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' MmI lyin Ttra4r mt, U. lth iMUii!.
mm aau. to IS Vetera; Moon be will IWilH
inifnmrat Offlrrn, the T.;po-
to I VWt p. m. He will fee pl.iwri u rrrrlre
Cfem wbodrir to be pwntl to
Ttoni Ti lCor tl.
fee Twreire! t tt- f the Hn1
' tri- !) in-!
fm Ibe nrtM an the et aide of
ttHntami feel re u iUrbard aud Fort
- Ifee ef per lo. of n .t .- ttMUl
I a-Mrd mim mtohr hnw nunr lutdi
I tit da fey tfee matrartor.
uldres mrile oo th- ouutlde of the
I Kapert lor, Oahll.
. at IS o'clock
as UMm will be sold kr aactlou U. tbe
I Plain.
. sro. 171. -;.
m. rrt. an. r. xtt. m. ml irt, m, it. itt, nt,
irt. ac sx. in. tat. is. le nr. ist, its, sia. tar,
-. - 'TlwSrii l'. ouel liiiiiiMial-. . uiaJ.'io ..I
El loeorea more or
ana ptar srtll assi the lot roulain-
on ' ii sea front at
aidaky thelstt beloncini:
Ilh lotrnoraad Mr. Henry ullea.
aw aril to aald separately for caali. Vat"
,r be seen atari? time at the I nlcrior Office.
uw I u. fa msa kaown at the utue of sale.
Manaatcr of later lor.
at. Not. 1. IK.
Inter-Island Steam-Communication !
Tur nmrra or m ivtekior is
PuimtW u rtxx-.ve u-iHlajra for utrr uuc the Ua-
waJiwin Inter-tKiand UitU and keeping up K ru'nr sti jitu
(aOTmanktlun betwotfii tiie Hhuhuau latlantK In aceord
MT with Aii Act proved on tiit- Iftli day of Septem'H-r,
A. n. HO.
I he ienmer muPt tw iit thai Five El nndred ,
T.n T1A-Jlmii M.-.fir tin mi and well found.
and anus l rate a 1 at IJfwlX or of n't i el ; afee must
hafe a pe'.d s.f tint leM tkan Nine '. Knots fr hour at
the proper pmauie on the Boiler and at the regular
apeed ! Knclnei.. ami muM ready to eornmPiirt her
ftra.t Inter Jslatf) Trip not later toaii Janaary let, 1TS.
The mittMldr will rjouot and he paid niotttbly fnioi tb -nd
of the Hr-t 'month In which ulie may have nerfuttned her
aniMitTitx) Tlllis.
1 be aaid .terner mint nikf not le.i titan two (Ii Trips
earb aioath from ll.noitihi arouml the Island of HftWaH,
toucbuiK at tin- luuaJ forta and lnu-k to Honolulu; one
dlip earh uinuth to llilo or Keutakekuu. altirnatinc.
and tourhiUKaL thiLUKual Horu. and back to Itonoiulu:
and nne i I np rrb ukmiUi urotHKt ttto iHlaini of Kauai,
l.turliinif at the usual l'urta.
l b- )vin. iiMon lUt. Muo raii .f, und otber parti ii:.-r l of til 18 (K-ftail IS
rrapevUnK the pr..pei.-i ttainer hi uo tnu wurk uuki
kit ." ' ified hi thr TendiT.
If two or more Tenders ..j ; .: to insMaJesty'stlnTem
roent fea be In nlhrr rpect! nearly equal, and one or mori
Tenders eujcajrc to bnltd the 1 tint! Marbinery hi thLi
Klnxln. the tatter will have the preference.
The partie who may obtain the uwtitiwcl will ne allowed
to Import, free nr tturv. at! M.iterlAls reqtilre! for the coti
trnctiofi anal uim- of the veaeh. emplyed tn the rwrvirv.
ajid ihev will alao he entlUI tn all (be RJclilA. lTivil. -
j a..d IniiiiuiilUen now atM-ured Ui horetojn Ktun Unert by
I An Act approved o.i the the lat Uaiy of Aiurual, 1674, en
j titled au Actio Kucourairf' steatu Navifatioii with
I r'uiclzn Coou tries.' '
i i itu "f rr.tctn ntMl I'naic-' nnmt not exe'ti tie
usual utnl refzular rt- heretofore rharreri by the .Uniiier
K1LAI t i.pv-cii.nv fur Isrofc I'wmut.
AH TerioVrfi tnofft he aent tn this mice on or betWc
THI'RMIjA V. the 1 day of Wovomi A. IK UVt, and
no Tenders aki..( lor or iwelve Uuuilred and Kifty
TkflUra tfl.ZSU) per mmitli or for a luiuftr time tluui Ten
(10i Years ran be recelvetl.
The Minister of the Interior does not bind himself to
accept the lowest or any Tender, and satisfactory Bonds
will he required from the con true ting piirtlen for the due
perfuruiiince of the Oon tracts. W. L. OEHOM'A.
Minister of the iuterlor.
Interior Office, Honolulu. Uabu. UcL iu. lTft.
nw Mf, On rfl dar of retsraarr, IUTT, at twelve
asar sasssi a lUfelttl U -nv. wiM h stMH at pu,:.
rdmi to tfee fesclii at MM for cash, that tract or parcel
aaa iHnai ssjatie asarife oon.T or Nuow.iu aad yuc-n
tjssrto iu (fee Cstr of UowfCUu, ksmwa as the - JCvrrvli
'in ii flM r tfee above snay beam at U In.
part up to tHTe tota. and par
's by tfee terra of their title deeds
tots u tfeey fesUd at all, substantial
- - :!.it. Hire i from
W. I.
ti4m It. rv
MinKUTof tfee Interior
iastosrssc have been this day appointed
A-et- u Ifeke acasxmtodcinuuit to cou tracts fr labor
tfee BMitsp td fen "Act to amend
tet for tb- pre. t.rtmn of parties to
Tat: following persoiiH liave been this day duly aypoint
d Agent to (trant Marriage licenses, vi :
K. Kanioiioha MSouth Konu Hawaii.
tl. W. Kauuenaole.m nlasnai.
