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Foa rST Per Ptmr City of Sew Turk. Jan 12th 1 box
ani I oi planta, X3 trnnka sample.. 24S, bales polo, 27 bears
eaBmm. aad 11, tit j.kre nadee lo troaott,
Fno Has raAwcrero FsrH W Alsoy. Jon 18th SM pkp
eocar. 300 beoebes benanss. 610 pn esftrcane.
Jao. ml. i the wife of Mr Henry I en., a
lo this city
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HAN-MaN IMnaaMl this iit. Jo v.U. bT tlie
O.w tuti . Her,.,.,,:, Mr ( h .-!. - C Ila.aniaim I. Mi..
Elisabeth Horrbn.L
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A Oa . bbIii Bate of Jan let.
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tooa - - bbbb liliaB boo pilml ab.Ail asa m.lUua
abbbb iBBK 1T1 Ti ' BBBool rocdood frooa Hawaii
, li, ty - , , ha Kra Tark aad otbar Atlantic
OtlLLIN" At WrtaiBtli. J... Dor 41b. mt, Mr Janira
OUto. orra BT tan DrcoaH raided In Mnnoicio for a
nnmtier of yar. bavifur arrived here In tba " rtparticoa.' lo
I KM, aad w raocb eeteeoaed by all who koew hla.
fPKM'EB-ln tbla city, on tbe lath of Juoary. Low
reere WiMiam. lofaot ooo of Oapt 3 R Spencer. aed 4 muothi
abo 16 daya.
OTES or i hi: WEKH.
Stumor Eilauoa loaves to-caorrow for Ns-
m ... aod oa Mandav oezt for Uilo.
tW Then: wIM be a tseeliiii; of tbe Tounp
Mm' CbriilUn AaaocbUioo on Friday ereolng, at
I be Lyceum.
l-IT An inteneotinr atalemcnl about ao(ar and
rice lo San Franctaco will be found under tbe bead
Bl Commercial. Tboe engaged in tbe cultivation
of thcae ataplca will find aomi' valuable auKKeaticma.
t-rT Harkp Marv B. Koberu and Quickatep were
to leaee San Franciaco Mat Januaty for this pjrt.
Tbe flrat named may bave left by tbe 13ib, and
will be due bere during tbe lafct weekoftbia montb.
The Koiia. For ibe laal to or three daya there
t,mm u .-iirt.i ii..ul nf ealn Tt w. f mm thf
. l lb 1 " . . . .
ai iiui at abi m ay n IO will Btalor- eaal ana has worked around to tbe south, which
tbe wcatber-wiae aay indicate? a lou;-corjtlDUed
- aa bw baaa van diBllooi Itflt .1
ajo W oaraa B. aaaeBUaa Oa ICTa. all Da are mar in eant-
Tt.. I lei.: of aarar
,oer n.fc. a.trei
Uty of the taeta
a iialbBi
WBas i BBIi yaa-
Baa Ba ii aaait ba"0
TV- aasaan L Oa
I. Uaa:
reaf. t. tl,r near tuarket of
a a
I am oal tat
kl t I tail mm laat of Naveaiber l7a
aaaekt to tbe failed kaardwaa aBallar
Tba rajaarW J-.aa beet eejoar caitltrMw
i dia.li,iji: eatioiat."
ti aarroj.t I0 apeetatain uf I. urn
at tat tb I OB ut year only, bat bir year.
Fast Time We notice tbat tbe trip of the City
ofltkim made aorae time aince in flllecn daya and
twelve boura from Yokohama to San Francisco,
bat teceutly been beat by the Oceanic which made
the Tovajre in December laat in loum-cu daya and
fifteen boura. For tbe Tactile Ocean tbia ia un
precedented lime.
; an aa eaarssaoBBI (Mare opeaaf a tbe HaaaioVi pUot
aaa a Be- Tae BBBaTy; BOT IBore B Bx pnwpact of OBgai BtlBE
aa Brrara. aarwa, aMa anlaiy. f raat.aa a bjrge part of
Tae a Af ii aaai B bbii I J fiBB agii l . aad tbe reraooe ia
ataaata nandiBal f iBa
TaaBajBBO o Br aBoWaeot Barvaot f.ar tbe oneaaary
IBM n u anaj a;, tbe aarai laaaa of tba Ialaada oodei col
1 1 Bi at a aad aa bofcl Uaat tbe yaiBart will ever be
BaabliBaBi naaii aa "laiaaaaiaa aooaa' raajamoai m oa
etabaoaB. Wmk B awtf a akean ltf par oaot od vahjreai
am otiior aaajaaa. tae HaaaUOA. aai. tara bavi Botbina lo fear
team aw n ajiii.OB MaK aa the f i Jpb of tbe racioL Coa.t
at taeTrealy. a tae ijaetei t, euar it, -
It ararr t. tbe oe.HH
i aaaba-a
id tbe Haaanai. Socara. it B OD- :
fat aar aalwut U tbe pBBtMa. If the., oaoe ;
J aj II aaaal t. aaaaeeaco, aoo a,tooui:li .
a BBaaBaa abaart waabel aoarat leiai. evanto- t
fraaatdkn Qatar Ibe Treat, it tt qoeattoo-
B (Bad pnlare M o.ak. ana oa white aa eooie
a-hite aevrara will tacnaaae tbe hua-
t.araro- toe liea. aud
of tbe
illm af raTwie Taa 'twal
1 i a-taarb: aay. OBI Bawriera. fcatiac a reuewo! of abip-
. leart t Ql eat tbe pa ire ad aa.ooen L Ir.an.
a' 1. 4r . bu: lb- oer-.i.,
ii a ill or in
Bar taak
orcolar aoya tbat aot over
rare aao flod aale there aa ta-
rW- Hit Eioelieney J. E. Buah, the newly ap
j.ointrd rovernor of Kauai, propotee to proceed to
tbat ialand on tbe tteamer Kilanea on Thursday
next, and shortly after his arrival at Koloa, where
be intends to make his bead-quarters, he will make
an inaugural address, in which be will unfold some
of the plana be proposes to uodertake for the benefit
of tbe people. We wish him every soecess.
Kapiolaki Pake Absociatiois. A meeting waa
held on Saturday laat of tbe abare holders of this
aaaoclatioc, at wbicb a board ol eleven trustees
waa elected, consisting of the following gentlemen ;
Capt. Jamea Makee, A. S. Clegborn, H. Maclarlane,
J. U. Faty, J. O. Domioia, J. Mott Smith. H. A.
Wideraann, F. A. Scbaefer, Capt. Tripp, J. T. Cbay
ter, A. Herbert. Tbe committee to whom waa
referred tbe bnelneaa of preparing tbe necessary
by-lawa, preseuled tbe same, wblch, after a few
alterations were adopted. There ia to be meeting
of Trustees tbla dcy at ten o'clock, at tbe room
of tbe Chamber ol Commerce, at which important
business will be transacted.
tbe Star, a present from kind friends in Honolulu,
presented him with a beautiful American flag,
from Mre. Scott the American Consnl'a wife, In
Honolulu, (wblch Mr. Taylor sainted with thirteen
pane) and we sailed on tbe 8th for batarttari. Lai
8 V, Long. 172 45' F.. and arrived tbe next day.
Landed Mr. Kanoa and wife, and tbe supplies, and
aailed tbe 11th for Ebon. Had a very moderate
passage, and arrived off tbe Station on tbe 17tb, Lai.
