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e:Jc.T iT6 vim or mi: u.i k.
Dai Bin or cattle motier, U the term applied
tit oat ire to the depreciated Peruvian aod Chilean
dollars, and Terr appropriately, foo, as moat of three
coins have been received (rom Tahiti ia pajmeot for
tlorscKcmtss Attestios. It ail! be noticed
by advertisements pf Hntn Ad.ins and Bartow in
to-day" paper, that there will he Ave or air. anction
Mlea of huoarhold furniture dorin Ibis and the
a tT aa
s 14 aa
II i . t l I
Bv reference to our adver-
be acen that Dr. RtpdEcra. who
tWiic olumt
baa recent It arrived in the country, ha taken the of-
. Sircl.t. and ia
and ei urukrn
adjoifinr the drug atore
it t j ben I Maladies ol the
itJUl K( III
y The flrat letter from our "OmUcmW correa
, ponucut" aiil tic lootid on the flrat paTv. We cn
f carted a correspondent to be urescnt at the o;eliir
j nttbe exposition, but from some dOfp. no Inter
I Uave C04Hc to tiand. We have tlaffaluri. drspatcbrd
a .;r:al reporter, who is probably now lu Puiiadcl-
n -u .. .1 imlm aw- bi tsmn w.ie tau
, lln. mh.itm i 1 1 n i i
, i ii mm vtT a aaaaaaw aw . aa try It, x taeat
waSgsa. waawdsaay Saw swat.
av. -. a ce-m - tat aUr i
aAta BawwawLwSwwAwwtRwase. Aefcwnk. .
Kb. in naii S Mas. am wSe a f W i
.1.. in- If sLeja. St wall e a gnt
, g, , 1pi g mi, in- -i avwar an asd aa
r mi an tmaiT m i bj am.
ft b t i aim aw " aw art -
tsa 1 i T""-r itiiajtr
awe. t saa .Tsa a af wwaYwsas: Ss aas af a.."?- eaa
, m - s , i - - l" - "aa
fell iBHtf VfaMMMfW Vf SsSBe a SSjey sJSase Wit. SS U IhiC
j,i,MH, mini atfaawM MM aw I nl f
r tfct (paw-t taw Syrwa oa
Hn Jaw aai -
L fi. 6. Lackawanna On Saturday moriiiiig
Istl at six o'clock in the morr.ii -g, this war vessel
U-ft tbr barhor and roce-eiled to sea for the IMffpOM
a etvme tlx men a wi-k' drill, end prevent, nc
bi ir iK-ctnuit'c rusty in tbe art of smmansbip. She
not prohiiblr p. far out i-f eight of land, and
tuar be ,ijK-cicd back on Friday r Saturday next.
;. i . m. Paivr. Wc would call attention to a
new paint wliicti Mr. Irwin advertise to-day. ajc
ol its com pone ut parts i Mk rubber, and it U
Mtd-lo possess c eat d vantages over t Lie ordiuary
article. In California where it bas been extensively
tried It is ruarb liked. It cmirt In tins of various
is., ail mixed rtadr for ue, atid comprises over
one hundred ditfereul shades.
Anotbfk Dcr ati.teb Cacobt. On Thursday
Us: Wahiueaus, who feloniously Mild the free ice
cream on the picnic grounds ou the Fourth, to the
heated and c i fidine crowd, aud then tilled up the
measure of his iniquities by abdnrtin and eecretly
coi.veyiDK to his private residence six or seven
trailers ot be trose.i Lm VtrajfC. was sentenced by
NM I'liee Maistnite to an exile of nine months
in tbe dread dungvon of Kaw, where ice-cream
is not included among tbe regular rations.
MoRKaflfjKf.i ; :m. The Cusiom House Guard.
V.- VarkWroi, last eveuin discovered and Seized
Ml board the bark Alden Besee. just arrived from
Mr. Birch gave notice of tbe following bills ; to
Amend section 392 of the Civil Code, to amend recti on
761 of tbe Cieil Code, and to amend section 2 of chap
ter 4S of Penal Code.
)fr. Birch presented a resolontion that tbe commit
tee to whom wu referred the bill relating to flitting
rights be required to make their report next Wednes
day. Carried.
The telrct committee appointed by the Assembly to
investigate the new'r arrived Chinese iinmisrant
frvm San Franciscn, : n i that i government
money be r aid for their passage.
Pendiug the discussion tbe Arsetnblv took a recess
at IS St.
On reassembling at 1 r. v., the report of tbe com
mittee was adapted.
Hon. iS. K. Kaai gave notice of a bill to forbid the
killing of tbe forest birds, Oo. Iiwi and Apapane.
The propo'eJ amenduient to article 65 of the Con
stitution came up as unfinished business on Its second
reading. On motion tbe amendment was indefinitely
postponed. 22 ayes and 13 noes.
Tbe bill allowing native school teachers to be paid
at a dollar per day came up in tbe Committee of the
Whoie on its second readme. Mr. Mahc in chtir.
After a long discussion in which Messrs. th -des,
and Smith of-posed the bill, ind Mer. Itireh, Lili
kaUni, Kalaokaa, Xawahi, Kanealii and Kahuila tit
Vwrrd it, the bill wa paei tu engrment.
Aojuurned till Weduesday at 10 a. m.
Fifty-Third Dav.
The Assembly met at 10 a.
Wednesday. Jcly 6.
t. pursuant to adjourn-
After the opening prayer, Mr. Abolo moved to ad
journ to meet again at 1 p. u. Carried.
At 10 p. m. the Assembly met again.
The Jodieiarj Cummittee relating to the petition
rom Uilo, praying that North BHa he made a sep
arate judiciary di.'trict, reported that the same h- laid
on table till tbe Appropriation hill comes up. Adap
ted. Tbe Judiciary committee to whom was referred the
till reducing tbe number of working hour? per day,
reported that tbe bill be referred t the committee to
whom as referred the bill relating to masters and
ervantp. Adopted.
Tbe J udici iry committee on tbe petition against the
return of tbe member from South Kona, reported that
tbe Assembly exercise its authority in the matter.