W. L. aHoKBioNUl, Minister of the Interior.
Interior Oluec. Oct. 26, 1871
la accordance with the pnivisions of S,-rtlon C31 of the
CJrtl Code, a suiuhle. ndosure will lie constructed anl aH
apart for the iniimiimling of estrays for the district of
MUo, laUod of Hawaii, at a place called Kaakepa. imikui
of the tjuverument road.
V. L. M JKIIO.NTA, MlnUter oflnterior.
Inl' r...r Ieurtnieut, lctober 1S7G.
In aroortlance with the provisions of Kertiun 23. of the
Civil ( ode, I bare aptnntod l'uui ..- I'nundmaMcr fr Hie
above named 1'outid in the district of Hio, Island of Ha
waii. . kJPI, Uoviriiorof Iltiwult.
mce of t;.iv . of Hawaii, October 2S. lhTi..
HIT of the tivll oode.
A. 1. laTS,' ..! ,. :
I ' m
r. Sertton
i day of July
.A IX :
feasii i H . Iferfcf y Mattasran. Maui.
J. J. aalstead, VaUako. Mu .
W. M r as asjat, north Cobala Hawaii,
r Kasai. Xtwrfe wofeaia. HawtUt.
A. H saa. Roto aad lObue, Kaoal.
. n. K. fetanan. r. .. Haw aft,
& ' Xauaaaaa. aaaha. wJnt
Mi:.iter of the interior.
Naw. U, VtC.
Tasr rMMiwiaa usjiumI prmu have t.een appritnte.1
aiiaaj mi afaaellaard of Ta Appeals in accordance wltli
ta-e Act f Aatfaa i. IB74.
w oJa, h
i. "aavaj
Ketatiuna BT. T lane.
1. J. lu-mnaba.
. feon TVos. Ilayaelden.
k abww ak um. i i A rmst rong.
aAaoie, PA. P. Kannkai.ie.
"wlrtl. J tT Kalna.
yartdeii, K Moakln.
into w. R. atoast. J. p. Wfenm.
blue. M. Ki
V I, H S.
k Kfesiaalas. Mai
X. koaaoi Hrnry Job
kaa . liavs. 2. W. Mahlal.
-TL VTmn. S. IT. Wilcox. Z. Seka.
Aaaasaaa C Haul an. IX Kfemtofeite. It. Nuohlwa
Ilbaa Wta Uasrcal. K. K. Hapuka.
H smith A K M.k
Mlrnster of Finance.
, November ii, lsrs.
Licenses Expiring in Nov 1876
an tirospssilSMi .lorr.NAL,
: . Qoewat. Hotwlalu.
I aUoc aad lb hart an. noaolola.
oaaakeaat. Ilunolato.
L.-t. Oo. Nuuatiu kt. llitfiolulu
' Tfcaa. O. IVaa, Merraast at. Honolulu,
OW Arfcax. Nuoaau at. Uoaolulu,
. Macaka. Fun at. Uonohda.
Caaa Hlr.. IWretanta .u Honolulu.
31 1 tlapaaAW. N'uuaau at. Boi.olnlu,
P a. B. HM. taa at. Honolulu.
Je Tr Naara ri. Honolulu.
X" Fr.eJKO. Ktor M. Hoaolulu.
( ABaa Ititaal ia, rutaka. Honolulu.
1 Oa Oaar. Taahka. Kan.
fanr rwa Jiaal Wah.mnc. Kan.
Ok Kaaaaat. Moiokal.
at. Uoaolulu.
ma at Uoaolulu.
AJiec nerbm. Koaa. Oaka.
: JaaWaM
, (3aaa X tank. Oahu.
). t HieaVaa. Maul
jc B. . On aa a i II. laaal
tl Aka.
U AAKaaa.
Kaa ram.
i aaaafe. Ba. BaAe. So. ,. Kaoav So.
rSainaela. 5c 11. Kamaeav No. 1!, Kalna. No 11.
. Ne. U
lie No 1J KeWtJ. No. 1. ITanpn. No. IT.
I. Eaal. So. II. Ifte Kaflaa. No. 9).
jr laam Aau.
S Maxarta! Wraaoa. Xo.l.
t Ub. No. C . .
II KilatliAlii TfC.ca,ar!ir Hiram,
1. W. Aler- . N.. TT.. J M . Kattaif
. No. M.
No. r. r. n. k-
.ahaolr. No. Tl r.
- a- S fcaniaAoaeia. No. Tl, iaheie. No. Ti.
No. 71.
T. Alaltai.No TT-,.
r n Iota- No. T. K i iii i i,
5 laira No. An and U.
aaaw mm
r of Nwiher. heioe the blnbil.iv
a' Hk Marartr the Kin, artu be obarrred aa a National
: n i njwwtpw arm ne cioaed on that dar
MM Clnrnoln. L. JlotlluXl A. '
, TOO. ft. tWa. Mbihter of the Interior.
I la hwebr dreo that from and after this i'.ii.
r wo ban- rrrbralioo arivIUjm in the cite of Hono-
laaa .A be peraamad to eierdac the aame from 6 to h
. aa.. aoa o-aaa ana E..
feat abatr raer nriviaT.a
I Ibe above will be liable to for-
. and have their tap. on the street
of Ibe Honolulu Sept. Water Works
, ov. i. lata.
W. L. MOKHONCA. aflaajter of tba luurior.
Will 1 Jill AND KUTBD I1Y
Tan annivi -rsary of tlie liirlli of Kinu
Kai.akava oecara tfvrnorrow, November 1C,
when lie be forty ye.ra olii. His Mujesly
will MM a reception at the Palace, :m per
notice in tlic nffivinl column, citizetiH bcinp re
ceived from 12 till 1 p. iu. Four of Iuk royal
predecessor sought, daring their reigns, for
a treaty of commercial reciprocity with the
United States, but the honor of successfully
accomplishing it remained for His Majesty
under whose reign it ia to he hoped that the
decrease of population may be chocked, and
an impetus given to Hawaiian prosperity and
progress, which may make His rcigii memo
rable iu Hawaiian history.
