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Ir H i I Ra suv-ear tk. Elnc u Mb th. M
kt.s art-it to be Mtetatrr of Car Interior.
T I HAmm leelgsed
r. Cum to ta- Hlaw: of Foreign
X s . , v , Iv h. Btlolaler of
i Job K. Walker. reaaTned
s numoi bk lixrwt Ustne-
f W. i. .-..., isaaiiiiil
ISo'essr noon. tl.
IS77 will hs- o!d at
tlr bajheat b.-ldrt.
Fli i : w K F-sr-leerer;
SB. vw Ho k.,aaie
iBiibi ; Msn aw nam; aai Bi m
BB, In Umw. fT
aM. ipnoiMaTfaia
ft Aa Ui far aai
1 aa wet I n. nn.i
TV- Hkaa( Aaa 1 1 1
a- aajka fei are taK. demur
ass .aa-. ' .ar- .
la4' aad
tlec dMrtrtnf Ilonolulo.
arL - tor dtatrtrt of Koo.
. Oabu. at an
for tar rear 177 will he
1. in tin district.
latter pan tif the
ami Wallakii at an U-
ro Taw other dt.:n" at an
place of Bale will I. given In
of Man: . t.-
OK (Saturday, tlx- Srd Oar of rVbrtlary, l77, at twelve
o'clock noon, at AWolanl llooa . will be rnmlfl at puMIr
aactlon tn tor tiaThoat bidder for caab. that tract or parcel
of land situate on the north corner of NUDatn anil Queen
streets. In the City of nonolulti, knna-n as Ihc " Everett
Premises' Plan of the abovs may brawn at the In-b-rWOffla
The p rope ray will be pnl up hi throe ri) Iota, and poT
rhaarr. will be required by the term" of their title deed!
to erect on the several Iota I If they build at all) aubatantlal
Are. proof atone or brick buildings within three years lrocn
the above date.
kiitiister of the Interior.
Interior Ofrsre. w0. 1, IB7.
jrtaaaw. B.asm. ssag., a Sim
s'. H Bsg III., aaa Isermtt Mserlfr of Maul .
Bl ill Wm Wafrtara. ane Hceow fur Mskawao.
a at ila kma . laaaaly aaa of llaw.U one
I - - Kaaaa. aaa..
. MarTT... beaatv SberUT. Hawaii : one
BTBraa. aTa... BaciBT of Kaaal : one Hern, for
AJaae aad Kaaav
J. HOTT "stlTH. Mlatner of the Interior,
laiewrwv. Dec C !!..
T aaa saasssasd aaa Majaavj Use Kaaf to appoint the
f eiiaa lac liawata. Oaiaaaaen. In anrnrdance with
a I III I by (be aaaaaatW AawanWy. Hapt.
I I taa.li a aVa. at. B. Oastle. C. U. Blab op.
aker. H B Pare and Bs-r. M. Kaaea.
at libaan aaa am an Ta aU the devekaaaaenl of
V a uaa H A Valeaaaan. and 11. X. Whitney,
laaaa faa. mar. 4. 1(7. 121
Tile rentilt of tlie Presidential election was
I still involved in (iimbt ot the latest dale from
i San Francisco, with the probabilities strongly
; in favor of the choice of Hayes aud Wheeler
by one majority. South Carolina has cast her
vote for liayes by ten thousand majority, and
it is thought that both Florida and Louisiana
have done the same, by majorities not far from
three or four thousands.
Expiring- in Dec. 1876.
i. t A lea
; eat . Naaanii at.,
t aam Ta. Vaham.
SB iSSa. KaSlt-"
Caaa Baaa. aiilii. Kaaa
JC at Law.. Baaaaa at.. Boaalaln. Oaao.
t KaaVlSa.ns.at. Boaolulu
K. Jaaej . ISa-aX. a
f Bl .
m B-apambiwa. No. Uaaad
Bat all. No at -
a. a l i va . No at a
Kav N. aad ai.
l...,e . vk , v
Joaa aahla. Na. B. K I
at: su. m. iss. Bt. i.
7-1.. .,
Tar BlUFlal Baaeeeaaaraa aalal
HI II 1 mmm wtU be rtuaed
aaamtsa. TllllaH 2v firtauna.
Wk conpratulate the country in having a
(.'abinet which meets the approbation of all.
We have heretofore had plenty of honesty,
and conservatism, and even nonentity and flat
ness ; but now His Majesty has shown his
discretion in yielding to the popular demand
for enterprise and action, and has commis
sioned a Cabinet which is abundantly able to
supplement with positive virtues all the nega
tive graces of past administrations. On
Thursday of last, week it was definitely an
nounced that the following gentlemen had
been invited to take office, and had uccopted
the same :
Hon. J. Mott Smith, Minister of Interior,
Hon. H. A. P. Cauteb, Minister of Foreign
Hon. J. M. Ka I'Kna, Minister of Finance,
Hon. A. S. Habtwkll, Attorney General.
The new Government is composed of men of
the highest integrity and ability, who have
for many years been favorably known in the
country, and who have long tailored to pro
mote its interests. Dr. Smith, who is nomi
nally the head of the Cabinet, has resided
here during the last twei.ty-five years, and
during the reign of Kamehameha V., was for
some time the Director of the Government
Press, from which place he was promoted to
a scat in the Cabinet, holding for two or three
years the office of Miuister of Finance. The
fXTifia c then acquired will doubtloss be of
much value to himself and the country at the
present time.
Mr. Carter is of Hawaiian birth and New
England ancestry, and is well known to be
one of the most talented men in the Kingdom,
whether native or foreign. Among the many
agencies which combined to gain for Hawaii
ri . trt. tl Reciprocity Treaty with the United States,
i-a. n. is. MB. m. its. u. Ins efforts in the diplomatic capacity of 8pe-
,Cr- ' IM rial Pleniiuitoiitiiirv frrni. cur I ;. .vr,,., t
of land Immediately I , , , ,
braise at BaltUU, containing 12-10 , wm ovur 110 aCKUOWICdged a8 among tllO lore-
Mr. Kn)cna is a native Hawaiian, and owes
his appointment in part to the general desire
among the natives that their race shall be re
presented iii the Government. But aside from
the matter of nationality he is a man of fine
abilities, and has occupied the positions of
newspaper editor, circuit judge, and, for the
past year or two, the more responsible office
of Governor of Maui.
