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a. H- sr. r. Mku. vr.
4kr Laajatlatlrr Aseembly.
Sept. i.
B CaeUe. C. R- Bishop,
and Iter. M. Kaasa. .
r named ft ', Commaaionerv
a . art Tii aid trie development of
PL 51, HTf.
R. X. Whitney.
I of Pabttr ITmtl
V. ;. V Ml A ' I
Mlnkttrr of the Interior.
(sac. i. IfTS.
On ear fuiirth age will lie found three de
iaioua uf tin- Supreme Court, the 6 ret H tlie
i nlwaya imjiortHiit subject of water-rights, the
second in regard to the legality of declining to
fulfill a contract to deliver produce on account
of its rise in value subsequent to the agree
ment, and the third is on the petition of F. T.
I.enehan et. al. for a writ of ruandamua to
compel the Police Justice to certifv up an up-
"-T " wo4m " ' Z3 v,;. A:. Tliflf '. ill .11 L
McMrrn. Ink. Knlcru Companion of the J"' "" J -T
found of interest.
L M fiJfcr,
w L Baaaa, H a. WMtaaaaa
iakaai Pahac bwc 4. 1STI
Ma saner I baa thasday bam
From the Microneiisn Islaads than ii as exhibit
of beaunfal pink corall which are unsurpassed in
beaaty by any thing of the kind ever seer here.
Tbcy attract jreat attention and the majority of them
hart been already told. Thii rariety of coral ii said
to be foand now here alaa than on the reefi about theea
islaads, where the natirea, who are expert watermen,
dirt for them.
The fall dreti of a Caroline Island belle ii ihowa,
and consists limply of a cape about a foot broad,
made of i tripe of cocoa bark and worn abont the
boulders. A waterproof clcak of norel construction
it also ihown. At each knot of an ordinary liih net
ii tied a bunch ol seaweed. Tbit being spread orar
the shoulders, net side under, forms a perfect pro
tection against wet.
The display of ana wood it quite large, and includes
many curious varieties. Of these the wood called
cow is aaid to be most v.laable. It is similar io ap
pearance and character to black walnut, but has a
gram and if not so heavy. It can be turned into all
shapes, and nefer cracks or checks, as is the case
with most wood. A large number uf jars are shown
matin from this wood aad the black kaa. These are
used by the native.' as receptacles lor the food, called
poi, the staff ol life among them, a farinaceous food
made from a root called kalo, something like a turnip.
This is baked and made into a porridge. The Datives
do not like it until it begins to ferment.
The Advertiser on Involution.
Jko. 8.
Sot . ItTt.
Mr jsav, J odd artu alt fur tbe bearing of Appeals from
taawnrl kw.ru aa
ailinau taw la
P. M.
at tbe rdnc
of J. A. Haaiurer En,., at Kabuku on
;t. day of Pee wiper neat at o clock
tbe rstfc of Iwouilaw Next al rU o'clock A.M.
By seder of the Coon.
Jem F. Baaaaaa,
CI ert at the eatpresne Coart.
f fjrbooli.
the Klnirdom.
r Had. to Mndav Janu
ary Wk. fWT.. aaaS green tbat date (Jaouar, ath, a near
awaaaaa. ril Knim.
Tws ruiaa TacaUeo of tbe Kafkah
ausiaissa be nnemaHel tbroarbcot
Thi queation of a new iutcr-island steamer
appears to be involved in as much uncertainty
as it ever has been. In response to the ad
vertisement .calling for tendera, two proposals
were made one to furnish the side-wheel
of a. M. Naukana Eaq . at waialua , steamer Olympia, from San Francisco, and
tbe other from Messrs. Foster & Co., of this
city, who propose to build a propeller of the
dimensions called for, and perform the service
for ten years, in consideration of a subsidy of
twelve hundred and fifty dollars (81,250) a
month, as the law authorizes. By some un
accountable jugglery on the part of those
having this matter in charge, the period has
tieen allowed to lapse without accepting either
proposals, although the parties making them
were given to understand that Government
was ready to accept a tender if made accord-
The whole steam-
Government undertakes to build the boat, it
will cost $150,000, of borrowed money, liefore
she is ready for serrico, and $25,000 per
annum, over and above her earnings, while in
service, making a total loss to the country of
four hundred thousand dollars (400,0001,
in ten years ! From such a wretched mis
management of the public funds, good Lord,
deliver us.
W. Jan. Smith, Secretary.
nber 2Tth, 1ST- .20
I His Majesty ibr Kin to make the
t tanersadUeHsa.hu. Wilder lo to I ,nP te'mR OI law-
boat matter is evidently iu a muddle.
fe Btk uoi. J. M. Eapena, Bis Ex Gov. S. Elpl. Col.
v. r. aJbbb. Osa. C-eVJsdd. and tbe Han. John P. Par.
kei. la k eyasa-hl Lit aipa, leas
saaal Palari Kaeaaber 14, ire.
betas National Holidays.
ootbcaevcral days mentlotted below.
... be dosed throat: bout tbe
ii. Cbnatma Day.
. New Year'a Day.
kUulatrr sf tbe Interior.
1 baa been appointed by tbe Hoard of
nl for the dattrtcl of rlaraaa-na. la
asad sf Sse.ll. rase . ST. D. Helemaou.
v order of the Board of Education.
W. Jaa. Sam. Secretary.
. Nov. sat a. arc.
Ma C K. T ' 1 ass hewn appointed by tbe Board of
aaaaasSasv ecaaaal Agent for the diatrlct of liana. Island
r Mask. aSoe A. t eas Es
m -row of the Board ot
W. Jaa. Smith. Secretary
AMeeeaaM Haaa. Jgw. both. I ITS.
Srd day of FVbruary, 1877, at twelve
n lli.ua. . will be sold al public
t bidder for cash, that tract or parcel
wf fcsard aliasl ! OTi the north corner of Nouano aud (Joeen
susses, as she tttty of HeSMNOlu. known as tbe Everett
Plan of tb above may be seen St tbe In.
will be pot np In three ,3) sou, aud pur-
by the terms of their UUe deeds
If tbey build at all aabatautial
or brick build. fix within three years Irom
MuiaUer of tbe Interior.
. Bow. IS. t7
:. BSS ..: tin a. , BBSf ..