4" S8' K, Long. 188 45 6'. Waa surprised to find
Mr. Snow here, for we beard he had gone to Strong's
Island. His health bad improved a Utile. Mrs.
Soow, and tbe other missionaries were in tbelr
usual health. We lay off and on here till next day,
and at 11 A. m. the wind favoring, we entered the
Lagoon. On the 2S1 we Bailed for Jalult. but on
getting out of the paaaage, got 'ashore, where we
got off without damage, and arrived at Jalult tbe
S4th, Ut. 5" 54' N., Long. 109' 45' 6 .
Found tbe missionary well, and his work In a
Srospernus condition. We lay here live days, while
Ir. Whitney did lila work. Jalult Is tbr Metropolis
of Micronesia. Tbe firm of A. Capelle At Co. ia
established here, and tbey bave made It a central
place ; bave built a fine store, one hundred leet long
by forty wide, (cost about fS.OOO) and keep lor sale
nearly everything one would call tor, at reasonable
prices. Tbey bave four Teasels belonging to tbe
firm (one of them a 200 too brig) tbat go about
among the Islands gathering copra trom tbe natives,
which is stored at Jalult, and shipped from here to
Europe. Tbey bave good and comfortable dwelling
honaes, a blacksmith and carpenter's shop, and a
church; also a school-house where English is
Tbe natives here arc nearly all clothed, and quite
Industrious Tbey love Mr. Kapall. tbe Pastor of
tbe church, and respect the firm. This Lagoon ia
easy to get iuto, a hue, pleasant and smooth place to
lsy near tbe shore, in 12 lathoma water. Can land
all times of tide, and can go to sea by three good
paesngea, with tbe wind from any point of tbe
We aailed from tbla place on tbe 29tli nf August,
for Mille, and in the evening of tbe 1st of September
anchored in its large Lagoon, off the Station. Lat.
G' 8' N.. Long. ltP 40 6', there we landed Jeremi
ah and wile ol Ebon to take tbe place of Ibe late
Mr. Kahelemauna, who died soon after tbe Slar left
last year. We found tbe good work bad been pro
gressing, and the people were very loth U part with
Mrs. Rahclemanna, whom we took on board on
tbe 4th and left for Arno ; nex' dav we were at tbla
Ialand. Lav off and on while Mr. Whitney did bla
miasionary work.
Took on board the people's contributions, and
sailed eamc evening for Majero, Lat. 7" 15' N . Long
171 E. Arrived at this station tbe 6tb, found tbe
missionaries in tbelr usual bealth, lauded tbe sup
plies, took on board their mail, and tbe peoples
contribution, and sailed the 8tb for Jalult. Arrived
on the lltb, landed Mrs. Kabelemauna, and left next
day for Namaiik, Lat. 5 y 5 ri., Long. 188 UT fr, I
arriving at tbe Island on tbe evening ol tbe loth, j
where we lay off and on till next nlgbl lor Mr.
Whitney to do bis work, wben we filled away tor !
Ebon, wbere we arrived on the 15th. There we
took on board Mr. Snow and wife, Mr. Whitney and !
family, with their baggage and servants, and sailed
ut 8 p. M. lor Strong's Island, Lat. 5 IV N , Long. I
163 10 E.
On account of light winds, and head currents, :
did not arrive uutil the 25th. Here we lound tbe
Whaling Brig Onward of Honolulu, Eldridge, re- I
cruiting. We landed Mr. Snow and wife, took on
board the peoples contributions of oil, and aalled j
tbe 30th lor Pinglap. Lat. 6 15' N., Long. 160 5'
2' E.
October 1st Inst as we arrived at this Island we
lost one ol our crew. He was taken suddenly while
at tbe wheel vomiting blood, and in about 4 minutes
Mas (lend It casta glootn over us all. Tbe next
day October 2nd we hurled bim in tbe deep, in
Lat. 6 10' He, 160 23' E. Did not atop at Pinglap.
Tbe next evening landed a paasenger on Mogil,
Lat iT N , Lou. 159- 5" 3' E.' and proceeded on
to Pooape, where we arrived tbe 4th. tbanklul to
our lleavenlv Father for bis protecting care.
We anchored near Mr. Slrong'a statTon ; found all
tbe missionaries in their usual health, except Mra.
Logan, who bad been quite ill, but was somewhat I
aboot 35 miles, and, in the narrowest place, 750
yards wide. It was here that Xenes boilt his bridge
of boats ; and also where Byron swan across in 1810.
Ho was an hoar and five minutes in performing the
taat, and owing to the rapidity of the current, bo
calculated that tbe distance swam was over four
miles. This strait is comm anded by two strong castles
on each side called (' Dardanelles," and this name
is often applied to the strait at tbe entrance of the
Hellespont where the distance across is 2 miles and a
quarter, and where are 2 castles opposite eaeh other.
Further up tbe strait where tbe width is 1500 yards,
are the other two eastles. In eaoh of these castles
are seven great guns which fire granite balls. Tbey
are ol brass, 22 feet long, and with a bore of 28 inches
in diameter. As these guns are a little elevated the
balls cross the water from side to side. There tooo
ster guns are not mounted, but lie on tbe paved
floor, with their breech against a wall. They cannot
be pointed, and tbe gunner must wait till the vessel
he intends to fire at come in range. It takes half
an hour to load one of these guns. The sea of Mar
mora is about 180 miles in length, and 60 in greatest
width. On the northeastern shore of this sea, where
the Bosporus or strait of Constantinople enters it, ir
the eity. It was across tbil strait that Darius Hyst
aspes laid a bridge of boats on hit march against tbe
Scythians, about twenty years before his son Xerxes
bridged tbe Dardanelles The length of the bridge is
said to bave been 1100 yards. The length of the
strait between the sea of Marmora and the Black
Sea is aboot 14 miles.
The reader may find an animated and interesting
article entitled " Sauntering about Constantinople,"
in tbe December number of Seribner.
Kibe, Japar, 1878.
Data Gasette. Some weeks sinee I told you
about grand old Kiyoto, tbe capital of Japan, it is
said, for 1000 years. I will now refer to its templet.
They are said to be great, and small, 3000 in number.
One writer says 0000 in tbe eity and its vicinity.
But if so, tbe great mass of them are merely little
Shinto shrines, where, however, prayers are said and
alms given. Ignorant as tbe devotees are, tbey teem
to know tbat these should go together. That there
are here many large and costly temples is unques
tionable. And Mr. Davis, who has spent a mouth
this summer Ave or six miles distant on the side of a
noble mountain, says, that in a space of one and a
half miles, by three-quarters of a mile broad, be saw
cue hundred temples, mostly in decay, but some well
preserved and rooted with eopper. All those which
I taw in Kiyoto are Budbist property ; and yet it ia
laid by natives tbat their system is fast declining. It
has been said that the temples of this Empire hare
cost as much as all other buildings ; and, excluding
the houses of the rulers and those buildings erected
since the revolution, it seems rather credible, for tbe
habitatioas of private Japanese are usually small and
On 24th June, 1878. we dined with Mr. and Mrs.