Tm: New Zealand Parliament has adopted
the proposition to change the mail service
contract, so that the boats will not be re
quired to go Routh to Port Chalmers, as nt
present. The change in the schedule will
probably take place with tho January boat,
which will leave Sydney January 13 for
Auckland, theuce direct to Honolulu aud San
Francisco, omitting the New Zealand coast
service and the stoppage at Fiji. The con
tractors relinquish $35,000 per annum of
their subsidy, on account of this change of j
route. Under the new schedule the boats will
arrive at Honolulu, after January, one or two
days later in the week in which the3- are due
here, than now.
already renowned for procreative activity and
energy have sprang up, aa if by magic, on the
previously bare and desolate wastes o( Amer
ica's western slope, or. the eastern shores of
Australia, and on the rich plaint of New Zea
land, whore only a generation ago the dreaded
anthropophagi were the sole representatives of
humanity. These have grown and developed
with unprecedented rapidity, showing an in
herent power and vigor in the race which has
absolutely no precedent in the world's history.
It would be absurd to expect that this' growth
will now cease, that the tree has reached
its full size. On the contrary, there is every
reason to liclicvc that it will go on with ac
celerated speed, .-uid that the commerce of
these states in conjunction with that of the
great Western nations, which have, but yes
terday as it were, awakened from the somno
lence of agea, and of the licpuhlics which lie
along the shores of the continent to the east
ward, will increase year by year until the face
hitened with the sails of
richly laden argosies. Much of this com
merce must pass by oiir doors. We are
situated on the great highway of nations.
We could not avoid if we would becoming
the caravansary lor the world. We must
jierforce keep open house and play the role of
"mine host" for the throngs which will come
from every point of the compass. We will,
in tho near future, liecome the luidoccan sta
tion for the telegr. ph cables which from this
"hub" will radiate north and south and east
and west, and the fleets deeply laden with the
wealth of the world, as they move to and fro
must make Honolulu a port of call. Here
they will stop to report progress, or to re
coive orders.
It is apparent that our present system of
government is not all that might be desired;
neither is the present administration compe
tent, judging from its past, to take the initia
tive in those broad and comprehensive mea
sures which the crisis demands. But,
although an able government here, with a bold,
clear-sighted and inventive statcamau at its
head, would be an invaluable adjunct and
assistant in the onward inarch of reform, still
the reforms will go on without it, slower, per
haps, but none the less surely ; aud so surely
as government or administration becomes too
great a clog to progress, will they be ruthless
ly crushed beneath the wheels of its car.
Tue EuroH5an news received via Sydney
indicates that the Turkish tronbles are ap
proaching a crisis, which will rcsuli either in
a speedy cessation of the war, or a genera!
conflict among the European powers. Russia
has proposed to Austria that they annex and
divide between them the territory now in in
surrection north of the ltalkau range of moun
tains. This includes Moldavia. Wallachia and
llulgaria on the Black Sea, and Scrvia, Bosnia ! 1,8 was ob,iG1 t0 acknowledge that this was
Sketch ofttic Notorloaa Cnptain
II Ill eK.
Tuts somewhat celebrated ocean rover is
reported to have been last week at Kawaih.te,
in the yacht Lotus, of San Francisco, bound
to the Navigator Islands. We shall not pro
bably have the pleasure of entertaining him
in Hon diilu, but a few facts in regard to his
romantic career will interest our readers.
His last escapade at Manila and Guam sur
passes all of his former exploits. The last we
heard of him, lieforc he turned up at Sun
Francisco, the Spaniards had him in prison
with evidence enough to have guaranteed the
gitrrotc to any ordinary man. But Captain
Hayes was equal to the occasion, and suddenly
and mysteriously appears on the other side of
tho stage, ready for uuother raid on his fel-low-mcn.
nis first appearance at these Is
lands was in the Fall of lt-08, when lie and
his first officer were pnt ashore from the ship
Orestes. Ho was at that time accompanied
by his wife, who is now living with his chil
dren at the Navigator Islands. In all bis
travels he is said to lie accompanied by a
female companion of some kind or other whom
he picks np and drops as the fancy takes
him. He left Honolulu in the early part of
1859 for San Francisco, and somo two months
afterwards he appeared at Kahului, on Maui,
iu command of a brig, hound to New Caledo
nia, and while negotiating for a load of cattle,
he was taken in charge by the late Mr. Tread
way, then shcrilT of Hani, for violating the
revenue laws by entering a closed port. The
Captain was highW indignant with his first
officer for telling him. that it was not necessary
to enter at the Lahaina Custom House, treated
the sheriff with distinguished consideration,
invited him to dine with him, and requested
him to do him the favor to pilot the vessel to
Lahaina. Mr. Trcadway blandly consented,
the brig was got under way, but when clear
of the land, the Captain, dropping his suavity,
informed him that his destination was New
Caledonia, and that ho could have a passage
there for a consideration, or ho could go
ashore in his boat which was alongside. The
sheriff was always fond of a good joke, but
and Herzegovina, to the west, or near the
Adriatic. By referring to a map, it will lie
seen that the six provinces are nearly equally
divided by a central range of mountains, run
ning north and south, Austria to annex those
west of it, and Russia those east of it. The
religions sentiment of Europe will undoubtedly
approve of this plan, but the political senti
ment, biased by international jealousies, will
oppose it. and may lead to epeu war. There
is a strong feeling in Europe, which is con
stantly gaining strength, that the Turks ought
to bo banished from Europe, and this will be
the ultimate result.
Hit TV :iiia Opportunity. -AO. I.
There has leen a great deal of disappoint
ment and dissatisfaction felt and expressed
Bince the treaty of reciprocity has gone into
force, because it hs had no immediate, and,
so to speak, miraculous effect upon brtsfness
and trade in the country. To judge from the
way many people talk, those of weak faith,
it would appear that because it has not in
stantly converted our silver into gold, our
Celestial friends into sturdy yeomanry of
Anglo-Saxon stock, our picayune tradesmen
into Astors and Stewarts, it is a failure.