AA-sats aa take ackaow ledaTeni.-ii ti
as aaSBBHMawee sitb u. pr.,v,ioons of an
BBS 2Mb a
been duly appointed
i t cooLTSka for labor
Act to smend
I aad S of an Act for the protection of parties to
by Section 1417 of tbe Qrll Code,
San day of Ante. A. D. 1872,' " approved
r. A D. 1S74. vbt : Tbe aerera! com
ware haawed on the snnexed dales.
September tN 1S7.
Bjajaj Wau-rbouc Hi
Caaas. T. l.ottct. Rons Cakbs.
Ik W
October 14tb, lfrM.
'.- Be set awt a. BUo, Hawaii.
J. W. rasaansksHl. no. . HawaU,
a K Kbbm, Morth and Soutli Eons,
O. W. D. Bslemann. Hamakna. Hawaii,
." K Eannamano, Bamakoa. Hawaii,
C. K Kapule Makawao. Maul,
T. at Birrs. Walluku. Maul.
November ctb. 1974
Ik. V. WUcoi. Libne sod Eoknv Eattsl.
November. Utb, 176.
t'barte. H lacks.. . Makawao. Maui.
J. J. Baaataad. WaSaka. Maul.
W. Meraebawx- North Eohala, Hawaii,
S. KaasL North Eohala. Hawaii,
A. H. SaaSSS. Ksasaaad LI sac. Kaaal,
J. B 8. Martin. Ess. Hawaii.
. M. Naukaua. Walalua. Ushu,
Is sccMSwamee with tbe above meobooed statute the
ss JSahal see at present the only persons authorised to
nts to contrscu for labor authorised
A nolo. lahalns, Maul.
Kanuuopil.. Lobalna. ManL
sr. Easus. taswaL
1417 of the Ctrl! Code,
Mlniatar of tbe Interior,
i Ofoce. nt. . 1X74.
It is understood that the King's Ministers
have tendered their resignations. This will
surprise no one who has understood the situa
tion of the Cabinet during the past year.
There has been a lack of harmony and co
operation, auch as is necessary to secure an
efficient working of the administration. A
Ministerial Cabinet ahould be, like a business
co-partnership, united and perfectly har
monious, and if from any cause irreconcilable
differences spring up, then the discordant ele
ment should be removed. Such a Cabinet can
only lie secured iu one way by adopting the
system of having a Premier, whose duty it
shall be to organize it and be responsible for
its acts. The time seems to Lave arrived
when His Majesty should adopt this sterling
principle of Monarchy a principle which has
raised England to the highest position among
nations, and enables her to possess at all times
a strong and efficient government. Gladstone
or Disraeli, when made responsible for the
government organized by him, finds no diffi
culty in securing able lieutenants for every
dt'tiartment ; or if one proves recreant to the
policy of his leader, he is very soon given to
understand that his services are not needed.
This is why her government is respected and
feared at home and abroad. And this is just
what we have lieen wanting in a n.lnistry
that is united and that commands the full
confidence and respect of all. There can be
no question that we possess the material for
such a Cabinet, and if the principle alluded
to above is adopted, it will tend more than
anything else to command for it the support
which it should have, especially at this time
when more than ordinary activity is called
for in every branch of the public service. If
the formation of a new Cabinet is entrusted to
either Mr. W. L. Green, who has really been
the main-spring of the late one, or to Mr. H.
A. P. Carter, or to Dr. J. Mott Smith, we doubt
not that the interests of the Kingdom will be
entrusted to safe and watchful servants,
whose policy the King will cordially second
and sustain, while the people will accord to it
a support which it has lacked of late.
Hawaii at the Centennial.
pefsoew have been appointed
af she aiailt of tax Appeals In acnorrasnre with
the Art of Asajsstf. 17.
Haaslsls L McCMsTy. John K. rnauna
Earaaad Wsassaa B. B. Mabi. B. U. Crabue.
Waaahavs. X. Kaseawcav. A V. Saasrala.
Kckaliuua. IT. t
riinssiM w mt
IshnSai f Ahata 1
sawaawas I W. East
Miesesi I T u. Cass
slikal I
W. Kalua,
W. Eaaaewakaa. (A
e. J
, K P.
U. sasashL, J.
. H Hayaslden. E
.J. P
M. Eskinr.
. K. 8s.iar.ar. Hoary Martin.
. s w. Eino.
K. ansa awl !,.. ..w
saaa Wi 111 1 . sr. Chuaaaaonh.
. Estaws II r ssy Iskasna, Ueore Uounes
l J. w. Mauiai.
. Erafl. a. V. WUcox, I. Sadca, .
, D. KluloaUte. 11. SuuhiwA
Xiuissrr of Ftnaoce.
.hex M, 189.
BUhaaay of Dsiissslni. ss 12 o'clock
by auction to the
, saw r.asiiwiiai Mats aa r aulas ahaa Plains,
H ai, . m, las. an , aw. an, ire, ri , in,
ax, ass. atv aat, rrc. are. irx, nt, rt, i-a, in, nt. i7.
MX. 9U. rSS, 124. IS, 104. 147, 14. Xta. Xs7. JS1. 1X8,
a. aSa. KSV alas the llliatslli piece of land Immediately
sod peace srBI he sold the lot contain
er lews Inn Sis 1st on the sea front at
eltber aide hr the lots beloosinc
TaVe aatnssT had Mr. Henry UUea
less sSj be aold aenaralely for eaah. Maps
t anon at any tiane at the Interior OAce
au. hr mads kaown at the ram of sale.
Minsster of Iahwtor.
M. im
I nsal Was Lorsll. a. E. MsiMiSa
Kales I m. aasMh A. K. Mlka.
W asanas -G. B. BsarexL J. Eaaaleasl.
The tM
aa, mum
v'. tlie ecilccy .
am wonc m
iTllal'n far soars.
a mmm
The following is taken from the Scientific
America, of New York. It fails to notice some
of onr choicest products which were shown in
the Hawaiian department,
We continue below our notes on tbe various ob
jects of interest. " The Sandwich Island Exhibit
contains a large number of very curious articles ; but
owinf to tbe Lack of necessary descriptive labels, the
visitor is unapprised of their remarkable features.
