tour Committee cannot cou
tiii Ihv .iisc-uut repre-eut- improvements which
BSSM addesl a pl niBIII III value to the public property, and
tiier by enhanced the worth of said property: on the contrary,
;:.ei bsEsm that the larger juul of this expenditure ha.- been
0 properh be called current expen-e. They are
of tt iairwi, that the item foi Warehouses, for Wharf and
.:;: - Fish Market, and purchase of Sumner Lot,
aaaatHiny i:i all to 31.044 52. embraces all of the above
. ;- .. 'T' i ; whi ) ha- been added t" the per-
rcuiunerativc value of the uhlic property,
iisarever atacb improvement may have been effected on the
tinds. no one can sjn that it is remunerative jiroj-
l our Committee have looked carefully through the ac
counts for the "Support of Prisoners," ami find the expen
ditures have been judiciously made, and carefully kept
within the lowest possible limits. As the appropriation of
$6000 is manifestly too small, your Committee recommend
the amount asked for, 19000, be granted. Your Committee
find that the expenditures for Police of Oahu are very large,
and that the estimate for the present period is larger than
for the last They find that this is probably due to the fact that
the police are doing duty that ought to be done by soldiers,
as for instance : the guard at the prison, which is maintained
at a cost of 36,000; a constable guard at the powder maga
zine, and another at Punchbowl Batterv.
Your Committee find that there are some balances due 1 Black and Colored Merinos,
ana unpaiu, which the .Minister has seen tit to return into the
Treasury. These balances should be re-appropriated, as no
officer should be compelled to forego his pay for service ren
dered, because he may not have hapjened to check for the
same on or before the closing day of the fiscal period. The
following are these balances as furnished to yonr Committee
bv the Minister of Finance:
Just Arrived from Bremen. .WWfst Sraitlii. Boards !
Tongoed A OroOTed. Sarfaead.
Horrock... Long CVth. A Si ia. A it in. D
and n 3A in.
Tnrkrj Red. Brown Cotton and Drill.
Bin Cotton Drill. Ticking, Hickory Strip,
Striped Denim 9,
Cotton Sheeting, : 34, 9t, and 100 in.
M pit Netting, Water-proof Cloth.
A total f. $4,172 58
Your Committee are of opinion that there is sufficient
ground lor the complaints made from the outer districts, that
their roads aud bridges do not receive a fair share of assist
ance. The City of Honolulu being the most populous as well
as most wealthy part of the country, should keep its own
streets in repair.
Your Committee find upon examination of account of
F.iicouragemeut of Agriculture and Immigration." that but
a Miiaii part ot tlie appropriation lias ooen used tor the
objects contemplated in the grant: while a large balance has
been returned as unused, although the faith of the Govern
ment i pledged, on several contracts, with persons now BtU onict1 by t&e King and tin Legislative Aemblif of the
abroad engaging immigrants to come here, i our Committee i "'r""" iit i.jii.mi,-t j u,. i,,jhui (w,:.t.
Salary due to District Judge uf.Hana and Kaupo $250
Clerk of Governor of Maui 150
Police Judge of Hilo 1'25
" " Honolulu 125
Total $650
The items in the Report of the Minister of Finance under
the head of "Expenditures not Authorized by Law," your
Committee find to have been properly expended in the pub
lic service; the amount is $3,997 64. They will therefore
report a " Bill of Indemnity " to cover the above said expen
diture. All ot which is Respectfully submitted.
I dissent from the report, for two reasons:
1. Because it supports an appropriation to assist the gov
ernment in an agreement with agents sent to procure Chinese
2. Because it proposes to indemnify the Minister for seve
ral improper expenditures made by him.
I dissent from the proposal to indemnify the Minister of
Finance for the sum of $3,997 64.
In other respects I approve of the Report of the Committee.
Lkoisi.ative Assembly Chamber,
June 19th. 1876. J
Black Cobonrg and Italian Cloth.
Barege, in all color. ; Linen,
Bedford. Cords,
Twilled Cambric and Silesia.
Black Laating. Flax Padding.
Cotton and Linen Thread, white, black and
brown, aMortad number.
White A Brown Cotton Turkish Towel. Ac,
Linen anJ Cotton Han J kerchieft, white and
turkey red ;
Table Cloth', Men's Socks,
Ladies' Stockings, aieorted.
