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Special -.Xotice. ,
Satscribers to the tjiacnx ire respectfully
notified that ycJcne thirteen corsraeoces with
the first isiae in the new rear, and subscrip
tions are payaVJe in adv-ance, at
n. r ? ta. rr.vsnex. - a. ,he d:y can pay the car-
- nUic lss catSes ar-provex J1. . , , " . ... .
. ins. ,u au Br .tta .tt. a.- j P""re vm lb um
waSaa Trta-ar?. f 5 receipt lor the amount paid. Those
' J. 0. Cxama. livhc in the coerotry can remit by order or
Iw. . H. (Ct Xejistrar PxUic Aceocatx. ,
lr Ui yV-ei His X aeetv- tat Kief; tt ub tie
ioaewlax epcxetxaeaix. vis : t
B0a r VEXXTa.
Hii Ex. A.E. Birt-rX.
"rate, er imtuim,
iEk Tx. P. Cunt, fc
DB. E. H. XT. P. WmIi.
winti r tun um,
'Hit Er. K- T. Carter.
. ' HU El J. ieatt t
miir l-i-isxcCTLxjra trir,
Atili.. Ek r lMifc.x"l.Tiev raw eeasista af
fiw7t..i.- iunJ ataknS'ii:
Hili. J. Most Saveti. Prtiittt;
Bit Xx. A. . Kxnoe.
Hex. 5- G.HTaUer.
1r. F. E. HxteUasea. "
. sTa Bexea IIulti jxiae-. cer.rUti of the fjj
lxwlx xaxxei EraWi. Ttx : .
iUU El- J. Meet Soxisa, Prexiieat
Has Ex- B. JL. P. Carter.
Bk.V.I.Crc. - ...
Hax..S G. TrkVtcr. i .
Bxt k JSseta,
H-E-H-TT. P. LeVseaxke.
J. 3rr 5xrrK. iTililr cf Ixtxnor.
Xaxexioc OSee. See. . 1178. Ct
It ham jaed. Sj Slxeety -ex X-tmr.tt appalxt Hob.
-ST. L. XUWjara Cflmactf Xasl. uric fralfxawl Tara!,
e?li rx. la, X. Zapna nwri.
If' XL , ! a
fe3cttdxsrei xx srxtt.f IXclr yxrtix r bsltaa, ta
jKrxae f xtaTrr i& tern, xrt Lmtr rewi-
5M t5a tbecx U xl Sm: 21a fret (U ft) ftborc xc
m . Lieajxax.
3. 3TO7T t Itrnl. 3tliltcl of iKtJte.
The GxxrrrE Trill he 'sent ftsnlarly by
nxfl ta asy jnrt of the vorM, on preraymenl
of the acssal I nbscriptioG and posbie.
Address H. XI. Wirmarr,
Publisher Hawaiian Gazette.
Thx Gorenasect UteUr had lefore it the
qsesrkm of imposing a doty of ten per cent, on
icportatiens of sSrercain, and -wisely decided
vaUlo iapone tnch a datr. Silver has risen
in rxlce ia ncaod and it now quoted at 5Sd
per oence, (Us lowest pant hiving been Md),
with every prospect of soon being again at or
oexrlr par with gold. Those best competent
forjudge have become convinced that there is
no excessive production of silver, and that all
that is produced Is needed for circslation.
The loctiajr up of Eve handled .millions cf
gold coin by'the Bank of France has had a
tendeacr to reiVe gold scarce and silver com
paratively aheadan Bnt the resoaption of
silver cerrencr intheTTcitcd States, and the
lite increased demand for it in China, have
ten3ed to enhance its value,- which ntay soon
be near! r at par with gold.
As Act relating to Staxsp Duties, published
in the Gazette -do the 25th of October, went
j into operation on the first day o! January. It
j imposes stamp taxes, varying from twenty
j fire cents to twenty-five dollars, on almost
j every form of documentor agreement executed
I after Jan", 1st, including land sales or leases,
1 agreements and contracts, bills of exchange
and money orders, except such as are paydbU
oo datOAii, mortgage, policies of fire or life
insoiance, bills of lading, promissory .notes,
etc, etc As nearly all money orders or bills
of exchange are payable at "sight or on de
mand, it would appear that these are exempt
Still the tax will prove to be
very onerous and vexations to natives as well
as foreigners. It should never have been
passed, and we trust it will be repealed Ay
the next Legislature. A- stamp tax is never
imposed except as a war tax or to pay interest
on debts incurred .by war. " As we have had
nothing of this kind here, there can r be no
reason fotjestabluhing an odious system of this
kind now.
Tlie at President.
It is now practically settled that Entherford
s-kiaWnrc'taxttaxal liu tu nut t B. Haves is to ESccced General Grant in the
u.imcx-iTRTt. ixtu tttjrf iioMtxu -a oce Jf pre3yeEt of the United Sutes. He
xx-lax.ib(.c.xr.xxlxtui.3tL. has received an honest majority of the electo-
xs inn marxx twtn wM u u t- ral votes, is the legal choice of the Electoral
iris a primrt. xx w. tw txs. tt. KM cdlr'e. and will, bevond all reasonable oues-
: tion, be daly and peacefully ina&gsrated on
I the th of March next. !
The New Turk Hrrcdd of Dec 13, declares j
Hayes elected on the face of the certificates
and adds emphatically, "We judge it proba
ble that this result will stand. At all events,
the burden of proof is now on the side of the
Democrats. But whatever may
come afterward, it is 'altogether probable that
Mr. Hayes will be the next President," We
think this is the view cow taken by cool and
sensible men of all parties. Tilden can be 1
placed in the Presidential chair only by legal
qnibbting orby force, and we do not believe
that the American people have yet come to
such a pass that they will submit to have a
President imposed upon them eitherby man
damus or revolution.
$ ii 1 1 ic wroi Sx W AjJ tffMttUd XcwU
XtoX-xcxxorWXf wif'i t csxtixctt xjt Ut S3 xceerd
W3X It ycxtaxsf u Xd It in gat btwax 1 xai
-T ml x XtX Sjt tW yncctax ml fmnim f mtidl, x-
31 xx; mtJCj X. D. UT trr-ri tx SI1 Sumtbi
a.n.lSTC, v1x:TXrvtfkI Cl"i'JM win ksl Ctt IX
XXJtexl xlr
''lttX IT. C- Ut, xTtrf. Otkc
Iai. mat3C. rrrn. Wxitej. On.
Jcli OiViMmln, U'ivh. Xui. SxliacctI.
ft-xijB. REm.
i. xorr siqth;
Xlzuut ml Ixtxrior.
-IxWrirO. IMtLXSrc. 0
Tax &4u,)i &ixrxr. xt nir Jxxxxrr, in!. ftder the law.