Fie ! upon such weakness, say we. Let us
being hazed with a vengcauce. But thero was
no alternative, and he had to leave, and wit
ness his late prisoner triumphantly shaping
his course for the setting sun.
The next mail from the Coast brought the
necessary papers to the United States Consul
here, authorizing him to arrest Captaiu Hayes
and seize the brig. It appears that he had
landed in San Francisco with a capital of
fifty dollars, which he had borrowed when in
Honolulu of tlie Bev. Dr. Damon. With this
money for a basis of credit he bought the brig,
fitted her for sea, stolo somebody's wife,
shipped a crew, and went to sea, paying for
nothing but his water.
We next hear of this vessel sinking off Wal
lace's Island, and of a part of tho crew land
ing on the island by means of a raft, while
Hayes with his passengers made their way in
the boat to the Navigator Islands.
Ho now disappears for some time, but
finally is heard irom at Batavia in a bark
chartered for Europe with a load of coffee.
The Dutch East India Company, however, be
coming acquainted with some of his past his
tory, was glad to pay him the charter money
and get the coffee ashore again.
His next voyage was from Hongkong to
Melbourne, with a load of Chinese passengers.
After being out sometime he was informed by
aboiits, except that he occaionally dawned
upon Tahiti like a comet, and disappeared
again as mysteriously as he dome. Presently
be commences his career as a trader among
4he South Sea Islands, and after raiding and
robhiag stations for a couple of years, we Bui
him under arrest at Upolo, in charge of tho
British Consul. Just then, the renowned
Captain Ben. Pease arrived in the brig Leo
nora. Captain Hayes' chronometers required
rating, and ho obtained permission to take
tbeia on board the Leonora for that purpose.
The next morning the brig was gone with
Hayes as a passenger, and presently turned
up at Shanghai. Before she had been ten
days in port, Pease was in prison, and Hayes
was owner of the brig. He fitted her lor sea,
as usual only paying one bill, which, in this
case, was for a spare main yard, and set off
down the China coast, levyiug upon its vill
ages lor means to carry out his speculations
in the Pacific.
He next appeared at Hankok, in Siam, with
a cargo of rice, which he purchased in tho
following characteristic manner. Ho was
chartered in Saigon to lake a cargo of rice to
Hongkong and way ports. At olio of these
by -porta the owner went ashore to make a
sale of rice, while Haves kept the vessel out
side to save expense. The owner turned ono
corner of a street and the first officer tho
other, the latter immediately going back on
board the ship, which left, leaving the owner
to wonder what it all meant. Bankok was
soon reached and the cargo of rice sold at a
good figure. The Leonora was newly cop
pered, and a complete outfit taken on board
for the trade of the Pacific. The mail steamer
was entering the port with the owner of the
rice on board, aa Hayes was leaving. This
gentleman had never met Hayes but onco
when he chartered the vessel.
We next hear of the U. S. S. Naragansett,
Captaiu Meade, as being eug.tgcd in searching
for him on account of hid many alleged irre
gularities. He was found at Upolo, arrested,
ami taken on board the man-of-war, whero he
had no difficulty in winning the heartB of both
men and officers in a very short time, and after
three days' detention he was liberated, there
being no evideuco against him, and all wero
firmly convinced that he was a much injured
and most w .rthy man. Insinuating to Capt.
Meade that he was in want of some sails, ho
was supplied with all ho required, and the
gentlemanly pirate departed with the best
wishes of captain and officers.
The schooner (iiovaui Apiani, now in this
harbor, was once owned by Hayes, who ob
tained possession of her in the following man
ner. She belonged to a Frenchman whom
Hayes met at one of the islands in the South
Pacific, and with whom he made a bargain for
an interest in the schooner, in consideration of
a certain sum of money and a share in some
of the stations belonging to Haves. Ono fine
day as they were sailing smoothly past an
island, whose beautios the Frenchman was
admiring, lie was gently touched Ueluml the
car, and as he turned his head a blow between
the eves " put him to sleep," as he subse
quently expressed it, to wake on shore, and
the 8chouncr out of sight. In a moment of
inconsistent faith iu human nature, Hayes
entrusted Captain Pinkhaiu with the schooner
and he never saw her more.
Hayes, by the loss of his brig at Strong's
Island, felt obliged to play the pious dodge,
and actually succeeded in porsuading the
missionaries that ho was converted from tho
error of his ways. How he got possession of
the schooner which took him from thenco to
Guam, we do not know; but after his arrival
there he was captured while bathing, and it
was generally believed that his romantic
career had come to an end, but he resumed
the religious rolo, this time as a Roman
Catholic, and bamboozled the clergy of Manila
as effectually as he had the American mis
tlie arms then frradoally raised as before. These
movements arc to be repeated steadily and deli
berately tt a rate eorrcaponding as nearly is possi
ble with the natural rcf plratioBt and kept np with
out Intermission until the pitlent is able to breathe
without assistance. A prompt, fajtbfol and per
sistent ose of the means above Indicated mar be
depended upon to restore any drowned person who
is not entire? beyond help, and In tbt result of
failure the aatlsfiiction will remain of having done
everylhiujr which could he done to that end.
CnARI.ES T. Rodoers, M. D.
nonoluln, Nov. 14. 1ST6.
Another ul.ance.
Mr Editor. The attenilnn of tho proper au
thorities Is drawn towards the nuisance caused by
nnie boys pNjtni;, entirely naked, up and down
the dredge near Hie Iuiuj wharf, t-Yvry ereninir be
tween 4 j. m. and dark. Aa thy hire succeeded
in mikr-u' this plrasant ereitlnc walk quite dis
ffuMinfr, we think it time that the? should be taught
aome better mannera.
For San Francisco.
Will have Quick Dispatch for the above Port
Kur raaaace only, apply to
it form- or tn m.
Of lb October Tens, A. ft. 1ST a.
. aj.
Thunatay '.be 19th day of October. IT.