Doane, and in the afternoon she kindly piloted us to
two fine temples in the suburbs, on a hill side, in tbe
middle of a large court and cemetery, well kept, and
enclosed by a strong wall and over-shaded by noble
forest Iress. Graves are usually marked by a granite
pillar, a foot square and from six to eight feet high,
with some inscription on it, and occasionally capped
with a hat tbaped piece of granite. You enter the
court through a broad strong gate, and approach the
temple by a well-paved clean street, about 20 feet
broad and 200 feet long. The building is about 100
feet long and 50 feet long, and must bare oost muoh
better wben the Star arrived. We landed Mr. labor and expense. Tbe whole breadth and some 25
to aV.ee. Sat) aba. and over for
ataaag Cbiaa rare far tbe cott-
We qaote
aoaa- ! a-. eU) atta-ellon
aTaatsWtetaahe esMaewr:
a arm aeeaaat
aweaBBwafasriarly relative to rice.
aal'll 'vata of Osawe
" e York t. . I. pro -Bee 1. 1 the
Tbe taaer aaaaa af Ibe aa t carry tba Treaty
abort aar aasaay e ttaaa.iaa rare taat year.
t.e lCi p-taably early to tbi extant of
I tbe felloeaa of trade Jaci- I
a aaepraaaed prieea fal aa oa- !
Mas (Ma "t XX.
Ber w aaaaa taau tbai L-iWe.tv pounds cboire rice ao- I
aa I anal Vbe-e a Ba aatbat fat It 40 the Astern btotaa.
TV aaaim , sanre atora
Saws aaaaa etaae af tae yaa-
waBWrtttaBBBBBay wswaaa? tjfy"Ms4f asWan wa UaWS lwwsBJBa
aba vase aabiaabaa BaaaH 1 1 i I i
caa Okaa ate, t Ctaae
a aVataaMaaaaatbsy
pee aia . aad aai'laaBBae caa
pde , SSaaja aaa peaaare a r"aoe a
as Uee it eeea at a lower
U. b,aaaarrr. tbe rice pradact w io-
be BBtl la Bsrare aeed I o n China.
a. TC- 1 aad No i
of let.ain
"China, to
a aacfa. Tbe
a Rati t I B
aa (aCBataaaBwaSaaaa. S ayaTaa'ptrow naerjd
ratar aVasata Plllll. f'eaa. Siena and Baa.
I Sara Varwtrt Jaaba Ball, froaa Malsksl
I " OfBt StaB Tart.Caaarl). 1 dare froaa can
--4Vbe eta Ob. aaraoMa. trass KabelaL
t !-. fr,: tabaina
r Mare, Hara. U days fa. HDaabol.lt.
. IBaaao. za etaya froa as
ub aVaaaea Marrbattt. fresa WIBdward
lat Stab, Hal . Lanlon. lat aara taa Liiejpool
Bill I Ksksiiii. Mairbant. lat wiadaard porta.
aTSBr rraaoe. BWrS for K,.,.a aad baa
aTetas Wars fcaaa, Kaaiaa. tram sVaaala.
Babr Baaare saw I in Phi for UaaaVai
r t CB af Kea Tot far laaa
a. IA Ho-,. I, . 1 -!. l-ranr tarn
aa bS Cat- Aiaaa. Freaaaaa. ft ran rraoruro.
barf I B r Ilia., tar Kaaaa aad Waltaaa
- sHBtiaai. Leaf, far kaaai
farssr Waraaca, J Ball far Maauaai.
So a laSjwaSB Porta
sweat eSMT Aaa- Saa-A. atarnaarUja. aradirat;
aa Bra, SBja, raraet daaWgwg
A area !. SLa.. last,...
BtC WeBra. aaaaa. oaabaraUaa
sBi war Paaa a Ha-. Baa
ftaaaaat a Ska ataaat CaatSBKB, iSMBBttB, MaaaTBSL aaU
ad v-aat Nrt flasaklr Da, laab. aad eaaaie oot cf tbe Straiu
BB aae satta Ifawt K akaaa had laabl aurtbarly winda . laat
BabBB awal aaaaaai atjeaa bbb B w aa a E atta aoe aiauuet
I f On ar Saw Taasx. Cavablv. Cosraairost.
. Jan at:, at IE m. with
I.e., (.
I aaa lata aasti r i bark Caaadaa. etaaoare iitb
Sftt-St bbss laal I aaaaa ft Braail Ituakar. KVM
awktaa. abVIM ll Hal I. I baa a BaBBSl BtTl LI
fJSVafBVwTart. Jan lzth.-
P. Battiaitl. 1 px pb,Carra, a-at,
y Makasaae. in OS rrackers. 2 pkca
I kraa. pkga talae, lo
bakea aaddlary. patga
a paaa biueSA. zx paaa
. 1 ,Aa- i.
MS bs as-- H renrara Airacaarr . iiE.
a .Sttsaamr. t pkri r . a. 1 pks radarea. 1 boa
4B baa trraaa fraat 1 baa fretts. pas looap atork.
Baaa bbbb. w aaa Baaawarasw
1 prtata.
a iwsasBt 'r T
BsM til jm'-i" atb
a- awaaawC LCawaaI .il H Webb. I
L re-.era.-va aad waa, t H
J b a.aanatae Ir. BaU, 8 T
sitll aVada. I) r.aaan.t and
fs ftaad. T C Forsyth. W
Aire M steal J w
Vabk. ftlil WUIb. 1 Eaeler.
Notable Deatus. Tbe death of Commodore Van
derbllt is reported. He bad been ill for several
months. He was very weallby, and probably
owued more railroads and railroad property than
! any other person in tbe United Slates.
Tbe death of Sir Daniel Cooper, who lately
visited this port going to aud reluming I rom New i
Zealand, Is reported as bsvlng occurred in London, '
Irom heart disease. He held tbe office of Colonial
Commissioner in Loudon for tbe government of .
New Zealand.
Mr. Bliss, tbe revival melodist was killed bv ;
I the railroad disaster In Ohio on tbe 29tb of De- :
cember, and bis wife aud children are also reported
among the killed. It ia said that be extricated him
self from tbe ruins and sought to rescue bis wife
and children, who were crushed beneath the iron i
work of tbe car. Failiug iu the attempt, be re
mained by them, preferring to die lo tbe flames
than to escape alone.
Ma. Augus Maceat. It will be In the recollec
tion of onr readers tbat, during November, 1875,
Mr. Angus Mackay, tbe Centennial Comraiasioner
for Queensland, Australia, called at our port en
route to tbe scene ol bis duties, and also to visit
the sugar producing countries oftbe United Stalea,
Weat Iodies, etc. Mr. Mackay is now a passeogcr
per City of New York, on bis return home. Tbe
colony be represents, as our readers are aware, has
been extra auccesslul at tbe Centennial, and Mr.