For instance, spread out in a glass case is a caps or
tippst, which on close inspection seems to be made
of bright yellow feathers. As few birds wear such
intensely yellow plumage, it would naturally be sup
posed that the feathers are djsd. The reverse, how
ever, is the esse. The cloak is termed the kehela,
and the plumes are obtained from tbe ma mo or royal
bird, under each of the wings of which a single yellow
feather grows. Now in the cloak there are perhaps
thousand of tbe feathers, and hence the number of birds
which must have been killed to seoure tbe requisite
quantity must hare been enormous. Add to this the
fact that the birds themselves arc becoming vary
vara, aad the difficulty of producing the garment
accounts for the circumstance that it is seldom foand
out of the possession of Kings. The cape exhibited
belongs to Queen Emma, and was loaned by her for
display. It is abont ten inches in breadth, and quite
short, yet its value is abont $600. A relic of the days
whea human flesh was considered wholesome food is
shown in a spittoon inlaid with human bonce. Arti
cles connected with the reign of the foander of the
line of Kamehameha are religiously preserved, aad
Kamehameba the First's war clubs forma part of the
exhibit. There is also a cans mads of a latcewood
spear which also belonged to tbe same doughty
warrior. A fiber, tittle known here, called ceo,
may prove to be worthy cf farther experiment al a
rival of hemp or even of flax. It is tbe inner bark
uf a shrub, which at the age of three years is of the
right site for stripping. It can be shred into vary
fine threads, which are remarkably strong. A bird's
nest is peculiar from the fact that it contains no
vegetable or animal matter. It appear to be made
of horse hair, but is made of what is called peie's
hair, a form aassasad sometimes by hot lara.
The highest point yet reached by vegetation, is
12.000 fast, and at that elevation the silver sword
plant grows, the flower of which is oa exhibition.
One large case con tains tbe birds foand on tbe islands.
They are not named. One red bird, as avra as aa
oti iio and with a brilliant red pi urn are, is the bird
that constructs tbe nests from pole's hair. Castor
oil and candle hot oil is also exhibited : tbe latter is
mads from a not bearing the above name.
The Oaba College sands a collection of land shells,
containing between 800 aad 900 varieties. They are
all foasd oa the island of Oaha and nowhere else in
the wsrld. Their habitat is ander the so oases and
lichens attached to the bark of trees. Maay varieties
are not found alive, and are believed to be extinct.
Bat tew industrial products are exhibited, and
part of the slliraj which have boss native manufacturers aapesr to be ot a vary pnmi-
" I ti . Plrttk 1. m.I, Irnm (ha lanar hark nf
a height of about . . f" ,, , k- d of feitinr Dro0esi : the
fiber is steamed and then pounded with wooden mal
Ists. os a bass surface grosses are est. A cloak
made in this manner on tbe island of Tahiti, and
ornamented with shells, is shown, and also ssTaral
larger pieces of cloth or felt, quits this aad touch.
and ornamented with floral designs.
Oayeaar CoaTcc.
cultivated ia Cayenne is the
at asm tiass was aa important staple
the 1 1 sail j being especially adapted
This valaable product of Cay-
teaapnrarily absadooaxj , is act lost to
a Uvea sol i kaa as to thrive ia a wild
aavd may he reclaimed hereafter. There are
sf soles trows is betas tuied ia the forests
ThiT i
, with a clraaateieaiis. a few
. of tUrty iasbss ; tbey an rash
sat 4 act tiaaav The eosVes tree alec
sate from tbe ravages of
ear tnat safer vitally frost this evil
An article appeared in the lost Advertiter
on the above topic, which, considering the
average knowledge of the present time, may
be characterized as a little slow. We did not
imagine that any one could be found in this
year of our Lord It76, of sufficient intelli
gence to express himself correctly on paper,
who would openly acknowledge a belief in the
literal truth of the Biblical history of creation,
as is done by the writer. Tue works of God,
illustrated by the record of the rocks, were
shown years ago to have demonstrated tbat the
historical parts of His word are to some ex
tent figurative.
We believe there is no antagonism between
Religion and Science, although it is true that
there appears to be, and that there have been
no small number of conflicts between the
leaders in these two departments of inquiry.
Kepler saya that both theologians and men of
scieuce should remember that " it is for their
common advantage to conciliate the finger
aud the tongue of God." Dr. Whewell, in the
Relation of Tradition to Palaetiology," has
with great candor and wisdom discussed this
matter. He points out that the flexibility of
the scriptures in adapting their teaching to
scientific discoveries, arises chiefly from this
excellence, that their language is " adapted to
the common state of man's intellectual de
velopemeut, in which be is supposed not to be
possessed of science." The same author
makes the following sensible observations.
" Scientific views, when familiar, do not dis
turb the authority of scripture
When the langiutge of scripture, invested with
its new meaning, has become familiar to men,
it is found that the ideas which it calls up are
quite as reconcilable as the former ones were
with the most entire acceptance of the provi
dential dispensation. And when this has been
found to be the case, all cultivated persons
look back with surprise at the mistake of
those who thought that the essence of the
revelation was involved in their own arbitrary
version of some collateral circumstance in the
revealed narative. At the present day we can
hardly conceive how reasonable men could
ever have imagined that religious reflections
on the stability i the earth, and the beauty
and use of the luminaries which revolve
around it, would be interfered with by an ac
knowledgement that this rest and motion are
apparent only. And thus the authority of
revelation is not shaken by any changes intro
duced by the progress of science in the mode
of interpreting expressions which describe
physical objects aud occurrences ; provided
the new interpretation is admitted at a proper
season, and in a proper spirit ; so as to soften,
as much as possible, both the public contro
versies and the private scruples which almost
inevitably accompany such an altercation.
The Advertiser writer complains that " the
Evolution hypothesis gives us no reason to
believe in the scheme of salvation through a
Mediator and Redeemer," and no nioro does
the Copernican theory of the solar system. We
are unable after the most mature deliberation
to see the applicability of this remark to the
subject under discussion. We had supposed
that believers in the New Testament scheme
of salvation found their reasons for believing
it in the records of that book, and not iu any of
the multitudinous revelations of science. The
writer continues ; "but, ou the contrary, the
immutable law which it recognizes as pervad
ing the Universe precludes the possibility of
miracle, upon which the authenticity of the
Bible entirely depends. Appeal to miracle
was the testimony with which Christ sought
to impress the human mind with the reality of
his divine origin and mission ; and, if we deny
one belief the other must of necessity fall with
it. " These conclusions are perhaps quite
natural to the superficial student, but that
they are unwarantable may appear from the
following extract from an article by the Rev.
George F. Wright, in the Bibliotheca Sacra.
" Scientific men deal only with the method
that appears in the sequences of secondary
causes. Even when treating of the origin of
species, they do not refer to tbe first and true
causal origin. This is a problem of theology.