The Assembly after a full consideration, voted in fa
vor of toe member retaining hi !-eat. Adopte-I.
The select coaimitiee to whom was referred tbe
resolution to investigate tbe account? of the Hawaiian
Hotel reported that the government do &t cirry on
the hotel any longer, but let it to any one who will
run it. Adopted.
Mr Birch presented a resolution tbat tbe sum of
$S.S7W be inserted in tbe Appropriation bill, and th i
The King vs. Aki. Indicted for haring opium in
possession. Pleaded guilty. Sentenced to 2 months
bard labor and eosts, $'1.2 j.
The King vs. Lam Yat. Indicted for having opium
in possesion. Prisoner pleaded not guilty.
The King vs. J. C. Culver. Indicted for forgery.
Prisoner pleaded not gnilty. J. P. Green for defend
ant. The King vs. Bila. Perjury. The Attorney-Gen
eral entered a noli prosequi.
The court stated tbat in future no counsel will be
appointed to defend prisoners.
Thursday was set apart for bearing the foreign jury
Estate of Publ. Argument filed to waive jury.
Davies . Wilder, vs. Hackfeld A Co. Continued
till October term.
Warren vs. Warren. Divorce. Order made that
publication for tbe defendant to appear be made fur 6
months. The respondent being out of the country.
J. T. Waterbonse vs. J. S. Walker, Minister of In
terior. Submission. Set for July 16.
Wfflfong vs. H. A. WHemann. Set for July 15.
The Court adjourned till Thursday tbe 6lh inst.
ue. justice na.aais ruKSinmo.
July 6. The King rt. J. EL Culver. Indicted for
forgery. Caee tried but jury being unable la agree
after an absence of upwards of 4 boors, they wcredis
cbarged. The Attorney-ter.eral for the Crown, J. P.
ttrren for defeudant. To be tried again on Tuesdayt
the 1 1th inst.
The King vs. Ain, p. Havingopium in possession.
Prisoner pleaded guilty and wax sentenced to 9 days
imprisonment at hard labor and Cu-ts, $d.23.
The King vs. Lam Yat, p. Having opium in pos
session. Prisoner pleaded not guilty. Case tried,
and tbe jury after an absence of 20 minutes returned
a verdict of not guilty, 2 dissenting. Attorney
(Jcneral fur tbe Crown, S. B. Dole for defendut.
July 7. Tbe King vs. Koaehulukea. Carnal in
tercourse with female under fourteen years. The Attorney-General
entered a nolle prosequi.
Aw a v. Kamio. Assumpsit. Case tried and the
jtrry after an abecee of 25 minutes returned a verdict
for the derendant. Cai:U k Smith for plaintiff, A. S.
Hartwe I tor delenJant.
Ka.iibapuu vs. Ahittoama. Trover. Jury drawn
and case set for Wednesday the 12th inst.
Kalohi w. vs. Ilia. Divorce. Discontinued.
IH. T. ix.i:li
A Tid. "CTzAclox-tnltoi-
Honolnln. II. I.
31 Hotel Street, sill!
600 irr
Merchant Tailor.
:. a. Lawaaa. j. a. nicatoa
Ai. 1 .11 1 in.: of BnilJiug M.trr i.L, Fort ?lre.t. IIiiolnltt
Auctioneer and Commission Merchant.
Qtiftfn Strr.t. Ilonutrjhi, It. I. ouO-Irl
iiubber Paint.
RiibbiT Paint.
Risbber Paint.
Man ufn.rtur?f1 by Iho Pacific Rubber
to. of &ni t i iuu iHt o,
KfT- Ir. Eamoii in York.
- M j Hosagkoug. tweutt smalt ana lour targe tins ot same be returned to Keao (k) who paid bis taxes I
5 1 , j,u! , which did not appear in tbe ship's manifest. two districts.
I' J There can be uo quKlion but tbat tbe Cotton. 1Ion- Mr Smith thoucht it would be -ufficient r
"1 House force, howewr vlirilant H ouv be. is too request the ilintster of Finance to refund the rimount
S m.il la r --.. . n.um wrf lla.li. tr lartt L ,rA.-r Mr. Aholo III i t 1 to lUCiudC U Others wtlO I o,J
ccTiviIv carry cut the present prohibitory law.
whose betiebcent tesults are plainly rsMtwC on plan
tations, if boa here els, tbe force should be r
LcutsLaTlvc AsISMTies. The Hon. Legislators
nntinne to while away the time with their eccntrici
ie and their eloquence, and occasionally they incur
L p a', it ode of the town by causing it a little amuse,
tient; as was tbe case last week w hen a resolution
a as introduced that the S'-rircant-at-Aiuis urrrst,
md bring tt-fore them the body of the man who
las been introducing debased money into tbe coult
er As hi name is Iegiou it might have proved a
lifficoH task. Uo Saturday of last week they took
heir biennial drive in express wagons to tbe Hos
dtal. Insane Asylum, Prison aud Reformatory
Onr attention has been called to a point in
tbe description of the Martha Washington Tea Party,
which both papers overlooked. Those wtretVaYiVew
tables in the ball, designed to represent tbe thirteen
original States of tb - Union. The matrons attending
each should have w orn a badge with the name of the
Slate which she represented, or it would have been
belter still if tbe bad been a native of tbe State rep
resented. However, where everything went off so
bapoHy and eeerv body was so well pleased, as on the
i g -liurtt ti to. al. sli'M crl' ici.-m now are i:i
necgaaarv. Tboee who lire to witness the nfxt
centennial celebration in 1V76. to which Dr. Scott
invited us all. may profit by the suiigestiou, if they
don't forget It
their taxes in two districts
Hon. Mr. Kaai moved that in all cases where taxes
had been paid twice iu IS75, the excels should be- re
turned. After two bourr diseusiou the resolutions
with several amendments passed.
The bill to amend sections Iff, 797 aod 709 of the
Civil Code was read a third time and paseJ.