1 n tba above enOUM libel for drrure. attar a nab bear.
It of the testlmoar by Ibe cart . B ai nederral Uaat a 4Wrr
..r.ll.urre from faa bonds of
fbvor of Ibe salrt Ah See. fbr the
..rth. Itroeka. lobe nxane
of all m-mtba from the data of taut
DlUince with lb terms thereof, unhai
of ibi
b eraaae cf tk ashiitery
ibaslaaa afm taeeiariaia .
Pacific Mail Steamship Co's San Franoisco,
Australia and New Zealand Line.
be Hawaiian liaartte aad Kaobtai aeara.
mds weeka. tba Bras aaailial la as b
from lb. data cf taut anarr. that all par
ty within all aaantba abOT raaaa a by
I not be made abaahafs.
Jwn. ::. n.ar.ao. rart.
mat the fbiotw i
the si'i.r.snin steams iiii
tho will of r. nee O Thnmm. denewsi-1. r.H.n.-.M
that all eUltns aKint tile estate of the aald Lio-v 11.
Thornton he prntei!, and debts doe the snme ho pnl.l to
her Allornov. Alfred a. Ilartweli, at bLs sates at Ibe cor
ner of Merchant and Kaahumaun streets. Honotnln
MAKY S. IHtN'FIKLO. Kxecutrlx.
Nov. 10, 1S76. hi-, it
city h4hki:t,
meats 13 tt: TjT t j,z Tn n::ra :
lia-tyt An Orders 1'roniplly AttvBdrd.
Nu ii aim St., lirad of Caplaia Lane.
I it UIM. ..mm ii. .O r.
On or about Oec. 4th.
For Frricht and 1-aaaace, or any further information.
apply to M7 11. IIAl'KKKI.D . O.. Asenta.
the II
leer- tn tba shore
era . Ofocaaf Ibe .Supreme Caar. f
atnd this 3th day of October. A. r.
J... K n.axaaD. llerk.
iMiMiiii i iii in- or mi mwiim
29 Islands. In the matter of US eaaata of 1. sbai,
Pacific Hail Steamship Go's San Francisco,
Australia and New Zealand Line-
l.te f Honolulu, deceased. AI rb
A. Francis JocM. Justice Supreme Court Order of Nanra
of petition for allowance of aeeasaas. oaarhaiass aaa) Snal
distribution of properly
On ressllns: and tlllnc the netltaan and aerrsmra of at.
Ksnal and J. Moanaull. executrix ami exaa-aasr. of IK lll
of J. Kshal. latof Honolulu. .
loo allowed 43000 I. aiMlellSW I
an.l .k Hint .a-io. msv he
ami that a final order mar h. mad of daitraaataaB as tba
nropertv rema.oln- Ml their 1
entitled, and dl-hnrxins; them and I
further resp..nsihllll.v aa sarb execxiturx.
It Is ordered, thai Tt E-.HA V. In lib day of I'El -atX-
RKK. A. It. ISTS al ten o-.-l.- a A. tf..
assure tba aaSa
Baaat an.l asar
s!T "if
rjlHE I DI'.IESIO i: I Mil. I. OPEN A
First Class Butcher Shop
Kul. - Tor tlie IIcntisK-ilalion of Per
ilous) Apparc-n'Ilj- Urowacd.
not expect to sea miracles, but let ns look
ahead with calmness, with sagacitr, with I a Bhip which ho spoke that he would have to
par fifty dollars per head on the Chinamen
tsab-alas persons bare hern thai day spnoinle.:
1 1 sake scfcrnraledf rnjeata to aotm acts for labor
tojaa "Art as sssiai sec
laaSXaf aa Act bar ibe protection of panic to
cat. aausaraBa by ftsirrasa 117 of the am code.
Kb day or July A. D. IS, 2. approved
A. a UK:
I -iri-Kvr
stA. W aid. Ualaaaaa
iy is iaaa f tb 1
Lane: aad bat baai
atari Cass a Use 1
V. L MOEROM-A. Minister of Interior.
Hh, IBTa. -
baa been h day appointed Hoad
a as usma ! paaoe as cap". u
been atttxan ted Water Supervisor
llnla atartrt bi pave of gurt. B.
of Ibe Iuterlor.
otv-r. October mm IM
common sense. t are upon the Oawn ot a
revolution such as Hawaii lias never ex
perienced, such as tho wildest imagination
ha3 never adequately pictured for her future,
and. it is proper that we should be prepared
for it. It is obvious to all who study the
signs of the times that there is destined to
arise upon the shores of the Pacific Oceau and
its myriads of fertile islands, Empires such as
before he could land them. He kept on the
even tenor of his way, however, until he ar
rived off Melbourne, -when ho choked both Lis
pumps, started all his fresh water in the hold
and set his colors half-mast, union down, as
if in sore distress. Two steamers Boon came
to his assistance and offered -to tow him into
port, but the Captain's humanity overcame all
the world has never seen, nor the heart of selfish feelings, and he replied, " Save these
man conceived. The " Star of Empire" has people, and let tho slifp sink. If she is afloat
for the last generation steadily been takir.f
its westward way, and there is every proba
bility that the-vision of Maraniey, of the New
Zeal&nder, sketching the ruins of St. Panl"
Cathedral while) sitting upon a broken arch of
London Bridge, may be more speedily fulfilled
than even its author bad any idea of. Witluu
the memory of the youngest among ns, vast
and populous states, teeming with life, and
when yon return we will try and get her in."
The Chinamen were landed, the steamers pay
ing the head-money, but when they returned
for Hayes, he was not to be found. His next
cargo of Chinete were landed without trouble,
as he had them all made British subjects pre
vious to starting.
"Je now lose sight of him again, not being
able to learn anything of his doings or where-
Tbc recent Tatal accident last week at Waikikl sug
gests very forcl'oly tbc Importance of having the
inembtTs of tlie community properly instructed in
the measures which should be resorted tn In the case
or persons apparetity drowned. At euch times every
moment Is precious, and it is of the utmost impor
tance that those present should be prepared to do
the rurUt thing at once, aa even a few minutes
wasted in Ignorant or ill-dircetcd efforts may be
jost sufficient to seal thu doom of tho victim.