But in scientific treatises reference is had
solely to the order nndcr which actual forces
are seen or inferred to operate. Whatever the
method may be, God is the author of it. God
both makes the machine and operates it. If
the theory of natural selection should be es
tablished in its general conclusions, it would
not necessarily comprehend the essential
characteristics of man in the scope of its ope
rations. And on the other hand, the miracu
lous creation of man might no more disprove
the general theory of natural selection than an
ordinary miracle of Christ would disprove the
the general reign of natural law. The excep
tion may even prove the rule. There would
be no miracle if uniformity did not ordinarily
prevail. There is, doubtless, miraculous in
terfetence with uniformities of nature when
there is sufficient reason for it and only then."
Science has not been a mere iconoclast of
everything sacred, but it baa been a real help
er in the progress of religion by purifying its
faiths and guiding its reverences. This is a
service that Faith much needs to have some
one to do for her. For, sublime as are her as
pirations, her intellectual vision ia but dim.
She needs science ever to be at band to direct
her. It is charged that the reconstructions
which modem inquiry have made and are
making, unsettle all the foundations of religi
on ; that they strip off the bloom of mystery
and sacredness from the flowers of faith, and
conduce to irreverence. Are they to be de
plored ? It seems to us that tbey are not, but
to be rejoiced at. It ia true that tbey have
given the death-blow to many forma of faith.
It ia true that they have disabused ui of
many ancient venerations. But for everything
that Science has taken away from Religion,
she has given her something better. If she
has weaned her of her blind awe of the un
known, she has substituted a more rational
awe of the know. If the astronomer's lens
has dissipated the ancient heavens, it ia to
show us system behind system of celestial
bodies blazing at immeasurable intervals
in the depths of illimitable space. If geolo
gy has taken away the idea of a creation
finished once for all in a certain six days of
the year B. C. 4004, it has given us instead a
continual process of moulding and perfecting
carried on for 100,000,000 years. Scienco has
expelled witch and elf, nymph and demon,
and thus depopulated the supernatural world ;
but in the place of this uncanny brood, the
thought of whose capricious intervention
paralyed the will and debauched the heart, the
universe has been filled with the presence of
One, Eternal ami Infinite, from whose perfect
law we can never escape.
Death ot nrdinal Antonelli.
By way of Sydney we learn of tbe death of
this distinguished. prelate and statesman. Tbe
following biographical notice of him, taken
from the Southern Cross, will be read with
interest :
European Intelligence tells ns tbat Cardinal Anto
nelli, Prime Miuialer and becrctary ot State to tbe
Pope, President oj Ihc Council ol Papal Ministers,
Prefect of the Sacjcd Apottolic Palaces, and of the
Sacred Congregation of Loretto, and of tbe Con
sults, has gone from Ibc world, the church, and of
politics of which Rome is still an important centre
with rsmiflcaliona throughout all CbrtsteudotD to
the world of spirits. Antonelli bae for many years
been tbe tight hand of bis Holiness in political and
diplomatics! affairs, and bis death will cause a
hiatus in the Papal Ministry not ea.-ilj- filled up.
Fear ministers or chiefs of any Court In Europe
bare exercised greater influence in social and re
ligious affairs than the Minister who bae just gone
to bis account. Underlying political influence, the
wide-spread power jrhicb Ihc church he belonged
to enabled him to wield was second only to that of
tbe Pope himself, and much that he did advise was
done under the inprimatur of Pio Nono himself.
It will he uo easy auaftcr to fill the office death list
made vacant, with a successor equal to bim who
has just joined the great majority. He exercised a
vast iuflueuce, due niaiuly to his sacerdotal position
aud political capacity, aud, sect ndiy, to his Im
mense wealth, which has been reported as second
only to that of tbe Pope himself. The followiog
account of the deceased Cardinal Is copied from
Chambers Cydopedia : " Giacouio Antonelli, a dis
liniruisbed cardinal, was bom on tbe 2nd April,
1800, at Sonllno, a village situated near tbe rou
tine Marshes. His father, a woodcutter, sent An
timelH to be educated at the grand Seminary of
Rome, where lie proved himself one of the cleverest
students of his time. He gained tbe favor of the
late Pope Gregory XVI., who named bim a preluto,
and gavebliu some excellent ecclestaBtical appoint
ments. Iu 1841. Antonelli became Undersecretary
ol Slate to the Ministry of the Interior; in 1844,
Second Treasure! ; and in the following year, Fi
nance Mlniatrr of the two Apostolic Chambers.
Pope Pius IX. having mounted Ibc papal throne in
1840, raised Aulouelii, duriug the next year, to tbe
dignity of Cardinal-deacon of St. Agatha alia 8u
burra. In 1848. Antonelli was President snd Min
ister of Foreign AlT.irs in a liberal cabinet, which
trained tbe famous Statutn or Constitution, pro
claimed lu 1848, tbe priucipal articles of which
were so very eoon eluded. Iu the (Ecumenical
Council, wbich began Its sittings in 180", Antonelli
showed great luct and ability iu restraining the
zeal and impetuoslly of his Impulsive master."
The SI. ton Gun nt Miocburyneoat.
Tbs great gun was Sred un tbe 27lh Oct. for the
first time with its service eharges and projectiles,
and, although there were many unavoidable delays
and one or ten bitches in loading, the performance
of tbe weapon has so far been all that eoutd be de
sired. Precisely at the hour appointed. Major Lam
bert, R.E., withdrew hit staff of sappers and navvies,
tbe last touobes baring been given to the heavy
railway on which the gun stands, and which gives
abuut 80 ft. of recoil with an iodine of nearly 1 in
30. At ten minutes past twelve tba bugle sounded,
a union jack was run up at the flagstaff as a signal
to the range party, and tbe wire being connected tbe
spark was transmitted, and ererybody sheltered
tbeir cars. There wars two distinct explosions, one
small and one great, the f irmer due to a discharge
through the axial rant, and tbe latter, of course,
to the discharge from tbe muttle, Bat physically
enormous as was tbs sound it was by no means so
painful as in the case of smaller guns, snd more than
one old artillerist who heard the 81-ton gun for tbe
first time said promptly that he would sooner Are it
in a casemate than either the 38-tonner or tbe 25
tonner. Tbe shot flew beautifully and remarkably
steady, and at iu first grase struck the ground about
4,500 ysrds off, tbs time of flight being 113 seconds.