White and Brown Cotton I'ndenhict., and
Merino Finished,
Water-proof and Flannel Shirt?,
Black Lace Shawl. Silk Umbrella.
Plaid. Poncho. Monk Jack!,
Planks. Battens, Pickets!
It in. x I, and lx. fr
Laths,; Ac.
Scantling, Board. Plank,
Battens liS. 1x4. 1-1x3. ad MM
Pickets Reagh and K.n
Surfaced Boards and Plank. t t ia.
Tongued and Grooved
2x12 to ,!xt ;
Clear NorrWest. tor Planter's Una
California and Eastern Doors, all sizes
SASU. all siias : BLIND, all sis ;
ptmr oil. hwalIj r.nn rust A sr.
Puttj vi I Vjrnisb,
tl las. No. 2x1 and 2.
flannel sacks and pants, Wau Paper and Border
Buckskin and Cloth Sack and Pant
To Provide for an Ixter-Islaxk Stkam .Sekyh-e.
reoommeod that sufficient money be appropriated, to enable
the ; veninie!it to keep in" good fiutn, it present emrage-meut--.
As resrards tlie future hriiiirins in of laborers, vour
Section 1. The Minister of the Interior is hereby author-:
ized to contract forthwith for the delivery at the port of Ho- j
nolulu, of a Steamer of not leas than six hundred tons bar- :
Committee deem it to he the duty of the Government to i then, suitable for the perfortnanee of the inter-island steam
place the hurden of it. as far as ossih!e uKn the employers
of mi-1i laborers. The authority -riven tin' Board of Immi-
..voinent.- are ot snob a nature as arc ration by the statutes is large ami is sufficient to enahle the
i i . tv-aiear again, Lfl BOtae s-hape or other, a- a Board to require from the employers of immigrant lahor,
ire. with tin single exception of the pur-, Hch contributions as will relieve the Treasury"" of any eon-
. t, , , , ... sidvrublc outlay under this head. our Committee would
runnier Iot. lo-tlav. one wootien luiildimr .1 v
6 sav ;ir.in. in reviewing this appropriation, that the '"trans-
u , .. !-. and to-morrow, another. So also fers " "made from it for other and quiet alien purposes is
je.uditure tioi! new (ioveninicut Buildings, which has entirely unprecedented.
tm I x, lainting. Ac, articles of furniture, fittings. . om Committee iu examining the accounts of the Clerk
' , . . ot the supreme Court fouud that the sums iaid tor costs in
Ax, any be dasmd as bekHigiDg to those repairs, improve-1 thc c-(Urt tiuring the two vears amount to only .$4,449.92,
v- - - wl.ii 1; arc certainh r.-.-urring. tod to whi.-l. is not Mirlh-icnt to pay even the clerks. The report
oasnae which, the sum of 96,000 is asked for. for the i of th Judiciary Department, we find, recommends that the
i -i i r . Court.- shall he made to eoutrihute more towards their own
jaUaHl mennial in-nol. hue. theretore. the public iroi- t . , ,4 jt..i iw , ,: u .
' maintenance, by costs derived irom parties having suits
Bl Kt het-n euhaneed in value by the large sums before them. In view of the above stated receipts your
?xpeaded uptn it, in vond thc amount received for sale- of Committee are ot opinion, that the statutes of costs should
tiro -awe. and the exoe of current exoense has been lanrelv l,c for t,ic VV of i.V.reasin the receipts of the
. c Uoarts, and your Committee will confer witli the Judiciary ;
J .vc..uc. ou. vo..it..mee cannot opcaic Committee, with the view of amending the statutes in this
.: ppioaal ' aaiiuidnj; large sums of money at a higii respect.
i our Committee tully recoguize the necessity ol steam
communication between the islands, aud they further think
that it" it cannot he maintained bv nrivatp enternrisA it
tbc iKt only of giving consi.lerahle sums of public should be maintained at the public "expense. Thev also are
aaMoaaairily far interet. but likewise of renderimr it 01 opinion, after giviug this subject considerable reflection
1 A a 1 i . t T"1 s a
; vat. .ersoti, u hotieed to Wrrow to do so. aru r ""niug ine accounts oi me Jviiauea a nuer-isiana
, m . service, that bv loaning for a time, the public credit to
' ont t omnnttt-e liavc examined caretu lv the vouchers and - . u- w i i t
private parties, this service can be organized iu such a
' xi-emhture for improvements of the present manner as to relieve the public purse, in a great measure, of
. .!..'.-. Ti .. appropriation for this item was $15,000. expense. They therefore have concluded to report a bill
v;iditnr, m at m $96,011.81. an i mm of $21,911.31. fo, the i 4-?embl-v) which they believe
, . . will secure the best of inter-island steam service, without
va has bevi, uenved from othci appropriations. These anv uirimate expenditure for a new steamer, to thc Public
:mi ri-vemeat and alterations, arc such as certaiuly were not Treasury.