The length of time that persons can remain under
water and afterwards be resuscitated varies be
cotding to tbc circumstances attending each in
dividual ease, but it should never be lurgotten
that those who have been entirely submerged
for some minutes and in whom no sign of life
appears, can by the use ot proper means, peisis
tenlly followed up often be restored. I bave
therefore thought I might render a public service
by preparing for publication the following plain
directions to be followed in cases of supposed
First. As soou as the petson Is removed from
the water let all wet clothing be at once ami as ex
peditiously as possible removed, and let him be
immediately enveloped in blankets or in such warm
wooleu covering as may be attaiuable. In the ab
sence of cither resources, clothing from Ibe by
standers may be made availuble for Ibis purpose.
Second. Clear tbc mouth and throat from water,
mucus or any other substance which might prevent
the access of air to the lungs. For this purpose
let the tongue be seized aud drawn well forward
with one hand while the index finger of the other
htnd enveloped In a handkerchief Or towel is car
ried as far back in the month as possible and awept
around the back of the mouth and upper port of
Ue throat. If there is any tendency of the tongue
lo fall back and obstruct the entrance to the wind
pipe it must be seized, drawn well forward, and
held there throughout all the subsequent proceed
ings. Third. If possible, applications of heat by means
of bottles of hot Water, hot bricks or stones wrapp
ed in cloths, etc., should be made to the surface of
the body, particularly the extremities, and perse
vered io until the patient Is entirely restored, or it
becomes perfectly evident that be is dead. Care
should be taken however that these applications
are not hot enoagb to blister ar bum the patient.
who being entirely insensible might in the hurry
and confosion of tbe moment receive crioas in
jury without its being noticed.
Fourth. Let brisk friction with warm cloths or
any stimulating application' which may be attain
able be made and kept up throughout the treat
ment. Fifth. Let artificial respiration be resorted to
and kept up Air at least half an hour before giving
over tbe cose as hopeleas. This, the most import
ant means of all for tbe restoration of persona ap
parently drowned, should be commenced as Boon
aa tbe patient is relieved of his wet dollies and laid
in a recumbent position, and kept op simultane
ously with tbe other means prescribed hot appli
cations, frictions, etc
The readiest method for the performance of arti
ficial respiration is for the operator to stand just
behind the head of tbe patient and grasping tbe
two arms of tbe latter just above tbe wrists, bring
them gradually to a vertical position, so as to
make them nearly meet above tbe patient's bead.
They are to be held in this position for a mo
ment and then returned slowly to Ibe sides. At the
close ot this Utter movement pressure is to be
made with the arms on the sides of the (lest and
ON THURSDAY, November 16.
Orders will be recelvetl on Lhe evening nf the ISlh.
A ii ci S h i )
Srppi,it:f ov the wasr in. wov ni.i;
TKltMTt. No expense will lie iparetl to procure
rut tie, .Sheep, foul try. (., from the Best IlVnln In the
Country. All OrtrH for Fhli, Wsetibl.-x, and other ex
tras, will meet with Immediate attention.
We hope, by Htrlrt Attention tn Dullness, Clemllness
And r to Merita .Share of tbe Public Patronage.
Meats Delivered in any Part of the City
flfW Any mUtikes made, or any fault tn be fnttntl with,
the Dollvercre of Meats, Ac., tbe Proprietor will thank the
part! giving information.
Heat of City and Country i:-f .- :i-, -, given.
HS-lm Proprietor.
The O a, i- g" o
American Bark Ceylon !
Mow Due from Boston, Mass.
Will Leave Honolulu lor
Kandavu, Fiji, and Sydney, N.S. W.
Ctmnertlnc at Kainbira with Company's steamer for
AIVKIINS, N. Z.. 1-ORTCHAUItlUS, an.l Intermediate
On or about the 16th of Nov.
For Frelajht and 1-aasiure, anil rtirtherlnlbmiallnii. apply
a Ma, II. IIACKFKLIl A CO.. AKenl.
for heartnc viUI petition aad arcunta. au.1 tbas ail i
Interested mar theo and tiler- spp-ar aad I
any Ibey bare, why tlie aaap
mav present evl.l.n.-e aa lo i
property nd tbat this ..nl.r. In lb I
llsh Iwtllat". be p..hl.slid In I
Kn.ka. newspaper, printed
lor thr.e .i:.-e. ...... prevu
appointed lor said lieartna;.
I'ale.l.it 11. uln. 111.. Ibis il
a IS7C a. rH.t.MCXM JI I'I.
Attest : Joule of tb sspnae t awn.
.bus s4 as .. as
. ar entitled t ake sal
In ibe llawaabas sga
1 putMisbed In llue.(aa.a.
is to lb am therein
Si pr r.n r. hu m
1. lands.-In Probate
tleeJadu. ta tbe matter
tNHUN, late of Honolulu
petition Tor sHowane ?
dlstnbiiUn f property.
On reading; and Alios tbe dettbaaa sort
Kohii.so.1 w aiMlJ- u. a.
or mi MATrAii,w
At rbaaubera. bribe air Jaa.
I lb. Kami ar Kin Ii Mb
SaaaasssaV Unbar of swlar - f
eeutnr t
chance I
I John 1. I
Ihry ask tn b allowed bVira vs. asal
i'1 ..... -.. an 1 ... :bi .
u.d .pi
urtbuunn of the property f
p. Jtw theteto entitled.
tna ml.t
.Monday, Nnv 20, 5 p a m
Mon.lav, Nov 27, V at nun.
M lav. Dec I, Ir it- lJtrcH of Kauai
Kelurtiins i" Honolulu. Friday Ifurnliot. Deo a
Mnmlav. Dec it, S r a Hlln
Hon. lav, ne, is. s r M . Kona
M ,:..:.. . Dec Mk f S Ullo
Ua Kona trips the steamer will gu as far as
On all Windward Trips the Hteanier will leare her wharf
at J : all trips to Kuuai, will leave at I r. H. On down
trips tbe8teamer wUl tint leave Knwalliue before 10 a. a.,
Makena aa per notice on up trip, Maalaea flay not befbre
7 a. at. any chauge front tbe above will ba advertlerd.
mar Ho t 'ml It tor Panama? Jtanry. "
Tlctaeta ui tin oftlc? only.