Mr. HartwcJI, who now resumes the Attor
ney Generalship hold by him for a short time
in the early part of His Majesty's reign, is a
lawyer of considerable experience, and is pos
sessed of a fine and highly cultivate! mind.
Coming to the country about ten years ago to
assume the office of First Associate Judge uf
the Supreme Court, lie lias been constantly
growing in popular esteem, and confidence,
and is universally acknowledged to be the fit
test man in the country for the duties upon
which he now enters.
The new Administration comes into power
at an important juncture in the history of
Hawaii. Vast opportunities are opening up
liefore us, giving the present Government a
chance -which we are confident it will im
prove to do incalculable good, aud to win for
itself imperishable renown.
Am. ra ,. Ba Mj. ha ul,.
I . BTnnar. Faaa&y atertei.
H AJaa.
at a baa.
owBaaaraavr. the lth
V of lay em bar, at 13 o'clock
wtn i. a Ad by aarUan pi the
aaa borderlnc on the na from al
aa attbar akte by Ue lota br4aocnt
Inurtor and Mr. Sfenry OHea.
ha will be aald separately for caab Map
t be am at Bay ttaie at the Interior Office.
known at the Utue of sale.
aUniater of Interior.
Oabce. NaT. 14. I ATS.
male af the above meoUooed Iota on Kalao
aaa m BmaBaABaa rni fnrtber notice.
J. atOTT MrTH. Mlnboer of the Iuterlor.
OBVcr. Dec 10. laT
a thbaaiy been appointed
lot I-abu. Work.
w. u MotcHOKra,
lain 1 1 of the Interior.
day Krbiiol..
the Atlnrdom.
. to M.AfhtyJaiiu.
of MBBaftB,
W. Jab Sautb. Secretary
rrth. iats. 2o
l alanar OaVa. tax. 3, aaaV
an atA. tar:, and Croat Uau dau (January stb,.
at oraer at tme Baard
National HolldA.
i aaa tar aerera! daya mentioned below.
throughout the
Mlnnrter of tin Interior.
November 5th. 1T
bare been duly appnlnlrd
b a) ronUai-n f.ir Ulmr
of aa -act in amend
protection of partlea to
by larBam I7 of the ("nil t-ode.
kavtfMr. A- 1. UK.' M aiiprored
A. IV ISIa. Tfct: The aeTmral com-
age, the reasons for which we leave to the che
mists to decide. This large tract is owned by
private parties and by the Crown Estate,
there being probably from six to ten thousand
acres belonging to the latter. Efforts are now
being made by private parties interested in
some of these fertile lands to obtain from the
Government the privilege of enlarging and
extending the ditch now in the process of
construction by the Haiku Sugar Company
and others, so that it will furnish water suffi
cient to irrigate several thousand acres per
annum, instead of the one or two thousand
acres for which it is now adapted.
A question of grave imKirtance is here pre
sented for the consideration of the Govern
ment, as to whether in a case like this it
expedient to vest so valuable a franchise in
private company or corporation, where it ma
become an oppressive monopoly, or to retain
it in its own hands, and farm out the wate
bv the year to all who BUT desire it. The
data necessary for an intelligent decision
not to be had at present, and can only be ob
tained in a comprehensive and impartial man
ner through the instrumentality of the Com
mission whose report, we doubt not, the
Government will await beforo coming to an
We believe there is a most admirable oppor
tunity presented here of testing the policy of
sugar culture by small farmers. Let the
whole extent of the aliove mentioned tract of
Crown land be divided up into farms of, say
one hundred acres each, which shall be leased
for thirty years to men who will engage to
cultivate them. These farmers will, of course
require water, and can well affurd to pay fiv
or ten dollars, or even more for it, per acre
In this way a community of intelligence and
thrift would be built up which would be of
inestimable value to the country. There
would be no difficulty in leasing a thousam:
of such farms, for let it onlv be known in the
States or Europe that there were such grand
opportunities waiting for the first comers, and
there would be ten times as many applica
t.. uis as could be granted in that regiou. And
why not? Ail industrious man with a family
of boys, or with the assistance of two or three
hired men. and half a dozen mules, could
easily plant and cultivate twenty acres o
cane a year, which would net him, after pav
ing the expenses of manufacture, $5,000 or
86,000 per annum. Probably ?M,U00 a year
B-ould cover all other expenses, thus leaving
a margin for clear profit, which we may safely
assert is obtainable nowhere else in the world
from farming operations of equal scope.
But very few have any adequato idea of the
amount of water which is furnished by the
windward slope of Haleakala. From Maka
wao to Hana, a distance of some forty miles,
there is a dense almost impenetrable forest,
several miles in width, in which originates a
large number of never-failing streams. It is
proposed by the company now engaged in
ditching to tap six of these streams nearest to
Haiku. But further on in Koolau there are
many more, some of which are of much larger
size than any of the six alluded to, so that
there is no doubt iu the minds of those most
competent to judge, that by a ditch of about
forty miles in length sufficient water can be
obtained in the dryest seasons for irrigating
at least ten thousand acres of land. The
greater portion of this country belongs to the
Government, aud it is very sparsely settled.
There are, therefore, but very few waler
rights which might jsissibly bo interfered
with by a tli version of the water.
Let us acquaint ourselves with the capabili
ties of the whole country of its arable lands,
of the average capacities of its niimlierless
streams, of which of each can be utilized by
union. We want to marry tho waste waters
of tho couutry to its barren plains that there
may be increase that they may bring forth
wealth. Let us have investigation, and let us
have full, minute, and accurate reports of the
latent resources of every district in the King
dom. Jfot till this is done can we have the
face to ask immigrants to came here with a
view of making their homes among na.
BaBBBaaai am aia 1 m the annexed datea.
rwfaeaT.br Ilh. (mat
aan Bal ill I ai I . Kama. oahu.
Tay. Kama. Caaba.
Ot ball 1 1 Htb. BBS.
J . WKaaaammkmm. Uaiaawma.
k K. bmlientaal Snath JBbbv
CaaaaAamaa. I abaoH" Baal
AT. T KaAaa. Laaaa.