Assembly, aad ti-..- cxc-iitive in making In looking over the estimate.- f.r the present biennial
thaii, ha"C been obliged to resort to "transfers"' much period your Committee find an item of $5,000 for expenses of
1 a resMooabh t-.-. of thi- power ot ehangiug the appro- "Bureau of Water Works," and another of $25,000 for
ftwitiaw graBtvii to them in the .rth clause of the Appropria- "Water Supply tor Houolulu."' This item appeared for the
rioi BilL firal time in the Appropriation Bill of 1874. The vouchers
to . i,..t consider all the niouev used for show that of this $25,000, the sum of $6,278 30 was expended
.i...ii).-c ot the needs ot the 1 reasiirv. as
ance of i ash in hand. $89,599 49. It
service of this kingdom. The said steamer to he delivered
at the saiil port within one year from the date of the passage ,
of this Act, and the said Minister is further authorized to pay !
lor the said steamer a sum not to exceed one hundred tliou-
sand dollars.
Sec. 2. Thc Minister of Finance is hereby authorized to
issue Bonds of the Hawaiian Government with coujons at
tached for such amounts as such Minister may deem exie
dient to the aggregate amount of not more than one hundred
thousand dollars ; said bonds shall be payable at the Hawai
ian Treasury at such times within the term of ten years from
the date ot the bond, as the Minister of Finance shall deem
expedient and shall bear interest at not more than ten per
cent, per annum, such interest to he paid semi-annually. The
bonds aforesaid shall be denominated Steamer Bonds, and
the proceeds of all such bonds shall be subject to the order
of the Minister of the Interior, and shall he applied by him
to the payment for the steamer authorized to bo contracted
for by the preceding Section.
Sec. 3. The Minister of the Interior is herein' authorized
at any time after the delivery to him of the said steamer, to"
sell the same to any responsible party or parties, tor a sum
not less than the eost of the said steamer, always provided'
that the purchasers of said steamer shall enter into a contract
with the Minister of the Interior to maintain the inter-island
steam service of this kingdom, for a period not less than six
years in as efficient a manner as such a steamer may be able
"to do, making say, three trips each month from Honolulu
around the island of Hawaii, touching at the usual ports, and
returning to Honolulu ; one trip eacli month from Honolulu
to Kawaihae, touching at the usual jorts, and back to Hono
lulu ; and one trip each month from Honolulu round the isl
and of Kauai, touching at the usual ports, and hack to Hono
lulu. And lurther the parties contracting as aforesaid shall
carrv the public mails in such steamer, and deliver the same,
with care and despatch, without charge to the Government,
except as in the next succeeding Sectiou provided. And the
said contractors shall nve a bond with sufficient sureties and
penalties conditioned for the full and efficient performance of
sucli contract. Such bond to be to the Minister of the Inte
rior, ana the sureties and penalties to be to the satisfaction
of the said Minister. And the said Minister ot Interior may
make such other arrangements and contracts with regard to
! changes :is representing real pro- for water pipes and material, an amoont to be added to the
M ban expeaded upon the wall around the over-drawn item for Bureau of Water Works, making au j trips, as wel l as such arrangements regarding terms and re-
12,090, ami for the parcheneoi the Sumner expenditure for that Bureau of $12,272 11, as against $5,000 strictions not set forth in this Act, as may appear to said
remainder of tin $.;'. 911. 31. in work upon appropriated, while tlie whole balance for water supply, j Minister expedient and for the public interest,