UltALctMK xt IKri.ri Hx, B l nil j jiiic
ASM of XuJ Tv-t!-c tvx (SJ iom, xvf crleix,trfr.
XTMf rh i n frerr Wtlti. Oxxx, mm& bouWn
Ok wl ? tLm in U III. Ex- w. L. 11m-
fcaux SCc. Hmj xibx. ?iwc pnec, tvx xxxrl
XJW ;t2r Tm Ir Pxlexl.
ax XL T;L xxX XXX Ixa t 4cxS (S)
TMra artWUxr faTiaV alx, ksbxx mm txlUxx
"i , tlx mx IxxS tmimt UmAiml vu wa lixx tj Ex
Zjk. rxff ita rttaTl-rrj lirV-T'n. "f r-- j
taxt axaxfvd ivx, axanaerlaa. rjaC jrloe, ta
Lxxrxi daCxrx Xaj xrxxaas,
J. OTT fillTH.
XUikrotlLt UMiar.
XxiaciarOcalMC.ts:C. C3
OaaatOrBiaxUx Sxtt. Wxlar Wcrtx.
WxKr W.iCx. I)mc M, 1!TC.
would luve cosUthe goTeroment now, it is
believed that it, will cost the government
double that sum, if we include interest on the
'investment and all current expenses with de
preciation. But let this go: We want steam, f-
and-we must have steam, cost what it may.
So, the sooner it is provided, the better for all.
xEprate of lh- Volcano Trip.
, The crater of Kilauea cn the island of
Hawaii is justly regarded as one of the seven
wonders of the modem world. As an exhi
bition of the now nearly quiescent forces
which in former ages of the world have been
so terribly active in upheaving the dry land
from the depths of the. sea, and in rearing
mountains whose lofty summits tower above
the clouds, it is without a rival, being more
accessible, and on a much grander scale than
any of the other volcanoes frequcntedby sight
seers. Etna in Sicily, Vesuvius in Italy,
Hecla in Iceland, aiad Popocatepete in .Mexico
are all deficient, some in one respect and some
in another, in those peculiar advantages of
which have long rendered Kilanea a favorite
resort pf travelers, and. which will in the
future attract ever increasing throngs to our
With a view of promoting travel to this
interesting locality, we will give a few figures
of the expenses of the -volcano trip frm Hono
lulu and back, "which a gentleman residing in
Hilo has kindly furnished :
Exosd pxxixr tkert ta HUo xcd txek $
ioxt air rrera itexaer to Ixa4icr
Bxrdin xax iipng ie Ilila per Jxt-. .
- " week .
norra ftira to Tolcxna, direct.
txroajb Pucx-.
McxU xadlodricc two Bifhu xt laxns xx4
Titaatea' .
ExrEti xt Volexsa Haae per dxy
G'kd from "n-
(jxide ixto crxltr , ,,
: n
10 eo
is oo
2 00
5 00
1 00
sis :5 to j r: :s
These amounts of course onlv include direct
expenses and will always l more or less
augmented bv extras. Horses can be hired
for use in and about Hilo for $5 a week. -
It is becoming more and more common each
year for tourists ladies as well as gentlemen
to make the ascent of one or both of the
magnificent mountain domes, of Manna Kea
and Maura Loa. the former of which is the
most elevated point in the Pacific Ocean, being
upwards of fourteen thousand feet in height.
The trip to the summit of this mountain takes
at least three days, at an expense of about $30
for horse hire and guide, besides blankets and
provisions which can always be procured at
reasonable rates in Hilo. The journey can lie
made either by way of the camping ground of
Ealaieha on the south Sank of the mountain
which is elevated about six thousand feet
above the sea, or the camping ground of Lau
maia on, the east slope at an elevation of six
thousand five hundred feet.
Ai excursion to the summit of Manna Loa
takes longer, the distance being greater, and
ThrM are M only the rotimcnts of iht members
of the dumber of Commerce, bat the rtsclulkrat
express tbe views of the majority of oar eiliiecs, as
h clearly shown by tbe very budsotae turn (bit bis
been placed In tbe hands of tbe committee, which
will eaxble us to carry oat in a manner satisfactory
to oanelses that portion of tbe Itesolatiocs which
refer to a testimooixl to be pretested on some future
Is prcseotior tbew Resolutions, spexVinr; for tbe
Honolulu Chamber of Commerce and tbe committee.
we Jo mot sincerely wish your Honor mny years of
bexlth and prosperity tbxt you mxy persooxlty real,
ize tbe many sad grcxt benefits tbxt most accrue
to this pccple and got ernment from tbe Treaty of
Reciprocity, x trexlr vuh ubich you hive been so
cloeelj connected from tbe beginning to tbe end. I
bare tbe bosor to band yon tbe Resolutions.
Judge Allen responded as follows :
Gcyruntiri-For this expression of tbe Chamber
of Commerce, ef their appreciation of tnj terrices in
securic- tbe Treaty of Reciprocity with tbe United
Stxtes, 1 thank yoo ; for next tar the consciousness
of baring done one's duty ia promoting any good
cxae, is the fxsorxble judgment of those boe in.
lerest io common with the whole people, it u in.
tended to promote. .
Year reference to tbe repeated efforts to aceom
pliah tbu purpose, brings to my memory tbe first
one, which was made in lNx by Ills Majesty Kame
hxmebx IV. His Cabinet wxs comprised of Mr.
Wvllie, Mr. Young, "Mr. Armstrong and myself ;
Chief Justice Lee, although cot of the Cabinet proper,
wxs usually in xttendance at Cabinet meetings, and
whose adsice was always regarded with great respect,
cordially cooperated in recommending a mission
to tbe United States, for.the purpose of securing a
Treaty of Reciprocity. Tbe Chief Justice wxs ap
pointed Minister to xccompliah this purpose, lie
repaired to Wxshtncion, and entered upon tbe necc-
lixtion with Mr. Secreury Marcy, which wxs success
fully xccompiis&eo. it was supposed tbxt as tbe
Treaty wss negotiated by the administration thtt it
would receise tbe sanction of Congreas, xnd the
Chief Justice returned toresume his judicial duties.
Congress omitfed to take xetiou on tbe Trexty xt
tbe ensuing season, and it was at tbe succeeding
session, that Ills. Majesty xnd Cabinet desired me to
xssume the duties of Minister, xnd make an effort to
secure the appruixl cf the Treaty. On my arrival in
Wabinftoo, there was great excitement on the sab-
ject of Kxnxxs and ebrxskx, tbe repexl of tbe Mis
souri Cow promise ; and treesoil and some other ques
tions io'&lttoc; tbe subject ot slavery, and it wxs ut
terly impossible to obtain txMrablo action, although
Secretary Msrcy, wbo was one of the most able xnd
aecompliiled s utexmxn cf the country, exerted Lis
influence fcr its approval. In a letter to me, he ex
pressed tbe opinion that " it wxs of great imrorUnce
to both countries, and bis authority was regarded
with great respect iot tie debate in Congress oo the
Treaty cow io force. I will not detain you by giving
a detailed xccount of the efforts then made to accom
plish tbe object. .