Mackay has a full budget of practical information
for tile fellow colonists, of this we will profit by
and by. Meantime, we learn from tbe Commis
sioner tbat be found tbe sugar busiueae in a de
pressed sute in botb the United States and West
Indies. The only exception he found in the French
West Indis Islsnds, and there be believes tbat proa
perity is due fully as much to the Central Factory
system of sugar making as to the excellent quality
oftbe soil snd climate of tbe islands for sugar. The
Central Factory, in Mr. Mackay'a opiolon, lathe
best device yet worked out to make the production
of sugar a steady profitable business. We hsve been
promised some fscts on tbis subject, from Mr. M ,
which will be of value to those engaged lo the
NtifieMATic. There baa been laid upon our
editorial table a very interesting little work, neatly
printed by Lippincott Co., entitled " A Vialt to
tbe Cabinet of tbe United Slates Mint, at Phil
adelphia." It contains a large amount of informa
tion which la entertaining to the general reader,
and wbicb must be, we sbonld suppose, of much
value to the numismatist The introductory gives
s brief but piqaaot historical sketch of coin, and
tbe remainder of the book Is devoted to s descrip
tion of tbe Mint and its cabinet, which must be a
most interesting place to visit, and the various
coins, modem r ud ancient, western and oriental,
which are to be seen there. Alao a full account of
many of tbe medals wblch bave been struck st the
Mint, aa well aa of others which came Irom foreign
lands. We find tbe statement in Ibe book that tbe
largest gold piece in tbe world is tbe Chinese ten
ted piece, wbiebjis worth two hundred and tblrty-
fivc dollars, but In the opinion of tbe fair authoress
the moat celebrated coin In the world is tbe " Wi
dows' Mite," wbicb is there on exhibition, and
which is In appearance one of tbe most insignifi
cant. Tbe collection, it appears, contains one Ha
waiian cent, wbicb is noticed in tbe following
paragraph : " Leaving both the eastern and tbe
western world and tbelr coins, there is a single
piece, or small commercial value, which la yet a
"light-bouse in mid-ocean." Tbis is tbe one cent
ol tbe Sandwich Islands, tbe only venture of tbat
kind yet made by the enterprising little kingdom."
Storges' things, snd on tbe 5lh anchored off Mr.
Hands Station, lauded hia supplies, and lumber, and
oil tbe 7tb anchored at Kanau, off Mr. Lugune
Station, iu 6 fathoms water. Good holding ground
10 miles Irom Sturgee Station. Lsl. 7- N., Long.
158- 20' E We received a hearty welcome from all
the Missionaries bere, as we bad from all tbe others.
Tbe arrival of tbe Morning Star is a time ol rejoiciug
in all Ibe Islsnds. We landed Mr. Logan's supplies,
took on board Mr. 8iutges, and two teachers with
their wires, and sailed October 10th lor tbe Mori
lucks. We arrived at Luksnor Sunday the 15th,
und anchored In Its bcHUtilul Lagoon near the
mission Station. Lat. 5- 30' N . Long. 154' E. We
found tbe tescber aud wife well, tbe people im
proved In appearance, and many ready to uulte with
the church. This made Mr. St urges look bappy, and
we were all glad. Tbe Sabbslb school visited the
Star on tbe 17lb, and sung some of Ibeir Sabbath
school hymns, which was very affecting. On the
10th we left this Lagoon fur the larger one where
Obadinia la statioued ; dlatancu 15 miles. Owing
to light wiudsand currents, did not srrive until the
22d. On tbe 21st tbe mate was taken down with
brain lever, caused probably by n long exposure to
tbe sun while on tbe boat. It run about ten daya.
We lay In this Lagoon until Ibe 31st. Mr. S: urges
visited all the Stations, established all his teachers,
took 260 members iuto the different churches, and
left on tbe Slat greatly encouraged.
We arrived back at Ponape November 6th and
anchored at Kenan. We remained bere seven days
taking in wood, yams, etc. Ou the lolb ourpasseu
gcracame on board, Mr. Whitney, wile and eon, and
servant, and Mr. and Mre. Logan and child. We set
Bail at 2 P. M. and passed out of tbe harbor.
Oo the 16tb, we landed Mr. Logan ou Mogil.
Tbe brig Susanua, ol Jaluit, came round the point
soon alter we arrived, and ufter Mr. Logaq did bis
work here, he took paaaage ou tier Deck to ronapc.
Mrs. Logan remained with us, and at 6 p. m. we
left lor Pinglap, and arrived there on the 21at. Here
we laid off and on while Mr. Whitney (with Mrs.
Lot:au as interpreter) did Ibe missionary work.
Lauded some supplies for tbe teachers, and sailed
on tbe evening of same day for Strong's Ialand, and
arrived off tbe harbor of tbla island ou tbe 25tb.
Took Mr. aud Mra. Snow ou board with their
baggage at 7 p.m. in tbe midst of a heavy rain
! squall, and started for Ebon. We made this island
I on tbe evening of tbe 29tb. Landed Mr. and Mrs.
1 Whitney nexl day, aud sailed In tbe evening for
Jaluit. Ou tbe evening of Dec. 1st, we bad a very
i heavy squall from the East, which laeted nearly all
night ; it blew away our lower topsail and foresail.
; Bent our spare ones and proceeded. Oo tbe 3d we
j arrived at Jaluit ; remained bere three daya, taking
! in wood and supplies, and oo the 7th look Mra.
Kabelemauna and ber children on board, nnd aailed
for Aphtng, via Mariki.
Ou the lltb we arrived at this island, but on ac-
count ol tbe heavy surf could not get off the con! ri
i buttons of oil. Furnished Mr. Kunobo with a few
needed things, wbicb we put in a cask and tbe na
! Uvea hauled it through tbe surf; took tbe mall aud
i sailed iu tbe evening lor Apiang-, where we arrived
at noon on tbe 12tb. glad to get Into still water.
and Mr. Taylor na glad lo see ns.
On tbe morning oftbe 14lb Mrs. Ksbelemauna's
I baby died and was buried same day. We laid here
six days preparing tbe Star lor tbe homeward trip.
Oo Sunday Mr. Taylor bid farewell to bis people,
aud ou the 18th we set sail, arrived at Butarltan the
next day ; took on board the contributions of oil,
I filled our water casks, and aailed on the 21st for
Honololu. Our company on leaving this plscc
numbered twenty-eight persons.
" By tbelr fruits ye shall know them." As far is
1 have observed sud learued in the past year, I
think the work iu Micronesia is very encouraging,
and considering tbe advsntsges snd disadvantages,
tbe Gilbert Islands should be numbered with tbe
real, although tbe converts in the Caroline LJaud
far oot-nnmber tbem. There have been additions
made lo all the churches. We arrived at Honolulu
ou tbe 14lh January; had a quick but aomewbat
rough passage of twenty-live daya. Have been gone
six months and a half. A. D. C0I.C0BD.
4'rstiar of the .tlorninx; Slar to M Icro
eftla a sad back.
Jaa Htb-LChAAB
C J lawosa at) aad
TtT MOaaaaB. TtoM B Parker
taa aba aad a...... aaa B
U ..'lteBl
e aaa maa n
TVftareti w B Cotbbert. Mr Bard.
JTaryiar E T Taylor. TB Veearbk 3 T Brown.
f TAIraialit.W H
M On 1 aaaaa. 3 W Santa. aasaa.
S, a 1 ,.-k Jar. ISth.-
AAaaTWtlBHV Bra A Pratt aad aaa. Mra 1 K Butter.