The bill to amend sections 11. 12 an i IS of the law
repealing chapter 10 of the Civil Code approved in
IMta making the federal governors school inspectors,
came up ou its teeond reading in the Committee of
the Whole. Mr. Wana in chair.
After a noi?y debate the committee rose and the
Assembly adjourned.
S tom so Chinese Last week some tweuty of
tue newly -arrived Chinese were chipped Md cent
cptnthe Vlupalakua Plantation. The night after
their arrival some native ruffians from tbe other
aide of Maui, visited tbe place, and throw stones a
I tbe lode. lit-house of these laborers, one of tbe
stone biti ing a chinaman iu tbe face and seriously
injuriuc him. Tbe gang Immediately Went to the
house of tbe proprietor and inquired if they could
Dot be protected ? Tbe reply was that tiny should
be protected at all hazards, and a guard was pro
vided, bat no far;ber disturbance took place. In
quiries were at once made at to tbe cause of tbe
attack, and it has transpired that one Holstefn, who
livrs on the plantation land, and is the reputed
author id the ami Chinese letters in the Advertiser,
signed " H.." has been busying himself In exciting
tin prejudices of natives and foreigners against the
Chinese. As soon as the cause of the trouble was
ascertained", Holstein was notified that his presence
in That neighborhood was not' needed, and warned
ff tbe prcsnises. This prompt action will probably
, ek tbe wait, but it It does not, legal action should
! taken at ooce to teach both nativesand foreigners
that ay ritatoas proceedings will cot be tolerated
wbetber against Chinese or others.
IPMI t i Ninon I.I .
-Haw- a lawa Itmua. fn rvn sasKf .
- Wat. s.wuawX. tax fLaawteaaa tiaa
-awmw ktwa it I. aVaaa WMwi! Porta
- . aaw JawMaWa, aXjaSawawtv SVawa Mtai
sVaw fjaw- aawa. Kawaaav trata avAata.
" ii w "ata ii rii 1 Tiisi H 1iiii "
11 tm m,. UlS iSTa trvta Waa-TT
aftwrawawaasawaawam. Oeaa. fraaa uaao.
ta 4 OasaavW Sfay-r tar aaaraarfl tatlet.
tuiami an rani i far H i
'tamsrJwaaay. wnawamav W Kama mm4 Cast.
re i in. fraaa. Koms wm lai
V-ar till aaWii 1 1 V VaadwwM Porta.
MtraalfWja- w. ti aw ax tar Mwhsaai.
Tiibi tavaawai. flaawaav tmt awatafca
s ipaiiiaa . Kskw. far .i
aMW. laawaaav. far Ntiah i
Tit ffcaaiaaiaai r i i fi alsamsa.
The Trade Wind. The earth turns on its axis
from west to east, and a it h it rotates daily the euor- ;
oiouc envelope ot the atmosphere. The velocity of
rotation at the equator is something over 1,000 miles !
an boar: at thirty d egret s dUtance It it about 150
tiles less. Id higher latitudes it it still lets, and at j
i tbe poles nothing. Therefore, whenever the air
moves north or south on the surface of the earth it
will carry with It less or greater velocity of the rota- j
I . tion than the place it passes over, and will torn into .
an easterly or westerly wind, according as it ap
preaches or recedes, from tbe equator. In tbe
ran on of tue sun's greatest beat tbe air, rarified
anc lightened, is continually rising, and cooler cur- '
rente come in ou both sides to take tb phice of
tbe ascending volume. Ac these side currents come j
from a distance of about thirty degrees from tbe
equator they have, at starting, an eastward velo-
city many miles an boar less than the localities j
they will eventually reach. Consequently they will
appear to lag behind In all the course of r their pro
grvas to Use equator that Is. they will have a (
westerly motion united with their north and south J
; movements. These are the gteat ttadc winds,
w:g o- nsttntly from the northeast on this sid-
and tbe southeast on the other side o( the equator.
I Fktfuiar Science Monthly.
I'rriu'li luterunlional tA position
By the following correspondence received from the
French Government, by Mous. Dallieu, it will be
seen that it has I ecu decided to hold an Interna
tional Exposition in Paris in 1S7S.
Paris, IS Avril, 1S76.
Dept. des Consulate et Affaires Commercial.
A Monsieur fiallieu, Cotumiseairc de la Repubiique
Francsis auprcs du (jouverr.cment Ilawaiien.
Monsieur, par deux dcrets en date dea 4 et IS de
cc tnois. lc Pie.-ident de la Repub'ique a decidl
qu'une Exposition Cniversellc drj proiuits de 1'Ag
ricutture. de I'lndustrie et de Detux-Arti s'ouvrirait
a Paris, le Ire Mai, 1S7S et serait close le 21 Octobre
de la memo annle.
La Cotnmis-ion supfrieure des expositions Interna
tionales inftitutoe pre? !e Miuistcre de 1'Agriculture
et dn Comuirrce a ete charger dc determiner lee
conditions dans lcsquelles se fera 1' Evposition de
IS7S, le regime sous leouel seront places les produits
.ct marchandises qui pourront y etro admis. Dcs
.iu ell aura d'eSnitivcment arrcte lea relements et
les progrommes qu' elle flab ire actueHcinent, je
m'empresserai, Monsieur.de vous en adresscr des
exeiuplaircs; je me borne, anjourd'hut, a raaa pricr
de vuuloo bicn notifier au Gouverneiuent auprot
duouel vuus Ctree accredits overture de ce nouveau
concours international, en falsa ot apnel 1 sa pr6cieuse
Cel appel eera entendu, j'en ai la con6ane; tout
let Gouternements y repondront avec sympathie.
pcoftres qu'ils font dee avantages de ces grandes
solemniies cu les peuples contractent de nouveaux
liens, trouvent d'utilcs el mutucls i -eignemcnts, et
asearent ainsi ledeveloppcmeot de leur prosperity par
le travail et la paix.
Recevex, Monsieur, lee assurances de ma consider
ation dietinguee.
Signe Decazes.
PaStS, 1Mb of April, 1876.
Department of Consulate and Commercial Affairs.
To Monsieur Ballieti, Commissioner of the French
Republic to the Hawaiian Government.