in making alterations, changes aud improve- $18.721 70, has been transferred to other objects. Your! St?C. 4. The Minister of the Interior, in case lie shall sell
- ucttnes, which do not represent Committee can see no good reason for making two appropria- j the steamer, which he is authorized by the preceding Section,
alue to the community. tions for the Water Works of Houolulu, or for making ! to purchase or contract for, and shall enter into a contract
ad charged the sum of $1,496.5" for furni- provisions for contingencies that are not likely to arise, or with the purchasers thereof to perform the inter-island steam
ra i:arriage. items which now appear for the that can not be specified. j service, and carry the public mails, is hereby authorized to
ount. Your Committee may ierhap- In this connexion, your Committee would say, that when jiay to the parties with whom he may contract as aforesaid,
g to so small aa item as that of S20 money is lavishly provided by the Assembly, for repairs and ' in consideration for such service, a sum of money not exceed-
dced tor tlie Sumner lot, that they may say. improvements, these are likely to become considered as nee- ing one thousand dollars for each and every month of such
Batoan hitherto for the paid Coun.-el of the cssary. and it becomes almost impossible for Ministers to service: such payments shall be made by the warrant of the
. ..ceds without charging the iovcninient accept the responsibility of refusing repairs or fancied im- Minister of the Interior on the Public Treasury, and the
:n ng the vouchers appears one foi 1.420, provenients which may be pressed upou their attention. This Minister of Finance is hereby authorized and required to pay
Patrnan, wao nas been acting uper- remark is applicable to the demand made lor repairs ot i such warranto out ot anv monev in the 1 reasiirv not other-
An Asiortiaant ! r I X K St ITS
tcartet, green, blue and white :
White Cotton Blanket, H - - Blanket.,
Light and llearj Burlap.
Woolpack, Sail Twine,
Kugf and Carpets,
Rubber Good Oarter, Siupender , (Jirdle
Bridle. Bit, and Spars.
French tod German Calfskins,
India Rubber Balli, Feather Dastere,
Blank Bookf, Blank Notes,
Genuine Gold Leaf,
Jewelrj, such fl Ear Ring?, Brooche, Ac.
Harmonica. Ms-. Pipes,
London and Mrerscbaum i' --.
Genuine Eau de Cologne
Lubin'a Extract' Soap. Tooth Brahe,
Ireing Combi,
Pocket Knives Scior, Charcoal Irons,
Washing T.ibs, Gatr. Buckets, 10 and 12 in.
Grooeries !
Crushed Sugar, Sardines, Ac, tc.
Wax Tapers, Camphor, Safety M .itches
White Zinc, White LeaJ, Green an4 Black
Beriin Blue, Ilubbuck's Paint Oil
Johanoisberger, Liubfraucoiuilah, Claret,
rhampagoe, Hetdsieck':, fcc.
Sparkling Hock, quarts and pints.
Key Brand, St Paul's, Lager Beer.
Jeffrey's Ale t Porter, Bavarian Beer, U i pts
Cugnac Brand, Gin, Ac, Alcohol in llemijohn
Fence Wire, No. 4, j and 6.
C. C. Tin Plates, Sheet Zioe. Keg Riret.
Galvanised Iron Pipe, 4 in. i in. 1 in. 1 in.
Babbitts Metal, Hoop Iron. J,. j. I.
Wrapping Paper, Horse Rope, white ;
Corks, Moalding, Looking Glasses .b Chrum-js,
Tumblers. Water Monkejs , Gambier and Cotcb.
Demijohns, A, J, 3 and j galls.. Market Baskets,
Bircb Broom. Cement. Fir Clay. Fire Bricks,
Slates, Barrels and Cask. Ac, Ac
Orders from the other Islands ( arrfully
5S7 lqr
Brown Cotton,
Iron and Tinned Taok.
Paint and Whitewash Brush.
Por Plantation or an Uthr l's.
Butts and Uingvs,
Bolt. Scrasrs,
Hooks and Kjos. Ac.
Al L H !
Salt in Quantities to Suit .
His iit:i:i Wan okh.in li.V PKfc-
Sf'HIItKD by an eminent phrartan for a raw- of
Proper In Mr. Hum'- f.niiily. J. I.n Hunt, iilnt;t ti.
of ti -itiKit and plth.rtr luU4l, wm txtl with a xUtUivn
' attack of cem-rul tfMPBfi whlcli In a iVw ifajra ttirraU-netl
1 his life. Thr ontlitary n nie.ll bait all provnt lnffleay
rtuiM. and under tliflr use the patient w.w la.it utlllns: tnlo
' an alannlnR stair. Tin dropsy huh general ad ftn-nalee.