A regular geyser of mud and water rota from the
spot of first impact, and the huge shot went ricochet
ing along, trending to the right fur several miles,
until its skips were at length hidden by distance and
deep water. The artillery officers teemed to think
tbat the shot left nothing to be desired : tbe recoil
was only 21 ft., and tbe carriage stood the shock
perfectly. Ashore, however, the discharge was less
pleasing ia its effects. Many windows were broken,
ar well in tbe officer's quarters as in the more adja
cent huts occupied by the married soldiers, and even
in tbs village wbich has grown up round the School
of Gunnery. The plate glass front of the chief local
tradesman and postmaster was broken, although it
is 350 yards from the gun and is a quarter of an inoh
in tbickness, aad one'of the great gates of the school
was burst open, tbe padlock being broken by the
force of the shock. Trade Journal.
Civil Engineering.
and Surveyor, iireprxl to undertake Land sor
v eying in all iu brtvocbes. Maps conatxiJctd with full
details. J. (formation given la regard to the quality of
soils, am! tbeir adaiptioii for ruitivatiou, taking into con
aideration locality, aecesdti1lity, etc.
WATER LKAl)s. Ksli mates given In regard to stxe,
coat, and capacity, and amount uf power furnished by
same for macnloery. q
ROADS AND BRIDOBH. Plans and estimates made
with a view uf obtaining: the best results wfth tbe smallest
He Is also prepared torsive instruction on tropical culti
vation. Address tbe above through the Honolulu Post Office.
u dim)
Columbia River Salmon.
In Barrel and half Barreli :
OATO II T3 3sr X 8 7 O.
For Sale by
For Sale by
(21 BOLLK3 at CO.
1,000 SACKS OF XXX !
From the best MB Is In the State.
For Sals by
21 BOLLE3 at CO.
Oregon Fresh Apples.
100 BOXES.
For rials by
Ms. Kditos. What is the trooble with the writer
of "Bhosghta on EdccatioaT" Ilescems vary ranch
exestnsasl with the idea that the pnpils cf oar schools
are chastised, and ha shows his " good ssase." his
"common sense," par hap bj preferring eAawvea to
cAastue ; and he chastens himself by going to church
a very easy chastening, ssrely 1 Bat tbe case!
Re ware, O je teacher, bow ye spply the oane. Ton
may raise it, bat stop there, least yoa spoil tba
character and spoil tbe Tatars of the child. While
yoa stand with the cans upraised, remember tbs
words of the astute edueator, that " morality is a
very good and powerful disciplinarian," and drop
the cane and administer a dose of morality, or else
cbastea the child by tetiding him to church. Thus
will you ascaps the remorse far having spoiled his
character and his future.
Makawao, Nor. ?8, 1870.
To the EDtrna OAxaTra : Dcab Sir, Those who
st a low altitude snd In substsatial buildings, ex
perienced the storm nf Saturday night, can hardly
appreciate the charms of tba situation enjoyed by
the members oftha Government Survey encamped
un tbe most barren and exposed peak of Halsakala ;
tbey were almost st the mercy of the howling hurri
cane that threatened every moment to demolish their
frail taut, aad drove the heavy showers with uch
force against it that everything inside books, in
struments, blankets, aad tent eqoippage, etc. was
completely saturated. Added to this was the pleat
ing temperature of 40 and the absence of fuel (if wa
except a small box wbich was sacrificed) which ia
daoed the party, after a brief council of wer, to start
for tbs lower regions, where they arrived after a Are
hours' wslk in a stats of mingled disgust and dilapi
dation. Those who are suffering from aa over
wrought idea cf the pleasures of camp life are re
quested to try s night on the mountains during a
kona storm. Ose orrss Srsrsrsism.
H. i.. ium:.
holt TB AIT
Ootmopolltan Photograph Gallery, (4 andM Fort Street,
Honolulu. Rl-Ilm
algned will be most happy to wait upon those wishing
First Class Photographs!
Honolulu. Dec. let, 187( 421 Itn
For Lease.
al Pt'AA of Kahanul, MoloKal, near nr. Myers' ranch.
The land Is suitable for cultivating cane and bananas.
Area 1.400 acres. For further particular Inquire of.
1.4t 1.0NOWAI1I.NE. Lebalna, Haul.
Insurance Notice.
el(D Marina Insurance Company, (Limited), baa re
ceived iostructioi'S to r.tlttee Ike rates of lnsursnce
between Honolulu and Ports io tbe Pacific, and Is now pre
pared to Issue Policies at the lowest rates, with s seclsl
reduction ou freight p.-r steamers.
til ly Agent Brit. For. Mar. Ins. Co., Limited.
Holiday Books.
now opening for sale by
Miss Bird's Hawaiian Archipelago
For Dale by
(ii n. at. wHrr.v e y .
A Tour Around Hawaii.
A few copies or this work by Ellis, with all the original
Illustrations and maps.
Mies Mary Anderaon'a Scenes In the Hawaiian Islands,
llo.tr.kted. For Sale by
Oregon Pilot Bread.
In Small Cakes.
For sale by
California Lime & 'White Brother'
JLs By. For sale by
For Bale by
TWO- t HA V AS A SeUaAP I And a food quality-
Manufacturing Jeweler!
Mr. Kckart, bga to Inform riUiena of Honolulu and
the public gx-nermlty, that he has taken the store on Fort
Street opposite Odd Fellows Hall, (formerly occupied by
Thns. ranuatt. where hr will give special attention to the
man u&ctu ring and repairing of all kinds of Jewelry.
Particular attention giren to HheM and Kuknl Work.
aw Will g uarantr satisfaction in all bis work.
050 US WM. M. W'FiNNKH-
American, English and European Manafaetorrn. Supplies
to dealers tbe largest variety of General Merchandise offered
by any O.NK HoUB IN THE WOULD. Every dealer
hould have a Catalans from this House as some good'f in
every line are supplied.
nOUSKSToronto 48 and 0 Tonte ot .; Moalreal, 1M
and 198, McOill it; b ndoa, 00 Queen Victoria St., K. C
Sheffield Beaver Works.
Forwarding aod Comml'slnn Agencv,
slon seems to prevail In the Islands that paddy, be
cause of not being named Id tbe Treaty, is not adrnlssabJe
free of duty. This Is erroneous Paddy being nothing
eta? but Rice, tbe Introduction of the word would have
been superfluous. All the paddy that baa arrived at this
port since tbe promulgnUou of the Treaty has been ad
tultted free without question.