Koeeeaarr th. I Id
Ik ST. SFIIooa. kaaae aad kotoa. Kaaal.
jiai i. lata, hbs.
JTWll i NlajAakaTMaat?1"1'
W. Ullaobun North Kohala. Hawaii.
a. Kama. North I
.'Be. avmnav Kaa. Hawaii.
t at. y I Waaaaa. Oaaa.
Ir, all aaBBB I wltk Ibe above mentioned htatnte the
TataBBIaA are at mraaeal the aaly peraaaa authors ed to
Bbbeb aan nUiaum i ilimiB for labor lathataBJ
BT Baaaaa Hi: o-' tar Cv kaaae.
W. 1. atOKHOXt'A,
aaaSBaS of the Inter.
laaaraa CaBce. Not Sa. IBS.
" ' bal ai I peraaaa bare been appointed
aba iiiaf lasaata, AST A
TTTmlmm JTaaaaaaaS?'
aaaaaataaa at "aSaWUT irabbra"'
Vaatalii I I hull Tbal. Bay Hah a.
SBmlaS l-J. W. rBlWaBB. k AUraoatrntat.
abaaaa-T. . TBarBe. J. Kaaaja
"aaaaTr at bj- K "aVjj?
m'SlT Aaaav WBB aatfeSaarawtk.
BBaa Beawy iabmaia. T
aaiw S. ILrali. S. W Wla r.8gka
rilBIl tnQ B ALSEB.
aBBBBBb TllBH IL aSaaaabat 'laTS. bn.
at ba III I I KB BTaJiIU the Chaf to appoint the
Jbb. O. BmaBaBB, Secretary.
I aUb laaaBa, aaSbV, ISM. SU
Itr vrlopment of our Resource.
Wo have already spoken on the importance
of this subject, and the necessity for immedi
ate action in the matter. One of tho last
acts of tho late government was the appoint
ment of a Commission under the provisions of
the law of September 25th, consulting of three
gentlemen B-hose interests have for many
years leen identified with those of the country
and whose well-kown devotion to its advance
moot is a guarantee that the work they have
to do will be performed with thoroughness
and energy. We hope that tho new administra
tion will do all in its power to expedite and
further such action.
As a prominent illustration of tho 'ork
which this Commission has beforo it, we would
mention the case of tho lands on the western
slope of Haleakala, now arid and unproductive
while a few miles away in Koolau on the wind
ward side of the same mountain, Nature is
daily precipitating into the salt sea millions of
cubic feet of fresh water. Was there ever a more
striking exhibition of the waste which is con
stantly met with in the natural world ? of the
opportunities which arc constantly presented
to the intelligence of man to combine these
squandered forces, and thus to bring about
order and wealth where only chaos and pover
ty exist. A little display of enterprise, and
the employment of a trifling portion of that
capital which is every day wandering further
over the wide world in search of investment,
will readily bring this superabundance ol
water onto these waiting, 1 thirsty lands, and
thus cause them to bring forth bountiful harvests.
We are informed upon competent authority
that there are probably not less than forty
thousand acres of land on tho western skirts
of East Maui, and on the connecting isthmus
between the two divisions of the Island, which
with irrigation, are capable of producing seve
ral tons of sugar to the acre. The greater
part of it is now absolutely unproductive,
being too dry the most of the time to even
famish pasturage for live stock. Experience
in other similar dry regions of the country
has demonstrated that soils which have for
long periods not been subject to the influences
of rain, are more fertile than those which are
constantly exposed to its washing and seep-
Tlie ProHpect 9t War Iu Kuropc.
Thk probability that a peaceful solution of
the Eastern question will lie reached dimin
ishes rapidly, and it becomes more apparent
that despite all declarations to the contrary
Russia is scckiug a pretext for commencing
j hostilities, rather than a means of avoiding
thein. The attitude of England is not more
conducive to the preservation of peace, for in
refusing longer to maintain tho indctieiidence
as well as tho integrity of the Ottoman Em
pire, Lord Derby hag virtually admitted that
the Turk is doomed, and that his subjugation
has bexxnte merely a question of time. The
prospect thus held out to the Porte is not of a
nature to render the propositions of the furth
coming Conference acceptable. If the Loudon
7m truly forecasts England's policy, she
docs not propose to resist tho Russian move
ments unless they are practically aimed
againBt Constantinople. Should the Czar con
tent himself with the occupation of Bosnia
and Bnlgaria, and rest satisfied with securing
the autonomy of those provinces. England
would probably refrain from interference. In
that case the power of the Ottoman Empire
would be so curtailed that the traditional
balance of power would be practically des
troyed, and though Russia might profess a
temporary willingness to hold her hand, the
solution would not admit of any permanent
cessation of the Muscovite advances. It
might be a question of years, but sooner or
later the two great powers, Russia and Eng
land, would come to blows over the possession
of Constantinople. It would therefore be
better for all concerned that the struggle
should be begun and ended now. There never
can lie any assurance of permanent peace in
Europe until it is decided, and there nGver
will be any guarantee for permanent progress
until Rnssian pretensions are held in check
by St. George's cross waving over tho castles
of Sestos and Abydos.
Should a war occur England will tako pos
session of Constantinople and make another
Gibraltar of it, and England is the only power
that can be trusted with that formidable posi
tion by the rest of Europe. Under the cir
cumstances we do not look with any hopeful
expectations to the results of the Conference,
believing that whatever it may do, war would
be a better solvent of the problem. Europe
recoils in natural reluctance from the trial
before her, and would avoid it: but the indi
cations are such as to convince disinterested
observers thst a period has been reached when
Peace cannot be purchased, and when there
remains but the one method of settliug the
Eastern question. Any war likely to happen
now is tolerably sore to end in driving the
Turks out of Europe, and that again is a con
summation devoutly to be wished, and worth
a war of itself. If England fights this time,
however, we do not think she will fight to
maintain the independence or the integrity of
the Ottoman Empire. Neither the one nor
the other is any longer necessary to Europe,
and the world is rapidly coining round to the
conclusion that the utter extinction of that
Ottoman Empire would be a very good substi
tute for the too long cherished balance of
If England fights, therefore, she must fight
plainly and simply to prevent Russia from se
curing possession of Constantinople. Pnt the
war upon such grounds and it would lie a
popular one. But the English stomach rises
at the idea of taking up arms against a
Christian power to prop up a heathen empire
which is falling to pieces by its own weight.