Tbe principal "product named ia the Trexty was
sugar, and tbe amount, at that time, was very smalL
' It showed the wisdom of tbe Administration to make
xn effort st that time For no coantry without a
home market, or concessiens from an imperial gov
ernment, or favorable commercial relxtioox hxs bad
success in this industry-. Individual planters mxy
prosper Ircm tbe peculixr xdvxntsgea or their situa
tion, but general prosperity can not be expected
S'o farther effort was made for some yesrs, although
tbe importance of tbe measure was fully regxrded,
xnd frequently disenssed.
In Kxmehxmebx V. by the xpprovxl of his
Cabinet, expressed a wish, tbxt I should accept the
xppotntment of Minister, xnd visit Wxshington, and
propose to open a negotiation (or a Trexty similxr in
principle to that of l&oS. I accepted the appoint.
ment xod entered upon its duties. In my Interview
with Mr. Sewxrd, then Secretary of State, be ex
pressed a favorable opinion of tbe principles of the
treaty or Keaproaty, out be said tbxtdunog tbe
wxr, for it wxs xt a most criticxl period of tbe civil
war, be could not make xTrexly, without exceptional
provisions msje necessary ty tbe stxte ot war, xnd
incurs a night spent at the Kilauea Volcano
House, and in case a night is spent on the i therefore tbe negotiation "''V' " postponed till
summit there is the additional expense for i it; in this opinion I fullV eoncarred
pact animaU, ttsl, "etc. Probably tii e average
expense of the trip is not far from .SIO for
each individual.
The boundless view obtained from these
frigid peaks and the novelty of the sensations
experienced are events to be remembered for
a life-time, and richly repay all expense,
fatigue and trouble.
XVosxx Japan.
"We tare been Undly pertaltted to make the fol
lowirr extracts trod a letter of tbe Eev. E. T.
Doxse, lately a tsisskrsxry at Micronesia, hat now
Svinr In tbe city of ElyotA.
Toc wBl Hie to bear x word or two cf car
woekktere. Xxmxlssoet amb beforelt. Itlspro
jrrtMlcg with tach strides xs to keep in xmxxec
Talx city Is a resxrkxble example. "It Js yon know
cue of tbe obtest sad largest In tbe EJagdom, once :
tbe rexUence tr ceatcries of royalty, arjtt tbe bcad
c.airlxra of tbe EadfMaU la Ibis part cf Japan. It
Is xn IxUnd city, aed btxce Is cot opened ax a tree
city to lotelgneix. If one would get In here be
xactt rst care x jxxx fcca tte conaal ot tbe sea
port. la tbe early cxys cS this mixtion tbe talssloaxriex
Slocged to get la ttre ta work. Mr. O. H. G click ! Br &e mn steamer Zealandia, which left
aaxie tbe Erst venture, bat not bdns xbletogxln r, v- n. I TTrm S r. vrn..
crtaxuloo from tbe xntboritlea to texcb the Bible,
lcxesfaacd to retaxln is tbe city. A year and a
haXsffrT tblx, Eev. Mr. Atkinson made tbe attempt
aad fxHcat, bet lxst year Mr. "Seals o, a Japanese
CbrixUxn, wKb very Itxaestlxl belp from Ted a,
-xeccrcd rjertalxxxDs to open a school xnd employ
"Axaericxs teacacrs to asxlxt tim. Ibis opened tbe
wxy for -XAtrxe of tbe missionaries to commence
,lxWicg lere. Bat tbere was great opposllioa to
tbe prexcbiic; of tbe gospel, even In one's own
"bocxe. The obi priexuxced, xxd to tbe present
time it woexd be Impossible ts rest a bocxe and
throw it opce to tbe pcbHefor tblx work.
Set tbe Lord hxx bees with tbe mission, and
sow tbere Is a tnlrlrg scbool with tone sixty po-
"yCa; xt least eifbt private dwellings where tbere
is .prrxdtr. each Szcdxy; ltd" two or three
chcrches wH soon be formed. I bare a sc dxsx
cd tw eive jonag mesi. Tcvey read Ecgiisb well,
and apeak it less sect!y, bat tbey csdentxad sU
tbxt is sxd, xnd tbxt la tbe beat English I os give
.thee. I Sedjrlrrt, I am In reality taltlag to a
'xlxxaof tiucx.d Auicrirxn youth.
Fxxsx4y there wax a Clati active nterxr7 class.
took passage for aa Francisco for the pur
pose of pexchasing or building a new steamer
to replace the Kilauea. This faithful old
craft has done her duty nobly, having run
almost constantly for the past sixteen or
seventeen years, and now the experts, after a
careful surrey, decide that she cannot last
much longer that her " sands of life " hive
almost run. .However, as it would be a great
public inconvenience to be deprived of inter
island steam commrmication, it has been de
cided to continue to run her until the arrival
of her successor, taking extra precautions
against any risk of life, by discontinuing the j
carrying ot any titxvy treigtt or cattle. Iter
captain has also been instructed never to at
tempt the Hawaii channel in rough weather.
We continue to regret that the new steamer
is cot to be built in Honolulu. It may be
true, as alleged, that it would cost thirty
aid tbe lxboricc people were cnxble to read, xxve , tbonsani dollars more to perform the work
lie airplext style of writlss- Sow pebBe acbooU i tere bc u oSiet to this. .there are a zam
xre tt-a cpo to xlf youtb cf both seiex I tbixk , of M Ullbc into considera-
tbe Goroxmert woxld openly tolerate CbrfiUarJ- . . ,
ty xx xie does otber reBrtoo, were U poHtic The bon- The yob would be executed with greater
pfaiU-iUxo and BuAdhiU are Barceroex, xcd faithfulness it home than abroid, and would
p-jitaa a wide taSeesce, and tuigtt get sp a mo-! probably be actually worth about as much
latSoclf tbeCorerrmcxt were to do so. But we ' xnore as would be .represented by the above
jailleej that it mast so, come. Its cuter la , AgaiB !f WOrkwereper-
nrrKXETtxu-a .epapvrx. "y , formed here it would furnish employment to
etdlftlxxed inea wto lave traveled cot a little , T '
'aLfsisiled cacJi tbe wxys ot Ctristlxn Uocs, ocr mechanics for a number of months, and
tb mt pettier tbdr tbou-bta ca5Txforenb"pob-! "would stimulate tiade by creating a demand
lie. aad xotne xx I bate said, art calling for parted j for supplies, xnd by throwing into circulation
AfreeprexxJsJiisttvowtU sabjeet moat larrely I a large sum of money among a class who
tyJ Tfae Goverrxaext ppcea tbe ices, leei
laz tbxt tbe pee pie are not ready for it- Tfcia pro
Tutrx dbcasxioa walcb tbe Goeemmest tries to
sappreax by tbe exscfroest of severe laws. "At tbe
pevaesttaotaetvttLere are some tblrty editors Is
prixos for vaetatxos cat the prexa lxw.M
ToTxtxEnrroaHxwxuxa Gxxrrrx, Sot: Qsp
peslsg to paxs orer tbe JI"aIkIU Eoxd, os Christ.