Parties deeiroun of shipping Paddy to this market are as
sured that It will be admitted free of duty, and hulled and
dressed in the best possible manner and on favorable
terms by WM. M. ORBKNWOOD.
Oeoeral Commission Merchant and Proprietor of India
Hire Mills, Sm Francisco, CaL fli9-3m
THE went baa long been felt of a good useful Family
Piano, to meet this want tbe Thai berg Piano is now intro
duced Into this market and the pa ti on age of the Public is
conddendy solicited. These are made ol a uniform
Full Seven Octave Solid Iron Frame.
4IVERMTBU.e Baas Carved less FLoarjd Front Cor
ners, gerpanUne Mouldings and Double veneered Bass
wood Oases combined with CLE 4 If VIM UHH and
KU HXMIIJ TON E. BEAUTY of finish and ot
Most Celebrated Make I
Pl'RCHAMERH may therefore order these instru
ment with confidence as each is fudy warranted. Aa
these instruments will be largely uaed iu schools and
C onvents, special Inducements will be given to purchasers
for such purposes and also to Clergymen for tbe use of
their families.
It may be asked bow It la possible to supply a GOOD
Warranted PI ANOat about one half the price frequently
charged. Tbe answer U plain. There are no large show
Rooms to keep np, no grand Music Hall's to maintain and
no expensive travelling agents. To pay tbe Piano, cua there
fore be offered to the Public at Bottom price. The
Mottoes of tbe Thai berg Piano an
A Piano for Eoery Family
With Large Sales, and
'Gainst Dear on Credit.
THE special points of advantage of this iajJlTRU
Workmanship, Uniform quality, Full, guaranteed rlcnaees
of Tone and aoDUAfE PRICK.
Sample, of these Pianos aad fall particulars can be ob
tained from H. M WHIT .EV,
Agent of the Toaiberg Pianos for the Hawaiian lalaada,
N. B. Parties residing on any of the other Islands can
hare Photographs of these Instruments furnished on ap
plication, lyr
In cap, post and pocket styles
American Excelsior and Perpetual Diariea
In great rariety. for ladles and gents
aT Prices vary from Met. ta fa. 00, according to flnbb
surf style of binding.
For San Francisco.
Captain Grinned.
Will hare Quick Dispatch for the above Port
lor Pt eight aud Passage, apply to
(II H. HaCKFBLD at CO.. Agsnla.
Pacific Mail Steamship Co's San Francisco,
Australia and Mew Zealand lino
CABelLL. I'avatHannrlrr.
Will Leave Hoisoluln ror
Kandavu, Fiji, and Sydney, N.8.W.
Connecting at Kandavu with Company's eleeuier for
AUCKLAND, N. Z., PORT CH A t.sf KH8, and tntermediste
On or about the 14th of Dec.
For Freight and Passage, and furlher Information, apply
to rsea: h. SAcsystn a co., Agem.
Pacific Mall Steamship Co's San Francisco,
Australia and Sew Zealand Line.
FRRRIES, toiiiinan.ler.
On or about Jan. 2nd.
For Freight and
apply n Sr
ia nr anv further Information .
II. HACKFBI.D aid. Ageata.
steamer mmm
Wednesday, Dec (, 4 r at
returning Saturday
Monday, Dec 11, ft r a
Moiular, Dec IS. i r M .
Monday. Dec 24, i T u
On stona trips the Steamer will go aa far
Circuit of Kauai
ii .
On all Windward Trips the steamer will leave her wharf
at 5 : all trips to Kauai, win leave at 4 r at On down
trips the Steamer will uot leave Kawaiaae before 10 a. ii.,
Makena aa per notice on up trip, Slsalaea Bay not before
7 a.m. Any change from the above will be advertleed.
Star ( credit Car PavsMara Maaiejr. -ssa
Tleketa at the oflsee essljr.
No berth will be considered aa taken until paid fci. Not
responsible for unmarked Baggage or any Freight or Par
cels unless receipted for.
Freight Money Dn. sa Demand,
(tar An effort will be made to have the steamer reach
Honolulu on the evening of the same day she leave. Maul
Orncs with Wilder A Co.. corner of Fort A tiueeu streeta
It asAfa. IM ILE!
Will have regular dispatch for Kaaal, as above, until
further notice, ST Fret tit and Paasenftra taken at tbe
BOLLES ft CO.. Agents.
P. 8 This t panel has just been thornncbl repaired
newl-ycoppered. and pot In In perfrct order. s '3
C. Brewer A Co. Agents. JjBL
favorable arrmngsnsntc can alwata !, sx3fr
made foritorage and shipment of OH, Pcne, Wool, Hides and
other Msrebsadlse to New etodford, Boston, New York aad
ther Kaatera Ports. Caah Alliance- mad.
C. Brewer A Co. -Agents.
Merchandise received Storage Free and
liberal cash advance! mads oa shipments r.v Mils line.
593-17 C. BRBWKR A CO.
per Mail from the celebrated
Glasgow Iron Work nf
Messrs Mirlees, Tait, aid Watson,
Exact particulars of the cost of
Of seventeen different rapacities ranging
1BS0 lbs Hugar to 1 Hours stt at CssaS of a?70.
to a 1'lrst.claMs Vaeaausa Pan Plus
to ggjaete 19 Tone or Sugar la IS
Hours as a tost of Ail. 170,
Uelleererl la Wlasgr.ar.
Tbe undersigned are prepared to receive order, for
men mncblnery. and Io arrange far freight uo same to as
shipped by a Near Iron Clipper Sblp now bnlldlog
in the Clyde of 1000 tons burden, to
Lestve Ulaas3r.fr oa or nbont she 154h .1
lVbrunry SnatS.
N. B. Orders for all kinds ot Machinery and other
European inerchand;se to be shipped by tbe above v easel
shnuM be sent to the nndrrstgned doling tbe month of
September or not Ister than October lotb. aV Hale of
freight arranged for.
43l-3m F. T. LSSKHAS at (as.
Xuuauu St., Head sf Chaplain Lanes
First Class Butcher Shop !
ON THURSDAY, November 16.
Orders .111 be received oa the evening of lbs lAth.
A. ii ci Ships
Sr pplied os nra taST REASONABLE
TKBMS. So eipense will be spared Io procure
Cattle. Sbeep, Poultry, ate, from tbe Best Harris In the
Country. An Orders tor nab. Vegetables, aad other ex
tras, arm meet with immediate attention.