As for the report that Disraeli contemplates
the transfer of Sikhs from India to fight the
Russians, we regard it as a not very ingenious
canard. Disraeli entertains a good many pe
culiar ideas, but he has never yet given any
indications of insanity, and we never heard
that, with all his latitudinarianism, he prefer
red the Cresent to the Cross. England will
not make the mistake of fighting to maintain
the Ottoman Empire. Only on the supposi
tion that she should have the protectorate of
Turkey and the possession of Constantinople
would such an alliance be possible, and even
then it would be better for her to take advan
tage of Russia's advances to secure the van
tage ground she wants, without committing
herself to the support of Mahommedaii insti
tutions aud dynasties. On the whole, a better
time for war could not have been chosen, and
since the Eastern question can only be settled
the better. War is an evil, but aome war is
preferable to some peace, and Europe has
reached that peculiar condition now. Sacra-
mento Union-
last but not least, making them welcome In ber
cherry home in their lonely evening!. It if all dona
in a quiet way, and the iludentl are helped without
hurt, and keep a warm rpot in memory Tor the two
listen MU W. aad " Mill Jeame," when they
Ihiak of their bright fireside in after years.
Another lady, lie ing at cue in ber father'i house,
and keeping it for him because her mother has been
dead many yean, has learned both telegraphy and
book-keeping that she might teach them gratuitously
to poor yonng girls seeking a means uf being. I
dined at ber father' - bouse, and there met her sister,
Mrs. Swan, who was once a missionary in the South
of Siberia. I beliere she is the tirt wbite woman
who ever traveled entirely across that great wild
Siberian country. Iter husband translated the
llible into the Mongolian lanznage. Tbey were both
acquainted with the Ker. John Uuliek.
By tba way. I met at Miss Jeame's, imnag her
young men and sume interesting people, a little Mrs.
Jameson who is lately from Spain, and well acquaint
ed with one or two of the Ouiiek brothers there and
their families. Mrs. J. is tbe daughter of the late
Kritb Johnston, the geographer.
Now, G At rtte, I have over-run my limits, and
hare not told you about Miss Bird's book, and Prof.
Forbes, and Mr. Ilanoa. and Prof. Blackie, (and
so fodder," as my Herman master used to say. I
will save that till netl lime. Hoping that the letter
I am copying will nut begin to seem like the
" Widow's Cruise.'' h. r. c.
Mb. Editor; Di&it Sir, -It has itruck me ts
otnewhat lioKulfcr that do .-tens lure ever been
taken to secure fur tloonlulu a public library. Tbi
imtitutioD bo jastljr come t . be cnQitdererf ooe of
tbe moit prom.Dea t -f eilucatiog inflaences. Id the
oaitera Uoiled States, as is well kouwu, every eity
and almost every town ha. it library, more or less
complete, and very much of tbe high culture and cul
ture aod intelligence of the massei is due to tbis
fact. Free access to the best and most recent b-.oka on
science literature, art and religious is essential to
the bighestgood of any community. Allow me to say
that I do no1-believe there is any reason why Uuno.
lulu should not enjoy this privilege.
We are largely a reading community already. With
drawn from tbe allurements and ixoitements of the
ephemeral newspaper we have more time and incli
nation to seek tbe maturer instruction of books ; and
this healthful tendency would strengthen and increase
with increased facilities. Now all that is needed for
tbe attainment of a public library is perseverance
and patience. Let a subscription jper be started
at onee amongst our merchants and residents gen
Dear Oazettb, I think my last date to yon was erally ; let each give something, if only a few cents.
from the entrance to the tiois de Boulogne in Paris, i In this way a few hundred dollars (shall I say thou-
Th Clipper Bark
In ftbortlr- rxpected from PortlaiKi. and
Will have Quick- Dispatch for above Fort.
'. apply to
For freight or
r. c. WYmm !
Mbortly Uue from San Krancfv.i. will bar
Quick Dispatch for the above Fort
For Frelf tit unit Paasace, npplr to
ttl U. HAC'KPRI.D i "
European Correspondence No. 18.
where I was waiting for a friead who was belated by
some of those omnibus regulations, I was describing.
Well, I became so tired of waiting there that I con
cluded to take a little leap orer into Scotland, having
borrowed a pair of seven-leagued boots for the par
pole. Tbey took me to tbe Huston Railway Station
where I decided it would bo mure staid to return to
the ordinary method of travel, and so took train fur
Edinburgh. I may yet go back to London, perhaps
to Paris. 1 flu J the boots very convenient ; and can
now amuse myself with a " hop, skip and jump''
at pleasure, rather than to follow the beaten truck.
It makes me lazy, too, this easy-going kind of life ;
and so you will please pardon me if I send you a
very formal letter this time, a c-jpy, in fact, of one
written to a private friend who is more or less inter
ested in tbe people and scenes 1 visited :
y 1 Atkol C'resctnt, Edinburgh :
Is it not a pretty name tbe " Crescent ?" Kdin
burgb is full of such pretty names, wbicb mean
pretty spots, too. Terraces, squares, rings, etc.,
little green parks, shaded by trees and surrounded
by pleasant bouses, instead of long, dry, dusty
streets. Our friend's house faces the' Crescent. I
arrired here a fortnight ago, coming the long ride
from London alone. It seemed a formidable thing
to do at first ; but tbe guard was attentive, and tbe
company in my section not unpleasant. The latter
were females tho guard looked to that a little, per
haps. A couple of us were commended particularly
to his care. We had our chats together, warming
our feet, two or three cf us at once, on tbe queer tin
boxes of hot wattr that tbe porters put into the eoui
partujent, for the day was cold. My companions
took warmer oomfort, now and then, out of tbe flasks
of the real " Old Scotch," and offered it to me witb
polite urgency. These were women uf independent
means, of rank superior to the laboring classes, who
were met on arriving at their destinations by orderly
looking servants witb carriage and wraps. Teeto-
alism is not common in a country where good whis
key is so plentiful. The Scotch idea of women's
rights gives thorn freedom to use the men's beverages,
hough it restricts them about fitting tbemseivet for
the higher pursuits, such as the medical profession
for jnetance.