No berth will be considered as taken un III paMfc . Not
responsible for unmarked UagsnKe or any Freight or Par
cels unless receipted tot.
Freight Money Dae on Demand.
mW A n effort will be made to have Ibe hteanier reach
Honolulu on the evening of tbc sonic day she leaves Maul
H.VMUKI. O. WILD Kit, Agent.
Office with Wilder A To., comer of l'..n ,t gttei n sirerts
It . . ir I. -r-.l. That Friday, tar 1Mb day of tVermb.-.
A. D. 171, SI lea a dock A. St.. before lbs saM Jill I . at
I'hanibers. In Ibe t'onrt II. Mew. at Hty
same berebv a, appointed ta US tfcZMJ, I
I nit suld petition and aivounta, and tba
ested may then so. I lli.re ippear sod show r.aal. UTaay
they hare, wby tbe same should not be granted. asaS aaaj
present evidenes St N. ho -r. I SMtag Hie -.l pep
erty. And tbat this order, in Ibe Knsib i
l.ngoag.. b.. piihlisbeil In Ibe
a. wait na . new raaaussia prtnu
for three .ii.-. lve w k. prevk.os to ta tnu. I
appoli.te.1 for saal hearbiir"
Dateil al llonoiulj, ibis Jn day of Nov siber. 17,
A. HAM'ls Jl-hli.
AUeat: Jaatlee of IB-raaprratr I asset.
Jo. E. Bsaxtao. dark Hupreoi. l oan. 117 :t
oosrdlan of
Honolulu, d.
from his dra,
LANDS. Iti tmule. In the mailer of lb gasrdain
sblpof tbe miuor rhlbirra. of lb late. W. N. la sal, w
ceased Order of nollve of pctlueo tmr alssaaais sr as
counts, .Uncharge, and Itnal dlainboUon of property. At
on reading and MM the petition, of Jnarpb o. ratter.
i. minor children of W . at. lasM. hat of
aswd. where he aaka la h aaWaasajasl
nnablp an.l he, wtredea from at, fertb.r
i such, there I
New Boclfortl Oil Shooks,
1 Ship's Caboose,
Sperm Uumlles,
Cases Tohscco. ( Kalalcaaa's Favorite,)
Cumberland Coal,
New Bedford Cordage, 1 in. to 6 1-2 in,
Nests of Tranks, loar in a nest,
Ice Chests, Assorted Sizes,
Iron at Galvanized Pipe, 1-2 in. to 4 in
Lawrence ' Duck, Nos. 1. lo 10,
Curd Mutches.
A Very Choice Asst. of Dry Goods
ConalsUng In Part Of
Mi -'-'' Blver Sbeelitics,
Bout Mills Sheeting.
Massachusetts fibcetlngs.
Stark A Sheetings,
Bleached Amoskeag Cotton,
Brown and Blear tied jTuuiuels,
Ticking, Bin Drillings,
Amoskeag & Pearl River Denims
I.AIIlis lll.MXi II A HIS.
Cedar Shingle, flpruce Boards,
Ctrlea Il.ur. Paper Dagat 21b. to l.ib.
BanTs and Deck 11am,
Coal Bantetii, PsUnt Bnubefl,
Ilnirgy HiTtie-rs.
Mem Beef and Prime Port,
Eafrn Plne'Rncar Sbooka,
WDI hare regular dispatch for Ksnal, as above, until
further notice, aV Freight and Passengers buten al Uic
U)VE.fT RATfat.
BOLI.ES .t CO., Agents.
P. d This vessel hss Just been tliorouglily repaired
newlycnppereil, and pul In In perftct order. 113
JSSi C. Brewer A COa-Agents.
mVSXmT ?voralde .rrin(eiuiit(i ru lwri ' jMaCfswV
matla for wtorafte n ! liinment (if Wf, Bone, Wo.il. II Me and
other Merchindise to New UlforiJ. B,ntio, New York and
itliiT Kraiitorn Port, t Adfaoce mnde.
593-ly C. DaKWKR A CO.
iixiouij a n
C. Brewer & Co. Agents
Merchandise receive.! Storage Free anil
BKlt. A. L
Justice, at
be and lb
I. that rRlDAT. Ibe lat. .lay of DKI CM
i . n. tk aaaS
Haas, at Mssalaba.
V, on. w.l ... e
and .how naaar. If aay tbt y b
I no, be graakwl. Sad Ik.t ibkie
age. he published la la
printed and puhjsak) as i
w-efca pr. vU.ua lo lb
1'iin .l ai Honolulu, II. I , thM Tail, dar nt Orleiwr, A.
o. ia;s. a. msiHT jcdd.
litest: Justice of tbe SHSsarsaas t-swrt,
Jan. E. Hall. tan. clerk ,.f the xupren e (wart, tW-St
no- niR i i riiiiur.
Ifsriog returneil to llonolnln lo r.ts. baa easaassal tba
practice of hi. profe,slon. Anyone .lesiries kia srrva;. eitber
aoivHi or snrgtcaj. caa nod Mm t me I art.
adjoiuinic tlie Ha. Saabs Hotel.
.1. H. DAflDSM,
Offlrp over Mr. WhttofV'w
by flattjl A:a)l(n. II. m .lulu. II. I.
k gioffji, tWaMTsV tmtmmknl
liberal raxh tilranCet nude on uhlpntentaibv thin linn.
t:. hkk Kit a i ii.
At Auction,
.- rf. '- -
A - -. ri'
At 12 M., November 18th, 1876.
iten'4-iii to be ttrlvi'ii Jan. 1, 1977.