xrr" dxy, I xxw is xs eseiocae several people evi
tsUy uawetisg tbeaxelves, and Amougst tbem a
s'ember of cxllre boys alsgisg. Attracted by tbe
rxusSe (cbB4rro"s voices bare xlwijl sometbirgst-
tractirej I catered, lad approacbed tbe xisgerx.
need it. But so much valuable time has been
allowed tv lapse that it seems aa imperative
necessity that the old boat be replaced as
speedily as possible, and the- govemtteBt has
doubtless taken the "wisest step in contracting
with Mr. Wilder to deliver at this port a new
steamer by the first of August.
The action of the late administration in this
steamboat business was positively discour
teous and unworthy of Christian gentlemen,
Xr. S. B. Dole UwOy ixlonced me tbxt thix wxx ; aitnocga very cnarac-ensuc Alter aaver
tbe EronealxScboci a branch of the Eawalabxo I tiling for tenders for carrying the inter-island
" Reavolullonit ofaTxiantrw
Presented br trie CtiMiulx r or Commerce to
Ilia Honor Oalcf JamtUm Alien, aud Ills
Excellency IL A. p. Carter.
At a meeting of the Honolulu Chamber of
Commerce, held on the 25th of Xovember last,
the resolutions which we publish herewith
were adopted unanimously, expressing the
thanks and appreciation of the above named
body and of the merchants and planters, for
the self-denying labors and able services of
the Chief Justice and his colleague Mr. Car
ter, in procuring the passage of the Treaty of
Bedprccity with the United States. The two
sets of resolutions were handsomely engross
ed on parchment by Mr. IL Giles, and were
presented to tbe gentlemen for whom they
were designed on the 19th ulL by committees
of the Chamber of Commerce. The reply of
the Chief Justice will be found of much his
torical value, alluding as it doo to the various
eTorts which have been made by this Govern
ment to negotiate a treaty in years past, and
we only regret that be did not enter more into
details. The persistent faith which His Honor
has entertained in the ultimate success of
these negotiations from the very outset is
worthy of note. Feeling assured that in all
former essays the question had never been
met on its own merits, but that it had invaria
bly been defeated through some side issue, he
"was led, just before returning home to Hawaii
'in February, lb"4,.to visit Washington for the
purpose cf feeling the pulse of the Secretary
of State, Mr. Fish. This visit was the enter
ing of tbe wedge which was subsequently,
by hard work, energy, and constant watchful
cess driven successfully home, to result, as
we all hope, in mutual good to both nations.
The Hon. Messrs. Wilder and Bishop and T.
H. Dxvres, Esq., composing the committee to
whom was delegated the pleasant task of pre
senting the resolutions designed for the Chief
Jcstice, addressed him through the chairman
as follows :
Mxtjt rtzxn Ton Hosoz : We call upon yen
this morning as a committee from the Honolulu
Chamber cf Commerce; xod the very pleasant part
of oar duty as such committee L sateen axsigsed me.
as cbxinaaa, cf presenting to yea certain Retola
licsx passed by the Chamber, and which read as
fallows :
Wsxxxxs. Tbe abrogation cf duties in the United
gtxtea spoo Hxwxiixa ngxr, rice and otber produce,
bis been fr years (be earnest wish cf tbe commer
cial and agricullersl classes in Ibis Kingdom;
Axd wszxxxs. Tbe repeated aUesstu made by
successive sJcuoistratioas xnd envoys to obtain tbe
, mails and keeping sp a regular steam com-
Tfcera was sonrtHrg Is the performance tbxt ! Duuicatia between the different islands, a
Taadeastapresxios. Wxsit tbe sLcef , naaberof Unde were made, among which
Pertxps tils may bate bad something to do with It, '
bat tiVtlaatbt tbxt ties. riWrea. wboxe grand- ! w" from T'Ur Company,
-rarest! probably eexxr bad beard of tbe Eedeeeer. ship-builders of this city. Although it came
should be here to cWrfcnir Christ riis bad raore
lixre Is .
It is bet Justice to xaj tbxt wbxt I saw and beard
l rote sigbfy is fxror of teachers and pcpHx.
gyVjt-x! Txcsxed mx xvott in tbe IxUer waa tbair calm , - -C- a
recti tt proper ecr-rtxac-;t jvc4 oce tzepJoiniiU
tlelzxmse Uttc UxtzHiz ntce vlll be cult
within the rcqairetnciiu of the hw, zad wim
ia zrtiy panicdar toodcrute and- Cur, nt the
last attention m gircn to it. iU receipt cot
ertn Leiag zj&aiowledgcd. They cfiiered to
her fcr ten years, ender a. contract with ruh-
izdj of $15,000 per annnm. This is all it
SabevqaentlT Mr. IUrru nreotiited a1 Tmtr,
which lie aJTccitei Vuh -tllitr, and to which be
ftit his person&l ftaenttoa-dariog out testica of
Coogresa, wiilwui ttxcvss. Tbe present Minister
of tbe IoUrior vu tbe next MtoUter appointed, and
be rendered able ctpport to the u.me JVeatj for
anotner icq, witboat Deioe able to onne tbe
qocTjtixio to an issue. This was discouraging ; bat
tbe King ina tne mijontj" ex bis cabinet lrerere
eel red to cave a decuwa on tbe Treaty if possible.