We bope, by Strict Attention to Business, Cleanliness
sad rotiieneas, So Merita Share of lbs Public Pslmaags.
Meats Delivered in say Part of the City
aar Aay mlsta-ss made, or aay taolt to be foand with
the Deliverers of Meats . Ac, the Proprietor will thank lie
parties giving information.
Best of City and Country Besereacss gives.
Barrels, ists.
For Male by BOLLES A CO.
I lbs Bnal asaasaaaa sf Sk tl.
as I seal a with ass wSJ aaaassaaV ar
On i
aad K. Mtr.os,
R H. Hoyd,
with M.7M U, and .-redh lhimaer.es wttb RVM.Sa. mm
SBK ask taav aanae mm aaisai.i.o asas ussy .
the lr.i.'. and .rVrrl so deliver err tbs I
perty to tbe persona ttr
It IsnrnVrrd that Till
sr. a t. im. at ata
tasCosrt llou.e. In
hearing aai.1 ammnle ail pttttloa
may appear and abow caoas. If any tbey saw a, way uas
same annum out oe a'.mvea.
Honolala U. L, Deceanber lUk. UTS
kiteac : j aaaas. as uas
Jlto. K. RAajvant, Clark.
miMltttas ma'dayfATCA-
o'cbaaSaVsii.. as Bay asaui. as
7 LAnue. ia rmraw. I aaaas af
Iatanda. In tbe mailer of tbs wai ol laaass atia.il. sees
of Honolulu, deceeard. Ortlar apprnling lima for assaaaas
of will and directing publleatioa of nolle of tb asas.
A ilocumeat. purporting to h tbe bus sHU aad taeeav
saent of Antoa MsjoH. deceased, bavbag ess das Sua
aar of November. A. 1, 1ST. rare, peia.alad to sett Pes.
bat Court, and a oelltton for tbe rinses. UWrawf. aaaS BBT
the laauance of Liters iretamentary to alanorl PVo, to.
Ing be-a taVd by Maawal Plro.
It to hereby ordered, tbat gOSDAT, tb 1Mb dar as
DK IMBKH. A. Ik 1ST., as I. sllss. a. as . f aaaS
day, ai IbeCoort Rot.ro of aaM Court, at Ike Coart Heeas.
in modoiuis. be and the aaav a. h.reby i
urue lor proving aaKi will and Bearing
when .nil where an, rwraue uiterr-aOHl
cob teat tbe aald win. aad tb green, of unaars I
II b farther ordered, thai aetlrs thereof k gtva by
fiiuiBBiiuu. iui wir.-.. lurrrwn w.ck,. In the k tl
ano Hawaiian I . aaette, i.ew.papm armted and
"""" t -rabies s
Issued io the sabernhiog wi Ureases as aid wui. aad k tb
heirs of lb testator In tola Rtrtsdoaa, to iiai al tb
nine appointed.
liatcl Honolulu, tl. I . the JTIk Mswoaw. Is!..
A tint : Chief Jostles af tbs
Jan. E. Baautaab, Usrt.
A R. AllaXaT.
Ssprrm Coart,
Islands, Janaary arras. A D. ISTS. In Ibr n aiSai
of the petition of Msbs i w) and 1 amass I ft). Bar baa.
hand to quiet title. In certain land claimed by rbt of lav
bertunce. Before Mr. JuaUce J odd.
On reading and tiling the Btltla of Mob SI rat aaaS bar
tiuabsnd Namomiik) of Kallua. dattrtct of If liiSagsSl.
Island of Oaha. cl.le.lns title Ly right of Inbrrrtsnr Ik lb
of rtTtam land, ttuut. .1 in at kailua. '--Ing tb lawd 4
arribed in Roysl Pahaa. numbered IMS. graated aa gain
un in WI, and aattbig forth tbat tb aaM liaaewala far)
srlzed aod iuaas.il il of aaM land, thai aba died ink
at kai.i Kailua, aboet the year A. r.
process to claimants and for a d-cra i
Mahot (), i be en tried to. eld land 1. wbas or as aar.
Itaerderad that 'I k'EMLiA Y tb aaalb day of JAMA
as, a. is. ii i, o ami nereny a app,
aald petilloB bafore BsM Juatlc of tb
tbe nest regular lerau f tb bataras Csort, as
at tne nan nnuae at llonolnlu, at whk-h un and aaae
all parsons eoocrod may apaaakr and aboar eaaa if any
tbey bave, why said petition should uot be granted. Aad
that ibl. notice be publhsbed In Honolulu. In tb ItSSJSBBb
language, m lb Hawadaa liaaeilr. awansaaswr. aad la taw
Hawaiian langnagr. In Iba Kaokra awarssaaawr for ac aam
than three weeke bafore tb Mm day of tb sakt arm as
the Supreme CearL
Xbued Honolulu. H. L, Xoremhr ISU. A. C ISTS.
, snd prsyaag
MSaaaatsa lb
sij at
Jti.Ui of liir I
ccrsESK corsT or thi
k 7 isiauils, oabu. April Term, A. D. 1S74.
kal, Mbebtnt for dtrore. va L c. Yoat g.
Io lb abova enUUed libel fbr divorce. II a l
tnat a decree of iHvnrr from tk hoad SJ I
entered la favor of the aald a.
desertion sf tbe aald L. C. Youns. to h
after tbe ex at ratio af ata sasoika fraaa tb das af ika
oiree upon compliance wttfc ik levsas ikslset aa
aomclent cana abail appear to tbe coatrary.
And tbe Libelant la ordered to poolers, aa attested e
of tba order In lb Hawaaan ilasetl and Kaatoa aar i
aocoeaaivr weees, ihe nrat
mooib from Ibe daar of tba i.r.trr. Ik, ail paa
trreste.1 may within .1. muothe abow rasa why I
cree ahould not be made ahaolote.
iiy.ibe Coairt. (skraed) W.Lras sv I
I h.reby eeruTr Ibal th. Area-ohg a s use aad I
copy ox tbe crbpaau ascsss la lb abov .akllail oaaa
now oo Bis In Ibe clerk's office of tb nanresu Loan of
the Hawaaan Island.
A. wim ea- my band aad ike Head af lb. flapi I aas Oaatrt
thu Slat day of .Vu.rmL.r. A. U. 1STS.
Jaa K. SUaw. a.
ali-6t CWrhof ibe napresa loon.
af 1IK4 I IT tOt RT or THR
CIAL Clrctill. Walmr. llaw.U.