I found our friend, Mils , sick and confined
to her bed, but was met by cordial welcome by her
sister. Tbey meant it should seem like an " Island"
welcome; and they have provided for me amusement
and engagement every moment till I have bad t
cry " Hold, enough I" to get time to write to you.
must tell you about it as well as can white it if
fresh in my memory, for you know so many of these
charming people, by fame at least, thai I want to
write you about every on.
I am struck with the many instances of active be
nevolecce 1 set. It is like what we read of in Kng
lish books, tbe actual interest of the superior ranks
towards the inferior, and tbe gracious ways of help
ing them. Here is our sick friend busy on her bed
with her benevolent scheme!. The plan that inter
ests her just now is to provide a shelter where cab
men may tako a comfortable meal within sight of
their cabs, under a roof, and, in winter, by a fire.
Tbey are prohibited by authority from leaving their
cabs more than five minutes at a time : and they are
not allowed to sit in thorn, do matter how severe
the weather is. Miss provides means for build
ing sheds, near some one or more of tbe cab-stands,
but there is considerable "red tape," an J coosider-
ble conservative hesitation, I fancy, about intro-
ucing a new motion. Tbe thing has been now " on
ie carpet" many months.
(Later. I am glad to say that tbe thing is now on
the pavements, on rollers. If the city authorities
object to it as an obstruction, or that they have not
legal power to grant street room, it is only to roll
tbe building away to some other place. I believe,
owever, there is no fear of any such objections now
the matter is really tried.)
I find all tbe ladies I meet in Edinburgh engaged
some good work or other. Tbe duty of one was
to vis. t tbe dispensary at the medical mission, at a
certain hour and read and talk to the poor women
gathered there for froe medical assistance. In tbis
way Catholics are reached who are otherwise un
reachable. Many oases of distress are made known.
and worthy families receive substantial help. It is
by no means all " too much talkee," as some might
imagine. When I lunched with this lady she and
her sister were sewing on bright bits of fancy work.
Bnt when I was ihown to a side room' I saw the
tables covered with stout new clothing for poor chil
dren that those same busy lingers had made, while
the " pick-up work" lay quietly aside awaiting its
chance moments. It was a tewing society all to it
self in that honse.
At tbe Modioal Mission School there is a yonng
woman preparing herself for a nurse. I think she
intends to go to India.
Dr. Lowe, a former missionary in India, is con
nected with the rchool. I met him at lunch, and
fonnd him very entertaining, and still full of love for
mission work. It is the Dr. Lowe whose name yon
see in tbe Gaxsttb, advertising Cblorodyne. He
told me that Dr. J.CoIIU Browne had been very kind
to him and to the mission, before he returned from
India, in giving them Cblorodyne. Dr. Lowe con
siders it an infallible remedy for cholera if given in
the very earliest stages. Dr. Browne finally gave
tbe recipe to Dr. L. There was aome pleasantry be
tween tbetn about the " Caution 1 None genuine
without the words, etc," bat tbe proprietor assured
the recipient that tbe medicine be would make would
be tbe real thing, whether it was " genuine " ColUs
Browne's or not.
Mrs. Bonar, the wife of Horatins Bonar, was pre
sent at that same lunch. She and the Doctor told
some interesting anecdotes about young Hindoos who
have come at different times at attend tbe Edinburgh
University. There is one here now who is tbe ion
of a wealthy tnsn of high caste. He baa forsaken
bis father's religion ; but he bas not yet made up his
mind to write and say so, for that means disinherit
ance and degradation, and an immediate end to bis
educational pursuits for want of means tn follow
One lady I met had a fancy for employing ber
little fund in befriending homeless young men, stu
dents, artists, and tbe like, getting them free dinner
tickets, helping them to advantageous introductions,
begging a little here and there for " my yonng
men" whan their wants are beyond her pane ; and.
sand) may be raised immediately, let this consti
tute a " library fund " and be properly invested.
From time to time let some of tbe Ladies Benevolent
Societies aod kindred associations give a fair or
other entertainment in aid of the fund. Let some of
those who have sought and found wealth in these is
lands and now dwe!l in other lands be applied to,
and surely tbey will contribute something to so
worthy a cause. Let it once be known that there is
such a fund and testamentary bequest may be hoped
for, and all the while interests will be added from the
original suboriptions. Suppose tbe fund to amount
n five years to thirty thousand dollars. For one
third of this sum a convenient building could be
so arranged as to be made the wing of a larger build
ing as tbe library should increase. Another third
judiciously expended, would furnish a very tolerable
equipment ot standard books. The interest of the
other third would supply the best new works year by
year, and pay current expenses. Only get the seed
planted and time will surety bring it to the fruit.
Will some one else say somethingon this subject? I.
1877 New Year's Ball. 1877
ANEW TF.ll'H lltl.l, A It PROM E.VADE
i O.M KMT will be given on New Year'! Kveulni" at
The Hawaiian Hotel,
By a s.-i,.. t r;ommitle of young m- n uf Honolulu.
The in viiion will be handsomely decorated and lighted
for ilancltifr.
The ground, wilt be bA&uUfully illumlntated far pronie
UMilvn. K -rreHlimt-nU fu the D((ul, Had of file IIoteL
Parlnra and uthcr rnoma will be open Tor the gnesta.
As the Hotel is now tindi-r the new lease and under
going thorough repairs, no expense will N npared to malte
Ibis alTulr a pleaaaiit opening of a New Year.
Cultivation of Coffee,
Can obtain information by application to
SS II. -V 1 1 H KEN WEI.L.'or at
U Mraam. II. Ilackreld A Co.. Honolulu.
Swiss Lloyd Marine Insurance Co.
to iu.ura
On Cargo, Freight and Treasure
From Honolulu to all parts of tbe wurld,
and upon
Coaster, by Specliil Permiion !
Ou tbe in -t favorable
Tlit Fine BrlBtiitlne
( OXMItt. n ASTER.
Willha7e Quick Dispatch for the above Port
For Fretful and Cassaur., ayply
For San Francisco.
VVasStll M ai.inil
CapbUn lirlunell.