Sir, by two deertts of the date of 4th and 13th of
this mouth, the President of the Republic has
decided that a Culversal Exposition of the products
of Agriculture, of Industry and of the Fine Arts,
shall be opened at Paris, the 1st of May, 1S7S, and
shall be closed the 31 st of October, of the tame year.
The head Commission of international exhibitions
instituted by the Minister ol Agricultuie and Com
merce, has been charged with determining tbe con
ditions under which the Exposition of 1878 shall
lake placY, the rules under which the products and
merchandise, which may be admitted, shall be
placed. At soon as the rules and the programmes,
which are now being constructed, urc definitely
settled, I shall hasten, Sir, to send you copies; 1
confine myself, to-day, to beg that you will be
pleased to'notitr the Government to which you are
accredited ot this new international gathering, and
to request their valuable co-operation.
This appeal will be understood, I hare no doubt ;
all governments will respond to it" with sympathy,
assured as they are of the advantages of these great
solemiiitiec, where the people contract new alli
ances, find oceful acd tnutosl instruction, and thu?
insure the development of their prosperity by labor
aud peace.
Receive, Sir, the atcnraucec of my dittinguisbed
(Signed) Decazes.
i ros i
aw. Jaiv tf ea
I Mtiv aa4 aY pc tea. 4 baa
ml 1 laaawaMlbxirtiu
T- gaawtaw aw aeataw. St asm I lawior iu
asx. m fax awt eat. a an wtaw. U
ssjawi.4fan.ti Ms aaW 41 pagi
awraaay SI baawwts awaoa. It baa asy, I
aaisi iia 1 Ml sawl lat rata. )
""tt T?i?aiaajiTtt. t
afaaaw. m,m faJWita. ate rattan
h Jar
m Kaawwav Jasy isaw fWaWteb
awi . Mm KaS Laewen. Mr
t. Sir STjawm. Mr E k nrf
CtTOt Wc take gremt pieas-
w;th tbe ten-
j braonmberof
ia to-day 'c ne, a
awaiahao church oc
iWssw tbe proci animc
r- ty the rmricty and
tbe eetxatoa cannot
ct aarisfartior to all
ow is the
V Uttary
k. aai
b icb the
Bawl r-
b would
E a rope.
-1 - BJ
if! tx snog at
Bcgbt lo the
Firrv-FixtsT Dat- Saturday July 1.
Tbe majority of tbe select committee to whom was
referred tbe resolution referring to the eabjeet of im
migration, reported in tbe favor of importing East In
diaas aad Japanese with their wives, and that the
g acrnmeat pay their passage. Laid on table till tbe
minority report comes up.
On suspension of the rules Mr. Ktlaukoa was al
lowed ta read a petition from the lepers confined near
the station house, praying that they be examined by
native Dr. Kahui. before they are taken to Moiokai.
Laid on table.
Mr. Kalaakoa presented a resolution that Dr. Kahui
ba allowed to examine tbe lepers now confined at the
station boat. Indefinitely postponed.
Mr. lis. stead read for the first Lima a bill to amend
sactiaas 4S, W aad &j of tbe Civil Code.
Oa sue pension of the rules tbe bill was read a second
t.rc oa its title aad pasted to its third reading.
Mr K spec a presented a resolution tbat tbe commit
tea to wboaa was referred the bill suppressing the sale
of liquor, be requested to make their report. Car
Mr. Aholo presented a resolution that tbe bill to
amend the Bureau of Public Instruction be taken up
in the Committee of the Whole next Wednesday. Car
raad. Mr. Kaili read for the first time a bill to repeal sec
tions IIS. 119 and 120 of tbe Civil Code relating to
tlallioot. Pasted to its second reading.
Mr. Birch presented a resolution requesting the Ju
diciary Committee to make their report in regard to
tbe ret a to of the mem berfrom South Kona. Carried.
Mr Piiipo morad that the Appropriation Bill be re
ferred first to -the Finance Committee. Lost
Mr. Bareaeba presented a resolution that tbe Min
ister of Interior be requested to inform this Aeeembly
wo at was the f. rice of tbe government lands sold at
Kailaa. Oahu.
Hie Ex. the Minister of Interior replied $735. Ad
journed. FiFTT-Sr.cop Dar-Mooday July 3.
p arm oss.
Mr. Aholo, from Lahaina, praying tbat $5000 be
appror riataJ for bridges aad roads iu Lahaioa, that
the salaries of the government officers from the King
down be reduced, that the turn of $3000 be set apart
for a market at Lahaioa. that no government officer
be appointed unless be knows the Hawaiian language.
The J a dietary Committee asked for farther time to
make their report un the return of the member for
South Kona. Granted.
The reiect committee to whom was referred the bill
allowing the government to give prises to parents
who raise aawr than five children, raeommeaded a
new hill ia its place. Adopted.
Mr. Mahaa gave notice of the following bills ; to
make North HBo a separate judiciary district; to make
it a aapaiaU taxation district.
Supreme Court In Probate
June It. Estate of Samuel Keaona, deceased. Pe
tition of Kaaibolei k, for probate of tbe will of Keao
na, deceased. The court after hearing the testimony
aimitted the will to probate, and ordered letters tci
tamentary'to be issued lo Kaaiholei, and also letters
of guardianship over the children of deceased, upn
filing a b -ni in the earn of $200. Inventory to be
filed in 10 days, and notice to creditors to be adrer
tiecd for 4 weeks in the Kuokoa.
Befobe Mr. Justice Habris
19. Estate of Eli Meek deceased. Petition of
Chas. H. Judd. executor of the will of decedent for
settlement of bis accounts as eneb. The accounts
showed a balance dae to the widow of $3394 99, and
Mr. Crabbe on behalf of tbe widow, having examined
the accounta, expressed himself perfectly satisfied with
tbem. The court thereupon approved and passed tbe
accounts, and ordered that upon the widow's receipt
being filed for the balance, the executor be discharged,
which being presented the executor a bond was can
cel ci.