Tbere were some d.frea,In tbe Ctblnet on what
prbapf mcht b Urmea IntcroatioBal qactUuDf
wtib bal as 4rerM ioSaeoe oo tbe treaty at
Waibiafton. His Majeitj exprcJ I Jtnj
tm bare a tleebion on tbii tmtj, lie tboafht it
tJae to tbe difulty of bu GoTernmctxt, and X aeeepted
tbe mUtion, altboegb I regarded It ai a forlorn hope
after tb able adrocacy of ibctre&tj by Mr. Harris
ud Mr. So. lib. I foanl itrong oppoiitioo in tbe
Sesat as well as rery c&eient sopport. Bat aa io
1SC7, tbere was a collateral qaeitioa which operated
again t it. I refer to tbe treat f.r tb ac-io.UioQ
cf the Domlcieaa prtioo ftb Iaod 1 St. Do
ra ioco. This ooestion aroif4 gnat biUernecs of
dcbaU on tb part of soma of the advocate! of th-j
Hawaiian ireiiy agaioiue aamiBitiraiion. aou ai
tbe HawatUo Treaty was negotiated bj a prerioos
mJminutration,, It failed to bare that lofltiential np
port which tbe presot bad. A geotlemin in tbe
Execatire Department f the GoTernment laid to me
at tbe time, that if an eighth part cf tbe talent and
xcal bad ben exerted in behalf cf the Hawaiian 1
Treaty ai had been against tbe St. Domingo Treaty,
it weald bare pawed. It failed f a lwothirdi vote.
I refer to tbe history of the several efforts to leeare
a treaty cf reciprocity, to ifaow tcyoo that a dreiilon
had terer been made ca Its mtriti, bat n defeated,
as rtclMTe, on collateral istoes, wbkh oogbt not to
bare bad aaj fcSoeaee cn the deciiion of tfae q ilei
tis n. and woeld not bare, if another treaty eoald be
made and submitted to tbe jedgtnt&t of tbo Senate
ca'iu merits, pare and simple. Ilc&ce my faith
never faltered io its ultimate aaeeefi.
After this defeat fu 1&70, very little expectation was
entertained by the Government or people, that a
treaty eoald erer be obtained, sod the qaeitlon fe
maixted in atevanee till 1S73, when an nn(oeccifaI
cfort was made to effect a negotiation here. In tbe fall
cf 1S73 1 bad occasion'to visit tbe United States oo toy
own personal a Cain ; I was detained till tbe following
iFebroary, acd belief tog, as Z did, that tbe question
cf a rwproeuy treaty bad never Leca aettled on its
laeritf, and having an abiding fVith fa its atlimato
SBceess, I made a special visit to Waihlogten to have
aa interview with tbe Secretary cf State. I itated to
HEi EzecIIcncy that I had no initractions to nego
tiate a treaty bat I shoala like t bnow bis viewa on
tbe subject of cpenicg a negotiation, if llii Mnjeity
the Kisg sbcnld aend a mltihm tu tbo Ua.ted States
fur that porpote. After some conversation on tbe
question, he said I am ia favor of treatiet of reci
procity with car ncigbbx-r, and I regard tbe Sand
wich Iilaadi aa oa n( tbem."
On ay re tarn I reported to Hit Msjeity and MU
Cabinet tbe interview which I bad with tbe Secre
tary cf State, and adebiag strongly that another
effort be isade, aad His Ma jetty aad Cabinet very
cordially acqaieaecd In this opinio a. Ilia Majeitj
gave me lh appoiatment of illobter, and the pre
tent Miniiter cf Foreign Affairs Mr. Carter lW
of Commiiioner.
Is panaanoa cf this appointment we repaired ta
Wasbisgton and entered opoa tbe negotiation. Soon
after which, His Majetty the King mo it fortaeatel
arrived ia vTaibiagtoa, oa a vImi to the IVeiideat,
agreeably Crti!i very Hial imUuti. Tbo'raeep
ttca af Ills Majeety waa la aeeorda&$ with biS royal
rank, aad tbe impresrion which was' made by His
Majetty on the minds cf tbe poHfe men of tbe coca
try was is the fcfgheH degreo honorabU to him
aad favorable to th vrmatiao cf mors intimate re-
Ulicni with the coantry. Hie Majetty vfiited it se
rai States or tbe Union, aad waa everywhere reccrved
with the atot honor and cordiality , at be had been
at the Capital. His acquaintance with the Preiideni
aad the pabllc men of the coantry,, as well as with
m0T cf the toonle. attracted atteatUo to tbe his-
tory of the Islanda, and their prtseat condition, all
cf which vu favorable t sabecqaent negotiations
Soon after Hii Majesty's depart ere from the Capi
tal, we renewed the nerttlatisn with tbo Secretary
cf State, and a treaty wr agreed a pea and signed.
aad IU tamo wis sebmtitM la tne ben a to by tbo
com panted by a minority report by foarjn embers of
tno vomumee, wno were among tbe ablest and
most Icflaontial uemhers of the Hoars The oppo
sition became very formidable. The Ilomo con tit ted
of two hundred a&d ni net? two members, and the
gTea. majority wen now members, and there was a
largo maturity in opposition to lis administration,
which bad made the .treaty.
A debate of great interest was bad upon tbe
question at different periods of tbo setsion. I think
tere wero twenty-one speeches made in all, many of
them very abU and carefully prepaid. The act en
countered nnanat delay on aocout of aa accumula
tion of buV.Dcti, tome of, wheh was uf hnusual cha
racter, which bad priority, a a matter of privilege,
x of nitMsitv. lilva aatinrnnTwait;... I,,!,.
The treaty was asfailed ai lpjurluly affecting tho,-
ir5urj , tun it wu mjqo mr iae nenritv at planter
and reflnersithat It wai injuriona ta the market! of
sugar and ricr, railed in the Southern States of the
Union and the Infamons cbarga that money bad
bee feet to tbe Capital front the aito matte an
Improper iafloeoce favorable4o the treaty Chatgea
were alio made on war lystera of ls'bor,'an of which
wero soeewsfully rei-ellctl. Thismetsoro was car
ried purely on its merits, but it required coofUnt
watchfulness to protect the treaty fromliostlio al
taeas. ' .
At length Ue Stb ofltay was assigned b?o the
last debate should be had on tle hill, and a vote
taken. A speech was 'made by Mr.Tucker. of Vir
ginia, a very able and eloquent speaker, and alio by
Governor Tkomas of Maryland, a very able debater
intbe opposition, and replies wero made by General
Ranks, cf MassaeboietU, and Mr. Wood, of New
B York, which were effective and eloquent. Great a-
tercft was taien in tbo rots, wbtcn resulted in 116
yeas, and 101 nays.
it waa then considered that when the Ilonsa had
passed tbe necessary lawi to carry the treaty into
effect, which tbe Senate had approved by a very
large majority, that further opposition would not.be
be made. But in this I was disappointed? for In a
very few days. Committees from tbo Chambers of
Commerce of New Orleans, Savannah, and Charles
ton, appeared before tbe Committeo of Foreign Affairs
in the Senate, and made a very energetic opposition
to the treaty. Tbey took tbe ground that tbo people'
of the Southern States had made large investments
in plantations of sagar and riceT'anaSbat our" pro
duet would come in competition in the market, much
to their injury.