! lij sWiUifl to an fiiiiniunw -Ue ami tl.- water Ini-reiisiaa
rapidly it- wa. entirely unaide tu lie ilmvn Irt he., ami
j was forced to rnnaln nijcht and day In a sittinx posture.
. This state of tlilnRi enntluued until by the aitvk-e ..f taa
: physician alluded to. the present remedy waa tried. In
ionsrrUpnrp nf ilM ernltar nature It was itcyaawjfy tn prt
! mre It with itreat rare, and In order to injure tbbi It wan
intrusted tn tin family of .Mr. Hunt to pnrure :tad cina
potind It.
The r. uily n .iliniiiiHtereI. .m l altniMt from taa
moment of it- reception a dertlnl tmpmTeiuiit hw-ani
manifest. The kidney were imine I lately affected and
' route I to ai-tion : tlie swelling of th leu rapfctly snhalileU.
the Itintrs were freetl and reaumetl their healthy and
urreeakle ax'tion : tlie rle th .if limr re-timeil Iu elastiiily.
. .ik iriit " raniatalns. and be was rsphlly ranvalrartna;
wheDunfMrtunaOiy. prompted hy this r.ipl-l ImproremenS,
he gave up the rrainty for a hort time.
It wan unfbrtunat?, for the curative process was as?
! ivsled. the kidneys ftnipred hi their action, again Wcoaa
; lng torpid, the water lncreast with friajhtful nplaMy
, ind he oon again found himself in i . ery alasiuing atssfj
The remedy was aualn hail recim'- t . and by Its pers
; veting use the dlseaae was a second time sobdued. Bat
! this was a most airxravateU and rvr caae, and it took ail
'. the virtues of the Remedy, combined with care and tlnse.
to eradicate the affects of the disease. Hut through . per
: severing nse of tt a permanent e'ir- as effected, and h
resumed his active oat-of-door occupation, within a abort
i time, a well man
This Was the manner in which the Remedy was bnubt
into notice, and aisce then for a period of twenty ire (IS)
! years the medicine has been preparej after the same av
' proveil formula by Mr. Hunt, and naed hy oar first physl
i -i.iiis in their private practice, for this and aunUar coaa
1 plain is.
' It has been well and favorably known and Ptunaivrl y
', use at need that time by al I ctaases, both with and witnoaf
I the advice of physicians, and has been the means of aavlnsi
from a llns;erin? and frightful disease, and antbnHy fntb.
' many of our most estimable and well-known rttt&ens.
i nl Imos
at Uohlruoii's Wharf, in quantities to ntt purchaser,
the rarxo of Bedwwod Lumber
!' :' '.. Work?. It lia.- been the racti-i- lor j.utiliv buildings, which for the last biennial period exceeded
. 'V ;i oioii ill like manner as Mr. thc aj.Riiriatiou of $8,000 bv $2.454 21,01 is placed in
aa i iuploved. aud to bay him out of the the present Budget at 15,000, beside 3t3.).0 tor this building
several public works on which he ha.- ill which we are assembled,
ad. The reasou tor this practice, probably, Vour Cnumittee would pres? ujxin the attention of the
r refusal of the Assembly to make an AasemUj that with so lavish appropriations, the Ministers
4i for a Superintendent of Public Works. Your will be impelled to make rejairs and alterations, which
arc of oaaSasa that it would be better to have all 1'rivatc persons would not make upon their owu property,
id bv tlie Government in the nature of salarier- and it ojh.mis them to solicitation from even- quarter by those
er their appropriate heads in thc Appropriation seeking profitable employment. Your Committee cannot
t ! material in this account appear to your sec any good reason for any considerable appropriation for
have items at higher prices than ought to have rejwirs or improvements on this building, nor for the appro-
XMHideriue tlie extent of tlie purchases. They priation of o,000 for dredgiug HouoluTu llarbor, which by
i informed that on one item alone some 400 thc Ministerial Report is confessedly unnecessary. So also
leen saved. Yoor Ctnamittee believe that all iu view of the expenditure upon thc Wharves during the
materials cookl be obtained at lower rates, if last two years of ?11,G15 13, au appropriation of ?10,00J lor
from the sellers should be invitetl thromrh the iireseut jeriod does apitear to vour Committee unneces-
want.- of the Government. sary aud excessive. The total receipts from wharfage for the
Yonr Committee have been struck with the unusual last period was $16,838 94, the larger part of which" was con
aB'ttWr jt - Hand, is." and with the extent of them. It has sumed iu repairs. Your Committee do not desire to discuss
:ue cnatom of the Aasembly, from the foundation of the thc items of the estimates as contained in thc Budget, and
btv j
aiv rrt)
mijii !