B B BBaWttBaBA. Barer aai rbtat Meases A lire aad Mary
B SkalSj JCHasa FM Baeca. A t Sri earlier. C T Roaa
BaaTaW ftaaekaa B B Baa 1 IB , E t Bin aad waa. L B
.ft ab BBS asst. A Parana. P Bsrtaaarda. TlaadJK
SB, ab. mmmmmm. En Baraat aad ebud. Maa Her.
la, t, Bbs EE ataarra. i ftasaEisa. fleas ta ta Orlar. W
t . see as BBatas laaaaaa. CB Atbbt. m ayi,. aad wile.
J t EbBabt, B Waaaob. aVaa Eaaa. A BertaC aaaaa Tee Ah
tw. aa Ekwaa. Ow E
A i BSSIW ta-ar.
tyajsai BBSS Mil Pt Mannar atar. Jaa IA Ear B O
atoeaaaaad weEa. Maa B 3 Taylor .ad child. Be W B Kapa
X uf Mas alary Klasaaa. Mraf r.brlestaripa aoc
ab at M r E Bwaeay
I at Baa Ewawctacv fee P C Mnrray. Jan. UF F Flat
- - mt Or BIBB B 1 atl II. W a) latter. M Mclaem.
as Hardly, C8
. l-e, Dana. C H Walaviaartoa
await, F leas oats. I Kaye
We left Honolulu July tbe 5tb 1876, with a com
pany of eighteen souls. Oo onr passage oot we bad
moderate wind and fine weather Crossed the
meridian Julv 21st. On tbe 23d we made Peru Is
land. Lat 0 56', Long. 176' 6 . July 24th at 5 p m
we anchored off tbe station at Tapllua, Lat. 1 12',
Long. 174' 40' East, eighteen days from Honolulu
Here we beard tbe aad tidings of tbe deatb of Mrs.
Kapou. Tbe other missionaries were well. Landed
tbe anppliea and alter waiting for tbelr mail, took
on board Mr. Kapou and his children, and Bailed the
27th for Apt mama, where we arrived on the 29ih.
t mnAoA ce.ee,., annnliea f . l - the ftillwet I a I a n el 1 1 1 1 1 III a
;JaBaaaatJ ! OD n ODe cu' of oil' the people's contribu
tions, anu leu same eieuiug tor saaaniia.
We arrived at tbis Island on tbe 30th, anchored
shorn 5 miles from tbe Station, Isnded tbe Mission
aries' sopplies. took on board tbelr mail and con
tributions, and after waiting two days for a breeze,
we sailed the 3d of Aogjst for Mariki ; arrived at 6
r. M. same date, Lat. 2 N, Long. ITS 25' ., found
tbe missionaries in the usual health. Landed their
supplies, and left tne Island at midnight for Apiang.
The next morning, Aug tbe 4th, we sailed iolo its
fine Lagoon, and anchored, in 6 fathoms, good bold
log ground, about half a mile from Mr. Taylor's
borne. Lat. 152 tt Long. 172 54' E., we fonnd bim
and his little boy in better bealth than when tve
left last year, and the genera behavior of tbe natives
was much better.
A abort time before we arrived the murderer or
Mr. Reyes was executed, and It seemed to have a
very good effect upon tbe people. We landed the
supplies, OO a floe wharf that Mr. Taylor had built.
Erected bit flak alaJT, which we brought down on
4 til III! atopic.
Tbe Turks have had possession of Constantinople
since 1453, four hundred and twenty-three years,
and now it is proposed that the English take pos
session snd make it impregnable, another Gibralter.
Russia also wants the city, and much interest is fel t
for its future destiny, as well as in its past history.
It was anciently called Bysactium, and this name
continued till Constantino made it tbe capital of hit
empire, A. D. 330, when the name was ebanged to
Constantinople, eity of Constantino. lis Turkish
name is Stamboul.
Byxantium was fbunded by a Greek colony, B. C.
658. " Strabo, Pliny and others speak of the abun
dance offish at Byxantium, especially of the Pelsmys
kind, which, coming in shoals from tbe sea of Aaof
and round by the eastern and southern shore of the
Black Sea, entered the Bosporus, whence the barber
of Byzantium was called Chrysoeeras, or " Tbe
Golden Horn," in consequence of the riches. derived
from the fishery. Tbe Byaantines salted the fish, which
was an article of considerable trade, as the northern
coasts of the Black Sea supplied Greece and other
countries of the Mediterranean with grain ; the har
bor of Byiantiom was a place of resort for the vessels
engaged in tbe trade."
The ground on which Constantinople standi it well
suited for the right of a great commercial city, the
connecting link between Europe and Asia. A gentle
sloping promontory, secured by narrow seas, stretches
out in a triangular form towards the Asistic conti
nent, from which its extreme point is separated by
so narrow a strait (the Bosporus) that in a quarter
of an boar a boat can row from one eontinent to the
other. Jnst before the Bosporus enters tbe sea of
Marmora, the classical Propoutit, it makes a deep
elbow, or inlet, on the European shore, flowing be
tween the triangle of Constantinople proper aod its
European suburbs of Galata snd Pars, snd forming
the magnificent port of the " Golden Horn."
The Hellespont, the strait leading from tbe Medi
terranean north-westerly into the tea of Marmora, ii
feet of its length it jpen, though I think there are
gates over-head that are hoisted at the keeper's dis
cretion. This open space is supported by ten or
I twelve pillars, 25 to 30 inches iu diameter and 25 to
o0 feet high four of them on each side of tbe plat
form where images are exhibited. The chief image
; here is a guilded face of Budba, and although he is
usually represented as quite at ease and bappy, he
seems grim end uuoomfortable. It stands on a plat
form three or four feet above the floor of tbe open
spaee, and is adorned on each side and over-bead
with very elaborate engravings, flowers, etc., and tbe
ends and front of tbe platform are adorned with rich
paintings of birds, sod painted screens, said to be
hundreds of years old. There are also, near the
image, a bureau and a few other articles of highly
finished tscquer ware.
Tbe worshippers stand outside of tbe temple, but
facing tbe image; bow and pray, sometimea clap
hands, and then toss their offerings into a box which
stands on the floor above them. The temples seem
to he built for the display of tbe idols and to attract
worshippers. Tbe chief space ia them seems to be
used for store rooms or work shops.
In another temple which we visited, was a gigantic
image with 36 arms, and 16 black image larger
than life stood around it, and on eaoh side two rows
of gilt idols with twenty arms eaeh. On either tide
of tbe temple, running from end to end, were ten
platforms, rising like steps one behind tbe other, on
each side of which 50 images, as large as life, a thou
sand in all, each one on a separate pedestal. They
were so arranged as to stand in rows of five, one be
hind tbe other, and ail visible at one time, each with
its twenty hands. On the hands and beads of all
' these are placed smaller idols to the number of forty
or more, so that tbe number 33,d3d, according to
Japanese estimate, does not appear exaggerated.
Tbo same writer adds : " The beautiful temple
grounds, all over the city, afford delightful publio
parks, always open to tbe people who go in and out
of tbe temples at tbeir pleasure, mumbling their
prayers before some faint or idol, and then throwing
their contributions into the coffers."
I saw one temple court of about two acres, with
pine trees .10 or 40 feet high without a limb and no
under brush, and the ground completely carpeted
with a beautiful cleao green sward and a small pond
of lotus flowers and sacred fisb. which are often found
near the temples. But with all theiridols, parks and
10,000 priests, tbe people are miserable.