Will have Quick Dispatch for the above Port
Fur F'relxbtand faaaage, apply to
31 H. HACKFkXD At CO., Acuta.
Pacific Mail Steamship Co's San Francisco,
Australia and New Zealand Line-
T If K l" L i: N i i i) s r : v Ml I v
CARU1LL. I'oniinasstlar,
Will Leave Honolulu Bar
Eandavu, Fiji, and Sydney, N.S. W.
t'onnectlna at Kandavu with c'ornpany'a atearier for
A IX KLA.N1), X. I., II ill T t U A1.M t K.-i. and lutermetuatfi
On or about the 14th of Dec.
For Fritgbt and Pamag. and further lufurtnuibin, apply
to ;JMJ II. i.ACKFKL" A CO.. Ageum.
Ial.silllirafaaaaaa.afa I
trator arrounta, ' Baaaa,aav Baaaaaav
mmMC Htina. adatlalalliall arWB) BtearBs Jeaaraaa, at
with ej,7 M, aaa en
aak that th.
la. tra. ass
arrty to lae
It laorovr-l that Till
BT. A, U. 1.77. as 'et. a.
the Court lion, in Honalaas. I
lirarinC aalrl arroa.te aita p.tlilaa
ma.r appaar ana Shaw naa. AT ask
asm. ahiHil.1 n.t aa sasmval
Honolulu II. L. Hi, it MB..
a01 afB.! faM tlaay eaaaaar-afaajf IBJtBJA
CafatarVal tS d II f ff ' Wf tab MaBMlataaVg MBV
nrraon. ikrrrl. amAlra. aaaasr aa aai
HBaafBAW lit. aa. af J . .r . .
..Mar iaaia.ua, at
IB Bsv. Beat aaaa Ba
BTWa a ii
r UWy aa... akr taw
ItUat :
F- eaaBBBBa. CVrk.
C I 13k f BUBBi.
I FMXK f aM sTTl
lal.rara In tba
of Honolulu.
of will and Breerl. t paNk-aiiaa J aaesrr ..f ta. i
A iHa-unurtik, parpanaat W la. M ae aaa aaaa.
m.ntof .nloa. Maa.1. Ii 1 1 aai 4 aarkasj aa Sat T tB
aay of SmaVt, A. I. T aw pn anaa ta eaM ra.
I no- conn, and a pmbi Aw ts. pa-asua Ik nit aaa Bar
ii..- iwavuw ot it-ii.r. la
Ilia la-n Mai by Manaai lira.
II la hereby ordarad thai a (VXD ST Ca lata aa. . f
UFA KXHstn. A. IX ISTa. at taa riUf. a, aa. af aad
day. at Ibe Curt Beat f aad (. aan. at rha raart B I SB ..
in HonoMlln. n. ana t aam. u. a.r. .
tune rur pruritic a.m win
wlin md shw. any :
roatrat tb. .aid will, aad tba araauas at 1
It N rnnhrr r
puruV.Hnn, for threw -
noil Hawaiian
In Honolulu. Aad It la larthrr ardalad. tbaa I
oau-ii 10 in., i
bi-lra of th I
tuiii- aPDintrd.
Dated Honolulu. H. I., th Z7tb I
M.-iit ii in ax
.llirac i or Juaue. af ta 1
J so. K. naaisaaD. Clerk.
Si tbajii rum er tbi m.
lalanda. uaba Apnl Trras. A. l 17A
aatar ikaraaf ka r..a by
BaS m "
:niar iu aad . Ul. aad
lata IBgl IB. i .aaa
a !- C. T
In tbe above enUUad libel tar drratra. a a
mat a .1.-. r or illv.irr. fruaa la kaad rf
i-no-ran in rar.-r ..r to anq K ul aai il. tar
learrttoa of lb. BaM L. C Taaasj. b Is
after th. rimraUno of ail month, from taa
d-tree upon n aipnanr. with ta wrsaa
.iilliv-fti! I an
of IhB order la lb. Haw
tkw aaa -f
da, af KM
.nail appaar ta ta. raanary.
nelant la Old. lad aa aaaaaa - -
I aat B bai aa ia
raaa. why aahl da-
iimait. .,. ih. Beak
nioaith from the -lab- of that ordVr.
t.-n.tn! may within di month.
. r.-.- should Hot b.
lly,ine Court. , -snail,
I Hereby rrrUTy that th.
copy of the onalaal -larrar la
now on III- la the larks
the Hawaiian laland.
Aa wiuii-e aay band aai
thai Slat day of XorraBher. A. FA
i-t CWrk of ta.
t I ir nscav or the thibb ji oi
WW i i. - 1 1 1 li . i i umia liaaaa.
I Bl SB, I SB. l am.
.. Bar aaa. aBllaaataaaal
BVwaf tb Si, i. sb. Can af
lb aval af - -
Pacific Mail Steamship Co's San Francisco,
Australia and New Zealand Line.
I K It It U.S. Cniniaiitler.
On or about Jan. 2nd.
For Fretful and Paa-tage, or aay further information,
apply tn -S67 U. IIACKPKI.D at (O., Areata.
T. 1ST..
Kua Ik.
In Ihe ahnre .nUtled IUVI for !lr..rr M la aaaa
1 rial a iiarrre i.r iii.orr- rnaa th. laaaa af
.nl.rad la favor of tb. add Xeaaaaa w ,. iU taa
ine aotiuer 01 in. an ana B . to la
th. riptraUoai of sit months fensa th.
upon 'iinipllunre ami the t
cauae shall appear lo tbe contrary.
Alio in. Iibeiiani ti ururtnl t.
of this order In the flnr.rnment oaa.it. and K
sn .o. i-esaiT.
one month from tb. ilate of that order, that ad
I n U-rested, ma. within da nuoataa aBaw n why
Jeer- should not lee mad. alaalate.
Hated at Waliuea ihlallth d.y af BSSSS
By lb. Court- PaaM-sa a
A true and roriect ropy of ih.
abd Clerk, lid JesUcbsl i trull, Wl
'IHf I IT (IH RT wr THE THUat JI mi.
SAV CIAL Cln-nll. Uaimea.llaa.il. S.teaeer aia.
ra as
aaaV s. afaet
au af Ik I
. SB Is II BdaaaBM
iaaett. and Kaaaaakaar
A. Ik laia
aa Ba
.nun dotiwk
...... (Ircuit of Kauai
l. Juon LHrli.
ate fw.
l tiM ahv rnHtlfd lib! for rl
that a d.-i r-b of divorrv fn.ni lU
rnterrd tn ft.vvor uf tb mhl J.. bo KWI. nf ikw r
iui ana uiir urrum u.t :i- imm m i
wnia Kawalmte to bt nail a
all month" fr-m rn- ttelt -f hi j
who me lernia uirt-ur. aatoaa aktajartMM tmmm
to in ronirarr.