Estate of Kaaiakawaba k. deeeaeed. Petition for
settlement of aceounU. Continued until Joly 3d.
Jane 26. Estate of E. Q. Adderly, deceased. Set
tlement of accounts of administrator. Continue! un
til July 6.
Estate of Kaaiawahia, ucceaeed. Petition of Ka
lunahala w. for letters of administration of this es
tate. The court after bearing the evidence appointed
W. L. Wilcox administrator, to file a bond in rhe cum
of $100. Notice to creditors to be advertixed for 4
EsUte of Nahnina, deceased. Petition of Kakai for
letters cf administration. Tbe court beard tbe evi
denc in part, and continued the matter until July 6,
for farther testimony.
29th. Estate of .Maria Ka'ama deceased. Petition
ofM. K. Mailt ai for letters of administration open
tbe above estate. The court after hearing the evi
dence ordered letters of administration to isene to M.
K. Maikai and Kalaiepn upon their filing a bood in
tbe earn of $500. Inventory to be filed iu 30 days.
Notice to creditors to ba advertixed for 4 weeks.
CAtxs roa he a rug the cowtxe wiik.
Joly 6. Estate of Kahc'.e. deceased. Administra
tion. Proof of will of Nuhina, deceased.
Estate of E. G. Adderly, deceased. Settlement of
The annual sermon before tbe Society, sayt the
Sailor Magizioc, was preached on Sabbath evnuing,
May 14, in the 23d street Presbyterian Chur-h, by
the Her. S. C. Damon, D, D., for many years
chaplain to seamen at Honolulu, iu the Sandwich ttU
aodd. Dr. was happily introduced to bis au
dience in the following appropriato addreu by the
Iter. Dr. SpatiMing :
" On Sabbath evening, tbirtr fire years ago, a large
congregation aeruhled iu the Brick Church on tne
ground now occupied by the o&ics of the N. Y.
Times. Iu the congregation 'a a roung man re
cently from the Andorer Theological Semiuarr, with
his young wife, a niece of the distinguished Mission
ary, Rev. Samuel J. Mills.
It was my duty on thit occasion, in behalf of the
Directors of the American Seamen's Friend Society,
to give tbat young man his instructions as chaplain
to the large number of seamen visiting the port of Ho
nolulu, in the Sandwich lelands, and to join in com
mending hiuvelf and his wife, in their long voyage
around Cape Horn, to the care of Hun who controlled
the winds and the waves, and in their labors and tri
als, to God and the word of His grace.
M Now, after thirty-five years of faithful and suc
cessful labor as preacher, editor, and c unroltor and
frieud of seamen in every practicable way. he revisits,
only for the secoud time, his early home and eurviv.
ing friends. He comes ae a Cotnmief loner from the
Sandwich IIandj Government to the Centennial Ex
position at Philadelphia, aud amidst the stirring scennt
of the opening la?t week, has, upon our urgent invi
tation, prepared a ferm n for this occasion. Under
such circumstances he may be tempted to an apotogr,
but I am sure an appreciating and sy uipathiiing BOfi
gregatt -u will neither require nor expect any tueh
" It gives me much pleasure to introduce to you
the Rev. Dr. Samuel C. Damon, chaplain to seamen
at Honolulu. Sandwich lilands."
After this introduction, Dr. Damon proceeded to
deliver tbe Annual Sermon, whir ; is published in
full in the above periodical. From this discourse , we
copy one paragraph.
" Ae I am passing from city to city, I am frequent
ly meeting tho.-e w:iom I have known as captains,
officers and seamen in the Pacific. Some of these re
newals of acquaintances are most gratifying. When
I came on board the Australian steamer at Honolulu.
to embark for San Francisco, the commander ordered
the bead steaard to see tbat my state room was welt
cared for, because, more than a quarter of a century
ago, I had invited tbat gentleman t j attend my Detbel
Sabbath School, when he was a sailor boy on board a
whale ship. At tbe great railroad depot in Pittsburg
I met the Superintendent, who has held that reipon
siblc position for maoy years, but our acquaintance
was originally iormcd in Honolulu, where be was at
tached to a merchant ship that wai subsequently
burnt at sea. In a street car, in tbe city of Philadel
phia, I recently met an old Cumniodore of the U. S.
Navy, who cruised in the Pacific Oceana halfcentury
ago. Seven years ago, in a raroad depot in ltruns
wick, N. J , I ulet one of iny nhl sea-faring friende
who bad been attached to u man-of-war in the Pa
cific, and iwf old acquaintance take, he desited the
loan of a dollar, much to the amusement of Prof.
Murray, now in Japan. How eould I refuse hie re
quest? Having spent so much of ray life among tea
men, it is exceedingly pleasant to meet them in what
ever part of the world I visit, and sometimes to re
ceive a kindness from them. Wheu t landed in De
cember, 1S61, at Chagres, on the Isthmus of Panama,
before tbe railroad waa completed, one of my old
allot friende rendered inc euch aeeistance that I wae
enabled to cross the Ithmue under circumstances
quite astonishing to some of my fellow passengers."
jaflh The Fourth was duly observed at Wailuku
and Ulupalakua on Maui, and Uilo. At each of
these places, it was made a day of recreation and
festivity. At lTlupalakua, a table was eet by the pro
prietor Capt. Makec, to which all tbe residents of the
district and visitors were invited. At Hilo a dinner
wae provided by Sir Thomas Spencer, and an address
delivered by Rev. A. 0. Forbes, at Wailuku, thtre
were gamee, sporU and fireworks, and everything
passed off well.
Instromental and local
JILY 13th, 1876,
At balF-mut A. II.. aanaira Room.
Fiat Priatt, Mualin. Linan Drill.
BruWD Cotton, Whit. Cotton. M.riao,
Victoria Lawn. Silk Handkerchief,
netntaeil Linen ManJkerrliiara,
llarrard Shirt, Fane; Flannel Orcrthirtt,
"Wool siinwls!
Turkiih Towel for Bathing,
Blanket.. White Shirt. Amo.keaff Denim,
Amokes Stripe. Cotton Drill. Brilliant.,
Fine Tea) Sail, lied Quilt..