It was ooly necessary to produce the atatistics of
the large amount of importation of sugar and rice
tuto the United States, aud also of the production of
tbe United StateVof tne same articles, to convince
any impartial mind, that cur product, which would
be wholly consumed by the Pacific States, could not
affect tbe markets on tbe Atlantic. But tbre was
an honest aad total misapprehensionof the effect of
the treaty. It was tbe Presidential year, and I was
apprehensive at one time, that tbe treaty might en
counter an opposition, from political considerations,
which would at least can a postponement.
Tbe Senators from the PaeUic States, with one ex
ception, resisted all opposition with gteat force a&d
ability. It is rare io Parliamentary proceediogs,
that there is exhibited greater talent or -mure con
summate tact In tbe management of a hill than by
Senator Sargent who had more especially the charge
of H ia the Senate, and when we also consider that
it was on tbe last days of the scssiun, wheq tbere is
always great pressure of bassiness.
I have git en you a very imperfect account of the
obstacles which this measore encountered but my
reply Is already too long.
I should like tj refer to many friends of the treaty
who rendered very important aid in making the
merits of the treaty known as well as in.disabuslng
the public miad of fall charges. There were many
in San Francisco who rendered great service In this
way. There was a friendly feeling by very mtoy
people of tbe United States, arising from their, re
ligious, commercial and social relations with the people
of the islands. Tbe American Minister, Mr. Peirce,
who had resided hero formerly as a commercial man
f"r tnaey1 year', and was fully conversant with tbe
merits of tbe question, advocated it' with great effect.
It bas required great perseverance on ihe part of
the Government to aceompIiiU this metsure, and I
trust that U will result to the benefit of both
countries. I thank yon for tbe very courteous man
ner in which yoa have presented the views of the
chamber of commerce, who by their practical wisdom
will have a satatary loilueoee in carrying ont tbo
provisions of the treaty.
J. a Glade Esq., and the Rods. E. O.llall and
A. S. Cleg born, were the committee wbo waited
upon Mr. Carter, to whom, nitb a tew fitting re
marks, they presented, the following Resolutions:
nVrras, It ts the desire of this Chamber to mark
its appreciation of the valuable services rendered to
Hawaiian commerce nod agriculture bj all wbo hTe,
either officially or unofficially, labored for the success
of the Convention of Commercial Reciprocity recent
ly negotiatel with the United States of America;
IHtrtfort, bt it retolvtd; 1st, That tbe thanks
of this Chamber are especially ilue to the Honorable
U A. P. Carter, who has, at Tery great persona In
convenience, placed hU ttrvices at the disposal of
JHs Majesty Government., and. In the high position
of Special Commissioner to tbe United States, has
aseidaoasly worked for the attainment of the Treaty,
and materially aided in its raccxxrbrftx.
ZiJ. That tbe thanks of this Chamber are also due
to all those who, whether residing la this Kingdom,
or elsewhere, have shown their friendship to and
sympathy with Hawaiian progress by their exertions
and personal efforts to obtain the success of the
TrW- . . ... ...
3d. That a copy or these resolutions ana fanner
token of the general appreciation of his valuable
services in this negotiation be presented to the Hon.
II. A. P. Carter, and thtt a copy of these resolutions
be nubliahed in the Pic Trie Coxmeecial Adverti
ses and the IIawaiiax Gazette :
S. N. Castle, President.
A. J. Cartwricbt, Secretary.
Chamber ot Commerce, I
Honolulu, Not. SO, 1876. J .
The following Is Mr Carter's letter to the Cham
Depaetxest or Fobxiqx Arrxns,r
Honolulu, Dec 19th, 1870. )
To tit Honolulu Ckimbercf Commrct, GtntUmtn:
I have received through yoar committee, Messrs.
J. & Glade, E. O. Hall and A. S. CT eg horn, a beau
tifully engrossed copy of the complimentary resolu
tions passed by yoa oa the 20th of November last.
I beg most sincerely to thank the Chamber for this.
expression of their appreciation of my efforts In con
nection with tbe negotiation of the, Treaty cf Reci
procity lately concluded between the United States
and this Kingdom.
I assure you, gentlemen, thtt my gratification Is
greatly enhanced by tbe fact, that this testimonial
comes from a body of my fellow citizens with whom
I have been so Intimately associated.
To be assured of tbe esteem and appreciation cf
those interested in tbe commerce and agriculture of
Hawaii nei, is a pleasant satisfaction for the put
and an ioceotive to future effort in behalf of these
two main sources of prosperity and elements of
strength in our little body politic. In any farther
service I may render my Sovereign and coantry, I
shall rejoice if I can win the approbation and respect
cf so worthy and influential a boly as yours.
I beg further to express my satisfaction, thtt the
Chamber Lave Included in this eiprmion cf thanks
the many friends cf Hawaiian progress whose sym
pathy and personal efforts contributed so much to
ihe success cf tbe n ego tut ion.
Again thanking you gentlemen, and especially
your eommhtee, for "the flattering remarks with
which your Resolutions were presented, I base tbe
boner to remain, your obedient senior.
HtSRT A. P. Caett.
' r.Torltr Amrrlrau nark
ViU'ha6 Quick Dispatch for above Port.
rf IVir Frvteht or rxvaxr, haTtnx: snptrUr arwmnio
daUona tat Oabln and Stwran fxxxrniRra, applr la
" .C. ilttEWEIl CO, Actntx.
Th, A 1 lUltUli Mf'
654 tontrecUter,
C Ilarrtncton - . - Master.
Tot parti cu la r. apply to
ft3 ?t r. T. LKNERAN O, Queen atreeL
II. WOLTtRS. Maatrr.
Sborrir due from Sxa Kraoctxco, wiu hxvx
QuickDispatch for the above Port
For Frelgbt and rxssace, apply tot
1 LEGAL NOTY0xwt!d
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sj) pobiiabd iniiauiuia. far I b-a r a, iwTJv.