And U labrltaal ta rrir-d tt pnr..h n i
of ihm uTtlrr In tb lUwavtttvn imstt ami "-in. Sbra
bmisbwntm wmi. ins- nr.i papiM-st. n m s wtrMb mmm
munth frmn Lb !( M Ihm ..rd-r Ttut aM - Ibva.
I lr-t d may wllhln mix mtrmtMm ntutw rmm wkf mmmm -to:
i rrv-f ui'iui'i not rx-
BiaAlf Saa
rmmm of -
mmmm i mm, maj tmm
mm th mtptntmm i
Wednesday, Dec l,lrif -
returning SaturdiAV-,
Monday, Dtr II. J r m
Monday, Ie: U, 5 p u
Monday, Dee 5 r m -
Oo Kooa trips tba 8taamjr will go aa far aa
7 A.
On all Windward Trips the HUatner will leave her wharf
at 5 ; all trips to Kauai, will leave at 1 P M. On down
trips the Steamer will not leara Kawalbae before 10 a. m .
Maketia as per notice on up trip, M'tAlae Bay not before
Any change from the att.?e will be dv' rtii-d.
47" Xn Credli Tor Passage Money. -M
Tickets at the ofllee uuly.
No berth will be cunaldered as taken until pnld to. Not
rexM)nilble for unmarked !!... or any Freight or I'ar-
eels unless receipted for.
Freight Monej Dae on Demand.
mT An effort will be maile to have Ike steamer reach
Honolulu on the evening of the same tlay she leaves Usui
SAMl'Ki, (J. Wll.DKH. .aettt.
Office with Wilder A Co.. corner of Fort k Queen Mtreeta
Halt, at Weluir-a ibis tub day of Hvtwmmmr. Hi
By the Court raji. ta - rnm wMt 1e.
A true copy ur ibe
2nd t Vrt, :rd JndlWaJ tlrcutt.
d 1 1 It I I I t Ol KT or TH I THIH0
A. O. ti;s. Thunuia ( Lktrtte.
In the above entltied IM ILr dlwe. It is
that a decree of divnrre fn iu Ibe bund of
enter! In tavor f th- aM TtwMnae We, -f
of ihm adultery ot tb- aM Hun. u. tw irii mtmm
the ei pi ration of m mtHitbs from xmm date mi mmt taw pi a.
cause shall appeur to th contrary.
And the liheltant s.ordr4 to paMHl mm auMt4 eaey
of this order in the iH,vininkeni awttt mma asaawta mm
U soceeastve weeks, th- flrst pabtlnUasi tt It allfcf aaw
month from the date nf Ibis nrder That aU iWa1 -a
lerested may wltbin tu ne nlh-i ,.w .aiM why mM mm.
(r. wm
liall at r.ini-at iluw 1 1 : t. lm - .emh,r
By the Court Ft tt i e bta aav. rts
A l rut copy of the original order on fll w mf mM
Kauai Paoliot.
W. Q. IRWIN 4 00 .
Agents for tbe lUwsiisn Iilsods.
Fire aud Mnrino,
:aah 4'apllal. Uoltl. 8300,000.
By wrltins; staail lines on carelnliy selected risks wsll
distributed, i-Trrs
IltDElllIITY l&COID TO Iflll.
Losses Promptly Adjusted.
620 1y Agents for Ihe FTawsiiao Islaorls.
Assets. $26,740,105,70
mils'. II. I I. 1'. r.,r the Hawaiian Islands, and lot
nnilersbtned are prepared to write risks lutainst
On favorable terms. I.oaai" proniplly Bdjaatl
nil payisble here.
tZO im BtSROP 4t Co.
Knowlcs' Patent Steam Pumps
Sole Agents for Hawaiian Islands
ii aw: rf.ckii f.D
For Syron fx-om Boston
or THE
for any of Ibe pumps of this make lo be forwarded
overland if necessary
V.M 11 Jl POP,
Pumps Br Hot or Cold Baler, Bait Water
Prices and other Information riven by
g 3m C. BREWER A CO.. Agenta
Civil Engineering.
UfM, Mnd -Sun-'eyor. I. prepared U undertake Ijir-d snr
veylnr In all Its braochea Map. constructed with full
details. InformaUon riven In retard to the quality of
soils, and their adaption for culUraUoo, takluf Into con
aide ration locality, acceaalbiltty, etc
WAT tit Ltsiri-Eatimatea nven In recard to slae.
coat, and capacity, aod asaoont of power furnished by
same for macrslnary.
KOAM AND BHIIXJEX.-Plans and eiUinalri made
with a view uf obtamlnc tba beat results with the smallest
He Is also prepared to five Instruction on tropical culti
Tatlon. Address the above through tbe Honolulu Post Ofllce.
(III 3m)
Holiday Books.
sus now opening tor sale try
K A iI A I 1 1 E !
Will have rerular illapatcti fur Kaual. aa above, until
further notice, BB- t'relgni anil I'aaaeniiers taken at the
BOLLES st ft)., Agents.
P. 8 Tbis vessel has Just twen thoroughly repaired
newl-ymppered. and put iu in perfect order.
C. Brewer A Co. Agents, isfjf
yarorable irrstixetu.iils can slvst s It. asTCftiT
S Judicial I irrtilt W almea Hawaii. 1o.MBarri.ra.
1S7S. C K. ilareai. IJteelaut far .. aw. aa llarrad
in tne .uove entitle. I llha- rnr .ttri.rce. Is k
that a decrae id divorce from Ike aassl af
r.-.l In ravnr of the add r. K
nf Ihe adnllrry nf Ihe sail Harris-!
made. Bhanlula after trie .ii.it .l at sis
derree. upon roroananc. ana taa
sufhcleut CHlate shall appaar lo la.