-a pi e
Ml i;-ti
wise specifically appropriated: and as a further consideration
for the performance of the said service, the free use of water
from the Government Fipes shall be accorded such contract
ors, and also all the rights, privileges and immunities now
secured to foreign steam lines by an Act approved thc 1st
day of August, A. U. 1874, entitled "An Act to Encourage
Steam Navigation with Foreign Countries."
Sec. o. If at any time within one year previous to the
expiration of the contract authorized by the third Section of
this Act, the Minister of the Interior shall deem it expedient
and for the public interest, to extend the said contract, he is
hereby authorized so to do, provided the said extension shall
not exceed four vears from and after the expiration of the
first contract: and ujion making such extension thc said Min
ister of Interior is hereby authorized to. make such modifica
tions in the terms of such contract as he may deem for the
public interest.
Sec. 6. The Minister of thc Interior is hereby directed,
iu case he shall make a sale of the steamer, by this Act
authorized, to return the proceeds of said sale immediately
into the public treasury ; and the Minister ot i niance is
to the Appropriation Bill a clause grant-1 therefore dismiss this braneh of their Report, by remarking, j hereby required to apply the said proceeds to the payment
CooattUns; of: ff
1 1-2 Ia. Surfaced Redwood Boards,
1 1-4 In. Surfaced Redwood Boards,
1 1-2 In. Surfaced Redwood Flanks,
1x6 In. Tongned & Grooved R. W. Flooring
1 1-4x6 In. T. & G. R. W. Floor) ag,
1-2 In. Redwood Siding,
1 Iu. Rough Redwood Boards,
1-4 In. Rough Redwood Boards,
2 In. Rough Redwood Flank,
4x4 Rough iledwood Scantling,
4x6 Rough Redwood Scantling.
6x6 Rough Redwood Scantling,
8x8 Rough Redwood Scantling.
1-2x3 Redwood Battens,
Ml im a
"Hi- jnly known Rmtly tut Rrisbt'i Mass,
' curel every caat of Dropsy in wbtrh it t
,L slven ; Irrllatsm of the Xmrk of thf HU.W. r tn
of the Kblneyt VK t ration of the Kklnry and
IiTHft-H, In SLrit-tur,al f..r KiifblI aitrt
Conititutloas of .tn sexe. :-!! 1 with tha fol
lowln ayniptuos : Loss of Power, Loss of Me
m,,ry. Idrttculty oi Itrathlns;. Weak WmTMm, Wahefalneaa.
Painful and Ir:uric1nv .Sensation In th Back or ratoa.
Flnahlna; of the Bods'. Eruption on thr Face, raJIM rosao
tenance, La.Utol of the System etr.
Uaa been before the pobltc for more than twenty r rarra.
und baa been tbe meana of aavtaf from lbtsrerlns; and
frightful dLseaite and untimely death hundreds of our nioat
ratlmaitle and II known citizen.
This Medicine was H ever Known to Fail.
Price $1.50 per Bottle.
'. '. im Hole Astents for Hawaiian Ialamt
A. W. PHI m K & CO.
Offer for Sale
Flour cfc Bread !
Lime and Cement,
California Hay.
By Stealer fraa 8ai Fraicisct,
Potatoes, Onions, tfce.
Agouta for
Brand's Bomb Lances,
Ferry Davis' Painkiller,
Pnnloa Salt Work
582 3m
From London Direct!
The Hawaiian Archipelago
London. 1M75.
a.l'T.u.r lu.rTBATta wm
Original EngTarings,
and a Large Map of the
Crater of Haleakala,
an Xaai
Ttsl Work rossxalnsi tmr ana4 Tt.M trls
llon of Hawaiian Htm erf tmn ksM
vr kecrj ! Infcri. asssl
.sat be In e.rry
Xan'a tJbrnrj.
r Those Wishing a Copy should order at once
I'rlco Four DoUarn.

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