Merino anJ Cotton Umierrhirt.
Felt and Straw II, t. Ladie' lloie.
Men' Suck, Bridle and Uita,
TraTeling Baff, Etc.. Etc., Eto.
G-roceries, fco.
Best Brandt Kerosene, Card Matchee.
Yeaet Powder, Sardines, Wrapping Paper,
Soda Crackers. Clothes Pins, Hams,
Bacon, Candiee, Picklee, Tobacco,
Cigars, Fine Tea, Oynters,
Axe Handles, Salt, Wash Blue, Pain Killer,
Wrjpping Paper.
'furniture sale
Rrlilfnrr of Wr. ttrrttrr. rmnrt mt
mmm .aiKRra iirrta.
On THURSDAY, - - - Joly 18th.
at II o'rkx-k i. a.
On arrounl af ilrpartnn-, will N md UM MlWll
or m
rarlor, Beit mom. and kin-hen ftirnitar.
Ontrr Table, small Tablra.
Ilren Rep Uinera. IW . hlr., WtatMU,
IcMAIna MwaWA Hat stand.
Picture?, aod One Knrrnvhica,
Lara erred K. Bedatrad., tramuu,
Wajh.taml.. Sewing Marhtne,
M -at si, . Cook stove. Hath Tab. aad
Otaer article of Hoaeebotd FnroUor.
Lot ol CHOICE tfliSIl!
Chll.f BVd-tead.
C. 3. BARTOW. Auctioneer.
Brown Sugar!
Crushed Sugar!
V. P. i li t M, Ancf'r.
'fills PA 1ST IS PIT DP.IS il lllll ll.
a one, and nve gallon tin, also In five pdlou ju,tl
and uarr, U It la pivpurvd In pure BQOW white. Jet block,
aud all colors, cuiuprislntf uo jr number of Uinervut .bade..
Is maity for immediate ttte,
being a great advantage as It can be used by any one.
Tue Kunber l'auit is unaffected by cbanite of telupcra.
tore, la Impervious to water, Is adapted to all claaav of
work, and Is every war a
Better IPiiiiit
for ettU-r outle or In!. wur than and oihsr paint
known, una uUl last at Irast tuice a long.
For Wagons, agricultural Inipleuinta, Ituati aud
Vessels It has uo equail.
The Kubber Paint dries with a ft loss equal lo varoUh,
I Mt tbe same Ume wo adtietdve antt, euw:ic ibat It will
nut crack af p-el ofT, ami U tln refore admirably adapted
for bous pulntlng In this eitmute.
In addiUon to tae above It Is the
Ckttptti Paint ever imported here!
Sample cards ot dliTerent shades to be seen at the office
of the agent.
Fur sale In quantities to suit purebnsers.
Orders fr.m the other tsl.mds solicited, especially from
thu-te who l.tUud ri-pAiiitliig their dwellings.
W. C. Irwin A Co.,
3ni.600 bole Agents for tbe Hawaii Islands.
A. W. P El RUE & CO.
Offer for Sale
i STow
'F'loiJLr cfc Bread !
Lime and Cement,
California Hay,
By Steamer from San Francisco,
Potatoes, Onions, &c.
Agozita for
Brand's Bomb Lances,
Perry Davis' Painkiller,
Puuloa Salt Works
Reciprocity Prices !
Just Received
1. La Banan oka Mol, Festival March - Berger.
Hovni Hawaiian Military Band.
2. 7th Air Varte lie riot
Monsieur chas. PerneL
3. Praise tbe Lord. O my sool. ........Morgan
v rt Rtreet chnrcb Cboir.
4. Grand Selection from tbe opera -The Last Days of
Pompeii," . Pet re 11a
Hoyal Hawaiian Military Band,
a. Piano Duet Midler 'a Chorus and Finale, from the
opera ' Faust." ...... ... .............. .....ijoui.od
Miss C Castle and Dr. E. UotTmann.
8. Grand Selection from tbe opera Marl tan a" Wallace
Royal Hawaiian MDitary Band.
7. Tell me my Heart....- - r Henry Bishop
Mrs. J. H. Faty.
5. Good KifhL....... , Robioson
Kawoihao Cborch Choir.
9. Ave Maria Qounod
Mrs. Kamakau, Messrs. Atkinson, Pernet,
and Berger.
10. KamabAmeha Hymn Hawaiian Anthem.
words hy H. M. King KalatAua, music by
U. Burger.
Floor fi.00 Gallery 50 eta.
To be bad at Messrs. Whitney's and Thrum's,
aod at tbe door.
To commence precisely at 8 o'clock. 00
PH V s i I A AXD . I R t ; i : i .
Offl-e adjoining H. Strahx'i Drug Store, corner of
Fort aod Hotel streets, Honolulu- lme00
Supreme Court.
Inly Term 1S7S.
Mk Jcsticx Hauus Phesidisg.
Tbe court fare notice that no eases wooM be beard
nntil Tharsdaj out.
The King rs. Coo baa. Indicted for hat ing opium
in Ms poaMarion. Pleaded irniltjr. Seotenead to 2
weeks hard labor and costs, tlji.
BUDijETT, I'ickey master, will be due hereabout
tbe end of Angnst with an assorted cargo of Chinese
goods, anfl CM Chinese passenger, consigned to Messrs,
Cholan k Co. (OQ
public notice7
.against trespassing on the land known aa tbe
Abupnaa of Makawao on tbeflaland of Manl. belonging
to the Board of Education ; aad notice ia hereby give
n that astperson is authorized by the Board to grant per
mission to cut wood or Umber, or to fell trees of any
description on any portion of the said land. Any one
violating this notice will be dealt with strt-U according
to law
Vice -President of the Board of EAicaUoo.
Education Office, July 11, ISTL C00
Ihcbebt give irencs that i vim,
PAT no dtbia contracted in my nam. wltnoot my
written order. (MO lmj 8. K. BAWSOS.
The Largest and most Elegant
Assortment of
Triple Plated Silver Ware!