A ml Use llla-llant Is orileCI tn
it m onlar In Ik. HawaBaa OsS II aad B
.u. seise weeks, the tlrat
mtHith frum taa .tale ur late -rd-i
ts-rested may wltliln BS SatnlBs I
ere. should not b. masks atataWun.
lly the- f'oort. ra
A tra. eopjr of to. ... ainai iwra-r SB as. as aay
Isiv m
2nd l.rk. ird Judicial I Irruit. U'.im.s. Ilswad.
A af Ua raaas
II. aat. as ka
aw.taa eY taaa
Ikaraasf. aaassa
n str..t-deaaar
U aarsaas ka--k.
saaf Be-
i. sr.. Ilar.
'prebk iui ar or ri
made for storage aii-l ski-tnviit nf nil. Bene. B'ool. Hides an-l
fcTf. I. iwM.,., ... To,k ..d i piiv;.;,;
R WAHAN Islaretas. I If Ibe IM-tseaer Tessa. A. tK aWB
Ah .Nr.. Urallant va Retake. f. v UtiBsi. Lakrl taT
'livorce. Thursday lat lath day af t wSaSanr. atoA
In the above entitled libel for divorce. Biter a fail as as
Ing of Ih. le.tlno,,, , by the cart. It a sasSerad laws a are la.
..r .11. ..n e Ironi Ik-- h.H... ,.r aialrlaaasr 1
favor nf the said Ah Nee. I t Use earn, af
of Ihe sal-l lleleeka. In lee u.ale
of lis month, from taa data of tkla deciae.
C. Brewer II Co. -Agents.
i Men liao. li.e racaired Slsr.gs Pr.a and
iinerai cash adtauces iii.nl. on shipments hr Ibis liss.
iW-ly C. It UK II KK CO
THE i miiiimi.m; jnrKi:i linn
per Mall from the celebrated
Glasgow Iron Works of
Messrs Ulirlees, Tail, and Watson,
Exact psrUcoUra of tlie cost of
Of seventeen different capacities ranging
lost! lbs. Busrar Its IB Hoar, at a Coast or B-A70.
( B Flrst-rlaas Vnranm Pars Plant
to anise IB Tessas of Boujar lis IB
Hbbus at b Cast of 1.170,
dellveresl la 1. 1 a. go w .
The underaaTued are prepared to recelrs orders for
such machinery, and to arrange for freight on sam. In b.
shipped by a Ifesr Iron (Upper Ship now buiidl
in the (iyste of 1000 tons burden, to
Leave Ulavssrosr on sr a ho at tbe MUs ol
February .Heat.
!Y. B. Orders for ail kinds ot facbln.ry aod fl
F.urt-pean menthandise to be shipped Wf th. alxiv. vaasei
hould be sent to the nnderstgned daring the month of
September or not later than October 10th. aTdPRats of
freight arranged for.
e:i-lm F. T. LIBKHAX 4t Cm.
pvar to tbe i-.-atn.ey.
And Ihe lihellanl Is ordered tn pnnnsa aa arts sail n y
of this order in Ih. Hawaiian tassette sa4 Bsakasj arwa.
papera. for air sswav. weeks. Us- grat B.SaWaliaa as aa
wltbin ou. month fr-eas lae -lair of that -eaar. taat SB par
an inter. -I.- I may within sr. saaataa aat akf
sail derree should nut he ua.. abaoiau.
By I he I mi r t J,. Z H.s.ie . . --S
I hereby carUfy taat ta. lar. .,! la a sraa aad Ikaa
copy of tba orkranal das sal la taa aaarva i nSBBi I ssssaas
now on me la the lletk slsnV. taf IBs paprisas Caaasl af
the Hawaiian Islands
As Wltnstas tar hand lass BMB day af OssaaBar. m. t.
1S7S. Itiast, J... a. B.aa.aai t
R lusuks
!..ts. I a.nei
liDllilllig leeUS. ailiaO.I ouceaSte
i amie s prop-esy, .nl hiss taa
kai aide, opptesitjt Use rassdanr. of w B aassaaaaaa. kaa. s
lota. IsoslAS. Thai propane ta M Baaaaa, sssd ssat aa
sold in sna of two blocks, of l lots aak
FOR HALF-Off BF.airrA.lt I
ka side, two valualwe and eksarw aai
4 acres.
1 S acres Tarn land aad as
TO I.E ABE Acre. saeatM llraaaag 'aad as I
mail'. KamaJiaiiui, Waialaa.
In lioooiuia. several cbssas ssaSaaassaB.
J I aD snraiiKT
In the Estate of W. Ka, deceased.
AdminutTBtor't Hotice.
the estate uf tbe lata W. Kb. are hereby insjsslisi
to preaent the same tu the undersigned, within six months
from the day of publication of this notice. Aod if not a,
presented within six month, from date, they win be
barred, and Ail persons Indebted to said deceased are re
quested to mag. Immediate payment to the nndriatraasl
W. L. Wujcojt, Administrator.
Honolulu. Xnveiober 10, U7S. gls-At
Manufacturing Jeweler!
Mr. rcfalrt, begs tn Inform dtisens of Honolnlu and
the jmbfic generally,
he has taken tbe store on Fort
Street oppoflte Odd Fellow. Rail, fformartr iinsfglg by
ThosL Tannalt. where he will give sper-lai attention u the
manuracuinng anu repairing or au gTiefJS Of Jewelry.
Partlcnlar attention given to Shell and Eukul Wort
Atar Will guarantee satrsfketton In all his work. -KB
m wm. m. wEamut-
loll of Rich Taro Land.
Liberty nail, aiuated ..n
Titia 1
to usptala west, prosjr-rtr a i
scrs. Apply to
R T. - ii iUjii. is
At th. ofneas of Ibe Real tjstat- I'lrkaa. 11
RoaoMa. where all pirns, aavbar rasitr asr SSB.
lease or :..o(
0f4ll fe.t.
Tan tat over os
For Lease.
at. rLss or aaaaoat. aloKekat.
TBalaad ta ssttstas
Area I 400 s
Insurance Notice.
A sign Barlas Iasaraaea Uaaasaay. (ISBMSag
sslTlsl in.tr act Uses to r.dae. tta. rase, af !
Betas.. Hosxdtila sad Perls is Iks ratal, sad B saw prs-
rsaaarttoa SB awlspVt asr ataaaaara
Bl lj Agesl Brit. for. Bar. laa Ca, Usa-Ud.

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