Not far from this temple is a beautiful green cir
cular mound aboot 50 or 60 yards in cirouinlerence
and 12 feet high, surmounted with a rough granite
pagods, 5 or 6 feet higb. It is called the mound of
ears. Its legend is, ages ago, tbe Japanese invaded
Cores aod slaughtered many of its inhabitants ; and
tbe custom then wot to bring tbe beads of tbe slain to
their rulers as proof of their powers ; but tbe heads
being to bulky to be transported they brought the
ears. I presume tbey were disposed of in tbis way to
stimulate the martial spirit and to gratify national
Prostitution, which if laid to be licensed in every
eity, is bere bold and unblushing. Tbe inmates of
brothels, decked in gay attire, torn oot in a beoy , and
with flouoting banners parade the molt publio itreets
without hindrance.
Let me now give you the views of a Jspanese, as
found in a Japanese newspaper, on temperance. " It
is said wine is tbe best of all medicines. But this is
the language of tipplers used in their own defense.
Instead of wine drinking being for tbe good oftbe
body, it ts tbe direct reverse. By it, dissipated per
sons are led into debauchery and tbe negleot of their
families. If wo inquire we shall End they are men
who hare civilised their mouths ; bat while sack
practices are in vogue civilitstiou cannot advance,
snd wben I think of this my tears fall. When, ages
ago, God created man, He fixed the great relation
ship of husband and wife, but men disregard this, re
duce themselves to the level of beasts by giving
themselves over to lust and debauchery. God pun
ishes them therefore by the infliction of sueh plagues
as lyphilts and like diseases. Those who give them
selves up to wine and woman defend themselves by
saying it is the custom of tbe world. But let them
be never so high in rank or distinguished in learning
I shall still think them only savages. If tbey were
in reality only savages, I might pass by tbeir con
duct without notice ; but it isunexcusable to see high
officers aod learned men who know well what is right
behave in sueh a way." P. J. o.
Terrible Railway DiBaater.
A Bridge (lives Way taied PrvsrlBttatra Use Train
lata a Craesk (Jrec Hare red Passengers Killed
Sixty SerfOBSIjr Infarct.
Cleveland, December 29. An accident occurred
at Ashtabula, Ohio on tbe Lake Shore Railroad,
by which aeveu coaches and all tbe baggage and
express cars were tmrned, and about one ont of
every five persons killed.
The scene of tbe accident la a few rods east ol
the depot. An iron bride spans Ashtabula Creek,
75 feet above the water. On botb sides are high
banks of snow, wbicb has been failiug almost
constantly for tbe past forty-eight hours, and now
a driving storm Is raging, making it very difficult
to get uews from tbe wrecked aud burning train.
Conductor Hewn left Erie for Cleveland ao hour
late, aud neared the bride st Ashtabula about eight
o'clock. Very few particulars can be learued at
this hour.
It seems the failiug train and bridge smashed
tbe ice iu Ibe creek, and those not killed by Ibe
full or burned fn the care were held down by the
wreck and drowned before tbey could be extrica
ted. Many, too, will be or bave been froxen.
Chicago, December 31. The Tribune'a special
from Ashtabula says: The proportions oftbe Ash
tabula horror are uow approximately known. Day
light, which gave au opportunity to enumerate Ilia
saved, revealed the fact that two out ol every three
passeugers ou the train are lost. Of the one hun
dred and sixty passengers whom tbe conductor
reports aa having beeu ou board, bat filty-nlue eau
be accounted for.
Tbe iron bridge structure was a tingle span of
159 feel, crossed by a double truck, aud waa 70
feel above the water. The descent. Into Ibe valley
on either side is precipitous, aud aa tbe bill slopes
are piled with heavy drifts of snow there was no
Utile difficulty iu reaching tbe wreck after tbe die
aster became knowu. Tbe bridge bad been re
garded aa one of the very best or tbe kind in tbe
country. It bad beeu leated with six locomotives
and trains frequently crossed ou both tracks si
multaneously witboul causing more than a alight
deflection ol tbe structure.
The disaster occurred shortly before eight o'clock.
It was the wildest Winter nlgbt ol tbe year. Tbe
train was moving at a speed of less than ten
miles an hour. Tbe bead-lump threw but a abort,
dim Hash of light In front, bo thick waa Ibe air
with tbe driviug snow. Tbe train crept over tbe
bridge. Tbe leading engine bad reached the solid
grouod beyond, and (Is driver bad just given it
steam, wben something in the under-gearing of Ibe
bridge snapped. For an Instant there was a con
tused cracking of beams aud girders, ending with
a tremendous crash as tbe whole train, all but the
leading engine, broke through tbe frame-work aod
fell in a heap of crushed aud splintered ruius at the
bottom. Notwithstanding the wiud and storm,
the crash was beard by people half a mile away.
For a moment there was silence; then arose the
cries ol the maimed and suffering. Those who
were unhurt hastened to escape from tbe shattered
cars. They crawled nut ol tbe wlndowa Into Ibe
freezing water, waist deep. Men, women and
children, with limbs broken, bruised and pinched
between timbers, and transfixed by jagged splinters,
begged with tbelr last breath for aid tbat no human
power could give. Five minutes after the train
tell a fire broke out iu the cars piled against tbe
abutments at tbe other end. A moment later the
fiames broke from tbe smoking car, and tbe first
coach piled across the other near the middle of Ibe
stream, less than ten minutes after tbe catastrophe
every car In the wreck was on tire, and tbe flames
led by ibe dry varnished work licked up the ruins
as though tbey had been Under. Men, who In tbe
bewilderment of tbe shock sprang out and reached
tbe solid Ice, went back after tbe wives and chil
dren and lound tbem suffocating and russtlng in
the flumes. People residing in tbe neighborhood,
were startled by tbe crash, und lighted to tbe scene
by the conflagration, which made even their prompt
assistance too late. By midnight tbe cremation
was completed. The storm bad subsided, but tbe
wind blew fiercely, aud the cold was even moro
As tue bridge fell tbe driver of the locomotlttvc
In trout guve it a quick head of atcain, which tore
the draw head from its tender and Ibe liberated
engine shot forward aud burled itaelf In tbe enow.
Tbe other locomotive, drawn backward by tbe
falling train, tumbled over tbe pier and fell bottom
upward on the express behind.
January 2 Henry A. White, passenger In the
sleeping car, testified before tbe Coroner's jury to
day that be thought tbo train ran off the track be
fore tbey began to go down. He estimated the
number ol passengers at 300.
Daniel McGuire engineer of the first engine,
beard tbe bridge snap behind bim wben be wss
within two cut-lengths nf the abutments. He says
that his engine had to run up hill to get off tbe
bridge Could give no Information whatever about
the wreck or incidents oftbe fire, although he was
there some lime.
By e. r. ADAIH.
THURSD iY, January 18th.
At ttair-patat A. at., at tstlrwrSBEB.
Fins Printi. Muslins, Linen Drill),
Brown Cottons, White Cottons, Merino,
Victoria Lawns. Bilk Handkerchiefs,
Hemmed Linen Handkerchiefs.
Harvard Shirts, Faney Flannel Overshirts.
Turkish Towels for Bathing,
Blankets, While Shirts. Amoskoag Denims,
Amoskesg Stripes, Cotton Drill, Brilliants,
Bed Quilts.