.nsvWu, to tbx am Ib.rvln appot.! Lr aatT bnvSax. '
11 Uooolo, IX. 1 tbla 33rd day mtSHmmmmt,.
l 1I.S. t
... . A. TXX rSCW J ClraV
. 1 ., Joatlc of tbx fcoprvao. f.Xmrti
Jso. K. Daajc.an. Osrlc m, (fx,St
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U)C BOpc OS SXX1 gwrom ri i uixa w bui give .pa
Am Tmxui, Tals Chamber is detplj impressed
vrita tLc foil aib xrbkxi Out Justice JUlea has rr
laiacd taroefbeat Uxe alumpts ia tLe ultiiaxte
socccxx U tbe sttixticei. scd with I&e prtbxbilitjr
that Lai toe Lis ccsirsec, ixdnitrj x&4 tUvc-ti&o, tax
Irixmpb U ttx rarxsare sjoald xxx tf ta avoir have
btra axbicved;
Tiiianoax. tt it riulttd: 1st, That tbe ihx&kx
of tbe Chamber be fcrmxD; pmeotcd ta His lloticr
Chicf Justice AUea.lxte bis Msjestj's Envoj Ei
tnfjrd'mrrj xad Miaister Panipoteatlxry at Wxxh
IcgUo, for Lis cavexried, excrrxlia xad saeeaxfal
liWi in sresrixf Le HaxxHxn cxrooerce aad afri
caltare she beocfs cf the Btafnaty TrexJj frith
the Catted Sales tf Air.rrira
ii. That a rabscri plica be iaitisitd fcj the CLxai
btr tor the parftm U esxUia all who bestal by
this iarxlaxbU Treat, to trstiff la a aaitxhlx
taxsaer their seas tt the cUisxticcx Bsdrr which
thtj hxve teea flxeed ty the pexseierisf, eiertioEi
cf the CbiefJaxtice.
2d, That', dtpstatioa cf the Chamber be ap
pelated u coo rry t His Hoscr the Chief Justice a
copy cf these Eesoliiuoox
S. K. CxiTiz, PmidKL
A. J. CxamicsT, Secrtixrj.
Chaecbercf Comaercx, )
tfort u have it xeted cpoo promptly, bet withoot
s&xeexs. x&d Cosereas xdjoraxd withoot xetfoe.
Tba Prextdxet exiled aa extra sessixo cf the Staxte
wbea the treaty .xs coaiidarea, xsd after soaae
aasadmests was xptrsved. Ytfo msj weti I&oxpxs
she labor of toy evUexrxa xod mjielf la rnxhixr,
kaowa to so taasr Scxaurs tbo merits of tbo treaty.
aad fa Ibis seme I had tbo very able eopera-
tios of uy eclleerxe as well ax ia every otber doty of
th nuuo. Oar rerru wax that th uoxa wax
Dot is sestios, so that inmediate sctlaa eoald bo hsd
co the Act ta tarry Ibe treaty into effect.
I reUracd axdrexnmtd say jadieial da tier, aad ra-
maloed till the Best 2fovcmbeTi wheo. xt u veoeec
of the Oorersmeat. I retaraed to Walhlortoo xad
resaated Ihe datiex of my mission. M the lime It
wax tbtsf bt that tbe cppoifctioo u the treaty woold
ao( be reae.od Uk mecb virar, as th eaaU bad
spprored or the trexty fey xlxrjt vou aula iz.
Corrresa exovned aa the Int Monday la Deeeos-
ber. hot the Oanllteei were sot appoiated till tbo
Ml, wbea a 101 was iotrodoexd to carry Ihe treaty
lata effett, xad referred ta the Committee of Ha ji
aad Uexas. K baiisess wu done iBI aflxr tbe boli-
dxrs. Tbu hill wxs saboiUed to a sab-eommittee.
eoeiUtier f Messrs.- Wood, of Sew York, Hill, cf
Georrix. xad Bxrehxrd. of llinou. They moested
so to xppoxr xad p reject my Tiew i a the (easral
iulct id the trexty ,- wkleh ( -waa eery happy to do.
Then were stress; efforts mad to defeat a favorable
report, which after setae delay wu made, ae
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Kandavu, Fiji, and Sydney, N.S.W.
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y.iS, 5pm J.
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Janoxur !5th. Mondr. ft PIT, Kxvwtviixhrie
aui parts, retaraioe ta uonoimu, Toirwi a u
J,nnry lltn, TburMar P J.3.-fUlwld
Juiturv 23 to. MoncUT.-a P it
rebratry I2ib. jSorrfar.
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II. M.-wuirxET.
On all Wlndaxrd Trips tbe Sitexmer will Iex her wbxrf
xt ft ; xll trips to Kxuxl, win leave at r- au On doarn
trip, tbe Steamer w in not leave KawxItlxetH-tsre 10 a. a.
Makenx aa per notice on up trip. Slaxlxex rtasinot before
7 x. at. Any ebatrre from tbe above will toWlTcTtbed.
jj Clr.ult of
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Ttekelsi at tbe unite only.
No berth will be consKWrU u ukrn until
ruponill.le for nnmarlctd iurrre or ar Fn
cell na.su receiptoa lor,
Freijlit Ixlontsy Da oa Dcnn:
ea-An effort will b mavio to hr tkeKUtmer reach
Ilooolola oa the CTealnc of tbeam dyhrft-atvMaUnLl
Office with Wilder tt Co,, coroer of Fort A 4o tttrreU
Kaiial FaolLoti
Will hmve reruUr dUpstch fur K&ofJ. at dove. no til
farther notice, at" Freight nd I'wtaztrt Attn tt Ihe
P. 8 ThU Ttiuevl bu last been thoroogbr rf D&ired
newl-ycoppered, and pat In lo perfect order.
C. Brewer A Co.-Agentii .ttt
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6-ly U. BKEYTK1 A CO.
C. Brewer & Co. Agents.)
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liberal eat U adrancrt ud oo blpmiats tf tbla iiu.
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will commence Monday, January stb irn. Fsaoas
able tA Join exlattncciajiaeeM to admitted la tbe rsool
xt tbxt lime. Any deelred lorormatloo may be obUxed
opon xppucxtlon to
il-Jt AMAH.1 IltATT, r-reeldXdi-
" .LOST.
W On tbe rfA4 batwHD 11m tVa stream and VTaikaXv.
pocket-buok and e)Urer Totjoixxt box. Tbe node
or Ibe above articles will be rewarded by Jeavlos; tbe aaxi
at tbla office.
Ctt-st IlofloloJn, December litis., 1171.
Civil Engineering.
urn. r. a. an tftxiix. civil, kyuixei-j
if I. and Hurreyor, 1 pr.parrd b nnderuko Lxd sur
verms; !a all lu brancbex Map, conatrocld with rat
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WATCIlLKAUslWlmxlea xtvea In retard to atx,
coat, and capacity, and aaaooot of power foralabed bf
same for macbloerr.
IUiAIrS AND BBIIXJEt liana aad eaUmalrx mxdi
wltb a view of obtxinlnr tbaLeet resolu wlib tbeamaJleat
ooitar. .
lie is alao prepared to zlve Instruction on troptcxl cnllt
ratio a.
Address tbo abore Ibronxb tbe llooolulu ust Omco.1
I,;i ami
LAMKi. In probata. I a ILm nuu oOactalx zVi..
01 llooidola, deceaard, inleaxlft. unlr bt MlXr. af
UonroradoUnlauaiuu HnbeeXr Joule. Jmaa.