Ever Offered in this Market,
Tea Sets, Each Four and Six Pieces,
ip Bowls,
Ice Pitcher,
Cream Pitchers,
Sugar B.iwls.
Butter Dishes.
Berr Dihes,
(Chafed and dill,)
Cake ila-kcts,
Jewel Boies,
Pichle Castors.
Goblets 4 Caps, gilt
Suitable for childdrea.
Vases in Fine Bohemian Cat Glass
Restaurant, Table and Breakfast Cruet Stands,
Wine Stand, Toilet Standi, Toilet Stands,
Egg funds, Celerj Stands,
Waiters. Syrup Pitchers, Knife Rests, Salts,
Napkin Kings, Ice Tubs, Sardine Boxes, Ae.
One Handsome Epergne,
Suitable for the Banquet Table.
All these Goods are Warranted Triple Silctr
And are or the most Elaborate Workmanship
We have also on hand,
Epoou and
Fioe Triple Plated Forks,
The largest Assortment of
IPoolfet Cutlery-,
Comprising over one hundred and Iftj different
kinds, Table Cutlery. Scissors and Razor. Also,
Tuilet Articles, Bottlea and Powder Boxes.
Hair, Tooth, Clothes aad Flesh Brashes ; Hand Mir
rors. Plate Qlass, Soaps, Labia's celebrated Perfum
ery. Watcb Chains, Albums, Cbromos, Pictures and
Picture Frames.
Lambs' Wool Carriage an I Lamp Mats, all colon.
Spy Glasses, Opera Glasses, Field Glasaes, Ae., Ae,
Besides these we have the Regular Assort
ment of
Shelf Hardware, Glass Ware, Tin Ware
Paint, and Oils,
Breech Loading Shot Guns, S. A W. Rerolrcrs, Rifles
Air Gnns. Wads, Shot. Powder, Capt, Shot Pooches,
Powder Flasks. Ac., Ae.
594 3ta 9i and 7 Emg Street.
"FT-mr 33Yi-ls iVldoii Boo,
WEDNESDAY. - - July 12,
at 1 p. a.,
E. P. AllAMS. Auctioneer.
At No. I 12 Nuuanu Street.
On SATURDAY - - - July 15,
at 10 o'clock aa st..
Wjll be sold artk-lea of Hovscbokl Furniture,
lablM. I BSLrn,
BNistrad, Vattlnc.
, Tools. tr. , vac
c j. B-vftrrow.
mm FilTiS!
By on i r oi ii Its. OWEN ou aceonnt of De
parture, ON FRIDAY, JULY 14th
At;io A l .
.1 the former residence of lion. S. H. Phillips.
Chaplain Sirnet, will sold:
Nearly new. Barti,"
Bound Table, Rook eaie, 3 Rocklna: Chairs, Ruga.
Two 1 ounces, One I Vienna balr,
HU Mnall do do. Lace Cnrtalns, Neat Tea Boards.
2 Jardlnlers, ornaments, tc., Table Cloth,
Brackets, Statuette.
33 O O X2L S!
llallam's Ukstiry of England, 3 Vols., Banyan complete,
L're's DlcUonary .-.,:, and Art, 3 Vole .
Ituckland a Ueology, with niata,
Ocraiaa tt Frencb Books, bcutch Books A Maps,
Pining Table, Side Table, Chinese Arm Chairs,
6 Ulock L'ua'rs, lluies, Forks, spoous, Ftctnre Frames,
One Clock, llftromi-tf r Jt Thermometer, all lu ooe,
Verandah Chairs, Three Tollett Hetts,
Two Inni Betlsteails, One Bureau with Mirror,
Three MattruMt- A I'lllows, Small Table a Wunhstand,
One Dinner S, t, One BreaRfiiat lcai)ters,
Tumblers. WlneOlaases, Flower Olaases,
Lamps, Filter, Safe.
Kitchen Stove, &c , One Sewing Machine
One New Revolver, Kitchen, Tttble, Chairs i&c.
E. P. ADAMS. Auctioneer.
0IT WEDNESDAY, - - July 19
At 10 o'clock a. M., at Kales-Room, will b sold.
JDFCTlT goods,
Clothing, Prints,
Hosiery, Mosquito Nets, Shoes,
At II o'clock,
Broken to harness.
Boxes of Bread, Brown HLujar. Me., etc., etc
C. S. BARTOW, Auctioneer.
At 10 o'clock A. M.
At The Residence of MRS ROBERTSON
mina Siuare, on account of departure
vill be sold, the
ffoa Centre Table, Square Mahoffany Table, Mahogany
Work Table, Small Koa Table, Hair Cloth Rockers, Child's
Rockers, Mi Rosewood frame ( hairs, 11a I r Cloth Mofa
t ouch, Ottoman, Koa Book Case, Mtrrur and Koa Bracket,
HatiKlns Lamp. Pair of Astral Lamps, Pictures, Ballet
Cuaistun Fhuu, Piano Stool, Books, Manias;,
Frencb China Dinner Set, China Tea Met. Rreakfant Set.
Lot White Crockery, Wine Glasses, Decant rs, claret Jugs,
Preserve Dishes, (Ireen Desert Plates aod Dishes, Plated
ware. Large Mahogany Sideboard, KoaSldboanl Exten
sion Dining Table, Koa Table, Cane Seat Chairs, Marble
Ulock, Floor CL.th.
Koa Bedatcad. Horse Hair Mattress, Bprlnc Mattress,
Pine Bedsteads, Oraas Mattrsses. Mosqaltuptetting, M .
bofBuy Wardrobe, Ptne Wardrobe, Marble Top Wasb
sutid, Pine Wasuatand, Toilet Beta, Bureaus, Koa Table,
Small Hocker. Cane Seat Chairs, Counterpanes, Feather
Bolster aud Pillows, Matting, Cooking StoTe, Kitchen
E. P. ADAMS, AucTr.
i'ini s i KisiniMs or
J U'LV, Visiting Frlemis and Strangers gensraily are
contlallv invltetl to attend labile Worship at rtiRT !TT.