Cf3" For further y.-tv., ui.ir- apply at the nfTlre of
For Sale,
A IV-III OK A Ma of lhe fOWS
I on the Ndiianu Itautalion. 'rhee cowa
are ItWO llaVrattlstfA ifii irun
l itta moil gentle herd of MUeh ,'owi In the IjaSoa.
Ap(,iy tO J. 11. H'HJII.
Augint J-;li. 1476. IU7.tr.
Knowles1 Potent Steam Punij) :
Sole Agents for the Hawaiian Islands,
Per Syren from Boston !
or THE
Above Celebrated Pumps from Nos. 2 to 6
And are ready to receive orders for any of Uii Poaips
of Ibis make to be scut overland If ner easily :
Pumps tor Hot or Cold Water, Salt Water Pumps.
Star Prices sod other Information given by
ia-Zm C BREWER x Co., Ag-tits.
Gentlemen intending to Build
-fj.it niir inmnovH. ai.tkr itikvh.
stav nr repairs, win nii'i it to their interest to consult
with the nnderslgned, who will snpply desbrtm. eninhlnlng
1'onrrnsslc and Kmsomy. with suitable A r i.iiectoral
Embellishment, and guarraulsed estimates of Cast.
K OAKLET, fnlrrostlonal Hotel.
Skilled workmen lo all departments soot lo soy part of
the Islands. sis-lin '
Sir.tm fro i i i To 1-2 rient ir nt iv
TITIKJ, to sslt. atecelved per "tTU."
For Sale by
l:o'. I. I.i A CO-
nrsTiE iMiritsii.xti) cojctisite to srv
JL Wools at good prices. Wools coming to market this
Spring particular iy Jeslrtd to make freight,
US lm C. BREWER at CO.
rsniir. r.iiiF.RsiojfEi, WTniri5 to rT
JL tbe highest market price for Iiry HI le Uoat aklns,
sod Tallow.
1! 3m C. B RE WEB at CO.
Writing and Other Papers,
Amoog arblcb mav im fonntl.
Letter Paper. rnIM aird plain ai vsriooa q aaii tU-,
from v" to ffi.OO per retain.
Note Paper, p10 ma, fro fi.oo to fs .oo
per r
French Note andlLetter Paper, a choice
Cap, Flat Cap, Legal and Bill Papers,
A lanfe atoek alway i ua band.
Thin Overland Post, bite andwue. raied 0r
ot various sates and quality.
HAsniiA WaArpne paper,
thick and talu qtulllles,
ST Orders ailedat abort notice,
h:o H. M. Whitney.
One Hundred aad Thirty-. m BajM
From Bremen
JEW STYI.N or I ' l I N I II It l. l t
Itcl, Ulalll, wblie gronml, cborobti. gray sad Stacy.
Jaconets, llr..wn Cottona, J itnabues ; Wblt Calsaaa.
Itorrocks' U'( Ctotb, A, B A II . Bnrara M,
Hickory Strlpis.. Htrlpped Ta-klng. ttrnw Holland.
t o Padding. Woe sirlpail fi.-mr,..
Bin. While and Psacy rasaaet, Moasjstla Netting.
Scotch Water-proorTwreat, i colors.
Block Merino and Cobnorg,
Muen, assorted numbers, 12 yard plecrs. Ac.
Ta-lorls Lawn,. Barege, LjwUar,
Doeskin, Bueksklo. Dtag-jnal. Repps, "nab at hi. ttabaakai,
White Cambric. Wblt A Turkey Rial Cotsaa, bilk,
While Cotton and Tart. Uoea Turk.
Linen A Cotton, Brooks' Patul, Thread.
Meu's While and dray grrino, grows A Bias
l Hbjru, raaej t-yiai, CJkaaaV
I'oton. Uargarj
'n l-TRhl ru -UtDlsrcUMM,
filiwic and Co
Ctolb, BOrkatl, llsaJMsV!, Cmlm. A..
.. C. Monkey Jnrkiria, Htta Woes. Ht-wska-ta, mil ovAMM.
CUmm aad Horn- racket, trout. tr.
-r;-rM. wow t-av-a,
Cairskins. Ac. fork.. r..rusaa,y Ac.. Eaaaajs 1
nu ue i.oiogne, r-lleras.1. Hair oil
Fancy foaipa. Indssr. Ac
Tooth Combs, Tooth Hru.be. Hair III
le.iklng ilaaes and Mirrors InsttataaB Jwrr,
Ije-la. r. Journaw. e.. Ilavlag lirS.
Harmonicas, 1 II llaUa, reatsau DsMtsra,
Pricket snd Eartcber Kntrer, jlal I
Tinned ppura, ljal.nts.CC Iraaa,
.sivanlted I orrugated Mbeel Iroo. , jsa;
OalrsaaaaA re. aB ass, iii 1 1 aai.aa, br.1. k.
rubs, Tlnn.-! -a Ileal Cbarcoaa.
r.n Ptates. 11a. -a Tb. . nbswt fad aad Zaas.
Bright sod oded reoee Wire. ae. 4. t aad si
Um Iroo Staaa; Klveu, Xuau Y.ltow.
Metal snd JTslls, Bar Iron. Irsa Powder, aaa aaa,
Btackaniltba-coal, PrHuag-K, -
Corda,. d Packing. Toya. Tu.btra.
liaaxeu. l-alnu.nil nil.. Vienna tnmlt.re,
Wall laper. -rt!(kerrJ( aostlc anda. Ta JLi aaa
Anchors and CI,. ... :H' t . . . .
o-aent. fir
Oak Boats.
Craaaed Mogar, Wash Abar.
-l-..n;i , ;i
U.iuors. Ac. 1
ui id naakets and grrao
Ckarsparne ll.lrbuaek ,
"f' ff. Kaln. Wla. bavassaa 1
J"r A' rasraiasal pmm l BsBrm,ar.
German sod Har tn, Csrars.a low arasas. aaat
oienb. hi lota to amt. Ac. r.. Ac
(hnrom ,U Oil, PmfO, Trm.., I
Marlut HaUi ja
"-arty Matenea.
Ussa'a nrsart. i its. -
i ...

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