Merino aod Cotton Undershirts,
Felt and Straw Hats, Ladies' Hois,
Men's Socks, Bridlss sad Bits.
Etc., Etc., Eto.
Cr i o e e r i e f &cc9
Teaat Powder. Sardines. Wrapping Paper,
Soda Crackers, Clothes Pint, Hami,
Bacon, Candles, Pickles, Tobacco,
Cigars, Fine Tea, Oysters,
Salt. Pea Nut Oil,
Wash Blue, Pain Killer,
By C. ft. BARTOW.
One Express Wagon
Lot Of
K. P. ADAH). Aaes-r
Executor's Sale of
Valuable Real Estate on King St
By Order of M. Pico, Esq., Kxesator of the Es
tate of Anions Manuel, deceased,
At 12 o'eloek Noon, on lbs premises,
On King Etrwet, near banaakea St.,
And recently occupied by Anions Manual, deceased,
with a good
Store and Two-Story Dwelling House,
Both upon tbe premises.
The title to the property is perfect, snd ths Stand
ia an unusually good one for ike retail trade.
Plan of the property ean be seen by application to
M. Pioo, Esq., or A. J. CartwriEht. Esq. A portion
oftbe purchase money oan remain on mortgage.
E. P. ADAMS, Auctioneer.
At M VeStM A. M.. will be sold.
Finf AssortJiVt of New Goods
Dry Goods, Fancy froisja, Jeaeliy and tJwttary,
Boteher's Kalves, Largs Casta Kaivse,
Lot of Furnfturer
Bedsteadi, Tsbles, Setts, W ukaawsts
Let sf Pietnras,
Baptaior Cigars, Pipes, eta., aba.
I WW. t.I. 'Hl E rEErtaiETT. IKLAJtO
III, a sr.. Joekev Ctoh. andotberl
mm m mmm
(llvcerlne for tbe Heir, iilvcwtlna. Uoaa
other soap
tbe Teeth.
Comblll. London, toed by an rerrumera aod (
IU M" ' Hi trade Bait an beralrtrvc r
of worutataa LaSabrtty, Taaet Water.
Water. Florida Water,
ape. V olet and ttlce Powder. AanaaebtBVe mt
k. ate. at. gtraad. Its. Reveal sttraet, BBS ta
Insurance Notice.
elro Marias Ineeranee Company. (UBaSaaT, baa re
ceived loetroctloee lo reatasoe tave rasas af lwwereBee
betaaee Roaolola eaal I-arts la lbs PacBac. aaatla BBBBra
pared to itaue Policial at the hnreet retee. wttk aBBBtat
redacts rralakt far learners.
A aaaaa aa. aa bbb
tear. Mar. taa. Oa.. Uaattaaf.
xl It
A(ent Brit tar.
Manufacturing JeweSer!
Mr. Kekatrt, base tt Inform cttMsaa sf HiaeMP oa-l
the public generally, tbat he has takea fas afar at Fe
treat opposite Odd Patbnva Hall, iJbtaaaalJ aaaBBteas by
Taos. TUriatt,) wbere ba Wall flea soecbal attcntbaa to lie
manuracturtnE and repalrUix of all kbtaaof Jewelry.
Particular attention liven ts Khali aaaj Kekat Woe.
Star Will xnarante aalatbilbni ia All aba wort. S3B
kju nsn Wat. EC WBTJEMaWs-
American, English & European
Sopply to dealers the largest variety of Oeoeral Merchan
dise offered by any ONE HOUSE IN THE WORLD.
Krery dealer shonld bave a Catalogue from this
House aa soma goods in every Uue
aro supplied.
At Private Sale,
A small lot of choieo
Red Columbia River Salmon,
E, P. ADAM", Auctioneer.
Ou Hnndred aad Tiirly-ie Day
All Staple Goods Sold Guaranteed
Be miii
Toronto; 48 snd 60 Yongc street;
Moolreal, 1M aud IttS, M. ii.lt street;
London, 60 Queen Vlctutia street, B. r. ;
Sheffield Reaver Works.
Forwarding and Commission Agency,
920-lyr NEW YORK CITT.
Co. No. will please take notice that there will be a
special meeting held at tbelr rooms on Thursday erenlnff
at 7H o'clock sharp To inake the neceaaarr arrange,
menu for tbe Annual Parade. A full attendance la re
quested. Per Order
6-r-i t J. T. CUA TTTER, Foreman.
One Hundred Years.
PLKTK History of th American Republic, In one
volnme, 664 pages, profusely Illustrated wllb several hun
dred fine engravings. Price $6.10
For Sale by
in-lui H. M. WHITNEY.
N otice.
MACY will act for me in all mailers of business to
receive all moneys doe me and all bills agalnat must be ap
proved by my Attorney before they are cancelled.
Honolulu January 19th, 1977.
tm-Jm D. W. PATJAHI.
Corner of King and Fort streets,
nOcTOUXC. sgIy
Attomtrj End Solicitor,
Is authorlxed lo lend from to (lu ouo, on Mortgage
of Freeholds St loweat rates of Interest.
tjff Agents in London, aod la all parts of A astral la
Oflce on Fort Street (opposite Mr. Ira Elchardeon's
Etore) Honololu. M etna
Will attend tbe Terms of Courts on the other Islands,
atooey to lend oo Mortgages of freeholds. 49-OFnCE, No.
23 Merchant Street, up stairs over Dr. Stengenwald'a. aOO
WAIIAN Kingdom, Mr. E. T. O'Halloran of No.
SI rort Street Honolnln, will act for me under power of
Attorney, lo ell matters wherein 1 am Interested.
Honolulu, January lltb, 1877. ES7
Apply to
SaT-xs p. a. schaefeu a oo.
Notice to Creditors-
TY per cent will be paid by tbe Assignees of tbe
estate of Slemsen A Conway at tbe oaflce of A. S. CatsjlorB
Co. on and after Wednesday next tbe 17th Inst.
A. S. LIEOHOBN. Assignee.
Prtitt His mean aa Coo way .
Honolulu 1Mb January, 1177. 27-2t
'Public Notice.
a notice that I have sold oot my entire interest In the
hakferv of Wing Sing end Co. on Nuuann street, to Loo
Ngwak, and from ibis date I have no interest In said
bakery, and will not be held responsible for any of the
na.ng.it. 0r the Arm. (SX7-Ita) WAN 11 NDANO.
Now is the Time.
JE. I hits commencing wllb tbe new year.
Weekly Alia California 1 1.00
" Chronicle . 4.09
" Bulletin 5.00
Be ml Weekly Sac. Colon s-00
Tbeae are tbe rates only wben prepaid far one year.
Wben bills are tent, one dollar additional tt chaigusj aa
each paper. (IJ7-2m) H. M. WHITNEY.
Iron Water Wheel for Sale.
Glasgow. Tbe wheel la in perfect order, and almost
new ; Is 24 feet in diameter by 3 feet on the face. There
are two spare sections of side plates of buckets belonging
to It. Foi further particulars, terms, Ac, apply to
Dr. J. WIGHT, Kobala. Hawaii,
SIS Or to J. T. WATEBHOUtsE, Hoootulo.
existing between K. B. FKIKLatR. w. LAINE,known
as the Arm of FHIbX A LAINE. Grocers, ta tbla day die
solved by mutual consent All outstanding accounts will
be collected and all liabilities aasomed by K. B. Mel,
who continues tbe business st the old aland. No. ti, fort
Street, Odd Fellows Building, where be will be bappy to
serve customers with the usual assortment of CHOICE
Dec, SO, IST7. (lm Mi) B. W. LAINE.