CHVRCU, whereServlces are hehl every Sabbath t 1 1
o'clock A. M.. and 1 P. M. sew ate provided far all
woo may be pleased to attend. There la a Wiitasataj
evening Prayer Meeting at TH o'clock. In tbe Lectara
Room, to whit hall ar welcome. 34 ly
Postage Stamps.
klml, nf K, reicn stamp Tbe Hkjlwet raah or
i.t V .: I
r,'hn.' p,U- p.l.l r sn,l
shet-1 ol .tamp iN'iit oil approval.
Aitilrrnlu , GEO. F WAftHBriW,
3A7 Jm P. O. Roa 4. Man I ranctw. ral
The i r me n or otnr i i n.
will MMMsf sept. tu. 1 17.
NclMtlar tlelrtnit to enter ar. miutmt to pne rtamlna
Hon In Mental Arithmetic. Wrltt.n Arttbotatlr thr"nfc
ni.lalon. Orography tbruufb tbe I'nlted Htuea. nfWf,
ll'-.'lit'C .ti'l Wrtttnf.
Applicanta will be examined June 23d aad X4IA orSet,
tb and 5th.
eesaa hh.
TaltlOQ i.iw per week. f 3a.M
Board A Waahlng. .!, " I10.M
Music PlaooV 73 per wa.
Tbe Hum will run for tbe acromMalliai of papila.
Tlie roonia nf Roart.ra are to be fnrnlahr.1 by Ibeaa.
eupanta Letter, uf Inquiry m.r be .itili i aail la
it t a Mama pratt, rnaML
Administrator's Sale.
Valuable Real Estate.
By order of 8. B. DOLE, Esq., AdmlnJstrstor of the
Estate of John Booth, deceased, under license from
the Supreme Court, dated November 2nd, 1375.
At 12 o'clock noon.
- JULY 22nd( 1876.
at Salesroom, will be sold.
That certain raloaMe noose Lot, wlJh Building there,
on, situated on the East side of Smith's Lane, In Hono
lulu, with a frontage of 1 chain 49H feet, and described aa
folio wr. per Royai Patent 16. award St :
Commencing at West corner ol tbts lot on Smith'
lane, joining tbe French Mission pri mlses, and Makal
side or this, end running South 42- aV East, 1 chain M),
feet along Frencb Mission Place to John Hobb's lot, aod
booth corner of this; tbeoce North 31 IS East. 24 4-12
feet tu North corner of John Hobb's lot In alight angle
of wall ; thence with 19 East i feet along wall and John
Il's premises to slight angle in wall ; thence North Z4
30 East, &.! feet along John Ii's to East corner of this lot :
tbeuce North 40 Ay Wen 1 chain 6 7-1 3 feet along lot
claimed by Uanakll to Smith's lane at North corner of
this lot : thence Hon lb 52- W West 1 chain ss 2-12 feat
along Smith's lane to place of commencement, taking in
walls on N. W. snd N. E. sides only. A rea 2f square
flttb'ima 10 sqasre feeL There are two dwelling houses
beside out-bouses on said lot, and water pipe la laid on,
5SS E. P. ADAMS, Auctioneer.
Belonging to
Late President ol Oano College.
On FRIDAY, - July 28th,
AT 10 v n..
At the late residence of Hon. 8. II. Phillips, corner of
Nuuanu and Chapel Street.,
WU1 he sold
Household Furniture,
namely :
Hair Cloth Bofiu. Arm Bockeza,
8U Halr-erated Parlor Chair.,
Mahogany Centre Table,
PU Btady Arm Cbaira, (lilt Clock and Bracket,
Owe Study Lounge. Koa Book Caae aod Table,
Book Shelve., Secretary.
One Bedroom set, tu : 1 Bedstead, 1 Bnreao, 4
Chairs, 1 Rocker, Wardrobe, Table, Towel
Wamnl Boreas. Mirror and Stand, 2 Crtha,
Koa Bound Table, Caae aeat Dining Chains,
Sewing Table, Clothe. Saab,
Two Folding Chairs.
Plate loa Mirror, Lot of lamp.
aothe Wringer, Sawl, Pitcher, etc. Curtains,
I Mosquito Proof House.
Lady's Saddle, Boy'. Saddle,
Cbud'a Rocker and Chair.
Two Oil Palndngi, Bustle Frames,
Comer and bide Bracket.
OUt Frames, Mat Rack, etc, etc., eft.
SiJ E. P. ADAMS, AnrllailMsj.
Beat Bar Iron, assorted slaea ;
Beet Sheet Iron, uaorwd awe. : lg I roa.
A riJiE aSSSBBBSSaS in i i or dbith
af W, E LLMT 0 OH'.H
Celebrated Cooking Stoves
Tins White l ead. Tine White Zinc Patat,
Tina Genuine Red Lead,
Tina Black aod Bio. Pabita,
broma Bollad Urwad OB.
III. - r sr i i n COAL.
Annealed Fencing Wire, assorted waaa,
Ualraalaed Fencing Wire, alt ft.
Oalsaoiaed Buckets, aaaturted staea.
A General Assortment of Supe
rior Stationery
Conawtti g of
Fancy Print, White Cottons,
Handkerchiefs, ol
Brandies, In Cases and Casks;
Geneva, In Cases and Casks;
Geneva, in Baskets:
aad cask;
quaruand pints.
' ISOIA PALE ALES, quart, w Plata '
af BSWaVS POarCB, tmana aad putts;
BASS AU. Qaarta aad Plata.
sat Xm
Administrator's Notice.
APPOINTED imloistratoe of lb. nuu t:f MTSJ
KACKAHA. lab- of ITa.aiel. EaaaL .
au perwao. awieataa v aaa wawas so
mast, and all na.ing ea
sawl lie same, with proper vouchers, wtuua sU ssutt
from Haw keraoIL or tBty wm be asreTe aarral
rtaiiai. l. May ZiUi, JST8.
New Music.
LAR focal sat laafr.afi.ral annate JSR recrt.ed
Cstakues cma be bad ou appIMagawl
s. iu rs. js. v. ,1 ri a

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