A. D. 1STS. Nsaaaha w . Ubrlalil
Kaa (Kk
In the shore entitled libel for dfrorcs It a aar.
tbat a decree of dlrorce from tb bead of Mask,
entered In Avror of lb said Nauiaha w;,. of tb
the aooltery or roe aafcl km k , lo b i
tbe eipirallou of sis muni ha from Ike dale of Ika
upon compiance with ihe terms ibrrvsf.
csnse anall appear to the contrary.
And Ibe llbellant la ordrred u. pablaUk ai
of ihta ortler lu Ihe i lov.-rt nt Uasette and KB
six Burcesalrs week.. It.e first t
one month from tbe date of tbto urder. tbat ail Bwrawa
interested, mav within ata montba abow caaa wby aaaj
decree aboedd uot b.- mad abaolak.
Dated at Wabnea Iba Utb day of Sovesabsr. A. Is. l;s.
By Ibe Coart. FBabcai isrsjscaa. Clerk.
A true aod con ret copy of lb orglaal ordsr a II.
Kusra srmaoaa.
2nd Clerk. 3rd Judicial Circuit. Wabnas, HawwaL stast
lor dlrsrs. vs.
CiRrrrr (out of the third ji di.
CIAL Circuit. VYalmra. llawaiL !larassbr lares,
A. D. IH7S. John Ball, Libelant for dlvere. vs. gsaak
ala iwk
In the abors entlllcl libel fordlrorc. II a I
tbat a decree nf divorce fro.n Hw- homl of i
entered In favor of th. said John 11.-11. of tk. e
ful and utter deserting Air tb term ol lba veer, of lb
aald k a w ala la io he made abs.N'nte after lb essassaas. of
sir mnntlis from ihe dale af ihla decree up
with IBs lira, thereof, soiree sorlrlanlc
u Ibe contrary.
And the libelant It order, to j
of Ihla order lu the llawaaail I
successive weeks, the Aral popllcattnn to b wlibts a
month mini (be dak of this order. Thai ail pevasaas a
ferreted may within u montba abow casta why aaat d
cree ahowld not be mad ahsobsl.
Usfed st Wsbnea tba I lib day of November, ista.
By th Court Pa. arts brasfesa. Clark.
A true copy of the original order on gl la say aka
Fmaacas nrsuscsa:
2nd Clark. Srd Judicial circuit. Watmes, HawaaL stsdi
inbl.ah an attested r.',r
it. a.- .I gafca
i'llli l lT (OI RTor THE THIRB JI PS-
s. CIALCn-ruil Walmea. Hawaii
A O. l its. Thomas Clara, libelant
Kel no.
In the above entitled libel ft.r Jirorc, Is a s
tbat a decree of divorce from tbe bond of mairtanvay a
entered In Akvor of to aald Tboaa. Clark, af uW caaaa
of the adulury of tk a.kl Keaao. us be aailt sksaass. asass
tbe expiration of ats montba from lb date af Ika drr,
upon compliance with Ihe terms iheresf. Balsa. SBBBBBBBB4
cause shall appear lo tb contrary.
And tbe llbrllaat la ordered to publab aa aueesed easry
of I lita order in lb Oovarsmnl (await and g .nk a. SS
six soccesare weeks, th- Aral public alio at a wltbaa BB
month from lb date of tba order. Thai all k
teevsted may within alg sanaiaa bw ssas wby aaad -cree
should not be male abauiute.
Dated at Waimea thta Uth day of w0asbr.IaTa.
By the court. Faawcxa BxaC!
A true ropy of tbe original order on SI Ms asy aab
FBSVCM i.r.i.
sisjli 2nd Clark. 3rd .udsrial (Ireau. Vb'aasa
Ii the ism i i r foi arr or rat i
A Judicial Circuit Walmea Hawaii. Xovembar bass,
irs. a K. Hapal, l ibelant for tUrorr. va Harrwi
In Ihe above entitled llbl fur dlvorr. II a a.a
that a decree ,1 divorce from the bond of i
entered lo favor of tba sbag C. k Haps
of tbe adultery of the aald llarrk-i
made absolute after Lb eiMrsSaa ol ata arks ml Ika
i as, raaa i a with tbs trrsss laarswag,
shall appear b. th rowtrary.
And tbs llbailanc it eued to
of iba order lu the llawauan Uaarthr asat Km
successive weeks, ibe first publication is be wltbaa aw
tb daas af ababa
antaiael b
of th eaass
lerested may within els montba abow
cree should uol be made abaoroi
By tor Court Ps.xcas
A true aaasj of the ghsksal Saaaag file lu
Faaacat ara
ind Clerk, Jrd Judkasl (Ircnlt, Walmea, Hawaii.
M W A I IAN Islands Of tb October Trsa, A V.
Ah Nee, Llbellant. va Hebeka, I,. libalkce. Lib
divorce. Thursday lbs ISSb day af ClrSabir. WIS.
In tbe above ealitlad libel for dlrorce. aJkvx s rati I
Ing of tb testimony by the cart, !t bordered iksu a as
of divorce from lb bond of maulatoay a. as Sea
favor of lb, aaid Ah IS, lor tb eaaa af da Ben
of th sail ins,k)ksaasdBslBiisSinaiiBalsi
nfslx ma.ua from ihe dale of Ika OVcre. BBo. l
pllance Slh kb barms tbereeg, ualrss aadarw! caaaa
pear to tbs coatrary.
And Ihe Ilk I.B 1 1 b ordered lo pnbiah aa ssssakal I
of tba order lb abb Hawaiian naasli aaad K Bakes m
papers, for am sneeeralre .asks, lb ana jiikgaaaiB I
within one month from tba data of tba order, thai all
anus in Le rested may wttbla ata month shoes caaas
saSS dsei es abraslrt box b msds abasias.
By tbe (swart. Jack X. a.ssias.
I hereby crufy Ibal tb Parsgiilag a s trs aad
copy of lb original rrs a lb akarr e a titled
now on Die lo lb Uant'i
As Witness Sky head this 2Mb day af
S7S. (414-411 JSO. B.
Corner Port m Merchant 8ta.
For X3. O. Ta.-JXrH.Y,
Ladies1, Misses1 and Children's
fllll Mils ' 1 w- aa.
dks sn
For Lease,
Tkal asla-SSSBal mm
tat a retail or wkrjleaais i
" W"..t,A.II.
Or A A
HnHka, Oct. 24. 1.74.

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