Qa readier and none Ibe TMsteatrear- FrsM Ityrva. a
creditor of Jacinto Deaa. alltelac taxt axat Jseesn. Bona, ml
IIoMulo.diedlnteatate at imui tYaaeavce, aa lb. seaa,
taj or January. A. D. ISTt. And prailxi taxi leuees of
edodatslratlon b.o 1. W. C- Iwrke.
lit. ordered tbat TUtSDAT, tbe Sib day Of JaflVAsVT.
AV. 1S.S. be aad buvby u appointed tar xeesteet iw
rrfn,o.- ,k t. i- Amrt Taaai oT IXXa
cr,t. xt Ilooolola, xt wblck tiro, xad sdaew XU perwaa
concerned mar appeal aad show radar, U sai tbey barv.
r w. pvuuoa xnocia not o. created, SM tbat Saas
order ba puUlalrad ta lb. IlawaUa. ad XaaaWa buunaaee.
rortbrexMicceealvowe la lb. Kooto. axd Hawaxaa
Claxrtte newapxpera ta llotaolasu.
usuu xs ssoooiuo, u. L, Dm. lstn. A. ts. ma
, . . . a. r insets jcdu,
A nes' s Joatlr, of tie 8opre-r Cuart,
Jso. . Bxaxxaa, rierb. ta4t
per Wail from tba ceUbralM a,
. Glasgow Iron M'orka of
- Messrs Mlrltes, Talt, and Watssi,
Exact Iartlcolara of the coat of
Of aewnteen tiLtleirnt capaclliea ranstDC
1GSO lb. Snjnur lu 10 llotira at m Com mrBZT,
to Flntxlxwa Vacuum Pm Plmai
to aiaike 13 Toot orttuxmr In IO
11 o urn at t Coat rxft4,ttO.
dellTcrBI In iJlaacw.
The nndfralrDed are prrparrd ta rertbe ot-oers Jbr
aoch naaschloerr. and to airaoce far frelcht oa aame t b
shipped bjr a New Iron Clipper Klalp tKUiiMlrc
ta the Clyde or 10W tons harden, to
teste Ulancow on or about tbo 13 In o
rcbrujsrjr Nrxt.
N. n. Ordra for all ktuds ot Kachlnerr 1 ether
European tnerchaod.ae to be shipped bf tbe abore vessel
should be sent to the odrrrnel daring the month
September or not later than txtuber lUhw sur Rau ef
frrlfibt aj-raofed lor.
tli-Sm r. T. IxKXEll AX Co.
Insurance Notice.
elfta UarfDe Isasrsace Cenpaaj. (LlBaile.). hae rt
cl?d lastreetleea to rtitact the rates at lasareace
WtwMo llooolala sdJ Porti lo tbe raffle. as4 ts mow prw
pared to lua FiIIcia at the Isnrnt rlxir wllk at-Kial
reuociiuD on ireicnt per aieamcrs-
Ml ij Act at BriU Ft. M&r. I a. Civ, Iiall(.
Manufacturing Jeweler!
Tire cxoKitsit-.M'-n. ioiutrRi.T with
Mr. Kckart, beo to Inform rllixeos of llooolsxia ss4
the poMle Kditr rally, that be has taken lle store oa Fort
Street opposite Odd Fellows Halt, (formerly occepletl by
Tboa. Tannatt.) where he will tlve apedal aUenUoa to tbe
DLsuurxxxTturitvc aoa repemiitD( of ail EiBtis or Jewtirj.
.krUcular attwoUoo (irea to fbeU and XQs.nl Work.
B3CT Will snaraDUe aatialactloa In all his work.
- m
Dua early here in January,
EQTTflniEI u tm'
BloeStripea Dsntoss, Vslrst Carpels A Bars,
lfasaooks Pilot Cloihlof;. Towels. Covatarpxaes.
TVbifa Moleskins, Skirts, (JreoaJIoel.
Ecarres aoj Ties, Silk Umlrellal, Blxakstl,
Crimean, Oxford anil Refxttx Shirts, "
Flxnbels, TweeJs, Pooskos,
Swlu Matli, Trlatea Lawn,
Waterproof Cloth Id;. Vietorta Lawns,
Book MbsUbi, Lace Certalai.
Bags, .togging, Canvas,
Torino, Leatbsr Baltlor, Paint, Oils, Pipes.
Wire Hope. Corrugated Roeflaf.
Bloe Mottletl Soap, aalraalxej aa4 Tlaware
Feaelas Wire, Hoop Iron, Uettoware,
Cbareoa! I roof, 0-oi Catlerj. Bar Iron,
Lea A rrrln'f Saaee.
G- osnoXl's
Perfiimes,. .
Heanessj's, llxrtall's xail RolU's Brxai, U re axis
xail eases i
PIos Bberrj, la qoxrter extks xa4 exxes,
Oao,TX, Wbllkey, P.uui.-lloak, Moselle, AUlel, U.
Blood Wolfe &, Co's & Bass Pale Alt
J KJmeaa's Pis; Brssl Porter,
Bonehet'i Napoleon Cabinet ClitiBpftsa,
I Lalaade'i Red Bar Claret. DexvUIe's WkUky,
1 Boord's VYIaes xod Spirits.
Silicate Taint Co's Paints !
Executor's. Notice,
ta.aetxuofAolooeKanoel.jate ef lloriokiui, fla
eexaed, are rrineatr4 to prea'Oi the eeroe to me at tbe
office of Alex. J. tartwrixnt ri., lloavn strl, Uonnlula,
wltfctn six nvootLsof tbe dale xf tne first puUlcaUoo of tbla
noise or tbey will ox furever barv, aud alt proe In.
dented to tbe aaJd aetata are requested to pay ta aruouala
twins' t-i me at aald teTice.
Dated tUa ISib December, It; I.
A!f 0HI. rAIKO,
xtzeealor of tbe eatxte of aald Aotooo xfaaoel dacexxaU.
THE rSBEBMIUXEB, Foraerjy svltls
1). X. mtner. beare to tntorm tneelaxensbf Hotso
Inla and tb psUle eeoerxlly tbat be bx, taken a
wloilr,. In li H. Wuelaoss tire lroof Bolldloxr. oa
fort eireet, waerr be will xlve special xtlentlon la xll
ktuds of Wxleae, uoexs. xna xeweiry nrpiunnx. r.nxrxv
tnaa, Ac All package, from tba otber tetaode addressed
in Kim. Mfttalalo. aiiicjee for sexxlrs. will reeexes prompt
attention. Order, solicited for xll rrxdes of WxtcbxX of
AtnerVxn mxntilacure. nxixaixcuoa .n"''7
tHfma. ((Mlmj D. VVJUjOS (XAttX.
McOnlo's Cooler.,
lo Arrire, McBak's CIuMm. I
run stxi.r. nr

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