Centennial History of the t'nlted States,
Principles of the Revolution.
Health at Home, by Dr. Hall,
Webster's Counting House Dictionary,
Tbe Man In the Moon end other People,
Five Weeks In a Balloon. Jules Vergoe.
Tbe Prime Mlnlaler a novel.
Every Day Topics, by Dr. Holland,
Seven Oaks, by Dr. Hollands.
Wit, Humor and Shakespeare.
(Catherine, by Dr. Holland,
The Inenldsby Legend.,
Plymouth Collection Hyms and Tunes,
Great Battles of tbe British Navy,
The Great Bonansa,
Ilay Paltner'a Poetical Works,
The Spirit of Praise, llloatrated.
For Sale by
Jutt Opmedoul at,
Port Street Store,
A Large Variety of Newly Imported
A Superior Assortment
Albums, Work Boxes, and
7by of Every Description.
The Stock in tbe above line is unnsnallv
large and will be offered at exceedingly low
No trouble to show goods.
Please call and uenBt'se isore fmnkaiing
H OR AX T, Itaager
Red. Chain, white ground, cbocsalale. gray aad Bbae-y
Jaconets, Brown Oottooa, 3 qoaatwaa : Waits CM at
Hornets' Loo Cloth. A, B A H : Brown Drta,
Hickory Stripes, d tripped TVkklg, Brown House ;
Linen Padding. Blue striped DsalEiB.
Bloe, White and Fancy Flannel. Mosowllo
Scotch Water proof Tweed, i colors.
Black Merino and Coeourg.
Linen, assorted numbers. 12 yard place, ate.
Victoria Lawns. Barege, taarlatjr.
Doeskin, Buckskin, Dtsrinsl, rUjrpa, Cashmere, aaSSBBTA,
White Cambric, While A Turkey Bad Cotton, 3mm.
Wblts Cotton and Turkish. Linen Turkish.
linen A cotton. Brooks' Patent. Thread, Black Mortar
8O0KS !
Man's White sad Gray Merino, Brown A Bias A
Children's stockings. Sains, fancy as nasi. Cast
i uaju, lacaaiia . aaa.
Cudershlrta-CelioD, Merino aod auk.
Umbrellas, Italian Mack, tteckttes.
Black aad Colored Alik Klbboot-Eatsat ess.
Cloth. Buckskin. Flannel, Cottos. Ac.,
F. C Monkey Jackets, Heavy Wool Blankets, all cab ra
Cotton and Horse niaoketB. uuuia. etc.
Burlapt, Wool Pack, Canvas, Gunny I
Calfskins, Ac, Corks, Perfumery, ate..
Eau dr Cologne. Fbllocoaae, Half OH aod 1
Fancy Soaps, Windsor, ate.
Tooth combs, Tooth Breabes, Heir Brnabaa.
Looking G la esse and Mirrors, Imitation Jewelry,
Ledgers. Journals, Ac, Psaylnf Cards.
Harmonicas, I R Balls, Feslbej Dealers.
Pocket end Butcher Knives, Scissors, hi li'Slbasr A Bar)
Tinned Spore. Lantaras. Oil irons,
I lata ao teed Corrugated Basel Iron, 4 awes ;
Galvanised ripe, all sows, Oalveaiaed HacAe-se, inv.1 .
Tuba. Ttoaea jaaLSuana, Beet Ohareeal.
T.u Pistes. Bancs Tin, sheet Lead sad Bee.
Brlghiaiid oiled fenos Ware, Nos.4. SaadS.
Hooo Iron, s ektes: Klveta. Hosts Yellow.
Metal and Kalla, Mar Iroa. Gaa Powder. Bitot, aba.
Bteekatnllha Coal. Printing BBC
cordage and Packing, Toys, Taabsers,
Baaketa. Pain la aad una. Vienna Furnll
Wall Paper. Crock ery.JCauaUc -Mads, Tar sad Iwaa,
Anchors snd t bains, uu casas aaa oaaeeB.
Kerosene Barrels, Birch Broome.
Cement, Fire Clay, fire Bricks. Ga
Oak Boa La.
crashed Sugar, Was Elate, Esanikssa, latt, AaWaa
Mustard, pates, ate., ate.
Stearin Candles aad Safety Matches.
Liquors. Ac, Boulelleao's Brandy 1, 2, t A t data., od
Gin In baskets and green rasas.
Chamaaane Ueanateck, Ktuaart. Tbawsanx.
Sparkling Uock. Balsa Wine. Bavtavsaa Baser. a
hl Paare Ale, quarts aad aaa ta,
Jeffrey 's Ale, 1UAXU aad plats ; Bitters, sc.
German aad Havana Cigars, at low prices, la saws cetssatxa
menu. In lots to teat, ate., ate. ates.
Orders roes lie Otkrr ItlamcU Vl ilif llj sftliall a
Jfartsf aattSSS 111
LCLC. Vlaltlng Friend. ,d Htraag.ri goaerail abb
cordially Invited ta a need Public WeesaaS) at POET T.
CHCRCH, where Services see bald evaary SikkslS at II
o'clock A. M , and P. M. Steele are provided mt ad
won may be pleased lo attend. There is a Waaawaedey
evening Prayer Meeting at JH o'ctorfe, la aba Lacwaee
Boom, to whk ball are welcome. 124 I y
For Sale or For Lease.
I orated, wllb garden. Ac, lOOtslnlsgparbaf, Urea
rooeoa, two csoseta. amiag reseat, aasstaas sad
pantry, bathroom, eervasrla boons, taiifcaaja asats aad
very convenient, and ts perfect order. Afpi r ta
Oaipital: 91.000,000
(With unlimited liability of Shareholders.)
Of every deer rlpl kin of property may be effected with tbks
Company at moderate rates.
Merchandiie. Good and Freight Insured
By steamers end sailing vessels
payable In Honolulu.
62S ty
Agents for Honolnln.
Fruits Prepared by the Alden Freeee.
Plums, Ac, Ac For Sale by
aoLLsa a 00.
Ei " R. C. Wylie " and " Bonanza."
Photographic Improvements !
is now prepared to do
First-Class Work
in eitber
on tbe
Mott ReatonabU Terms,
And hopes, by attention to business snd painstak
ing, to deserve tne patronage of tbe public,
and be able to please the most fastidious.
For Sale, New Frames,
Is (Treat variety, and tt tbe lowest possible prices,
it tbe
Photographic Gallery,
84 aad M rort Street, Honolnln.
Account Books.
rjTR a crei 1 jfT
sad In setts.
1 by
H. Mt wjsTTtfEi
Offer for Sale
Floxvr cfc Bre4a I
e Atsje.
time ana cement.
California May, i
A 9 saaaa
7 MeUMr fr-sa SaU FraiciKe, p
Potatoes, Onions, eft :-
taS for
Brttnd'i Bomb Lueei,
Ferry Darii' P-JnklUer.
PntUoe isAtUnkv

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